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The College Coed
  • Author - Master_slave_trainer  
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  • Site Rank - 253 of 2730
  • Unique Views - 23612
  • Story Codes - f-self, M-f, consensual, bondage, breathplay, chastity, electricity, machine, self-bondage, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 2/6/2006
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Reader's Comments (5)

My name is Sarah and I am an art major in my third year in college with my boyfriend that is also an art major but in photography. I stand 5’ 6” with C-size breast; brunette hair at upper back length, my figure is slim and very sexy. I thoroughly enjoy standing in front of my full length mirror admiring my sexy curves and smooth skin. I also am the captain of the volleyball team, swim team and cheerleader for most of the other sports I am not involved with. My first experience with bondage came with my last boyfriend that became a complete jack ass and left me for some dyke. That’s neither here nor there. This is about that bondage desire and need that I was too nervous to tell me current boy friend about until…

Friday Afternoon

My last class was at 11am and I was anxious to get out and get back to my apartment for there in a couple of boxes under my bed awaits a full afternoon and evening of: self bondage, self-torment, and pleasure. My boyfriend told me earlier in the week that he was going to be gone for the weekend at a photography convention two states away so I knew I would not be disturbed nor have to worry about someone discovering me.

The minutes ticked away on the clock as the professor finished his lecture. Every day I ask myself, “Why are you in a gen. ed. class as a junior?” Everyone in my class was a freshman and I hated every minute of it. Finally, the class ended and so began my day of fun.

I walked quickly to my apartment which was a good distance from the building I had my class in. Every step of the way I was getting more and more excited for the day.

“Hi Sarah” I didn’t even think about it until my best friend Jessica caught up with me and decided to carry on a conversation. This was torture. Did she not know she was fucking with my mind? I found it very hot. It was at that moment I began to find her, my best friend since elementary school, attractive. I wanted her to come to my apartment and share in an experience. I decided against it.

“…so he is coming this weekend to visit me. God I am soooo excited.” she exclaimed.

“That’s cool, tomorrow was should get together and all of do something.” At that point I just wanted to get rid of her.

“Sounds great! Hey, I have to jet; I will talk to you later. Bye.” She then ran off and I continued to my apartment swearing that if I get cornered again I would kill someone.

Luckily I made to my apartment building without another distraction. I then had to climb the five flights of stairs because the elevator was busted. With every step I could feel my jeans rub against my clit and at the top I was nearly ready to climax but I didn’t. Oh, the torment. By the time I made it into my apartment I just wanted to come. But, I resisted because I wanted to wait until I was all bound up.

I lock the door, missing the chain lock, closed all the blinds. I don’t know what for because no one can see in the anyways. And then ran into the bedroom, whipped out the two boxes of toys, pulled all of them out and placed them on my bed. Being an organizational junky I separated the restraints, e-stim toys, and others. I took a deep breath, kind of like a deep breath before diving into a pool. A single breath that calmed my nerves down just enough to think straight so I could do this.

My last boyfriend was a technological wizard and was excellent at making his own restraints as well. Luckily I was able to keep them when he abruptly left me for a whore. His whole set-up was based on medium to long term self-bondage. Everything was set-up to a computer program that he created himself. Had he not left me I would have helped him market such a program and made us millions.


This program had a link to a box that was a main control box. This control box could control up to four auto-wheels, four e-stim boxes, four vibrators, and various vacuum toys. It was amazing how it all worked.

One of the pieces that the control box controlled were a set of four boxes, one for each wrist and ankle, which was secured to each bed post. These boxes had a wheel in them which could hold up to ten feet of medium rope. These boxes where made to allow the person to be completely restrained but still have full movement until the countdown reached zero. When it reaches zero it tells the boxes to wind the rope and stop when there is a certain amount of resistance. When it stops, it releases a little and locks that position and only when the session has ended will it loosen past that position. It will however pull more on the ropes when told to. Another feature of the box is that it can measure how “horny” or close to orgasm a person is. When it senses there is an impending orgasm it will tighten the ropes.

I placed these at the four corners of the bed and then set-up the computer controls. I decided that at noon I would enter 8 hours of self-bondage, self-torture, and ecstasy. I wanted to have some variety so I programmed one hour of low pleasure followed by ten minutes of medium pain, good thing I tested out my limits with my ex. That was followed by one hour of extreme pleasure then an hour of torment then thirty minutes of extreme torment. I allowed my self a twenty minute “halftime” to gain some composure. After that the fun really begins. Ten minutes of pleasure followed by ten minutes of pain and repeating for two hours straight. For the final two hours I decided to go all out and go for random pain for the remainder of the session.

After the computer was set, it only gave me thirty minutes to get ready, plenty of time.

I literally ripped off all my cloths and threw them in a heap on the floor. I started with lubing an electro butt plug and worked it in to my butt hole. There was a little pain at first but as soon as the sphincter muscle grabbed it the pain went away. Next I grabbed an egg vibrator and easily slid that in to my pussy. I tested the vibrator and found it worked just fine. I turned it off before I got any ideas on coming before I wanted. I the grabbed the two sensors needed for the box and placed them on each of my inner thighs. I never understood how them work but believe me they do!

Next was the chastity belt. This belt had a wide waist belt and I tightened that to the point where it constricted my breathing a little. I pulled the crotch strap through and squeezed electrode gel on the vaginal plate on the inside. With a few snaps I was very tightly enclosed in the belt. A final lock and I was locked in. There were four large electro pads that have a self adhesive on them and they quickly went on my upper and lower abdomen. Next, I placed two breast electrodes on each boob and with a three inch wide strap; I secured those tightly on my boobs. This strap I noticed also had two holes that fit over my nipples. With that I took two electro vacuum tubes and suctioned them to my nipples. After I did that I realized that I needed to hurry because I felt very close to coming. I had twenty minutes before the session begins.

I grabbed a very stiff posture collar and locked it around my long neck completely restricting movement. A head harness with a penis gag went on next. Now this is no ordinary penis gag. It is an ejaculation penis that vibrates, thrusts, and can expand just like a real penis. I love sucking on cock and this brings the new term to “safe oral sex” since there is no chance of getting any STDs. I slid that thing on and it and it felt great. The penis starts in a semi-flaccid state then grows after awhile, then shrinks and grows, and so forth.

Now all I have left to do is strap on the wrist and ankle restraints then place my blindfold and earphones on. I lay on the bed clicked into the ends of the ropes to the pulley boxes and finished with a soft blindfold that completely darkens my sight and headphones that cancel any sound. The headphones are so sensitive that a person could scream three feet from my head and I would hear a very light whisper. Utter silence and darkness is all that I will know for 8 hours.

The Beginning

I lay on the bed with the ability to still unlock myself and decided not to go through with the session. It began to cross my mind to not do what I am about to do. Suddenly I felt the ropes begin to pull my arms and legs outward. They pulled to a point then stopped. I was now committed to 8 hours of self torment. Soon after every toy came to life.

The vibrator in my pussy pulsed every few seconds but never got to the point to where I would come. I felt some harder sucking on my nipples with a warm electric feeling. Good lord that felt wonderful. A small thrusting feeling in my ass from the butt plug made me feel that I was being fondled in the pussy and slowly fucked in the ass as my nipples were being sucked on.

“Mfffffffppppphhhhh” came out of my mouth as the penis began to grow and thrust. Now I was being fondled, fuck in the ass and mouth, and my nipples being sucked. I was in HEAVEN!!!

The hour that this first session was going to last felt like an eternity because I did not at all climax. It was pure orgasm denial and I loved it. Suddenly all the toys shut off. Then, my breast cups began to pulse fairly fast and at a medium setting. It was not painful but annoying. My ass plug began to feel like it was thrusting faster and harder and some times had a spike at full intensity.

“FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!” I screamed into my penis gagged mouth as I received a full blown shock to my pussy. I was completely not expecting that but then it died down to a very pleasurable setting. The vibrator kicked up a notch and the suction on my nipple was harder and I could feel them being shocked at a very fast ramp.

“MMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFPPPPPPPPHHHHHH” The penis grew larger pushing my mouth wider and then…it ejaculated. I had put in chocolate to have a sweet taste in my mouth but it was a little more than expected and I nearly gagged.

“AAAHHHHHHH” I yelled into my gag again as the pussy plate continuously shocked my pussy lips at an increasingly higher level. Then as suddenly it started it stopped and began a full hour of intense pleasure.

No Orgasms Until Now

Until this point I had not had one orgasm. One hour and ten minutes of little pleasure and some pain. I was dying for some release, and over the next hour I was hoping to get some… and boy did I.

The vibrator ramped up to medium-high, the ass plug felt like it was thrusting faster and faster, my nipple vacuum was sucking at a random rate, my pussy plate pulsed and then my abs began to contract. I had completely forgotten about those pads. They grabbed my attention when they switched on and I couldn’t breathe for nearly twenty seconds. I was wondering if they were going to continue to do that. Sure enough they did. Just under two minutes, I think, I had my first orgasm. Then another and another and another. They just kept coming and coming. I was powerless to stop them.

Then with out warning my ass plug ramped up to full power along with my pussy plate. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed as the penis came in my mouth again. It was very painful. I suddenly had a major orgasm that was enhanced by my abs being contracted and not allowing me to breathe. It was the largest orgasm I have ever experienced. Then all of the pads shut off and the nipple suckers stop sucking. It was now twenty minutes of rest.

I lay on the bed still pulled at all four limbs breathing very hard into my gagged mouth and through my nose. I was so exhausted that I slept off into a dream where I was in a room full of men and they were pleasuring me to my hearts content. It was a wonderful dream that was interrupted by the vibrator turning on. Here I go again for another four hours.

Second Half

Ten minutes of pleasure followed by ten minutes of pain. Here I go! For the first ten minutes I was just starting to reach the point of release when it stopped when very fast, high level jolts came from my breast cups. “AAAAAAHHHHH! FFFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKK!” It hurt like a mother. But that’s what I wanted. A couple minutes of breast pain was followed by ab crunches that were very painful in conjunction with ass shocks.

Suddenly they all shut off. I waited for ten minutes of pleasure but it didn’t come. I was beginning to get frustrated because maybe the power went out in the building. I know the computer was running on a battery that can last for nearly a day but the box had to be plugged in. Assuming that there was a power loss I pulled on my restraints. They did not loosen. They were supposed to unlock in the event of a power loss. I could not get loose.

“Fuck” I thought to myself. Now what do I do. I laid there for quite some time when I suddenly felt a hand slip under my belt. I began to panic and thrash around violently because there was an intruder in my room which I was sure was locked. I then realized that I forgot the chain lock. “Oh my God! Who was this that was now playing with my clit? Don’t stop!” God this person was great and fondling my clit that I bucked up and down with the onset of an orgasm. “Wow” I thought to myself. That was great.

( link opens in new window )

“Now who are you?” I tried to say but remembered the penis gag. I then felt two hands running up and down my body. Oh, that was feeling great. They started at my arms and ran all the way down to my feet. I began to think who it was but really didn’t care. I realized that if they spoke I would not hear them through the sound canceling earphones. The hands left me for a few minutes then something I did not expect happened.

I felt two cuffs on my thighs get strapped on then two more on my calves. I was being bound more to the bed. Thinking this I felt my sex get wetter and wetter. Now I just wanted this person to fuck the shit out of me. Two very large straps went around my abdomen and upper chest and were pulled very tightly and then strapped down. I tried to thrust up but was completely retrained. Next I felt four of those large sticky pads placed two on my inner thighs and two on my outer thighs. Four more on my inner and outer calves, and my upper arms. “What was this person doing? He or She was going to shock the crap out of me.” I was starting to get real nervous with the possibility of major amounts of electricity flowing through my body.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My nightmare began with my ass, pussy, breast and nipples shooting to the highest level. At least that’s what I thought. They pulsed up and down and with each passing moment became stronger and stronger. I was in very much a painful state and didn’t even feel the vibrator until it hit full power and brought me to mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. I was having mini orgasms after each major one.

The electricity was then lowered and shut off again. I was breathing very hard and trying to catch my breath, but that was hard because of all the straps on my chest. I felt the earphones being lifted off my head.

“So this is what you do when I am gone?” It was my boyfriend Rick. I though he was gone at the convention? This was really scary and I was embarrassed to the max. He pulled out the penis gag but left the blindfold on.

“Oh, Rick I didn’t…don’t be mad…I am so embarrassed… I’m sorry.” I could barely get all the words out.

“I never told you that I am also a BDSM fanatic. Looks like we kept a secret from each other. But, now that I know you like this I am going to have some fun with you. I hope you like ring gags?”

“Actually I hate them with a…” I didn’t finish my sentence when he shoved a ring gag in my mouth. I was very large and it created a lot of pressure on my jaw and mouth. “Ahhhh” I protested.

“I hope you weren’t thinking about getting out in three hours.” Rick said with a bit of mischievousness in his voice. This made me very nervous because how long was he going to play with me? My thoughts were interrupted was my arms and legs were pulled tighter and tighter. They then clicked and at that point I knew that they would not release or get looser from that point unless Rick let me go. I was a bit painful but not as painful as when he resumed shocking my body.

Finally I felt the ropes release and Rick’s hands unstrapping and unlocking all the toys from my body. The ropes did not fully release and I was still spread across the bed. I now lay fully naked without any toys attached to my body. The last item he pulled off was the blindfold. I saw his face and he then began to kiss every part of my body and finished off with sucking on my pussy and making my climax one last time. Looking over at the clock I saw it was ten and sunny outside. I have been tied down for nearly a day. But I was not worried because Rick was taking care of my abused body...with his tongue.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015  

The idea was good but the writing was too bad. I have never had an issue with anyone else's grammar but this was too bad.

Monday, January 30, 2012  

Nice story. Liked the electrotorture mixed with pleasure/orgasms.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010  

its a great story line but you need to work on your word and sentence flow, you get into it and then seconds later the writing gets jerky and interupts the mood. the writing is sort of stop and go while not putting as much detail into certain parts when it should. its a great story and a great sequence but you need to work on the fluidity of your words. 3 stars

Thursday, September 09, 2010  

Very good story line, if a little short. The text needs to be extended if the ability of the author is to be displayed adequately. Recommended reading.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  

Very nice toys and a happy ending. What more can you want....

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