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In the Vice
  • Author - Rbbral  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, M-f, consensual, bodymod, bondage, breathplay, electricity, enema, humiliation, latex, machine, slavery, suspension, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 8/22/2005
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(This little story is written with acknowledgements, a great appreciation, and apologies, to JG Leathers. Those of you familiar with his work and writing will note in a scene, or two, I have unashamedly plagiarised his “Creature”, a contraption so wonderful and devious it is hard to imagine. I do this with the best of intentions. My own imagination has not yet reached his limitless one. But I am still striving).

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

Chapter One

“We want you to work undercover for us.”

“Why me? I’m in fraud, I’ve never worked in vice.”

“Precisely, the players here don’t know you, you’re clean.”

Detective Inspector King smiled; as head of vice he had a certain charm, a bit of a ladies man. Detective Sergeant Dee Long was in fraud and enjoyed her work; she thought she was a good cop, pulling in the bad guys. She was a real beauty, which was why King and his bosses higher up wanted her transferred to vice. Tall, muscular and athletic, she took karate, judo, the whole lot; she felt she could take care of herself. She would need to, she thought. The story was this.

Women were going missing. Four of them to be precise, but not hookers, these were high-class call girls based out of the top hotels. Vice had tried everything, but they had simply disappeared. The only common thread was an escort agency, which on the face of it seemed legit; they didn’t seem behind it, if they were then they were very good at it. So the plan was that she’d be set up as an escort; a simple cover, single woman, secretary, needs some extra cash – the old story.

“Nervous about it?”

“Yes, a little, not keen on giving away my virginity for the job.” King raised his eyebrows. “Just joking, I’m a big girl, I can look after myself.”

We’ll see about that, thought King. She was certainly bright, strong and fit; let’s see how she fares under pressure. The agency was run by Kathy Marr; mid forties, attractive and seemingly upper class. She immediately took to Dee. She laid out the rules, Dee would keep 70% of her initial fee, for dinner, theatre or whatever, if they wanted anything beyond then it was up to the girl, but, Kathy noted, turning down a client was rather frowned upon.

Dee was broad-minded and felt, like the actresses that given the right context and if it got the job done, that it might be necessary. She also felt she could talk her way out of most situations. Anyway, this was a possible step up the ladder. Find the women and there would be commendations galore.

For the first month all went well, she went out a couple of times a week with the clients, who were all seemingly well vetted. They ranged in age and race but were all well mannered, pleasant and apparently well off. Once she was required to have sex and it was all rather perfunctory, like a one night-stand. Good messages got back to Kathy, who was impressed, booking her regularly. Dee had to move the case along and under king’s instructions gently raised the name of two of the missing women. She said she had been an acquaintance of theirs at the gym and they had mentioned how she could make some more money. Kathy was cautious and seemed a little wary, saying the girls had simply lost contact with her, and she assumed they did not want to carry on in the business. Dee pushed a little further – what about her clients? Maybe they might know. Kathy again hesitated.

“I don’t know. Well, you see both of them catered to a small number of our special clients….they did very well. These men …and women required discretion so…I doubt they would know.”

“Well, there’s no harm in trying is there. Maybe I could escort one of these clients, just gently mention their names. I can do it Kathy, I’m very discreet.”

“Yes, my dear I know, you are getting rave reviews, but when I say special interests…well I mean slightly more way out…how do I say it…kinky?”

“Oh, I see, spanking and the like.”

“Well yes, and a little more than that, dressing up, a little bondage, BDSM, you know the thing. But only if the girls were truly consenting did I allow them with these clients. Of course the fees are considerably more.” She smiled and Dee thought maybe she knew more than she is saying. Only one way to find out she thought, she was getting nowhere at present.

“I can do it Kathy. I’m broad-minded, try me out, if it doesn’t work out then fine, I’ll go back to regular escort.” To Kathy, this was obviously a chance for her to make more money; she thought Dee was a natural.

“Okay Dee, I’ll try you out, next time we have a call from one of our special clients I’ll see if I can do something for you.”

Dee reported back to King, who was pleased at the progress and said for these special clients they would set up surveillance. That made Dee feel happier, having a crew of four within range. A week later she got a call from Kathy, tomorrow night a client required some company. His needs were specific and prior to going to his apartment she was to go to the office and change, under Kathy’s guidance. The client’s (Kurt) clothing requirements were very specific. She reported back to King and they would stake out the office and, as soon as she left, the client’s apartment. All next day Dee was nervous. Was she in too deep? This was the only way of moving the case along. King was competent, and how else was she to find the women?

She arrived at the office and Kathy let her in, smiling and telling her not to be so nervous. They went to the back room, which was a bedroom – Kathy slept over on occasions. Then Dee saw the clothes laid out on the bed and took a small step back, Kathy gently took her arm.

“Okay Dee, it’s okay. Look, they’re only clothes, and you will wear this full cover cape – look, neck to ankles at all times. That is the way he likes it, no harm will come to you, I promise, he is a gentleman.” It took Dee no time to realize the clothes were made of latex; even the smell pervaded the small room. She’d heard of some people’s kink for rubber and seen the odd girl wear some in the clubs and had heard of the fetish clubs where people dressed and partied in it. But she had never seen it close up or worn it. Well, it was too late to back out now. The stakeout team was out there, and somewhere so was Kurt.

“Okay, in for a penny. “ She said and started to strip. When naked and a little embarrassed, Kathy said to her.

“My, Dee, but you have a superb body, you must work out a lot.” She passed a can of talc to her. “You will need to put a lot of this on, otherwise you will take all night, all over now. Okay, excellent, now let’s start with the garter belt and stockings. Bet you haven’t worn a garter belt in some time.”

Indeed she hadn’t, thought Dee as she drew it up her thighs and round her waist, then sitting down she pulled the first stocking, in gunmetal grey up her leg. It was very tight but with the assistance of the talc she was soon clipping it on to the suspender. Then she repeated it with the other stocking.

“No creases now, Kurt doesn’t like creases, he’s quite fastidious.” Dee pulled and eased out all the creases until her legs were like two shiny, smooth gun barrels. The bra was of a similar colour and Kathy helped her on with it. It cupped her ample breasts firmly and Dee quickly noticed a sensation at her nipples.

“Oh yes, you have noticed the hard nodules on the inside of the nipples. Kurt assures me it will keep you alert and attentive!” It sure would, thought Dee, also the stockings, which were less cool and clammy now and were warming to her body.

“I’m afraid Kurt insists on these panties, which you will see has similar nodules opposite your ….er pussy. The larger nodule here will prise you open a little and activate your…clitoris.”

“You have to be kidding, I can’t wear them. What sort of guy is this?” She stared at the panties, also in grey, and the half-inch nodule at the upper end of the crotch.

“He’s a very devious and rich man Dee. He likes his women to be sexually aroused at all times, yet perversely he has to do very little. He likes watching women on the edge, so to speak, while in his company. It is highly unlikely you will have sex with him tonight, but you will be aroused.”

“Jeez, this is weird stuff……but no turning back now, I suppose.”

“No, my dear, not really.” Kathy said, thinking of the extra fee, and a happy client. Dee, with a slight wince drew the panties up her legs and very slowly up her waist.

“Ahhh, oohh that is strange, not painful nor comfortable either, just a little…strange. Tell me, did Jo and Marj dress in all this stuff?” Kathy hesitated a second and said.

“Oh yes, both of them and some other girls too. After a while both of them seemed to really like it. I’m…surprised they didn’t continue….strange, them just breaking contact like that.”

“Yes it is, so they just…disappeared?” Dee smoothed the panties out, a slight bulge at her pudenda.

“Well I don’t know about disappeared, you seem to be thinking of some kind of foul play, they just lost contact.” Kathy seemed perturbed and handed Dee a pair of thin grey latex gloves, also in grey and shoulder length. Now it had become a bit quiet and Dee without prompting began to pull one of them up her arm, and then the other.

“You did that very well, are you sure you haven’t worked in rubber before?” Said Kathy with a smile, the tension in the room now eased.

“No, no, but it is not uncomfortable at all, and the sheen and….tightness does, well, flatter.”

“Absolutely Dee, and mainline fashion has never really appreciated this. Of course after a while you will find yourself warming up and sweating. Maybe that’s what puts some people off. But you walk down the street in this,” she held up a shiny black rubber dress, “and you would cause car crashes galore.” She smiled and Dee could only agree as she stepped into the dress. It was widely flared to mid-thigh and had a tight waist and firm cupped breasts pointing out. She slid her hands down the sleeves, which were tight at the wrists but loose to the shoulder. She shivered a little as Kathy drew up the back zip. The neck was white, high and tight and the cuffs were also white. She heard a click at the back of her neck but thought nothing of it.

“My goodness Dee, you look fabulous, more so than the other girls, I think this outfit was made for you, or you for the outfit.” Dee looked in the mirror and had to ruefully admit she looked pretty stunning. The contrast of black dress with grey stockings and white collar and cuffs and the tight latex enhancing every contour of her already well-tuned body – no doubt about it, she looked simply great. If King and the stakeout crew saw her now they’d freak. She chuckled at the thought, when she joined the cops she didn’t have this in mind! Kathy told her to sit and then placed one foot in an ankle high, three inch heeled granny shoe and tightly laced it up.

“How are you in heels?”

“Okay, I think, these aren’t too bad.”

“Well Kurt likes them a lot higher, up to seven inches, believe it or not, but first time out three inches should be fine. Don’t want you falling over on your first date. Now then, the silver belt.” She wrapped around her waist a thick, engraved silver belt; it was wider at the front, extending up to her breasts and down to her pubis, narrower at her hips and then wider at her back.

“Breathe in.” Kathy said and pulled it in.

“Woo, that’s tight.” Dee breathed uneasily.

“Meant to be, I’m afraid, but it shows off your nice waist, and nicer boobs I may add.” With a click the belt was on and Dee admired the engraving. At the belly button there was a two inch diameter ring, in gold! She examined it, turning it in her gloved hands.

“Gold, my dear, and the belt is solid silver. Only the best for Kurt, now the cape.” She draped it over her shoulders. It had a high thick neck, which forced Dee’s head marginally up; and a series of stud fastenings down to her ankles. Only her head and ankles were now visible and the cape was heavy, almost dropping her shoulders. Two slits at the side allowed her hands through, but they too were stud fastened.

“Wow, that is heavy, one minute I’m chilled and the next I’m going to be a pool of sweat.”

“That my dear is the reason why fetishists love rubber so much – and the constriction of course. Anyway you look fabulous and no one will know how you are dressed under the cape, just someone prepared for the rain. It also has a hood, but we’ll leave that down for now. The cab is paid for already, he knows where to drop you. Come on.” Getting accustomed to the heels, the warmth and weight of the cape and the nodules at her nipples and clitoris, Dee followed Kathy to the back door, out and into the waiting cab. Kathy pecked her on the cheek.

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“Good luck Dee, see you soon, you will be returned here later.”

“Can’t I just go home?” She whispered.

“No, all your keys and possessions are here, remember. And besides…” She lowered her voice to a whisper and smiled. “I have to get you out of your rig, I’m afraid the belt and collar are locked onto you and only Kurt and I have the keys!”

“Wha… but…” But Kathy had already closed the door with a smile and the cab pulled away. Dee didn’t feel quite so comfortable now, being driven to an unknown destination effectively in rubber bondage. She hoped the team were tailing her, if not then she could disappear now, forever, just like the other four girls. She tried to relax, she was a pro after all; she could look after herself. Kathy seemed okay, a little distant on occasion, but she somehow trusted her. After a while they stopped at a block of expensive apartments. She did not recognise it but it was in Kensington, and nothing was cheap there. The cabby opened the door and she stepped out, her hands still under the cape. He pushed a button at the door and then left, saying.

“Goodnight love, have a good time.” She waited, rather embarrassed at the door until the elevator was opened and a man approached the door and invited her to enter. He was about 40, tall, slim, slightly greying but handsome.

“And you are Dee, hello Dee.” He smiled and pecked her cheek. They entered the elevator and Dee noted her heart was pounding. She felt him looking at her, even examining her.

“You are quite beautiful, Dee, despite the cape covering you up. Are you nervous?” he had a slight German, or maybe Swiss accent, but it was cultured.

“Yes, yes I suppose I am, a bit. I don’t know what to do, to expect.”

“Don’t worry Dee, there is little for you to do, you will enjoy the evening I guaranty, although you may find it a little…unconventional. I am not an ogre, just a man with…specialized tastes.” They exited the elevator and entered one of four doors in the corridor.

“Let me take your cape, we will have a chat and a drink, and then to the theatre.” Dressed like this, she thought – oh my God, I will die of embarrassment.

“You will wear your cape at all times, do not fear, it may look a little strange but no one will say anything, we’re all far too civilised for that.” He chuckled and undid the studs at her throat and disrobed her and then stood back.

“Oh my Lord, you are stunning Dee, you fit perfectly into the outfit, tell me, how does it feel?”

“Well, I started out cold, but now I am warm and a little sweaty.”

“Good, excellent, that is exactly how you should feel.” He handed her a glass of wine and invited her to sit on the couch. She looked around the room, admiring it; it was large, expensive and tastefully decorated. This man had big money, but he was not a show-off. He was quiet and almost deferential. He sat opposite her and made no overt move as they discussed how she had joined Kathy’s company. She had crossed her shiny rubber-clad legs demurely but the short skirt kept riding up her thighs and she kept pulling it down, now to his amusement.

“So, do you want to know about me?” He suddenly asked.

“Umm, no, well you’re the client, I mean should I?” He laughed aloud and then stared at her.

“I designed this costume you are wearing. I have some other items I would like you to wear some other times. I hope there will be other times. Don’t you think you should know a little about me? Or am I just a means to make money?”

“Look I’m sorry, only I thought, well, you call all the shots. Yes, well anyway, the costume is very…flattering.” And she smiled.

“Yes?” He encouraged her.

“And the panties and bra are… intriguing.” He laughed out loud again. She liked his laugh.

“Oh, you British, why don’t you say what you really mean? Come on Dee, you are a stunningly beautiful woman, dressed in tight black and grey rubber. What is going through your head, mmm?” If Dee were to get any information on the missing women then she would have to open up. She spoke with care.

“Okay, the rubber clothing is…fine, a little warm and damp but I don’t have a problem with it. You’ll see I’m sweating quite a bit in it and the nodules are doing some strange things to me, as I’m sure you designed them to.” Here he nodded with a smile. “But tell me, Kathy said I am locked in this, the collar and the belt, I can’t get out of it, why?” He shrugged.

“An honest question, I am rich enough to satisfy my fantasies. I love beautiful women, yet I love them submissive to me, to be held powerless by me, and yet outwardly normal. Many women enjoy this, believe it or not. You will find out soon. To be out in public and in submissive bondage; it is very exciting, for both parties. I enjoy normal sex, but I find it a little boring without the spice of rubber clothing or bondage. There…..you have it, am I a nutcase then? I hope not, just a fairly harmless man with a strange quirk.” He spread his hands and smiled. Dee thought, is this a man that can make four women disappear, not likely, although he did have the money. She would have to learn more.

“Well thank you for being so open. I admit I didn’t know much about this stuff before, but as you say, no one has been killed yet have they?”

“Not to my knowledge Dee, but I don’t quite follow your line of thought.” Dee took a breath.

“Well, let me expand a little.” And she explained her cover, of knowing these women in the gym. And now they had disappeared. She waited, her heart thumping, had she gone too far? Kurt looked at her, appraising her and then spoke quietly.

“You think I whisked these two women away to a secret dungeon, to sell them in the white slave trade. No Dee, I knew them both, they would dress for me and we would go out and we would have fun Dee, fun. And then we just lost contact, simple as that, they moved on to other things perhaps. By the way, as we are both being so honest,” and here he smiled, “there were two other girls who just dropped out as well, Lara and Michelle, I think. I don’t suppose Kathy mentioned them, as they weren’t friends of yours, were they?”

“Er, no, I haven’t heard of them.” Dee got the feeling that somehow Kurt was playing with her.

“Do you believe me now?”

“Yes, yes of course, I suppose if I didn’t then I would be in trouble.” Kurt again smiled pleasantly.

“Yes I expect you would be. You are a very strong, assertive woman, and very smart too. Were you just friends or are you a private detective perhaps?” Dee swallowed slowly, is he on to me already, he can’t be. He must be just playing his little game.

“No, I’m not a P.I. Would it make any difference? Here I am…all rubbered up for you.” She was calling his bluff.

“Dee, how can I tell you I have nothing to hide – except my little peccadilloes that is? If you wish to, investigate me at your leisure, but we can have some enjoyment along the way, can we not.”

“Fine by me, no, I am not going to investigate you or anyone; I was just concerned for my friends, that’s all.”

“I understand and I wish you well in your search, if I can help in any way you will tell me won’t you? You know I do miss their company, but now, well I have you. And now we must go, the theatre awaits. Stand up and I will put your cape back on. Firstly let me adjust your belt here. Do you like the engraving? So intricate.” He took one of her wrists gently; she could feel his warm breath on her face, she breathed slowly. Then he took her other wrist and as he seemed about to kiss her he gently brought them parallel with the belt ring and pressed them slowly inward. She heard two clicks as his lips brushed hers. She looked down and found her wrists bound at the belt ring by two small rings in each rubber cuff that she had simply not noticed before. She tried to wriggle.

“A little trick my dear. Do not try to escape it is quite futile. As I said I like women subdued and so you are, but nothing harmful will come to you, quite the opposite, I think you will have a very pleasant evening. You will not be kidnapped or sold into slavery. We will simply go to the theatre.”

“How do I know I can…trust you?”

“You don’t, but you should, I want you to trust me.” He draped the cape over her as she stood powerless, and pressed the studs from neck to ankle. He then took a light coat for himself, a white scarf and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. She found this so strange, she was in bondage and yet he was treating her like porcelain, a strange date indeed. After a twenty minute cab ride, where they did not exchange words, they were at the theatre. He took her up to a private box at the side of the stage. There was a bottle of champagne in a cooler on the floor!

The play was wonderful and she would have liked to enjoy it more, but for Kurt’s attentions. The champagne was great and she didn’t really care if the audience could see him placing the glass to her lips to drink. At the interval she could not move and Kurt did not allow her to. Their conversation was on the play, no one watching would know that she was encased in rubber and handcuffed to a silver belt! She felt strange, being flattered by this handsome, enigmatic man. But now she was sweating profusely, she could feel it dripping down inside her dress and puddling in her seat. She felt it at her brow and cheeks and he dabbed her gently with his silk handkerchief.

Just into the second half she felt his hand at the studs on the side of her cape. Then she felt his hand inside her cape. She looked at him, shaking her head imperceptibly, but he smiled benignly, and she felt him slowly pull up her skirt and without turning to look at her, started to caress her pubis. She could do nothing but sit and sweat as he pressed and rubbed and pinched her. Within three minutes the nodules and his attentions had brought her to a shaking orgasm. She tried to stay as quiet and unmoving as possible but she still shook and shuddered in her chair. He looked across at her with a proud smile on his face. She tried to squirm away but to no avail as he continued to play with her through most of the second act. Her hair became damp and he dabbed her brow but he continued his assault on her. She maybe came 5 or 6 times, the forty minutes passing in a blur. The play ended, the lights came up and they slowly left the box. She was still shaking a little and they drew a few stares, but she was too shocked to care.

“Let’s walk a little; we won’t get a cab here.” Her hands were still cuffed in front of her under the cape. She wobbled slightly, she felt weak and in need of air. He put his arm around her shoulder and she leant into him. They walked for half an hour through the busy London streets, no one aware of her plight. She wondered if she was still under observation. She hoped so, although perversely she did not feel threatened by this man. He hailed a taxi and there was no conversation as they drove to Kathy’s office. Strangely, she was almost disappointed she was not going back to his place. She slithered in the car seat, her sweat and other juices collecting in her moist panties as they arrived at the office.

“Wait here a minute.” He said to the cabby and helped the handcuffed Dee out. He led her to the back door and held her by the shoulders and looked deep into her eyes.

“Well Dee, I had a wonderful night. You are superb company, beautiful and inquisitive, also someone who is prepared to experiment. I like that in a woman. I would like to see you again, more than one time, but I leave that to you.” He kissed her firmly on the lips and she opened to accept him, her hands were crushed against her stomach; she felt his hands on her hard nipples, part of her did not want him to stop, she wanted him to take her there, right up against the door. But he stepped back, pressed the bell and turned to the cab. He did not look back but she heard a faint “au revoir” and he was gone. Seconds later Kathy was at the door. She took her in.

“Well Dee dear, how did it go? Well I hope.”

“Yes, yes, it was…fine. He’s quite….different, isn’t he? Quite a strange gentleman.”

“So I hear my dear, now let’s get you out of this so you can go home.” Dee was now collecting her thoughts as Kathy took off her cape.

“Ah, still has you cuffed has he, well, each to their own I say.” She unclipped the cuffs and Dee dropped her arms in relief.

“Were the other girls cuffed too?” She asked almost disinterestedly.

“Some were, yes, so I hear, but you’re the first that’s been returned cuffed. You must be the special one.” She chuckled.

“I hardly think so, after one date. What a term for it, a date. Tied up, sweating in a rubber cocoon while he assaulted me with his hand.”

“You sound like you didn’t much approve.” Kathy said as she unlocked the belt.

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“Well approve is hardly the word. I was his plaything, something to show off, he played with me all night.” She let out a gasp as the belt was removed and Kathy then released the back of the dress.

“Okay, so you don’t want to see him again, that’s okay.”

“No, no wait a minute, I didn’t say that.” Here Kathy chuckled. “It was just so strange.” Kathy helped her off with the dress, on seeing the stains and wetness at her crotch and down her stockings, she said.

“Well my dear, I don’t think you hated it all that much, now be honest.”

“Oh Jesus, it was so….compelling, but I wanted to have some say in it. God, I don’t know, yes it was certainly strange but also quite exciting, just to be played like that, and not being able to do anything, really strange but well yes, exciting too. I’m not making any sense.” Kathy chuckled again as she unlaced her bootees, again noticing the stains down her stockings and around her buttocks. Kathy left her to shower; Dee felt exhausted as she stripped off gloves, stockings and sticky, smelly panties. She was almost ashamed, almost, but as she reflected she was also a little fascinated by this man and his bizarre tastes. She dried off and put on her street clothes. As she looked at the latex clothes and was about to leave, she said.

“Did all the other girls make…such a mess?” Kathy smiled a knowing smile.

“Why are you so interested in the others? Yes, actually most of them did. But not as much as you Dee, I think he knows precisely what buttons to press with you. But then maybe you had a predilection for this anyway. Think about it.” She raised her eyebrows and patted her arm as Dee left.

And Dee did think about it that night and into work the next day.

“So, had a good evening?” Said D.I.King, with a wink.

“Drinks, the theatre and a quick necking, all part of the undercover job, right? You seem to be enjoying this. Anyway, I’m glad to have you lot tailing me. I don’t know if he is our man, but he did have contact with all four women.” King really perked up at this.

“Excellent, well, we’ll run checks on him. Good work, you do realise that if he wants to see you again, you’ll have to go?”

“Oh, yes, I realise that.” But she had already made up her mind. She would see this strange man again. Kathy phoned the next day. Kurt had been very impressed and wanted to see her again, soon!

“I don’t want to see him straight away, let him wait a bit, shall we?”

“Good idea, Dee, you’re getting to know the game better than me. Okay, I’ll let him know you’re not available for a week or so.” Dee took a breath and then replied.

“Got anyone else on your kinky list?” She wanted to move on, to other clients of the four girls.

“My, you’re keen all of a sudden.” Dee wondered if she was pushing it too far.

“Well, you saw my clothes didn’t you?”

“Indeed I did. Well I have three male and two female…kinky clients, as you call them. Maybe you would like a change, with one of the ladies. And in case you were wondering, yes, your friends did see these women, and the three men, so if you are still playing detective….”

“I’m not playing detective, I’m making money…and broadening my horizons.” Kathy laughed at this.

“But I’d like to know where they are, wouldn’t you if they were your friends?”

“Okay darling, don’t get touchy. I was just kidding a little. I’ll see what I can do for you, this afternoon okay? Are you up for it, or a bit tired?”

“No, I’m ready, anytime.” She said, a little nervous now. Two hours later Kathy phoned.

Chapter Two

“Late this afternoon, Dee, a package will be couriered to your flat. It has clothes and instructions, the usual from her, her name’s Joan, she pays well, if satisfied; good luck, talk to you tomorrow.”

What this meant was that Joan now knew her home address. Well, it was too late now, Dee thought, but it did make her a little uncomfortable. An hour later the package arrived, and with a beating heart Dee opened it. Outside the container there was a handwritten note.

“Dear Dee, you come highly recommended and I am looking forward to meeting you this evening. Please dress in the enclosed clothes, nothing else, and stand outside books etc on Charing Cross Road at 7 p.m. sharp. Do not be late. A blue Bentley will stop and you will get in. With much anticipation, Joan.”

It seemed fairly straightforward, thought Dee. Now what kind of kinky clothing has she for me? She opened the box and even after the last couple of days of exposure to rubber clothing she was shocked – to say the least. There were clothes all right and a list of instructions. This was unreal, she phoned Kathy.

“Calm down Dee, you’ll be fine, all the girls returned the next morning, none the worse. She’s a tough woman all right, but the pay is good and I said you would do it. I don’t want to have to call her again.”

The implied threat was real and Dee realised she was trapped. The guys at the station would sure chuckle if they saw this rig; at least there was another cape to cover up what was underneath.

“Okay, I’ll do it, Jesus, this is too much. But can you pick me up at 6.30, and take me to Charing Cross Road? I’m not…..able to take the bus or taxi like this, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll see you later, and don’t worry.” That’s easy for you to say, thought Dee. She had an hour to prepare; she’d need all of that. She stared at the instructions again. She didn’t get past number one!

“Your pubis is to be fully shaved.” Well, I can sit here and whine, or I can get on with it, she thought. She went to the shower, entered and washed herself, after lathering herself well, with a new razor she carefully shaved herself. It was not easy, she was not practiced, but she was pleased she finally managed it without cutting herself. The area around her lips was pink and a little sensitive. Gingerly, she dried herself off, and then followed the further instructions.

She brushed her shoulder length hair into a pony tail, drawing it tight to the crown and pulling it through a half inch rubber ring that Joan had provided. It gave her head a different look, her hair almost glued to her scalp. Further instructions required bright red lipstick, dark eyeliner and accentuated eye shadow. She now looked quite different but, she admitted, a bit gaudy. She phoned King and told him the arrangements, and he laughed at the cape bit again. She didn’t tell him anything else but was glad she was going to be tailed. He noticed she seemed a bit on edge and he calmed her down, saying this was what vice was all about. Small consolation to her, she thought, as she looked at the clothes laid out. There was no point in dwelling on this, she was the lead player and the game was on.

Get the boots on first, she thought, she’d never get them on once dressed. They were fully 30 inches high, plus three inch heels, and extended all the way to her shaven crotch. This would take forever; they were made of thick, shiny but pliable rubber, with endless eyeholes, maybe fifty on each side. Joan had written that she wanted them tight and it took Dee fully five minutes on each one. Soon she had tied a bow at the top, just below her crotch. There was a half inch strap at the top with steel attachments that looked like the ends of a car seat belt. They barely touched but she managed to push them together with a click. She was now locked in! What was it with these fetishists about dressing and locks?

She stood up. Wow, they sure knew their clothes; she felt so empowered, like Boadicea! The rubber sheaths gripped her like a vice and the heels pushed her hips forward just the right amount! To be honest, she didn’t mind them at all – give me a whip and I’ll sort all those guys out at the station! She looked at the instructions again. Okay, skin tight leotard, long sleeved and front zip to high collar. Fair enough, but the two holes for her breasts and the four holes down below! There were two large holes exposing her buttocks, a third further down opposite her bum hole and one finally, an oval one, opposite her now shaven pussy. The garment also had steel rings embedded in the rubber at her collar and hips.

It was attractive, exposing her body, which she was not shy about, but foreboding as well. What had Joan planned for all these holes? There was no point in dwelling and she slipped her heeled boots through the gusset and pulled it up her legs. When the lower half was snug she leant back and slipped her arms through the narrow sleeves, pushing down hard. Once her hands were through it was easy to zip up the front, from just above the waist to her neck. Again she noticed steel rings at her belly and the small of her back. She adjusted her large, firm boobs through the reinforced holes at her chest. Her firm buttocks were held in the tight grip of the suit and felt very exposed. She gingerly felt the rear hole, right opposite her anal passage. She could only imagine what Joan had planned. The front hole squeezed out her pubis in a pink extravagance.

There was nothing hidden at all, she was covered and yet lewdly exposed; it was cruelly imaginative. She tried to poke back her pussy lips but the reinforced hole just pushed them out again! And her lips were so sensitive! Next came shoulder length black gloves, similar to the ones Kurt liked. With the suit sleeves underneath the gloves made her arms a bit stiff – she was sure this was intended – these people spent hours planning this stuff. The last instructions she did not like – but Kathy would be there in a few minutes and there was no going back now.

She put on the heavy cape and fastened the studs from neck down to mid calf. She would be sweating in minutes in the fetid heat of the heavy cape. She had decided to meet Kathy outside her flat, she didn’t want her wandering around, and so she left the flat. Under the cape she held the last two pieces of her costume, two heavy rubber mittens with snap rings at the ends. Kathy arrived almost immediately; she got out and opened the door, letting her sit, got back in and smiled.

“Mmm, you look great Dee, do you mind if I look?” She said, beginning to raise the cape.

“I guess not, you mean this is new?”

“Oh yes, the holes for your boobs and pussy I haven’t seen before. I say, did you shave yourself?”

“Yep, I’ve got to keep the client happy. Which means I had better have the mittens on, I guess.” She slipped her hands into the two mittens. Kathy helped her tighten the wrist straps and then clipped them to the rings at the side of her collar, replacing the studs of her cape. Dee was now in inescapable bondage. Soon they were at their destination; Kathy let her out, pecked her cheek and drove off without looking back.

Dee felt very vulnerable, standing on the pavement. To the ordinary onlooker she was just a beautiful woman waiting for a ride, dressed in a long cape, her pony tailed head held high. Oh, if only they knew! The cool rubber of the cape brushed her nipples and exposed buttocks, and amazingly she found herself becoming aroused. The thought of possible discovery actually excited her; crowds milled round her, looked at her, bumped into her, she even got a couple of lewd suggestions, which she ignored; but she felt very horny all right.

The Bentley, blue and sleek, arrived at the kerb. A liveried chauffer got out and with an “evening, miss” opened the rear door. She hesitated and then stepped into the dark interior, and an aroma of leather…and rubber! Dee gingerly sat in the rear seat, the door closed and the car slowly moved off. Next to her sat an attractive woman of about 40 or so. She had white hair, cropped quite short and cool grey eyes that examined Dee, who noticed she was dressed for riding! She wore white jodhpurs tucked into black leather knee high boots, a white shirt with high collar, black gloves and a scarlet jacket with silver buttons. She looked as if she was going to a hunt. But more bizarre, and Dee shouldn’t really have been surprised, was that all the clothes were of latex. Joan smiled, showing even white teeth.

“Dee, my dear, hello. Kathy did not do you justice. You are quite beautiful in your rig.” Dee smiled nervously back, licking her lips, her mouth was now dry. Joan leaned over to her and Dee was aware of her vulnerability.

“Now, let’s see if you have obeyed my orders.” She released the studs of the cape, laying it open. Without averting her eyes from Dee’s, who was embarrassed, laid out as she was in front of her – Joan then examined Dee’s exposed breasts, her pussy moist and shaven pouting through the hole at her crotch. Her hands clipped to her collar, Dee was totally submissive

“Mmm, your little quim looks wonderful, and newly shaved.” She gently ran her rubber finger up and down Dee’s lips; she said nothing, just breathed slowly through her open mouth.

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“Dee, let’s get things straight dear, you look as if you are about to faint, I’m not going to rape or murder you, I’m not a lesbian, I seek only one thing – obedience, blind obedience. No harm, permanent harm, will come to you, I promise. I will return you tomorrow after I, and you I hope, will have had some fun. Okay?”

Dee nodded, feeling a little relieved.

“Good, now the first rule, after we have had our little chat I don’t want to hear you speak again, absolute silence. You will be a mute, otherwise I will punish you, and you wouldn’t like that. But one last thing how do you like your costume - the rubber and the boots?” She laid her hand on Dee’s thigh.

“Well, er…I’m getting used to the rubber I think; Kathy has another client who introduced me to it. And well, I quite like the cool cling of it.” Joan smiled approvingly and gently rubbed Dee’s exposed breast.

“But these holes make me…a little nervous.”

“I’m glad you are getting into rubber, Dee, it’s all I wear. The holes…well, they are there for a purpose, and you will find that out later.” Dee winced at the thought.

“Now Dee, I like my privacy, so just lean over and I will put these dark glasses on you. They are blacked out and you will not see out of them. Don’t be nervous, I am taking you to a place I have in the country. Right now I’d rather you not know where it is.” Dee’s vision was blacked out, and she began to hope the stake out team was doing their job. As the car sped silently out of London, Joan admired the beauty sitting quietly, obediently, now sightlessly next to her. Her breasts were held tightly in the reinforced holes of the suit and rose slowly in unison as Joan could see Dee trying to keep herself under control. Joan gently squeezed a nipple and was pleased to feel it go hard under her touch. Oh yes, thought Joan, this one was a gem, a natural. She will be perfect.

The car eventually pulled to a halt, for Dee this was a nervous time, but for Joan the start of an exciting night. The chauffer left, the picture of discretion. He was well paid and he kept his mouth shut, although nothing much surprised him. Joan helped Dee out, and tossed the cape in the back of the car. She admired her prize, standing still in her boots, leotard and gloves, her arms useless at her shoulders and her sexual parts exposed. She removed her glasses and Dee blinked in the light.

“My, you are a beauty, fine buttocks and boobs, and those thigh boots, they’re made for you. This is, as you can see, the stables, the car takes up a quarter there and the rest is the tack room.” Dee stared around and noticed the harnesses and the tack on the walls. Her eyes widened.

“You may have guessed by now that this tack is not for horses, but for young ladies, such as yourself. Yes, my dear I like, I love, to place beautiful, young, spirited ladies into harness as young fillies, to be put through their paces – trotting, cantering and even galloping – all the while blindly obedient. It’s called equus eroticus.”

“You have to be kidding.” Dee blurted before thinking.

“Silence. That’s the last thing you will say, young filly, or you will taste the whip, and I am not joking.” Dee hung her head, difficult to do with the high collar. This was getting weirder, first immobilised and abused at the theatre and now she was playing a pony! She had no idea what connection this had to the missing women, but it looked as if she would have to suffer to find out.

Joan took a complex harness of brass rings, leather straps and buckles from the wall and draped it over her. Dee stood motionless as Joan busied herself. Straps encircled her waist and between her legs, with brass rings strategically placed opposite her exposed pussy and arse. Further ones passed between her breasts and over her shoulders to connect with further horizontal ones under her breasts and round her back. Joan pulled them all tight, assiduously adjusting all the buckles. Dee felt as if she was in some strange body corset.

But that was not all; Joan released Dee’s sore arms from the collar rings and clipped them to the ring at the small of her back. Then she produced a nasty looking neck brace.

“Head up.” She ordered, and not making any eye contact Dee raised her head, while Joan wrapped the thick rubber brace round her neck. It had a raised front that cradled her chin so she had to raise her head above the horizontal. Dee could barely move her head, this was ridiculous, she wanted to complain but knew better not to. But more was to come. In Joan’s hands she saw a rubber head harness; and Joan laid it over her head. Like any young filly she did not take kindly to the bridle for the first time.

“All right, it’s okay, be over in a minute, you’ll be fine, easy now.” But it wasn’t fine, as Joan efficiently fitted it. Above her nose it parted and a strap passed over her crown and she pulled her pony tail through a brass ring. Other straps passed round her head and under her chin and were then attached through straps in the neck brace, both back and front. Now Dee could barely move her head at all. On either side of her mouth were two brass rings; and she knew what these were to hold.

Joan pulled on a couple of straps and seemed satisfied with her work, then she moved behind and released Dee’s mittened hands momentarily, and then raised them higher up her back, higher and higher, until she attached the two snap rings of the mittens to a short chain hanging down from the back of the collar. God, thought Dee, she’s trying to split me in two. She couldn’t move her head or her arms, but this tough woman was not finished with her yet. She brought over a rubber-covered tube half an inch in diameter and about six inches long. She held it up in front of Dee.

“Now Dee, open wide, this is your bit. Remember a pony has no opinion or will; it is controlled by the bit and the reins. Now bite down on this, come now, open wide.” Arms strapped behind her, head held rigid and high, she could do nothing as Joan roughly crammed the rubber between her teeth. It tasted bitter as she gripped it in her teeth and Joan attached it to the two rings. Joan stepped back, now she was a true pony girl; so beautiful and with her face suffused with anguish. She could not wait to train her. But she wasn’t finished yet. Dee groaned into her bit as Joan laid out an attaché case on the bench beside her and opened it. Dee could not see much of the case due to the high neck brace and head harness. But Joan raised two small bells attached to small crocodile clips in front of her and deftly clipped them onto her exposed nipples. Dee yelped and waggled her breasts, which only made the bells ring out. Joan laughed out loud and said.

“Normally I would want your nipples pierced so I can hang these by rings, but these clips will have to do…for now that is! You will get used to the throbbing. I have one more bell Dee, and this one will be sore I’m afraid, but it is essential for a pretty pony just like you. Spread your legs Dee, wide now, wider. This is going to go on, so let’s get it over with.” Dee groaned into her bit again but did spread her legs. She felt Joan prise her lips apart and begin rubbing them and then rubbing her clitoris between finger and thumb. Dee could not see what she was doing but she certainly could feel it. Despite willing herself not to, she could feel her bud harden and enlarge. Then she felt the cold steel of the clip on her clit.

“Aaahh, aahh.” She moved from one foot to the other, and then began to rub her thighs together. But the bell stayed on, and her lips closed over the clip leaving the bell to swing free. Oh god, she thought, when will this end? But no, the final indignity, Joan displayed a fine 18 inch tail, a horse’s tail attached to a white rubber dildo, glistening with lubricant. It was about 4 inches in length and an inch in diameter with a narrower end for her sphincter to grip. Dee wailed as Joan pushed her over the bench to the horizontal and placed the plug at her rear entry. Dee continued to wail.

“Dee, you have a wonderful bum hole, nice and tight, but this is going to go in. Now I don’t want to do any damage so we will take our time. Now relax, relax Dee.” Joan did indeed take her time, gently pressing and then stopping so Dee could take a breather. But once past her tight entry it was a lot easier, for Joan that is! As Dee wailed and grunted Joan pushed, and in three minutes it was up to the hilt and her sphincter was gripping it firmly. The tail stuck up proudly as Joan released Dee and allowed her to stand up. Joan inspected her as Dee breathed hard, tears now forming.

“Finished, all done and my, how great you look in your rubber, boots and livery, harness, bells and tail. I wonder what your friends would say if they saw you now.” Joan waggled her breasts and gently pulled on her tail. Dee yelped and spittle was already forming on her bit and dripping down her chin. Dee indeed did wonder what her friends at the station would think. She was just hoping the surveillance was not that close!

Joan attached reins to her bridle and, not too gently pulled her out of the stables. At the rear there was a sanded, circular track around a central grassed area. On the way out Joan took a long whip and led her to the circle and began to put her through her paces, jogging, trotting, with her knees held high.

And in the cooling dark night under the floodlit exercise track Joan trained her new filly; coaxing her, encouraging her, and when necessary, punishing her. Dee, needless to say, was not terribly thrilled with this exercise, and initially when she showed signs of reluctance a hard flick of the whip on her exposed nates got her attention. Dee was a policewoman, a tough, fit, smart detective, and here she was, being paraded in all her rubber finery, breast and clit bells jingling, her gaping mouth gripped round a rubber bit, it was humiliating to say the least.

Initially she fought, and Joan calmly whipped her bottom, hard. She realised that standing still in mute dispute only presented Joan with a static target, which she took advantage of. Slowly, reluctantly, she realised the futility of fighting her. More than once Joan altered her punishment and flicked her exposed breasts, Dee was smart enough to realise there was no escape. In short Dee learned to be obedient, just like any recalcitrant pony, obeying orders was the only way to stop the punishment.

Joan was pleased with this slow transformation; she so loved breaking them into docile, obedient women, or fillies. Dee realised that the more obedient she was, the easier it became, and less painful, but of course, all the more humiliating. They took short breaks, and Joan would encourage her, advise her, and wipe the sweat from her face and saliva from her chin. She would also gently fondle her breasts and nates, and Dee strangely would find this comforting. By the third hour Joan was happy to see that Dee was nearly broken in, and Dee knew this too, her arse cheeks were red and burning, her clit and nipples still throbbed with a dull ache, her mouth was tender from all the pulling of the bit and her arms were numb. But now she listened to each command and felt every tug on her bit, and now she wanted to please – she obeyed, without question.

By the fourth hour she was running full pelt with knees raised, the boots providing no barrier to her endeavours. Joan was delighted, and without comment she fastened a rubber blindfold over Dee’s eyes, eliminating all her vision and leaving her standing, still panting and catching her breath, in the cool night under the floodlights.

Joan returned, pulling a small buggy, and drawing it behind Dee, fixed the two arms to the rings at Dee’s hips. Dee knew something was happening, and became a little skittish, gurgling into her bit. Joan placed a hand on her cheek.

“Calm down now, Dee. You have done wonderfully well so far, you are a natural, but I have one test for you, and that is for you to put complete trust in me, and my commands. You are going to take me for a ride in my buggy. I shall give you no oral commands; you must obey the whip and the bit. Feel them, react to them, and obey them. Be a proud and obedient pony.” Then Dee felt the whip at her buttocks and on she moved.

She was alert to every faint pull on her bit; and in her private darkness she began to suddenly enjoy the sensations! The air was cool but she was warm, her rubber armour was slippery with her sweat, the clit and nipple rings, instead of hurting now gave off a warm, faintly throbbing, sensation, and she liked it. Her arse had now seemingly accommodated the dildo, for it was not sore any more. She liked the feel of her tail swishing her hot buttocks as she ran with confidence. And she was confident, for she trusted this woman would bring her to no harm, so although she was blindfolded she ran, and ran, as if she had full sight. Under her heels she could feel grass, sand and earth. She could smell the trees and hear her bells jingling as she confidently stormed along. Her sensations were all enhanced.

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Finally she felt the reins pull her in as she was led into the stables and almost reluctantly she came to a halt. This was the best exercise she had ever had, talk about a workout! She was released from the buggy and then the blindfold, and she blinked in the bright light. She was exhausted, breasts rising and falling, sweat dripping down her face and spittle from her bit. Joan sensuously rubbed her down, wiping her dry, carefully massaging her bottom and breasts; Dee closed her eyes and groaned softly. There was a gleam in Joan’s eyes too; she seemed very pleased with Dee.

“Well, that was wonderful, Dee, you are magnificent, strong, fast, beautiful…and obedient! Now I am going to take your bit out, no talking now, only when spoken too, remember.” As the bit was withdrawn Dee let out a huge sigh of relief, licked her lips and moved her jaw around. Joan helped her drink from a water bottle and slowly Dee calmed down. Joan released the clit and nipple clamps, accompanied by a gasp from Dee as blood rushed back. Joan tenderly rubbed the nodule; to help her recovery or for fun was not clear to Dee. Joan gently kissed her nipples and slowly massaged her breasts. Dee was beginning to pant again and Joan looked up at her with a knowing smile on her face. Then she removed, as gently as she could, the dildo/tail from Dee’s arse. She leant her over and slowly twisted and pulled it, the sphincter almost reluctant to release it. Dee sighed as it popped out and then Joan removed the body and head harness and the neck brace. Dee stood to attention, silent. She was now in the kit she had arrived in, would she be going home now? Joan answered her thoughts as she looked up at her, placing her rubber gloved hands at her hips.

“Now Dee, it’s time to put you to bed. You can bed here in the stables….or you can come into the house with me.” The air was electric; Joan had a very faint smile on her face. Dee looked at Joan, she had said she wasn’t a lesbian, but a bed, any bed, was what Dee wanted right now, and not some straw bed in the stables.

“Don’t look so terrified, I won’t eat you – although you do look delicious enough to eat!” Joan smiled at her discomfort, Dee’s arms were sore and still behind her back, but at least not attached to the neck brace. But she had no protection against this strong, attractive woman. She lowered her head.

“With you, I would prefer…with you.” Joan slapped her bare buttock with joy.

“Excellent, let’s go, you must be very tired after your exercise. You deserve a rest.” She laid a hand on her side and led her to the small cottage, and straight upstairs! All Dee noticed was a well furnished house, clearly belonging to a single woman, with no signs of another occupier. She stopped Dee in front of a big bed, with wooden railings at both ends. Dee, all at once, was exhausted and without asking she sat down on the side of the bed. Joan glanced over, smiled and stripped off her rubber clothing, tossing it on the chair. She had a fine, firm body, belying her age, which Dee couldn’t really tell anyway. Joan caught her looking at her, gave her a look as if to say, you naughty girl, and then approached her.

“Quick shower for me, Dee, for you nothing. It will take us too long to get you out of all this, and anyway you look too good. But I don’t want you ripping my rubber sheets, so the boots will have to come off.” She knelt in front of Dee, and with a small key she had got from the pocket of her breeches unlocked the tops of her boots and quickly unlaced them. Dee sighed with relief as she drew them off, her legs were pink and gleaming with sweat. Joan, naked and without embarrassment, towelled her dry, it was a strange sensation for Dee, for while she was the captive she had at her feet a beautiful woman tenderly attending to her. Joan smiled slyly and then gently brushed the towel over Dee’s exposed love lips, and Dee gasped. Joan wiped her breasts and then her face holding it gently, almost motherly.

“I’m having a shower; do you need to go to the loo?” Dee nodded and Joan led her to the bathroom. Dee had lost all embarrassment too – four hours of tit and clit clamps and a dildo up her arse had taken care of that – so she sat and peed. Joan, without being invited, gave her a gentle wipe and pushed her to the bedroom, slapping her buttock playfully.

“Pick your side, I’m not fussy, but don’t rip the sheets!” Dee sat on the bed again, feeling the cool rubber against her still warm cheeks. She looked down at herself, the suit stuck to her every curve, her breasts were pushed out and the nipples were erect, was she excited at what was happening or was this simply a reaction to the crocodile clamps? She wriggled her arms, they were quite loose and not uncomfortable but, she thought, no protection against Joan if, that is, she wanted to be protected!

Joan returned, rubbing her hair, she looked younger somehow. She opened a closet a pulled out a pink leotard, similar to Dee’s, with cut-outs at her pussy and arse but with covered breasts. She squeezed herself into it.

“My sleeping costume, nice and tight; it keeps my boobs firm, and I get to work up a sweat. You don’t look so comfortable like that. To stop you sleepwalking I think we will try this on you.” She brought out a soft rubber collar attached to a chain and cuff. She attached the cuff to the head of the bed and wrapped the collar round Dee’s neck, snapping it shut. Dee stayed motionless, lost in her own thoughts.

“Now we can dispense with these.” Joan released Dee’s mittens and with a loud sigh Dee brought her hands in front of her.

“Oh, thank you, thanks.” She was still mittened but she could at least rub her arms and improve her circulation.

“Well, time for bed.” Joan said and lay back on the rubber sheet, Dee followed suit as Joan turned off the light and pulled a single sheet over them. Dee held her breath, what would happen next?

“Goodnight Dee…and thanks for your…company this evening. I know this is all very strange for you. If it is any consolation you are a quite wonderful pony girl. You’re made for it. Be honest, did you not enjoy it, the trust in someone else and taking pride in doing something well? You run like the wind, Dee, it is a super sight to see.”

In the dark, Dee looked at the ceiling and tried to formulate her thoughts.

“I don’t know, I suppose a little, yes, but the costume was really weird, and the clips on my…nipples and clit, and the dildo. It’s a lot to take in one night. I find it quite confusing.” Joan took her hand in hers and leaned into her.

“I know it is a lot to digest. Oh, by the way I set up a video camera on the circuit before you got to pull me in the buggy; I’ll give it to you later. You did look so good.” Dee was a bit shocked, she didn’t want copies of that floating around the station – but on the other hand she was intrigued as to how she had performed! She drifted off to a fitful sleep, snug in her latex sheets. During the night their bodies coalesced, and Dee felt Joan’s arm over her body, holding her breast. Dee wanted to break free but….well, it didn’t do any harm. Then Joan moved closer, her sweet breath at Dee’s ear and she felt a finger gently slide over her love lips.

“I told you I wasn’t a lesbian, Dee, but I am bi however. It was very naughty of me not to tell you the whole truth.” She giggled quietly in the dark. Over the last few days Dee considered this the least of her trials, and this revelation was hardly a surprise to her. So she silently acquiesced and allowed Joan to gently explore her body. And Dee very easily conceded that she was an expert, soon finding exactly which buttons to push.

A week ago Dee would never have thought this possible and now…good grief, she wasn’t even uncomfortable. Chained to a bed, dressed in rubber and being seduced by a beautiful bisexual woman. With no resistance offered, Joan would have backed off if there was – there were always other days, and she needed little prompting as her soft, sweet and tender lips pressed down on Dee’s. Dee’s mittened hands could do little, but then Joan was doing it all anyway. With no fight in her (and did she want to fight?) Dee not only succumbed to the assault but also reciprocated, to her own surprise, and pleasure. In the drowsy darkness Dee felt fingers squeezing her nub, and then pressing inside her; then her raw nipples were sucked and nibbled. She bathed in a sea of sweaty pain and pleasure and soon passed into a heavy well-earned deep sleep.

She awoke to find Joan pulling back the curtains, now out of her leotard and in a fleecy dressing gown and already showered. She sat beside Dee.

“You slept well.”

“Could have been better, I was…otherwise engaged. God, I don’t know what has come over me. I can understand the pony girl thing, well I had little option, having my bum and boobs whipped, but last night…it’s something I never…”

“Don’t analyse it Dee, you explored a portion of your inner self. If you were shocked or ashamed, then you shouldn’t be. You enjoyed yourself, that’s all, nobody got killed, it was fun, for me anyway.” She released Dee’s collar and Dee sat up.

“Come on, you need food, and then you are out of here.” Joan clipped her mittened hands back onto her collar rings, and Dee gave no resistance. She was immobilised again but did not complain. Then Joan took Dee’s boots and knelt between Dee’s outstretched legs and slowly laced them back on. No conversation was exchanged but as she did this Joan would look up at intervals and smile at Dee, at the same time glancing at her moist love lips, almost beckoning her. Dee felt, not for the first time, very vulnerable but at the same time she found this vignette also very arousing, this beautiful woman, kneeling in front of her, tying on her boots.

As she finished, she gently pushed Dee’s knees apart and leant in and kissed her there, her warm lips riding over Dee’s inflamed pussy. Then she stood up, helped Dee up, and down the stairs. Breakfast was taken in almost complete silence. Joan fed Dee tea and toast treating the submissive woman as if she was a child and Dee played along, quiet and acquiescent. Both of them seemed to have their own thoughts. Joan asked if she wanted to go to the bathroom but Dee said she was fine.

“Well my dear, you have a life to live and so do I, so let’s get on with them, Tom is bringing the car around. He is discreet, and asks no questions, nor answers them, so I wouldn’t bother if I were you. I’m feeling lazy today so I will just get in the back in my gown here; the windows are tinted so no one will know. We’ll take you back to Kathy’s office; she’ll be waiting for you. Now let’s get your cape on.’ Dee stood and Joan draped the cape over her shoulders and before closing the studs gently kissed her tender nipples. Dee shivered as the cool rubber brushed her sensitive damp nipples.

Dee breathed deeply, now dressed as the day before, but inside..well…she was a different woman, she thought. Under the cape her body ached with exhaustion, and her groin, nipples and arse were still faintly sore. It was still warm and sweaty in the rubber embrace of the leotard; she had now worn it for over 12 hours. As Joan placed the dark glasses over her eyes, blocking out all vision, Dee realised she still had a mission. As they drove off she asked, tentatively.

“I have to tell you, that part of the reason I joined Kathy was two friends of mine, Jo and Marj, had also been with her. But well, I lost contact with them, they just disappeared.”

“Mmm, so I heard, yes, a real pity. I wonder what happened to them. I’m sorry Dee, but I can’t help you there. They did both come to me, we had some fun and pervery and that was it. Dee, my dear, they did not have your talent or spirit for the occasion. Oh no.” And that was it, for the rest of the ride she deflected Dee’s subtle probing skilfully, with a smile of indifference and lack of knowledge. So Dee left it, from the aspect of the case she had run into another dead end.

Suddenly she felt Joan’s hand slip through her side panel and rest on her exposed, tender pussy. Dee breathed in slowly as a finger pressed along her lips. Despite herself she widened her legs and Joan eased a finger inside her. Soon Dee was rocking slowly and sighing.

“Oh…..aah please…no” But too late Dee shook in her seat. Joan grinned.

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“Just a little something to remember me by. Ah, here we are, take care of yourself Dee, it has been wonderful for me, I hope we can do it, and more again, soon.” She took off her glasses, leaned over and with no resistance from Dee kissed her firmly on the lips; then watched as Dee, still in a daze, exited the vehicle. The chauffer closed the door, rang the buzzer and drove off. Dee leant against the door and almost fell into Kathy’s arms as she opened it.

“Hello sweetie, good evening?” Kathy grinned as she helped her in.

“Just get me out of these, will you, I’m beaten.”

“Mmm, looks like it!” Kathy said on seeing Dee’s red cheeks as she took the cape off.

“Still, nothing permanent, so, it went okay then?” Dee waited, now almost naked as Kathy stripped her, sweat pouring from the leotard. Then she unlaced the boots as Dee gingerly sat on the bed.

“Well, come on, cat got your tongue? Do you want to see her again?” Dee thought hard, she looked at herself in the mirror; she was pink, damp and exhausted. She Joan might not be helping the case, but then….well another visit wouldn’t harm!

“Yes, yes I think I do; she’s a very cruel yet…understanding woman, even tender. How do you find these people? Kurt was the same, cruel and devious and yet, a gentleman, and now Joan.” As Dee showered, Joan sat on the toilet seat.

“Yes, they are rather interesting. But you don’t seem too horrified Dee, so if you want to meet another one, I have a gentleman who would love to meet you. I talked to him last night. He’s the second of my three special male clients.” Dee got out of the shower, all pink and clean and Kathy handed her a pair of her silk panties, bra, jeans and t-shirt and thongs

“Here, you can borrow these. You can return them when you want. Well, are you interested?”

“What’s his kink?” Dee asked without hesitation.

“Ahh Dee, now you know that’s a secret until you have taken the job. Tough, I understand, taking the job and knowing nothing of the client, but my guaranty is the same, you will come to no harm. Jo and Michelle went to him as well, if it is of any interest to you.” Dee thought it was as if Kathy knew that this would be enough to get her to take the bait.

“Okay, why not…as you say, the pay is good, so when?”

“Well tomorrow actually, if you are not too tired.”

“Oh yeah, I’m okay, I’m fine. So call me at home with the arrangements.”

Dee went home, tired but with spirits up at the thought of another lead….and another client. She reported to DI King and the other two DC’s were in the room.

“Bad news, Dee I’m afraid. Now don’t get mad at me, we…lost your tail, in Soho. That chauffer was a slick driver, it was as if we knew we were following him, and also….they muddied the plates so we didn’t get a line on the car. Look I’m sorry, we screwed up.”

“Sorry, Jesus, you should be. You mean all last night was wasted?” King nodded.

“But did you learn anything?”

“Well, yes and no. She’s a bi woman and she knew the other women. It all went…okay. I’ll keep this short so you can keep your horny little thoughts in check.” King and the other two looked offended.

“Dee, we are profess…….”

“Oh, give me a break, a little bit of lesbo action is what you would like to hear, I know! Anyway it was all quite tame, a little bit of petting, dinner, drinks and I stayed over. She’s a…lonely rich woman who wanted company, that’s all, it wasn’t too terrible, we pecked and hugged, and that’s all. I’ve had worse dates with guys, believe me!”

She didn’t know why she didn’t give the whole story. Was it because she was embarrassed, or because she saw no need to expose Joan to their attentions? They were in vice, yes, but would they understand what went on last night? Probably not, she thought. King spoke, a little diffidently.

“Well, good for you Dee. What about any new leads?” Dee drew in a breath.

“Yes, actually. Another man wants to see me, tomorrow. I’m starting to get popular…I don’t know why. I don’t know his predilections but we don’t have any other lines to follow do we? So I’m up for it.”

“Good for you, Dee. It’s nice to know someone in our team is doing a good job.” He glared at the other two men in the room. The meeting broke up, King advising Dee that they may have something on Kurt in a day or so. Dee went home and slept for a good part of the afternoon. She found herself bored, she read, she watched TV, but she couldn’t Kurt or Joan out of her mind. She went to bed early and slept fitfully. She was woken in the morning by a call from Kathy, with her instructions.

Chapter 3

“I’ll pick you up at four, just wear street clothes and I’ll bring you here to change. I have some clothes for you, see you then.”

She said no more which made Dee a little apprehensive. She advised King of the arrangements and spent the rest of the day basically killing time. At four, Kathy picked her up and they drove to the office. As Dee stripped off she said.

“Come on Kathy, you’ve said nothing, can’t you tell me anything, how do you think I feel. Just give me something to assure me, please?”

“Okay, okay, well his name is John; he’s 35’ish, a bit of a mechanical and electrical genius. How do I put it, he likes testing women’s sexual reactions, their capacities? He likes testing his…er…equipment on them.”

“So, he’s like some kind of mad scientist…who likes to test his gizmos on the sexual parts of women?”

“Oh God, don’t make it sound like that; Judy and Michelle both liked him. Michelle really did, so he’s not going to torture you to death.”

“Except maybe death by a thousand orgasms, eh?” Kathy looked at her as if to say “whatever!”

“Okay, let’s get on with it. I want to meet this mad torturer.” She chuckled, more in nervousness.

“Good for you. Have you been to the loo? Do you need to go for the next few hours or so?”

“No, no I’m fine. Why, am I going to be plugged?”

“Yep, afraid so. Your clothes are quite restricting although you will wear street clothes over them. He likes the illusion of freedom, but his women are…well controlled.”

“Sounds a bit like Kurt.”

“Well yes, I suppose but John takes it …a little further.”

“Okay, let’s get on with it, what’s first?”

“He is quite original; you have this transparent, super-thin latex suit.” She held it up, and Dee felt it’s smooth, cool skin.

“Mmm, doesn’t hide much does it? Least of all here.” She pointed to the cut-outs at the boobs, bum-hole and pussy; all with reinforced steel bayonet-type edging.

“Yes, well these are for…er…connections.”

“Well, I figured that out for myself! Come on then.” Kathy helped her to powder herself; Dee was used to this now. Dee sat down and slipped her foot into the suit leg.

“Easy now,” said Kathy, “for God’s sake don’t rip it, it cost a fortune.”

“Okay, okay, I’m getting better at this.” And Dee slipped it up to her waist and then pushed her arms into the tight, transparent sleeves, then eased her breasts through the reinforced breast openings. She shivered at the cool cling, yet she was aware that she was now getting used to the tight embrace of the rubber. This was different though; it was so thin and flexible, yet it still enhanced all her curves. She heard a click at her low collar.

“Don’t tell me, I’m locked in, well, that’s a surprise. Jeez, nothing much is hidden, you’d hardly know I was wearing it. I have to admit, it really is quite comfortable.”

“Not for too long Dee, have you ever worn a corset before?”

“I consider myself a woman of the twenty-first century.” She said somewhat haughtily, but with tongue in cheek.

“Well that’s going to change, sweetie, you’re going back to Victorian times, you’re not going to be too liberated for a while!”

“No, I figured not somehow. So this is the mad scientist’s first instrument of torture, is it?” She raised her arms as Kathy wrapped the heavily boned rubber corset around her torso. Steel rings were embedded at her sides and belly button. It took Kathy ten minutes to fully draw in the laces, with Dee, in the end, gasping a little.

“There, quite the hourglass, you will get used to it within a few minutes. You feel okay?”

“Phew. A little light headed, but it sure does wonders for the figure. It’s weird, I feel submissive and yet empowered. So what is next?”

“Something you probably won’t like very much. A rather special bra and panty set, bra first.” It was a reinforced black rubber bra, which cradled her exposed boobs, on the inside she noticed padded metal cones that touched her nipples. Kathy adjusted the shoulder straps and locked it behind her. Dee wriggled in its grasp.

“Not very demure, is it?”

“Never mind that, the panties are next. Now Dee, no arguing, you are committed to this now and you will not like these.” She opened out a pair of high-waisted black rubber panties. In the crotch there were two four inch rubber protrusions with two metal strips running lengthways along them. At the base of the vaginal insert there was a further half-inch protrusion with metal end. Dee saw that this would rub up against her clit.

“These clients of yours, I don’t know. Their imaginations! Okay, come on, are they lubed? I know I had a pony tail up there the other night, but I don’t think I’m that wide yet!”

“They’re well lubed, we’ll take our time. Now just squat a bit, okay easy now.” And Kathy and Dee worked together, easing the probes into her orifices.

“Oh, aahh, phew, is that it?” She could feel them both move within her.

“Yes, that’s it, just your street clothes now. We have silk stockings and garter belt, slip them over your rubber legs, no one will ever know.” Dee noticed that the stockings, complete with seams down the back, did indeed look perfectly normal. Next came a long sleeved red satin dress, tight and shiny with full sleeves and high mandarin collar. She slipped her feet into red four inch pumps as Kathy zipped her up. Dee applied some make-up touches and she was ready.

“Voila, and no one is the wiser of your…predicament.” As if on cue, the bell rang. Here was her date.

“Okay, let’s roll.” She said and took a deep breath, as deep as she could with the tight corset. Out the back was a green Porsche; jeez, she thought, another one who’s loaded. The passenger door opened and she slipped in, carefully sitting down on the rubber plugs. She winced as they moved within her, and she looked across at her “date”. She was pleasantly surprised to see he was a very handsome man of maybe 35. He was tall, slim, with mousy hair and nice even teeth, which were smiling at her. He didn’t look like a maniac, but then what do maniacs look like, she thought.

“And you are Dee, hello Dee, I’m John, I expect Kathy has told you a little about me.”

“Well, I’m wearing your rig, complete with underpants and plugs, so I know you must be seriously kinky.” He laughed out loud, which eased her fears a little.

“Indeed I am, and you will find out later more about that. But do not fear Dee, I see a little alarm or perhaps nerves in you, I will not harm you, but it will be an adventure for you, I guarantee it.” He winked at her and then drove with an easy confidence and arrived at a restaurant in the west end.

“I thought a nice meal, light meal for you, and then back to my place, okay?”

“Sure, you’re the boss.” Dee said and he grinned as they got out and entered the restaurant.

“How’s the corset?”


“It’s meant to be.” He laughed again, and as they were taken to a table she noticed eyes on her, her tight, firm figure poured into the red dress, she enjoyed the attention. As she sat down, feeling the probes move within her, she gasped. She looked across as he placed what looked like a TV remote on the table.

“Yes, you have seen my little gizmo, I made this; I like tinkering with electrical and mechanical things. I made quite a bit of money doing it. This Dee, is not actually a phone, or for the TV, or for a model airplane. Its battery operated and can work up to two hundred feet. But Dee, my dear,” he leaned forward, “it doesn’t control a plane or the TV, these dials and buttons are here to control you.”

“Somehow I didn’t think that the two plugs were there just to fill me.” She said sarcastically.

“No Dee, how perceptive you are. You are…radio controlled, by me. And for this evening I will play with this device and you will…enjoy, or suffer or whatever, right here with me. The shocks you will get can be pulse or constant, high or low voltage and at various intervals. Here, I’ll show you.” he turned a dial and suddenly felt a pulsing in her vagina.

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“Quiet now Dee, we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Now I will try this….” and then Dee felt a shock at her nipples, “….so you see you are in my control. No use in running, not that you would, but I can control you from two hundred feet. Anyway, let’s order.” The waiter came and they ordered, Dee trying to keep calm as the probe buzzed inside her.

So the evening continued, Dee in torment and trying desperately to keep herself under control. She was rubbered, corseted and plugged. On three occasions she actually bounced from her seat as John calmly played with her, all the time making small talk. They talked about her employment – she needed the extra money, she had come with Kathy’s high recommendation. John, like the others, showed no signs of knowing what had happened to the others. He knew all four, but again commended Dee on being quite the most attractive.

She came three times during the meal, and between those, he kept her on the edge. John revelled in watching her reactions; he told her how much he loved women, controlling their sexual responses. He couldn’t remember where it started and, like the others, thought Dee, didn’t feel guilty or even stop to analyse it.

As she wriggled in her chair, now sweating profusely in her thin rubber suit, and trying to eat without spilling anything, she admitted to herself that here was a very attractive man – bright, funny articulate…oh, and rich! Yet he had to, needed to achieve his sexual enjoyment through the subjugation and control of women. She figured he could have any woman he wanted, and he chose Dee. His kink controlled his desires; she found him attractive, frankly she could happily have sex with him, but she thought he probably didn’t want that.

“You look wonderful when you orgasm, Dee, well I have to say you look wonderful, period. Do you find the anal probe particularly…intrusive?” He chuckled.

“I don’t know, no, I guess not, not really. I’m getting more used to it. I have met some of Kathy’s more specialised clients. Like you, they seem all very civilised, very rich and very kinky!” He laughed aloud at her forwardness, and she, even though she was being horribly tormented, couldn’t help but smile herself.

He thought here was someone special, the others were fun and responded to his games, but this girl was everything – beautiful, witty, fun, and tough – he liked that! They finished their meal, Dee was now in quite a lather; he had twirled the dials up and down and she had been played like a violin. She was in a pool of sweat and was worried it would show through her dress. They stood and left, Dee again receiving approving glances. As she walked she could feel the dildos move in and out of her orifices…and she found that she enjoyed that.

She sat in the car, gasping as he kissed her on the cheek and drove off. He handed her sunglasses – exactly the same as Joan’s, which she found curious. ‘As a precaution’ he asked her to put them on, and immediately she was plummeted into darkness. They did not speak and very shortly she was at his house. It seemed big, or at least the driveway was long. He helped her out and into the house. It was only 9 o clock, so the night was still young! He led her to the basement and through a heavy door, turning on the light.

It was like a small stage, six or seven chairs arranged in a semi circle with a video camera in the middle. Dee gulped as she saw what was at the centre of the semi circle. It was a complex arrangement of chains, springs, tubes, hoses and wires attached to the ceiling and the wall behind. There was a clear bottle above and an empty one below and several wires connected to a control pad, almost like a recording studio pad with dials and buttons, located in front of the central chair. As she looked at him there was a genuine look of fright on her face.

“I know it looks pretty frightening Dee, but please, it is not designed to torture or kill, but to please! Yes, it is a control suit if you wish. It controls all your senses for pleasure…and pain. You will learn to associate the two together!” Dee hesitated and took a step back.

“Oh no, now come on, you can’t expect me to …willingly be strapped into that, you’re crazy.”

“Yes, I do Dee,” he took her arm, “how can I say this, to trust me. I know it sounds insincere, but please, others have been in all this. All have survived, and even come back for more. Believe me.”

“I don’t know - Kathy mentioned nothing like this. I mean, well…the rubber is…fine, okay? Actually I’m getting to quite like it. Well, anyway…but all this? How long would I…..?” John grinned, understanding her nerves, yet now knowing, inside, he had hooked her….now it would take no time to comfort her and then have her trapped like a fly in a spider’s web. But he had to be careful. She was exquisite, smart and tough, and he did not want to lose her now.

“For the first time, well, let’s say an hour, maybe a little longer, see how it goes. Believe me I am a pro at this, and we will have a safe sign, and a let me out now sign, like all practicing BDSM folks. When you hold your hands out, your palms out flat and fingers extended, I’ll have you out of this in a shot, no questions asked. If you are unhappy or hate it, then I will be very sorry, we call it a day and we don’t see each other again. I do hope this doesn’t happen, because I want to see you again. So far anyway I have had a great evening. I realise that your evening has been a little…strange however. Okay, so what do you think?”

He held his breath, he could of course overcome her, although she was well muscled and fit, and put her in it. But that would be the last of her, and he wanted to attract her with honey, and not vinegar. She inspected the contraption – wires, springs, tubes and in the centre a full head gas mask with tubes at all angles. She was bright; she had a pretty good idea where everything was going to go! She bit her lip; she had to know more about this man, his set up, was he involved in the missing women? She realised she was not going to find out more if he drove her home now. And anyway, she had to admit that despite all this stuff, she found him interesting. She took a breath and fixed his eye.

“I suppose if I asked you to be gentle with me…well, it would not be appropriate.” He laughed and took her arm, kissing her cheek.

“No Dee, that is not really the point, is it? But you have the safe sign, and let me say you will be in good hands, you will not come to any harm.” Again she took a breath and with a wry half-smile, said.

“Okay, let’s get on with it, what do I do?” She walked to the contraption, waggled the springs and looked at the tubes rocking gently.

“Dee, you just do as I tell you, that’s all.” That sounded ominous, she thought, but he said it with a nice tone and a boyish smile…and she bought it.

“First, let’s get your street clothes off, and the bra and panties, okay?” she stripped quickly and stood as he unlocked the bra; she wriggled out of it, her nipples just a little tender. He hesitated for a second, admiring her fine breasts.

“My, you really are beautiful, Dee, you must be fighting the men off.”

“And you the ladies?” she retorted.

“Touche,” he smiled, “very well, no personal chat, none of my business, sorry.” She hadn’t quite meant it to be a shot at him, and was surprised at his considerate response. He smiled again.

“You’ll be happy to get out of these, I expect. But I’m afraid they will be replaced.” She was not surprised to hear this, and said nothing as she eased herself out of the panties. With two slurping plops, the dildos, glistening with her juices, came out. They didn’t hurt but she she sighed and stepped out of them, then with a wry smile, handed them to him. He took them without comment, looked at the glistening shiny rubber and laid them on a chair.

“Ah, I see you’re shaven, excellent, did you do that yourself?”

“No, I was order…asked to, by another of Kathy’s clients. I’m getting quite used to it now.”

“Okay, first, step into these bootees.” They were like a thick pair of rubber socks, knee length with straps at ankle and below the knee. Steel rings were at the toes, ankle and mid calf; she wasn’t stupid, she knew these were for attaching to the chains and springs of the hanging contraption. The gloves were the same, of tight black rubber, with rings at the wrists and elbows, stretching to her shoulders. She pulled them on with care, over her thin transparent suit. He noticed she was quite without embarrassment, standing in front of him, virtually naked.

“You’re very good at that, you like rubber now?”

“Yes, I suppose I do. It is very....flattering to the figure. I remember that actress in that Underworld movie saying in an interview that it holds everything in, in a good way, and pushes everything up to where it should be!” She laughed at this. “But you sure sweat a lot.”

“Dee, you don’t have to worry about everything being pushed into the right place. Believe me, it already is. But rubber enhances even great bodies such as yours.” She knew he was flattering her outrageously, but despite the situation, she actually liked it. If truth be told, she knew she looked stunning in the rubber suit and she did like its soft caress over her body. He asked if she wanted to go to the toilet.

“No, no I’m fine, I didn’t drink or eat much; you might recall I was otherwise engaged.”

“Ah, yes, of course.” He chuckled. “Okay Dee, now step into the middle here. What I’m going to do is suspend you from all these springs, see here; it’s like a tiny toddler rig. You can bounce around if you want; it’s evenly distributed, mostly by the corset but by the arms and legs as well. I also have a collar which I will put on you now, this takes no weight, too dangerous, and it’s simply to support your head.”

She nodded, she was quiet now as he fixed the collar round her neck, it slightly raised her chin and was about three inches high, but it was padded and comfortable.

“You okay, mmm?” She nodded.

“I will give you one last chance, there’s no going back from here. Do you want to go on?”

“No, no let’s do it, I’m no quitter.” He breathed a sigh of relief, which she thought was a bit amusing as she was the one about to endure this “instrument of torture”

“Good for you, Dee, okay, now spread your legs and I’ll clip these to your bootees, and here to your corset here, and at your shoulders. Raise your arms now, good, now I’ll clip these to your wrists and elbows. Finally, we’ll put these straps around your thighs here and clip two springs here. Okay, now I’m going to winch you up Dee, evenly on all the springs. Don’t struggle. It will be fine.” He winched slowly on the various springs.

“Aaahhh.” She said nervously. At first she was at a strange angle, then she righted.

“It’s okay, you’re doing fine Dee.” And she was, she noted, she swung very gently about six inches off the ground. Now she realised she was truly at the mercy of this man, and he could do anything to her, anything he wanted. And now he approached her, with two dildos!

“Don’t look so horrified Dee, these are similar to the ones you had before, and the only difference is they are attached to some wires and tubes I’ll put on later.” She was going to ask what for, but bit her lip. It’s too late now anyway, she thought ruefully. She felt him at her crotch, tenderly parting her shaved lips, pushing in the steel and rubber dildo. She moaned as he pressed them into her. She felt a small thimble-like device settle over her clit and as he pushed further, clamp down on it. John twisted the bayonet connector to the suit and the dildo was locked into her. He tenderly touched her cheek.

“You are doing wonderfully, Dee, everything is fitting well, you have nothing to fear, really.” He passed to her rear and gently separated her buttocks. Here we go again, she thought, she tried to relax her sphincter, which naturally tightened; then she felt it at her entrance, easing in, pushing past the firm door, which slowly yielded. She breathed slowly as it moved up inside her, and yet she found it wasn’t painful. Within a minute it was fully embedded within her rear passage and he twisted the bayonet connection.

“Aaahh…oooohh, phew.” She gasped.

“Good girl.” He kissed her cheek, tenderly. What an enigma he was! Next he showed her the breast cups, with steel bases to fit the bayonet fastenings of the suit, and with clear plastic cones. He carefully took one breast. Almost shamefully she noticed the nipple harden, place it in the plastic dome and twist the bayonet connector, then repeat the procedure with the other cone. There was about a one inch gap between breast and cone. A metal thimble was opposite each nipple in the cone and there was a connector for a tube or hose. She looked down at them, a little sadly, pink breasts in their clear plastic coating.

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“A penny for them?” He asked, a sympathetic look on his face.

“Well, what do you think? She said as she swung slowly. “Feeling a bit of a fool really, getting talked into this, look at me, a..…puppet, a marionette; and you the puppeteer. I feel, well, just plain stupid, you could kidnap me…I could disappear….just like those other girls……is that what happened to them?”

John put his hand on her cheek.

“Now Dee, don’t start getting worried like this. Just calm down. You don’t look stupid; you look wonderful, although the gears a little odd,” he smiled, “and you should not be frightened, you are not going to be kidnapped or disappear, and I’m sorry but I don’t know what happened to the other women, I can’t help, sorry. Now, enough.”

“I guess it’s too late to say stop?” She looked, almost pleadingly, at him.

“Oh yes Dee, it’s far too late for that! Now here is the helmet, it’s like a gas mask but a bit more sophisticated. It encloses your whole head and locks onto your collar at the back. Glass portholes here can be blocked out with these pads on the outside; so that you don’t bite your tongue, this protrusion here, its well, shaped like a cock, goes into your mouth. There’s a hole in the middle for…well, never mind that for now. This separate nose section is connected by this corrugated tube up to that canister. All straightforward, really.”

She didn’t think so, but hanging helpless in front of him, she thought it pointless to ask about the hole in the gag and the canister. She would find out soon enough.

“I’ll say goodbye, Dee, for an hour, at least. I’ll plug your ears first with these wax plugs; it heightens the senses being deafened. Now, be strong and try to go with it.” He kissed her firmly on the lips, she could do nothing but swing in his arms, but he was a good kisser! I could get to like this guy, she thought – handsome, witty, and rich – but the kink, I don’t know, she thought.

He opened the zip of the mask; she took one last breath as he pressed it to her face and she dipped her head in. She peered through clear lenses as she felt the rubber cock at her lips. She opened slowly, accepting the hard member. It rested on her tongue and she gripped it with her teeth, she didn’t gag, for it was short and stubby, but thick! She could breathe through the hole in the gag and did so, tasting the pungent rubber. She heard the zip at the back and the click of a lock; the mask was now pressed tightly to her face. He came out in front and shouted at her.

“I’m now going to connect everything now Dee and you are on your way. First are the vacuum tubes to your boobs; these work by sucking air out of the cups, pulling your boobs out. There are metallic contacts at the nipples that will give you a shock of varying degrees. So you can get inflated and deflated…and zapped…it is quite a device, I have to admit.”

He looked so calm, the mad bastard; she shouted at him through the mask and realised the cock was an effective gag, and only an mmmm came out. No point in that, she thought! He grinned again.

“So, you’ve found out there’s no point in shouting. Now down at the front here there is a wire attached to your clit clamp and your dildo that can be activated separately, clit on, clit off, vibrator on, et cetera. Now this tube here is a catheter, I’ve always liked the idea of total control, so this slides up the probe and into your urethra and your urine passes into this bottle on the floor here. I know I asked if you wanted to go to the toilet earlier, really as a courtesy but this will take care of everything anyway. Right, now, this will not hurt too much, just a little sting…and it is through.” There was no real pain, but it certainly was undignified.

“Now the rear again, this wire is for the electrical current, on and off, same as the front. And Dee, this tube goes through the dildo and up into your intestine. Through this I propose to give you an enema!” She screamed into her gag, to no effect.

“Yes Dee, this pump will push water into you under pressure, then I turn the switch and it slowly vacuums you clean into this container here.” Dee shook and swung and shouted as he pushed the narrow tube up inside her.

“Ah yes, now finally,” as he came in front again, “another tube serves to gag you further, it goes through you gag and down into your stomach, Dee, there’s no point in struggling Dee. Accept your fate, we are nearly there now; obviously this will stop you breathing through your mouth, so you will have to breathe through your nose. I’ll open the vent here that is attached to the canister; I call it an aroma canister as it is filled with smelly rubber pieces. So if you didn’t like rubber before, well you will get plenty now!” He opened the vent and Dee automatically breathed in, God, it was so strong, so pungent, she almost retched at first, and then calmed down.

“Good girl, now try not to gag, just try to keep swallowing as it passes down your gullet.” She retched and coughed, but as instructed she kept swallowing and once past the back of her throat she got more used to it. He turned a locking device on the mask and stood back smiling at her as she slowly swung in her bonds.

“And there you are. In my spider’s web, my creature, with my control pad here I control your breathing, your movement, your bodily functions, your sight and hearing, your sense of smell and taste – and I control your sexual pleasure areas, your breasts, nipples, clit, vagina and arse. You realise I could leave you here an hour….or three…or a day. I control your intake; I can change your water tube to take liquefied food, and I control all your excretions. You could, it is entirely possible, stay there for a week, or think about this, even a month! I find that very exciting, you probably do not. Over the next half hour I’ll fill you with, let’s say, two pints of water through your throat tube. That will feel very tight with your corset on, but you are cathetered so it will pass through you in time. Then the enema, only one pint for you, you are probably a novice at holding enemas. Anyway, we’ll give you five minutes and then flush you out. All the electrical devices I will leave to my whims – some on, others off and so on. So Dee dear, let’s begin.”

He kissed the side of her mask and then turned the video camera on. Dee gently swung, feeling so humiliated. Shit, shit, shit, she thought, this was worse than Joan, this was one seriously kinky guy. What was with the video, God, she thought, I hope I don’t end up in a video store! At least I am masked and people won’t recognise me - small consolation. She breathed in the rubber scented air slowly and tried to keep calm, tough to do with all the tubes and probes inside her!

She looked across at him, and to her astonishment he began to strip. She stared with fascination as under his tux he wore a brilliant white full catsuit with attached feet and low neckline. Like hers it had been undetectable under his clothes. There was a zip at his crotch and she could detect an outline of his erection, a big erection. What a waste, she thought, what a waste, would he use that on her? He sat down with a glass of what looked like whisky, looked up at her, barely five feet in front of him, smiled and turned a couple of dials. She felt cool water inside her gullet trickle down to her stomach, it was the strangest feeling, but not unpleasant. That’s the first of two pints, she thought ruefully.

Then warm water starting entering her rear, automatically she tried to squeeze her cheeks but the dildo kept her sphincter well spread and she realised the futility of it. Jesus, she thought I’m going to be filled to bursting from both ends. She shouted at him through her gag, but that was pointless too, just a faint mew came out. Then the suction started at her breasts and they were sucked away from her body, and squeezed into their plastic cones. Her nipples pressed against the metal thimbles and then…zap…a shock ran through her breasts, she screamed into her gag and then the suction subsided. She breathed in the rubber air and tried to stay calm, but after twenty seconds or so the suction started again; she wiggled her tits, he smiled at this, but they were sucked out, pressed to the plastic again and…zap…again! She chomped down on the rubber cock gag and still water poured slowly down her throat, and warm water was injected into her arse.

Suddenly the clamp on her clit began to warm and then twitch, she tried to cross her legs…oh, you stupid woman, give in, she said to herself. The vaginal dildo then gave her little buzz every three seconds or so and then her arse dildo! Everything was now on and working! Dee swung and twitched in her bonds, doing a silent dance for her puppeteer. She was his puppet indeed, a good word for her complete lack of control.

Within five minutes, despite water pouring in at both ends and her stomach under the corset becoming very tight, she had an enormous orgasm, shaking and jerking on her springs. He smiled at this, she wanted to deny him this “victory” but her body was yielding, in every way, to the assault. She did not know where the next one would come from and in any event she had no defence against it. Finally the water stopped entering her arse, she felt like bursting, but that wasn’t going to happen with the corset holding her like a vice. God, flush me you bastard, clean me out!

But he must have waited fully three or four minutes, while cold water continued to pass down into her stomach and all the electrics continued to do their dastardly deeds and her breasts were sucked and nipples zapped, before he flushed her out. As another orgasm passed over her, and she jerked in her bonds she was evacuated. The relief was enormous, almost as good as an orgasm in itself. Jesus, she thought, an orgasm with an enema, what next? The cold water at last stopped and as she swung she hoped that it would pass through the catheter fast.

The shocks in her anus now increased in power, and she wanted to eject the beast, but no. It kept throbbing away, punishing her. Her clit was on fire, and then her body, not her mind, began to respond and want more. It was an extraordinary transition; she was now starting to work with the machine, not fighting it. And so it went on, thirty minutes must have passed and she was soaked; her thin rubber suit sliding over her hot body. Now she began to ride the dildos, to anticipate the next vibrating sensation, to prepare for the next zap at her nipples. She shook and jerked as each orgasm overtook her, how many, she did not know.

She realised she could feed off this creature and it was then, after maybe an hour, that she bit down on her gag and said to herself…no, you are not going to defeat me, I’ll ride you and I’ll take all you have got, I’m not going to open my palms in supplication and defeat, no, you’ll have to take me out of this without me yielding!

John looked on, in fascination at the transformation, he saw it in her eyes and heard it in her garbled mmmmfff’s of resistance and in her body movements as she rode and thrust against the assault. At once he was impressed and almost horrified. He’d had six other girls in this and they all had called a halt after anything between twenty minutes and an hour. Now Dee was approaching ninety minutes and despite him increasing the current onto the two dildos it seemed to make her stronger, more determined!
He watched as she writhed and swung and mmmffed into her gag, her sweaty pink breasts ballooning in their plastic cups, the urine now slowly seeping out of her.

His erection was as hard as a rock, had been now for maybe a hundred minutes. She had thrown down the gauntlet, the challenge, he didn’t want to hurt her, but the currents were as high as he wanted to go. He’d never seen anything like this; he’d lost count of her orgasms. Then he thought of the suffocation orgasm, was she up to this, he had to be very careful. Slowly he turned down the valve on the rubber aroma canister. Obviously he didn’t want to harm her, but some people, men and women, got off on auto asphyxiation. She was still writhing in her bonds and he moved closer to her, looking into her mask. The eyes were glazing and drooping a bit but there was still a determined look in them. As she tried to breathe, the mask squeezed into her face and he heard her mmmfff into her gag, probably an obscenity. As her eyes began to close and her chest barely rose, he saw her shake through another orgasm. Her eyes opened and the strangest thing happened…she slowly raised her head and…winked at him!

It was now nearly two hours and he was soaking in his suit; he turned on the rubber scented air again and she took in a huge breath. She opened her eyes and focussed her eyes on him; he read a faintly triumphant look in them. She looked down at his dick and nodded, then nodded again and thrust her hips! My God, he wanted him to fuck her, there and now. He’d never done this to any of the other women, never really wanted to, but Dee, well she was different all right. She was inviting him, asking him, not taunting him. And how could he refuse her?

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He turned off the pussy dildo and the clit clamp, then bent down and turned the bayonet connection; then withdrew it slowly with the catheter tube connected from her succulent love channel. She winced and nodded as if to thank him. He was going to turn off the boob vacuum and the dildo in her arse, but he heard her mmmfff and she shook her head, no, she wanted them kept on! He felt as if he was losing control, he was the dominant wasn’t he? Well, he thought, I have to put some variation in here. An idea came to him, and he began to raise the springs attached to her toes. He continued to do this; now her legs were horizontal, stuck out at a ninety degree angle from her torso; she was well supported by the thigh straps and the connections at her corset and arms. But she started to look a little alarmed when he continued to winch on the toe springs, now her feet were level with her head and stretched wider than her arms. She mmmffed into her gag and waggled her head as best she could; he felt a bit better now he had the initiative again!

She started to think she was very grateful for all the yoga and stretch classes she had been to over the years, she was not double-jointed but she was very flexible, and it was certainly paying off now! She was still quite comfortable in the suspension harness but she must have looked a sight! Her feet were now either side of her wrists and stretched what must have been five feet apart; her boobs were still in their plastic cradles and being sucked at regular intervals and her nipples zapped (which, truth be told, she quite liked now!). Below her the wire and enema tube snaked out of her arse and behind her. And there, for all to see, was her exposed, pink, shaved pussy; wet, inflamed and stretched – ready and willing to accept his assault. Despite being stretched to the limit – despite all the plugs and the attack on her breasts and the sucking on the cock gag, she was ready for him!

He watched her nod her head and then thrust herself, as best she could, at him. He approached her and almost nervously, unzipped his crotch zip, his cock swinging out. Oh, yes, she was right, it was a good size and still rock hard. He leaned into her gently, avoiding all the tubes and wires, and he was eye to eye with her. He seemed almost embarrassed, she thought, how strange after all he had done to her.

He gently gripped the sides of her thighs and raised her slightly then bent slightly himself. She could feel him at her entrance; then quickly he allowed her to drop and stood up. And he was in to the hilt; she was so wet there was no problem at all! Yes, this was more like it, she thought, oh, yes. He released the springs and she gently rose six inches to the end of his dick, and then he pulled her down again. She’d already had thirty orgasms, she didn’t know, but this was different. She screamed into her gag, gripping it in her teeth and breathed in the pungent, yet sweet aroma of rubber. He bounced her up and down on his hot hard cock, and she squeezed him as hard as she could, which was tough considering how stretched out she was.

The vacuum sucked at her boobs and her nipples were zapped and her arse was still subject to the throbbing dildo. She sucked on the cock and bounced and bounced in her tight rubber suit, mask and harness. Did it look ridiculous? Probably, did it feel wonderful? Oh, yes! She did not want it to end and rode his cock, panting into the mask and breathing in the rubber. Their eyes did not leave each other, he could see that despite the rubber cock in her mouth, she seemed to be smiling at him, or at least her eyes were. Then he came, and she could hear his shout of pleasure. Who was the puppet now, she thought?

He withdrew from her and shyly zipped away his cock, then turned off all the controls at the panel. She was sated, exhausted but not defeated, oh no. He turned towards her and removed the plastic breast cups. Her breasts were red and soaked in sweat; he gently lowered his head and kissed each sensitive nipple. Interesting, she thought, being so tender and yet so cruel. Next he removed the anal probe and enema tube; she groaned as her sphincter puckered back to its supposed position. He gently rubbed the raw red puckered hole and she leaned back into him, as best she could as his other hand cupped her tender breast. She found this a little odd, such concern after such cool cruelty. She must have impressed him with her “performance”.

In honesty, she had shocked herself; her insatiable sexual appetite, she didn’t believe she had it in her, and how much she enjoyed it all! After Joan, she shouldn’t have been surprised, but she still was. Finally he slowly withdrew the feeding tube; she nearly gagged but was happy at its removal, and she could breathe air through her mouth, a strange change after all the rubber-scented air. He lowered her legs to the vertical; they were sore now, with the severe stretching. He unlocked the helmet, unzipped it and slowly pulled it off her head, the big black cock slipping out of her sore mouth. He withdrew her earplugs; her hair was matted to her head, she stared at him for a second.

“Oh, aahh, aaahh.” She breathed hard, licked her sore lips and swallowed a few times. He unfastened her collar and her head sagged in exhaustion. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she looked down at her red breasts and burning nipples. Her arse was sore and her pussy and clit throbbed, and all in all, she felt…….great! How could she explain this? She couldn’t – she was a changed woman, maybe the same woman who had met her true self? How could she analyse what was really incapable of analysis?

He slowly winched her down to her feet, she was happy for the harness as she found her legs a bit wobbly. For the first time she spoke.

“Jeez, I can’t even…stand.” She was troubled by her speech, her mouth was still sore, her lips felt a bit puffy and throat inflamed. She was still tied to the harness but now a little steadier. John had not said anything; he seemed deep in his own thoughts. He offered a large whisky to her lips, she was still held captive in the harness. She didn’t ask to be removed; there was a strange air of comfort and yet discomfort in the room; she seemed quite at ease in her bonds, completely without shame or embarrassment despite her position – stewing in her rubber suit, all her parts exposed. But he seemed to be the one who was discomfited. She looked at him as he tilted the glass. She took it in three gulps, and coughed as it warmed her throat.

“Thanks, I needed that.” John thought for a moment and said.

“I think I need one too, but I haven’t quite earned it like you have.” He filled the glass and gulped down a good inch, then offered her more, which she happily took, already she was feeling a little light headed – whisky or rampant sex, she wondered?

After all the pain, and the pleasure, the screams and muffled swearing and the raw naked (well, rubbered) sex, there was a strange quiet that enveloped them. John came out of it.

“Well, I must get you home Dee, otherwise you, or is it me will turn into a pumpkin.” It was a poor joke but she smiled at it anyway. He released her wrists and elbows, and her arms flopped to her sides. She groaned as the blood flowed to her hands. Tenderly she inspected her sensitive nipples and then her throbbing clit. He bent down and released her boot connections and she released the ones on her corset, and now she was free! She pulled off the gloves; her hands were wrinkled and sweaty; then pulled off her bootees. He gave her a towel and she took it without comment and rubbed her thick red hair and then, tenderly her boobs, arse and pussy. She looked at the towel without comment and tossed it onto one of the chairs.

He passed the stockings and garter to her and she stepped into them without comment. She noticed she was used to the tight corset; it felt looser, maybe she had lost some weight in the suit.

“I don’t expect you want…the rubber panties and bra.” He said rather nervously; she gave him a look.

“Er, no, not right now I think, you keep them, for now, I’ll keep the corset and suit, okay?”

“Yeah, sure, sure.” He handed her the satin dress and she slipped into it. She was now covered again, the sweat soaked rubber suit underneath invisible again. She took her handbag and stepped into the red pumps, then stood in front of him, as if to say, well, now what?

“Okay, right, ready?” It was as if nothing had really happened between them, or too much, they were both burdened with their thoughts, seemingly not wanting to say anything stupid.

“Sure, let’s go.” She said and they moved through the house, a nice house, she could see, to the garage. When in the car he handed her the sunglasses. She looked at them and then at him.

“Would you mind if I asked you to wear them?”

“No, I suppose not, we all have to…protect our privacy, don’t we John?”

“Yes, I suppose we do.” He drove in silence, it was now past midnight and the traffic was light. As she sat in his car she could feel she was already staining the dress. Although she had wiped herself, she was still hot, inside and out and could feel dampness between her legs. She chuckled at this quietly; he’ll be cleaning the Porsche tomorrow! He phoned Kathy on his phone and she was there waiting for them. As they approached the office he told her to take off the glasses. She had almost drifted off, she was so pleasantly tired. As he stopped he looked at her and said.

“Look Dee….tonight…I’ve never met….well, experienced, such a …look, I mean, I…must see you again.” She looked at him with an enigmatic smile.

“Must, John?”

“Well, no I mean I would like….can I see you again?” She enjoyed watching his boyish nervousness; it was in such contrast to what he had subjected her to earlier. He really was an enigma.

“Why, John, you’re not getting all tongue tied, are you? Is putting a woman in the creature the only way you can communicate with her? Is that it?” She was being a bit cruel with him, watching him wriggle.

“Well no, no….although I would love to see you…perform in the machine again, Dee.” He looked out of the window, almost not wanting to make eye contact with her. She almost felt sorry for him.

“Well at least you’re honest, John. You’re a funny guy, tender and cruel. You enjoy watching me squirm and struggle for two hours playing with me like a toy, and then…then you show such concern. Frankly John, you’re the strangest of Kathy’s clients I’ve met, so far that is. God knows who else she has.” He grinned rather sheepishly.

“Well thanks. Yes I won’t deny I have some odd tastes, but they don’t harm anyone, and I am lucky to be rich enough to satisfy them. Dee, I was honest with you all along, I did not deceive you. If you had indicated a wish to quit I would have released you straight away. I’m not an ogre. I don’t recall you requesting to be released.” He looked at her with a sly, knowing smile, which she found hard to resist.

“Oh, I think you would have, yes. But John, I wasn’t going to yield to you…oh no…you would have had to take me out on a stretcher. I’m not a quitter.” Then she thought for a moment. “If we are being candid….and I hope we are…then, well…….I had a hell of a time. I discovered things about myself that I never knew were there. I am very sore and tired; my boobs are tender and my nipples and clit are burning but I have also an inner…warmth that I have never had before. It’s very odd.” She stepped out of the car and came round to the drivers door and leant down. He said.

“Look, I must…..” She looked at him with raised eyebrows. “I want to…when can I see you again? This evening….” She placed a finger on his lips.

“Sshhh, John, I’ll leave you with this thought. I went through a lot to please you tonight, although that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself either, not all the time but…well. So you think you may be falling for me, or are you falling for me in the creature, but what would that do for me John? How about this, would go into the machine for me? Eh? Would you design a…cock sheath and catheter, and breast cups, and would you trust me to put you in it, John? Think on that John. I won’t see you for a little while…don’t pout…I have to recover, I’m sore and tired. I have been fucked royally, and more, thank you. Now go home John.” She pecked him on the cheek and before he could say anything she was gone.

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As Kathy opened the door, Dee raised her hands.

“Before you say anything, I’m exhausted, sore as I just said, royally fucked, but otherwise fine, thank you. I don’t want to talk, I want to undress, shower and sleep for a day, okay?” so nothing was said, she undressed, showered and Kathy was smart enough to leave well alone. They would talk later, for Kathy already had a fourth client wanting to meet Dee. Word was getting around regarding Dee’s talents and how well she was taking to her role playing. Kurt and Joan (and soon John) were already pestering Kathy to see Dee again.

But poor Dee was nowhere nearer to finding out the fate of the four women. Next day King said they were running checks on John. King commended her on how well she was infiltrating the agency, but it was Dee who was frustrated at there being no movement in the case. He told her not to worry; he was very understanding she thought. She was surprised he didn’t want quicker results but he seemed quite happy…so far. She gave a (very) brief description of the evening, all clumsy fumbling and sex. She said she didn’t mind it if it got them to the girls. They would carry on background checks on Kurt and John. For the rest of the day she slept – not exactly the sleep of the innocent, but a well earned one anyway.

The next day she was much rejuvenated, she was not sore at all; in the afternoon she found she was getting bored, King advised her to relax, for she was not wanted for the paperwork or checks. Evidently volunteering up her body in the line of duty was seen as more than enough! And he didn’t even know just how exactly she had offered it! She went to bed early and thought about John, in fact found it hard to get him out of her mind, or the creature. Part of her was shocked at a mind that could think something like that up, but part of her was also just a little mesmerised by it, and maybe wanting to “challenge” it again!

Next morning she found she was bored….she didn’t used to be like this….she was quite happy to stay in, but now she found she was getting fidgety (or was it horny?) She realised she needed some more action!

Chapter 4

Kathy was happy to oblige. It was Dee who called her in the late morning and Kathy smiled to herself when Dee asked her if anything else was “on”. Kathy had Anna in the background, waiting. At very short notice Dee could be “prepared” for Anna. Dee now had that familiar sense of excitement, she realised she was less nervous now, but more excited. Kathy told her to come over.

Dee phoned King and the stake out was set up. Kathy hugged her when she arrived; their relationship seemed to be changing now – less employer/employee and more friend/confidant.

“So how is my superstar? The phone’s off the hook Dee, your three clients have been demanding to see you again. So are you ready for Anna now?” Another woman, thought Dee, this didn’t seem to concern her any more.

“Sure, I was getting a bit bored,” she smiled at her own remark, “but the others may have to wait a bit, my body needs a bit of time to recover.”

“We have to be quick, we only have ten minutes before we have to leave, and I’m driving you to her place. She wants an overnighter, okay.” Dee didn’t even think, just nodded. “I pick you up at nine tomorrow. She pays well, Dee.”

“That’s okay by me. So what is Anna’s kink, tell me.’

“You know better to ask, Dee,” Kathy grinned, “half the fun is the anticipation. Okay, she likes latex.”

“That’s it, come on Kathy, they all like latex, the fact is….I…well I like it too.” There was silence for a second. Kathy chortled.

“Well, it’s amazing what can happen in a week.”

“Yes, indeed, now come on, what’s the costume today?” Kathy pointed to the bed. Dee did a double take, well now that was a bit different. It was a flesh covered full-bodied latex suit, similar to the one she wore for John, but with a couple of significant changes. It had breast cups and only holes at the nipples, but the strange stuff was at the crotch. Located there were enlarged solid but flexible latex vaginal lips with a two inch slit between. It was not really “life like” as they were so enlarged. At her arse there was also a hole, she was not surprised about that. The suit had attached feet and also attached fingerless and thumbless mittens. She wouldn’t be able to do much with those on. She found it a little strange, but noticed she was, again, a little excited.

Without any prompting she stripped and talced herself. Kathy helped her ease into the flesh coloured rubber, she breathed slowly as Kathy zipped up to her neck and she heard the click of a lock. Her hands were pretty useless so Kathy, a little embarrassed, adjusted her nipples through the cut outs and aligned up her vagina and rear. She felt between her legs, it was strange, this large set of labia lips, but she noted there was plenty of room for access to her pussy hidden behind.

“That’s it?” Kathy nodded.

“Yep, but more to come later, you’ll see.” She draped the same long cape over her shoulders and pressed the studs closed from throat to ankles. Dee shivered at the touch of cool rubber on rubber. They exited fast to the car, Kathy, without comment, put the blackout sunglasses on her and Dee settled back in anticipation.

It took them forty minutes or so, again going out of London until they were well in the country. Dee found herself almost unconsciously feeling herself through the latex lips with her mittened hands. She couldn’t understand it, but she just felt hot! She heard the wheels crunching on gravel and then Kathy helped her out, her arms well trapped inside the cape. She led her to a door, removed her sunglasses, hugged her tight and then whispered as she rang the bell.

“See you tomorrow, Dee dear…enjoy.” Dee waited, facing the door, breathing evenly, and feeling like a strangely dressed present, ready to be unpacked and enjoyed, which on reflection was exactly what she was! The door opened and Dee took an intake of air. Despite this being her fourth client, she was still capable of being surprised. Facing her was a girl (?) of no more than twenty, maybe 22 at the most. She had a jet black pageboy haircut, level with her eyebrows and nape of her neck. She had a pretty (and young) happy face with bright vermilion lipstick and heavy eye shadow. The clothing was what raised her eyebrows. She was dressed as a nurse…a nurse in latex – high heeled white leather pumps and then stockings, tunic with long sleeves and tight wrists and neck – all in brilliant white rubber. On her head was a cute little nurse’s cap and just below her protuberant breasts a large red cross.

“Ah, so here is Dee, hello and welcome. Come in Dee, my you are gorgeous, Kathy did not exaggerate at all. So are you into rubber too, Dee?”

Dee smiled at the question, “into rubber” she thought.

“Yes, I suppose I am now, I’m getting into it.” Again she smiled at the strange way she put it.

“Excellent,” said Anna, taking her by the arm through the cape, “because there’s lots of it here. I’m Anna and I am very rich and very weird,” she laughed, “and I like role playing and dressing up and playing, and you, Dee, are going to be my baby today. Now,” she held up one finger, “one big rule, from now on, no talking from you…not until I say the game is over or you leave. Okay? Otherwise you will be punished, and I like giving punishments.” Dee nodded, wow, she thought, another seriously kinky woman; okay, she thought, let’s play along, I might get some fun out of this, who knows?

“Let’s look at you, you’ve got the flesh coloured suit on, yes?” She undid the studs and stood back.

“Wow, well, Dee what a great body you have.” She took her nipples in her white gloved hands and rolled them slowly, watching her reaction. Dee winced a little and then to her surprise felt moist between her legs. This was the strangest thing; here she was with a woman – a girl – about seven or eight years younger than her, playing with her!

“Let’s get to it, then, I want to get some make up on you and then dress; come into my boudoir.” She moved to a bedroom on the main floor and Dee settled into a chair facing a mirror. She leaned her head well back and Anna went to work, humming to herself. Dee closed her eyes and felt her whole face subjected to Anna’s ministrations. When Anna finally stood back and Dee sat up, looking into the mirror, she stared back at the image she presented. Bright pink rouge on the cheeks, bright red ruby lips in a cupid kiss and blue eye shadow. She was a parody of a baby doll with accentuated features. What was this girl into infantilism or just play-acting? But she wanted Dee as a baby. On the bed were her baby clothes.

“Up you get, we’ll get you dressed, baby.”

“Oh, jeez.” Muttered Dee quietly.

“Did baby say something? Did I hear something?” Anna threatened, Dee shook her head; she didn’t want to cross this girl already. She stared at Dee, then turned and picked up the romper suit. This was in shocking pink with pictures of Winnie the Pooh all over it. She stepped into the tight elasticised gusset and Anna pulled it up over her hips. Dee pushed her mittened hands through the ruffled sleeves, then Anna zipped her up to her frilly neck where a firm collar was embedded, and locked! She peered down at her breasts and adjusted them, feeling her nipples strangely harden. The suit was tight around her breasts and her body in general, it looked so bizarre. As with other rubber costumes she had worn she did note rings embedded at strategic locations and in the ruffles of her collar and wrists. Anna now placed two ruffled ankle length bootees over Dee’s feet, again with steel rings embedded in them.

“Hands,” she ordered and Dee held out her hands and even though she was already mittened, Anna slipped on tight mittens over them and under the wristbands, again Dee noticed rings on the ends and the inside. Oh God, thought Dee, as next came a frilly latex bonnet.

“Oh, no.” She whispered. Anna glared at her.

“What was that?” Dee shook her head but too late as Anna dropped the bonnet and picked up a dummy with a very large teat at the end.

“Open up now, I told you no talking. I’ll let you think on that for a while.” With some violence she crammed the dummy into Dee’s resisting mouth. Arrrggh….aargh....mmmfff. Dee wriggled as Anna pulled the thick strap tight over her head. There was a large see-through plastic plate at the front extending from under her nose to the cleft of her chin. Attached to this at the front was a large ring which Anna cruelly pulled, but the dummy gag hardly moved, so tight was the strap round her head. Dee glared at Anna and mmffed but Anna simply grinned back. With her hands double mittened Dee could do nothing but stare mutely at Anna.

“Well baby, you look wonderful, all the fleshy latex and then the pink, mmm I could just cuddle you. Is your pussy wet in there? I hope so, mine is.” Anna approached and pushed her fingers through the romper crotch and the fake lips. Dee closed her eyes, trying to resist, but her body was yielding. She was already damp in the transparent suit and she sucked hard on the big dummy, breathing hard through her nose. Anna took her arm.

“It’s nice and sunny outside so let’s go into the garden.” She led Dee out to a pleasant and, thank goodness, private garden. On the patio was a lounger and…….a large pink cot with high gated sides, and inside a pink rubber mattress and baby toys, a dolly, numbered blocks and rattles. Attached to a cot leg was a long length of pink rope maybe a hundred feet long and with a snap hook at the end.

“Maybe you would like to go for a wander?” Said Anna, Dee was not sure what to do so just nodded, and Anna clipped the fastening to Dee’s collar, smiled at Dee and then sat down on the lounger. Dee felt not a little silly, but wandered across the lawn, her feet well cushioned by the two layers of rubber. She admired her small cottage and fine garden; although it was early evening it was still warm and sunny. There was little point in trying to escape, dressed like she was, the folks in the village, wherever that was, would think she had escaped from the nearest asylum. Her whole body was hot and wet inside her flesh coloured suit now and the bonnet was scant protection against the hot sun. Anna shouted.

“It’s time for your late afternoon nap, baby, come over here.” Dee eyed the cot and thought there was no point in fighting this and returned to a grinning Anna. Dee sat on the cot and Anna released her tether, then leaning down she took each mitten and clipped it to the side rings of Dee’s collar. With her arms useless at her sides Dee was pushed back onto the mattress and Anna raised the side panel, locking it in place. Dee lay back, the cot was too short for her to stretch out so she lay on her back and had to raise and spread her knees, in a far from innocent pose!

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Anna leaned over and playing the attendant nurse now, massaged Dee’s prominent breasts. Dee mmmmed into her effective gag and looked up at Anna, like an innocent child. But there was nothing innocent about the wanderings of Anna’s fingers, she undid a small zip at the crotch of Dee’s romper suit and slid her fingers in and past the rubber labia…..and into Dee. She was already wet there and under the ministrations of Anna’s rubber fingers Dee drifted off into a kind of strange reverie, warm and wet in the slowly dying sun. So calm was she that she must have slept, for when she awoke it was almost dark and the lights were on in the house and garden. Under a small rear light Anna was lowering the side panel and holding in her hand a large feeding bottle.

Dee mmmmed into her dummy, this was so weird, she thought, but at the slightest hint of her reluctance Anna laid down the bottle and said.

“One, no talking, and two, complete obedience. No second chances.” She pulled Dee up to a sitting position, sat next to her and then, in a flash, roughly pulled her over her lap! With her hands at her shoulders Dee could barely wriggle. She felt one firm hand at her bonneted head and then….suddenly another came down, hard, on her buttocks. She was going to get a well practiced spanking! This is crazy, thought Dee, I am a policewoman, experienced, smart, respected, and here I am, dressed as a baby in layers of rubber, getting a spanking from a twenty year old dressed as a rubber nurse. Despite the two layers of rubber, Anna spanked very hard. Dee felt so humiliated again, as she knew she was meant to as the slaps rained down on her now tender buttocks. She screamed into her dummy, but only a mmmm could be heard.

But Anna was even more devious, as the pain increased she moved her hand down between slaps to Dee’s arse and then her open pussy, and not so tenderly squeezed and massaged those areas. The connection of pain, humiliation and sexual pleasure was clear. Dee had long given up struggling and Anna had removed her hand from Dee’s head and moved it under her torso to squeeze her breast. Dee just moaned and raised her buttocks slightly, as if offering herself to Anna.

Finally, after Dee had shaken through a deep orgasm, Anna raised her up. Looking at her, Dee wondered how this girl of twenty could know so much about other women, and particularly her!

“Now, you will behave.” She said holding Dee’s chin, and Dee nodded mutely. Anna released her bonnet and then, with some difficulty pulled out the large dummy, soaked with Dee’s saliva. Dee groaned and was about to thank her, but clammed up! The bonnet was then replaced, Dee obediently raising her chin so Anna could tie it underneath, an act not unnoticed by Anna, who then patted her lap. Dee turned and lay back on Anna’s lap and looked into her smiling eyes. She opened her mouth to accept the big teat on the feeding bottle.

“Suck hard now, baby, I want nothing left.” Anna grinned and crammed it into Dee’s mouth. The goop tasted awful but Dee knew better than to fight it so she sucked hard, like a trusting baby; glaring up at Anna, who clearly enjoyed this power. It was evident that Anna just couldn’t resist Dee laid out on her lap like this, and while one hand held the bottle to Dee’s mouth, the other began to explore her body again. From breasts and rubber covered nipples her hand went down again to Dee’s pussy, hidden away behind the folds of rubber. Dee had trouble keeping her composure and almost snorted into the bottle. She wanted so hard to repel the assault but this girl, this young thing, was such an expert! Her nipples became rock hard and her channel moist as Anna continued, while Dee tried to finish the bottle.

Finally she finished and Anna gently rolled her over, slapping her buttocks playfully. She raised the side bar and then rolled the cot back into the house, Dee a prisoner inside, and into Anna’s bedroom. Now what, thought Dee! Anna disappeared leaving Dee on her own. Dee could have maybe leapt out and made a run for it, but dressed like this! No way, she thought! I’d be the laughing stock of the station, or nation! Tough cop kept as baby prisoner in rubber. She even chuckled at the thought. So she settled in.

Anna returned after an hour and slowly stripped off her clothes – tunic, stockings, gloves, panties and bra, all in white rubber. Dee watched mutely as she wiped them dry and powdered them, all the while showing off a hard athletic body and, Dee could hardly miss, a shaven vulva. With no embarrassment Anna went to the shower and returned shortly, then from a cupboard took out a white rubber catsuit with attached gloves and feet. She powdered herself and smiling slyly at Dee, who she knew had been watching all the time, eased it over her body. Despite her position Dee found all this strangely sexy, this little minx parading in front of her. She wanted to give her a good spanking, the problem was she would probably love it, and so Dee thought ruefully, so would she. As she zipped herself up the back, she was very flexible, Dee noticed a pouch hanging down between her legs with a zip and lock. Dee thought it strange, maybe a urine container or maybe a douche, she didn’t know. Anna approached the cot and dropped the side, resplendent in all her white latex, and she had such a fine, young body with small pert breasts.

“Well Dee, you’ve been, generally, a well behaved baby. Now you can sleep here or….in my bed here…up to you.” Dee ruminated, after her adventures with Joan, she did not fear the advances of women, and frankly the cot was small, so, remembering not to say anything, she nodded to the bed. Anna grinned and drew her up.

“Goodie.” She said, giggling like a teenager and removed her bonnet. Dee flapped her arms frustratingly, wanting them released, but Anna said.

“Oh no, can’t have you running off dear, anyway, I like you in bondage.” She lay on the latex sheet, with a single sheet for cover, and patted the place next to her. Dee sat and then lay next to her, feeling a little nervous, of all things. Then Ann tapped her tummy, saying.

“Lay your head here Dee,” which Dee did, “the little baby has come from the womb, maybe it is time for her to get acquainted with it again.” Dee wondered what on earth that meant and then Anna raised the pouch and unzipped it and gripping Dee’s hair firmly….ouch…pushed Dee’s head into the pouch! Dee struggled but Anna laughed and wrapped her rubber covered legs around her torso and with her arms useless, Dee was soon overpowered. She heard the zip drawn down and the telling click of the lock. She was in a black clammy prison. As Dee struggled for breath, and in a slight panic she felt a gentle hand on her head.

“Easy now Dee, take it easy. There’s plenty of air in there. There’s twenty or thirty holes, and one big wet one for you to get to know!” The hand pressed further down and opposite Dee’s mouth and nose was Anna’s love lips, shaven and, Dee was surprised to find, quite sweet smelling and wet. She wriggled to get comfortable, she now realised she was there for the night; Anna’s hand tenderly rubbed her latex hood.

“Night Dee, lick, sniff, kiss and rub, do what you want, I will get a good eight hours, I think.”

And so, for the next eight hours or so in her dark pungent rubber and pussy scented prison, Dee ministered to Anna. She’d never, ever dreamed of licking pussy, but there is always a first time for everything! As the night moved on, she would adjust her position, she knew she would get little sleep and she would feel Anna move too, then her hands would be on Dee’s nipples and then inside her latex suits, seeking out her sweet spot, and unerringly finding it!

She was not horrified by her behaviour; she was now becoming unshockable, considering what she had experienced in the last week. In fact she was quite enjoying herself, particularly when she brought Anna to orgasm. She actually felt a strange sense of pride at this. Through her hood she could hear her moan as her tongue went deep inside Anna. She was not pungent, but sweet smelling and the taste on her tongue and lips did not displease her at all. She continued to nuzzle with her nose and explore with her tongue, not even feeling like a prisoner any more, but just a participant. And so was Anna, whose expert fingers, so young and yet so expert, brought Dee to her climax.

She was asleep, breathing easily, when she felt the lock being opened and the zipper drawn down, and she withdrew her head to bright light in the bedroom. Anna looked at her matted hair, and cum-streaked face, pink and sweaty, and chuckled.

“My, you’re quite a mess aren’t you Dee?” She went to the bathroom and came back with a face towel and gently bathed Dee’s face. It was a touching scene, Dee sitting on the bed and Anna next to her, washing her face and then combing out her damp hair. Dee was feeling much better now.

“You have a wonderful mouth Dee, and tongue, you have a natural talent. I’m trying to think of a way I can reward you for your skilful efforts. Now what can I offer you?” She smiled and began to remove the bootees then unlocked the mittens and took them off. Then she removed the romper suit and Dee was now back to the flesh covered suit she arrived in. Her body was hot and wet, pink under the semi-transparent suit. Anna looked saucily at her and said.

“Now don’t run away, I need to give you your reward.” She went to the closet and stripped off her catsuit, glancing back at Dee, who was watching in silence. Quickly she dried herself, for she too was covered in sweat, and after putting talc on, then stepped into another catsuit! Dee gulped when she saw this all-over black suit, complete with full hood, with eye, nostril and mouth holes, and gloves and feet. Dee had no idea what she was up to, but she was going nowhere, so she watched as Anna drew it over her lithe body and dexterously zipped it up to her crown. She was now covered in shiny obsidian latex, only her eyes, nostrils and lips uncovered.

She now approached Dee, who realised she was now panting, and placed a high rubber collar around her neck, locking it in place. Dee did not wriggle or struggle then, or when Anna slipped a chain through the rings embedded in the wrists of her suit and pulled her hands high behind her back and attached them to the back of the collar. Dee was breathing hard as the black temptress asked her.

“Now, are you going to behave when I give you your reward? No talking now Dee.” Dee didn’t know what the “reward” was, but now she really wanted to find out! She nodded and Anna grinned, and then turned to the closet and unzipped the crotch of the catsuit, her pink lips immediately peeked through. Dee stood silent and then gasped quietly as Anna withdrew from a drawer a double strap-on dildo! Staring at Dee and watching for her reaction, Anna stepped through the straps and pulled the strap-on up her thighs. Then she squatted and with a lascivious chuckle she eased the inner four inch probe inside her. Letting out a large breath of air she stood and tightened the straps. Dee stood transfixed; she knew where the other side of it was going! She couldn’t change her mind now, and she didn’t want to, but the rubber cock was big all right!

Anna sat on the side of the bed, her cock sticking obscenely in the air and motioned for Dee to join her. Dee did so and spread her legs either side of Anna’s thighs. Anna gently held her hips and then moved one hand up to her rubber labia, eased it apart and felt up and inside Dee’s love nest. She smiled up at Dee, as she withdrew her fingers and looked approvingly at the tell tale moisture, no need for any lube at all, thought Dee. Without Anna pressing her, Dee slowly lowered herself onto the probe. Anna aligned it up with her bulbous outer lips and eased it through. Dee could feel it at her entrance and continued to lower herself and with a gasp she was impaled! With her arms pinioned behind her she could do very little, but Anna was happy to do everything for both of them.

Dee’s breasts were just below her head and she leant down, and at the same time gripping her hips, she lifted her up off the dildo and took an exposed nipple into her mouth, then dropped her on the dildo again. She bit quite hard and Dee squealed, not in pain but pleasure. So it continued, as Dee bounced and shook on Anna’s lap, the cock slurping in and out of her, Anna nuzzled and sucked and nibbled at her hard nipples as Dee’s breasts jiggled in front of her. Dee must have come three or four times, and Anna too, when Dee whispered to her.

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“Please, please, in my arse, please.” She could not believe herself, saying this, but it was what she wanted, right now. Anna panted.

“I…should give you a good spanking for talking…you bad girl. You really want this?”

“Go ahead and spank away, I don’t care…but fuck me in the arse…hard….come on!” Anna lifted her off the shiny, wet probe and Dee quickly turned around. Anna closed her thighs and Dee straddled them then lowered herself, with her back to Anna, onto the dildo. Again she gasped, it was tight, but her own juices helped her embed it inside her.

She grunted out loud and didn’t care any more if she would be punished for making noise, as she rode the rubber intruder. Anna’s hands came round her and one twisted her nipple as the other expertly found her nub. Within seconds Dee screamed out in pleasure as Anna bounced on the bed, thrusting the cock in and out of her. This continued for ten minutes before they were both exhausted and fell to the side in an ungainly heap. Anna gently withdrew and held Dee in her arms for twenty minutes as they drifted in and out of a dreamy sleep.

Without saying anything, but just smiling at the stains at Dee’s crotch, Anna helped Dee up and released her arms; then unstrapped her strap-on and stepped out of it, again smiling at her own secretions. She took Dee’s mittened hand and led her to the bathroom. She filled the large sink with warm water and motioned Dee over to the chair in front. Dee sat and Anna took her head and leant it over backwards into the water, and began to tenderly wash her hair. Dee hadn’t had this done quite so sexually before, or by a woman dressed from head to toe in black latex, but it was wonderfully soothing. She looked up at the masked face as Anna’s rubber covered hands massaged her scalp, she really felt great now!

Anna drained and rinsed, repeated and then gently took a washcloth and wiped Dee’s face. Then she grinned evilly and squatted, commanding.

“Open your legs…wider…mmmm….that’s better isn’t it?” And it certainly was, as Anna rubbed inside the fake rubbery lips of Dee’s suit, up and down her tender labia. Then she gently swabbed her sore bottom, yes, it was sore, but Dee felt wonderful inside. Dee now stood as Anna said quietly.

“Next time I shall do it properly, in the shower, the both of us. I would like there to be a next time Dee. You can answer now; our role playing is pretty well over now.” She said almost sadly.

“Thanks…yeah, well…that would be okay, fine by me. It’s been amazing really, not an…experience I’ve had before…obviously.” Anna laughed; she was so pretty (even with a mask on!) and so young! She leaned into Dee, holding her by the hips and looking her in the eye.

“I did so like mothering you, Dee. I don’t know why I have this…thing. But I see no point in dwelling on it. I was left a lot of money and I plan to enjoy it!” She took Dee’s hand and they went to the kitchen. Dee sat at the table, her arse a little sore, and she was sure she was wetting the chair, as Anna, still in her all-over catsuit and mask, made breakfast. It was a strange scene to say the least.

“Kathy tells me you are trying to find a couple of friends of yours that disappeared,” she turned to look at Dee, “I knew them, they came here, separately, and we had some fun, then had a cup of tea and then they left. Never saw them again, probably frightened them off.” She chuckled. Dee found it odd that she would volunteer this without prompting, but said nothing – maybe she had been warned and had her story all ready. All the girls had seen the four clients Dee had seen; there must be a connection Dee thought, but how to get closer to it? Anna sat down by Dee, whose hands were still mittened.

“Can you cope on your own, or do you want me to feed you?” She smiled as she looked down at Dee’s still erect nipples.” Dee laughed.

“Still playing mother? I don’t think I can handle tea and toast with these mitts, so, yes, you can feed me, strange though it feels.” And Anna lifted a cup to Dee’s lips and she drank; it was a very strange scene, like mother and child, but with two women dressed in rubber, one from head to toe and the other with her nipples showing through!

“You must have lost three pounds in that suit, you look fabulous Dee. Do you like rubber now?” Dee looked down at herself, her nipples poking through the breast cups, and her strange enlarged rubber pussy. She could feel the wetness underneath her, seeping out of her suit at her crotch and arse.

“Yes, yes, I do now. It’s so tactile, the cling is like a….caress; and the way it flatters every curve. And I actually……well this is strange, I actually am getting to like the smell!”

“Careful Dee, you’ll become one of us. You’ll be doing it for the fun and not the money.” But who is “us”, thought Dee immediately.

“I do…enjoy it, I do now. That is what is so odd, as I am so new to it.”

“Like a duck to water, Dee,” and Anna laughed, “and do you want to see your other clients, I hear you are quite in demand.” Anna was quite inquisitive, and Dee realised she was a very subtle interrogator. Without even hesitating Dee surprised herself by saying.

“Yes, yes, I do….strange as it may seem after all I have been subjected to.”

“Not so strange really, go with your feelings Dee, you only have one time around. So junk the guilt and get on with it.” Did Anna know what she had been through? Dee thought she must know something, there must be some sort of collusion going on but this was only a hunch. Dee finished her breakfast and Anna leaned into her again.

“God Dee, you really do look great in that. I could just eat you.” Dee glared at her, and then they both laughed at the pun.

“But I thought I already ate you.” She laughed and Anna blushed and then kissed her gently on the lips. Dee did not resist, quite the contrary, but opened her mouth and pressed herself onto Anna’s lips. Anna’s tongue explored her mouth and then she gripped a nipple again. Dee moaned and thought she just didn’t want this to end. Rather than repel this assault, she was inviting it, lifting her mittened hands to cradle Anna’s head. Suddenly the front door bell rang; they parted, panting a little.

“Pity, pity, saved by the bell, eh Dee?”

“Maybe I didn’t want to be saved.” Dee said, licking her lips.

“Then Dee, there must be other times when……you don’t want to be saved, yes? I would want that very much.” She draped the cape over her shoulders and snapped all the studs shut; Dee shivered at the cool embrace again.

“So innocent under all that, if people only knew, eh Dee.”

“We all have secrets, Anna.” And Anna seemed to think on this.

“Yes, I suppose we do, I do, why Dee, do you want to share in them. Maybe you can, but there must be a commitment from you that they stay with you. Sometimes people....society frowns on what are perfectly harmless and mutually pleasant pastimes, just because they don’t understand or agree with them. So it’s necessary to keep them secret.” And now Dee thought that maybe she was getting just a little closer, she didn’t want to take Anna off her train of thought though.

“Only when we have complete confidence do we…I mean society…or those on the edge of it…let someone into the fold. And then of course they are one of us, and can’t or don’t want to expose that secret. I’m talking in riddles Dee, I’m sorry.” Dee was sad she did not go further.

“That’s okay, Anna, I got the general drift, and you can rely on me to keep a secret,” Dee thought hard before she continued “sometimes society may…require you disclose it…but if a secret becomes important to me, then well….no matter what the regulations…it stays with me.” At last Dee felt she had made some progress. As Anna opened the door it was Dee who leaned into her.

“Thank you, for everything, the night’s entertainment…..” she kissed her again, she tasted so good, so soft, “and thank you for your trust, I hope I will see you again.” Kathy was in the car and Dee, with difficulty, using her mitts, got in. Kathy held up the sunglasses as Dee waved to Anna, who shouted.

“She won’t need those Kathy.”


“Yes, really Kathy; Anna and I had a nice chat and we talked about secrets. And yes, we had a good time together, and yes, I would like to see her again, now let’s get going.”

“That’s great Dee, I’m so happy you have taken to these people so well. I’m not lying when I say they are really struck with you.” And then she smiled conspiratorially. “Actually I have one more special client, a gentleman who is desperate to meet you. Another client by the way who in the past had hired the four girls. He has extremely specific interests, some of a semi-permanent nature, but you may be interested, it’s up to you. Frankly my dear you have them eating out of your hand.”

Dee wondered what was up here. Kathy had now disclosed that the next client had seen the girls. Was she being led by the nose here? Just who was investigating whom? And what was this semi-permanent nature topic?

“Well, with this one Kathy, I have to know what his…..interests are, in detail. I seem to be developing more say in this, so I’m going to use that bargaining chip. The money I leave to you, but I don’t suppose that after the last week or so I can be that shocked now.” She eyed Kathy, who showed no reaction.

“Maybe, we’ll see,” she smiled, “but first you have a couple of days off. Then we can discuss client number five, okay?” Dee nodded, a little reluctantly; she wanted to keep on the trail, and to meet number five. What kind of weird fetish had he, she wanted to know.

For the next three days she didn’t hear from Kathy, and she waited for the phone to ring. She had three meetings with King, who informed her that three of the four clients she had met were squeaky clean. Super rich, discreet, pillars of the community, Kurt was in imports and exports, houses in England and Germany and the south of France; Joan had two houses, one in London and one in the country; and Anna had inherited millions when both her parents died, a bit wild when younger but now a bit of a recluse. They valued their privacy but King admitted that with their money it was entirely conceivable they could lead double lives. He could find no connection, other than using Kathy’s services.

Dee, for her own reasons, did not disclose their fetishes, feeling no real need to….girls were missing, that’s all that mattered. Straight or kinky sex, it had no bearing on the case, she thought. She told King of the fifth client, and said she would contact him when it was set up. She thought she was getting a bit closer, perhaps.

Chapter 5

Kathy called in a day later at Dee’s apartment, she said it was on for that afternoon, but did she want to go shopping? Fine, Dee thought, and Kathy smiled as Dee, in a t-shirt and jeans left with her. As they drove away, Kathy’s cell phone rang and, smiling at Dee, she answered it. Yes, yes, fine, no problem, Dee tried to make the conversation out. Then Kathy hung up and looked at Dee.

“That was Tom, number five, he wants to bring your……meeting forward, is that okay?”

“I suppose so, yes, to when?”

“Now, my dear, now.” Dee looked a little alarmed, she couldn’t contact King now; she was on her own. Was this done, very cleverly, on purpose or…just by chance? It all seemed very slick, if she said no, Kathy might suspect something. And if she said yes, and she was without cover….she could just disappear, just like the others. Suddenly she didn’t have such a good feeling about this. But she did feel she was getting closer and her professional integrity was on the line, maybe even promotion if she was successful.

It was a risk, a hell of a risk, although she did feel she could handle herself. But if she was all mummified in rubber - although she was getting to like being tied up in rubber - it may be impossible to get out, if your client doesn’t want you out of it! It was a calculated risk, and she had to calculate that risk, and the reward. What was the worst thing that could happen? Well that wasn’t one option she wanted to think of, so she moved on. The bottom line was she knew she was going to do it, because more than anything else she wanted to meet this new man……and see what kind of pervery he was into! Was her lust for rubber and all things perverted overcoming her good judgment? Perhaps it was, she thought, but she was now prepared to take the risk.

“Okay okay, I guess so. Though it seems a little rushed, what about my clothes? I don’t have any rubber. Should we go back to your place first?” She ventured, but Kathy, with a smile quashed that.

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“Oh no dear, he’s got plenty and he’s even a little more private than the others. So would you…mind the sunglasses?” Now Dee felt really uneasy, but she could do nothing. She put them on, blacking out her vision, and they drove in silence, Dee starting to second guess herself. And they drove a long time, maybe an hour, and well into the country. Finally the car entered a gravel driveway, a long one as she heard the gravel under the tires. Kathy stopped.

“Here we are, out you get Dee; I have to leave now. Good luck, bye.” And off she went. Dee stood at the door, her glasses still on; she could have removed them, but in all the rush didn’t think of it. She was getting quite nervous but she was managing to keep it under control. The door opened and a deep upper class voice said.

“Ah, there you are Dee, welcome to the pile here, my abode, come in now.” An arm took hers and she was led in, the large door slamming behind her.

“Do take the glasses off Dee.” She did so and found herself in a baronial hall! Talk about money, she thought; there were suits of armour along each side and guns and swords along the walls.

“It’s beastly to heat in the winter of course, but fine in the other seasons. I have other places in warmer climes during the cold here.” He had a friendly smile; he didn’t look like a white slave trader, but then Dee thought, who did? She noted he was about 45, greying but quite good looking, slim and tall.

“Kathy did not embellish, you are indeed stunning Dee, and I understand you are getting to like a bit of….rubber pervery too?” He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Yes, I do, is that what you have in store for me?”

“Oh yes Dee, and lots more too, you’ll see. I don’t suppose Kathy told you about my particular….kinks? No she didn’t really have time did she? We decided to push the meeting forward. I hope it didn’t spoil any plans you had.” So Kathy didn’t have time, and yet “we” decided to move the time forward, now she really thought she was being played along, and she had to be careful.

“No, and I wanted to meet you anyway.”

“You did? Super, well I think you will have a very interesting time with us (us?). We should get started, I think. Come down into the cellars, Dee, don’t look so worried, all these houses have big cellars; you can hide an army down there!” Or maybe four girls, thought Dee. There was a long corridor and doors off to the sides; Dee thought dungeon would be more appropriate. They entered a room, which was all white with a big bench in the middle and sinks to the side, there was also a motor with a hose attached close by.

“You do look worried Dee, don’t be; now I am going to change, and if you could take your clothes off too, that would be great. You’re not shy, are you?” Even Dee had to chuckle at that and began to take off her clothes. She stripped and then sat and waited. Ten minutes later Tom returned – in full black catsuit with gloves, and mask, with eye, nostril and mouth holes. He looked a bit sheepish.

“I expect you have seen a latex suit before.”

“Oh yes.” She smiled.

“Excellent, well Dee, one of my…kinks is I like making full casts of….women. I have other interests as well which you will find out…if you wish, but what I want to do today is to make a full body cast of you. Okay?”

“Well I guess so, is that it?”

“No, not exactly Dee, when it hardens a plaster saw will cut it off you, and then I can make moulds of you. You will make a wonderful model, ready?” Things were going very fast, but Dee nodded, so far it didn’t seem too frightening.

“Great, now first I will put on this apron and gloves s the plaster tends to slosh around a bit.” He did so and now looked a bit foreboding.

“First here, I will paint you with this liquid so the plaster won’t stick to you. I’m glad to see you are shaved, a good idea.” Slowly and very erotically he began to paint her body with the glossy paint until she was covered from under her chin to her toes with a glossy black sheen. Dee shivered as the cool paint warmed and hardened to her body. Although she was still nervous she had to admit it felt wonderful and when she looked in the mirror to the side, she did look pretty good too! He had left small cut-outs at her vagina and arse. She had noticed the two large paper sacks on the floor by the bench and Tom opened them, poured the plaster into the sink and after adding water used a large mechanical mixer to stir it into an even consistency.

“We have to do this quite quickly, Dee, it sets in no time, so stand erect , arms a little out at your sides and feet a foot apart. I’ll hose it onto you and you can help me smooth it out.” Too late now, thought Dee, if you disappear now, you’re gone for good! She nodded and he started to spray the heavy syrupy consistency onto her. She shivered as she smoothed it over her body to a thickness of about a quarter inch.

Soon she felt it beginning to harden about her torso, and become more restricting, her breathing becoming a bit strained.

“Legs wider Dee, about two feet, and arms out about six inches from your waist, now hold that position, good. You are hardening nicely. My, you look super.” She was now quite stiff but could breathe all right. She could look down and she did notice that her nipples were also uncovered. He smoothed out the hard white covering, but now she felt nothing, just cool air at her labia, arse and nipples. Now she felt very vulnerable, and two minutes later he tapped her shell and it was rock hard. He looked very pleased.

“Excellent Dee, step one over (step one?). Now I suppose I should have mentioned earlier, that I like to make casts of the whole woman……inside and out. That was naughty of me!”

“What do you mean….inside?”

“Well, what I need to do is make a cast of your pussy…mmm? And one of your bottom, and also your mouth, so I have a perfect replica. By creating a mould a perfect mannequin of you exists, either solid or hollow inside for….well never mind about that. So Dee, the next few steps won’t be very comfortable for you, but I’m told you are a very brave and resourceful woman. So first things first, we must have you breathing easily, so these narrow tubes go up your nostrils and down into your lungs and end up sticking out half an inch from your nostrils. Easy now Dee, easy.” She rocked her head from side to side but it was futile, as he expertly slid each tube up her nostril and down her throat. She nearly gagged but remained silent, glaring at him. He took no notice as he produced a round rubber pad and held it up.

“This pad here I will place at the back of your throat. I’m going to fill your mouth Dee so I don’t want any goop going down your throat. You will be able to breathe through your nose. Open wide.”

“Look Tom, please, I think tha…..arrghh…nnnkkk” Her pleas went unnoticed as he held her jaw down and pushed the thick pad to the back of her throat. She nearly retched but breathed through her nose slowly. In the centre of the pad was a small hole and through this small hole he eased another narrow tube, this one down her gullet. It ended between her teeth and behind her lips and he told her to bite on it gently. She saw him ease her lips apart and push another tube in and squeeze the pump. A quick setting gel was injected and started to fill her mouth and cheeks.

Keep biting on the tube Dee, good.” He kept squeezing on the inflator until her mouth was full and gel started to seep between her lips, he wiped this off, pursing her lips.

“Excellent, this will take a minute or so to harden, you look perfectly normal, mouth a little open, but close your lips and no one would know that you are thoroughly gagged.” She stared in open-eyed alarm at him, breathing through her nose tubes, her mouth crammed full, but outwardly normal. Tom was now concentrating on the next step. He was easing a dildo onto a thick latex condom. He approached her.

“As I said; a cast of inside and out. Now I will just slide this up your front here, shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.” Not for you, maybe, thought Dee, as she felt him slide the dildo inside her. She mmmmed into the gag, and then he slid it out, leaving the end of the condom drooping down between her legs. He now went behind her and she knew what was next. She was beginning to appreciate the buggering that she had asked Anna to give her, as the dildo slid past her loosened sphincter without much difficulty and then he withdrew it, again leaving the condom inside her.

“Now all I do is fill the condoms to a reasonable pressure. I don’t propos to split you apart Dee, just fill you up nicely.” He pushed in the tube and slowly began to inflate her! She wailed into her perfectly fitting gag but he continued to pump, until she was nicely plugged…a perfect fit to her insides. It was fast setting and she felt it harden quickly. At her rear he repeated the exercise, she shook her head slowly, it was all the movement she could manage; but the plug in her arse expanded, filling her to perfection. He withdrew the inflator tube to the end and allowed the sphincter to grip it until it hardened so that the end of the arse plug was narrower, but hard. He placed a hand on her cheek.

“You’re doing very well, Dee, I know it is hard for you but it will be only a couple more minutes.” But he hadn’t finished yet, and he saw Dee reading his thoughts.

“I know what you are thinking Dee, and you are right. I, of course must have a cast of your face, your beautiful face, and your head. You’re not claustrophobic are you?” She shook her head.

“Good, good, now here is the crunch Dee…your hair. It is beautiful hair, but you see in order to get a perfect replica, well…” She screamed into her gag, not my hair, my beautiful red hair!

“In the past I have used a skin-tight bathing cap, but it never leaves a perfect fit, it covers the ears. So I have thought up a refinement.” Again she wailed and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“Now Dee, calm down, I had thought of shaving you bald, I know you would not like that, not right now anyway, so Dee, I have decided to make a compromise. I am going to cut your hair down to half an inch so you will have some left. I don’t want any more argument Dee; I feel I have made a reasonable compromise. You are getting paid extremely well for this.” Dee, strangely, almost felt relieved, a crew cut she could handle, for now, so she nodded.

“Good girl, don’t fear Dee, it will always grow back, and if you need hair for public appearances then you can always use a wig.” What did he mean by public appearances, thought Dee? She stood unmoving as Tom, with sharp scissors cut off her fine red locks. He was actually quite good at it, she thought, but when he had finished she couldn’t help but be a bit shocked at her appearance in the mirror.

“Now I am going to rub this gel on your dome so the plaster won’t stick to you, and then apply the cast. But first I will put these plugs in your ears, like so and these two small pads onto you eyelids, like so. You are doing very well Dee, not long now.” She felt him spread the gel on her head and smooth it down her shorn locks, and then came the plaster. Poor Dee could do nothing as the heavy mixture encased her head; she tried to overcome the panic rising within her. She told herself that if he wanted to kill her then he would have done it a long time ago.

Quickly it hardened, and Dee stood there, a snow woman, but with brown nipples exposed – a featureless white statue, her only contact with the outside world her nostril tubes. He left her for a few minutes to harden. Then she started to fantasise her vulnerable position and slowly appreciate the sexual parallel. And it got stronger; anyone could take advantage of her now, just pull out the plugs and plunder her! She couldn’t understand her own feelings, but now she was not fearful, but enjoying her complete and utter vulnerability, completely in the hands of another, to do as he wished.

She had come to a point in her existence when although she didn’t understand this inner hunger that was driving her, she felt she somehow had to satisfy it. In her complete and utter darkness, immobile and plugged and listening to her now calm heartbeat, she had time to reflect on her past week. Before, she would have been shocked at her reactions but now, as Anna had said, you only come around once, and she had experienced more in the last week than in her previous life, which hadn’t been dull. It was as if she was made for it, the others had said that, and while she was always a little nervous before meeting her next client, she soon embraced all their rubber pervery!

All the pain (temporary), pleasure, humiliation, and subjugation did not frighten her anymore; in fact she now seemed to seek it, to even crave it! Her shorn head did not concern her even; trapped in the plaster cast, and plugged, she should have been terrified, but she realised she wasn’t. Would she ever be let out? She didn’t know, but that didn’t even seem to worry her now, for she seemed to unconsciously have put her trust in her captor.

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She was brought out of her introspection by the feeling she was being lifted up off the ground. Then she felt the dildos being removed. This was a quite painful as the portions inside her were larger than the entrances they had to exit! But he did this very slowly, almost tenderly and she felt him wipe her lips and sphincter. Then to her complete surprise she felt something hard at her pussy lips, hard, warm and familiar!

Now this was more like it, she thought, as he slid right up inside her wet channel. She felt him roll her nipples and then fingers rub and massage her sphincter and she mmmed with pleasure into her perfect gag. She came in a crescendo, something he could not tell as she swung slowly, a stiff statue impaled on his cock, and then he came too and shortly withdrew.

She heard, as if in the distance, the sound of a saw. She was going to be released after all! Up the arm, over the shoulder, across her head and down the other side it went. Soon she felt a slight release as Tom eased the rear portion of the cast off her. It came off quite easily; the liquid had done its job as had the gel on her scalp. Then the front came off, the nose tubes coming out slowly with the cast and she stood once again just covered in the liquid latex and with only the plugs in her ears and the gag. He laid down the two halves of the cast as she pulled the plugs out of her ears.

Then he helped her wipe off the second skin, which she quite enjoyed, emerging as a butterfly out of the chrysalis. She tenderly felt her head and the matted, gelled half inch long hair, but in truth she really, on reflection, had no huge regrets. It was gone and that was it.

“Thank you for the sex Dee, I know you think it all so weird but I thought it was amazing. Let me get your gag Dee, we’ll make a cast of that too later.” We, she thought, who is this we? She opened her mouth wide as he eased it out.

“Arrggh…aaahhh.” And out it came, together with the tube. She licked and swallowed and then coughed, he handed her a glass of water, which she gulped down. She looked at him ruefully.

“Well, that was an experience, although I don’t suppose that’s it for tonight, is it? What else have you planned for me? More pain?”

“And pleasure, Dee dear. We…..I want to give you pleasure, and of course take pleasure. Dee, are you up for more experiences? I and my friends want to cross new boundaries…..extreme sports we’ve heard of; well this is extreme sex, Dee. No half measures, it will be the Everest of pleasure. I have money and resources…as do Kathy’s other clients, and as you have found out, endless imagination. And what role do you want to play in all this?” She sat on the bench behind her, naked and shorn, but without shame.

“I…I don’t know, I can’t deny I don’t enjoy all…well, most of this. I do get turned on by it all. I don’t know what you want, you sound like you want some kind of commitment, but Kathy has four other clients who want the same thing. So what am I to do? I can’t please everyone all the time can I?”

“Well, maybe you can Dee. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We have tonight and I will share some of my other…kinks with you…if you wish, that is?”

“Well, yes, I think so. Depends on what you have in mind.” He chuckled at her reticence.

“Dee I like inflation, I like a woman in a cocoon, a chrysalis, I like a woman to be encased, mummified….alive. Is that too weird for you?”

“It might have been ten days ago, but not now, no. Just as long as we concentrate on the “alive” bit. I’m getting to the point where I can handle most things, I think, but I would like to come out of this alive, if that’s all right with you!” He laughed at her dry comment.

“We’re here to have fun, Dee, you’re not going to be any fun dead, and I am not into necrophilia.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” She laughed again and was feeling more relaxed now.

“How would you like to be a living statue for a while? Similar to before, but let’s say a silent onlooker on the world. I have to confess I have some friends coming over later and I would love to display you, and yet hide you, if you see what I mean. I have a special suit of armour in the main hall that I’ve adapted. You said you like rubber now,” she nodded, “well this is a steel suit, just like all the others, but with a skin of rubber inside. So the wearer is cocooned inside, yet all those outside do not know. I find that very exciting, I don’t know why.” Dee was still naked, sitting on the bench, this sounded all right, she thought. He’s no kinkier than the rest, and well, she rather liked the idea of spying on the party!

“Sure, seems kind of interesting actually, pity you didn’t mention this before cutting all my hair off.” She passed a hand over her skull, feeling the short crew cut. He helped her off the bench and up the stairs.

“Yes, well Dee, but if I had told you what I wanted to do to you would you have let me?” Dee thought on this for a minute as she examined the suit of armour.

“Actually you know I probably would. I’m surprised I say this myself but well, I have changed a lot over the last while…believe me.”

“I do, Dee, so here it is, pretty straightforward really, arms, hands, legs, torso and helmet of steel. The face piece lifts outwards like the real ones, and the crotch piece comes out, back and front, exposing or…enclosing your…nether regions. You have to wriggle into it, the head, arms and legs are in one piece but the rear of the torso is in two and locks here at the side. The interesting thing of course is the inside, see…lined with rubber; the whole body area, except the crotch, arse and this little triangular area around the face. It allows eyes, nose and mouth to peek out, but then the facemask can be dropped down and all the wearer sees is the tight mesh here, and life on the other side; actually vision looking out is very good. So do you want to have a go?”

He held open the rear of the torso and Dee leaned over into it; she could smell the shiny black rubber, that now familiar and slightly intoxicating aroma. Once in, Dee knew, and he knew she knew, she could be kept there for as long as he wished. She was not as fearful as she thought she would be, or should be, the idea sort of excited her. To be powerless, completely in the hands and under the control of another, her body his to play with, why was she not frightened at the thought of this? They stood next to each other, she looking in, it was a moment of no return, yet she knew that in her heart what her answer would be. She thought maybe twenty seconds, twenty long seconds, and then with a nervous smile, said.

“Yes, I want to try it, now.” And Tom put his hand on her shoulder.

“Great Dee, okay now step into the torso here, feet first.” She shivered at the now familiar cool tingle of the rubber, then dipping her head and bending, she slipped her hands down the sleeves and her head through the narrower neck and into the helmet. She peered through the small triangular face piece, just her nose, eyes and mouth exposed.

“Well, I guess I am the fly in the trap now. I feel quite vulnerable, but then….that’s what makes it exciting isn’t it?”

“Indeed it is.” Tom closed the rear of the suit and Dee was now trapped in solid steel. Images passed through her mind as she tried to calm a slight feeling of concern. There was some play in the suit and she wriggled inside it as it slowly was warmed by her body heat. Only her small area around her face, her shaved crotch and arse now was exposed. Tom looked very pleased and tweaked her labia; Dee gasped and bit her lip in pleasure.

“I have to leave for an hour or so Dee, things to do with the casts we made…enjoy!”

Chapter 6

So Dee was left alone, imprisoned, peering out at the large hall; big chairs, statues, rugs, paintings – and her in a rubber lined suit of armour! She actually laughed out aloud; she wondered what King or the rest of the crew would think. Well, they didn’t know anything about this, for she was on her own. They couldn’t save her now; she had got herself into this and would have to get herself out; that is if she wanted out! What would she be “saved” from - Tom or herself? She dwelt on this for a while, the journey she had taken in the last ten days and the voluntary journey to come to Tom’s place, knowing full well what it may mean.

Dee was now warm and a little damp, but really quite comfortable. Tom returned and proudly held up two large transparent dildos. They were very irregularly shaped, and then Dee realised they were the casts from her insides!

“Soft, pliant rubber Dee - of you and for you. So what do you say, want to be plugged?” He was asking her, which she thought strange; he could do anything he pleased with her, but she gave a small smile, sure, why not, she thought. He took the steel crotch piece from the hall table, opened it out and twisted the two dildos into firm rubber mountings on the inside. He lubed them up, she thought she didn’t really need it, she was so moist, and then he squatted between her legs, and very gently eased firstly the front one inside her. She gasped…ffff.....mmmm…he stopped but he noticed her reaction was with pleasure and that she was very moist so he pressed on up to the hilt. He then repeated it at her rear. This was a lot tougher and she asked him to take it slower, so he massaged her sphincter until it relaxed and then pressed firmly and without a break into her. She let out a whoosh of air and he raised the front and rear flaps and locked them at her abdomen and small of her back. Now she knew she was well and truly stuffed.

“How do you feel?” He eyed her face closely.

“Woo, fine, okay, just getting adjusted, yeah, I will be fine, just need a few minutes to work up some juices. It’s so weird having such a….perfect fit.” Tom laughed and kissed her gently.

“You’re something special Dee. But it’s own up time again, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, no, now what have I let myself in for?” She groaned. He tenderly tapped her nose.

“No more than you deserve my dear, only the best for you, our…my star pupil. I’ve not told you the rubber suit here is in fact two connected suits, which can be inflated. So….as I am inflating you here with this hose at your hip, the suit inflates and squeezes you nice and tight…..yes?” And the suit did inflate, and started to press into every crevice. She started to moan as the pressure began to increase. The suit began to pop, finding crevices to fill and shortly Dee was held rigid in a vice of rubber.

“Enough, enough, I can hardly breathe in here.” She said quietly, Tom however noted she did not scream or panic. Oh yes, Kathy was right, this girl was something special - one to be pampered and savoured. Her face was now squeezed by shiny, rubber. Her cheeks were compressed, with just her eyes, nose and mouth held within a small triangle. The inflation had stopped and she now breathed calmly, she was warm, she was protected, she was what – almost back in the womb.

“Well done Dee, you are quite a sight, and now for one final addition.” He held up her clear plastic mouthpiece, the perfect gag, formed to the exact contours of her mouth. Tom fixed the base plate to the face piece of shiny steel, still raised above her face. Dee started to look concerned again.

“Don’t fret Dee, you can breathe through your nose, and there is the small tube through the gag, which we can use for breathing or feeding, it’s connected to a small hole in the face piece. You will be fine Dee. Open up now!” She waited a second, but there was no reason to fight now, so she opened her mouth as best she could, with the tight rubber inner helmet holding her rigid. Tom smiled reassuringly and lowered the face piece, and the big plug entered her mouth. She wiggled her head slightly, and matched her teeth with the indents in the gag. Oh yes, it was a perfect fit; perfect for the job for which it was designed, to keep her mute! At first she mmmffed and then mmmed and then silently endured.

She could breathe in fairly easily but her nose was the better route. She heard two clicks and the face piece and the perfect gag were locked on. She peered through the mesh and could see a good part of the hall. Tom peered in at her, smiling at her silent eyes looking to left and right. Well, she was truly cooked now, there was no point in panicking, and so she overcame her last vestiges of nerves and tried to enjoy this “experience”. She could move her arse and crotch very, very slightly and so she started to clench those muscles and ride the dildos.

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She had a sense that she was not going to be a passive observer for the evening, for something was on! But was she to be a willing or unwilling participant? Things, she felt, were on the move.

After a while Tom returned back into her view, dressed in a bright red catsuit with knee high leather boots, he peered through her face piece and held up one thumb, she grunted once for okay and he went out of view. He returned with platters of food, which made Dee very hungry, and then bottles of champagne, which made Dee very thirsty! Well, she thought, the guests will be well fed and watered but what about me? The food was arranged around a large table with couches surrounding it. Then the doorbell rang!

Dee held her breath, and who should enter but….Joan!

She was dressed as Dee remembered her, in her superb rubber riding outfit and she looked fabulous. But Dee’s eyes then moved to the person with her. It was a tall woman who, like Dee before, was dressed as a pony girl. But the costume and the predicament of the girl were slightly different. Dee’s startled eyes began at the girl’s feet and worked up. She wore similar thigh length boots but the foot was shaped as a horse’s hoof, with the foot inside held in a high heel. She wore no panties, or gusset piece, just a tight basque in shiny black rubber. A tail sprouted from her bum, clearly attached to a dildo. Dee noted the poor girls bottom was brightly striped, clearly the result of the attentions of Joan’s whip.

But the girl’s front intrigued Dee. Her vulva was shaved and fully exposed, her labia had been pierced on both sides twice with gold eyelets, through which two small rings had been passed and joined. From both rings bells jingled as she moved. The effect of the rings was to almost close the girl up, maybe she could pee, Dee thought, but no one would be able to get inside her! The girl’s boobs were exposed, with nipples pierced with rings, and two more bells. A high neck brace held her head erect. And her hands had been pushed into single mitt and pulled behind her and attached to the collar. The girl’s head now caught Dee’s eye, she was completely bald! And round her neck was a wide silver collar with, in gold letters the name Michelle.

So, at last Dee had found one of the girls, and not by chance. She was now well aware she was part of a big set-up and she was now very nervous. Although she was proud that she had found one of the girls, this was small comfort if she could do nothing about her. She now had a sense that she would be seeing the other girls this night! She was now aware that the woman was being paraded in front of her, for her benefit. Dee was now in their “clutches” just as powerless as Michelle, and with her fate now in their hands. As she thought on this, she noted a large gold ring through Michelle’s septum and it was from this ring that a chain was pulled, not too gently, by Joan. In addition Michelle had a large red rubber ball crammed in her mouth attached to a single strap around her head.

Joan kissed Tom affectionately and admired his red suit.

“Michelle has been disobedient this evening, so I had to gag and quirt her, she’s calmed a little, I’ll chain her here by the fireplace, she can watch the evening from here. Michelle dear, open your legs, now see that statue over there,” she pointed at Dee, “well I want you to be as still as that, if I hear one jingle from your bells then you will feel my quirt again.” She brushed her finger across Michelle’s ringed vulva then sat on the couch as poor Michelle quietly whimpered into her gag. Tom served Michelle some champagne as Dee heard a familiar voice.

“Sorry I’m late.” And Anna entered! She looked a divine as when Dee had left her, this time in a canary yellow catsuit, which showed her slim, hard body very well indeed.

“I had the devil wheeling Lara’s cot out of Joan’s horsebox.” She pulled in a baby’s cot and curled up inside, Dee assumed, was poor Lara. Anna dropped the side gate.

“Out you get baby, you can crawl around here for a while, although you won’t get far like that,” she chuckled, “ can you imagine if we had been stopped, Lara in the cot and Michelle strapped in the box, all rubbered up, the cops would have had a fit.” And they all laughed loudly. Lara slithered backwards out of the cot wearing a similar outfit to the one Dee had worn – bonnet, big dummy gag, bootees and mittens, all in pink with cute animal pictures. But the romper suit was different. While it covered her full torso and upper arms her legs had been doubled at the knees and stuffed into the short legs of the suit. Dee could see below Lara’s buttocks the outline of her feet and her calves were tightly pressed back against her thighs, it allowed her no movement at all.

Anna kept her on a leash but allowed her to waddle uncomfortably around, dribbling from her dummy. Anna admired the other’s dress and moved to Michelle; and smiling tenderly fondled her breasts, Michelle was unable to do anything and tried hard not to jingle her bells! They helped themselves to food, now ignoring their two captives, but making small talk; just like any other party – without the bizarre costumes, and slaves!

Dee watched the strange tableau in her tight rubber cocoon, and then the doorbell rang again. Kurt or John she thought? Dee held her breath as John came in, looking very handsome in a cool long sleeved white rubber t-shirt and black tights, with a very large bulge at the front. God, he looked good, Dee thought and felt a stirring in her already very moist channel. Behind him walked a girl, completely encased in form fitting green latex, her vulva, arse and nipples only being exposed. Over her head was a full head mask with pin holes at her eyes, small nostrils and a large hole opposite her mouth. Dee was well experienced in John’s control fetish and the girl was well controlled. Her feet were in knee high ballet boots, with seven inch heels which elevated her instep to the vertical and forced her to walk on a stretched tiptoe of steel.

She took tiny, wavering steps, for her ankles were fettered with a nine inch chain. Her hands were drawn back in a single bondage glove attached to a chain which passed between her buttocks, through a ring poking out of her arse, between her legs, and which was then attached to the lower of two rings through her labia holding two eyelets tight. Ouch, thought Dee. The girl’s elbows were also drawn back and tied, touching each other. Dee knew that any movement of her arms would pull on the ring attached to whatever was up her arse, and on the lower vulva ring. It was very clever, and cruel she thought, wryly appreciating John. Round her waist was an excruciatingly tight corset which gave her an hourglass figure and round her neck a high posture collar to match. In her mouth was a large ring gag, exposing her mouth and drooling tongue. John slowly pulled her along by a chain which split into two and attached to her two nipple rings.

Of all the girls, so far, this one was suffering the most. Dee felt for the poor girl wobbling behind John, as he joined the others, but then again she felt just a little aroused. Barely looking behind him he casually unclipped the vulva chain and pushed her back onto the couch. She let out a big aaahhh as she landed; clearly whatever was up her rectum had given her a jolt, but she soon settled herself into an upright position, looking down at Lara kneeling on the floor and then at Michelle, standing still by the fireplace. They helped themselves to more drink and food, again making small talk, commenting on one or two of the women…in appreciation or criticism, the three trussed women silent and subdued.

Then it was Kurt’s turn to arrive, beautifully turned out in evening dress, and Dee knew that underneath he would be wearing latex. He was quite a dish, thought Dee, so urbane and cool. The woman he led in looked the most “normal” of all the unfortunates. She wore the familiar long rubber cape from neck to ankles, which Kurt took off, revealing a full length velvet dress with spaghetti straps and dipping bust line. Dee knew that this would be lined with latex, as would the shoulder length white opera gloves. She had a page boy hairstyle low on the brow, but Kurt unceremoniously pulled this off, revealing her bald head. Dee saw the same silver collar as Michelle’s, but with the letters Marj. So Jo must be the girl in the rubber suit, Dee thought.

The velvet/rubber dress was split enticingly up the front and back, and Dee wondered if she was wearing panties at all. Kurt hugged the other four, ignoring the other captives, as if they were furniture.

“Sorry, I’m late, Marj had a little tantrum at the opera, so we left early, and we can all look forward to punishing her later. Look how lucky she is, not even in bondage, and she becomes silly. You know I think she does it sometimes on purpose just to be punished, she’s such a submissive,” Marj held her head low, her bald dome shining in the candlelight. Dee looked again at her collar and then at Michelle’s, she could see no noticeable seam, were they welded or soldered on? Her question was answered very quickly as Kurt pulled her shoulder length gloves down, revealing two similar silver bands at her wrists, each about an inch wide and with rings on the inside and outside – and no noticeable joint. So they had been soldered on and buffed to perfection.

Marj and Michelle had perfectly fitting slave collars and cuffs and could not be removed without metal torch or cutters! Very efficient, thought Dee, and she was sure that the other two women would have the same “jewellery”. Their ankles were covered but knowing the brutal efficiency of these five, Dee had no doubt at all that they too would have permanent silver banding. And, like Michelle, they all most probably had septum eyelets, nipple rings and vulva piercings and rings. So all the women would be pierced, ringed and banded – like chattels, which was of course what they were! They were nothing more than packages for the enjoyment of their super-rich owners.

Kurt clipped Marj’s wrists behind her back with a small self locking ring and pushed her back onto the couch to sit next to the rubber covered and dribbling Jo. Everyone was now assembled, the captives in suitable bondage and the captors in comfortable and attractive latex – and Dee knew that one of the reasons they were here was herself!

“Welcome everyone, to our weekly event of fun and frolic.” Tom raised his glass with the others.

“This evening we have a new DVD to watch,” he touched a button on a handset and a portion of the bookcase slid sideways to reveal a large screen and bank of DVD’s and videos, “which we can watch in leisure with our….four companions; eat and drink please, and as usual help yourself to our ladies! Once the movie has finished we do have a mutually important topic to discuss and a possible offer on the table. But we’ll discuss that later. So let’s get comfortable and we will watch the movie.”

The couches were arranged in a large U shape, and each of the captors took a woman of choice, except poor Tom, the odd man out. Resplendent in her riding gear, Joan took Michelle by her nose ring and pulled her down next to her. She placed a rubber covered hand at her vulva and fingered the jingling bells; Michelle moaned around her wet ball gag and closed her eyes. Anna sat wide legged, unzipped the crotch of her yellow catsuit and pulled on Lara’s lead, drawing her face between her legs, saliva dripping from the dummy stuffed in her mouth. Lara began to nuzzle Anna with her nose.

Kurt sat beside a nervous Marj, his hand up the slit in her dress. And Dee watched closely as John sat next to Jo, clad from crown to toes in black latex, and casually twisted the rings in her vulva, Jo gasping open mouthed through her ring gag. As Dee stewed in her juices in the suit, part of her wanted to be in Jo’s place right now! The lights dimmed and the video began.

Dee stared through the mesh at the big screen as the masters and mistresses settled own with their slaves to watch, and on the screen was…..Dee! Finely dressed in latex, livery and thigh boots, a tail sprouting from her bum, bells jingling at her nipples and clit, she walked, then pranced and then galloped under the sharp whip of Joan. She was at first faintly embarrassed, even ashamed; but then she heard the comments from the audience….stunning, wonderful form, just look at her go, what a beauty…and within her rubber cocoon she felt a sense of growing pride. Even the four slaves nodded in approval as Dee pulled Joan around, prancing proudly. After what seemed like forever the film ended, to loud applause from the audience – even Lara and Marj clapped, and all nodded in appreciation.

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They replenished their glasses but Dee knew what was next, for the second portion of the video showed her suspended in John’s creature, tubes and wires hanging from her and her breasts sucked into the clear plastic domes. She watched fascinated as she fought, wriggled and struggled against the machine, and then she heard again the appreciative comments from the audience – how superb she looked, how hard she fought the machine, how special she was. She then saw John approach her and fuck her, and it all came back to her. She remembered the assault on all her senses and how exciting it was….to be utterly powerless and sent to sexual heights she’d never imagined. Now she was reliving it, watching herself, and she was getting wet again inside her warm cocoon. She saw John pumping away at this strange jerking puppet and she wanted that feeling again!

The video ended and there was silence for a while, all of them in the room, including the slaves were now clearly highly sexually aroused. It was Tom who spoke.

“Perhaps in honour to Dee, we can all have a bit of…..relief before we get to business.” The others nodded and there was a flurry of movement as the captors proceeded to take advantage of their charges, who in truth didn’t seem to put up much of a fight. Dee could hardly keep track with all the movement, but in no time at all, with well practised moves she noted the following.

With quick dexterity Joan removed the bells and rings from Michelle’s vulva, then unzipped the crotch of her riding britches and what should pop out but a large pink strap-on dildo! Michelle flapped her arms uselessly as Joan gripped her basque and aligned her up then dropped her onto the rubber cock. She let out a moan as Joan bounced her up and down, her tail swishing behind her between Joan’s outstretched thighs.

Dee now glanced at Anna who had grabbed Lara’s bonnet and was rubbing her nose firmly up and down her exposed vulva, poor Lara barely being able to breathe.

Both Kurt and Tom were taking care of Marj, who was perhaps now paying for her earlier behaviour. Kurt had lifted her dress above her hips and, naked underneath, she had been impaled of his member, sticking out of his dress pants. Tom knelt by Kurt and had taken Marj’s shiny dome in his hands and plonked it down on his dick, so now Marj was busily sucking away!

But it was John again who Dee paid most attention to. Jo was now kneeling between his thighs and John gripped her shiny black dome, pushing her down on the cock emerging from his tights. With the ring gag keeping her mouth wide open, Jo had no defence to his thrusts. At the same time he was tenderly rolling her ringed and belled nipples. Through the mesh Dee watched this unabashed orgy, powerless to do anything, and what did she want to do? She wanted to join? She wanted to replace Jo, she wanted John, right now, and if he wasn’t available then…...any of the others?

After a while they were all sated and even the slaves seemed content. It was Anna who spoke.

“Well, I think we owe Dee for that bit of exercise, she got us all excited just watching her on the screen.” Tom replied.

“Yes indeed, we have all enjoyed her talents and she has exceeded all our wishes. Have any of us any doubts about her joining our little throng?” Tom searched the room. They all shook their heads, even the four slaves!

“So, we lay out the offer for her, yes?” They nodded again, including the silent slaves. Dee knew something big was going to happen and could feel her heart pound in her wet latex prison. The five of them stood up, leaving the four girls by the couches, and approached the silent suit of armour. Each grinned at the wide eyes behind the mesh. Tom spoke.

“Hello Dee, we all loved your performances on the screen, as you can tell, the others were aware of your attendance this evening, not the girls, just we five. The girls were now all looking over at the suit of armour and then between themselves, a little surprised; now in on the little trick that had been played.

“Dee, I think it is time we explained the exact situation you are in right now.” Oh God thought Dee, shit, that’s what I am in, shit.

“We’ll start by telling you we know who you are….detective sergeant!” Dee groaned into her gag, and the five heard this and saw alarm in her eyes. Tom continued.

“Don’t worry Dee, we knew a long time ago, after you met Kurt, so while you thought you were watching us…we were watching you! Dee, we are very organised, we have a lot of money and a lot of contacts, some in high places. We have been following your tracks and those of your associates. We have allowed you, and them, just the right amount of information.” Tom took a breath and then John smiled and took up the story.

“And without making anyone too suspicious, nothing that would in any way get them closer to us. We leave no trials, well, only the ones we want to leave. We admire you Dee, you had a job to do, and you did it well, way beyond the call of duty.” John put his hand on top of her helmet, and they all laughed. But Dee right now did not feel like laughing, she had been played like a fish, and now she was well and truly in their net! But now Joan took over.

“You found the women Dee, here they are, those women who had mysteriously disappeared, into what, the white slave trade? But you found them alive and…...well.” She turned round and looked at the four women and they all nodded. Joan continued.

“All kinds of things are going through your mind right now Dee, we know. What we are going to tell you is the truth, and nothing but, okay? And it will be confirmed by Marj here, and Jo, Lara and Michelle later. This process will probably answer all your questions. Firstly, your life is not in danger, and it never was, nor will be. Do we run a sexual slave ring? Yes, I suppose we do, but with a difference. You see Dee, these women are here of their own will! These four wonderful, talented women here,” she smiled at them, “are here of their own choosing. Now initially perhaps they were not quite so willing, but we have made it all quite attractive for them.” She allowed her comment to sink in and then Anna took over, holding Joan’s hand.

“Dee, dear, these women have now volunteered their….services, their bodies, themselves to us each for a period of three years. They each have a three year contract, believe it or not. We do with them what we wish, and in return in a Swiss bank we have placed the sum of one million pounds, which as we speak we hope is acquiring interest. Now at the end of the three years they shall be released from their contract, to go wherever they want and to do whatever they want with their money. However should they enjoy our….company so much, they will be offered a further contract, the terms to be negotiated. Now believe me when I say this Dee, they will not be permanently harmed or scarred.”

“You will see that they are pierced and eyeleted.” It was Kurt who continued. “And shaved, collared and cuffed. With careful surgery and a little bit of home hardware, all these can and will, if they want, be removed. Joan here is a plastic surgeon, and worked on all the girls and may continue to do so, if we come up with some fresh ideas. They endure some discomfort and some pain, to satisfy our odd desires; they were made well aware of this at the outset. There will be times that they may think they made a big mistake, but a million pounds is a large incentive.” Now it was John who at last spoke.

“So there you have it Dee, we knew all about you and D.I. King. Tailing us to a couple of houses will not rescue these women. One; they don’t want to be “rescued” and two; well he simply won’t find them. As they will tell you, we move them around a lot, between us and between our various houses. We have companies, Kurt an import/export company, which are ideal for moving “cargo” and “packages” such as these beauties. We move around a lot, even abroad, and we like to take these “packages” for entertainment. And now Dee dear, we come to you. What are we to do with you?”

Dee swallowed as best she could, she could feel her heart pounding like a hammer, she had digested all that was told her and knew that she was well cooked, and they could do anything with her they wished; she was comforted by them saying they wouldn’t harm her, but what were the other options?

“I’ll come right to the point. Dee, we want you to join us!” Oh, my God, Dee thought, oh God.

“Yes, call it what you want, sign up, join up. We all are incredibly impressed and excited by your….talents and your….willingness to try anything, to take us on, so to speak. Dee, you seem to have a true desire for all this….weird stuff,” he smiled, “and you seem to have a real fire in you, to accept it, and welcome it and even push us further in turn. Dee, I can only say this one way, you are born for this. You may not feel it now, but we are sure of this. We could have some amazing times. You would be extended to your limits and then further.” He waited a second.

“For me, I would love to have you in my machine again….and you challenged me last week, didn’t you? Well, I am prepared to take up that challenge. I…we don’t want to lose you.” Then Joan interjected.

“He speaks for all of us, I have some ideas I would like to try with you, some equestrian options. And Tom, we can assure you, has some fertile ideas too. Kurt, ever the gentleman, can take you to all parts of the globe, out in public but secretly trussed and in sexual torment. And Anna, well this minx here can get up to all sorts of naughty things with you.” She smiled and raised her glass in acknowledgment.

“So it can be an adventure, pain, yes, some, and pleasure…undoubtedly.” John now continued.

“But what it means of course Dee, is that you must disappear, just like these four girls here. You understand you can’t go back and say goodbye to your friends and colleagues, it doesn’t work like that. It may be hard on them, and you; but it is the only way it can work for us, and you. King will obviously come looking for you, and the press will have a field day for a few weeks but then it will all die down. Happily you have no family to worry about, yes Dee, we know you were an orphan. From our perspective that is good, we don’t wish undue pain on anyone. King will give up, frankly he will have less success than you, for Dee, he surely doesn’t have your talents.” He grinned at her through the grill.

“What you do after three years is up to you, the same with the other girls, but you will have to have a good story if you go back to your old life, for where have you been the last three years – no one will believe this will they? Anyway, that is a problem we can think about years from now. It is all very strange and sudden; I’m sure Dee - your life will completely change for the next three years, and then another new life, but with a million pounds. The option is we release you now, let you go, unharmed. And rest assured you will not hear from us again, nor will you be able to “pin” anything on us, for you will have proof of nothing. We will be strangers to you. Kathy will move on, there will be no trail to follow. Believe us, we are good at this. But we hope it won’t come to this, we want you here, with us. Dee, you have done everything asked of you, and more. You have found the girls, unharmed; you have completed your assignment. So, what happens, you go back to your job, are you so much in love with your job, your present life that it is a better option, and one with no million pounds at the end? You are a natural at this; in fact I can see you in our positions, doing this for the fun and not the money. The girls over there will admit there are times when they think they made a mistake, but then there are also times when they are having a hell of a time.” He gave them a knowing look and they looked back, all a little sheepishly in acknowledgment.

“And that is fine by us; we do not expect five compliant and happy slaves – would they then be slaves? Sometimes the fun is to have a little resistance, a spirited fight. But you are different Dee, right from the start we knew that, the other girls want you to join them, company is always good, and you can share some of the punishments and reduce theirs. Five between five has always been our goal and we need you to make us complete.” He grinned and Anna came forward again.

“If you don’t believe us, we’re sorry, so we’ll leave you for a while with the girls, and you can ask them any questions you like. We know it is a big decision; for us of course we think it is an easy one.” Anna released the two catches and removed, very slowly and tenderly the two dildos from Dee, smiling at the secretions on them. Meanwhile the others returned to the four girls and began to release Lara from her dummy and bonnet; Michelle from her ball gag; Jo from her ring gag and mitts.

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Now they stood, rubbing their arms and flexing their chins. Jo remained in her full rubber suit and mask, but she at least had her arms free; Lara still had her hands in mitts and could still only crawl, but she seemed happy to have at least the dummy out of her mouth. Michelle remained mittened but her arms were free and Marj had her arms free from the cuffs.

Anna now pulled up Dee’s face mask and out popped Dee’s perfect gag. With a sigh Dee said thanks and Anna pecked her pink, wet cheek and whispered, out of earshot of everyone. “Please stay”. With an admonishment to the girls “to behave” the five of them left. They approached her, almost warily, poor Lara on all fours, Jo wobbling in her ballerina heels and ankle chain. They examined in silence Dee’s predicament; her wet, pink vulva so exposed and vulnerable, her pink bum hole and the wary expression on her face, surrounded by the tight inflated rubber. Jo, behind her black mask, spoke first.

“So, you’re the brave copper who came to save us. I’ve got to admire what you went through, just to find us. But you are in a fine pickle now, aren’t you? Stay, or go, only two options.” Marj then said.

“John said you took over two hours in the creature, that’s almost inhuman, he was right, you are a natural, and you’re made for this game.”

“Maybe, but I feel a real prat like this. Do you mind if I ask you some questions?”

“Course not, that’s why we’re here. Anyway we don’t get to talk much so we might babble on! And we might as well eat while we are here, let’s grab some of that food and champagne now, girls.”

They leapt like jackals at the plentiful food, each helping Lara and Michelle as they were still mittened. Jo lifted a bottle to Dee’s lips and she drank heartily, the bubbles going up her nose and she giggled. It was like a very strange party.

“Okay, about what they said, how much of it is true? Are you really all right?”

“Depends on what you mean by all right.” Lara chuckled. “We are well fed, fit, looked after, pampered you could almost say. And we are going to be rich in, well between two years and two years three months time. Which means you will have them to yourself for nine months, if we choose to take the money and run. Look, thanks for coming to look for us, you made a big sacrifice, but we don’t want to be saved.” The others nodded in agreement, and Michelle spoke.

“Look, tonight was just one example of the antics they get up to. John was right; we get pain, discomfort, disorientation and….well, lots and lots of sex. There are times when you want out, but the money is a hell of an incentive, and frankly it’s not just the money, we get some fun out of it too.”

“Just suppose….they don’t release you in three years, they keep you in bondage forever, and then, I don’t know dump you, have you thought of that?” There was silence for a second, then Jo spoke.

“Well…it is a risk of course, but we were all prepared to take it. Perverts and fetishists they may be, but I for one think they are honest ones. Be honest Dee, do they seem like crazy white slave traders to you, or just some kinky rich folks having a good time?” Dee thought on this for a while as the others looked at her, while guzzling the champagne. To Dee, there really was only one answer.

“The latter, I think.” The others nodded vigorously. “I didn’t want to insult you with the question, please understand, I agree, I think they are people who are having a hell of a lot of seriously perverted fun. I just wanted to know if you had thought it through.”

“Don’t worry, we have thought it through. None of us had great jobs anyway, unlike you Dee; you at least have an option out there. Our lives were pretty mundane, and well, this is certainly not mundane. So the bottom line Dee is, we’re in for the haul.” Dee thought on this and then smiled slightly.

“Tell me; tell me how you see the five of them. I’ve, well, I’ve been with all of them, you’ve seen two of my episodes.”

“Yeah,” Jo laughed,” and you are great Dee; frankly we’d love you to come and join our merry band here. You’re a star, there’s no jealousy here, we’re all a team and well a fifth, and a great fifth like you would….well to be frank, take some of the heat off us!” The others laughed.

“Well thanks, I think. But I have to know about them a bit more first. What about Joan for instance.” It was Michelle who answered.

“Joan likes the whip all right, you’re all decked out like a horse, in rubber and livery, and she loves to whip you faster and faster, still the reward is you get to go to bed with her, and she really knows how a woman’s body works, mine anyway. She’s not a lesbian but she sure knows which buttons to push.”

“Anna’s an odd one,” said Jo, “all this infantilism yet she too can be a sweetie, she is funny and bright, but with a mean streak too. Have you been in her adoration pants at night? If you give her a good licking she will give you a very nice reward!”

“Yes I know.” Said Dee and the others chuckled. Lara spoke now.

“Kurt is the old gent, only not so old, he’s a sentimentalist; theatre, dinner, but cross him like Marj did tonight then prepare yourself for some trouble. Now Tom likes to completely control a woman, he loves to turn us into mannequins, alive inside but incapable of any movement. We’ll tell you now; he’ll already have a cast of you and he’ll make mannequins of you out of plastic, with rubber inside, and then he stuffs you in them. The mannequin opens out into two halves, quite like this suit, and he crams you into this identical effigy of yourself and locks you in. And I’m not finished yet; there are two small nose holes and a gag to keep you quiet and tiny holes to see out of. Marj spent a day, a day, in a shop window in London a couple of weeks ago, in a small fetish store a friend of his owns. So there she was, all decked out in rubber dress and highwayman mask and no one passing by knows Marj is trapped inside.”

“Yeah, it was a bit freaky at first, but you know after a while I got a little excited about it.” Marj giggled and Jo continued the theme.

“That’s the bizarre thing, here…you think all this stuff is so weird, and it is, and sometimes painful…but you just get a buzz anyway!” And Dee was getting to know exactly what she meant. She too was getting a big buzz from a lot of it. And then she asked about John.

“I think he is the most sadistic and also the most compassionate, he’s a real conundrum. He can electrocute you to unconsciousness and bring you back tenderly. That creature of his, I don’t know how you stood two hours. You really impressed him; he’s got a real thing for you Dee. I’d love to see him in that machine, just give me ten minutes on those dials!” And the others laughed and Dee thought, yes, I’d like him in the creature too….and maybe it would be worth it all just for that pleasure! Michelle spoke.

“Very soon you learn to be non-judgmental here, sex with a man or a woman, pain or pleasure, you take it all with an even temperament. There’s no right or wrong here, Dee. You try and enjoy each day as much as you can.”

“Tell me about the eyelets and the rings.” It was Marj who replied.

“Well once you sign on, that’s done straight away. Joan is really good; she uses a local anaesthetic on nipples and vulva but the septum, yes, that did hurt. The eyelet in the nose is a big one and can take big rings, but it’s hard to get an anaesthetic there. If I don’t stay I will get them all removed, except the nipples, I quite like them now.” The others nodded in agreement.

“But what’s it like when they…lace up your…ring your vulva…close it up.” It was Jo, behind the mask, who answered.

“That is a bit strange all right, but there is no real pain. It kind of looks funny though. It’s no big deal really. I have been stitched up for three days before; they caught me masturbating, so they soon put a stop to that! You can pee all right, you just can’t get at your clit, and it’s a pretty clever design I have to admit.” Dee was a bit surprised at the answer, but after all they had been through maybe it wasn’t such a big deal.

“They clipped my hair down to a half inch. I loved my hair, red and thick, but now it is gone. Are you all bald?” Lara answered.

“Afraid so, Dee, they’ll want it all off. It heightens the senses and it’s much better being bald when you have to wear so many masks and hoods. You’ll get used to it really quickly. You’ll see we all have the same collar and cuffs and on our ankles too. They are on for the duration, they’re soldered on. They each have our name on them and actually they are quite comfortable as they have a padded rubber inside. They squirt skin cream under them to keep the skin in good shape and we haven’t had any problems. If we do I guess they will just cut them off and treat us, no big deal.”

“It’s weird when you go out in public, you’re in bondage, wearing rubber, probably plugged back and front, and one of them has a remote that can send you crazy in about a minute, and you have the wig on of course, and no one notices a thing, no one suspects anything. And even though we have the slave bands on, with the rings and our names in gold on them, no one blinks an eye; they just think its some kind of heavy duty jewellery – which it is! They like the bands, they are so easy to subdue us with, you just need a small snap ring and bingo we’re a powerless. And being out in public somehow, I don’t know about you three,” she glanced at the others, “but I get a buzz too. You are part of the charade, in fact the centre of it and you are revelling in the game as well.” The others all nodded in agreement.

“What about…sex, I mean plain sex.”

“Vanilla you mean? Well not really, we have cock and pussy, sucking and anal sex, and all the usual stuff going into every hole; you saw what went on earlier, but it is always with a bondage or fetish theme. You’re stretched out or hung up, or dressed as a horse or a baby, or you are getting a real good spanking. I’ll own up for one here, there’s nothing I haven’t really disliked. The anal was a bit of a stretch at first – if you see what I mean,” Jo laughed, “but I have always been a bit liberated. Remember Dee, we don’t judge - just do it and get some pleasure out of it!”

“What about the travel?”

“You make it sound like the army! Wear rubber, be a sex slave to a bunch of millionaires and see the world! Yes, we do travel quite a lot. They have houses or flats all over the place. But the mode of travel can leave a bit to be desired.” Jo smiled ruefully.

“I’ve been in a rubber lined and inflated steamer trunk for at least eight hours, on the way to France. And then I’ve been encased in a metal tube surrounded by foam rubber.” Said Marj. Michelle continued.

“I’ve been in a wooden container dressed in rubber and a gasmask and hidden in a truck, surrounded by about a hundred others.”

“I’ve been tied up and gagged, disguised as an Arab woman complete with the full head dress and walked straight through customs, I wouldn’t want to do that again, I was shitting myself.”

“Once they passed me off as a deaf mute. I had a gag locked inside my mouth and my teeth screwed shut; that was freaky. Believe me they are very inventive.”

“Do you ever get any rest time?”

“Oh yes, lots of it. Sometimes I am looking forward to being rubberised and fucked again. They all have jobs or businesses to run, so a lot of time can be spent in your room, wherever you are staying. Most of the houses have rooms, cells really, where you stay, you can read, watch videos and TV. Of course most of the movies and books are fetish stuff anyway. So you can get plenty of time on your own, and anyway when you get back to the weird stuff, you’re ready for it, in fact sometimes you are looking forward to it, believe it or not.” And Dee did reflect on that, and she was right, Dee admitted that she was champing to get to see “number five.” Marj continued.

“The whole operation of being transformed into their slave will take about an hour, I suppose and everything will be done at once. There’s no going back then. Joan does the piercing and eyeleting; and John the soldering and shining. The others help out, they have a great old time – while you are strapped down and thinking about changing your mind. But don’t Dee. You will have local anaesthetics and it is not so bad. Once you’re ringed, pierced and collared and cuffed, oh yes and for you, shaved, your new life begins and you can write off any memories of the past. The present is all you live here.”

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“So, if I say no, I don’t want to be their rubber plaything, for three years. They release me and I don’t hear from them again? Sounds doubtful.”

“Well, none of us turned them down so we don’t know for sure, but they are really organised. Kathy will disappear and surface somewhere else, you would have trouble trailing this lot, and anyway why trail us; we’re here because we want to be, Dee. Course they wouldn’t believe that, who would? The bottom line is you wouldn’t pin anything on them, so don’t waste your time.”

“And if I stay….King and his team are going to be mightily pissed off at my disappearance.”

“Maybe more surprised I’d say, but there is no trail. They only have two addresses and turning over them will reveal nothing. You’ll just be another missing person, Dee and I hate to say this but in six, no three months you’ll be forgotten. That’s the sad truth of it. They may try a bit harder for a smart, beautiful copper like you, but soon other crimes will take precedence. It’s a sad fact.”

And Dee knew that this was so true. There would be a month of hard looking and then the trail would get colder and colder and then she would be a dim memory.

“They’ll give you some time to think about it. But we should have some fun as well, eh?” Lara said mischievously, kneeling at Dee’s feet, cute in her rubber romper suit. Her head was opposite Dee’s shaven pussy. Dee seemed nice and warm in the rubber suit, but her exposed pussy and arse well, needed some attention, Lara thought, and eyed the others. They were all on the same page very quickly! As Jo gave another drink to Dee, Lara’s mouth was already on Dee’s tender vulva, while Michelle had moved behind her and was licking between her arse cheeks. They probably thought they would be punished anyway so they thought they might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

“Mmmm Dee, you are so sweet and tasty.” Said Lara as her tongue pushed into Dee and sought out her clit. Dee started to moan, and Michelle said from behind.

“Will someone keep her quiet, she’ll shout the house down and they will return before we have had our fun, either use that facepiece gag or you Jo, do what you do so well.” Jo needed no encouragement, and leaned into the small aperture encasing Dee’s face and clamped her mouth over hers. Poor Dee was now being assaulted from three points by real experts. Jo was a wonderful soft wet kisser, and Dee felt it so strange kissing this woman with the tight black mask with pinholes for eyes, she wanted to know what she looked like, but that, Dee figured, would have to wait for another day, if there was to be another day – that was the question. Then as if by silent sign, they all changed positions, and now Dee was kissing Marj, whose tongue was much more active, and Lara was at her rear and Jo had her clit gently gripped between her teeth. Dee came with a shout, muffled by Marj’s mouth clamped over hers. Lara took a break and as the other three assaulted her in the most wonderful way, Lara whispered.

“Stay with us Dee, you’re a real prize, you will be so wasted out there. We really don’t want you to go.” Dee shuddered again as Michelle was at her groin and Jo had a finger, then two up her rear.

“Stay with us, you will have some major fun, and pain and discomfort too, I will not lie to you.”

“You’re only saying that because you want me to take the heat off you!” Said Dee as Marj took a break. Jo smiled.

“True, partly anyway, but don’t you get it Dee? You’re made for this. You’re better than any of us and you have only started.” The four girls now formed a group in front of Dee. Lara spoke.

“I think I can hear them come back now, so think hard Dee, do you want to give up all this naughtiness for just three years, and go back to your life before?”

The five “owners” returned and the girls obediently left Dee and resumed their places near the couches. With no ceremony they were returned to their previous bondage. The women were very obedient, Jo opened her mouth and John crammed the ring gag into it, then pulled back and strapped her elbows, slipped her hands into the single mitt and drew the chain through the ring in her anal plug, between her legs and clipped it to her labial ring. Lara was quickly gagged with the dummy and re-bonneted. Michelle had the red ball gag returned to her open mouth and her hands were drawn back and chained to her posture collar. Marj, the lucky one, so far, was simply cuffed, but then Kurt, as if in an after thought pushed a large cock gag into her resisting mouth and drew the rubber strap over her bald head for a nice tight fit.

Tom watched all this in quiet amusement, his middle finger gently rubbing between Dee’s rear cheeks and against her anal sphincter. The girls now watched in silence as the other four approached Dee, who was now very much the centre of attention. It was Anna who spoke first.

“Well, I see the girls have been giving you their full attentions.” She grinned as she rubbed her finger up Dee’s vulva and inspected the secretions. “I hope you had time to have your questions answered.”

“Yes, I think so, but of course I don’t know if they were telling the whole story, but that is a risk I have to take.”

“I don’t know what else we can do to convince you, Dee. You are a good detective, and you can carry on being a good detective….or you can join our merry band of perverts. You know what we want, we want you to make us a nice even ten, where none of the poor masters will be without a slave to play with – five on five, an endless variety.” They waited and Dee, wet and slippery in her rubber cocoon, her face now pink and damp, licked her lips and replied.

“Well, don’t expect me to feel too sorry for a master without a slave to play with. I’m a good copper and I’m proud of what I have done, I found these women and no one else would have, of course I ended up like them – rubberised and powerless - so maybe that is a blot on my copy book. But no one else would have gone through what I did. The last ten days have been very traumatic for me, I’ve been subjected to incredible….experiences, not all pleasant…..sometimes I have been very sore and very tired after a “session” but……here’s the rub….for the most part they were amazing experiences. Taking three years out of a person’s life is tough, no friends, colleagues, but I consider myself to be a tough cookie, and I’ve decided to……sign on.”

There was a huge sigh of relief, not only from the five masters but also a muted nodding from the four gagged slaves! It was John who spoke first; he seemed the happiest of them all.

“Dee, Dee, welcome, I won’t say there won’t be times when you may regret this, when we push you through a particular exercise or punishment but, we guarantee that your next three years will be…mind blowing.” He pecked her on the nose and she felt his finger at her vulva, she started to shiver in anticipation. It was Joan who spoke.

“I hate to break up this love fest but we have some work to do on our new “slave” here, some lengthy and indeed painful work, so shall we get on?” Joan had emphasised the word slave on purpose and it brought the group back to reality, and Dee! John spoke again.

“Yes, absolutely, now Tom has something for you to sign and then we will start the body modifications, which will take a while and then after that as a kind of reward, we have a sort of initiation ceremony for you.” Dee looked a bit worried at this.

“You explained all the rings and piercing but I don’t recall the ceremony bit.”

“No need to worry Dee, you will be the centre of all our attentions. And I am sure you will enjoy it.” To her relief the rubber suit was deflated and the back of the suit of armour opened. After she extricated herself, Anna towelled her dry, she was soaking wet, her short hair matted to her skull. At the hall table was a one page contract. She skimmed the contents….one million pounds…account number…not to be opened until…Dee to provide….entertainment services, Dee chuckled at that. She signed; she didn’t see the five names at the bottom. It was really a bit of a farce, if they really wanted they could do anything with her they chose to, even dispose of her, make her disappear along with the contract. But somehow, as the others did, she seemed to trust them. They then all signed and the paper was placed in an envelope and sealed with a pretty wax compound. Tom said.

“This goes to my lawyer, to be opened three years from tomorrow. We may be weird Dee, but we are people of honour.” Dee nodded, and somehow believed him, she was resigned to her fate, and she was ready. They stood back proudly, viewing their new “acquisition”. Dee was nervous still, but becoming just a little excited. Joan took Dee’s hand.

“Now we must get started, there’s a lot to do, we must do it now before you change your mind.”

“I’m not going….”

“Easy Dee, just a little joke, okay, now come on.” She led Dee downstairs, Dee absolutely naked among them, but not really embarrassed at all. The others followed, leaving the four girls gagged and silent as before, watching Dee walk off to her new life.

Chapter 7

Joan led Dee into the “operating theatre”, a simple whitewashed cell with a padded bench that Dee was told to sit on. Around the bench were stools on wheels and two trolleys with their contents covered.

“No going back now Dee.” Anna said and placed a hand on her shoulder and Dee leant back, the rubber covered bench cold on her bare flesh. Her head rested on a small raised section. Straps were passed over her thighs, calves, stomach, above and below her boobs and then her forearms, and biceps. She could now only move her head. By the bench Tom pressed a button and Dee’s legs were unceremoniously spread apart. The humming stopped and her legs were left all of four feet apart. Next, her arms were separated in the same way, the rests drawing them from her body sideways until they were at right angles. Satisfied, the five then left her!

And there she lay, exposed, naked and vulnerable, about to be adorned with her slave jewellery, something she had volunteered for. Detective Sergeant Dee Long; proud, independent, and smart; now to be shaved, pierced, collared and ringed as a sex slave….willingly. She actually chuckled at the route she had come in the last ten days; her throat was a little dry now, nerves certainly. She raised her head and looked down at her bound and spread-eagled body, she was proud of it, firm and fit, but soon it would change….in a big way. Then the five returned, all wearing identical full cover white smocks, tight surgical gloves and surgical masks….all in latex. Joan explained.

“Don’t look so worried Dee, this is of course for cleanliness; there will be very little blood at all, but it is a bit of dressing up we like to do. Trust me Dee, the pain will be minimal, we’re all going to work on you at the same time, saves time that way. I’ll start, assisted by Anna between your legs here while John works on your wrist cuffs and collar with Kurt. Then we kind of change places a bit, I work on your nipples while John goes down and fixes your ankle cuffs. In the end you will be wearing about a pound of gold. We have decided that you shall wear all gold Dee; the others wear silver but, well we think you are a bit special, we know you won’t disappoint us. Then I will work on your nose, perhaps the most….painful of the procedures and then we will finish with your skull, as you know all your hair must come off. We know all this is quite traumatic Dee, so we will take our time for you to adjust to all the changes. If you want a break or a small drink then say so straight away, otherwise we will just carry on with the work.”

“Okay, I know what I let myself in for, so do your worst.”

“All right Dee, away we go,” she pulled her gloves tighter, “Anna, eight gold eyelets and the piercing gun, and the syringe please. Dee I’m giving you a little local down here so you will feel a prick on either side of your vulva.” She sat on the stool between Dee’s outstretched legs, and Anna, similarly masked and gloved sat the other side of her left leg. John then settled at her right wrist and she could see the smile in his eyes above the mask. She suddenly felt a jab at her pubis and winced. She looked down and saw Joan’s head between her legs and Anna leaning over.

“We’ll give it a couple of minutes to take effect and deaden the area. Are you used to being fully shaven down here now?”

“Yes, I suppose so, although I’m a little sensitive down there right now.” Anna was gently rubbing her, and slowly the sensitivity began to deaden. Meanwhile John had taken her right wrist measurement, then her left and after lifting her head also her neck in several places.

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“I feel like Frankenstein’s monster.”

“No monster, Dee,” said Tom, “quite the contrary.” Then Joan said.

“Okay, should be pretty numb by now.” She pinched Dee’s labia. “Feel that?” Dee shook her head.

“Anna, piercing gun please; okay Dee, four eyelets on either side. It means we can ring you vertically, two rings on either side and then connect the rings horizontally, or of course seal you with four horizontal rings, we like this option being available!” Oh God, thought Dee, four eyelets on each side, too late now to quit. Joan pulled out her labia and squeezed the first hole, Dee winced but it was no more than a pinprick of pain. Anna swabbed the small amount of blood and Joan repeated the exercise three times on the right side. Anna handed Joan the eyelets, like small tubes of gold an eighth of an inch in diameter. She threaded the first through the opening and squeezed it shut with the grips, then repeated the exercise three more times, each tube fanning out into a small trumpet shape that gripped her labia firmly without biting. They were beautiful, bright gold and ready for rings or laces.

While this was happening John had returned and placed an open ended gold bracelet two inches wide and rubber lined around her right wrist. She watched in silence as John pressed the ends together for a snug fit and with a battery powered soldering iron proceeded to join the ends into a permanent seal. The fairly soft gold joined easily and Dee was left with a well fitting but not too tight bracelet, with rings on the inside and outside. Kurt then started to smooth out the rough connection and rub the cuff to a bright shine while John repeated the procedure on her left wrist. It was all done with quiet, almost military, precision. Three minutes later she was cuffed on both wrists with bright gold bracelets.

“Now the slave collar, lift your head a little; good.” Even the words slave collar made Dee shudder a little as John wrapped the open gold collar, two inches deep, around her neck and gently squeezed the ends closed.

“This is important Dee, this must be comfortable, if it is in any way too tight say so; also it cannot be too loose as it will chafe your skin, so try this for a few seconds.” Dee swallowed, moved her head from side to side, coughed, and clenched her neck muscles. Frankly, it felt fine and she nodded.

“It’s fine, fine.”

“Sure? Remember this is to stay on permanently, or until the rubber wears out, and then we replace it.” She didn’t need to be reminded of the three years, but she nodded her assent, and carefully John began to solder the ends together. This was different to the cuffs, for Dee, the collar somehow really represented slavehood. This was now irrevocable; collar and cuffs, she was a slave! By now Joan had finished with the other eight eyelets, and Dee’s labia had now two vertical rows of four gold eyelets lined up opposite each other. To test their efficiency they had passed four rings horizontally through the eyelets, and Anna had mischievously tried to get at Dee’s clit, but she had failed. It was a beautiful seal but with enough gap in the lower ones for her to pee. Dee was not fully aware of this due to the local anaesthetic and being occupied with the collar, but she would learn out soon enough, that if they didn’t want her to pleasure herself, in private or in their company, then they could very easily do it.

Kurt had now finished smoothing out the solder and rubbing the gold to a fine shine. In the centre in indented letters was her name, “DEE” in one inch high capitals, and under that a half inch diameter slave ring. There were also slave rings at the sides under her ears and at the rear, at the nape of her neck.

John had now returned with anklets of gold, while Anna and Joan turned their attentions to Dee’s nipples. John carefully worked on her ankles, and couldn’t help but look up and see her vulva with the eight eyelets nicely lined up. The girls had removed the rings that had sealed her temporarily; and to John she looked wonderfully exposed and vulnerable - which is exactly how Dee felt as Anna and Joan lowered their masks and their tongues descended on her nipples. She moaned softly as they became hard and the two women looked at each other, nodded and Joan dabbed the first nipple with antiseptic, then with the piercing gun, pierced her flesh.

“Aaahhh.” Panted Dee, suddenly brought back to the reality of her subjugation.

“The piercing gun is not much more painful than the local anaesthetic, so I thought we would speed things up a little.” Joan’s eyes smiled somewhat cruelly behind the rubber mask. She slipped a small self locking gold ring though the throbbing nipple and John leaned over and quickly spot soldered it on. While Dee breathed heavily, the process was completed in silence on the other nipple – pain, throbbing and the placement of an irrevocable and immovable ring. With each addition to her body Dee realised the severity of her future life in bondage. The final work for Joan was Dee’s septum and Dee knew that would hurt!

With her nipples and vulva both throbbing Dee looked up into Joan’s steely eyes. She spoke through the rubber mask.

“Now Dee, we need you absolutely still for this procedure, as it will be the most painful, so we are going to pass these straps over your face to keep it still.” She nodded at Anna, who drew a thick strap of transparent rubber across the lower part of Dee’s face. Ann’s eyes smiled as she said.

“Open wide now.” And Dee saw attached to the inside of the strap was a large cock gag, thick and bulbous. Dee obediently opened her mouth and Anna pushed in the gag and adjusted the straps both sides of the headrest. A second strap was then passed across her forehead and tightened; Dee blinked her eyes and realised she could no longer move her head at all, anchored as it was by the large cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes and awaited the pain. Joan rubbed antiseptic and a local anaesthetic ointment inside her nose and waited a couple of minutes.

The room was silent, the five masters arranged around the prone, motionless figure, newly adorned with her slave jewellery. Joan then aligned the ends of the gun up each nostril and squeezed. Dee howled and bit down hard into the gag. John laid a gloved hand on her forehead, as Dee felt a grinding sensation as her septum was breached. After a little blood and the application of a coagulant, Joan placed the short gold tube through the hole and squeezed the ends shut with her tool. It dawned on Dee that it would be difficult, and probably more painful to get these eyelets off than putting them on!

The five of them inspected their work with pride, Dee feeling not much more than a slab of meat. She was sore and throbbing, and now very well aware that her journey into absolute slavehood would be no picnic! Now Tom spoke.

“All done Slave Dee, only two small procedures left; firstly the removal of the hair from your head. We advised you of this earlier, I think, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you. The second thing we have discussed between us earlier. Due to the number of eyelets in your labia, we feel it will be much easier if we depilate that area through the regular application of creams rather than through shaving. So we are going to now apply a strong depilatory cream to you, let that work its wonders while Anna shaves your head. We don’t want any arguments from you Dee, but we must take the straps off your face to give you a nice close shave. So no talking, all right?” She tried to nod her assent but could not move her head at all. The others chuckled as Tom and Anna removed the two straps and out plopped her gag.

As they were doing this Joan was between Dee’s outstretched legs again, gently applying with her rubber gloved fingers the depilatory cream. Dee shivered as Joan smiled behind her mask and rubbed her labia and Dee gasped. Despite the throbbing of her nipples, septum and labia, Joan was an expert at arousing the deep desires in Dee. She knew then to say anything as Tom activated a button on the bench and she was raised to a 45 degree angle. Anna approached with a can of shaving foam and began to lather it onto Dee’s head. Although she realised she was very soon going to be shaven bald, Dee found the attentive hands of Anna soothing. Tom dropped the head rest and now Dee’s foamy white head was fully exposed.

Anna then began to shave her head, starting at the back and then over her ears. Dee closed her eyes and breathed slowly; she didn’t find the procedure unpleasant; her hair was to go and that was the end of it.

“Soon the only remaining area was a line down the middle and Anna giggled.

“Shall we leave her with a Mohawk? No, off it all comes!” And shortly she had finished, after wiping her off with a damp towel. Joan also wiped her pussy down and now Dee was ready for her new life as a slave. They released her from the bench; her muscles were sore after being stretched for so long. She stood a little groggily, and they watched as she explored her bald smooth dome, her collar, cuffs and then, her more personal items of jewellery, her eyelets. She examined herself in the mirror, the gold gleaming under the lights, even the gold eyelets. She was still a bit sore but was beginning to feel better.

Kurt, ever the gentleman and who had said little over the last hour, held open a one piece leotard in burgundy rubber; Dee was not surprised to see holes at nipples, arse and pubis.

“We are now going to move onto your initiation Dee. We think you will enjoy this, we most certainly will. It is a kind of welcome into the fold; we will wear our rubber and you, apart from a couple of additions later, just this leotard. We liken it to a goodbye to the past and a welcome to your new state of slavery.” She stepped into the leotard and they pulled it up her thighs; she settled her boobs into the firm cradles, her ringed nipples poking through. They zipped her up; it had a neckline ending at her new slave collar and sleeves to just above her cuffs. It hugged her tight and she enjoyed its warm clammy embrace. She expected a helmet or a gag, but there was none.

The others had now removed their smocks, masks and gloves. They took her by her arms upstairs.

“I hope you don’t mind a little audience Dee, but we thought the other girls might enjoy watching your talents close up.” Joan said, as they entered the main hall. The girls seemed to have hardly moved since Dee had left them. Marj, in her evening dress, was cuffed and cock gagged; Lara remained on her haunches, bonneted and dummy gagged; Jo was in her tight rubber suit and mask still gagged and Michelle still had the red ball gag and the dildo tail up her arse.

They all inspected her in silence, their eyes noting her bald head, the rings at her nipples and her collar and cuffs. They saw the eyelets at her labia and all noted that Dee had succumbed to a more severe piercing than any of them. They looked almost sympathetic. But one thing was now clear; she was now one of them, a plaything for their masters. She saw Joan unzip her tight jodhpurs and unstrap the strap-on dildo that she had used on Michelle. She tosses it on the floor but stayed unzipped, and Dee could see her moist, shaven lips. The three men sat down on the couches and Tom said.

“Well, ladies first I believe. Joan and Anna, there she is, a real treat for you to enjoy. I think we are all looking forward to the show.” Dee was now a little nervous again, but she also felt a deep arousal within her. In the centre of the couched area Tom and John removed the table and replaced it with a black rubber covered bench about four feet long and eighteen inches high and wide. It was made in three sections and the two end sections could be raised to face each other, like two connected chairs.

“Now Dee, it’s just us girls for the moment and Anna and I can’t wait, so firstly open your mouth wide and I will fasten this large gag around your head, good; you will see on the inside a nice cock gag for you to grip and here on the outside, well this is for my pleasure, a pink rubber dildo….we’ll get this nice and tight, like so.” In the silence of the hall they all watched as Joan fastened the straps around Dee’s head embedding the cock in her mouth, straps passing either side of her nose and over her head and connecting with one over her cheeks and under her ears. Dee did nothing, just stand with her hands obediently at her sides. She glanced across at Anna and saw her unzip her yellow catsuit and strap on a six inch dildo, with a four inch insert for herself. As she bit down on her gag Dee could see where this was going very quickly! As the others, the masters with their glasses of champagne, and slaves who were considerably less comfortable, settled down on the couches, Joan eased Dee back onto the bench. She lay on her back staring at the ornate ceiling, painted nymphs looking down at her, and what a sight she was with the dildo sticking out of her gagged mouth, and the rings and eyelets in her nipples and labia shining in the candle light.

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She tried to get comfortable, her head cushioned at the top and her legs spread either side at the bottom. Her hands were free; well, she thought, that at least was some concession! She looked down and saw Anna, with a lascivious smile on her face, settled at the foot of the bench and raise both of Dee’s legs to the vertical, holding them at her shoulders. Then she felt the dildo at her vulva. She was amazed to find she was wet and Anna had little trouble easing herself in past the eyeleted lips. Dee mmmmfed into her gag but she had little time to reflect as Joan, still in her red and white riding gear, stepped over Dee’s face and settled down on the dildo sticking up from Dee’s mouth.

Dee could only look up as Joan parted her lips and slowly eased the pink cock inside her. Dee watched as Joan’s shaven pussy got closer and closer and finally she settled her rubber jodhpurs on Dee’s cheeks. Dee could hardly breathe as Joan’s love lips snuggled up to her nose. The smell of Joan was now more familiar to Dee, and she gulped in air as Joan raised herself and lowered herself on Dee’s face.

Meanwhile Anna was working up a nice rhythm at Dee’s pussy, steadily pumping in and out. The others, masters and slaves, watched in appreciative quiet as Dee was assaulted at both ends. Then with her hands free Dee did something that even surprised her, one hand went to Joan’s breasts and she fondled them through her rubber blouse. The other more surprisingly went to Joan’s arse and she firmly rubbed Jon’s ring before easing in her index finger. Joan squealed with shock and then pleasure, as she looked down at Dee, trapped between her thighs. As Anna pumped between Dee’s thighs she leaned down, took each of Dee’s ringed nipples and gave then a gentle twist. Dee squealed into her gag and pushed further with her finger as Joan wriggled over her. The others watched all this in silence, clearly appreciating Dee’s talent and fortitude. This went on for a while before Anna touched Joan on the shoulder in a pre-arranged move; and both women stood.

But there was no break for Dee. Anna, with her dildo now wet with Dee’s juices, lifted Dee just a bit more and then thrust hard at Dee’s arse. There was some initial resistance but Anna pressed on and quickly she was in Dee’s rear and pumping in and out in a smooth rhythm. Dee moaned and shook her head to the side but Joan quickly turned round and faced Anna, then impaled herself on Dee again. This time however when her rubber covered arse settled on Dee’s face, Dee’s nose was thrust into Joan’s rear crack. She could hardly breathe, and what she could breathe had a certain pungency, and she could hardly see as the white rubber covered bottom bounced up and down on her face. As Anna pumped away she rubbed Dee’s clit until her moisture was almost flowing, while Joan twisted and rubbed her nipples.

Dee came maybe three or four times before the other women, screaming into her gag. And finally exhausted, Anna and Joan stood up, extricating themselves from the prone Dee. Joan placed a gentle hand on Dee’s head and slowly released the dripping gag. Dee was almost too tired to move, sated as she was. But then she heard Anna say.

“Well, she’s warmed up nicely for you fellows now, it’s your turn.” The three men now approached her and John helped her to stand up, while Tom and Kurt raised the two ends of the bench upwards to form two back rests facing each other. Dee was not stupid; she knew she was to be the sandwich, as Tom, in his black catsuit sat down in front of her and Kurt, in his tuxedo, behind her. Both men then took out their hard cocks and smiled up at Dee. Tom said.

“We tossed a coin earlier, Dee, and I get your sweet pussy while Kurt is more than happy to take your recently expanded rear!” Joan gave Kurt a condom, which he slipped on.

“We have lubricant if….?”

“No, no, I don’t think I will need it now, not after what happened earlier.” And Joan and Anna smiled at their recently finished fun with her. Kurt took her hips and Tom her waist as she stared across at John to the side, who gave her a reassuring smile. Tom slid easily into her front, while Kurt took his time at her rear, slowly widening her sphincter and, as Dee gasped he slid into her. She placed her forearms on Tom’s shoulders as she felt Kurt’s hands come around and fondle her breasts, encased in the burgundy rubber cradles. She was now firmly wedged between the two of them, and they began to raise and lower her in a steady rhythm. She looked to the side and then saw John unzip his tights and pull out his hard cock. She needed no order, but turned to the right, opened her mouth and slid it over his member. He was warm and tasted of salt and rubber. She sucked hard as he placed a hand on her bald dome and gently massaged her.

She was now being assaulted in all orifices; she looked down and saw John’s rubber tights moving nearer and then away from her face. She glanced left and saw Tom’s calm face as he pumped into her front but could only feel Kurt at her rear. Further to the right she glimpsed Anna and Joan sitting on the couch, admiring this tableau. She could not see the other women but was sure they would be taking all this in, gagged and in severe bondage. Her bald head continued to bob on John’s hard cock, she was getting to like his taste; her body continued to rise and drop between the two men and her breasts continued to be fondled by Kurt and then sucked and gently bitten by Tom. Dee had become shameless, she knew the others were watching and she knew she would be the best of them all! She would earn her million all right!

After ten minutes Kurt could hold no longer and she felt him jerk behind her, gripping her breasts hard. Then Tom, sucking hard on her left nipple, the gold ring firmly held in his mouth shuddered and thrust into her. She could feel his warm cum inside her, but it was John she was now concentrating on. His sweet and pungent tasting cock continued to invade her mouth but then she felt his juice come down his shaft and hit the back of her throat. It was warm and salty, and as he slowly withdrew she felt it slip down her gullet as she swallowed. Tom and Kurt raised her slowly, got out of the chairs, and she dropped back on the bench. Her arse and pussy were sore and her lips, after the assault by Joan and now John felt puffy and sore too.

She closed her eyes and rested as the others got themselves in order, discussing very quietly her performance, which everyone agreed was phenomenal!

“It’s been a long day for all of us, particularly you, Dee.” John said, taking her by the hand as she stepped out from between the chairs. “Tomorrow, your new life begins, as our rubber bondage slave, to do with as we please. You will have no opinion, no choice and no life, other than to please us.” Dee shuddered for a second at the thought. “Tomorrow Tom is going to test you out in his mannequin, well your mannequin really. You will be imprisoned and gagged in the perfect fitting body, as the world passes by the shop window, and you can do nothing about it.”

They led her away; she glanced back at the other four women, not knowing when she would see them again. They led her back to the basement, and into another room. Dee was still in a bit of a daze.

“This is a vacuum bed.” She looked at what looked like a trampoline about three feet off the floor.

“Simply, two skins of rubber, airtight, two small nostril tubes and a plug for your mouth. No other contact with the outside. Climb in now, we wish to go and play with our girls. You’re done for the night.” I surely am, thought Dee, as she slipped between the skins. She squirmed around for a second before finding the nostril tubes and plug gag. She accepted it into her mouth as she felt the side being zipped up.

“Okay, can you breathe easily?”

“Mmm mmm, she grunted in assent.” And then she heard a motor and the air was sucked out of the sack. Within seconds the rubber clinched and cinched her, finding every crevice, exploring her labia and her arse. Then it stopped and she lay, suspended in the membrane, the meat in a very tight rubber sandwich. Hands swept over her body and she tried to roll with it, but she could not move an inch.

“Good night Dee, and welcome to our world…pain, pleasure, suffering and joy. Tom will see you tomorrow and then the rest of us can’t wait to enjoy your considerable talents. We have all much to experience.”

In her black, warm prison, suspended above ground, Dee heard the door shut. And then the final realisation came upon her, there was no escape, no hope of rescue. Her life was now rubber, bondage, slavery, suffering and discomfort, but she hoped, also pleasure. Smart, proud police Sergeant Dee was no more, now she was Dee the rubber bondage toy. Her head and pussy were bald; her labia and septum eyeleted; and her nipples ringed, her neck, wrists and ankles were wrapped in inescapable gold slave collar and cuffs. She steeled herself for the future, a future she had to remind herself she had chosen. She was determined to experience and take pleasure, yielding only on her terms; they, as well as she, were in for an education!


And so Dee’s new life began and as each day, night and week passed the world, her former life, became more and more a distant memory. Her new life became one of constant pain and pleasure, discomfort and humiliation, her senses sometimes controlled and sometimes enhanced.

In her training there was the ever-present rubber; tight and restricting or loose and all-covering. She was passed between each of the five masters, or owners as she had come to look upon them, at regular intervals. She saw the other girls only on special events and the weekly sessions. But there were times when even though she did not see them, she knew one or more of them were in the same house as she was when undergoing training. There was not great contact and Dee kind of missed their company. When they were brought together, there was very little time for conversation as their owners played with them. But life was very full as she was passed between owners. She grew to appreciate how well organised they were; she would have sessions with one of them, but sometimes with one or more watching.

They were right about the aftermath of her disappearance. Initially the police pulled out all stops to search for her. They gave three of the owners (the ones they could connect with Dee) a hard grinding. But the owners remained cool, knowing there was no way that a real connection could be made. Yes, they had “encounters” with Dee but that was all. They were very sorry that she had gone missing, and that was it. The trail went dry, Kathy moved on to new pastures and the vice and murder squads had new crimes to consider.

As for Dee, as time wore on she was aware that a bond (a bad pun) was developing between them and her. It was clear that she was their star pupil. The others were good and accepted, willingly or not, their fate, but Dee was set apart. It was a challenge for them to think up tougher and more devious trials for her. If owners could love a slave then these did, but it did not mean that they would be soft on her. No, they knew better and they “rewarded” her with more stringent tests as the weeks and months passed.

Kurt, the gentleman, was perhaps the least inventive. He enjoyed her company in public and this was the main opportunity for Dee to retain a connection with the outside world. They would go to the theatre, ballet, the races with Dee always in rubber underclothes, always plugged, often back and front, wigged and made-up. But to the outside world she looked perfectly normal. Often she would get second glances or people even staring, mainly at her cuffs and collar with the rings and her name emblazoned. Dee enjoyed these times, even getting excited at the knowledge that all those people around her had no idea of her bondage….a sex slave in public!

Tom, ever the inventor, enjoyed her in public too. Within the first day of her contract she was crammed into the mannequin with short plugs in her front and rear and a stubby gag to suck on, and planted in a shop window dressed in garish, tarty rubber clothing. She peered out of her pinhole eyes at the world passing by, either leering in appreciation or looking away in disgust at her statuesque plastic body. She was three feet from them but it might have been a mile. She did not know how long she was in there the first time but it must have been at least six hours and she was bathed in sweat.

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Then Tom would remove her, disrobe her and dump her unceremoniously in the back of his van and take her home. There he would release her, wipe her down, allow her to do her ablutions and then cram her back in the suit of armour and inflate her. Then he would plug her with her custom pussy and arse dildos, or occasionally plug her himself. He would drop the visor, gagging her effectively and get on with his life! Sometimes he would entertain his straight friends and Dee thought just how they would freak if they knew they were in the company of a well stuffed and gagged former detective sergeant observing them!

She gradually got used to her shaven head and as she was commanded to keep it smooth and shiny she got very good at shaving herself. She continued the depilatory treatments on her pussy, but gradually it required less attention after continual treatments. She got used to the cuffs, anklets and collar, and only when stared at in public did she become really aware of them. She was never approached however and if she had been, she joked with herself that she would say they were the jewellery of a slave, which she was, to her present companion. She would have liked to do it just to see the reaction, but it transpired she never needed to. During the first times out she was a little embarrassed but over time it simply didn’t concern her and she adopted a proud stance…slave maybe, but proud slave! When in public she wore a series of wigs, but once she did go out with John and he decided for a bit of fun to take her out bald. She was again a little embarrassed at the stares but quickly she began to rather like it, particularly when John held her hand under her cape and kissed her.

And so day by day she adjusted to her new life and body. She barely gave any thought to her nipple rings. They were almost socially acceptable now, in some circles. Her owners would hang bells from them, leash them or chain them, sometimes to a ring through her septum. She would get used to this, standing like an obedient dog as she was leashed and led to a new training session. The septum eyelet was much more sensitive, often they would pass a large gold ring through it and it would rest on her lips, a constant reminder of her slavehood. Joan would lead her round by it gently pulling her by the nose; this was a much more efficient trainer than the nipple rings, as it was so sensitive.

Her labial rings she got used to as well, she would inspect herself in the bathroom, and the shiny small eyelets set in her soft pink folds. She was often ringed shut, not always as a punishment, but just to satisfy her owners’ perverse needs at the time. She was barely able to pee, and certainly unable to gain access to her clitoris and please herself. They would also occasionally hang bells from rings through these eyelets, or sometimes weights which caused her some discomfort.

But even pain was something her body and mind were getting used to; she did not crave it, but when it was administered…..always subtly and efficiently, she would rise to it, meet it and overcome it. All five owners would administer it in one form or another. Spanking and whipping were common, mostly given by Joan and Anna. Dee dwelt on how often it was the women who seemed to be the cruelest to other women! With John of course it was electrodes and plugs and vacuums, when trapped like a fly in his creature. John’s fertile mind would punish her appendages and orifices in a different way every time. She would go into the harness a minimum of once a month. Gradually, moving into the second year of slavehood, she actually got to look forward to it, to challenge it and to overcome it. Dee noticed that John seemed to be falling for her, which she did not discourage. She had indeed taken a fancy to this young, handsome, devious and yet gentle man, who now knew exactly how to please and punish her, often at the same time.

Early in the second year he made a decision, without telling the others, as it was strictly against the rules, but the effect she had made on him precipitated it. A year before she had challenged him to go into his devious machine, to be controlled and tortured and played with by Dee, she had never mentioned it since, she was after all a slave; but every time she was harnessed and plugged, enema’d and vacuumed, fed and watered, he could see in her eyes behind the mask the look of a challenge. So during several weeks he designed adjustments to the suit, so it would fit a male rather than female. He was aware the rules were being broken, but his desire to accept her challenge, and to also accept his own masochistic tendencies, were too strong.

He was aware, very aware that once in the harness, she was the boss; she could leave, blow their cover, to return to being a cop. He thought this fairly unlikely, but it did occupy his mind a lot. Yet he continued.

While it was to be a traumatic evening for John, the day started like many others for Dee. She had spent the day with Anna, locked in a revised romper suit, with her legs and arms folded inside to her buttocks and shoulders, so all she could do all day was waddle around. Anna had given her two bottles of water and baby food in the morning, feeding her on her lap, with bottle firmly in Dee’s mouth while her other explored her breasts and pussy. Dummy gagged and bonneted, Dee had much of the day to herself as Anna had work to attend to. Later in the day she wanted to urinate and mmmffed into her gag, Anna feigned ignorance and ignored her until Dee finally had to pee into her suit. Degraded and humiliated Dee was then taken over Anna’s knee and spanked very hard, the sounds amplified by the rubber suit and the urine around her crotch. She was then stripped and bathed by Anna, and it was then that she revelled in the warm water and Anna’s attentions.

Once powdered, she knew she was next for John, as Anna produced the thin transparent body suit with the metal connections at boobs, arse and pussy. Her arms were fastened behind her back and pulled high almost touching her collar. Then high heels, a long cape, a blonde spiky wig and she was ready. Rather than sunglasses the owners had now adopted the use of contact lenses for Dee, lenses she could not see through, so she was completely blind. Anna drove her to John’s place, occasionally feeling through her cape and gently probing between her labial rings that she had sealed Dee with after the bath. Dee groaned with pleasure in her latex suit, blinded and cuffed and yet completely at ease with this young girl.

An hour later, wet between her legs despite Anna being unable to get at her clitoris, Dee felt a ring being slipped through her nose connected to a short chain. Then she was led out of the car.

“Here she is John, all nicely ringed underneath and nicely warmed up for you.” Anna pecked Dee’s cheek and kissed John, then left. Dee was led inside and downstairs to the “creature” room and John took off her leash, leaving her nose ring in, and then her cape and finally, carefully, her contacts. Blinking in the bright light Dee was astonished to see John dressed in an identical to hers. It was of transparent rubber with reinforced holes at breasts, arse and crotch, such that his large cock and balls hung through. She was happy to see that, in her presence, his cock was already enlarging fast! He took her in his arms and lifting her nose ring kissed her hard, she almost melted, on the one hand she wanted him to hold her tenderly and on the other, she wanted him to be brutal with her. Then he spoke.

“Well Dee, I’ve decided to take you up on your challenge. For both of us it will be a moment of truth. Once in that,” he pointed to the harness, “I’m in your hands, powerless, to do with as you wish.” He took off her wig and then released her arms.

“I’m breaking all the rules, you could leave me, return to your previous life, have me arrested, ruin me and make a big name for yourself; but I have to, want to go through with this. Love can make people do strange things.” She realised he was babbling because he was nervous and she acknowledged that for him this was a big move. But she was not going to tell him that this is what she wanted anyway, to put him in the creature and challenge him, no, she thought rather maliciously, I think I’ll make him squirm a little. But the bit about love was a little surprise, she knew he had a thing for her, but that comment she put down to his nerves.

As he was making his speech he was already strapping himself into the thigh boots. She stood watching in silence – he had not given her permission to speak yet, as he finally laced them tight up his legs.

“Now I need your help.” He produced a thick male corset and she helped him to lace it up and tighten it about him, tighter and tighter until he was almost gasping – but it didn’t prevent him from retaining his erection.

“You have my permission to talk now, Dee, what is going to happen will be more difficult if we cannot communicate.”

As he pulled on shoulder length rubber gloves with leather cuffs and D rings, then a high posture collar, again with rings attached, she asked him.

“So why are you allowing me to do this to you, you understand that I will have control of you to do whatever I wish.”

“Of course, because I trust you…with everything. God, you look wonderful like that.” She stared hard at him.

“Well, that’s some trust John, mmm well, okay, let’s see what you will do for your slave’s love.” She said wryly and stretched out his legs, then clipped the spring coils to his ankles, and thighs. Then she did the same at his waist. Then she stopped and looked at him, God, he thought, she looked superb, transparent rubber, gold cuffs and collar, high heels, tightly ringed pussy and ringed nipples and a ring through her nose, all topped off with a shiny bald dome. Outwardly she was a slave, but also assured and self confident, without any shame or embarrassment.

“Last chance John. What will I do once you are in this? You can back out now, and put me in it or….be subject to my perverse and revengeful mind!” She smiled and raised her eyebrows. He could see she was gaining confidence, which she was never short of, and she seemed quite excited at the prospect of being the dominant, despite her submissive appearance. She moved closer to him, he could smell her sweet breath, her rubber, her heat, she whispered.

“Two little snap hooks on the wrists John, and then…you’re mine. Can you handle that? I’ve been in there maybe…fifteen times. Are you getting cold feet now?” She teased. As she spoke she clipped two supporting springs to his posture collar. She whispered again, rubbing his cheek.

“Things going too fast for you? Got to decide now. Do you come out and I go in or do you raise your hands like an obedient slave for his mistress?” Her face was within inches of his, her taut body, honed by all the pony training Joan had put her through, was next to his, his hard cock actually touching her sealed pussy. She liked watching him, second guessing himself perhaps. But no…he raised his hands. She said nothing and looked him in the eye as she attached his wrists to the springs. He breathed out, now irrevocably trapped. She stood back, admiring his fine physique – corseted, rubber suit and thigh boots and hard cock. She was now business like.

“Lot’s more to do John, we’ll move to your arse next.”

“I’ve never been…plugged before…could you….”

“Be gentle with you, John?” She chuckled. “Of course I will, as you have been with me all these times. I see you have greased it well, that’s good. Now you need to be well stretched out first so….I will winch you up and…like this, nicely stretched out, like a star.” And he was lifted, a strange sensation, no pain or discomfort, but a stretching of muscles, particularly his thighs.

Then he heard a chuckle and felt a rubber covered finger rimming his rear; she was now behind him and had slipped a glove on quickly, and was now pushing one finger, then two up into him. He tried to relax as the fingers were removed and replaced by the rubber and metal plug that was pressed against his opening. She pushed and then stopped and then pushed a little further.

“Aaahh, ahh…phooo.” He gasped.

“Come on John, just relax now. I’ve had this probably fifteen times here and dozens with your buddies.” And she pushed on; once the sphincter was breached she eased it steadily into him. Within a minute he was impaled and he heard the bayonet lock being turned. She came round, her breath on his face, which she cradled in her hands.

“Not quite so comfortable on your side, is it John?”

“I feel like I’m being split in two.”

“Don’t worry, slowly your arse muscles will relax; I won’t say you will get used to it, but it won’t be so bad soon.” She attached the enema tube and vacuum to the end of the arse dildo, then taking the vacuum cups, attached them to his chest. They were obviously flatter than hers, but the metal shock plates were still there opposite his nipples and once sucked out an inch or so, he would be nicely zapped! Next, she picked up the groin attachment.

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“I see you have gone to some considerable trouble, quite the design. I admire your imagination; I just hope your fortitude matches it!” The single base plate held two separate designs; a long metal and rubber tube with a catheter tube down the inside and a double-skinned rubber sack to envelop his balls connected to a separate pump.

“Very ingenious John, and quite painful I should imagine, I wonder if you thought of that when designing it.” She bent down and he felt her slide his balls into the rubber sack, and push his hard cock through the rubber and metal tube. She attached the device to his corset at the front, then at the top of his thighs.

“Now for the uncomfortable bit.” She said, and introduced the catheter into the small hole in the tube, and into John.


“Mmm, not much fun is it? A little bit more now, there.” Next she gripped the helmet and peered inside. It was the same as hers, and she recognised the teeth marks on the hard rubber cock gag, where she had bitten down on it – in pain or pleasure she could not remember. She kissed his cheek lightly, a little hampered by the nose ring.

“I’ve truly got you in my clutches, haven’t I? It’s a strange feeling of excitement and vulnerability…what shall I do with you…and for how long?” She kissed him on the mouth. “Mouth a little dry? Nerves, John.” Then she placed the open helmet to his face and allowed him to take the cock in his mouth, there was a slight grunt and mmmfff and then he nodded. She slipped it over his head and zipped it down the back, knowing that this exercise would push the cock deeper to the back of his mouth. She connected the nose tube to the inhalation casket, forcing him to breathe the pungent rubber that she had got so used to now. The final tube, down his throat caused him some retching and coughing but soon it was locked on and he seemed a bit more relaxed, if you could be relaxed in his position. Then she stood back and admired her prisoner, her hands on her hips. Despite the fact that she was sealed up, he could see out of his lenses moisture at her labia, shining between the eyelets and rings; clearly she was highly aroused by her new power. He just hoped she could keep it in check!

She lowered him slightly to allow him a bit more movement, but he was still suspended, slowly getting used to his predicament. Was he regretting it? Too late for that, he thought. She circled him slowly, surveying her prey….now she was the predator! She put the video camera on and sat behind the console, examining all the dials and buttons.

“Oh dear, John, I really don’t know what they are all for…I’m afraid we are going to have to wing it!” She said loudly with a wicked smile and turned a dial to look for his reaction.

And so John’s odyssey had begun, just as Dee’s had a year before. He had accepted her challenge and as she subjected him to pain and she hoped pleasure, she was surprised that it was an hour before he finally gave his open palm sign, for enough. In the intervening period she had gained confidence with the dials. She looked for his reactions to everything she subjected him to. The shocks to his cock and the pumping of the double bag around his balls got the greatest reaction as he convulsed in his bonds, but the enema and the flushing were taken stoically, as was the zapping of his nipples. Finally he surrendered, she knew this was a serious game and immediately stopped and slowly released him. Two circles at his chest were bright red as was his cock and sphincter when she removed all the devices. When she lowered him he could barely stand and she almost carried him to a chair, where he sat, saying nothing. His hair was matted and his face bright red and lips a little puffy. He swallowed hard a glass of whisky there was by the console. She helped him out of the corset and boots and then the gloves, and shortly, like her, he was in transparent rubber, his cock and balls and arse exposed.

She sat next to him as he regained his senses and placed a hand on his thigh. His cock was flaccid and red, and he looked at it with a wry smile, then he took a deep breath.

“Well,” he croaked, “did I pass the test?” She smiled.

“I thought you did it because you wanted to? But you did it for me, but I think it’s important to know what I go through each time.”

“Oh, you go through a lot more than me, I can’t believe that you stay two, three hours in there. Yet I love to put you through it, watching your reactions. But sometimes I’m sorry I am so cruel to you; if I could have, I would have even more respect for you.”

“There you are, Mr Tough Guy getting all sentimental. But don’t John; I am your slave for another two years, for you and the others to do with as you wish. I’m not getting out of the contract and I don’t expect the others want to either. You’d better adapt the creature now and put me in it, before you start crying!” But he put his hand on her thigh.

“No, no, not tonight, this is different now. I will go in it again; maybe I can challenge it like you do. I want us to share this together…push each other…I want to try and be your match – although I don’t think I ever will. Tonight I want to rest…to sleep. And Dee, I would like to know if you want to come upstairs with me?” She stared at him for fully ten seconds.

“That is a strange request for a master to his slave. Look, I am your slave, now and for the next two years, do you understand? A master does not request, he orders! I am not breaking a contract John don’t go all soppy on me.” Then he looked at her again.

“I understand the circumstances Dee. Believe me I have some serious plans for you still. But well I feel I must……very well, slave…I order you upstairs and to do exactly as I command.” She was almost tempted to defy him; this changed their relationship, which was on an even keel up to now. But he was attractive and she was very interested in this cruel and tender man. More to the point, she hadn’t had “normal” sex with a man in a long time – if that was what he wanted. Would she enjoy it? Did she really want “normal” sex? So she stood up and she saw a smile on his face. Kneeling down he removed the rings from her labia, she opened slightly and juices appeared at her entrance. He then removed her nose ring and she winced slightly. They were now almost identical, transparent suits with cut-outs at groin, arse and chest, the differences being her bald head, eyelets, rings in nipples and her slave collar and cuffs.

Her took her cuffed wrist and led her through his house and upstairs. Where this would go, neither had any idea.

Their lovemaking, if it could be termed that at this stage, was at first tentative and clumsy, both coming to realise that their “relationship” would change irrevocably. In the latex sheets of his bed, however soon the matching latex bodies moved into a quiet unison. To her, he didn’t seem an experienced lover; clearly his kinky side was that which ruled. But he seemed intent on pleasing her, discovering her. It was she that encouraged him to use all her orifices, for she was the one taking the initiative. All in all, she thought it was a very good night. She slept like a log and next morning both said little of the encounter, but both knowing that they had changed. She had not escaped and run off to the police and he had entrusted her while in the harness and being played like a puppet. Joan arrived the next day with horsebox and tackle and he whispered to her as Joan prepared to take her away.

“As I said last night, I understand our relationship; you are still my slave and I will treat you as such, don’t worry Dee, I still have painful plans for you. But that doesn’t take away the fact of last night, and we will have more of them too, as your master, I demand it.” And Dee smiled to herself as she was uncomplainingly dressed in her riding gear, boots, rear plug, bit, bells and bridle and driven away.

With Joan her training had developed enormously; through her she remained extremely fit and strong. When pulling her buggy, Joan pushed her to new heights, and Dee could pull her for several miles on Joan’s wooded estate. This physical exertion was like a release to Dee. The wind, the fresh air, even the rain, and being held under strict tutelage by Joan, she revelled in it. Even in the winter, with a slight frosting on the ground and chill in the air she would lead Joan around, her only concession to the weather being a cape clipped to her posture collar and down to her waist, but still leaving her rubber buttocks exposed for whipping.

On occasion the five girls would all be in harness, and what a sight that was to see. The owners would have races through her estate, blinkered, bitted, saliva dripping down their fronts, bells ringing, as they were whipped to a faster pace. After the first race it was clear that Dee was far fitter and stronger than the others; she was natural pony, quick and obedient to the reins. The others, while admiring Dee, and wanting her for their buggy, thought this unfair and demanded handicapping. Joan complained but was so proud of Dee that she conceded and agreed to extra weights being piled on the rear of her buggy. The second race she still won, so by the fourth race she was taking extra weight and a delayed starting time. Dee was furious and once the blinkers were closed was determined to show them all. Half an hour later, sweat pouring from her face and her bald head down her chest, bells jingling as her breasts heaved, arms shaking in their tight bondage and tail swishing between her arse cheeks…she had won.

In the summer and during the miserable English winter the owners would take breaks abroad. Sometimes they would go alone or more often together. It took organising but the girls were soon packed into trunks, or crates; rubberised, cathetered and gagged, immobilised for several hours they were transported across Europe, to be unpacked and abused at the other end. Using Kurt’s business they were transported without any trouble, for the owners at least. But it was no real fun being rubberised and packed inside a crate for hours. Despite her star status Dee did not get any preferential treatment, and she noted that John was not any more lenient to her after their “liaison”. This actually pleased her, for she wanted to be treated like the rest, and when they did meet and could talk they all treated her like one of them.

Despite the discipline and punishments she endured, she looked forward to her foreign trips. Tom had a place in the south of France and all the girls would have time off and play by the pool. It must have been a strange sight though; five bald, beautiful girls, naked or clad in latex swimsuits, one piece or bikini, collared and cuffed, nipple and nose ringed, frolicking in the pool or sunbathing to a deep bronze. And they did look quite magnificent, their bald heads now bronzed like the rest of their fit, trim bodies.

The owners couldn’t resist the odd bit of discipline around the pool however and when the girls had got too hot and sweaty they were chained together at the bottom of the pool, each with only an eyeless inflatable helmet on and a single tube to a floating air canister above them. Above them the owners watched, or on occasion dived in and watched them play with each other under water. Some of this play was quite boisterous as each girl fought for supremacy and it was often Dee who would soon get another poor girl in her clutches and fondle her mercilessly. The owners allowed them this concession, but come the cool evening they were then put through their paces. But they were well taken care of, the food was good and they were allowed alcohol, but they paid for it in the ways only these owners could think up!

It was during these trips that Dee noticed Kurt and Joan drift into a tighter unison, and then, perhaps more strangely, Tom and Anna. She would see the couples together more often and they took to disciplining Dee together.

Her dominant/submissive relationship with John continued; when with the group she was severely disciplined by him, as if he had to prove to them how hard he could be, but when at his house she would often have him in the harness. They also spent more occasions in bed between his latex sheets, but the feeling was odd, as both seemed to recognise that they got more out of their relationship when either one was the dominant. His dominant side stayed brilliantly inventive and cruel and even their vanilla sex developed into a more dominant/submissive struggle, which she enjoyed. That vanilla side, while great fun was only a part of their bond, and evidently not the strongest part, for either of them.

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By the third year Dee spent little time thinking about the outside world. She was still exposed to it through dinners and concerts with Kurt, now accompanied by Joan; and the TV of course. Again she noticed Tom and Anna drawn closer together, but it did not deter them from punishing her and the other girls as efficiently as ever.

Soon it was time for Michelle to leave, her contract was up and after much thought she decided to move on. There was a tearful goodbye in the presence of all the girls, she was then taken downstairs for the removal of her collar and cuffs, eyelets and rings, and the others didn’t see her again. Quickly the other three followed, Lara, Jo and Marj in the same manner. Each did not regret the experience yet Dee sensed that even the owners found it hard to keep five slaves under control. They honoured their contracts, or Dee at least assumed they did, and then she reflected that she only had another nine months to go herself.

With the others gone Dee’s days were even fuller and she had little time to herself. There were more group sessions; Dee often hung in John’s creature, writhing and struggling, gagged and plugged in front of the five of them, with now Tom and Anna openly holding hands, each getting off on her jerking in her bonds. When with Anna, in one of her baby outfits, now each took it in turn to feed her and discipline her. With Joan one afternoon, all five of them sat in the adapted buggy and Dee, at first with difficulty, pulled them along, groaning, thighs straining, saliva dripping from her bit, to a country picnic. She later stood, exhausted, head against a tree, resting as her owners had a pleasant meal, and John, always John, would remove her bit and feed her tiny morsels.

As the final days of her contract approached it was clear that her owners, as well as Dee, were getting nervous. John became quieter, almost surly, and for the first time in a while when in the creature she was soundly and painfully paddled. She writhed and silently screamed but John carried on, as the vacuum pumps and electroshocks pummelled her.

With Anna it was sometimes Tom who slept in the latex pouch between her legs, and Dee lay uncomfortably in the cot next to them; one time Anna in a fit of pique did not allow her to pee, and Dee had to lie in it, in her suit during the night.

Finally the last night came and Tom, Joan, Anna and Kurt were all present at Tom’s. The atmosphere was very sombre and strained. They were in their familiar latex clothes; Tom in a deep green catsuit, Anna in her canary yellow catsuit, Joan in her familiar riding gear of white jodhpurs and blouse and red jacket and Kurt, more relaxed in white shirt and slacks. Kurt and Joan were now very much an item, sharing each others interests and of course Dee’s talents. Tom and Anna had also clearly bonded and even Anna had shown a slightly submissive side as Tom forced her (half complaining only) into the suit of armour. But John and Dee were not there!

All had agreed that Dee would spend her last day at John’s. She had been brought there in the late morning after spending the night between Tom and Anna. Her head had been locked in the latex pouch between Anna’s legs and Dee was forced to struggle for air while they had fun playing and groping each other.

In the early afternoon John placed her in the creature, he said nothing to her as he hooked her up to all the attachments. As she was raised from the floor and John settled at the console Dee knew she was in for a torrid last session. And she was right! John did not relent and, like their very first time, it became a battle of wills as John pushed her to the limits. For two hours he coolly sat watching her as she writhed and jerked in her harness, her body wracked by waves of pleasure and then sharp zaps of pain, but she would not yield despite him paddling her very hard on her buttocks. Finally in late afternoon he released her. She was unsteady on her feet as she stripped herself of boots, corset and gloves until all that remained was her familiar transparent suit with the cut-outs. Then he took her hand and led her upstairs.

Although she was tired and all her orifices were aching she became energised being with him again in his bed. Dressed in a black and white patterned full body suit, he was not tender with her, and nothing was said as they grappled within the latex sheets. After she pleasured him (and herself) with her mouth, he lay back and she straddled him. Further permutations followed until both fell asleep. She woke to find him washed and dressed in a white latex sweatshirt and the familiar black latex tights. Clearly they were late. Quickly he pulled her up, cuffed her arms high behind her back, pulling hard until they now reached her collar. She winced and was glad of her flexibility but said nothing, and then she obediently opened her mouth as he then pushed a large red rubber ball gag into it.

She would play this out to the end, she thought, she was still their slave. But, again she was still fascinated by this handsome man who was so tender and then so cruel, and she did not know which part of him she liked the better. He quickly slipped a ring through her septum eyelet and attached two gold chains to it and these to her nipple rings. He squatted and using a series of rings he then sealed her up! Jeez, she thought, he really intends to finish this with a bang. The chains were a constant irritant as he got her to sit and then placed her feet in a pair of six inch ankle high ballet boots. After three years she had now got used to wearing these, and before he led her out of the bedroom she had a final look at herself in the mirror.

The bald figure stared back at the tight, fit body held in the transparent suit. She teetered on her high heels, her mouth gripped around the large ball gag, her hands almost touching her collar behind her back. Her nose and nipples were connected to gold chains and finally there were the vertical and horizontal gold rings sealing her pussy closed. She was the ultimate vision of the sex slave kept under complete control……and yet she really liked the way she looked….and felt!

He carefully led her downstairs and out to the car. From the trunk he took out a full cover burka. She had worn it before; it covered her from the top of her head to her toes and allowed her only limited vision through the cloth mesh opposite her eyes. As she sat in the passenger seat, she reflected that no one, absolutely no one would detect her complete bondage under this disguise. They drove in silence, she feeling the burka rub against her chained nipples and nose.

Soon they were in the country and at Tom’s house. He helped her up and then into the main hall, where the others were waiting. As if unveiling a prize statue, John lifted the burka and there was an appreciative murmur as the others saw Dee in all her glory. John said.

“I thought we might like one last look before releasing her, she really is quite spectacular.” The others nodded and John firstly released her hands from behind her back, then took out the large red ball from her mouth and finally the gold chain connecting her nose and nipples. He left the rings in her septum and labia and she made no move herself to remove them. There was a steely quiet in the room as they handed her a glass of champagne. She sat down, unperturbed about her nakedness under the transparent suit in front of them. They all looked at each other and then at her, yet no one seemed to want to say anything. Dee gulped down the wine and handed the glass to John to fill. Finally it was Dee who spoke.

“Well, did someone die? For God’s sake someone say something!” The others smiled, Joan raised her glass to Dee.

“It’s been quite a three years Dee. Firstly I have to thank you for bringing Kurt and me together.” Kurt nodded. “I keep thinking there should be an Olympic event for trussed and bitted pony girls, you would have a gold medal round your neck by now. Your stamina…your form is amazing.” And Dee thought that although she had been blindfolded, plugged and whipped, as she had run her heart out, it was during these moments when she had felt so free! Kurt raised his glass.

“To the perfect dinner companion.”

“And the perfect mannequin, silent and stunning.” Said Tom.

“Oh, and the perfect baby, to be fed and fondled.” Anna chimed in. Dee reddened and then having prepared this speech for over a week, said.

“Am I allowed to speak now? Good. You all better sit down. I came to you over three years ago, a tough, no nonsense policewoman on the way up. I had a mission, and I was successful, I found the missing women. But something changed along the way. I found me, the inner me. The real me…whatever…and I became your toy.” She surveyed them all. “I am cuffed, collared, pierced, ringed and rubberised; I am your possession, your chattel, and have been for three years.”

She waited for a few seconds. “And I have revelled in it. It’s an odd sensation, admitting to love being a sex slave, a pony, a rubber mannequin, a puppet to be played with. I’ve grown to love the restriction, the subjugation. So here I am being set free, a free rich woman….and I’m not sure I want to be completely free. You said I could…sign on for another three years……well, I’m prepared to do that, if that is possible. But I have a problem…and that is John.”

“Me? What do you mean a problem?” John looked shocked, but the others perhaps not so shocked. Dee lowered her bald head.

“Well, let me explain, much as I love being disciplined by you all, I realise that you are coming together as couples and you have your lives to live. If there is anyone I really want as my master it is John. I don’t suppose I realised it until recently but I have been in love with you, and your creepy, devious mind for a while now. I don’t know how I can explain it…..but I want to be played like a violin, by a vicious crazy pervert like you, and then taken like a child and held tenderly in bed….and then getting my revenge on you later!” She smiled at the memories. “I can almost come now, just thinking of your delicious tortures.” She looked down at her ringed labia, tightly closed. John moved and sat down next to her.

“I wonder if you are in some way telepathic Dee. We have discussed you amongst ourselves; obviously. We don’t want you to continue as our slave Dee. We want you to be with us as an equal. Now we have the ironic situation of the slave wanting to continue being the slave, while the masters want her as an equal!” Dee thought on this for a minute, and then looked at each of them.

“Well, how about this for a….compromise. If John will have me, I have very few…requests. I do want some freedom, yes, to go out looking normal, well fairly normal. But I have been your slave for three years….and I want to continue to be so; to be shared amongst you as and when you wish; to continue to be Joan’s prize pony and Anna’s baby and Tom’s mannequin and all the rest of your perverted desires. The only change is I have some freedom. If you desire me to travel around in an inflated rubber-lined steam trunk then I must do so. You get what you want, a slave to play with and discipline; and I get what I want, if he will have me. I am happy to be with John, on a more permanent basis, if that makes any sense. It seems to me there is an opportunity here for some serious, perverted fun.”

The others nodded, it seemed to be almost the best of both worlds for all of them.

“I want to keep all my rings, I am marked as John’s property, I enjoy the feel of my nipples and being closed up down there; and not being able to satisfy myself is almost….exciting. I feel it building up inside me. But I would like the collar, anklets and cuffs taken off, to be altered so that I can wear them on special occasions, and I will leave those decisions up to John.”

John looked about the happiest man in the world and the others were pretty delighted at the outcome too. Tom spoke.

“Well, what are we sitting around waiting for? First things first, Dee, this is a copy of your bank account and you will see the million has grown quite nicely with interest. The contract has been paid out, both sides with interest I believe. Now why don’t we remove those gold cuffs and collar?”

They returned to the cellar and Dee cheerily laid herself out on the table. She looked a little alarmed when Joan bound her arms and legs spreadeagled as before.

“Don’t worry Dee, we don’t want you cut when we remove the jewellery, so you have to be perfectly still…likewise the head, my dear…open up.” She did so and Anna slipped the transparent gag strap across her mouth and pulled it tightly into the headrest. She was once again immobile, a silent slave inviting them to do as they wished. She stared at the ceiling as Tom began cutting at the cuffs and then the collar. When he had finished, John said.

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“Are you sure you don’t want us to remove the eyelets? Blink once for keeping them and twice for us removing them, okay?” As John leaned over, she calmly blinked once….she wanted to bear his mark, to be his property, but soon, if they were to be partners – dominant/submissive – whatever transpired, she would broach the issue of him being ringed around his cock and balls….yes, she liked that idea! They released her from her bonds and she stood up, still in her transparent suit. John approached and removed her nose ring and then the rings sealing her vulva.

“I almost feel naked without my trappings; I was rather hoping while stretched out there, that you were all going to have your way with me!” They laughed and as they returned upstairs, Anna asked.

“What about your hair, Dee, will you want to let it grow now?”

“Maybe I should leave that to my master,” she looked at John, “I rather like it bald, it is so much more sensuous, and so much easier for masks and helmets.”

“You can grow it if you wish,” John said, “you have to start making your own decisions again, Dee, at least some of them.”

“It’s strange not having everything…decided for you, having a choice. I have to admit I kind of liked having my whole life organised for me.”

“Don’t worry Dee; I have plans that I….we, in general, will still have control over much of your behaviour, your movements, and your pleasure….”

“Good, and if I am bad girl, then you will have to punish me very harshly.” And they all nodded.

“We all owe you a lot, Dee.” John said. “You’ve brought my four friends here together. We look at you now - eyeleted, ringed and shaven bald, we have to be sure; are you sure about your future with me, with us?” She did not hesitate.

“Oh yes, my life as it was is now over, was actually over a while ago. I’m not ashamed of this,” she touched her shiny head, “or these,” as she fingered her labial eyelets, “they’re a right of passage. I wear them with pride.” She picked up her long rubber cape and draped it over her shoulders, shivering at its touch covering her from neck to the tops of her ballet boots.

“I’m very happy to be part of your…family, I hope to learn more from you all…maybe even teach you a thing or two. I can’t be happier than I am now. I thank you all for the pain and pleasure, humiliation and pride you have, and will continue to give me. Tomorrow you can begin any plans you may have for me and my future, but tonight I would like to go to John’s and request him to do with me as he wishes. I trust him and I hope he trusts me.” Here she gave him a confident smile.

“So goodnight to you all….and I hope to see you again very shortly.”

She walked to the door, confident in her ballet boots, her cape swishing around her, her bald head held high. John held up a wig for her; she smiled, shook her head and with John following her, left.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015  

I haven't been on this site for a while, but thanks to everyone for their kind comments. Some of my other stories that are not here you can find on gromets plaza.

Monday, March 16, 2015  

Loved this story.

Saturday, November 09, 2013  

A very clever bondage S&M story!

Monday, December 17, 2012  

This was actually kinda heartwarming in a weird way! I've read some weird shit on this site, not all of it pleasant, but this is perfect to me. Bondage but with pleasure and happiness, not misery and pain. The main character Dee enjoying her role and embracing it. It's brilliant. Well written too!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012  

I totally agree with the previous comment. This is not just a story - it is a masterpiece of serious erotic literature.

Dee's character is beautifully developed and once the theme has been explored, the tale is brought qite quickly to a tidy end.

Few authors end their tales well, which is a pity. A good ending to a story is like a post-orgasmic afterglow - the action is finished but one wants a few moments to savour it! Other authors could learn from Rbbral.

Friday, December 23, 2011  

Betty says:

I am stunned that in over five years, there have only been seven reviews for this masterpiece. Simply stunned!

This is as well written as anything on this site. Even the old "contract cliche" was handled properly, with all parties being involved voluntarily.

Outstanding story. And all you people who are reading this without bothering to leave praise; you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Monday, October 31, 2011  

I love this story! Please write more about what happens with her as the sole slave. How her life turns out with John maybe

Monday, November 22, 2010  

Should write more on this story would like to read more add more pony and maybe some puppy play

Saturday, January 02, 2010  

amazing story one of the best I've read loking forward to seeing how Dee gets along

Monday, August 17, 2009  

absolutly outstanding. one of the best ive read.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009  

wonderful story
! kind of long, but one of the best i've read'!
bet the author doesnt look @ the comments anymore, but as a reader i enjoy them, so... watever!
the last 2 commentz were in 2006]j
i just wanna say
i luv sex, but im a fucking virgin!!!! any1 wanna help
sub man would b nice, just some tying up, maybe in public, hidden though, like deb has 2 do 4 kurt in this story
fuck me im horny!!!!!!!!!! i want ur cock between my legz!

Friday, July 07, 2006  

Absolutely excellent, well written and a Real story line with in depth characters. Quite the read.

Friday, March 17, 2006  

Excellent tale! Fascinating characters, which develop well throught the course of the story. Very original and interesting, to say the least!

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