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The Mansion
  • Author - Slave2Dee  
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  • Unique Views - 41527
  • Story Codes - F-m, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, electricity, enema, kidnapping, latex, slavery, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 3/22/2006
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They were waiting for him when he arrived home. It was after midnight and the street was empty, so there was little chance that they would be seen. The white Ford van parked in front of the house would most likely go unnoticed because of the auto mechanic across the street. There were different cars parked on the block every day and chances were good that it had roused no suspicion at all. He had barely got out of his car when the back doors of the van flew open. Three women, all clad in the same black, skin-tight cat suits, came running towards him. Startled, he dropped his bag and tried to grab the maglite he kept next to the drivers’ seat, in an effort to defend himself. By this time they were already on him and one had placed a cloth drenched in chloroform ether over his face, which he quickly succumbed to.

When he woke-up he was in the back of the van. He was very groggy from the effects of the ether and it took him a few minutes to fully regain consciousness. He looked around the van and found that it appeared to be a newer model, with features you wouldn’t find in the showroom. There were no windows, except the two on the back doors and those were blacked out with very dark tinting. Another door made of steel bars was placed behind them and the “cage” style door was locked with a large padlock. The floor was a steel sheet that had a number of rings and shackles set into them. The walls of the van were similar plates of sheet metal and were also adorned with rings and chain. The front cab of the van was separated from the back by another set of cage bars, similar to those found in police cars. He could see the backs of the three female heads in front of the van. As for himself, he felt a sudden chill as he contemplated his situation. It was then he realized that he was not only chilled from fear but he was sitting naked on the cold floor. He was actually not completely naked a small metal tube encircled his flaccid penis. It was locked with a small padlock to a ring that constricted the base of his testicles. It wasn’t painful but it was tight enough that he wouldn’t forget it was there. The head of the tube had a d-ring that was chained to one of the rings on the floor, stretching his penis away from his body. A thick, restrictive leather “posture” collar was around his neck and it was locked to a ring in the wall of the van. He could not easily move his head up-and-down or side-to-side and he could not pull away from the wall. His wrists were restrained behind his back with similarly thick leather cuffs. They were attached to the same ring in the wall and forced his arms up and angled into a very uncomfortable position. His legs were spread wide and restrained to the floor at the thigh and ankle with more leather cuffs, locked to chains preventing anything more than slight movement. He attempted to call out but could only manage a muffled, “mmph”. A large rubber ball gag was squeezed into his mouth covered by a leather panel, which forced it in deeper. A series of leather straps were attached over and behind his head as well around his chin, forcing his jaw closed.

One of the women turned around at the sound of his muffled cry.

“Well, well, good morning sleepy head,” she chuckled at him, “We’re almost at our destination and well let you off that cold floor soon. Just relax and enjoy the trip.”

He screamed a series of curses behind the gag but it was futile as they also came out as muffled whimpers. She laughed at him before turning back around.

After what seemed like an eternity, the van finally came to a stop and the three women got out. He heard the key in the back door and soon the doors swung open, again revealing his three captors. They were all young and attractive but it was obvious through the skin-tight latex that they were all very strong and in-shape. The driver unlocked the cage door and they all entered and surrounded him. He felt extremely vulnerable at that moment, with the three intimidating figures towering over him.

The first one spoke, “We’re going to unlock your cuffs now. Don’t try to fight and don’t try to run. We will easily overpower you and it will make this much more unpleasant…for you. Quite frankly I’d enjoy it.” Her tone was very matter-of-fact, devoid of any compassion for their helpless prisoner.

Despite his fear he could feel his cock begin to stiffen. The restrainer around his testicles and the steel tube around his shaft quickly stopped the growing erection. He moaned in pain behind the gag.

Another one of his captors spoke to him, “Hahaha, in spite of all this you still get a hard-on? How pathetic…god I hate men. You’re such disgusting animals. Now you see why we fitted you with that steel restraint device. We can’t have that cock of yours getting hard every time you see a beautiful woman, slave.”

He moaned again as her words echoed in his head. Soon he was completely flaccid again and they began removing his restraints. He had short blond hair and blue eyes. He was athletically built, muscular more like a swimmer than a body builder. He was strong, but he knew there was no way he could fight off all three of them. He decided to wait for a better opportunity to attempt an escape since he still had no idea where he was or what was going on.

They kept the collar and gag in place and replaced his restraints with a set of chains and shackles. There was enough slack between his ankles for him to walk with difficulty and his wrists were locked to a chain that encircled his waist. They placed a leather blindfold around his head and attached a leash to the front of his collar before helping him out of the van. He could tell that they were outside and he walked a short distance before going up several stairs and into a building. Though he could not see it, the building he had entered was an old Victorian mansion. It was adorned with expensive paintings and antiques, large crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling. This was no ordinary mansion, not by any means. Aside the spiral staircase stood two naked males, their cocks and balls locked in the same cruel device as his. They were kneeling, bound with a series of leather straps around their bodies, gagged and blindfolded as he was. Their arms were held out in front of them bound together between a steel pole to hold them upward at an angle and their outstretched hands each held priceless vases from the Ming Dynasty. They were serving as living pedestals! He was lead past the stairs, oblivious to these human sculptures, and another male dressed head-to-toe in a latex maid’s uniform held open a heavy wooden door they entered through. The room they entered was huge, floor-to-ceiling windows were adorned with heavy expensive drapes and a long carpet led to a mahogany desk. He was forced into a kneeling position in front of the desk and his leash was locked to a ring in the floor. Once secured, his blindfold was removed. Sitting behind the desk was a strikingly beautiful woman. She had long, brown hair that cascaded off her shoulders. Her big brown eyes pierced straight through him, as she looked him over. As she stood, he saw that her arms were covered in long latex gloves and her beautiful round breasts were held securely in a tightly cinched, boned, black latex corset. She wore a pair of black latex panties and latex stockings attached to her corset by garters. She walked out from behind her desk to stand in front of him revealing impossibly tall stiletto heels. She turned to the three women and said, “Thank you ladies. As usual the money will be deposited into your account first thing in the morning. Any problems with him?”

The one who had earlier mocked him in the van turned and said, “Aside from his pathetic attempt at an erection from leering at us…disgusting pig…no, no problems. Never even saw us coming. He was very well behaved, actually unconscious for most of the trip…too much chloroform I think.”

“Well, he’ll learn soon enough that erections will not be tolerated here.”

“If you get bored and decided to sell him, I want priority bidding,” the third woman added…who had not said anything until now, “I think he could be a prize-winning pony.”

“You’ll be the first to know. We’ll see how his training progresses…but you know I wanted this one for myself.”

With that his three kidnappers turned to leave. The driver stopped, bent down and kissed his cheek, whispering in his ear, “Welcome home.” Eliciting laughter from the other two women as they left the room.

Her attention now turned totally to him and once again, despite his situation, he felt himself getting aroused. She noticed his face becoming flushed as well as the growing erection. Again, a wave of pain overtook him and he tried to cry out. She smiled reaching a gloved hand down and gripping his balls. She squeezed them, hard, and he was greeted with another wave of pain that successfully returned him to a flaccid state.

She cleared her throat and began speaking, “I am the Headmistress here and have been watching you for some time. It’s amazing how much you can learn from the Internet. Every website you have ever visited, your email, social security, bank accounts, credit cards, we know everything about you.” He shuddered as she continued, “This is a training academy of sorts. Although it’s downplayed significantly, there is extensive trafficking and sale of slaves in this country. The demand outside America, in Asia and Europe specifically is even greater. We find and train these ‘products’ for our buyers, both here and overseas. Every buyer has different desires and the purpose of this academy, my academy, is primarily to break your will and provide some basic training. By defeating your will it makes it easier to accept your new position in life. You are now a slave, property, no longer a man or even a human being. When you fully accept this it makes it much easier on the Mistress to whom you are sold.”

She gave him a few minutes to process what she was saying before going on, “Each slave is carefully selected and we only deal in males. Everyone involved in this organization has a strong belief in the superiority of females. Unfortunately for you, one of the S&M fiction websites you frequently visit is a front for this business. It plants a cookie on your hard drive, which is how we learn about you. If you are selected, we begin observing you over a period of several months. Once we have a reliable pattern of your activities, a time and place is picked and you are abducted – quickly and quietly. You’ve become one of the thousands of missing persons who are never seen or heard from again.”

She paused, picking up a folder from her desk, “I have taken a particular interest in you. Female domination, cross-dressing, long-term bondage, latex clothing, sleep sacks and body bags, caging and packaging, pony boy training, puppy play, chastity…you have a very diverse set of interests. Interests I intend to exploit. You are attractive, fit and young and it is my intention to keep you as one of my personal slaves. That having been said, if you prove difficult or rebellious I have no problem selling you to one of our harsher clients somewhere in the Far East. I would rather not do that and I assure you that you would rather not have that happen either.”

He wanted to protest and tried again to yell from behind his gag and struggled against the steel restraints. A smile again crossed her face, “Some resistance is to be expected but I hope you appreciate the strictness of that gag. I know that you have a particular interest in gags. Don’t worry, that’s just one of many that you will learn to accept. I intend for you to be gagged most of the time you are here, at least initially. Slaves must learn that they must only speak when spoken to.”

She moved back behind her desk and pressed an intercom, “Suzie come in here.”

The same male who was dressed in the maid’s uniform outside walked in the room and curtseyed in front of the Headmistress. The uniform consisted of a latex corset, laced harshly around his waist and a matching latex skirt. “Suzie”, as he was called, wore a white apron and black latex stockings, matching latex thong and his feet were arched, en Pointe, in 7” ballet shoes that locked around his ankles. A fully inflated penis gag filled his mouth and he wore an even stricter posture collar, preventing any movement of his head. A set of chains connected his ankles, preventing him from doing anything more than hobbling.

“Suzie, help me crate up this new slave.” She said to him.

The kneeling figure looked up at her puzzled.

“I find that a harsh initiation helps make new arrivals learn the helplessness of their situation and helps quell rebellious behavior.”

He again thrashed against his bonds and screamed into his gag. “Suzie”, who was an imposing male figure, despite his clothes, grabbed him firmly by the shoulders. The latex-clad male-maid was much stronger than he was and he was soon forced to abandon his struggle. The Headmistress unlocked his collar from the floor and his wrist and ankle chains and Suzie walked him over to a corner of the room. The Headmistress unlocked a large steel crate and opened the top. Inside the crate was a similarly sized cage, which she also unlocked and opened. A latex straightjacket was removed from the crate and placed on his body. His arms were pulled around his body and the straps were buckled and locked. Two more straps were cinched tightly through his crotch and around his legs and also locked. His collar remained in place, as did his gag, the Headmistress produced a pair of molded earplugs and full latex hood which she placed over his head and zippered tight. It left him in total darkness with only two small holes for him to breathe through. She spoke into his ear, “I am going to put a mask over your face, it is the only way for you to breathe in this crate. It may be frightening the first time but you will need to get used to it. You are going to become very well acquainted with this cage over the next few weeks.”

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She pulled out a large rubber gas mask with a long hose attached. She pulled it over his head and tightened the straps. The eyes were blacked out so when he wasn’t hooded he still would not be able to see. His breathing was strained initially but he eventually found a pattern and calmed down somewhat when he realized he would not suffocate. Suzie forced him into the cage and he lay down on his back. The bottom of the crate was a thick, latex covered, foam pad and was considerably more comfortable than the van floor. His knees were bent and forced to down against his chest and thick straps were placed over his thighs, calves and ankles. Even in this position, he just barely fit inside the cage. The hose from the gas mask was screwed into a hole in the side of the crate. Before the cage was closed the Headmistress again spoke to him, “There is one more thing before I put you to bed for the night. We need to begin work on that virgin ass of yours. It is an integral part of the training process and as they say, ‘Why put off ‘till tomorrow – what you can do today.’”

He shook his body inside his latex cocoon in protest. She laughed, “You are not in any position to protest. Just breathe, relax and take it in, if you try to clench it will still go in but much more painfully.”

She lubricated a small latex plug; about 4 inches long and used the excess to lube his ass. Slowly but deliberately she began inserting it. To her delight he didn’t try and resist it but accepted it with just slight difficulty. The flared base of the plug was held tight by his virgin ass and he shifted with its discomfort.

“Very good, slave.” She prodded him, “Good night, sleep well, you are going to have a long first day of training ahead of you.”

With that the cage closed and he heard the faint “click” of a padlock closing. The steel crate was closed over it and he heard nothing through the earplugs and thick layers of latex covering his head. He lay there in darkness and silence with only the sound of his breathing in his head. His mind was swirling with thoughts; this was his greatest fantasy come to life. Only this was no fantasy, this was real life, his life. He was now just a piece of property. What was in store for him? As his mind wandered he could feel his cock once again try and harden against the steel restraining tube. It was going to be a long first night of his slavery.

Part II

He had a fitful night of sleep; if you could call what he did sleeping. He had been kidnapped after returning home from work, so he was already tired and the ordeal had taken most of the rest of his strength. Unfortunately the position that he was being kept in was very uncomfortable and he couldn’t get his mind off the plug filling his ass. He was able to doze off several times but it was far from anything that would relieve his exhaustion. As he began falling asleep for the dozenth or so time the trunk opened and the cage was unlocked. He was startled awake by the hands that began un-strapping his legs. Once again he started thrashing but he was forced to stop almost immediately to catch his breath. The hands finished unbuckling the straps around his thighs and ankles then removed the gas mask from his head. He was grabbed by the straps of the straightjacket and forced to stand. It took him a minute to regain his balance and when he had, a chain was attached to his collar and, with a tug, he followed. After being led out of the Headmistress’ office and down a hallway they walked through a heavy door and down a flight of stairs.

Unknown to him, he was now in the depths of the mansion. Considerable money was spent turning the basement into a cold and foreboding dungeon. It held horrors and pleasures, which, up until then, he had only fantasized about. He was led through another door, which was closed and locked behind them before the chain that was leading him locked to a ring set in the floor. The hood was unzipped and after his eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room he saw that the person who had freed him from the crate and led him downstairs was the Headmistress’ maid Suzie. He was dressed in a latex maid’s uniform, as he had been the previous day, only this time he was without the inflatable gag and posture collar. The new slave pleaded to him with his eyes and tried, with great futility, to speak from behind his gag. Seeing the fear and desperation the maid spoke, “I know you’re frightened and angry but the Headmistress will only punish you if you disobey. You can be very happy as a slave or you can be made to be miserable. To your advantage, the Headmistress picked you specifically to be hers, which means she will do everything possible to train you to be an obedient slave. You don’t want to be sold away, many of her clients are very cruel and it would be in your best interest to learn and accept your position quickly and graciously. You are here to stay, I’m sorry.”

It was obvious now he would receive no help in escaping from this fellow captive. He began looking around the room, finding that it seemed to be an institutional-type bathroom. Tile floors and walls, several showerheads affixed to the ceiling and drains in the floor. There was also a sink and toilet in the far corner. The maid went about releasing him from the straightjacket but quickly locked his wrists behind his back with a pair of steel shackles. A chain connected them to another ring set into the floor. He then locked his elbows together with similar steel restraints, painfully, until they nearly touched. His ankles were spread far apart and locked to two more rings and shackles set into the floor. Satisfied that he was secure, the maid walked around behind him and suddenly grabbed the base of the plug in his ass.

“I am going to pull the plug out of your ass, as I do, push gently and it will come out much easier.”

The training plug came out fairly easily and he was relieved to no longer have the pressure on his ass. Unfortunately for him it would be short lived as Suzie the maid once again spoke to him, “Headmistress has requested that you be cleaned…inside and out. We will start with a two quart enema of mineral oil and laxative.”

He began desperately screaming into the gag, “Mmmmmmmmmmm… nnnnnnnn…plzzzzzzz!!!”

It was to no avail as soon an inflatable enema plug was being lubricated and then inserted into his ass. The maid pumped it to full expansion so that it would both not become dislodged and so he would not be able to relieve himself until the Headmistress determined it was time. A rubber enema bag was hung above his head, and the clamp was opened filling him with the warm liquid. He moaned and whimpered into the gag. The maid again ignored his pleas and went about his duties, this time covering his body in a depilatory cream to remove all his body hair. After allowing it to work for a few minutes he turned on the showerhead above the new slave and he was doused with ice-cold water. Soon all the cream was rinsed off and, except for the hair on his head his body was left completely smooth. Now freezing outside and his cleansing just beginning, the slave whimpered softly into his gag. Pleased with his work and without speaking, the maid left the room and locked the door, leaving the shivering slave alone bound helplessly in the center of the room.

After what seemed like an eternity but was, in actuality, several hours he heard the door being unlocked. When it opened he could make out the stunningly beautiful form of the mansion’s Headmistress. He was tired and in pain but the sight of her, dressed head-to-toe again in latex, made his imprisoned cock begin to stiffen. She walked toward him, with her maid following behind. Suzie was again fitted with a gag, an inflatable butterfly type that was fully inflated, forcing his cheeks to bulge with its fullness. He also wore an extremely tall and strict posture collar, forcing his head uncomfortably up and face constantly forward. Both were locked with large padlocks, which added weight to enhance his discomfort. The slave standing helplessly in the center of the room was still moaning quietly as he looked up to face his new owner in the eyes. She spoke, “As you can see, I am not happy with my little sissy maid. He should not have spoken to you like that. Even though he said nothing that wasn’t true, it was not his place and all slaves must know their place.”

He looked inquisitively at her, “You see, all these rooms are wired for video and sound. I was watching everything that took place from the comfort of my bed.”

He could see the maid glaring at him from behind the Headmistress. He clearly blamed his present condition on the new arrival and would now eagerly help make his training as uncomfortable as possible. That wasn’t much of a concern for him right now as he was seized with another wave of cramps from the enema that he was still holding. At this point it was hard enough for him just to stand upright.

“I think it’s time we let you release all that. What do you think?” she asked mockingly.

“Mmmmmmmnnnnnnn…” he moaned in reply.

“Very well”, she said; turning away, “Maid, release him.”

Suzie released the leash from his collar and shackles from his ankles. He then separated the plug from the enema bag, letting it dangle uncomfortably between his legs. With his arms still restrained behind him he was led to the toilet in the corner and the maid removed the plug from his ass. Once he was fully cleaned out, the Headmistress once again spoke, “Enemas will be given on a daily basis. I expect my property to be clean and ready to use at all times. Eventually you will learn to appreciate them and in time they will cease to seem like punishment and become just another part of a normal hygienic routine. Until that time the maid will continue to administer them and I will determine for how long you will retain them. Do you understand?”

He nodded slowly.

“Good”, she continued, “For today, we will begin with a tour of the facilities. Later a doctor will come and give you a full medical exam.” She produced a short chain leash with a leather handle and locked it to his collar. A different set of steel cuffs were locked around his ankles with a short chain that allowed him just enough slack to follow behind her. She tugged gently at the leash and he followed behind her. Suzie, in the meantime, went about with his duties cleaning the bathroom.

As they walked out of the room and down the hallway they came upon another door. She took out a key and unlocked the door, pushing it open. They walked through the door into a large room. “This is my discipline room”, she spoke, “As you can see it contains a wide variety of reform tools. Above your head is a hanging cage, very small and very uncomfortable. You see there is also a rack, which is just a deviously simple device – thank goodness there was an Inquisition. A St. Andrews cross, spanking bench, a cock-and-ball pillory, but you know what all these are, don’t you? You’ve been fascinated by these things for some time, haven’t you? On the far wall you can see a wide variety of steel, leather and latex restraints. Hoods, straightjackets, sleep sacks, and more gags than you could possibly imagine. Rest assured you will experience them all, in time. The door to your left leads into my medical exam room. You will get to experience it first hand later, so I won’t bother showing it to you now.”

He was experiencing a range of emotions. He was angry, scared and excited all at the same time. There was so much for him to try and absorb and it was all happening so quickly. Yesterday he was a regular twenty-five year old guy. He had friends, went to the gym, enjoyed his job. Now everything that he knew was gone and his life as he had known it was over. She was right though, he had dreamed about this, not that he thought it ever could or would happen.

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A sharp tug on his leash brought him back to reality and they were soon on to the next room. At the end of the hallway was the third room. She opened the door revealing a small dark space. It was a simple brick room and in the center a large steel box, it almost looked like an isolation chamber. She opened the heavy door and he could see that it was lined with padded leather, except for the other side of the door, which was adorned with a full-length mirror. Three fluorescent spotlights on the ceiling were turned on, illuminating the chamber with light. Bolted on the back wall were two sets of steel restraints. When someone was locked in, their legs would be spread wide apart and their arms stretched out above them. Another restraint would fasten around their waist and another around the neck rendering them completely immobile. “This room is used for only truly disobedient slaves. It is completely sound proof and I can control the lighting remotely. It is a very effective form of punishment. A few hours or an entire day in here, in total darkness…it does wonders. Or I can turn the lights on full brightness and you can just stare at your pathetic self.” She enjoyed the look of fear that came over him, “If I were you, I’d hope this is the last time you have to see this room. Lets continue.”

Leading him back down the hallway and up the stairs he saw, for the first time, the beautiful mansion that he would now call his home. Light filled the house through huge oversized windows, all adorned with heavy drapes. Beautiful wood floors were covered each covered in valuable Persian rugs. In each room, crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings and there were expensive leather couches and chairs for the Mistress and her guests. If not in his present state he would have been glad to call this home. Unfortunately for him, he would most likely never know how comfortable that leather was. Entering the foyer, his attention suddenly turned to the two living pedestals that still festooned the staircase. Sensing his shock she said, “It’s called forniphilia, I’m sure you never thought you’d see it in person. It’s quite a beautiful, isn’t it though? I had marble pedestals but nothing compares to the sight of humans transformed into living furniture.”

“Mistress”, a female voice suddenly interrupted.

“Ah…meet Jamie, my executive assistant. She is in training as well, but unlike you she is training to be a Mistress herself.” She turned to the pretty young woman who just entered the room, “What can I do for you?”

“Oh, Mistress, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were…ohh, is this him?”

“Yes, pretty isn’t he?” Asked the Headmistress.

“Yes, yes he is.”

Jamie was a little younger then the Headmistress. At maybe nineteen or twenty, with blonde hair and a petite body, she was dressed in a similar outfit to her mentor. It consisted of a black latex bodysuit with heavy leather corset, elbow-length latex gloves, thigh-high latex stockings and 6” stiletto heels. She had a smile like that of a child who just received a new toy. “Your pictures did not do you justice!” she exclaimed, as she walked around him, slapping his ass and prodding at him like a preverbal piece of meat. “If only you knew the things that were in store for you.”

She stopped speaking abruptly as the Headmistress interrupted her, “What do you want Jamie? You can see I am busy.”

“Oh, yes, I just need you to approve this invoice for the package we are sending to Mistress Chan today.” She handed a clipboard and pen to the Headmistress.

“Is that all?” She asked, signing the form.

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll try not to interrupt again.” Jamie turned to the frightened slave, “See you soon pretty boy.”

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, forniphilia. That will be part of your training as well. I think you would serve well as my desk chair for a day I’d like to use your pretty face as a cushion…but that’s not something we need to be concerned about right now.” She led him to one of the large windows before continuing, “As you can see I have a very large piece of land and a private beach. This is a very exclusive area and there is quite a bit of property between houses. No one would ever know the things that go on here. That building out there houses my kennel and stable. You’ll become very familiar with those as well. I have an excellent animal trainer who lives here as well.”

It was all too much for him to absorb. It was less than 24 hours since his kidnapping and he couldn’t handle it. He suddenly lurched away and broke from her grasp. He completely forgot his ankles were hobbled together. Pulling away from her, he tripped and fell to the floor. Having no way to stop himself, he hit his head hard on the floor and lost consciousness.

He woke up with a throbbing headache. He opened his eyes and as his vision slowly returned he saw that he appeared to be in a medical office. This must be the room that the Headmistress had alluded to earlier. It seemed to be a typical exam room that you would find in any doctor’s office. Typical except for the exam table which he was securely fastened to. His body was held at a 45-degree angle to the table and three thick leather straps were fastened at his neck and over his chest and waist. His arms were being held down at right angles to the floor, fastened by additional straps at his elbows and wrists. His legs were fastened, by more leather straps, into stirrups that you would find in a gynecologist’s office. They held his legs open and left him completely exposed. He was flushed with embarrassment and as he tried to speak he found that his first gag had been replaced with another. The leather gag fit securely into his mouth and held his tongue down but forced his mouth to remain open.

“Nnnnnn…” he moaned.

“Ah, glad you’re finally awake.” Said a new female voice from behind him. As she came into view he saw a young woman in a short black skirt and white blouse. She wore black thigh-high stockings that he could just make out the lace top of beneath her skirt. Her legs were accentuated with a pair of 4” black heels. Did they know how much he loved high-heels? They must have, considering they seemed to know everything else about him. Again his cock began to stir. She noticed this immediately and rebuked him for it. “Haven’t you been warned about these nasty things? We are going to have to do something about this. Let’s start the exam…”

Part III

As his cock became hard he found that the tube of his restrainer had been removed. However the metal rings that encircled and locked around his balls and the base of his cock permitted him to become fully erect. Unfortunately it was very painful erection and the rings would prevent him from deriving any pleasure from it.

“My name is Dr. Johnson…of course you will refer to me as Mistress – as you will now refer to all women here,” she looked at his gagged mouth and chuckled a little, “on the rare occasion you are actually permitted to speak, that is. Now we’ve already done a cat scan of your head and confirmed you have no permanent injury from your escape attempt…although there must be SOMETHING wrong with your brain to have a hard-on. Isn’t it interesting that in spite of your circumstances you’re still able to get an erection? I would think that humiliation and fear would prevent you from having any sexual feelings right now. Of course this is nothing that I haven’t seen before but Headmistress spoke very highly of you. With all your interests I assumed you’d be well behaved and submissive already. Unfortunately it seems you are just another disgusting male so I shouldn’t be surprised.”

Walking over to a tray filled with medical instruments she picked up a violet wand and turned the power on. “I’m sure you know what this is. Right now it is on one half power. I don’t think you’ll want to see what full power does to your helpless manhood.” She touched it to the head of his cock for a few seconds.

“Mmmmmmmmmrrrraaagh!” He screamed behind his gag.

She touched it next to his balls, then the head of his cock again.

“Mmmmmpllzzzzz…nrrrrrr,” just three short shocks and he was reduced to quiet begging. She replaced the violet wand on the table and walked back over to him. She grabbed him by the chin.

“Erections…WILL – NOT – BE – TOLERATED!” She bawled at him. “In time, you will learn to only become hard when your Mistress desires to use you. Although I personally think you should just be castrated…it would take far less time to train you and you would be much more docile with less testosterone. A little hormone therapy and I’d be happy to see you as my assistant in a slutty little nurses outfit,” She chuckled again. “Oh well, that’s not my decision. So for now I, and your other superiors, will be more than happy to punish you and your cock. Next, however, I have a fun little game for you.”

She wheeled over a pole with two bags hanging from it. One appeared to be a red enema bag and he feared that he was going to receive another. His ass still hurt from the last one and he dreaded the prospect of a second enema. The other bag was clear and appeared to be full of water. He was afraid she was going to make him try and hold all that liquid! Little did he know it would be much more sinister than simply a large enema!

Making sure her actions were completely visible to him, the doctor lubricated a medium-sized, cock-shaped, rubber enema nozzle. Without speaking she applied more lube to his asshole and shoved the nozzle in until his muscles grasped its base. He whimpered behind the gag and pleaded with his eyes for her to stop. She, of course, ignored his pleas and hooked up the hose to the enema bag. She clamped the tube closed with a small metal clasp that had a long wire and small metal pail attached to it.

Next she retrieved a catheter from the instrument tray. More lubrication was applied to the catheter and she flashed him a wicked smile. Firmly grabbing his cock she shoved the catheter into the head and fed the tube into his bladder. She inflated the balloon that holds it in place and clamped the other end to the side of the pail that was attached to the enema bag.

He was beginning to understand what she had in store for him.

A tube from the clear bag was placed through a hole in the front of his gag. The gag holding his mouth open made him unable to resist swallowing the fluid. Now that she was finished preparing him, she spoke. “This ingenious little contraption is designed purely to prolong your suffering. As you are forced to drink the water, laced with a diuretic I might add, your bladder will fill. The catheter will empty your bladder into this pail. Once the clamp can no longer hold the weight of the pail it will open and fill you with a delicious little enema solution of my own design. Needless to say it will be VERY uncomfortable. Of course it is supposed to take some time for this all to take place so I’ll be back to check on your progress in a few hours.”

She picked up her briefcase and shut off the lights, leaving him alone in almost complete darkness. He heard the door lock and her heels clicking on the tile floor as she walked away. Whimpering quietly between gulps of water, all he could think of was the misery he was going to be enduring over the next few hours.

He had no idea how much time had gone by but every minute felt like an hour. The pail had long been filled and the enema released into his body. His muscles contracted as he was seized by another wave of cramps.

“Plllllzzzzzzzz…mmmmmmmm…hllllllllppppp…” he moaned again, pleading to no one. He was on the verge of tears when the door suddenly opened and Dr. Johnson appeared. She turned on the lights and smiled upon seeing the pain he was in.

“Would you like to release that now?” she asked, half mockingly.

He nodded and moaned, “Ysssssss mifffsssstreesssss.”

“Good boy,” she teased as she removed the tube from his gag. She deflated the balloon and removed the catheter from his cock. Unfortunately she then replaced the metal tube that held his cock and locked it to the restrainer around his balls. Finally she removed the enema tube from the plug but left it firmly in his ass.

She looked at him and said, “Unfortunately for you, I don’t think you can release that just yet. Maybe a few more hours will help you remember not to get an erection next time you’re around one of your superiors.” The doctor walked back to the door but before leaving she turned around and whispered, “I’ll send the maid for you in the morning.” The lights were again shut off and the door closed and locked…it was 9:17 PM…

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At 7:06 AM the door unlocked and opened, a shadowy figure turned the room’s lights on. Standing there was Suzie, the maid. Today he was wearing a cherry red latex maid’s uniform replete with latex apron, collar and headpiece. He was wearing matching red fishnet stockings and a pair of strappy red 4” heels. It was much less restrictive then what he had been wearing the day before, however he was still restrained with an inflatable penis gag as well as steel hobbles and long cuffs that were chained to his waist. After ten sleepless hours of enduring wave after wave of cramping from the enema, he was actually glad to see the maid. Quickly, Suzie set about removing the leather straps holding him to the exam table. He helped his legs out of the stirrups and onto the floor, where they were immediately locked into steel hobbles. A similar pair of steel cuffs shackled his arms and a long chain allowed him some limited freedom of movement. The maid then attached a leash to his collar and began pulling him into the hallway. They walked slowly back toward that industrial bathroom he had been in yesterday. After they both entered Suzie deflated the plug still holding the enema inside him and allowed him to finally release it all. When he was finished the maid once again walked him to the center of the room where he was secured, once again, to the ceiling and floor beneath the showerhead. The water was turned on, still ice cold, and Suzie began scrubbing him down with soap and a long handled brush. Once he had been sufficiently cleaned he was dried off and led back to the medical exam room. His freedom from the table was short lived, as Suzie had no problems lifting him back onto the table and re-fastening all the straps. The gag that was still holding his mouth open was unlocked and removed, though he knew better than to try and speak he took the opportunity to wet his lips and try to exercise his jaw a bit. The maid filled a small cup with water and allowed him to drink it. After he had finished a large inflatable gag was inserted into his mouth and pumped up until his cheeks bulged. Suzie cleaned up and walked out of the room without giving him a second look. He did, however, leave the door open and just a few minutes later in strode Dr. Johnson. She was once again dressed in high heels and thigh high stockings, the lace tops of which he could see just under her very short skirt. She had on a white blouse, through which he could see her nipples as they protrude through the thin layer of silk.

“Good morning slave. I trust you had just as good a night’s sleep as I did?” She mocked. “Well, I told the Headmistress about your behavior last night and she told me that you had been warned the day you arrived about unauthorized erections. So, since you seem to be so insistent on having them regardless, we agreed that you should be shown the only way a male is permitted to have one.”

She placed a pair of rubber gloves on her hands and removed the tube from his cock. Once again the rings around the base and his balls were kept securely locked. From her tray of instruments she brought over a strangely shaped device.

“This,” she continued, “is a prostate milking device. It allows the user to generate an erection and ‘milk’ the subject. Although you will produce semen, and have an ejaculation you will neither have an orgasm nor receive any pleasure from the experience. In fact, the whole procedure should be quite uncomfortable.”

After applying a liberal amount of lubricant to the device, she pushed it hard into his ass. The milking device began to pulsate in his ass and he felt himself growing hard. His cock tried to fight against the restraining device but was no match for the stainless steel they were made of. He tried to wriggle in his bonds but it was also useless. From behind the large penis-shaped gag, all he could manage was a muffled cry. After several painful minutes he felt himself start to cum, the doctor collected it in a sample cup and placed it on the table. She removed the milking device from his ass and his erection quickly subsided. Exhausted, he ceased his efforts at struggling, breathing heavily through his nose.

“There,” she began, holding the cup in front of his face, “that is the only way you are permitted to get an erection. It is also the only way you will ever cum. Slaves do not receive sexual satisfaction it helps enforce submissive behavior.”

After labeling the cup containing his semen she put it in a small refrigerator. She called for the maid, who had been standing outside the door for the entire session. His cock tube was refitted and his restraints were removed. Suzie again helped him off the table and led him to the corner of the exam room. There, on the floor, was a small cage with a sign marked “Recovery Room”. The maid ushered him inside and he crawled in on all fours. The cage door was closed and padlocked behind him. Suzie pulled his ankles out through the bars in the rear of the cage and locked a pair of steel cuffs around them. The same procedure was followed on his wrists. This allowed him to stretch out, almost flat, but prevented him from getting his hand near his gag or his imprisoned cock. Once secured, the maid curtseyed toward Dr. Johnson and left the room.

She walked over to the cage and said, “You have had a long couple of days but all your exams are now finished. I am going to allow you to rest for a few hours. The maid will be back to get you before lunch. This afternoon the Headmistress is going to introduce you to some of her friends and clients.”

He shuttered slightly, wondering what lay ahead. After all he endured the last few days the only thing on his mind was sleep. The light was turned off and the door closed and locked. In the dark silence, he quickly fell asleep.

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