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Caught by the Neighbours
  • Author - bootboydco  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, m-self, consensual, bondage, humiliation, self-bondage
  • Post Date - 1/21/2006
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While on my way home from work I thought about my next bondage outing. It was just after midnight and all my neighbours should be in for the night. I live in a small apartment building with a garage in the basement. In the past I have put myself in bondage down in the garage and been forced to make my way up to my apartment for release. Tonight I would make things a little more exciting by putting the keys up on the fourth floor; I live on the second floor.

When I got home I was happy to find all my neighbours’ cars in their spots. This was a relief; no one would be pulling in while I am standing there with my hands cuffed waiting for the elevator. There was always the chance that someone would be going out but most of my neighbours were 9 to 5ers. I unlocked my apartment and then walked up to the fourth floor and placed my apartment key on top of the fire extinguisher box.

I returned to my apartment to get changed into my usual bondage outfit. Wearing my outfit outside of my apartment was as much of a thrill as the bondage itself. On the off chance that I did encounter someone I might be able to hide the fact that my hands were cuffed behind my back. There was no way to hide my outfit.

I stripped off my clothes and got into a white spandex body suit that zipped up to the back of my neck. Then I put on my four-inch heel thigh high boots. I have a pair with five-inch heels but have not yet mastered them. I then worked on lacing up my leather corset. Next I slipped on my opera-length leather gloves and leather wrist and ankle cuffs. I finished off with my leather posture collar and locked it on. Since it was kind of cool out I put on a woman’s leather jacket and replaced the belt with a bondage belt. It was black leather with a “D” ring in the back.

I gathered up four small padlocks and two 3” pieces of chain. The plan was to go down to the garage and sit in my car while I hobbled my ankles and cuffed my wrists behind my back. Since the chain between my ankles was so short I would not be able to use the stairs and be forced to wait on the elevator. I planned to ride up to the fourth floor, retrieve my key and ride back down to the second floor.

I stood just inside my apartment with the door open and the doorknob locked. Once I closed the door I was committed to at least going upstairs for my key. Three women live in the other three apartments on the floor; what if one of them heard me fumbling with the lock? In the past I had left the door unlocked, sometimes just getting a hold of the doorknob was difficult. I wanted to make tonight a little more exciting so I stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind me.

For a second I thought about just walking upstairs and getting my key but headed down towards the garage instead. It was hard walking down the stairs in heels and when I reached the garage each step I took on the concrete floor echoed through the garage. I liked the sound so I walked around my car once and got in on the passenger side and shut the door.

The tight corset made sitting up hard. I placed the padlocks and chains on the dash. My hands and legs were shaking a little. Once I hobbled my ankles there would be no way for me to take the stairs. I would be forced to wait for the elevator. Without more thought I grabbed a piece of chain and two padlocks. I took a deep breath, leaned forward and locked one end of the chain to my right ankle cuff and the other end of the chain to my left. I opened the door a little so I could eventually get out; I would not be able to reach the door handle with my hands cuffed behind my back. Next I took the other chain and locked it to my right wrist cuff, brought my hand behind my back and put the chain through the “D” ring on my bondage belt. I grabbed the other padlock, threaded it through the chain and my left wrist cuff and felt it lock.

I took a minute to consider my situation; hobbled in high heel boots with my hands cuffed behind my back and having to go through the entire building to get to my apartment. The fear and excitement felt great. I sat there for another few minutes to let my legs stop shaking.

Getting out of the car in bondage proved to be harder than I thought. Once out of the seat I locked the door and stood there for a minute, again listening for sounds of anyone, not that I could do more than get back in my car. Once I closed the car door I had nowhere to hide should someone come down to the garage. I closed the car door behind me and began to hobble towards the elevator. I exaggerated each little step so I could hear my heels on the floor. When I reached the elevator my heart was pounding with excitement and I was a little short of breath due to the restrictive corset.

At the elevator I turned around, pushed the button and waited for it to arrive. I had to use my elbow to hit the button because of the way my wrists were cuffed. The door opened, I got in and pushed the button for the second floor. I then remembered that I had to go to the fourth floor and hit that button also. I stopped on the second floor and then continued up. When the doors opened I got out. There was a full-length mirror on the wall in the hallway. I took a minute to look at myself in the mirror. The leather jacket was not long enough to cover my ass or crotch and the white spandex leotard did not hide my erection.

I would have liked to stand there for a little while longer looking at myself in the mirror but I realized that all the apartment doors had peepholes and someone could be looking out into the hallway. My heart sank as I heard the elevator begin to move. Then I realized that after a few minutes it returns to the first floor automatically.

I began to worry when I realized that the top of the fire extinguisher box was about chest high and easily out of my reach with my hands cuffed behind my back and through the bondage belt. I began to panic a little. If I had not used the bondage belt it would be no problem to reach the key. Now I was in trouble. If I dropped the key on the floor I would have to sit down to pick it up. Then I would not be able to get back up. Even if I could get up onto my knees I would still not be able to reach the door lock to my apartment.

I used my chin to slide the key to the edge of the box. Then I turned around and bumped the box until the key fell into my hand. With the lack of feeling in my hands due to the leather gloves I was not sure if I caught the key. My hands and legs were shaking while I fumbled with the key. I held it tight in my right hand and began to hobble towards the elevator. I turned around and pushed the button with my left hand. It seemed to take forever for it to reach the fourth floor. When it did I hobbled in and leaned against the back wall with a sigh of relief.

As soon as the doors closed the elevator began to move. I looked at the buttons and the first floor button was lit up. I was horrified to think that there was someone on the first floor waiting to get on the elevator. I took two hobbled steps towards the buttons hoping to reach the second floor button. Because of my hobbles I did not even come close. I was standing right in front of the door when it opened on the first floor.

Susan was one of my neighbours from the fourth floor. We had both lived there for some time and had talked on occasion. She was about my age, attractive and standing there right in front of me. She was wearing a leather jacket, a nice blouse and skirt and knee-high dress boots. We both stared at each other speechless. Then the door closed. I stood there frozen in fear. Then the door opened again and now Susan was holding the button down.

She looked me up and down and began to giggle. The smell of her perfume mixed with cigarettes was intoxicating. She also had alcohol on her breath. She reached up and took hold of the “O” ring in the front of my collar and pulled me closer. She asked me who had done this to me. I said no one. She asked if I had done this to myself. With great embarrassment I said yes. She began to giggle again and pushed me back against the wall.

I dropped the key to my apartment on the floor. She picked it up and said that she had an idea what to do with me. She asked me where the keys to the padlocks were. I told her they were in my apartment. When we got to the second floor she made me stand in the middle of the hallway while she went into my apartment. When she came out she had the keys to the padlocks as well as a red ball gag and a discipline helmet.

We went up to the fourth floor and got off. She made me stand in the hallway while she went into her apartment. I stood there in fear, wondering what she would do to me. At least I had the mirror to keep me occupied. Not knowing what was going to happen next was the scariest. She came out after about ten minutes and put the ball gag in my mouth. She pushed the elevator button and when it arrived put me on and hit the emergency stop.

She unlocked my posture collar and took it off. She told me she had been out tonight with Kim, one of our neighbours on the first floor. After a few drinks Kim had told Susan that she liked me and hoped to some day go out together. Susan said when she found me in the elevator she thought I would make a great present for her friend. She said that I was on my way down to the first floor to be her friend’s slave. Susan took three pictures of me with her digital camera and said they would be all over the building if I did not satisfy Kim.

Susan put the helmet over my head and laced it closed. Then she replaced the posture collar and locked it on. The helmet had no eye openings or mouth so there was no way to attempt to walk without assistance. The elevator doors closed and I could feel we were headed down. Fortunately for me Kim was even better looking than Susan.

When the doors opened I could hear Kim laughing at me. She said nice outfit, love the boots and grabbed the “O” ring on the front of my collar and led me into her apartment. She took the keys from my pocket and removed the collar and helmet; she was wearing a silky robe and nothing else. She was visibly drunk from her night out partying with Susan. Then she led me into the bedroom and helped me sit down on her bed.

She told me she was too tired to play with me tonight and that I would have to wait until tomorrow. Then she took two belts and wrapped one around my ankles and the other around my legs, just below the knees, and buckled both. She then pushed me over onto the floor and stood above my head. She reached up under her robe and slid her soiled panties down around her ankles and stepped out of them. Kneeling down at my head she took the panties and slid them over my head and positioned the crotch directly over my nose. The scent was unbelievable; she definitely wore them all day. Next she replaced the helmet and collar and locked them on. With the ball gag in place there was no escaping her scent, not that I would have wanted to anyway.

Standing over me she said sadistically, “Get some sleep, tomorrow’s going to be a long day”. She climbed into bed and clicked off the light. I squirmed on the floor at the foot of her bed until I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke I was bound the same as when I fell asleep but without Kim’s panties or the helmet. I was in my own bed in my apartment and the keys were on the floor in their usual spot. My muscles were sore and my crotch was damp and sticky. While I worked on the locks on my wrist I wondered if it was real or just all a dream while in self-bondage. I figured I would find out next time I ran into Susan or Kim.

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Friday, April 01, 2011  

Certainly evoked the right responses in me, the ending was a little abrupt, but left open to be continued. You know you should, you know you want to, so come on continue and expand the details.

Sunday, May 10, 2009  

good story i wish something like that would happen to me

Sunday, April 05, 2009  

Very good, but definitely needs a follow-up!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008  

The story was great right up until the end. Didn't really like the ending..

Monday, March 03, 2008  

The story can't stop there - we simply need to know in graphic details what happens next - please.

Sunday, January 22, 2006  


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