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  • Author - Feline  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, reluctant, bondage, latex, torture
  • Post Date - 8/8/2006
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I closed my eyes for a moment, smiling, relaxing, rubbing my poor, tortured breasts. They still had a neat grid of little red pinpricks on them, a reminder of that vicious booby trap Catherine had tricked me into. Miss Kitty was curled up on my lap, sleeping, looking suspiciously cute in an effort to make me forget about her role in my recent ordeal. I looked at the marks on my wrists from the handcuffs - I wouldn't be forgetting about it in a hurry.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Once I had found Catherine's key in the front garden, it had been a simple case of heating it with the iron (since metal and microwaves don't go well together, and I didn't think I'd be able to get it out of a hot oven easily). And after the hinged handcuffs had been removed, the rest had been easy.

So, here I was, sitting on the sofa, still just wearing my tights, stroking the cat, watching the final few minutes of a video of me at university, plotting my revenge on Catherine...

And then I saw my younger self on the television, pushing her bedroom door open and sitting on the bed. I took a moment to admire her body while she felt around for the handcuff key and struggled to free herself. I smiled, watching as she struggled with her handcuffs, but eventually she freed herself, stripped, and laid naked on the bed. And while she planned her next adventure, I decided to instigate the first stage of my evil plan.

I picked up the ring-gag from where I had discarded it and quickly pulled it into my mouth, fastening it tightly behind my head, forcing my mouth wide open. I carefully moved Miss Kitty from my lap, gingerly unhooking her claws from my tights, and walked over to the phone. I dialled Catherine's mobile number and waited for her to answer.



"You're not still stuck, are you, Laura?"


"Poor thing. Did you manage to get the key from the drive?"


"So what's wrong? Oh, I see... it must be those hinged handcuffs. I sometimes have trouble with them too. Don't worry, I was planning on being back tomorrow afternoon, but I could drop by in an hour to get you out."


"My pleasure."

I hung up. I wondered what sort of holiday she was taking, that allowed her to be so flexible. Still, I had a feeling that my little plan would test how flexible she really was... I wandered back towards the sofa and suddenly remembered that I was still wearing the ring-gag - I quickly unbuckled it and tossed it aside. It was time to prepare.

First came the makeup. I won't go into too much detail, but black lipstick was the key. Then came the outfit - I slid my legs out of my tights, and found some interesting latex items in the back of Catherine's wardrobe. First on was a pair of red latex stockings, skintight and shiny, a pleasure to behold. There was a matching pair of gloves that almost reached my shoulders, which fit perfectly. I breathed in as I tightened a red-and-black waspie corset around my waist - it didn't reach my breasts, which were still a little sore from the booby trap, but did give me an amazing hourglass figure. A pair of strappy black stiletto-heeled shoes completed the ensemble... I was just looking through Catherine's collection of fetish clothes for something to cover my private parts when I heard the sound of her key in the front door. I quickly closed the wardrobe and caught sight of my reflection in the mirror - smiling, I decided that Jim Weathers would most probably approve. I grabbed the ring-gag and pulled it back into my mouth... savouring the familiar sensation, and feeling very horny.

"Hello? Laura? Where are you?"

"Mmmmmph!" I replied.

I heard her close the front door behind her, hang up her coat, and climb the stairs. I took up my position behind the bedroom door, holding the hinged handcuffs at the ready.

"Are you in the bedroom?"


I watched her enter the bedroom and look around. She was dressed in a cream blouse and matching trousers, which contrasted nicely with her shocking red hair, and she was carrying a large shopping bag.


This time, I didn't reply. I grabbed her arms (the bag fell and spilled its contents onto the floor) and quickly handcuffed her elbows together behind her back. She gasped with surprise, and struggled furiously as I pushed her onto the bed. She wasn't going down without a fight, but I had the advantage... and the ropes. She swore, she bit, she writhed... but that didn't stop me from tying her wrists together behind her back, and then hogtying her.

"What the..?" was all she managed to say before I removed the ring-gag from my mouth and pushed it into hers, buckling it very tightly behind her head.

All she could do was lie on her side on the bed, her wrists and ankles tied together behind her, and glare at me as I sat down next to her. She struggled in the tight bonds, but didn't even manage to loosen them slightly - I took my time, watching her intently, stroking her cream blouse with my latex-coated fingers. And then I remembered the shopping bag on the floor. As I bent down to examine it, Miss Kitty jumped onto the bed and began to nuzzle Catherine's face, to which she could only respond by mmmphing into the gag.

I gathered up the contents of the shopping bag and placed them on the bed, smiling as I picked through them. They were a very interesting collection of shiny new bondage toys, and my eyes lit up as I examined them.

"Were you planning to use these on little helpless me?" I asked my captive, rhetorically, "Well, I'm sorry to say that you've missed your chance now that the tables have turned."

I grinned very evilly, relishing in my new-found feeling of power. Perhaps it was having my former-captor helpless at my side, perhaps it was the dominatrix-style outfit I was wearing... but I was feeling really horny. And my thoughts turned to revenge. I picked up the booby trap I had been caught in earlier that evening: it was a shoebox-sized black box, with two large-ish holes on one of the long sides and two very small holes directly opposite them. The lid was hinged, and took half of each large-ish hole when the box was opened - much like a stock or pillory. It also had some incredibly small holes on the inside of the box, on the lid and base, through which I now knew tiny spikes would emerge once it was activated. There was also a small chain attached to the box, which ended with a matching collar. Catherine's eyes widened as I put the box next to her, and she realised what I intended to do with her - but before she could complain or beg for mercy, her beloved cat brushed its tail in her face and she shook her head to stop the tail going in her open mouth.

I moved the cat to one side and began to unbutton my captive's blouse. I smiled when I discovered that she wasn't wearing a bra. I smiled even more when I noticed how hard her nipples were already. I had never seen her breasts before - they were large and pert, nicely round with prominent nipples. I leaned forward and flicked her nipples with my fingers, watching her squirm and moan, before I finished unbuttoning her blouse. I pulled her blouse down to where her elbows were handcuffed together, removed the handcuffs, pulled the blouse down further to where her wrists were tied together, reattached the handcuffs, untied her wrists (which also released her from the hogtie) and removed her blouse completely. She took the opportunity to try to escape, but with her ankles tied together and her elbows handcuffed together, she didn't even manage to get off the bed. She should have been more grateful, really, since I had resisted the urge to remove her blouse by cutting it...

I straddled my victim, my shiny latex-clad legs either side of her, and re-tied her wrists while she continued to struggle beneath me. I reached behind me and pushed her shoes off her feet, smiling to see her feet encased in fishnet. I quickly untied her ankles and removed her trousers, and raised an eyebrow at her in surprise when I saw her underwear - a tiny black thong, with a matching suspender belt and fishnet stockings. She glared at me defiantly - I responded by giggling and slapping her bum, which only made her glare all the harder.

What was I going to do with this beautiful, helpless redhead? I reached for the booby trap, but then my eyes fell on a similar black box which had fallen out of her shopping bag. It was longer and slimmer, with only two holes - these were on the same long side but slightly smaller than the holes on the booby trap, and instead of being next to each other they were as far apart as they could be. The box had hinges, so the lid could open up and take half of each hole with it. It took a few moments, but I eventually worked out what it was for.

I untied her wrists again and released her elbows from the handcuffs - she struggled, but with me sitting on top of her she wasn't going anywhere in a hurry. Still, I knew that I had to act quickly since there was a chance of her getting lucky and making me lose my balance. My shins were pinning her wrists to the bed while I sat astride her back, and I quickly lined up the smaller black box so that it crossed the middle of her back. I grabbed one of her arms, twisted it behind her back, and pushed her hand and forearm into the open box. I repeated the process with her other arm, then quickly closed the box - the two holes in the box were for her upper arms, just above her elbows, and the box served the function of trapping her hands, forearms and elbows parallel to the floor... The box clicked shut, and I applied a padlock to make sure it stayed that way. Catherine glared at me again. There was no way she'd be able to remove the box, or any other bondage toys I applied to her, until I'd removed the padlock for her. She was quite helpless.

I sat her up, and she struggled furiously against the small but solid box that encased her arms behind her back. I merely waited for her to exhaust herself, and amused myself by watching the way her breasts jiggled as she moved. Soon, she realised that she was struggling in vain, and that I was quite entertained by watching her struggling in vain, and she stopped. I grinned at her and picked up the larger box, the booby trap... I opened it wide and closed it around her breasts, trapping them inside. Then it was a simple matter of pulling the chain taut and fastening the collar around her neck. There came a familiar, faint ratcheting sound from inside the box and Catherine's eyes widened - I knew what was happening from my own experience with the box. She renewed her struggles as the innards of the box compressed her breasts, and pushed her erect nipples out of the two small holes in the front of the box.

I laid back on the bed and stroked Miss Kitty while I watched my victim struggle. Her red hair and pale skin contrasted nicely with the two black boxes that neatly contained her breasts and her arms. A ribbon of drool was slowly rapelling down from her ring-gagged mouth and I watched it, captivated as it glistened in the soft light, as it finally found the box trapping her breasts and ended its journey. Her tiny black thong left very little to the imagination, and I knew that if I touched it I would find it wet. And her fishnet stockings held up by suspenders were guaranteed to hold my interest - I've always had a thing for fishnets.

Then my eyes fell on the tasselled clover clamps that I had worn when my breasts were in that box. I held the clamps over the cat, moving the long red tassels invitingly, and the cat retaliated by sinking her claws into them and pulling as hard as she could. Smiling very evilly, I removed said claws from said tassels, stood up, and approached Catherine with the clamps held open in my hands. She glared at me, said something unintelligible into the gag, and quickly ran from the room. I grabbed a length of rope and a riding crop, and gave chase...

She ran down the stairs surprisingly fast for someone with no hands free to hold onto the bannisters, and had made it into the living room before I caught up with her. Overpowering her was easy, and I quickly pushed her down onto the sofa, and sat astride her. Her nipples were still hard, and pointing out of the booby trap straight at me. I closed the clover clamps around them, looking into Catherine's eyes as she winced and drooled.

I stood up again, looking down at my helpless victim, running my gloved fingers over my own mostly-naked body. Her eyes followed my fingers, and her look of cold defiance softened. And then I heard another ratcheting sound from inside the booby trap, and she closed her eyes... I guessed that the small metal spikes had finally emerged from inside the box, tormenting her with a hundred tiny pinpricks. She struggled, pulling desperately at the black box behind her inside which her arms were trapped, and my heart went out to her - I wanted to help her, I felt so sorry for her, I felt so guilty about putting her in pain. But then I remembered that she had abandoned me to the same fate - she was getting her just desserts.

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I reached forward and removed her ring-gag. She worked her jaw for a moment, glaring at me. Saying nothing, I sat beside her on the sofa and pressed Play on her video remote control. The television was filled with an image of my old university bedroom.

"Tell me about this video," I said, softly.

"I can't, I was sworn to secrecy," she replied, her eyes pleading with me.

"Tell me about this video," I repeated, tugging softly on the red tassels dangling from her clamped nipples.

"Ow... well... if you put it like that..."

"Yes?" I asked, releasing my grip on the clamps.

"OUCH!" she yelped, at Miss Kitty jumped up and hung from the tassels by her claws.

Catherine slid from the sofa and knelt in front of the cat, shaking her boxed breasts from side to side in the hope of dislodging the cat. Grinning very evilly, I brandished the riding crop and used a flick of my wrist to connect it with Catherine's right buttock. She yelped again, but managed to evade the cat and jump to her feet. Miss Kitty, however, jumped onto the coffee table so she could reach the tassels again. I stood up too, watching Catherine trying to evade her cat, and I moved over to the door and closed it... trapping Catherine in the room with Miss Kitty and myself. Whenever she came near the door, I spanked her with the riding crop - I decided I would have to find out about the video later. Whenever she went near the furniture, Miss Kitty had somewhere high enough to reach the tassels on her nipples. She had nowhere else to go, and I watched her running around the room, chased by her cat, remembering how I had been in a similar position not so long ago.

As she passed by the door again, I decided it was time for a change - time to pleasure her. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me, smiling as her clamped nipples were pressed against my bare breasts. Pushing the cat out of the way, I forced Catherine down onto her knees and stepped around her. I quickly tied the rope around the base of the doorknob, and pushed Catherine towards it. She had no choice but to open her mouth, taking the doorknob between her teeth, then further into her mouth. I tied the rope behind her head, keeping her attached to the door, and gagged.. I took a step back to admire my handiwork, and intercepted Miss Kitty on her way to the tassels... holding the cat in my arms and stroking her, I watched Catherine struggle. And then I heard the familiar ratcheting sound, and Catherine struggled even harder.

I knelt on the floor behind my friend and reached between her legs where I found her tiny black thong soaking wet. I gently rubbed the moistness and she groaned louder into her doorknob gag - Miss Kitty managed to struggle free from my one-handed grasp, but I didn't care - I was too busy pleasuring the helpless redhead. I pulled the thong down to Catherine's knees and immediately began to play with her hard clitoris... She writhed on my fingers, grinding her crotch against my hand... not even stopping when Miss Kitty began to play with her tassels again... and I didn't stop either, as I pushed my latex-covered fingers inside her and began to thrust... her whole body moving with my hand... and my other hand moved over my own body, playing with my bare breasts and erect nipples, stroking my latex-clad thighs, running lightly over my corsetted waist before plunging into my soaking wet pussy... I moved closer to Catherine, pressing my breasts against the box in which her arms were trapped, playing with her clit and mine, listening to her gagged groans and loving the feeling of her writhing on my hand... I writhed on my own hand, knowing it was just a matter of time... before... the first waves of orgasm washed over us, and we were both reduced to quivering wrecks within minutes...

I eventually stood, wandered over to the sofa, collapsed on it and watched the video of myself at university, performing self-bondage. I played with my pussy and clit with my latex-covered fingers, occasionally glancing across to the door to where the helpless Catherine was still writhing, still being tormented by her cat... and I smiled, since I knew that when I eventually released her, she would want to wreak terrible vengeance upon me. Just that thought alone made me incredibly horny. I couldn't wait.

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Monday, December 19, 2016  

The description of some parts did get a little clunky, but the story was fun! Good puns too

Sunday, June 03, 2007  

Awesome! I love the 'boob trap'! (pun intended I'm sure)

Thursday, October 19, 2006  

some very happy thoughts about this are posted here:


Friday, September 01, 2006  

it good i like it lot like more

Wednesday, August 09, 2006  

i really like a story where both players get what they want.hurrah!

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