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Suzie's Padded Cell Treatment
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, bondage, chastity, mummification
  • Post Date - 10/9/2006
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I don’t know how long I have been lying here like this in my own little world, kept safe from all the horrors of the world and its troubles. There is no one to disturb or torment me. I am securely trussed in a body bag of sorts. Well, it is not really a body bag. My arms enfold me in a leather straight jacket, giving me a chance to have a comforting hug with myself! The straps have been pulled tight behind my back and between my legs. Attached to this is a leather one leg bag that holds both my legs together. The laces and straps on this have been severely pulled tight as well. I have given up trying to shake the bag off, but not only for want of trying, but it is possible to shake my legs any more. My body and legs have been tightly strapped down to the bed that I am lying on.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

My head is covered in a thick leather helmet. The laces and straps of that are securely strapped and tied behind my head. A leather posture collar is locked around my neck, so I can only look straight up at the ceiling. In my mouth is a penis gag that is strapped to my head. I feel the dribble occasionally run down my cheeks to my neck! Once the helmet had been put on me, the gag was inserted and strapped up tight as well. Suzie had left the blindfold off so I could see all the nice securing straps holding me down. She certainly knew her way around the straps and bondage equipment.

I was surprised and amazed at her knowledge of bondage. Around my lower waist there is a nappy and a pair of plastic pants to stop any leaks. Once a day, maybe twice or three times some days, Suzie comes and removes the leg binder and undoes the strap of the straight jacket between my legs and changes my nappy. As she does the strap up again she tells me of her antics that she has got up to. That is when she removes the gag and feeds and waters me.

I could have been here a week, a month, who knows? I have all lost track of time here in my snug, safe little world of my own, in complete silence except when Suzie comes to pay me a visit! I am not allowed to talk when she visits me. Once I am cleaned up, fed and watered, the gag goes back into my mouth while she carries on with her exploits! Once she sees me wriggling in my bonds, she puts the blindfold over my eyes and straps it up tightly behind my head as well. But before she leaves, she puts a gas mask over all that, so I cannot even smell fresh air. I can only smell the rubber of the gas mask. Once she has finished that chore, she usually straps my helmet to the head of the bed. I am unable to lift my head any more.

I am afraid I cannot even tell if she leaves the light on or not by sight, No light sneaks in under the blindfold. I can only hear the click of the light switch. This happens just before I hear the heavy door slam shut, hiding me from the world, once again all alone in my safe, secure, hidden little world of my own!

But this time, before she left, Suzie told me she had some news for me that she would tell me tomorrow. I have no idea how long it is until tomorrow! But I cannot wait to hear the news! Is she going to make me even more invisible to the planet Earth? Will she be bringing visitors in to see me? She did threaten that once, especially Sally next door who I have a crush on! Perhaps she is going to release me from this severe bondage I am stuck in and put me some other torment! I don’t know whether to feel exhilarated or worried at the thought of tomorrow!

But while I wait for the time to come, I will tell you what happened. I met Suzie at the fair. She was having a go on the air rifles to win a prize. To her embarrassment at the time, in front of her mates, she won a pair of fluffy handcuffs. They were only cheap ones, but I had to say, “Who is the lucky chap you are going to slap them on?” With that she removed them from the box, gave the keys to her friend and put one cuff on her wrist and one cuff on my wrist. “You” was the answer! We had to walk around all evening stuck together.

I never objected to the experience, in fact I was rather surprised at myself. I always imagined that I would try to hide being stuck like this, but Suzie is such a stunner that I wanted the whole world to see she was with me! I was sorry when she got the key back and we were separated. But it had opened a whole new experience for me, to be at the command of a lovely female! I was enjoying this and could not wait to try out some more. I thought about tying myself up and imagining Suzie was a dominatrix who was out to torture me for a mere whim!

Well, to cut a long story short, we made a date and started to see each other. Within a few months, we were an item, and set up house together. We would go to the movies and she would leave the key to the handcuffs at home “accidentally” and put the cuffs on our wrists so we had to watch the film together! I loved it when we got home. She would remove her cuff and lock it around the door handle leaving me trapped until she had been to the toilet. Then she would tease me whether to let me go to the toilet to relieve myself or make me wet myself there where I stood! But she always relented! But not before she had sat back in her chair and lit a cigarette in a long holder like they used to use in the 30’s. Mind you, that was the only time she would smoke, just to give the impression of not caring what I did to myself. Our sex life was certainly spicy.

I had owned the house long before we met. I had been left the house by my late parents who had no other relatives. But for security we had her name put on the deeds as well in case something happened to either one of us! I worked alone from home on my own internet business. Suzie was good at it and we increased our turnover tremendously over the time.

Over the first couple of years, we had tried different methods of bondage out. She once made me put a dress on and tied me to a chair in our bedroom. If I could escape, before she came to bed, making love was on the menu. If I couldn’t she told me she would use other methods to relieve me of my spunk! Thoughts of her giving me oral sex while I was tied up in this dress or putting her hands up under it and giving me a hand massage came to mind. But I preferred the whole hog to just a moment of being relieved. She tied my hands behind the chair and continued with the rope under the chair to my ankles. Ropes went around my waist and the chair. I was unable to get up off of the chair now. I was starting to get aroused! Ropes secured my ankles to one of the legs of the chair. I was firmly held in position. Suzie took some more ropes and passed it over my thighs and under the seat of the chair several times, and tied it off rather neatly. I had to admire her knot work. All her ropes and knots were neatly arranged so they did not form and unsightly mess.

I was worried about the ropes over my thighs though! How could she reach me when the ropes held the dress down tightly to my thighs! Still, I thought, she would untie them if she was going to get at me!

Suzie got a ball gag, stuck it into my mouth and strapped it tightly behind my head leaving me speechless! I never knew she had a ball gag! Now she told me the time was 19.00. She was coming to bed at 23.30. If I got out of the ropes before then, she would be waiting for me downstairs naked with her hands cuffed behind her back! She was mine for the taking!

Suzie left me in the bedroom looking at our bed. She had arranged the wardrobe door with the full length mirror showing my reflection so I could see what I looked like! She gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room, closing the bedroom door behind her. I heard her walking down the stairs!

I had 4½ hours to go to escape the ropes that held me. The thought of Suzie downstairs naked and cuffed put me in a frenzy, and I struggled to escape. But Suzie had done to fine a job of securing me. I was unable to get free of any of the ropes, let alone all of them!

But the time seemed to go by too quick as the bedroom door opened and in walked Suzie in a baby doll nightie. She looked like an angel. I struggled once more, but she told me it was too late to escape now! I looked down at the ropes holding my thighs to the chair and Suzie laughed. “I know what you are thinking, but being as you could not be bothered with me, I shan’t be bothered with you! Goodnight!” She kissed me lightly on the cheeks and climbed into our bed. I “MMMppppphhhdddd!” but all I got was “Go to sleep!” As if I could with that vision of loveliness lying there in our bed!

She released me in the morning and we made love there and then. I had not slept a wink, but I was not tired at the prospect of Suzie’s lovely body becoming one with mine! It did not take long to shoot my lot, and I had to use a hand massage on her to get her to orgasm. But she loved it and we cuddled for an hour before we got up.

Some weeks later, Suzie came up with the idea we should get a couple of chastity belts for ourselves. She told me that while I was at work she was reading stories abut wives who locked their husbands into one and kept them chaste until they felt their husbands deserved release! Some even destroyed the keys so their husbands could never have sex again. That had really turned her on. The husband having to watch while she made love to another man! Especially if he was dressed as a maid and had to take orders from her lover and her! The husband/maid being disciplined to do as he/she was told and wait upon her pleasure! In fact she asked if we could do it. I told her that no man would touch her except me! Suzie replied that she just fancied having me locked up and having to wear a maid’s uniform and doing all the housework. I agreed to try it.

A month later, my chastity belt turned up and Suzie took me to the bathroom and gave me a good wash down. Having dried me she told me to follow her to the living room. I laid out on the sheepskin rug in front of the fire while she fastened the chastity belt around my waist. My flaccid penis was put into a tube and that was pointed downwards. “You are all mine!” she said as she locked everything into place. She dangled the key in front of me and popped it into an envelope. She ran outside and posted it in the pillar-box opposite our house! I would have to wait until the next day to get the keys. But Suzie was not content!

She took a pair of thick black tights and rolled them up my legs. A swimming costume was pulled up my legs and my arms were placed through the straps. I was told to stand up. Socks were placed into the breast cups. A petticoat was slipped over my head and she smoothed it down. Now I was handed the black and white maid’s dress! I pulled it over my head and slipped my arms through the short sleeves. Suzie pulled it down and smoothed it out for me. She stood in front of me with a grin on her face as she did the studs up. She plastered me with makeup and settled a long black wig on my head and clipped the petite maid’s cap to it! She finished up by tying an apron around my waist with a big bow. I very much looked the part she said as she handed me some flat heeled shoes. “Maids wear sensible shoes and not high heels!” she told me. I spent the rest of the night getting her drinks and generally dusting, not that it needed it, but I was ordered to do it. “I think we should have you in a French Maid’s dress for when you have to do dusting like that, so every time you have to bend over, stretch up or climb, I can see your pretty lace panties and petticoats! Then you can have high heels. Won’t it be fun, you serving my girlfriends dressed like that?” I curtsied, but never answered. I thought she was joking, trying to get me more excited!

Suzie spent the evening smacking my bum and groping me and telling me how feminine it felt between my legs! She was enjoying it. So was I! But when the evening was over, I realised, I was still stuck in the chastity belt. So I had to go to bed wearing it with Suzie tormenting me and me having to use my tongue for the first time, which pleased her tremendously!

The keys turned up the next morning and I was released from the belt. I had felt no chaffing from it so I could go on for sometime. Suzie said she would wear the key on a chain around her neck so the key was next to her heart! For the other one, she would have to buy a safe and only she would know the combination and the key would be locked into that!

Our bondage grew more adventurous and eventually I did finish up with a French maids dress! I love the way the black satin swishes around my thighs and the way Suzie wolf whistles when she can see my panties and petticoats. This is helped by the 6 inch high heeled shoes! It is like walking on tip toe!

We tried outdoor bondage and she admitted she loved being boxed up in a crate! We sold our car and bought a pick up truck. I would box her up, naked, bound, and gagged and take her for a ride through the busiest parts of London. If only people realised what was in the box!

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But we looked at altering our house. We had plans drawn up for an extension and alteration to the inner walls. Suzie said that we had plenty of room once the extension was done, so what about a false wall inside, where we could put a padded room, soundproofed from the rest of the house and locked only from the outside. We would have to put a cupboard in front of the door so no one would know the room was there. It would only need to be the width of the house by seven feet. I said that there would be a problem in the fact that people would expect a window at the back to look out of instead of a blank wall! She agreed with me. Eventually we settled for a false wall behind the bathroom. The entrance would be from the stairs outside of the bathroom and it would be the length of the width of the bathroom. This would make it fourteen feet long by seven feet wide! Plenty of room for a padded cell!

We had the main part of the extension done by builders, but made the internal walls ourselves. These alterations were never put on the plans. The door to the padded cell was made of thick steel and had a wooden covering. This was made to look like an ornament case with several shelves.

Eventually Suzie got hold of several uniforms. She got a nurses dress for when she would attend to me and a prison officer’s uniform for locking me up. I had spent a few days in the cell, not tied up. Just free to walk about and shout. Suzie was convinced we had made the perfect job of soundproofing the room so no one would hear us.

Then one night, Suzie asked if I was ready for the big one. I told her I was and I removed my clothes. Now she put the nappy on me and the plastic panties. I followed her up to our bedroom and she went into the bathroom and changed into her prison officer’s uniform. Suzie came back onto the bedroom and I stood there with my jaw wide open! She looked ravishing in the stark black skirt and jacket and starched white blouse! The black stockings set it off!

She laced me into the straightjacket and led me into the padded cell. On the bed I could see the leg binder ready for action. I sat on the bed and she slipped it over my feet. I stood up and she pulled it up around my waist and fastened it to the straightjacket. Now she tightened the laces and tied them up tightly before finishing with the straps. The leg binder was not like one I had seen before. It was of thick leather and enclosed my feet as well!

Suzie put the thick leather helmet on me and tied the laces as tight as she could before doing up the straps. The gag went into my mouth and was fastened tightly by the strap behind my head. The thick posture collar went on next, so I could not look up or down, even turning my head sideways was virtually impossible and was very limited!

Suzie laid me on the bed and started to fasten the many straps holding me down. The straps held my feet where my ankles were. Another strap held my calves down. Another held my thighs. One strap went over my stomach under my arms. Suzie was making sure I stayed fastened to the bed; she fastened a strap to each side of my posture collar. This was followed by a strap that held my arms and body tightly to the bed. The blindfold was strapped to my face obliterating any light. This was followed by the gas mask. The helmet had a “D” ring on the top and this was fastened to the headboard! I could not move. I felt her kiss my mask and heard her wish me goodnight! “Goodnight?” It was only 14.00? She must be joking!

A few hours went by and she came in to check on my nappy. I was dry. She told me she was off out for the evening dancing with Dave. “Dave?” Who the hell is Dave? I tried to scream but nothing intelligible came out and she laughed. She reminded me the room was soundproofed anyway so I could scream as loud and as long as I wanted to!

Some hours went by and I felt the leg binder being unstrapped and the bottom of my straight jacket being released. She changed my now damp nappy. “Oh, how cute! My little baby pumpkin!” She fastened it all up again and told me she had enjoyed the dancing with Dave. They had made a date to go out the following week.

Every day she would turn up. She would remove the blindfold and let me see her wearing her nurses’ uniform! She knew I loved it, but in the state I was in I could do nothing about it. Nappy changed and fed and watered she would do everything up again with no chance of my ever escaping. “Dave’s coming round tomorrow!” she told me one day. I struggled in vain to escape, but I was held tight.

I did not know if it was the same day or another day when she removed my gag and put another one in my mouth. She had removed the blindfold so I could see her in the nurses’ outfit. I saw her get another gag out. This one had a penis shape both on the inside and the outside of the strap. This was shoved unceremoniously into my mouth and strapped up tight behind my head. She climbed up onto the bed and straddled me. I could see she was wet with anticipation when she lifted the dress to reveal her stocking tops.

She put the blindfold back onto me and I felt her ease down onto the gag. Very quickly she jumped up and down and soon gave a good scream where she had reached an orgasm. I felt her shiver, shaking the bed as she did. But she got up off of me and removed the gag and put the old one back in. “Thank you!” she said and I heard her leave the room and shut the door.

A few days later she told me she had had sex with Dave and it was far better than I had managed it with her. She was going to live with Dave in our house! I struggled again, but she laughed at my pathetic attempts to escape.

But for some time, she had not mentioned Dave. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to him. But now the great day dawned when she was about to tell me her plans for the future.

She changed my nappy and refastened me. The elastic around the plastic panties were beginning to get on my nerves. It didn’t hurt, it just was annoying. But this time she did not remove my gag, just my blindfold. She was wearing the nurses’ dress again. “Funny that, Dave loves me in this dress as well. It must be something men love! He can’t wait to get at my stocking tops and suspenders! Anyway, just to tell you, some weeks ago I reported you missing. The Police have checked everywhere for you and have not found a body! So it is being presumed you are dead and if your body does not turn up in a year, our marriage will be annulled and I will be free to marry Dave! If you had not made such a fuss over being a maid to us, and let him use you as well, you could have become our live in maid and served us breakfast in bed. But it would have meant that you would be locked into that chastity belt for life. Never mind, it fits Dave perfectly! So what I am about to do is remove the cupboard outside and brick this room up and you will be in here all on your little own forever, out of site and mind of the world! ” She put the blindfold back on me once more!

I struggled again and she laughed once more. I heard the cement being mixed up to fix the bricks together. She must have left the door open, or taken it off its hinges. Now I was panicking. From what started out as a little kinky playtime, now turned deadly serious and there was nothing I could do about it! Suzie had won. My little world was to become my tomb!

I lay there in silence listening to my world being shut off from everybody. Tears joined my dribble down my head. “MMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!” I screamed, but there was no reply. She must have finished the job.

As I slowly reconciled myself to my fate, I felt my straps being released. The blindfold was taken off of me and the gag was removed. There stood Suzie in the nurses’ outfit. She undid all the straps and led me into the bathroom where she prepared a nice hot bath. She washed me all over and told me Dave never existed. The bricks you heard were only three bricks she kept putting together with cement and silently parting them again. She had tricked me.

Once she had finished bathing me and dried me she led me into the bedroom where she went at me like a tiger. “I have missed you and I love you more than ever!” I got my own back by giving her a good seeing to and she reached three orgasms. More than she had ever done before.

We went into the kitchen and she made some dinner for us both. We reached a compromise. We would take turns in tying each other up and I would wear the maid’s outfit for when she brought her friends round. She would wear one when I brought my friends round. But she did ask for one thing extra though. She found she loved me in nappies and asked if I would like to become her baby girl. I could sit on her lap and suckle her breasts. I told her I would think about it!

But I did go to bed that night in her baby doll pyjamas. It proved to me that I had someone who really loved me and I could trust with my life. So much so that she asked me to get rid of my male clothes and only wear dresses and skirts for her. I could have some male clothes for when we go out, but it would be bra and panties under the trousers and shirt. I told her I would think about it! I had to get even for the padded cell treatment first!

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Monday, January 29, 2018  

Loved this story. All very plausible and erotic.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011  

Loved it. I'll have to read more of your stories Restricted. Would love to find Suzie in another story as it seems certain she is becoming more and more the dominant partner. She truly sets up a super great mind fuck in this one. LAL

Friday, May 22, 2009  

Great read and exciting, my only complaint is that I didn't find the time scale realistic. Loved the ending

Monday, September 03, 2007  

enjoyable read. nice little twist at the end.

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