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The Chastity Belt
  • Author - Bob  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, reluctant, bodymod, chastity, electricity, enema, humiliation, toys
  • Post Date - 5/28/2005
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Chapter I - Caught

Dennis had suspected for a long time that his wife Becky was screwing around on him. He came home one day just as a man came out of his house and was leaving. When Dennis got in the house, Becky was really in a strange mood. The way she acted Dennis figured was the final proof that she had just been screwed. So Dennis decided it was time to do something about it. Dennis got on his computer to learn where he could obtain a chastity belt for Becky. In a few days a large blue envelope came for Dennis.

The sensual world of BDSM

Becky objected Dennis had her strip so he could measure her for this new devise. Becky had no idea what she was being measured for or she would have objected a lot stronger. The couple still had a big fight. Dennis went out to mail in his order then to the local bar.

Becky stayed in her bedroom and laid on the bed crying.

The couple patched things up and Becky and Dennis were on fairly good terms for a while. Dennis still suspected Becky was screwing around. He took comfort in the fact that her screwing around days would soon be over for good. When the notice of the package for Dennis came, he picked up from the post office on his way home from work the next day. Dennis told Becky that he had a surprise for her. He took her to their bedroom and had Becky strip, and blindfolded her. Dennis had Becky step in the devise.

He pulled it up above her waist and locked it in place. Dennis removed Becky’s blindfold. He asked her how it felt. Becky looked at the stainless steel contraption locked on her in the mirror. She was delighted and told Dennis she had always wondered what it would feel like to wear one of those things. Dennis again asked Becky how it felt and she answered that it was awfully tight. She wiggled her ass to she how she could move in it.

Dennis had Becky get dressed and took her out for dinner. The lock for Becky’s belt bulged at the waist. Other then that there was no hint of her stainless steel underwear. After they ate Becky, still thrilled with her present wanted to go home. Becky asked Dennis to unlock her so she could go potty. Dennis assured Becky that she could go potty and more while she was locked up. Becky then demanded that Dennis get that God Damned contraption off of her. They had a big fight and Dennis left.

Dennis returned hours later. He had been drinking. Becky knew better then to goad him when he had been drinking. So she slept in the belt that night. The next day Dennis still would not unlock Becky’s chastity belt. He left the house with Becky screaming at him.

Becky tried everything she knew to get Dennis to unlock her chastity belt. She even sucked him off in the hope that he would want her pussy. All Becky got for that was a mouth full of Dennis’s spunk.

One day for no apparent reason without Becky even asking. Dennis unlocked her chastity belt. He had Becky go potty and shower. They had some of the best sex Becky could remember. When that was over and Becky was cleaned up Dennis had the chastity belt for her.

Dennis told Becky that she could do it the easy way or she could do it the hard way. She was going to be locked up in her chastity belt. When Dennis put it that way she knew he meant business. So she stepped into the belt and let Dennis lock it on her. It was not all that comfortable. Becky hated to go potty in the damned thing and cleaning up afterwards. It made a real mess. Becky’s period came and went with Becky locked in her chastity belt.

Dennis released Becky from her chastity belt from time to time to have sex and he inspected her. For the time anyway Becky had become resigned to being locked in a chastity belt. Becky did not have it all that bad. Dennis made good money and since she had been locked in a chastity belt he was much more attentive to her. Becky went from the depths of despair to the heights of exhalation from being locked up the way that she was. She did not have the least idea while Dennis had bought it for her. One moment Becky felt thrilled by the rigid stainless steel panties she was securely locked into. The next moment Becky felt really abused for what Dennis had done to her. She did not know if he had done this to her to punish her. Or if he had some secret fetish, that drove him to do something like this to her. Becky felt too humiliated to tell anybody about her chastity belt. She felt that it was a private matter between her and Dennis.

It came time for Becky’s pelvic examination and to renew her birth control prescription.

Becky mentioned it to Dennis. He told her to make the appointment. The day of her appointment Dennis took the day off. He unlocked her chastity belt just before they left the house and went with her right into the examining room. It humiliated Becky to have her feet in those stirrups with the doctor and Dennis in the room. The doctor asked Becky what she had been wearing. There was evidence that something had been rubbing against her labia lips. Dennis piped up that he had told her not to wear her jeans so tight.

As soon as they got home Becky was back in her chastity belt. Dennis then demanded that Becky suck him off. Becky had hoped to relieve her sexual frustration while she was out of her chastity belt. Dennis was the only one that got his sexual frustrations relieved. Becky got a mouth full of his spunk.

Everybody thought that Dennis and Becky were an ideal couple. They kept all there marital problems to themselves and appeared very happy with each other in public. Becky did find a certain satisfaction to wearing a chastity belt for Dennis. She knew that there was no better way to prove her total devotion to him. At times her frustrations got her screaming at Dennis. Instead of physically abusing her at those times Dennis just left her alone for a few hours. He enjoyed the male companionship at a different couple bars.

Becky tried to do everything she could to make Dennis happy even before he had locked her in a chastity belt. She had submitted to the chastity belt to make Dennis happy. Becky never suspected that Dennis had locked her in a chastity belt because he thought she was unfaithful to him. Becky had never considered another man after her and Dennis were married. When Becky promised to death do us part she had meant every word of it. Becky would rather die then be divorced. She felt she had no choice but to submit to Dennis’s demand she wear a chastity belt.

When Becky wore jeans the waist of the jeans was below the waist of her belt. Becky wore long tops over her jeans so her chastity belt would not be exposed. Becky did not tuck anything in at the waist, because there was that tell tale bulge of the chastity belt lock at her waist in front. Slim fit dresses were also out. The one eighth thick bands around Becky’s body laid flat and close to her skin with the rod running in the crack of her ass. Her stomach was held flat by the front of the chastity belt with her navel concealed by the chastity belt. Becky’s pubic hair itched and had to be flooded with water often to keep down the smell. Becky endured it all because she was so devoted to her marriage and Dennis.

Chapter II - More Substantial

Becky’s chastity belt was made from tough stainless steel .125 inch or one eighth inch thick. It had the crotch strap riveted to the waist belt. It was a substantial barrier. But with a die grinder or special bolt cutters it could be cut off. Dennis heard of an outfit that made chastity belts for the Arabian Princes and Kings wives that were guaranteed to be uncut able. They also had other security features. They were made of a metal that defied most methods of cutting. In the video he was sent of them the belts broke bolt cutters and were hardly worn away at all with a die grinder. They were one quarter of an inch thick.

In the ad it warned that while the belts could be used long term. They were not very comfortable for the woman wearing them and they were difficult to conceal under normal street clothing. With the mood Arab women dressed. This was not a problem.

Because the Arabs did not permit their women to be viewed naked by other men a very special measuring kit was to give the contours of the woman’s body for an exact fit. The measuring kit itself cost $1200.00. Four times what Dennis had paid for Becky’s chastity belt. The belt itself was listed as being charged for upon manufacture. In other words if you have to ask you can’t afford it. Complete pictures of the belt were even classified. With Becky’s measurements Dennis had to send a $7500.00 non refundable deposit. Dennis had to cut out a contour of Becky’s body from front to rear and a contour of Becky’s waist of heavy beaver board. Full instructions were given on how to get it exact.

Dennis released Becky from her chastity belt and they had fantastic sex. Becky had come to love her chastity belt with all of its problems. Because with it they had sex seldom, but when they did it was something to remember.

Dennis had no trouble getting Becky’s contours and sizes. Even her vagina had to be measured. Dennis chose the largest dildo in the kit that would fit inside of Becky without her complaining too much. She did say that it hurt going in.

The measuring session had almost been forgotten when Dennis got a bill for $27,862.92 to be paid in 30 days. To get the money Dennis had to cash in his retirement plan and max his credit cards. Dennis got the money and used a wire bank transfer to send it. In about a week this insured package was at the post office. The package was heavy. It made Dennis’s cock really hard to imagine Becky wearing anything so heavy. He still had no idea what he had paid all this money for. Dennis only knew that once locked in it, it would be about as impossible as possible for Becky to escape from it.

Dennis took the box home without opening it. He unlocked Becky’s chastity belt and he and Becky were really hot for each other’s bodies. Dennis knew that Becky’s new chastity belt was more or less supposed to be permanent. While she could be released from it, he should not be taking it off of her on a weekly or even monthly basis. The belt had been designed so that a woman could be confined to it for years or even a lifetime.

Becky’s fidelity had long since ceased to be the question.

Becky got cleaned up after sex like she could not do in her chastity belt. She came back to Dennis. Dennis had unpacked the new chastity belt. It was a thing of real beauty. All engraved and set with jewels. There was a dildo that was as large or larger then the one Becky found so uncomfortable during the measuring process. It was a struggle to spring the heavy belt large enough to get it over Becky’s hips. Becky screamed that it was too large as the dildo slide inside of her. With the belt over Becky’s hips and still unlocked, she did not have the strength to spring it open and get it off of her.

There were dowels on the crotch strap that the waist belt ends slipped over. Once hooked around Becky’s waist, Becky screamed, " Get it off of me I can’t stand it." Dennis pulled the lock in place and it locked with a loud click. Becky danced around in her new chastity belt from pain. The back strap spread her butt cheeks painfully. Because of the strap and second shield between her legs Becky could no longer put her knees together.

The lock was about 4 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick. It was a combination lock with a key. The cumbersome chastity belt could hardly be hidden by any cloths Becky owned. It was big. It was heavy and it was uncomfortable. Becky begged Dennis to get it off of her. Dennis just set back to enjoy his wife’s struggles. Becky went slamming around the house while Dennis went to bed. He did not sleep much because of the ruckus Becky was making. Becky finally came to bed after she was exhausted.

Dennis got a chance to examine Becky’s new chastity belt. It was a work of art, set with jewels, engraving and gold and silver inlays. Becky still just wanted it off.

There was a video with the chastity belt. When Becky had calmed down some Dennis asked Becky to watch the video.

It started out with congratulations for the lady as her husband loved her enough to have her fitted with the very best female protection money could buy. The video told the viewer that the chastity belt had been carefully designed so that it could not be removed from the wearer without the key and special lock combination without killing the wearer. If the belt was ever removed from the wearer by any other means then the key and combination and the wearer survived the company would refund double the buyers money back and supply a new belt designed to avoid the way the old one had been removed.

Becky’s heart sank watching that video. She did not know how she could leave the house with the bulge at her waist from the chastity belt lock that protruded like another tit in the middle of her waist. Becky wore loose fitting sweats around the house and did not venture outside. Becky’s new chastity belt was humiliating, heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. The large dildo in her pussy moved when she did and stimulated her, but did not give her any orgasms for relief. Becky gave Dennis the cold shoulder and would hardly talk to him during her first week in her new cumbersome chastity belt. Dennis was extremely patient with Becky until she finally realized that she was not going to escape from Dennis and her new chastity belt ever. Chastity belts like she was so securely locked into was how Arab wives and princesses were kept in line.

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One evening after Dennis had gotten his own supper and put the dishes in the dish washer and was watching an erotic video. Becky grabber him around the neck and kissed him running her tongue into his mouth. She jammed the cumbersome lock to her chastity belt against him. One thing lead to another before Dennis took Becky to the bed room. Pealed her out of her sweats and told her to stand very still. Dennis then put the key in the combination lock of Becky’s chastity belt. Without the key the dial rotated freely.

Dennis rotated the dial several times counter clockwise as Becky watched. He stopped on 13. Then rotated the dial four more times clockwise and stopped on 26. He rotated the dial three times counterclockwise and stopped on 39. He rotated the dial two more times clockwise and stopped on 52. Then rotated the dial counterclockwise until there was a click and the lock released. It exposed the heavy steel pegs on the top of the crotch strap where the waist belt hooked. It was then a struggle to pull belt off the pegs and expand it enough to get it off over Becky’s ample hips. Becky felt such relief when Dennis slide the belt down her legs and the dildo came out of her. When the belt clunked on the floor Becky flopped on their bed and lied there hypo ventilating. It felt so good to be free of that contraption. Her cunt had been stretch open to where it felt like a tunnel.

Dennis ripped Becky’s flimsy bra off of her. He took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked it. He bit it lightly then the left nipple. By the time Dennis took Becky’s clit in his mouth. Becky was screaming with passion. Dennis’s cock was not as large as the dildo she had been wearing but still felt really good. They came almost together.

Chapter III - Maximum Security Again

Dennis shot his nuts several times and Becky lost count of her orgasms. With their pent up passions, like always when Becky was out of her chastity belt the sex was more then fantastic. They laid there cooling down and Becky was thankful she had been locked up to create such wonderful love making. They cat napped a bit before Becky went and got cleaned up.

Becky came back to bed and Dennis and Becky looked over her new chastity belt. It was a real thing of beauty engraved with gold and silver inlays and jewels. Even the dildo was wound with silver wire inlayed around it. Becky looked at the devise partly in terror and in awe. Her recent memory of having it locked over her loins was too fresh to not fear it. Then there was a certain satisfaction for Becky to endure such humiliation and discomfort. The prospect of being locked back in the thing gave Becky very mixed emotions. Becky then suggested that Dennis lock her in her old chastity belt and save this one for special occasions. Dennis replied that he thought the new chastity belt was much more fitting for her beauty.

Becky then sobbed, " With that dildo inside of me I can think of nothing but the way I am locked up. It moves every time I move and keeps me on such a sexual high without relief that I would fuck anything with a cock. I can go no place because this chastity belt shows thru any cloths that I have and humiliates me."

Dennis smile at Becky’s pleadings and replied that fabulous amount spent for her new chastity belt had been well worth it. It was doing to her exactly what he wanted it to do.

Becky sobbed, " Oh God no!" While Dennis struggled to get her new chastity belt back over her hips and the dildo inside of her. Once locked again in her chastity belt Becky stood there crying. Dennis picked her up and put her in bed. He lied beside her trying to comfort her. In so doing, Dennis thought of another humiliation he would like for Becky.

Dennis had already left for his job when Becky finally got up. She looked at the cruel contraption locked on her and beat on it. Only hurting her hands. Becky thought about the buca Arab women were force to wear when they were in public. She now understood that it was to cover more then the female figure. It would cover a multitude of abuses the woman suffered.

Dennis arrived home with a friend. Becky hid out in their bedroom even though she was wearing bulky sweats where her chastity belt hardly showed. Dennis demanded that she come into the kitchen. There he tied her to a chain. He bound her long hair in a knot and used it to tie her head back. Everything was sterilized and a leather punch was slid in Becky’s nose. She screamed as the center of her nose had a hole punched in it. A thick gold ring was put in the hole in Becky’s nose. The blood from Becky’s nose ran over her lips and dripped off her chin and down on to her sweats. Dennis then untied Becky and tried to comfort her. The man packed up his tools and left. Becky was so humiliated that she just wanted to die.

In the days that followed Becky was going thru the drawer in their bed table. She found a strange key. Becky was quickly out of her sweats and tried the key in the lock of her chastity belt. It fit and the dial turned. When Becky got to 13 her arm was paralyzed by an electric shock and her pussy burned like it was on fire. Becky screamed and fell to the floor. When she had recovered somewhat Becky got a pair of latex gloves. She turned the dial to 26 and screamed as her pussy burned again. But this time it kept burning until Becky yank the key from the lock. Becky flung the key across the room and lied there gasping. When she recovered Becky was desperate to find that key. She did not realized that it was a very special key that had been left there for her to find. It would not unlock her chastity belt.

For the next few days Becky was very docile, as she knew that Dennis had her defeated. She knew she was going to wear her chastity belt until Dennis released her from it. Becky had resigned herself to the fact that Dennis was not only her husband. He was her lord and master. Even with all Dennis had done to her Becky was not willing to give up her marriage or for that matter, her husband and her home.

Becky searched her wardrobe. She had her sweats. But they were hardly suitable to wear many places Becky wanted to go. Her tight jeans would not fit over her cumbersome chastity belt. Most of Becky’s dresses would either not go over the chastity belt or had the lock of it sticking out like she had a tit on her waist. Becky had this one button front long denim dress with metal buttons. It was straight and when Becky put it on it hung straight down from her tits. Becky moved about and the lock on her chastity belt only showed occasionally. It was not perfect but it would do. Becky then put on her high healed front laced boots. Becky called the piercer who had pierced her nose and was told to come right over. Becky took the pickup because Dennis had driven the car that day. Becky seldom had driven in her chastity belt and had never tried driving in her new chastity belt. Becky quickly understood why Arab women did not drive. When Becky used her feet on the clutch peddle and the brake it made the dildo in her pussy move painfully. Becky knew that she was not safe driving the way she had been rigged up. When she got to where George the piercer was. Becky had to set for a few moments before she could walk in. The stairs, as all stairs were presented a problem for Becky.

When Becky walked in the place George asked her what he could do for her. Becky told him that she wanted her nipples pierced and rings put in them. George had her set down and open her dress. Becky had worn a front hook bra for the occasion. For the first time in her life Becky set there with another man looking at her naked tits. The man washed her tits with an antiseptic spray solution. Becky jumped when the man put his rubber gloved had on her right tit. He just held her tit for a moment. Becky gasp when he put the clamp on her right nipple. He forced an awl thru the base of the nipple. Becky screamed. He pulled the awl back thru the hole with a gold ring on the point. Becky set there shivering. Her right nipple was ringed like Becky had seen in Dennis’s erotic videos. Blood oozed out around the gold ring and dripped on Becky’s stomach. George turned his attention to Becky’s left tit. It too was soon sporting a gold ring with blood oozing out around the hole. George said that the bleeding was good. There was less change for infection. He spray her tits with antiseptic and put some ointment on some gauze and taped it over each nipple.

George then asked Becky if she wanted him to fuck her. Becky was more then surprised by George’s boldness. George then explained to Becky that after they were pierced most women wanted to be fucked. Becky stood up and unbuttoned her dress the rest of the way down. When she flung it open, it was George that was surprised. Becky then said that she already had a bigger cock in her then he had.

Becky hooked her now bra over her now aching tits and buttoned her dress. George told Becky that she had to move her rings once and a while so that her flesh did not adhere to them. He gave her a sheet that told her how to take care of her newly pierced tits and to go to the hospital at any sign of infection. Becky paid George $200.00 for her new golden rings and piercing her. Becky wore nightgowns that hid her new golden rings. She wanted her tits healed when she showed Dennis her surprise.

Chapter IV - The Rings

Two weeks past before Dennis unlocked Becky’s chastity belt. It was always a traumatic event for Becky when she got out of that chastity belt. Becky laid there while Dennis untied the bows on her nighty and pealed it back. When he saw the gold rings in her nipples that matched the gold ring in her nose Dennis could hardly believe his eyes. Dennis knew that Becky had almost nothing she could wear that covered the bulge of the chastity belt on her waist. She had not bought any new cloths since he had locked her in this new chastity belt. Becky explained to Dennis that because he did not like it she almost never wore her button front long denim dress. But she could go out in it without the lock on her chastity belt showing very much. The lock did not look like Becky had a big belly because it came more or less to a point. Becky had actually lost weight since she had been locked in her new chastity belt. It made such a mess when she defecated that Becky held it as long as she could and tried to make as little feces as possible.

When Becky did have to have a bowel movement, she got in the shower afterwards and slipped a wash cloth between the belt and her anus to clean it out. During Becky’s periods Becky just wore a adult diaper and plastic pants. Even then her perfume often did not cover the smell. So Becky had to shower often. Even with her first chastity belt Becky did not go out alone much or encourage anybody to visit her. With this belt Becky most certainly did not want to have to explain it to anybody.

Becky was alone most of the time and had very little to do except housework. She was getting her house back in the shape it was before Dennis locked her up. One day Becky got a call from George. He said that he had a man there that would very much like to talk to her. When Becky hesitated George assured her that he was with his secretary and they would very much like to come over and talk to her so Becky agreed.

In a few moments a chauffeur driven stretch limo pulled up in front of Becky and Dennis’s house. The chauffeur got out and opened the door for the man and his secretary to get out. A well dressed man in a business suit got out of the car. He then turned and offered his hand to his secretary. The secretary’s suit was a little gaudy for a business and she wore her make-up heavily. The chauffeur came up and rang Becky’s doorbell. Becky was wearing her usual sweats when she answered the door. The man said that George had told him about her and that he had a proposition for her. Becky invited the trio in and excused herself to get four glasses of ice tea.

Over the ice tea the man then said that George had told them that along with her nose she wore gold rings in her nipples. Along with the gold rings she wore, she also wore a very interesting chastity belt. Most of the ladies that wore chastity belts like she wore he would get his throat cut for talking to. Because she had her nipples pierced by George her master was not as stringent with her as some of these ladies. The man then said that his name was Tom Soros and he made erotic videos. Among the male population there was a great interest in ladies in chastity belts. But for the most part such ladies were unapproachable. While he could lock any of his stars in chastity belts they would not wear them for long. He wanted a lady that had really gone thru the chastity belt experience to relate it on a video. The belt she wore had a reputation for being totally inescapable and being very expensive.

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Becky set there totally stunned. Her emotions were really mixed up and her stomach was churning. Becky excused herself and left the room. She fell on her bed sobbing her heart out. The man’s secretary Marla followed her in her room in a few moments. Marla assured Becky that they did not want to do anything to hurt her. In the two women’s conversation it soon became plain to Marla that Becky was a victim of her husband. The chastity belt experience was not of her choosing. Becky told Marla about her first chastity belt. Marla wanted to see it. The belt was in its original box in the bottom of the closet. When Becky dug it out, the keys were with it. Dennis had figured on selling it so that Becky could not demand to wear the less restrictive belt.

Marla looked at the stainless steel contraption over and started stripping out of her cloths. She was about the same size as Becky In a few moments Marla stood there in her shoes, bra, hose, garter belt and Becky’s first chastity belt. Marla had never experienced anything like it. Marla then said that she wanted to go show the guys. Marla told Becky that the chauffeur was one of their male stars and he was hung like a horse. She told Becky that their industry was very laid back but they tried to look business like. Becky with her tears dried and the keys for the chastity belt now locked on Marla in her hand went back to the men. The chauffeur Joe and Tom were impressed. Becky had the keys in her hand and Marla demanded them. Tom then demanded them.

Becky knew that Dennis had planned on selling her first chastity belt, so thinking quickly she told everybody that the keys were for sale to the highest bidder. Marl bid $100.00 Tom immediately upped it to $200.00. Marla knew she had $500.00 in her purse so she bid the whole wade. Tom could only match Marla’s bid. Joe had the most cash of all of them because he had to buy gas and the like. So Joe bid $600.00. Becky was really on the stick and said sold to Tom and Joe for $1100.00. By which time everybody but Marla was laughing. Tom took possession of the keys. Tom and Joe paid Becky.

Becky had Marla take off her shoes and hose before she went potty. Becky then instructed Marla in how to clean herself up when she went potty. Marla then got dressed still locked in the chastity belt. She was not happy with the turn of events. The lock of the belt made a bulge in Marla’s skirt. Otherwise, Marla looked little different then when she had gotten out of the limo. Then all three of them demanded to see the chastity belt Becky was wearing. Becky stripped out of her sweats. When Marla saw how Becky was locked up she was a lot less critical of the belt she was locked in. Becky explained that if she tried to unlock the belt it shocked her with electricity and that she had a very large dildo in her vagina. Marla only had the secondary shield on and knew that the belt she was in could be cut off of her. She felt lucky compared to Becky. The deal Tom had to offer Becky was that if she would relate her chastity belt experience in front of the camera he would pay her $10,000.00 and $1.00 for every video sold. The money dazzled Becky. But she had just gotten $1100.00 to the keys of a $400.00 chastity belt. So Becky doubled everything with s stipulation that everything would be managed so Dennis would know nothing about it. A contract was placed before her that she signed.

Dennis was a representative that was easy to pull out of town for days at a time on wild goose chases that made his company money that were not necessary.

Becky wore her button front long denim dress her first time at the studio. That was really an unused warehouse where she discussed the script with the writers. A script was written. She had to be out in the public so Becky bought her some outfits that concealed her chastity belt much better. A spitting image double was found for Becky.

Soon everything was ready to where Becky had to learn her lines. Lines that were only the life she had been living. Becky’s double Cindy was locked in Becky’s original chastity belt and made to wear it. So it was not long until Cindy could relate to Becky locked in her chastity belt.

Chapter V - Trapped Psychologically

Becky had learned her lines. Cindy played Becky in the first part of the story. Tom decided to leave Cindy locked up so that she would really know what wearing a chastity belt was about. When Cindy’s husband came in the office demanding the keys for the chastity belt Cindy was locked in, Marla took him on one of the sets and fucked his brains out, with a camera crew getting everything. Marla was a woman that almost no man could refuse. With the video Cindy’s husband was much easier to manage.

Becky related her whole story from day one. They even had a guy that looked an awful lot like Dennis and furniture like Dennis and Becky had in their house. When the video was done it was almost like the camera crew had been there from the beginning when Becky was first locked in her chastity belt. There was sex and there was nudity. The video was so informative that it hardly deserved an X rating. In a little over an hour Becky on video lived the last few years of her life. It could not help but have an extreme emotional effect on Becky.

The video was an instant hit. The company that had made Becky’s chastity belt was very displeased with the publicity. While the name was never mentioned everyone familiar with their product knew who they were. People who had purchased their product were not happy to see it in the video.

In polite company there were just some things that was never talked about. Young royalty were kept pure with a modified version of Becky’s chastity belt. No one wanted to admit that such a thing actually existed. Any woman locked in one had to move with dignity and poise to keep from hurting herself.

Becky slipped a finished copy of the video disc in among Dennis’s favorite erotic videos where she knew he would discover it. Becky thought of it as a payback for what Dennis had done and was still doing to her. Becky did not know what Dennis’s reaction would be. Her nude body with a chastity belt was being displayed to thousands of viewers. Becky of course could have no sex. Worse then sex, she had bared her soul to the video camera. In the video Becky had said that she cherished her marriage vows above all others and with or without a chastity belt she would never be unfaithful to Dennis or her marriage vows.

Marla came to Becky and complained that the chastity belt experience was like nothing that she had ever imagined. She hated it with a passion and at the same time loved it more then any other experience she had ever had. She said that she would like more chastity belt experience. But she needed somebody to keep the key for her. Becky offered to be Marla’s key holder to which Marla laughed. She told Becky that the last time she had been her key holder she sold the key to the highest bidder. Marla told Becky that she was just the kind of key holder that she did not need. Both girls laughed at that and Becky said that she did not sell the key cheap.

Dennis came home after one of the business trips Tom had arranged so Becky could make the video without his knowledge. Becky told Dennis that George had sent a guy over who gave her $200.00 for her old chastity belt. Becky did not bother to fill Dennis in on any of the other details. Dennis seemed quite pleased with the four fifties Becky gave him.

Later that evening Dennis found a strange CD among his recordings. He popped it in the player and in a few minutes was screaming his head off that it could not be. Here he was watching Becky’s chastity belt experience unfold like they had had cameras there all of the time. Cindy had played the part of Becky as she was locked in her present chastity belt. The camera showed Cindy naked without the golden rings. Then shot Becky naked except for the chastity belt with her nipple and nose rings. The two girls looked almost alike except for a tiny faint birthmark on the cheek of Becky’s ass.

Becky wandered into where Dennis was to enjoy his bewilderment. Dennis pointed at the video playing on his CD player and his mouth moved. But he was speechless. Becky had not known what to expect when he found out she was a porn star in her chastity belt. So she had opened her separate bank account with the extra $900.00 from the chastity belt and her earnings from making the video. Becky had already topped Dennis’s earnings for the year and her royalties were still being directly deposited in her account. Becky had rented a post office drawer to receive her bank statements and any mail from her new career.

Dennis finally grabbed Becky and took her to their bedroom. He ripped off her cloths and then his own and got Becky out of her chastity belt. What followed was the most intense love making Becky had ever experienced. Dennis just could not get enough of Becky. They finally fell to sleep entwined in each other’s arms and their love mess.

Dennis got up the next morning and did not disturb Becky. By the time Becky awoke Dennis had already left. Becky showered then slipped on a pair of jeans and a top. She felt so strange without her chastity belt. Becky finally went to her bedroom where the contraption laid on the floor. Becky examined it. Then clean it. Becky looked at the huge dildo she had been wearing. It was bigger then any cock she had ever seen. Becky found herself rubbing her pussy as she examined her chastity belt. Becky remembered how many times that she wanted to be just like this. She took off her cloths and took a large soapy enema so that she would not have to shit right away. Becky then tried to get the chastity belt over her hips. She was not strong enough to spread the heavy metal. Becky then told herself that she was crazy. All the times she had wanted out of that contraption so bad. Now that she was out of it, she was trying to get back into it. Becky then thought about a way she could spread the contraption. She got some of their water ski tow rope. Tied it to the middle hinge on two separate doors and tied the chastity belt in between them as tight as she could get it. When Becky pulled down on the chastity belt it spread open. Becky got on a chair and stepped into the chastity belt with the dildo started in her pussy. When Becky put her weight on the contraption it spread open and slid over her hips suddenly driving the dildo deep into her pussy painfully. Becky screamed and she was trapped back in her chastity belt. It was not locked but Becky could not spread it to get it over her hips. The next struggle was to get the ropes untied. Becky rolled the ropes up and looked at what she had done to herself. Becky stood before her mirror and called herself a stupid bitch. How she had longed to have that thing off of her and be free of it. She was free of it for a few short hours and she could not wait for Dennis to come home and lock her up again. Becky looked at the crotch strap coming up in front. It was a struggle to get the waist belt hooked over the dowels. Having done that Becky breathed deeply when she snapped the lock shut and completed her imprisonment. There was no doubt in Becky’s mind that even with the key she could not escape her chastity belt. Becky could not understand why she wanted that painful contraption back on her. Becky only knew that she preferred her imprisonment to her freedom as crazy as that may seem even to her. Becky looked at her jeans and top laying where she had taken them off. Becky hung them up lovingly. Then got her sweats and put them on.

Dennis came home to see Becky back in her sweats. When he hugged her he felt the lock of her chastity belt against his belly. The two stood there looking at each other where Becky admitted that she hated that damned contraption. She hated being out of it even more.

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Sunday, February 07, 2016  

Remember! Pamiętać! Review the story, not the author's grammatical prowess. Przejrzyj historię, a nie gramatyczne waleczność autora. Not everyone was an English major. Nie każdy był angielski major.

Sunday, February 07, 2016  

Remember! Pamiętać! Review the story, not the author's grammatical prowess. Przejrzyj historię, a nie gramatyczne waleczność autora. Not everyone was an English major. Nie każdy był angielski major.

Monday, July 08, 2013  

Story had good content, well put together so the story flows

Friday, November 06, 2009  

Excellent text. A pleasure to read such an interestingly told story, with great insight into the character and feelings of Becky,
Very highly recommended.
This reader looks forward to reading further developments.

Saturday, September 19, 2009  

Very very good! Loved it!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008  

good idea but the grammer and spelling is bloody awful, how legal is it for anyone to use a grammer/spell checker, clean this mess up then re post it ! ?

Monday, June 16, 2008  

This Story was awesome - very good.

Monday, January 22, 2007  

The story has possibilities, but the writer is illiterate. Too bad.

Saturday, June 11, 2005  

The multiple descents into juvenile language (e.g. "go potty") are most jarring.

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