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  • Author - CffMstr  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, non-consensual, bondage, humiliation, kidnapping
  • Post Date - 7/7/2006
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It was almost midnight when another lightning struck close to Anna's house, setting off multiple car alarms and creating yet another power spike.

"Not again", she sighed sitting in her bed as her bedroom lights flickered and her TV turned off.

It was a typically thunderous South Florida summer night, and Anna was alone and scared. She never liked thunderstorms that much, and this one had lasted a few hours already.

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She reached for the remote and turned the TV back on only to find her cable service had been knocked out by the storm. "Great, that's just what I needed", she complained as she turned to the local channels instead.

It was nights like this that made her wish her husband didn't have to work those dreadfully long night shifts at the hospital's ER.

She flipped through the local channels reading the severe weather advisories when suddenly she heard clattering noises downstairs. It sounded like someone had knocked over a pot or a pan in the kitchen.

She gasped and froze for an instant waiting to hear more noises. She hoped it was just her imagination, but in her mind she was sure of what she had heard. The sound clearly came from inside the house.

"Pete?", she called out aloud thinking her husband had returned early from the hospital, but she did not receive a reply.

She grabbed her cell phone, flipped it open, and got out of bed to investigate what had happened.

It was a hot night and Anna wore only a tight lace camisole and a pair of panties. She was 22 years old and had a very slim and sexy 5-6 figure. She was a natural redhead with beautiful green eyes. She had perfectly rounded breasts, a slim waist, long legs, and a beautifully shaped ass.

She had married her stepfather's 48-year-old colleague about a year ago, and was seen by many as being a trophy wife for the rich, older doctor.

She didn't care what other people thought about her though. She was happy and her husband knew how to treat her right: he was great in bed and liked to pamper her with expensive jewelry and gifts.

Of course, in exchange Anna had to play the role of the lovable and dependant young wife who would wait patiently for her husband dressed only in the skimpiest of outfits.

It was a role she played all too well.

"Pete, is that you?", she called out again as she stepped out her room and began carefully descending the stairs.

The roar of another thunder crashing nearby was her only reply.

She ventured further down until she reached the living room. She turned on the lights and carefully examined her surroundings.

The main door was locked and everything seemed to be in order.

She moved past the living room and into the dining room. Her slim figure moved without making much noise as her delicate feet gently clapped against the tiled floor. She checked the dining room and then peeked her head into the kitchen. She could see the patio door was securely closed and everything else seemed to be in place.

She sighed in relief and closed her cell phone. "Silly girl", she thought to herself with a smile.

Suddenly a pair of gloved hands grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms against her body and knocking the cell phone from her hand. She tried to scream but her assailant quickly covered her mouth preventing her from making much noise.

Her attacker was huge: he measured 6-4, had a strong torso and long, powerful arms. He easily wrapped one of his arms around the redhead's thin waist and arms while he covered her mouth with his other hand.

Out of nowhere a second intruder appeared and quickly grabbed Anna's legs and lifted her into the air. He was somewhat shorter than his friend but at 5-11 he still towered over the petite redhead. Anna kicked her feet wildly trying to break free from his grip, but she soon found out that this new attacker was just as strong as the other.

Both men wore dark cammo pants, black sweaters, and black boots, and their faces were covered almost completely by ski masks, which had holes that allowed only their eyes and their mouths to be seen.

Anna thrashed and struggle with all her might but there was nothing she could do against the combined strength of her assailants.

She was carried kicking and screaming to the sofa in the living room where she was laid and flipped on her stomach. Her hands were forced behind her and a pair of hinged handcuffs were quickly placed in her wrists. She bit the gloved hand covering her mouth but the thick leather prevented her from inflicting much damage on her assailant. She tried biting again but just as she opened her mouth a big red ballgag was forced past her teeth and strapped tightly behind her head.

"Bite on this, bitch!", mocked her assailant as Anna screamed and shook her head trying to expel the rubber ball in her mouth.

She continued her vigorous struggle and managed to land a good kick on the shorter man's crotch. He grunted and fell back to the ground grabbing his genitals, but years of tae-bo conditioning and self-defense training weren't going to save her this time. Quickly the taller man grabbed her legs and with a few swift moves he tied her ankles together using a few coils of rope.

"She's a feisty one", he said almost amused as Anna struggled to regain her freedom.

"That bitch's gonna pay!", groaned and squealed the other man as he slowly got up from the floor.

Anna noticed both of her attackers had British accents, and judging by their tones of voice and physical strength she calculated their age to be in their early 30s.

Her elbows were quickly tied together, and her ankles were tied to her handcuffs, placing her in a strict hogtie. Her captors then took out rolls of duct tape and began taping her hands into tight fists. Her ballgag was then secured with a few tight loops of duct tape around her face, completely hiding the red ballgag from sight.

The masked men took a step backwards and admired their handiwork. Anna grunted and moaned in frustration as she tested her bonds but it was obvious she wasn't going anywhere.

"Get the van in the garage", said the shorter man, "I'll check if this bitch made any phone calls".

The 2 men moved with impressive military-like efficiency, leaving Anna tied and struggling in the sofa.

Anna lived in a quiet suburban neighborhood. It was a good and safe neighborhood in a very expensive part of town. Her house was big and it was separated from her neighbors by green yards and a tall white wooden fence. It was spacious and very private. But unfortunately for Anna the house didn't have any alarms installed, and the neighbors hadn't seen the black van parked outside her house as the pouring rain had reduced visibility to just a few feet.

Anna screamed and struggled for a few minutes before the masked men came back and gathered on her.

"The van's in the garage. I checked to see if anyone had noticed our presence but apparently nobody's seen us".

"Good. She hasn't made any calls either, so nobody knows we're here. Everything is going as planned".

The taller man knelt next to Anna and produced a knife from a holster on his belt. "Now, you listen and you listen good, bitch", he said as he held the knife to Anna's trembling face. "It seems your hubby's in a lot of trouble and somebody's sent us to collect a little unpaid debt", he began. "We know he's not here but I'm sure you know where all his valuables are, so if you cooperate with us there won't be any need to hurt you, is that understood?", he asked.

Anna's breath was accelerated and panicky, she couldn't take her green eyes off the knife's sharp blade.

"Do you understand me, bitch?", the man repeated.

Anna simply nodded.

"Smart girl", said her attacker as he got up. "Get the collar and the irons ready for her", he commanded.

The other man pulled out a thick leather collar, a lead chain, and a pair of leg irons from a bag he carried.

Anna's legs were released from the hogtied and the heavy leg irons were then attached to her soft and delicate ankles. The collar was placed and buckled around her neck.

Anna's hands remained taped and handcuffed behind her back and her elbows were still tied together. She was helped on her feet and the taller man took his knife and with a few precise cuts pulled Anna's panties and camisole off her body, uncovering her stunningly beautiful figure and leaving her naked for her captors to admire.

Anna blushed and moaned in complain, she tried to cover the trimmed mound of hair that revealed she was a true redhead, but there was nothing she could do.

"Let's begin with the jewelry, bitch, I'm sure there's plenty of that", said the taller man as he grabbed Anna's lead. "Keep away from the windows and make this as quick as possible and we'll leave just as fast", he said.

Once again Anna nodded and began leading her captors to her room, putting on quite a show for them as her ass moved provocatively while she struggled to reach the second floor. The taller man followed close behind, gripping firmly the short lead chain, while the other man carried a large duffle bag where they would collect all the loot.

Anna entered her room and took them directly to her walk-in closet. She pointed with her foot to the bottom drawer of her dresser. The shorter man drew it open it and pulled a large wooden box from it. He opened it and uncovered its contents: it was full of gold and silver jewelry, diamond stones, pearls, and other fine jewelry Peter had given his young wife during the months they had been married.

"This is a good start", he remarked as he bagged the contents of the box.

"What else do you have here, bitch?", asked the taller man. The walk-in closet was ample and well furnished with dressers, wardrobes, racks, and chests. It easily accommodated all three persons with space to spare.

Anna stood thinking and led them to a chest in the corner of the closet, and pointed at it using her feet again. The shorter man searched the contents of the chest but found only a few things worth taking.

Unsatisfied, the taller man tied Anna's lead chain to a pole in her closet and he too began rummaging through her personal stuff.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?", asked the taller man as he found a pair of 7-inch platform sandals in one of the chests. "I think you'd look better on these, bitch", he pointed out.

The sandals were part of the very slutty outfit she had worn during their honeymoon, an outfit which included a micro-thong, a miniskirt, and a tight tube top. She hated using the sandals because they made her look like a prostitute and also because it was hard to walk on them.

"AhMyGawd!", thought Anna to herself as she stepped into the sandals.

The sandals forced her to stand almost on her toes. The shorter man kneeled in front of Anna and buckled the sandal's ankle straps so they wouldn't come loose. Anna felt more naked wearing the heels. She could see her captors looking at her with very lustful eyes.

"Let's go get your husband's stuff", she was ordered.

She led them on to Peter's drawers and in a few seconds the robbers had looted them, removing all the credit cards, watches, and anything of value they could find.

The tour of the house continued as Anna tried to keep her balance wearing the high-heeled sandals and the heavy leg irons. She noticed the growing hard-on on her captors' pants and began to worry about what might happen to her.

She led them to the her husband's study room where he kept his laptop and other small hi-tech electronics. They bagged anything they could find, taking years of research and information in the process. She then took them to a small storage room on the second floor where they looted all the expensive silverware.

Anna stood thinking where she could take them next, when suddenly the choice was made for her. "We know there's a safe in the attic, bitch, so don't play dumb with us", the tall man said.

Anna nodded and began walking towards the attic. "Who are these men? How can they know so much about Peter?", she thought to herself.

Soon Anna and her captors reached the attic. The shorter man released the ladder leading to it, and the taller man picked Anna up and threw her over his shoulder, seizing the opportunity to grab and fondle the beautiful redhead.

One by one the men climbed up the ladder. The shorter man carried the duffle bag with all the loot, while the taller man carried Anna like she was a doll.

"I assume you also know the combination", the short man asked. Anna simply nodded. The duct tape covering her hands was removed but she remained handcuffed. She was handed a pencil and a small paper where she wrote down the combination.

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The shorter man quickly opened the safe and removed a few stacks of one hundred dollar bills, probably adding to a few thousand dollars. He also found more gold jewelry, a few more diamonds, stock and bond certificates, and a few other important bank documents.

The duffle bag he carried was full. It had been a very lucrative night for the robbers and Anna could only watch in horror as the sanctity of her home was violated. She felt frustrated and very upset.

"I assume there isn't anything else of value in the house, am I right, bitch?", asked the taller man.

Anna was standing naked between the masked men. She nodded and lowered her head.

The shorter man walked closer to her, putting his gloved hands on her naked breasts, massaging them. She moaned and took a step back, bumping onto her other captor. Her cuffed hands felt the latter's erect cock behind his pants.

She had read a many articles on kidnappings and robberies, and she knew that if she cooperated she would most likely go unharmed.

She grabbed the tall man's cock with her cuffed hands and began massaging it, and she presented her breasts to the smaller man, allowing him to fondle them as he pleased.

Anna tried to speak but her gag prevented her from doing so. With her eyes she begged to be given the opportunity to say something. Her captors complied with her and removed the duct tape covering her ballgag and unbuckled the belt holding it in place.

The gag popped out of her mouth followed by a string of drool. Anna had never been ballgagged before and she could feel the taste of rubber in her mouth. She opened and closed her jaws trying to ease her soreness.

"Please, I won't call the cops. I haven't even seen your face and I have no idea who you are", she began pleading. "I'm sure what you're taken covers my husband's debt with whoever sent you and I've been a good girl", she said as she knelt down on her knees.

"Please, just don't hurt me", she begged as she ran her tongue over her lips.

She didn't actually say so but her body language highly suggested she was willing to perform oral sex on her captors, hoping a couple of blowjobs could persuade them to take the loot and leave her house.

The sight of the naked girl was too much for the masked men. The taller man smiled behind his ski mask and unbuckled his pants, lowering them around his knees. He had a huge hard-on and Anna quickly reached for it with her mouth and began sucking it.

"You're a good cock-sucker, bitch, I see you've had a lot of practice", he said as he grabbed a fistful of Anna's hair.

It took her a couple of minutes but eventually she made him come. She swallowed him and licked his cock clean before she turned her attention to the other man.

Strangely she found herself aroused by what was happening to her. Again she sucked and licked her captor's cock until he moaned and came in her mouth. She sucked him clean and remained kneeling. She lowered her head and she could see a small drop dripping from her pussy. She couldn't believe her body was reacting this way.

"That was very good, slut", commented the shorter man as he replaced Anna's ballgag. The taller man again produced a roll of duct tape and again secured Anna's gag with a few tight loops of tape.

Anna didn't know what to expect from her captors. She was carried out of the attic and was ordered to led them to the garage. She reluctantly complied and kept turning her head as she walked downstairs, hoping her performance had convinced her captors to spare her, but all she could see was the same emotionless stare in their eyes.

Soon they reached the garage. Anna tried to remain at the door but she was led next to the van. Again Anna did not offer much resistance, not wanting to upset them.

The shorter man opened the van's side door and tossed the duffle bag inside.

Suddenly a flash of lighting lit up the garage just enough for Anna to notice what they had brought in the van: It was a small metal cage!

Anna's beautiful green eyes opened wide in disbelief. "HMMMMMMPHHH!", she began screaming as she realized what was about to happen, she took a step back trying to flee but the taller man held the lead tightly.

Quickly both men picked her up and took her inside the van. Anna screamed and cried behind the ballgag and resisted her kidnapping as much as she could, but the outcome wasn't really in doubt. In a matter of seconds, despite her best efforts, she was forced to kneel in the small cage's padded floor.

Soon the cage's lid was pushed closed and locked with a couple of heavy padlocks. There was little room inside the cage and Anna couldn't move much, she had been forced to bend forward until her breasts touched her thighs so she could fit in the small cage. She still wore her handcuffs, her high-heeled sandals, her leg irons, and was still heavily gagged, and her elbows began to hurt as they were still bound.

"That was a nice blow job you gave us back there, bitch", said the taller man. "But our orders were to clean the house of anything of value, and I'm sure there's nothing more valuable to your husband than your pretty little ass", he coldly said.

"We're not sure what our boss will do with you, but I'm sure you can fetch a handsome price at the slave market", said the other man.

Anna couldn't believe what was happening. The sole mention of the slave market sent shivers down her spine and made her pussy tingle.

The two men took their seats and activated the garage's door with the remote control. The storm was still raging as the black van silently left the garage.

Anna tried to scream as hard as she could but it was useless. She was completely helpless and her muffled screams could not be heard by anyone anymore.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013  

the story was good and has alot of mileage in the plot.I hope there are alot more chapters to come.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012  

How true this is David. Even if as a Christian woman you are not oppressed' by a man with these ideas, the chcruh still perpetuates them. As woman you subconsiously feel guilty for not fitting that role and it can really wear a soul down. I have never fit the role. I am a woman with a very powerful personality and convictions. A personality that is typical' of men. For years I tried to squelch my fire but it didn't work. I am not a good Christian house wife lol. I am a nurturing person but it equals my strength of personality. I used to be a very domineering person before I became a Christian and when I became one I actually had men tell me I needed to learn to submit. I could never find Christian men to date because they were all terrified if me. Years later in my now 30 s my life has completely changed. I am still a Christian but my partner is not. It is a relief to be honest because he values strong women and is not daunted by my character. Christian men need to get with the program and realize that it is not the dark ages and the chcruh needs to stop perpetuating antiquated thinking that oppresses people. Jesus did not make me who I am so I could hide it and be ashamed of my strength. I am not a feminist, I am a social equalitarian. Which to me the chcruh has no concept of. Way to lay it down David once again!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007  

I liked it. Good tying and gagging, the BJ was nice, and I loved the cage especially. A well-tied girl inside a very tiny cage just drives me nuts.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006  

Really nice story, thank you

Friday, July 07, 2006  

overall a good story.
good grammer and spelling
a good plot
more detail

Friday, July 07, 2006  

And what happens now ? is there a cell with bars waiting for her or is she kept in the cage ? How is she shiped to the slave market ? haw is it to be kept in the waiting dungeon ? who buys her ? and is the cage a part of the deal, or does he has his own?

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