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Lisa the Escape Artist
  • Author - batman73552000  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, armbinder, bondage, latex, suspension, tickling, toys
  • Post Date - 3/28/2006
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Reader's Comments (17)

I was a junior at UCLA when my agent told me that a Mr. Barnes wanted me to preform at his sons birthday party. Volleyball was done and x-mas was right around the corner. I could use the money and he was offering one thousand dollars in cash. Calling up my friend and assistant Mary I decided to take the job.

Saturday came and we drove up into hills where the rich and famous lived. Mansion would be a gross understatement in describing the house we pulled in front of. Two doorman helped us unload the equipment I would be using in my act. Mr. Barnes showed the room we would be performing in. Sofa's and lounge chairs covered half of the room with full screen plasma TV'S covering the walls. I just got my gear sorted out when thirty people walked into the hall.

I was introduced to the birthday boy Rich, who just turned eighteen years old. Half the crowd was teenagers and the other group was some higher society people including a few movie stars.

After looking over the crowd and deciding that I was going to kill my agent it was time to begin. I picked two of the younger boys out of the crowd to help me with my act. My two smiling assistants took some of the handcuffs and leg irons out of my trunk and managed to hogtie my ankles and hands together. I was wearing tights and leotard outfit which was very tight and very slippery. The kids then wrapped a long heavy chain around my arms and upper body and padlocked it as tight as they can. Mary put a blanket over me and then entertained the crowd with card tricks which she was very good at. Being in a bikini helped keep the crowd's eye's away from me and her hands.

Three minutes later I was free of the doctored cuffs and padlocked and asked for more help from the audience. The next hour I escaped from a straight jacket, a (real, unaltered) armbinder, various straps slave chains and other worked on equipment I collected. The teenagers I picked checked the equipment but thank god wasn't skilled in what to look for.

For my last trick I needed the birthday boy to assist me. Rich grabbed the rope that was on the ground and proceeded to tie me up per my instructions. Soon my hands arms and elbows was tied tightly behind my back. Rich put my chest in a elaborate rope harness and managed to grope my breasts in the process. This kid had a lot of practice I was thiking as he put a very tight crotch rope on me. My legs and ankles was tied followed by hogtie ropes bending me like a pretzel. The little pervert was having a good time grabbing my ass and pulling on my crotch rope. Finally he was done and told me I would never get free of his ropes.

Rich, you did a good job, I should be free in fifteen or twenty minutes. Mary put the blanket over me as she did various card and magic tricks. The little brat did a great job in tying me up, but I had a few tricks up my sleeve. Being tied up hundreds of times in my life taught me how to flex my muscles when being bound to get a little slack. My costume was so slippery that the ropes could not get a firm grip on me. The ropes he used on me was specially built for me. Pulling on the ropes for thirty seconds stretched them out enough to get more slack. I was also double and triple jointed and very supple from yoga. Getting free was still hard work and the rope between my legs was making me lose concentration. Ten minutes later I was free and watching Mary doing her card tricks.

My host paid us fifteen hundred for our performance and asked if I did any private performences. If the money is right I might think about it was my reply. Ten thousand dollars if you can escape my ropes. If you can't you will remain my prisoner all next weekend until you escape. No sex or heavy torture unless you want it are the only rules. Lisa, I always heard you loved challenges and I know you can use the money. Let me think about it and I will call you next week.

Checking on Mr. Barnes was a priority before I took his offer. Both my dad and brother was home to help me do a check on him. My friends at UCLA also ran a check on him that was on the gray side of the law.

We found out that Mr. Barnes was running a little blackmail scam involving some of the local talent and some of the most popular bondage models in the area. He was real friendly with Stacy Burke, Cleo Nicole and five or six other bondage models. His bank account had some real interesting transactions with some of the rich and famous in the L.A. area. My brother, the FBI man wanted me to go undercover at his mansion and find some dirt on him.

"Let me get this straight, you want me to have Mr. Barnes tie me up in the nude and keep me a sex slave for the weekend with the chance that I can escape, then rummage around his computer and office looking for God knows what so you can arrest him."

"Lisa you can escape from the toughest situations and you did this kind of work before."

"Listen brother of mine, this guy sounds like a expert and with the right knowledge and equipment I'm going to remain his helpless captive. Even if I did get free the chances of finding anything is very remote. The chances of me getting caught and shipped to Hong Kong on the other hand is very good. Plus the pervert is going to video tape my escape and I getting tired of being the naked star of a bondage film."

My dad, the police captain interrupted and told me to do what you think is right. "Yes dad, but being raped and tortured for the weekend is not my idea of a good time. Don't bust him, until I'm free and have his check cashed. I got a few tricks up my sleeve to help me and you better be watching the house. A long oriental vacation is not in my plans right now."

I entered the mansion Saturday morning just wearing a bikini and a silk robe over it. I was met at the door by the whole family and led down to the basement dungeon. Mrs Barnes took off my robe and bikini waving a metal detecting wand over my body. The wand beeped when it touched my ring. The ring is a family heirloom and won't come off, you can check it for blade or sharpe edges I told the family.

"That's ok Mr. Barnes told me, Rich is going to tie you up again. He wanted another chance to get revenge on you." I was led into the main dungeon and be my heart stop beating. Every piece of bondage equipment and furniture known to mankind was in this room. My chances of getting free of most of this stuff was zero. Things just got better and better when Rich grabbed some wet rawhide and tied my hands and elbows together. More of the thin cord went around my breasts like some sort of bra. Rich was having a great time and managed to get a few pinches and gropes in the process of securing me. He started to get serious when he wrapped the rawhide between my legs and around my wrists a dozen times.

Both parents was helping him and everything was tight. Things got tighter as my captives took some quarter inch rope and managed to make me a rope mummy. After my legs were tied I was flipped over and hogtied.

These guys didn't miss a trick, even my toes was connected to my long hair. Rich was tickling my feet which by my squirming made the ropes tighter then they were. Rich told me everything was being video taped and have fun getting free. Mrs Barnes even showed me some of her vibrators she was going to use on me during the weekend. You have one hour to get loose and then your mine she told me. Oh goody, I was thinking even the wife wants my body.

Another fine mess you got yourself into, I thought to myself as the Barnes family finished with my hogtie. "We expect you to be free in a hour my tormentors laughed as they left the room." My bondage only took a total of five minutes which left the rawhide still wet. While my ropes was being applied I was straining against the bonds holding me. The leather strips holding my hands and elbows was loose enough for me to get slack into them. The problem was I had to get my arms free before the rawhide shrunk. The ropes between my legs was fast pushing me to a orgasm as I pulled against them. This was no time to get hot and bothered with my usual excitement being tightly bound.

Freeing my hands only took a few minutes, it was the rest of the ropes which was a bother. The sheer amount of the ropes was my main problem as the ropes that I loosened just got entangled with the other ones on my body. Working fast I managed to free myself from my hogtie ropes and lost some hair and skin in the process. Even with my hands free, the other ropes around my arms and chest slowed down my ability to wiggle out of my bonds. My body was a sweaty mess which help me slide the ropes off my torso. The knots on the ropes was too tight to waste time on so I was using a sharp edge of a table to slide the ropes free of my body. The rawhide wrapped around my toes and tits really hurt getting off as they were already shrinking.

Walking out of the dungeon I wondered if breaking into Mr. Barnes office was an option. I made it as far as the living room before the family gave my nude body a standing ovation. Another idea shot down in flames I thought as my capters congratuated my escape. Lisa, do you want to shower up and use the spa while I get your check ready. You could stay the weekend and test out some of my equipment for another ten thousand dollars. The whole family had a big grin on their faces as I agreed to be their bondage slave. Rich was actually drooling and the Mrs looked at me like I was a steak dinner being served.

The hot shower felt great after being in a whirlpool for a half hour. Mrs. Barnes even gave me a hot oil massage which relaxed my mind and muscles. Mr. Barnes came in with a tote bag full of goodies. My fingers. hands, and elbows was tightly strapped behind my back. Next came a leather armbinder which was tied on, not zipped on which made it tighter. I was going to get the full treatment as a blindfold, gag and neck collar followed. I felt leg irons being put on me as more straps were wrapped around my upper body.

Time for a little walk my slave, my capter told me as I was led back into the dungeon. The leg irons came off and my legs felt like they were attached to a long spreader bar. These guys don't miss a trick I thought as my body was raised off the ground. The worse was yet to come as a vibrator and butt plug was inserted into my private parts Some sort of strap around my stomach held the monsters tightly inside my body.

"Have fun getting free" I heard from somewhere in the room. I was thinking how in the hell am I going to get free of my bondage when somebody started to play with my nipples.

The next two hours was a fun filled adventure of oral sex, sexual torment and tickling. Thinking I was lucky that my new friends at least didn't whip into shape my body gently hit the floor. Lisa I can see that you enjoyed yourself as much we did. All my bonds were taken off as my body exploded in pain as feeling came back into my limbs. Handcuffs and leg irons was put on my quivering body by Rich.

Mr. Barnes told me that his son would clean me up and that I would sleep in his bed tonight. Damn, I thought things keep getting better and better. I don't mind a little sex and bondage but this is taking a good thing to far. Rich basically threw me into a hot shower and managed to scrub every inch of my body. For some unknown reason my breasts and ass received a lot of focus from the boy wonder.

Despite the pawing I received from my preverted shower partner my body was feeling much better. Rich put some leather manacles on my hands and feet. Leading me into his bedroom I saw the ropes on all four corners of his bed.

"Now Rich you wouldn't tie me down to your bed and ravish my helpless body would you?"

"Of course" he said "the victor gets the spoils." My chains were removed and I was soon spread eagled on his bed. I have to go down to the kitchen and get some chocolate syrup and other goodies. Don't go anywhere until I come back he chuckled as he went out the door.

Deciding that being the main course for supper didn't appeal to me it was time for my escape. My fake fingernails was actually sharpened plastic which cut through my ropes in seconds after the paint was wore off. When my dinner date came threw the door he got a karate chop behind the neck instead of me for supper. Rich was tied and gagged on the bed and I was drinking some of the champaign he brought up.


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Monday, January 06, 2014  

Great story! Who is this woman?

Sunday, July 13, 2008  

Please Continue

Wednesday, March 19, 2008  

Escellent. Contiue

Thursday, October 11, 2007  

Well written. Please do continue and tell us how poor Rich pays dearly.

Sunday, March 11, 2007  

brilliant story, im just hopeing you will write the toher half...

Monday, January 08, 2007  

yes please continue this story

Saturday, December 16, 2006  

continued ... good start

Sunday, May 14, 2006  

I hope you continue this one with her totally turning the tide on the family and even kidnapping the boy.

Saturday, April 29, 2006  

let's hear more

Saturday, April 08, 2006  

They left out some words in the sentences.

Monday, April 03, 2006  

at the time of writing this there are currently 6 comments posted on this story, so it is very interesting to read what they have to say, and compare it to my own thoughts.

personally i felt that the idea has a lot of promise, but the writing does not flow all that well. worse than that though, the internal logic of the story just does not make sense.

sending our lady into the house to try and gather information does make a degree of sense, but the situations she ends up in should clearly tell her to get the hell out of there!

not wishing to spoil the plot, but i do have to take issue with her final deal to stay the rest of the weekend. effectively she is selling both her services as a bondage model, and offering herself up as a bound sexual partner. for me this just does not work, not when her relatives are so involved in the plan for her to go in and try to gather information. i just do not see the supposedly strong and capable woman doing this.

also, to echo one of the earlier reviews, the story would be improved by proper use of speach marks at the correct points.

Sunday, April 02, 2006  

Well written and with a story line that keeps you guessing and interested in where its heading. Would like to think that this houdini gets a really good scare, caught out in her own overconfidence, before an exciting escape.

Friday, March 31, 2006  

Yes please do continue.....two layer wetness so far......

Wednesday, March 29, 2006  

Great story!! Did it actually happen?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006  

yes continue

Tuesday, March 28, 2006  

good story, but only if it's the first part of a longer one. Let's see Lisa being shipped away as the family's private plaything. Will her family and friends find and rescue her before she's brainwashed into becoming a bondage slave???

Tuesday, March 28, 2006  

This story would be a whole lot better if it didn't have so many spelling and grammatical errors.

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