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Bondage Barbie
  • Author - Anne Gray  
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  • Site Rank - 74 of 2730
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, bondage, kidnapping, latex, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 8/7/2005
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Chapter 1 - The Requisition

Just after dark around 6 pm, I had slipped the lock on the side door and now waited as she returned to her house through the connecting door from the garage. The leather bag with a drawstring opening was ready. As she moved passed me with her arms full of packages, I whipped it over her head and pulled the string closed around her neck. The packages fell as I reached around and grabbed both her wrists forcing them behind her back. Before she could react I snapped on a pair of handcuffs; there was no chain between them so they held her wrists tightly together.

The sensual world of BDSM

Hooking a leg around in front I tripped her to the floor and sat on her back. Ignoring the muffled noises coming from the bag I swung around to sit on her legs, pulled some cord from my pocket, and tied her ankles together. She was wearing a pair of low heeled, soft suede boots that were designed to come over the knee and I pulled them up before knotting more cord around her legs.

Re-positioning myself to sit in the small of her back I took a leather ball gag from my bag of supplies and loosened the drawstring of the bag. I pulled her head back and reached inside the hood to stuff the gag in her now gasping mouth.

Pulling the bag completely off I fitted the leather pads of a blindfold over her eyes, strapped it tightly behind her head and relaxed for a minute - she was not going anywhere

Rolling her over let me fit ear plugs before pulling a heavy rubber swim cap over her head and tucking in her shoulder length blonde hair; the chin strap fastened under her left ear. Using a roll of wide surgical tape I ran it across her mouth and around her head. Three turns and the gag was held firmly in place.

Hollow stiff rubber inserts went in each nostril before I rolled her over again and added the gleaming black leather discipline helmet. Lacing it tightly down the back of her head I pulled it just snug around her neck and then finished with a matching strap over the mouth.

As usual, the beautiful full-length brown leather trench coat she wore was unbuttoned with the wide belt undone. She was about to learn that leather needs to be worn properly. I knotted some cord around her elbows pulling them closely together and then hauled her to her feet. Leaning her back against the kitchen wall I did the coat up the way it was designed to be worn but left the hood resting across her shoulders.

As I let go she slid down the wall to sit on the floor and I left her there while quickly crossing out through the garage to move my car inside from across the street to the empty spot beside hers. I grabbed the automatic door control from her car visor and closed the garage door.

Using the elbow cords to pull her across the floor, it only took just a few minutes to get her settled in the back seat of my car. A length of cord round her ankles attached them to the front seat bracket and the lap belt went tightly across her thighs.

There was a D ring at the front of the helmet's neck strap that I snapped a dog leash through and pulled the other end around the same seat bracket. Pressure on the back of her neck forced her to bend and I took up the slack until her chest was almost at her knees. A light blanket covered the helpless women.

Back in the house I picked up and loaded the dropped packages in my trunk. Moving through the house I collected her handbag and packed a large selection of her clothes, boots, shoes and accessories into some suitcases before putting them in the car. She really liked leather and had a number of outfits, some combining it with suede, that were very attractive.

The desk in her home office yielded a return airline ticket to Atlantic City leaving in two days. Inside the folder were traveler's cheques for a substantial amount and back at the car they went in my purse.

I shut off the lights and used her keys to lock the doors then backed out of the garage using the remote to close that door. It was dark by now and no one saw me leave. I had worn gloves all the time and left no traces of my visit.

Nearly an hour later I pulled in my own garage and the door closed automatically behind the car. There was a wheelchair ready and it was a simple matter to release the bindings holding her in the car and move her to the chair. I lifted her bound arms over the back of the chair to allow her to sit upright. Using cord from the car I tied her feet to the footrest, ran another piece from the handcuffs to the brace under the back of the seat and wheeled her into the "playroom". Then I went to change my outdoor clothes for a comfortable top and pair of soft leather slacks.

She was breathing heavily through the nostril inserts when I returned and got her out of the chair. I held her standing between two 4' high metal posts set in the floor; each of them had an adjustable clamp on the top. Unlocking the handcuff on her right wrist I bent the arm out until I could fit the wrist into the clamp and tighten it down then, holding tightly to her left wrist, I untied her elbows and pulled that arm across to the other post closing the clamp on that wrist.

There was a bar about 8" off the floor running between the two posts and I secured her legs to it with a few turns of cord. Just in front of the helmets eyelet's at the crown of her head was a D ring that I attached to the end of a rope from the ceiling pulley. Tension on this forced her to remain upright. Blind, deaf, unable to speak, she was completely unaware of who had done this to her - or why!

I took my time loosening the belt on her coat and undoing the storm flap before opening the rest of the garment. This revealed a green suede suit with fairly tight, knee length skirt and a matching jacket with green leather lapels.

A brown satin blouse showed through at the neck and cuffs. She wore brown leather driving gloves which I peeled off and then, loosening one clamp at a time, I removed the coat, jacket and blouse leaving her with just a bra above the waist; except, of course, for the bondage gear from the neck up.

She had a beautiful figure and her breasts almost put mine to shame as they thrust out from her chest. I had no need to be jealous though because in height and build we were very similar which is why I had been researching her over the last few months. Now I had her to treat as my own personal "Bondage Barbie Doll" - her given name was Dawn.

Chapter 2 - Settling In

The bra came off and released her breasts from their prison; they would soon have another. I unzipped the skirt and let it fall down her legs then gently slid my hands inside her panty hose and moved them down to the top of her boots. There was no need for me to resist the obvious temptation, so I didn't. My finger caressed the inside of her thighs and gradually moved to her groin.

She was moaning now with sobs causing her breathing to quicken through the hollow inserts. Her nipples grew rigid as my fingers kept wandering over her body. I stopped long enough to untie her legs one at a time and remove the boots, skirt and hose then retied them to the bar 2' apart.

I pulled on a pair of my own kid gloves and let them slide all over her. The breasts were firm and I squeezed one with my left hand and suddenly forced my gloved right forefinger inside her vagina. She squirmed and tried to move away but the bonds held her in place and there was no escape from my ministrations.

Playtime over for the moment, I removed my gloves and loosened the velcro clamp holding her right wrist. Pulling her arm through the clamp I tightened it again just below her elbow. With her hand now available I worked on a tight kid leather glove that laced from the base of her palm to the edge of the clamp holding her. At first she would not co-operate and kept curling her fingers and clenching her fist as I tried to get the glove on. She soon got the message though when I tapped her on the cheek and held my fingers over the end of the nostril inserts for a few moments.

The glove in place I squeezed her fingers together with the thumb up the center of the palm and added an equally tight pointed hand cover that strapped closed around the wrist. It had a D ring and short strap at the point formed by the fingers. Clamping that arm by the wrist again I did the same thing to her left one.

From the closet I fetched a rather special short, black leather jacket. It laced down the back to the waist, had a high neck, openings in front slightly smaller than her breasts and, while the right sleeve stopped just below the elbow, the left was wider and overly long.

Each clamp opened just long enough for me to slip the jacket on her arms and pull it together at the back. Lacing it from the high neck down took some time because I wanted it wrinkle free.

The wide belt at the waist of the jacket buckled tightly in the small of her back. I laced the short right sleeve down to meet the glove then undid the clamp holding the wrist.

Bending her arm behind her and lifting the left sleeve clear I held the point of the finger cover against the inside of her left elbow. The strap at the end went around her left bicep. Unclamping the left wrist I forced that arm around until I could settle the finger cover in the bend of her right elbow and strap it in place.

Now the left sleeve pulled across over both her forearms and wrists. I took my time lacing it tightly in place. I had effectively folded her arms behind her back. This position caused her chest to arch forward and pushed her breasts through the front openings of the jacket.

She was still held in place by the ceiling rope and her ankles tied to the bar. I took a leather arm pouch and worked it up over the points of her elbows until it was almost to the top of her arms. Straps passed under her armpits and back across the shoulders to be buckled in the center at the nape of her neck. Except for those lovely breasts she was completely, and very tightly, encased from the waist up in gleaming black kid leather.

Untying her ankles I steadied her as the ceiling cord was unhooked and, supporting her around the waist, forced her to walk over the few steps to the doctor's examining table that was covered in padded black leather. I had spent a lot of time adapting this piece of furniture and would now find out if it had been worth the effort.

I pulled her backwards on the table and fastened a strap across her waist. Another went across her upper chest and then I tied a piece of cord to the helmet ring and pulled the other end down to a waiting bracket at the table's end. With her arms locked behind her back this position stretched her neck and forced those breasts upwards. I easily caught her legs and one at a time settled the heels in the stirrups at the end of hinged metal arms. Straps at the ankle and upper calf held the legs immobile.

Turning a crank moved the metal arms up and away from the edges of the table bending her knees and forcing her legs wide apart; a very vulnerable position.

She must have guessed what was coming because her moaning became louder and I could see her straining against the straps. It was a useless effort on her part and I spent a few minutes gently stroking her leather-covered face.

Some of the tension went out of her upper body and I immediately took up the final bit of slack in the table straps. As they presented themselves bulging through the jacket openings I could not resist some more fun playing with her breasts.

They easily filled my palms as I squeezed each one, rolling the hardening nipples between thumb and forefinger; groans came from deep in her throat.

Of course, she could not see as I reached for the butt plug and dipped it in an open jar of gel. Moving to stand between her legs but still working on a breast, I started to insert the 2" diameter plug into her anus. With steady even pressure from my right hand, and a slight twisting motion, I forced the rigid sex toy in for most of its length. Just for fun I slowly pulled it almost out again then slid it back in - hard. The gel helped and I did not stop until it was completely buried.

There was only one other cavity that was just begging to be filled and I hastened to oblige. Resting the bulging head of a thick dildo between her lower lips I very slowly worked it in. My left hand moved down to roll her clitoris between thumb and finger. Despite all that had happened to her in the last three hours, the initial shock, the complete helplessness of her current position, the tightness of all the leather, lacings and straps holding her body, it responded to these latest sensations by amply lubricating the orifice as the dildo slid in.

I pumped it slowly in and out several times before working it all the way in. Breathing hard myself, I loosened the locks on the stirrup arms and adjusted them until her legs were almost straight and much closer together. A pair of tight latex panties went on as I released the legs one at a time. Working them up her legs and under the buttocks, they clung like a second skin.

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A skintight pair of waist length kid leather leggings went on her using the same process. Once they were on I released the table straps and flipped her onto her stomach. Table straps again in place I worked on the leggings' laces that went from just above the back of her knees to below the ankles.

Loops around her big toes and under the foot held the leggings taunt. Again releasing the table straps I pulled her from the table and positioned her standing facing it while I spread her legs and tied them to a bar between the table legs. The waistband of the leggings now needed to be attached to the jacket.

This was accomplished by removing the belt and closing the matching snap fasteners around the two hems then replacing the belt very tightly around her waist. One end of a leather crotch strap attached to the front of the waist belt.

Standing beside her I smoothed it back through her legs and pulled the other end through a buckle at the back of the belt. I yanked it as tight as it would go and knew that the inserts would be held deeply inside her while the latex panties would stop any moisture getting out to the leather.

Lowering her to the floor I took several straps and bound her legs together above and below the knee and at the ankle. The single leg boot required a lot of effort to get on. I knelt over her legs and worked her toes into the shoe but the boot heel was so high it took a lot of strength to settle her feet fully into the shoe. Lengthwise the boot reached to her upper thighs. It took me fifteen minutes to lace it closed.

The cups of the front closing leather bra went over those perfect mounds and as I closed the clasp I stood back to admire my handiwork. From the strained arch of her instep to the top of her head, she lay encased in beautiful black leather.

I managed to lift her off the floor by her shoulders and lean her against the table. Because of the restraints her body was almost rigid and I was able to swing her booted legs up and get her back on the padded surface. Naturally I strapped her down at several points along the table and then turned a wheel at the head end that raised that section of the table to about 45 degrees. As I left the room she was breathing heavily through the inserts; I needed a well-earned shower and to change before working on her again. My plan was to remove the helmet and get some liquid into her to see her through the night.

After my shower, as she would be seeing me for the first time, I decided to give her something else to think about. The brown satin blouse and green suede suit fitted me almost perfectly. My bust was a little smaller than hers but not enough to be noticeable in the expensive outfit. I did not like the low heels on the suede boots but pulled them on anyway. I arranged my hair and makeup close to her usual style and returned to the playroom. This part of my sprawling bungalow was actually a large, heavily soundproofed extension hidden off the hallway behind the three-car garage. It was designed not to be noticeable so there were no windows.

The inside entrance was through an equally soundproof, hinged, bookcase. A switch behind one of the books activated the latch and another turned on the phone extension.

Methodically I removed the bondage gear from her head. First the gag strap followed by the helmet. Then I eased the inserts from her nostrils and working a fingernail under the end of the surgical tape I peeled it off. This type of tape was gentle on the skin although the marks across her face showed how tight it had been.

The rubber swim cap came off revealing her blonde hair. When the blindfold came away she opened her eyes just for an instant, then closed them against the light. I left the gag in place for a little longer while the earplugs came out.

Standing where she could see me I watched as her eyes opened again then I hooked my fingers around the gag and pulled it out and she worked her jaw muscles in relief. Holding a glass of water near her mouth I put the straw between her lips and waited as she drank most of it. Her eyes looked around the room then back to me, the recognition of what I was wearing prompted her to look down at her leather own encased body – the questions started.

Although I had studied her and her habits for nearly six months I don't think she had ever seen me. Her pleas therefore, were to a stranger in her late twenties, dressed in her clothes, to loosen the bonds or let her go or tell her why she was here. I did not answer.

After offering her some more water I put a stop to the questions by forcibly shoving in a new gag. This one was hard rubber but it had grooves top and bottom that fitted over her teeth. Her lips could not quite meet over the gag but a short piece of tape sealed them nicely.

I made a few trips to the garage collecting the suitcases, her packages and other things that went into the closet. Dumping the contents of her purse on a table I poured myself a drink and started to sort through the stuff. Suddenly I found something unbelievable, I knew she was independent, and a professional consultant working from her home and that meant she was intelligent but, behind a couple of photographs, I found a slip of paper with a list of her credit cards and, beside each one, a PIN number!

I was independent thanks to an inheritance from my parents but was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth; I remembered the Atlantic City tickets and started to think how I could complete Dawn's "disappearance". Returning to the playroom she watched as I put on her beautiful leather trench coat. The fit was good and I soon had it properly buttoned, belted and the storm flap in place. Just for show I raised the hood and fastened the storm collar under my chin.

Posing in front of a full-length mirror I saw a picture of sleek brown leather. Sliding her wallet into my own purse I pulled on some kid gloves then put the blindfold back on Dawn and left her in the embrace of her bondage.

I threw back the hood of the coat for driving and headed for a bank machine close to her home. It wasn't far since, to keep her confused, I had driven around for most of the hour she was in the car and our houses were actually only ten minutes apart.

There was a light, sleety cold rain falling as I parked around the corner from the machine. The hood of the coat went up again and I added a pair of dark glasses against the possibility of the machine having a security camera.

Less than five minutes later I was back in the car substantially better off; her three bank accounts had coughed up the daily maximums with no trouble. Back at the house I stood beside the table and slowly studied every inch of my new guest, from her booted feet to the gagged mouth and blindfold. I lowered the table flat and then slid a small, round, leather cushion under her neck to relieve the strain and left her for the night.

It was well after midnight as I undressed, pulled on my nightgown and slid between the satin sheets of my huge bed. A few moments of action with my fingers brought me to shuddering spasms of relief. Turning on my side, I slept.

Chapter 3 - The First Day

Waking just after seven thirty, I showered and had a cup of coffee before getting dressed. The pink leather of my bra matched the short shorts and knee boots. I felt comfortable and ready to face my guest.

Quietly entering the playroom I touched her cheek and she jerked against my hand. Sleeping, she had probably hoped this was just a nightmare that would be over when she woke up - she was wrong. Taking off the blindfold and removing her gag, I gave her a long kiss on the lips before holding the glass of water for her. It was over eleven hours since I had started to dress her in the outfit she had on so I knew her limbs would not be working too well.

I began to reverse all my work of the previous evening. First the boot followed by the leg and crotch straps. Then the leggings came off and I moved her into the wheelchair. Across the room I eased her on the toilet seat and tied her ankles to rings on either side of the pedestal base. Pulling on a pair of disposable plastic gloves I lifted her enough to pull down the latex panties and reached in to pull out the butt plug.

The gel I had used was excellent and the plug slid out smoothly. Pushing her backwards with my left arm against her chest, I got hold of the end of the dildo with my right hand and slowly eased it out. Both toys went into a disinfectant solution that would not harm them and I left her, still tightly bound from the waist up, to relieve herself.

She was getting her voice back now and questions followed me around the room as I gathered up the things I needed. She seemed to realize that yelling and screaming would be a waste of time but the questions were getting aggravating, I had still not said a word.

While she was finishing I undid the straps from the top of the arm pouch and pulled it off. With her arms still laced behind her back I wiped her off then untied the cords around her ankles and pulled her over to the especially supported bidet. That done I dried her, pulled up the latex panties and led her back to the table. Sensation had started to come back to her limbs and she could walk the few steps necessary.

Unhooking the clasp between her breasts and peeling off the bra I pushed her face down on the table, tied her ankles together for a moment and then ran the cord through one of the rings at the end. After her arms were unlaced they just hung down on either side of the table and I removed the mitts and gloves without trouble. I strapped on rubber cuffs that had a D ring at the back of the wrists; matching straps went on the ankles.

The large shower cubicle had strategically placed snap hooks and she was soon standing in it, naked, with her arms straight out at shoulder height and feet slightly apart. I pulled a shower cap over her hair, put on a light transparent plastic raincoat to protect my leather outfit, and turned on the water.

Using a soft sponge I soaped her all over; she tried to twist away as I got between her legs and begged me to stop. When she was rinsed off I dried her with a huge bath towel. Not taking any chances now she was recovering, I released one arm at a time to get her into the big white terry cloth robe. Wrapped across her front it was held in place by the belt. A slipknot of cord around her elbows held her long enough for me to cross her wrists behind her back and bind them securely with several turns of soft cord.

She was trying to resist me now and after I unhooked her ankles it took some force to get her to walk over and sit in the wheelchair. This chair had a solid, padded leather seat and straight back. Ignoring what were now demands for me to stop, I pulled her arms over the chair back so the top went across under her armpits and ran a cord from her wrists down to the back rung.

She tried to kick out as I came around in front but I just sat in her lap with my back to her and trapped her legs between mine. It was easy then to get cord around her ankles and back to the braces of the footrest. She was banging her head against my back and yelling as I got up and started winding cord around her chest pulling her hard against the chair back.

I straightened the robe over her legs and ran some more cord around them. Smiling down at her I pulled her head back with a handful of her hair and clamped my right hand around her jaw. She was unable to avoid me as I kissed her deeply - but it certainly surprised her into shutting up.

Wheeling her through to the kitchen I made breakfast for us. The window blinds were drawn and there was nothing in the room to give her a hint of her whereabouts. All she knew, if she remembered, was the hour-long drive the previous evening. There was no argument as I spooned cereal into us both followed by tea and toast. She never stopped looking at me while we ate but the questions and yelling had finally stopped.

With the food put away I got bowl of warm water, opened a new toothbrush and peeled back her lips to clean her teeth. Wiping her mouth also removed the lipstick smudges I had left. She had been able to talk long enough and moaned as she saw me with the soft leather gag. Resisting didn't work I just gripped her cheeks until her jaws opened then pushed in the gag.

A strap around her head held the gag in place. I continued her grooming by spending a long time brushing her hair before gathering it in a ponytail with a soft leather ribbon. Pushing the chair into my bedroom her eyes widened at the sight of the king size four-poster covered in glossy black satin sheets and comforter.

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Unwinding the cords that held her in the chair, but leaving her wrists and ankles tied, I pulled back the covers and moved her to sit on the edge of the bed. A blindfold gave me more of an advantage as, pulling the robe down off her shoulders and lashing her elbows to her sides, I untied her wrists.

Taking the robe off her arms I laced them in a wrist length kid leather single glove with a swivel ring at the point. It locked her hands in a praying position in front of her. I pulled her arms over her head and attached the glove ring to a hook in the headboard. The robe came off and I pulled her down the bed, joined her ankles with a 12" strap and attached the middle of the strap to the footboard with a short length of cord. The bed was long enough for her to be fully stretched out.

Removing my boots and undressing, I climbed naked on the bed beside her and dragged the covers over us both. Pulling her over to face me I settled on the smooth pillows and let my hands explore her until she was panting through the gag. My research had given no indication of lesbian leanings but she could not control her body's reaction to my gently probing fingers.

Gagged, blindfolded, tied hand and foot she was all mine and after a while I turned her over on her other side then, pulling her closer until we were like a pair of spoons, I slept again.

Chapter 4 – The Disapperance

She woke me with her struggles after a few hours but I needed to get up anyway and finalize my plans to cash in those travelers checks. Taking her through to sit on the pot I ran a strap around her elbows and across the back. This pulled her single gloved hands tightly against her stomach; her ankles got tied to the floor rings.

Since she was still gagged and blindfolded I left her there and went to get dressed. Pulling on Dawn's boots and trench coat, I locked up and drove towards her house. Twice I drove passed her home and all was quiet. Being winter it was nearly dark even though it was just after seven. I took the chance and pulled into the driveway, opened the garage door and closed it behind my car.

I checked her answering machine and heard nothing but a couple of people telling her to enjoy her trip and they would see her when she got back. Going through the closets I removed all the things that took my fancy and loaded them in the car. In the basement I found a large suitcase that was moved to the front hall.

Back home, after stopping at another bank machine, I tied Dawn in the wheelchair again and moved her to the kitchen for another meal. I had to work out the best way to leave her for at least twelve hours and possibly longer. She was not showing any lasting effects from spending almost that long in what I thought of as her initiation outfit, so that was the best possibility.

She spent the night beside me with her hands still held by the double glove and her feet tied to the footboard. Very early the next morning the alarm got me up and I started what proved to be a busy day.

She ate breakfast, with lots of liquid and just over an hour later I had her back on the playroom table laced tightly into the original outfit. Arms folded up behind her and legs held in the single boot. An adult diaper, plus latex panties covered the inserts, before the crotch strap had been tightened. The earplugs were in and blindfold pads in place. She was gagged with her head fully encased in the helmet that I tied down to the end of the table after settling the leather cushion under her neck.

In this condition I hoped she would not even know how long it was before I released her.

Now I really had to move. I dressed in her green suede suit, boots, gloves and then the trench coat. With a designer backpack of the things I needed, I looked in on Dawn, saw her chest moving easily, blew her a kiss and got going. Parking the car in a shopping mall nearby I hurried to her house and went inside. Before seven on a winter morning no one was around to see me.

First, I called a taxi then, after fitting my backpack inside her suitcase, spent a few minutes in front of the mirror pulling up the hood of the coat. Adjusting a pair of dark glasses as the taxi pulled into the driveway, I made a fuss about pulling out the suitcase and locking the front door.

The driver carried the case to the car and I kept my head lowered against the rain as I got in. At the airport I paid him cash with a good tip. Two hours later I was in another taxi in Atlantic City pulling up to the hotel her agent had pre- booked for her. I was lucky, since it was the off-season, and got straight into my room without the usual 3 p.m. check in. Once in the room I removed my pack from her suitcase and after laying out the contents changed my gloves to a dress pair of green kid that matched the suit.

At all times I had worn gloves. Even on the first night when packing her case I had not touched anything with my bare hands. In the next hour I moved from one casino to another cashing the traveler's checks.

Her signature was easy, almost childish with big looping letters and I had plenty of ID in her name plus the room card showing I was booked in. I used an ATM to make final withdrawals from her bank accounts and then hit her credit cards for the maximum cash advances.

Back in my hotel room I changed into the clothes I had packed. Tailored black leather slacks over medium heeled boots and a wool turtleneck sweater. A black wig changed my looks completely and I took the time to redo my makeup to suit it. I changed the small gold earrings she wore to a pair of large hoops and pulled on my black leather, belted, wrap around coat.

In my backpack went the suede outfit, boots, coat and her purse. I left her empty suitcase on the bed and the return airline ticket on the dresser; she was booked in for three days.

I waited until the hallway was clear before going to the elevator and was soon back on the crowded casino level heading for the entrance. A taxi back to the airport and a seat on the computer plane using my own name meant that just over two hours later I was at the shopping mall getting into my car.

I had made good time and Dawn soon knew I was back; what she didn't know was that I was almost $10,000 richer with her money. I took all the leather gear off her head and got some liquid into her; personally I had a stiff drink to relax.

After supper she was showing no ill effects from her long day laced and strapped to the table so I pushed her through to the bedroom, stretched her out on the bed and tied her down. She didn't disturb me all night.

Nearly two weeks later there was a piece in the local paper that Dawn had disappeared in Atlantic City. The police had no leads but foul play was suspected. Anyone with any information was requested to call etc. Needless to say I gloated that my scheme had worked and they were looking for her hundreds of miles away.

Chapter 5 - The Box

After breakfast the next morning I spoke to her for the first time. She didn't seem too happy to hear that I planned to continue to show her what real bondage was all about and hoped she enjoyed her day. Her complaints, of course, fell on deaf ears.

Naked, except for a gag, I had her restrained between the floor posts. A collar around her neck attached to the ceiling pulley rope and held her upright. Starting with the laced gloves and finger mitts her hands were soon immobilized and from the closet I produced a new black leather jacket. This one laced down the back and had 2" diameter holes in the bra cups. When it was tightly done up her breasts tried to squeeze through the holes and her nipples stood out proudly.

I settled a double strap over her shoulders so that the metal ring at one join was at the back of her neck and the other between her breasts then attached to the front of the jacket waist belt. One at a time I forced her arms up between her shoulder blades and hooked the snaps at the ends of the finger mitts to the ring at the back of her neck. A short strap attached to the back of the waist belt went around her elbows and I steadily tightened it until they were touching. I thought her chest would burst through the leather.

Two minutes later I had her strapped back down on the table with her legs tied in the stirrups. She could watch as I picked up the butt plug, dipped it in the jar of gel, and then moved it towards her asshole. Moans came through the gag changing to grunts as the plug went in followed immediately with a large dildo in the front orifice. I got the latex panties and leather leggings on her.

The single leg boot took as long as usual to get properly laced but it was worth it to see the way it stretched her insteps into an amazing curve because of the heel. Flipping her on her stomach I loaded 3/4" nylon strapping in the type of dispenser shippers use. Bending her legs at the knee I slipped a loop of the nylon around the ankle and upper thigh and squeezed the trigger. As the ratchet tightened her legs were pulled snugly together until the heel of the boot touched her buttocks.

Another trigger sealed the ends of the nylon and cut the strapping. Two more loops and her legs were completely locked together. Rolling her on her back I took two thin leather ribbons and tied them in tight bows on her nipples.

The next strap was awkward and took some doing but I ran a length of the nylon under her back and positioning her knees over her chest, triggered the machine. As each notch clicked through her legs were pulled closer and closer to her chest until I had her folded yet again. A few more times the strapping went around and then I ran one strip over each shoulder and through the toe ring on the boot.

She was absolutely helpless; a wrapped leather ball. The ceiling pulley rope had a hook on the end that I pushed through the straps at her knees and let the pulley take the weight as I moved her over the box.

It sat on a low table and was covered in padded black leather. As I lowered her into the top opening I had to push and prod her body to get it to fit. Her own weight helped to get her settled until her booted feet met the bottom. This left just her neck and head above the level of the sides. There was no play at all inside the box, her bound arms were tight against the back and booted legs pressed against the front. Now it was time to work on her head. The gag came out and she found her voice straight away with a loud scream to be let go. This was the last thing on my mind as I pushed leather plugs in her ears and worked the rubber cap over her hair.

A large leather gag was followed by surgical tape around her head and the nostril inserts. The beautiful kid leather discipline helmet took time to lace down the back but once it was done I fitted the back piece of the box lid in place; it had a 2" high padded half moon collar. With that on I put the front part of the lid in the slots and pushed until it matched the back piece. I had to hold her head back to get the collar under her chin.

Metal clasps snapped closed under her ears and her head was immobile. Her eyes pleaded with me in vain. A leather gag strap around her mouth completed the bondage but, on a whim, I went to the closet and took out a fancy wide brimmed leather hat that I settled on her head to finish things off. She made a picture.

I moved the wheelchair over next to the table and slid the box onto the seat. Pushing her through to the bedroom I slid the box on a big night table and turned it to face the room. I stood in front of her and smiled at her as I stripped. She could not move anything except her eyes as I leaned over and kissed the leather covering her mouth. After a shower I settled on the blue suede outfit, with the boots and silk blouse it made a very fetching picture. Taking time with my makeup I went back over so she could see as I put on my black leather coat.

Pulling on a pair of tight kid gloves I caressed the helmeted head held firmly in the grip of the padded box collar. Warmly dressed in suede and leather I left my bound Bondage Barbie - and went shopping!

Chapter 6 - A Material Change

I had several errands to do and started by visiting my bank and depositing most of Dawn's cash; then spent time at my favorite leather store picking out some new outfits. Another stop was downtown in a store known for its "naughty novelties" and I paid cash for several items that would make life interesting for my guest.

Back home and comfortably dressed in leather slacks I pushed Dawn back into the playroom. Removing the hat I started to get her out of the box with a lot of help from the ceiling pulley. Very carefully I cut the nylon strapping and left her on the floor to slowly recover. At least her legs moved away from her upper body and then straightened at the knee. She was still fully laced into the boot, corset and helmet so I just added a blindfold to complete the head to toe leather.

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The next couple of hours I spent catching up with my household chores.

I could easily afford to bring in a maid service or someone to do the job but protected my privacy for obvious reasons. When I finally finished with the vacuuming in the playroom I looked down at her leather-covered figure stretched out on the floor and decided to relieve some of my own tensions.

Unpacking one of the new novelties I removed her blindfold so she could see what was happening and replaced the gag strap with a head harness that went around her mouth and over the top of her head; her chin fitted in a small leather cup and I tightened every strap to the maximum. A dildo snapped onto the harness at her mouth. Dropping my slacks and panties I straddled the helpless girl with my knees on either side of her shoulders.

There were leather grips on each side of the harness level with her ears and I used these to slowly pull her head upwards until the dildo slipped inside me. When it was all the way in her breath, panting through the nostril inserts stimulated my clitoris and after holding her there for a minute or two I started pumping her head up and down. The sensations were beautiful and I moved her head faster and faster until, finally, I rammed the rigid leather all the way in and held it there as shudders of delicious relief racked my body.

Leaving her where she was I took some time to recover. It was now late afternoon and since she had spent most of the day tightly bound in leather and crushed into the box, I decided she would spend the night in a completely different outfit and position. It took a while until I had her showered and sitting very quietly tied in the wheel chair. Not surprisingly she hardly ate any supper but I did get liquid in her before pushing in the temporary ball gag.

There was no resistance as I forced her on to the playroom table and tied her arms, at the elbows, above her head to a bracket at the end of the table. A belt across her waist held her down while I fitted her feet in the stirrups and strapped them in place. The inserts were rubber and the gel helped them slide in despite their size. I worked a pair of very tight latex panties on her by releasing one leg at a time and then moved to the head of the table to fit small rubber gloves on each of her hands. I squeezed her fingers together over the thumbs and wrapped tape tightly around them from fingertips to wrist,

Dusting her entire body with talcum powder and starting with her feet, I worked her into the stretchy one-piece black rubber body suit. After getting it up to her waist I pulled her into a sitting position with her wrists tied to each side of the table level with her knees. She had to be like this because the suit was too small to get on otherwise. One at a time I fitted her arms down the sleeves until the hands popped into the tight pouches at the ends. Pulling the suit over her bent shoulders and up to her neck, I released her hands, pulled her flat on her back and re-attached the strap around her elbows.

Taking her legs from the stirrups I rolled Dawn on her stomach and tied her ankles to each corner of the table. The closing of the suit ran from just above her buttocks to the back of her neck and fastened like a zip lock bag. When I pulled the edges together and clicked the channels in place you could hardly see the seam.

The elastic rubber strap was only eight inches long but I wrapped it twice around her wrists before clicking the flat clasp together. The one around her elbows stayed in place and I rolled her onto her back again. The shiny black rubber high- heeled boots were only knee high but, at a size to small for her, they formed themselves tightly to her legs. They had front closings like the suit that were almost invisible.

The next piece of bondage gear was almost as hard to get on as the suit. I fitted her bound hands and wrists into the end pocket of the heavy rubber sheath and pulled it down her arms, over her elbows, to her neck where it split to allow her head through. There was an oval of eyelets just behind her head. The sheath now continued down her torso to the waist. Three elastic rubber straps ran from the front hem and I rolled her until I could feed them between her legs and stretch them to clasps on the back hem.

I used rubber straps to fasten her legs together at the ankle, knee and thigh. The only part of her not covered with glistening, taunt black rubber was her blonde head. Its turn was coming. A hook from the ceiling pulley went through the wrist strap and gave me all the help I needed to get her off the table and standing helplessly in front of me.

The heavy rubber waist cincher fitted from just under her breasts to her hips and it took a lot of strength to get it closed. Each time I pulled it got a fraction of an inch tighter until it would go no further. Removing the gag I gave her a drink and listened to the soft moans of complaint. Brushing back her hair I filled each ear with a rubber plug before working a tight rubber cover over her head and down to her neck.

It framed her face with a tight rubber oval and the neck clamped to the top of the body suit. Letting go the ceiling hook I guided her body into the seat of the wheelchair. With her arms locked straight up behind her head and her legs almost unable to bend, I pushed her through to the bedroom. Getting her face up on the bed I ran a short rubber strap from her wrists to the headboard and then pulled on her ankles with another strap that attached to the foot rail.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I caressed her cheeks and leaned over to kiss her on the lips. As I pulled back from the kiss I forced the rubber gag between her teeth until it filled her mouth. A roll of tape was handy on the bedside table and several turns were soon smoothly holding the gag in place. The final rubber helmet left nothing showing except her pleading eyes as I let it snap in place. Eyelets framed it from just under each ear and followed the hairline. Gently lifting her encased head I stretched a rubber gag band across her mouth and snapped the clasp behind her neck.

Lacing the two sets of eyelets on the helmet and arm sheath together pulled her head tightly back against the sheath and now nothing could move except her eyes. Undressing myself I climbed into the huge bed, pulled her over on her side, and snuggled up for a good night's sleep.

Chapter 7 – The Figurehead Position

The next day she actually tried, weakly, to defy me and as a punishment ended up in a position that stretched every muscle in her body to its limit. Forcing a temporary ball gag between her teeth I explained exactly what was going to happen and how she would be left while I spent the rest of the day doing some more shopping. The video camera was loaded and fixed on its tripod to record the proceedings.

After working her hands in the tight gloves and taping her fingers together over the thumb, I laced on heavy leather mitts with small steel rings at the points. Next came the waist length leather jacket with a 2" diameter opening at each breast. It fitted snugly around her as I laced it down the back and secured a wide belt at the front. Her breasts tried to squeeze out through the holes and I pulled hard on the laces around the base of each bra cup before knotting them.

As I forced her arms up between her shoulder blades to hook the mitt rings to the strap running around her neck and down to the belt, her breasts were pushed even more firmly into the cups. Pulling her elbows together I strapped them in place before stepping back to admire the job so far. She moaned through the gag as I moved her to the table and strapped her on it - face up. Her legs went in the stirrups and I adjusted them up and out to each side before locking the metal arms.

She knew what was coming next and the semi rigid dildo slipped smoothly in her vagina followed by a large, well lubricated, butt plug. Releasing her legs one at a time I proceeded with the latex panties and skintight kid leather toreador pants. Re-positioning her on her stomach I laced the pants from knee to ankle and then stood her up facing the table. I changed the belt for a wider one and tightened the double buckles at the front. The strap from the finger rings attached to the front of the belt and, as I pulled on it, her arms became completely immobile.

The crotch strap also attached to the front of the belt and then ran between her legs and was buckled tightly after also running through the ring at the point of her elbows. Back on the table again with her legs strapped tightly together above and below the knee and at the ankles, her eyes followed me as I got a beautiful, thigh length leather double leg ballet boot from the closet.

As usual it took time to lace the boot on her very tightly and evenly. I relaxed for a moment with a coffee and examined her leather covered helpless body for any possible strap or lace that needed tightening. She couldn't say anything with the gag filling her mouth but her eyes, full of tears, pleaded with me as I explained the next part of the process.

Rolling her on her stomach I forced her legs to bend at the knee and ran a strap under her thighs across the ankles and, pulling it in a notch at a time, soon had her legs snugly folded with the boot heel tight against her buttocks. Feeding another strap through the toe ring of the boot and up to the back of the belt forced her insteps to stretch to their limit. Two other straps went around her legs just above the knee and the other across the boots' heel to complete this part. All the straps had strategically placed D rings.

Using those rings I anchored her folded legs down to the table. Taking a long, specially designed strap I snapped one end to the top front of the waist belt, it then went up between her jutting breasts, split to cross each shoulder, then joined again and ran to a large bracket at the end of the table just past her knees. The strap had a turnbuckle at a point just over her elbows.

Going to the other end of the table I lifted her shoulders and wedged a large leather cushion under her chest. I used the turnbuckle to take up the slack and then pushed up again on her shoulders and shortened the strap again. The straps across each shoulder kept her from falling forward and as the strap got shorter and shorter it bent and then held her up in an arc. I attached straps to each side of the waist belt and tightened them down to the sides of the table then, after giving the turnbuckle a final twist, I pulled out the cushion. She stayed in place.

I connected a strap from the front of the waist belt to the front end of the table to complete the pressure on her bent back. As I took up the last tiny bit of play out of each of her restraining bonds she was sobbing through the gag. Tilting up her chin I kissed her on the forehead and told her I was not even nearly finished with her. Now was the time to complete the outfit from the neck up.

Arched as she was her shoulders and head were well off the table, in fact, from the waist up her body was almost vertical and she was powerless to stop me working on her head. I removed the gag and allowed her to work her jaws as I pushed in the earplugs. The heavy rubber swim cap snapped over her head and I tucked in her blonde hair before pulling the chinstrap up to fasten just under her left ear.

The new penis gag had grooves on the top and bottom of its base that fitted over her teeth. It filled her mouth and spread her jaws immovably apart. Wide surgical tape wrapped around her head two or three times until her mouth and the gag it contained were smoothly and completely covered. The hollow nostril inserts fitted in neatly and so now, except for her eyes, every opening in her body was filled in some form or another.

The "Piece de Resistance" was a beautifully designed head casque in gleaming black leather. I fitted it over her face and head, smoothing out any minor wrinkles before lacing it closed down the back. Using the eyelets I attached it at the neck to the top of the jacket. I pulled a wide gag strap across her mouth and fastened it as tightly as it would go. The strap had a D ring on each side under the ears and short leather straps from them went back to the ring on the turnbuckle. Cupping her chin with one hand I slowly forced her head back until, like the reins on a horse, they held her head strained back and immobile.

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Looking into her eyes I held up the next two items for her inspection. The small pointed leather cups each had metal clamps inside. As I laced the first cup on her bulging right breast the clamp tightened on the nipple. The second one was installed on the left breast.

Putting my shoulder against her chest I gradually pushed against it to take up the last inch of play in her spine; then twisted the turnbuckle to take up the slack.

From the side, with her jutting breasts, she resembled the bowsprit figurehead on an old ship.

Turning off the camera, I left her and changed into a silk blouse, leather skirt, matching vest and high-heeled knee boots. I stopped at the closet to get my leather trench coat and then stood in the doorway of the playroom and studied Dawn as I put it on. Back arched in a bow, leather covered and in such a strenuous position she was a beautiful sight.

With my coat properly buttoned and the belt tight around my waist, I picked up the last item and made my way to the table. She could just see me by looking down her leather covered nose. The air was moving evenly through her nostrils because, since she was gagged more often than not, she had learned to control her breathing. I used a tissue to wipe the tears from her eyes and dry the edges of the leather surrounding them. The blindfold had leather pads for each eye and I buckled it behind her head.

Pulling on my tight leather gloves I picked up my handbag, stroked her helpless leather covered head and left to enjoy another afternoon in my favorite stores.

Several hours later I was back having spent a fair amount of Dawn's money on some new clothes, leather and suede of course and at some specialty stores for ideas and toys. Unable to speak, move, see or hear she didn't know I was back until I again stroked her encased cheek with my kid gloved hand. As soon as she felt my touch she groaned, the strain on her back and indeed all her muscles was considerable and by now I felt she would have learned her lesson.

After taking off my coat and gloves I spent time video taping her from all angles it would be fun playing it back when I had both of us in a more comfortable position and could savor the beauty of her leather bound body and re-live the process that got her there. Starting with the reins on the gag strap I gradually relieved the pressure by next unscrewing the turnbuckle until the shoulder straps were loose enough for me to unsnap the end from the waist belt and let her chest down to rest on the table.

Removing all the straps keeping her legs bent double allowed her to straighten them and, as she did, I rolled her over on her back. Still helpless she could not resist as I strapped her to the table at the waist and removed the combination breast cups and nipple clamps. Taking one of the items purchased that afternoon I plugged it into an outlet and, after pulling on a nice tight kid glove, slipped the elastic strap on so the small motor was resting on the back of my hand.

Turning on the massage vibrator I gently started to kneed her breasts with my left hand and my mouth while my vibrating right hand moved down to rest near her crotch. As my fingers slid up and down the crotch strap that kept the butt plug and dildo hard up inside her, she began to writhe and moans came from deep in her throat. Her nipples became firm and erect and I knew she was close. So I stopped.

For the next half hour I put away my afternoon purchases and started to get dinner ready. When I returned to the playroom her breathing was back to as normal as possible through the nostril inserts and I started again. This time the reaction was much faster and as her leather bound body started to stiffen I moved the massager to my own crotch and we came together. When the shudders finished I went to the bathroom to clean up and then returned to finish releasing Dawn. She had been through so much today that she was now completely compliant. I left the casque, blindfold and gag until last while I moved her into the washroom with just a single strap holding her wrists together behind her back.

I settled her over the toilet and pulled on a plastic glove to remove the butt plug and dildo; her relief was immediate. The helmet and gag kept her docile as I used plastic ties to fix her wrists to the walls of the shower stall and her ankles to the lower rings. I removed the head covering and as the gag finally popped out of her mouth she gave a big sigh and accepted the glass of water I held for her to drink.

In the following hour I had her showered, hair washed, dried and brushed to a glossy gold. There was no resistance as I dressed her in leather slacks, knee boots and a kid leather straight jacket that held her arms immovably folded across her back with the strap buckled under her breasts. She ate a good dinner that I fed her as we sat side by side. When I had tidied up the meal I settled her on the couch with her ankles firmly secured to one of the legs, replaced the ball gag and rewound the videotape.

Snuggling up to her I caressed her leather-covered body and re-lived the morning project. Watching the various stages as I worked on her and as the Figurehead Position was achieved she was moaning as she thought of the stresses I had inflicted. It had been a busy but enjoyable day and I wondered what new ideas I could come up with for my leather covered Dawn.

Chapter 8 - A Friend In Need

The phone call from Beth came just after lunch. She had a problem and wondered if she could come over and talk. Beth was a lovely girl in her mid twenties just a couple of years younger than me. We had gone through college together and frequently went out for a meal or movie. Over the years I had often wondered whether I should tell her about my "interests" but always decided on the side of caution.

While I was comfortable financially Beth had worked at various jobs and for the last 3 years had found a nitch as a very good hair stylist and then taken a course in body piercing. She was responsible for the extra holes in my ears and the navel ring I wore. But she knew nothing about my hobby or the hidden playroom. She did know about some of my leather wardrobe because she sometimes borrowed an outfit for a special event since we wore the same size.

When she arrived I made tea and we sat down to talk. She was obviously embarrassed but after the first few minutes I had a hard time keeping a straight face because I couldn't believe my ears - or my luck. It seemed that she had an affair a couple of years back but when they became physically involved she could just not get to the point of complete relief. Then, one evening they were horsing around and the guy tied her hands behind her back with her pantyhose and pretended to rape her. She said that her body had reacted like never before and the result had been a beautiful climax.

When they had sex after that she would sometimes get him to tie her first with the same result. Due to other problems they had split nearly six months ago and now, no matter what she did by herself, she was completely frustrated. She did not dare ask any of her occasional dates to do what was needed because she just didn't know them well enough. She had even tried self-bondage but it didn't work because she knew she could get out (tell me about it I thought).

She knew it was asking a lot but since I was her best friend she wondered if I would consider maybe tying her up in my spare bedroom and letting her see if her imagination would do the rest and she could get some relief. She blushed even more, if that was possible, when she told me she had bought a "toy" with her. I kept a very serious face as I told her I guessed that in her childhood she had been taught that sex was dirty and now her mind would only accept it if it was convinced she was unable to resist and therefore not responsible.

Well, it might be bullshit but it sounded good. I told her to stop worrying and that I would be happy to try and help (Oh yeah) and sent her home for an overnight bag. She left having been asked to stop at the hardware store for some soft cord. I was playing it straight for the time being because if she knew the equipment I had in the playroom, some of which was currently holding Dawn in the figurehead position, I suspect she might have second thoughts.

While she was gone I moved Dawn from the table, still bound, gagged, blindfolded and encased in leather over to one of the closets. She was now strapped immovably to the back wall brackets and the door was closed.

As Beth and I moved into the living room, I admired her pink leather skirt and matching four-button jacket and then she pulled a hank of soft, white clothesline from her bag and asked if it would do. Putting on that serious face I said I would try my best but maybe I should practice a couple of times before settling her in for the night, just to make sure I could tie her so she couldn't get out.

I put a heavy, straight-backed chair (which just happened to be handy) in the middle of the living room, drew the curtains and asked her to sit down. Making a bit of a fuss I suggested she keep on her long kid gloves so the rope would not hurt her wrists, then proceeded to cross them behind the chair back and bind them firmly. More cord went around her ankles in their high-heeled boots and I pulled them back against the lower rung between the front chair legs.

Talking all the time I wound cord around her knees then under the seat and across her thighs. The last of it went around her chest pulling her tightly against the chair and finally locked her elbows to each side post.

She said she was surprised I was able to tie her so efficiently the first time. Opening the drawer of an end table out of her sight I took out one of the items I had hidden while she was away. I asked if she was all right, and, as she opened her mouth to respond, gave her another surprise by forcing the leather pear shaped gag between her teeth.

Her eyes went wide and then became fearful but I immediately reassured her that she could trust me. I explained that for the next few hours I was going to introduce her to the world of leather bondage and by the time we were finished she would have such relief from her frustrations that she would never have believed possible.

I told her that I knew I was right and anyway she was not in a position to refuse my offer. So I began. After filling her ears with plugs I removed her earrings and the clips holding her hair, then I pulled a rubber swim cap over her head and tucked in her hair. I lifted her chin so I could get the tape started over her mouth and around her head two or three times to hold the gag firmly in place.

This first time I didn't use the nostril inserts but immediately fitted on a kid leather discipline helmet and laced it tightly down the back of her head. A gag strap buckled firmly over her mouth and a padded leather blindfold followed that. She was now blind, deaf, unable to make a sound and ready for the playroom.

I took four casters from the drawer and tilted the chair first forwards, then back and fitted the wheels into the sockets at the bottom of the chair legs. It was now simple to wheel her through to my hidden room. Her leather suit was lovely and I spent a few minutes just looking at her bound in the chair with the black kid encasing her head and I wondered what was going through her mind.

Leaving her wrists and ankles tied I pulled her from the chair and down on her stomach on the floor. A piece of cord held her ankles to a floor ring and then I knelt firmly on her elbows, untied her wrists and retied them to floor rings on either side of her waist. Now she was secure again I left her and changed into one of my black leather cat suits. With the high neck, wide tight belt and a pair of stiletto-heeled boots they always made me feel creative when I was doing my thing.

Back in the playroom I fixed a velcro strap around each of her wrists and getting rid of the cord, used the small snap hook on each strap to attach her arms back to the floor rings. That made it a lot easier to get her undressed. Straddling her body I unhooked the right wrist and twisted the arm behind her back. This caused her to roll partially on her left side and allowed me to reach around the front and undo the buttons on her leather jacket. At the same time I unbuttoned the silk blouse she was wearing.

Slipping the sleeves off her arm I hooked the wrist strap to the floor ring again and repeated the process with the left arm. In this manner her bra also came off and she was naked from neck to waist. Her breasts were swollen and the nipples erect, I knew she was already reacting. I left her gloves on and after covering them with a disposable pair of plastic ones to protect the leather I squeezed her

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fingers together and taped them from wrist to fingertip. Cone shaped heavy leather mitts, each with a metal ring at the end, laced over each hand.

A few minutes later I was lacing the heavily boned, wasp waisted corset jacket down her back. The long sleeves joined to the mitts at her wrists and the collar laced to the neck of the helmet. Settling the V shaped strap around her neck and down between her breasts, I buckled it to the waist belt of the corset. Now it was a matter of bending each arm up between her shoulder blades and hooking the mitt rings over the small clip at the nape of her neck.

As I pulled her elbows together in the small of her back and strapped them tightly, her breasts were forced into the corset bra and bulged through the 2" diameter holes in the cups. Untying the cord holding her bound ankles to the floor ring I opened the zip on her skirt and worked the garment down off her legs. I eased her pantyhose down to the top of the boots and then sat on her thighs to untie her ankles, remove the boots and hose, loop a piece of cord back around her ankles and move her over to the table.

With her strapped down on her back, legs spread wide in the stirrups she was completely available. I checked the batteries in two of my toys (the one I found in her bag was indeed a "toy"), bought over a jar of lubricant and gently inserted the remote controlled rubber butt plug in her puckered pink ass hole. I used my fingers to spread the bush around her vagina and started the dildo into place. Her body was doing just fine providing plenty of natural fluid.

There was a deep moan through her gagged mouth as the dildo eased in an inch at a time until it was buried. Latex panties then kid leather pants molded to her thighs and buttocks as I worked them up her legs. Standing her beside the table I soon had the crotch strap in place and then laid her flat on the floor for the single leg boot. Twenty minutes later the boot was tightly laced and her insteps force into a wicked curve.

I clamped four bars between the floor to ceiling posts like the rungs of a ladder and moved Beth over to stand with her back against them. Using the cord she had so innocently handed me I bound her to the bars at the waist, knees and ankles. The bar just above shoulder level had a curved arc in the middle and I pushed her head back until the back of her neck settled against the arc and held it there by buckling a strap across the front of her neck.

Held between the poles, chin up and fully encased in tight leather, I left her to check on Dawn. Hauling her out of the closet and into the wheelchair I pushed my other playmate through to the kitchen. Removing just enough of her outfit to get at the gag, but keeping her bound and blindfolded, I allowed her to drink and fed her a light meal. The bathroom would have to wait.

Replacing the gag, helmet and gag strap I moved her into the spare bedroom and laid her out on the bed. A ring at the top of the helmet connected to the headboard and then I pulled on her booted feet to stretch her out and tie them to the foot rail.

Returning to Beth I gently rolled one nipple between my fingers and circled the other with my tongue. As they reacted I used the remote control to turn on both vibrators. Almost immediately a small shudder went through her so I turned them off and left her again. She had been so close I knew the climax had only been a minor one so I had a quiet drink and half an hour later started on her again and let things build before turning on the toys and letting them run.

This time the shudders that racked her body were much stronger and I knew she had found some relief. Still, after a few minutes I went to work one more time and when she was finally at rest against her bonds I removed the blindfold. Her eyes were smiling at me; my friend in need had been looked after and would be a willing participant in my hobby for a long time to come.

How she would react to the fact Dawn was not so willing remained to be seen. I blindfolded her again and left her to her thoughts until the batteries gave out.

Chapter 9 - One Willing, One Not!

I need not have been concerned about Beth, as I released her from the first taste of real bondage she couldn't stop thanking me. After a long, warm shower and a late meal we sat in the living room and talked into the night about what I had done, her reactions to it, and what the future could hold for us both. It was not long before we decided that she should move in with me, at least on a trial basis.

In my amateur judgment, Beth's masochistic tendencies would come into bloom very quickly and I started immediately to impose my will on her. I told her that whenever I told her to do something it should happen instantly and then I ordered her to drop the robe and come and stand with her back to me and her wrists crossed. There was no argument and I knew I had been right.

I tied her wrists then led her into the playroom. Selecting a pear gag from the dozen or so on the table I held it near her mouth and just looked at her. Obediently she parted her teeth and I slipped the gag in place and buckled the soft leather gag strap around her head. This, I told her, was the very least she could expect any time I felt like it.

Picking a couple of items to take with me I lead her through to the master bedroom and had her kneel on the bed. Pushing her forwards I spread her cheeks and pushed in the butt plug. Pulling down the satin sheets I laid her on her back and tied her ankles about 2' apart to the bottom rail. Undressing, I joined her in the bed, pulled the bedclothes up over us both and reached for the dildo before I turned out the light. She had never experienced a night like the one that followed.

Very early the next morning I slipped out of bed leaving Beth sleeping in satisfied exhaustion. Still bound and gagged she didn't budge as I dressed. My concern was with Dawn who had been severely restrained for a long time and would probably be in distress. She was, but just over an hour later I had her washed, fed and firmly bound in a comfortable chair in the playroom. Installing a gag I closed the bookcase opening to the hidden room and went to wake Beth.

Releasing her from the simple but effective bonds I left her to shower and dress while I made breakfast. Wearing the smart leather suit she was beautiful and I looked forward to the days ahead. After the meal she left to start packing her belongings and to give her notice at the rented apartment. On a month-to-month lease there would be no problems.

Using my SUV and her car it only took a couple of trips to move her clothes and other personal possessions to my house. After lunch when we were both comfortably dressed in leather slacks she didn't resist as I bound her wrists behind her back and her ankles together.

Then I explained about Dawn.

Tied as she was, if her reaction was anything except positive to the fact that Dawn was not here voluntarily, I would have to adjust my thinking and she couldn't stop me dealing with her. Again, my fears were groundless. Like many masochists she had an opposite streak and soon convinced me that her being able to practice my hobby on Dawn would just heighten the pleasure I gave her.

There was no time like the present to start so I untied her and showed her the huge closet off the master bedroom where all my special outfits were stored. We each changed into one of my one- piece leather cat suits with wide, tight belts and high-heeled boots. As I knew it would, everything fit Beth perfectly.

Dawn's eyes went wide as we came through the entrance to the playroom and she realized her problem had doubled. We discussed several bondage possibilities until Beth asked if we could dress our captive in the same outfit I used to initiate her yesterday. I agreed, but we would finish it differently.

With two of us the job went rapidly and poor Dawn found that we could also get things tighter. Enjoying ourselves we worked on the outfit until from the neck down she was fully encased in gleaming black leather.

Stretched on the table her lower orifices were fully plugged, her arms immobile between her shoulder blades and the stiletto heeled single boot clamped her legs together. Each lace and strap was taunt with strain.

Beth was obviously remembering how she felt as I had forced her into the same outfit and she kept caressing Dawn's leather covered body as we proceeded. I inserted earplugs and started to work the rubber cap over Dawn's head then Beth tucked in the hair that had escaped. I wasn't too surprised when she then selected the largest possible gag that could fit in the girl's mouth.

Removing the temporary gag I gave Dawn a drink and then watched as Beth forced the new gag between her teeth while I got the tape ready. She hadn't seen the nostril inserts and watched as I worked them into place. No matter how tight things got around her head they would keep the airways open.

Reaching for the kid leather discipline helmet we turned Dawn on her stomach and laced it down the back of her head. The collar laced to the neck of the jacket and a firmly buckled gag strap completed this part of the exercise.

Going to the equipment closet I selected a beautiful black leather dress. Lifting Dawn's feet we worked the dress up her legs and then swung her off the table. Holding her upright we pulled the dress up until we could pop her shoulders into place. The knee length skirt clung tightly around her legs and instead of sleeves the upper part was tailored to fit snugly like a pocket over her arms bound between her shoulder blades.

We tucked the wide left lapel flap under and then stretched the right one across to fasten from her waist to just under the left collarbone with gold buttons. A matching set of false buttons ran up the right side of her chest. The high collar closed around her neck and I buckled three small straps on the choke band under her chin. The top of the collar folded down over the band and was held in place by two more gold buttons at the points.

There were three gold fasteners at the front of the waist belt and we buckled them tightly then moved her over to sit in a chair with no back. Instead there was a short metal bar which curved up into the small of her back where it split into a V up the outside of her bound arms. This allowed her to sit with her back straight and a strap around her chest held her firmly in place. Two short straps went from rings on each side of the waist belt making sure her rear end was tight against the bar.

We tied her booted ankles to the chair rung and added a decorative strap to look as if it was part of the boot. From the closet I got a fitted jacket that matched the dress. It was sleeveless but when I fitted it over her shoulders and smoothed it in place Beth did up the front and buckled the waist belt.

The hood of the jacket came up over her leather-covered head to frame her face and I fastened the closing under her chin. Three layers of leather molded to her body. Sitting rigidly she could only look at us with pleading eyes as we studied our creation.

It was time to remind Beth of her position in our threesome so I told her to strip and bring me a butt plug and dildo. As she knelt in front of me I parted her cheeks to slide the plug in its nest then the dildo went in for its full length and I handed her a pair of latex panties.

The cat suit went back on and she fastened it neatly pulling the waist belt tight and then worked on the boots. When they were fully laced I handed her a pair of kid leather gloves, which she pulled on and tucked under the sleeves of the suit.

Using soft cord I bound her wrist behind her back so the hands were palm to palm, then ran more cord around her elbows to pull them securely together. From a drawer came the leather arm sheath and I worked it up over her hands and forearms then nearly to her armpits.

Lacing up the sheath I made sure it would not slip by running straps from reinforced slots on each side of the top edge, under her arms and back across her shoulders to fasten again at the top edge. One end of a crotch strap attached to the ring at the fingertip of the sheath and I pulled it between her legs and buckled it to the waist belt.

I led her over to a wheeled, backless stool that had a padded leather seat and made her sit with her feet apart and against the front legs. Cord around her ankles held them firmly in place and short straps around each thigh just above the knee reinforced the leg bondage. They each had a handy D ring through it. All this time she had not said a word and now I made sure she couldn't.

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The gag filled her mouth completely and I had to prod with my fingers to get it behind her teeth. A piece of tape sealed her lips and this time I used the nostril inserts. Fifteen minutes later the discipline helmet was tightly laced and attached to the collar of the cat suit.

The gag strap I used had an inverted V strap running up each side of her nose, it joined at her forehead in to a single one that I pulled back over her head and buckled to the top of the arm sheath. A strap under her chin kept the gag strap from riding up. The reinforced slots in the top of the arm sheath came into play again as I ran straps from them, across her shoulders and down to the rings at her knees.

As I pulled on them she was forced to bend forward at the waist putting extra pressure on the crotch strap between her legs. Cupping her chin I pushed up and further tightened the head strap from the gag to the top of the sheath.

She was done and I pushed her through to the master bedroom positioning the stool beside the bed. I bought Dawn into the room and arranged her beside Beth. Loosening the hood of Dawn's jacket I added a padded leather blindfold and then fixed the hood back in place. Beth could not move her head as I put one on her too.

Undressing and climbing into bed I read one of my German bondage magazines to get some new ideas before looking fondly at my two guests and turning out the light. I had not had much sleep the last few days and intended to make up for it tonight.

They would spend the night, as they were – one willing, one not – but both mine!

Chapter 10 - Traveling Tied

What with the new experience of having Beth living with me and both of us spending time putting Dawn through every conceivable form of bondage, I had neglected several errands that needed to be done. Consequently, I decided to look after them and take Beth with me for her first leather restrained outing in public.

We spent nearly two hours getting Dawn completely encased in leather and doubled up into the leather-covered box. While I fitted the two halves of the box lid around her neck and finished tightening the helmet and gag straps, Beth went to wash her hair and have a shower. She came back in just a bathrobe as I was positioning Dawn's box where she could watch at least some of the process I was going to use on Beth. She could only
move her eyes anyway.

Sitting in two chairs facing each other I handed Beth a pair of tight kid gloves and told her to put them on. After she had worked them up her arms to the elbow I held out a small disposable plastic glove while she pushed her right hand into it. I did the same for the left hand. These protected the leather of the gloves as I took each hand, squeezed
the fingers together and taped them from wrist to fingertip.

Pointed leather mitts, with small steel rings at the tip, now laced over each hand making them even more useless. She was completely docile as I continued to get her ready for her outing. Stripping off the robe I fitted her with a waist cinching leather corset and settled those lovely breasts into the bra cups before tightening the laces down her back.

Following my instructions she knelt on the floor with her back towards me and there were a couple of groans, probably of pleasure, as I worked the large butt plug up inside her. Adjusting her position so she was still kneeling but leaning back with her legs wide apart, I installed a 7" dildo and then held a pair of latex panties while she slipped her
feet into them and I pulled them up her legs and in place over her buttocks.

She sat on a chair as I got her legs into a pair of skintight kid leather pants and then stood up so I could lace them down the back of her calves to the ankle and close the fastenings at the waist. Sitting again she pushed hard to get her feet into the stiletto heeled boots which I then laced up to her thighs.

I held out a beautiful green suede shirt so she could slip her arms into it and I buttoned it down the back, tucked it into the top of the leather pants, and fastened the wrist buttons. A wide leather belt buckled firmly around her waist covered the join. Going to the bench I selected a special crotch strap that I attached to the front of the belt and pulled snugly between her legs to fasten the other end to the back of the belt. There was a small snap hook on the strap level with her vagina.

She sat again as I did her hair and makeup. I didn't bother with lipstick; she wouldn't need any. A pair of drop earrings finished the job. Going to the closet I selected a full-length black leather, double-breasted trench coat that had been adapted for just this situation. Beth obediently held her arms so I could slide the coat on and settle it over her shoulders. She looked puzzled until I held open the right pocket and told her to put her leather-confined hand inside.

I had opened the seam at the bottom of the pocket and as the tip of her mitt came through I simply snapped the ring on the end through the hook over her crotch. The left hand got the same treatment and then I proceeded to close the coat properly. Beth stood perfectly still on those high heels as I buttoned the coat and then tightened the belt around her waist so the garment was done up the way it had been designed. I could never understand women who purchased a coat that was designed to be fitted and
then tied a knot in the belt at the back and walked around like they had a tail or left it unbuttoned and flapping in the wind.

There were several snap fasteners in the inside edge of each pocket that matched some on the edge of the sleeve cuffs and I did those up. Beth looked quite natural standing with her hands in her pockets and nothing indicated her true situation.

For the first time since I had started getting her dressed Beth spoke and said how much she was enjoying the experience. She was firmly restrained and helpless but didn't feel that uncomfortable; that was about to change. I selected a large, colorful silk scarf and arranged it around her neck then knotted it loosely at the back under the collar of the coat. The leather gag filled her mouth and I covered it with a wide piece of tape before buckling a soft leather gag strap over her mouth and fastening it tightly behind her head.

Now the scarf came up over her mouth and I attached it to the top edge of the gag strap with small pieces of velcro, it looked quite natural and I finished buttoning the coat under her chin and closed the storm flap. Reaching across her shoulders I lifted the hood of her coat and adjusted it to frame her face with a couple of curls of hair showing on
either side. I closed a flap across her neck and under her chin that held the hood firmly in place.

Putting on my own 3/4 length leather winter jacket I led Beth out to the garage and opened the front passenger door of the van for her. After she had settled back in the seat I adjusted the coat neatly over her knees and fixed the seat belt across her lap. The other part of the belt came over her shoulder and snapped into its holder at the left of the seat. I used a short strap to lock her boot ankles together and attach them to the metal bar under the front seat.

Climbing into the van behind her I fixed the height of the neck rest and then buckled a short strap attached to the back of the hood around the supporting back of the padded rest.

Completely restrained, gagged and helpless she was, to anyone looking into the van, quite naturally just dressed for winter. I went back and blindfolded Dawn, then after one more tug on her gag strap, left to do my errands.

At each stop I left the van parked in full view of people passing by, the windows had a very light tint and anyone could look in. At the first stop Beth's eyes had a worried look. This was part of the game - would she be discovered and someone see how she was bound? It didn't happen of course, and after the third stop, I felt she needed another
sensation. Parking in a fairly remote section of a mall lot I opened the glove compartment and took out another toy.

Loosening the seat belt I reached up under Beth's coat and worked the small vibrator pad between the crotch strap and the leather pants. I hid the thin wire from it down her leg under the coat and over to the center console. I did the seat belt up again and drove out of the lot.

I warned her not to make any fuss as I pulled into traffic and plugged the vibrator into the cigarette lighter socket. Even restrained as I had her she was soon squirming but could not move enough to be noticed by other drivers. She groaned and squealed through the gag as we drove along and after a few minutes I unplugged the gadget. I told her that at the next stop I would be parking in full view of the shoppers and turn it on again so if she called attention to herself we would both be in trouble.

For the first time I saw a touch of fear in her eyes, which was just the reaction I was looking for. True to my word I parked and plugged the toy in again. As I left and locked the doors Beth was desperately trying to sit still. She could turn her leather covered head just enough against the bonds to look at me with pleading eyes - it didn't work. I didn't stay away too long because the vibrator was working off the van's battery and with the cold weather I didn't want to take any chances of problems starting up again; at least not with the state my passenger was in.

The leather over Beth's lap was moving slightly as she tried to pull her hands away from the hook holding them against her vagina. Cold or not there was a bead of perspiration on her forehead and she moaned at me as I climbed into the driver's seat. I disconnected the toy again. Taking a long route home I took us on the expressway and once I was up to maximum speed I reached down and plugged the unit in again.

I had to concentrate on the road but my ears told me as Beth began to pant and a quick glance showed that her eyes had closed. Now I had the combination I wanted - the speed of the van, the frequent bumps in the highway and the action of the vibrator on her inserts. A moan grew in her throat. Another glance showed her body straining against the seat belts and then she relaxed. She had just come at sixty miles an hour
and I turned off the vibrator as I headed home.

Safely back in the garage I undid the straps holding her ankles and neck then unlocked the seat belts and helped her out of the seat. Walking her through to the playroom I unbuttoned the coat and released her right hand, slid the coat off her arm and forced it behind her back so I could reattached the ring to the hook between her legs.

Doing the same with her other arm left her with her shoulders pulled back and chest thrust out. The suede shirt, kid leather pants and laced, high-heeled thigh boots made a pretty picture. I took off the scarf, tightened the gag strap and left her while I unloaded my purchases. When that job as was done I decided it was time for me to get some relief. I took the blindfold off Dawn so she could watch then I made Beth kneel and tied her ankles to two floor rings. A dildo gag replaced the one in her mouth and I screwed a 7" ribbed leather cock into the socket, bent her backwards, dropped my leather slacks and panties, then straddled her chest. It was heaven - several times!

Chapter 11 - Holiday Bound

I tightened the seat belt and shoulder harness to keep Beth firmly in the front seat of the van. Her gloved hands were laced in leather mitts but seemed to rest quite naturally in the pockets of the belted leather trench coat she was wearing.

In fact the metal rings on the ends of the mitts were attached to the snap hook on the crotch strap which ran from the front of the waist belt between her legs and up to the back of the belt. It also held the semi-rigid inserts in place. She was wearing a pair of tight black leather slacks and knee length laced boots with very high heels.

A neat strap that looked like it was part of the boot went around her ankles and kept her feet motionless against the bar under the front seat. She was completely helpless, but only we knew that. Anyone close enough to look in the van through the tinted windows would see nothing unusual. A light blanket covered the hump in the back seat that was Dawn. Her traveling mode was a lot less comfortable than Beths.

It had taken both of us well over an hour to get Dawn ready. Starting with the semi rigid inserts front and back we had then laced her in a one-piece kid leather body suit. Her arms were folded up between her shoulder blades and strapped in that position. A strap from her gloved and mitt confined hands split to run across her shoulders, then joined again to run down between her breasts, which bulged against the bra cups, to a wide waist belt.

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A crotch strap attached to the same belt ran between her legs to buckle at the point of her elbows. By pulling these straps as tight as they would go her arms were completely immobile and the crotch strap taunt between her legs. Strapping her legs together at the knees and ankles, Beth and I worked them into a single leg boot with a wickedly high heel. Standing on either side of the table we pulled at the laces until the boot was smoothly closed and skin tight up to her thighs.

Dawn was moaning at the pressures constricting her body but as Beth pulled the temporary gag out of her mouth and I filled it with a leather pear shaped gag, the moaning stopped and Dawn began breathing slowly and evenly through her nose. Over the weeks of bondage she had learned this was the only way to get sufficient air.

As Beth pushed the leather plugs into Dawn's ears I got the rubber cap ready and then pulled it over her head. Tucking in her hair I fastened the chinstrap under her left ear and then wound 2" surgical tape across her mouth and around her head. That kept the gag firmly in place.

Hollow nostril inserts went in her nose and soft leather pads settled over each eye before we fitted the kid leather discipline helmet and, as Beth smoothed it over Dawn's face, I laced it tightly down the back.

Only small openings at each nostril allowed our captive to breathe and broke the smooth leather encasing her head. A strap over the mouth area completed the job after Beth laced the neck of the helmet to the collar of the body suit.

There was no way for Dawn to do anything except try to relax against the strain of the bondage. Her leather-encased body was held to the table with a strap across her waist as I turned to Beth and started on her traveling costume.

When she was fully dressed I held the trench coat for her and settled it around her shoulders. Her tightly mitted hands slipped into the pockets and I clipped the small metal rings to the snap hook on the crotch strap. Now she was also helpless and I buttoned and belted the coat around her body. She was not gagged and sat quite comfortably looking at Dawn's rigid form while I got myself dressed.

Wearing leather slacks, comfortable medium heeled boots and a belted three quarter length leather jacket I returned to the playroom and unbuckled the strap holding Dawn to the table. Swinging her legs over the edge I easily got her rear end in the seat of the wheelchair and pushed it through to the garage.

Beth followed along but was, of course, unable to help me load Dawn into the van. With the sliding door wide open I soon had the bound, blind, deaf and gagged girl on the seat. Using soft 1/4" cord I bound her booted ankles to the floor bracket of the seat in front of her. The seat belt went across her upper thighs and I was ready for the next step.

The straps running across her shoulders from the hand mitts to the waist belt each had a roller buckle level with her collarbones. I ran a strap around her legs at the knees and then fed each end through the shoulder buckles. Leaning on the back of her neck I forced her shoulders down and forwards, when her kid covered breasts were squashed against her legs, I took all the slack out of the straps and closed the buckles.

This process caused some grunts from the leather-covered girl but she was absolutely helpless to resist anything I did to her. We were going for a three hour drive and by the time it was over Dawn would be happy just to straighten up. I ran another piece of cord from the ring in the crown of the helmet to the seat bracket and then draped a light blanket over her form.

With Beth now securely held in the front seat I added one further item to make for a nice quiet trip. Telling her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out, I clamped the tongue between two leather pads and pushed it back behind her teeth.

Halfway back on each side were small plastic clamps and I peeled her lips back so I could use a small key to tighten the setscrews against the outside of her top teeth. My thumb under her chin pushed up until her lower teeth settled in the lower half of the clamps and I tightened those screws.

I touched up her lipstick and then studied the effect. She was efficiently gagged but not noticeably. The suitcases had already been packed and loaded in the back of the van and now I locked up the house, pulled on a pair of leather driving gloves and backed out of the garage with my restrained passengers.

We were going to my chalet for a week or so and while Dawn would know we were traveling she would have no idea as to our destination. Beth could only watch as I drove carefully within the legal limits on the highway and took great delight describing some of the bondage treats I was planning for them both.

Just under three hours later I pulled the van into the big double garage under the chalet and left the girls where they were while I toured the house and turned on all the systems. The automatic thermostat had the building heated and just needed to be re-set to make it comfortable. The chalet had all the features of my home in the city but was so remote I would be able to have fun with Beth and Dawn outside in the snow, something not possible at home.

I released Beth first so she could help me with Dawn. As we allowed the leather-encased girl to straighten up there was a big sigh of relief heard even through the layers of tape and leather holding her gag in place.

An hour later she was held upright, standing in the single boot and still in the body suit, between two floor to ceiling metal poles. We had freed her head and taken out the gag long enough to get plenty of fluid and some food into her. Then the gag went back while we had our own meal and planned some fun in the new surroundings.

They had both survived a new experience with the trip; Beth's session with the tongue clamp was an interesting experiment since it was a very effective gag but did not show to the casual observer. I would use it again.

I checked to make sure the deep hot tub outside on the covered deck was coming up to temperature and then Beth and I started to strip Dawn out of the body suit. We removed the inserts in the washroom and cleaned her up before using plastic ties to lock her wrists behind her back. She was now completely naked except for the ball gag stretching her jaws wide apart.

Beth and I also stripped and then pulled her between us outside to the hot tub. The air temperature was cold but we climbed down into the steaming water and pulled Dawn in with us. A table beside the tub held everything we would need for the next little while. Ducking under the water I used more long plastic ties to attach Dawn's ankles to rings on the tub bottom.

With her legs now wide apart we released her wrists just long enough to re-attach them to rings higher up the sides level with her waist. With the water over our shoulders it was very pleasant and Dawn was a naked filling sandwiched between us. Unable to wait any longer I reached out and got two double dildos off the table. They were rubber and felt marvelous as Beth and I slid them into our vaginas and strapped them in place.

Gently, me at the front and Beth at the back, we worked the other halves up inside Dawn until she was struggling and bucking against the double invasion. Holding Dawn's head still with a handful of her hair I rested my chin on her shoulder and found Beth's lips with mine.

The combination of the warm water, the slow regular movement of our hips, the helpless, gagged and violated girl and the sensations we raised in each other soon had shudders coursing through our bodies. What a way to start a holiday!

Chapter 12 – Cold Comfort

The muffled grunts and moans came clearly through the small speaker in the earplug I was wearing. They were being picked up from the equally small microphone taped over Beth's gagged mouth. Not surprisingly they also coincided with the motion of the snowmobile as I drove it across the field behind the chalet.

It was a beautiful sunny but cold day that had started as usual with us working on Dawn after breakfast. She was now hanging from a heavy-duty hook screwed into one of the oak beams that crossed the ceiling of the living room.

As I circled back towards the house I could see the suspended leather clad figure through the picture window and knew that she could see out. That was all she could do since we had laced her into a kid leather body suit. The inserts front and back were held in place with a crotch strap and we had strapped her legs together before lacing them into a thigh length single boot with a very high heel.

Her bound wrists and arms were over her head and encased in a leather single glove and arm sheath which covered them from a metal ring at the point of the fingers, down behind her head, to just above the armpits. Then heavy straps continued down the front and back of her torso and connected to the waist belt. Besides the crotch strap the belt also had straps connecting it to the top of the boot.

This series of straps meant her weight would be evenly distributed when we lifted her up and settled the finger ring over the ceiling hook. First though we finished the outfit by forcing her jaws wide apart over a huge leather gag, pushed plugs into her ears and pulled a tight rubber cap over her head. After tucking in her hair I ran surgical tape across her lips and around her head two or three times to hold the gag in place.

Beth was ready with the black leather discipline helmet and after I installed the hollow leather nostril inserts, she fitted it on the helpless girl lacing it tightly down the back and then to the neck of the body suit. The helmet had eyeholes and small openings at the nostrils but the rest of the smooth leather was unbroken and fitted like a second skin.

Once I tightened a wide gag strap over Dawn's mouth we used the eyelets on a small flap of leather that ran from ear to ear and laced the helmet back to matching eyelets on the arm sheath.

Now she could only look straight ahead and we lifted her until we could slip the finger ring over the ceiling hook. As she hung straight down we tightened every one of the straps before running another one from the bottom of the boot to a floor ring. I squeezed in front of her with my back to the window and checked that her eyes were open. She knew I was quite capable of taping her lids if she closed her eyes other than to blink occasionally.

Now for Beth - she didn't know what I had in mind for her and co-operated as I got her dressed.

She bent over as I installed the butt plug then I handed her the dildo and let her do that one herself. A pair of tight latex panties was followed by a leather bra and full leather body suit. After I had laced that up I passed her a pair of elbow length kid gloves that she pulled on and I laced them over the sleeves of the suit.

A small pair of disposable plastic gloves stopped any residue getting on the leather as I taped her fingers together with the thumbs tucked across the palm. Heavy pointed leather mitts laced passed the wrists and her hands were completely helpless.

She knew what was next as I buckled a wide belt around her waist and ran a strap from the front of it up between her breasts where it split to cross each shoulder and met again at the back of her neck.

She was not yet gagged and gasped audibly as I twisted her arms up between her shoulder blades and attached the finger rings to the hook in the strap behind her neck. Using all my strength I pulled her elbows together at the small of her back until her forearms were flat against each other then buckled the strap to hold them in the reverse prayer position and tightened another one around her wrists.

She sat quietly as I held a knee boot with a very high heel for her and she pushed down hard to get it on. When they were both on I took my time lacing them evenly and very tightly up her legs. A crotch strap attached to the front of the waist belt and I pulled it between her legs and buckled it at the back.

Beth looked beautiful in the black kid leather; it strained across her chest because the position of her arms caused her breasts to bulge forward. I kissed her and as she responded by opening her mouth I filled it with a leather gag. A small piece of tape across her lips held it in place for the moment. She was still sitting down so I used cord to tie her ankles to the legs of the stool while I worked on her head.

Leather earplugs and flared nostril inserts went in followed by a rubber cap and additional tape across her mouth and around her head. I laced her into a leather helmet that matched the one on Dawn with openings only for the eyes and under the nose and then firmly tightened a gag strap across her mouth. I left her like that while I dressed myself.

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Wearing a warm turtleneck sweater tucked into leather slacks I carried the rest of the outfits back to the main room and untied Beth's ankles so she could slip her booted feet into the legs of a one piece quilted leather jump suit. It was sleeveless but had a pouch at the back that fitted over her bound arms. A wide zipper ran from the crotch to her neck and I closed it under her chin and then fastened the storm flap over the zip with button studs.

Another belt went around her waist and I pulled a large pair of mukluks over her boots to add warmth and protect the leather.

I fastened the small microphone to the gag strap and hooked the tiny transmitter to the belt at her waist. The fiberglass shell safety helmet was hard to force over her head but when I had it on her the interior padding pressed into her cheeks and kept it firmly in place along with the strap under her chin. I walked her down into the garage under the chalet and over to the snowmobile I had modified.

When she was straddling the back seat I fastened straps from a buckle in the middle of the seat back across each of her thighs to another buckle in front of her crotch. Further straps at the ankles and knees kept her legs tightly against the body of the machine. I flipped down the facemask on her helmet.

Returning to the main room I put on my own quilted leather jump suit and a pair of warm snow boots. I checked Dawn and tapped her leather-covered cheek when I saw her eyes were closed. They shot open at my touch and I wagged a finger at her to remind her to keep them that way.

Picking up my own helmet and gloves I rejoined the hapless Beth, opened the garage door and started the machine. The earplug went in my left ear and I pulled on the safety helmet and my gloves before settling on to the seat in front of Beth and between her legs. Straps from her waist belt buckled together at the front of my waist. This pulled her hard against my back and I could feel her breasts pushing against me. I lowered my face shield and drove into the snowy fields.

Even though deep snow covered the fields the machine bucked as I sped across them. The response from Beth was predicable. She was warm but helpless. Unable to adjust her position to soften the movements of the machine and the leather toys imbedded deeply within her that shifted with each bump.

I drove across the deserted countryside for half an hour before heading back to the chalet. Stopping the machine facing the big picture window I looked up at Dawn to make sure her eyes were open and then loosened the belt around my waist. Leaving Beth strapped to the still running machine I went inside, fitted an electric massage vibrator over the glove on my right hand and crossed to the leather encased girl hanging in the window.

Reaching around her I could look out at Beth and hear her moans as the vibrating motor of the snowmobile inflicted its motions through her body. Dawn soon felt a similar sensation as I turned on the vibrator and started to run my hand over her. I paid particular attention to her breasts and crotch and she was, of course, unable to avoid my ministrations. Beth could see what I was doing through the window and gradually her moans changed to panting through the nostril holes of the leather helmet.

Dawn's body was also reacting and when I judged her to be very close to climaxing I stopped and left her hanging – in more ways than one.

Back outside it only took one more circuit of the field before Beth stiffened against her bonds and shuddered so hard I felt it through my back. The microphone told me the rest and her helmeted head bounced off mine as she struggled with the orgasms that wracked her confined muscles. Then all the tension went out of her body, at least, as much as it could with the restraints holding it, and I headed back to the garage.

Upstairs I stripped the outerwear off Beth then forced her face down on the floor and hog-tied her ankles to the buckle at the point of her bound elbows. A padded leather blindfold went over her eyes and I removed the microphone. With a pull to take in another notch of the gag strap I left her that way and, stripping off my own jump suit, moved over to Dawn.

This time I stood in front of the hanging girl and watched her eyes as I used the vibrator. Her lids soon closed and shudders ran through the length of her leather-covered body. I shut off the vibrator and put it aside then reached for a blindfold to strap on her before detaching the strap holding her boot to the floor ring. Wrapping my arms around her it wasn't difficult to lift her high enough so the ring at the end of her arms came off the ceiling hook and I lowered her until her weight was on the high-heeled boot.

With my arms still around her waist I pulled her over to stand between the two floor to ceiling metal posts. Adjusting a cross bar until it was level with the top front of the thigh boot I looped some soft cord around her just under the leather covered buttocks to hold her body against the bar. More cord immobilised her ankles against the lower crossbar.

I reached up over her head and got a hold of the arm sheath near the elbows. Pulling forwards and down she had no choice but to bend at the waist and as soon as I could get at the finger ring in the leather mitt a piece of cord went through it and down to the ankle bar. Pulling on the cord with one hand and pushing down on the back of her neck with the other I soon had her bent double over the bar and tied off the cord around her wrists and ankles.

I checked there was enough space between her helmeted head and booted knees for air to get to her nostrils and stepped back to admire her new bondage position; a person could not get much more helplessly confined. They had both had their satisfaction and now it was time for mine.

Slipping out of my leather slacks and panties I crouched down and slowly pushed in a very well lubricated butt plug. Next I eased a remote controlled battery operated dildo into my vagina and pulled on a pair of latex panties.

With the slacks back on I tucked in the sweater and buckled a wide belt around my waist. Reaching back between my legs I caught the short strap hanging from the back of the belt and pulled it through to attach at the front.

The crotch strap was tight enough to hold the toys in place but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. Warmly dressed again in the quilted leather jump suit and winter boots I checked my captives to make sure that, other than the bondage, they were not in distress. Both were breathing slowly and evenly through the inserts and I felt it quite safe to leave them for a while.

Moving carefully back to the garage and donning my safety helmet I pulled on my gloves, fastened the wristbands, and drove the snowmobile back outside. Visualizing the positions of my two beautiful girls in bondage, and feeling the vibrations of the machine as it sped across the fields, I flipped a switch on the steering bar with my thumb and activated the vibrator deep inside me.

After just a few minutes I had to stop the machine until the sensations settled down before I roared off again – looking for bumps. Satiated for the time being I returned to the chalet. Heaven had to be like this for a leather bondage dominatrix!

Chapter 13 – Snow Ponies

For obvious reasons my charges had not moved, both being gagged and blindfolded with Beth hog-tied on her stomach in the middle of the floor and Dawn folded almost double over the cross bar. They could not tell I was back so I relaxed with a drink and left them as they were while I checked a German bondage video to refresh my memory.

I had remembered seeing a small one passenger pony trap in the back of the garage left, probably by the previous owners that was equipped with skis and long shafts. The video gave me an idea how to use it. Pulling it out to an open spot on the garage floor, I spent some time wiping it down and planning the changes I needed to make. The tool bench provided an electric drill along with several brackets and ringbolts so, in just over two hours, I stepped back from the modified sleigh.

Beth moaned as I released her contorted limbs and was unable to help as I did the same with Dawn. A session in the hot tub was the answer and the three of us settled into it, Dawn with just wrists and ankles restrained with plastic ties.

After a meal we spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch watching videos from Europe. Beth and I were sitting on either side of Dawn pointing out to her ideas that we had not yet tried but she could look forward to us experimenting with. All three of us were wearing soft, cosy terry cloth robes but Dawn was firmly bound with her wrists tied to rings on the outside of straps around each thigh, a soft leather gag filled her mouth and was held in place with a strap around her head. Cord bound her ankles about two feet apart to ring bolts under the front of the couch.

We had all had a busy day and Beth kept dozing off to sleep. Dawn would have as well except my hands were roving all over her and I finally loosened the belt of her robe and took one of her nipples in my mouth while my fingers found her clitoris and gently rolled it between them. Her groans through the gag woke Beth who immediately started tonguing the other nipple and kneading the soft mound of the breast.

Dawn could not control the reaction of her body and was soon panting through the gag and trying to arch her body away from us; the bonds took care of that and we continued our ministrations. I called a halt before things got out of hand. We untied Dawn's ankles and walked her through to the bedroom with the king size brass bed. The railings at the top and foot of the bed were ideal for our needs and we stripped the girl before lashing her arms over her head to the middle of the headboard.

A two-foot long spreader bar with clamps at each end held her legs apart and a strap from the middle of the bar attached it to the footboard. The satin sheets and warm blankets made a cosy nest for the three of us with Beth on one side me on the other and Dawn in the middle. I tightened her gag strap and we started on her all over again. This time we didn't stop until we were satisfied and then cuddled up to the beautiful blonde captive and slept.

We woke to a white blanket of new snow and skipped our morning workouts in favour of a light breakfast. The two girls were going to get all the exercise they needed before the day was out. I had kept my idea to myself so Beth had no inkling of what the day would hold but she worked with a will to help me get Dawn ready.

A temporary gag kept the moaning and groaning to a minimum as we laced her tightly into a black leather jacket that had a built in corset and then twisted her arms up between her shoulder blades. Her gloved hands were encased in the pointed heavy leather mitts and their rings slipped over the snap hook on the strap at the back of her neck. Both of us pulled on the strap across her elbows and fastened it when her forearms were touching.

The position of her arms forced her breasts hard into the leather cups of the corset and we tightened the cords threaded through the base of each cup to firmly trap each swollen gland. By this time she was sobbing at the restriction on her upper body but we paid no attention as we went to work on the next step.

Beth held the girl's ass cheeks apart as I pushed in a rubber butt plug. I followed it with an equally large dildo in front and then we pulled a pair of tight latex panties up her legs and laced on skintight kid leather toreador pants. Medium heeled but very tight rubber boots laced to her knees and a crotch strap went between her legs from buckles on the waist belt.

After sitting Dawn down and tying her ankles I turned to a surprised Beth and got her into a duplicate outfit. It took a while longer since there was only me but eventually I had her just as tightly restrained. The one-piece black vinyl body suits had pouches tailored into the back to accommodate their bound arms and front zips from crotch to neck. When they were done up I closed the velcro storm flaps.

Wide belts with metal rings just above each hip buckled around their waists. The suits were lined for warmth and completely waterproof with elastic at the ankles to hold the cuffs tight against the boots. Starting with Dawn I installed earplugs then a very special leather helmet. It had holes at the eyes and nostrils with a larger one framing her mouth. On top at the crown of her head was another smaller opening. As I laced the helmet down the back of her head I hooked her long blonde hair through the opening so it formed a ponytail.

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Pulling out her gag I replaced it by forcing a hard rubber bar between her teeth. The bar was five inches long and one inch in diameter. A strap from each end buckled at the back of her neck and I tightened it until the bar was hard against her back teeth. There were metal rings screwed into each end of the gagging bit that would come into play later. Beth was in no position to argue as I treated her head the same way and gagged her with another rubber bit.

Snapping a leash on one of the rings on Dawn's bit I led her down to the garage, Beth followed along. There were no restraints on their legs and the boot heels were made for comfortable walking. They would feel the inserts working within them though.

I backed Dawn in between the shafts of the sleigh to stand while I connected short chains from the rings on her waist belt to the brackets I had installed halfway down the shafts. Then Beth was backed in until she stood about two feet in front of Dawn and I connected her chains.

I ran a martingale from Beth's gag bit down between her legs and up to Dawn's mouth. Another went from there down between Dawn's legs and up her back I pulled down on her ponytail and attached the end of the martingale to her hair. Now her head was held up but there was downward pressure on her gag bar from Beth's strap. As a final touch I ran a braided leather lace from Beth's ponytail to Dawn's gag bar and then connected a pair of long reins from each end of Beth's gag bar, across Dawn's shoulders to the seat of the sleigh.

The doors to the garage were closed so they had nowhere to go while I went and got dressed. A hooded quilted leather jump suit with warm laced up knee boots and lined kid gloves would keep me comfortable. I returned to the lower level, opened the doors and led Beth and Dawn out into the snow.

Climbing on the single seat I gave Beth a light tug on the reins and Dawn a not so light tap on her tautly covered rear end with a leather riding crop. They both started forward and soon matched their steps so they weren't kicking each other.

The tension on the tethers from their mouths and ponytails tightened then eased with their movements and the position of their confined arms kept their backs straight and chests thrust forward.

I relaxed, tucked my chin into the fur edging of my leather hood and enjoyed the scenery as the snow ponies pulled me along at a gentle walking pace. Once they had the hang of it I stopped the sleigh by pulling on the reins, got out and walked around to face them. Using sign language I made it clear I wanted them to bend their legs and raise their knees more as they moved. A couple of swipes with the riding crop emphasized my point and I climbed back into my seat.

When they moved off again with their heads nodding up and down, ponytails swinging and knees lifted high it gave the appearance of prancing ponies. I kept the sleigh following the same path as the snowmobile, so even with the overnight snowfall it was not as deep and the runners slid easily. Even so by the time I had driven them on a circuit of the field they were gasping for air around the gag bits and panting through their noses. Their breath steamed in the cold but I was warm in my leathers and showed no mercy.

I made them start again around the field and then stopped at the point furthest from the chalet. There was no need to hobble the helpless girls, I just tied the reins to a fence post and left them standing there while I took a short trail through the woods to check how the ice was forming on the lake at the back of my property.

Since they would have been sweating inside the vinyl suits I didn't leave them for too long in case they started to get chilled. After a quick look at the lake I returned and drove them back to the garage. Unhooking the chains from the waist belts I pulled the two out from between the shafts and used an old towel to wipe the snow off their lower legs and dry the boots.

They were exhausted and completely docile as I led them upstairs and stripped off the waterproof suits. That still left them helplessly bound from the waist up and a couple of straps around their ankles completed the restraint.

Sitting side by side on a couch, harsh bit gags still filling their mouths, I left them to recover as best they could.

Chapter 14 – The Ultimate 69

Since coming to live with me Beth had become almost insatiable. Whether she was tormenting Dawn with increasingly stringent bondage positions and outfits or was herself on the receiving end of my hobby, Beth kept coming back for more. Many days I would slow her down by simply tying her hand and foot, forcing a large gag in her mouth and leaving her to stew. The problem was that when I did release her she was so wound up and excited it sometimes took hours to get her satisfied.

Towards the end of our first week at the chalet I decided that the answer was to let Dawn do some of the work and, of course, she could not argue with my decision. Without saying anything to Beth about my idea we started on the helpless girl. Her upper torso was soon encased in tight kid leather with the top of her breasts and nipples squeezing through 2" holes in the bra cups and her arms locked between her shoulder blades.

A temporary gag and head harness muffled her moans as we worked. The laces threaded through the base of the bra cups were pulled tight putting further pressure on her breasts. While Beth held Dawn's legs wide apart I checked the batteries in our largest butt plug, dipped it in some lubricant and started to ease it in place. She struggled against the invasion but without the use of her arms Beth was able to hold her easily as I put pressure on the plug and slowly twisted it as it entered our captive. When it was fully buried I taped over the end to hold it in place for the time being.

We worked her legs into a pair of crotchless kid leather pants and by the time we finished lacing them down the back from knee to ankle they were wrinkle free. Thigh high ballet boots also required lacing up the length of her legs and forced her feet to point straight down in an incredible arch. For the moment we tied her ankles together with cord then started on her head.

The harness came off and we popped the ball gag out of her mouth replacing it with a large hard leather gag that spread her jaws wide and had grooves top and bottom for her teeth. Plugs went in each ear then the heavy rubber cap over her hair. Tape over her mouth and around her head a few times locked the gag in place and Beth pushed in the hollow nostril inserts.

The gleaming leather helmet had openings for her eyes and under the nostrils so she could breathe. It laced down the back and then to the collar of the jacket. Leaving her leather covered form lying helplessly on the floor of the living room I turned to Beth and she obediently co-operated as I started to dress her in a matching costume.

Once her arms were locked between her shoulder blades it didn't make much difference whether she was obedient or not since resistance was not an option.

Flat on her back on the floor she spread her legs and bent her knees as I worked the butt plug up inside her and taped it in place. With her legs encased in skin-tight leather pants and the thigh boots snugly laced, I helped her into a chair so I could work on her head.

Before long the earplugs were in place, she was efficiently gagged and laced into a leather helmet. I buckled on a combination gag strap and head harness as tightly as it would go and was rewarded with a muffled moan from Beth. Over the mouth area the gag strap had a metal flange sewn to it that would come into play later.

Pulling her to her feet she tottered in the incredible heels as I led her over to a table which matched the one at home. Helping her up on it to lay as flat on her back as her bound arms would allow, I fitted the heels of the boots into the stirrups of the metal arms and strapped her legs to them at the ankle and just below her knees.

Adjusting the arms I got her legs spread wide apart, bent at the knee, and locked in that position. A strap across her waist held her to the table and then I placed a low leather covered wooden "bridge" on the table. It went across her body from just below her breasts to the top of her hipbones and would keep the weight off her so she could breathe.

Untying Dawn's ankles I pulled her to her feet and forced her over to stand beside the table. A harness from the ceiling pulley took her weight and allowed me to haul her up until her waist was just above to top of the bridge. I swung her around and when her head was facing towards Beth's feet, lowered her so her stomach was resting on the bridge. A wide strap across her back held her in place and I fitted each booted foot into another set of stirrups on the legs of the table below Beth's head.

Straps at the ankle and around her bent knees held her legs firmly against the sides of the table. Her vagina was now directly over and in front of Beth's helmeted head.

I hauled another flanged gag strap and head harness brutally tight on Dawn and fitted a large vibrator dildo into the flange. Guiding the knob of the toy to the entrance to Beth's vagina, I pushed down on the back of Dawn's head and forced about half the length of it into the throbbing cavity.

Temporary straps from the head harness to the table kept Dawn from pulling out while I moved to the other end of the table. Beth's eyes were gleaming through the leather eyeholes as I fitted another dildo into the flange on her gag. I attached a strap from a ring at the crown of Beth's helmet to the ring at the point of Dawn's elbows and, as I pulled on it with one hand, the other guided the nose of the battery driven toy into Dawn.

When it was buried all the way to the flange I buckled the strap and returned to Dawn's head. Taking two medium strength 9" springs I hooked one from the ring at the crown of Dawn's helmet and stretched it to the ring at the end of her elbow pouch. The other stretched from the helmet ring to the end of the table.

I removed the temporary straps holding her head in place and the tension of the springs started to work. As Dawn's neck muscles relaxed the front spring pulled down and forced the dildo deeper into Beth but that put more pressure on the other spring and slowly the girl's head was pulled back until the toy was halfway out again.

Once the process had started the hapless girl had no control over her head because the neck muscles tired very rapidly. With the setup to my liking I hit the remote to start the buried vibrators and bent down to give Beth's leather covered forehead a kiss.

For as long as the batteries lasted and the springs continued to alternate their pressure, Beth would be driven to come time after time. An occasional check to see if she was in need of a squirt of lubricant in her vagina (she never was!) and my problem was solved for another few hours.

Chapter 15 – The Rawhide Experience

My most ambitious outfit for Dawn was also extremely expensive. Preparing for its use the next day I put all the components in a large bucket and lowered them into the hot tub overnight.

To keep her quiet during the process Beth forced a large rubber ball in Dawn's mouth and buckled a strap around her head to keep it in place. A blindfold kept her from seeing the rest of the preparations and I pulled the bucket from the hot tub, put it on a small trolley and wheeled it over to the table where we had her strapped down.

She was on her back with wrists attached to brackets at each side of the table top and the adjustable metal stirrups held her legs wide apart, knees bent, and immobile. She was completely vulnerable.

Lots of lubricant didn't stop the moans as I pushed in a pump up butt plug, connected the hand pump and let Beth inflate it. An over size dildo followed and then we released one leg at a time to get the latex panties on her legs and up over her buttocks. I used a waterproof tape to seal them around edges at the waist and legs.

Re-positioning the arm straps to nearer her elbows we worked a pair of thin, tight rubber gloves on her hands and tucking the thumbs across her palms. As Beth held the fingers folded into a fist, I taped them over. Reaching in to the bucket I located one of the rawhide elbow length mitts that had been soaking all night and fitted it over her right fist; Beth got another one started on the left hand.

The lacing was also wet rawhide thongs and we used large blunt needles to thread them through the eyelets and pull them as tight as possible until we could knot them at the elbows. Beth plugged in two large handheld hair dryers and we each directed a stream of warm air at the rawhide covered arms, watching as it gradually dried out and contracted. We paid special attention to the laces to make sure that as they dried, they pulled the edges neatly together.

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Out of the bucket next came a rawhide jacket that we worked up one arm at a time. The sleeves came down to the elbows and there were 3" diameter openings for her nipples and the top of her breasts; it closed down the back. With Dawn in a sitting position, and the ends of the mitts tied to the side brackets, we threaded the needles again and went to work closing the back and joining the sleeves at the elbow.

This time the drying process took much longer because when the jacket was nearly dry I bent her arms up between her shoulder blades and held them while Beth strapped them in place and then we worked a rawhide pouch over her elbows and up her arms. When this dried they were locked immovably behind her. As we continued to direct streams of air at the outfit and all the moisture left it the colour changed from dark to light – it looked just like suede. Well, I guess it was!

The next step was to get her into a pair of rawhide pants and that was quite a job. Finally a few inches at a time, we got them on her, flipped her on her stomach, and laced them down the back from knee to ankle. The crotch laced up the front and the eyelets around the waistband matched those on the bottom of the jacket.

The dryers went back to work until she was encased in smooth, dry and very, very tight raw leather. The bucket was nearly empty except for some more laces, something I was saving for her head and a bikini crotch cover. It went on next and when it was dry Beth strapped her legs together while I went to fetch a one-piece black kid leather body suit with a single leg boot.

The boot portion, which extended to her thighs, had a ballet shaped foot and it took both of us to get her feet started into it but we finally managed and worked the rest of it up her body. When her upper body and shoulders were covered we reached for some more lacing material and the needles.

Taking our time to make sure the whole thing was smooth and wrinkle free we started at her feet. On one side of the full length opening was a leather flap about 2" wide with a velcro strip down its underside. A matching strip was on the other side of the opening. As we finished lacing the boot part and continued up the suit the edges of the opening were only 1" apart. The suit had a reinforced corset built in from the crotch to below her breasts.

Before we pulled the edges together over her chest I took two short pieces of the wet lace and we fed them through the eyelets circling each breast, pulled them tight, then dried them.

We finished lacing the suit to just below her neck with the wet rawhide and then I used a dry piece to close it up to her chin. As the warm air flowed over them the edges of the kid leather drew together until the laces were dry. The flap then closed to make the join just about invisible.

With the blindfold off and the gag out her pleas to us went unheard as we filled her ears and pulled the rubber cap over her head. The new gag packed her mouth and was held in place with a couple of turns of tape. Hollow nostril inserts followed and I reached into the bucket for the last wet item.

The rawhide helmet had openings just for her eyes and nostrils and stopped just below her chin. Beth held her head as I laced it down the back and then we dried it. The black kid discipline helmet also laced down the back and then to the neck of the body suit. A leather gag strap went around her head and her tearful eyes were the only thing showing that was not leather.

She was as rigid as a board as we slid her off the table and carried her over to the wall of the living room. A simple, heavy gold chain went around her waist and the ends slipped over two wall hooks on either side.

She stood immobile, her weight on the toe of the boot, bound about as tightly as I could conceive. The black kid formed to every curve of her body and was a masterpiece for my video camera.

Beth and I sat on the couch with a nice drink and enjoyed the scene. When it did come time to release her the thongs would have to be cut – that's what made it so expensive – but worth every penny.

Chapter 16 - Bound To Return

Dawn was going to be riding home from the chalet in style, but not a style she would appreciate. On the top of my van was a streamlined luggage container. It was permanently attached to the roof and the curved front presented little wind resistance. The hinged top opened lengthwise for loading and then clamped down to be completely weatherproof; the unit had originally been designed for skis and duffle bags. Two padlocks allowed me to lock it securely.

I had made some modifications by installing protected slots on each side, just behind the "nose" of the container and another at the base of the tapered "tail". This allowed a controlled airflow through the length of the unit. A small oblong window, with tinted glass and an electric shutter, was in the center of the front end. Several tie-down points had been installed inside along with a 2" thick pad of foam rubber lining the bottom.

I had pulled the van into the heated garage under the chalet and a set of wheeled steps gave me easy access to the vehicle's roof.

Beth and I were readying Dawn for her trip and had started by filling her orifices with substantially sized inserts front and back. A large ball gag, held in place with a head harness, stifled her moans at the intrusions. Latex panties prevented any leakage. Her gloved hands were taped and laced into pointed leather mitts. She was unable to resist as we each took one of her arms and worked them into the sleeves of the kid leather jacket and corset combination. I held her still while Beth laced the jacket down the back and installed the neck strap.

Bending Dawn's arms up between her shoulder blades we hooked the rings at the ends of the mitts to the snap hook on the neck strap and then pulled on a strap across her elbows until they touched in the small of her back. Skintight leather pants laced down from the back of her knees to the ankles and then I tightened a crotch strap from the front of the waist belt to the ring at the point of her elbows

Strapping her legs together at several places we then took our time getting the single leg stiletto heeled boot laced on as evenly and tightly as possible. Leaving her laying helplessly on the living room floor we went into the bedroom to get ourselves ready for the return trip home.

Beth stripped naked and bent over so that I could easily insert the butt plug and dildo she would carry inside her for the next few hours. Latex panties first then a kid leather bra were followed by a corset that crushed her already slender figure into a wasp-waisted hourglass.

Tugging on the laces of the corset I made her breathe in and hold it, this raised her diaphragm and allowed the boned leather to conform to her body. After she pulled on elbow length kid gloves I treated her hands the same way as Dawns and laced them into pointed leather mitts with rings at the tip. A long sleeved, high-necked sweater clung to her torso and I helped her into a pair of tailored leather slacks and tucked in the sweater before lacing on knee boots with incredible heels.

A crotch strap ran between her legs and attached snugly to the front and back of a wide belt around her waist. A fitted bolero style jacket matched the slacks and buttoned neatly to just below the belt.

We had packed the van the night before except for the outfits needed for the drive home and now I dressed in one that matched Beth's. Needless to say, I didn't bother with the inserts but was comfortable in my favorite material. Beth went through into the living room to sit with Dawn while I toured every room in the chalet closing it down until next time.

All the windows had electrically operated metal shutters on the outside; the cover was on the hot tub and the automatic heating system set back to minimum. The outside doors were steel and practically burglar proof. When I had double-checked everything I returned to my two girls in the living room and completed their bondage.

Dawn's ball gag was replaced with a large leather pear, earplugs went in and the rubber cap snapped in place over her hair. Tape firmly applied around the mouth then the hollow nostril inserts were followed by a kid leather discipline helmet. I laced that down the back of her head. The gag strap that I pulled tight across her mouth had a D ring on each side just under her ears.

Because the container was not heated I fitted her into a quilted leather, form fitting sleeping bag and zipped it up to under her chin. The hood came up over her helmeted head and I pulled the drawstring snug before knotting it so it framed her leather-covered face. Beth's hands were useless but she could wrap her arms around Dawn's legs and, with me taking the shoulders, we carried her down to the garage.

Standing the helpless form against the garage wall I knotted a piece of rope around her waist and through a couple of metal brackets to hold her upright and able to watch what I was doing.

I held out a full-length hooded leather trench coat so that Beth could slide her arms into it. I settled it on her shoulders and then guided her hands into, and through, the pockets. Now the rings at the tip of her finger mitts hooked onto a fastener at the middle of the crotch strap. I buttoned the coat properly and buckled the wide belt firmly around her waist. The storm flaps fastened across her chest and then I led her over to the van and helped her settle into the front passenger seat.

The shoulder harness seat belt was pulled tight and then I took a neat strap and buckled it around her ankles so they were held motionless against the bar between the front legs of the seat. Returning to Dawn I slipped a harness from the ceiling pulley around her body, released the rope holding her against the wall, and easily pulled my victim off the ground as I swung her over to the container on top of the van.

Standing on the top of the steps beside the van I guided the bound girl down into the container until she was lying on her stomach on the bottom pad. I removed the harness and then ran thin straps back and forth across her body between the tie-down points from her shoulders to her feet. Taking two pieces of cord I tied them to the rings under her ears and back to the tie-down points on either side of her waist. This pulled her head back and forced her to look straight ahead. Her eyes were now level with the small window.

A short metal rod fitted into a bracket on the floor of the container just in front of her neck and I adjusted it until the cup at the top of the rod fitted neatly around her chin. Straps from either side of the cup buckled to the D rings under her ears locking her head in position.

Closing the lid of the container I hooked the two padlocks through their clasps and locked them. Back on the ground I moved the steps off to the side and approached Beth again. I don't think she was too pleased to see the tongue clamp in my hand but realized there was little point in trying to argue and opened her mouth for me to fit it in place. I followed that by touching up her bright red lipstick before covering her mouth with a piece of transparent tape.

If anyone did get close enough to look at her through the tinted glass she would seem quite natural. I pulled the collar of the coat up around her ears and adjusted the hood to frame her face. As I made one last tour of the chalet I pulled on my own coat, buttoning and belting it neatly. Settling comfortably in the driving seat I checked the switch to make sure the shutter on the container window was closed and that I had the remote controls handy for the inserts buried inside my traveling companions.

The garage door shut automatically behind us and twenty minutes later I turned on to the main highway southbound. At this point I triggered the switch to open the shutter on the window in front of Dawn's face and, just in case she had her eyes closed, I gave her a quick jolt on the remote controlled inserts. I could imagine what she must feel as from her vantage point we would seem to be hurtling along even though I was being very careful with our speed.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Beth's body arch against the seat belts as I gave her a dose of the vibrating inserts. This process was repeated with both of them over the next couple of hours and then I closed the shutter on the container window because Dawn still did not know where home was and I didn't want her to see the route I took as we got closer.

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The batteries in Beth's inserts were getting weak but they had done their job well and she slumped, exhausted, against the seat belt harness. Once I had the van parked in the garage I untied Beth's ankles, released the seat belts and supported her as I led her into the playroom. Undoing her coat I unclipped the mitts from the crotch strap, removed the coat and immediately pulled her arms behind her back and snapped a small padlock through the mitt rings.

Lowering her face down on the floor I used strong cord to tie her ankles again then slipped the cord through the hasp of the padlock and hauled her into a hog tie with her feet touching the points of the mitts. Stripping the tape from her mouth I removed the tongue clamp, gave her a mouthful of water, and replaced it with a large ball gag. Cord from each side of the gag went to the join of her ankles and hands and I pulled on it until her head was strained back and I knotted the ends. This gave a whole new set of her muscles a work out while I returned to the garage.

Opening the container I released the restraints holding Dawn in place and used the ceiling pulley to lift her out and down beside the van. Her body could bend enough to fit in the seat of the wheelchair and she soon joined Beth on the floor of the playroom. Leaving her wrapped in the bag and looking at me with fear still in her eyes from the ride back, I took off my own coat and went through to change into a black leather cat suit and another pair of high-heeled knee boots.

Taking my time I unloaded the luggage and equipment putting it away in cupboards or on hooks around the playroom walls. I got Dawn out of the bag, removed the gag just long enough to give her a drink then added a padded leather blindfold, tied her ankles and knees to floor rings and then lifted her up to a sitting position. I ran another cord from her ankles, through the ring in the crown of the helmet and then through the mitt rings.

Standing behind her I put my knees on either side of her shoulders and gradually added my weight until her breasts were squashed against her legs. Then I tied off the cord. Neither of them was going anywhere. I made myself a drink and relaxed on the couch after the long drive. Studying their helplessly bound forms I let my mind wander for new ideas as to how they could be used to give me even more satisfaction.

Chapter 17 – The Meal Game

It was my turn to play "The Meal Game"; Beth had done it last Saturday evening and failed. There were two main pieces of equipment needed for the game – the chair and Dawn!

The chair was an oversize, heavy, straight-backed dining room piece that we had modified. There were locking casters on each leg and just above them a piece of ½" plywood formed a solid platform. Above that there was a half-moon shape cut out from the front of the padded seat. The inside edge of the cut out had a series of small screw eyes at about 1" intervals and there was a threaded socket in the seat just in front of the backrest.

Dawn had taken us some time to prepare. From a naked start she was now more like a leather-covered ball. First lacing her into a wasp waisted corset we then forced her gloved and mitted hands and arms up between her shoulder blades. Straps from the corset held her elbows together and we added small clamps to each nipple. A one piece, high-necked leather top with built in bra laced down the back, over the rigidly held arms, to her waist.

Spreading her legs I inserted a large, lubricated butt plug in her rear rosebud and watched as Beth gleefully worked to get a huge dildo inside Dawn's vagina. Both articles had thin wires protruding from them. A skintight pair of latex panties had gone on the girl and we duct taped around the legs and waist to make absolutely sure there would be no leakage on to the leather gear. I paid particular attention to where the wires came out.

We worked her legs into kid leather toreador pants and laced the waistband to matching eyelets around the bottom of the leather top. A wide belt and crotch strap made sure the inserts were held firmly in place. Rolling her over on her stomach we each laced one of the pant legs from just below the knee to the ankle and tightened the stirrup straps under her insteps.

We strapped her legs together at the ankle, calf and above and below the knee and then started on the single leg, heelless, ballet boot. Once her feet were forced in incredible arches in the shoe portion Beth and I knelt on either side of her and started the long process of lacing the boot to just below her crotch.

Back over on her stomach we bent her legs at the knee and Beth sat on the foot of the boot, gradually adding her weight until it was touching Dawn's lower buttocks. The moans coming from behind the temporary ball gag did not distract us at all.

I used a wide strap with roller buckles to hold her legs in that position and then we fitted her bent legs in a heavy leather sleeve and laced that closed around them. I used a small piece of tape to hold the wires to the back of the crotch strap and we proceeded with the next step.

This involved placing a cushion at the base of a 30" metal pole that was in a floor socket and lifting Dawn so her knees were on the cushion and she faced the pole. A couple of straps held her upright against the pole so we could work on her head. I popped the ball gag from her mouth and Beth offered a glass filled with a Gatorade type drink. Dawn didn't bother pleaded with us she knew it was a waste of time; she just took the straw in her mouth and emptied the glass.

The heavy rubber swim cap followed soft leather earplugs, and then I tucked in her hair and fastened the chinstrap under her left ear. I used my thumbs to force a soft sponge gag behind her teeth and then fitted her upper teeth into the top groove of the plastic mouthpiece. Beth put pressure on Dawn's lower jaw until I could get her lower teeth in to the bottom groove. The play was minimal and there was no way, without help, that she could open her mouth wide enough to get her teeth out of the grooves. Several turns of 2" surgical tape finished sealing her mouth.

The hollow stiff leather inserts slid into each nostril and then Beth fitted the black kid discipline helmet over our victim's head. While she laced it down the back I smoothed out every wrinkle until it encased Dawn's face, head and neck like a second skin. A reinforced leather flap with eyelets spaced around it was built into the helmet to frame her face. There were small openings under the nose and eyeholes enabled her to see us.

I laced the bottom of the helmet to the high neck of the leather top while Beth tightened a gag strap and head harness on the girl. Narrow bands from the gag strap ran up each side of her nose before meeting between her eyes, going through the flap and over the top of her head to buckle at the back of the gag strap. Further bands across the forehead and under the chin completed the harness.

At the center of the gag strap, directly over her mouth was a thin metal bracket with grooves at the top and down two sides. The harness made sure there was no movement in it. Releasing Dawn from the pole we positioned her kneeling on her bound legs; Beth straddled her shoulders and gradually lowered her weight forcing the hapless girl to bend at the waist until her chest was crushed against her thighs.

I quickly ran a wide strap around her body to hold her in position and then we buckled further straps from D rings at the back of the belt, across each shoulder, to further D rings at the knee of the leg sheath. We had our leather-covered ball.

We moved the chair so its back was braced against the wall, locked the caster brakes, then lifted Dawn and worked her, feet and ass first, into the cavity under the chair seat. It was a tight fit but we had put her in before and kept up the pressure until she was in place.

I held her helmeted head so she was staring at the ceiling and Beth connected the eyelets in the flap framing her face to the screw eyes in the seat cut out. More straps from the inside of the front and rear chair legs held her body motionless. I uncoiled the rest of the wire from the inserts and attached the terminals at the ends to the appropriate spots in the small box attached to a front chair leg.

Releasing the brakes and moving the chair away from the wall we slid a board that matched the chair back down into slots on the outside of the back legs so it cut the view of the body under the seat. Wheeling the chair through into the dining room we left Dawn immovably fixed inside the chair with her leather covered face level with the seat. Beth went to start cooking dinner and I went to shower and change.

When I was done I checked on our "Chair", poured us a drink and took over the meal preparation while Beth went and got ready. Beth came back looking lovely in a soft, cream leather cocktail type pantsuit and we sipped our drinks as we completed the arrangements for the game. The bolt of a large, well lubricated, butt plug screwed into the socket on the chair seat and we fished the wire from it until it could be connected to the box with the others.

The base of a sizeable dildo slid into the bracket over Dawn's mouth. The first 2" of the appliance was completely flexible allowing it to bend in any direction. The wire from it joined the others and then a cover snapped on the box leaving an on/off switch on the outside. A small tank of oxygen fitted under the seat with Dawn and the tube from it slid through the flap at an opening between two eyelets, passed the dildo and into one of Dawn's nostrils where it locked in the leather insert.

With dinner nearly ready it was time to start "The Meal Game". I was wearing a floor length light blue leather gown with a low cut, tight bodice. It clung to my body to the hips and then the skirt flared out and down to the floor covering my stiletto heels. One narrow panel at the back of the dress, from just below my buttocks, had been removed and there was nothing under the rest of the dress except me.

Beth helped me to lift and gather my skirt until I could hold it up out of the way. Straddling the chair seat I gradually lowered myself on the butt plug and as I did so Beth guided the dildo protruding over Dawn's mouth inside my vagina. When my cheeks had settled on the padded seat Beth tightened a strap across each of my upper thighs and then lined my legs up with the front legs of the chair before strapping them securely at the ankles.

I let go of the skirt and arranged it to drape over my legs and down each side of the chair. Without the back panel it fell naturally to the floor. Beth plugged in an extension cord from the chair to a wall outlet, reached under the front of my skirt and, turned on a slow flow of oxygen so Dawn would not suffocate. Then she flipped the switch on the box, adjusted my skirt and pushed the chair into position at the dining room table – the game was on!

The object was to eat the meal while carrying on a normal conversation without giving any indication of the sensations assailing your system. The problem was that the four embedded, and silent, appliances were wired to a time clock that activated any or all of them in a random manner for moments or minutes at a time. In addition, Dawn's nostrils were within an inch of my clitoris.

Beth served the first course and I remained impassive as I ate even though the dildo in me was buzzing away. After serving the main course Beth, sitting across the table from me, mentioned how interesting it was that my nipples seemed to be trying to poke holes through the leather bodice of my dress. I smiled and continued to eat, determined to win; I had already beaten Beth's time from the previous week.

Suddenly, with dessert half finished, it happened. The clock must have turned on both of Dawn's inserts at the same time because her breathing became a rapid panting. With warm air caressing and stimulating my nub almost unbearably the butt plug and dildo inside me started vibrating simultaneously. Beth grinned evilly as the low moan escaped my lips and I dropped my spoon. I had failed and lost "The Meal Game".

Chapter 18 – Suspended Surrender

It was hard to believe that after all we had put her through over the last few months Dawn still had a spark of defiance left. Beth had been careless and that allowed Dawn to swing a free arm and catch her across the mouth with the back of a leather-covered hand. The damage had been minimal, except to Beth's pride, but I was determined to extinguish that spark.

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After a lecture about how useless it was for her not to accept her fate I told Dawn that there was one sure way to put out sparks. Now she was in dire straits. We had been working on her for over two hours with a costume I had been developing for weeks. Leather, molded plastic, straps, cords and metal brackets were involved and now we were nearly finished. A temporary ball gag had kept her reasonably quiet as we laced her in a crotch less, skintight kid leather cat suit.

Disposable gloves covered the tight kid on her hands and we taped the fingers before clamping elbow length, hard plastic clamshell sleeves on each arm. The sleeves were rigid and very snug once I tightened the screws in the flanges that ran the length of the join from fingertip to elbow.

Each taking an arm we twisted them back and up between her shoulder blades then, while Beth held them steady, I used small bolts through holes in the flanges and locked them together. Her elbows gradually came together as I tightened the nuts and then, finally, met in the small of her back. With her arms secured in that fashion it forced her chest out and the top of her breasts bulged through the holes in the cat suit.

To get her breasts settled into the cups of the hard plastic bodice we tied thin cord to each nipple and then fed it through holes in the plastic. Pulling on the cords we fitted the form fitting shape around her chest and attached it to the flanges of the arm sleeve. Keeping the nipple cords taunt we attached clamps to the bra cups of the bodice and tightened them around the top of her breasts. There was no retreat as we released the cords.

Straps from rings at the fingertips of the sleeves came over each shoulder and attached to the upper edge of the bodice. Dawn's upper torso was now completely rigid.

We laced her legs into stiletto heeled thigh boots and attached a spreader bar just above her knees. Bending her legs at the knee we strapped her ankles to her thighs. Fitting a wide bondage belt around her waist we lifted the hapless girl and clamped her form off the ground between two floor to ceiling posts. Metal brackets attached to the hard plastic bodice held her upright and the ends of the spreader bar bolted to the posts.

We added pressure to her insteps by running cord from the toe rings on the boots to the back of the bondage belt. With her body immovably suspended and completely available we could now work on her openings; we started at the top with her mouth.

Out came the ball and in went a jaw spreading ring gag that clamped in place behind her teeth and had an 1 ½" diameter hole at the center of her mouth and hard rubber flanges that fitted over her teeth. Beth pushed plugs deep into Dawn's ears then pulled a heavy rubber cap over her head and tucked in her hair.

Now I used tape to seal the ring gag in her mouth running several turns around her head to secure everything in place. The hole in the middle of the gag remained uncovered. While Beth held Dawn's head I wedged an insert up each of her nostrils; they were hollow but threaded on the inside. Now a leather helmet was tightly laced down the back leaving just her eyes, the center of her mouth and small openings under each nostril not encased in gleaming black kid.

Her groans were silenced as I screwed a hard plug in the hole in the gag. I used a short gold bar through two gold eyes in the plug to tighten it in place. The plug filled the opening and went in far enough to hold down her tongue but not enough to block her throat. It had a small diameter hole through it that was capped for the time being.

A stiff plastic neck brace matching the bodice fitted in place on her collarbones and attached to the unit covering her torso. It reached high under her chin and had metal rods on each side that attached to the two posts with brackets. Dawn could only whimper as I showed her the hollow gold extensions before I screwed them in the nostril inserts. The extensions were just long enough to reach each end of the gold bar through the gag plug and attached to it forming a small triangle. The bar did not cover the cap over the small center opening in the gag. Dawn was breathing evenly through the inserts and we moved downwards on the helpless girl.

Beth clamped a small tray to brackets from the posts so in was positioned just below Dawn's breasts. It held a small pump and two short hoses that ended in suction cups. We each attached one of the suction cups to the edges of the bra openings in the bodice so they covered that portion of her breasts that was bulging out. Besides the clamps holding them to the bodice we also used nipple clips inside the cups to heighten the effect. I flipped a switch to test the pump and shut it down as soon as I was satisfied it was working properly.

Dawn's breath started to whistle through the nostril extensions as she reacted to Beth's invasion of her rectum with a large butt plug attached to an impaling pole. The plug had a switch that was wired to a multi outlet power bar. When it was fully buried Beth attached the other end to the middle of the spreader bar holding Dawn's legs wide apart. There was a rubber flange around the base of the plug and we taped over that for a complete seal.

Now we had a special treat for her vagina. The huge dildo was not only hollow it also had holes in several places around its circumference and, at its base, a small threaded opening. When we had pushed it all the way in, taped and strapped it in place, it also became a massive catheter.

The transparent length of plastic hose was threaded at both ends. I screwed one end into the opening of the dildo and fitted the other end in a holder near Dawn's mouth.

Beth attached an electric vibrator to the crotch strap and secured it to the bondage belt while I went for a large jug of water and a funnel with a 90-degree angle in its stem. Uncapping the hole in the gag I inserted the funnel and slowly started pouring in water from the jug. Before she got the swallowing process timed properly she gurgled and coughed a couple of times and I let up until she was breathing evenly again.

After several minutes the jug was empty and it was Beth's turn to refill it and start pouring again. After the second jug I screwed the end of the hose in the gag until it was locked in place. The only thing she could move was her eyes and we left her that way until after lunch to give the water time to work through her system.

Now it was time to start the various sensations for her. When the pump was running smoothly the suction rhythmatically kneaded the bulging tops of her breasts pulling and releasing each one every fifteen seconds. I switched on the butt plug and adjusted the action of the vibrator pad to maximum.

I watched her eyes as the actions of the equipment started to make her lose her concentration, she had one orgasm, then another and then lost control of her bladder. Pale yellow rose gradually up the hose and passed the loop in front of her eyes before disappearing into the gag.

Tears streamed from her eyes and I looked closely as I wiped them away. Despite the outrageously tight bondage she could not help herself and spasms wracked her body yet again. As the sensations continued the spark in her eyes changed to acceptance and, perhaps, relief that her fight was over and her fate sealed.

Chapter 19 – Just Hanging Around

Beth and I were both working on Dawn dressed in clinging black leather cat suits and high-heeled boots. We were uncertain whether the idea we had for the girl was practical or, in fact, even possible but time would tell. A ball gag and head harness had kept our subject quiet as we laced each arm into tight gloves and then heavy cone shaped leather mitts with a ring at the fingertips. The mitts had additional straps at the wrist and elbow. She was positioned on the playroom floor with the finger rings snapped to floor hooks on either side of her thighs

Before her morning shower we had cleaned her out with a couple of enemas but, for once, there were no inserts in her – yet. Except for the arm covering and gag she was naked and we were now hard at work fitting her legs in thigh high ballet boots and pulling on the laces until the leather was wrinkle free along its entire length. Finishing that job we pulled her legs wide apart, tied her ankles to a couple more floor rings, then went to work on her breasts.

While Beth knelt behind her holding Dawn's shoulders I looped a thin cord around her right nipple and pulled on it to stretch the breast out until I could install a rubber covered clamp that locked on the first 3" of her tit. The left one received the same treatment and then we attached a thin strap to the clamps and ran it under her arms where Beth pulled it tight, buckling it between Dawn's shoulder blades. This pulled each breast sideways away from the center of her chest.

Now we wrapped a boned, leather corselet around her body and pulled on the laces until, from just above her navel to under her armpits, it encased her upper torso and squeezed her chest as flat as was possible given the size of her bust. I filled her vagina with a flexible dildo making sure the thin wire from it was clear. We released the hooks holding her fingertips and pushed forwards on her shoulders until we could each drag one of her arms under her knees and pull them as wide as they would go straight out from her shoulders. We clipped them back to floor rings.

Now came the interesting part. I untied her right ankle and pulled up on the leg. Beth copied my actions with the left leg. We slowly pulled back and up until her ankles were behind, and above, her head. We crossed them and tied them tightly. In a similar fashion we released her wrists and pulled the arms around her upper thighs until we could connect the finger rings together behind her back with some cord.

The crossed ankles were reinforced with a heavy-duty strap that had a steel ring riveted to it. We snapped a hook from the ceiling pulley through the ring and up she went. As Dawn's ankles took the weight of her body Beth took up the slack in the mitt cord as it occurred.

When her ass was about level with our waists we each took a side and lifted her about 6" then let her drop. We did this two or three more times and every time we did her body folded a little more until eventually the back of her knees popped under her armpits. We crossed her wrists and tied them properly.

With her head and shoulders sticking out between her knees we could easily work on her head. The ball gag came out and then in short order we had her mouth packed, taped and sealed under a heavy duty leather discipline helmet. The helmet had strong rings embedded in the crown and the gag strap, which Beth tightened until it squeaked, had a flat metal bracket over the center of Dawn's mouth.

I stretched a spring from the ankle ring to one of the rings in the crown of the helmet and then used the bracket on the gag strap to attach a large butt plug. Beth lubricated the plug and we pushed down on the back of Dawn's head until it was partially buried in her rosebud. While Beth held her head in that position I ran a strong cord from the other ring in the crown of the helmet to the arm of a flywheel bolted to the floor just in front of the hanging girl.

We plugged in the cord from the dildo and then turned on the electric motor governing the flywheel. It took only two revolutions to get the speed right. As the cord tightened the butt plug moved further into Dawn's rear end. Then as it revolved and the pressure eased the spring pulled her head back until the plug was almost out. Almost, but not quite!

Beth went and poured us each a stiff drink and we settled on the chesterfield to watch as Dawn, once a minute, screwed herself in...

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Friday, September 02, 2016  

Dull, insanely dull. There is no interaction among the characters, no sense of conflict among them or within the narrator, no eroticism, just an endless description of bondage inflicted upon an unwitting woman. There's not even a reason given for why this woman was picked.

We're just meant to believe that an independently wealthy woman targeted an apparently random woman for abduction and a life of captivity and degradation, and managed everything perfectly. No suspense, no drama, no eroticism, no reason to read, nor reason to write.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016  

Very well written, but mostly focused only on technical description. I'd prefer more actual erotic action.

Saturday, March 05, 2016  

The story was fantastic and made me cum in my pants three times. I really enjoyed the details surrounding the binding and gagging process each time. I think a crowning touch to the story would be if it included some torture and punishment. I would love to be one of your victims.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014  

All your stories are fantastic and I for one would love to be in your victims place in such incredible bondage I think you should write more updates thiugh like fitting her with a permanant gag and force feeding device and gforce here to drink liqud food miced with lots of her own pee and her captors as well and keep it fed to her daily it would be extremely humilating for her just right for a bondage slave through and I would love that if i was the skave

Wednesday, July 11, 2012  

Pretty good, very descriptive as usaul but there wasn't much interaction between the characters other than tying and retying over and over again. ome dialogue would have been nice or simply getting Dawn to do something, e.g., "forced" to do or say something in surrender or submission.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012  

Pretty good, very descriptive as usaul but there wasn't much interaction between the characters other than tying and retying over and over again. ome dialogue would have been nice or simply getting Dawn to do something, e.g., "forced" to do or say something in surrender or submission.

Monday, September 06, 2010  

Your writing is so good I feeel I need to point out 1 small error in usage--you use "taunt" when you mean taut, an error I've noted in others as well.
Verb: Provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks: "students began taunting her about her weight".
Noun: A remark made in order to anger, wound, or provoke someone. More »
Dictionary.com - Answers.com - Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionary

Sunday, August 15, 2010  

Another great story from the author.

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