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The Adventures of Terri & Jennifer
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  • Post Date - 6/29/2005
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Author's Note: The continuing bondage story with terri and Jennifer. The bondage gets more complicated and the story hot! In this segment, Miko is introduced into the story - (I just realized that only 32 chapters were published here and wanted to add another segment)

Story is owned and copyrighted by bondageadventures.com.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I don't consider myself beautiful, but I do turn the heads of the boys around me. I have shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes, stand about 5'7'' tall and wear a 38C bra.

I never considered myself "kinky" or different but I have always liked to wear sexy lingerie under my clothes and recently started to wear leather clothes and lingerie. Also, I have an extensive collection of high heels and boots that I wear to work and around the house. I love to "Dress for Pleasure" to please myself first.

The subject of bondage and restraint has always intrigued me. I have always seen myself in the role of the bound and gagged heroine on TV. The thought of losing your freedom through bondage sends chills up and down my body. If I could only find that special someone to share this fun with. Until then, I had to find an alternative.

I got started on self-bondage when my girlfriend Jennifer gave me a pair of handcuffs as a joke at a lingerie party that she and I had recently attended. Jennifer told me to use them on my boyfriends, but when I got home, curiosity got the best of me and I tried the cuffs on myself, first in front of me and then locked behind me. I really liked the feeling of helplessness and what was even better, was that I had done it to myself. From then on, I had other ideas for the cuffs, I kept on using them to tie myself up.

When I could, I picked up as many pieces of bondage equipment that I could find (ropes, straps, thumbcuffs, etc.). It became a challenge to see how many ways I could bind and gag myself and still get out without help. I was hooked on bondage, namely, self-bondage.

The one problem with self-bondage, is that once you are bound and gagged, the fun is all gone unless you can find some way to stimulate yourself. Yes, there is always that thrill of being bound, gagged and all alone not really knowing for sure if you can get out, without outside help. However, if you have devised a foolproof method of releasing yourself and have practiced it, that thrill is lessened considerably. Someone could still find you all bound and gagged, though.

I feel that bondage, and especially self-bondage, are very exciting when something is forced upon you that you can't get out of, or rid of, because of the restraints (i.e., tickling, sex, spankings, plugs, clothespins, etc.). I have used plugs, nipple clips and other small items on myself to enhance the feeling of helplessness, but I was always looking for more.

The other aspect of bondage that is exciting is the anticipation of something happening or about to happen that you can not prevent. This anticipation was the one thing that I was missing for quite awhile in my self-bondage fun. (I had not found that special someone yet to share my fun with.)

Recently, I happened to be looking for ideas in bondage magazines at a local adult bookstore. One magazine caught my eye. It had to do with the subject of enemas. I was never into "watersports" for my sexual fun, but I thought that I could use the enema as a stimulator, in some cases of self-bondage.

This particular magazine showed a pretty female with her hands tied behind her back, legs tied apart at the ankles, and her mouth gagged with a ball gag, receiving an enema from another female dressed as a nurse. The story line that went along with the photo set talked about the bound girl paying for the services an "ENEMA NURSE." The story showed a willing bondage and watersports combination.

After reading this story, and seeing the expression of apprehension and uncertainty on the face of the poor bound girl receiving the enema, I began to fantasize that if you are tightly bound and gagged and are about to receive an enema that you can't stop and then you are forced to retain the enema for a period of time, you would then begin to appreciate the finer points of bondage (light humiliation, slight, but erotic, discomfort, etc.) It's like being tied up and tickled, you can't control it. Since I can't tickle myself when I tie myself up, I thought I would try and give myself an enema.

The idea that I had for this adventure was to tie myself up, give myself an enema, and then get out of my bondage without making a mess all over the place. The planning for this adventure took about two weeks and this upcoming weekend, I was ready to give it a try. The problem that I had to overcome in this situation, was to be able to give myself an enema at some time period after I had tied myself up and then be able to release myself after the enema had come. I also wanted the bondage in such a way, that once I was tied, there would be no return. I was going to get an enema like it or not, and I would be forced to hold it until I could get free.

To make self-bondage more fun you have to have a way to make the feeling of restraint real. To do this I usually freeze a key to a lock in an ice cube. This lock is usually used to lock leather cuffs on my wrists. When the wrist cuffs are locked on, without the key, they don't come off. The key that is frozen in the ice cube could also be used to unlock a set of handcuffs or thumbcuffs that I sometimes use for my bondage fun.

I usually place the ice cube, with the key frozen inside, in someplace that I can't reach. Usually I hang the key from a hook in the ceiling. When the ice melts, the key falls to the floor and I can then release myself. If I have tied myself to a bed or chair, or have suspended myself, I attach a string to the key and attach the other end of the string to another hook in the ceiling above where I am bound. That way when the ice melts, the key will swing down to where I can get to it. This allows me endless possibilities for self-restraint. By varying the size of the ice cube, I can change the length of time spent in bondage.

I used the "key frozen in the ice" technique again in this situation and I also used the ice method to control the amount of time before I would receive an enema.

Chapter 2: The Adventure

I started the adventure off Friday night by freezing a key to my wrist cuffs in a freezer that is in a guest room out behind my garage. This guest room has a bed, bathroom, and TV. I also placed in the room all my bondage equipment that I was going to use and the special clothing that I selected for the day's fun. In addition to the key, I also froze a piece of string in a separate ice tray. I'll explain this in a moment. I was so excited about the next day's adventure, that I slept with a set of handcuffs and leg cuffs locked on all night. Come Saturday, the water was frozen and I was all set to go.

About one o'clock Saturday afternoon, I decided to start my fun. The first thing I did was to write a short letter explaining where all the keys that I would be using were, what they were for, and that I was out in the guest room all bound and gagged. I then put the letter in an envelope and placed the envelope on the coffee table with my girlfriend's name on it. I then called her and asked her if she could come over about nine o'clock that night, because I had some of her clothes that she had left over here to give her. I also told her that if I wasn't home, come on in and wait for me and that I would leave a note for her on the table in the living room. (She had her own key.)

My real reason for asking Jennifer over was because this was the biggest adventure that I had undertaken dealing with self-bondage, and I didn't want to take any "big" chances (self- bondage is a big chance all by itself). If something went wrong with the keys or ice, at least I knew that I would be able to be rescued later that night. I also have had this fantasy of someone like my girlfriend finding me all bound and gagged. (Maybe it will happen tonight?) It would be very embarrassing and self- humiliation to say the least.

After the note was placed on the table, I undressed and wrapped a towel around me and headed out to the guest room, locking the house as I went. (The key to house was out in my mailbox in the front yard).

When I got to the guest room, I went inside and locked the door. I then removed the towel and ripped it into small pieces. I did this so that I wouldn't be able to use it later to cover up myself.

Once I was nude, it was time to dress for the occasion. In addition to being fond of leather clothing I recently started to collect several pieces of latex items. I liked to feeling of restriction that latex gave me. Today I selected to wear a black sleeveless latex leotard that was crotchless. This leotard was slightly boned around the waist, had cutouts for my tits, and zipped up in front.

As I pulled the leotard on, the feeling of restriction was beginning to make me very excited. I carefully pulled my tits through the cutouts. The cutouts were a little smaller that the size of my attributes, and the latex squeezed the base of my tits, causing them stand out and the nipples to harden. I then carefully zipped the leotard up. The heavy latex boning around the waist gave me a slightly hourglass figure.

This leotard had a special feature in addition to the lack of a crotch, that I had ordered. At the top of the leotard was a small rubber hasp that allowed the zipper to be locked in place. Once the leotard was on, zipped up and locked, the only way to get is off was to cut it off. With the price that I paid for the leotard, cutting wasn't the answer. I quickly put a small lock through the zipped and the hasp. The leotard was now on for awhile. The key to the lock on the leotard was in my desk drawer at work. I would have to wait until Monday morning to get the leotard off.

Locking my clothes on is another little bondage game that I play with myself. I lock items of clothes on that can't be removed until I can get to the key. For example, I have locked a pair of high heels on my feet for the whole weekend. I have gone to work with a leather corset locked around by waist that had been on since Friday night. I have even gone as far as wearing a pair of shoulder length leather gloves that had a small chain attached to the ends. These small chains were locked to a small leather collar buckled and locked around my neck. Until I can remove the collar the gloves stay on. Once I even mailed a letter to myself that contain a key to a set of locks that were used to lock the high heels, corset, and gloves on, all at the same time. The post office took two days to deliver that letter.

Anyway, in addition to the latex leotard, I put on a pair of thigh-high latex stockings and a pair of white leather thigh-high boots with 5.5" spiked heels. The boots made walking kind of difficult and restricted, which was why I choose to wear them. In the bottom of my left boot was a key taped to the sole. This key would unlock the ball gag that I was going to use to silence myself with later. Without the key, the gag and harness would not come off.

The leotard was crotchless because I intended to wear a leather chastity belt. This belt had one three-inch strap that went around the waist and a one-inch strap that went through the legs. They both locked in front. Attached to the strap that went between the legs, was a small butt plug and a vibrating dildo. The butt plug had a small hole in it and this was where the enema nozzle would fit.

Next, I locked a set of leather ankle cuffs around each ankle. I then locked the cuffs together with a twelve inch chain, thus hobbling my legs and restricting movement even further. The key to the locks on my ankles was taped inside my mailbox out in the front yard along with the key to my house.

Therefore, I would have to wait until dark before I could walk out to the mailbox and get the key to my ankle cuffs and also get into my house. I would have to wait until darkness came so that I would not be seen all bound, gagged, and dressed the way that I was. It might raise a few eyebrows to say the least! One other thing that you should note is that with the ankle cuffs locked on, the boots would not come off, so therefore, besides being hobbled in high heeled boots all day, I was to remain gagged for a good part of it.

I was now ready to gag myself. Next to a good dildo, I feel that a good gag is the most sensual part of the bondage. I picked up the ball gag and head harness and placed the red rubber ball between my lips and pulled the straps around my head. I buckled the straps tightly beneath my hair at the nape of the neck. The ball was of medium size so it filled my mouth completely. I then pulled the head straps over my head and buckled it, also in the back. Finally, I buckled the chin straps under my chin forcing my mouth to close down on the ball. I was now gagged very securely. I could make very little sound and my mouth was useless to work with.

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Next, I picked up three small locks and placed one on each buckle of my gag. Once these locks were in place, the gag and harness were not coming off without the key (and remember, the key to my gag is in my left boot that is locked on my foot with a lock whose key is out in the front, in my mailbox).

It was time now to set up the ice cubes. The cube that held the key to my wrist cuffs was hung on a hook from the ceiling. This key had a pre-measured string attached to it. The cube was hung in such a way that when the ice melted, the key would swing down to where my bound hands would be, and I would then be able to free myself. The other cube, the one with a string already frozen into it, was also hung from the ceiling.

To one end of the string, I attached a weight. To the other end, I attached a wooden clothespin. The clothespin would pinch the enema hose and thus hold the water back. However, when the ice melted, the weight would fall, and the force of the weight dropping would snap the clothespin off the hose and the water would start to flow. There would be no way to stop the water without repinching the hose. If I am bound in such a way that I can not get to the hose, I get an enema.

I was now ready to begin the final steps of my bondage. I had set up a VCR with about five hours of bondage tapes that would keep me in the bondage spirit. I had put a timer on so that it would start twenty minutes after I had tied myself up. I now filled the enema bag with hot water. Hot water was used because it would be some time before the ice would melt, and I did not want a "cold" enema, or so I thought. I hung the bag on a rack and connected the hose to the bag. The bag was suspended about six feet off the floor to give the water sufficient driving force for an enema. I then pinched the hose and attached the clothespin and removed the spring clamp which was holding the water back. There was no leakage. If the clothespin comes off, the water would start to flow.

I took one last look around the guest room to make sure that everything was all right. (I did not want more than one surprise while I was tied up.) I had earlier made sure that the room was locked and that the window shades were pulled. I had left a key to the guest room door in the envelope that I had left for my girlfriend to find in case of an emergency.

I now stood in the place where I was going to stand for the rest of my bondage. I had attached two hooks to the floor, spaced about four feet apart. I stood between these two hooks. I took two leather straps and attached one to each hook. I then attached one strap to my left ankle and the other to my right. I pulled these straps tight, thus spreading my legs apart. (They would only go twelve inches, remember, due to the hobbling chain.)

I now picked up a three inch leather collar and buckled it around my neck. The collar held my head up high and allowed very little movement. A set of leather wrist cuffs were attached to the back of my collar by a nine-inch chain. The length of the chain was such that when my hands were locked in the cuffs, they would be held in the middle of my back. I would be unable to reach the butt plug or enema hose and stop the enema from occurring.

I now put on the chastity belt, drawing the waist strap snug. I then carefully lubricated and inserted the butt plug and the vibrating dildo. I then pulled the crotch strap tight, locking it in place. It was not coming off without the key. This key was locked in the bathroom and the key to the bathroom was out in the garage. After my hands were free, I would be forced to walk outside to the garage with the chastity belt still locked on and the enema held inside, to get the key to the bathroom. This provided just a little more work for myself and it makes the bondage deprive me from doing something that I needed to do.

I made one last look at the setup to make sure that when the ice holding the key to the wrist cuffs melted, they would swing down to the right place. I had done this evolution many times before, so I knew that it would work. I was now all set to go except for a few minor items.

I carefully attached the enema hose to the butt plug. I made sure that the hose would not come off no matter how much I struggled. I then picked up two spring nipple clamps and placed one on each hardened nipple. My tits were already getting sensitive, due to the way the latex leotard was cut. The leotard had forced my tits to stick out and up, thus causing my nipples to stay erect.

As the clamps were applied, there was a sharp bite at first, but after a few moments, the bite lessened to an erotic ache. There would be no doubt that they were there. Attached to each clamp was a six-inch spring with a small weight on the end. Any movement at all would be compounded by the spring and weight, thus increasing the stimulation to my nipples and breasts.

I now picked up a set of elbow-length kid leather gloves and placed them on each arm. I found that gloves add to the difficulty in trying to unlock my wrist cuffs. The leather gloves make it hard sometimes to find key hole. Again, I had always been using then in the past so, I knew that I could get free. It would only take a little "patience."

One last item to add and I was ready for the big moment. To keep me from bending my body backwards and possibly reaching the enema hose, I had attached an additional hook to the ceiling right above where I was bound. To this hook, I had attached an adjustable leather strap that hung down to the top of my head. I attached this strap to the D-ring on top of my head harness and adjusted the strap so my body was held erect.

I was now at that "moment of truth." I slowly reached my hands around behind me and placed the wrist cuffs, which were attached to my collar, on my wrists. Before I locked them, I tried to move around to see if I had been sloppy in any of my bondage restraints. I also wanted to see if there was anything that was going to cause me major discomfort or irritation. Once I was satisfied of my bindings, I took a deep breath and I locked the cuffs on. I had gone past the point of no return. I could have not turned back now if I had wanted to.

Chapter 3: Helplessness

This is my favorite time in self-bondage. Feeling the last lock click shut, taking that last chance for freedom away, gives a rush that is very hard to describe. What if, as I was locking the last lock, I happen to look around at the ice holding my key to freedom and see it lying on the floor or maybe that the string was not tied correctly and that I had just sealed my fate for the next several hours with no hope for escape except for my girlfriend finding the note. What If!

Before I had started my bondage experience, I had place a full length mirror in front of me. When I looked in it, I saw a young girl dressed in black shiny latex and white leather boots, completely bound and gagged.

I felt just about how I looked. I could not move more than a couple of inches in any direction. The vibrator was doing its job of keeping me very stimulated, and any movement was instantly transmitted to my nipples through the springs and nipple clamps.

The one thing that I had forgotten was to look at the clock. I knew it was in the early afternoon and that was it, and I also knew from experience that I had about two and a half hours before the ice holding the key to my wrist cuffs would melt. I did not know, however, how long the ice holding the other string and weight would last. I assumed that it would fall sooner just because of the additional weight. As it turned out I was right!

After a while, the VCR started and I tried to "relax" and watch some of my favorite bondage movies. It was hard to concentrate on the movies with the vibrator going. My mind started to drift and fantasize. I dreamed that I was some mistress's slave that was being punished for some small deed that had not pleased her. I also fantasized that while I was bound and gagged, my girlfriend walked into the room and found me. Instead of releasing me, however, she continued to tease me and tighten my already tight bondage. It was these kind of thoughts that made the bondage all that more exciting.

Chapter 4: The Wait

Even with the movies and the fantasies, time started to drag. The muscles in my legs started to get tired and my feet begin to ache, due to my high heeled boots and lack of movement. My gag seemed to be getting tighter, the ball in my mouth growing bigger, and my anticipation for something to happen increasing. I did not know what an enema felt like. I did not try one before I started. I had only read about one from that magazine that I had bought, and as the time grew closer, my fear for the unexpected also grew. I was beginning to wonder if I had made a mistake, but of course it was too late. I was getting too good at my self-bondage.

From the way that I was tied up, I could only see the piece of ice that held the key to my wrist cuffs. I could not see the one that held the string and weight. Therefore, it would be a surprise when the enema came. I would have a couple of seconds after the weight dropped before the water started to flow. That would be my only warning.

Chapter 5: The Coming

It had seemed like hours since I had first locked my wrists behind me. I was halfway through the fourth bondage video when I heard the weight hit the floor. I tried desperately to struggle to stop the water from flowing (the fun part of bondage...the struggling against the restraints), but I had planned my bondage well. I could not reach the hose. I felt the warm water entering my rear. It was a very strange sensation to say the least. I suddenly had this building urge to go to the bathroom, but my bondage prevented that. The urge continue to build as the rubber bag emptied. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the flow of water stopped.

I had used about two quarts of water, thinking that it would be enough. It was! I was also beginning to think that I had made a mistake about using an enema as the stimulator, but there was nothing that I could do now. The enema was being forced upon me just as I had planned. I would just have to hope that the ice holding the key to my wrist cuffs would melt soon.

After a few minutes, the combination of the enema, vibrator, nipple clamps, and the tight bondage got the best of me. The first wave of orgasm hit me like a brick wall. Then the second wave hit me. I was in heaven. Had it not been for the head strap holding me up, I would have collapsed right on the floor. Slowly, my breath returned and along with my breath, so did the cramps in my lower abdomen. I also noticed that I was sweating profusely. I now wanted very much to get out of my bondage, but looking over at the ice that held my key to freedom, I could tell that I still had a while to go.

Time at this point really started to slow down. The more I wanted the ice cube to melt, the slower it seemed to drip. The feeling in my rear was very uncomfortable and I needed to use the bathroom NOW! After about fifteen minutes (it seemed like hours) of standing there with a rear end full of water and a strong urge to use the bathroom, the ice that was holding my key to freedom finally melted and the key swung down to where my hands were bound. I tried about four times before I was able to unlock my wrist cuffs. The leather gloves had again done their part.

When my hands were free, I removed the strap that was holding my head up. I next removed the leather collar from about my neck. I now very carefully removed the nipple clamps. This proved to be harder than putting them. As each clamp was removed, a shock was felt that started at the nipple and ended between my legs with the vibrator. My nipples were very sensitive and sore from all the struggling. I finally removed the leather gloves. I was free from my bondage with the exception of the hose that was still stuck in my rear, the straps that held my legs apart and of course the gag.

I now picked up the spring clamp that was lying on the floor and pinched the hose shut as near the butt plug as possible. Trying to bend over and concentrate was very hard to do with a rear end full of water. Once the clamp was in place, I then cut the hose thus separating me from the enema bag. I then reached down and unhooked the straps that were attached to my ankle cuffs. I was now free to walk around the room.

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Chapter 6: The Long, Long Wait

My next priority in life was to get out to the garage, where I could get the key to the bathroom. If you will remember, the key to my leather chastity belt is locked in the bathroom. I could not use the bathroom with the chastity belt on and the butt plug still inserted. I walked over to the door and looked outside. Walking was very difficult in the high heeled boots and hobble chain. It was even more difficult with the cramps due to the enema.

When I looked outside, the backyard was clear so I opened the door and very slowly started walking towards the garage. I had no sooner taken three steps (small steps) when I quickly had to walk back inside. I had heard the next door neighbors talking on their back porch. They could see my garage from where they were standing. They were saying something about washing their car and that they had better start soon. Unfortunately, I would have to wait for a while until my neighbors were through. Hopefully, it would be a short time, because I needed to use the bathroom very bad and my will power was slowly going away.

I went back inside and tried to lie down and see if that would help relieve the cramps. It did not. My jaw was sore from the ball gag and all the walking was not helping my poor feet. The vibrator was still going and I realized that with the chastity belt locked on, I could not get to it to turn it off. The stimulation was however helping to ease the pain in my lower abdomen. So, I just laid there watching the rest of my bondage movie on the video tape machine.

After a half hour, I checked the backyard again. This time the neighbors were gone. I once again started towards the front of the garage. When I got there, I found the key to the bathroom and started back towards the guest room. It was a long slow walk to the garage and back (about 200 steps) in boots and hobble chain. I finally got back to the room and unlocked the bathroom door. I got the key to my chastity belt, unlocked it, and then removed it along with the butt plug and vibrator. I then sat down on the toilet to relieve myself.

I must have been some sight. There I was sitting on the toilet wearing white knee high leather boots, black latex stockings, and a red ball gag and black harness, with my ankles hobbled by a twelve inch chain, trying to go to the bathroom. If my girlfriend could only see me now.

After I had totally relieved myself, I decided to clean the room up. I could not go out to the mailbox until it was dark, which was about another two hours, so I would have to stay gagged, booted, and hobbled for the rest of the afternoon. If I had tied myself up in the house, I could have put on a long dress to hide my boots and outfit, and a hooded shirt to cover up my gag and then made my way out to the front of the house to retrieve the key without raising any questions. Since I was in the quest room, I had no other clothes to put on (by design), so therefore I was not going anywhere and better yet, I have to remain in some sort of semi-bondage!. This was the reason for using the guest room for my bondage. I just hope my poor jaw and feet can hold out.

Eventually, darkness came and I slowly made my way out to the mailbox to get the key to my ankle cuffs and to the house. Luckily, there was nobody outside, so the walk was fairly uneventful. I was going to be very glad to get the boots and ball gag off. I will have had them on for about seven hours.

When I got in the house, I unlocked the ankle cuffs and removed the boots. I next removed the key to my gag from my boot and unlocked and removed the gag and harness. What a relief! I took off my latex stockings and took a nice long shower. I would still have to wait until Monday to get the key to my locking latex leotard. I was all set to greet my girlfriend when she came over.

While in the shower, I thought back over the last several hours of bondage and decided that I was very satisfied with the bondage experience. I had set out to completely tie and gag myself and then force something on myself that I was unable to get out or stop due to the bondage.

When my girlfriend arrived, we talked for a while and started to leave to go out for dinner. We walked into the front room and I saw the note that I had left for her on the table. I had forgot about it and luckily she did not find it. It would have been very interesting if she had found me all bound and gagged, with an enema hose stuck in my rear, or if she had found the note and asked me about it. (I might have told her!)

Chapter 7: Restlessness

Work kept me very busy for the next several months, and I did not get much chance to play with my bondage toys, with the exception of playing with the handcuffs that I always keep in the night stand next to my bed.

Occasionally, I would lock my hands in front of me, place a piece of tape over my lips and then lock on a set of ankle cuffs connected by a steel chain, and then do some housework in the nude and high heels. I always say, if you are a slave to house work, you might as well look the part.

However, one Friday morning I woke up very much in the mood to put myself in some restrictive self-bondage, so that afternoon, after I got home from work, I decided to have some fun.

Before I left for work that morning, I froze a key, that would unlock my wrist cuffs, in an ice cube and laid out the clothes that I wanted to wear and the bondage toys that were going to be used. The day passed very slowly and I had a hard time keeping my mind on my work. My mind kept wondering to the evening's events. When I got home that afternoon, the key was ready to go and so was I.

Chapter 8: More fun

I locked the doors and stripped down to the nude leaving my clothes right where I took them off. My nipples were hard with anticipation. I then poured myself a tall glass of wine and quickly headed to my bedroom, after first ensuring all the doors and windows were once again locked.

I sat down on the bed and drank my wine while I picked up and caressed all the bondage items and clothes that I had laid out, the wrist cuffs, the ball gag, the white soft nylon rope, and of course the boots. I could hardly wait, but I knew that the longer I made it last, the better the results would be. I took my time while dressing.

First, I put on a beautiful black leather corset and slowly adjusted and pulled the laces tight to obtain a beautiful hourglass figure. The corset started from just below my breasts to my hips. It was heavily boned and it pushed my tits up and out making my breasts hard and causing my nipples to further harden. I slowly caressed each nipple as I sipped from my wine.

I next carefully pulled on a pair of black silk stockings, the kind with the black seam up the back. The stockings were kept up by the eight garters attached to the corset. I was very fussy and had to ensure that the seams were straight. After the stockings came a black leather G-string panty that showed more than it covered.

I slowly sipped the wine as I modeled for myself in the full length mirror across the bedroom. The hourglass shape was stunning and I really enjoyed the feel of the tight caressing around my midsection. I had often worn this outfit to work just wondering what my co-workers would think if they knew what I had on underneath my work clothes. On the days that I dressed for pleasure, I would always get comments asking me if I had lost weight, or had been working out. I just smiled.

Next came thigh-high black leather boots with six inch heels. I have always loved boots. They feel so permanent. They can not be removed without the use of your hands so therefore they are almost a bondage by themselves. The height of the heels served to effectively hobble my steps. I slowly pulled the boots up each leg and zipped up the zipper on the inside of my thighs. The boots came all the way up to just below my crotch. My legs were now encased in beautiful black leather. To prevent me from removing the boots, I locked the boot's zipper to a very small hasp hook at the top of the boot. The key to the lock was in my mailbox in the front yard. I always liked my bondage spicy.

To top off my bondage outfit, I slipped my hands into a pair of shoulder length black kidskin gloves. The gloves serve to heighten the feeling of restraint since it's harder to find the key hole with gloved fingers. They also serve to protect my wrists from chaffing and make the kinky outfit complete. I like looking like the Irving Klaw models of the past. They always seem to be wearing corsets, gloves, and high heels or boots. Being a bondage model would be great if I could find the right person.

I felt very sexy and I knew that I would not be going outside for a walk, dressed like this. As I finished up my wine, I called Jennifer and asked her to come over that evening so that we could go out together. (Friday was our normal night on the town.) We talked for a while, and all the time I sat there slowly caressing myself with my gloved hands. If Jennifer only knew what was planned for the evening, or what I was currently wearing while I was talking to her. Jennifer said that she would be over around eight o'clock that evening. That gave me about three hours of bondage fun. After I had hung up, I was all set to begin.

I slowly walked to the kitchen and removed the ice cube, with the key frozen inside, from the freezer. Walking was very difficult in the high heeled boots. I guess that is why I love to lock them on once in a while.

I returned to the bedroom and hooked the ice cube, with the key frozen inside, up to a string hanging from the ceiling in the middle of my bedroom. When it melts, the key would fall to the floor and I would have to struggle over to the key and free myself. I also set up an additional safety in case I needed to get free in an emergency. I had tied a long rope to bucket and placed this bucket on top of my closet shelf. The rope was long enough to rest on the floor of my closet among all my shoes and boots. I attached a set of keys to the rope about a foot from the bucket. If I needed to get free fast, I could pull on the rope and the bucket would fall to the floor and I could get to the keys. However, to prevent me from using this as an easy way out, the bucket was filled with old motor oil that I had saved from my last tune-up. The mechanic wondered why I needed the oil. If he only knew. I made sure that the closet door was open and I was now ready to begin the tying part of my adventure.

I sat down on the bed and picked up a long piece of quarter inch nylon rope and proceeded to tie and cinch my booted feet together very tightly at the ankles. I then stood up and locked a three-inch wide leather belt around my waist. This belt had a two-inch strap that was attached in back to the waist strap and went through my legs and again locked in front. This key was also in the mailbox. This leather ensemble, better known as a chastity belt, is one of my favorite toys, as it would deny access to my most vital parts. Because I was wearing panties, I did not use the vibrator or butt plug, so therefore today's bondage would only deal with restriction, restraint, and nipple discipline.

I now locked a set of wrist cuffs to a D-ring which was also attached to the leather belt in back. When my hands were locked in, I would be unable to move them away from my body. I now tied my legs together above and below the knees, thus making my booted legs useless. To make things even more difficult, I got up on the bed and sat back on my ankles (this was hard to do with the thigh-high boots on, they were not very flexible) and strapped my ankles to my thighs with a large leather strap. With my hands locked behind me, I would be effectively hogtied, a position that I love very much.

I picked up the red ball gag and wedged the sphere between my lips. I pulled the straps behind my head and buckled them tightly, pulling the ball deep into my mouth. Without help, the gag was not coming off. To force my head up, and to make the bondage all that more restrictive, I picked up a three-inch leather collar and buckled it around my neck.

The ball gag had a special feature that I used this evening. I had placed a small silver chain through the ball using the same hole that the leather strap went through. Attached to both ends of the chain was a set of nipple clamps. I carefully attached a clamp to each nipple. The length of the chain was such that I had to keep my head bowed to prevent putting too much tension on the nipple clamps and thus my already sensitive nipples. These nipple clamps were the kind that press harder, the harder they are pulled. They were not coming off. One last item and I was ready for that moment of truth.

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I picked up a long latex sheet which I had folded it into a four inch wide band, to use as a blindfold. I tied this tightly about my head covering my eyes. I used latex because I love the smell of leather and latex together and the latex blindfold would not slip off no matter how I struggled. I also found that being blindfolded made the time go slower and it also allows me to fantasize easier. Your mind starts to play funny tricks when your sight is cut off and freedom of movement is restricted.

I now carefully laid on my side, since lying on my stomach would be hard with the nipple clips on, and placed my hands behind me and locked on the wrist cuffs. To add that much more adventure to the evenings fun I also locked on a set of thumbcuffs, thus furthering my bondage. The thumbcuffs would have to come off first before I could use the key to unlock the wrist cuffs. I had recently started to add the thumbcuffs along with the wrist cuffs to make the bondage that much more restrictive. I had practiced many times using just my fingers to unlock the thumbcuffs. The key to the thumbcuffs was setting on my dining room table. I had attached a string to the key and let the string hand over the edge. I would have to somehow struggle into the dinning room, find the string, pull the key off the table and then unlock the thumbcuffs. The journey would be slow to say the least, what with the hogtie position, blindfold, and the nipple clamps that were keeping my head bowed. Once the thumbcuffs were unlocked, I would still have to wait for the key to my wrist cuffs to fall to the floor to complete my escape from my bondage.

I was now a prisoner of my own bondage. I knew that I had about two hours before the ice would melt, so I just laid back and relaxed, because I was not going anywhere.

The only problem that I could see with this bondage adventure would be that I would have to listen carefully for the key to hit the floor. If I had not put a small plate on the carpet under the key, there would have been no way to find the exact spot where the key would fall.

Since I used a very restrictive bondage tie up and would only be able to move inches at a time, and coupled with the fact that my fingers were encased in leather gloves, the search would have been almost impossible. But with the plate on the floor, the key can only bounce so far and I know were to start looking.

I laid there for a few moments getting use to my bondage before I decided to make that long trip into the dining room. The ball gag made speech impossible and since my bedroom was in the back of the house anyway, no one would be able to hear any sound that I could make. Trying to lift my head only caused more tension to my nipples. This would be an excellent way to tie a slave. Having her head bowed and attached to her nipples would make her appreciate her submission. It's doing an excellent job on me. Too bad I am submissive to my own self-bondage and not a beautiful mistress.

The latex blindfold did a excellent job of cutting off all sight. To me the blindfold triples the feeling of helplessness in bondage. If you do not think this is so, try a little experiment. Place the key to your favorite handcuffs on the floor across the room. Now tie your ankles together so that walking is very difficult (cross your ankles before you tie them, this makes standing up hard to do). Now handcuff your wrists behind your back. Getting to the key on the floor takes some work and you will probably will scoot along on your butt or side. It's fairly easy to see your objective, but try the same situation again only this time add a tight blindfold so that all reference to room position is lost and then try it again. The results will be vastly different.

My bondage was very secure. My gloved wrists were held tightly to my waist, and my booted legs were quite useless. I could not move around very much. Even trying to turn over on my stomach was very difficult to do because of the hogtie position and the nipple clips. The leather strap that held my ankles to my thighs brought my heels very close to my rear end and I could feel the spiked heels with my fingers. I could only picture what I looked liked.

I began to fantasize that I had been kidnapped by a white slave ring and that I had been sold to a rich countess in a far off land. This countess like her girls in leather and boots and demands that they be tightly restrained. I feel the hands of the countess as she inspected the bonds that held me tightly. I was very sexually excited but could not touch myself in any way. I could only pull on the nipple clamps, increasing the tension on my nipples.

I had not been tied up too long when I thought I heard the front doorbell ring. Then, it rang again. It really surprised me. I was not expecting anyone this early in the afternoon, that I could remember. Then there was someone knocking on the door. I heard the person say "Terri! Are you in there?" It was Jennifer!

Chapter 9: Discovered

I had not realized that she was going to come over this early. I could not understand why she was here now, but she was. Jennifer did have a key to the house. I was out of luck. I heard her opening the door and walking in. I knew that she would come into the bedroom and find me on the bed all bound and gagged. There was no way out now. My secret would be known. I almost died with humiliation. I tried to struggle against my bondage, for what reason, I am not sure.

When Jennifer entered the bedroom, she must have been taken by surprise because she just stopped at the door and said, "Terri, what are you doing?"

She rushed over to the bed and took off the blindfold and tried to take the wrist cuffs off, but found that they were locked on good and tight.

"Boy, someone sure did not want you to get away did they? Where is the key?" Jennifer had forgotten that I was still gagged. She then unbuckled the strap that held the ball gag in place, and removed the gag but not the nipple clamps, she did not realize that they were attached to my nipples . I told her that the key was hanging in the middle of the room. She stared at me for a moment but then smiled and looked and me and asked me if I had done this to myself. I told her yes and then she asked me why.

I was caught, what could I do, so I explained that I have been practicing bondage for sometime and I had not found someone that I could really trust to tie me up, so I invented ways to tie myself up and still get out without anyone's help. I told her that this was called self-bondage.

Then she asked me what happens if I can not free myself from my self-imposed restraint. I explained that I used her as a safety person. Before I placed myself in some restrictive bondage, I would always call her and tell her to come over later that day or evening. Since she had her own key, she always knew to come on inside and wait for me if I was not home. This way, if something was wrong with my bondage, Jennifer would eventually come along and free me. I also told her about the bucket method in the closet.

Jennifer just smiled and got up from the bed and walked over to the piece of ice that held the key to my wrist cuffs and untied it from the string. She then walked into the bathroom and melted the ice cube to retrieve the key. When she came back, she held the key up in front of my face and told me, "I guess that I am that someone now, besides you don't have any choice." She was right. I was still bound very securely and Jennifer did have the key. Then Jennifer surprised me by asking me if I would like to spend the rest of the weekend with her tying each other up. She said that she had always been curious about what bondage was like, but she never really had the chance to try it, now she had that chance. I quickly agreed, besides, what choice did I have?

Jennifer told me that she had to go home and get some different clothes so that she could stay here for the whole weekend. She also said that we could start tying each other up now and that she would finish retying me on the bed, then go home and get her stuff. That sounded good to me.

I told Jennifer that I kept the rest of my bondage equipment in a suitcase under the bed. Jennifer pulled the suitcase out and dumped the contents in the middle of the room. She was surprised at all the bondage stuff that I had.

Jennifer sat down on the floor and examined each piece of equipment. I tried to explain to her the purpose for each piece. I did the best that I could, tied up the way I was. She tried a few of the pieces on herself such as one of my ball gags, a leather collar, and some ankle cuffs. She then picked out two elbow cuffs, and a connecting leather strap.

Jennifer got up from the floor and sat down next to me on the bed. She was admiring my outfit. She liked my corset and loved my boots. She had always wanted a pair of thigh-high ones but settled for the knee highs instead due to the cost. Jennifer and I can wear the same clothes so it would be fun to help her learn about dressing for pleasure.

Jennifer then rolled me back on my stomach and proceeded to attach a leather cuff to each arm, above each elbow. She then connected them together was a small leather strap thus forcing my elbows close together. This was something that I am unable to accomplish by myself. I do have ways to tie my elbows tightly together, but if I do, I would not be able to get out without help.

Before Jennifer got up to leave, she regagged me with the ball gag, pulling it tighter that I had before. This is when she noticed the nipple clips. She just shook her head and caressed each nipple slowly around the clamp. I was in heaven. She then retied the rubber sheet around eyes thus cutting off all sight. She got up from the bed, patted me on the rear, gave me a kiss on the head and said, "Be back in awhile dear, just relax. Oh by the way" she said. "I have the key to your cuffs, if you need to get free you can always use the bucket". I then heard her walk out of the room and lock the door. I was now all alone. I had finally had my wildest dream come true. I had been bound and gagged be a beautiful women who was in complete control over me and who wanted to share some "bondage" with me. I was in heaven. My thoughts switched now to the many possibilities that would arise this weekend.

Chapter 10: Jennifer

It seemed like a long time lying there all bound and gagged. My mind was racing with the endless possibilities that could occur this evening. I was very excited, but the bondage prevented me from bring myself over the edge. My only hope was that Jennifer would be so kind.

I finally heard the door being unlocked. I next heard someone walking over to the bed. When my blindfold was removed, I looked up to see Jennifer standing there wearing tight black leather pants, black leather knee high boots, a black leather bustier that pushed her breasts up firm and high, and short black leather gloves. She was holding a thin white cigarette in one hand and a black and riding crop. (Jennifer rides horses for hobby.) The outfit matched her long black hair and blue eyes. She was very beautiful, sexy, and very domineering to say the least.

Jennifer and I had become friends by attending the local spa together. Jennifer worked as a model and art director a local fashion store in town. She had quite the body, to say the least. Jennifer was 5'8" with a perfect shape that would turn all the men's heads and make the wives very jealous. She had long black hair to match her long legs. Her measurements were 37"-24"-36" and she was very athletic. She loved to ride horses and she looked fantastic in equestrian gear, riding boots, and gloves. Jennifer loved to show off her body (the model in her!). She would always wear the most revealing clothes, including leather skirts, stocking vice pantyhose, and she loved to wear gloves. It was always easy to buy gifts for Jennifer because she liked the same type of clothes that I did. The only difference was she wears her clothes out in public, and I wear mine in the bedroom for my own pleasure. In addition to the clothes, she always wore some sort of high heels or boots unless she was barefoot or working out. High heels seemed to accent the length of her long and shapely legs

Jennifer and I have been very close for sometime. We spent a lot of time together and share many secrets including our sex lives and different fantasies. We have even had a few lesbian encounters from time to time but just for fun and excitement and nothing long term. We both valued the friendship of each other including the touch of each other's hands. However, we both considered ourselves heterosexual and dated when the opportunity arose.

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The subject of bondage would come up a few times in passing, but I was never able to tell how Jennifer would take an outright discussion on the subject. Her finding me tonight was really a dream come true. Jennifer was more domineering that I was, so she tended to be the one that would lead the discussions or make the big decision for the both of us. That suited me just fine. It was not everyday that a girl could find such a beautiful mistress.

After the blindfold was removed, Jennifer released the strap that secured my elbows. She then removed the ball gag, nipple clips, leather collar, and unfastened the strap that held my ankles to my thighs. When she was finished, my hands were still locked to the chastity belt behind me, my thumbs still locked in the thumbcuffs, and I was still bound at the ankles, above and below the knees. She asked me where I kept the key to the lock that attached my wrist cuffs to the chastity belt. I said it was in the equipment bag. Jennifer got the key and released the wrist cuffs from the belt but not my wrists.

She then took the key to cuffs and placed them on the floor across the room. She told me that if I wanted to get free, I would have to crawl across the room, get the key, and bring it to her so that she could release me and that I had to bring the key to her in my lips.

I had no choice. I did as I was told. Jennifer just sat back in the chair, smoked her cigarette, and paged through one of my bondage magazines, laughing at me the whole time. I had to first slowly make my way out to the dinning room to get the key that would unlock my thumbcuffs. Crawling was not easy with the bondage and the thigh-high boots that I was wearing.

Once my thumbs were unlocked, I slowly made my way across the floor and picked up the key to my wrist cuffs with my lips and gave it to Jennifer. I placed the key in Jennifer's gloved hand and as I did this she held my chin firmly between her gloved fingers and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. The smell of the fine leather, Jennifer's perfume, and the heat of her kiss was almost to much for me I melted into Jennifer's arms. Jennifer then rolled me over and unlocked the wrists cuffs. I released the rest of my bondage myself.

The rest of the weekend, we took turns tying each other up in different bondage positions using the variety of bondage equipment that I owned. We agreed that each of us would spend two hours as bound prisoners of the other.

I showed Jennifer how the nipple clamps worked, what a leather discipline helmet felt like (I had two kinds, one with a built in gag and one without), and what chastity belts were for. She wanted to try on everything. She also tried on different articles of my latex collection and my assortment of leather clothes, boots and shoes. She especially like the thigh-high boots, corsets and of course the elbow-length black leather gloves.

Saturday afternoon, I finally got around to showing Jennifer all my techniques that I use for self-bondage. It was funny watching her trying to tie herself up. She had no problems with the feet or the gag, but when it came to the wrists cuffs and the locks, it took more practice. We decided that Sunday afternoon we would try a detailed self-bondage adventure together and that way we could both be tied up together like some of the photos that were in my bondage magazines.

Chapter 11: Jennifer's fun

We got a lot of the bondage positions used that weekend from the large collection of bondage magazines and bondage videos tapes that I have gathered over the years. Jennifer was amazed that they even made VHS movies dealing exclusively with being tied up. We must have watched every one of them three times that weekend.

One position that Jennifer wanted to try Saturday night was where your hands are tied behind you and pulled up by a rope attached to a pulley. This causes you to bend over at the waist and leaves your rear end unprotected. I had not put Jennifer in any real stringent bondage as of yet, so now was the chance to give her what she wanted, or so she thought.

Jennifer saw the position in many of the magazines we read. She liked the way the body was put under strain and how helpless the bindee was. In that position, there was access to all the sexual body parts. It was going to be fun introducing Jennifer to the finer art of restraint. We could hardly wait until the evening.

Chapter 12: Jennifer's wish

After supper, which by the way, had to be fed to me by Jennifer since I was tightly bound and blindfolded to the Captain's chair, it was time for Jennifer to get her wish and my sweet revenge. She choose to wear only a pair of black latex stockings, garter belt, kid leather gloves, and black patent leather opera pumps with six inch spiked heels.

I helped Jennifer dress in her latex outfit. After she was nude, I rubbed powder on her legs to make the latex stockings slip on easier. I then attached the stockings to her garter belt. I then slipped the pumps on her feet and helped her to pull on the long leather gloves.

Jennifer looked very beautiful in this outfit. She found, though, that walking in the high heels was very difficult even for her. With each step, her breasts would jiggle up and down. It was very funny and exciting to watch her.

Jennifer paraded herself in front of my full length mirror, admiring the way the latex hugged her thighs. She had to smoke one more cigarette before her ordeal was to begin. The contrast was sharp between her black gloved fingers and the long white cigarette.

When she finished the cigarette, I had Jennifer turn around and place her gloved hands behind her, palm to palm. I then selected a ten foot piece of small nylon rope and wound about half the cord loosely around her wrists and then knotted it, leaving two, two foot ends. I then wound the rope ends around the coils holding her wrists. After passing the ends of the rope between her wrists and arms, I pulled them tight, thus cinching her hands together very tightly. I then tied her arms very close together above the elbows, again cinching them tightly. Having her elbows touch caused her tits to stand out straight and made her nipples hard. I couldn't resist the urge to "tweek" them with my fingers. Jennifer just closed her eyes and slowly licked her lips. Jennifer was now my bound slave. Her hands and arms were useless to her. I now had her parade around the room for me. This showed her how helpless she was. The six inch pumps would prevent her from moving very fast.

I picked up the red ball gag and had Jennifer kneel with her back to me. I placed the ball to her red lips and she accepted it without question. I buckled the straps tightly behind her head, taking care to move her hair out of the way. The ball gag filled her mouth completely. To test the effectiveness of the gag, I produced a feather and started to tickle my bound and helpless friend. The gag worked perfectly. All I could hear were moans coming from her gagged lips.

To keep Jennifer from removing her high heels, I took two small chains and locks and proceeded to lock the shoes on her feet by wrapping the small chain around her heels, crossing the chain in front of her foot and then locking it under the soles. Without the key, the high heels would not come off. The height of the heels served as nice bondage all by themselves, but I wasn't through with Jennifer yet.

I took Jennifer to the middle of the room and had her stand under the pulley that was attached to the ceiling. I took the rope that was threaded through the pulley and tied it around Jennifer's wrists. The other end of the rope was attached to a small winch across the room. Before I pulled her wrists up behind her, I bound her legs by attaching each ankle to the end of a three foot spreader bar, thus spreading her legs wide apart. It was very challenging to say the least for her to stand with her legs held apart and her feet in such high heels. Now Jennifer knows the reason why I locked the heels on her feet. Her attempts to kick her shoe off were to no avail. She was a prisoner by her own choice of shoes. I then attached a snap hook to a ring in the center of her ankle spreader bar and locked this to another hook in the floor. Jennifer could not move from where she was standing.

I walked over to the winch and started to turn it slowly. Jennifer's wrists and arms were slowly being pulled up behind her. As her wrists moved up, her head was forced down. When her wrists were high over her head, I turned the winch one more click for good measure. I then locked the winch to prevent it from slipping. Jennifer looked just the picture in one of the bondage magazines. She looked very beautiful all tied up the way she was. I asked her if she was all right and Jennifer shook her head yes. Jennifer tested her bonds and found that escape was out of the question. As was our agreement for this weekend, she would remain my prisoner for two hours.

I walked back over to Jennifer and checked her bonds, making sure that all the loose ends were neatly tucked away and out of the reach of probing fingers. As I walked behind her, I gave her a sharp slap on the ass and watched the reaction. It had caught her by surprise, but what could she do? Tied the way that she was, any movement by her made her breasts jiggle. Jennifer blushed every time this happened. Jennifer just moaned into her gag and struggled harder.

Chapter 13: The Teasing

For the first hour, I teased Jennifer by using a feather on her breasts and nipples, inner thighs, the crack of her ass and on her stomach. I even used my tongue once in a while. She was very ticklish and all her attempts to get away were useless. I could also see that she was getting very excited by all this and I kept telling her that the second hour would be better. I also told her that I was going to pay her back for making me crawl the day before, when she first found me all tied up.

After the feather came the vibrator. I slowly caressed every inch of her bound body with the vibrating plastic. No parts were left untouched. I even inserted the vibrator deep into her wet pussy, but for just a few seconds. I wanted to keep Jennifer from having that badly needed orgasm to relieve herself.

I kept up this teasing for about forty-five minutes and then decided that Jennifer had had enough. She was out of breath and was sweating from all the excitement. She was also drooling down her chin around the ball gag. I took her panties that were lying on the bed and wiped off her face and chin. I then pulled the panties through he wet crotch and then proceeded to pull the panties over her head, thus limiting her sight and ensuring that she would have to smell her own juices. I also allowed her a few minutes to catch her breath.

While she rested, I set out the rest of the bondage equipment that I was going to use on her. The equipment included a black leather discipline hood that had a locking two inch collar, two nipple clamps with a spring and weight attached to each, a leather chastity belt with a built in vibrator, small butt plug, two small balls of cotton, some adhesive tape, and a five foot piece of rope. I removed the panties from Jennifer's head and when Jennifer looked at all the additional equipment, she knew what was coming. She just hung her head down in defeat.

I started first with the cotton balls. I placed one in each of Jennifer's ears and held them in place with a strip of adhesive tape. This served to isolate her from any sounds in the room. I next picked up the discipline hood and placed it on her head. The only opening that this particular hood had was three small holes around the nose so that she could breath normally. The hood zipped down the back of her head and the whole helmet was locked in place by a two-inch collar that went around her neck. (Remember, she was still gagged with the ball gag.)

To make her movements more restricted, I attached the five foot piece of rope to the D-ring attached on top of the leather hood. I then connected the other end of the rope to her wrists and pulled the slack out. This arrangement forced her to lift her head back and hold it there.

Next came the chastity belt and vibrator. This vibrator was very special. I use it all the time on myself during my self-bondage adventures. The vibrator has a built in timer that turns the motor on and off at random times. It only stays on for a maximum of ten seconds and then shuts off for a period of up to one minute. You never know when the motor will start or stop. It can drive a girl wild with frustration.

If you remember, Jennifer was in a very excited state from all the tickling and caressing. This vibrator would keep here near the orgasm point without allowing her to go over the edge. When I use the vibrator and belt on myself, I stay close to orgasm for over two hours until I could get free and relieve myself.

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I strapped the waist strap around her waist and buckled it in back. I then put on a latex glove, and spread K-Y gel on my index finger. Jennifer just about went through the roof as I slowly inserted my finger into her tight ass, thus lubricating it and making it ready for the butt plug. Once the plug was inserted, I then brought the crotch strap through her legs, turned on the vibrator and carefully inserted it into Jennifer's already wet pussy. I then locked this strap tightly to the waist belt in back. Without the key, the chastity belt would not come off and the vibrator keeps running.

I stepped back for a few minutes and watched the reactions of my bound friend. I could see that the vibrator was doing its job. Jennifer was softly moaning to herself when the vibrator was on but then she whined in frustration when it turned off. I could tell that she was staying excited by the hardness of her nipples. This was going to be a fun hour. I almost felt sorry for her (not really).

One last piece of stimulation. I carefully attached the nipple clamps to each of her nipples. These clamps were special. They were vibrating nipple clamps. They also had a spring and weight attached to each and with each movement of Jennifer's body, the sensation to her breasts was compounded. With the vibrator going, and the butt plug deeply lodged in Jennifer's ass, Jennifer's body was constantly in motion and therefore so were the weights attached to her nipples. As I switched on the nipple clamps, the results on Jennifer were immediate. You could see that she was trying to stand still to prevent the weights from swinging but as the nipple clamps continued to vibrate and as the vibrator in pussy turned on and off...it was quite a sight.

To further complete her bondage, I took a roll of black electrician's tape and taped her fingers tightly together. Even if she could reach the knots, her fingers were now useless.

Jennifer's wish was now complete. She wanted to be totally bound, gagged, and teased for a two hour period. And that she was. She could neither hear, speak, or see, and she was under going a very frustrating time not being able to have the sexual release that she wanted and needed so badly.

Chapter 14: Jennifer's release

For the next hour, I just sat back and watch Jennifer "have fun." Now and then, I checked her hands and legs for any signs of circulation being cut off. There were none. I did not touch her or say anything to her for that hour. She was all alone with the vibrators, both in her pussy and attached to her nipples, and her bondage. Soft moans could be heard coming from under the leather hood. Those moans would always turn to whines as the vibrator, locked in her pussy, would shut off until the next cycle. The vibrating nipple clips were always on but not severe enough to cause an orgasm.

At the end of the hour, I untied the rope that was holding her head up and unlocked the leather hood and removed it. I pulled off the tape and took out the cotton balls from her ears. However, she remained gagged. I next untied her ankles from the spreader bar and attached a set of ankles cuffs to each ankle. I then connected the cuffs with a short chain, thus hobbling her.

I walked over to the winch and slowly let her arms down. I removed the rope holding her elbows, but before I untied her wrists, I attached a pair of handcuffs. I then removed the rope that bound her wrists together. Jennifer was standing in the middle of the room with her hands handcuffed behind her, gagged, feet hobbled, nipple clamps on each breast and a chastity belt locked between her legs. (It was interesting to note that Jennifer's inner thighs were very wet and it wasn't sweat)! I wanted to let Jennifer take the nipple clamps off herself, since that was always more difficult than putting them on.

I told Jennifer that I had the key to the chastity belt, but the keys to her wrist and ankle cuffs were on the kitchen table. I told her that she was to walk out to the kitchen and bring the keys back to the bedroom and unlock her bondage in here in front of me. If she didn't the chastity belt would stay on, and so would the vibrators. Jennifer just rolled her and slowly nodded her understanding. She had no choice.

She slowly started walking towards the kitchen. With each small step in her high heels and hobbles, her breasts would shake and along with her tits, the spring and weights attached to her nipple clamps. Just a little reminder that they were still there and that she had better take her time.

After about five minutes, Jennifer made her way back into the bedroom still bound the way she left. She walked over to the bed and sat down and started to unlock her handcuffs. In the state of her excitement and the leather gloves, she was having some problems. I just smiled and continued to watch my bound friend. When her hands were free, she reached up and removed both nipple clamps. The jolt that it gave her as the blood rushed back into the nipples must have been enough to push her over the edge. Jennifer just closed her eyes and screamed into her ball gag. She was having one tremendous orgasm. Jennifer then fell back on the bed exhausted.

I walked over to my bound friend and unbuckled and removed her ball gag and then unlocked her ankle cuffs. I slowly rolled her over and unlocked the chastity belt and carefully removed both the vibrator and the butt plug. Needless to say the vibrator was soaking wet. Lastly, I unlocked her chains that locked her high heels to her feet. I slipped her heels off and slowly tickled Jennifer's feet with my tongue. Jennifer was now free and fast asleep.

While Jennifer slept, I picked up the bedroom. After about a half-hour, Jennifer woke up and we talked about her bondage period. She said that it really didn't hurt much and that the vibrator did a very good job of frustrating her. She really enjoyed the strict bondage and the sensation of the vibrating nipple clamps was new and fantastic. Jennifer just smiled and said that it was very lonely in the leather hood and that she couldn't wait until she could lock me in to it. My turn was coming. Jennifer was learning fast!

Chapter 15: Jennifer's revenge

Sunday morning found me tied up with about five hundred feet of rope. Earlier that morning, I had chosen to wear nothing but my thigh high black leather boots, black satin corset, and shoulder length kid gloves. Jennifer enjoyed helping me lace the corset tightly closed. She liked (and so did I) the hourglass shape that was present due to the corset.

Jennifer had started out my bondage by locking on the special chastity belt that I had used on her the night before. Then she started with my booted feet and wound yards and yards of soft cotton rope around my feet and legs, including my instep. With every five or six turns, Jennifer would cinch the rope tightly between my legs. She did this all the way up to my crotch. My legs were one solid piece of rope and were quite useless.

My wrists and arms came next. My wrists were tied palm to palm and cinched very tightly. Then more rope was wound around my arms up to and above my elbows (my elbows were actually touching).

Jennifer then took two smaller pieces of rope and tied them around my breasts. I had not realized that they were big enough to do that to, but Jennifer found out that they were. The rope made my breasts stand out very straight and my nipples very hard and sensitive.

She then took about one hundred foot of rope and begin to wind it around my body, pressing my bound arms very tightly against my back. I was helpless. To further add to my bondage, Jennifer took a roll of duct tape and completely taped my fingers and hands together. Jennifer sure learned fast! All that was left was a gag.

Before she gagged me, Jennifer produced a white rubber bathing cap and placed it on my head. She then stepped out of the panties that she was wearing and wadded them up into a ball and placed them in my mouth. The panties were damp and the taste was very familiar and exciting. Jennifer then took the roll of duct tape and proceeded to tape my mouth shut. She did not use just one piece of tape. She wound the tape all the way around my head twice. Then she used another piece that went under my chin and up over the top of my head. This was the reason for the bathing cap, to protect my hair. While she was wrapping the tape around the top of my head, she told me bite down on the panties. When she was through, it was impossible for me to talk or utter a sound let alone move my lips. I had never been so completely bound and gagged in my life. The only thing that was showing on my roped body was my ass and my bound breasts.

But Jennifer was not through yet. She then pulled a black stocking over my head to prevent me from rubbing the tape on the bed and possibly removing it (right!). She then placed me on the bed and attached a long rope to my feet and put the other end through a pulley that was over the bed. She then hoisted my legs up until only my shoulders and head were still touching the bed. I was semi-suspended by my feet.

One last little thing and Jennifer was finished. She attached a wooden clothespin to each nipple. They were already very sensitive due to the breast bondage, but this was almost too much. I only hoped that I could make it for two hours. I was starting to get very frustrated with the vibrator. It was doing a very good job of keeping me at the climax point without letting me go over the edge.

Jennifer just laid on the bed next to me and smoked a cigarette and read some bondage magazines. Occasionally she would get up and try on some different articles of my latex and leather clothing. She liked the feel of the latex and of course she had always liked the leather.

Needless to say it was a long two hours. I should mention that I spent the second hour of my bondage blindfolded. Jennifer tied a latex sheet over my eyes thus taking away another sense. Jennifer never touched me for the whole two hours except to check my hands and feet for lack of circulation. I wished she had, because I was a very frustrated (sexually) bound girl. However, I was luckier than Jennifer, somewhere in that last hour of bondage, the vibrator, clothespins, and the tight restraint (that I could not get free from) got the best of me. I must have came for five minutes. It was great!

At the end of the two hours, Jennifer released me from everything except the breast bondage, the clothespins on my nipples, the chastity belt and the gag. She let me remove all the rest of my bondage equipment myself, especially the clothespins from my nipples (remember they hurt more when they come off). We then had lunch and finished planning our afternoon self-bondage adventure. We were in store for quite an afternoon.

Chapter 16: Dual self-bondage

For this afternoon's adventure, Jennifer and I decided to tie ourselves up out in a guest room that was attached to the back of my garage. I use the room all the time for my own self-bondage fun because I can tie myself up in whatever clothing I desire (i.e., nude, stockings and garter belts etc.) but when I have to get free by walking out to the garage or the front yard to my mailbox for the key, it adds more excitement to the adventure when I have to make that long walk dressed the way I started. You see, if we tied ourselves up in the house, it would be very simple to just put on a long skirt or blouse and go outside and retrieve the key. Wearing the clothes we tied ourselves up in (or nothing at all) out into the open adds another bit of excitement and uncertainty to the self-bondage affair.

The idea that we came up with was simple. We would tie ourselves up out in the guest room using our locking wrist cuffs and put the keys in different locations throughout the yard, garage and house. We would therefore have to leave the guest room if we wanted to get free. The interesting part to this whole adventure was the techniques that Jennifer and I used to keep us both in the guest room for a few hours prior to getting out.

Earlier that morning, we had frozen the ends of two, six foot pieces of string in separate ice trays. Attached to the other end of each string was a set of metal nipple clamps, the kind that clamp tighter when they are pulled. In addition to the nipple clamps, we also froze a key to mine and Jennifer's wrist cuffs in a separate cube with it's own string attached. About three o'clock that afternoon, the strings and keys were frozen and we were all set to begin.

The first thing that we did was to pre-stage the keys to the assortment of locks that we were going to use to tie ourselves up with. There were fifteen keys in all; one for each ball gag, one for each waist belt, three each for each set of wrist cuffs, one each for the locking ankle cuffs, and the key to the back door of the house. Also, there were two keys to the locks that Jennifer was going to use to lock her high heels on her feet. I was going to wear high heeled boots.

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Jennifer took the key to the back door and placed it in my mailbox out in the front yard. The keys to our ball gags, ankle cuffs, and Jennifer's shoe locks were placed on the bed in the house. I then took the one set of the keys to our wrist cuffs that were not frozen in an ice cube, and shuffled them in my hand and had Jennifer pick one out. This key was placed in the garage on the floor. Neither one of us knew which key was in there, so we would have to walk out there and find out who got their hands free first. The other key, that Jennifer didn't pick, the ones to our waist belts and the other wrist cuff key were tied to a string from the ceiling out in the guest room. They would be out of reach when our hands were locked behind us.

The whole idea with the keys was that Jennifer and I would have to walk out to the garage bound and gagged, get the one key off the floor and see whose cuffs it would unlock. Once that person's hands were free, then we would have to walk back into the guest room to get the other keys that were on the string hanging from the ceiling. They were easy to reach once your hands were free. Then we would have to wait until dark in order for us to make that long trip to the front yard to retrieve the house key. We would have to go together because we were going to lock our ankles to each other with a four foot chain. Once we were in the house, we would be able to take our gags off, release our ankle cuffs and be free. Simple, huh! So we thought.

We made sure that the garage side door was shut but not locked and that the key to the one set of wrist cuffs was in its place on the garage floor. We then set up our safety.

I took the last set of keys to our wrist cuffs and attached each one to a bucket of oil that was placed on the upper shelve in the closet. These buckets also had attached to them a long string that we laid on the floor until we were ready for the final task of tying ourselves up. More on this latter.

We went back into the house to get dressed for our adventure. We would dress in the house, then very quickly run out back to the guest room. We had moved the other set of keys that were already frozen in the ice cube along with the nipple clamps and strings, out to the freezer. We also transferred my TV and VCR out back so that we could watch some good bondage movies to help pass the time.

Back in the house, Jennifer chose to wear a black leather mini skirt with back high heeled opera pumps that had five inch heels. Underneath the mini skirt, she wore a white silk garter belt topped off with black nylon stockings. There was a beautiful contrast between the stockings and Jennifer's tanned thighs. The mini skirt didn't cover the top of her stockings and I could see where the garters were attached. Jennifer did not wear a blouse, so she was nude from the waist up.

I chose to wear my black boned corset that required Jennifer's help to lace up. Attached to the corset, were six garters to which I attached a pair of black stockings. When the corset was tightly laced, it gave me an hourglass shape and its feeling of restraint felt wonderful. The corset pushed my breasts up, making them firm and hard. To top off my outfit, I wore a pair of knee-high black leather boots with five-inch spiked heels.

Under my corset, and under Jennifer's leather mini skirt we both wore a pair of black high-waisted latex panties with built in butt plug and dildo. When the panties were pulled up tight, there was a sense of full around. Both Jennifer and I also wore elbow length black leather gloves. We looked like two bondage beauties, out of a John Willie bondage magazine which, by the way, is where we got the idea from. It was my idea to add the latex panties with butt plugs and dildos.

After we were dressed, we checked to make sure that the keys were in their place on the bed, the front door was locked and all of the lights turned out. We then checked the backyard very carefully for any signs of my next door neighbors. Luckily, they were in the house and we could proceed to the guest room without too much trouble. Trying to run in spiked heels and boots was not easy to say the least especially with a rear and pussy full of rubber!. As I left the house, I locked the door as I shut it. Even if we did not tie ourselves up, we would still have to wait until dark to get back in the house. We could not just walk around to the front yard dressed the way we were. When we got to the guest room, we locked the door and pulled the shades. We did not want someone looking in and taking advantage of two helplessly bound and gagged females. (The thought was very stimulating, though.)

Chapter 17: The event

The first thing that Jennifer did when she got to the room was to lock her high heel pumps on her feet with the small chains and two of the small locks that we had pre-staged earlier that day. Remember, the keys to these locks were lying on the bed in the house. We then proceeded to set up the TV and VCR. We put on one of my videotapes that I had prepared by copying three of my favorite bondage movies. It gave Jennifer and I about four hours of bondage entertainment to keep us from getting bored.

We then marked the spots on the floor where we were going to be tied up and put two hooks in the ceiling about twelve inches apart. I also had put three other hooks in the ceiling that I had used for past bondage adventures. One was directly in the ceiling over my head, another was in the ceiling about five feet away, and the last was hanging over the bed.

I then placed the keys to our waist belts and the unknown wrist cuff key on the hook hanging from the ceiling above the bed. When our hands were locked behind us, these keys would be out of reach. This setup forces us to walk out to the garage to get the key which is on the floor. The only problem was we did not know whose cuffs the key would unlock. We had a fifty/fifty chance. When one of our hands were free, we could come back into the guest room and reach up to get the other key and remove, some but not all, of the bondage.

I now took the second set of keys to our wrist cuffs that were attached to a string, frozen in an ice cube, and tied the free end of the string to the hook that was going to be over my head. I then attached the ice cube to the other hook that was five feet away. It was attached in such a way that when the ice melted, the keys would swing down to where I could reach them and get free.

This procedure was what we were going to use as a first back up escape method. Remember, I usually call Jennifer and ask her to come over later that day and use her as a safety monitor. However, since she will be just as tied up as I will be, that method will not work, so therefore I will use the string and ice as a backup method. The size of the ice cube was such that it would melt in about four or five hours. We used this length of time to ensure that the other ice cubes for our nipple clamps would melt first, forcing us to go out to the garage to get free vice spending another two or three hours in such stringent bondage, with nipple clamps still on our nipples. We either go to the garage and take our chances outside, or stay in the room and wait for the ice cube to melt, still in tight bondage.

We then set up our second safety by attaching the strings that were tied to the buckets of oil to the hooks above out heads. The strings were looped in such a way that we could both grab the string with our bound hands. However, if we had to use that method to get free, the mess from the oil would take hours to clean up.

The next thing that we did was to thread the strings that had the nipple clamps attached to one end and an ice cube to the other through one of the hooks in the ceiling, one string per hook. The hooks were small enough so that the ice cube would have to melt almost completely away before it would allow the string to pass through.

This was the technique that Jennifer and I used to keep us tied up in the guest room for a while, before we would be allowed to walk to the garage. We would be tied to the ceiling by our nipples. When the ice melted on the other end of the string, we would be able to leave the room. But this wasn't it to our self-bondage, there was more!

Both Jennifer and I attached a set of locking ankle cuffs around our ankles. Before we locked them, we made sure that the lock went through the end of a four-foot chain. Each lock was then locked securely. We were now connected by a chain attached to our ankles. The keys to the ankles cuffs were on the bed in the house. With the ankle cuffs locked on, I couldn't remove my boots, so therefore I too, like Jennifer, will have to wear my high heeled boots and suffer the same foot bondage, all afternoon and evening until I could get into the house and unlock the cuffs.

The ankles cuffs left Jennifer and I with about four inches of room between our ankles. We were very effectively hobbled, and as some of us may know, trying to walk while hobbled in high heels is a bondage all by itself. Jennifer and I would have to walk all the way out to the front yard while hobbled, connected by a four foot chain, to get the house key, so that we could get inside to free ourselves from the rest of our bondage.

The next bondage item was the waist belts. Mine was a simple chastity belt which meant it had a leather strap that went around the waist and one that went through the crotch and locked in front. Jennifer's was just a black four inch leather waist strap that also locked like mine with a hasp lock.

Attached to both of our waist straps in the back was a large "D"-ring to which our leather wrist cuffs were locked to. Jennifer put her waist belt on and I did the same with the chastity belt, pulling it good and tight pushing my dildo and butt plug deeper into their respective orifices. However, before we locked the belts on, we ran the locks through rings that were attached to the ends of a four foot wooden broomstick. This would keep Jennifer and I separated until we got back into the guest room and could get the keys to our waist belts, which were hanging over the bed. I will explain the reason for using the broomstick a little later.

I now turned on the TV and the VCR. Jennifer and I then hobbled over to where the nipple clamps were hanging and got ready for the final stages of our adventure.

It was time for the ball gags. These were specially made for this adventure. The gags included a medium size red rubber ball with a small chain running through the middle. Jennifer and I picked up our gags and put them in our mouths and then locked the chains tightly behind our heads, under our hair. These gags were a little bigger then what we had been using the whole weekend and they filled our mouths completely.

They were very effective in preventing Jennifer and I from talking to each other, let alone calling for help. Because of the locks, we would have to wear the gags for the entire period of self-bondage, because the keys to the locks for our gags were in the house. We would probably be wearing the ball gag along with the ankle cuffs and hobbles for about six or seven hours. It would just depend on when Jennifer and I could make that long trip around to the front yard to get the house key that was sitting in my mailbox.

Chapter 18: The moment of truth

I checked around the room and made sure that we had covered all aspects of our bondage. I also made sure one more time that our backup escape methods would work if we got in trouble. I made sure that I was standing in the right place to get the keys when they swung down. I had done this many times before, so I knew it would work, it would just take awhile.

Jennifer and I were now at the point of no return. We both very slowly and carefully attached a nipple clamp to each nipple. We then tried moving around a little bit to see how much play we had. We didn't have much at all. We would almost have to stand in the same place for the whole time to prevent increasing the pressure to our nipples. The strings were short enough that our breasts were actually being lifted up by the nipples, but only a little. We could not bend our knees at all. Remember, these nipple clamps were the kind that got tighter as they were pulled, so trying to pull them off with the string would only increase the pressure, making matters worse. They were not going to slip off unless we fell or something and exerted lots of pressure. It was time for the final step, that moment of truth. We reached around behind us and put our wrists into the wrist cuffs. We both looked at each other, smiled behind our gags and locked them. Our only hope now was the melting of ice to save us. We were totally bound and gagged, and forced to stay in the room by our nipples. The broom stick kept us far enough apart so that I could not somehow reach over to Jennifer and release her nipple clamps and vice versa. It also keeps us together, one of us can not leave without the other, so we would therefore have to wait for both of the ice cubes to melt before we would be able to walk outside. That would be about two hours from now. The broomstick also forces both of us to stay still, not only for the discomfort in our own nipples, but for the other person's nipples as well. If I move, Jennifer moves, and we both pay for it.

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Chapter 19: Togetherness

For the first couple of minutes, Jennifer and I tried to get the feel of our bondage. We were good. There was going to be no escape from our bondage until the right time. We just had to try and relax and watch our bondage tapes. Hopefully this would take our minds off the dull ache that was starting to build in our nipples and in our jaws from the oversized ball gags that we had used.

Occasionally, we would try to pull the nipple clamps to see if we could get the ice to break or the clamps to slip off, but all our efforts only made the clamps tighten down harder and increase our discomfort. We would just have to wait.

Jennifer and I were fast learning the finer points of bondage, i.e., tight restraint, helplessness, and loneliness. We could not talk to each other because of the ball gags, and we could not touch or tease each other due to our bondage positions. We had talked about the possibility of something going wrong, forcing us to remain prisoners of our own bondage for God knows how long! That unknown possibility made being tied up all that much more exciting and worth while. It's amazing what thoughts can go through your mind when you are all tied up and are relying on the simple melting of an ice cube for your freedom. (What if the string gets caught on the hook in the ceiling after the ice melts?… What happens if the garage door gets locked by mistake?... What if someone just happens to come into my backyard and look into the guest room?)

Being tied up is not all that bad if you are tied to a chair or tied on the floor or bed, but being tied up and forced to stand in very high heeled shoes or boots, for over two hours, is very hard on the feet, and what is worse is when you are forced to remain standing in one place by your nipples, that is worse yet (but exciting)! Add this to the fullness of the dildo and butt plugs and the bondage is almost complete. We could have added blindfolds but decided that the absence of sight along with the tight bondage would be too much. With the way we were tied, we would not have been able to help each other if one of us had fallen. Getting up would be hard enough without the blindfold...maybe next time under less stringent conditions.

It is funny how time seems to slow down when you want something to happen so bad. After about two hours of standing there having to remain very still, both Jennifer and I were ready to be free. You could see it in our faces, we were both drooling down our chins on to our chests and our nipples were very sore from all the tension of the nipple clamps. In addition, our shoulders and feet ached from the tight bondage and high heels.

At about the two and one half hour point, Jennifer's ice cube melted enough to slip through the eyelet. She was now free but she could not go anywhere because she was attached to me by the broomstick and I was still attached to the ceiling by my nipples. Jennifer would just have to wait until I was free. Jennifer teased me by moving me around slightly with the broomstick, causing the pulling on my nipples to increase. I couldn't wait to get free from this clamps and pay Jennifer back!

My ice cube melted about 15 minutes later and at this point we were both free to move out to the garage and start the second phase of our self-bondage adventure.

Chapter 20: The journey

The trip out to the garage was very slow. We had first checked the backyard to make sure it was clear and then we headed out. I had to walk backwards because the waist belt would not allow me or Jennifer to turn around.

It took about 85 steps to reach the garage door. The trip was fairly uneventful (too bad). We only had one problem along the way. The string that was attached to Jennifer's nipple clamps was dragging along the ground and it got caught on a crack in the sidewalk. This stopped Jennifer in her tracks. We both knew that if we fell, there would be no way to stand back up. We would have to crawl as best as we could to get to the garage. We would then have to figure out how to open the door once we got there.

Crawling is hard too do when you are tied together and gagged and forced to coordinate your movements without talking. It is also hard to crawl when you have nipple clamps attached to your tits and these clamps have a six foot strings attached to them. Luckily, Jennifer's string came free when we backed up in the other direction.

Once we were in the garage, we both realized that it was going to a problem to reach down and retrieve the key off the floor. We did not want to just fall from the standing position because with our hands locked behind us, we would probably get hurt. So we had to very slowly bend our knees until we were both squatting and then carefully lean over until we fell to the ground. (Next time we will put the key on a shelf that is waist high). Next time!

Luckily, Jennifer fell near the key and it was only a matter of shifting our bound bodies a couple of feet in order for her to get at it. Unfortunately the one thing that we did not practice was for Jennifer to try and unlock the wrist cuffs with leather gloves on. I could see that she was having a problem finding the key hole. It takes a lot of practice. However, after about five minutes, she shook her head in the yes direction trying to tell me that she had the key in the hole, however, as luck would have it, it was the wrong key. It did not fit Jennifer's cuffs.

We would now have to reposition ourselves in such a way that I could use the key. This took a few minutes and it was complicated by the fact that Jennifer was lying on my nipple clamp string and I could not move until she got off it. She did and we got turned around and I got the key to my wrist cuffs and unlocked them. My hands were now free.

The first thing I did was to very carefully remove the nipple clamps from my tits. This turned out to cause more discomfort then leaving them on. They started to sting as the blood rushed back into the nipples. I slowly sat there as caressed them with my gloved hands until the pain subsided. Jennifer was getting impatient, so I next reached over and very slowly pulled on Jennifer's clamps. Jennifer just closed her eyes and bit down on the ball gag. This was here payback for moving me around back in the guest room. The tough part was over.

Once my nipple clamps were off. clamps were off, we just laid on the floor for a few minutes catching our breath. When Jennifer was ready, I very carefully picked myself up off the floor, then I helped Jennifer up. Remember, we were still kept separated by the four foot broomstick and Jennifer's hands were still locked behind her. After a little struggling, we were finally on our feet and ready to head back to the guest room. Before we left the garage, I decided that Jennifer needed some more pay back. As Jennifer eyes widened with shock, I carefully tied her nipple clamp string to the broomstick between us, causing her to stoop over. She would stay that way until we got back into the guest room. I'm sure that my turn for punishment was coming!

We first checked the backyard for any signs of intruders, there were none, and we started on that long walk back to the room. Again, I walked backwards, mainly because my hands were free and I could better balance myself. The trip was made without any hitches. The trip was a little slower due to the fact that Jennifer had to stoop over.

Once we got inside, I locked the door and we made our way over to the bed where I then reached up and retrieved the keys to our waist belts and Jennifer's wrist cuffs. In a few seconds, I was free from the broomstick and removed my chastity belt. I then proceeded to unlock Jennifer's wrists and removed her waist belt. Jennifer reached up and slowly removed her nipple clamps. What a relief. I could see it in her eyes. We both then removed our leather gloves, they had again served their purpose of prolonging the bondage.

We were now free except for our ball gags, ankle cuffs, and the four foot chain that still connected our feet together. The keys to all these locks, if you will remember, are on the bed in the house.

All we had to do now was wait for darkness so that Jennifer and I could make that long trip to the front yard and get the key to the back door. It was five o'clock now, so we had about four or five hours to kill, we only hoped that our jaws would make it for that amount of time. Since our ankles were still locked together, we couldn't remove the latex panties and thus the dildo and butt plugs would remain with up the rest of the evening.

It was a long five hours to say the least. We couldn't talk because of the ball gags, and we were always at least four feet from each other due to the chain at our ankles. We just spent our five hours watching the rest of my bondage videos and reading bondage magazines, hoping that the time would go quick, of course, it didn't. We did manage to take the time for a quick lesbian affair on the bed. It was quite a sight. Two women bound and gagged, one booted the other one in heels. Each of us spent time caressing the other's sore nipples and pushing the dildos in and out. Had we not been gagged the noise from the orgasms would have surely awakened the neighbors.

Chapter 21: The walk

At about nine-thirty that evening, we decided to try our luck at the long walk to the front yard. It was a very slow walk, especially in high heels and hobbles. We only hoped that no one would see us. It would look kind of funny seeing two bare-breasted females that were gagged, trying to walk out to the front yard.

The walk was long and fairly uneventful. We did have to wait in the shadows on the house for a couple on minutes while a car or two went past.

Eventually, we retrieved the key to the back door (even though Jennifer had made a mistake and put the key in my neighbors mailbox). Once we got back inside the house, we immediately unlocked and removed our ball gags, then removed our ankles cuffs. Jennifer then unlocked and removed her heels and I removed my boots. My feet were really sore and so were Jennifer's.

We got out of our bondage outfits and slowly removed the latex panties, dildo, and butt plugs. Needless to say the dildo was wet and slippery. We then took a nice long hot shower together. We then settled down for a much deserved drink for the both of us and a cigarette for Jennifer.

During our break, we discussed our self-bondage experience. We both decided that we really enjoyed the experience very much but we had to admit that I liked the self-bondage better than Jennifer. Jennifer says that she does like to be tied up tightly by someone else who can then be in total control over her. She also stated that she prefers to be on the giving end of bondage more than the receiving end. That suited me just fine.

It was one of the best weekends of my life. The amount of bondage that was discussed, practiced, read about, and watched on video was enough to last most people a lifetime. What was best was that now I had a beautiful bondage partner that I could live out both of our many fantasies with.

As I walked Jennifer to the door that Sunday evening, we both looked at each and embraced in a long and wet kiss. We both know that we would do this again real soon.

After she had left, I was so excited that when I went to bed, I locked my big toes together with a set of thumbcuffs, gagged myself with a piece of grey duct tape, and then locked a set of handcuffs on my wrists in front of me. I then turned off the light and went fast asleep. All I could dream of was the many different bondage games that Jennifer and I could play.

Chapter 22: Games

Jennifer and I are always inventing new bondage games to play. We play games like "Mistress and Slave," "Kidnapped," "Dual Self-Bondage," "Public Bondage," and "Solo-Bondage." The first two games are self-explanatory, so I'll just describe the last two.

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In "Public Bondage," the idea is to tie one another up or add some type of restraint to certain parts of the body that can be worn while out in the public. For example, one time Jennifer and I went to a movie and I brought along two sets of thumb cuffs. I had Jennifer remove her high heels and then I proceeded to lock her big toes around the chair leg in front of us. I then locked her thumbs behind her back and we then settled down to watch the movie. Things were going fine until a bunch of kids decided that they wanted to sit in the same row that Jennifer and I were in. The kids had to walk over Jennifer's legs and all Jennifer could do was sit there and smile. What made matters worse was that Jennifer had chosen to wear her short leather mini skirt and as she moved for the boys, the skirt started to hike up and expose the top of her stockings. Jennifer was humiliated, to say the least. Jennifer did repay me for that adventure the very next Wednesday, which turned out to be my birthday.

Jennifer called me the night before and told me that she had a surprise for me on my birthday. She told me that to get my present from her, I was to wear to work a sweater and skirt combination with my knee-high black high heeled boots, but underneath, I was to wear my white latex stockings, matching garter belt and latex panties.

The next morning I was so excited that I could hardly dress myself. Slipping my legs into the cool latex stockings and panties almost made me come right there in the bedroom. I had to control myself because I knew today would bring some interesting events. When I got to work that morning, there was a note on my desk saying that Jennifer had called to say that she would be at the office around two o'clock that afternoon. It was going to a be a long morning of sexual anticipation.

At two o'clock, Jennifer walked into my office. She was wearing a blue leather dress with black gloves, black seamed stockings, and black patent leather opera pumps with four inch heels. She looked like a model from a Paris fashion show. She was also carrying a leather briefcase.

She walked in and shut the door behind her. She asked me if I had worn what she had asked me to last night. I told her yes and showed her. Then she asked me if I was ready to receive my birthday present, and if I was, I was to follow her specific commands. Of course, I told her I was all hers.

Jennifer then told me to stand up and remove my sweater and bra, which I did hesitantly (I hoped no one would come in). She then pulled a roll of black electrician's tape from her briefcase and proceeded to put two, four-inch long pieces of tape across each nipple forming an "X" on each breast. Jennifer then took a long piece of tape and wrapped it entirely around my chest and across my nipples. She told me that this tape bra would take the place of my satin bra and that the tape on my nipples would prevent them from standing out and being seen through the sweater. The tape was very restrictive and did not allow my breasts to swing from side to side. So far I could handle this, it was the next item that really made me sweat.

With my breasts taken care of, Jennifer now ordered me to take off my skirt and latex panties. When I had done this Jennifer then pulled from her briefcase a leather chastity belt that had a vibrating butt plug and dildo. She walked around behind me and strapped the belt around my waist. She then very carefully brought the other strap between my legs, turned on the vibrators, and inserted them into their respective places. The feeling was wonderful. Jennifer then locked the belt in back with a padlock to which I knew I did not have a key. Jennifer then told me that this was the pay back for the "Public Bondage" at the movie last week. I could already tell that this was going to be a long afternoon. I only hoped that I would make it home.

Before Jennifer let me put my sweater and skirt back on, she made me stand in front of my desk so that she could take a couple of pictures of me with her Polaroid camera. The contrast between the white latex stockings and the black leather of the chastity belt made for a sharp picture.

After this was done, Jennifer allowed me to put my clothes back on. No one would ever know what I had on underneath my skirt and top. If anyone were to find out, I think I would die from humiliation. Jennifer then added one more article of restraint to my already excited body.

Jennifer pulled from her briefcase a box with a bow on the top. She said that one of my birthday presents was inside. I opened the box to find a set of silver plated handcuffs. I was very touched by the gift. Jennifer then surprised me by telling me to hold out my wrists so that I could try them on. Without thinking, I did just that, and Jennifer snapped the cuffs on my wrists in front of me. It was then that I realized that I didn't have the key. Jennifer sat back in her chair, lit a cigarette and smiled at me. I begged Jennifer to unlock them before somebody came in and saw them. Jennifer just laughed and picked up my bra and latex panties and placed them in her briefcase and headed for the door. I was almost in a state of panic.

Before Jennifer left, she told me that she would give the key, in an envelope, to my assistant outside. With that, she just turned and left the office. I sat back in my chair in total shock. Here I was, a professional business women at work, wearing a tape bra, latex stockings, chastity belt, and handcuffs.

The humiliation that was building up inside was almost too much. The vibrators were doing a great job of keeping me very stimulated, and the tape on my breast and nipples did not let me forget that they were there.

After a couple of minutes, my assistant walked in with a blue envelope. I had to keep my hands under my desk to prevent the handcuffs from being seen. Inside the envelope, there was a key and some instructions. The instructions said that I was to leave the tape on my breasts until I got home, and that there were further instructions waiting for me when I arrived.

After work ended, I left in a rush. It had been very difficult to sit through the afternoon meetings. The vibrators that were locked between my legs kept my mind daydreaming about the evening ahead. I could only wonder what Jennifer had in store for my birthday. Also, everyone kept looking at me, and I kept wondering if they could hear the sound of the vibrator. However, my attention was brought back to the real world every time I tried to shift my weight in my chair. This was due to the butt plug sticking up my rear.

Chapter 23: A birthday to remember

When I arrived home, there was a note lying on the table along with a pair of Jennifer's cotton panties (wet of course), a leather strap, a long black latex sheet, elbow-length black leather gloves, and a leather paddle with a pink bow attached to the handle. It was obvious what part of my evening was to entail.

The note said to remove my skirt and sweater, gag myself by stuffing the panties in my mouth and securing them with the leather strap. I was then to cover the whole thing with the four inch latex sheet. This would make for a very secure gag and, of course, Jennifer's panties were not soaked with water.

After I was gagged, I was to bring the paddle and gloves into the bedroom, give the paddle to Jennifer, present myself for inspection, then put on the leather gloves, place myself in bondage with the restraints that were provided and wait for the surprise. I gagged myself as the note had instructed, and removed my outer clothing. I then picked up the paddle and leather gloves and started towards my bedroom. Before reaching the bedroom, I happened to pass my full length mirror that is on my hallway bathroom door. I stopped to admire the bound figure that was reflecting in the mirror. I was semi-nude with a black tape bra that only covered my nipples, gagged with panties and black latex sheet, wearing a black leather chastity belt that made my ass cheeks spread apart (a good position for a little spanking?) white latex stockings and garter belt, and high-heeled black leather boots. I was quite the submissive!

When I entered the bedroom, Jennifer was lying on the bed. She was dressed from head to toe in black leather. She was wearing a black leather corset with a quarter cup bra that pushed her breasts up very high, leaving her nipples exposed and erect, leather panties, crotchless of course, black thigh-high leather stockings attached to the corset by eight garters, shiny black leather ankle boots with stiletto heels, and to top off the outfit, black elbow-length kid leather gloves. She was drinking a glass of wine, smoking a long white cigarette that she was holding between her gloved fingers, and reading my latest bondage magazine that must have arrived in the mail.

In the middle of the room, lying on the floor, was my three foot metal spreader bar with locking ankle cuffs. Above the bar, hanging from a hook from the ceiling, was a chain to which another set of handcuffs were locked.

I walked over to the bed and handed Jennifer the paddle. Jennifer tested the chastity belt to ensure that the belt was still tightly locked on and made sure that the vibrator was still working. From the way her gloved fingers came out of my crotch wet, the vibrator was doing it's intended job. Jennifer then inspected the tape bra to ensure it wasn't removed. Finally she inspected the latex gag that I was wearing to ensure I followed the her instruction to the letter. She asked me how her panties tasted? I could only shake my head to tell her I knew what that taste was. Before I applied my self-bondage, Jennifer had me kiss her feet with her gagged lips. I was really turning into a good submissive.

I now put the leather gloves on each arm. I then proceeded to lock my ankles apart using the ankle cuffs and spreader bar. The boots that I wore protected my ankles from any chaffing. I then reached up and locked the handcuffs on my wrist. I was now Jennifer's bound slave. Jennifer just watched me through a soft white cloud of smoke.

As I stood there in bondage, my mind was racing. What did Jennifer have in store for me. I was becoming very excited from the vibrator but with my hands locked over my head, I could not reach those special areas of my body that needed caressing to push me over the edge.

Jennifer got up from the bed and slowly walked towards me. She had the paddle in one gloved hand and the cigarette in the other. She took the paddle and slowly caressed my bottom. She commented on the way the chastity belt separated my ass cheeks and made for a perfect target.

She told me that I was to get a birthday spanking and that I was to count each of the strokes. If I missed a stroke, there would be another. Needless to say it was a long 34 strokes, even though I am only 28 years old. When the birthday spanking was done, Jennifer then told that she had another surprise for me.

For being such a good girl, Jennifer had purchased some additional presents for me. She pulled from a box a black leather corset, long black, high-waisted, leather hobble skirt, a black leather single-arm glove, and black patent leather opera pumps with six inch heels. Jennifer was going to dress me head to toe in black leather.

The first thing she did was to remove the tape bra and tape from my nipples. She then unlocked and carefully removed the chastity belt, vibrator, and butt plug. Jennifer then released my feet from the spreader bar, removed my boots and the latex stockings and garter belt. I was now standing in the middle of the bedroom bound with my hands locked over my head, wearing only a latex gag and black leather elbow-length gloves.

Jennifer then decided that I needed a little torture in my life, and she proceeded to attach a set of metal nipple clips to my already sensitive nipples. These clips were joined by a small chain, and to the chain, was tied a long piece of string. Jennifer threaded the string through a hook on the ceiling and tied off the other end to the bed. She pulled the string taut causing me to lift up on my tip toes to keep the pressure on my nipples to a minimum.

With my nipples tied the way they were, I could not move around at all. Jennifer took her gloved hand and slowly caressed my breasts and underarms. She knew that I was very ticklish, but I could not lower my arms, or move away from her because of the nipple clamps and the handcuffs.

Jennifer now moved around behind me and put the corset around my waist. She cinched the corset very tightly thus giving my body that hourglass shape. This corset fitted just below my breasts to just above my crotch. It pushed my breasts up nice and high. She then locked the corset on with two special padlocks. She told me that she had mailed me the keys to the corset at my office. I would have to wait until tomorrow to get the corset off.

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She then slowly pulled on black silk stockings on each of my legs, taking care to caress the inside of my thighs on the way up. She was driving me wild with passion. She attached the stockings to the corset with six garters that were attached to the corset.

After this was done, she put the six-inch high heeled pumps on my feet. I could tell that standing in these heels for a long period of time was going to be rough.

Before Jennifer put the skirt on me, she put a "Joni's Butterfly" vibrator on me, pressing it tightly against my crotch. The vibrator had a cord attached to the ON/OFF switch which Jennifer strapped to my waist.

Jennifer then took the leather hobble skirt and held it open for me as I stepped into the opening. She pulled the skirt up to my waist and over my hips. The fit was very snug. She zipped the skirt up in back by my waist and down by my ankles. This drew my legs very close together and it was getting harder and harder to keep my balance. Had it not been for the handcuffs and, of course, the nipple clamps, I probably would have lost my balance. This skirt also had a small strap that went beneath the soles of my of my high heels that prevented the skirt from ridding up my legs. It also prevented my from removing my pumps.

Jennifer now removed the latex sheet from my around my mouth and panty gag. She then put a leather discipline hood over my head and tightly laced the hood shut. This hood had a penis gag built in and it filled my mouth completely. It also had openings for my nose to allow easy breathing and openings for the eyes. Jennifer then locked the hood on my head by locking the leather collar that was attached to the hood, around my neck. The hood was not coming off. Now, with the exception of my upper body and arms, I was encased in black leather.

Next Jennifer loosened the string that kept the tension on my nipple clamps. She did not remove the clamps, though. She then brought a bar stool over to where I was standing, and proceeded to unlock my hands from the handcuffs. When this was done, she had me sit on the stool, to keep from falling.

She then brought my arms behind me and strapped my wrists together, palm to palm, with a small leather strap. Jennifer then forced my arms and wrists into a black leather armbinder. She tightened the armbinder's straps thus forcing my arms and elbows very close together. Jennifer buckled the leather straps that were attached to the binder up and over my shoulders, crisscrossing above my breasts. The straps prevented the armbinder from falling down. Jennifer then took a long leather strap and tightly strapped my arms to my body. My leather bondage was almost complete.

Jennifer then helped me over to the bed and had me lie down. She attached a short leather leash to the chain that was attached to my nipple clips and tied the leash to head of the bed. I was not going to leave the bed. Jennifer then added a leather blindfold thus cutting off all light.

I was now totally encased in leather. I could not talk, see, or barely hear due to the discipline hood, and I was tied to the bed by my nipples. This had been a favorite fantasy of mine for some time. Jennifer and I have been trading fantasies with each other for quite awhile and we have been trying to make each others fantasize come true when the opportunity arose. Jennifer had used my birthday to fulfill my latest one.

Jennifer leaned over my and put her mouth to my ear and wished me a happy birthday as she switched on my vibrator. I was in heaven. With the combination of the leather bondage, nipple discipline, and the vibrator, I would probably break all the orgasm records ever set.

Needless to say, it was quite a night. Jennifer finally freed my after what seemed like forever but had only been two hours. I lost count of the number of times that I orgasmed during that period. The only reason that Jennifer released me was that she was growing anxious to try out all the new leather gear that she had bound me with. Jennifer did get her turn bound in the black leather that evening and she enjoyed it just as much as I had.

Public bondage can be very exciting, but for me the game "Solo-Bondage" can be just as fun.

Chapter 24: Solo bondage

The other game that Jennifer and I play a lot, is called "Solo-bondage." This particular game involves my favorite subject, self-bondage. Even though Jennifer and I tie each other up a lot, I still enjoy putting myself in restrictive bondage. The thrill of not really knowing if I will get free without help always makes self-bondage a love that I will never give up. However, now that Jennifer knows what I do to myself, and that I use her for my safety monitor, I have become more creative in my self-bondage adventures.

The rules to this particular game were simple, I would call Jennifer at work and tell her what time to come over and release me from my bondage. Because I ask a lot of her, Jennifer gets to add some extras requirements of her own. I would also tell her the type of bondage that I would be in, so that she would have an idea of the amount of restraint and stress that I would be under. Jennifer knows that if I am trying some suspension bondage on myself, she can't be very late. However, if the bondage involves a chair or bed, well, Jennifer just might take her time in arriving.

Earlier that day, I had called Jennifer and asked her to come over later that night around eight o'clock. I told her my plans and she then told me that I was to wear a blindfold and wooden clothespins on my nipples. My bondage was now set. With what I had planned for myself and the extras that Jennifer had demanded, I would be in for an interesting evening of restraint.

The position that I used for this night's bondage adventure came from a bondage movie that I had recently purchased. The idea is to straddle a leather covered saw horse with your hands tied behind you. The fun part comes when you pull your ankles up behind you off the floor. This forces most of your weight to be supported by your crotch. If your crotch is filled by a dildo, then the dildo is buried deep within you with little hope of being expelled. Any movement by you on the horse causes an instant reaction to your crotch.

Chapter 25: The setup

I got home from work around five o'clock and I moved the saw horse from the garage to the middle of my bedroom. It had only taken me a few days to build the horse and cover it with leather.

I then quickly shed all my clothes. I had planned on tying myself up in the nude, but I decided to wear a pair of elbow-length black leather gloves. They protect my wrists from chaffing and make it that much more restrictive.

Next, I attached a pre-measured length of chain to one of my hooks that I had installed in the ceiling. To the other end of the chain, I connected a set of leather wrist cuffs that were lockable. The length of the chain was such that when my wrists were locked behind me and I was sitting on the wooden horse, my arms would be pulled up to about the middle of my back.

Before I went any further, I set up my own safety device. This was done just in case Jennifer was unable to come over and release me later that evening. In the past, I have had to use the safety device to free myself on a couple of occasions. Jennifer's car failed to start one night and I had tied myself up on the bed in a tight hogtie. When Jennifer failed to show up after a couple of hours the keys to my wrists that I had frozen in an ice cube finally melted, and I had to crawl over and retrieve key. Jennifer however, still had the keys to my leather collar and my ankle cuffs. I will explain more about this little quirk to the game later on.

The safety device that I used this time was a #10 can that was filled with water and frozen solid. A key to my wrists cuffs was frozen in the middle of the can . Attached to the key was a string about seven feet long. I now removed the ice block from the can and placed the block up on a shelf across the room. I had also placed the block in a tray to catch the melting water.

The other end of the string was now tied to the same hook that my wrists would be attached to. When the block of ice melted, the key would then swing down to where my hand were and I would be able to get free. To help the string swing correctly, I attached a small weight to the middle of the string.

The ice cube was large enough so that it would take about seven hours to melt. This amount of time forces me to wait for Jennifer or stay in my self-imposed bondage for a considerable length of time. Thus far, my longest time spent in self-bondage was about two and one-half hours.

I was now all set to begin. I put on a pair of elbow-length leather gloves and then placed aleather cuff on each ankle. I locked the cuffs on with two small locks. Attached to each cuff was a small chain about three feet long. I next buckled a two-inch leather collar around my neck, and also locked it on with another small lock. This collar had a metal D- ring attached to the front. I was now ready for the gag.

This gag was special. It was known as a "pump gag." It consisted of a wide leather strap that went around the head and buckled in back. The strap had a small hole in the front through which a small rubber tube was inserted. On the inside of the strap, attached to one end of the tube, was a small rubber bulb, and on the outside of the strap, attached to the other end, was an inflator, much like the inflator used in measuring blood pressure. The idea is to insert the bulb into your mouth and then buckle the strap around your head. You then slowly inflate the bulb until speech becomes non-existent.

I carefully inserted the bulb into my mouth and then buckled the leather straps tightly around my head and under my chin. I had modified this gag by adding a chin strap which keeps me from opening my mouth as the bulb is being inflated.

I now begin to slowly inflate the gag. The feeling was wonderful. I could feel my speech being deprived with each pump of the inflator. I pumped the bulb up until my mouth was filled with rubber. The chin strap did an excellent job of not letting me open my mouth. Once I was satisfied that I was gagged securely enough, I locked the gag on with another small lock. I should explain about these small locks. The ones on my ankles, leather collar, and gag had a blue dot on them. Jennifer is the only one who has the key to these locks. The spare key is kept taped under my mailbox out in my front yard. This is just something else to add to the fun. Anytime I use these locks, I always have to wait for Jennifer to arrive and free me. One time, she left me hobbled and gagged all night long (my hands were free though). I tried to hobble out to the mailbox late that night, but Jennifer had taken the spare keys and had only left me a note saying she would be back in the morning before I went to work. All I could do was go to bed and sleep with my bondage. I was now ready for the final stage of tonight's self-bondage adventure.

I made one last check of the front and back doors to ensure that they were locked. (Jennifer had her own key.) I then turned on the radio to keep me entertained while I waited for Jennifer to arrive. The time was now 7:05 in the evening, so I had about an hour to enjoy my bondage.

I picked up the leather blindfold and buckled it loosely around my neck. I then picked up two wooden clothespins and carefully attached one to each nipple. Putting them on is not as bad as taking them off. The clothespins on the nipples have always given me a greater appreciation for my bondage. They serve to remind me that the bondage is real, self-imposed or not , in that I can't remove them until my hands were freed. I now picked up the dildo that I had previously lubricated and carefully inserted it deep in my crotch. I then got up on the saw horse and positioned myself in the middle. The pressure on the dildo was instantly felt in my crotch. I only hoped that I would make it through the evening.

Attached to the top of the wooden horse in back of me was a metal ring and two snap hooks. I very carefully brought one ankle up behind me at a time and attached the ankle chain to the snap hook.

Attached to the horse in front of me, was another metal ring. This metal ring had attached to it a three foot adjustable leather strap. On the other end of the strap, was another snap hook. I snapped this hook to the D- ring on my collar and tightened the strap enough to prevent me from lifting myself off the horse.

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I took one last look around the room to ensure I had not forgotten something and to ensure that my safety would work if needed. You never know when the bondage can become your enemy.

I now buckled the blindfold that was hanging around my neck tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was a leather strap, four inches in width, which had a hole cut out that my nose fit through. The blindfold was lined with fur and did an excellent job blocking out all light. With that done, I reached around behind me and locked the wrist cuffs on each wrist. That was it. All I could do was wait for Jennifer to free me or for the ice to melt and the key to swing down allowing me to free myself. Again, I was getting too good at my bondage. I could not see or speak. I could hardly move without changing the pressure on my crotch or the pushing the dildo further up my cunt, and I could not reach the clothespins that were pinching my nipples. I loved it! I tried struggling to see if I could get free but it was of no use. The movement only made the bondage that much more uncomfortable, so I just tried to "relax" and let my fantasies take over.

Chapter 26: The bondage game

Jennifer was pretty good at being on time when she wanted to be. Sometimes she would be late just to let me stew for awhile. It all depended on the bondage that I had chosen for myself. Usually when she arrives, she has her way with me. She either tickles me, spanks me (lightly), or makes my bondage more restraining. I could only wonder what the night's encounter would bring.

There have been times when she has joined me in bondage and we have had to work together to get free. When we do this, the safety device is always within fairly easy reach since Jennifer is no longer able to free me. For instance, one time, Jennifer and I were tied face to face, totally nude with the exception of black leather gloves and high heeled shoes. We were each wearing a black discipline hood that allowed sight, ball gags, leather collars and ankle cuffs. Of course the high heels were locked on too. The two sets of ankle cuffs were locked together by a small chain, as were the leather collars. Our hands were locked with handcuffs around the back of the other person. We had the appearance that we were hugging each other.

To prevent us from lifting our locked hands over each other's heads, the cuffs were connected by a small chain that ran between our legs. It took us about two hours to wiggle our way into the living room to retrieve the key to the handcuffs. It was very exciting to be bound breast to breast with Jennifer. Her nipples were always hard and they were caressing mine all evening. Needless to say our evening ended with both of us sexually satisfied.

Being tied up by your own hand is exciting but the only way that you get a better appreciation for the bondage is to have a little outside stimulation, i.e., dildo, butt plugs, clothespins on the nipple, etc. If something is being done to you and because of the bondage you can not make it stop, then the feeling of restraint AND helplessness is that much more rewarding.

After about a half hour, I was beginning to think that I had put myself in bondage a little too early. My crotch was beginning to complain from all the weight and from the dildo being constantly pushed in and out and my nipples were starting to ache from the pinch of the clothespins. When you are blindfolded, bound and gagged, time really seems to slow down. When my grandfather clock sounded in the living room, I knew that it was 8:00 and Jennifer would be here any minute.

The time seemed to drag by. Then the phone rang. It nearly scared me to death. It rang four times, then my answering machine started and stated that I was all tied up at the moment and that I would get back to them as soon as I could get free. The call was from a girl named Robin. She was a co-worker of Jennifer's. She said that Jennifer told her to call her and tell her (Terri) that she had gotten called away to a meeting in a nearby city and that she would be over to pick you up around 7:30 the next morning. I was in a state of shock. I wanted very badly to rush over to the phone and explain to Robin my problem. But, I was tied too good. The struggling only made the bondage that much more uncomfortable.

The mere thought of spending the next seven hours or more in this position with a dildo stuck up my crotch was almost to much to think about. Seven hours was how long I had to wait before the ice melted and the key to my wrists cuffs would swing down to my hands. The other problem was that Jennifer had the keys to my ankle cuffs and the pump gag (I could always go out to the front yard to my mailbox or I could cut the other restraints off). However, all I could do for now was wait. I was not going anywhere, so I just hung my head down in defeat. If only Jennifer would come and release me.

Chapter 27: The intruder and her friend

After what seemed like an eternity, I thought I heard a noise in the other room. It was hard to tell because of the radio playing. It must have been my mind playing tricks on me. I then detected a faint odor of perfume. It was a kind that Jennifer always wears. There was someone in the room with me. I tried to call out but the gag did its job of rendering speech impossible. My heart was racing. It was then I felt something cold on my breasts, an ice cube, and someone was gently tugging on the clothespins attached to my nipples. I desperately tried to get away, but I was going nowhere.

It suddenly dawned on me that Jennifer had been here all the time and that there was more then one person in the room besides Jennifer, because I felt three hands, one caressing my head, and one each on my tits. I almost died from humiliation. Suddenly the coldness on my breasts was gone. There was not a sound to be heard in the room. I strained at my bonds to get free. If only I was not so damn good at my self-bondage.

The next sound that I heard was a familiar one. It was the sound of my suitcase full of bondage gear being opened and straps being removed. I thought Jennifer was going to change my bondage, but no one touched me. I was dying with anticipation! I heard lots of movement in front of me, but no one talked. Next I heard locks being locked and then a buckle being fastened. I had no earthly idea what was going on.

It was then I felt a pair of handcuffs being placed on my wrists and the leather cuffs being unlocked and removed. It had to be Jennifer, she was the only other one with the keys to those locks. Then I felt the ankle cuffs being unlocked and removed. Finally the leather strap that was attached to my collar was unfastened. I was then helped off the saw horse. When that happened, the dildo dropped from between my legs. It was very embarrassing to say the least.

I was then made to kneel on the floor while my ankles were hobbled with another pair of ankles cuffs connected by a twelve inch chain. At this point I was bound with my hands locked behind me, ankles hobbled, gagged, blindfolded, and still wearing the clothespins on each nipple.

Suddenly, my blindfold was removed, and the sight before my eyes was unbelievable. Standing before me, bound and gagged, was Jennifer's co-worker Robin. She was wearing only a 1/2-cup bra, open-crotched lace panties, garter belt, black seamed stockings, and black knee-high leather boots. She was bound with her hands locked together over her head to an eyebolt in the ceiling, and her legs were spread apart with the three-foot spreader bar. Robin was gagged with a large red ball-gag, and Jennifer was strapping my "Joni's Butterfly" vibrator tightly to her crotch.

Jennifer was wearing a black leather mini skirt, black stockings and garter belt, black leather bustier that pushed her breasts up firm and hard, black leather gloves, and black patent leather opera pump with five-inch heels. She was quite the dominatrix. She was holding the controller to Robin's vibrator in one hand, and a long white cigarette in the other.

Jennifer answered my questioning look by stating that she and Robin had lunch a few weeks ago and the subject of bondage came up. One thing led to another and Robin wound up here being bound, and gagged, and being teased by Jennifer. Robin had stated her submissive tendencies at that lunch and Jennifer was glad to show her the ropes. Robin was shaking her head to all that Jennifer said but just stopped and moaned into her gag as Jennifer turned on the vibrator.

Before Jennifer released me, she completed Robin's bondage by blindfolding her with a latex sheet and then attaching a set of metal nipple clamps to Robin's already swollen nipples. These clamps were connected by a small chain. Jennifer slowly bent Robin's head forward and attached the chain to Robin's ball gag. Since Robin was blindfolded, she didn't know what to expect. As Robin tried to lift her head, she increased the tension on her nipples. This forced Robin into quite the submissive look!. Between the vibrator, and the nipple clamps, Robin was being kept in quite the state of sexual arousal.

The rest of the evening was very interesting and at one point all three of us were bound and gagged on the bed. Jennifer and I showed Robin all the tricks of the trade and the vast assortment of bondage equipment, latex and leather clothes, bondage magazines, and videos that we owned.

That night, Robin got to try on everything, including the vibrating nipple clamps, discipline hoods and of course, a butt plug and vibrator or two. Jennifer and I made sure Robin was properly restrained and well-gagged when we used the vibrating ones. It's the easiest way to learn. Occasionally now, all three of us spend a weekend in bondage at the hands of the other two, or one of us will dominate the other two. Those adventures are a story all by themselves.

That evening stayed with me for several weeks. Just thinking about it gets me excited every time.

Chapter 28: Bondage forever

One of the things that made the biggest impression on me about that night was the thought that I might have had to stay bound, gagged, and blindfolded by my own hand for a considerable amount of time. The more I thought about it, the more intriguing the idea became. What would it be like to be tied up (comfortably), gagged, and blindfolded for a length of time, say, twelve hours? After a couple of days to think of a good plan, I decided to give it a try. I had this up coming weekend free, so it was a date for self-bondage.

The problem that I had to overcome was a way to ensure that I could get free at the end of a significant period of time. Ice would not work in this case because it would have to have been a large ice cube to ensure that it lasted that long and also there would be no way to suspend a cube that large from the ceiling. The idea that I came up with came from a bondage magazine that I have. The idea is to use a wind up alarm clock, the kind that has a big key to wind up the alarm with. I glued a two-inch square piece of cardboard to the key. This made a large enough platform to put keys on. When the alarm goes off, the key falls off the cardboard as the alarm key turns and unwinds. The alarm can be set for up to twelve hours before it goes off.

I decided not tell Jennifer about this self-bondage weekend, because I did not want her coming over and teasing me. I did make sure that she would be home all weekend in case I had to get a hold of her.

Jennifer and I use special signals to tell each other that we may in trouble. All I have to do is pick up the phone and punch the one button call number for Jennifer. The phone that I have has big numbers and Jennifer's number has a special knob on it so that there is no was to mistake where the phone call goes. This knob is big enough so that I can even dial Jennifer while bound, gagged, and blindfolded. The way Jennifer knows I need help is by listening to the touch tone signals. Any combination of signals would tell Jennifer that I needed help and to come right over. I still always make it a point call Jennifer when I practice a bondage position that would not allow me to get to the phone, i.e., tied to a chair, bed, or suspended. The way to continue practicing bondage on myself is to always ensure I will get free. Better to be safe to bind another day than be bound and gagged forever (what a way to go)! As the weekend got closer and closer, my excitement grew by leaps and bounds...bound for 12 hours...could I make it through!

Chapter 29: The procedure for self-bondage

Saturday at noon, it was time to start my adventure. The first thing I did was to lay out all of the bondage items that I was going to use. This included a medium-size ball-gag, black leather discipline hood with locking collar, black leather wrist cuffs, leather ankle cuffs that were connected by a twelve-inch chain, a four-inch wide leather waist strap, and a new pair of shiny black thigh-high patent leather boots with five-inch spiked heels, and finally, elbow-length black leather gloves. The waist strap had a small three-inch chain attached to the back to which the wrist cuffs were locked. This would allow some freedom of movement, but not much.

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There were seven keys in all that would be used in this adventure. One for the ankle cuffs, three for the wrist cuffs (they were the same key), one for the waist strap, and two for the leather hood and collar.

Since I did not call Jennifer and tell her my plans, I thought it a good idea to use another safety. Saturday morning before I started my fun, I took one of the keys to my wrist cuffs and also the discipline hood and placed them on a shelf, waist-high out in the garage. Since I was going to be hooded the whole time, I had to have some way of guiding myself out to the garage. (I would sure hate to get lost in my own backyard in the middle of the night.) I used a string to guide me to the right place. I took one end of a long string and tied it to the side door of the garage and took the other end and tied it to the doorknob of my back door, on my back porch. The string was long enough to lay along the walkway to the garage. This way, the string would not be visible to my next door neighbors.

All I would have to do was wait until dark and then walk off the porch and take hold of the string and follow the string to the garage to retrieve the keys to my wrist cuffs and leather hood. I had set a small alarm to go off a 10:00 p.m. which would signal that darkness had arrived and that I could make the trip to the garage if required.

Also that morning, I had brought a step ladder into my living room, which has a cathedral ceiling. I then took two alarm clocks (two for safety reasons) and the keys, and climbed to the ceiling where I had previously installed two small hooks. I attached an alarm clock to each hook, wound the clocks and the alarms, and pulled the alarm switch out. I tested each alarm four times to ensure that the alarm mechanism worked and the alarm key turned as it unwound. I then set the time on each alarm clock for five minutes AFTER the time the alarm was set to go off. The alarms were now set to go off at 12:30 a.m. This gave me about twelve hours of self-imposed bondage fun.

Next I placed one of the keys to my wrist cuffs on one of the cardboard squares that were attached to alarm winding key. I then placed the other one along with the keys to my ankle cuffs, waist strap, and leather hood on the other square. I did this so that in case something happened to one alarm clock, the other one would be a backup. I could always cut the other restraints off if needed or make my way out to the garage (it would be much easier with my hands untied).

I made one last check of the alarm set switches and carefully climbed back down the ladder. I placed a towel under each alarm clock to mark where the keys would fall. Since I was hooded, it might be hard to tell where the keys fell and bounced to. At least this way, I have a starting place to look from.

I took the ladder out to the kitchen and placed the ladder just outside my back door. I then locked the ladder to the railing of my back porch with a small chain and combination lock. This evolution prevented me from even thinking about trying to get the ladder back into the living room after I had tied myself up. A combination lock was used because when you are hooded or blindfolded, you can not work the combination to open the lock.

Without the ladder the clocks were too high to be reached, even if my hands were not tied. With my hands locked behind me, and my ankles hobbled, the feat would be impossible.

I now turned on the TV in the living room, my stereo in my bedroom, and set my answering machine to auto. I also set my alarm clock by my bed for midnight in case I fell asleep. I did not want to sleep all bound and gagged all night. I was now all set for the bondage part of the adventure.

I removed all my clothes and put on the thigh-high boots and leather gloves. I then decided to spice up the adventure with some light breast bondage. Since I did not want to use clothespins on the nipples for over twelve hours, I decided to use rope instead and fashion a rope bra.

I picked up a 25 foot section of soft cotton rope and proceeded to make the rope bra. I wrapped the cords around each breast and around my back then secured the whole bra by tying the loose ends up behind my neck. The rope bra was comfortably restrictive, making my breasts stand out and nipples hard and erect. Too bad I would not be able to caress them for the next twelve hours. I was grateful that Jennifer had discovered that my tits were large enough to bind.

I decided not to wear panties of any kind because I would not be able to pull them down to use the bathroom if I had too. Wetting my pants was not my idea of fun. I had planned on wearing a pair of white latex underwear that had little nubs of rubber in the crotch, otherwise known as "grope panties." These would have provided stimulation while I was bound and gagged, but I did not feel like having to wait to use the bathroom for over twelve hours or use the bathroom in my panties. The little stimulation that the latex panties would provide, would not make up for the discomfort of not being able to go pee.

The discomfort of not being able to use the bathroom when you need is another form of stimulation that Jennifer and I have used in our bondage games. Jennifer has once in a while made me drink several glasses of water before she ties me up. Then she leaves me alone for a couple of hours with the sound of running water nearby. I only have two choices; wait for Jennifer to untie me or go in my underwear. After of a couple of hours, I would do anything to use the bathroom and Jennifer has used that "WILLINGNESS" to her advantage.

I sat down of the edge of the bed and picked up the ankle cuffs and locked them on my ankles. Remember, these cuffs were connected by a twelve-inch hobbling chain. When the ankle cuffs were locked on, the boots were not coming off. Next I locked the four-inch leather waist belt, to which the wrist cuffs were attached, around my waist. The leather was cold to the touch and the fit was snug to ensure the belt would not slip. Now for the ball-gag.

I picked up the red colored rubber ball and leather strap and placed the ball in my mouth, buckling it firmly but comfortably behind my head, under my hair. After the gag was buckled, I moved my head around to ensure that the gag would not be too restrictive. The fit was fine and speech was all but impossible.

I made one last look around the room to ensure things were all right because now I was ready for the leather hood, which would cut off all sight, further dampen any noise made through the gag, and restrict my hearing. It was now 12:15 p.m. in the afternoon. I picked up the hood and unzipped it and placed it over my head. The smell of leather was overwhelming as I zipped the hood shut. The hood became like a second skin. The only holes in this hood were around the nose to allow for easy breathing. There were two soft leather patches that were attached on the inside of the hood that comfortably pressed my eyes shut.

Before I locked the hood on, I again moved my head around, getting use to the feeling of the tight hood. I would not want the hood to be so irritating to the point that the bondage would be a torture for twelve hours.

I laid back on the bed and relaxed for a moment. The smell of the leather and the restriction of the breast bondage was having an overwhelming effect on me. I was getting extremely excited and I knew that if I did not hurry and finish my bondage, this building feeling would be taken away by my own caressing gloved hands, which were slowly rubbing my hard nipples.

I sat up and brought the ends of the leather collar that were attached to the hood behind my neck and buckled the hasp through the zipper. I then reached down and got the lock that was lying beside me and proceeded to lock the hood on. The hood was not coming off without the key. Before I could change my mind, I reached my arms and wrists around behind me and locked the wrist cuffs securely on. The job was done. All I could do was wait for the alarms to go off or darkness to come.

Chapter 30: The feeling of darkness

I laid there for a moment getting used to my bondage. All I could sense was the darkness, silence, and the fullness in my mouth. The smell of the leather hood was very arousing. My eyes could open but to no purpose. I felt the softness of the leather pads and knew that until the leather hood was removed, I would see nothing--no light, no people, no hope for release.

I tried moving around a little bit and found out that my bondage was a little more restrictive than I had first anticipated, but it was still fairly comfortable. My fingers felt for the locks about my wrists, without the key, escape was impossible. What had I done to myself this time!

Chapter 31: Plans

I had my day all planned out. The first thing that I wanted to do was to walk around the house to get the feel for moving around semi-restrained and blindfolded.

I very carefully got off the bed and felt my way into the bathroom. I wanted to make sure that I could use the toilet if I had to later in the day.

Once I got to the bathroom, I felt my way over to the toilet. As luck would have it, the lid was not raised. You would be surprised how hard it is to lift the lid of the toilet with your hands locked behind you, especially when they are locked to your waist.

I had to very carefully bend backwards to reach the lid. However, every time I got a hold of the lid and tried to lift it up, it would slip from my gloved hand. I finally got the lid up by moving to one side and trying it again.

After the lid was up, I very carefully tried to sit down on the toilet. But, the thigh-high leather boots that I was wearing were not very flexible, something about new patent leather. They were almost a bondage by themselves. (I guess that's why I always choose to wear them for my bondage fun.) With my ankles hobbled by the twelve-inch chain, and the boots having five-inch heels, and the floor made of tile, sitting down without being able to see what you are doing or having your arms for balance was quite an adventure. However, with some patience, I was able to accomplish such an easy task. Once I figured out that I could use the bathroom when I needed (assuming I found it again), I continued on my slow tour of the house.

One would think that after being in a house for over four years, one could remember where things were located such as doors, chairs, and closets. However, when you do not have the full use of your senses (sight, sound, and touch), the house can seem like a giant maze. The discipline hood that I wore was doing an excellent job of keeping me disoriented, and because of the hobbling chain on my ankles and the very high heels, I had to take very small steps. This makes the distance between rooms seem like miles.

I continued my tour at a very slow rate, moving from room to room, trying to remember and feel where each object was. I had to stop and catch my breath often due to the hood and ball-gag. I did not want to lose my balance, so the going was kept at a snail's pace.

I moved from the bedroom to the hallway down to my other spare bedroom, and then into the kitchen. I could tell that I was in the kitchen by the different floor. It was wood, where as the rest of my house was carpet. I had to be very careful on the slick wood floor. The boots were very slippery with such high pointed heels and I knew that if I fell, I would have a hell of a time trying to get back up on this floor.

I walked over to the back door and verified the door was locked. I then moved from the kitchen into the dining room and then finally into the living room.

I very carefully made my way over to the sofa and sat down to rest. I was exhausted. I did not know how long it had taken me to reach the living room (when you're bound, gagged, and blindfolded, time seems to stand still). My grandfather clock in the hallway sounded telling me that it was 1:30 in the afternoon. It had taken me over an hour to make the trip. My poor feet felt like it was all day. They were not very accustomed to wearing such high heels for long periods of time.

I always tie myself up in very high heels or boots, but I normally do not walk around in them that much. The high heels serve as a special bondage all by themselves.

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While I was sitting on the sofa, I noticed that I was getting warmer by the minute. It was then that I realized that I had forgotten to pull the drapes closed that hung on my huge picture window in the front of the living room, and that the sun was shinning in. What also hit me was the fact that the two alarm clocks that held my keys to freedom were hung on a hook almost directly in front of the picture window. Since my overhead lights were on timers for the better part of the evening, I either had to stay out of the living room all night or take the chance of being seen (it would be very interesting to have the police or somebody arrive at my door thinking that I was in some sort of trouble). I knew that I would be unable to close the drapes with my hands locked behind me because the drape cord is located up near the top of the window. Therefore, I was stuck with the drapes open for everyone to look in.

Something else that I noticed while sitting on the sofa, was that I could not hear the ticking of the alarm clocks. The discipline hood muffled all incoming sounds. I knew they were ticking when I set then earlier that morning but, being bound and gagged by yourself, waiting for an alarm clock to give you freedom, your mind starts to play tricks on you. But what could I do now! If the alarms do not go off, I can always try and make my way out to the garage after darkness set in, or as a last resort I could call Jennifer and she could come over and help me. The help from Jennifer would not go unrepaid. Jennifer has a very inventing mind when it comes to paybacks dealing with bondage.

After resting a while, I decided to make my way back to my bedroom so I could listen to the muffled sounds of the stereo and rest on the bed. Again the walk was slow and the restrictions on my arm were starting to take its toll on my muscles.

Not being able to move certain parts of your body for any length of time can be a torture within itself. The stiffness in my jaw was the worst. I had not thought that a medium size rubber ball would be that bad as a gag, but after a few hours, the size of the ball seemed to be getting bigger. I came to the conclusion that even a small ball would have been too much. Oh well, maybe next time.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, I just laid around on the bed listening to my stereo. Occasionally, I would make my way to the bathroom, but that was about all the excitement that I could come with. Bondage is that kind of adventure that requires you to give up a lot, especially self-bondage.

I did not get too may phone calls that day. The ones that I did really scared me because I was not expecting them. The call were just some of my friends calling to see if I was home. Little did they know just how HOME I really was. I was not going anywhere for sometime.

I thought about trying to pick up the phone during one of the calls and try and see if I could get a message across that I needed help, but I quickly ruled that out. I did not want anyone to think that I was really in trouble and call the police or something. That encounter would be very humiliating and anyway, how would I tell them where the keys were. The discipline hood was locked on and I was gagged underneath.

Chapter 32: The release

As the night wore on, I was beginning to wish that I had used some sort of outside stimulus such as a vibrator or butt plug. I realized that if I had worn such items, going to the bathroom would have been very difficult, but I needed something to push me over the edge of orgasm. Tied the way that I was, prevented me from touching myself in all the right places and the sexual frustration was building. So I laid back on the bed and waited.

While I was lying there on the bed, I rolled over on my stomach and brought my ankles up to my wrist in the hogtie fashion. (This was hard to do with the boots on.) The hogtie is my favorite bondage position. As I laid there on the bed in a mock hogtie, my bound breasts were being crushed beneath my body. The feeling was wonderful. The breast bondage had done its job. The coils of rope around my breasts had made my breasts very sensitive, and the harder I struggled, the better they felt. I could feel my sexual release building. I yelled into my gag, but no one heard me. It did not matter. The first wave of orgasm hit. It took my breath away. Then the second wave hit me, I was in heaven.

Somewhere during the second orgasm, I must have fallen asleep, because I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock going off. It was the alarm that I had set to go off at midnight. I must have slept through my other small alarm that I had set to go off at 10:00 p.m. This meant that I had only thirty minutes to wait before I would be able to get free (assuming that the other two alarm clocks worked). I woke up very stiff and sore. My jaw hurt from the ball-gag and my shoulders ached from the bondage. I would say that I have learned a greater appreciation for bondage and restraints. My body was going to need a long rest before I try this again.

I now had to make my way back into the living room. I wanted to be there when the alarms went off so that I knew the keys had fallen to the floor. If I was not there, I would never know if they fell and I would have to try and find the keys. It's easier to find something when you know it's there, than if you are not sure. For all I knew, I would be looking for nothing. That would mean a long trip out to the garage and I do not think that my poor feet would stand the trip. I would be glad to get out of these high-heeled boots.

The walk back to the living room was again slow but was made without incident. I arrived in the room just as the alarms were going off. Hopefully the timer for my lights was working and the living room light were off. If not, I would be quite a sight in front of the window. Now I only hoped that the keys had fallen to the floor.

I must have searched the floor for forever. It's hard to search when you can not move your hands very far at one time and when you can not feel the floor because of the leather gloves. I found a couple of the keys right away but, none were the one that I needed to unlock the wrist cuffs.

Finally, I found the key to my cuffs and unlocked them. I then had to relocate the other keys to unlock my leather hood and ankle cuffs. When these were unlocked, I removed the hood and the ball-gag and then I removed the leather boots. I was exhausted, because I must have fallen asleep right there on the floor. I had even forgotten to remove the rope breast bondage. After a couple of hours of rest, I removed the breast bondage and picked up my stuff and took a nice long bath to relax my sore muscles.

Sunday morning, the next day, I called Jennifer and told what I had done and she said that she was impressed with my adventure. She came over later that evening and I showed her my setup and explained all the steps that I went through. I even tied Jennifer up the same way that I had tied myself up the night before. She wanted to try and walk around the room all bound and gag the way that I was. I however, added one additional piece of bondage gear to her already-bound body. In addition to the rope halter bra that she wore, I added wooden clothes pins to her nipples. I told her that to get them off she had to travel to living room where I would be waiting for her. Jennifer just moaned behind her hood. What could she do!

When she got to the living room, after two wrong turns and two slaps on the ass to get going in the right direction, Jennifer arrived at the place that I told her be. Of course, I released her, but not before letting her wander around the living room for a few minutes. I didn't say anything to her; I wanted to let her experience the isolation that the leather hood provides.

Jennifer slowly made her way around to the sofa where I was sitting. As she approached, I reached out and grabbed the clothespins and held on. Jennifer stopped in her tracks and only whined. I could see that see was becoming aroused, as the inside of her thighs were wet, but not from sweat!.

After a while of this kind of teasing, I unlocked her wrists and the hood. I let her take the clothespins off her nipples and remove the ball gag. All she could do was smile at me. I knew that look. I was going to pay for my teasing. but when who knows. Jennifer's mind works in strange ways.

When she had rested, Jennifer lit up a cigarette and we both had a glass of wine and we began to make plans for our next bondage adventure and think up new games that would take us to new heights of bondage fun. Games I'm sure that will greatly bring out the submissiveness in me!

Chapters 33 (added: 2012/03/19)

It was nearing 5:00 p.m. Thursday evening, the day of Jennifer's return flight. I was sitting in Jennifer's kitchen out at her ranch, slowly sipping a glass of chilled wine. My left hand was gently pulling on the new silver nipple ring inserted in my left nipple. Yes, it was new, as was the right one and the two rings inserted through my labia. A few changes had taken place in this long, but short four and a half months.

My legs were encased in my favorite black leather thigh-high boots, the ones with the six inch heels. The boots felt sleek and were tight fitting as they were custom made to my measurements. I had to keep my legs fairly straight due to the stiffness of the leather. My long black leather kid gloves lay on the table before me. These gloves had been through a lot over these past few months. I wore nothing else but a smile. The wooden chair felt cool to my naked behind and my inner thighs were already wet. I had sat on these wooden chairs many times in the past, most of the time tightly bound and gagged. These chairs and I were old friends. Jennifer and I had bought them specially because of their design. They made for some great chair bondages due to the narrow back and sturdy arm pieces. Today, though, I was sitting with no ropes or gags to hamper me, just me and my boots.

I had already laid out all my bondage toys and placed my total array of fetish clothing, including my boots and shoes on the floor in Jennifer's bedroom. They, like me were waiting to be used in what I hoped to be a fantastic bondage homecoming for both Jennifer and myself.

Jennifer's plane was due in at 5:45 p.m. and she had a thirty minute drive from the airport. As a surprise and a treat, I had charted a limo to bring her and her luggage home. I had asked for a female driver in uniform knowing that Jennifer would enjoy the servitude. I had plenty of time to finish my preparations and surprise for her return. I had hoped that it would be a surprise that would take us to new heights of bondage fun. I knew it would for me, as I smiled again gently pulling on now both nipple rings. I closed my eyes and licked my lips as I pulled the rings harder.

Jennifer had been gone for four and a half months but the time seemed to fly by. She had flown to Europe to conduct several fashion shoots and runway fashion shows for her company. She was now on her way back for a much needed rest. I had planned on letting her rest just as soon as she had me tied up and secured for the evening.

I had done so much in the way of bondage fun surprisingly, since her departure. Lots of self-bondage of course, a bondage model photo shoot as part of my birthday present, a few domination scenes with another of our girlfriends, Robin and then the piercings. My head was spinning as I continued to pull harder on the rings. The memories were many as were the variety of bondages. I couldn't wait to tell Jennifer all about them, bound of course and only if Jennifer removes the ball gag that will be locked in place.

Her letter was in front of me on the table stating when she was to arrive and that she received my special package that I had sent her. I had sent her a package of keys and a note about the limo service I had arranged for her return. The keys, of course were to my freedom. They were special keys that only she would hold. The keys fit specially coded locks that we use in our self-bondage fun when I want Jennifer to find me and take control. I did have a safety key that worked on the locks, of course, that I use for emergencies but the price would be high if I had to use it and of course Jennifer would know immediately now if its use.

I'm sure Jennifer knows what's about to happen when she arrives home. We've been playing these games to long for her not to understand the significance of those keys. She doesn't know, however how permanently I wanted to make the commitment. Thus, the new piercings that I continued to play with.

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It was now 5:30 p.m. and time to begin the final steps. Jennifer said that she would call from the airport and let the phone ring twice, hang up, then call back immediately and let it ring twice more. That way I knew that she had landed and was on her way to the ranch. I would wait until I had heard the second phone call to complete the final steps of my bondage. She also said that she'd continue to call and let the phone ring once using her cellular phone as she traveled enroute to the ranch. That way I knew she didn't get into an accident during the trip home. With what I had planned for my self-bondage, being alone all night would not be something to look forward.

As a one last satety mechanism, prelude to any self-bondage adventure, I called a mutal girlfriend of Jennifer and me, Robin, and asked her to call me at Jennifer's in the morning. I told her that if no one answered, then would she mind stopping by before noon to check the horses for me. I would leave a note on the door telling her where I was and when I was to return. Robin agreed and I hung up the phone. I pulled the note from my purse that I had written last night. The note would really tell Robin that I was in the bedroom and needed help with my restraints and that I would be her slave for the rest of the weekend if she let me out of my self-imposed bondage. Since she was also a close friend and sometimes bondage partner of Jennifer, she knew where the spare key to the front door was kept. Jennifer knew to take the note down when she arrived. Hopefully she'll do just what the note had asked Robin to do.

I was now all set. If all things go wrong, I would only be tied up for about fifteen hours at the most but the thought of how I was going to be tied sent a chill down my spine. Fifteen hours would seem like forever. Luckly I had slept late the morning in anticipation for a long evening.

I finished my glass and got up to put away the bottle of wine and noticed that there was some fresh leftover food in the refrigerator. Jennifer had mentioned that she had a new housesitter and not to worry about the place for this weekend. I knew that she did have some workers who took care of her horses and the grounds a few days each week. They were however off for the next several days since I had volunteered to take care of the things for her. I shrugged, picked up my gloves and started toward the bedroom not thinking any more about the food. I'm sure I'd remember to ask Jennifer about the food later that night assuimg I was ungagged long enough to ask anything.

I had been planning this weekend's bondage adventure for the last several weeks and the time to finish the final act was quickly approaching. With each step I took toward the bedroom, slow and calculated, due to the stiffness of the boots and the height of the heels, the memories of the past four months were all coming back to me. The feeling of fullness in my mouth from all the different gags, the tightness of the ropes, cuffs and straps, the erotic sting from the piercer's needle and of course, the waiting and longing for release both from the bondage and the always mounting sexual tension.

It was as if it was yesterday when I was driving to Jennifer's ranch to pick her up and take her to the airport, it is all still clear in my mind. . . . . . .

Chapters 34

I had volunteered to drive Jennifer to the airport for her flight to Europe. Being a fashion consultant and photographer for a very large firm afforded Jennifer the opportunity to travel all over the world. This was the firm's biggest project to date and they wanted Jennifer to personally head the team overseas. Unfortunately for me, she'd have to be gone for quite awhile to complete the job.

The drive to Jennifer's was uneventful, yet full of both anticipation and sadness. Jennifer and I had been friends for several years now and we continued to share with each other, our deep love of bondage. This was going to be first time that we would not be together for such a long duration. Most of our weekends together were spent playing a variety of bondage games, with me being on the receiving end most of the time. At times though, Jennifer would get her turn in the ropes and gags. I would always take full advantage of the situation to totally tease and dominate my bound and helpless friend. Though I thoroughly enjoy being on the receiving end, especially with Jennifer as the giver, it's always good to watch another person drool behind a big red ball gag and Jennifer could sure drool. I guess it was those slight domination tendencies I get once in awhile.

Our games varied but always centered on that feeling of tight restraint and sheer helplessness. Erotic sexual denial was at the top of the list of things to do to each other while bound and gagged. Jennifer took great pride in her ability to tease me for hours without relief. Her best effort to date was 24 hours of bondage and teasing of my bound naked body without any sexual relief. It left me dripping wet, short of breath many times, and my thighs very slippery. Jennifer just smiled at me over breakfast the next morning as I sat there bound to our favorite wooden chair being fed by my beautifully nude mistress. When breakfast was done, she untied me, kissed me goodbye, handed me my panties, a sweater and my high heels and kicked me out of the house. She was sending me home without allowing me any sexual relief. I had to call her when I arrived and let her listen to me as I played with myself to an earth shattering orgasm. Jennifer just blew a kiss into the phone and hung up, what a day that was.

Naturally I got my revenge in the coming weeks. Ask Jennifer sometime what is it like to be hung upside down, spread wide open, and licked from end to end. Jennifer really likes her toes licked and sucked and I naturally concentrated on the areas that drove Jennifer wild. Many times in the past while I was bound but not gagged, Jennifer would sit back in her easy chair with her feet up on the ottoman and I would have to lick and suck all of her toes. It usually started with me licking and kissing her high heels or boots but eventually those would come off and it would be flesh on stockings, followed shortly by flesh on lips so to speak. Jennifer would just sit back, enjoy a nice long cigarette or two while I took care of her feet. Now with Jennifer the victim, I would use her love of foot worshiping to my advantage, to tease her to near orgasm. Adding to the fact that Jennifer was bound upside down, and especially with a blindfold and tape gag (with my wet panties as a gag filler of course), the restraints just added to the feeling of helplessness and of course, the pleasure. Naturally, Jennifer's pay backs were hell or heaven depending on how you looked at them, but I loved them.

For the drive, I had worn a long black wrap skirt, a white knit button down, long sleeve top, thigh-high black stockings and black knee high shiny boots with two inch heels. Short thin black leather dress gloves topped off the outfit. Of course, no bra or panties were worn. Jennifer had taught me the feeling of being free and suggested I not wear them once in awhile to enhance that feeling. Since I was feeling very sexy today, just thinking about the up coming game, I decided again to indulge myself. I'm sure Jennifer would notice right away.

My nipples were punching holes in the blouse as the cool air rushed past them, not to mention the fact I kept inserting my gloved fingers into my blouse and slowly caressing and pinching them. Now I usually don't drive down the road playing with myself but sitting next to me on the seat was a small bag of restraints; a ball gag, handcuffs and a set of butterfly style nipple clamps connected by a small metal chain. Jennifer's instructions were clear about what I was to do with them when I arrived at the ranch. Just the thought of one last game before her departure was enough to cause me to slip my hand under my skirt and play with my already wet and naked pussy. The mixture of odors, my wet sex combined with the smell of wet leather from my gloves, was overpowering. It was hard to concentrate on the road. I knew that I had to stop though as I didn't want to have a crash or destroy all the sexual anticipation that was building up inside me.

Chapters 35

I arrived at Jennifer's ranch a few hours before we had to depart for the airport. The extra time allowed us a chance to chat while she finished packing and hopefully finish this one last bondage game Jennifer elected to play. I let her pick the game since I loved surprises and it was her last for a few months or so I thought. With what was planned so far, I could hardly wait for the next step.

Her ranch was on 25 acres of wooded land that she used to keep and train her horses. Jennifer was very much into the equestrienne scene and she looked stunning in her tight ridding breeches and tall black ridding boots. She was picture of sheer female domination especially when she held her short black ridding crop in her gloved fingers. Her ranch is secluded from most of the access roads and thus it made for the perfect location for many of our outdoor bondage scenes, which we played often. I have been bound and gagged swinging nude from the rafters in her barn to tied to a tree out by the lake. Once while we were both out riding, we decided to play a quick game of captured equestrienne. Jennifer and I flipped a coin and I lost. She told me to take off my blouse and bra and go topless. I quickly obeyed. Jennifer was still dressed in her tight grey ridding breeches, boots, white blouse and her short black gloves. I was still left in breeches, boots and gloves. She tied my wrists behind me with a long piece of leather cord she had brought with her (imagine that huh?), then gagged me with her red bandanna. Jennifer then helped me back on to my horse and then led her horse and me throughout the grounds. Several times during the ride, she would approach the outer limits of her land and we would see cars driving by close enough that if they looked hard, they would have seen a topless young woman mounted a top a horse, gagged with a red cloth. Needless to say, those were some great days.

Oh yes, Jennifer did get her chance in the ropes while outdoors many times. I especially enjoyed the time when I had tied her nude, except for her boots, to a large tree located on the back of her land. I blindfolded her and put her panties in her mouth as a gag that was kept in place with a black leather strap. I even added a tight crotch rope that I tied to the tree such that any movement would be felt on her naked pussy. I slowly walked the horses away from the spot leaving her to stew by herself. I then quietly crept back to watch her struggle. It was a beautiful sight of sheer helplessness and distress. I quietly slipped up in front of her and quickly grabbed both of her nipples and held them in my gloved fingers. She was taken by surprise but stopped struggling instantly. Again, it was a nice day for both of us. Anyway back to this story.

Jennifer had quite a spread here and she did have a few hired hands to take care of the place for her when she was not around. Today they were off. Jennifer was always thinking ahead.

I parked my black BMW next to the house, left the keys in the ignition, and picked up the small bag of restraints. I pulled out the handcuffs, keys, red ball gag and the nipple clips. I walked up to the porch and placed the keys in an envelope that I had written on the outside "PLEASE." I then took the red ball gag and inserted it into my mouth and tightly buckled the black straps behind my head under my hair. The ball fit perfectly and was lodged nicely behind my teeth. My anticipation was growing. I always enjoyed the gag, especially the ball gag. I enjoyed that feeling of fullness and especially anytime I did it to myself at the request of another. With the black straps tightly buckled, the ball was not coming out.

As I approached the front door, there was a note attached with a clothespin. The clothespin was also holding up a red bandanna. The note was in Jennifer's handwriting and it only said "USE THIS ALSO." I knew what it was for and with what was already planned, the hour or two we had together was already starting off with a bang.

I looked around to ensure my privacy and then unbutton my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders uncovering my bare breasts. My nipples were rock hard. Of course, I took the time to tweak them again with my gloved fingers. I quickly attached the set of nipple clamps to each nipple rolling my eyes as the clamps took hold. I then walked over to the front door and pushed the envelope with the keys to the cuffs through the mail slot and listened as it hit the floor. Next to the front door, about chest high was a metal snap hook that Jennifer had screwed in the frame earlier this morning in preparation for my arrival.

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I quickly blindfolded myself with the bandanna and then hooked the small chain attached to the nipple clamps to the snap hook. I was now bound to the house by my nipples. I quickly rang the doorbell, then proceeded to lock my gloved hands behind be with the handcuffs. A shiver went up and down my spine. I always loved this part when it comes to the self-bondage. Besides the self-gagging, feeling the cuffs close on my wrists, knowing that with each click, my freedom was being denied, was very exciting. In this case unlike my other self-bondage adventures, I didn't have a safety key. It was now on the floor of Jennifer's living room behind a locked door. I was now at the mercy of who ever came along. Ah, what a thought.

No telling how long Jennifer would take to come to the door. Knowing her, she was probably watching me from her front bay window that extended on to the porch, smoking silently, laughing behind a sensual cloud of smoke, at my now helpless and vulnerable position.

After a few minuets, I was beginning to wonder if Jennifer was home at all. I hadn't call before I left my house but I did tell her when I would be at the ranch. Thinking back now, I didn't see her car in the driveway when I pulled up. My mind started to race. Bondage does that to you now and then. I couldn't back out of the bondage now and I couldn't reach around to remove the nipple clamps. The length of the chain was short enough to prevent me from moving or bending much at all. As I stood there and thought about it, my only options were to try to pull the clamps off, or wait and hope Jennifer or someone else would come by. I pulled back slightly. The clamps held, they weren't coming off. I would have to wait. I tried yelling into the ball gag but only garbled words came out causing me to drool down on to my chest. There was also no way I could remove the blindfold. At that moment, an alarm went off on the porch. It was Jennifer's security alarm. Somehow it had been activated.

Chapters 36

The alarm scared the hell out of me. Jennifer must have set it before she was to leave and now that I was on the porch, my movements around the front door must have set it off, or so I thought. I didn't know what to do. Pulling on the chain only caused more tension to my nipples and the design of the clamps only caused them to tighten as I pulled. I was now worried that since the alarm was going off, the police were now on their way. My mind continued to race. What was interesting though, was as I was standing there bound by my nipples, the thought of being discovered by others combined with the bondage was making me very excited. I could feel that my inner thighs were getting wetter by the moment. My glove hands roamed over my ass since that was as far as I could reach. I continued to pull gently on the nipple chain thus helping the self-excitement along. An orgasm was slowly building. Then, just as quick as the alarm sounded, it stopped snapping me back to reality. I smiled behind the ball gag. I knew Jennifer was up to her old tricks.

I heard the front door open and smelled Jennifer's brand of perfume mixed with cigarette smoke. Jennifer quickly kissed me on the ear, taking the time to cup my right breast. I moaned into my gag. I was dying with excitement. The caressing stopped and again, I moaned. Jennifer must have stepped back to admire my handy work. The sound of her high heels on the wooden porch was unmistakable. I felt her reach for my cuffs thinking she was going to unlock them, but no, she tighten them one extra notch on each wrist. Freedom was something that would have to wait. I was also starting to drool down on my bare chest. The ball gag was good for that especially since I had buckled it on extra tight this time.

I then heard what sounded like the jingling of a roller buckle on a leather strap. It wasn't long until I found out that I was right. Jennifer lifted my skirt to above my knees and buckled the strap tightly around my legs just above where my boots stop. My legs were effectively useless but my ankles were still free allowing me to keep my balance.

Jennifer then unhooked the nipple chain and pulled me toward her. I didn't have any choice. She kissed me on the nose, then on the ball gag. Gag kissing was something that Jennifer and I both enjoyed. With her holding the chain, I wasn't going to stop her, not that I wanted to anyway. She then pulled me along into the house. Being blindfolded and hobbled at the knees was making each step a challenge but being led by the nipples ensured complete compliance. Once inside, she left me standing in the front room and stood back to look at me once again. I felt her raise my skirt to check for any panties as she must have noticed that I wasn't wearing a bra. She laughed and slapped my naked ass. I moaned into my gag.

Jennifer moved around behind me and lightly kissed my neck. She seemed pleased with what I was wearing, or what I wasn't wearing to be more exact. I pressed back against her and she reached around and pulled sharply on the nipple chain quickly getting my attention. This quick pull to the nipples stood me straight up. Jennifer laughed. She then moved around in front of me and removed the blindfold but left the ball gag, nipple clamps, handcuffs, and knee strap in place for the time being. The game continued at Jennifer's pace.

Chapters 37

Jennifer was dressed in her black thigh-high stockings, black g-string panties, black push-up bra and topped off with a set of black five inch shiny black patent opera pumps. She was stunning to say the least. The contrast of her white skin, black lingerie, and her long black hair was sharp. A thin sliver ankle chain adorned her left ankle.

Jennifer laughed again and stepped forward and unbuckled and loosened the ball gag gently wiping away the drool. She then kissed me deeply, followed by a warm and sensitive embrace, what a way to start the afternoon. I knew that I was really going to miss her now. She carefully removed the nipple clamps setting them aside for later use. I sucked in my breath as she loosen the clamp. Jennifer gently rubbed each nipple with her long soft fingers. I stood there with my eyes closed. They rolled in response. Nothing else was removed. Obviously, I was to remain handcuffed and hobbled for a while longer.

We walked arm in arm slowly, due to my hobble strap, into her bedroom where Jennifer needed to finish dressing. I sat on the wooden chair that she had placed in the middle of the room and watched as Jennifer pulled on a sleek below-the-knee black leather hobble skirt, very expensive no doubt. When the skirt was on, she picked up a long piece of rope and walked behind me to begin my bondage ordeal. I watched anxiously over my shoulder as Jennifer looped the rope several times around my arms above my elbows, then reaching beneath my arms, she grabbed my left arm and pulled it toward the right, tightening the ropes as she went along. When my elbows were now touching, she then cinched the loops several times tightening the cords with each cinch. She then wound the last several feet back under my arms, around and up the front of my shoulders and knotted the two ends behind my neck. The excess was then looped down to the elbow tie thus preventing any possibility of the elbow ropes slipping down. My wrists remained handcuffed. Being flexible was a virtue and making my elbows touch always enhanced the feeling of helplessness. This position also had the added effect of causing my breasts to stand out. Even with my wrists uncuffed, with my elbows tied touching behind me, escape would have been impossible.

With the elbows done, Jennifer returned to her dressing and pulled on a beautiful white long sleeve silk blouse. She was beautiful and the outfit went perfectly with her long black hair. The combination of the leather skirt and silk top was a mixture made in heaven. There was just a hint of the black bra underneath the blouse and the material was thin enough to show the outline of her harden nipples even through the bra. Obviously she was as excited as I was.

After the blouse was on, Jennifer took another long rope and tied my arms to my body, criss-crossing it above and below my naked breasts several times forming a nice tight breast bondage. The ropes made my breast stand out, as did having my elbows tied together behind me. We chatted throughout this episode as though what we were doing was normal. It was to us. We discussed her agenda, and what she was hoping to accomplish on the trip. The bondage she was adding now, she told me, was kind of a going way present from her to me, which suited me just fine. When Jennifer cinched the last knot, she gently reached up and took both harden nipples between each of her thumb and index fingers and gently rub my nipples between. With the compression of the ropes, my nipples were already hard and very sensitive and still slightly sore from the nipple clamps. I closed my eyes, licking my lips. Jennifer stopped and smiled. Not yet she told me. What a game!

With me arms tightly bound to my chest, Jennifer sat at her vanity and began to apply her makeup. She lit up a long white cigarette sensually blowing a thin stream toward the ceiling. We continued to chat about the week's work, and odds and end always coming back to bondage is some form or anther. When her makeup was perfect, and it always was, she put out her cigarette in the nearby ashtray and she got up to finish her packing.

As she packed, I noticed that she had placed two sets of handcuffs and her ball gag in one of her suitcases. I smiled. She saw the look and said that she wanted to stay in practice while in Europe. I thought to myself that maybe she would find a pretty french woman or two to tie up and have her way with them or better yet, maybe she would use them on herself. Jennifer was starting to like the self-bondage aspect of our bondage play but only for the simple restraints right now. She seem to like the idea of doing to herself, the same as I did. I could see Jennifer now, in her hotel room in Paris, bound and gagged on the bed, nude, wondering where she put the key. She can be quite the scatter brain at times. Again, I smiled and almost laughed out loud. It would not be the first time she did something not so smart dealing with our bondage fun, especially with self-bondage.

Once when she had me tied to a chair and ball gagged, she jokingly decided to tie herself up with my watching. She proceeded to gag herself, add a blindfold, then quickly handcuffed her wrists behind her. Though she did it as a joke, she forgot to put the key in a place where she could easily get to it. It was funny watching her walking carefully around the room trying to find her purse. I tried, gagged as I was, to direct her toward her the dresser where her purse was laying. After a few attempts and a bruised shin from her kicking the chair, she finally got the keys. The problem was that now, she had applied the handcuffs in the wrong direction and the key hole was not accessible, she was stuck and I guess, so was I. She did manage to get over to me, with my help and kneel down behind the chair to such a position that she could untie my wrists. It took me awhile to get the rest of my ropes undone but finally I was free standing over my helpless friend. I quickly strapped her ankles together, then attached a long strap to her handcuffs and the straps wrapped around her ankles. I then pulled them close together to form a nice hogtie. I left her in that position while I picked up my restraints. She just lay on the floor drooling in defeat. Needless to say, she didn't make that mistake again.

Anyway, with that last self-bondage episode in mind, I had this picture in my mind of a frantic phone call from overseas listening to a desperate woman moan into her gag trying to tell how she screwed up again. I was going to miss her.

Chapters 38

With the last of her four suit cases packed, Jennifer approached me and said it was my turn to "get packed." She held up my black leather chastity belt with the two of my favorite plugs attached. She had borrowed the belt last week. I thought she was going to use it for herself, and apparently she did. She joked that the belt made for some interesting times last week at work. She was now returning it because she thought I might need it while she was gone. She was right of course as I use it all the time for my self-bondage fun.

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She unbuckled the waist strap holding it open for me. I protested meekly, but Jennifer just smiled knowing me too well. I carefully stood up and she slowly raised my skirt. Jennifer did the honors and tightly buckled the waist strap snugly around my waist then carefully lubricated the two plugs. She had me bend over as she slowly caressed my butt with her long fingernails and lightly fingered my pussy. She was such a tease. This caressing combined with the tight bondage was starting to drive me wild. I didn't need an lubricate because I was already wet. Jennifer sensed this and quickly inserted the two plugs, drawing the crotch strap tightly through my legs and locking it to the waist belt in front. The lock Jennifer used had that special blue dot on it. As part of our games, Jennifer maintains the keys to these specially coded locks. I also had a key but it was currently at work in my desk drawer. This one key was my safety in case Jennifer couldn't get to me. As she locked the belt on, she pulled it extra tight and my face blushed with both excitement and humiliation. Jennifer just smiled and leaned down to kiss me as she snapped the lock shut. I really loved these moments together.

With my "packing" done, we sat and chatted for several minutes until it was time to leave for the airport. Jennifer sat back in her chair, crossed her long silken legs, and lit up another long white cigarette. She drew deeply, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling. The cigarette was in sharp contrast to the red nail polish. She looked sexy as hell and even more dominate while smoking. I could tell that she enjoyed just sitting there quietly watching me stew in my bondage. She quietly sipped another glass of wine.

Sitting for me was not easy with a rear end full of soft rubber. I was constantly shifting my butt around trying to find that more comfortable spot, there was none. Jennifer just sat and smiled at me though a smoky haze. She got up and retrieved two additional pieces of rope and went about tying my booted ankles tightly together followed shortly by my knees. Jennifer carefully cinched each rope tightly. She then finally removed the leather strap that I still wore from when she first strapped my knees together on the porch. She then slowly walked around me eyeing her handy work and lightly caressing my bare shoulders. When she was behind me, she reached around with her hands and gently cupped both bound breasts, pinching my aching nipples. I moaned and leaned my head next to hers.

She continued to roll each nipple between her fingers, gradually increasing the pressure. My excitement was building. Jennifer suddenly stopped and stood up. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I stared up into those wonderfully blue eyes. She quickly kissed me driving her warm wet tongue deep into my hungry mouth. Then she pulled back and replaced her tongue with the red ball gag, buckling it tightly behind my neck. She walked around in front of me and kneeled at my bound knees. She reached up and quickly kissed me on the gag, then slipped her wet lips down to lightly kiss each nipple. I closed my eyes in excitement. The squeezing and kissing of the nipples were only a warmup to the nipple clamps that Jennifer quickly applied. So much for the soft caressing. She gently pulled on the chain attached to the nipple clamps forcing me to follow her every move.

Jennifer let go of the chain and stood up. She told me to stay put and that she would put the suitcase in the car. I had no choice. As she started to walk out of the room, she stopped, return to me and quickly hooked the nipple chain to my bound knees, thus preventing me from standing. Having to keep my body bent forward to prevent pulling on my clamped nipples, caused me to put more weight on the butt plug that Jennifer had so carefully and teasingly inserted. I lowered my head in defeat. I watched as I started to drool on my knees.

I watched as Jennifer made two more trips back into the bedroom to retrieve her bags. Each time she walked in, she stopped to pat me in the head, tickle my nose, or tweak on the nipple chain. When she returned the third time, she was carrying the red bandanna that I had blindfolded myself with earlier on the porch. She quickly blindfolded me, tying the bandanna tightly over my eyes. She carefully checked for any sign of light leaking in, of course there was none. I continued to sit there and drool and stew in my much excited state.

I once again, was alone with my bondage. I listened carefully as Jennifer walked around the room ensuring that all items for her trip were in the car, my car to be exact.

I next heard Jennifer moving another chair over to where I was sitting. I heard her step up on the chair and heard what sounded like rope being pulled through a hook. It wasn't long until I found out the purpose of this additional rope.

Jennifer knelt at my booted and bound feet and quickly tied another rope around my ankles and under the heels. I then felt her wrap a long leather strap under my bound knees and around and behind my upper torso. She pulled this strap tight forcing my breasts close to my knees. Jennifer then carefully untied the nipple chain from my knee ropes thus releasing the tension on my nipples. Now what?

I felt my feet being pulled out from under me and gently pulled toward to the ceiling. This action put all my weight on the butt plug and forced the plug deeper into its warm hiding place, I moaned. Jennifer then tied the end of the rope off leaving me sitting on the chair with my legs over my head and my upper body connected to my knees. Needless to say, I wasn't going anywhere.

Jennifer slowly caressed the back of my thighs that were now fully exposed and gently pushed on the two plug inserted in my pussy and butt. I bit hard on my ball gag as the excitement started to build. Suddenly she stopped again leaving me sexually frustrated.

I heard her walk over and pick up my keys and then walk back to me. She whispered in my ear that she was leaving now to head to the airport. I was confused. I thought I was taking her. I struggled but that only served to move me closer to the edge of the chair and I realized that ending up in a suspension would greatly make things worse. Jennifer also whispered that she had called one of her male workers to check on the house after she had left to ensure the security alarm was set up correctly. They were to check the house carefully, including the inside, before setting the alarm. Of course, they would have to check the bedroom and who would they find but little old me all nicely bound and gag with my rear in showing. The only good thing was that the chastity belt was locked on and without the key, it wasn't coming off. WOW! Some game.

Chapters 39

This game was more than I had expected especially with Jennifer leaving for such a long period. In fact, I was starting to get worried. I yelled into my gag but Jennifer only laughed. A last quick feel to my bound breasts and she was gone. I heard her close the front door, and my car start and back out. I heard the sound of the car fade away.

I was stuck. No telling how long it would take until the person Jennifer called would arrive and no telling what they might think when they found this partially nude woman tied in such a reveling and stringent bondage position. This was not part of the game or so I thought.

I tried to struggle but once again all it served to do was move me closer to the edge of the chair. Also, all the movement only served to further stimulate and push the butt plug deeper into my now sensitive rear end. My excitement though, was growing as was my fear of the unknown. All of the sudden, my blindfold was removed and there I was staring up into the smiling face of the lady who bound me. "Miss me?" she said. What a relief. She must have stopped the car down the drive and quickly walked back to watch me struggle. I looked down to see that Jennifer had removed her high heels and was walking around in the stocking feet. No wonder I didn't hear her come back in. Another part of the game! Jennifer has told me countless of times that she has just sat back and watched me struggle in my bondage, many times while she played with herself. She enjoys being the voyeur especially with me as the victim. Many times though I am blindfolded and don't realize that she is watching me. It is very exciting to know that you are being watched.

Jennifer quickly released my feet from the overhead then unbuckled the strap holding my knees bound to my upper torso. Then she untied my ankles and knees. This was followed next by her untying my arms and elbows and removing the upper torso rope bondage. She retrieved the key from her purse and unlocked my handcuffs. I quickly reached up and removed the nipple clamps, gritting my teeth as the blood rushed back into the nipples, bringing the nerves back to life. The ball gag was next. Jennifer just smiled and we embraced in a lingering kiss and warm hug. I pulled on my blouse as Jennifer pulled on her hills. We then departed for the airport. Yes, I was still wearing the chastity belt and plugs and evidently I was to continue to wear them until I could get to work that afternoon after Jennifer's plane departed.

As we drove to the airport, Jennifer told me that she had thought about hogtying me in the trunk of the car for the short trip. She decided against it due to number of people who would be at the airport. Lucky for me huh? The thought of lying hogtied and gagged in the trunk was an interesting one and something I might have to peruse in future adventures.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we chatted about that last bondage game and her overseas trip in general. Jennifer just sat back, relaxed and quietly smoked her cigarette. The whiteness of her cigarette was in sharp contrast to her thin black leather dress gloves she wore to complete her outfit of black leather and white silk. About half way to the airport, Jennifer reached over and took my hand. She told me she was going to miss being with me. I nodded, I was also. We held hands the rest of the way to airport. The gloves were cool to the touch.

Chapters 40

We arrived shortly at the airport parking lot. I dropped Jennifer off with her bags, at the front entrance and went to park my car. Before she got out of the car, she told me bring my leather jacket with me into the airport. I shrugged and nodded that I understood, maybe she was chilled due to the drive.

After I parked the car, I walked to the front of the airport where Jennifer was standing waiting for me. She was quietly smoking her last cigarette before the flight. She greeted me with a smile and we walked into the airport and down to the gate.

Since it was an international flight, I couldn't go with Jennifer through the security gate. We moved over to near the large picture windows to finish saying our good-byes. While we were talking, Jennifer passed me an envelope and told me that she hadn't forgot my birthday that was quickly approaching. I opened the envelope and discovered a name of one of her photographer friends that wasn't making the trip. Jennifer told me that as one of my birthday presents. She had arranged for me to have a private photo shoot where I was going to play the bondage model. This photographer was a close personal friend of Jennifer's and she was aware of the likes and dislikes of both her and I. I blushed, but I was also filled with excitement. I have always thought it would be fun to try to be a bondage model. After looking at all the bondage magazine and videos over the years, I always wondered what it would be like. Jennifer and I discussed many times our different fantasies and one of mine happened to be posing as a bondage model in front of a camera with a stranger doing the tying and photographing. Jennifer told me her friend would call me next week to arrange a time. Jennifer had made all the arrangements for the location.

Jennifer's first boarding call was being announced and we quickly hugged and said goodbye. Jennifer whispered in my ear to shut my eyes and hold my wrists up. I did so and was startled to feel her lock a set of handcuffs on each wrist. I opened my eyes with surprise. They had a blue dot on them meaning that I didn't carry the key with me normally, Jennifer had them and the other was at work with the key to my locked chastity belt. Jennifer took my leather coat and draped it over my cuffed hands. Now I knew the reason for bring my coat in to the airport. Jennifer just smiled and leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. She'd call from Paris when she arrived later in the day.

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I stood stunned with my cuffed hands in front of me covered by my leather jacket. I watched as Jennifer walked through the metal detectors and headed to her gate. She turned and waved bye and blew me a kiss. It was going to be a long four months. A tear wailed up in my eye, I raised my fingers to brush the tear away and was quickly reminded about the cuffs. I smiled and slowly shook my head. That Jennifer. I watched as Jennifer walked down the ramp. Her long black leather skirt forced her to take small steps and her very high heels only made matter worse. All this, didn't phase her one bit. Everyone behind her just enjoyed the view as I was doing. Quickly, she was out of sight on the plane.

Chapters 41

I turned and made my way out of the airport and got to my car. I had to figure out a way to pay the parking toll without raising suspicion about my cuffed wrists. Luckily there was a toll booth setup to take exact change without getting a receipt and I was able to get through without raising any eyebrows.

I headed directly to my office to retrieve my set of keys so I could unlock my handcuffs and then also the chastity belt and remove the plugs. Luckily the office was empty and my keys were still where I left them in my desk. I quickly unlocked the cuffs and then unlocked the crotch strap. I slowly removed the two plugs, which were still very wet from all the excitement and teasing. It did however feel good to get the butt plug removed. The waisted belt was then unbuckled and removed. I placed everything in a plastic bag that I had brought with me so I could take the belt and plugs home and clean them. No telling when they would be needed again.

I sat in my large leather chair and took a deep breath. The leather was very cool to my naked ass. Jennifer was now gone and I was alone for the next four months or so, only to share my bondage with myself. I quickly remembered the envelope that Jennifer had given me at the airport. I pulled it from my purse and read through it again. The thoughts of being bound and gagged by another women, other than Jennifer, and then photographed were racing through my mind. What was this photographer like? How did learn of our games? What would her bondage techniques be like? Where did she learn her techniques from? These questions would be on my mind for the next week. I only hoped I could wait until her call came. With all the thoughts of the modeling adventure and the stimulation from the earlier bondage fun, I caught myself slowly playing with my nipples again. This time I didn't stop it. A slow orgasm was starting to build. I sat back in my chair, spread my legs and quickly started to rub my wet pussy. More bondage games were going through my head, I rubbed harder. I exploded into a massive orgasm, my head went back hard against the seat, I was seeing stars. I thought I was in heaven. Two more smaller orgasm followed as I continued to play with myself thinking of the upcoming week.

After several minutes, I caught my breath, straighten my clothes out, picked up my restraints, and my coat. I had to go back and wipe the wet spot off the chair. I smiled and headed home. My knees were still weak from that last sexual adventure. That night I slept with my wrists strapped in front of me for the whole night. I even locked my big toes together. A soft latex blindfold completed the outfit. It was hard to sleep thinking about all the possibilities that could come out of the bondage model adventure.

Chapters 42

The week went by slowly. Finally Thursday, I received a call from a pleasantly sounding women of Japanese descent named Miko. She said that she was the photographer friend of Jennifer's. I blushed. Here was a women I had never met, calling to set up a bondage shoot with me as the model. Miko sounded very knowledgeable about the subject and we chatted for several minutes. I was very excited and of course did most of the talking, discussing my likes and dislikes. Miko just acknowledged my conversation.

I realized later that after I hung up, I really didn't know much about her or how she got into the scene. We did agree that since Saturday was my birthday, we would get together Saturday evening. She told me that Jennifer had arranged for Miko and I to use a very nice suite at a large local hotel. We agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. and she told me to bring with me whatever I wanted to dress up in and all my bondage toys. She also told me to bring a list of positions that I thought I'd like to try. We would work out the rest of the details when we got together. This was going to be quite an evening. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I should mentioned that before Miko hung up, she told me that she would call Friday and tell me which hotel and the room number. She also mentioned that she had other instructions from Jennifer that she would pass on then. Jennifer was always thinking of ways to keep the games interesting. I went home that night so excited that I slept nude in just leather cuffs again, tape gag and a set of thumbcuffs locked on my big toes. The key was in a box on my front porch so I had to get up early to get the key before anyone else awoke.

Friday afternoon, Miko called back and gave me the name of the hotel and the room number. We agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. She then detailed out a new set of instructions that I was to follow the next evening. Instructions that I were to carry out to the letter or the rest of my birthday present from Jennifer wouldn't happen. The instructions were quite detailed and I sat down in amazement at the things that I would go though just to get into to the room and start the photo shoot. Since I wanted this present very badly, (or maybe I just wanted to experience bondage at the hands of another women), I promised I'd do as told especially since self-bondage would be part of the fun. Saturday night should prove to be a birthday to remember.

Friday night, I sat at my computer and developed seven different tie ups that I thought I'd like to try and have photographed. These were positions in addition to the detailed instructions Jennifer had left for me getting to the room. As I detailed out each position, I was getting more and more excited. The leather chastity belt locked over my panties prevented me from playing with myself but it was causing my panties to get soaked, a thought I just smiled at. These panties would come in handy tomorrow. The chastity belt had been locked on since early this morning before work. Miko instructed me to use a lock with a blue dot on it. Jennifer had given Miko a set of out special keys before she left. I had left my spare blue key in the drawer of my desk at work. Being at home now, the chastity wasn't coming off until Miko decided to take it off.

Once I was finished on the computer, I set about gathering the necessary items of clothing that I wanted to be restrained in. Latex, leather, lingerie, heels, and boots were all placed in the suitcase. Of course just plain nudity had been added to the list and that needed no packing. That night I slept with just the chastity still locked on over the panties, getting me ready for Saturday evening.

Chapters 43

Saturday was again a busy day getting things ready, packing up my clothes, and assembling all my bondage restraints. In all, it took three suitcases to pull it all together. I never realized all the different types of gags I had gathered over the years, not to mention all the rope, straps, different kinds of tape and number of sets of handcuffs. My collection of fetish clothing was also very large but I decided to take only a few things. I packed my corset, leather skirt, some lingerie, a set of white girdles and long line bras, my collection of latex outfits including stockings, panties, leotard, a maid's outfit, and some long latex gloves. I also packed my highest heeled black pumps and a couple of pair of boots, both knee and thigh-high. At 4:30 p.m. I headed out to the hotel.

Following Miko's instructions, I wore only my set of black thigh-high boots, a pair of black over-the-elbow length leather gloves and of course the black chastity belt and panties. All this was covered up by my long black leather coat. Nothing else was worn. The leather was cool to the touch and since my coat didn't button up and only used a leather sash to hold the coat shut, my breasts were hanging free. I would have to be careful when I checked in at the hotel.

When I arrived, I checked in with little incident. I did raise a few eyebrows and got lots of stares, but other than that, it was uneventful. While checking in, I was given a pick envelop with my name on it. A bellhop helped me carry my bags up to the room, but I stopped him at the door and told him that I would continue from here. A sizable tip ensure his compliance.

The suite was fantastic, and it appeared that Miko had already been there setting up her equipment. Dozens of lights and strobes, two cameras, and a video camera were setup and ready for use. My excitement was building. The suite was on the 13th floor and overlooked the ocean. There would be no one looking in from across the way.

There appeared to be an adjourning suite but the connecting door was locked. I shrugged and didn't think any more about it.

I removed my leather coat and walked about the suite dressed only in gloves, boots and chastity belt. I was nervous as this would be only the third person besides Jennifer and her co-worker Robin that has seen me nude and dealing with such things as bondage and dressing for pleasure.

I sat down on the bed and opened the envelop. There was a blue key and note inside from Miko. The note said to use the key to unlock and remove the chastity belt before I tied myself up. I took the key and unlocked the belt. I then removed the panties that I had now worn for the last 36 hours. My sexual aroma was very apparent. I placed the panties in a small plastic bag and placed them in my suitcase for later use.

I set about unpacking my things, setting the restraints carefully on the floor in the corner. Each restraint brought back many interesting times both with myself and when playing with Jennifer. As I pulled out the varied gags, from the suitcase, I couldn't stop myself from trying each one on, cherishing the feeling of losing my speech by my own hand. I think it's my oral fixation or something like that. Bondage is never complete without a tight mouth filling gag. Between the ball gag (my favorite), there were the latex pump gag, strap gag, and my new ring gag, many of which would have their turn keeping me quiet tonight. I had also threw in a large roll of grey duct tape to top off the gags. Stuffing material, like wet panties, combined with lots of tape is a very effective gag and one I use often.

The ring gag was new and very exciting. It was a leather lined two-inch metal ring that had an attached strap and when it was lodged behind my teeth it held my mouth wide open but allowed continue access to my tongue. Jennifer liked this gag very much and would tease my tongue with a variety of objects, not to mention using her own wet tongue several times. Forced gag kissing was always an act that got us going. We bought two of them and when were both bound, the ring gags made for some very exciting gag kissing and tongue play. The last three pieces of bondage gear were my favorites.

My black leather discipline hood, with its two-inch locking collar, was first out of the bag followed by a black leather single glove and a shiny black leather straight jacket that I purchased last year. I had spent many hours in that straight jacket, hooded and hobbled. I think these were some of Jennifer's favorite pieces of bondage gear to use on me. I always enjoyed the warm embrace of the jacket, and the crotch strap was designed extra wide to ensure that any plugs used would stay firmly inserted. Many weekends, I ended up in one of these three restraints at the hands of Jennifer. I remember one weekend where I was buckled in the straitjacket from Friday night to Sunday night with the only time free was to pee and take a shower Sunday morning, with Jennifer of course, still bound in handcuffs. I had also modified the jacket slightly by installing little zippers over the nipple areas. When my leather covered arms were strapped in the arm sleeves and pulled behind me, instead of in front of me, the zippers could be opened and my nipples teased or erotically tormented at will. Anyway, enough of the past.

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Chapters 44

In the center of the room was a sturdy wooden chair with a high narrow back. I smiled. I had seen that chair before. Jennifer and I had bought her kitchen table and chairs together a few years ago and the design of the chair made for some great chair bondage. I knew what was ahead for me and that chair.

Per Miko's instructions, I was to tie myself to that chair in any fashion I wanted and wait for her to arrive. I was also supposed to use a set of headphones and CD player. To ensure my safety during the self-bondage fun, Miko told me she would call from the lobby about 10 minutes before her arrival and thus allow me the chance to finish the bondage knowing she was on her way up to the suit, that way I didn't need to set up an additional safety device. It was now 5:30 p.m. and time for me to begin.

I picked up the bondage toys I had chose for this adventure. The head harness ball gag, leather blindfold, a set of handcuffs, several long pieces of white rope, two wooden clothespins, and my long narrow vibrator, with fresh batteries. I also picked up the roll of duct tape, my headphones and small CD player that I had sat on the coffee table. The wooden clothespins had a small hole drilled on the ends and a string was attached to each hole. These strings would be used later in the final stages of the self-bondage adventure.

I placed all the restraints in a small pile next to the leg of the chair. I picked up the handcuffs and tied a small rope to the center link and the other end of the rope to the crossbar under the seat of the chair. The length of the rope was such that my wrists would be held down toward the seat and not allow much movement. I took a small piece of duct tape and taped the cuffs to the back of the chair. This was done because when I had finished all the self-bondage preparations, I couldn't reach the handcuffs if they were sitting on the floor. This way, all I have to do is reach behind the chair and the cuffs are already at the correct height.

When this was done, I walked to the door and made sure it was locked and that the chain was not installed. I slowly walked back to the chair, humming with each step. Next to the actual feeling of helplessness, getting ready and setting up for the self-bondage adventure was almost foreplay by itself. I stopped in front of the large mirror hanging over the dresser. There I was, dressed only in boots and gloves ready for an evening of bondage at the hands of another women, about to be photographed as if it was a historical event. My nipples were hard as rocks and I was as wet between the legs as can be. I slowly caressed each nipple. I knew I had to stop this self-masturbation and complete my bondage soon or the mood would be lost. I walked over to the flood lights and turned them on then turned on the VCR camera. I was about the record this event. It would be one of Jennifer's return home presents. She wanted me to send it to her in Europe when it was complete. I was flattered.

I walked back over to the chair and sat down. It was cool to the touch and brought back memories of the chairs out at Jennifer's ranch and the many hours of bondage fun. I removed my gloves and placed them across my lap for later retrieval. Having the gloves on makes it harder to set up the bondage. I leaned over and picked up the first long rope and proceeded to tie my left booted ankle to the back leg of the chair. I made sure that the ropes were pulled tight enough and were wrapped over the support piece connecting the front and back legs. When the final cinch was made, my foot was off the carpet about four inches. The stiffness of the boots made for a nice tension in my leg as it was being bent back. The right ankle was next and was secured in the same manner.

With my ankles pulled back and up off the carpet, my legs and knees were effectively spread very wide around the seat of the chair. To enhance this position, I tied each knee to the front legs of the chair thus ensuring I couldn't close my legs at all. When completed, I felt very vulnerable. The inside of my thighs were very wet.

Another long piece of rope was wrapped several times around my waist and lap just above the boots and secured by passing the rope several times under the seat. This prevented me from lifting myself off the seat.

I picked up the blindfold and ball gag and buckled them loosely around my neck for safe keeping. The earphones were also placed over the edge of the chair, so that they would be within easy reach after I was tied completely to the chair.

I now reached down and picked up the two clothespins with their attached strings, the vibrator, and tore off two long pieces of duct tape. I placed the clothespins on my lap and then proceeded to slowly insert the vibrator a few inches into my already wet pussy. I would be effectively sitting on the vibrator. To prevent the vibrator from slipping out or moving aside, I took the two pieces of duct tape and taped the vibrator to the wooden seat. With the ropes holding my ass tightly to the chair seat and with my knees pulled apart and tied to the sides of the chair, I was open to invasion and the vibrator wasn't going to slip out. In addition, with the angle that I was sitting, my clit was in direct contact with the hard plastic intruder. I had spent many hours sitting on such a toy at the hands of both Jennifer and myself. It was a great self-torment. This vibrator had two speeds and I deliberately selected the low speed just to tease myself and heighten the sexual feeling. I looked at the clock, five minutes before Miko was to call.

I picked up my last long piece of rope and proceeded to secure my upper torso to the chair. I coiled the rope several times above and below my bare breasts. I made sure the ropes went all the way around and through the slats in the back of the chair. When this was accomplished, I was tied solidly to the chair, and I could not bend over. All that was left was the blindfold, gag, clothespins, earphones and the securing of my, soon to be gloved, wrists.

First the clothespins. With the tight upper chest bondage and the many wraps of rope around my breasts, my tits were pushed up high and were made very firm. The extra pressure on my breasts caused my nipples to become extra sensitive. I slowly caressed each and then attached a wooden clothespin to each nipple, taking care to ensure that only the nipple was being pinched and not the skin behind the nipple. This tended to concentrate the feeling on the just the nipple. My eyes rolled back in my head. I'll never get use to the first feeling of the clamp or clothespins. The bite was sharp at first and quickly reduced to a dull ache. The clothespins would definitely keep my mind on the bondage especially since I had placed them at the very end of the nipple. The strings hung down in my lap.

I unbuckled the leather blindfold from around my neck and rebuckled it tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was made of very thin black leather and it molded to my face thus blocking out all light. After the blindfold, came the head harness ball gag. I had chosen to put the blindfold under the straps of the head harness to prevent any possibility of shaking off or removing the blindfold.

The ball was medium size and bright red in color. I licked my lips then quickly inserted the ball until it came to rest neatly behind my teeth. I buckled the strap tightly behind my head under my hair. I then pulled the head straps up over the blindfold, over my head and buckled it to the back strap. Lastly, I buckled the chin strap tightly forcing my mouth closed around the ball. Speech was all but impossible. I loved this feeling each time I did this to myself. Kind of like the cork on the bottom of champagne; full of excitement waiting to explode if shaken. The other nice thing about this ball gag was that I instantly started to drool, something that always added to the humiliation aspect of the bondage.

I carefully threaded the strings of the two clothespins over the gag strap on either side of the ball. I slowly pulled these strings tight causing me to have to lower my head until my chin was resting on my chest. The strings were then tied off. My head was now held in a lowered position by keeping tension on my nipples. If I tried to raise my head, I pulled on my nipples. These were strong clothespins and they didn't come off easy. I had used this technique several times on Jennifer when I wanted to put her into a submissive position. I would have her kneel, with ankles strapped to thighs, arms locked behind her, gagged with a ball gag and the nipple clamps or clothespins attached to the gag holding her head down. I loved the look, but Jennifer just moaned into her gag. The fun part comes when I tried to tickle her and she tried to lift her head to laugh. She couldn't and it only served to pull harder on her nipples. She just resigned herself to my great bondage mastery. I do have to admit that I too have used this on myself several times to enhance the self-bondage fun. Trying to roll around on the floor in a hogtie is harder to do when you can't lift your head.

With the blindfold and gag buckled tightly on and now that my nipples were under the correct tension, I picked up the earphones and fitted one in each ear. I turned on the CD player and tested the volume. I had picked one of my favorite instrumentals to listen to. I adjusted the volume high enough to block out any background noise. With the volume adjusted, I turned off the CD player and waited for the phone call to announce Miko's arrival.

Chapters 45

As I sat there, I tested my restraints. I smiled behind the ball gag. Many years of experience pays off again. They were secure of course. I wouldn't have it any other way. I reached down and turned on the vibrator. I jumped as it started but was reminded to keep my head down by the pull on my nipples. Combine the tight bondage, with the nipple fun and now the vibrator, a warm glow started to take over my body starting between my booted legs. My mind also started to wonder. What was Miko like? Did I really want to be seen in this compromising position with a total stranger, let along be photographed? Where did Miko get her bondage vocabulary from? She seemed very knowledgeable when we talked on the phone and she showed no shyness as we spoke of vibrators, ball gags and nipple clips? I was dying to ask those and many other questions.

Finally the phone rang twice, then it rang once. That was the signal we worked out to ensure it was Miko calling and that she was on her way up. She'd be here in ten minutes. I picked up the roll of tape and tore off two small strips. I fasten each over my left and right ear thus holding the earphones in place. I tested the duct tape and was confident that any shaking I did would not dislodge the earphones, and since my head was being held in position by the strings attached to my nipples, I wasn't going to do much shaking.

I reached down in my lap and pulled the leather gloves on each arm, carefully smoothing the kid leather all the up to near my armpits. I was now at the decisive moment. I took a deep breath, and gently pulled on my clothespins attached to my nipples by lifting my head; yes, this was what I wanted. I turned on the CD player and waited for the music to start. It blocked all incoming noise and isolated me from my surroundings. I quickly reached around behind me and removed the handcuffs from the tape attached to the back of the chair. I locked the first cuff on my left wrist. I waited for the excitement to build, more lifting of the head. I then lifted my right hand up and gave the camera a little wave, a nice touch for my beautiful friend whose details I was trying to follow to the letter. I quickly brought my right arm behind the chair locked on the other cuff. I was done and all alone, bound and gagged by my own hand waiting for some one I had never met before to release me.

I always enjoy this type of sensory deprivation. My movements were restricted to very small turns against the ropes. All speech was blocked. My hearing was impaired to just music and my sight was nothing but blackness. All I had left was feel and that was muted by the leather boots and long leather gloves. My feet were off the ground and I couldn't feel the coldness of the steel cuffs that I knew were not coming off with the key. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I had placed the key on a gold chain that was now hanging around my neck. Miko would need it to unlock the handcuffs, if she chose to do so.

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All in all, there were plenty of emotions to keep me company. The vibrator was doing its job, slowly keeping me on the sexual build up, the clothespins on my nipples kept reminding me how helpless I was and the vulnerability I felt with my legs and knees spread wide only made my excitement grow with each passing minute. The feeling was marvelous. Jennifer and I had played these games often and the wonderful part was that after only a few minutes, minutes started to turn into hours, time seemed to stand still. Had it not been for the instrumental music playing in my ears, time would have went away. I do have a tape of nothing but static or white noise that can really make a woman humble and alone. It's those adventures I enjoy most because only the sense of feel and smell is left uninhibited. In fact, those get greatly enhance. My body really becomes very sensitive and it doesn't take much caressing to send me over the edge.

This initial self-bondage fun was Jennifer's idea as she knew how much I enjoyed tying myself up. In addition, Jennifer wanted Miko to capture that first moment of bondage discovery on both video and print film to see how well I had followed her instructions and to watch the tight bondage. I could just see Jennifer sitting on the couch in Paris, dressed in lingerie watching this video, slowly smoking a cigarette and caressing herself. I wonder what thoughts would be going through her mine?

Chapters 46

As usual, time started to slow down and I lost track of how long I'd had been tied up. Based on the music, I calculated about 15 minutes but had yet to sense any presences of any one else in the room. I slowly continued to move my body with the beat of the music rubbing my clit against the vibrator. Being on low speed was such a tease as it wasn't high to get me off but was more of a sexual nuisance.

As my body moved so did my bound breasts and of course the clothespins on my nipples. The pulling on the strings was a constant reminder of my helplessness. I tried moving my arms but the length of the rope attached the cuffs was to short to allow any movement at all. I wasn't able to reach around and remove the clothespins. This was one of my better self-bondage attempts.

Suddenly, I felt a presence by my side. I strained against my bonds trying to sense who or what was there. The movement only served to cause me to pull harder on my already sore nipples. The music stopped as did the vibrator. I moaned into my gag, cheated out of another orgasm again. I felt the small pieces of tape holding the ear phones against my ears being removed, nothing was said.

The person walked away and then the sound of a camera clicking could be heard. The sound was coming from a variety of directions as the person walked around the chair. Then nothing.

I felt a hand on the back of my neck unbuckling the top head strap of my gag. It was removed from my head thus freeing the blindfold. The blindfold came next. It was slowly removed. I squinted as the bright lights evaded my eyes. I was still gagged with the ball gag, but that was next to come off. When the gag was removed, it was placed in my lap and the tension in my nipples was lessened. I managed to say hi, you must be Miko.

Chapters 47

A beautifully stunning, Japanese women walked around in front of me holding the blindfold. She smiled and nodded. Yes this was Miko.

Miko was about 5'8" tall with beautiful brown eyes and long black hair pulled back with a blue tie. She was slender with beautiful legs and medium size breasts. She was obviously in great shape. She was wearing a beautiful long sleeve blue silk blouse, with a white scarf neatly tied about her neck. Her skirt was very short and made of black suede. I could see that she was also wearing black seamed stockings and a pair of black shiny patent leather knee high boots with flat heels. She had a beautiful face with just a hint of makeup except for the bright red lip gloss which stood in sharp contrast to her black hair and snow white complexion. Her fingers were long and her nail painted a shiny color of red.

She was beautiful and she was now looking at me sitting still tied very securely to this wooden chair. I was nude with only boots and gloves on. I quickly looked down at the vibrator and blushed. Miko walked over to me and gently lifted my head, and told me not worry, she'd seen this activity before and enjoyed what I was doing. Jennifer had filled her in on all the details. I relaxed. Apparently she was more than just a photographer. It was going to be a great evening.

Miko walked around me inspecting all my bonds asking me questions about how I could do all this by myself. I answered as best I could telling her that I had years of practice. She then asked if I ready to get untied and discuss the evening events. Of course I nodded that I was. She walked over and removed the key from the chain around my neck. I looked up into her face as her stared down at my clamped nipples. She smiled. She then walked behind me and unlocked my wrists from the handcuffs. When my wrists were free, I reached up and slowly removed the clothespins from my nipples. I sucked my breath in. Taking them off was always harder. Miko continued to help me untie myself, commenting on all the detail that I had put into the tie up. If she hadn't known better she wouldn't have thought someone had done this to me vice me doing it to myself. I again told her I had lots of practice. She nodded and said that she wanted to discuss the self-bondage issue further as the evening wore on. Jennifer had told her of my experiences. Again I blushed. Miko just smiled.

When I was free, I stood and stretched. Miko handed me a beautiful short kimono robe to wear to cover my nearly nude body. It was a nice touch. I removed the gloves and laid them aside for later use. I still had the boots on. With the height of the heels, Miko and I were about even in height.

I went about the business of picking up all my bondage gear as Miko unpacked the rest of her photo equipment. We chatted about her work as a photographer and our mutual friend in Europe. Miko explained that she had met Jennifer about two years ago when she went for her interview for a new photographer opening. Jennifer saw the portfolio that Miko had brought with her and it included several photos of fetish type clothing and a hint of bondage. Miko was hired right away. It seems that Miko also started in Japan as a fashion model herself then turned to the other side of the camera when she grew tired of being bossed around. She appeared very independent and knew what she wanted. It also seemed that she and Jennifer have spent lots of time together on different shoots and somehow the subject of bondage came up. Miko had seen the different types of Oriental bondage styles and all the different bondage magazines and she was very intrigued. She started to try her hand at using some light restraints in some of her fashion shoots. Suddenly she was quite popular with a very secret crowd of people who were into bondage and wanted to see more of her work. She quickly expanded into a full bondage photographer on her own time and her work also included doing private and custom photo shoots. It was surprising to hear that most of the customers were women. With all this experience, it explained where Miko gained her knowledge from. But I now I wonder how she and Jennifer's interests in bondage fit into the puzzle. I wonder if Jennifer has ever been in front of her camera. I didn't ask. Hopefully it would come up in later discussions.

When my gear was put away, we sat together on the couch and shared a bottle of wine. Miko asked if I mined if she smoked while we talked. Certainly, I told her. Miko lit a long white cigarette and slowly blew a long stream toward the ceiling. Obviously she derived great pleasure from smoking the way she would close her eyes when she inhaled, held it, then let it out slowly. I quietly sipped my wine watching her smoke. There was something very erotic about a women who smoked like that. Miko caught my glances and smiled. I returned to my wine. When Miko crossed her legs, I noticed that she was also wearing black garters. She was obviously a women after my own heart who loved lingerie for herself.

The subject finally turned to bondage and the night's events. We discussed the different bondage positions I wanted to try that evening. I handed her my detailed list that I had drawn up last night. She looked over each scene, asking a few knowledgeable questions about each. I told her that the list was mostly guidelines and that she could use whatever she wanted to enhance the bondage and the photographic quality. Miko smiled shyly. She told me that she would see what she could do to make it an interesting night.

We got up and walked over to where my bondage gear was laid out and I quickly went through the different restraints I wanted her to use. Miko only nodded. Interesting I thought to myself. A lot of the gear was specialized but Miko didn't ask how it was used. This simple fact again tended to backup bondage experience. She must have learned a lot over these last few years.

We also looked over my array of fetish clothing I had brought for the evening. She seemed to like the latex material quite a bit. She even took the material to her nose to smell the rich latex aroma. She again smiled. She commented on all the stuff I had and was very impressed with the whole lot. Apparently she has done lots of photo shoots where the fetish clothing was the main focus and so she had been exposed to a lot of different types of fashions. It was now time to begin the nights activities and starting with the second bondage position.

Chapters 48

My second position was going to be a tight hogtie on the coffee table. For this position, I looked through my clothes' bag and removed a white spandex girdle with attached garters, black seamed stockings, a white long line bra and a pair of white elbow length nylon evening gloves. I enjoyed the restricted feeling the girdle and long line bra gives me. It really enhances the bondage when I where these foundations. Miko went about her work finishing setting up her cameras and repositioning her lights.

I sat on the bed and removed the thigh-high boots, setting them aside for later use. I first pulled on the high waisted girdle. It was a tight fit. This was followed by the stockings that I carefully attached to the four bottom garters. The long line bra was next followed by the gloves. I then reached into my bag and removed my black patent pumps with 6" heels. This outfit was straight from a John Willie photo. Miko was ready to begin when I was finished dressing. She commented on my choice of outfits and mentioned that she had seen many John Willie albums and could see the similarities and that this outfit should make for some great photos.

I handed Miko several coils of white rope. We walked over to the coffee table and she had me sit on the corner. I placed my gloved wrists behind my back palm to palm. Miko proceeded to tie my wrist tightly together. She was good and knew what she was doing. The cinches were tight and the knots were placed well up my wrist away from my probing fingers.

My elbows were next. Several coils were wrapped loosely around my arms several inches above my elbows. As Miko wrapped the cinches, she gently pulled my elbows together until they touched. The remaining length rope was wrapped under my left arm toward the front of my body, then up behind the neck and then down the front then back under my right arm. This rope was then tied off to the elbow cinch. The remaining rope then ran up to the rope that was running behind my neck. The neck rope was then pulled tight and the whole thing tied off above the elbows. This was a neat tie and the neck rope prevented any chance of the elbow cinch from slipping down, like it was really going to any way but it was the thought that counted.

A long piece of rope was wrapped several times around my body, below my breasts then continued with several more wraps above the breasts. Miko used a small rope to cinch the ropes between my body and bound arms. She then cinched the ropes between my breasts thus preventing the rope from slipping and giving the nice effect of a tight breast bondage. I was impressed. However, she wasn't done yet. She had me stand as she wrapped a rope several times around my girdled waist. She then took a long rope and tied it to the waist rope in the back, brought the rope down through my legs carefully placing the rope in the most intimate places. Miko continued up and looped the rope over the waist loops in front and then proceeded to pull the rope again back through my crotch. This time she looped the rope through my bound wrists and pulled the rope back down and through my crotch. She pulled on the rope, slowly working all the slack out the lines. This caused my bound wrists to be pulled down toward my ass. She repeated this several times. Pulling my bound wrists up only served to pull the crotch rope tighter and deeper. I just rolled my eyes. When she was satisfied with the tightness of the crotch rope, she tied the long rope off in front and proceeded to wrap the remaining length around my body and bound wrists. After about six wraps, she cinched the coils tightly between my bound wrists and body.

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This was about the tightest I had ever been tied. Jennifer was good but Miko really knew her stuff and I could see that I was in for a great night of restrictive bondage fun. She then continued with my ankles and knees. With three different ropes she tightly tied and cinched my ankles, below the knees, and the upper thighs. She stepped back to survey her handy work. She asked if I were all right, I nodded yes and told her I liked her handy work. Miko just nodded and we set about the next phase.

Miko helped me swing my body on to the coffee table then turn over on my stomach. Naturally, I wasn't able to move much at all. Miko then picked up another rope and again tied it to my elbow cinch. She then carefully raised my bound ankles and looped the rope over and through my feet and looped it around the ankle cinch. This rope was brought back to the elbow cinch and again looped around the cinch. Miko slowly pulled the rope taking out all the slack. As she did this, my ankles were drawn closer and closer to my bound wrist. Miko looped the remaining rope around my ankle and tightly knotted it on the outside of my legs, well out of reach of my fingers.

Miko walked over to my bag and pulled out my large red ball gag. She knelt down in front of me, brushed my hair away from my face, and slowly inserting the gag. When the ball was tightly lodged behind my teeth, she drew the thick black straps behind my neck and buckled it tightly under my hair. The red ball gag was in sharp contrast to the whitness of the ropes and the outfit. When this was done, she gently lifted my head and again asked if I were all right. I nodded that I was, but she wasn't done yet.

She picked up a another rope and proceeded to wrap several loops around the instep of my high heels. She cinched this tightly. This had the added effect of preventing me from removing my shoes. But that wasn't all she did with the rope. She took the free end of the rope and threaded it through the D-ring in the back of my gag. As she pulled on the rope tight, she placed her hand on my forehead and gently lifted my head back. When my head was pulled straight up, she tied the rope off. I was now quite arched and the gag was pulled deeply into my mouth. I instantly started to drool. It was very hard to swallow in this position and most of the drool just run out of my mouth. I wasn't going anywhere until Miko decided I had enough or she had enough photos.

Miko again checked all my bonds and then headed to her cameras. She turned on the flood lights and energized her strobes. She then proceeded to walk around my bound body taking photos of me from all sides. Under her direction she had me show fear, and discomfort in my eyes for several photos. She was very professional. I acted as best I could but acting wasn't really needed. This hogtie was tight and I was under a lot of discomfort and tension. All part of the game though.

When she was done with the still photos, she picked up the video camera and shot several minutes of me moaning and trying to escape my bonds. There was very little movement. I did almost fall over on my side and off the coffee table but was caught by Miko. She laughed. Suddenly she stopped moving around me and placed the camera down. She picked up a long white scarf and folded it into a three-inch wide roll. She walked over and proceeded to blindfold me. She told me that a blindfold adds something extra to the photos. Who was I to stop her? All light was gone and it was filled with loneliness and blackness. I then heard her again take a few more photos and probably a few more minutes of video.

Finally she was done, but she didn't walk over to me to untie me right away. I heard her walk to the wet bar, then light a cigarette and pour a glass of wine. She asked me if I were enjoying my birthday. Of course I was but all that came out was a grunt. Miko just laughed. Per my instructions I was to remain in the bondage for fifteen minutes after she was done with the photos. I didn't want to waste a good bondage just for the sake of getting a photo shoot done. Finally it was time for her to untie me. I was ready and becoming stiff. I loved it.

Chapters 49

She started with the rope attached to the gag. This relieved a lot of tension. She then removed the gag. My lower face was a mess from all the drool. I had even left a puddle on the table. Got to love that ball gag. The blindfold was next followed by the rest of the ropes. I laid on the table for a few minutes getting my breath back. I then sat up and rubbed the feeling back into my arms and wrists. I watched as Miko changed the film in her camera. I told her that the hogtie that she just completed on me was one of the tightest I had ever been in. Even Jennifer didn't do it that tight. I did tell her that I really enjoyed it though.

Miko handed me a small glass of chilled wine when she had finished with her cameras. I was already deep in thought about my next tie up. Miko picked up the list and read the through the next position. Next on the list was a tight spreadeagle, dressed in red latex lingerie.

When the wine was finished, I quickly undressed removing the girdle and long line bra, followed by the stockings and gloves. A quick to the bathroom to relieve those important bodily functions and I was ready to go. I then picked up a can of talcum powder and dusted my legs, arms and stomach. The rope marks from the last bondage position were still plainly visible and would probably be for several hours. I figured by the time this evening was complete, rope marks would be permanently scarred over my body. Miko was nice enough to help me powder my back. Her hands were soft and she had a sincere touch to them.

I first pulled on my pair of red thigh-high latex stockings. I sat on the bed and carefully rolled the latex up in my hands until I was able to place my foot in the bootie. I then slowly rolled the stocking up my leg until it stopped at my crotch. The other was leg was next. I smoothed the stockings until no wrinkles could be seen. Nice and shiny red from toe to crotch.

Next came the red latex leotard top. It was a one piece panty and top combination. The briefs had two soft latex plugs that would fit nicely in my most private parts. I picked up a tube of lubricating jell and quickly lubricated the two plugs. I then careful stepped into the top, and pulled it up over my breasts. I had to work the plugs into the correct position but since I had used adequate lubrication, and was still excited from the days events, inserting them was not a problem. I was so caught up in my task at hand that I forget that Miko was sitting near by. I looked up to see her smile behind a cloud of smoke. She said nothing, but instead she clicked her camera capturing me with my legs spread, bending over inserting the butt plug. I blushed, but continued.

When the plugs were in place, I pulled the top all the way up and inserted my arms into the short sleeves. I adjusted the leotard to ensure no wrinkles were present and that my breasts were correctly placed in the molded cups. My nipples were sticking through the hole in the latex cups and were protruding from my chest. The leotard zipped up the back and I walked over Miko and asked her if she would do the honors. She put her wine glass down, happy to oblige.

I stood with my arms at my side as she slowly zipped the latex outfit shut. When she reached the back of my neck with the zipper, she noticed that the zipper ended in the middle of a hasp lock. She asked if I intended to lock the outfit on. I smiled and handed her the small lock over my shoulder but told her to hang on to the lock for a moment. Miko accepted the lock and waited for the next step.

The next piece to the outfit was a red latex hood and a thick two inch rubber collar attached to the front of the hood. The hood was open faced but covered from just below my lips to just about my eyebrows. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and then pulled on the hood. My ponytail was inserted into the special hole at the top of the hood. When my face was in the correct position, I brought the two ends of the collar around to the back of my neck and asked Miko to place the ends over the hasp ring. I asked her then to now thread the zipper through the hasp ring and then lock the whole thing in place. Miko was happy to oblige. The only way the latex outfit, except for the stockings, would now come off was to cut it. Miko was impressed.

I picked up the last piece of latex gear that was going to be worn. That was a pair of long, shoulder length red latex gloves. I carefully powered my arms and inserted my fingers and arms into the gloves, rolling the latex up to my armpits covering the ends of the short sleeve leotard.

The outfit was complete. The latex hugged my skin like a glove. The feeling of restriction as I breathed in was wonderful. The plugs were constantly moving in and out with each movement and my nipples were getting hard from being forced out through the small opening in the molded latex cups. All in all, this was almost a bondage by itself. I even told Miko that I had worn this outfit, minus the hood, under my dress clothes to work and that I didn't take the key with me. I laughed and also told her that I almost had to cut it off as I forget that I couldn't use the bathroom in this outfit and that I had drank coffee all morning in meetings and had to go to the bathroom really badly by the early afternoon. I was able to leave work early and take care of the problem. Miko and I just laughed.

Now for the bondage. I walked over the bed and Miko was already standing next to it with the leather restraints in hand. I held out my right wrist and she buckled the three inch wrist cuff tightly about the wrist. The left wrist was next. She then knelt at my feet and did the same with each ankle. Each cuff had a twelve inch long leather strap attached to the outside. At the end of the strap was a large O-ring to which chains or rope could be tied as well. Besides the strap, each cuff had a hasp lock riveted to the thick leather. Miko attached a small lock to each cuff. Removal was now prevented. I should say that Miko held the keys to all these locks.

Miko picked up a long white rope and asked me to turn around. She then begin to coil the rope tightly around my waist several times then knotted the rope in the front. She then pulled the remaining lengths down between my legs and over the plugs. The rope continued up and was looped to the waist coil in the back. She repeated this a few times ensuring that each pass was ridding against the plugs. The plugs were now deeply imbedded in my cunt and ass instilling a sense of fullness. I now wished that I had installed the vibrating ones. Oh well, maybe next time. The white rope struck a sharp contract to the red latex.

Miko picked up the latex pump gag, slightly inflating the bulb to ensure it worked then had me sit on the edge of the bed. Once again the butt plug reminded me of it place in life. She slowly offered the bulb to me. I smiled at her then open my mouth to accept the latex present. Miko then drew the wide latex straps tightly about my head and velcroed then together. Velcro worked better here so I wouldn't have to lie on a large buckle. The inflator bulb was attached to the bulb by an eight-inch rubber tube.

When the gag was on, Miko told me to stand then proceeded to place two large pillows in the center of the king size bed. She then nodded and I climbed on the bed and laid on my back across the pillows. I laid in such away that the pillows were in the small of my back. This had to affect of lifting my crotch off the bed. Miko then picked up a long rope and attached one end to the O-ring in my left ankle cuff. She slowly pulled my left leg toward the lower left corner of the bed and tied it off. The process was repeated with my right leg. My legs were now spread very wide. A rope was then attached to both ankles trying to pull them together thus preventing any movement in my legs.

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I was beginning to feel that feeling of both helplessness and vulnerability again. With my rear end lifted off the bed the way that it was and my legs spread wide and secured, access to my crotch and the plugs was made very easy. I would have been the perfect target for the probing hands of Jennifer, had she been here. With the slight arch in my back, my nipples were standing straight up and were of course hard as rocks.

Miko walked up to the headboard and tied another length of rope to my left wrist cuff's O-ring. This rope was then tied to the corner post. As Miko pulled the rope taught, my left arm was also pulled wide and above my head. The right wrist was next. Again a rope was tied between the wrists to anchor the wrists in place.

Miko stood back a moment to survey her work. I was laying on a dark blue sheet, dressed in red latex from head to toe, white rope bisected my legs at the crotch and black cuffs adorned each ankle and wrist. It was then I noticed the mirror installed above the bed. I was looking at a very helpless female, spreadeagled in red latex. My excitement was building.

Miko wasn't done yet. She walked around to each restraint and begin to slowly tighten each one. I had the feeling that I was being lifted off the bed as each rope was tightened. I tested my bonds, no movement.

When Miko was done, she sat next to my head and leaned over my face. It was such a beautiful smile. She asked if I was all right and ready for the gag to be inflated. I nodded yes. She grabbed the pump carefully wrapping those long fingers with those red painted nails around the rubber pump. She slowly started to inflate the bulb that was secured tightly in my mouth. The feeling was exquisite. With each pump, I could feel my chance for calling for help being pulled away. The bulb quickly filled my mouth. Miko was watching me intently. I opened my eyes wide when I was nearing the limit of fullness. Miko stopped, then shut the valve on the pump. The air was now held in. Since the latex strap was strapped tightly around my head, and the bulb was fully inflated, I couldn't spit it out and it now formed a very effectively gag. As I turned my head side to side, the pump would flop back and forth, occasionally hitting my sensitive nipples. My eyes rolled.

Miko tested the rest of my bonds then lightly ran her fingers up the side of my rib cage, I laughed behind the gag and tried to squirm away. Yes, I was very ticklish. Miko continued up to my arm pits then now to my left nipple. She stopped just as she was about to brush across it. I moaned into my gag. Foiled again. Miko just winked at me and smiled. She knew who was in control of this situation.

Chapter 50

Miko got up from the bed and again turned on her floodlights and energized her strobes. She begin to take a whole roll of film, shooting from a variety of angles. She coached me several times in how to hold myself trying to convey that feeling of sheer helplessness, which wasn't hard given my position.

After the still photos, she then picked up the video camera and again filmed a very helpless woman dressed in red latex. She stopped, put the camera down, then walked over to where my bondage restraints were lying. She picked up a few items but I couldn't see what they were due to the position I was tied in.

When she walked around to the side of bed, I could see that she was carrying my vibrator, and a set of metal nipple clamps that were connected by a small chain. She was also smiling, yes, this was on my list to be done. She pushed the vibrator under the rope leading from my waist to my crotch right on top of my pubic bone. The vibrator was placed at a ninety angle to the ropes and about four inches up from my crotch. It was obvious that when the vibrator was turned on the ropes would transfer the vibrations to the plugs. I could hardly wait.

Miko picked up one of the rubber tipped nipple clamps and played with them before my eye. She told me she had always wondered what these felt like. She tried one on her finger then asked me if I wouldn't mind if she tried one on her nipples. I just nodded my head in the yes direction. I could not say no could I? Miko put the clamps down in her lap and I watch in fascination as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders. She was wearing a skin-tone colored half bra that hooked in front. She unhooked the bra and pulled the cups to either side. Her breasts were beautiful, full, and firm. Her nipples seemed to stand out like erasers. However, what caught my eye were the silver nipple rings pierced just behind each nipple. Miko saw the look and pulled on each ring gently said that she got them pierced while she was in Europe last year. It was the "going thing" to do. She also said that her nipples had become more sensitive after they were pierced. I was intrigued. I wondered if anything else was pierced, but Miko didn't elaborate. I had always enjoyed nipple play and had seen the many photos of women with different body parts that were pierced but this was the first time I had seen them up close, on a real person. I had always thought that they would be a great bondage anchor device, almost better then nipple clamps.

Miko picked up the nipple clamps and gently pinched and caressed her nipples until they were standing straight out. She then carefully attached a clamp to each nipple. I heard her sucked in her breath as the clamps took hold. When both clamps were on, she gently pulled on the connecting chain to see what pulling felt like. She turned to me and smiled. She could see why I liked to use the clamps so much. They did keep my mind on my breasts. She let go of the chain and quickly removed the clamps. They weren't on long enough to get that second rush as the blood flowed back into each nipple. She then proceeded to lightly caress and squeeze my left nipple waiting for it to become hard. It didn't take long since they were already very sensitive due to being squeezed out the latex cups. I closed my eyes. No other female other than Jennifer had ever touched me in this way. My excitement grew with each caress. When the nipple was very hard, she quickly attached the clamp. I too quickly sucked in my breath. The right nipple followed but this time she took her time with the caressing. I opened my eyes and looked at Miko. She was smiling at me while she was doing it. Kind of pleasure in one and an erotic pain in the other. My brain was receiving mixed signals. It stopped suddenly when she attached the clamp to my right nipple. Miko then picked up the connecting chain and gave them a quick pull to check to see if the clamps were secure. They were.

Miko pulled a small rope from her pocket and tied one end to the middle of the connecting chain. She then tied the other end over my head to the bed's headboard. She pulled the rope taught until I was arching my back to keep the tension on my nipples to a minimum. She tied the rope off. With my arms and legs pulled to the four corners and now my nipples tied to the head board, very little movement was allowed. Only my head could move from side to side and lift up slightly. With each movement of the head though, the inflator bulb would flop side to side, only this time it would come in contact with the nipple chain and send small shock wave though my breasts.

Miko sat next to me on the bed and again slowly tickled my underarms. I tried to squirm but this only caused me to pull harder on my nipples and the clamps weren't coming off. She lightly drew her fingers across my face tickling my nose then she reached down and quickly turned on the vibrator, high at first. I jumped with surprise. The feeling was wonderful. With the bondage, nipple clamps, plugs, and now the vibrator, I was working my way up to a super orgasm.

Miko sensed this and shifted the speed of the vibrator back too low. I moaned. Just enough to tease but not enough to push me over the edge, at least not yet. Miko got up from the bed, and again took several more photos followed by several minutes of video. She left me to stare up at the mirror in the ceiling and stew in my own heated passion.

Chapter 51

In the mirror, I saw a brightly clad latex covered girl stretched out on the bed, with a white crotch rope, black gag, and white vibrator sitting just above my crotch. Very little skin was showing, just the inch or so above my stockings, and the area around my nose and eyes. I was the picture of sheer helplessness. I moved against my bonds in hopes of shifting the vibrator to a different location. No luck. Miko was very good at her bondage an she was also good at the art of teasing. All I could do was sit and continue to stew. The orgasm was starting to build. As the orgasm built, so did the body heat. Latex feels wonderful but it contains the heat. I could feel myself sweating and little beads of sweat were forming on my brow.

After several minutes, Miko walked over to the foot of the bed with a tripod and the VCR camera mounted on top. The camera was tilted so that I filled the viewfinder. She started the tape rolling and the walked over to the side of the bed and reached for the vibrator. She quickly shifted the speed too fast. Orgasm was now on its way. I was lost in sexual bliss, I could tell I was very wet and the ropes leading to my crotch were adding to the feeling of restraint and fullness. Miko quietly walked into the other room. I was oblivious to her presence.

After several minutes, I raised my head and looked into the cameras. I wanted to show Jennifer that I was enjoying myself. Suddenly, my eyes rolled back into my head and one of biggest orgasm I've ever had in while hit me. My head was spinning. I was bucking but going nowhere. The movement pulled on the nipple chain and thus my nipples, but that only served to enhance the feeling of erotic discomfort. It was like heaven and hell.

When I finally calmed down, and opened my eyes, Miko was smiling at me over her cigarette and drink. She told me she counted four orgasms from the just the sound. I nodded weakly. At least four I thought.

She put the glass down and asked if I were ready to be set free and ready for a rest. Again I nodded weakly. She first turned off and removed the vibrator. It felt strange not to have the constant vibration between my legs. Then she untied the rope attached to my nipple chain removing the tension but leaving the nipple clamps attached. She reached up and opened the pump value and deflated the bulb filling my mouth. She reached around behind me and removed the latex gag; the bulb was a sodden mess. Miko carefully wiped away all the drool that had built up on the outside of my face under the latex gag.

She then quickly walked around and released all the ropes from the corners of the bed. I was now free. Miko pulled the keys off a long neck chain she had placed around her neck, and proceeded to unlock and remove all the cuffs. I got up from the bed slowly. My knees were a little weak. I stretched to relieve the tension in my joints. Miko walked up behind me untied the knots to the crotch rope and allowed me to take the rest off by myself. All this time the nipple clamps were still attached to my nipples and the chain was hanging down between them. I then reached up and slowly removed the nipple clamps, gritting my teeth as the blood again flowed back in.

As I stood there slowly rubbing my nipples back to life with my gloved fingers, Miko unlocked the small lock holding the zipper and collar in place. She then unzipped the leotard. I carefully removed the hood setting it aside. The gloves were next, followed by the thigh-high stockings. Finally the leotard was slowly removed. The two plugs made sucking sounds as I removed them. I blushed. Miko was working on her camera and didn't seem to notice. No question about it though, I was wet.

I turn all the latex inside out to allow it to dry. Tomorrow I would have more time to properly clean the material. These latex items were very expensive and needed good care to make them last.

Completed with the disrobing, I was standing nude next to the bed. Miko walked over and handed me the kimono and a glass of water. I headed to the bathroom to freshen up. My thoughts were already thinking about the next scene on the list, a nude suspension, but my mind also kept returning to those beautiful silver nipple rings I had seen in Miko's nipples.

Chapter 52

When I returned, Miko had set out a plate of cheese and fruit to snack on. I was hungrier than I had thought. Bondage can sure drive a woman to eat. We sat and snacked for several minutes talking about the Miko's work, the fashion industry and other small talk. I wanted real badly to ask Miko lots of questions about her rings. It got the best of me, so I asked her. Miko smiled and told me how she got the rings, who did the piercings, and how much they hurt when she got them. I did manage to ask her if she were pierced in other places as well. Miko again smiled and stood up and pulled her blouse out of her skirt and lifted it up for me to see the silver ring in her naval. She also pulled her suede skirt up showing off her beautiful black garter belt and panties. She then lowered her black satin panties down to expose a nicely trimmed bush of pubic hair. She was beautiful. There were two silver rings, one each inserted her through each of her labia. I was fascinated. They were stunning and were in sharp contrast to the white skin and black pubic hair. They were heavy rings and Miko told me that once the piercings had healed, they could be played with during sexual activity without having to worrying about tearing. Miko demonstrated by gently pulling on the rings. Just thinking about the possibility of using the rings in bondage was getting me very excited. I would have to do more investigation into this piercing idea. Miko pulled her panties back up and straightened her clothes. She then sat back down and finished her wine. We continued to chat about different aspects of bondage and the of course her piercings.

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Finally we went over the next scene in some detail. I had wanted to do the whole scene nude, but Miko suggested that I might want to wear my long black kid leather gloves. She stated the contrast would look great in the photos and on the video tape, and the gloves would also serve to provide better protection for my wrists. That's exactly why I like the gloves myself. I quickly agreed and went to retrieve the gloves.

As I put the plate of food away, Miko was setting up two small step stools in the center of the room. She then placed a large hook in the ceiling in a hole that had been pre-drilled before I arrived. I had wondered when that had been accomplished. Evidently this room had been used before. I had to remember to ask Jennifer about the hotel suite when she returned. Miko then attached hooks to the floor under the ceiling hook. These were special hooks that grabbed on to the carpet and as long as tension was applied, they would stay hooked. She then set about rearranging her camera lights for this scene.

I was now rested and ready to begin. I pulled the gloves on, smoothing them above the elbow. Miko walked over to me holding my special suspension bondage mittens and a red ball gag. These cuffs were designed to allow the wrist to hang naturally and spread the weight evenly over the whole wrist, and since they were a mitten style glove, my hands and fingers would be encased in a leather pouch and would thus be useless to me. Attached to each cuff was a long (8"), thick leather strap that ended in a two inch thick metal ring.

I held out my left wrist and Miko proceeded to pull the mitten on and strap the keeper strap tightly about my wrist. A small padlock ensured that it wasn't coming off. The right wrist was secured in the same manner. I was already very helpless. Yes, I could still walk around and talk but the mittens prevented me from opening anything like a door or picking up something like a key.

I turned around and Miko held the ball gag to my lips. She softly inserted the ball until it was resting comfortably behind my teeth. I leaned my head forward and she buckled the gag tightly under my hair. It wasn't coming off. She checked the tightness of the ball and lightly caressed my gag lips. With the mittens on, I couldn't unbuckle the gag and the size of the ball combined with the tightness of the black strap prevented me from spitting it out.

I followed Miko over to the step stools and carefully climbed up to the top. I held onto Miko's shoulder as I climbed up. Miko, climbed up on the other step stool and locked each ring, attached to my cuffs, to the hook using a large padlock. Again the keys were on a chain hanging around her neck. Miko climbed back down and moved her stool aside. She picked up two six-foot lengths of small diameter soft cotton rope and tied one end of each rope to each of my big toes. Miko gently tickled my feet as she did this. I smiled behind my gag.

Miko walked around in front of me and checked to see if I were ready for the next step. I nodded yes. She told me to lift up on the straps and take my body weight off the stool. I did so and Miko quickly removed the stool. I slowly let myself down. I was past the point of no return. I hung there with my feet about six inches off the floor.

Miko then pulled one of the ropes attached to my big toes and threaded its end through the hook in the floor. She pulled carefully causing me to spread my leg out wide. She then tied the rope off. She repeated the operation with the other leg. I was now suspended and spread open. Helpless, yes, excited, you bet.

Miko stepped back and surveyed her work. She asked me to struggle, watched for a moment then stepped forward to tighten the ropes attached to my toes. I was now pretty strung out. I couldn't raise up and I couldn't reach the lock, not that I could open it anyway with the mittens locked on, besides all that I was now drooling around the ball gag, and it was dripping on my breasts. Such humiliation, I loved it. Miko noticed, smiled and told me that the drool and the wetness of the skin would look good in the photos. She turned to pick her camera and commenced shooting more pictures. She walked all around me taking photos from all angles. Miko even laid on the floor below me and shot a few photos looking straight up between my legs. She told me to try to look down into the camera. She told me that she could get my crotch, and breasts, and my gagged face in the shot. I could hardly wait for the photos to get done, but I still had to concentrate on the problem at hand, total helplessness, spread wide open and lots of tension in my arms and wrists.

Chapter 53

Here I was suspended by my wrists from the ceiling of a suite in a large hotel. I was gagged tightly with a large red ball gag, nude except for gloves. I was being photographed by a beautiful Japanese photographer who controlled the keys to my freedom. WOW! What a place to be in.

Following the still shots, several minutes of video were shot to document the position. I moaned into the gag and tried to scream, giving some realism to the video. Miko looked from behind the video camera and asked if I were all right. I nodded yes and started to laugh. Miko laughed also and said that I was having too much fun and that she need to enhance my bondage. What could I do except agree, since I wasn't going to stop her?

She set the camera down and walked over to my pile of restraints and picked up a short rope. She walked over behind me and tied the rope tightly around my waist. She then pulled the remaining length of rope down between my spread legs. With her soft fingers, she carefully spread by labia apart and drew the rope tightly between them, placing it right on top of my clit, I closed my eyes. She then took the rope from between crotch and tied several knots in the front. She then pulled the rope back through my pussy lips with the knots now strategically centered on all the sensitive places. Miko then brought the end of the rope up and tied it off to the waist rope in front, pulling it tight forcing the rope deeper between my pussy lips. I caught my breath. This was a very tight crotch rope.

Miko stepped back and smiled. Something was still missing she said and walked over to look through my bag for other toys. She picked up two metal nipple clamps that had a six-inch spring attached to the ends. Small fishing weights were connected to the springs. I watched her closely. I had hoped some nipple play would happen, but I didn't write that into this script for some reason. I figured that the suspension would be enough erotic torment.

Miko also picked up another small rope and walked over and pulled the stool up behind me. I wasn't sure what was she doing. I felt her tie one end of the rope to the back of the crotch rope. Then I heard her step on the stool. Miko then begin to braid my hair, which was now at the mid-back length, into a long pony tail. I knew what was coming. Finally, she tied the other end of the rope to the pony tail and gently pulled the rope tight. As she did this she gently pulled my head back until I was looking almost straight up at my bound hands. The rope was tied off in several knots. Any movement by my head only served to pull the crotch rope tighter. What a way to be tied?

AS Miko stood behind me, I felt her run her fingernails lightly up my rib cages. I struggled, but to no avail. Her fingers continued up until the were on either side of my breasts. She slowly then reached around and gently cupped each breasts, as if she was determining their weight. Her index fingers gently teased each nipple. Miko leaned over and whispered that Jennifer had told her that she really loved my breast. Miko could see why. I just moaned into my gag. As quick as the caressing started, it stopped and I could hear Miko climbing down off the stool.

Miko moved the stool out of the way and walked around in front of me. She just stood there and admired me. She then proceeded to gently pull my labia apart and attached a nipple clamp to each pussy lip, one on both sides of the crotch rope. I was surprised. I hadn't ever tried this before and the feeling was a weird sensation. Miko stepped back and commented that this should hold me for while. She was right. All I could do was moan into the gag. She walked away from me but not without giving me a sharp slap on the butt. I jerked in surprise, but to no avail. I wasn't going anywhere.

Chapter 54

All I could do was hang there. I tried to lower my head but it only served to pull the crotch rope tighter. Movement was very restricted. With each try at moving, the clamps attached to my pussy lips would start to swing, pulling them back and forth causing the bite to increase. What bondage. I just there hung in defeat. I gave up to the bondage, don't I always? Miko wasn't done yet. I now got my wish for a little play as she placed a wooden clothespin on each harden nipple. More moaning escaped my lips.

Miko had picked up her camera again and started to shoot more photos. Close ups on the crotch rope and clamps on the pussy lips were first on the list, followed by the head bondage. Following the still shots, she again filmed about five minutes of video. Finally she was done. I had only been hanging about 15 minutes but it seemed longer. My arms were asleep and the clamps on my pussy lips were throbbing not to mention the clothespins on my nipples. The ball gag seemed to be growing as I moved my head and I was still drooling all over myself. Humiliation was also apart of the bondage fun. I was ready to be let down. Now where was Miko? I moaned into my gag, no response from her. Did she leave the room? I tried to shift my weight but again it only served to pull the crotch rope tighter against my clit and caused the clamps to again start to swing. I closed my eyes and waited totally surrender to my bondage. Next time, I would have to consider a blindfold to increase the sensory deprivation.

Suddenly I felt a cool soft hand on my ass. It was Miko. She was there. I heard her move the stool over next to me. She then told me that she was about the take the clamps off my labia. I moaned. I knew what was coming. She asked if I were ready. I moaned yes. Miko slowly unclamped the first clamp. The blood returned, and so did the familiar sharp pain the same that happens in the nipples. It quickly died down to a dull roar. The other one was next. I held my breath. When they were off, Miko gently massaged the two small indentations left behind until the blood fully returned to the area. The tingling never seemed to stop. She then picked up a knife and cut the two ropes tied to my big toes. I was now able to once again bring my legs together. Miko walked around me and untied the rope attached to my pony tail. The tension on the crotch rope lessened. She moved the stool under my feet and helped me to lift myself up. I then stood on the stool as she pulled the second stool next to me. Miko climbed up and unlocked the locks that attached me suspension cuffs to the ceiling. I looked at her over my ball gag with much relief. Miko smiled.

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She helped down off the ladder, then unbuckled and loosened the ball gag. It came out with a pop! Again she wiped my chin of drool. Finally she unlocked the cuffs and I could remove the bondage mittens. I reached up and slowly removed the clothespins from my nipples, rolling my eyes as the blood returned. I rubbed my arms as Miko untied the crotch rope and let it fall to the floor. As I stood there, she knelt and untied the small rope still wrapped around my big toes. I was free. I fell on the bed exhausted. That was some bondage position and hard work to boot. Miko quietly picked up the restraints and returned then to the suitcase for later use. Miko then gently lifted each arm and removed my leather gloves. I opened my eyes and smiled. I needed a small rest. My arms were still a little weak and my pussy lips were sore from the clamps. I reached up and lightly caressed my nipples, they were sore also. I would have to remember to use those pussy clamps on Jennifer next time we were together. Miko smiled and said it was Jennifer's idea to have her try them on me. Pay backs would be hell upon Jennifer's return.

Chapter 55

After about 20 minutes, I looked over at the clock and it said that it was only 8:30 p.m. and I still had three bondage positions to go. I laid on the bed thinking of the next scene that was outlined on the sheet I had given to Miko. It was one of Jennifer's favorites, the straitjacket and hood. The thought of all that leather got me going again and making me very wet.

I got up from the bed and walked over to snack on some cheese and sip some water. I must of lost some my shyness as I didn't even put the kimono on this time. I stayed nude until the next scene. This didn't seem to phase Miko at all.

I discussed with Miko that last scene and my thoughts. I told her that near the end when I couldn't see her and I was getting tired, I was starting to worry that she had left and was leaving me to hang. I smiled. Miko assured me that she would never do that and was watching me from the other side of the room wondering what was going through my mind. It's funny what goes through a person's mind when in that position. I half laughed and told her that maybe I let her try a position or two. Miko nodded and just smiled behind those beautiful brown eyes. I'll just tie and be a photographer she told me, for now.

Miko picked up my list and we discussed the next scene. This one was not that stringent but was mostly an isolation type bondage. It also served to surround me in leather, a thought that sent a shiver down my naked spine.

I downed my last bit of water and walked over to where my clothes were. I picked up my thigh-high boots, sat on the bed and pulled them on. The leather felt very tight and natural as I pulled them up to my crotch. The six inch heels made walking more difficult but I had many years to practice. The straitjacket was next. One of my favorite toys.

Chapter 56

I picked up the black leather straitjacket as Miko walked over to me. I unbuckled the straps and opened the collar. The smell of leather was superb. The aroma of the leather was also combined with a slightly musty smell reminding me of its previous use. Miko examined the jacket closely. While she did that, I picked up two little plugs that I was going to wear while in the jacket. I quickly lubricated the plugs and inserted them. Miko watched in fascination. This time I didn't even blush. I was very comfortable with Miko being there.

Miko walked up to me and held the straitjacket open. I slipped my arms into the long leather sleeves. Miko pulled the jacket over my shoulders and closed the jacket and began to buckle the five thick straps across the back. The straps had roller buckles and made tightening each very easy. Miko made sure the straps were tight and as each buckled was pulled, the straitjacket began to mold to my body. When she had finished the back straps, the small half inch collar was next and this closed the top of the jacket snugly, but comfortably around my neck. This prevented me from pulling the jacket down. Finally Miko reached between my legs and pulled the crotch strap back and up and buckled it its retainer and keeper in back. She pulled this one tight, forcing the plugs deeper into their wet cavities. I sighed. This jacket was starting to bring back many great times that Jennifer and I had over the last few years. I stared out the window at the setting moon. . .

Chapter 57

I can remember when it first arrived. It had taken about six weeks once I ordered it. When I opened the box, the thick smell of leather filled my nostrils. I picked it up and opened the back admiring all the buckles and especially the craftsmanship. I put my arms in the sleeves and tried to imagine how it would feel tightly buckled in the leather. I called Jennifer right away and she came over when she was done with work a few hours later. It was a long wait. I even had to handcuff myself a few times just to keep me from playing with the jacket, and myself for that matter.

When she arrived, I showed her jacket and with a gleam in her eye she told me to strip completely and hold my arms out. I quickly complied with her wishes since I was only wearing a pair of panties and bra. In a few minutes, I was strapped tightly in the jacket, it was wonderful. Jennifer picked up another short strap from my box of restraints and quickly crossed and secured my ankles. I was now her prisoner and loving it.

Jennifer picked up a roll of grey duct tape and tore off a long strip. She picked up my moist panties and told me to open up. I smiled, licked my lips and opened wide. She proceeded to stuff the panties into my mouth then place the long strip of tape over my lips. I was now gagged. I could have worked the tape off if I wanted but I didn't, the gag was more for show than anything else. Of course it was quite an evening. I think I spent about four hours that night in the jacket. Jennifer even served me supper while bound. Finally she let me go, kissed me goodnight and went home. It was a super night.

After that night, we used the jacket in many of our bondage games. Most of the time it was used when we wanted to do overnight bondage or for longer times in confinement. I have worn the jacket to drive in movies, long drives along the coast, and I have even worn it while horse back riding. Dressed in nothing but riding boots and straitjacket with plugs inserted can make for a very interesting and exciting ride. Jennifer has even got to wear the jacket several times, and yes even while horseback riding except I added a blindfold and had her sit backwards on the horse. That was some day. . .Miko lightly tapped me on the shoulder and softly asked me what I thinking about. I smiled and related the horseback riding scene with Jennifer. Miko just smiled and slowly shook her head.

Chapter 58

When Miko had finished pulling the crotch strap tight, I was standing with my arms at my side encased in the black leather sleeves. The sleeves were about eight inches longer than my fingertips. Attached near the end of the sleeves, was a wrist strap. This was another special modification I had installed when I custom ordered the jacket. These wrists straps were buckled about the wrists over the leather sleeves. The wrist straps prevented me from slipping my wrists and arms back through the sleeves, not that it was possible anyway when the back was buckled shut but it just added to the secured feeling. In addition, with the leather sleeves firmly strapped against my wrists, better leverage is obtained when the sleeves are buckled tightly behind me or in front of me.

Miko walked around in front of me ready to continue. I lifted my arms and she tightly buckled the wrist straps thus forming kind of a mitten. The sleeves ended in long thick leather straps about three feet in length. I crossed my arms across my chest, below my breasts, tightly hugging myself, and Miko brought the left strap behind me and buckled it to its keeper on the left side of the jacket in back. She did the same for the right. She then slowly begin to tighten each strap until all slack was removed. It was like a warm snug embrace. I tried to move around in the jacket but there was very little room. A very secure feeling added to that warming effect between my legs.

The keepers attached in the back were on swivels and allowed the arms to be buckled in front as in a normal straitjacket restraint or across with are arms crossing in the back. This too was a very secure position but not as comfortable. It did allow for great access to the special zippers that were strategically place over the nipples.

Miko walked over and picked up a set of metal police ankle cuffs with a twelve-inch chain separating the cuffs. She knelt at my booted feet and locked a cuff around each ankle. I was very effectively hobbled, what with the chain and the six inch heels of the boots. Now for the gag and hood.

Miko smiled and asked if I had followed Jennifer's instructions to the letter. I smiled back and nodded. She asked where was the small plastic bag that contained my gag filling. I laughed and told her that it was located in the side pocket of the clothes bag. Miko searched for a few seconds and found it. She held up the clear plastic bag and look at the panties. She laughed too. Inside the bag was a pair of my black nylon panties that I had been directed to wear all day Friday at work. It was one of those subtle instructions that Miko mentioned before she hung up on Thursday, the chastity belt also. In fact, I hadn't removed them, until I arrived at the hotel this Saturday afternoon.

Miko removed them from the bag. They were still damp and my sex could be smelled across the room. Remember, I was very excited after I had talked to Miko that first night. Excited and wet. I also wore them under the tight chastity belt last night when I was typing out the details to all these bondage scenes. Yes, these were going to make a great gag.

Miko also picked up a role of half inch wide black electrician's tape, my leather discipline hood, a roll of wide grey duct tape, and my set of sponge rubber ear plugs. She smiled as she walked back to where I was standing.

I sat on the bed and Miko torn off a piece the electrician's tape about ten inches long. She had me open my mouth wide and she then formed a loop in the tape and placed the loop in my mouth. She then stuck the two ends of the tape to both sides of my cheeks. Miko then removed the moist panties from the bag and then slowly stuffed them into my mouth. She made sure to turn them crotch side out and insert the moist crotch first. The loop in the tape served to prevent the panties from being stuffed too far into the mouth causing me to gag or choke under the hood. When all of the panties were in, Miko torn off a long piece of duct tape and applied it across my lips holding the panties in. She tore off another piece and taped this one under my chin and up the sides of my face. This served to force me to bite down on the gag. I tried to push the panties out with my tongue. No luck.

Miko climbed up on the bed next to me and carefully inserted the ear plugs. The sound in the room was now muffled. She then proceeded to pull the hood over my head smoothing the leather across my face. She pulled carefully until the hood was in place and she had carefully lined up the oversize breathing holes over my nostrils. This hood had no openings for the eyes or the mouth, only the smaller ones for ease of breathing. When she was sure I was breathing normally, she then begin to lace the hood closed. She drew out all the slack from the hood. It became like a second skin. I couldn't hear anything at all now because of the ear plugs and the thickness of the leather hood. Miko tapped me on the shoulder twice. That was our signal to see if I were all right. I nodded, I was. When she finished lacing the hood shut, she tied the laces in a large bow at the base of the neck. She then pulled the two-inch collar that was attached to the front of the hood around my head and buckled it shut. She then fed a small lock through the keeper thus preventing the hood from being removed. The laces were locked under the collar. Cutting was the only way possible to get the hood off without the key. The bondage for this scene was complete. I sighed. I loved this feeling.

Chapter 59

There was no light, and little sound. The aroma of the leather was overpowering. I loved it. The taste of the panties was familiar, mine, of course, but I did miss the taste of Jennifer's. She often used her panties as a gag, when she didn't want to use the ball gag. Unfortunately Jennifer didn't leave any of her wet panties to use this time. I wondered if Miko would lend me hers? Oh well, too late.

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Combined with the tight embracing bondage of the straitjacket and the high boots, the feeling of restraint was almost complete. Usually Jennifer also binds my legs and ankles in several places but for this scene I wanted to be a little more mobile, at least for the start.

Miko guided me over to the center of the room and left me there. I slowly moved in a circle trying to see where she had gone. All sound was muffled. She must have been off to the side with the camera. Occasionally she would touch my arm and position me in a certain way to enhance the appearance of my bondage and helplessness.

Finally I felt her hook a chain on the large D-ring attached to the leather collar on front on my hood. She pulled gently forcing me to follow. I walked carefully in the high-heeled boots and hobble chains. She must have walked me over to the wall and hooked the chain to the wall. When I tried to move, I couldn't and I found that I was restricted to only a few inches in any direction with the wall being in front of me. More photos I guess were taken. Again, I was left by myself. Just me, the leather, and the two plugs strapped deeply in their wet, warm, hiding places. Now I had wished that I had chose to use the vibrating plugs. At least I would have added some additional stimulation to this scene. I did this scene because I did like the isolation and I knew that Jennifer like the straitjacket. Oh well, maybe next time.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably five to ten minutes, I felt Miko unhook the chain from the wall and pull me along to my next position. Being in the hood didn't allow me much input to any of these positions. I had to rely on Miko's artistic eye. I only specified the jacket and hood, I left the positions up to Miko.

Miko must have lead me back to the center of the room. She then gently pushed my upper body forward as if she wanted me to bend over. I did. It felt like I was leaning over something and it felt like the back of a chair. I felt the chain attach to my collar go taught. When I tried to straighten up, I couldn't. I was stuck. I felt Miko attached a lock to my short hobble chain and lock the chain to the leg of the chair. I wasn't going anyway without the chair going with me.

This position left me open and my ass free and I'm sure Jennifer would have used it to her advantage. With the hood on, combined with the ear plugs, most of the sensory input was from smell and feel. The leather smell was strong and I could feel the cool air blowing on my naked upper thighs just above the boots. In fact, the only skin showing was a small section just above the boots, below the straitjacket and of course the checks of my ass. Suddenly I felt a swat on the ass. I jerked in surprise. Then another. This wasn't in the letter. It stopped with three. The swats didn't hurt too much but were more of a surprise. Obviously, Jennifer had given Miko additional instructions that I didn't know about. Pay backs would be hell to say the least. I was again left alone to struggle in my bondage. I presumed that Miko was taking more photos and lots of video tape of this particular scene for Jennifer.

After a while I felt Miko unlocking the hobble chain from the chair. She then unhooked the leash from the chair that was holding me bent over. I stood while she removed the chair out of the way. She gently helped me to the floor. As I sat down, the butt plug was pushed deeper in its hole. I moaned, but was sure Miko didn't hear it, panties, tape and a tight leather hood does wonders for noise. She patted my hooded head twice. Yes, I nodded, I was doing ok.

Miko gently pulled my booted legs up to the bent position with my knees spread wide. The cool air blasted on my wet inner thighs. I felt her pull the leash that was still attached to my collar and clip it to my hobble chain thus forcing me into a ball, a ball of black leather. She then got up and walked way. More photos I guess followed.

After a few minutes, I started to rock back and forth and suddenly fell over to my side. I couldn't move at all, and Miko didn't come to my recuse. She must have filmed the whole thing. I could see Jennifer now, laughing at my predicament. Still, she wasn't there to pick me up. I tried to move around but only managed to turn over on my back. I rested as my breath was restricted due to the hood and I tried to relax. I must have been some sight. A ball of black leather trying to roll on the floor. Finally, I felt Miko unhook the leash from my hobble chain, thus allowing my to straighten out my boots legs. I felt her unlock the ankle cuffs and remove them. She helped me to then stand.

She walked around behind me and unlocked the small lock on the back of the hood. Once the collar was free, she untied the laces and loosen them. She carefully pulled the hood off. I squinted in the bright lights. I was soaking wet from sweat. She removed the ear plugs and then pulled the duct tape off my lips and chin. She then slowly pulled out the wet panties. I had definitely got my fun out of those. The black loop of tape was last. I breathed deeply. Next to having my mouth stuffed with wet panties and tightly taped shut, the feeling of relief I get when they get removed is almost as good.

Miko then finished unbuckling the straitjacket, releasing the wrist straps, then unbuckling the crotch strap. The plug in my pussy slipped out due the wetness. Both Miko and I laughed. Miko held the straitjacket open and allowed me to remove my arms. I reached under my crotch and carefully removed the butt plug. It too was dropped to the floor. I would clean up the mess in a minute. I needed a shower and to use the bathroom now! The wine was going right though me. Having to pee and being in bondage can really make the time go by very slowly. I picked up the plugs and headed to the shower. I told Miko I'd be back in a few minutes. Miko said sure, take my time but don't forget to take my boots off. I almost forget. I laughed and sat on the bar stool and removed the boots. Miko just smiled, lit a cigarette and sat on the couch. I watched as she pulled her booted legs under her. I then turned and disappeared into the bathroom to a much needed shower. Two more scenes to go I thought with the strappado being next on the list. Being restrained with the single glove was also one of my favorite pastimes. I could hardly wait.

Chapter 60

Once I finished with the shower, I returned to the living room. Miko was still sitting on the couch but next to her was my black single glove, my 18" spreader bar, and my ball gag. It seems that she had already looked ahead to the next scene and got the restraints ready. She was admiring the single glove and its construction. Yes, it was very secure I told her.

I walked over to the clothes bag and pulled out a pair of black seamed stocking, black garter belt, and a pair of black g-string panties. I also picked up my black patent opera pumps. These had six inch stiletto heels and made standing and walking a challenge. They were great foot bondage devices which was exactly why I choose to wear them. Hobbled in very high heels is almost at good at tying the ankles tightly together.

I returned to the end of the couch next to Miko and set my stuff down. I hooked the garter belt around my waist, straightening the garters as I went. I sat down and carefully pulled the stockings on ensuring the seams were straight and down the middle of the back of my legs. I attached the stockings to the four garters, two for each leg. Miko watched patiently sipping on her wine then got up and went to the bathroom. I then slipped on the pumps followed by the panties. Miko quickly return and sat down next to me and we went over the next scene again.

When that was finished I watched as Miko went over and started moving the small step ladder back to the middle of the room. She picked up a long rope, stepped up on the ladder and threaded it through the hook in the ceiling. I smiled. I knew what that was for.

Miko came over and we again discussed a few more of the details. I did ask her about the three swats on the ass I received during my last bondage position. I was right. Jennifer had left word to make it "fun." I was beginning to wonder what else Jennifer had planned for Miko to try that night.

Chapter 61

Miko asked if I were ready to go. I just smiled and walked over to the single glove and picked it up. I carefully unbuckled and unzipped the glove about half way down to afford easier access. On impulse, I walked back over to my bag of restraints and pulled out a nine inch long, one inch wide, leather strap. I handed the strap to Miko and asked her strap my wrists together palm to palm before I was zipped into the glove. Miko just shook her and with a smile, took the strap and turned me around. I placed my wrists behind me palm to palm and Miko did the honors, tightly strapping them together. She then turned and picked up the single glove and held it open behind me. I lifted my arms slightly and she began to pull the soft leather glove up my arms. When the leather was above my elbows, and my fingers were touching the bottom of the glove, she began to zip the glove shut. Miko carefully pulled my elbows together as the zipper moved up. Finally the zipper reached the top. My elbows were now very close together.

At the top of the glove was a small strap that she buckled by first threading it through the hasp in the zipper. She then buckled the strap in its keeper. With the zipper secured this way, it would not slip down and the leather strap helped to remove the tension from the zipper.

Also, attached to the top of the glove on both sides were two long black leather straps with several holes drilled along each length of leather. The left strap was pulled under my left arm up and above my left breast across my chest and pulled over my right shoulder. It was buckled to the top of the glove on the right side. The same procedure was followed for the right strap. The glove was now help up by these straps that criss-crossed above my breasts. This prevented the glove from slipping down my arms. The final restraint attached to the glove was a two-inch wide leather strap that was tightly buckled around my wrists on the outside of the glove. This strap had a hasp buckled and Miko locked this strap in place with a small lock. I always did enjoy this glove. This glove forced my elbows together and caused my breasts to stick out, but what was nice about the glove was the tension of the arms was spread out up and down the arms and not just concentrated on the wrists and elbows. I could actually wear this type of bondage longer than with very tight ropes.

Miko walked over to the restraint bag and removed a set of leather shoe cuffs and a two inch locking collar. The shoe cuffs were a special design made up of a regular leather ankle cuff but had an extra half inch strap that was riveted 90 degrees to the ankle cuff. Miko came back over to me and knelt down and attached a cuff to each ankle, she then drew the shoe cuff down under the heel of my pump and back up to the other side of the cuff. Both were fed through the hasp. The other ankle followed in the same manner. She did not lock the cuffs as of yet as I still have a few more items to go yet and I did not want the spreader bar between my ankles as of yet. Standing the my legs spread and these high heels would have been difficult. Miko then stood up and next locked the collar around my neck, again using one of the small padlocks. This collar had a large D-ring attached to the front which would be used later.

Miko picked up the red ball gag and I carefully followed her on my high heels to the center of the room. I turned and placed my back to the rope that was threaded through the hook in the ceiling. Miko attached one end of the rope to the large D-ring that was a part of the single glove attached at the finger tips.

Miko next walked back to the couch and picked up the spreader bar and returned to me. She bent down and locked one end of the bar to my right ankle. She then carefully had me spread my legs and then proceeded to lock the left ankle to the other end of the spreader bar. With the ankle cuffs and shoe cuffs locked on, I couldn't remove my shoes. Foot bondage at its best I thought to myself.

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Miko stepped back and looked around. She asked if I were ready to continue. Yes, gag away I told her. Miko stepped forward and carefully inserted the red ball into my waiting mouth. She firmly lodged the ball safely behind my teeth. She then drew the black straps around my head and buckled the gag tightly at the nape of the neck, taking care to move my hair out of the way. Out of nowhere came a hand that started to tickle my sides. I laughed but was unable to move away due to the spreader bar and the height of the heels. Miko just laughed. Jennifer must have told her I was ticklish, especially under the arms and on the rib cage. She stopped and promised not to take to much advantage of my helplessness.

Miko stepped up to the rope and slowly began to pull. As she did, my gloved arms were slowly drawn toward the ceiling and my upper body was bent forward. She continued to pull until my body was at a 90-degree angle and my gloved arms were straight up and down. She then tied the rope off several feet about my wrists, no chance for escape.

Chapter 62

This position was very stringent and left a girl open too almost anything. My rear end was fully exposed as was my pussy and inner thighs due to the spread of the legs. My breasts hung down and the nipples were pointed at the floor. A sight of shear vulnerability was the picture that entered my mind. I especially like this position and Jennifer seems to prefer this one when I tie her up. I'm not sure why she likes it so much, but I do get the chance to really tease her when she tied like this. If I don't use the single glove, I'd just use lots of rope. Jennifer is also very flexible and she can get her elbows together behind her. She looks very good in the high heels and strappado.

Miko picked up her camera and started to take photos. She walked all around having me pose with my head in various angles for effect. Video followed the still photos. She made sure that she got the close ups on my face as I started to drool around the ball gag.

Miko set the camera down and rummaged through my restraint bag once again. She came up with my leather blindfold and a long leather leash. She walked over and buckled the blindfold tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was a wide strip of very thin leather that had a triangle cut out for the nose to protrude through. When the blindfold was in place and buckled, no light penetrated the leather and since it was so thin, it molded to my face. I was now sightless.

I felt her then clip the leash to my collar then wrap the other end over my spreader bar several time. She pulled slowly until I couldn't bend down any further. She then tied the leash in place. So far so good. I couldn't raise up or move down. More photos followed of the tighter bondage.

As she was taking photos, I was getting the feel of my restraints. Tight and very secure. My arms were pulled high over my head and my shoulders were beginning their dull ache. My feet were getting sore due to the height of the heels but I couldn't remove them due to the shoe locks. Not bad I thought, bondage at its best.

Suddenly, I heard a buzzing or humming noise. Ah, Miko was going to play with my vibrator. But no. The humming stopped. I felt a cool hand on my right breast. It gently rubbed my nipple, bringing it to full attention. Then I felt her pull the nipple slightly, followed by the sharp biting sensation of a nipple clamp. This clamp was slightly more weighted than my normal clamps. The left breast and nipple were next. As I moved, the clamps would swing back and forth increasing the attention paid to the nipples. I could not stop the movement. I could only moan into my gag. I could also feel that my inner thighs were becoming moist.

Chapter 63

Miko walked around behind me and tied a rope around my waist looping it several times about my body. She then pulled the rope from under my waist through my legs carefully burying the rope deep in my crotch taking care to spread my labia to ensure the rope hit the most sensitive spots. Again, she then quickly removed the rope and added several knots. Miko then replaced the rope ensuring the knots were in their correct places. They were. The end of the rope was then fed up to the D-ring on my single glove and tied off tightly. Now any movement by my arms was instantly felt on my pussy. Miko walked away. Not a sound could be heard.

Suddenly, the nipple clamps started to vibrate. What a strange feeling. The bite of the clamps had dulled somewhat but now was increasing again. Along with the bite was the stimulation. I moved my body in response causing the clamps to swing and the crotch rope to be pulled tighter. I was in heaven. Miko was once again taking photos. I was lost in my bondage. Many times while I was in this position, Jennifer would use my chastity belt and plugs to keep me on the edge of orgasm for hours. The vibrating clamps were new, and I enjoyed them. Now I wished for a vibrator in other places. I would have to use these clamps for my own self-bondage fun in the future.

I could feel my sexual urge starting to grow. I was also drooling but couldn't stop it. The clamps on my nipples stopped vibrating. I moaned. Another swat to the ass. Then more vibrating. I pulled on the crotch rope. I was getting close. Suddenly, no more vibrating and Miko cut the rope leading to my crotch. The pressure was gone. Damm! Foiled again.

The bondage scene was over, for now. Miko released the clip on the leash that was attached to the collar. She also removed all the crotch ropes. I felt her reach up and untie the rope attached to the ceiling. She slowly lowered my arms. I was now able to stand up straight. Miko over walked behind me and unbuckled the gag. The ball came out with a pop. She used her hand to wipe off the drool, the hazards of such a position. I asked her if the spanking and clamps were also one of Jennifer's little tricks for her to pull on me. Miko just laughed and this time said no, it was her idea.

Miko unlocked the small locks on my ankle and shoe cuffs and removed the spreader bar. She then removed the blindfold. I looked down and saw the nipple clamps still attached to me nipples. Attached to the clamps was a small egg vibrator. The two small eggs were attached with a long wire that led to the control box that Miko was now holding. She smiled and turned the control back on. The vibrations started again in my nipples. The feeling was wonderful, my eyes rolled. She stopped the control box and walked up and carefully removed the clamps. Yes, of course they hurt more when they come off. Miko gently massaged each nipple to get the blood flowing. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed.

Miko then walked behind me and started to unstrap the single glove. She unlocked the wrist strap, followed by unbuckling the shoulder straps, she then she unbuckled the zipper keeper and unzipped the glove and removed it. She leaned over and picked up the restraints from the floor and put then back into the bag. I was still bound at the wrists with the leather strap. Miko turned and laughed. Sorry she said, smiling. I walked over to her and she unbuckled the wrist strap. I was now free. I looked at the clock. 11:00 p.m. with one more scene to go. I was tired. I didn't know bondage modeling could be so rough.

Chapter 64

I walked over to get a drink of water while Miko changed her film. I also noticed that she was putting a new video cassette tape in the video camera. I didn't realize that she had shot over two hours of video. It would be some video to watch.

After the drink, I returned to the restraint bag and begin to pull out the items that I wanted to use for my last scene. This would be my favorite as I had planned to conduct a full self-bondage scene for the camera.

I picked up several long leather straps, my head harness ball gag, the thin leather blindfold, a set of handcuffs, a set of thumbcuffs and a set of keys. I also picked up my leather chastity belt, my locking collar and a couple of small locks. I walked over and placed all this material in a small pile in the middle of the room. Miko had moved a small stool next to the pile of material. She then sat on the stool with her camera ready for me to begin.

Chapter 65

For this last scene, I wanted her to photograph all aspects of a complicated self-bondage tie up. All the way from the dressing up part, setting up the safety devices and getting free after I was done.

I begin my fun by slowly going through my clothes' bag and removing the things I wanted to wear. First was my leather corset. Black in color and heavily boned, it fit like a glove from just above my hips to just below my breasts. The cupped inserts pushed my breasts up making them firm and very sensitive. The corset had six garters attached, three for each side. Second was a pair of black crotchless, high waisted panties. I choose crotchless due to use of my special chastity belt and one plug. I like high waisted because it gives that older John Willie or Irving Klaw look. Finally, I picked up my long kid leather gloves and my black thigh-high boots.

Miko was walking around shooting photos of me from every angle. I was still wearing the stockings, garter belt, G-string and high heeled pumps from my last bondage adventure. The black stockings would be the only piece of lingerie that I would wear again.

I took the lingerie and walked back over to the couch. I removed my pumps, followed by my panties. Then I unhooked the garters and removed the garter belt. I picked up the high waisted panties and slipped them one. The boots were next. I really enjoyed these boots, especially the way the leather came right up to my crotch. "Pussy Scratcher" is a term that I've heard come up in conversation. The heels were about six inches in height and walking in them was an art. I had requested good sturdy leather when I had custom ordered them and this sturdiness played to my advantage. With the boots on and zipped up, bending my legs at the knee was hampered. Trying to bend down to get on the floor, or get up for that matter was always more difficult with the boots on. When I first got them, they were as stiff as splints and made for a great leg bondage. This was the third time tonight for the boots and each time got better.

Now for the corset. Since the corset was boned so heavily, I had to put the boots on first as it would be more difficult to reach down and zip them up after the corset was on and laced up. I stepped into the corset and pulled it up over my hips. I had to do this was because I couldn't lace all the eyelets behind me by myself. Once the corset was pulled over my hips and into its natural position, I reached behind me and carefully begin to tighten the laces shut. This was not as easy as it may seem. I couldn't see behind me and was constantly retightening laces that I had already done. I have done this many times in the past so it just took a little patience. Miko was still walking around taking photos as the opportunity arose. She commented that I was very talented and it showed the many years of self-bondage practice.

Finally the corset was as tight as I was going to get by myself. A reduction of 3 inches was the best I could do, but it was enough to labor my breathing and hamper me in trying to bend over and look at my toes. My breasts were again pushed up very high making them very firm and the nipples hard. I sneaked a quick pinch of each nipple. I looked up to see Miko smiling behind her camera. She had caught me on film. My face redden but it was too late.

I picked up the gloves and walked over to the pile of restraints on the floor. Miko put her camera down, lit up a cigarette and walked over to me and sat on the stool. She wanted to watch me set up the keys that I would use for my later release.

I picked up the set of handcuffs and thumbcuffs and check that the keys worked. The first step in safe self-bondage. Of course they did and I had several more sets of keys in the restraint bag in case these failed. I handed the cuffs to Miko to hang on to for a few moments while I went to retrieve a couple pieces of string, a small one inch metal ring and an ice cube from the refrigerator located behind the wet bar.

Chapter 66

When I returned with the ice cube, Miko wanted to know how I put the cuffs on during the self-bondage and still ensure that I was able to get free. I smiled. I showed her the key hole on the cuffs and how it was important that it be placed in the correct direction when they were locked on. Miko nodded, blowing a long stream of smoke towards the ceiling. Obviously, she was curious, or so it seemed, so I pushed a little farther. I then demonstrated unlocking the cuffs by securing them on my wrists in front of me. With the key, I was quickly able to open them. I also demonstrated the technique used with the thumbcuffs. These were a little more tricky as I had to use just use my two index fingers to guide the key into the hole. However, once in the hole, it was very easy to unlock my thumbs.

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Miko seemed fascinated. She wanted to try, so I locked the handcuffs on her slender wrists. She still held the cigarette between her two fingers. It was an interesting combination of white skin, silver metal bracelets, the long white cigarette, and the red nail polish. Miko took a last drag of her cigarette, this time having to bring both hands to her face, because of the cuffs and then walked over the ashtray and put it out. She returned to the stool where I handed her the key. She tried for a few minutes and finally got the key into the hole and unlocked the cuffs. She was proud of herself. The thumbcuffs were next.

Once again she was able to get the key into the hole after several attempts but the cuffs were in front of her and she was able to see the hole. I told her the challenge was to try it behind her, where she couldn't see the hole. Feeling with her fingers would be the only way to do it. Miko smiled. She picked up the handcuffs, checked the position of the hole as I had showed her, locked one cuff on her right wrist, then drew her arms behind her and awkwardly managed to get the cuff locked on her left wrist. I laughed, she was now my prisoner. Miko laughed also. I handed her the key and she tried several times to get the key into the hole. She dropped it twice. I could see that she would need lots more practice so I just let her play for awhile.

Chapter 67

As Miko sat on the stool trying to unlock her wrists, I set up my key release device. Miko laughed said she would go back in a few minutes and take more photos just as soon as she got free. I smiled.

I tied one end of the smaller string to the metal ring. I then moved the other small step ladder over and carefully climbed up the steps and attached the other end of the string to the hook in the ceiling to which I was just hanging from in the single glove. The small metal ring was now about 6 feet off the floor. I stepped down and moved the step ladder out of the way. Miko was still trying to unlock the cuffs, laughing all the time. I half jokingly told her she sure was making lots of noise over there and that maybe I would have to gag her to keep the noise down while I worked. Miko smiled, and then said sure, how about the red ball gag. I was taken back, but quickly nodded and walked over to the restraint bag and picked up my medium sized red ball. I walked back over the Miko and told her to open up. She laughed, but opened her mouth wide. The ball slipped easily in behind her teeth. I brought the two black straps around her head and buckled them tightly at the nape of the neck, taking care to move her hair out of the way.

I stepped back and looked at my newly bound friend. The red ball gag was in sharp contrast to her white complexion and jet black hair. Miko smiled above her gag. She continued to try and unlock the handcuffs with the key. I asked her if she care to try a blindfold too, but she just shook her head no, playfully, and continued to play with the keys. While she did that I continued to work on my safety device and release mechanism.

Chapter 68

I now walked over and dug up another set of keys since Miko was still trying to get free with the first set. I walked back over to the metal ring and tied the one end of other string to the new set of keys. The other end of the string was made into a loop that could be tighten. I slipped this end over the ice cube that was already starting to melt. I frowned. The cube had melted to much and I needed to get another one from the ice box. Miko watched as I retrieved a new ice cube. I again slipped the loop over this new cube. I pulled on the keys and the ice cube was pulled up to the metal ring. The ring was small enough that the ice cube wouldn't go through. Therefore the key would stay suspended about 5 feet off the floor until the cube melted and the keys, under their own weight, would fall to the floor.

From experience, I knew I had about fifty-five minutes until the cube would melt enough and the keys fall to the floor. It was time Miko got free and started to photograph again. Any more time wasted would require me to switch out the ice cube once again.

As I was approaching Miko to free her, she laughed. She had done it. Her left hand was free. Not bad I told her. Too bad, it was so quick, I wanted to get her picture while she was in bondage. Miko tried to talk behind the gag, but I wasn't able to get much out of her. I reached around behind her and loosen the buckle to the ball gag. Miko reached and pulled the ball from her lips and told me to go ahead and get her camera, she would recuff herself for me. Miko replaced the ball gag and reached behind her head and rebuckled the gag tightly in her mouth. I walked over to the table and picked up the camera and walked back to where Miko was sitting. She was just finishing up locking her wrists behind again. I took a few photos from different ankles. Miko just smiled into the camera trying to play the helpless victim. I told her she didn't look helpless enough and did she mind if I maybe unbuttoned her blouse and freed her breasts from her bra. Miko smiled behind the gag and slightly blushed. She nodded her head yes. I walked over to her and slowly unbuttoned the silk blouse. Miko watched as each button was undone. Her breathing was very slow. I also told her I really liked her nipple rings and wanted to see them again. She smiled the gag and nodded.

When her blouse was unbuttoned, I pulled it off her shoulders. Miko just looked up into my eyes. I then carefully unsnapped the bra and pulled the cups aside, freeing her breasts. Her nipples were standing straight out. I stepped back and took a few more photos including a close up of her nipple rings. Miko started to drool around the ball gag and the drool was dripping on to her breasts. This made for a very erotic photo. I shot a few more photos of her nipple rings and breasts. I told her that the rings and of course her breasts were beautiful. Miko just blushed. I walked up to her and asked her if I could touch them. Miko just looked at me above the ball gag and nodded. I took each nipple ring between my fingers and felt the weight of the ring lightly brushing my finger across her nipples. They were rock hard. I was surprised how sturdy the rings felt. I pulled on the rings slightly. Miko had here eyes closed, I stopped and asked it she was alright, she nodded but didn't open her eyes. I leaned forward and lightly kissed her on the forehead. I told her thank you. Miko opened her eyes and smiled behind the gag.

Chapter 69

As she sat there, still topless an idea came to me and I walked over to the restraint bag and picked up the set of vibrating nipple clamps and walked back to Miko. She sat wide eye, but still laughing. I turned them on and felt them vibrate and smiled at Miko. Miko got up from the stool and started to walk away laughing all the time. I laughed. I was just kidding anyway. I dropped the clamps on the floor. I walked over to her and quickly rehooked her bra and pulled her blouse back on her shoulders. I turned and picked up the keys. Miko walked over to me and turned around. I unlocked her handcuffs. It was my turn to do the self-bondage I told her. Miko reached up and unbuckled the ball gag and removed it. She was drooling again. Now she knows why I drool so much when I'm gagged. What a feeling huh? Miko threw the ball gag back into the restraint bag reached down and picked up the nipple clamps. She smiled. Maybe later, she told me but first we have to finish the shoot. She was once again the photographer and I was once again the victim.

Chapter 70

With the key now set up, I was ready to begin the final adventure for the evening. Miko was taking several photos of the key release device then she asked me if I wanted to pose in my boots and corsets. She told me she wanted to get some more of the fetish type-dressing for pleasure photos. I agreed and thought it would be fun.

Miko asked me to put on my gloves on to complete the outfit. I did so. I was now a vision of black leather. Between the boots, corset, and now the gloves everything was black. It was also tight fitting, and I loved it. I posed sitting on the stool, bending over the stool, with my leg crossed and even with a glass of wine. Miko asked me if I mind holding a lit cigarette. She said that it would give the photos a "classic" look and the smoke would add to the surreal background. I quickly agreed.

Miko walked over and removed a cigarette from her purse and lit it blowing a thin stream of smoke towards the ceiling obviously enjoying the feel. She then handed it to me to hold showing me how to hold the cigarette between my index and middle fingers. I held the long white smoke between my two fingers of kid leather. The contrast was very sharp and the rising cloud of smoke casted an eerie feeling. Miko took several more photos of me dressed in my leather holding the cigarette in a variety of typical positions. She told me that I looked the part of a stern dominatrix and the cigarette added to the part. I had to agree with her statement. I always felt that when I watched Jennifer smoke, she really got into the part of being dominate. There was something that smoking added to the scene. Kind of a "bad girl" image as she was tying me up. I smiled. Me, a dominatrix huh? And to think this "dominatrix" is about to tie herself up for the camera. It was ironic to say the least. Miko finally finished this portion of the photo shoot. I handed the cigarette back to her and she took one last drag and then put it out. She told me she hated to waste a good cigarette.

Finally Miko told me to begin with the self-bondage and she would try and capture all the aspects and techniques. We discussed how long I had before the key fell to the ground and that if she wanted to speed things along by putting the key on the floor a few minutes after I finished, I would understand. It was getting late in the evening. Miko just smiled and told me to wait and see how things went.

I took one last sip of wine and set the glass down. I walked over to the pile of restraints and picked up the chastity belt with the one plug, the set of handcuffs that Miko was playing with, and two small locks. I took all this to the bathroom. Miko followed with camera in hand.

I removed my gloves and set them down on the bathroom counter top. I then proceeded to strap the two inch waist belt tightly around my waist over the corset. Attached to the belt in back was a long one inch crotch strap. It just hung between my booted legs for now.

I picked up the plug and showed it to Miko. She took a few photos then asked to see it. I turned it on for her and she just smiled. I explained to her the how the vibrator worked and that once turned on, it would randomly turn off and on for several minutes. It can be such a tease. It was a special order for a small company overseas. The batteries would last about ninety minutes. Miko just smiled, and told me that the vibrator was almost as good as a man, sometimes on, sometimes off. We laughed. The batteries would last for more than enough to get through the night's last scene. The vibrator would at least keep the bondage interesting.

I quickly lubricated the plug, carefully centered it and then inserted it. That feeling of fullness was once again present. Miko was on her knees in front me taking several photos. I just smiled at her and told she was really a pervert. She laughed and said that Jennifer would really like these photos also.

I reached through my legs and pulled the strap up back toward the front of my waist. Before I buckled the strap to the front of the waist belt, I reached down and turned on the vibrator. It started instantly. I caught my breath. I then brought the strap up to my waist belt and threaded it through its keeper and hasp. I then locked the belt tightly in place. The one inch crotch strap was buried deep between the folds of my labia. The plug was not coming out.

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Chapter 71

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. The corset was sleek and very restrictive and was in sharp contrast to the whiteness of my firm breasts. I slowly cupped and each breasts as if I was judging their weight. My fingers glided over each nipple bringing them to full attention. This slow build up prior to the actual self-bondage fun was most enjoyable. Miko stood back and continued to take more photos.

I reached down and picked up the handcuffs and another small lock and locked the cuffs to the D-ring attached to the back of the chastity belt. When my wrists were locked in the handcuffs, my arms would be effectively tied to my body. I smiled at Miko. I was ready to begin the next phase.

I picked up my gloves, turned on my heels and headed out of the bathroom with Miko in tow. She commented on how she liked the way the leather strap was in sharp contrast to the cheeks of my rear end. I just turned and smiled at her telling her that it feels even better than it looks.

As we walked, Miko asked me what happens if the key doesn't fall or I can't find it etc. I told her that sometimes I call Jennifer to stand by for me and that if I didn't call her back in a few hours, she was to come over and help me. Jennifer likes these games and has at times shown up early to take advantage of the situation. Miko nodded. I also told her about the back up safety that I use. In fact, if she wanted to photograph it, I'd set up for her. Miko agreed.

I walked over to the wet bar and pulled a large glass pitcher from the cabinet. I filled it with water. I then placed the pitcher on the edge of the wet bar. I walked over to the restraint bag and pulled out a long thin rope and another set of keys that opened my handcuffs and thumbcuffs. I tied the keys about twelve inches from one end of the rope. I then tied that end of the rope to the handle of the pitcher. The rest of the rope was draped out on the floor. Miko took several photos. I explained to her that if something happened and the ice and key device didn't work, I could struggle over to the pitcher and pull the key down. The consequences was that I would probably break the pitcher and spill the water. I also explained to her, that at home I use oil, or grape juice that would really make a mess so it would have to be a real emergency for me to get this key. Obviously I wouldn't choose to use a glass container because I would have to crawl through broken glass to get to the key. Having the consequences of a large mess makes me think twice about trying to take the easy way out of my bondage. Being tired is not one of those things that I count as an emergency. I told Miko that I have been lucky to date and haven't had to use this device. Miko just smiled in amazement. Never had she realized all the details and fore thought that someone could put into tying themselves up. I smiled, stepped back and shrugged my shoulders. A fetish, that's what it was called.

The ice and key device was just starting to make a small wet spot in the carpet. It was time to begin the bondage fun. At this point, I usually check the doors locked and the curtains drawn but with the location of the penthouse and the fact that Miko was there, I didn't worry about them this time.

I walked over to the center of the room and carefully sat on the floor next to my pile of restraints. Sitting down was difficult due to the boots and the restriction of the corset. Miko hovered around in the background taking both photos and video as needed.

I picked up the first long strap, crossed my booted ankles and begin to wrap the black strap tightly around my two legs just above the heels. I stopped often to catch my breath. I just loved corsets, just like boots, they are almost a bondage by themselves. I quickly buckled the strap using the roller buckle. I repeated the same process with additional straps just below and above the knees and then one last one on my bare thighs above the boots. My legs were now one piece of black leather boots and straps. I explained to Miko that being cross ankled like this made standing almost impossible especially with the stiffness of the boots and the height of the heels. She nodded in agreement.

I next picked up the collar and buckled it around my neck. A small pad lock secured its position. I was explaining each step to Miko as I went along. I then picked up the thin leather blindfold and was ready to begin the final steps.

I put the gloves across my lap for later retrieval and checked to see that the ball gag and thumbcuffs were within easy reach. I placed the blindfold to my eyes and brought the two straps around my head and buckled them tightly. The thin leather molded to my face sealing off all light.

I mentioned to Miko again that after she had the photos and the video she wanted, she could go ahead and get the key for me and we would wrap up the evening. Miko said ok and continued to snap photos. The gag was next.

Before I gagged myself, Miko asked me why I like gloves so much. I told her they added to the fetish look, protected my wrists, and they made opening the cuffs a little more difficult due to its harder to find the key hole with the gloves on. I also told her, I'd show her later when I was free. Miko said she was looking forward to it. She laughed.

I picked up the head harness and ball gag and placed the ball to my wet lips. This ball was medium size and would fill my mouth completely. Just as I was about to insert it, Miko asked why I was putting the harness over the blindfold. I smiled and told her that it tended to keep the blindfold in place better and that this way I couldn't remove it by rubbing it on the carpet. Such tricks I have, she told me.

I inserted the gag and it came to rest in its familiar resting spot behind my teeth. I buckled the two straps tightly behind my neck over my hair. I pulled the head harness up over the top of my head and buckled it to its keeper that was also attached to the neck strap in back. The harness straps were attached to either side of the ball. It framed my nose and pressed directly on the blindfold. The last two straps where buckled under my chin forcing me to bite down on the ball. I tried to open my mouth and speak, only garbled words came out. Miko told me that it seemed to be a very effective gag. I nodded, then tried to laugh, not much came out, yes it was.

I picked up the last long strap and wrapped it loosely around my upper body, over my arms and above my breasts. I buckled this comfortably tight. This was not a great arm bondage but good enough. I couldn't make it as tight as I usually like because then I would not be able to move my arms behind me to use the cuffs. To keep the strap in place, I picked up a small two ended clip and fed one end through the metal buckle of the strap and the other end I clipped to the D-ring on my collar. As I rolled around on the floor, this would serve to keep the belt from sliding over my head. I have invented a way to do the same with an elastic strap behind me but decided not to use it tonight.

I could hear Miko still taking photos in the background. Occasionally she would tell me to stop moving and ask me to turn this way and that to get a good look at all the bondage restraints. She then told me to continue with my self-bondage adventure.

Chapter 72

I picked up the long leather gloves and pulled them on the appropriate arms. I smoothed the leather tightly pulling it up to almost my shoulders, interlacing my fingers to ensure the leather was tight. I was ready for the last few steps.

I tested all my bonds for comfort to ensure that nothing was going to stick or poke me. The tight bondage would be enough for the rest of the evening and I didn't want any additional discomfort to go along. One nice thought though was the vibrator was still going strong, shutting off and turning on, slowly teasing me. I knew that once the bondage was complete, I would be able to concentrate on the sexual feelings starting to well up inside of me. This foreplay of tying myself up always got me excited and any additional stimulus only added to the mounting fun and wetness between my legs.

Once the gloves were on and pulled tight, I picked up the thumbcuffs, felt for the hole to ensure it was facing the right way, and locked one side on my left thumb. I pulled my arms back behind me and felt for the handcuffs. I took a deep breath and locked one cuff on the right gloved wrists, followed shortly by the left wrist. I then quickly secured the right thumb in the thumbcuff and locked it tight. Bondage complete.

The only differences in the this adventure, this evening, as compared to other times with my self-bondage was that I didn't use a butt plug this time nor did I use any nipple clamps or clothespins. I would save them for another day. It was the photo set that I was really after.

I sat there for a few minutes getting use to the new bondage. Sitting straight up was kind of difficult due to the constriction of the corset and I wasn't able to do much with bending my knees. The boots were stiff and I had ensured that the knee strap was pulled tight. My kind of bondage.

Miko was still walking around taking photos from all sides. She continued to talk me through different poses but mostly she just shot what she saw. The camera stopped and she mentioned that a few more minutes of video would be all that was needed until I started to get free. She asked if I was ok. I nodded that I was. I rolled over on to my stomach and again tried to bring my booted legs up to my ass. It was difficult and I was glad I didn't decide to use a hogtie today. My body was already going to be sore from all the different bondage positions I'd been in today.

Miko must of put the camera down, because I heard her lite up a cigarette and exhale. She was watching me. It was kind of exciting to know that someone was watching me do this kind of bondage.

I next heard what sounded like Miko starting to put her materials away. The warmth from the lights was now gone which meant she was breaking down her spots. I probably had about thirty more minutes until the ice melted or until Miko finished cleaning her stuff up. There wasn't much I could do, so I just laid on the floor trying to get free. The vibrator was doing its excellent job of teasing me to death and laying on my stomach was causing me to flatten out my breasts giving them that crushed feeling. I was starting to get warm inside. Now I was starting to hope that Miko wouldn't untie me until I had a chance to get rid of some of this sexual tension that has been building since the last bondage tie up. I can still remember those vibrating nipple clamps and the very tight crotch rope.

I realized suddenly that all sound in the room had stopped. Miko must have left the room for a moment. I continued to struggle pulling hard on the waist belt hoping to pull the plug deeper into my already wet pussy. The vibrator kept turning off at the wrong time. It was getting me very sexually frustrated which, I guess was why I spent so much money on its design. Its these moments that make for great memoirs.

I heard Miko returning to the living room , but she was talking to someone. I blushed. I didn't know she was bringing someone else up her. No one talked back. She was on the phone. I listened carefully. Words like, "tightly bound and gagged", "key was frozen", etc. The conversation was about me. I was beginning to wonder who she was talking to. I didn't have to wait long. Miko walked over to me and helped me to sit back up, then to semi-stand up and helped me to sit on the stool. She placed the phone next to me ear. A very familiar voice said hello. It was Jennifer!

Chapter 73

Miko must have called her after I was done with my self-bondage. Jennifer wanted to know if I had enjoyed my evening of bondage modeling. I moaned a yes into my gag as best as I could. Trying to talk only made me drool more around the ball gag. Miko took the phone away and told Jennifer the different positions that I had picked. She also described my current bondage position and the clothing I was wearing. Miko told her that it was all on tape for her to see. The photos would be ready in about one week and there would be about two hundred of them. I was impressed. Miko mentioned that she would send Jennifer a set of the photos after I had seen them, along with a copy of the videos with my permission of course. I nodded in agreement since talking was out of the question. This was turning out to be a very special birthday evening but it wasn't over yet.

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Miko placed the phone back to me ear and Jennifer told me that she had one more little surprise for the evening. I listened and if I wouldn't have been blindfolded, you would have seen a look of both utter surprise and shock. I couldn't believe my ears as to what Jennifer had planned for me, or better yet what Jennifer had planned for Miko to do to me. I moaned into my gag but it was to late, Miko had taken the phone away and was telling Jennifer that all her instructions would be carried out as she had requested. Miko then said good bye and hung up. I was shocked but of course helpless to stop Miko from carrying out Jennifer's devilish plan for the rest of my birthday present.

Miko laughed. She told me that she was removing the key from the ice release device and had already picked up the pitcher of water, my back up safety device. My beautiful Japanese friend now controlled all the keys and my freedom. I sat there in sheer shock and also heighten excitement. With what Jennifer had planned for the rest of the evening, I didn't need to vibrator locked between my legs to keep me excited for the rest of the evening.

Miko then told me that she had placed a set of keys on the floor somewhere in the living room. It was now my job to try and locate them. The way I was tied, I would make moving very slow and since my hands were gloved, and locked to my waist, only very small areas could be searched at a time. Add this to the fact that I was blindfolded with no reference at all to where the rest of the furniture in the room was located and I was stuck, but that wasn't all to this evening's problem. I listened carefully as Miko picked up and dialed the hotel housekeeping service and requested that the room be made up at six o'clock the next morning. Six sharp as the room was going to used for an important conference at seven.

Now I had some incentive to find the keys. If I didn't get free before six in the morning I would be found by the maid who was now scheduled to clean the room. That would be very embarrassing to say the least. Besides being at the mercy of another stranger, she could call the cops, and have me thrown out. No telling what would happen then. All I knew was that I had to find those keys.

Miko told me that it was about 12:30 am and she had unplugged the phone. She also told me that since she was leaving for the evening, she had tied the spare key and long thin rope that had been tied to the pitcher of water, to the fire alarm by the front door. If I really wanted out badly, I could get the key and cause the alarm to go off, and of course bring lots of help and other things I'm sure. Miko also said that she would return at 6:15 am in the morning to check and see what the maid found. Miko joked that maybe the maid would be late. She laughed. She then walked over to me, bent down and lightly kissed me on the forehead. Happy birthday she said from both Jennifer and her. She also told me that she hoped that we would play again in the future. Miko then got up and headed out. I heard her lock the door behind her. I was all alone.

What a feeling. Complete shock and excitement. I almost had an orgasm just thinking about the rest of the night, the unknown, the anticipation. My nipples were rock hard, and now I wished I had used the nipple clamps because I couldn't get to them the way I had tied myself. I would just have to wait for the morning to come. I shook my head. What was I saying, waiting for morning to come? It was not suppose to be like this. I did not write this in to the script yesterday.

Chapter 74

I sat there for a minute trying to digest what just took place. Here I was all bound and gagged, by my own hands no less, sitting on a stool located in the middle of a hotel suite with no way to get free except to try and crawl all over the floor hoping to find a key that was supposedly place somewhere on the carpet. This was a large room and bound the way I was, I knew that moving around would be very slow and cumbersome. This made the room seem that much bigger. With my ankles crossed and tightly strapped, combined with the stiffness of the boots, trying to sit up was nearly impossible. With my wrists locked in the handcuffs, and my fingers stuffed inside a pair of leather gloves, trying to feel around on the carpet for a small key might take all night and may be next to impossible. All I could do was try. The alternative was to be found in the morning by the maid and no telling what might happen there. I had little choice except maybe to pull the safety device Miko had set up and cause the fire alarm to go off. That would be more trouble than its worth.

I carefully tried to stand up and found that the crossed ankles again did their charm. Standing was all but impossible. I carefully bent my legs and slide to the floor. I had to be careful and not roll over on to my back. I didn't want to fall on my handcuffs and inadvertently tighten them a few more clicks.

Once on the floor, I slowly started to make my way in a direction not really knowing what lie ahead. At least I would hit a wall or another piece of furniture and would have a starting point.

The movement was going slow and the vibrator was still going strong, when it was on. All the movement, combined with the restrictions of the boots and corset, and of course the teasing of the vibrator was starting to have an effect on me. I was sweating, and my breath was getting shorter. I realized that soon I would be over taken with sexual passion and there was very little I could do to stop it. Even though I knew that I might find the key to get free by the morning, the thought of being discovered and then publicly humiliated is something that has always intrigued me about self-bondage.

Many times I have thought of the idea of going to a motel room in some out of the way place, putting myself in some restrictive bondage and setting up the safety to release the key just before the maid comes to clean the room. The thought of being caught is part of the excitement and fun of tying myself up.

Many thoughts have run through my mind while bound and gagged by my own hand. What if I'm caught by a neighbor or the maid? Will they understand what has happen? Will they ran and get help? Or will they maybe smile to themselves and decide to play? Nothing excites me more than the thought of being discovered by a unknown person and that person having their way with me and I'm not able to tell who it is. I'm ravaged, teased, and brought to the brink of orgasm several times and then finally taken over the edge. Then nothing! Whoever was there is gone and I am once again left alone with my ropes and gags. Who was that masked person? Those thoughts continued this evening as I moved slowly about the room.

I continued to move throughout the room, inch by inch. I was only able to crawl on my stomach and my side and when I did move forward, my breasts were rubbed across the carpet. More stimulation was nice and it made for incentive to keep moving. I couldn't lay on my back and move around, because of the handcuff issue and the possible tightening problem. Even if I found the keys, if the handcuffs were too tight, I wouldn't have the play in the cuffs needed to position the key in the hole, so this option was ruled out right away. I had wished now that I hadn't been so cute and put the blindfold under the head harness, I might have been able to rub it off. But not this time. No, I was way too good for that.

The blindfold made all the distances that I traveled seem like miles. I continued to try and feel around on the floor for the key, using my booted feet to see if I might hit the key and make it jingle or something. No luck. I was growing weary. I had been bound and gag in a variety of ways tonight, most very stringent and tiring. I was slowing down.

The vibrator continued to work and do its job, the bondage was still very tight. With the looming thought of being discovered in a few hours my sexual passion was soon on the rise again. I decided that I would at least go out with a bang. I pulled on the cuffs trying to pull the crotch strap tighter. It was working. I rubbed my breast and nipples along the carpet to further the stimulation. The vibrator was still turning on and off and I was timing my thrust with each cycle of vibration. Orgasm was quickly approaching. I pulled harder. I tried to bring my legs up to a hogtie. That feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. I bit hard on my gag and screamed. I exploded. Stars shined everywhere behind the blindfold. I screamed into the ball gag again. I'm sure no one heard me, but I didn't care if they did. I was floating in heaven. I really didn't care who found me now, this was what bondage was all about, erotic stimulation.

The first orgasm was followed by at least three more smaller ones, each taking my breath away. Finally I was through and exhausted. I rolled on my side. Sleep came quickly. I'm sure the dreams of tight bondage, Miko, her silver nipple rings and the soon-to-find-me maid would make for some nice thoughts and dreams.

Chapter 75

They were such nice dreams. Miko was talking to me telling me how beautiful I looked in bondage. She was smiling and also holding five hundred feet of rope ready to once again take my freedom away. I could hear her voice just as if she was standing next to me, in fact she was.

Someone was softly stroking my head. "HOUSE KEEPING" I thought I heard. I raised up in surprise, but of course I couldn't move, the bondage was still there and now it was taking its toll on my body. My shoulders were sore from the bondage and my jaw hurt from the ball gag.

My shoulder was being softly shaken. The words "wake up" and "are you ok" were slowly registering behind the blindfold and in my brain. I was stiff and sore, but suddenly wide awake. Who was here? I struggled, but the bondage was too good, I did it my self, I smiled inwardly, another perfect plan. But where did this plan take me this morning?

I felt my cuffs being unlocked. I just laid there. I was embarrassed to be discovered by anyone else. The straps on my ankles and legs were loosen and removed. My gag was being unbuckled. First the chin strap, followed by the head strap were unbuckled. The ball gag was last. I was wet from all the drool I must have been doing when I fell asleep. The ball came out with a pop. I licked my lips not really knowing what to say.

I just sat there. The vibrator was not going any more. It must have ran out of battery life. That meant that I had been on the floor for at least ninety minutes or more but since the maid was here it had to be morning and that meant that I was bound for the last six hours or so. My blindfold was slowly loosen. It was slowly removed and I had to again squint from the overhead lights. The blindfold was dropped in my lap. I quickly turn and stared in a beautiful smiling Japanese face who was hold a camera. Snap! A picture was taken. Miko was here with me.

Chapter 76

Miko smiled and asked if I was ok. I nodded slowly as I rubbed my gloved wrists and then wiped the drool away from my lips. The ball gag had done its job once again.

I asked her for the time. She told me was about 3:00 a.m. I asked her what was she doing back so soon? Miko smiled and sat down on the floor next to me. She offered me a cool glass of water. I could see that she had removed her stockings and boots. She had cute little feet and nicely painted toenails, a bright red color. She told me that Jennifer only wanted to give me something to think about and she knew that being discovered was one of my greatest fantasies dealing with self-bondage. I smiled, it was.

Miko also told me that she was staying in the suite next to this one and was keeping an eye on me all the time. She pointed to the VCR camera and I noticed that it had a cable leading through a tiny hole in the wall. She also told me that she recorded everything. I blushed. I could still remember the multiple orgasms just before I fell asleep. Miko just smiled and softly told me that all the orgasms were on tape. She must have been reading my mind.

Miko leaned over and started to unzip my boots. It would be such a relief to get them off. Sleep in such high heels can be murder on one's feet. Miko slowly pulled each off then taking each foot in her small hands, she gently caressed each one for several moments. The feeling was wonderful and I just sat there with my eyes closed.

I then stood up and Miko unlaced the corset. I breathed deeply when it was loosened. I had forgotten what that felt like. The gloves were next. I laid all the clothes aside. Miko then smiled at me and then approached me with the key to the chastity belt. She removed the lock and unbuckled the crotch strap. I quickly removed the vibrator. I checked the batteries. Yes, they were dead. They had served their purpose. Miko unbuckled and removed the waist strap. I was free from all my bounds. I was still wearing the crotchless panties and I was exhausted.

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Miko suggested that I sleep in the suite tonight. There would be no maid coming until much later in the morning. I quickly agreed. Miko said that she will be staying next door and she suggested we go to brunch when we awoke. I nodded. Being a bondage model was exhausting work, but it was very satisfying. I quickly agreed to the brunch plan. I did have to get up in the morning and pack all my stuff up. Miko told me to call her about 9:00 a.m. and she would help. As she turned to leave, I gently grabbed her hand. Miko turned. I thanked her for a wonderful evening and I too was looking forward to both getting together again and seeing the photographs and videos. Miko leaned over and kissed me, she had enjoyed it also. Miko turned and walked out.

I pulled down the covers on the bed. The same bed that I had been bound spreadeagle too just a few hours earlier. It felt wonderful. The cool sheets felt good to my near naked body. I was quickly fast asleep.

Chapter 77

The morning came quickly with a knock at the door. Miko walked in and told me to hurry up and get up and that she was hungry. She smiled. She was dressed in a long back sleek dress that was sleeveless, her black dress boots, and a pair of thin black leather dress gloves. The black color was in sharp contrast to her white skin and red lips. I also noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples and nipple rings could be clearly seen. Miko caught me staring and smiled. She knew that I liked what I saw. I did and the thoughts of having my nipples with silver rings in them danced in my head. I quickly arose and headed to bathroom for a quick shower. While I was doing that, Miko said that she would start putting all my restraints and clothing back into the suitcases.

When I returned from the shower wearing my towel, all my restraints and outfits had been neatly packed away. Miko was sitting on the bed but was looking at me with a smile. I noticed that her arms were behind her back. I walked over to her and she pulled back laughing. She had locked her wrists behind again. She had the key in her fingers but it was then that I realized that she still had her black gloves on. She told me that she got curious again about the handcuffs and this self-bondage fun, and that she remembered that I used the gloves to enhance the helplessness. I smiled. She was stuck. With the gloves on, she couldn't find the key hole as easily as she could without them on. I laughed. I told her to just sit there and keep trying while I got dressed. Miko laughed also.

I pulled out my short leather skirt, a pair of black stockings, black panties, and garter belt from the clothes bag. I pulled on the garter belt, then the stockings, followed by the panties. My leather skirt was next. I then pulled a long sleeve white knit sweater from the bag and pulled it on. No bra of course was worn. Miko was still sitting next to me trying to unlock the handcuffs. I topped off the outfit with a pair of my knee high black boots with the low heels and a pair of short black gloves. I looked over at Miko, she was still trying to get free. I smiled. The things that I could do to take advantage of this situation rolled about in my head.

Time was getting short though and I walked over to Miko and took the key from her gloved fingers. I asked her how she was going to eat breakfast with her hands still locked behind her? She gave me the sad puppy dog look of helplessness and I bent down gently caressed her face and kissed her on the forehead. I then unlocked and removed the handcuffs. Miko reached up and gave me warm hug. I picked up the cuffs and placed them in the bag. We then went to brunch.

I had the hotel place my bags in my car once brunch was finished. Miko and I talked for about an hour on a variety of subjects including her piercings. I must have asked her a hundred questions. Miko was very nice and answered each question in detail stopping only a few times to lit up another cigarette. She then gave me the name of the person that did her, in case I ever decided to check into it more.

Miko told me that the photos would be ready in about a week. I invited her over for supper at my home next Saturday night. Miko quickly agreed. We hugged and went our separate ways. I had found a new friend. The drive home was full of memories that would last for quite awhile and I caught myself again playing with my nipples. I had to stop this while driving my car. I smiled. I looked at the name of the friend that did Miko's piercings, Jan was her name. I pulled harder on my nipple. The problems we face today!

Chapter 78

(Author's note: Remember, Terri is getting ready for Jennifer's arrival still dressed in nothing but her thigh-high boots. She has been recounting her adventures during the last few months while Jennifer had been gone. The story is now back at the present with Terri continuing her slow walk to Jennifer's bedroom in preparations for a night filled with bondage and submission. She continues to think about her bondage fun with Jennifer as she walks down the hall.)

Time was getting short so I continued my walk towards Jennifer bedroom holding my leather gloves as I took slow and calculated steps in my six inch heels. I was well practiced in walking in them but it did pay to be careful on the slippery hardwood floor. With the exception of my black thigh-high boots, and soon to be worn long leather gloves, no other article of clothing was worn. The sound of my boot heels echoed off the hardwood floor and with each step, that sensuous sound of creaking leather could be heard as the boots reluctantly flexed. A slight breeze was blowing in through the window at the end of the hall and the cool air only caused my ringed nipples to get harder, not that my constant playing with them didn't help either. As I passed each room, I thought about the many different games that Jennifer and I had played in each one of them.

I stopped at the door to the den, our second favorite spot for our bondage activities, outside of the bedroom and possibly the kitchen (Yes, the kitchen. Being tied to a chair or table and fed dinner can be very erotic.) I looked in and spotted Jennifer's easy chair in the center of the room. My eyes then moved upwards towards the ceiling stopping on the hooks that were embedded in the overhead wood frame. They were mounted directly in front of her chair. Several times in the past, I had been tied to those hooks in some manner and by most parts of my body, all the way from my toes, to my tongue or my hair. Usually Jennifer just sits in her chair in front of me and smokes her cigarettes, reads a book or teases me with her feet. Whatever she does, it always drives me cazy. Just thinking about some of these times causes me to once again pull on my nipple rings, and also causes me to slowly slip my hand down between my legs to lightly play with myself. I was already wet with anticipation and the feeling of my shaved pubic mound felt wonderful to my now wet fingers.

One game we both enjoyed was when we used silk scarfs for our restraints in stead of the normal leather straps or rope. I had also developed a special chain ball gag that came in handy several times and it fit well with this particular game. The last time we played was about a week before Jennifer left on her trip, though it seemed like only this afternoon that Jennifer was locking on the ball gag.

Chapter 79

Jennifer and I had just returned from a long horse back ride on her ranch and we were just finishing a nice light supper to top off the evening. Jennifer was dressed in a beautiful pair of tan riding breeches and white sleeveless blouse. The breeches were tucked into a beautiful pair of knee high shiny black ridding boots. I was similarly dressed except my breeches were light grey.

When supper was finished, Jennifer smiled and asked me if I wanted to play with the scarfs tonight. I quickly said yes as I wasn't about to turn down an evening of bondage, especially at Jennifer's hands. She told me go get box of scarfs, get undressed and lock the ball gag to the ceiling in front of her chair. She would finish cleaning up while I got ready.

I quickly retrieved the box of multi-colored scarfs and the chain ball gag, along with a long thin chain that was painted red on one end. Both Jennifer and I each a separate chain of different length that were fitted to our different body sizes. Yes, Jennifer has also been locked to the ceiling at times with me doing the honors and since she has a longer up body, we needed different lengths of chain.

I returned quickly with the box, chain and ball gag, along with three small locks and the keys. In the box were about thirty different colored silk scarfs all of them three feet square in size. The scarfs were from all over the world. Jennifer would always pick up one or two when she traveled. They were very soft but when tied tightly, escape was impossible.

The ball gag was of medium size and red in color. I had run a small chain though the middle of the ball instead of the typical black leather strap. Attached ninety degrees to the chain was a small "I" hook that was threaded through the ball and kept in place with a large washer and nut. The end of the "I" bolt was cut off flush with the nut and washer and nut were coated with a non-toxic red plastic mix to make it look and feel like the rubber ball. This prevented the metal from coming in contact with the mouth. I placed the box on the floor next to Jennifer's chair, then sat the ball gag on top of the box along with the chain and locks.

I then slowly removed my black riding boots, breeches, blouse, bra and finally my panties which had already become quite damp with excitement. I placed the moist panties on the arm of the chair for later use and then folded and set my riding clothes aside.

My excitement and anticipation were growing and I caught myself playing with my nipples while thinking about what the evening would bring. I knew that in several minutes, I wouldn't be able to do that so I took my time caressing them, making them hard and causing them to stand erect. Unfortunately, I had to stop and continue on with the rest of my initial bondage steps.

I picked up the long chain and walked over and moved a dinning room chair over to just under the hook in the ceiling. I locked one end of the chain to the hook with one of the small locks. The second lock was clipped though the last link of the chain but was left open for now. I moved the chair back to the table. I then picked up all three keys, the chain ball gag and the last lock and headed to the kitchen to present them to Jennifer.

Jennifer was still picking up the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher when I entered the room. She had also lit up a long white cigarette and was slowly smoking it while she loaded the washer. Smoking is something she seemed to enjoy very much. She smiled as I entered the room. I walked over to her and handed her the ball gag and the lock. I still held the three keys in my hand. I always liked it when Jennifer gagged me. It seems to draw us closer. When we play together, Jennifer always enjoys the attention I pay her and she loves to tease me with the gags. I turned and knelt on the kitchen floor with my back to her.

Though I was stark naked, I felt very comfortable in the presence of Jennifer. Jennifer stepped forward and straddled my legs until her booted legs were pressing against my bare ass. I leaned back against her for support, reaching back to lightly caress her black riding boots.

Jennifer took the ball gag and placed it to my lips and told me to kiss it. I did. She told me then lick it and get it nice and wet. I stuck out my tongue, but Jennifer pulled gag away. She brought the ball back to my lips and this time held it in place as my tongue proceed to do its job of getting the ball very wet. She then told me to open my mouth wide and pulled the ball gag deep behind my lips. When the gag was resting in its normal place behind my teeth, she lightly caressed my lips with her fingers even while still holding her cigarette in her left hand. The ball filled my mouth completely. The ball was large enough that without the use of my hands, I wouldn't be able to expel the ball with just my tongue. To get it in, Jennifer had to compress the ball slightly to get it past my lips and teeth. But just having the size of ball preventing its expulsion wasn't good enough for me or Jennifer. She then quickly brought the two ends of the small chain around behind my head, moved my hair aside then locked the two ends of the chain together with third of the three small locks. I was now very effectively gagged as usual, but this time the ball gag had a little hook that protruded from its center.

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Jennifer reached around and took hold of the hook, pulling my head back. I stared up into her eyes and she just smiled and bent down and lightly nipped my nose with her tongue. Her left hand slowly maked its way down to my right breast. She lightly cupped it then rolled the nipple between her ring finger and thumb. I closed my eyes and sighed. I was ready for the evening to continue.

Jennifer stopped and whispered in my ear to hurry and finish getting ready as she was almost done in the kitchen. I arose from my knees and started to walk out then spotted her black leather riding gloves on the counter. I picked them up, turned, and lightly tapped on the counter to get Jennifer's attention. When she looked at me, I held up her gloves and raised my eyebrows. Jennifer laughed and told me to not worry, that she wouldn't forget them. I laughed behind the gag and placed the gloves back on the counter along with the three keys to the locks and headed for the den.

I picked up a blanket that was on the couch and folded it into a small rectangle. I placed this on the floor below the chain that was locked to the ceiling. The blanket served to cushion my knees that I would be kneeling on for quite awhile tonight. I then decided to make my bondage a little more secure until Jennifer arrived. I walked into the bedroom and pulled two sets of thumbcuffs from our toy bag. I also picked up a set of keys to the thumbcuffs and headed back to the den.

Once there, I placed the key to the thumbcuffs on the small table next to Jennifer's easy chair. I looked around to make sure everything was set, and then knelt down on the blanket. The end of the chain was at nose level. I reached down and locked one set of thumbcuffs around my big toes. I then locked on of the thumbcuffs on my right thumb. Before I locked the other thumb in the cuffs, behind me of course, I reached up and locked the chain to the hook attached to the ball gag. The height of the chain was such that when it was locked, my head would be kept at a forty-five degree angle.

To complete the bondage process, I brought my wrists behind me and then locked the other side of the thumbcuffs on my left thumb. My simple self-bondage was now complete. I couldn't stand up because of the toe bondage and I was locked to the hook in the ceiling by a chain that was locked to my ball gag. What's more, I couldn't reach the ball gag with my thumbs locked behind me.

I was now at Jennifer's mercy, a position that sent a tingle down my naked spine only this time I couldn't caress my body except for some light caressing of my naked ass cheeks. The thumbcuffs prevented much movement. The only question now was how long Jennifer would make me wait.

I didn't have to wait long. I looked over, which was not easy to do, and saw Jennifer standing in the doorway to the den. She was watching me. She was beautiful. She had pulled her beautiful black hair back into a tight ponytail, and she had removed her blouse and bra. She was now topless. She was also wearing her black riding gloves. I smiled to myself. She was leaning against the doorway, arms crossed, holding a freshly lit cigarette. She was a picture of pure seduction and domination and she was enveloped in a smoky haze. She was smiling as she exhaled a long thin stream of white smoke towards the ceiling. She started to walk towards me. I closed my eyes. The fun was soon to begin.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012  

For me this one was one of the first bondage stories I read on the internet, too. Too bad it was never continued after part 84 - I think.

Monday, March 19, 2012  

A timeless bondage classic
still as good as the frst time read it

Wednesday, August 19, 2009  

one of the oldest stories I read about bondage. was very good at the time, still is !

Thursday, March 23, 2006  

simply unbelievable!!!! sitting here reading this from top to bottom, i was rock hard and throbbing the entire time with the slight feeling of fullbody bliss without touching anything. an amazing feeling picturing this stuff in my mind.im in terri's predicament i love doing this kind of stuff but dont have a partner to share it with which would only add to the excitement. i could only imagine a video recreation of this story! i think its time for me to go play! ;) p.s. keep writing more terri!

Friday, March 17, 2006  

This story was really good. I have not read many stories with self-bondage in them. It gives the story a new and exciting twist.

Thursday, February 23, 2006  

Without question very exciting writing. A great imagination and super thinking into all aspects. Extremely fortunate to have a friend who shares in some thing so personal. We should all be so lucky? I look forward to reading more.

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