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The Hunted
  • Author - Phoebe  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, reluctant, bondage, chastity, humiliation, kidnapping, torture
  • Post Date - 6/4/2006
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Jennifer Holt was in a hurry to reach her third story loft, for tomorrow was the big day at work when she would actually have a real meeting with her new boss. “The proper thing to do here is get a good nights rest,” she wisely thought. Jennifer had only hired on a week ago and events were happening almost too fast now for this very modest small town girl.

The unusually cool late spring evening air felt simply marvelous as she quickly walked down the side street. This was her new little short cut to her stylish Tribeca digs that now were only a block away. Re-shouldering the gym bag made her slightly wince as the bag only seemed to make her hard workout linger on. “Well“, she promised, “when I finally get home a nice candlelit bath before bed should take care of poor little me.”

A white van veered in close to her just as she was passing by an old dumpster in an alley. She started as an arm, holding a silver spray can, emerged from under its grimy lid.

“PSSHT” and a clinging mist caught her square in the face.

Jennifer’s mind was in flight mode but her legs simply collapsed from under her and a slow almost calming paralysis worked over her brain as she gradually passed out. The van door was already open as the powerful assailant hiding in the dumpster leaped clear of it, scooped up Jennifer, bag and all, and disappeared inside.

“So Johnny, like, she’s totally out! This is too cool” he said excitedly, as he ominously placed a pair of handcuffs next to Jennifer.

“Oso dude what I tell ya, the lab geeks rock. She‘s bye, bye for 20 minutes at least”

The electrically powered van was now merged in traffic and Oso was busy removing Jennifer’s fleece hoody and sport bra. Her taut slender body framed a very pretty 34 b chest quite well.

“Oh man this chick’s a cutie, dude. Lemme check out her bush.”
Pulling down her workout sweats Oso groans, “Johnny pull over. Dude she’s one of them stupid Vow Keepers.”

As Johnny ducks the van into an underground garage he looks back to see an almost seamless, flesh colored chastity belt wrapped tightly around Jennifer‘s bottom.

“Aw nuts Oso, just our luck to use the Spray on a Keeper. Shit that‘s a Plastanium belt too. It’s never coming off without the electronic key”
They both begin manually probing and then finally admiring the belt’s impenetrable construction.

“Man Oso, nothins been in that hole since this thing’s been locked on.”

“So, like she’s a virgin an ain’t gonna give it up til she’s married?”

“That’s right dude, the Vow Keepers get em to commit young an then that’s it til they get hitched. No action, no nothin.”

Oso begins rifling through the workout bag.

“Wasting your time dude, ain’t no key in there. They entrust em with another member, so if you did find an electronic key I’d be for a friend of hers an whats worse if ya stick the wrong key in, the whole thing jams up an then you’re a lifer stuck in the fuckin’ thing forever.”

Oso starts poking through Jennifer’s purse and makes an unnerving find.

“Johnny, shit check it out; she’s one of us! Look at her work ID!

Johnny quickly reads Jennifer’s drivers license, “Oh man, put her back together dude and I’ll find a place near her address.”

“Johnny if she works for Miz Bitch Harris…”

“Ok, ok lemme think. We dump her on a bus bench like she’s been drinkin’ an cut out back to the company and put the Spray back in the lab.”

“Johnny, Harris will cut our balls off if she catches wind of this.”

“Yeah well then we can both get Plastanium belts an become Vow Keepers cause we won’t be good for nothing else! Hah!”

Ellison Harris was trying to focus on a very interesting and very secret report that was rush delivered just as her private Gulfstream jet touched down.
Her job title was Director of International Operations for her and her late husbands pharmaceutical company, called PathOgen. She loved her job at PathOgen and with it all the adventurous traveling to mysterious points unknown in search of rediscovering famous old legends, and more importantly, the exotic chemicals that would make them work, and make her rich…

The long drive from the airport to PathOgen had her silently fuming in the back seat of her company limo. The trip from JFK had turned into a traffic nightmare made only worse by the indignity of having to take the limo in the first place.

“George? When is the damn company helicopter getting fixed and why couldn’t I be flown in a rental?”

“Sorry Ms. Harris but Mr. Vanderzee mentioned security concerns…”

“Fine“, she sighed, “I will see Dieter first thing and give him a damn good piece of my mind.”

“Yes Ma’am”

Scanning through the folder marked “Top Secret” Ellison soon became absorbed in its incredible details, her brain buzzing with malicious ideas.

“This is amazing! Proof of a Yeti no less!? And one who only mates with local virgins!”

Reading on, “it seems that for hundreds of years the villagers along this particular windswept region of Nepal have allowed their adult virgin daughters to be hunted or actually courted by the ‘old men of the Mountains.’ More incredible is the truth to the legend that these Yeti were hundreds of years old!”

The anti-ageing chemicals that the company produced were decent and Ellison Harris was their proof. 35 now, she looked easily 5 years younger. Breathlessly she began formulating a plan. Yes, this one would definitely need the mastery of Dieter Vanderzee and the thought of another wild foreign adventure with him made her pulse quicken.

The limo finally worked its way up near the company gates and waiting there is a large group of protesters in front of the gates.

“Oh goddammit! Now what!… Shit, just run them all over, George.” she hissed, as he slowed the limo down.

The protesters begin to crowd around yelling about the latest PathOgen pharmaceutical blunder.

“Shit George, it’s not like we were trying to purposely lower the IQ’s in newborns! The women who used that particular pain reliever during birth said it was actually the most pain free delivery ever.” and besides, she thought, “what the hell… the world could always use more politicians…”

The crowd was now shaking the limo back and forth and screaming obscenities directed at her. Rather than be frightened by this, Ellison, with an evil look, calmly activated a tiny switch that sent a nearly unnoticed electrical current throughout the exterior of the limo. This current activated a chemical imbedded in the paint and windows that caused anyone touching the limo to begin having a migraine. She gave a sly smile as the fervor of the crowd dissipated and then drew back. Some already rubbing their foreheads.

This chemical lasted about a month and caused vascular constriction not only on the brain but in the private areas too. Women would loose their sex drive and continue with intermittent migraines, but it was the reaction in men that fascinated her most. Their rampant sex drive remained unabated but it was in their arousal or rather the after, or normally flaccid phase, when things got interesting. Yes, only after about eight apparently painful hours of a raging hard-on their manhood finally deflated back to normal, but incredibly, she even heard of some astute victims actually barraging PathOgen with desperate requests for sale of this nasty chemical!

Expensive handmade Italian heels clicked smartly down the polished marble floor of PathOgen’s main office as Ellison Harris found the tiny broom closet of an office belonging to one Jennifer Holt. Sweeping in, not bothering to knock, she quickly dispensed with pleasantries while appraising her newest company anthropologist.

“So Jenny, you accepted my offer to work here rather than to finish your doctorate in anthropology. Why?”

“Well Ms. Harris, I feel at 24 I’ve accomplished a lot academically so far, and really just want to try and make my own way in the world now.”

“My, my that is a rather young age to be finishing a doctorate… all work and no play, eh?” Ellison knew damn well by the deep blush on Jenny’s face as to what she was referring to.

Ellison then continued, “So tell me, whatever made you become a Promise Keeper?”

Blushing deeply again Jenny said, “Oh, um, you know how it is when you’re young and you get an idea fixed in your head. I was just 16 and my best friend at the time, Audrey kept going on and on about how cool a virgin marriage would be and I guess I just decided to join her in the Promise Keepers.”

“So what’s involved? Uh, not like I’m looking to join” she smiled. “But I really want to better understand you as a person… please tell me.”

Jenny was obviously uncomfortable talking about this, yet it was somehow cathartic to tell of her ceremony to a stranger.

“Well, Audrey and I were both nude underneath, wearing nothing but simple white satin dresses as we recited the Vows of Chastity before all of our congregation in the church hall. Saying that only when one of us found her true love that the other one would then unlock her belt. Only until then… next, Audrey nervously stepped into her belt and I slowly slipped it under her dress, fitted it up onto her hips and then as she closed her eyes, I clicked shut the electronic lock. She took the key out of it, which is actually in the shape of a ring, and placed it on my right middle finger. I then quietly stood still and awaited for her to place my belt on me.”

“Fascinating! And Audrey still wears hers?”

“No”, Jenny sighed. “I was at her wedding a few years ago. I was her Maid of Honor and presented Audrey’s husband with the key during the ceremony.”

“Well to me she was very lucky to have met a guy willing to wait. Not to mention a loyal friend like you… And what of you Jenny… no one special in your life?”

Jenny starts to fidget and looks away.

“Really? A beautiful girl like you? Oh yes! Don’t blush you know you are. So… no one… Jenny?” as Ellison quietly spoke she extended an arm across Jenny’s small desk and ran her fingers through Jenny’s dark brown hair, lingering momentarily behind her neck and then lightly tracing her fingers behind Jenny’s ear.

“Ohh, oh, Ms. Harris… please don’t do...” turning away Ellison couldn’t help notice and was moved by the tears welling up in Jenny’s big green eyes.
Turning back around now as the tears ran freely down her face, Jenny whispered…

“You… can’t even begin to understand… what a fool I was thinking this would somehow make me desirable… they fucking laugh at me! Even at Audrey’s wedding… even she joked at how many more cold showers would it be for me! No, I’m a goddam freak, good enough for sucking cock and quietly looking the other way when another new boyfriend comes home reeking with a distant scent of cheap perfume!”

Burying her head on the desk Jenny was sobbing uncontrollably. Ellison began again to reach out to her but with a rare look of genuine pity said, “say listen Jenny, you don’t have to answer me just yet, but how would a smart young anthropologist such as yourself like to fly with me to Nepal and um, find a Yeti?”

In her richly appointed office Ellison spun around in the big leather desk chair giggling like a five year old. A long heavy package had been delivered overnight along with a decoded telegram that read:

I will be landing today at PathOgen precisely at 14:00 hours.
For security reasons do not attempt contacting me.
The delivered package is not for you and not to be opened until I arrive.
Travel arrangements and other details for our trip to Kathmandu, Nepal have been negotiated to my satisfaction.


With a wicked smile Ellison tore into the package and soon was looking at a kind of heavy iron spreader bar hinged where the ankles are set out three feet or so, and then the wrists are fastened in between. Also in the box were a ballgag and a set of handcuffs. She wondered why Dieter bothered when she had a whole closet full of bondage items. Her late husband was a skilled master at wringing the last screaming orgasm out of her. Dieter had flair too, but his way was colder, much colder.

Outside her office she could hear Dieter’s courteous hello to her secretary and the polite knock he always gave before entering.

Glancing at the shredded mess of packaging material all over Ellison‘s desk he slightly narrows his pale blue eyes. “Ahh Madame, I see you have read my telegram.”

Leaning back in her chair Ellison gazed at the former Dutch Korps Mariner Captain. Taciturn and at times brusque he was of standard height, wiry and quite skilled in many arcane ways of combat partially from his love of modern pentathlon. A 20-year-old Olympic gold medal in this very sport was proudly centered in his office wall.

“Hello Dieter, an interesting toy you’ve brought me.”

Walking purposely over he then casually picks up the iron bar, “This is intended for our young virgin, as you well know, however I’ve yet to judge it’s true effectiveness… and so…”

“And so, Dieter have you forgotten something? Our young virgin is still locked safely out of all harms way including I might add from those two goddam fuck-ups of yours who it seems, apparently decided to use the Spray on her last week!”

“Hmm. Yes, Johnny and Oso have been well chastised and relearned in the delicate matters of decorum and civility. This is most unusual in them as they are both highly qualified field agents. Meanwhile, their redemption has been in the procurement of this.” Dieter’s left hand opened up and in it was the electronic key to Jenny’s Plastanium chastity belt! Ellison quickly reached for it; an even quicker Dieter closed his hand.

“Give it to me Dieter.”

“I think its entrusting shall fall upon me, Madame.”

Quickly rising out of her chair to face him. “No! No, I don’t trust you. You and that goddam fixation on fucking a virgin!”

His pale blue eyes develop a thoughtful far off look. “I could never be absolutely sure of that fact before… how truly impossible a thing to verify. Yet right before me is a genuine virgin who incredibly will be sacrificed only as bait!” sighing heavily he then places the key on her desk and after a pause begins to help Ellison out of her form fitting skirt. Slowly he unbuttons her long sleeved silk blouse and smartly folds it in a military fashion placing it atop her desk.

She’s now left wearing a lavender low-cut lace bra and a matching thong. Her thong is worn outside of her also lavender garter belt that is suspending a pair of fitted silk stockings. Her gray ankle strap heels now glide away from him as she moves over to the closet containing her bondage collection.

“Elly tell me…” he whispers with a sinister voice in her ear, “have you kept up with your German lessons?”

Pretending to be interested in straightening out her leather straps and other bondage items, Ellison answers him in German.

“What is it about speaking Deutsche that brings out the spy in me, Dieter?” He looks at her with a curious smile and then picks out a large diameter plastanium ring gag and also a very restrictive posture collar.

“I’ve had some very capable women in my former spy ring that were very much immune to shall we say, persuasion…”

“And you would test them in that iron device, Dieter?”

“There are many tests Elly. Some exquisite ones can be easily performed with nothing more than a sharpened pencil… yes, yes we will see what caliber of spy you are.”

He carefully fits the black leather posture collar snugly around her slender neck and then tightens the buckles on the ring gag. Her teeth are forced as wide as she can manage yet the plastanium has just enough spring to it that her teeth aren’t in any danger of being chipped.

Next the iron bar is closed and locked around her ankles. He places Ellison down on her knees and then draws her wrists into the waiting iron half circles in between her ankles. Locking this last, now Ellison’s shapely behind is held high up and she’s on the office carpet completely immobilized, resting on her knees and forehead as the high collar prevents any sideways movement.

Dieter finds a leather wrapped cane from the closet and in his odd French accented German says,

“For disobeying my instructions in opening the box I will use the cane. Elly your Deutsche is improving… and you spelling as well?” A familiar tingle washes over her as she began a response.

“Shh, my Elly we aren’t spelling anything yet… I know… You will spell out the twenty cane strikes I place upon your beautiful raised behind.” With that the cane came slashing with a whistle into her right cheek, bringing a gasp out of her and then remarkably a rather quick though somewhat inarticulate e-i-n! Another hard swat, a yelp and then z-w-e-i!

Finally a very tearful z-w-a-n-z-i-g is correctly spelled by Ellison and her reward is twenty perfectly placed stripes that adorn her bright red behind, exactly ten strokes per cheek. Then moving into her limited view, a now very naked and very enlarged Dieter appears before her.

“Wits under pressure are always the first asset of a good spy. Well done, Elly.”

He now places on the floor in front of her the key to Jenny’s chastity belt.

“Another espionage virtue is tenacity, or how much you want something over the desires of another… Madame, give me this key”

“No!” she shouts.

“Very well” and sitting on the floor he rests his back on the leather office couch, bending his knees he pulls Ellison forward to a position above his engorged cock, holding her head trapped between his thighs and her forced open mouth ready to receive him.

“The key”


He slowly releases the pressure on her head and she slides down to accept him. He lingers, allowing her tongue to fully arouse him and then again opens his thighs. This time letting her head fall fully onto his shaft where he can feel the curvature of her windpipe with the tip of his cock.

Elly is now strangling and has just realized what little she can do save for making moaning and mewling noises. The fire from the twenty cane stripes has left her wet and exited and a building orgasm is approaching. Dieter counts off the seconds on his platinum Rolex and at one-minute even pulls her up and back into the original position between his thighs.

Gasping, she does not speak. Dieter waits a brief moment and quietly says, “The key, Madame.”

She briefly hesitates, “No!”

“Very well” and again he brings her head sliding down as he enters her mouth. She is breathing so fast that the air rushing by his cock almost makes him come. Yet as before she is left impaled and strangling, struggling in vain against the iron bar that traps her hands and feet. The fire below is now burning and she’s moments away from a bucking orgasm.

Dieter marks one and one half minutes and calmly lifts the coughing and gasping Ellison into the firm grip of his thighs.

“The key, Madame”

This time she struggles mightily but with the posture collar firmly in place around her neck along with the iron bar, all that her efforts gain is still the sight of Dieter’s nine inch cock pointing straight up at her opened mouth.

A whispered, “No”

A dark smile breaks out upon Dieters face, “very well, we shall see who is most stubborn.” Once again she is left to strangle and writhe while he ticks off the minutes. Soon shooting white stripes cross her vision as she begins to lose consciousness. A pulsating orgasm builds and quickly rocks through her as she alternately tenses and then finally collapses. Dieter suspecting as much swiftly pulls her head partly away and begins to pump his cock into her mouth until he too is rocked with an explosive orgasm.

He holds her, as before, between his thighs. She can only take deeply needed gulps of air now and he gently strokes her face.

“Well done again Elly. You would have made a most impressive spy. I’m impressed, and as you wish I will not mention Jenny’s key again.”

The trip to Kathmandu was routine and uneventful. Ellison and Dieter kept up appearances with Jennifer Holt so as to not tip her off to the actual nefarious reason she was on this hunt for a Yeti. Johnny expertly flew The PathOgen Gulfstream jet while his partner in crime Oso was mostly hiding out in the cockpit to avoid the dagger like stares Ellison was giving the both of them.

The plan was to rendezvous with a contact in Kathmandu and then proceed by truck close to the town of Namche, nestled in the Khumbu region, where in the nearby forest the Yeti sightings were said to be most frequent.

The trek to Namche was arduous as the last few breathtaking miles had to be done on foot. The guide had set up a meeting with the village elders and after the appropriate rupee donation to the elders favorite charity, the PathOgen research team was granted full access to the most restricted areas, and now hot on the Yeti trail!

Crossing a great snow bridge over a deep crevasse they arrived at an abandoned old weatherworn stone and timber shrine. Ellison then decides to let Jenny in on the full story of what’s in store for her.

“Oh hell, it’s not like you’re going to be gang raped by the fucking things, Jenny. I only want to catch one and as you’re the only adult virgin present I think you should be honored.”

Blushing, Jenny is aghast at what proposed.

“Well too bad Ms. Harris, you seem to be overlooking one really big detail.” and she lowers the waistline of her pants to show the very secure Plastanium chastity belt.

Dieter motions to Johnny and Oso who grab Jenny and begin to strip off her clothes. The weather is in the mid-thirties and after Jenny is stripped naked she then is put in handcuffs and a red ballgag is secured tightly in her mouth. Ellison pulls a long synthetic fur coat out of a pack and drapes it over a shivering Jenny.

“There now, we don’t want you to catch cold, do we? Jenny, I know your feelings about being stuck in the chastity belt. What if we make a deal? I remove the belt and you… you will be my Yeti lure.”

As she spoke Ellison slowly opened her hand and there resting in her palm was Jenny’s key. Jenny’s eyes just about bugged out of her head and she began to shiver so violently that a look of concern passed over Ellison’s face.

“Well Jenny, I’d really rather have this be a deal between us rather than…” before Ellison could finish Jenny began mmphing and nodding her head.

Oh excellent Jenny I’m always so happy when mutual agreements are attained!” As Ellison reaches to unlock the chastity belt Dieter also begins to reach over and places his hand on the key.

“Please allow me Madame. I would be most honored!” the look on Dieters face was enough for Ellison to step back and let him unlock the belt. Silently the Plastanium chastity belt unlocks and then falls away with a thunk to the wooden temple floor. Stepping out of the belt Jenny began darting about crying and also trying mightily to reach around front with her handcuffed hands.

It was Dieter who stopped her from possibly damaging herself on an old splintery corner bedpost. Pulling her away from it he wrapped his right arm around her waist and with his left began to delicately massage her clit. Looking deep into her eyes, now rimmed with tears of rapturous joy, he again very gently massaged only her clit until she sighed and slowly collapsed to the floor with her first real orgasm.

Ellison rolled her eyes at a smiling Dieter who then motioned to a most impressed Johnny and Oso.

“Gentlemen fetch the iron spreader bar, now.” The underlings appear with it and begin to place it on Jenny’s legs. She tries to fight them off but still handcuffed her ankles are quickly locked in and then her hands are freed of the cuffs and they also are securely locked on. Ellison repositions the fur coat and marvels at just how restrictive the iron bar secures Jenny. She mischievously reaches under the coat and lightly strokes Jenny’s very wet pussy and delights in her furious bucking and moaning.

“Ahh Jenny, you and I could have a grand time but sadly we really must attend to business.”

Johnny and Oso carry Jenny to the nearby snow covered area that is supposed to be the meeting place for the Yeti. Johnny then removes her ballgag as it’s thought that her yelling and crying out might be a good idea.

Silently the four Yeti hunters pair up and wait deep in the forest, two a piece on either side of the freezing and now very much yelling Jenny.
Curiously the light afternoon winds begin to taper off and it almost appears to be getting warmer. Johnny and Oso have a can of the Spray handy and they both occasionally pat the forbidden pistols that they secretly carry.

Ellison is bundled up into Dieter who is absolutely fixated on Jenny’s naked and writhing form.

“Well Dieter you certainly got her worked up and wet enough. I’ll bet her virgin scent draws the whole damn Yeti nation!”

At the edge of his sight Oso whirls around to glimpse a silvery image in the forest. At that moment a fist-sized snowball compressed to the density of rock hard ice hurtles into his right temple. Immediately Johnny clears the pistol from his pocket as he now notices another image to his right though it’s too late and he quickly joins the unconscious Oso in the snow.

“Ms. Harris! My legs are going numb! Please help me!” Jenny wails and then gasps as a smallish silvery-cloaked hairy mess begins to slowly shamble its way toward her. Shrieking for help she again struggles and squirms about as the silvery-haired cloaked figure reaches her.

“Elly I hope your camera batteries are fresh.” Dieter whispers in a just audible voice. “For it to arrive from that direction Johnny and Oso must have been neutralized. We may have to be satisfied with your pictures.”

Hissing back at him, “Are you crazy we can take that thing, he’s looks to be no bigger than I am.”

Jenny is now silent as the person in the silver cloak has lightly scooped her up and begins to carry her back into the old shrine. Circling around, Ellison and Dieter noisily trudge their way to the back of the crumbling building. She holds a can of the Spray and Dieter shrugs off his coat in preparation for any hand-to-hand fighting. Nodding in unison they burst into the temple!

The first thing they see is Jenny who is still naked, and a silvery looking small Asiatic man locked deep in conversation with her. Stunned, Ellison slowly approaches and the silvery man turns to her. Speaking in a curious blend of old English he says,

“Milady, I am Zhen. I am of the Yeti. This ground is most sacred to us. Leave now, please.” and with that he turns back to an enthralled Jenny who is now in an anthropologists heaven.

“Uh Mr. Zhen? Listen I represent a big company that is very interested in you uh, your people. And well I’d really insist on having you come back with us if you don‘t mind.” Ellison has approached Zhen and is taken by the silvery fine hair that lightly covers his visible body. His beard and irises are also silver though his face appears very young.

“Leave this sacred place, please.”

“How old are you anyway?” Ellison is now right in his face and Dieter has positioned himself behind Jenny.

Sighing Zhen throws off his silver cloak to reveal a wiry frame clothed in more hairy and silvery material.

Looking straight at Jenny he flatly states, “Milady, I am one-hundred and fifty-four years old. I am the leader of the Yeti and I would ask permission to court this beautiful virgin woman.”

Jenny blushes and quietly nods to Zhen who then smiles with a mouth full of surprisingly pearly white teeth.

“Listen here Mr. Zhen, you just can’t kidnap one of my employees. I demand compensation! I insist I be taken to your village. Now!” Ellison motions to Dieter who grabs Jenny by the arm and then pushes her to the door. As Zhen moves quickly over to Dieter, Ellison aims the Spray at him. She yells and as her grating echo resounds through the temple tranquility it also serves to give Zhen a start and he whirls around just as she lets loose with a withering blast of the Spray that catches them all by surprise!

Looking at the three collapsed bodies Ellison shrugs,

“Oh well, um, sorry Dieter I’ll make sure to treat you right when you wake up.” Ellison walks to the fallen Zhen and bends down to take a closer look at him. As she is doing so, out of the corner of her eye, a quick silvery movement, and then she too has joined the floors’ unconscious serenity.

Ellison’s head is on fire and a small egg sized lump is protruding from her right temple. She is naked and her wrists are burning too as she realizes that they’re handcuffed overhead behind a vertical post. She is going in and out of focus as once again the still naked form of Jennifer Holt is before her. Only this time there’s a certain look to Jennifer that sends a chill straight down Ellison’s spine.

Jennifer walks over to Ellison and leans toward her hips, suddenly there’s an uncomfortable constricting tightness around Ellison’s waist.

“I wanted you to be awake when I closed the lock Ms. Harris. I’m going to take the key now and throw it far into that bottomless crevasse we had earlier passed over on our way to this sacred temple of Shambala. I’m sure with time and the resources you command that someday, maybe you’ll find the key to your belt. I really don’t care. Goodbye. Your companions should be waking up in a while and by then I’ll be living a dream, and for that I do thank you and have asked that all your miserable lives be spared.”

As Jennifer threw the chastity belt key over into abyss she wasn’t quite sure if it was the mournful howling of the wind she heard or just another hunted animal howling at it’s fate.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010  

The language ist actually called "Deutsch" not "Deutsche" and "one" means "eins" rather than "ein". Nonetheless it's a somehow funny story...

Friday, January 05, 2007  

Not too bad, wish it had more information and more detail

Sunday, June 18, 2006  

Well, I have to admit I really enjoyed this one. I felt that I was there watching the whole thing take place. It would make a good story line for a movie!

Saturday, June 17, 2006  

Great story! A cage and a Yeti. Now why didn't I think of that! Abrank

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