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Self Bondage Nightmare
  • Author - Dan  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, f-self, blackmail, bondage, chastity, self-bondage, slavery, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 6/15/2005
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Reader's Comments (11)

I am a small girl, 5'4'' and 100 lbs, with long legs and ample breasts, a shaved virgin pussy 22 years old and live in a small town in Illinois. My name is Megan, and we keep it at that for now.

I have been interested in self-bondage for as long as I can remember, and once in awhile I like to have a little bondage time to myself. I make situations that I cannot get out of for a long time, literally forcing my self into bondage for some time. Usually I am "spending the weekend with some friends", but I am really in an old barn that is not in use, down by a creek on my families property. I found it with some friends, but they forgot it instantly. I have made it livable, scrounging up a bed, refrigerator and some little things. Once over spring break at age 19, I spent 3 days hog- tied. I was in there, and had set a timer to turn of the lights in the day and close the blinds on the windows during the day, so had to wait 3 days for enough moonlight to undo the combination that bound me.

Now it was summer break, and my family and friends believed I was going to go on a student exchange program, but no college student was going to come to my family. The summer was mine. I spent a long time buying things, on the net, at stores, and second hand for this summer, in the barn. Handcuffs, metal and leather, a latex vacuum bed, chastity belt, a large net, many gags, a phone for emergencies and millions of miles of rope. I packed my bags and drove the 2 miles to the airport, better known as the old barn.

I got into the barn, and was soon at work, thinking of what to do to myself first. I lay in bed and got an idea. I stripped naked, and opened my toolbox. I got out some handcuffs, and then went to the fridge. I got out a big block of ice that contained the keys to my cuffs, and a glass of my favorite potion. I then tied my ankles to the bedposts, and then my knees to the to the bottom of the bed. I grabbed the glass, which contained knock out chemicals, once drank I would have no choice but to sleep for an hour or so. I drank it, and then cuffed my hands to the above bedpost, waited the usual 2 minutes, and passed out.

I woke up, and struggled as usual. I was soaked, my pussy was soaked due to my love juices, and my head was soaked because the block of ice had started to melt. I struggled, naked and wet, my lovely breasts shining in the moonlight, my pussy wet and cold because of the ice water, which now flooded my bed, and the cold summer night. 4 hours later, and the ice melted enough to UN cuff my self, un tie my self, and finger myself. I Orgasmed, and cummed all over my bed, probably not the first time this summer I determined, and went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up, and it was about 11 am. I wanted to be tied badly and wasted no time. I tied my ankles together with rope, and then my knees. I had a small box that had a timer on it, that would open at a given time. I put the keys to my cuffs into it, and set it for 3 hours. I took more rope and made a crotch tie, the rope around my waist, and then between my legs, and placed the hand cuffs behind my back, between the rope and my waist. I put a red ball gag in, and then, I tied a rope around my neck, and then to my knees, pulling my knees to my tits, tying me into a ball. I loved this position, especially when the only thing covering me is the sunlight. I rolled around, mumbled into my gag. I had planed to finger myself, but there was no need, as I orgasmed, yet again, and soaked the rope in my cunt. The little box opened, and I got loose, and looked for a new way to please my self, MY CHASITITY BELT!!!

It was large, black, metal and impossible to get out of without the key. I wrapped the metal waistband around my waist, and then locked it. It was a perfect fit, as it was loose, but could not slide off. I then placed a remote control vibrator into my warm steamy pussy. I slid the u shaped business end between my legs. Right after that, the butt plug slid into my ass. I then used the padlocks, front, just below my belly button, and back, just below the small of my back, locking the large u into place. I set the control part of my vibrator on every 10 mins, 1 min burst. I drank another cup of my knock out drink and hurried to get set before I passed out. Then I placed my latex hood on, and inflated the gag, but left the eye covers off.for now. I tied my ankles together, then my knees, then my thighs. I then got my cuffs, and put the keys, again in a block of ice, on the low, over hanging rafter, that hung lower then the rest, and closed the eyelids on the mask. I then cuffed my hands, over the rafter and then felt very faint..

I woke up blind and helpless, struggling to break free, and get out of my binds, so that I could get off my belt, and then finger myself.

WOW, no need as my vibrator went off, and I squirmed and shook as waves of electricity shot through my sex, making cry out in ecstasy, but more so muffled yelps.

After about 10 orgasms, I decided to try a new position, I was not done yet. I reached for the keys, which should have melted out of the ice, it had been 3 hours. Hmmm I thought they were here. I searched the rafter, looking for the keys, and became frightened. I started to cry.

"Looking for these?" I heard a female voice ask

I screamed, but only into my gag. I recognized the voice, but couldn't pin point it. SMACK!!! I felt a female hand come down hard on my naked ass, and heard the voice say, "you didn't think I forgot about this place, the place you come to so you can tie yourself up in private, well my dear, you were never in private, I have seen you do it all, and video taped most of it."

I snapped and tried with all might might to break free, but to my dismay, my damned vibrator went off, 10 mins already!!! After my vibrator stopped, and I was so out of breath from the orgasm to move, the voice spoke up.

"My dear Megan, so petite, so long legged, and well breasted, what a great slave you will be," as a femine hand caressed my face, you will be MY slave!" as she removed the eye patches.

DANIELLE! That bitch, she was with me when I found this place. She was my child hood friend before we lost each other. Due to her stealing my boy friend. Now she owned my sex, she owned me. She was taller then I, about 5'6'', though having less breast, but legs that went on forever. She wore a black lacy bra, and jeans, which she had cut to make denim panties.

She rubbed my breasts, and caressed my stomach. I tried to get out, no luck.

"Listen here Megan, shut up", she said "from now on, you will call me mistress, nothing else, I hold the cards here, or should I say the hold the keys (as she twirled the keys on her fingers), and if you don't do as I say, you will have the videos I have taken, all over this town. This is not a little thing too, this will be life long. But I must admit, I am damn happy that you are away so that I can own you, for the next 3 months, un interrupted. You understand me slave?"

I thought it over; I had no choice, especially since I was naked, and tied up as much as ever before. But I lost my time to think.

Danielle kicked my belt, and sent the vibrator deep into my pussy. I screamed and winced.

"You got me bitch? Which is it?" She asked.

I slowly, and painfully nodded yes. It was the hardest thing in my life.

Danielle un-cuffed my hands, then cuffed them behind my back. She then placed a collar of mine, onto my neck. It was small, black leather, and had a d-ring.

She removed my hood, and I finally could talk.

"What the fuck are you doing this for Danielle? I never hurt you, and I thought we were friends, I don't deserve this, how long did you, will yammmmphh, ffmf"

A ball gag was placed in my mouth, and Danielle said, " Megan, you are my bitch, I don't care if you never hurt me, and all I want is for you to be my slave. This is not revenge or something, it is my pleasure." Then she gave me a gentle push, but I was still tied, so I fell over.

"Oops," she said, "you know, you are too white, I think we need to go for a walk."

A WALK!!!!???

A walk implies being outside, and I don't want to know, being tied up and naked! Yet she placed a length of chain into my d-ring, and led me, hobbling down the stairs. She walked quickly and smoothly, forcing me to hop, which was painful tied up, and in bare feet. We had just started down the stairs, an again, my vibrator went off. I moaned and groaned, sitting on the stairs, and rolling on them feeling the vibrations in my hot mound, while Danielle just laughed. She went back up, and got the controller.

Again we started down the stairs, and then outside. The warm summer sun glowed onto my body, and we walked through the flowered field in front of the barn. We then entered the wooded area, past the field, and into the creek, but not before another stop for my vibrator. I carefully and slowly made my way to the creek (as if I had a choice, Danielle constantly pulled my chain attached to my neck), and then, I was pushed into the creek, and fell on my side.

I looked at Danielle, and watched her remove her bra, showing off her magnificant breasts. She hung it on a near by tree limb. I stared, they were to round, to.perfect, I wanted to dive onto her, and massage the perfect melons before me. But my vibrator interrupted my private fantasy again.

Danielle entered the creek, and gave me a hand washing, cleaning my body in the creek, everywhere, excluding the parts under my belt. She repeated several times, I can't have a dirty slave can I? She would ask.

She led me out of the creek, and back to the barn, still tied up. Outside the barn, she suddenly pushed me over. I thought of running away, but she would have caught me before I could have stood up. So I waited, I waited as she went into the barn, and strung rope through the pulley, which was originally used to lower hay bales from the loft to the ground. O no.

She came back with some rope, and un cuffed my wrists, and then tied them back together, in front this time. She then tied the rope in the pulley to the rope between my wrists, and lifted me into the air. O god it hurt, as my arms were lifted awkwardly above. my head and my feet left the ground. Danielle stood at the opening for the loft, and I was now even with her, 20 feet in the air, naked and in pain.

"I told you were too white, I am gonna explore the barn, while you get an all over tan. You make one false move, and I will leave", Danielle stated. With that she grabbed the controller for the vibrator, and turned it on, so the timer no longer affected it, it would be working till she turned it off.

And so I dangled, for hours upon hours, in pain, sexually alive, and slowly baked. For four hours I "tanned", the whole time the vibrator setting my sex on fire, I orgasmed so many times, I finally passed out. Maybe from fear, maybe form pleasure, and maybe from my wanting more, or less, I passed out.

I was finally lowered, by now it was dark. I was walked up stairs, and laid into my bed, and untied. I stretched, one of the best experiences in my life. Danielle left my belt on, and finally put her bra back on. She handcuffed my right wrist to the post.

She asked "Do you want me to come back Megan, tomorrow?"

I nodded in agreement, not only so she could un handcuff me, but I was beginning to like being tied up, for real.

"Ok, I will, I will see you tomorrow bitch" she replied.

"Yes mistress", was all I could say.

In the middle of the night I changed my mind. I reminded myself that she could keep me forever, and that I did not like Danielle. I worked at my bonds all through the night.

3am, and I was still struggling. I twisted my wrist, and then all of a sudden, I WAS FREE! My handcuff ha been put on to loose, and I wiggled my wrist out. I ran down the stairs, as fast as I could. I ran into the field, heading for my house. Suddenly my hip turned, and I was spun around, and was on he ground. My belt.

A branch had hooked my belt and torn me down. I could not be seen like this, naked, and with a metal thong on. And the tapes, Danielle had those tapes of me. If she released them, my reputation would be gone. I lowered my head, stood up, and slowly walked back up the barn stairs, into bed, and handcuffed my own wrist, tight enough where I could not get out. I went to sleep but I was to sore, to sad, and to horny to sleep.

Next morning Danielle arrived at around 10 am. She wore a flannel red and black shirt, which was tied to show her belly, a black mini skirt, and black pantyhose, no shoes. She un did my handcuff, and attached my leash. Then she laid on the bed, and held the chain in her hand. Only now did I notice that this chain was longer, about 15 feet long. I thought about running, but those damn tapes.

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"I want a massage," said Danielle, "a full body massage, NOW BITCH!"

I stood there, not knowing what to say or do. I paused, I never wanted another girl before, but now I had little choice.

"Yes mistress."

I slowly rubbed her bare feet.


O my god, I had to undress her, how badly I wanted to do just that, how badly I wanted to run away.

I leaned over her, and I slowly pulled her mini skirt, as she lifted up, allowing me to slip it off. She wore a black thong, with lace, and I was forced to slide that off as well.

I was told to keep the pantyhose on. I laid on top of her, feeling my stomach on hers. And un tied her shirt. I then, with her help, pulled it off, folded it, and the other cloths, and went to her bra. I had just reached under her to unhook her bra, and she pulled my chain, making us face to face, she leaned up and kissed me. I backed away, but, then I moved towards her, and we made out. I squeezed her breasts, rubbing them, and moving them around, the whole time we kissed, and Danielle moaned in pleasure. We rolled in the bed, naked, and having sex. I kissed her nipples, moving my hands up and down her breasts, groping them, and giving her pleasure. I made my move.

I moved my hand farther down her stomach, my other hand on her breast. My hand made a journey, looking for her sex. I rubbed her stomach, and she kissed me harder. I felt some pubic hair, then, all off a sudden, my pussy was alive. I flew off the bed, onto the floor, and rolled around, THAT DAMNED VIBRATOR!!! I saw Mistress holding the control, and she got dressed.

"I see you like my pussy Megan"; she said, " Did I tell you could touch my sex? Did I ask for a fingering?"

"Nnnoo m-m-misttttresss," I said as my vibrator set me alive.

"Time for some more punishment", Danielle replied.

I was lead outside, with no restraints, besides that of my belt. Danielle grabbed my wrist, and led me around by that, only wearing her mini skirt and pantyhose and a backpack. I was lead to the woods, and we stopped, and she reached into her backpack. She pulled out my favorite latex hood. It was my favorite because it was skin tight, and had an inflatable penis-gag. With in seconds it was over my head.

"But mistress", I pleaded, "I was only trying to please you, what I did I did for yum plessirry, mmmphhffff, fffmgrrrrg."

Mid sentence, the gag was inflated. I felt my hands tied in front of me harshly, and then I was leaned against a tree. I watched as that bitch tied my hands above my head, to a limb above, then tied rope above my breasts, to the tree. She then tied my ankles together, and then to the tree, doing the same to my knees.

"You might be wondering why I picked this tree Megan", Danielle asked, " Look here."

She pointed to a small hill in the ground.

"This is a fire ant hill. And they crave sweet things, and will fight mercilessly for them. You are pretty sweet", she said, "But not sweet enough."

She went into her bag and brought out a jar of honey. She poured it on my legs, from the knees down. She then left a trail from my toes, to the nest.

"But what is more sweet then love juice?" she asked, " you see, when the ants find something alive, they protect the nest. They sting the enemy, with venom, that is powerful. This venom will paralyze you, so they can retrieve the honey, and not get hurt. But it was one other effect, it will make you cum, and as surely as the ants follow the trail of honey to its source, they will follow your love juices, to it's source. And don't think that because you will be paralyzed it will be life long, once I remove you from the stings, you will be normal in an hour. And also don't think you won't feel anything."

She set up the video camera, closed the eye patches and left. O dear god, what was I to do? I kicked, trying to get the honey of my legs, but it was to late, I felt the disgusting legs of the ants crawling on me. So I froze, hoping they would take the honey and leave. But I flinched, as the legs tickled my legs. Soon, I felt little stings, first one, then two, then four, then hundreds. I kicked hard, but my legs were tied, and kicking became harder and harder as the venom took effect. My head was spinning, I felt as if I was upside down, being carried around, then as if nothing. I could feel my feet on the ground, and the bastards on my legs, so I knew I had not moved. Soon, I couldn't move. I laid there, tied to the tree, feeling thousands of ants all over my legs. Then, a new feeling.

I felt my pussy quiver, and I knew what was about to happen, and tried to stop. I tried to squeeze my pussy shut, but I could not move. My sex was so warm, so soft, so wanting my fingers. I was so horny, all I wanted was sex, and I began to move methodically, waving my hips side to side slowly, or at least in my mind I did. Then it happened. My pussy exploded, liquid love everywhere. I screamed, but my gag, and my paralyzed state stopped me. My cum ran down my legs, passed my knees, to the honey, and to the ants.

Soon I felt legs moving up my legs, stinging all the way. If I could have, I would have flinched. Soon they were under my belt, and then, the unthinkable. Soon I felt bugs in my crotch, and I felt legs and stingers in my private parts, it was all too much, and I passed out.

I found myself lying in bed tied spread eagle, totally, totally naked.

"I must apologize, it seems the stings were more then you could handle," Danielle said as she crawled into bed with me, "I thought to myself, and decided since I hurt you, I might as well please you. What would please you the most slave?

I thought that the belt was the answer, but that was gone.


" I hoped you would say that"

Soon, Danielle was in my sex. She wasted no time. There was no foreplay, she jumped down between my knees, on all fours, licking me, and all of my private parts were in her mouth. She pulled my pussy lips with her teeth, and wrapped her tongue over my clit, and into my pussy.

Suddenly she stopped, saying, "that's enough", Pacing the chastity belt bag in, this time with the vibrator.

"2 months, 29 days left, I don't want you spoiled", Danielle said.

O no!

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Saturday, November 24, 2018  

Turned out to be really good. Well done, great way off writing.

Sunday, March 30, 2014  

To far fetch, You ever been bitten by fire ants? I was & it was no fun. I agree , boring. 2 thumbs down.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014  


Saturday, August 17, 2013  

I think it is a good story however the parts of lesbian sex c0uld have been more detailed

Wednesday, April 27, 2011  

Hot lesbian bondage!

Sunday, September 06, 2009  

Very good story would love to hear how the rest of the summer went.Would love to be in the same position.

Monday, June 01, 2009  

One of the best self-bondage / control exchange / lesbian stories I have ever read!

Thursday, May 07, 2009  

I'd rather have a girl controlling a guy instead of another girl.

Friday, August 10, 2007  

Fire ants not a good choice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006  

very nice, caint wait to read how it ends

Thursday, August 11, 2005  

Did not like this at all. For a self-bondage story, there is precious little of that. If the author wants to rename to how I became a slave for my summer vacation, fine; but don't call this self

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