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The Girl in the Window
  • Author - Gamma  
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  • Site Rank - 627 of 2585
  • Unique Views - 8008
  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, bondage, humiliation, machine, toys
  • Post Date - 9/5/2005
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Julie closed her eyes and climaxed again. She hoped she could hold back the screams of satisfaction and despair that welled within her throat.

She thought that maybe this time, their bondage game had gone too far. She looked out over the city that spread out before her and moaned into her gag.

"Damn him," she thought, "he's really fixed me but good this time!"

And, indeed, Mark had fixed Julie but good this time.

It was a variation on "volunteer" bondage, something they'd picked up from Bishop and his HOM writings. Volunteer bondage was where the victim contributed to his/her bondage, usually in an effort to avoid some torment or other.

For example, a gag was held in place voluntarily, for to let it go would be to let it dangle -- painfully -- from the clips that attached it to the wearer's nipples. So, the victim "voluntarily" kept herself gagged rather than suffer any more pain. Or she might "voluntarily" stay up on her toes rather than rest on her heels, an action that would cause her to push buttons that would send shocks down wires to clips on whatever sensitive parts of her body her master had decided warranted torment.

Tonight, Julie was enduring a variation on the volunteer gag, and a variation on the whole scenario, which usually meant the avoidance of pain through whatever voluntary activity the victim was forced to endure. Yes, tonight, there was a twist on the whole business.

Julie moaned again. She wanted to scream but that would mean trouble. Still, she wanted to. She had good reason to.

Julie lived in a fashionable, and crowded part of Manhattan. She lived in a huge apartment building that faced other huge apartment buildings. Her huge picture windows afforded a terrific view of the city which now, at night, glittered before her. Of course, the glittering city could also look in to HER apartment, so she had to be careful what she did. Like most big city dwellers, she learned that good views worked both ways, and that to live in an apartment with a lot of glass was to live in a sort of fishbowl. She owned a telescope, and had no doubt that lots of the thousands of windows that faced hers also boasted them. It was a favorite pasttime on slow, boring nights. Sweep the scope about and see who was up to what.

In her years in the city, she'd seen a lot: fights, parties, seductions and some pretty intense lovemaking when spontaneity and lust overcame discretion and precaution. And, she knew, she must have given others a few shows, too, in her time. Sometimes she was naked and the lights were on and the curtains were open and she had little choice but to prance across that glass proscenium in all her beautiful, naked glory.

A few times, tipsy from wine or just in a mischievous mood, she'd even done a quick striptease and a few bumps and grinds. What the hell. Give 'em a thrill, she thought. It was all pretty much anonymous anyway.

"Give 'em a thrill." The phrase echoed in her mind. Haunted her. That was the essence of her current predicament, to be sure. Her bondage was devised to give anyone and everyone who might be looking at her window, who might have their scope aimed at on her bedroom, a thrill. A long, kinky, never to be forgotten thrill!

Julie was naked, except for thigh high black stockings that merely made her look sexier, if hat was possible. Her long blonde hair flowed almost to her waist -- a beautiful mane. She was spread-eagled, her wrists and ankles lashed to the top and bottom of the posts at the base of her antique bed. The bed had been dragged into position so that she faced her picture window, only a foot or two from the glass. Two spotlights were aimed at her lovely body. They were off, at the moment. They would remain so just as long as she kept the thick penis gag in her mouth. It was heavy, made of shiny metal. It was very hard for her to keep it in her mouth. Her saliva made it slick, and she could get little grip on it with her teeth. Only by sucking as hard as she could she managed to keep it in. She would have thrown her head back to make it easier, but a thin chord that encircled her forehead and that split and was tied taut to her nipples kept her head forward.

A dildo, strapped into her pussy, hummed away. She'd already climaxed twice in the hour since Mark had left her -- twice on top of the two orgasms she'd enjoyed with him during their earlier lovemaking.

Her hips writhed slowly as she submitted to the incessant stimulation. She sucked on the dildo and tried to jerk her head back to keep it in, moaning as the cord tightened on the clamps pinching her nipples. How she longed to let the dildo go. How she longed to be relieved of its weight!

And Julie knew that sooner or later, she WOULD let it go. She would eventually lose her battle, tire, and the heavy metal rod would slip from her lips. Or she'd let it go wailing her passion during a climax. The end not in her mouth was attached to a simple pull-type switch. The beaded chain went up to a fixture in the ceiling controlling the two bright spotlights. The spotlights were aimed down her gleaming torso. Her predicament was simple. Let go of the dildo and it would fall to the floor, yanking on the light chain as it did so. The lights would come on and viola! New York City's most fashionable neighborhood, all those thousands of windows with their prying eyes, would get an eyeful of Julie, humiliatingly bound, shamelessly aroused, coming in her bondage for all to see!!

It was ten o'clock. She wondered how long she could last. Already, her saliva dripped from the thick metal cock that spread her lips. Once, already, it had almost dropped out. She'd managed to save it only at the very last instant by sucking furiously and tilting her head back -- much to the torment of her stretched and pinched nipples.

Sweat glistened on her naked skin. A drop slid off her forehead and into her eye. She shook it away and again moaned as the clamps bit into her tits. She looked out over the city, at all those lights, all those apartments. She saw people in many of them.

Dawn. Mark said he'd try to return at dawn. Just in time to rescue her before daylight made her plight impossible to hide. They both knew it was unlikely she'd last that long, but it at least gave her hope. She wiggled her toes again -- they just reached the floor and took just enough strain off her arms to make her wide spread-eagle bearable. She saw someone in an apartment about a block away point in her general direction. She wondered if she could be seen even with the spotlights off. Was there enough moonlight to make her visible? She saw a small group form and realized they had a telescope.

"Oh god," she thought, "they see me!"

The thought of it brought on another climax and soon she was bucking and writhing her hips wildly. If the could see her, they were getting quite a show.

When her climax subsided she relaxed a bit, slumping in her bondage, then stiffening suddenly as she felt the penis gag sliding from her lips. She knew it would hurt but she jerked her head back anyway. The clamps pinched her swollen, aroused nipples and she wanted to scream, but did not. She again caught the metal gag just in the nick of time. When she had swallowed it as deeply as she could, she let her head slump forward. Her nipples were on fire.

The people across the way still clustered around the telescope. Could they see? She had no way of knowing. And then, she got a better look at one of them, and her heart froze. It was Mark. The tweed coat, the white turtleneck, the beard -- it was Mark! She watched in fascination and horror as he separated from the group and walked into an adjacent room. She saw him sit on a bed and dial the phone.

Her phone rang and her answering machine kicked in. After the beep, she heard Mark's voice.

"Hi, there, my sexy one. Everyone here just can't decide if there is a naked girl across the way. Just enough light to see an outline, it seems, but not quite enough to be sure. It's become the focus of our little party here. Oh -- everyone's been asking about you. I've assured them, love, that you're bound to make an appearance before the night's over! Bye." He hung up, turned to the window and waved at her.

The rest of the partiers were still crowded around the telescope, and now she felt their hot gazes upon her naked flesh.

Julie closed her eyes and climaxed again. She hoped she could hold back the screams of satisfaction and despair that welled within her throat.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009  

(sigh) Showing my age here, I suppose, but I recall this one from those old HOM magazines in that box I have stashed in the back of the closet, "Bound to Please" or "Hogtie" or some such title. Good one, though--I've always liked predicament bondage and threat-of-discovery situations, and this story, with its sense that Julie is going to give up the ghost at some point makes it titillating.

Four stars.

B.D. Scrivener
bound2bwild at hotmail dot com

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