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Weekend Slave
  • Author - Brosco  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, f-self, reluctant, bondage, humiliation, self-bondage, toys
  • Post Date - 4/7/2006
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Linda was really stuck this time. She had placed herself in a hogtie with handcuffs placed around wrists and ankles and the linking chains crossed to complete the hogtie. This did give her enough slack so that she would be able to squirm her way to the keys in the next room.

To make the trip more interesting, she had placed a vibrating egg in her pussy, just turned to low to keep her constantly aroused, but (hopefully) not enough to cum. This was secured in place with a tight crotch rope that would stimulate her more (not necessarily pleasantly) as she squirmed to her escape keys. Nipple clamps with weights on small chains were also used to discourage her from struggling too fast to the keys. She needed to make slow, smooth movements so that the weights wouldn't jerk on the clamps as she squirmed on her side. For added difficulty, she had blindfolded herself.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Lying on her side she tested her bondage - there definitely wouldn't be any escape without the keys, but she just lay there and savored the vibrating egg for a while. She loved being teased and aroused, but it didn't take long for her to realize she had better start on her trip - her clit was demanding more attention and she had no idea how long it would take to get to her keys.

Even though Linda knew she had to make careful slow movements so that the clamps didn't jerk on her nipples, she hadn't realized how much the weights would pull on her aching nipples. Every movement revived the full pain of her clamps, instead of being allowed the usual relief from the nipples numbing somewhat that she had experienced in her other self bondage games.

The pain from her nipples, the changing pressure on her crotch rope and the vibrating egg kept her in a constant state of pain and pleasure, making it very difficult to maintain concentration on her task of getting the keys.

She managed to squirm across her bedroom floor and found the doorway on her first attempt. She was feeling very proud of her success and smiled. The smile quickly disappeared on her next couple of movements as she felt a piercing pain on one of her already tortured nipples. She waited for the pain to subside - well, as much as it was going to - and thought about it. She realized the chain to the weight must have slipped under the open door and thus any further forward movement would just keep pulling her nipple more, there was no way the weight could slide under the door.

She realized she would have to surrender some of the ground she had achieved and back up to get the chain from under the door.

After squirming backward for a distance she felt would safely get chain out in the open she started forward again. Being blindfolded, she hadn't realized that as the weight slid along under the door, it also swung the door slightly on its hinges and moved it nearer to the closed position and blocking her path more. When she started forward again, her head bumped the back of the door and resulted in it being pushed fully closed.

Although it had only taken a second from feeling the bump and hearing the 'click' of the door closing fully, Linda had held her breath, knowing what the bump meant and prayed that the door wouldn't fully close. The 'click' confirmed her fears. With the door closed she had no possibility of getting to her keys in the next room. She was stuck!

Linda had been enjoying self bondage for a while now and had got herself into tight spots before and so had the intelligence to set up a safety for such eventualities, and like all safeties, was an option that she dreaded.

A close friend of Linda, Lisa, knew of her tastes and had offered to be a safety for any of her adventures, but if it was ever used, it was conditional on being Lisa's slave for 48 hours. A full, uninterrupted weekend.

Now for most that are into self bondage, this doesn't sound too bad, except that, first, Linda was not bi, and secondly, she didn't even have fantasies about being a slave or submissive. Her self bondage was for her own pleasure, prolonging her arousal and adding some pain to intensify her pleasure. It was purely for her own self gratification, and nothing to do with pleasing a real or an imaginary Dom/me.

Before starting any self bondage adventure, Linda would set up an email to Lisa and schedule it to be sent after a time that would allow her to complete her current adventure. The email simply read:

"Subject: I'm Stuck!!

I am stuck in self bondage and need your help to get me free. In return for your desperately needed assistance, I unconditionally agree to be your slave this weekend, starting 8PM Friday night until 8PM Sunday night.


If she managed to get free in time, she simply had to cancel the scheduled email.

On this occasion, Linda had scheduled the email to be sent in 3 hours, and, although she had no idea how much time she had used so far, she figured she had a long wait - at least 2 hours, probably more.

Linda tried to relax, well, at least be as comfortable as she could in her bondage, and try to just enjoy her vibrating egg. But she found her thoughts would drift into trying to anticipate how Lisa would use her as a slave, and that would make her struggle in vain against her bonds, restarting the pain in her nipples and crotch.

By the time Lisa arrived Linda was a mess. Exhausted from futile struggles, hours of constant arousal, and the fear of what was going to happen to her this weekend.

Lisa had let herself in with the door key she was given for just this purpose and didn't take long to find Linda in her room, hogtied and softly moaning. Lisa smiled at the sight and was already wet contemplating her upcoming weekend.

After releasing Linda, Lisa simply said "See you 8PM Friday.... slave" and grinned as she departed before Linda could try begging to get out of her promise.

For the next couple of days Linda could think about nothing else other than the weekend to come. They had discussed limits when they first reached the agreement, but Linda, believing she now had the incentive to keep herself safe, and had given into some of the more insistent demands made by Lisa. She knew this was going to be a tough weekend.

At precisely 8PM of Friday night, she was pressing the doorbell to Lisa's home.

She was surprised when Lisa opened the door wearing an ordinary bathrobe. For some reason she imagined that she would be confronted by fetish clothed Mistress wielding a riding crop. She relaxed at the more friendly sight, but was soon uneasy again as she was told to strip the moment she was in the door.

Lisa immediately removed all her clothes, and as requested, placed them in the wall closet. "You won't be needing those this weekend" smiled Lisa, "Now follow me".

Lisa went into the lounge room and sat in a large single sofa chair. Linda followed and then stood before her, nervously waiting for what was to come next.

"These will be your only clothes this weekend" said Lisa as she passed her a pair of sandals with 5" heels and ankle straps, "Put them on now". Linda dutifully complied and stood before Lisa once again.

Linda had a lovely body. Only 5' 2" (without the heels) and her 35" bust looked much larger on her small body. Her best asset though were her legs, well toned and shapely. In the heels, her calf and thigh muscles firmed even more.

"Place your feet a foot apart and clasp your hands behind your head - I want to admire you while we discuss my plans for you" smiled Lisa. Again Linda nervously complied and felt the slightest tingling in her pussy as Lisa watched her.

"Now" started Lisa "I know you are nervous and I know your tastes, so don't worry too much. The only reason you have too worry is if you disobey or protest my wishes - for that you will be punished. But if you behave, you should have a relatively enjoyable weekend because the majority of my plans for you are similar to that you do to yourself. The major difference though, is that instead of being alone, I will be watching you. All of the things that you usually do for your own pleasure, you will be doing to entertain me. I will be doing very little to you, you will be doing most things entirely by yourself, but instead of for your pleasure - it will be for mine. Any questions so far Linda?"

As it sunk in what was being said Linda started to blush. She was going to have to do intimate things in front of another woman, things that were privately hers. That would be so humiliating. It was bad enough Lisa even knowing why she needed a safety, but to 'perform' in front of her?

Linda stammered "Lisa, please no,, please......" and was quickly rebuked by Lisa

"You will address me as Mistress Lisa, and remember what I said about disobedience and protests. Now, do you understand so far?"

Linda stammered again, looking downward to attempt to hide her scarlet face "Yyyyyes... Mistress Lisa"

"That's better. Now there are a couple of things that I know aren't to your tastes, but those you will just have to manage, and you did agree to them when we discussed your limits. I imagine that if you are as entertaining to watch as I anticipate, I will get very horny and so you will probably need to service my need several times over the weekend". Linda blushed even more at the humiliation, but managed to mumble out another "Yyyyyyyeessss Mistress Lisa".

"Second," continued Lisa, "I know how much you like being horny and I love my slaves to be very horny and needy. I will be playing with you to keep you as desperate as I possibly can, but you will not be allowed to cum. If you cum, or even sexually touch yourself without permission, you will be severely punished. Do you understand everything I have said?"

Linda just continued blushing, fighting the urge to run out the door, as naked as she was. She was going to have to perform and entertain another woman, she was going to have to service her sexually and she was going to be touched and played with by a woman. This was going to be so humiliating - even a whip wielding butch dyke sounded more attractive at the moment, but for some reason her clitty started to throb a little more. She hated the whole idea, but for some reason her body was getting excited. As all these thoughts ran through her head she remembered to reply "Yes Mistress Lisa".

"Come closer my little slave. I want to see what your alter ego thinks of my plans". Lisa slowly moved closer to Lisa and closed her eyes as she felt a finger stroking her pussy. The shame of it. Linda's body was betraying her, she didn't want a woman touching her, but she could feel she was getting wetter and wetter, her clitty started to throb and even yearned for the touch that Linda tried to convince herself she didn't. Lisa just smiled, this was going to be a fun weekend.

Linda tried to get her thoughts into some sort of rational order. She had only been at Mistress Lisa's (sheeezz... already her mind had decided she was 'Mistress') an hour and she was horny wanting a female's touch. She wasn't a slave or submissive - she was Linda that simply liked the pleasure that only she had managed to give herself. She had no interest in women, but here she was hoping for Mistress Lisa to touch her more. She started to thrust her hips hoping to get that lovely teasing finger against her clit.

Lisa was too experienced for poor Linda though, and just allowed Linda enough feeling to want more. She kept playing between her pussy lips and would get agonizingly close to the clit but never quite touching it. Linda even started to feel her own juices wetting her thighs and eventually couldn't stand it any more... "PUUUULLLLEEEEZZZEEEEEEE" she begged.

"Two mistakes so quickly Linda? you disappoint me! First, you are to call me Mistress Lisa, and second, you are here to entertain me - NOT me provide your pleasure".

Linda quickly realized her mistakes and tried to recover "I'm so sorry Mistress Lisa. I am sorry I didn't address you correctly. I am sorry that I put my own needs above yours. Please forgive me Mistress Lisa". Privately Linda was proud of how quickly she recovered from her impulsive request and thought she may just get away with it, but had her hopes dashed immediately.

"Linda, in that chest over there you will find the various toys that we will play with this weekend. Go there now and get the flogger and bring it back here".

Crestfallen, Linda did as directed and went to the chest. She opened the lid and was immediately wide eyed by its contents. If this had been hers in the privacy of her own home she would have been in heaven, but realizing it was another's to tease, torment and humiliate her with, she was terrified. Well, Linda was terrified, but that didn't stop her clit from throbbing and her pussy from continuing to leak juices down her legs. She found what she assumed to be the required flogger. A short wooden handle with several leather strips about 18" long hanging from it. She picked it up and returned to stand in front of Lisa, and started to hand it to her.

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"Oh no Linda. That would be too easy. I told you that you will be doing the majority this weekend. You are here to entertain me... remember? You will spread your legs as wide as you can and flog your pussy yourself. 10 strokes sounds good, but if I think you don't do it hard enough, there will be another 10, and another, until I think you have hurt it enough. You will count each one and thank me for reminding you of your task this weekend. Start now!".

OMG, how could she do this? Standing naked in front of another woman, her legs obscenely spread, and flog her own pussy?

Linda's mind was reeling, but Lisa brought her back to reality - "Do it, or have me punish you far more severely - your choice! start now or lose the chance"

Linda thrashed her pussy with the flogger immediately. She was so embarrassed doing such a thing in front of another. She yelped as the strands hit her pussy and curled up between her legs and also stung her butt.

"One: Thank you Mistress Lisa, my pussy is here for your pleasure, not mine".

"Two: Thank you Mistress, I will try to only think of your wishes"

"Three: Thank you Mistress, please let me punish my pussy more for your pleasure"


By six Linda could see Lisa stroking her pussy and so she knew she would be servicing Lisa very soon.

By eight Linda had tears in her eyes.

By nine, Linda's legs were quivering, she wasn't sure if she could handle more.

And with ten, she said: "Ten: Thank you Mistress Lisa, please Mistress, if I may be so bold, may I give your pussy the pleasure that my selfish pussy thought it needed?".

Lisa smiled, happy with the show she had seen and loosened her dressing gown to fully reveal her body and pushed her hips forward on the chair to allow Linda easy access. Linda submissively knelt between Lisa's legs and used her tongue to please her Mistress. She had no experience or even interest in women, but she thought about what she enjoyed from her previous boyfriends and tried to do the same. Her pussy hurt like hell, but her clitty just throbbed more.

When it came to sex, Lisa wasn't shy. She grabbed Linda by the hair to direct her where she wanted. When she got close to cumming, she pulled Linda's hair to get her away so that she could start again minutes later. Linda was not going to get off easily by making her cum quickly, no matter how quickly she learned. For over half an hour Lisa twisted Linda wherever she wanted her. Linda's jaw ached, her tongue ached, her knees ached, her hair/head hurt, but she kept doing her best to please her Mistress.

When Lisa eventually came she used Linda's hair to pull her mouth hard over her pussy. Linda could hardly breath but kept using her tongue in the best way she knew how. She was going to get through this weekend and repay her Mistress for saving her from a distressful self bondage situation. She owed her, and must do this, she convinced herself.

After Lisa was satisfied she led her weekend slave up to the bedroom and cuffed her hands to the top of the bed, and her ankles to the bottom. "Don't worry pet, this is just so you don't play with yourself while I sleep. We have a long weekend ahead, and I want you to stay as horny as you are now. Goodnight.. sleep well"

Lisa snuggled up to her slave and placed a thigh over Linda's, and a finger in her pussy. Linda so much wanted to buck against the finger and get herself off, but also knew that this would not be a smart idea. As horny as she was, she lay still enjoying the frustrating arousal and allowed her exhaustion to overcome her.

Linda couldn't believe how well she slept. She woke up fully refreshed and it was just the cuffs securing her to the top and bottom of the bed that brought her situation instantly to mind. If she had done it to herself she would have been delighted. If a boyfriend had done it, she would have been happy if he continued teasing her, but her one concern was this was a female doing it. She wasn't a prude, but this was beyond her tastes, and the freshness of her morning thoughts concerned her. She was starting to get worried about her situation again as Lisa stirred and smiled at her weekend slave. It was strange, it was all it took for Linda's pussy to be wet again and keep her resolve to keep her part of the bargain. After all, a weekend wasn't all that long.

Lisa released her cuffs and smiled. "Oh slave, I have an exercise I expect from you. You will do it often over the next 2 days, but I want it now. Kneel beside the bed, knees a foot apart, and insert this vibe. This time, the vibe will be off, but you will hold the vibe inside with your pussy muscles. Next time, we will turn the vibe up a notch. By the time you go home, you will have learned to hold the vibe even when its turned high. You will learn to do tasks for me and shut out your own pleasure just to please me. No questions... just do it now! Ooohhh, I forgot to mention - if you drop it or cum, you will be punished severely and start again. I'll be easy on you though, you only have to hold it in place for 15 minutes."

15 minutes!!!!! thought Linda... sheeezzz... she could prolly do it, but by the end of such a time she would be desperate to thrust the vibe in and out of her and cum. The thought of holding it while turned to high was beyond her comprehension. She would either cum or drop it. Either way, she would be punished. Perhaps if she achieved this Mistress would move to other tasks, so she quickly agreed "Yes Mistress Lisa".

Fortunately the vibe was lightweight and she could clench her muscles and hold it. At the end of 15 minutes she was perspiring from her concentration but achieved an enormous amount of satisfaction from her success and pleasing her Mistress.

WOW.. sheeezz... did she really think that? ... she was pleased to please her Mistress? She quickly reorganized her thoughts - she was happy that she could repay Lisa for her release of self bondage and was pleased to repay her for doing so. Yeah, that was better.

Lisa smiled at the end of the 15 minutes, her potential new slut was doing well. "OK, times up, take the vibe out and lick it clean. Give it the best blow job you have ever given in your life!". Linda was devastated. She was proud of what she achieved, but was to be humiliated again by Lisa, expecting her to lick and taste her own juices. She even had to simulate a blow job on a piece of plastic. Her objections were starting to swell within her but she managed to stifle them... just 2 days... you can manage this, she told herself.

She removed the vibe from her pussy and sucked it - pretending it was the dick of a lover. She worked it in and out of her mouth, putting on an erotic show for Lisa. Linda was caught, if she hadn't done so she knew she would have been punished, but having done so, Lisa was now squirming from just watching the show. Linda knew she would be servicing her again very soon.

Linda was smart though. She realized that if she picked her time she could have some tiny control over what happened this weekend. Although licking a pussy was not actually a desire, she realized it was a far better option than other possibilities that Lisa may confront her with.

"Mistress Lisa, if I may be so bold as to suggest, I would love to lick your pussy. I would love to squirm in denial while you have pleasure. May I please please give you pleasure?"

Lisa laughed at her. "Sure slut, you may lick my pussy, but first you will put on another show. Stand by the bed... NOW!. Let me see you play with your own pussy. I want to see your fingers deep inside and your juices running down your legs."

Humiliated again, Linda complied, stimulating herself further. "Now slut, suck your fingers while you use your other hand to keep your pussy wet. When you suck off all your juices, switch hands again, and don't stop until I tell you". poor Linda kept stoking, sucking and switching hands, and it was not until Lisa detected her shallow breathing and being close to cumming that she said: "Now slut, now you may lick my clit. Make me happy now, or you will pay".

It was only 8:30am on Saturday and Linda felt she had already been a slave forever. She wanted out, but clitty throbbed. She wanted to be home by herself, but wanted Lisa to make her cum. She was confused. She wasn't lez or bi, but wanted to please Lisa. She wanted to pleasure herself, but wanted to please Lisa more. She wanted... no needed,... Lisa's approval for being a good slave. A Good Slave... sheezzz.. why did she think like that? - she wasn't a slave!

Every time Linda starting thinking about her own needs, Lisa somehow appeared and interrupted them.

"mmmmhhhhhh slave... you are getting so good at pussy licking, and in such a short time. Come down stairs and cook our breakfast, I'm sure we both need the energy to continue".

Linda was sorta thrilled. She liked the way I licked her! She said I was good at pussy licking! I pleased her!!!! Linda happily followed Lisa down stairs to cook a hearty meal of sausages and eggs, OJ, coffee and toast. She was about to sit down to enjoy the meal with Lisa and was again abruptly brought to a halt.

"No Linda, you stand. I love to see your legs so nice and shapely in those heels. You may stand and watch me eat and, of course, you will clean up afterward. You may also eat, but every mouthful you want, you will slide through your pussy first, so that it has those lovely feminine juices for you to taste. If you beg me nicely, I may even allow you to coat your food with my juices."

Poor Linda was beaten again. She was hungry, but the thought of running food through her pussy put her off. The thought of food through Lisa's pussy was also out of the question, but strangely, again her pussy was wet and her clitty throbbed.

She knew Lisa did it on purpose, but watched her slowly eat some of her breakfast and allowing a little drool run down her mouth. She stood in her heels and watched as Lisa made eating breakfast into the most erotic experience she had ever seen. Lisa just ignored her horny slut and ate, letting the drool escape her lips and drip down to her breasts. Eventually Linda could take it no more. She was hungry, but more hungry was her growing sexual need. She begged Lisa to allow her to lick her face and boobs where the food fragments had collected. After being allowed, Linda hungrily licked off every particle.

Lisa knew she had her slave now, and in the meantime, Linda was attempting to convince herself it was just for the weekend, even though she hadn't got past Saturday breakfast. Linda was so horny, but she had placed herself in denial for longer periods than this. She would make it, and she would have a hell of an O afterward. She stopped and thought a moment.... uuummm, why would she O after being a reluctant slave? She had no idea, but clitty just throbbed.

Linda had a choice, she could have food wiped through her own pussy, or food through Lisa's. She knew it was a test, she knew the choices. She was hungry and had to decide. She didn't want to put on another humiliating show and use her own pussy, but she also didn't want to submit to using Mistress Lisa's juices. She was hungry and had to choose. Linda saw it as a lose/lose option, for Lisa it was win/win.

Clearly Linda was never going to win, but she decided to prove it was just a 'self' fetish she had, and mouthful by mouthful, wiped each bit through her own pussy. This was so humiliating, but imagine the alternative, of using another's pussy instead. She was 'proud' of her choice.

At last breakfast was over, but it was still only 9:30 am on Saturday - this weekend was going to last forever. As directed, she cleaned up after breakfast and reported back to her Mistress.

"Pussy muscle exercise again... this time, turn the vibe onto the lowest setting!" said Lisa.

Linda knelt and spread her legs, placed the vibe turned to low in her pussy. SHE HELD IT for the full 15 minutes. She was so proud, even though she was incredibly horny. Lisa quickly wiped the satisfied grin off her face by simply saying "When you hold it there on high.. be proud... for now, you haven't even started. Now, clean that vibe by sucking off your own juices again".

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It was still only Saturday morning and she was completely humiliated yet again, even when she successfully completed a task. This truly was going to be a long weekend.

She was broken from her musings by Lisa's voice. "Pet, stand on the coffee table, masturbate for me, show how close you can get and keep yourself right on edge. If you cum, you will be punished. If you don't get close, you will be punished - but Linda dear, if you please me, I may even please you"

Linda felt shame. She was going to masturbate and hold herself close to orgasm for a woman. She would be punished if she did badly, so that wasn't an option. She would be punished if she came... it left one option, to please her Mistress with another obscene personal display. She stood on the coffee table and wiggled her hips. She used her fingers to tease herself while she gyrated in a slight sexual dance. Her pussy was still so wet from her recent 'sexercise' that it was almost easy to do, except for the shame she kept feeling, but, even with that, her body betrayed her and clitty just kept throbbing, driving her to new heights.

Linda got lost in her personal thoughts and actions and was on the verge of cumming when she realized what was happening.

She quickly looked at her Mistress and begged "Please Mistress Lisa, may i stop now so that I don't cum?"

Lisa quickly responded "Yes pet, stop now, you must not cum, but I will need to punish you for interrupting the pleasure I was having watching you".

Poor Linda was never going to win at this game, but she was determined not to lose. She had made a promise and she would uphold it. She thought about the punishments that her 'Mistress' may inflict on her. She really didn't have any idea what they may be, but her imagination had made her very worried. "Mistress Lisa, may I pleasure your body please?" she pleaded, hoping to get off easily. Lisa responded quickly, "of course you may, just as soon as I finish with your punishment".

This was the moment Linda dreaded. She liked to add a little pain to her self bondage as an enhancement of her our pleasure, but to be punished like as a disobedient slave girl by another was going to be too much.

"Mistress Lisa", Linda pleaded, "may I please beg you for forgiveness and ask what I may do for you that will allow me not to be punished?"

Lisa thought. She knew that she really should punish so as to insure that begging and pleading would not interrupt the rest of the weekend, but also saw a possibility. "OK", said Lisa, "on the limits we discussed, you rated anal as a complete Zero. Not even to be considered. You have a choice, insert a butt plug and I will forgo the punishment".

Linda was speechless. She had a choice of something she was terribly scared of, even disgusted her, and the unknown that Lisa may pick as an alternative. She saw that she was losing the game again. But what she hated the most was the way her body continued to betray her and have her clit throb with desire. Damn it, how could she think with her clitty doing this, especially when Lisa would give her no time to contemplate choices. Every time she got close to deciding for herself either her body or Lisa would interrupt and make her chose more quickly.

Linda sighed and bowed her blushing face to her Mistress. "If it pleases you Mistress Lisa, I will try very hard to endure a butt plug for you".

"Excellent choice my little slave" smiled Lisa, "In the chest you will find a butt plug stored in its original packaging. You can't miss it, it has a 2 foot long 'tail' on it made from horse hair. You will look lovely walking and crawling around with that tail swishing about".

"Oh My God!" thought Linda, the plug was going to be bad enough, but visualizing herself with a tail somehow made it seem 10 times worse, but she had already agreed to using the plug and decided she had to go through with it.

She had no problems finding the plug and was examining it when Lisa told her "There should also be a tube of lubricant in the same box. You will need that too".

Realizing she could put this off no longer she tried to avoid herself a tiny amount of humiliation by requesting "Mistress Lisa, would you permit me the privacy of the bathroom to insert the plug?". Lisa just laughed at her "Definitely not! I will love watching you squirm. Get over here now and get on with it".

Defeated again, Linda returned to stand in front of her Mistress and nervously started to coat the plug with as much lube as possible. The plug was about 3" long and a conical shape that flared to a bit over 1" at the base, before dropping immediately to a thin neck. She reluctantly was about to start to insert it when Lisa helpfully suggested to massage her virgin hole with lube as well.

"Now get on your hands and knees, spreading your knees as much as possible. Lower your chest to the carpet so you can use your hands, one to massage your pussy and the other to insert the plug". Lisa did so and slowly pressed the plug against its potential new home. She had to massage it against the tight little hole before she was able to get even a small amount of the plug in. Lisa helpfully added "You will find it easier if you slowly fuck your arse with the plug, pushing it a little further each time".

Linda shuddered at the thought of what an obscene sight she was presenting. On her knees, fucking her arse with this horrible plug, but she fought out her thoughts and concentrated on her task, she was not going to fail. The further she pushed it in, the more it hurt her expanded hole and it was a relief to feel the plug slip all the way in and her hole tighten around the slim neck.

Lisa was delighted with the show. Watching her weekend slave squirm and work on the plug was just too arousing and made herself cum twice while Linda suffered for her. The way her tight buns moved so invitingly during the insertion had Lisa imagining all sorts of possibilities for later. A spanking or a paddling perhaps, or even fucking Linda's arse with her strapon. She was sure that there would be some disobedience that she would be able to use an excuse to do these things.

Mmmmhhhh this weekend was going even better than she planned.

Linda was still lying on the floor with her plugged butt stuck high in the air and was catching her breath from her exertions, and as ashamed as she felt, clitty was throbbing harder than ever. She wished so hard that Lisa would allow her to cum at least once sometime soon, she couldn't remember ever being so horny. If on her own she would have needed the strictest of self bondage to prevent giving herself an orgasm, but for some reason, maybe the thought of further punishment, kept her from giving her pussy the slightest touch.

Lisa's voice snapped her back from her own thoughts "Wiggle your butt for me pet. I want to see you swish your tail around for me".

It didn't seem to matter what Linda endured, Lisa always seemed to find a little more to embarrass her again, but she complied and was made even more aware of how the plug seemed to fill her. The horse hair tail swished against the back of her thighs and the tips of the tail flicked the calves of her legs. She was further surprised by her own feelings, she realized that when she got home she would be investigating getting a plug like this for her own adventures. As she kept wriggling her butt, she tried to think of ways to add this new toy to her own adventures.

Again Lisa interrupted her thoughts "Mmmmhhhhh you look delightful. I had thought that I would have had to use a crop on your butt to have you squirm for me, but being such a horny little slut, you don't seem to need any encouragement".

Through her embarrassment Linda managed a smile. She had pleased her Mistress again. Linda could not understand the pleasure she was receiving from making Lisa happy, even if it was at her own expense of shame, embarrassment and humiliation. She put in extra effort and wiggled her butt even more, much to Lisa's amusement.

By 8 PM on Sunday, Linda had been used, embarressed, humiliated, and kept constantly in need of cumming. The thought of getting home to her own pleasures were the most powerful she had ever felt. She needed to cum so badly. She still wasn't lez or even bi, she still didn't want to be a slave, but now that her weekend was officially over she wasn't sure if she wanted it to end just yet.

She had paid for her debt to Lisa for releasing her from her self bondage, but she felt she owed more than that. The weekend, now over, was more a lovely memory than a trial, and she grudgingly had to admit to herself that Lisa had taught her so much and she wanted to repay her for that too. What could she do?

Instead of listening to her mind, she let her hormones speak for her and blurted out: "Mistress Lisa, ... ooppsss sorry, just Lisa now, I want to thank you but don't know how. You have given me a wonderful weekend, and even with my tastes I know that I may need your assistance again, eeerrrr perhaps on purpose. I would at least like the opportunity to please you one more time before I go. I will do anything you ask, even forget my limits, but please tell me what I can do just for you, willingly, without any obligation of being in debt in to you, just something I can give of my own freewill"

Lisa smiled at her lovely friend. She had enjoyed her weekend also and, had even contemplated making a similar speech to offer something that she could truly thank Linda. For the first time over the weekend, she had been humbled by Linda. Such a warm, giving and loving person. How could she allow Linda thank her, but still show her appreciation. For the first time in the weekend, Lisa was stumped.

An idea came to her head and before she could think it through, she also blurted out "Linda my pet, you could please me the most by allowing me to be your slave next weekend", but quickly had her Domme side cut in just a little, "but no cumming for you until then. I think if you are desperate and horny, our weekend will be more interesting and you will use me more".

Linda smiled at the thought. "Agreed, but no cumming for you until then either. See you 8 PM Friday ... slave" and quickly left before she heard any protest.

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I agree please write another about what happened

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