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  • Author - CffMstr  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, reluctant, bondage, humiliation, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 6/4/2006
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Reader's Comments (3)

This story began a few months ago, when Steve and Janet moved into their new house after Steve got a big promotion at work and was asked to relocate. They made an interesting couple: Janet was a beautiful and submissive housewife, and Steve was the typical workaholic, always too busy to pay attention to his wife's needs.

Next door lived Clara, a 21-year-old who had taken a particular interest in Janet's submissiveness. She was the only daughter of a very wealthy family, but her parents worked most of the day and had little time to check on their daughter.

Clara met Steve and Janet a few days after they moved in and little by little she began infiltrating their lives. She quickly befriended Janet and, since Clara was only a part-time student, both women spend many afternoons together at Janet's house.

Janet was 29 years old, eight years older than Clara, but the blonde readily confided all her problems in her young friend. She told her how miserable she had become since moving: she had no friends in this city (other than Clara), and she resented Steve's job for taking up so much of his time.

She also told Clara that her birthday was coming up, and that Steve would have to leave on a 5-day business trip and wouldn't be in town to celebrate it with her.

This confession came as good news for the young would-be-dominatrix. She had waited for the perfect opportunity to seduce Janet into submission and now she would find her just the way she wanted: alone, bored and very vulnerable.

Janet's birthday finally arrived and Clara packed her bag with what she would need: some rope, a dildo gag, a leather whip, and a strap-on dildo. She had quite an evening planned.

She grabbed her toys and headed for Janet's house.

"Happy birthday, Janet!", she greeted Janet as the blonde opened the door. Both women hugged and Janet let Clara in without suspecting the plans she had in store for her.

They sat in the living room and began chatting like they had done so many other times before.

Janet got up and a few moments later came back carrying a few snacks and a couple of glasses of orange juice in a tray.

"Orange Juice?", asked Clara surprised. "It's your birthday, Janet! I believe it calls for something special", she declared with a wink.

Janet smiled and agreed with her young guest. "Oh, and I'm not that hungry so you can leave the snacks in the kitchen", added Clara.

Janet did as she was told and served a couple of wine glasses and left the other snacks on the kitchen. Then rejoined her young friend in the sofa.

"Cheers", said Clara.

One glass led to another and soon both women were feeling the effects of the alcohol. Clara's plan was working out: Janet was buzzed, but not drunk. Clara wanted her to remember and enjoy what was about to happen.

The two women continued their conversation and with the alcohol lowering their inhibitions they soon landed on spicier topics. Clara could feel Janet's pent-up sexual emotions pouring from every pore of her body.

"So... have you ever been with another girl?", finally asked Clara.

Janet's face blushed. "Wh... Why would you want to know that?", she replied nervously.

"Well, I just wanted to know a little more about you", replied Clara as she inched closer to the blonde.

She did not respond and her breathing became more labored as she got visibly excited. It was the true sign of a submissive woman, the sign Clara had waited for.

"You're a very desirable woman", confessed Janet as she ran her hand through Janet's golden hair, "and if Steve doesn't take good care of you maybe you should let someone else give it a try", she whispering in Janet's ear.

Janet lowered her blushing face as Clara put her hand on Janet's thigh and her lips began kissing the shy blonde's shoulders.

Janet released a moan and did not resist Clara's advances. Soon Clara's hand began moving up Janet's legs.

Janet was overwhelmed.

Clara began kissing her neck until her lips met with Janet's in a passionate full kiss.

Their tongues intertwined and their hands moved freely exploring each other bodies until slowly they broke off the kiss.

It had been Janet's first lesbian kiss and she liked it more than she thought she would.

"Clara, I..."., began Janet shyly, but her sentence was cut off as Clara put her index finger over Janet's pouty lips.

"Shhhhh. Don't say anything", Clara whispered, "you're nothing but my sex toy now, is that understood?", declared Clara.

Janet did not reply. She sat confused trying to make sense of what Clara had just said.

"Is that understood, bitch?", repeated Clara raising her voice and slapping Janet's face.

Janet gasped and her eyes opened wide in confusion. She couldn't believe Clara's sudden change in demeanor. "Y-Yes", she replied astonished.

Clara grabbed her by her long blonde hair and pulled her head back. "From now on you will address me as Mistress Clara. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress Clara", obediently replied Janet.

Clara placed Janet over her lap and began removing her jeans. "You're my sex toy now. My bitch", she hissed as she roughly handled Janet's ass, inspecting it.

Much to Janet's surprise the blonde's pussy was soaking wet. "Oh, you enjoy this, don't you, bitch?".

"Y-Yes", responded Janet, ashamed.

"Yes, what!?", asked Clara angrily as she slapped the blonde's perfectly shaped ass.

"Yes, Mistress Clara", replied Janet between grunts and moans.

Clara pushed Janet onto the floor and ordered her to strip. Submissively Janet complied as Clara reached for the leather whip in her bag behind the sofa.

"Get up, bitch", commanded Clara as she grabbed the naked blonde by the arm and pushed her over the sofa.

Janet knew what was about to happen and instinctively presented her ass for the whipping.

The leather strips landed in Janet's ass and back as the blonde began moaning.

She moaned in pain and pleasure and then reached for her pussy and began massaging it with one hand.

"Get your hand out of there, slut!", warned Clara as she continued whipping the blonde. Janet ignored her mistress's command and continued massaging her pussy. She inserted one finger, then two fingers and began masturbating.

"Get your ass here, bitch!", furiously said Clara as she grabbed Janet by her hair and made her kneel again. Clara searched her back and produced a few lengths of rope.

"That pussy belongs to me now, you hear?", said Clara raising her voice. "And you will not touch it unless I give you permission to do so, understood? Now cross your arms behind your back", she ordered Janet as she uncoiled the ropes.

Expertly she began looping the ropes and tying knots, and in a couple of minutes the blonde's arms were securely tied behind her back, making it impossible for her to reach her pussy.

Clara then pulled the dildoed gag out of the bag and stuffed it in Janet's mouth, buckling it tight behind her head.

Clara stripped naked and sat back on the couch. "Make me cum, bitch", she commanded as she revealed her wet pussy. She had not imagined it would be so easy to dominate Janet.

Janet crawled towards her on her knees and slowly buried the gag's cock in her mistress' pussy.

"That's a good slut", moaned Clara.

Janet began thrusting the dildo into Clara's pussy, trying hard to make her come; and it wasn't long before Clara began moaning as a massive orgasm began building up deep within her.

Seeing her new mistress enjoy herself gave Janet a twisted sense of satisfaction. She doubled her efforts, increasing her thrusts until Clara moaned and screamed as she came in waves of pure pleasure.

Suddenly the phone rang.

Clara lay still on the sofa massaging her breasts and holding Janet between her legs. Janet's beautiful eyes peered from between Clara's legs and explored the room as if looking for the phone, until the answering machine picked up the incoming call.

"Hi honey! Happy birthday! I just wanted to let you know that I'm at the hotel now. I've had a busy day and I need to hear your voice. Call me when you get this message".

"Isn't that sweet of your husband?", mocked Clara as she looked down at Janet. "What do you say if we call him right now?", she asked.

Janet moaned behind the gag and began shaking her head.

Clara got up from the sofa and put on her strap-on dildo. "It must be really fun getting your brains fucked while you talk to your husband", teased Clara as she removed her slave's gag.

"Please, I can't talk to him right now... just make me cum and then I'll call him", she begged Clara.

"Are you telling me what to do?", asked Clara angrily as she began slapping Janet's face. "Are you, bitch?".

"No, mistress. I'm sorry", replied Janet trying to move her face out of the way of Clara's quick slaps.

"Suck my cock, bitch", finally ordered Clara as she grabbed Janet's blonde hair and pulled her close to the rubber dildo. "Show me you really want it!".

Janet began sucking Clara's cock as hard as she could. Licking it, sucking it, even deep-throating it.

"That's a good girl", commented Clara as she grabbed Janet's head from behind and fucked her face.

"You've been a naughty slave and you must be punished", said Clara as she led Janet to the sofa.

"Yes, Mistress Clara", replied Clara accepting whatever punishment her mistress wanted to impose on her.

Clara placed Janet kneeling down with her face resting on the sofa, displaying her pussy.

"You better not move, bitch", she commanded as she grabbed the telephone and placed it on a nearby table.

"Awmygawd!", moaned Janet in frustration as she knew what's about to happen. She knew not to complain either or things could get worse for her.

Clara dialed the last number on the caller ID and then hit the speaker button.

The phone rang a couple of times and Clara took her place behind Janet, pressing the head of her dildo against Janet's dripping pussy.

"Hello?", answered a male voice at the other end of the line. It was Steve.

There was nothing Janet could do to prevent this humiliation. She closed her eyes and bit her lip trying to regain her composure before saying anything.

"Hello?", repeated Steve.

Clara slapped Janet's ass causing the blonde to jump up and react. "H-Hi, sweetie!", greeted Janet struggling to control her tone of voice.

"Hi, honey... is everything OK?", asked Steve concerned.

Slowly Clara began pushing the dildo inside Janet's pussy. "Yes!... Ohhh... YYes!.... I'm... Ohhh!... I'm OK", answered Janet.

"Well, you sound a little.... different, are you sure everything's OK?", repeated Steve, sensing something was wrong.

"Yes!... Ahhh!... Yeees!... everything's fine", replied Janet as the rubber intruder slowly made its way inside her. "I was... I was just... thinking of you", she finally replied.

"Well, it's good to hear from you, honey", began her husband, "I was worried you'd be upset at me for not being there for your birthday. Is anyone else there with you?".

"Ahhh! Nooooo!", moaned loudly Janet as Clara grabbed her by the hips and buried the remaining few inches of her cock deep inside her pussy. "I... I... miss you. Ohhh! I... need... you!", screamed Janet much to Clara's amusement and Steve's surprise.

Clara's rhythm increased as she began fucking Janet with great vigor. The blonde's building orgasms prevented her from making much sense as she tried to talk to her husband.

"Are you ok, honey?", he asked again concerned.

"Ahh!... Ahh!... Ahh!... I... I'm... masturbating... Ahhh!... Ohhh!... Thinking... of... you!", was the only thing she managed to scream out between Clara's relentless thrusts.

Janet's mind was clouded by lust as she was only able to scream and moan as Clara took her from behind.

Her moaning got louder and more desperate as she approached climax. Her husband's voice had faded in the background and all she could hear now were her own moans and the rhythmic slapping of her ass against Clara's soft body.

She then released a primal scream as she came and erupted in a gigantic series of mind-shattering orgasms.

"Honey? Janet!? Are you ok!? Answer me!", demanded Steve.

Janet lay completely exhausted on the sofa as Clara slowly withdrew the dildo from her. All Steve could hear was his wife's exhausted panting.

"Janet, talk to me? What's going on!?", asked Steve.

Then Janet began speaking softly. "I've... I've just had the biggest orgasm any woman could give herself, sweetie", she began. "I couldn't... couldn't contain myself", she said.

"I really had no idea you... uhhh... you masturbated", confessed Steve in shock.

"Honey... this was... beyond masturbation", replied Janet smiling.

Steve didn't know what to say. He began talking about their relationship and about how much he loved her. He went on and on about how he would always be there for her, and about how much he needed her. He went on and on, wishing her a very happy birthday, but Janet wasn't listening. Clara had forced her to kneel in front of her and suck the dildo clean.

Janet's thankful eyes looked up to see Clara's triumphant smile.

A thousand thoughts ran through her confused mind. Her tongue savored her own pussy juices as she licked and sucked the hard rubber.

What had transpired this evening had taught her a lot about herself. She had finally realized how truly submissive she was; and the idea of sexually serving another woman, especially one as young as Clara, was driving her insane.

She finally felt loved and desired. It had been the best birthday surprise anyone could ever give her.

"... and I will always love you", finally concluded Steve on the phone.

Clara removed the clean dildo from Janet's mouth so she could respond to her husband, but instead Janet remained kneeling and looked directly and deeply into Clara's eyes. "Thank you", she responded as if answering her husband, "I will always love, and serve, only you", she replied.

Janet ran her tongue over her lips licking her mouth clean. She knew she had just become her young neighbor's sex slave.

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Monday, July 10, 2006  

Wonderful story. i especially loved how the younger girl is able to take control so easily.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006  

Definitely a 10. One of the best scenarios - done to perfection. Should only be continued in a series.

Sunday, June 18, 2006  

This could make a good serial story! Brilliant! Keep it going!

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