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Casino Night
  • Author - Dark One  
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  • Story Codes - MF-f, consensual, armbinder, bondage, chastity, humiliation, latex, suspension, toys
  • Post Date - 8/10/2005
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"Is this your first time here?" the man behind the counter asked, examining the card. "Nicole?"

"Yes, it is," she said. "But two friends of mine are already members. Alex and Flora told me a little about it."

The man typed some numbers off of her card and entered them into the computer. "Your fully entered into our system, membership dues paid in full, and everything you need is in," he said, handing her the card back. "Go on inside. Because this is your first time, you can pick up free chips at the courtesy counter. They can answer any other questions that you might have."

"Thank you," replied Nicole.

As Nicole walked through the doors and glanced around, she felt a bit out of place. She wore a nice silk blouse and a blue skirt with matching pumps, but that did not seem to fit in at all...

There was a large hall set up with slot machines, gaming tables, and other attractions. Most if not all of the men and women were wearing, leather, rubber, or other exotic materials, and high heels were the norm for most of the women and a few of the men as well! At a guess, there were between fifty and a hundred people in the hall.

"Can I help you?" said a woman behind the courtesy desk.

"Ah, I think so," she said, putting her card on the counter while still looking around. A few guests in exotic garb gave her looks, but said nothing. "This is my first time here, and there are supposed to be some chips for me or something?"

The woman ran her card through a scanner. "One thousand in chips for you," she said, pulling various colored chips out of a drawer. "So you can enjoy yourself while learning the... ropes." The woman smiled at the last word.

Nicole saw that the desk attendant was dressed as oddly as the patrons. She wore a blue rubber cat suit that covered her from neck and wrists all the way down to her ankles. By leaning over the counter briefly, Nicole saw that there were matching blue pumps on her feet, as well.

"I was told a little about this place," Nicole said, "but I can see that I wasn't told everything. Um... what's with the rubber, and stuff?" she asked.

The woman smiled at this. "This is Kinky Casino Night. Some people may lose, but everybody wins." Nicole gave her a quizzical look. "Over there, by the south wall, do you see the big doors that people are going through?" the woman said.

"I think so... now I see it," said Nicole.

"Well, that's how you get more chips, in case your luck turns on you but you still want to play," the woman said. Nicole still had a puzzled look on her face. "We have an atmosphere of kink and bondage attire that we actively encourage. If you want more chips, or if you need to pay off a gambling debt, that's where you go. In exchange for your chips, you will have to dress in something... provocative, like the patrons are wearing. The more extreme, the more chips you get."

"Could you give me an example?" Nicole asked.

"Certainly. High heels are a favorite. Four inch heels are worth a hundred. Five inch heels are two hundred. Six inch heels are five hundred, and seven inch heels are a thousand."

"Seven inch heels?!" she exclaimed. Nicole looked around the crowd, and did indeed see a woman sitting down that appeared to be wearing seven inch heels. She was not walking around in them, and did not seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere.

"How long does someone have to wear them?" she asked.

"Until they can pay to get them off. Typically, it costs double what they're worth to get them off. Almost everything can be locked on, so there's no weaseling out later!"

Nicole saw that some of the outfits looked to be rather tight. "What if you have to go to the bathroom, or something?" she asked.

"At the dressing rooms, they can work that out," she said.

Nicole looked over to another wall. There, instead of gaming tables, she saw several booths set up with people in the booths. "What's over there?" she asked.

"That's for private wagers," she said. "Several patrons with *way* too much cash have set up their own games, of different natures. Typically it has to do with taking a dare, or enduring some special treatment that they've concocted. You can make money very fast there, or find yourself hopelessly in debt within minutes."

"I see," said Nicole. She saw a partially curtained off area in the center of the hall. "What's behind the curtains?"

"Invariably, one or more of our guests will end the night hopelessly in debt, unable to pay up even after putting on every kinky item that there is. That's what we call debtor's prison. At midnight, everyone gathers around and bids on the prisoners, in order to determine their fates. Sometimes, if the debt is a private one, other arrangements are made," she said, "between the two parties, without resorting to that."

"Anyone dressed in blue, as I am, is a member of the staff. They enforce the rules, oversee any private deals to make sure they are carried out, and can answer any question you have," she said. "Anything else?"

Nicole saw a pair of familiar faces walking by. "Alex! Flora!" she exclaimed, scooping up her chips and following them.

They were wearing street clothes, and headed for the dressing room. "What do you think?" Flora asked.

"She's still here," replied Alex. "I think that says quite a bit," Nicole blushed at that.

"Remember," said Flora, "if you get a man to really owe you an obscene amount, they could have to do *anything* to get out of it!" she said.

"Don't remind me!" said Alex as Flora giggled.

Alex and Flora headed into the dressing room. A moment later, Nicole followed.

There was a man dressed in blue vinyl sitting behind a computer terminal. Alex and Flora handed their cards over.

"You're ten to the good", he said, looking at Alex.

"I'll do the basic leather, for now," he said. "I think that's worth a hundred."

"Dressing room five," he said. "Bob will get your outfit," he said.

He now looked at Flora. "Your account has you one fifty in the hole," he said.

Flora nodded and sighed. "I know. Give me five inch heels, fishnets, a leather mini, long leather gloves, and a collar," she said.

Nicole's eyes widened in surprise as Flora calmly rattled off the list. "You'll have one ten spendable. Dressing room two, and Ann will get yours together."

"Can I help you?" the man asked Nicole. There were several people behind her now.

"Um..." she said.

"Let me help," said Flora. "Get her 'basic black'. That will work for a start.

Nicole wobbled in the heels as she walked around the dressing room. "I don't know about this," she said.

"You look fine," said Flora.

Nicole was wearing trying to balance in a pair of four inch black patent shoes. They had locking straps around the ankles and around the arches of her feet.

She wore a pair of black nylons attached to a garter belt, that was almost but not quite covered by the black leather miniskirt. The skirt was belted on, and the belt had a lock in the front which prevented it from being removed. Her bellybutton was bare, and she wore what looked like a black leather bra with small shiny metal studs sticking out where her nipples were. This too had a lock in back. She had a matching purse which had her chips in it.

Flora helped her walk out of the dressing room. She was wearing locked five inch shoes, and had fishnet stockings on her legs. A garter belt was visible under her black miniskirt, also held up by a locking belt.

Flora wore long leather gloves that came up to her armpits. They were connected to a thin, locked leather collar around her neck by a pair of chains. Flora still wore her regular blouse over this, and carried a small purse.

They walked back out to the man behind the counter. He took their cards and entered some numbers.

"Just leave mine on the card," Flora said.

"One seventy five?" the man said to Nicole.

"Just keep it there," Flora said. "It's best if no one knows exactly how much your worth.

The three of them loitered by the slot machines for a bit. Alex was wearing a pair of tight leather pants and a tight leather shirt, both of which were connected to the locking belt he had on. Nicole was very conscious of her lack of underwear. However, as she looked around, she saw at least two women that had outfits that bared their nipples.

Nicole idly put a white one dollar chip into a slot machine and pulled the lever. "Three lemons," she said.

"That's just for idling," Flora said. "If you work a machine, you'll probably get back about three fourths of what you put in. Jackpots are rare, but they do happen."

"I'm going to be over at the roulette tables," said Alex. "Later, honey."

"Later," replied Flora.

"Flora, I have a question," said Nicole. "They keep track of your money from night to night. Everything here seems designed to slowly take your money away. Why doesn't everyone just go quickly broke?"

"Drinks?" Nicole and Flora turned to see a woman walking up to them. She was carrying a tray with various drinks on it. Nicole was very startled by what the woman was wearing. She was wearing handcuffs and a shiny blue vinyl french maid's outfit with a frilly skirt. Over the outfit, she wore a tight blue satin corset. She wore blue fishnet stockings, and on her feet there were matching blue five inch spiked heels.

"Thank you," said Flora, taking a soda. Nicole stared for a moment longer, then took a mixed drink with a miniature umbrella in it.

Nicole watched the woman walk away. As she moved, her skirt bounced up and down, revealing her garter belt to all that cared to see. "There's your answer," said Flora.

"Almost no one is a worker here all the time," she said. "Anytime you feel too far in debt, you can sign up to work for the night. Pay depends upon what you can do, how many people want to work that week, and how much you want to dress for the part. At a guess, that woman is earning fifteen hundred in chips tonight. However, if you're a careful, skillful, and lucky gambler, you might never have to work!"

"Oh, remember, you can't turn your chips to cash... ever. They're strictly redeemable in here, for... oh, favors and such."

"I see," said Nicole. "That's... interesting," she said.

"So, Nicole, what do you want to play? How about blackjack?"

Nicole and Flora sat next to each other at the blackjack table. The minimum wager was one dollar, with a maximum of one thousand.

Nicole played cautiously, betting only one or two white chips at a time. Flora was more ambitious. She gave her card to the dealer, who ran it through a computer and gave her one hundred and ten dollars worth of chips. Flora was routinely playing red ten dollar chips. Nicole watched her work her way up to three hundred, then lose her way down to thirty.

"I'm going to take a break and get something to eat," Flora said, taking her meager three red chips.

"I'll stay here," said Nicole. She was more interested in watching the people than in playing the game, and she had a good vantage point there. For a change, she idly put out a blue one hundred dollar chip on the table.

The dealer, clad in a blue rubber body suit, proceeded to deal out the next hand. Nicole stood on twenty, with most of her attention on a poker game going on several tables down. There were four players, and a large pot had formed. As one man wearing chains and leather straps raked in a pile of blue chips, a woman in a black rubber dress sitting across from him had a very exasperated look on her face.

"Twenty wins," said the dealer. Nicole let the bet ride as she watched.

He apparently asked her to pay, and she shook her head. Then, he called over a woman dressed in a blue leather cat suit. There was some sort of discussion between the three of them, then the woman in rubber slid off her chair and crawled under the table.

"Nineteen wins," said the dealer. Again, Nicole idly let her bet ride as the next hand was dealt.

There was a tablecloth on the table that hid the woman's face as she crawled under the table. The woman's high heeled shoes and black rubber stockings were clearly visible. Nicole watched as the woman apparently unzipped the man's fly, and Nicole saw the woman open up her mouth and move to the man's crotch. As the man slid down on the chair, Nicole had a clear view of the woman as she sucked on his erect penis.

Nicole's mouth was open. "House is bust, seventeen wins" the dealer said, adding to her pile of chips.

"Watching the show, eh?" came a masculine voice next to her.

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It was Alex. He placed a one dollar bet on the table and took a seat next to Nicole. "They're just working out a debt between them privately," he said.

"But..." said Nicole.

"She didn't have to do that," said Alex. "That's why he called a referee. Any direct sexual contact has to be mutually consentual. She could have said no, and been given an hour to come up with the money in a different way. Even if she couldn't come up with the money she still could have said no. She'd just be wearing blue for a few casino nights."

"I see..." said Nicole, looking at her cards. She put an ace and a ten face up on the table.

"Blackjack," said the dealer. She had bet eight blue chips. The dealer put two more in the betting square, and put six more in front of Nicole. "Maximum bet is one thousand," the dealer explained.

Nicole nodded, as the next hand was dealt. Her bet of one thousand dwarfed Alex's lonely white chip. "You're letting that ride?" he exclaimed.

Nicole tore herself away from the sex show and looked at the cards. Dealer had a five up, and she had a pair of nines. "Split," she said, putting her two nines down. She had to break into her purse to cover the second wager. "You never said you knew how to play," said Alex.

"An ill spent youth," Nicole explained as the next cards were dealt. She was dealt another nine, and a two. "Dealer?" she asked. "House rules question: can I double down after a split here?"

The dealer had to ask a dealer at another table. "Yes, you can," he said.

"Then I'll split again, and double down this one," she said.

"Can you cover that?" Alex asked.

The dealer broke in. "If you don't have the chips, you'll have to settle up afterwards."

"That's fine," said Nicole.

She watched the rest of the cards fall. "You have fifteen, nineteen, and twenty one. House is bust, you win four thousand," said the dealer. He was obviously a little surprised himself at paying out that sum.

The dealer put four black chips on the table. Nicole saw that they were worth one thousand each. She pulled all her chips into her purse. "Let's see what else there is to play around here," she said.

"Oh, god, she's going to try it!" said Alex.

Alex walked quickly through the crowd. Nicole quickly fell behind in her heels. They were approaching the private wagering area.

"What are you talking about?" Nicole asked.

"She kept saying that she was going to try it someday, and now she's doing it."

"Doing what?"

Nicole finally caught sight of Flora. A small group had gathered around, to watch the event that transpired in a booth.

Somehow, Flora's locked-on clothes and shoes were now on the floor, next to a key ring. A man dressed in a pair of tight shiny leather pants was grinning widely as he tied her standing spread eagle to an X-shaped wooden rack. "Are you going to go for double?" the man asked.

"Double," said the now naked Flora.

The man put two very flimsy looking plastic cylinders in Flora's hands. "I have to state the rules before we begin," he said. Nicole saw that this had caught the attention of a blue clad referee. "You have two very fragile objects in your hands. They can easily be crushed by your hands, or broken by dropping them on the floor."

"Your challenge, is to keep them intact and off of the floor. You need to do this for ten minutes. My challenge, on the other hand, is to encourage you to drop them. I may do this by manipulating your sexual areas. I can't cause pain, or deliberately tickle you. The double wager means that I can use my tongue and lips, as well. These are the rules. Any questions?"

Flora shook her head.

"Timer!" he said, setting an oven timer and putting it on the table so that the audience could see.

As soon as the timer was ticking, the man grabbed a dildo from the booth and slowly worked its way up into her. Flora twisted, but couldn't prevent him from putting it inside of her. Next, he carefully moved it around inside of her with his hands while his tongue played with her nipple.

"Doesn't it bother you to see this happen to your fiancée?" Nicole asked.

"A little. But it's actually very exciting. We have, well, not an 'open' relationship, but at least one that's not 'shut'. She told me about this, and I gave her my permission, if not my blessing. Any fooling around outside of these events is a definite no-no, for both of us."

Flora was starting to moan a little, and her wrists were twisting around. The two cylinders were still apparently intact. As the timer ticked down to six minutes, the man changed tactics. He slid down to the floor, and took out the dildo. Instead, he started to work on her with his tongue.

She started to moan more and more. Flora's eyes were closed, and Nicole could see one of the cylinders starting to slip out of her hands. She suddenly held it tightly, and Nicole saw that it almost broke.

Three minutes. "No, no!" Flora started to pant.

"I won't be able to buy her out of this one," said Alex. "I'm broke." He turned to Nicole and shook her head. "She's done for," he said.

Nicole gave him a questioning look. "His nickname is Slick. I don't know how he learned to use his tongue like that, but this guy is *very* good. He times it so that if he wins, it's in the last minute. He goes easy on the woman about every other time to let people think that it's a fair contest. That way, he makes sure to get the women that he wants, and Flora is *very* good looking," he said, almost proudly.

One minute. "Oh, god! Stop! Don't stop!" she said. Flora thrashed around in the frame as her body started to tremble. She convulsed again, and let out a short scream as she reflexively crushed one cylinder with one hand while the other cylinder fell to the floor.

"Ding!" went the timer.

"Too bad," the man nicknamed Slick said.

Flora heaved and panted. "Oh, you bastard!" she said.

"I don't understand why women call me that, after I give them such pleasure," he said, with a childlike look on his face.

"What's the wager?" Nicole asked Alex.

"If it's the same wager as he usually gives, she would have won five thousand," said Alex. "Twenty five hundred normally, but Flora took the double wager. Now, she can either cough up five thousand -- not likely -- or participate in a fantasy of his."

"What fantasy is that?" Nicole asked.

"Can you come up with five thousand?" Slick asked.

"Not likely," Flora muttered.

"Ah. Do you wish to play with me tonight, or set up something tomorrow... privately?" Slick asked, with a leer.

"I'll do it tomorrow... ah, damn! I can't do it tomorrow!" she said. "Parents are coming over!"

Slick turned to the crowd. "We're closed. No further wagers tonight... but anyone is free to watch," he said.

"It's your own fault," Alex said. "I tried to warn you."

"Buy me out of this!" Flora said.

Nicole turned to Alex. "I *do* have five thousand..." she said softly.

Alex shook his head. "Let her stew," he replied.

"What's going to happen to her?" she asked.

"Slick is actually an extreme submissive at heart," Alex said. "But most mistresses won't play the game the way *he* wants it to be played."

"I'm kind of new to this," said Nicole.

"Just watch," Alex said.

The crowd dispersed except for Nicole and Alex. Slick talked to a blue clad man that walked by. He waited, and a few minutes later, the man returned with a handful of clothing and straps and such.

Slick helped the naked Flora to dress. First, there was thigh high black leather boots with six inch heels. Next, there was a black leather corset that Slick tightened as best he could. Very long leather gloves were the last thing that he had her wear.

Then, he undressed and started on his own outfit. It looked at first to simply be a very elaborate and strong body harness. He strapped it on around his body and over his shoulders. However, above his rump behind him, it looked like there was a bicycle seat attached, with two loops at the sides and support straps that connected to the top of the harness. On the bicycle seat, there was a dildo protruding straight upward.

"I've seen you do this before," Flora said. As Slick finished putting the harness on himself, he knelt down. Flora stood behind him, facing him, and slowly slid down onto the seat and the dildo while spreading her legs and moving her knees forward.

Slick locked the loops around her legs, locking Flora in position. Then, he used handcuffs attached to the harness to cuff Flora's wrists. The handcuffs were just attached just above his erect penis.

He gagged himself, then put his hands into handcuffs attached to the front of the harness, at the chest.

Suddenly, Slick went to his feet. The harness fully supported Flora's weight, and she found herself leaning against him with her bare breasts against his back Most of her weight was now on the seat as the dildo went further inside of her. Her knees were in front of her and at Slick's sides. Flora brought her legs down, but even with the heels she could only scrape the floor occasionally. Her hands clenched near his erect penis.

"Slick calls this his 'bucking bronco' fantasy," Alex said as Slick jumped up and down, jostling Flora around on the dildo. "He's done it enough times that we all know the rules he plays by. He's also done it enough times that he's not going to tire out anytime soon, even with another person on his back!

"The keys are at the booth, and he won't return until they're done," Alex said. "He'll run around all night and drive Flora nuts if she doesn't do anything. However, his manhood can be 'tamed' by her gentle touch.

"He won't go anywhere she wants until she jerks him off once," Alex said. Slick was now prancing away, making sure that every step sent Flora straight up, then straight down onto the seat and the dildo. He had to lean forward to keep his balance. Flora's face was very red as they trotted by. Alex waved to her. "After the first time, he'll start to respond to controls of his 'reins', otherwise known as his cock. He'll follow orders perfectly by the fourth time. The fifth time that she jerks him off, he'll let her out of it."

Nicole's mouth was open, and she wasn't sure if it was the sight of the two of them riding off or Alex's story. "The bouncing can get pretty intense. I've heard rumors that there's at least one woman here that loses on purpose, and has extra riding lessons over at his house."

Nicole's eyes were wide. "This... god! I've heard of a little bondage...but this is ridiculous!"

"Just good old fashioned perverted fun," said Alex.

Alex and Nicole stood at one of the craps table. Alex was the shooter, and was betting red ten dollar chips on 'pass line'.

Nicole, feeling mischievous, put down a red chip on the 'don't pass line'. "Traitor!" Alex said playfully.

"You're going to crap out," she said.

Alex threw the dice. "Three!" announced the woman in the blue corset and tight blue leather skirt.

His chip disappeared, while Nicole took another red chip. Stubbornly, Alex dug out another red chip, put it down on the pass line, and threw the dice again.

Alex's luck was mixed, at first. Whatever he would bet, Nicole would place a bet against him.

Nicole looked across the hall, and saw that Slick was still galloping around with Flora strapped to his back. However, his ride was not as rough, and she could see Flora actively manipulating his penis with her leather gloved hands.

Alex's luck suddenly turned sour. In twenty more throws, all he had accomplished was to bankrupt himself and make Nicole's nest egg just a little larger.

"You're supposed to be new at this!" said Alex. "You're the one who should be losing her shirt!"

"I went to school in Las Vegas, and worked my way through school at the tables," she said.

"Oh, god!" said Alex.

"You have any more on the card?" she asked. "Or do you have to get more dressed up?"

"What are you going to do with all that money?" Alex asked.

"I haven't decided yet," said Nicole.

"Could you give a man in need a private loan?" he asked.

The dealer overheard them. "I can put it through," she said.

Alex rolled his eyes. "Ahem, I was hoping for an unofficial one."

"Why not make it official?" she asked.

Alex sighed, and handed his card to the woman tending the table.

Nicole handed her own card over, and a black chip. The woman strutted over to a computer terminal in her blue corset, tight knee length blue leather skirt, and blue five inch heels. "It's official," she said, and handed Alex the black chip.

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"You didn't answer my question," said Nicole.

"I was hoping to keep it unofficial," he said, "well..."

"So you could weasel out of it, if you lost it all?" Nicole said. "I'm learning, Alex. More craps?"

Alex looked at her for a long time. He put the black chip down on the pass line. "Why putz around?" he said.

Nicole pulled out a black chip of her own, and placed it in the 'don't pass line' area. "Roll them bones," she said.

"Five, the point is five," said the woman in blue, as she returned the dice to Alex.

"Come on five!" he yelled, rolling the dice.

This time it came up an eleven. Next time, a four.

"Come on!" he yelled again. This time, a three.

A cruel idea came across Nicole's mind. One in six... but if it works, he'll HATE me for it... It was too sweet to pass up. It's not like it's real money, anyway...

Nicole placed another black chip down as a come bet. "You roll a seven, this time," she said. "You lose everything, I get double."

Alex looked at her for the longest time. "Five, five, come on five!" he said, throwing the dice with a twist of his wrist.

"Argh!" Alex exclaimed, as he saw one die with a two, and the other with a five.

"Beginner's luck," Nicole said with a smile as the woman in blue took Alex's black chip, then put two more black chips in front of Nicole. She gathered up all of her funds. "Now, about that money you owe me..."

There was the sound of loud footsteps. "Whoa!" came Flora's voice.

Nicole turned around, and saw Flora's hand pulling back sharply on Slick's erect penis. "Sit!" she commanded. Slick walked over to a stool, and sat down.

Flora was able to support herself on the floor now. "Taming the stallion?" Nicole asked with a smile.

"Get that 'I told you so' look off your face, Alex!" she said. "Or it'll be really cold in bed for you!" She had to lean over to one side to see around Slick's body and talk to the two of them.

"Who, me?" Alex said, rolling his eyes and eyeing a woman wearing only a rubber bikini and a pair of stiletto heels. "I say nothing. I know nothing."

"So, about that money you owe me..." Nicole said.

"What?! You're in the hole?! How much?" she asked.

"Oh, a thousand or so," said Nicole.

"A THOUSAND?!" exclaimed Flora. "Alex, you're an idiot!"

"Um, I'm not sure you're in a very good place to lord your superiority," replied Alex.

Slick chose this moment to bounce up and down on the chair, and jostle her around on the dildo.

"Well, can't you just get dressed up some more, and give me the money?" Nicole asked. "I thought seven inch heels were worth a thousand."

Flora busted out laughing. "I want to see this!" she said.

"No way!" Alex said. "It's actually worth two thousand. Seems that most guys here object to dressing up in drag, so they have to offer double for guys to wear heels & dresses."

"It's not really an advantage," Flora said. "They get double to put it on, but they still have to pay double to get it off!" She was idly stroking Slick's penis with one leather gloved hand. Nicole could see an almost dry streak of liquid on her glove.

"Well?" Nicole asked. There was a very wide smile on her face. "I'm beginning to really like this place!" she said.

"I'm still thinking," said Alex.

Nicole turned and interrupted the lady in blue. "What's the going rate for a man to eat out a woman," she asked.

Alex jerked, and Flora let out a gasp. "Two hundred to five hundred," replied the woman. "For five to ten minutes, one orgasm."

Nicole turned back to Alex. "Well?" she asked. "Twenty minutes, or two orgasms. Then you're clear."

"Don't' do it!" said Flora. "I'm a jealous woman!"

"Like you're the one to talk! You're stroking another man's cock as we speak!"

Flora hurriedly let go of Slick's erect penis. Slick let out a moan, and started to bounce up and down. "Alex... Nicole..." she let out as Slick regained his feet and started to take a very bouncy jog around the casino.

"Let's go look at Debtor's Prison, while you're thinking about it," Nicole said.

Nicole headed for the center of the hall, and was managing to be steady in her heels. Alex followed behind her. "It's not really that interesting," he said.

Nicole pushed aside a curtain and looked. "Not that interesting, huh?" she said.

There was a set of stocks, and two sets of manacles hanging from ceiling chains. Behind them, Nicole could make out a rack of some sort, and a suspended cage that looked like it would leave *very* little room for movement inside of it. There was a large glass case that Nicole walked over to. Behind the glass, there was a wild assortment of whips, paddles, dildoes, vibrators, and other miscellaneous and sundry devices of punishment and pleasure.

"Let's see... What's this? Butt plug, extra large. I think that would look good on you. Oh, and what's this? A paddle, for spanking you! I really think I'm going to like this casino night thing!"

"That's because you have all the money," he grumbled.

"Now, how do I check you into this little daycare, here?" she asked. "I think you'd look lovely in the stocks."

"Nicole, you're a complete bitch, do you know that?!"

Nicole hiked up her very short black leather skirt and sat down in a nearby chair. "Choose," she said, spreading her legs. Her bare mound was clearly visible to him.

Alex looked around, and did not see either his fiancee or the bucking bronco. Curtains formed a partial sight barrier. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees and without further preamble, thrust his tongue inside of her.

"Now, gently!" she chided him. "Have a little respect for a woman!"

Nicole had to admit that he was good. His lips gently massaged the outside, while his tongue made teasing forays within her. "That's it..." she encouraged.

I don't believe I'm doing this, she thought to herself. A half of an hour ago, I was shocked at everything I saw her. Now...

Now, I've jumped in, feet first, and I have my best friend's fiancé eating my pussy!

That thought was abruptly terminated as he brought her to an orgasm. As she climaxed, she grabbed ahold of his hair and pushed his head back. "Give me a few seconds!" she said.

Alex looked around, still searching for his fiancee. "You look so nervous, so guilty! Remember, I *made* you do it!"

Alex looked up at her, and suddenly smiled. With that, Alex returned to her crotch with a gusto.

She was still very close, and it was a matter of a few minutes before she climaxed again. "You've done your duty," she said.

"Will you pay me five hundred for one more?" he asked, eagerly.

Nicole chuckled at this. "One hundred."

"How about two hundred?" Alex offered.

"One fifty, and that's final," said Nicole.

As soon had she said that, Alex's tongue was inside of her.

This one took a bit longer, but it seemed to Nicole that he was taking his time. "Oh, I'm so close!" she said, grabbing him by the hair and

pulling his head closer.

Nicole was moaning for almost a minute, teetering on the edge, before yet another orgasm swept through her. "Oh, my god, you are good!" she said.

Alex stood up and wiped his mouth. "It's one of the things about me that Flora really likes," he said.

"I don't blame her," said Nicole. "I'm not trying to steal you... but I've always liked you, and when you said that your relationship wasn't quite 'closed', well..."

"I've always thought you were a mighty fine woman," said Alex. "I just never had a chance to get close to you like I did with Flora."

"Where is she, by the way?" said Nicole.

"I don't know, but I'd appreciate it if our debt was settled," he said.

"How do I do that?" she asked.

"We'll just find someone in blue, near a computer, and you can tell them that the debt is canceled," he said. "I can take the one fifty in cash."

Nicole handed him the chips. "It must really be a boost to have a woman *pay* you for sex," she said.

"It's only funny money. But, yea, it's a thrill. Especially coming from you," he said.

They found a man wearing blue suspenders and a blue rubber shorts tending the open bar. "I'd like to cancel a debt," she said, handing him both of their cards."

He fed both cards through his computer. "All one thousand?" he asked.

Nicole nodded. The man punched a few buttons, then he returned the cards. "All clear," he said.

They took their cards, then found the blue french maid again and took drinks. "Have you seen Slick?" he asked her.

"He's over by the food tables," she said.

They headed for the food, and sure enough, found the woman and her mount. Slick was bucking and spinning in place, in front of a speaker that was pouring fourth a dance tune with heavy base. His twists and bumps were in sync with the dance. Meanwhile, Flora was being jostled all about, and she desperately pumped at his hard cock. A half dozen guests watched the proceedings, sipping drinks and snacking while they chatted.

Squirt! Finally, he ejaculated. This ejaculation lacked force, and most of it dribbled down Flora's gloved hand.

"So, how many is that?" Alex asked his wife to be.

Slick let out a long sigh through his gag, then walked over to them as Flora directed her mount with twists of the penis. "This is the third!" she said. "So, how did you settle up?"

"He didn't, yet," Nicole said suddenly. Alex turned his head back to look at her, with a questioning look. "I don't see much choice but to put him in debtor's prison."

"Oh, the baby can earn that much money!" Flora said, directing her mount to sit down on a stool. "He just doesn't want to embarrass himself that much, or do real work next casino night!"

"Maybe I'll just let it ride," Nicole said. "Keep it over him like an ax waiting to fall."

Alex looked perplexed by this. Come on, Alex, thought Nicole. I'm trying to give you another chance to eat me out... that is, if you really want to...

"Maybe we can work something else out," Alex said. "I know that Nicole is a reasonable woman."

Nicole smiled at him.

As Alex took a trip to the dressing room to pee, Slick went on another of his rampages through the casino. Nicole ignored Flora's surprised yelps, and wandered away. Nicole headed towards the private gaming area again.

Slick's booth was empty, but several others were going strong. At the first one, a woman was taking bets from male guests. She was dressed in long black rubber gloves and thigh high rubber stockings with high heels. The rest of her body was bare as she invited men to try her game. The sign above her stand said "Nancy's Manhood Testing Center."

She had a wall built behind her which had three sets of manacles set into it. As Nicole watched, the woman was locking the last of three men into the manacles.

All three of the men were still dressed. After they were locked in place, the woman that she presumed was Nancy unzipped their flies and pulled out their penises.

Next, she took three odd crotch harnesses and strapped one on each of the men, over their clothes. After that, she pulled out three somewhat bulky rubber sleeves, and put the men's penises through it, and attached the sleeves to the harnesses.

Nancy pulled curtains between the three men. "Now, remember the rules," she said. "This isn't over till the last man comes. The prize is twenty bucks per minute that the last man holds out. The winner gets it, the guy in the middle loses ten bucks per minute, and the first guy..."

Nancy put a hand under the counter. She pulled out a leash, and there was a man attached to it. He was clothed, but on his head he wore an elaborate harness. It had numerous leather straps and had a built in blindfold. It also gagged him as well, and a dildo protruded from where the mouth should have been. Nicole thought that there were earplugs built into it.

"The loser loses fifteen bucks per minute, and has to service me with *this* until the next loser comes around," she said.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

The three men nodded. With that, she pushed a switch on the counter. Nancy then sat down in a chair in front of them, and pulled out her harnessed man. Taking a couple of leather straps, she pushed the dildo of his head harness into her pussy, and used the straps to attach the man's head to her legs and torso. He could not pull the dildo out, and slowly started to move it back and forth.

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The sleeves around the men's penis were buzzing as well as expanding and contracting slightly. There was a timer on the counter, visible to the audience but not to the participants, that showed the time.

None of the three players immediately came, so she turned her attention to the next one. At this booth, a chessboard was set up. The man running the booth was sitting down behind the booth, while a male player was sitting on a stool with his pants down aorund hie ankles. There was a chess clock in use, which had wires connecting it to both player's stools.

Nicole walked nearer, and saw that the man was shifting around uncomfortably on the stool. There was a buzzing noise around the booth, that seemed to move every time that a move was made and the buttons on the clock were pressed.

Finally, the challenger's clock ran out. "I almost had you!" he exclaimed.

The man slowly got up off of the stool. Nicole was very surprised to see a butt plug attached to the stool, and it was vibrating as he slowly pulled himself free.

There were no other challengers forthcoming as the challenger paid up his debt. Nicole slowly walked over to the next one over and looked it over. A woman was sitting down behind the booth, dressed in a tight rubber dress. She was reading something as Nicole approached. Behind the booth, Nicole saw several large rubber bags slumping on the floor. From each of them, there was a chain that traveled all the way to the ceiling, and back down again to something that looked like a motorized winch. There were also other rubber garments scattered about that she could not readily identify.

"What is this all about?" Nicole asked.

The woman looked up. "Oh, it's just a test of your time sense," she said, with a smile.

"Not much business?" she asked.

The woman shook her head. "I'll get business later from desperate debtors."

"What's the game?" Nicole asked.

The woman put her book down and turned to Nicole. "The essential elements are sensory deprivation, rubber, bondage, and time," she said. "Sexual stimulation can be added for an additional spice."

"How much is the bet?" she asked.

"One thousand," the woman replied. "Payout depends upon how long you play. Half hour payout is two thousand. One hour payout is five thousand. Ninety minute payout is ten thousand.

"The player," the woman continued, "is dressed in rubber, blindfolded, tied up, and has their ears plugged," she said. "Then they are put into one of these bags," she explained. "And pulled to the ceiling."

"There's a button put in the contestant's hand. When the player thinks that the appropriate time has passed, they press the button, and they are lowered to the floor. If it's within three minutes either way of the EXACT time that they played for, they win. Otherwise, I win," she said. "I also accept personal debts as wagers," she said.

Nicole wasn't sure why, but the bet appealed to her. Perhaps it was because the person running the booth was a woman. "I'd like to try it," she said, handing the woman a black chip.

The woman looked startled to see the cash up front, but didn't turn it down. "All right. Let's get you set up."

This woman also had a ring of keys. Nicole walked around the counter and sat down behind a curtained off area as the woman unlocked her outfit.

Nicole sat and waited as the woman looked through her rubber collection. "What size do you wear?" she asked.

"Normally a ten," she replied.

"Do you want any stimulation?" she asked. "Extra twenty five percent payout, if you win," she said.

"Why not?" she said. Geez, this place must really be getting to me, she thought in amazement. Nicole felt herself feeling oddly at *home* here, in the casino.

"How long are you going to try it for?" she asked.

"Let's try ninety," she said.

The woman's eyes widened momentarily in surprise. "All right. Here. Put these on," she said, handing her a pair of black rubber panties. "I've already lubed it."

Nicole looked at them and saw that there was a dildo and nubby clit stimulator built right into it. She hesitated for the longest time. "Something wrong?" the woman asked.

"Why not?" she said, putting her legs through and pulling it up. The dildo slowly slid up inside of her, and when it was fully in place, she could feel the rubber nubs of the clit stimulator reaching up inside of her.

"Whooo!" she said as it slid into place. Experimentally, she moved her hips around and felt the sensations.

"You'll have plenty of time for that," the woman said with a smile. The woman handed her a pair of elbow length black rubber gloves and knee-high black rubber stockings. Nicole put them on without too much difficulty. After that was done, the woman walked over and helped Nicole get into the next part of it.

This was a full rubber body suit with a zipper in back. When she was done, Nicole felt the sensations of the tight rubber all over her body. The pressure in her crotch had increased ever so slightly, making the sensations even more interesting. She was now covered in skin tight rubber everywhere except her head.

The woman remedied that next. She brought over a black rubber hood with a back zipper. There was a large breathing tube that emerged from the mouth. "Open up," the woman said.

Nicole felt a wide but very short rubber tube entering her mouth. She was able to breath through this easily as the woman worked the earplugs of the helmet into her ears and zipped up the helmet.

"Can you hear me?" the woman's voice came through the earplugs.

Nicole nodded. "These are earphones. When you're going through with it, I'll be playing the sounds of an ocean through the earphones. Now, put your arms down at your sides," said the disembodied voice.

Nicole felt her wrists being somehow bound to her thighs. "There's a button near your right thumb, on the strap," came the woman's voice. "Press it now," Nicole fumbled for it, and managed to find it. "Good." She tried to move her wrists, but was not able to move them from their places at her thigh. "Let's walk over to the bag now," the woman said as Nicole felt a pressure on her arm guiding her.

She found the tight rubber to be very exciting, and as she walked, she could feel every motion in her crotch. She felt her legs being pulled tightly together, then strapped together at the ankles and the knees. This served to pull the dildo even tighter within her, but made it much harder for her to move it around. "Almost ready," came her voice, as there was a feeling of something tightening around her.

Suddenly, she felt herself being hoisted up! ""Now, you need to push the button three times quickly to end this," she said. "That's to stop any false alarms. There. You're in place."

There was a feeling of swaying. Most of the pressure was on her legs, but it was distributed to other parts of her body. She tried to move, and found that she could only wriggle. Each motion met increased resistance, but the rubber never seemed to actually prevent motion.

I don't believe I'm doing this, she thought as the sound of gentle ocean waves started to come through the earphones. She was now blind, suspended in her own universe, cut off from all contact with the outside world.

As Nicole wriggled, she found that the motion of the dildo and the clit stimulator was making her very horny. She tried to move her hands over to her crotch, to give more direct stimulation, but the straps held her wrists firmly against the outside of her thighs. Nicole also tried to spread her legs, but the straps held her legs firmly together.

Maybe I should just give up now, she wondered.

Nicole was not sure why she didn't just push the button at her thigh and get out of this. She did not, and continued to wriggle in her rubbery prison.

The feeling of total enclosure was new to her. How different... she thought, with her struggles winding down. It's kind of like having my entire body touched at once, she thought.

Nicole started to wriggle again. This time, she was trying to find movements that would jostle the dildo and clit stimulator within her.

Oh, that felt good... she thought after quickly twisting and then bucking her hips. That felt *very* good, she decided after doing it again.

Nicole kept repeating those motions for what felt like minutes. She became hot inside of the rubber, as she felt herself slowly rising up in excitement.

She was becoming very damp in her crotch as well. As she slowly increased her exertions, she felt something slip slightly inside of her.

Her secretions must have lubricated the clit stimulator. She now felt that it was just a little further inside of her, and its tiny probing rubber fingers were just touching her waiting clit.

Nicole would have screamed in pleasure if she could have. Her methodical motions turned to spasms and jerks as she thrashed within her rubber cocoon.

An orgasm was only moments in coming. She arched her back and kicked reflexively, trying to spread her legs. This only served to stimulate her further. Nicole writhed, trying to get the latex intruders away from her crotch, but they did not move from their posts.

Another orgasm swept through her, leaving her gasping through her breathing tube.

Nicole lost track of all sense of time as the device within her tickled her with every motion. The rest of her body seemed to fade away. It felt like only her crotch and the toys within actually existed.

Nicole returned to a somewhat lucid state, panting while her body stayed still. She felt a slight swaying, as if she had set herself in motion above the casino floor.

This must be some show for the people down there, she thought.

Nicole tried to take deep breaths, and simply relax as best she could. But there was no such thing as being motionless, and the little movement that she did only served to tickle and tantalize her crotch.

Nicole felt like a spectator in her own body as she started to grind around yet again. The clit stimulator was still touching her clit, and she felt herself being swept towards yet another wave of pleasure.

Time and space ceased to exist for her. All that existed was a warm nothingness and the pleasure in her groin.

Nicole lost track of the number of orgasms she had. At times, it was hard to quantify them, and she could not tell when one ended and another started.

There was an intrusion into her perfect, secluded world.

I think I have to pee, Nicole thought.

She thrashed about, sending meteors of pleasure her brain. But, even as the pleasurable sensations coursed through her, her body reminded her of its requirements.

Feeling somewhat disappointed that it had to end, she pushed the button at her thigh three times.

"I'll be damned,": the woman said as she unzipped the hood from Nicole's head.

She could feel her sweat drenched hair plastered against her skull. She was now out of the rubber bag, and simply took deep breaths as she unzipped the rubber body suit that Nicole wore.

"What?" Nicole said, absently.

"You've up and cleaned me out," the woman said. She untied Nicole's legs and wrists, then unzipped her rubber body suit. It felt like an avalanche of sweat poured out of her pores as the rubber was peeled from her skin. "You hit your switch at ninety minutes, four seconds. You win! I'm going to have to close down after this, unless I want to risk a *huge* personal debt for a lucky winner.

"I won?" she said, still in something of a daze. The woman left her alone in her curtained off alcove. Nicole was still dressed in the rubber gloves, rubber stockings, and the panties with the dildo and stimulator.

She was amazed to find her hands finally free. Idly, she moved her right hand over to the front of her panties. Nicole pushed with one finger, then two. "Oh, this feels soooo good," she said, but it also reminded her of the need to urinate.

When the woman walked back, she found Nicole sitting on the chair, with her head thrown back as she moaned in pleasure.

"The game is over," the woman said with a smile. "Time to give the props back."

Nicole let out a pathetic whine, but pulled her hand away.

"It seems like your show has the contestants lined up," she said. "I'll have all four bags in the air for the rest of the night. I can't pass that up, even if there's a chance I'll be in debt up to my eyeballs."

Nicole slowly took off the gloves, then the stockings. The panties were last to go.

By the time that the woman had given her original outfit back, Nicole had calmed down. With locked on heels, leather miniskirt, and studded black leather bra, she walked back out onto the casino floor. Nicole made a beeline for the dressing room, with a purse full of softly clinking chips. I really have to pee, she thought.

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"Yes?" the man at the counter said.

"Bathroom?" she asked.

He pointed to a pair of doors behind him. Nicole made her way there, and found that she only had to hike up her skirt to relieve herself.

As Nicole walked out, she saw another woman slowly making her way out of the dressing room. Nicole stopped and stared at what she saw.

She was wearing a black leather head harness with an attached red ball gag. A thick leather posture collar held her neck up high, and a lock was conspicuous on the front of it.

Below that, the woman wore a steel studded black leather corset with attached cups for her breasts. From the heaving of the breasts and the narrowness of the waist, Nicole could guess that the corset was pulled very tight.

Her wrists were handcuffed behind her back. From waist to knees, a red leather skirt hugged her very tightly. Nicole saw that it had no walking slit, so the woman could move her knees only a few inches apart with each step.

The woman's legs were covered by black leather boots that exhibited shiny golden stilettos of at least six inches in height. They extended upwards past the knees, and disappeared under the skirt.

What the...? Nicole wondered.

The woman very slowly made her way towards the counter, taking tiny steps in her heels and skirt. After what seemed like several minutes, she stopped at the counter.

"Your debt is now clear," the man said, tucking a card into the locked belt that held the skirt in place.

The woman mumbled something in reply through her gag, then slowly made her way out to the main floor.

The man at the desk saw Nicole gaping. "I take it you're new?" he asked.

"Uh, yea," Nicole said.

"Sometimes, payment for a debt is demanded in cash," he said. "She wasn't able to find any other way, so she had to really dress up to make good on the debt."

"How much was that outfit worth?" Nicole asked.

"About twenty five hundred, I believe," he said.

How much do I have now? she wondered and did some mental arithmetic.

I think I have almost twenty thousand.

"Where were you?" Flora asked. "We were looking all over for you!"

Flora must have settled her debt with Slick because she was now wearing her original leather outfit.

"Oh, I was around," she said vaguely.

"Did you hear that someone won the highest bet on Nancy's sensory deprivation game?" he said.

Nicole gave him her best dumb look, but was smiling broadly inside. "Is that the one with the people up in the air, all in rubber?" she asked.

"That's it," Flora replied. "I've lost it three times."

"I've stopped playing it," Alex admitted.

"So, what have you two been up to?" Nicole asked.

"Flora just managed to get out of the saddle," Alex said.

"Don't remind me of that!" Flora exclaimed.

"What about you?" Nicole said to Alex.

Alex looked up at the sky. "Well?" she asked again.

"He's another two thousand in debt," Flora said with a hint of disgust.

"Hey, I have an half of an hour to come up with it!" he said. Alex looked meaningfully at Nicole. "Well?" he said, looking at her with big brown puppy dog eyes.

"I'll give you an official loan," she said.

Alex sighed at this, while Flora giggled. "You've bought yourself a half of an hour."

"That's better than being in debt to Georgia!" he said.

"Why is that?" Nicole asked.

"Georgia likes to tie men up, then see how they react to alligator clips on... interesting parts of their bodies," Flora said. "She gets a rather sick enjoyment out of seeing men squirm under her touch."

"I don't know," Nicole said. "There have been a couple of guys that I would have liked to use vice grips on."

Nicole saw Alex wince. "Not you," she said, pinching his cheek. "You're far too cute. Come on, let's go and do the deed. Remember, that *I* own you now!"

"Don't let that get to your head," Flora warned.

Nicole smiled sweetly at her, but did not reply.

"Now, where did that woman of yours go?" Nicole asked.

"You've got me swinging," Alex replied with a shrug.

"Now, what should I do with you?" Nicole asked. "Do you have any ideas?"

"Oh, we could settle it the same way as last time," he said.

"I want something more creative," she said. "That seems so... mundane compared to some of the stuff going on around here."

"I'm not sure that I should help you," Alex said cautiously. "I might just get myself in deeper trouble."

Nicole chewed on her lip as she thought. She sat down in a chair and stared off into space as Alex sat next to her. "I can see something churning in there," Alex said. "Am I in trouble?"

"I'm not sure," she said. She turned her attention to Alex. "I want *Flora* to owe me big."

"Ooooh-kay?" Alex said. "Then what?"

"What can you make someone do when they're in debt to you?" she asked.

"I don't know if I want to answer that question," Alex said. "*I'm* in debt to you!"

"I'm just a beginner," she said. "Remember, last night when you invited me here, you and Flora promised to explain it all to me, and answer any questions that I might have."

"Well, we kind of expected to tell you while you were chained to a wall," he said.

"Trying to play me for a sucker?"

"Oh, we just wanted to have some fun with the newcomer," he said.

"Nice try," Nicole responded. "Want to play poker with me?"

Alex shook his head. "No thanks. I saw you play blackjack when you weren't even paying attention. No thanks." Nicole continued to look at him.

"All right. If someone's in debt to you, you can work it out several ways. One way, that you've already used, is to work out a... private agreement," he said. "Another is to demand cash. They have an hour to come up with it, one way or another. Sometimes, people will be willing to buy debts, kind of like buying bonds."

"What if they don't pay up?" she asked.

"They go to debtor's prison," he said. "The thing with that is that sometimes people can be in there for over a day, if their debt is particularly high. The person is usually... quite a spectacle, and it's usually not very fun. It's meant to be something to avoid."

"There's also something in between a private agreement and the prison," Alex said. "I guess you'd call it private punishment. Let's say a guy had a girl *really* in debt to him, and she wouldn't do anything sexual with him. That's her right, to say no at any time to any direct sexual contact. She also can't possibly come up with the money.

"I remember a case like that. The punishment that they worked out was that if she wasn't going to have sex with him, she had to wear a chastity belt for a week, and couldn't have sex with *anyone*."

"Even though that's after hours?" Nicole asked.

"As long as it's mutually agreeable," Alex said. "The last possibility is that a person can sell their debt to the company. They work it off wearing blue, but they're only paid half wages. That can take quite a while."

"I see..." Nicole said. "In a... private punishment, does the punisher have to supply the toys?"

"Not unless they're really unusual," Alex said. "The dressing room has quite a selection, and if you tell them that it's a private punishment, they'll work it out with you. It just has to be returned in good condition," he said.

"I see..." Nicole said. "You know, this place is really twisted?"

"That's why I like it here so much," he said, "Even if I'm in debt to my armpits."

"I think I'm really beginning to like it too," Nicole admitted.

"That's because you're holding all the chips!" Alex said.

You have no idea how true that is, Nicole thought.

They found Flora at the roulette table. She didn't even notice them walking up to her. "Come on, twenty!" she said. "Come on!"

Nicole noticed that she was now teetering on six inch heels. "Are you growing taller?" Nicole asked.

"Nineteen! Argh!" Flora exclaimed.

"Needed more chips, I see," said Alex.

"I can feel it," Flora said. "The big payoff is here. I just need a few hundred more..."

"There's always the bank of Nicole," he said.

Geez, she's a gambling addict! Nicole thought. I'm glad she doesn't do this with real money! "We could work something out," she said.

Nicole walked over to the woman at the wheel. She was wearing a blue rubber sheath dress that covered her from shoulders to knees, leaving her arms bare. "I'd like to give a private loan to Flora over there," she said. "How bout... three thousand?" she said, handing over three black chips.

Flora's eyes grew wide as she saw this. She teetered over to Nicole, holding onto the side of the roulette table as she walked. "Here's my card," she said, handing it to the woman in blue.

The woman took their cards and punched a few numbers into a keyboard. "Transaction complete," she said, taking the black chips and handing Flora a stack of red roulette chips.

Flora went wild, strewing the chips about the table. "Why did you give her that much?" Alex whispered into Nicole's ear.

"Oh, I felt generous," she said.

"Uh huh," Alex said, sounding unconvinced.

Nicole watched as Flora's luck turned sour. Her three thousand was soon three hundred. Then one hundred. Then fifty.

Flora played her last fifty on the number seven. When the ball landed, it was firmly planted in the pocked marked zero.

Nicole arranged for another loan of a thousand. "Shouldn't you be out of money?" Alex asked.

"I refuse to answer that question, on the grounds that it might incriminate me," she said with a smile.

Alex's eyes grew wide. "You still have cash?" he asked.

"I still have over ten grand left," she said.

"What have you been playing?" he wondered.

Nicole's eyes wandered around the floor, and focused on three rubber bags that hung suspended halfway between the ceiling and the floor. Humanoid figures were writhing around within them, and then a fourth bag moved up to join them.

"It was *you*?" Alex said.

"I cannot answer that question," she said with a smile.

Ten minutes later, Flora was penniless.

It was nearly ten, according to the wall clock. "I'm getting the urge to try my hand at poker," she said.

"Just one more loan!" Flora begged her.

"I'm all tapped out," she lied. "What I have left, I intend to blow on poker."

"Please!" she said.

"I guess you'll have to sell yourself in the dressing room," Nicole said heartlessly. God, I'm turning into a complete bitch! she thought.

That actually felt rather good, she thought afterwards.

Nicole headed off towards the poker tables. She turned around, and saw Flora and Alex heading towards the dressing rooms.

"Can I help you?" said a man wearing blue leather shorts, a blue leather collar, and blue fuzzy slippers.

"I'm looking for an opening in a poker game," she said.

"What stakes?" he asked.

"High stakes," she replied.

"Well... we're about to start up the unlimited wager table," he said. "You have to pay a hundred to sit down, and you have to show a thousand in cash before you play."

Nicole opened her purse and handed him a blue chip. She showed him the black chips that still rattled around inside.

"That will work for me," he said. "Follow me."

"Check," said Nicole.

She had three opponents. On her left, there was a blond haired woman wearing a red rubber halter top and long red rubber gloves. Her breasts seemed to be trying to burst through the thin rubber covering, and her nipples were clearly visible.

"I'm in for twenty," the woman said, throwing in two red chips.

Across from Nicole was a man wearing a tight black leather shirt. He looked to be in his mid thirties, and there was a look of intense concentration on his face. There were three men standing several steps away behind him that were watching the game intensely.

"Twenty it is," he said, matching the wager.

On Nicole's right, there was another man. This one looked to be in his forties, with salt and pepper hair and a mustache. Nicole had been very surprised by his appearance when he sat down, as he was wearing five inch heels, fishnet stockings, and a tight rubber miniskirt. His chest was completely bare except for a bright red padded satin bra. I wish he would have shaved his legs first, Nicole thought with distaste.

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"I'll match that," said the man.

The last card was dealt out. The betting was cautious, and when it was done, the woman in the red rubber pulled in a small pot.

"How are you doing?" she heard Alex's voice behind her.

"All right," she replied. "How's Flora?"

Alex pointed across the casino. Nicole looked, and saw her backside. Flora's outfit had changed again. Now, she wore a floor length leather skirt that fit her very tightly down to the knees. There was a walking slit in the back from the knees to the floor, and Nicole could see that she still wore the six inch heels.

As Flora moved her hands to place new bets on the roulette table, Nicole saw that her hands were now cuffed together in front of her.

"Is she a compulsive gambler?" Nicole asked.

"She goes in spurts," Alex replied.

Flora returned her attention to the poker game. The dealer was a man dressed in tight blue leather from neck to ankle. Nicole saw that none of the other poker tables had a dedicated staff dealer for them. It had been explained to her that this was reserved for the high stakes table.

"Ante up," the dealer said. "Seven card stud."

Nicole put three red chips in the center, as the others did likewise. She had been watching their betting styles these last few hands. The woman on her left, and the man(?) on her right were fairly transparent. However, the man across from her...

He played with a look of intense concentration on his face, regardless of the hand he was dealt or the size of the pot. She found that his face was nearly impossible to read. He would be a tough one, Nicole concluded.

Nicole was dealt two sevens up, and had a third down. She steadily drove the pot up, especially after she was dealt two nines face up.

Everyone dropped out before the last card was dealt. Nicole collected a pot worth about a thousand, and kept her winnings on the table in front of her.

None of the four of them had displayed their wealth on the table. There was no limit on the betting, and there was only guessing as to how much each of them was worth.

"Winner names the game," the dealer said.

"Five card stud, sevens wild," she said, on a whim.

The cards smiled on her this hand as well. Both the woman on her left and the man on her right stayed with her. The man across from her dropped out early, and cut his losses as Nicole raked in a pot worth about fifteen hundred.

The next four hands alternated between Nicole and the man across from her. She was smart enough to bow out when she had complete garbage in her hand. Each pot was about a thousand in chips.

"That's too much for me to lose tonight," said the woman in the red rubber halter top. "It's been nice playing."

Nicole smiled at her as she left. "Then there were three," said the dealer.

A crowd was starting to form around the table. "What's with all the people?" Nicole asked the dealer.

"This table is always an attraction, when the betting gets heavy," explained the dealer.

The game was five card draw, jacks or better to open. There were three antes and three deals before Nicole finally threw a blue chip into the pot.

The man in the heels on her right stayed with her to the bitter end. Nicole put down her three kings, and the man threw his cards down in disgust.

"That's it for me," he said, pushing his chair back and standing up. Nicole watched him walk away in the heels, fishnets, and rubber miniskirt. "You should really shave those legs," she said as he walked away.

There was a chuckle from the crowd. "Then there were two," the dealer said as Nicole raked in a pot worth almost two thousand.

She looked across the table, and met her opponent's predatory stare. He had not once cracked a smile the entire game. "So, chuckles, just you and me," she said with a broad smile.

He glared at her. "Let's play!" he said abruptly.

"Five card draw, ante a thousand," she said, throwing in a black chip.

The man matched with a shower of blue chips. Then the cards were dealt...

I put down an ante of a thousand for *this*? she thought, examining her pair of twos.

Her opponent threw a black chip into the pot.

Nicole had a sudden impulse to bail out. I don't want to throw more money down a rat hole, she thought.

But... this isn't real money... why not?

Nicole threw two black chips in the pot, a raise of a thousand.

Her opponent put two black chips in, another raise of a thousand.

Nicole answered with four black chips, a raise of three thousand.

Her opponent matched it. "Cards?" the dealer asked.

Her opponent asked for two. Does he already have three of a kind, or is he just trying to fool me? she wondered.

Nicole agonized, then asked for three cards, retaining her deuces. She picked up the new cards...

Nine, six... and another two.

Three deuces... if he really does have three of a kind, he already has me beat.

Nicole studied her opponent, and found herself under scrutiny as well. There was no hint to be gained from his face.

"It's your bet," the dealer said, addressing Nicole's opponent.

"Three thousand," he said, putting a shower of blue chips in the pot.

Nicole matched that with black chips. "Two thousand more," she said, raising him with the last of her black chips.

"Let's get this over with," the man said. He reached into a bag at his feet, and emptied it out onto the table. "I see your two thousand, and raise you seven thousand three hundred more."

"I'll call that," she said. It's worth it just to see his cards, she thought.

However, as she searched her purse, she found that she only had three thousand left. Oh, I gave that loan to Flora, she thought. "Dealer?" she asked. "I have outstanding personal debts to me. Can I use them as wagers?" she asked.

"Only with your opponent's permission," he said.

"Absolutely not!" her opponent barked. "Cash on the table."

"Will the house cover?" she asked, remembering her early encounter at the blackjack table.

"Not in wagers between players. The house will only cover wagers in games played against the house," the dealer said.

"I see," she said, chewing on her lip.

"If you can't make it, the pot's mine!" the man said, animated for the first time. The pot was easily worth over twenty thousand at this point. He started to reach forward.

"Not so fast," the dealer said to the man. "You forget the rules of the game. She has one hour to come up with the final wager," he said. "That's a special rule for this table."

The man glared at her. He carefully folded his cards up and put them on the table. "I'll see you in an hour, then," he said, then walked away.

"One hour," she said, with Alex walking next to her. "What are my options?" she asked.

"Not too many," he said. "Any of the private betters will be looking to sucker you, because they know you're desperate."

"That bites," she said. "And, honestly, at any of the tables, I could easily lose everything, and end up in debt up to my ears."

"Well, there is one thing," Alex said.

"What is that?" she asked.

"You could try Flora's method," he said.

Nicole remembered the outfit that had been worth twenty five hundred. "I have to come up with four thousand!" she said.

"It can be done," Alex said. "But if you lose, you won't be able to buy your way out of it."

Nicole mulled that over. "I have to think about this," she said.

"I'm going to check on Flora," he said. "I wonder if she's won anything yet."

As Alex disappeared from sight, Nicole made her way over to the dressing rooms.

"Can I help you?" the man behind the desk asked.

"Yes. I need to cover a large wager," she said, handing him her card.

"How large is large?" the man said.

"Four thousand."

The man's eyes widened. "Are you sure you know what you're getting into?" he asked.

"Can it be done?" she asked.

"It's possible. What do you need to be able to do while dressed up?" he asked.

"Finish the hand of poker," she replied.

"Ahhhh..." he said. "You're playing at the high stakes table." He rang a bell, and a woman dressed in a very tight blue vinyl dress walked out to the counter. "Vanessa will help you," he said.

"I know just what you need," the woman in blue said as she led Nicole down the hallway.

"Oh my god," she said, as the seven inch heels were locked onto her feet.

"That's a thousand," the woman said. "We have shoes worth more, but you couldn't walk in them."

"Like I could walk in these..." she said.

"You'll have to stand up for the corset," the woman said.

Nicole gingerly stood up in the heels. ""Oh my god," she said again.

The woman brought out a black satin corset with built in breast cups. "The tighter we get this, the more it's worth."

The busk was latched in front of her, then Vanessa worked on the back lacings. It grew tighter, and tighter, and tighter...

"How...how am I supposed to breath in this?" she said in a strangled tone of voice.

"Very daintily," was the reply. "That should be good.

Vanessa measured the corset. "You lost twenty percent of your waistline. That's worth another thousand.

"The belt is next," Vanessa said.

Nicole had only heard of a chastity belt before. This one... somehow, seemed to defeat every purpose of a chastity belt.

It was made of silvery metal, with a lock in the front. The cross piece was made of the same silvery metal. On the inside, it was padded with rubber...

...and sported a pair of rubber phalluses. "It's worth a thousand as is," Vanessa explained, "or fifteen hundred if I put batteries in it."

Batteries? Oh, my god... "Uh, if I don't have batteries..."

"...the rest of the outfit will make it very difficult to play poker," the woman said.

"Put them in," Nicole said with a tiny sigh against her corset.

The woman popped open both phalluses and put batteries inside of them. She then lubed it up and locked the belt around Nicole's tiny corsetted waist.

The phalluses slowly slid up within her. "Ohhh..." she exclaimed. She remembered her experience in the rubber bag, with the stimulator inside of her. This won't be so bad...

The phalluses were not vibrating, and Nicole was not about to correct the woman on the point. "What's next?" she asked as the chastity belt was locked in place with a loud click.

"Five hundred more for the skirt," she said.

The skirt that she had was made out of black rubber. There was a zipper near the top in back. Nicole stepped into it, and Vanessa pulled it up her body.

The rubber fit her very tightly from waist to floor, and had nothing resembling a walking slit. Nicole took an experimental step in the skirt, and found that she could only take six inch steps, and then only if she truly strained against the rubber. "Oh, my god. Is... is there anything else?" she asked.

"That's it," she said. "You can get your four thousand at the counter. Do you need any help?" she asked.

"Lots," Nicole replied, leaning on her as she made her way to the counter.

The trip to the counter took several minutes. "Four thousand it is," the man said, handing her the chips and her card.

"You're on your own outside the dressing room," Vanessa warned.

"Thanks," she said. "You forgot to turn on the belt," she said as she headed out towards the floor, balancing precariously in the seven inch spikes and the impossibly tight skirt.

"No, I didn't," the woman said, then giggled.

Suddenly, as she teetered along the floor with all eyes on her, the phalluses within her suddenly came to life.

Nicole panted against her corset, and nearly lost her balance. "Oh, my god..." she said. None of the crowd came forward to help her, as they watched her with something resembling amusement.

"Are you all right?" Alex said, appearing at her side.

Nicole leaned against him. "Can you help me get to the poker table?" she asked.

"Sure," he replied. "Wow, do you look hot."

"You have no idea..." she said, grinding her hips around as she held onto Alex.

He almost carried her over to the poker tables. "What's that buzzing noise I'm hearing?" he asked.

"That's me," she said. "Oh, my god!"

"That's you?" he said. "You really did get the four thousand! Geez! All this on your first night here?"

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"Get me over to the damn table," she hissed. "Oh, oh!"

Within a couple of minutes, they were there. Her opponent was not yet at the table. "How... much longer?" she asked the dealer.

"Just a couple of minutes longer," he said.

Nicole tried to ignore the buzzing phalluses within her, but with her legs pushed so tightly together, it was impossible. She found herself squirming like a four year old in church, trying to find some way to be comfortable in her tight vibrating predicament.

Her opponent walked over and took his seat. "You have the money?" he asked.

"What do you think?" she said, putting the four black chips on the table.

The man stared at her, but she could not keep her gaze focused on him. "You first," she said.

"Aces and Kings," he said, putting his cards down. "Two pair."

Nicole tried to look disappointed, but the vibrators within her were definitely interfering with her calm poker face. "Just deuces," she said.

"Deuces?! Yes!" he screamed aloud. "Yes! It's all mine! Mine!"

"Are you sure?" she said.

"What do you mean?"

Nicole put her cards down. "I have three of them," she said, with a quavering voice.

Her opponent just stared at her for the longest time. Then, a howl of frustration escaped his lips. "No! No! I was so close!" he screamed aloud.

Nicole barely heard him as an orgasm washed through her body.

Nicole sat in the chair, enjoying the lack of sensations from her groin. She was still dressed up, sitting at the poker table, but hadn't wanted to make the trek over to the dressing room quite yet.

After her orgasm, the vibrations had mysteriously stopped. Two men dressed in blue leather police uniforms walked over and took Nicole's opponent away. She overheard some conversations indicating that he had several private backers that were now very upset with him. He was ranting and raving as the two men put him in manacles in debtor's prison.

She saw Alex and Flora walking up to her. Alex was now supporting Flora, who had added even more to her outfit. Now, she had six inch heels, the back slitted hobble skirt, a corset, and an armbinder.

"I think that Flora is done for the night," he said.

"I was so close..." she whined. Flora looked over at Nicole. "It doesn't look like you did any better.":

"Actually, I won," she said. "I just haven't made my way over to the dressing room to get out of it. I have to pay *double* to get out of this? That's eight thousand!"

"Eight thousand?!" Flora said, aghast. "What makes it worth that much?" This is only worth sixteen hundred!

"I'd rather not say," she said.

"You know, you only pay double if you ask to get out early," Alex said. "If you wait 'till after midnight, you only have to pay the normal value."

"Hmmm... I might just do that," she said. "But, about you two..." Nicole said. "We need to work something out. You two are both in debt to me," she said.

"I don't know..." Nicole continued. "I don't have a steady boyfriend right now. I get horny sometimes."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Flora asked in an accusing tone.

"Your fiancé is so strong and handsome," she said. "And he owes me three thousand! That's worth... maybe ten orgasms? Or... how about eight hours of quality time," she insinuated.

Alex didn't comment on the exaggerated debt. "You bitch!" Flora said.

"It's Alex's choice," Nicole said.

"Don't you dare!" she hissed at him.

"You're not in much of a position to argue about it," Alex said.

"Actually, you owe me more, Flora," Nicole said. "How about you for eight hours?"

Flora gasped against her corset, and turned red. "Nicole!..."

"There's always debtor's prison," she said. "And you can alway sell your debts to the company..."

"I'll be wearing blue for months!" Flora whined.

Nicole shrugged. "That doesn't matter to me," she said coolly.

"Damn you, Nicole!" Flora screamed.

"So, what do you say?"

Flora was very silent. "Tell you what," said Nicole. "I'll sweeten the deal. You can *both* work your debts off to me tomorrow night, but here's the rules..."

Flora listened to them, thought for a minute, then reluctantly nodded. "You'd better not ever get into debt to me!" she warned.

"I'll remember that. Tomorrow, then? Oh, my!" Nicole exclaimed.

"What is it?" Alex asked.

"It's started again..." Nicole said.

"You have the *belt* on, don't you!" Flora exclaimed.

"Why did it turn on now?" Nicole asked.

"I don't know," replied Flora. "But I'll get at least a little enjoyment out of tonight. Alex, don't you *dare* help her get to the dressing room, or it's your gonads!"

Alex looked at Nicole sheepishly as she started to writhe on the chair.

It was noon the next day. "You two have a nice apartment," Nicole said as she walked in.

Flora glowered at her. As terms of the deal, Flora had to stay in the same outfit that she had sold herself into the last night. She had on the six inch heels, slitted hobble skirt, corset, and armbinder.

Nicole had changed Alex's outfit. He now wore a head harness with a built in ball gag. His hands were tied behind him and attached to a belt around his waist. Other than that, he was completely naked.

Nicole had driven them both home last night dressed like that. Just at midnight, the batteries in her outfit had died... perfect timing. She had started to like the outfit, in a twisted way...

Nicole made her way to the bedroom, and disrobed as Alex and Flora followed her in.

Nicole sprawled herself out on the bed. "Now, you'd better be good," she said to Flora.

Flora flopped down on the bed and wriggled over to her crotch. "This is truly evil," she said. "I'm not into girls at all."

"I've always wondered about it. Haven't you?" Nicole asked.

Flora did not respond.

"Now remember, we have until ten tonight," Nicole said. "You have to be good, and you have to last the whole time. Any time you need a break, I'll have to have Alex take over for you," she said.

"Oh, you bitch!" she said.

"As you can see, he can't use his hands or his tongue, can he? What does he have left?" Nicole looked at Alex's erect cock.

"If you don't want your fiancé to have his way with me, right in front of your eyes, you have to become *very* good at pleasing me, *very* quickly," she said, almost gloating.

Reluctantly, Flora touched Nicole's pussy with her lips. "Come on!" Nicole said. "Alex, it might be your turn in just a minute, at this rate."

Finally, Flora started to use her tongue. "Mmmm... that's better," she said.

Nicole looked up, and gazed into Alex's waiting eyes. You know there's no way for her to do this ten hours, Nicole thought. Don't worry, Alex, your turn will come!

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Nicole knew gambling and had beginners luck.She ended with Flora keeping her pussy occupied till her tongue gets tired and then she gets the use of flora's fiances cock-both for 10 hours!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011  

This story just became my all time favorite. If there is going to be a next part I hope its going to be as amazing as this one.

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It's a rare thing for me to give any of these stories a rating of OUTSTANDING but this one gets it. Can't wait for the followup. Don't be too long... please!!! I also think the potential for continuation is enormous here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011  

Just for the ones that say this is a ripoff of "Casino" by Thndrshark... I think it is the opposite way around. At his site he states that he was inspired by another story (this one?!) to write his "Casino": "I am inspired a lot! This was inspired by a story I read many years ago involving a fetish casino. If I could find the name of the original author, I would dedicate it to him/her!"
Never mind, I love both stories. Would love if there were even more in such a gambling setting.

Thursday, September 16, 2010  

I have read this story several times over the years attributed to several deifferent authors. I liked it then, I like it now. Wonder who the real author is?

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Excellent, fun set up, decent execution. Decently edited. Could easily have extra side chapters written.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009  

a bit of a rip off of the other casino story but still good

Wednesday, July 30, 2008  

great hehehe wish i were in a casino like it!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008  

Any follow-ups? Maybe about another evening at the tables?

Monday, June 18, 2007  

This is besides Casino one the best stories I've ever read. Great attitude. Is there a follow up? J.

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Very similar to Casino by Thndrshark. Well written & fun!

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