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Kim Finds Trouble
  • Author - Axl  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, f-self, blackmail, bodymod, bondage, chastity, humiliation, self-bondage
  • Post Date - 6/16/2005
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18 year old Kim was home alone for the weekend. Her mother had gone to help out a friend.

By the time night had fallen, Kim was bored out of her mind. She was on house arrest for shop lifting so she could not leave the house and was not allowed to talk on the phone. After cleaning up the house she was looking for something to keep her busy. While looking around she noticed the attic door and decided to have a look. She found some old boxes with old clothes and papers, and a lot of old junk.

Then Kim came across an old trunk. She remembered seeing it in her mothers bed room when she was very young. She opened it and started removing it's contents. On the top was some old books and papers. Under that she made a surprising find. She found leather miniskirts,leather boots that came up to the thighs, leather bras and panties. Under that she started finding sex toys. Dildos, Vibrators, Nipple Clamps, Handcuffs and Rope.

Then she found something she could not recognize. It was a box filed with shiny metal pieces. What is this she thought. At the bottom of the box was a piece of paper with the metal pieces drawn on it, showing how to put it together. On the back it showed the device assembled. it looked like metal thong panties.

Kim was already getting hot looking at all the toys she had found. But the metal panties intrigued her the most. Kim decided to try it on to see what it felt like. She striped down naked. Her panties were soaked. She picked up the belt part of the device and put it around her waist. It had a single bar that ran from the back of it to the front. There was a hole that went right over her ass that left it exposed and a plate covered her cunt. The plate had hundreds of little tiny hole in it The three joints of the belt meet at the front. The two straps that went around the hips had a hole at both ends. The piece that ran from between her legs had a pin on it she pulled it up and put the other two pieces over it as the directions said. Then she found the last piece of the belt. It was the lock and hasp following the directions she slid what looked like a small little donut over the pin. Then another pin slid thru the middle of the donut.

The little donut had a grove all the way around it. The padlock fit in perfectly. The lock made sure it would not come apart. CLICK !!! Kim walked over to a mirror that was standing in the corner to see how she looked in the belt. She looked at her reflection from every angle. She loved the way it looked and felt.

It was tight but comfortable. She tried to rub her cunt but could not feel her on touch. This only excited her more. What would mom be doing with this thing she thought? Then she wanted to take it a step further. She put on the thigh high boots. They fit perfectly. They were six inch spiked heels which made her walk funny until she got the hang of it. She felt more sexy than she every had in her life. Looking thru the toys and things that were in the box she found a ball gag. It too would lock on with a small padlock. After finding this it suddenly occured to her to wonder about the key. She was so excited by the belt she didn't look for the key to open it.

Looking thru the box she found a key ring with a few keys on it. These must go to the belt and all these padlocks. She tried each key and found the one to the belt. Thank god she said. she was so hot she had to touch her self. She opened the belt and started rubbing her pussy it was so hot and wet she almost came but stopped herself before she did. Kim wanted this feeling to last as long as it could. She had never been so horny.

After bring herself close to orgasm nine or ten times she closed the belt again and locked it. She decided to have a little more fun with this. She picked up the ball gag and placed it in her mouth and locked it on. She tried to speak but could not make more than a muffled sound. Then she placed one of the handcuff ends on one of her wrists. She looked around for some where to cuff her self up to. She wanted to know how it would feel to be bound and gagged and helpless. She then looked up and saw a low rafter that would work nicely.

She put her hands over the rafter and locked the other side of the cuffs on her wrist. Then she pulled out the key and laid it on top of the rafter and then slid back as far as she could against the wall. The key was about three feet away from her. Kim thought to herself this was so erotic. After enjoying herself for a few minutes Kim was ready to get out of the cuffs and the belt and enjoy herself with some of the toys she found in the chest. As she got the key to the cuffs she lost her footing and dropped the key on the floor. She almost fainted at the though of being trapped with no way of getting out of this situation she was in. What am I going to do, she thought?

At the same time she heard a familiar voice say, What have we got here? It was her best friend Kat standing at the entrance to the attic. She wanted to try to explain but the gag in her mouth would not let her say a word. Don't try to talk dear. I have been watching you for a while now. I came in and saw the attic door open and thought I would see what you were up to. I never thought i would find this though.

So you like dressing up like a little slut I see. And that chastity belt looks so good around your waist, too. Then Kat picked up the keys. You won't be needing these will you my dear? She then unlocked Kim's wrists from the rafter. Kim started to run out of the attic from embarrasment, but Kat stopped her.

Stand still young lady she ordered. Were do you think you are going. Clean up this mess you made and meet me down stairs. Two hours later kim came down stairs with her head down from shame. She had put on an old trench coat she found while cleaning up the attic.

Take that thing off now! Kat ordered in a firm voice. Kim could not protest for the gag still lodged in her mouth. She took it off and looked at kat. Turn around bitch Kat said to Kim.

Kat unlocked the ball gag from Kim's mouth. Now were did you get your hands on all of this? Kim explained that she found it in some of her mothers things. Oh, your mother is a slut too! Well I think you need to be taught a lesson don't you.

What are you talking about Kat?

The way you treat your best friend of course. The way you always still my boyfriends and embarrass me in public and put me down all the time. Well its pay back time, bitch.

What are you going to do to me.

From this day on you will be my little slave. You will do any thing I ask of you or you will never get out of that belt.

Please Kat don't do this to me.

You did it to your self.

When are you going to let me out Kim asked?

When you earn it my dear.... I will see you tomorrow slave.

The next morning Kat was at Kim's door bright and early. Kim was tired from the lack of sleep she miss that night. It was a mixture of being horny and not knowing what Kat was going to do with her. Kim had taken off the boots but the chastity belt was not coming off without the key.

So my little slave are you ready to begin your punishment? Kim knew not to make her friend mad so she just nodded her head in agreement. Good the first thing you will learn is when I give an order you will obey me. And when I talk to you you answer with yes Mistress Kat. Is that clear bitch.

Yes Mistress Kat.

Good! Now lets go to the attic I, have something for you. In the attic Kat got some of the rope from the chest and tied Kim's arms to the rafter over her head. Then she tied Kim's ankles together. Their that will hold you. Kat then reached in to her pocket and pulled out a little box and opened it. It contained a piercing needle and two small chrome padlocks. Kim tried to protest but was quickly shut up by the ball gag being forced into her mouth. Kat then took the needle and pierced both of kim's nipples.

She then placed one of the little padlocks in each new pierced hole All the time Kim tried to fight and scream but it was no use. Kat then left the room and came back with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and pored some on each nipple. Adding to the already agonizing pain that Kim was in. There now, that's much better Kat said. You look so sexy.

Now after i untie you put on those sexy boots for me. Kat untied Kim and took the gag out of her mouth. Kim tried to rub her nipples to sooth the pain, but they hurt too much. She put on the boots for Kat and stood up. O yes sweetie you look ravishing.. Those padlocks make you breasts look so inviting. Come down stairs i have some more things for you.

Kat picked up a bag that she had brought with her. She pulled out a collar that matched the belt that Kim was wearing. She put it around Kim's neck and locked it on with another little lock. Kat then attached a lead chain to the collar and said,come my little slave lets go for a walk. Kim's eyes widened as she started to protest. The thought of being like this in public was to much. O ok then. Kat grabbed the ball gag and shoved it in Kim's mouth and locked it on. Then she back handed Kim across her face.

I told you you will do as i say didn't i bitch. You will go with me or I will walk out this door right now and let your mother come home and find you like this. Kim franticly shook her head side to side.

Ok then come slave. Though Kim lived in the country where their weren't many houses she was afraid she would be seen by a neighbor. What would they think? Kat lead Kim out of the house and down the dirt road that lead to town. Kim knew were they were headed and was so embarrased. After a mile or so Kat had had enough fun with Kim and turned for home. They were almost their when the mail truck came by. The mailman knew Kim very well because he had been at the same job for many years now. And Kim knew he must have recognized her as he passed by. She felt so ashamed.

When they got back to Kim's house Kat let Kim go from the leash and said I will see you tomorrow my little pet. Then she left Kim all alone to think of the days events. Even though she was still in pain from the piercing, and embarrased from the little walk, she was as horny as ever. She wanted nothing but to have an orgasm........

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Friday, November 24, 2017  

Was this written by a 15yo? Seriously.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013  

Kat is very good for slave Kim.When she is finally allowed to orgasm it will be her best one ever!Of course Kat will be thanked by a long orgasm from Kim's mouth,more than once Im sure

Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

Love it :D :D. Need to continue

Thursday, April 08, 2010  

this really needs to be continued!!!

Friday, November 06, 2009  

A simple story without surprise or striking novelty. Much work is required before this text merits attention.
Continuity is imperfect as Kat appears more familiar with Kim;s attic than Kim.
Some minor corrections: still -> steal; 'i' -> 'I' (always capitalized); rewrite 'O ok then'l and ;'Ok' -> 'OK'.

Monday, September 07, 2009  

Err.. It seems you forgot to surround your dialogue with quotes (" "), which makes reading very confusing.
Also, how did she walk a mile away from her house if she's on house arrest?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008  

u should also pierce her pussy and put padlocks on

Thursday, November 02, 2006  

I adore the story please post more ! paul

Monday, June 27, 2005  

Loved the story so far and I hope you will continu in the future.
Thanks for now

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