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Torment in Rubber
  • Author - DaveV  
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  • Site Rank - 305 of 2737
  • Unique Views - 16793
  • Story Codes - F-mf, non-consensual, bondage, cbt, kidnapping, latex, slavery, suspension
  • Post Date - 1/23/2006
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Reader's Comments (18)

A Story Requested by, and Dedicated to, Dawn

Part 1

The two rubber sacks swayed gently from the chains, which suspended them from the ceiling. The bottom of each sack was about 5 feet above the ground and when you looked closely at the sacks a two-ended zip could be seen running along the entire length of the container.

Mistress Anne came into the room containing the suspended sacks and stood in silence for a few moments watching them. One sack was still but from the other there was movement and a small noise. Anne smiled as she looked at this sack and smoothed her rubber-clad fingers with each hand. Time for a little stimulation!

Mistress Anne was clad in regulation S/M gear. She wore tight leather pants over which high heel boots climbed to just below her knees. A leather bustier cocooned her breasts and was fashioned so that it could be easily released by pulling on two poppers. The gloves we have already commented on and a black leather collar caused her to hold her head in an aristocratic manner. The entire outfit was black - regulation black - and was complemented by the riding crop which she carried in her left hand.

Anne moved over to the swaying sack and lovingly caressed its outline with her rubber-covered hands. She felt extremely powerful at this moment for within the sack, now squirming under her caress, was an extremely sexy lady whom she adored!

Ever since Anne had first seen Dawn at a PEP party she had wanted to possess her and now, after weeks of planning, her dream had come true and she was here with her in her Castle. A frown briefly crossed her forehead as she was forced to acknowledge the presence of the second sack. When Anne had first met Dawn she had not realized that Dawn had bonded to a man! An Englishman! Craig! So when her goons had gone out to bring Dawn in they had arrived back with two bundles, not one.

Anne had been furious and had vented her anger on both her helpers and on the contents of the sacks now before her. The guys, with no instructions to the contrary, finding Dawn and Craig in bed together, had brought both back to the Castle. Idiots! What was she going to do with Craig? She hated men and tolerated them only for what they could do for her. No man had ever touched her in years - Anne much preferred the company of a woman.

Her frown disappeared as she felt the sack wriggle in response to her touch and she placed her whip on the floor as she reached up and partially opened the zip. The noise intensified as she placed her hand within the sack and sought out the moist opening, which she had been stimulating every hour, on the hour, for the past four hours! Her fingers soon found Dawn’s love tube, tightly compressed as she was in her bondage, and they started to move rhythmically in and out. Dawn moaned loudly into her gag. She tried to clench her legs together to resist the invading fingers but the bondage was so stringent that she could barely move a muscle. The only muscles over which she had any control were her pussy muscles and Anne was so adept at stimulating her slaves that within five minutes Dawn was humphhhing and bucking her body up and down to increase the stimulation.

Without ever slowing the pace of her thrusts, Anne reached down and picked up her whip. The handle was positioned over Dawns asshole and pushed firmly upwards until it penetrated her and slid easily within her rectum. The hummppphhings and movements intensified and within a further two minutes Dawn was starting her fifth climax in as many hours. She rode Anne’s fingers, desperately seeking release from the rising sexual torment and Anne thrust deeper as she heard the breath whistling from the nose holes of Dawn’s gagged and helmeted head.

“AaaggghhHHH!! OoooooooOOOOO!!!!! EeessssSSSSSSS!!!!! The words could not be clearly heard because of the gag but the message was unmistakable. Dawn was climaxing violently again and she threw herself against her bondage. It was a further, full five minutes after Anne had stopped her stimulations before the sack finished leaping about. Anne had withdrawn her hand and wiped the slickness off on a nearby towel, re-zipped the sack and left the room well before the gagged Dawn had finished snorting into her gag. Indeed, her efforts were still to be seen 50 minutes later just as Anne was preparing to enter the room again.

Part 2

It was many hours before the sacks were taken down from the chains suspending them from the ceiling. During that time Dawn had experienced an orgasm each hour and she was dripping with sweat from the exertions and the sexual tension.

Her partner, Craig, had been left severely alone and after the first hour or so of trying to escape had drifted off into a light sleep, disturbed only when Anne came each hour to stimulate Dawn.

The sacks were carried by Anne's goons into another room that looked like the medieval dungeon it was fitted out to be! They were dumped on the floor and each was fully unzipped. The sacks were removed leaving two tightly trussed, latex-covered forms shivering slightly in the suddenly cooler fresh air. For how many hours they did not know, they had both been forced to breath the latex-scented air within the sack. The restricted circulation of air meant that they were both very drowsy and for Dawn it had been even worse, forced to exert herself hourly on Anne's rubber covered fingers. Dawn shivered again at the thought.

Anne re-entered the room and gloated at the sight of the two rubber lovers on the floor! Each had on a full catsuit with attached feet and gloves and each also wore a latex hood with eye, nose and mouth openings only. When they had been captured, each had been wearing a blindfold over the hood and the blind lovers had been coupling furiously. It had been an easy matter for Anne's goons to tie them up. As their mouths had been forced apart a ballgag harness had been fitted over each head and these were still in place.

The bodies were folded up in a semi-fetal position. Straps had been tightly fastened around ankles and knees and ankles had been drawn up to the backs of the thighs and tied off with further straps. Their arms were immobile behind their backs, clamped together at wrists and elbows with narrow straps. Long straps had scrunched their chests down onto their thighs and they were now twin balls in bondage.

Anne went to the bigger of the two balls, noticing as she did that the cunt lips were still swollen and a deep pink in color. She resisted the temptation to thrust her fingers into the love tube again, instead contenting herself with stroking Dawn's rubber covered head and running her hands through her long beautiful reddish-brown hair.

A snap of her fingers was sufficient for her helpers to start the process of unstrapping the bondaged guests. Neither Craig nor Dawn had the slightest chance of escape for there were three helpers for each guest, two to unstrap and repackage the guest and one to make sure that nothing untoward like an escape attempt succeeded.

When the goons stood back from the black latex-covered pair, Anne smiled in satisfaction at the transformation. Later they would have their protective carapaces removed and they would be naked, VERY NAKED, before her, but not yet! Until then they would endure further agonies as they were tied in several different but strenuous positions.

The first of these was a spread-eagle and for dramatic effect, Anne had arranged for their bondage positions to mirror that of their partner's and for them to be placed facing each other. So it was that Dawn and Craig were tied with their arms and legs outstretched, each limb fastened tightly to a steel pole running from floor to ceiling. Their toes touched the floor, but only just, and the pain of their precarious positions had them gasping into their gags.

At a further command from Anne the blindfolds were removed from each hood and they were allowed to see for the first time since their arrival in the Castle. Each immediately saw the other bound in front of them and each body strained against the bondage as they tried to free themselves. Anne laughed at this pretty sight and walked over to Craig's side.

"Welcome to my home. I confess that I was expecting only one house guest but I'm sure we can find a use for you!" The final words were hissed in his face as Craig felt Anne's fingernails dig into his balls through the rubber. He grimaced with pain and moaned into his gag. Anne made a mental note to test his pain tolerance. While he was here he might as well be put to good use.

Dawn had seen Anne's gouging of Craig's balls and she strained against her bonds to try and protect Craig. Her ropes did not yield an inch and Anne laughed at her futile attempt to protect Craig. She was, however, rewarded with a loving look from Craig and for one of these Dawn would do anything to protect her man.

Anne moved over to Dawn and opened the web of straps and withdrew the wet ballgag. Leaning close to Dawn's ear, Anne whispered her plans into it. Dawn bucked in her restraints.

"Go fuck yourself you lesbian dyke! There is absolutely no way that I'm going down on you! You disgust me. If you think for one min........ aaggggggghhhhhhhh!!" Fortunately the rest of Dawn's outburst was never heard as Anne quickly re-inserted the gag and buckled it even tighter in her anger.

If Dawn wanted to play hardball, so be it. Anne caught one of the loving looks between Craig and Dawn and realized that there was more than one way of skinning this particular cat. She had obviously been going at it from the wrong angle! Craig was the key to the control of Dawn.

Anne decided that she could mind fuck Dawn very successfully by torturing Craig and she decided to start immediately. Unzipping the lower portion of his catsuit she drew out his cock and balls. The limp cock was small and wrinkled and Anne stroked it into life with her gloved hands. Craig did his very best to deny her efforts to arouse him but eventually his cock was straining forward for Anne's caresses. It was at this point that Anne took some very thin cord and proceeded to wrap it around his scrotal sac and the base of his cock. This had the effect of enhancing the erection and the cock started to turn a darker color as the newly applied ropes impeded the flow of blood back into the body.

Within minutes Craig was moaning desperately into his gag and writhing around in his efforts to relieve the excruciating pain in his groin. Anne returned to Dawn's side and watched Craig struggle to ease the pain. The words she whispered in Dawn's ear produced a markedly different response this time. A reluctant nod of the head sent Anne back over to Craig where she untied the cock and ball bondage but couldn't resist giving him just a slash with her whip on the end of his cock.

Craig flinched at the stinging pain and resolved to take a careful, planned revenge on Anne, whenever he got out of this mess! Anne, meanwhile, was back in front of Dawn, removing the gag for the second time. She whispered again in Dawn's ear and as the gag came away she positioned her lips very close to Dawn's and let her reach forward to French kiss her.

Ah, lovely. Anne was very pleased with the change of attitude elicited by her attack on Craig's manhood and she pushed her tongue greedily into Dawn's mouth to drink her juices. Dawn responded by pushing her tongue deep into Anne's sucking orifice, raking her tongue over the front teeth and gently nibbling on Anne's hot, trembling lips. Anne's eyes glazed over in response to this oral assault and her fingers threaded their way down Dawn's body until they were embedded once again in Dawn's crotch. A few minutes of active stimulation and Dawn was writhing in pleasure under Anne's touch.

"Release me Mistress and I will give you the most tremendous climax that you have ever received or even desired." Dawn's voice was husky with a smoldering passion and her tongue flicked provocatively over her teeth as she spoke the words. "I can suck you out better than any man born and you will reach levels of pleasure of which you have only dreamt."

Anne was aroused by the words and by the wicked tongue in her mouth and she reached up to release Dawn's arms from their bonds. She had only just finished untying Dawn's ankles when a blow to her head from Dawn's fists sent her reeling across the floor.

"You witch," Dawn cried out, "You evil, fucking witch. I'll make you wish that you had never messed in my life!" With that Dawn launched herself onto Anne and proceeded to work her over with punches to the ribs and midriff. Anne doubled up in pain and gasped, her mouth opening like a startled goldfish as Dawn continued her furious assault.

Anne was picked off the floor and flung against the opposite wall, her head cracking on the stone surface and causing her to momentarily black out. Dawn took this opportunity to run over to Craig and attempt to release his ropes but her fingers were cramped from the loss of circulation during her own bondage and she fumbled badly at the tight cinching of the ropes.

As Dawn was busy releasing Craig she did not see Anne recover consciousness and rise slowly up from the floor and make her way to a button set into the wall. Craig saw all this quite clearly and he gestured violently with his head to try and attract Dawn's attention.

"Calm down lover," Dawn cooed in his ear. "I'll soon have you released. Be patient!" She smiled as she said this - Craig was always telling HER to be patient.

Anne hit the panic button and within a minute the room filled with her goons, several of them armed with saps or stun guns. Dawn put up one hell of a fight, her experience as a club bouncer coming into its own, but there was no way she could win out against this number of opponents.

Mashing one opponents nose into the wall and kneeing another in the balls was only the prelude to her being hit simultaneously on the back of her neck, behind her left knee and on her right arm and stunned by one of the guns under her left breast. She went down in a crumpled heap and the anger of the goons was such that she was hit repeatedly as she lay there until Anne called them off.

When she regained consciousness she had no idea where she was. She had been blindfolded and by the excruciating pain in her legs, arms, tits and cunt, she had been tied up in the most evil of ways. Through the haze of the pain she smiled to herself. At least her lover would be pleased with her.

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Thursday, December 05, 2013  

Had all the gusto of a police report.

Thursday, December 05, 2013  

Had all the gusto of a police report.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013  

Another stinko story how dare they get posted here next story.

Lost Soul

Sunday, March 10, 2013  

Great story!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012  

B.S. The height of "fantasy" Extreme lack of realism

Thursday, October 15, 2009  

Ok we have a fine beginning; but, s story also requires a sustainned middle and an end.

Thursday, October 15, 2009  

OK this far ... The start is the easy bit! Now the initial idea requires sustained development

Saturday, July 19, 2008  

This really is a block buster and worthy of wide readership. As noted already the suspended sacks together with the teasing really grip the readers interest and rising sexual pleasure! The combination of Psychological aspects of human behaviour together with the detailed descriptions of the couple and their predicament makes for a juicy story; congratulations...but it must be completed by the skilled author.
James and Lizzie

Tuesday, April 22, 2008  

great writing style. It kept my interest til the very end and wanting more. It was a little violent for my tastes...but overall I really enjoyed it.

Monday, March 03, 2008  

Nice to read this story some ten years after first reading it. One of the most powerful bondage stories I've read.

Sunday, January 20, 2008  

"The two rubber sacks swayed gently from the chains, which suspended them from the ceiling. The bottom of each sack was about 5 feet above the ground and when you looked closely at the sacks a two-ended zip could be seen running along the entire length of the container."

You had me here!
wow! Clapping off in the distance!

Sunday, January 20, 2008  

I absolutely loved this one! The last paragraph after such detailed and unrelenting torment just begged for more and I was amased and then the last 2 paragraphs had me bound, ready and waiting for more! Do add to this one!

I agree Dawn had very much wished to be used, but resisted to no avail. Anne and Dawn's dynamics were HOT, heavy and I wish to read more!!

smiles......Great Story, 5 stars easily!

Saturday, October 27, 2007  

This is certainly one of the better stories I've read and has good pace and detail. I loved the idea of the latex sacks and the hourly stimulation as the story develops. The use of psychological means to weaken Dawn's resolve is innovative and leads one to believe that Dawn is drawn towards her latent lesbianism. Of course the reality is far better and realistic. Very well done!

Sunday, September 23, 2007  

Quite a resourceful Mistress. I get the feeling that Anne knew what she was doing, but let her guard down too soon. Good story.

Monday, January 01, 2007  

i liked this story. it was brief, but VERY descriptive. i hope the writer continues this story. 5 Stars

Tuesday, September 19, 2006  

isn't there more? a marvelous start!

Sunday, July 23, 2006  

This story have some parts that are very erotic to me but it also have some quite rough parts I didn't like too much.


Monday, January 23, 2006  

There has to be more! this is an excellent first chapter of a story, so hopefully we'll see more soon.

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