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Self-Bondage Stories
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Plumber's Tape  by: Everybody_Else
f-self, consensual, self-bondage, suspension, toys

My First Time  by: WRandolph
m-self, consensual, enema, self-bondage, toys

Plain Stories  by: Jennifer Harrison
f-self, M-f, consensual, bondage, humiliation, kidnapping, latex, self-bondage, suspension, torture, toys

The Summer Dress  by: Everybody_Else
f-self, consensual, humiliation, self-bondage

Merry Go Round  by: Zack
f-self, M-f, reluctant, bondage, electricity, humiliation, machine, self-bondage, slavery, torture

GaggedUtopia Stories
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Hooked  by: gaggedutopia
F-m, consensual, bodymod, bondage, cbt, chastity, latex

Commitment is Only Skin Deep  by: gaggedutopia
M-f, reluctant, chastity

Lack of Judgement  by: gaggedutopia
F-m, M-f, reluctant, bodymod, bondage, chastity, electricity, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, packaging, slavery, torture

Blissful Entrapment  by: gaggedutopia
F-f, f-self, consensual, bondage, humiliation, self-bondage, torture, toys

Costume Surprise  by: gaggedutopia
M-f, reluctant, bondage, breathplay, kidnapping, toys

Packaged Stories
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Surprise Package  by: Molly
M-f, consensual, bondage, chastity, electricity, humiliation, latex, packaging, torture, toys

Jane is Laundered  by: Lily Heap
non-consensual, machine, packaging, plasticwrap

Return to Sender  by: DaveV
M-f, consensual, bondage, enema, latex, packaging, toys

Bound for an Unknown Destiny  by: Robinoff
M-m, reluctant, bondage, cbt, kidnapping, packaging, torture, toys

Cindy's Moving Day  by: Gromet
M-f, consensual, bondage, latex, packaging

Bondage Stories
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Mister Piggie  by: SuperRoberto
F-m, non-consensual, bodymod, humiliation, kidnapping, spanking

A Game of High Stakes  by: ST99
F-f, M-f, consensual, analplay, bondage, games, latex, packaging, toys

Santa Baby  by: thepinkbishop
F-f, consensual, bondage, spanking, tricked

Post-apocalyptic Amazons  by: FFS
M-f, non-consensual, bondage, humiliation, kidnapping, slavery, violent

Unexpected Mistress  by: Genghis Cohen
F-m, m-self, reluctant, bondage, chastity, humiliation

Chastity Stories
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Amazon County  by: Kevin Muller
F-m, non-consensual, chastity, kidnapping

Jennifer's Journey: The Reality  by: Richy
M-f, consensual, bondage, chastity, toys

A Prisoner of the New Toys  by: HisEmily
M-f, reluctant, bondage, chastity, torture, toys

Birthday Fun  by: Al B
M-f, consensual, bondage, chastity, humiliation, machine, self-bondage, toys

La Bomba  by: Canadom
f-self, M-f, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, kidnapping, snuff, toys

Mummification Stories
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Self Mummification Takes Turn  by: Captain Howdy
m-self, reluctant, bondage, chastity, humiliation, mummification, plasticwrap, self-bondage, toys

Twenty Days  by: Katherine Travis
F-f, f-self, consensual, humiliation, latex, machine, mummification, sci-fi, self-bondage, toys

What the Doctor Ordered  by: Roland Meyer
F-m, reluctant, bondage, breathplay, cbt, electricity, enema, kidnapping, latex, machine, toys

Eternal Embrace  by: kirikaryoko
M-f, consensual, bondage, chastity, mummification

Finders Keepers  by: kamarack
F-f, reluctant, bondage, kidnapping, mummification

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