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The Chastity Trap
  • Author - CBshackle  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, reluctant, bondage, chastity, humiliation, toys
  • Post Date - 1/31/2006
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Reader's Comments (20)

Being married for a year I never told my wife that I had an interest in enforced chastity and women’s lycra clothing like leotards, sports bras, bottoms and tights. I guess I should given the situation I’m in. I found out the hard way that my wife had an interest herself. As a teenager she was forced to wear extremely tight girdles, all in ones, and bras that where locked on in a way that her mother would know if they had been removed. It was a turn on for here as she grew older and she had interest in it for me.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

One day while cleaning out her closet I came across some interesting articles of clothing that she had store in a box. It was a metallic looking spandex sports bra and panty. I though it was strange that I had never seen her wear these since she often wore items like that. Then I began to notice some strange things about it. First the material stretched like spandex but was very heavy. Strangely, it would not fold over on itself like it was chain mail or something. Then I notice that the bra size had to be for someone with little or no breast and had little metal discs where the nipples would be. The sports bra met like a T in the back (like a racer back sports bra) and went from below the breast all the way to the neck in the front. It was like it had a collar built into it. The sides where several inches wide to give good support. Then I looked at the panties. They reminded me a lot like women’s control briefs or panti-girdles with a fairly high waist but low cut at the legs. I looked inside of them and found something very unusual. It looked like sheath of some type that tightly enclosed a penis and balls of a man. Inside the sheath was a small hole that went somewhere. Around the hole were little round stubby things and look like something that would excite the penis. Then in the rear of these panties and whatever you would call it at this point, was a hollow metal butt plug. I didn’t know what to think about it. There where no seems anywhere at all except for two small holes at the side on the waistband. The only thing not uniform of the fabric was a thicker band around the leg openings, and waistband of the panties and the same for the edges of the collar and bottom of the sports bra. At the back of each garment was a small smooth round circle about the size of a fingertip on each of them.

Something told me to try them on to see what they felt like. I don’t know what gave me the urge but I had too. First I had to put the panties on. I lubed the butt plug and really didn’t like the ideal of it but there was no other way of trying them on. I sled them up and boy where they tight. I was beginning to believe they would not fit. I slid my erect penis on the sheath but couldn’t totally enclose my balls, that end of the sheath only went half way down my erect shaft. I then used ice to subdue my erection. Finally with little or no erection I got the whole thing around my balls. I finished pulling the panties all the way up. Wow what I rush I felt, it was very stimulating to wear. However my penis could not expand very far in the sheath, it kept my penis pointing down. The waistband was above my hip-bone and cinched my waist tightly.

The sports bra was calling me to put it on. I was barely able to get it on over my head. I managed to squeeze into it. It was really tight and made my male nipple hard when I felt the cold metal discs on my nipples. I couldn’t wait to see what I look like in the mirror. I ran to the mirror and was stunned as to how the material looked stretched on me. It looked like I was wearing solid metal. It was exciting to me so. I touch my breast and a shocking thing occurred. It the front of the bra grew and tightened up at the same time. It even seemed to get heavier. I touched them again and they were solid metal, and a computer voice said, “Chastity bra mode activated!” I thought, what the hell in going on. I went to touch the briefs and the bulge of my penis was pushed in instantly by the briefs and they became solid metal. It made me look like I had no genitalia and it began cinching my waist further. Then a computer voice said, “Chastity briefs activated!”. This was really exciting and scarred me, I really didn’t know what to think. I reached behind me and two of my fingers touched those two smooth rounded circle and a computer voice said, “Severe chastity mode activated!”, then the trouble really began. Everything tightened up. I couldn’t get a finger between any part of the chastity outfit I was now trapped in. Even my butt cheeks were encased in solid metal.

I couldn’t believe how tight this thing was on me. The briefs were like a sold metal piece cinching me tight like it was welded to me body. I tried with all my might to take them off but nothing moved. My penis was trying to get hard but could not expand anywhere, then when it subsided slightly, it got stimulated by the knobby places in it and excited me more. I laid down on my back to see if maybe I could slip the chastity briefs off, but I could even get a finger underneath it. The leg openings where just as tight. I reached all around and only encountered solid unyielding metal. I went to examine the bra, it was just as tight and would budge at all. It was extremely confining to wear, but surprisingly I could move around except that I had to relearn how to get up and down and bend.

I was trying to calm down to figure out what to do. Then I remembered the round discs in the back of the chastity briefs and bra. I press the round discs again and the computer voice said, “Please state your passcode!”. Passcode, “what passcode” was what I was thinking. Then I thought that since my wife put this chastity outfit there, she must know the passcode. I tried using the passwords that I knew she used for things. On the third incorrect try, the voice said, “Sorry, you have given 3 incorrect passwords, fingerprint must be given to override. Now starting torment program!” Oh shit was my only thought. My wife would be home in 2 hours and I locked up in some strange computerized chastity outfit. Was this thing meant for me? Or what? I looked in the mirror and it was really turning me on. I looked very androgynous, but more female than male. Something start to feel real good on the penis, in tried to grow hard and then the metal disc in the bra clamped my nipples. The excited me further, then it felt like little spike where at the end of the penis sheath at the head of my penis. It was a viscous cycle of pleasure then pain followed by stimulation resulting in even more pain. I became so intense, the looking at my self in the mirror seeing my upper body bisected by a metal bra and my torso and groin also bisecting my lower torso as well. I must of passed out in agony.

I woke up 2 and a half hours later with a mild ache in my chest and waist. I looked down at my feet but only could see two shiny metal domes on my chest. I got up and walked over to the mirror. I couldn’t believe it, it was not a dream or nightmare. I looked at the clock, my wife should have been home about an hour ago, then I hear a noise in the kitchen and smelled something cooking. I then knocked something off the table next to me. “Oh, I see my hubby is now up.”, she said in a happy voice. I thought does she know what I’m wearing? “I see you found my new kink!” Well I guess that answered my question. I walked in the kitchen and my wife was cooking like there was nothing wrong. She then turned around and said, “Wow you look fantastic in that outfit, very sexy seeing you locked in metal like that.” “Metal??, Locked?? I’m confused!” I replied. She replies in a cheerful voice, “Yes, locked metal, it’s a special metal fiber that my company has been working on, neat huh. I created it and put it there so you would find it and see if you would wear it. I knew about your kinky side all along and if I asked you about you would deny it.” I asked how she knew. She explain to me that she notice what turns me on especially when she wore tight lycra and things, and she has been looking at the cache and history files on my computer. She knew what I been searching and reading on the net. She confessed that she also reads Altarboy’s web site..

I couldn’t believe it she knew all along. Why didn’t I just tell her?. She then told me, “Well, I a little disappointed that you didn’t tell me about your kink, you know that I want an open relationship where we can talk about anything. I’m glad I found a way to let your kink come out, believe me, it took a lot of work to make that chastity outfit. For punishment of not talking to me you will remain locked into it for the next 5 days. Since my period began last night, I have no need to let you out until it’s over.” I protested, “But what about the breasts in this thing? I can’t go to work like that!” “Don’t worry, I’ll set them to go down from 7:00 am till 6:00pm. I especially like the 6:00pm part, cause then I know that you will be home by then.” Clever I thought, she had planned this all alone, this excited me and scarred me at the same time. The only thing I worried about is if it was visible under clothing, especially the bra straps. She then explained, “Now you can use the safeword anytime, but that would mean that the topic of chastity and such will never be mentioned much less practiced in our relationship.” I agreed since I really didn’t have much choice.

I began studying the outfit closer, it was a real engineering marvel. I asked how I peed and defecate. “There is a hole for the urine and the rear plug expands out and is hollow when needed. The computer in it knows when to expand it.” I looked at it in the mirror, not a single seem, it looked and felt like solid metal encasing my torso and chest. There was no escape from it. “How tough is the material?”, I asked. She replied “Try cutting it, you won’t even scratch it.” I though to myself yeah sure right, So I got out the cutting wheel of my Dremel tool and sure enough not even a scratch . It just burned the cutting wheels right up. I knew that this was some serious stuff then. I asked he what the material was. She said is a new titanium allow, hardest stuff known to man. “How does it get hard and other times soft” I asked. She told me that it normally stays hard, but when a certain resonance is added by the computer, the material becomes somewhat soft and stretchy but still will not break.

Trying to get over the shock of it, I sat down to eat dinner my wife had been preparing. I discovered that sitting for long periods of time would be uncomfortable at the leg opening of my new metal underwear. No matter what, I couldn’t forget about the tightness of my lower torso and my chest locked away and encased in this uncutable metal. The built in plug reminded me that I was no longer in control of my body. It felt so strange to look down and see two silver breasts and reaching down to my groin to find only unyielding metal.

That night I don’t think I slept a wink, I could not get used to the constriction of my chest. It felt like the bra was crushing me. It felt uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach due to the silver breasts. Thinking of erotic things brought frustration as my penis was kept under strict control be it new Titanium warden. The constriction of the briefs and bra were a turn on, yet every attempted erection was controlled by the unforgiving Titanium warden. Finally the alarm clock went off at 6:45am. I went to shave, boy was that strange looking at myself in the mirror wearing that outfit and shaving. I jumped into the shower. Even in soapy water, the bra or briefs would not budge, there was no escape. At 7am the breast shrunk down and I now had a normal flat chest except the bra was still locked on. I wore an undershirt to help hide the straps of the bra and luckily the dress shirt and tie hid the collar.

It was hard to keep focused on work. I kept wondering if anyone know what I was wearing underneath my work clothes. No one could notice, but the paranoia was the same. I was constantly squirming sitting down due to the butt plug and tight leg openings of my new titanium underwear. The high waistband of the chastity panti-girdle kept my posture correct. There was no escape from my new intimate titanium friend. Finally 5pm came and I knew I had to get home before the silver breasts came back. I jump on the expressway and what lousy luck, there’s an accident ahead of me. Now I’m thinking that I hope I can get through this in time. Finally I pull into the driveway at 5:58pm, just in time. Just as I took off my shirt, the breasts reappeared from the front of the bra, and I could feel the weight of it added.

That night I was order to give oral sex with my tongue. It was an erotic feeling being her androgynous sex salve locked in steel having to serve her. I asked if I could get some relief . I was then told that I would have to wait some. This went on the next 2 nights as well. Finally on the 4th night she said OK after giving her one of then most intense orgasms. However, I was not release from the outfit, instead she gave a voice command “Access program MB3” and put her thumbprint to the back of the metal brief. All of a sudden if felt like was in heaven, the briefs were messaging my penis. I was confined yet experience a fantastic sexual pleasure. I exploded in an orgasm rocking my hips back and forth. Nothing came out though. I asked about this and was told that it would come out the next time I urinate, which was very shortly afterwards.

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On day 5 after work, my wife gave the command “UC_beta5” and pressed her thumb on the back of bra and briefs, computer responded with “Chastity Bra and Brief deactivated and unlocked” The bra and briefs loosened their grip around me and I could now barely pull them of.. My wife then checked for any problems and found non. We then made love and the most passionate way I have ever remembered. She had multiple orgasms and even I had two, something I had never done before.

She asked me to put the outfit back on so we could experience that again. Well after experiencing that and still feeling the glow from it I did. I managed to squeeze myself into it, and it felt good. She then pressed the silver disc in the back again and the computer voice said “Chastity Bra activated. Chastity Briefs Activated” Immediately the bra and brief tightened and turn to solid metal and the breast reappeared. I asked if she planned on letting me out anytime soon, and she said it was up to me. Then she gave me a pair of dice. She then explained the rules. I must role an even number and that will determine the number of days in the outfit. She will program it so that no matter what, it will not unlock until that time. Even she can’t undo it. There is a catch, if I role and odd number then that number is added to the next until I role and even number. If I role snake eyes, then I role one die to determine the number of days free. However, if I role 2 sixes (12) then I must role again and determine the number of “months” I’ll spend in it.

I felt pretty lucky and agreed to it. I rolled the dice and two sixes appeared. I thought my heart stopped. I knew that it would be at least 8 weeks in the outfit. I picked up the dice again, rolled it and closed my eyes. It was two sixes again. I was speechless. Before I could say anything she called out the command, “Activate Chastity Shield Level 10, for 12 months”. The computer responded back, “Please press thumbprint to activate unreversible command.” She quickly pressed it, and it said, “Adjusting to maximum chastity control. The bra and brief tightened even further to a near impossible level. I had no ideal that anything this tight could ever be on my body.

I asked what exactly level 10 is. She told me that it was a setting where even it I lost weight the outfit would maintain the constant tightness I have now. And no one can override the time. And if it detects any attempt to get out it will squeeze your balls very painfully. Then a sharp pain hit my nipples. The she told me about the nipple clamps that are now locking to my nipple. Thankfully they only squeeze tightly if an attempt is made to remove bra. There was no doubt now, I was locked in the chastity suit for twelve months, and I would have breasts except from the hours of 7am - 6pm for a year. I was then told that the briefs would give orgasms only once every 10 days if she allowed it. She then asked me to lay on the bed. and she tied me spread eagle to it.. She had one final surprise. I hear something that sounds like chain and then saw two metal bands with a short chain connecting them and two longer chains, one of each side opposite of the connecting chain. She untied one leg and slip it up my left leg and tied the left leg back up. Then she repeated the same on my right leg. She asked me to lift up as much as I could and she slid the bands up to my thighs, about 4 ½ inches from the bottom of the chastity briefs where the bands could not go up any further. The longer side chains had a pen the slid into the waistband of the chastity briefs and made the chain tighten up. Then the chains in between the two thigh bands had a pin in the center link. She locked it into a hole I had never been able to see at the bottom of chastity briefs. The computer voice then said, High Security Restrictive Thigh Bands installed and locked and is now part of program Chastity Shield level 10”. Now the thigh bands would remain locked on for the entire year. Naturally the chain and thigh bands were made out of the same Titanium alloy. All she could say then, is that she knew I wanted this and now I must go through it. There is no out or safeword anymore. In a frightening realization I knew she was right. After all I didn’t have a choice anymore.

She untied me and let me get used to walking around in my new chastity suit. Just getting off the bed I immediately noticed the effects of the thigh bands. I had to keep legs close together to move them. I could not spread my knees any more than 6 inches. When I walked I could not longer take long strides. She laughed and reminded me that I will no longer walk too fast for her when we are out walking together. The combination of the tighter briefs and thing bands make bending over a difficult but doable task. Sleeping was going to be even more uncomfortable with tighter than ever Titanium bra and briefs. I realized that I could not longer wear normal pants, then she presented me with another surprise, all this time she had been worth millions. She didn’t work for the company that made this suit. She owned it. No longer did I have to worry about working, my job was now to take care of her and the house.

So now here I am, a sexless slave living in and Titanium alloy Chastity Bra and Chastity Panti-girdle with restricting thigh bands and nothing can set me free except but time, which is another 11 months away. 336 more days trapped in Titanium Steel. I’m now restricted to certain clothing when going out in public. I now must wear loose pants to accommodate the thigh bands and not a minute goes by that I don’t forget the tight restrictive clothing that I’m encased in. My new Titanium chastity suit is now my personal prison.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015  

I really enjoyed this, nice build to the end and a good pace. Thank you!


Friday, August 15, 2014  

I chuckled over this. Never explained the urge to put it on. Also the dice had to be loaded. Unfortunately being a technologist I am aware a $3 diamond tool for a Dremel tool would slice right through anything titanium alloy like a hot knife through butter without the heat. Titanium is tough for its weight, not against cutting wheels though. Do you really believe a woman would would give up control to a clock???

Saturday, July 26, 2014  

I wonder if does exist a material like this one in the real world. I know there is nano textile clothes (intelligent clothes) for motorbikers so i wonder: is it possible to order a chastity belt like this one to any company?

Saturday, April 13, 2013  

If only this could happen.

Saturday, April 13, 2013  

If only this could happen.

Monday, October 22, 2012  

Good story:)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012  

Nice story. Very similar though to "The Organic Belt" on Altarboy :)

Monday, October 11, 2010  

This is a great story. I enjoyed it very much again. And i do not remember thanking you for the story and asking you to keep up the great work

Thursday, May 20, 2010  

Great story idea. Very imaginative. Good build up, and great ending.

Sunday, October 18, 2009  

I liked it, it was creative and different. I wish I could buy something like that for myself for real, too bad they dont exist. There was a few spelling errors, like other people have mentioned, but the story itself was awesome, good work.

Friday, April 24, 2009  

Very nice oustanding never predictable and never guessed where it was going or how it would end. I am thinking that the hubby doesn t go along with wifey and with help from a Bondage lovng Doctor friend, nerve blocks, acid and the right tools he is freed and then brings it to the wife in some fashion, so tempted to add a part 2 hope you don t mind . . .

Saturday, April 04, 2009  

I loved the story. There were several spelling/grammatical errors which I would be happy to edit in the future. Great!

Thursday, July 03, 2008  

please give me a break. just give the right injectable pain killer and a selection of demel tools i ll get him out, story was nothing special and not different - oh well . .

Monday, February 04, 2008  

Wow! I'd love to see a similar, more brief version, too. I'm not sure I like the whole year part, but not having to go to work makes it better.

Monday, November 27, 2006  

Fun read, wish I could buy somthing like it for real

Wednesday, June 07, 2006  

Outstanding LOVED it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006  

wish there was something really like that

Monday, February 20, 2006  

Well written but a little too much fantasy for me.

Sunday, February 12, 2006  

A very exciting story!

Thursday, February 02, 2006  

WOW i wish i could have a set for myself!! very nice story

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