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Batteries Not Included
  • Author - HH  
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  • Story Codes - f-self, reluctant, chastity, electricity, latex, machine, toys
  • Post Date - 7/21/2005
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She saw the huge box in the center of the living room as soon as she arrived home from her the last day of her part-time job. It was the only reason she had been working in the first place and now it was here. It was a dream come true. Her master had insisted that if she wanted this bad enough he would enforce her confinement but she would pay for it completely. Now it was here.

Anne dropped the bags of groceries where she stood and with trembling legs she approached the box. There was a note from her Master on the top.


You are not to attempt to put any of this on until I get back one week from Thursday. You've waited over two years for this; waiting ten more days won't kill you.

Your Master
She mused over the letter.

"He didn't really order me not to. He didn't use the words 'order you not to' anyway. He won't know. I'll just put everything back when I'm done walking around in it for a little while."

The idea of actually having it on, of actually wearing it made her incredibly warm and wet. Her nipples hardened in to what felt like two small stones and she gently massaged them. No, she couldn't wait. It was unfair of her Master to ask her to do that.

But he's your Master! A small voice inside her head spoke up. He can do what he likes, no questions asked.

"He won't find out… that's all" she said out loud. She had made up her mind. She would just try on a few pieces. "I'll bet that’s why he let me out of my belt! He's testing me." A sly smile crossed her lips as she peeled back the top of the box.

She wore a chastity belt 24/7. But the thrill of being out of control was loosing its luster and it was now routine. She had always wanted a higher level of restriction and had dreamed of this suit for years.

Two years ago when she went 24/7 at her Master orders, but she was already losing interest in the belt. She had learned how to get under the belt by doing a spilt. When her Master was not around she would do this to masturbate even though she was ordered not to. She felt guilty each time she violated her Master's orders not to masturbate, but she couldn't seem to help herself. She had been compelled to spill her beans about the idea of a restrictive steel suit when Rick had caught her violating this order.

"And you say this would stop you?" he questioned.

"Yes, yes it would. And I couldn't get out of it unless you said so." Why had she told him that? It's not like he wouldn't have figured that out.

"That's without question." He scolded her.

"Yes Master!" she cast her eyes to the floor but then perked up and cried, "But Rick… oh ah, Master, I'm sorry! Master I've always dreamed of being totally controlled."

"You are an awful slave." He stated flatly.

"That hurt."

"Good! The truth hurts sometimes. Maybe you'll start obeying me from now on and stop making me punish you."

She sulked.

"I didn't say no."

She cheered immediately. "You'll have it built?"

"No… " He said. He watched her as she deflated. "You will." Anne squealed with delight and hugged him. "I'll design it. I'll allow you to go to work long enough to pay for it. The minute your job gets in the way of taking care of me then the deal is off."

"Yes Master!"

"We'll have to do body casts. Everything is in your name. Everything that is except control of the design the design belongs to me."

"Yes Master, anything."

"You betchya anything." He paused, "Remember the old adage; be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. I'll arrange for some body casts to be made next week. I'll loan you the money until you can pay for it. But you won't see the thing finished until you've paid for it all and it's in your name."

"Oh yes Master, Thank you!"

So the deal had been struck. She had finished paying for the thing with her last check, nearly $36,000 in two years. She had then quit her job and waited for the thing to arrive.

Anne opened the box and there before her was a shining metal likeness of her face staring back at her out of the box. Her breath caught in her chest at the site of it. It was a lifeless face, bereft of emotion. The eyes were black almond shaped orbs. The lips seemed slightly parted with a small hole about the diameter of a straw for breathing she assumed. Next to it, in a separate foam compartment was a wad of black rubber about the size of a fist.

She picked it up and held it before her face. Her entire body trembled as she inspected it. The mask was split in half and hinged at the top on the inside. The place where the mouth should have been on the inside had been replaced with a large plastic coated steel ball that would fill the wearers mouth. The straw sized hole terminated in the center of that ball.

The headpiece was so shiny on the outside and had been coated with the same hard black plastic shell the ball had been. In the top, back and sides of the mask she could see points of light shining through. He had thousands of tiny holes drilled in to it. She assumed that was to allow her hair out of the mask but she didn't know how in the world she would manage to get the hair to grow out of it. Then her heart caught in her throat. How long did he intend to keep her locked in this at one time? The question terrified her and thrilled her at the same time. At the top of the head also was what looked like a grease nipple. It would be covered with hair once the hair got out of the mask. It seemed like such an odd thing and she didn't know what it was there for.

A small piece of paper fluttered out of the mask as she opened it wide.

The picked it up and read it.

Headpiece Installation Instructions

She scanned over the paper

1. Before you can close the headpiece over the head you must first install the flex-E neck flange

She looked in the box and next to the form fitted hole the mask had come out of was a piece that looked like a neck. She lifted it out and looked at it. She could see there were small pins set in the neckpiece that hooked to the lower section of the headpiece. The pins appeared to have small retractable arrowheads on them that would lock the to pieces together.

"Cool!" she cried.

She flexed the neck and it moved the same way her own did with some limited mobility. It was split in back and had, as the headpiece did, what appeared to be a protrusion out of the back. This "protrusion" for want of a better word, she found could be pushed flush with the back of the neck or sides of the mask. But they wouldn't stay in when pushed in.

She tried to read and find out what this was.

2. Install the neckpiece by splitting the neck open and placing the open end on the back of your neck. Push the two halves together and place the locking pin in to the locking hinge.

"It's a lock!" she cried.

She did as the instructions told her. Once the two halves were lined up she pulled a long contoured steel rod about as thick as a coat hanger from the box next to the slot for the neck. She inserted the pin like an oil dipstick for an automobile down the back of the neckpiece in a hole designed to receive it. Once in place the two halves were held together and she could take her hands away.

She leaped up to look at herself in the mirror and gasped at the beauty of the thing she had on. It was exactly the shape of a human neck but in bright polished steel. There were barely detectable bands that allowed the device to flex but it took effort and wearing the thing, she could see, was going to be a chore. She could now see that if she pushed the lock in to the back of the neck piece she would be unable to remove the pin holding the thing together and would be locked in.

She could feel the protruding lock behind her. She did not push it home. The box had been sealed so she surmised that the key or keys were somewhere inside. She didn't want to push her luck yet.

She went back in to the living room to retrieve the mask. She picked it up and the instructions with it.

3. Place the rubber cap over the top of the mask. Attach the hole at the end to the attachment hose of your vacuum cleaner. Place the mask over your head fitting the steel ball in your mouth first then switch on the vacuum.

She read this one instruction several times to make sure she and read it correctly. And then decided to give it a try. She knew then what the wad of rubber was.

She fitted the cap, which was in the box, of the top of the mask. Plugged in the vacuum and attached the hose. Her heart raced as she placed the thing over her head mind full not to connect the headpiece to the neck just yet. Not until she confirmed the location of the keys.

She switched on the vacuum and she could feel her hair being pulled up and through the holes in the mask that mirrored her hairline. She was mute because of the ball in her mouth but she wanted to squeal with delight. She adjusted the mask to sit just a little better on her face and when she did the suction from the vacuum snapped the to piece of the mask together with several audible clicks felt rather than heard over the sound of the vacuum. The mask was suddenly pressed against her flesh everywhere. Her neck felt pressed in to the collar of the suit down to her collarbone.

Her heart froze. One of the clicks she had been down the back of the neckpiece. Her hands clutched at the mask but it was frozen in place. Her fingers traveled to the place where the neck and headpieces would meet and it was clear they had already been introduced and were now married. She pulled and fought with the two pieces but she could not divorce them. A moan escaped the inside of the mask. She tried to reopen the mask but it was connected front and back to the neckpiece.

Panic stricken, she ripped off the rubber cap and her deep auburn hair spilled out from underneath. She lamented in her cage. I locked it! Oh No! I locked it! She thought, shaking her hands with her finger splayed out in front of her. She searched the back of her now steel clad neck for a way to disengage the lock but it was as smooth as the skin of a newborn baby. She couldn't even tell where the lock had been. Worse, the neck to mask connection was also smooth and seamless to the touch. She could just hear her panicked breath whistling through the small straw sized hole in the mask as she tried to feel her way out.

In the mirror, the sight she saw through the one-way plexiform eyes was unbelievable. She had been transformed from just above her shoulders to the top of her head in to a polished chromed woman. She could recognize her face but now there was no emotion to it. No fear, no panic and no tears which were flowing freely now under all that steel. This sight was missing something else as well. Then she knew what it was, SEAMS! There were none, the points where the two pieces were joined nearly imperceptibly. There was no rattle, no click or clank of slack anywhere. It was as if they were one piece and always had been. The sight was made all the more surreal with the sight of her hair spilling out of the top of the steel head as just as natural as you please.

She tried to scream but all that came out was a muffled cry.

THE KEYS! She had to get the keys out of that box. She would go insane if she didn't get out of this head. This thing was not as she had imagined. It was awful. She felt as if she had been replaced. Trapped inside a living thing, a thing that need her to give it life, but a thing that would hide her from the world and force her to remain silent while it used her life as its own. She ran back to the living room, hands plastered to the sides of the mask pulling and tugging but failing to remove it. Her hand flew over the neck but found no release.

Her vision was darker with a tint of red to it with the plexiform eyes covering her own but she could see clearly. Everything was so tight. There were a thousand sensations and a million feelings as she ran her hand and explored the place where the metal ended and skin began. The steel pressed hard against her shoulder and collarbones, so much in fact that she couldn't slip her fingers underneath.

What had she been thinking when she said she wanted this? This had been a mistake. She couldn't keep her hands off of it but not out of fascination, rather they were trying to find an exit and nothing more. There weren't even any ears on the thing. All the sounds were muffled. The radio had been playing but she could now just barely hear it.

She dropped to her knees in front of the box and looked in,m pulling out other metal body parts amazed at how easily her neck and head flexed with only a little restriction in motion. Here was a forearm, a calf, the breast plate, there were pins and swivels, two sold steel six inch heels that would cover her foot entirely if she ever agreed to put this stuff back on after this. Rick had designed a robot, a girlbot. She was now the mechanism that would give it life.

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She reached the bottom of the box and found nothing that looked like keys. She grabbed the instructions but the pages were all screwed up. In desperation she put the heels of her hands against the neckpiece on her collarbone and trued to push it up and off. The thing didn't budge.

She was crying hard behind the lifeless, thick dark plastic eyes and she tried to wipe the tears from her eyes as she tried to read about the escape procedures through the blur the tears caused but her hands met impenetrable steel. For thirty minutes she scanned and rescanned the instructions but there seemed to be paragraphs missing. Large gaps in the text she hadn't noticed before She wondered if these eye covers could only see certain colors like the decoder rings of her childhood. All she could see were instructions on how to install the equipment. Would he have done that? Had the instructions been printed in ink she couldn't read once she was locked inside? It seemed that if she held the paper just right she could make out the ghost of words or paragraphs but she could not read them.

She read two things that just about sent her over the edge though. The first was that unless the entire unit was completely assembled in the correct order, any piece that was installed could not be removed until such time. Which meant that in order to get out of hell, she was going to have to go all the way in. The next thing she read was that once on there was no way the wearer could remove the outfit on her own. It would remain on until such time as permission and assistance was given for removal. The space for the paragraph below that was blank so she couldn't tell if that had text with clues on how to gain release or not. But she had to assume that other measures had been taken by Rick to ensure she couldn't get this off.

She was caught. Rick was going to find out she had gotten in to the stuff. She grabbed the head piece hand gave it another violent yank trying to scream, "Get off of me! Get off of me!" but it came out "Ghmm um um eee! Ghmm um um eee!"

This thing is evil! And he's going to punish me with it. I'll have to put it all on when he gets back in ten days… Oh God ten days in this steel head! Maybe much more, cause he'll make me put the rest of it on before I can get any of it off and he'll just leave me in it for a while as a reminder of who's the boss.


The shock at the base of her neck was painful but more than that, it surprised her.

"Mummmph!" Anne declared

The first shock was nothing compared to the next one.


"MUMMMMPH" she screamed and jumped up from the floor tearing at the metal there.

Then she remembered something… something she had halfway read in the scattered pages of instructions on the floor.

She started grabbing up instructions again and scanning through them to confirm her fear.


This one was on the back of her head.

Anne nearly dropped all the instructions. The ones that fell away from her hand revealed the text she was looking for.

Failure to complete installation will result in a series of shocks to remind the wearer that she is to be completely in side once ordered to put on the girlbot outfit. These shocks will increase in intensity until each piece is properly installed.

Another dreadful moan came out of the mask. She was going to have to put the whole thing on right now not in ten days as she had planned.

She knew where to start. All the extremities had to be locked on first, from the ends to the torso. She picked up the shoes with deep dread and loathing for the prison she had wrought but there was an excitement to this too. She had gambled and lost her ability to choose, Rick… Master had won again. She was scared and no longer wanted to play. She had gotten in too deep. Once again she had been warned and she had blundered a head anyway. But she hadn't envisioned this. She had had some thing different in mind.


Ouch! Shit! Shit! I don't want to put it on!


Weeping, Anne slipped first undressed completely; she knew that she was going to have to be nude before she put it all on. Next she put a swivel on her ankle and then one of the six-inch stainless steel heels on holding the swivel on. She slid in the locking pin and pushed the bar at the back of the heel in until there was a click and the shoe and swivel were one piece. She tested it. It was snug and locked on. It covered her foot completely in steel and it was a very tight fit. The toe came to a severe point and her arch was raised up high she couldn't wiggle her toes. The next shoe went on the same way then a metal knee swivel and a calf, a long vertical locking pin and click! The metal seemed sculpted to her leg and each piece fit her like a second skin. Over the last two years she had tried on many plastic forms to get the size just right. Whoever had done this had done a wonderful job, too wonderful.


Oh please! Don't make me go faster. This is hard enough as it is. I'mmmmmm Scared!

Her heart was trip hammering in her chest as she worked to get the other pieces on and fastened. The shocks were strong, and each new piece she added simply made increased the surface area of skin that was affected. She stood after getting on the thigh piece and examined her work. It provided a stunning image, an expressionless steel face attached to a body, wearing thigh high steel six in heels. The metal of the thigh pieces rode up over her hips to some degree and had attached grooves. When she walked she experienced some resistance and difficulty and restriction in movement but overall it was easy moving around.


She stomped one silvery leg down on the carpet in frustration.

The arms took somewhat longer in that the hands all had individual pieces for the fingers and flexible pieces for the palms. Each piece held the previous in place. There was even a steel sheath for each nail. It would allow the nail to grow and then it could be trimmed once it grew out of the tip of the sheath.

Each piece was tested to see if she could get it off once the lock had been pushed down. But none of the pieces could be removed once locked on. Each time she looked at herself she could see the human being vanishing under the steel. Once the locking pin for each piece had been recessed the pins could not be accessed.

With each piece she also noticed that movement was becoming more and more difficult. She had been working quickly to avoid the shocks but now as she fitted the breastplate and waist swivel she hesitated before pushing in the locking pins. The back and front of the breast plate were already fitted to the base of the neck and shoulder swivels and the realization that she wasn't going to be able to feel anything in side this steel outfit sank in hard. She suddenly tried to remove the breastplate starting to hyperventilate at the idea of being sealed in. The shocks wouldn't kill her. They were uncomfortable, but Master, Rick… his name was Rick… Rick wouldn't cause her harm. He would never do that. She tugged and pulled at the metal but it had attached itself to the waist swivel as well.


The shocks started again this time on her nipples. They were painful there. The intensity of the jolts seemed magnified and she couldn't tell if it was just the sensitivity of her breasts or if the voltage had increased. She clutched at her breasts but perfectly shaped metal breast shields met her metal fingers, she could no longer touch herself


All right! All right! I'll lock the stupid thing! Her mind screamed as she moaned in pain

She reached up to her sides and pushed in the pin panels. The shocks stopped for the moment. Out of breath she proceeded with the last piece. She picked up the lower torso that would imprison her crotch and rear end and completely seal the outfit.

This piece had pinholes in the pubic area these holes spread downward over the crotch shield. The metal was somewhat thicker there and was completely inflexible. She feared completing this outfit. She wished now she had listened to her Master. She stepped in to the crotch shield that looked just like a very sophisticated pair of metal bikini bottoms she pulled them up and tried to fit them to the leg and hip swivels that were part of her chromed boots but they wouldn't lock in. nor could she get the piece to reach the waist swivel. I deeper fear struck her heart. If she couldn't lock this piece on the shocks would start again. Even worse, according to the instructions she wouldn't be able to get the other stuff off. She struggled and struggled to bring the metal panties up and connect them to the waist swivel before she received another shock.

Once she was able to get the piece to seat on the swivel. It was a very tight fit and reminded her of the way a sausage must feel inside it's casing. Her crotch and butt as all her other body parts had been pressed in tightly against the metal. But the piece didn't hold and she was forced to go over the instructions one more time.

She had laid them in the box so when she picked them up she noticed another rubber piece similar to the rubber cap that had pulled her hair through the mask's top but this one was triangular. Next to it in its foam form was a large chromed rod. It was about nine inches long and about an inch and a half or more thick.

Her heart sank. She knew why the crotch piece hadn't locked in this thing hadn't been included in the configuration she had just tried. She had never worn a dildo. She'd used a vibrator from time to time in the days before the belt, but never had one locked inside of her where she couldn't get it back out.

Anne picked it up and examined it. It was huge. She wasn't sure she could do this. She looked and saw a small nipple in the crotch of the panties. This thing too had a straw sized hole running through he center of it from one end to the other. She had an idea what that was for, but the only reason you would use is… she shook the thought off. The idea was too gruesome and mean that this thing had been designed for extended captivity. She forced the narrow part of the dildo in to the hole.


It seated but when she pulled it she could not get it back out.


All ready wet even though badly scared, she slid the rod in to her sex. She was sucking air hard through the hole in the faceplate. She brought the crotch guard up and made it tight. She attached the rubber cup to the crotch, attached the hose and turned on vacuum. She removed the cup to find her pubic hair now covering the crotch region of the shield like some weird CHIA panty.

The waist swivel and panties still wouldn't meet, however when she tried to remove the panties however the hips and legs had locked in to the groove provided for mobility. Either way, the thing wasn't coming off now. She sat on the couch to think of what to do next and was surprised when the two pieces met with a series of audible clicks in back. She pressed the front closed easily and stood surprised, and felt around the waist. Her sense of touch was gone. She could not get tactile sensation at her waist. There was no more exposed skin anywhere on her body. With a heavy heart she pushed in the sides of the panties setting the locking pins

She ran a metal-coated hand over herself. From top to bottom she was gone. There would be no masturbating in this thing she had no idea how to remove it. She only knew that it must be completely assembled before it could be removed. She moved to the mirror to see what she could see. She stepped into the bathroom and stood before the glass.

She held a hand up to a mouth that couldn't gasp. Staring back at her was a metal version of herself. She blinked inside of it but the figure in the mirror couldn't blink or show emotion. There was a slight smile that touched the lips she hadn't noticed before as if her captor was pleased the deed was done and now could not be undone. The chrome girl was alive and the one inside was now a prisoner. She wanted to scream at that face. But she was held silent. The effect was very erotic and made her wet and horny. But this prison was absolute. It could not hold her in one place in space but it could hold her separate from all of humanity and deprive her of her own humanity.

She turned to leave the bathroom, she could no longer look at the thing she had become, it scared her too much. As she did she noticed a small, rubberized tube hanging from the butt of the outfit. It was about three inches long and transparent. She suspected what it was for but wanted to see if there was text she could read about it.

( link opens in new window )

After a few minutes of leafing through the instructions she could read, she found what she had been looking for. The tube was to go on the inside. With a great deal of trepidation she fingered the tube up in to her rectum. It was semi rigid and formed to the contours of her rectum easily once pushed inside. It felt funny though, and made her feel like she had to poop. Her impulse was to try to pull it back out, and in time she tired but by virtue of suction it had adhered to the walls of her rectum and she could not get it back out using her clumsy metal fingers.

Ten days! I don't care how much trouble I get in… Please let him come home sooner.

She thought about calling him but how would she talk to him? She couldn't tell him what had happened and the computer was all locked up so she couldn't even e-mail him. She wasn't allowed to us it unless he was there and she could ask permission.

Her feet hurt from walking around in six-inch heels. How much more would they hurt after ten days? She lifted one steel clad leg and tried to massage her feet but her almond shaped metal nails only scratched around on the surface of the unyielding shoe that held her foot at such a severe angel.

She couldn't stay like this for ten days she decided. The shocks had stopped but at what expense? It had been less than two hours since the entire thing had been assembled and she was already going crazy. She had never been so confined and had so little control over her body before. The dildo in her was driving her crazy when she walked. At times she clutched her crotch trying to free it from between her legs but was stopped each time by the steel.

The metal flowed over her in one continuous piece and each time she passed a mirror she froze and fought to keep the panic down. All she could think was …What have I done? What have I done?

After about twelve hours she couldn't fight the panic any longer. Anne ripped and tore at joints and seams she couldn't feel anymore. She couldn't wedge her metal nails in to. After about two hours of this, exhausted she fell asleep on the living room floor. She didn't wake up until her bladder told her she needed to relieve herself.

Disoriented, she stirred. She found it difficult to move and felt she was enveloped in something she couldn't shed. Her mouth was filled with something hard she couldn't push out and when she groped for it with her hands she couldn't get to her mouth. She tried to get into a sitting position but her legs were slow to respond. She couldn't hear. What's happening? Her mind whimpered.

She finally sat up and examined the parts of her self she could see. They were covered with steel all the way down to her fingernails. She clawed at the metal on her body but it refused to yield. The memory of what she had done flooded back to her and she wept behind her mask's sweetly serene metal face that was buried in steel hands. She was dimly aware that she had peed out of fright and discovered that the pee had leaked out of the perforated crotch plate.

After her frustration had built up again she tried to scream again. I WANT THIS THING FUCKING OFF ME! An observer would have seen her sitting cross-legged, sitting in a puddle of her own urine, arms stretched down, fingers in a fist leaning forward, straining against her steel suit and would have heard.


She then grabbed the heel of one foot and struggled to pull it off. The steel rod inside of her pressed in unnatural ways against her internal organs and she stopped struggling breathing hard but her chest not rising or falling with the sharp breaths taken through the mouthpiece and nostrils of the mask.

A crazy thought occurred to her. I've been hermetically sealed. Flavor sealed to cook in my own juices.

Inside the mask she started to laugh hysterically. She laughed and laughed until she started to cry again and struggle against the headpiece. There was no slack anywhere in the body. No loose joints. Little if any room between her skin and the inside of the shell. The only thing she could feel was the tightness of the metal and the dildo stuck deep inside her.

This can't be happening to me! Her mind wailed as she held the sides of the metal head trying to lift its from place on her own. She could see her reflection in the darkened television screen as she struggled. It was a frightening sight to see this thing fighting to get parts off of it self. She could almost see in her minds eye a cut away image of the thing in the reflection. A cut away showing her once cute face trapped inside that metal, features contorted as the thing on the outside refused to let her go. The metal girl outside laughed and laughed as the girl inside fought and struggled and failed to get free.

After about thirty minutes of this she calmed out of exhaustion again. She sat the only sense that had not been dulled or cut off was that of smell. She could smell the urine she was sitting in. but she could not feel it on her flesh. All of the urine had been directed out of the perforations at her crotch but was not seeping back in the joints of the suit.

That one fact spoke volumes. If liquid couldn't seep in, this suit was waterproof, and she was in a lot trouble. This thing didn't even have any visible locks on it. All the locking mechanisms were hidden and out of reach. She thought about a locksmith but didn't know what to tell them.

Tools, Rick has tools in the shed outside! Saws and stuff, I'll cut the damn thing off me.

There was hope.

But what if the shocks start again? She trembled at the idea. The last electric shocks had been hard to take. What if the dildo was electrified too? She moaned at the thought and covered her already covered crotch with metal hands; she dug at it trying to get at the probe inside.

No… best not to attack the suit. It had her and she knew that it had been designed to keep her she was no longer in control here.

She stood and retrieved a towel to sop up the pee with. Every step was labored. Each movement was a constant reminder of where she was and that she couldn't reverse it. She shuddered at the knowledge. She kept touching herself everywhere looking for a flaw she knew she wouldn't find. Even her navel had been reproduced in steel and was filled inside the suit.

She sopped up the pee and would have to scrub the carpet before Master returned but first she wanted to clean herself from the rest of the urine. She felt damp in the crotch against the shield. She soon found that she couldn't get to the dampness inside the suit.

She remembered the nipple on the top of the headpiece. She felt under her hair and found it when her metal covered fingers clacked against it. Maybe that was a tool she could use.

She charged out back into the living room and read the instructions again. But there was nothing there. She looked in the box where the parts had been and found a hose with a tip that looked like it might match the nipple the other had a garden variety type connection to it like you would find on a garden hose.

She clipped the hose to the top of her head and found it fit. She pulled it back off again and looked back in the box for instructions. There in the form left by the hose was a small slip of paper. At least there was some documentation with each piece.

The hose can be attached to any sink faucet. Extend the hose to the head and clip the fitting to the nipped at the top of the mask. Turn the water to the desired temperature and allow soap canister to completely drain then rise for five minutes afterward. Drying can be achieved by attaching the dryer attachment to the nipple after ward.

She found the soap container and snapped it into place with a soap pellet. She connected the hose and allowed a fine spray of water into the suit. The run off came out of the crotch plate and small drains at the heels of the shoes.

It was the first sensation apart from the steel against her skin since this whole thing started yesterday. The water flooded her eye globes and cascaded down her skin inside the trap of her suit. She closed her eyes against filling eyes. She wanted to open her mouth and allow water in but her lips per pressed tight to the inside of the face of the mask The jaw of the mask held her mouth tight against the stem that held the ball in her mouth.

The water ran down the inside of the shell. It tickled her breasts as it found few loose spaces in the suit. She could just allow enough space from time to time by exhaling and shifting in the suit to allow water run around in places where her skin against the steel wouldn't have allowed it.

After ward she attached the dryer attachment and the water was forced out of the suit. In time her skin absorbed what little remaining water was left.

After her suit shower, Anne sat in the living room amidst the litter of foam forms that had held the pieces that now held her. She was in shock. Everywhere Anne went it went. She couldn't figure out how to escape it. She had tried to dress in some jeans to try to partially hide some of the metal and make her self feel human again, but she couldn't get her legs into the legs of the pants with these heels locked on her feet. So she had given up, gone to the edge of the bed and sat with her hands folded in her lap.

I’m not going to make it. I'm going to go insane in here and still it won't let me go. Please God I need a miracle here. Once I get this thing off I'm never putting it back on.

The clock ticked, the suit remained lock on. The sun went down and again she cried herself to sleep.

…The courtroom was filled with strange faces, people she had never seen before. She sat in the defendants box; unaware of the crime she was accused of but clearly she sat accused. Next to her sat her lawyer, his face gray and fuzzy and unseen.

The gavel came down hard on the judge's bench with metallic clanks with each stroke.




As though he were forging out some evil justice from his seat here over the courtroom.

"Anne Henderson" the judge roared.

Her lawyer nudged her. Frightened, she stood to face the charges.

"You have been found guilty of the charges against you. Do you have last words in your defense before I pass judgment on you? "

She looked at her lawyer for guidance and saw it was Rick. She would be saved. Rick wouldn't let anything happen to her. More confident with Rick at her side she began to speak.

"Your honor. I'm afraid I'm not aware of the charges against me. Could they please be reread to me?"

The judge looked at her impatiently, "Young lady, you mean to tell me that you have sat here for the entire length of your trial and have not listened to a word that has been said either in the allegations made against you by the prosecution or in your defense?"

She didn't know what to say. She was on trial. She should know what the charges were. If she had been here for the entire trial then why didn't she know? She was confused.

"Very well, but if you are only now listening to what has been told you then you are in deep trouble indeed." The judge said and scowled. "You have been charged with disobeying you Master."

Anne Gasped

"That's right, serious charges. And there are numerous counts against you."

Anne was shaking her head. Somehow this charge seemed exceptionally heinous and she didn't want to be guilty of it. There was severe punishment for disobeying one's Master and she was afraid.

But her Master was defending her wasn't he? She allowed her self to relax just a bit.

"As her Master," the judge said looking at Rick, "what sentence do you feel is appropriate for this most insubordinate slave?"

Anne looked at Rick and smiled, but Rick wasn't smiling and her own smile faltered.

"Life imprisonment your Honor."

She started to say, 'What?', but all that came out was "Wh…." And her mouth was filled with something hard and slick.

"Judgment has been passed."

She was having trouble moving.

"So be it. It is the judgment of this court that be sentenced to life imprisonment…"

She turned to face the judge but she felt she was now incased in something. Her vision was dimmed. The room was darker and her clothes seemed stiff and rigid. Her heels seemed different. She had been wearing pumps just a second ago, but now she felt she had heels on very extreme heels at that.

She looked down to see why her shoes had indeed changed. She saw a long silver tapered leg seamlessly attached to a very sexy metal high heel shoe. Her eyes followed the leg up where it attached to a metal-coated hip and pelvis. Next to that on the table was a metal coated hand and arm. All of this metal seemed to be made of one pieces of chrome.

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"… without the possibility of parole."

Her head snapped up with the realization that this was her prison.

Life! Oh no…

She tried to say something else in her defense. She had never really taken advantage of that opportunity. But when she did she couldn't speak, her mouth was filled … gagged forever.

"The prisoner is free to take her prison anywhere she likes but will never be freed from it." The judge was saying. "This case is on its final appeal and the case number is now officially closed. So says this court."

No WAIT! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE! I'm only twenty-three years old! LIFE, How long is a life at twenty-three?

Rick was saying something to her… but she was rushing the judges bench her movement were stiff and restricted. She feel to her knees before the judge they hit the asphalt tile flooring with clink that even Anne could hear through her metal head.

"Miss, it won't do you any good now. Once judgment has been passed it can't be reversed. Bailiff, remove the prisoner from the courtroom."

She was struggling to stay if they put her outside then it would be final, she'd be stuck. But they carried her by her arms out of the courtroom and down the hall. Everywhere people pointed and laughed at her. She was not only trapped but mortified, she would never be able to hide this thing. People everywhere would see and point and laugh at her plight.

The guards reached the doors to the courthouse. They opened and she was dumped unceremoniously on the steps of the courthouse. The people on the street all stopped and stared at her as she lay there on the steps. She blushed but none could see. Then some pointed and whispered to one another. Others laughed. One lady drew her children close to her and hurried as if Anne might try to abduct one of them. She was humiliated.

As quickly as she could she stood and tried to get back inside but the doors were locked. She turned crying and terrified to survey her surroundings and there was Rick standing three steps away from her.

She cautiously stepped in her permanent shoes the short distance to her Master.

She wanted to say 'Why?'. But she couldn't

"Maybe next time you'll obey me!" he said in a flat emotionless tone.

She woke struggling and crying against the nightmare. And slowly became aware that it had been a dream. Then, absolute horror stricken she discovered that it wasn't a dream. She was still sealed within, her plea for a miracle had been denied. She curled into a fetal position and wished she could suck her thumb.

She got up only to pee and poop. The vibrations from her metal shoes echoed up her leg from the hard wood floors of her Masters house. She sat on the toilet and expelled her waist. Amused by the idea that the only thing that could get out of this thing was piss and shit. She found herself wishing she were a pile of shit.

As time wore on she finally got hungry and found that she could force pureed food in the hole in the facemask with the aid of a ball syringe. There was plenty of soup, yogurt and veggies that could be pureed in the house. The shock wore off after about seven days of imprisonment. In the meantime, she had also had ruined every butter knife and flat head screwdriver trying to pry the pieces of the suit off. Each time she attacked the suit, however, it punished her with electric shocks to her vagina, groin and breasts until she stopped.

On the seventh day she did stop all together. She decided to wait it out. She couldn't go outside like this and if she did she would have to believe that someone out there would be disturbed enough by her appearance would try to rescue her. She would not be able to tell them that she was being electrocuted inside this suit the whole time they were trying to pry her out. She was pretty much convinced that any efforts at rescue would fail anyway. The instructions warned that the wearer could not remove the device; she assumed that the builder had taken in to account the wearer recruiting outside help as well.

She couldn't help lamenting, if she had only left the damnable thing in the box.

But Nooooooo! You had to try it on and he knew you were going to do just that.

And when he gets home do you think he's just going to let you out? The thought frightened her but she the idea had been there the whole time. It the reason it was designed to allow her to eat and clean and expel waste. She knew how his mind worked. She asked for something and he gave it to her with all the implications that came with it. She rarely thought out the consequences of her actions or requests. As a result she often suffered greatly for it, as she was doing now. As she was most likely going to for sometime after he got back. She knew she was fooling herself into thinking that this was only going to last ten days.

If Anne didn't like it… well she knew she could leave. But it was her guess that she would leave with her property. Since this was the only thing she owned she could leave with it. But it would be intact and on her body when she did and she would have no clue how to get it off. If she protested and tried to threaten to leave she would not be allowed to come back. Even the ownership records would show it was hers. She would have no proof that she didn't approve the designs. No, even if Rick said it stayed on for a year then she would have to tough it out. It was her only chance.

Trembling she decided to clean up the mess of scattered tools and foam forms that had lain around the room since she first put this thing on. The house should be neat for his return. She knew that much. She may be in trouble but she could minimize the punishment some. She put the forms and the instructions all together with the intent of packing them in the box. Presumably Rick would be able to read the removal instructions and would need them to get her out when he finally wanted her out.

Anne got the box to neatly place the forms and other items the whole time the straining against her metal skin. Her hand clacked against something hard in the box. She fished around and found a small black plastic box. On the top it read


Her heart leapt in to her throat.

Rick rattled his key in the lock and was not really surprised to find the door was unlocked. He stepped in to a colossal mess. Strewn about the floor were power tools and saws, hammers and screwdrivers, there was even a garden pick lying on its side in the middle of the hall.

Slumped in the corner was the chromed finished figure of a woman. Her auburn colored hair hung down over her face and her hands cradled her face. Although he could not see it, he knew that too was now covered in steel.

The suit had held just like the engineer had said it would. Anne had responded just as he thought she would have as well. He smiled a thin smile at the thought.

He walked over to her. He could tell that she was crying inside that thing. Sometimes her training was harsh. But that's how we learn. When Master speaks, you listen or face the consequences.

He stepped over to her. She didn't look up at him and he suspected why.

"My my… how pretty you have become!" he stated in a louder voice. He knew that she would have trouble hearing him for quite a while now.

She sobbed harder at the words. Her steel frame racked with convulsions her breath whistling in and out of the hole in the faceplate.

He bent and lifted her chin so she was looking at him. But she jerked her head away ashamed and afraid.

He ran one hand down a slender steel leg gently and in her field of vision. In side she wanted only to feel that hand on her body and blind panic hit her again. She grabbed his hand and pulled it to her face. She started sniffing it. It was the closest she could get to him now.

He lifted her face to his once more this time she let it stay. "Are you ready to start obeying my orders?" he asked her.

She nodded wildly gesturing at her body. It was the first time he had seen it assembled and it was quite a piece of work. Even the places where the body hair was allowed out of the suit were spectacular. It was really quite an awesome sight to see all this metal come to life.

"I don't understand Anne." But he did. He knew exactly what she was trying to say.

Next to her on the floor was a piece of paper. It had come from the small black box she had found three days ago while cleaning up. Rick picked it up and read it

Read all the instructions before installing this unit before installing!

The lithium batteries in this box must be installed in the chastity shield of the unit before the system is locked down. In order to serve security and the integrity of the systems lifetime power supply, the locking mechanism works on a separate power supply. That power supply HAS NOT BEEN INSTALLED. The locks of this system work on an electronic release system. This system cannot be engaged with out the power cells.

DO NOT lock the system down without installing the lock system power cells or the suit cannot be removed.

When he looked back at her she was looking up at him with large back eyes. He could not see her emotions behind the large plexiform eye covers. Eye covers he knew to be made of bulletproof material. But he knew she was hoping for a miracle.

"You forgot the batteries didn't you?" he asked sympathetically.

She stretched out one beautiful sliver arm and uncurled her fingers. In the palm of her hand were two small round batteries. How long had she clutched them he wondered. How long making sure they remained safe and protected from loss now that it was too late? They had been locked out of the suit. Anne had been trying desperately to get them inside somehow.

He stood shaking his head and backed away a few steps.

She crawled to him steel knees scraping over the hard wood floor and hugged his leg. He could feel her shake in her prison cell. He had hoped she would listen. But she was going to have to pay the price now.

"It belongs to you now." He said loudly so she could hear.

At those words she shook her head violently. She clutched his leg harder and eventually kneeled in a praying gesture to him, hands clasped together begging him to release her. After the pleas for release were not met she clumsily fumbled with his zipper and then his belt intent on undoing his pants. She was trying to seduce him, excite him in hopes breaking him down and reveling some secret way out of her hell.

But he took her hands the metal was warm from the contact with her skin.

"You can't have that any more." He said soothing to her and she shook her head no in desperation. And tried again to get the suit off, pulling at the breastplate and the shield over her crotch.

But he soothed her and calmed her down. "It's too late for that." He said and she slumped in her arms. The fight was out of her for now. She was totally defeated. He took the batteries from her hand and when she wasn't looking locked them in his safe. He set them down next to a remote unit that unknown to her controlled many other features of the suit.

He then gave her water and food and guided her to the bedroom.

He started to prepare for bed, slowly undoing his clothes as she stood staring off someplace, when she suddenly came to life. She knelt before him and removed his shoes tenderly placing them next to the bed. Then she removed his socks and gingerly places slippers on his feet.

She dressed him for bed lovingly as though she had done it all her life and then waited, kneeling at his feet, her head down. He placed his hand gently on her head but she could not feel it. This was going to be an awful lot for her to hoe. But she had gotten what she asked for. Perhaps not what she wanted but what she had asked for.

He sat at the bedside and she rose. He lay back in the bed and she pulled the covers up over him. As she moved off he took her hand and asked. "Where are you going my slave?"

She motioned to the floor and then pillowed her head on her hands to indicate she would sleep on the floor. He gestured to the space beside him in the bed. She stared back at him with blank dark eyes. He could not see she was crying. She pulled back the covers and slipped between satin sheets she could no longer feel.

Her Master rolled over to face her and slipped his arms around her waist. She could not feel this, only the tug of his arm as he pulled her close to him. It made her sad and empty. She wanted nothing more than to feel her Master hands on her body. Her sex pulsed with the stimulation of her want and the thing in her. She wept for all the lovemaking she had carelessly thrown away, she cried for her beautiful young body she had trapped within a steel body.

Not for the last time she cried herself to sleep in the arms of a Master she could no longer feel.

She slept with the words of a distant dream replaying in her head.

Life Imprisonment!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014  

One of the best stories i´ve read

Thursday, June 02, 2011  

It´s a really hot story. I wish to be real on me, of course. It would be my perfect and wished life... chastised totally in a steel catsuit... and tortured curelly... PERFECT!!

Monday, September 13, 2010  

copied from another chastity page or altair or tollyboy

Friday, June 11, 2010  

Cyberwolf here: Hmmm Life Imprisonment! But did you were inspired by robotic womans like gynoids writing that story? It would be great if both of them found a way to let her out of the suit and if then the both became real lovers instead of master and slave - in other term the idea of an woman trapped into an robotic shell was once displayed by the cartoon Phantom series in which an episode an bound and gagged woman is put into an old shell of an emotionsless droid. HH when you need more inspirations for erotic stories then i will give here from time to time Ideas-you dont have to use it,but I´m an erotic writer myself. So long Cyberwolf

Sunday, March 14, 2010  

Let her out of the suit. It's really the only way to bring it all to life. Otherwise all the work put into this story dies along with her spirit.

Sunday, March 14, 2010  

Let her out of the suit. It's really the only way to bring it all to life. Otherwise all the work put into this story dies along with her spirit.

Saturday, November 07, 2009  

Interesting and original presentation of a bdsm classic theme. Sensitively drawn characters win the sympathy of the reader who instinctively identifies with the emotions and feelings described.
A rattling good read.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008  

Cyberwolf here-How about this? Anne could use an surgical Laser to cut of her encasement. Or Rick has in his hidden remote control an function which could open the system. On the otherside could Anne now things do which an normal human can´t-perhaps acting like an super-hero.

Monday, July 21, 2008  

I´ve read these story very close and think that it´s a bit to cruel-perhaps you wrote an sequel to it where both characters of this story could find a way to release her-that would very kind if you ask me. - Cyberwolf

Friday, July 22, 2005  

JG-Leathers has written "An expansion of the original story" that may appeal to some readers. Not necessarily better, just different. This (unauthorized) revision is available through the seriousbondage.com website, under 2004 Fiction. I would provide a more accurate URL, but the proprietor of that (free) website has disabled external URLs.

Thursday, July 21, 2005  

That was pretty hot during the middle when the suit started shocking her... But a bit depressing at the end. What are you supposed to do if the batteries go bad anyway even if you did remember them?

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