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The Summer Project
  • Author - T.S. Fesseln  
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  • Site Rank - 38 of 2737
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  • Story Codes - f-self, M-f, non-consensual, armbinder, bondage, kidnapping, latex, public, slavery, tickling, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 10/21/2006
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Author's Notes:It is usually a long time between postings for my stories. In the past, I have tried to compile a mailing list, but it has become unmanageable as of late. However, you can check my weblog at http://fesselnsfiction.blogspot.com/ for news of my latest works and to read some new ones. Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated. Please e-mail me a fesseln1@aol.com or post them on my blog.

Chapter 1

The warm California wind caressed through Stephanie's long blonde hair as she drove home. The radio was cranked to ZZ Top's "Gimme all your lovin'" and all her cares were left in her empty school locker for the summer. This year she would be on her way to college and freedom. Not that Steph didn't like her mother and new stepfather and her step brother Jeff. They were cool as far as family went. She just craved a little more space to call her own. . .an apartment or dorm so she wouldn't have to sneak boys home. That is all she really wanted, a little more privacy. Home wasn't too far away and Steph was reluctant to put an end to her revelries of school being out for the summer, but she needed to get home and get ready for the party tonight. She eased the Dodge Neon into the driveway and switched off the ignition.

Stephanie was one of those girls that made you think of Southern California. Long, blonde hair, bedroom blue eyes, lean and tan with ample breasts and an inviting smile. She was definitely popular around school and guys seemed to undress her with their eyes everywhere she went. She actually liked their stares. It was a compliment to her hours of exercise and sun worshiping. She was glad she inherited most of her good looks from her Mom. Stephanie noticed that her stepfather, Ray, was home. He must have taken off early from his real estate office.

"I'm home," Steph said as she stepped through the door.

"Hey honey," her mother called out from the kitchen.

Steph made her way into the kitchen, where she found her mother and stepfather sitting at the table; Mom with her iced tea and Ray with his Fat Tire Ale.

"So how was you day," her mother asked.

"Good. Real good. I can't wait to get out to the beach and start drinking up those rays. This summer is going to be great!"

Her mother and Ray exchanged a brief look.

"Stephie," her mother began, "we need to talk. Sit down."

Alarms started to ring in Stephanie's head.

"Here," Stephanie's mother handed her an iced tea after getting up and going to the fridge.

"What's up, Mom?" Steph asked then took a long swallow of her iced tea.

"Well, honey, Ray and I have decided to take a long vacation together; the honeymoon we never had the chance to have."

To Stephanie, this couldn't have been better news! A chance to be alone for a few weeks!

"It is kind of sudden. One of Ray's realty partners has a timeshare in the Virgin Islands. He originally was scheduled to go this week, but something came up and offered Ray the use of it for the month that his partner had scheduled."

"Steph," her stepfather said, "it took a lot of finagling, but your Mom and I are going. . .our flight leaves in two hours. I wish we had more time to tell you about this, but it was one of those things that just came up and we would have been stupid not to take advantage of it."

A whole month! Stephie couldn't believe her ears.

"Jeff will be here to look after you," Ray continued.

Stephie's elation faded a bit. She liked her stepbrother. He was a bit of a nerd, a 6-foot, well-built nerd, but a nerd. It was his second year in college and Steph only saw him on his breaks. For the most part, he kept to himself so this wasn't going to be as bad as she thought.

". . .And his word is law, Steph. He is in charge."

"Cool," Stephanie smiled, "that's so cool that you guys can go."

"Do as Jeff asks, honey," her mother said.

"I will."

"Well, we need to be headed to the airport. You take care, honey."

"I will, Mom," she said.

Stephanie and her parents exchanged hugs at the door before leaving. Apparently they had already packed. Stephanie watched their car leave from the livingroom window. God, A whole month!

"Steph," Her stepbrother's called from behind her.

Stephanie turned around. Her stepbrother was coming down the stairs. He was wearing his Edgar Allen Poe T-shirt and jeans. Most of her girlfriends loved to ask her about her dark haired brother. . .did he have a girlfriend?. . .what was he like? . . .what did he like?, all those type of questions. He was good-looking, but just a bit strange.

"Are they gone?" He asked.

"Just left," she smiled.

Jeff smiled his lopsided smile, "I'm glad. So what are your plans this evening, Steph?"

"Ann invited me to a party tonight," she said as she skipped up the stairs to get ready.

"Well, I am sure you will have a good time tonight," Stephanie heard her stepbrother call out as she went into her bedroom to get ready.

Jeff was getting ready too. He rechecked his supplies; rope, duct tape, handcuffs, a leather blindfold, a bright red ballgag. Jeff prayed for just this opportunity, to have his stepsister as a slave. Now he had her, alone, for an entire month to turn her into his own personal sex toy. He smiled as he heard the water turn on in the shower and knew it was time to strike. Stephanie had a bad habit of leaving the bathroom door unlocked while she was using it, a habit that she hadn't been able to break even though both he and his dad had accidentally walked in on her doing her make-up and other much more embarrassing stuff. Jeff supposed it was growing up all those years in single moms' household with nobody else around other than her Mom. Jeff tried the doorknob and found that it was indeed unlocked.

Stephanie had her shower radio turned on high as she showered, steam and Annie Lennox billowing out from around the curtain. Jeff just stood there, listening, waiting, and putting the rope and tape and cuffs silently on the counter. Soon, the shower was turned off and Jeff saw his stepsister reach for her towel from behind the curtain. Stephanie was drying off her head and face when she stepped out from the shower, her face buried in the towel, when someone grabbed her and pinned her against the sink counter, driving the air out of her. The stranger yanked her arms behind her and with a quick click, Stephanie found that her hands were cuffed behind her.

"JEFF!!!! HELP!!! HUUUUUUHGGGGGH," Stephanie screamed as the intruder stuffed a large ball into her mouth and cinched it behind her head.

Stephanie tried to struggle, but the was only so much a naked girl could do. She tried to remember the things that her gym couch taught about self-defense, but here, now, the blond was in a panic. She was being forced against the counter as the intruder wound some rope around her elbows, cinching them together cruelly. The blindfold came next. Stephanie tried to shake her head, but Jeff managed to get it into position and buckled it tight. Jeff then spun her around put her squirming form over his shoulder and after grabbing the rest of his supplies, started to carry her into his parents' bedroom. Jeff threw her onto the bed and again, pinning her on her stomach, he wrestled Stephanie's long legs together and wrapped them in a coil of rope, binding them together.

Stephanie felt another strand of rope being wrapped around her waist. She fought and squirmed as much as she possibly could, but to no avail. The intruder rolled her unto her back, cinched the rope around her waist and then reached between her closed legs, feeding the rope through them. She was then wrestled back onto her stomach where she felt the rope tighten and sink into her pussy. The man then tied it to her handcuffs. Whenever she yanked and pulled on her wrists, the rope between her legs rubbed within her slit and over her clit.

Jeff stepped back to look over his prize. In his capturing of his stepsister, he hadn't had the chance to admire her in all her helpless nakedness. Stephanie still continued to buck and struggle against her bindings as she lay on their parent's bed. Her long, blonde hair was a tangle of wet strands partially obscuring her gagged and blindfolded face. She was tall and slender and well tanned everywhere, thanks to that swimsuit made out of that special material. Her breasts were nice and large, with large nipples almost the same tanned color of her skin and now stiffened and erect, begging for attention. Stephanie was not a natural blonde, and her snatch was covered with a thick, downy coat of mousy brown curls. Jeff got glimpses of it as his stepsister struggled. Stephanie was an erotic masterpiece waiting to be played.

Dad and mom's bedroom was perfect for what Jeff had in mind. First of all, the bed was on of the wrought iron canopy beds; sturdy with lots of placed to tie-off rope. Secondly, all of his parents' toys were here. . .save for the ones they took with them on their trip. Not only were there vibrators and dildos and sexy lingerie, but also leather handcuffs, blindfolds, crops, nipple clamps, the whole shebang. Dad and Mom had been into the B&D thing for quite awhile, Jeff had found out. Jeff got out the hidden key to the armoire and opened it up to his parents' bondage collection. Sliding open on of the small drawers, he picked out two sets of nipple clamps and smiled.

Stephanie was still writhing on the covers, but considerably less. Jeff could imagine she was trying to think things through, trying to puzzle-out and attack her bindings logically. However, when Jeff sat next to her helpless form, she began struggling again in earnest. Pinning her shoulders, Jeff rolled her onto her back and straddled her while she squirmed. Once he was on top of the blonde, he began to gently knead her breasts and nipples with his hands. Stephanie screamed into her gag. Jeff always enjoyed the noises a woman made through her gag, whether it be from pleasure or pain. He pinched her right nipple, not hard but enough so the jaws of the clamp had something substantial to bite into. Steph wailed as the nipple clamp closed. Jeff did the same to the other nipple with a different pair of chained clamps. He pulled the chain tight and fastened it to the bed's comforter beside the struggling girl, and again, repeating the procedure on the other side. Now Stephanie was pinned to the bed by her nipples. If she tried to sit up, the clamps would yank at her nipples painfully.

Jeff got up off the bed. His stepsister was sobbing into her gag, drool running out from around it. Now that the clamps were in place, her struggles were considerably less. Now time to set up the video camera and to have a little fun...

Chapter 2

Jeff looked upon his bound stepsister Stephanie through the viewfinder of his video tape recorder as she feebly struggled naked on the bed. The clamps that were fastened to each of her nipples to the comforter held her beautifully in place as he set up the camera to film her. In the weeks to come, Jeff wanted to document everything he could. She was a beautiful sight, lying there bound, wrists cuffed behind her back, ankles bound tightly together, blindfolded, gagged, and a rope taut through her pussy lips. Her struggles had become less and less violent as she realized she could not get away.

Stephanie's nipples had grown sore and numb as she lay on the bed and the metal cuffs around her wrists were biting into her back. Jeff must be tied-up or dead, she thought, crying. He would have came to her rescue if he could have. The police would have been here by now if he had been able to call. Now, she was going to be another victim like so many others she heard about on TV. She could hear the intruder going about the room. Stephanie figured she was in her parents' bed and the stranger was looking for valuables. He must be a burglar, she thought; a thought that brought her a little comfort. Burglars don't usually kill people.

The rope between her legs itched. Stephanie moved her hips a bit and the rope rubbed against her clit, sending a pulse of pleasure through her. Slowly, she rocked her hips; the pleasure she experienced eclipsed the pains she was enduring. Stephanie tried to keep her movements as slight as possible so the burglar would not 'see' what she was doing. However, she could feel an orgasm slowly building within her with each rock of her hips. However, Jeff did see. He could see his stepsister trying to get off on the crotchrope. Jeff could also see that she was trying not to move too much so as to draw attention to herself and what she was doing.

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He smiled.

The camera was on and now, he would leave her so she could finish herself up. Jeff made a lot of noise then left the bedroom, shutting the door with some force, only to open it again so he could watch his stepsister from the doorway. Stephanie heard the bedroom door shut and she began to struggle again in earnest for a different kind of escape. She found that pulling upon her wrists helped tighten the rope between her legs and thus give her more pleasure. She bucked her hips and she could her herself moan a bit through the gag. Stephanie always knew she was a bit noisy when it came to sex, so she was almost glad she was gagged so the intruder wouldn't hear her. Stephanie bucked hips more and more. The clamps on her nipples began to tug with an almost pain that Steph was finding out was erotic. A fiery orgasm was building within her, threatening to engulf her as she squirmed in her bonds. The flames of orgasm were building and building. . .

Then the fire engulfed her in pleasure. Stephanie threw herself at her bonds, riding the flames of one of the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She writhed and bucked and moaned into her gag until the flames started to die. Slowly the waves of passion ebbed and Stephanie felt guilty and embarrassed over what had just happened. Was she that much of a slut? Here she was, tied-up and possibly going to be killed, and she was getting off.

The stranger's touch was like an electric shock and Stephanie bolted away from him in her bonds, the clamps viscously biting into her nipples and causing her to scream with pain. His fingers caressed the flat of her belly, tracing around her ropes. Oh my God, Steph thought to herself, he must have seen her. He must have come in while she was in orgasm. The thought flooded through her and caused her to turn crimson from head to foot. Stephanie began struggling again, but she was worn out from her earlier efforts. The burglars' fingers continued to trace over her skin, feeling every part of her. It was not a rough touch, like Stephanie would have imagined; rather it was gentle and somewhat arousing.

The bound blonde felt her legs being lifted up despite her squirming, and more rope being tied around them just above her knees. It felt to her like she was being encased in rope like a mummy. Then she felt the ropes loosen around her ankles. Her relief was brief, for the stranger fastened some sort of leather cuff around each of them and tied each one off, drawing them taut. Then he undid the rope around her knees. Stephanie bucked and kicked as she felt her legs being drawn apart. Jeff pulled on both ropes looped over some of the wrought iron decorations adorning his parent's bed. Not only was he drawing his stepsister's legs apart but also pulling them upward a bit, giving Jeff a wonderful view of Stephanie's pussy. Jeff continued pulling until her legs were taut and spread as wide as they could be. He could also see Steph's finger's fluttering underneath her upraised buttocks.

The blonde was in tears from the pain of her nipples being pulled as she was dragged down the bed by the ropes on her ankles. However, the pain was flared a bit before going away when the stranger unclipped the clamps. He gently rubbed them, kneading the areolas gently, sending more embers pleasure into her womb. There was another orgasm lurking within her, fiery coals wanting to burst again into flame, but she knew she couldn't do that in front of the stranger. What would he think? What would he do to her if he found out she was actually enjoying certain aspects of her being bound like this?

Stephanie felt the stranger loosen the crotchrope by untying the knot binding the rope to her handcuffs and pulling the rope from between her puffed lips. The man shifted the ropes around her waist a bit without taking them off of her. She could hear the man rustling around the room a bit, opening drawers and such and she wondered what was next. The way she was tied, the stranger could very easily rape her, so why didn't he?

It was a bit of a shock to feel something cool and smooth being pushed into her. . .a vibrator, she thought. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind when the dildo began it's low humming within her, send through her another cascade of pleasure. She squirmed a bit more, trying to expel the buzzing intruder, but the stranger held it inside of her and stroked her with it before pressing it deeply inside of her. Jeff made sure that the vibrator was all the way in before retying the crotchrope. Passing the rope over the vibrator, he made sure that his stepsister couldn't get rid of it. He pulled the rope through her lips as tightly as he could before knotting it. The last thing Jeff did was make sure the setting was on 'low' so that it would only tease his step-sister, keeping her at a slow boil. He then place the control knob just out of reach of his step-sister's fingers.

The vibrator was starting it's magic within Stephanie. It was a low hum and it slowly began to fan the embers of passion within her. It was agonizing, being bound like this, tortured and humiliated by this buzzing thing. Stephanie knew she was being watched this time, her moans heard and the slight movements of her hips seen. She couldn't stop her body anymore than she could escape her bindings. She could feel the coals of her orgasm glowing hotter, but she could do little to add to the fire without calling attention to what she was doing.

She writhed in her bonds, trying to make the rope rub her again while making it look like she was trying to escape. Her moans were real, but they were ones born of frustration. Stephanie knew that another orgasm was just beginning to burn within her yet with the vibrator on low, she couldn't get herself off.

Jeff began to message his step-sister's breasts again, slowly kneading them as he sat beside her wriggling form. This elicited new set of moans. His fingers played with her hardened nipples, pinching them lightly and pulling upon them; sending flares of pleasure shooting through Stephanie. . .then the doorbell rang.

Chapter 3

The sound of the doorbell caused both Stephanie and Jeff to freeze for a moment. It had to be Kim, Stephanie thought, she was to drop by so they could go to tonight's party together. Kim was always embarrassed by her white and rusted-out Aries K-car, an unreliable car at best.

Stephanie renewed her struggles to get free of her bonds, praying there would be some give to any one of them. She wanted to warn Kim as well as getting help for herself. Even as she squirmed, she felt the stranger above her pause and then leave the bed, making his way out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

Jeff glanced outside the bedroom window to see who it might be. He recognized Steph's friend Kim's car with its rust rings around the fenders and fingers of rust creeping up the doors. A piece of plastic film was taped up to replace the rear passenger window as well. Jeff was surprised that the engine and drive train hadn't fallen out of the car yet.

A fleeting thought about kidnapping Kim crossed his mind. After all, she was an attractively built Hispanic girl with really long hair and breasts that just begged to be kneaded. However, it was too dangerous. He had to keep his mind on his soon-to-be slave stepsister.

The doorbell rang again.

Jeff raced downstairs and to the kitchen. Unlocking the sliding glass patio doors, he slipped outside and went around the garage towards the front of the house.

"Hey Kim," Jeff said as he rounded the corner, seeing her standing on the porch, looking very much the part of a slut.

"Hey Jeff, where's Stephie?" Kim asked.

"Didn't she call you?"

Kim shook her head, "I don't know. I haven't been home. Dads blitzed again and he is tearing up the place, so I didn't even go there. I could hear Mom screaming and yelling at him, too. No way was I going in there. A fucking war zone, ya know."

"Oh," Jeff said, "Well, she took off with my parents on a little vacation to the islands for a couple weeks or so. Dad got use of the timeshare down there and it was a last second type thing. I thought Steph would have called you to tell you or gotten in touch somehow."

"No, she didn't," Kim said, looking crestfallen, "We were going to go out tonight. Sorta hard now, Huh?"

"I'm sorry Kim. I didn't know."

"Well, I guess I go it alone, huh? Well, if she calls, tell her hi."

Jeff smiled, "I sure will."

Without another word, Kim made her way down the sidewalk to her car. She wasn't tall at all, about 5 foot or so, but she had the curves on her. Large breasts, round butt and a narrow waist. Kim always dressed like a slut, with a bare midriff, tight black pullover with no bra, tight crop jeans and gold chains around her ankles and belly. She also used too much lipstick and mascara. However, Jeff could picture her bound and gagged along with his stepsister.

"Enough of that," he whispered to himself, "back to business."

Jeff went back around and came in by the kitchen door. He was careful to lock it again. His cock just ached thinking of what Steph was doing right now and how the vibrator he had imbedded into here was probably driving her wild.

It was indeed driving Stephanie wild. With it on low, she could feel it hum within her and stirring up all sort of pleasure. However, the buzzing wasn't enough. It was fanning the fires but not feeding them. Her struggles to get away while the stranger was not in the bedroom had failed to even get an inch of slack from her bindings. The handcuffs imprisoning her wrists seemed to bite down even more.

She felt the stranger sit down on the bed beside her. The bound up blonde tensed, waiting for his touch; waiting for him to caress her or pinch her or slap her. However, it never came. The stranger just sat there silently; not moving. The only noise that could be heard was the low hum of the vibrator and Stephanie's whimpers behind her gag. Jeff just sat there and watched her. He knew it was making her nuts and that is what he wanted, to keep her off balance for at least the first few days. It would make it easier to turn her into his personal sex slave that would be willing to do anything he wanted of her.

Jeff got up and went over to the armoire. He had only sneaked peaks at his father and stepmother's collection of toys. There were hung in neat rows a large collection of leather straps and cuffs along with padlocks and keys to lock them into place. There was a selection of various gags, including a ring gag that Jeff would definitely have to try on his stepsister. There were also a variety of crops and floggers, something that Jeff would need once the blindfold came off. There were two single sleeve armbinders as well as various harnesses and a few discipline helmets. In short, Jeff had everything he needed to keep his captive under wraps for weeks to come.

A low moan from his stepsister turned his attention back to his prisoner. Again, her hips were slightly rocking as to make sure that she didn't draw undo attention to her arousal. She was squirming around, trying to look as if she was still struggling. Jeff smiled a wicked smile as he pushed the controls closer to her questing fingers. Stephanie's fingers touched the cord, then straining; she grabbed the cord into her hands and pulled on it until she had the controls in her hands.

Stephanie realized what she held in her hand. Her fingers traced the slide controls of her buzzing intruder. She slowly moved the button up and felt the dildo respond with an increased fervor. The new level of humming sent larger ripples of bliss flaring through her.

'Oh God! What if he was watching!' Stephanie suddenly thought and dropped the controls. She felt him leave the bed but did not hear the stranger leave the room.

Then she felt the vibrator become a raging demon. Jeff had taken the controls and shoved them to their maximum. Stephanie was filled with pure bliss and the flames of ecstasy raged through her very being. Her moans through the gag were loud and passionate as her whole body writhed under the new assault.

Then the vibrator stopped.

Before she knew what she was doing, Stephanie let out a whine of frustration. She must be a slut, finding comfort in a simple orgasm but even that was now denied her. Stephanie's tears were those of humiliation. The stranger KNEW what she was doing and he was toying with her. Jeff could not stand it any more. The sounds of her moans and the sight of her helpless, naked form spread before him on the bed was just too much. He thought he was going to cum right then and there. He pulled off his T-shirt and peeled out of his jeans and underwear.

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Stephanie felt the stranger crawl into bed between her legs. She knew what was going to happen next but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She felt him lean over her. Soon, she knew she would feel the rope through her pussy would be pulled away. . .

The intruder kissed her forehead. It was the light, tender kiss like that of a lover. Then he kissed her cheek, tasting the sweet saltiness of her tears. Stephanie threw her head back and forth, but it did not matter. The stranger cupped her head in both of his hand and kissed her on her gagged lips. His next kiss was between her collarbones just below her throat. Jeff could smell the perfume she put on this morning. He was pretty sure it was 'Poison' and on his stepsister, it smelled like the Garden of Eden. His kisses trailed down between her breasts slowly.

The vibrator then raged on inside Stephanie as Jeff turned it back on high. She involuntarily arched herself to him and let out a loud moan through her gag as another rush of pleasure scoured through her. It was then that Jeff leaned down and kissed her left nipple, taking it into his mouth and teasing it with his teeth. He first licked around the stiffened nub and the bite it hard enough to get a squeal out of his helpless step-sister. He first would do it to her left nipple, and then her right one. Back and forth between the two while the vibrator hummed on. Each near painful bite would send another ripple of joy through her despite herself. Then his kisses went back between her breasts.

Then Jeff kissed Steph's sternum area; slowly working his way down over her belly; pausing only to ream her navel with his tongue. The blonde squirmed and laughed into her gag; her belly button being very ticklish. A wicked grin came over Jeff's face and he continued to lap at Stephanie's navel. Stephanie screamed into her gag and threw herself at her bondage, trying to get away from the intruders wicked tongue. The vibrator continued to work it's evil magic within you and she felt another orgasm building higher and higher within her. A whirlpool of white-hot passion rose to finally engulf her and drown her in bliss. The orgasm was more powerful than anything she had ever felt before and she was limp as a rag doll when it was over.

Jeff removed the rope through his step-sister's sex as well as the vibrator from her and she was too drained to protest save for a few mewls through her gag. He had no doubt that Steph was already very wet and he eased himself into her and felt her warmth surround him. Steph felt the stranger enter her and most of her didn't care anymore. She had already cum twice in front of this man so there was nothing more that this man could do to her to degrade her any more. The fact that he felt good pumping slowly in and out of her only proved that she was indeed a slut.

Jeff was surprised to feel his stepsister thrust her hips up to meet his as he slowly thrust himself into her again and again. Her moans were no longer moans of displeasure, at least to his ears. Her gagged mewls and moans sounded full of pleasure. Slowly, he gained speed and felt her intimate muscles milking him. Oh God, this felt sooooo good and Jeff could see his stepsister was enjoying it too. The combination of all those built-up minutes of watching his stepsister struggle and cum, the noises that she made as she moved beneath him and the pure bliss he felt fucking her had finally added up to Jeff feeling his cum boiling up his shaft and in a burst of ecstasy, he came inside her.

The stranger's cum felt hot and molten inside Stephanie and she moaned loudly and cried. She felt the tears run down the sides of the blindfold. He had cum in her and she had enjoyed it. How could she live with herself?

Jeff lay beside her for a bit, just enjoying the after burn of what had just happened. He enjoyed everything about her at this moment; the way she smelled, the small whines she made in her gag, the looks of her stretched and bound body, the feel of her warm skin against his. He would not trade this moment for anything right now.

Stephanie felt the stranger's fingers lazily tracing over her breasts and stomach. It felt just like a lover's touch after making love. It had tenderness. It was something that Stephanie had not expected. She fully expected a wham, bam, thank you ma'am and the stranger would be gone and she would have to live with what she had done. She did not expect he would stay.

After awhile, Jeff got up and went to his parent's bathroom to relieve himself. The one thing he did not like about himself was the need to go pee just after sex. He suspected Stephanie would probably need to go as well. After pulling on his jeans, he looked through his parent's collection of toys. There was a nice, white leather armbinder that Jeff thought would work wonderfully to keep Steph from escaping for awhile. He also pulled out a white leather collar and a pair of white cuffs for her ankles. He also selected a chrome spreader bar.

Stephanie felt one of the cuffs around her ankle being loosened, only to be replaced by another one and tied back into place, spread wide. The stranger did the same for her other ankle. She then felt something fastened between them before undoing the knots that held her legs to the bed post. Stephanie felt herself being set up and bent forward. She had ceased to feel her fingers and hands so when the cuffs were unlocked, she could not even move them very well to try to escape. She felt some tape being wound around both wrists, binding them together. Stephanie struggled little. She was just too tired and numb.

Jeff then pulled the leather armbinder around both of his stepsister's arms to encase them. He was really amazed she didn't struggle more with this. He fully expected Steph to be a tiger. But Jeff laced up the binder without any problem, finally buckling the straps tightly around her shoulders. Lastly, he placed the collar around her neck and buckled it into place.

The stranger was trying to ease Stephanie from the bed and she really didn't want to go. She just lay there under his proddings and pushings. After a bit of this, the stranger stopped.

Jeff had not considered this. He had to think of some way to herd her.

Chapter 4

Jeff looked at his bound stepstepsister as she lay in bed. Stephanie's arms were encased in a white leather armbinder. A pair of white ankle cuffs and a chrome spreader bar was holding her legs open. A white collar graced her neck. Save for the red ball gag and the black leather blindfold, she was picture perfect. However, Jeff needed to move her to the bathroom.

He looked once again in his parent's armoire for inspiration. Hung inside one of the doors was a variety of whips and crops. All of them looked vicious and he was reluctant to use them on her. He really didn't want to hurt her, only use her.

Then he saw it.

Set in the back corner of the armoire was an item sort of shaped like a spear gun. The grip and body of the gun was made of black plastic and had a red numbered knob as well as a trigger. The long 'barrel' was made of a polished blue metal with a pair of chrome 'fangs' spread about two inches and pointed slightly toward each other. When Jeff pulled the trigger, there was a crackling electric noise and a sharp snap.

Jeff realized it was a kind of a cattle prod.

He turned the knob down to the lowest number and approached his blonde stepsister, still laying there on her front; bound and not moving much at all save for a little movement here and there. Jeff didn't know how much the prod would sting but he figured on the lowest setting, it probably wouldn't hurt much but would get his point across.

He pressed the cold tips to her side and pressed the trigger.

To Stephanie, it felt as if she were stung by a huge wasp. She screamed into her gag and jolted in her bonds. The pain was as hot as a branding iron and continued to ebb slowly as she curled herself the best she could into a ball; tears streaming across her face.

Stephanie then felt something being attached to her collar; a chain. She felt a slight tug. Then she felt the cold tip of the prod against the side. The stranger's message was clear. The blonde girl struggled the best she could to sit up on the edge of the bed. The bar holding her legs open made it hard for her to stand and balance, but at the insistence of the chain fastened to her collar, Stephanie stood up.

The bound girl had to take small steps as she was pulled along and she was afraid that she would fall flat on her face at any time. She pleaded into her gag, but the stranger ignored her, pressing the cold steel tip of the prod against her breast or thigh and giving her collar another tug.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally Jeff's slave stepsister was in his parents' bathroom. God, she looked beautiful. Her long, blonde hair, still wet from her shower and struggles, hung limply over her gagged and blindfolded face. The white collar contrasted so well with her tanned skin. Stephanie's breasts seemed to beg for Jeff to touch them and lick them and pinch them. Her California slender form was so delicious that Jeff found his cock getting hard again.

Stephanie felt the stranger gently push her down and she found that she was sitting on her parent's toilet. Obviously the stranger wanted her to relieve herself, but she wasn't sure if she could in front of him. She felt as she needed to pee, but his stares kept her need bottled up inside.

She felt the cold tip of the prod caress her left nipple, flicking at its erect tip.

It was one of the hardest things that Stephanie had ever been forced to do and finally, she let her bladder go and as the stream sprayed into the toilet, she felt some measure of relief despite her embarrassment at the situation.

Jeff went over to the sink and ran warm water over a washcloth. As she sat on the toilet, he first brushed the hair out of her face and wiped the tears from her cheeks. He then tugged a bit on her collar. With a little help from Jeff, Stephanie stood up.

Stephanie could hear the water running in the sink and could smell the fresh smell of soap. She felt the warm cloth run over her shoulders and then her upper chest. He took his time, making sure she was well scrubbed. The stranger paid particular attention to her breasts, roughly scrubbing them and playing with her erect nipples. Despite everything, Stephanie could feel herself getting turned on by his attentions.

The captive felt the cloth scour over the flat of her stomach and down closer between her legs. He ran the warm cloth up and down her inner thighs slowly. Stephanie found herself wanting him to touch her sex; to take her away from the horrors of the past couple hours. However, he continued to tease her with the cloth, cleaning all around her pussy but not ever touching it.

Jeff smiled up at his stepsister as her bathed her. The lingering smell of sex was still strong and her whimpers from behind her ball gag were not of protest. They were whimpers of need and the rocking of her hips as she stood there told Jeff all he needed to know. But first, he had to do a few things.

Stephanie heard the intruder leave for a bit, only to return a few moments later. With his return, she could hear him fiddle around with something but she wasn't sure what. However, a few moments later the warm washcloth returned and she didn't care.

Jeff scrubbed over her breasts again, this time before the cold eye of the video camera. He wanted this to be on tape and wished he had more than a single camera to catch everything.

The stranger stepped around in back her and reached around the massage her breasts with the wash clothes. The rough cloth teased at her nipples. The stranger would lightly pinch at Stephanie's erect nips through the cloth, causing her to shiver with pleasure. She felt her need growing inside of her again like a slowly simmering pot wanting to boil over.

His captive stepsister whimpered when he stopped. Her mewls through her gag and her rocking movements had hardened Jeff again to the point of aching. He needed to take her but she wasn't quite in the position he wanted her in. Grabbing her leash, he pulled downward on her collar, making her bend over until he could tie the leash off to her spreader bar. Jeff could hear her protesting noises as she tried to balance herself in her new position, but Jeff ignored her.

The young blonde teetered in her new position, trying to keep focused on not falling over. Bound as she was, she wouldn't be able to catch herself. She could hear the intruder walking around her and she almost feel his eyes drink in her bound form. A warm wave of pleasure coursed through her just at the thought.

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Stephanie heard the stranger leave for a bit again. She wondered what he was going to do with her next. She struggled a bit, but being balanced the way she was, she couldn't do much more than twist around a little bit. She stopped as soon as she heard the man return and turn on the sink faucet.

Jeff almost started to whistle as he dangled the nipple clamps in the cold running water. Fortunately, he stopped himself. It was a habit of his stepsister would surely pick up on. Right now, he wanted to be an anonymous prowler.

He removed the clamps when he thought that they were cold enough. They were not ice cold, but cool enough to be uncomfortable.

Jeff's stepsister was still moaning behind her ball gag and he noticed she had also began to drool. In a way, he found it sexy. His captive couldn't even control even THAT basic function.

He knelt to the side of her and began to slowly message one of her nipples, causing her to moan a bit more loudly. Jeff could be imagining it, but he actually thought that she might be enjoying his treatment of her. Once her nipple was fully erect, he clipped on the first clamp.

It felt as someone had bit down hard on her nipple and Stephanie screamed into her gag and began to squirm a bit, though her position made that impossible. The blonde felt the intruder pull at what was clamped onto her breast. The initial pain stopped to a dull ache.

The intruder then began to play with her other nipple.

"Nnnuuuughhh!" she screamed into her gag, shaking her head.

Jeff, however, ignored her pleas and placed the other clamp on her nipple. His blonde stepsister moaned in pain but he knew it was from the shock rather than any real pain.

Each of the clamps had a long chain dangling from them and they gave him a wicked idea. He pulled down on her leash a bit so that Stephanie had to bend over a bit more, putting a bit of slack in the leash lashed onto the spreader bar. Jeff then attached one of her nipple clamp chains to the bar so that it was taut. He did the same to the other chain. She would have to keep this position or it would pull painfully on her nipples. She was now ready for what he had in mind.

Stephanie's brother stepped around in back of her and drank in the beauty of her nicely rounded ass and the pussy looking so ripe and juicy for fucking. His dick had been aching for another go at her and there was nothing his stepsister could do about it. He gripped her hips firmly and lined himself up with her slit. Gently, he eased himself into her without much difficulty, finding she was already ready for him.

The bound girl let out an animalistic moan as the man filled her. Stephanie leaned back into, matching his thrust, enjoying each movement he made within her. As she moved, the clamps on her nipples tugged at them painfully, send an erotic mix of pain and pleasure roiling through her in a churning wave.

It was a fire within her that needed to consume everything that she was. Stephanie did not understand it and was almost terrified by the way the need engulfed her despite the fact she was being raped and abused. But now, right now, the pure feeling of bliss filled every nook of her being as she churned back upon his cock.

The man's thrusts into her were now almost violent and the hands clutched her hips were almost vise-like. The pleasure within her whirled dervish-like, mixing with the sharp pain tugging at her nipples.

The she heard the man groan and felt his cum shoot up inside her, filling her.

Stephanie continued to thrust herself maniacally onto the stranger's shaft, but he did not return the favor. Instead, he removed himself from her.

"Nuuuuuggghhh!" she begged through her gag.

The captive blonde was so close to letting an orgasm engulf her, yet, without the stranger, she could not bring herself off.

She heard the man pissing into the toilet and she whimpered again through her gag, begging for him to bring her off. But he ignored her mewls. She wriggled and squirmed to try to entice the intruder back; to make her cum. But, he just patted her butt and left her to stew in her own juices.

Chapter 5

After relieving himself, Jeff threw on his shorts and went downstairs to grab himself a Coke. He left his stepsister bent over and bound nude in his parent's bathroom, moaning in frustration through her red ball gag. Her arms were still encased in a white leather armbinder and her legs were held apart by a spreader bar. The leash to Stephanie's white collar was lashed tightly to her spreader bar as were the light chains to Stephanie's nipple clamps, forcing her to bend forward precariously. Jeff didn't mind that his stepsister teetered there in the bathroom like that, just like he didn't mind that she didn't cum this time round. A little discomfort never hurt a future slave.

He went back into the bedroom and sat down on his parent's bed and watched his stepsister balance and whimper through her gag. This was all he had ever hoped it would be - and more. The only thing that Jeff needed was to order her around, but he didn't think he could disguise his voice well enough to fool Stephanie.

Jeff took another sip of Coke and enjoyed the view of his blonde captive, contemplating this problem. Though he was tired, he could feel the urge to use her again stirring in his crotch.

Then it came to him. It was perfect. He just hoped that Toys-R-Us still had them in stock.

Stephanie quietly moaned yet again, drool running down her rubber gag and onto the floor below her. Jeff needed to keep her occupied while he went shopping so she wouldn't get into any mischief. It was time to go through his parent's armoire again.

Jeff's parents had an amazing collection of sex toys and bondage equipment. There were at least two-dozen different vibrators in one of the drawers. There were also gel butt plugs and dildos. Another drawer had enough potions, lotions and oils to last a lifetime. It was in a large drawer that he found something that fired his already overloaded imagination; a slender vibrator on an adjustable metal floor stand.

Grinning, Jeff brought the stand over to his bound blonde and set it down between her spread legs. Stephanie could feel the stranger behind her doing something, but she couldn't figure out what. She felt something nudge at her sex and she tried to thrust down upon it; trying to relieve the pent-up passions that were tormenting her.

The stranger pulled the toy away, denying her any slake for her libido. Stephanie could almost hear the man chuckle.

Again, she felt something press at her sex and again she tried in vain to impale herself onto it. The stranger just teased her with it; mocking her needs to relieve herself of this whirlpool of pleasure that was churning within her. This time, however, she did not try to thrust back hoping that he would do something more.

Stephanie felt the very tip of the tool brush lightly against her desire-swollen lips. Then she felt the tool buzz alive, sending a shocks of pure bliss coursing through her. She tried to thrust herself down upon the vibrator, but her bondage would not allow her to move much without danger of falling over. The electric buzz was sending waves of pleasure through her, but not nearly fast enough.

There was nothing Stephanie could do about it.

She wriggled a bit and tried to impale herself a bit more upon the vibrator, but she found that she would just push the thing away and bound as she was, she dare not move much at all for fear of falling.

The blonde moaned her displeasure, hoping the stranger would somehow take pity on her and let an orgasm engulf her.

There was no reply. Not even a cruel laugh; and Stephanie began to weep silently from her frustration.

Jeff was not there to enjoy that, however, though he would enjoy watching the video of it later. He was on his way to the toy store to find one of those toy microphones that would distort his voice. He had seen them there a few weeks before when he had gone shopping for a squirt gun. . .one of his 'childish' games he liked to play at college. Jeff hadn't thought much of it at the time save for trying it out for a laugh. He liked the metallic robot sounding distortion the best and he thought that one would be the best for training of his stepsister. Cold. Heartless. Perfect.

Stephanie's brother took his time at the store, looking at the toys from a kinky perspective. In the end, he picked up several other items that he was sure the manufacturers never intended them to be used the way Jeff was about to use them. A bored looking clerk rang them up Jeff's purchases and soon he was on his way back to his future slave.

Stephanie ached. Her calves were beginning to really hurt as well as her shoulders. There was also a dull, almost erotic throb in her nipples from the young blonde's struggles. However, the thing that ached the most was Stephanie's pussy. It was not a painful ache like the one in her jaw caused by the ball gag, but one of pleasure denied. With the vibrator positioned the way it was, it tickled and teased at her sex mercilessly without giving her the ultimate pleasure. She almost came several times, but the motion was not quite enough to send her over the edge.

It was hard to think of anything else other than cumming. Stephanie wondered a bit about where her captor was and if he was laughing silently at her predicament. She wondered about her stepbrother and if he was okay. But mainly just thought about the bliss of just cumming and ending her torment.

"Do you want to cum?" a deep metallic voice startled Stephanie, almost causing her to over-balance and fall over.

Stephanie nodded her head and moaned loudly into her gag.

"No harm will come to your brother if you do exactly as I say," Jeff said, speaking into his toy voice distorter, "Do you understand?"

Again, Stephanie nodded her head.

"Good," Jeff smiled, walking around his captive, enjoying the view, "First of all, your name is slave. You will answer only to that name and no other. Do you understand, slave?"

The bound blonde nodded slowly. She had no choice. Her fate, at least now, was sealed with leather and chain.

"Do you want to cum?"

Stephanie moaned and nodded her head. The man's words were like throwing kerosene on a fire, igniting a deep, forbidden desire within her. . .


The pain of his hand spanking Stephanie hard on her ass almost sent her sprawling. She screamed into her gag.


The bound captive sobbed into her gag. Stephanie felt the stranger's hand slowly rubbing where he had swatted her.

"Now, do you want to cum?"

Stephanie only quietly sobbed as she stood, bent over and bound. The stranger had not called her 'slave' and she did not want to be spanked that hard again. She just bit into her gag and waited patiently.

The girl felt a gently pat on her butt.

"Good girl," the metallic voice said, "You are learning quickly. Now, slave, do you want to cum?"

In tears, Stephanie nodded and whimpered.

Jeff knelt down and adjusted the vibrator's stand so that it started to penetrate his blonde slave and turned it on high. A fiery explosion of pleasure ripped through Stephanie and it was the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced. Her whole body quaked, as it became a whirlpool of white-hot ecstasy. She wasn't even aware the stranger was holding her up and her body became limp from the joy. When she finally regained some sense of what had happened, she found that her nipple clamps were gone and she was sitting on the cool bathroom floor.

The stranger brushed his fingers through Stephanie's long hair.

"That is a good slave," the cold voice said, "from now on you may only cum when I command you to. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head. Her whole body was still in a euphoric twilight zone caused by her orgasm. She had never came that strongly before. It was if her whole being was one white-hot orgasm.

The blonde felt herself being picked-up and carried over to the bed. Her leash to the spreader bars had also been loosened so that she was relatively comfortable in her bindings. Her calves no longer ached, but her jaw and shoulders did a bit.

"Are you thirsty, slave?" the stranger asked.

Stephanie was thirsty and nodded.

"I am going to take your gag out, slave. However, if I hear a single word out of you, I will punish both you and your brother. Do you understand this, my slave?"

Again, Stephanie nodded.

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The stranger left her on the bed for a bit and Stephanie was too tired and worn to try to struggle. She was grateful just to be out of a few of her bindings. A glow of her orgasm still flowed through her and she just bathed in it as if she would soaking up the sun outside.

"Okay, slave, you remember the rules?" the metal voice asked.

Stephanie did and nodded that she did.

She felt the stranger undo the strap behind her head and ease the ball gag out. Her jaw was stiff and she moved it around, glad that the rubber-tasting thing was out of her mouth. The young blonde then felt the tip of a straw and she took a sip.

The Coke tasted like heaven as it filled her mouth. She didn't realize how thirsty she really was and she eagerly sipped at the straw, drinking all she could. God knew when this stranger might let her drink again. It didn't take long for her slurp the last of the drink up through her straw.

"I have a different gag for you slave," Jeff said through his toy voice distorter, "This will be more comfortable."

Stephanie shook her head no; she did not want to be gagged again.

"Slave, do you want me to punish you?"

Timidly, the blonde shook her head no.

"Then you must obey me. Open your mouth."

The bound girl did. Jeff pushed into her mouth a foam ball he had found at the toy store. It was big enough to fill her mouth but not enough to be uncomfortable.

"Close your mouth, slave."

Jeff then took some medical tape and placed it over his stepsister's lips. He did this several times; smoothing the tape out and making sure her lips were sealed together. To Stephanie, the foam ball tasted awful but in was more comfortable than her previous gag.

"There, my pretty slave," the stranger patted her on her head, "much better."

Stephanie then felt the stranger fingertips trace down her neck and to her breasts, gently caressing circles around her nipples.

"Now that you have relaxed some, slave, I think we should enjoy another game or two. . ."

Chapter 6

"I think you will like these games, slave," Jeff said as he gently caressed a line over both of his captive's breasts.

Stephanie looked beautiful, sitting bound as she was. Her arms were encased in a white leather armsheath that made her breasts jut forward as if begging for attention. Her eyes were still blindfolded by a white leather blindfold that matched her single-glove binder and white medical tape sealed her lips shut. Leather cuffs were still locked around each ankle and a spreader bar held the blonde's legs open. She was still flushed from her recent orgasm and her long, blonde hair was tangled about her face. She was an angel in bondage and for the next several weeks, Jeff would turn his stepsister into a sex slave to use as he pleased.

"The next game, slave," Jeff's metallic voice said through the distorter, "is to test how well you listen and follow orders."

Stephanie felt something cool and stiff being traced around her left areola, teasing her erect nipple.

"You feel this, slave?"

The blonde captive nodded her head.

"This is a plastic clothespin, one of many."

Stephanie felt the jaws of the clothespin open up and gently play at her one nipple. The stranger did not close it on her; he just teased her with it. The clothespin nipped at her, first one nipple and then the other.

"Each time you do something, slave, I did not address you to do, one of these will be clipped onto a very sensitive part of your body. So, slave, you will have to pay very close attention to what I say. Think of it as a game of 'Master Says'."

Stephanie could almost hear the stranger grin a demonic grin.

"The final goal, slave, is to get you downstairs so we can eat. I can imagine you are starving, are you not, slave?"

The young blonde nodded her head.

"Good, so am I. I thought we would order out. Now, slave, stand up."

Jeff watched as his stepsister struggled to stand. It was a labor for her. Her legs were still stiff both from the long, standing position she had been forced to endure earlier and from the orgasm that followed. Using her encased hands, she managed to prop herself up at the edge of the bed and stand.

"Good girl, now take a step forward."

Stephanie's short step forward was made awkward by her spreader bar, but she managed to do it.

"Sorry, slave, you lose. I did not address you by name and therefore, the first clothespin goes on."

The blonde whined into her gag and shook her head but there was little for her to do but take it. She felt the tip of the instrument touch her right nipple. . .

"Eenie, meenie, minie, mo. . ." Jeff said, as he touched each of her nipples in turn; all the while, Stephanie was crying into her gag and shaking her head.

Stephanie felt the clothespin clamp down hard on her left nipple. The pain shot through her breast like an electric shock and she screamed into her gag. It was far more painful than she had first thought it might be, but after the first minute, it became a sharp, almost endurable, throb.

"You see, slave, you have to pay attention. I don't like to hurt you but you must learn to act only when I tell you to act. Now, slave, take another step forward."

Crying, the girl took another step forward, trying not to trip. She focused on his words, trying to blot out the pain that still burned in her breast. She could feel her hair in a tangle around her face, tickling at her nose and chest, but she could only endure it and hope the stranger would comb her hair away from her face.

The bound blonde then felt a tug upon her collar.

"Follow me, slave," the cold, metallic voice said.

Slowly Stephanie followed. It took a great deal of concentration just to balance herself and not trip. But after about twenty steps or so, she learned to walk with the spreader bar on fairly well.

"Halt, slave."

The helpless Stephanie halted.

"Thrust your chest to me," the metallic voice commanded

Stephanie almost did, but stopped when she realized that the intruder hadn't said his name for her.

"You are learning, slave," Jeff told her, "Slave, thrust you chest out to me."

She did as she was told, forcing her chest out as far as she could, presenting herself to him. Tears were still drying on her cheeks as she felt him gently caressing around her right breast. Pinching her nipple lightly, he rolled it between his fingers before kneading her whole tit. The ripples of pleasure that he was sending through her were starting to eclipse the pain.

"Thrust your pussy to me, slave."

Again, Stephanie did as she was told. She felt the stranger's fingers tenderly combing through her soft patch of dark gold curls. Slowly, his fingers dipped down lower, barely touching her sex-swollen lips. Stephanie was starting to hunger for another orgasm and she started to rock her hips, trying to get him to touch her more firmly.

"Do you want to cum?" the metallic voice of the stranger asked.

Stephanie nodded.

Another sharp pain shot through her as Jeff placed a clothespin on her right nipple. She screamed in agony through her gag.

"You need to pay more attention, slave. Next time, the clips will be placed here."

He touched her pussy.

"I would imagine that would hurt, slave, wouldn't you think?"

Stephanie nodded in tears.

"Thrust your pussy to me, slave."

The captive blonde did. Again, the stranger began to lightly brush her outer lips and then slip into her slit, tickling at her clit. It was still swollen from the last orgasm and the bolts of bliss that cascaded through her started to fuel her fires of need again.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slave?" Jeff asked, enjoying the sight of his bound stepsister responding to his touch. The sounds through her gag were not those of pain; they were moans of want.

"Lay down, slave."

Getting off the bed was a difficult task. Kneeling down to a squat and then laying down was near impossible. She was blind and bound and couldn't trust her legs not to give out or cramp. Slowly she knelt down until she was in a squat, then she leaned back, trying to catch herself with her encased arms. She caught herself briefly before falling over on her side. Thankfully, it was not a hard fall and all she had to do was uncurl her legs and she would be lying on the hallway carpet.

"Thrust your pussy up."

Stephanie hesitated. The intruder did not say her name.

"Good slave. Thrust your pussy up to me, slave."

The blonde arched her back and thrust her sex up as high as she could. His fingertips began to caress her again, tracing over her swollen lips and touching her aching pearl. Stephanie let out a small moan of pleasure as he continued to rub her clit.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked.

Stephanie almost nodded, but didn't. The intruder was not going to put clothespins on her pussy.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slave?"

Stephanie nodded, moaning yes through her gag.

The stranger first stepped between the blondes legs and then knelt down. She could hear him unzip his fly and she could imagine what his cock looked like; large, burled with a glistening purple head. She could not picture what the intruder's face would look like, but she could picture his rampant cock.

The stranger grasped her hips and pulled her forward a bit onto his cock. Jeff let out a slight moan as he felt her engulf him with her silken muscles. He moaned again when she squeezed his member as he began to thrust in and out of his sister.

Stephanie met every one of his thrusts. The man filled her more completely than she had felt before. Maybe it was her imagination, maybe not. Whatever it was, it was pushing her closer and closer to ecstasy with every buck.

Jeff felt his stepsister's spreader bar against his buttocks and then felt her pull herself further upon him, helping him thrust deeper within her. God, was she hot. This was better than he could have possibly imagined. He wished he had set up the camera but, hey, there would be plenty of more times for that. Right now, it was really hard to think about anything else but getting off with his blonde bondage slave who was getting off as much as he.

He pounded into her faster and she could feel that he was about to cum. She remembered when he left her unsatisfied before and she was determined to not to have that happen again. The whirlwind of pure pleasure was spinning faster and faster within her and she knew that another orgasm was soooo close.

Then she felt him explode into her.

It was all she needed to cum herself. She practically screamed into her gag as the storm of bliss raged through her entire body. She bucked and writhed in her bonds until she could not find the energy to do one single thing more.

She felt the stranger get up and step out from between her legs. She was too exhausted to move a muscle.

"Slave," the metallic voice said, "You have been very bad. I did not give you permission to cum. I will have to punish you."

Chapter 7

"Nnnnnnuggghhhh!" Jeff's bound stepsister wailed through her tape gag, shaking her head at the same time.

"Did I give you permission to cum, slave?" Jeff's metallic-twisted voice questioned and he stood over Stephanie.

Slowly Stephanie shook her head, tears running down from behind her leather blindfold. She lay on her parent's hallway carpet, her arms sheathed in a white-leather arm binder and her ankles being held apart by a chrome spreader bar. A pair of clothespins had been snapped onto each nipple, torturing her breasts. White medical tape sealed the blonde's lips shut and a white collar encircled her throat. She was anyone's dream slave and right now, that dream slave belonged to her stepbrother, Jeff.

"So, how should I punish you, slave? Perhaps a clothespin on your clit?"

Stephanie screamed NO through her gag.

Jeff knelt down and ran a clothespin over his stepsister's sex slick lips, nudging it at her pearl.

"You don't want this on your clit, do you, slave?"

The young blonde nodded. Stephanie could just imagine the shear agony that that device would inflict upon her. She would do whatever the stranger wanted as long as he did not do that.

"Do you think I care whether or not you want this snapped onto your clit, slave?"

Stephanie froze, not moving a muscle.

"I will do anything I want to, slave," Jeff continued, "I can give you pleasure..."

The stranger gently slid his finger into Stephanie's moist slit and began to tickle at her already sensitive clit, causing another ripple of pleasure to course through her.

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"...Or I can give you pain."

Jeff twisted one of the clothespins on Stephanie's nipples, causing an all-new torrent of pain to grip her body. She writhed in her bonds as Jeff released the clothespin.

"So, slave, what should I do with you?"

Stephanie lay there, sobbing silently awaiting her fate. The stranger was right, he could do anything he wanted to her and she could do little about it.

After a moment, Jeff continued, "I think, slave, I will forgive you this time. You were very good fuck, slave. I want you to continue to fuck me like that. Remember, though, you cannot cum unless I tell you can. If you cum again without my say, I will clip your clit. Hard. Is that understood, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head, grateful that the stranger would not punish her.

"Stay here, slave."

The blonde heard the intruder walk down the hallway, leaving her there alone. She was too tired to struggle and she really didn't know how close to the stairs she was. Her arms ached and her legs were threatening to cramp. Her stomach was also growling from hunger. Briefly she wondered what was happening to her brother Jeff and whether he was all right or not. Right now, however, Stephanie had to worry about herself. She heard the toilet flush and the footsteps of the intruder returning to her.

"Stand up, slave."

For the young woman, the order might as well had been 'slave, go to the moon.' Stephanie was so physically exhausted she didn't think she could move and if she could move, how the hell was she going to stand up bound as she was.

"Did you hear me, slave?" Jeff asked.

The blonde nodded weakly and slowly started to move her legs so that she could try to sit up. With all the will she could muster, Stephanie grunted through her gag and sat up, propping herself up with her encased arms. The harder part was ahead of her, however. She secretly was glad she was in such good shape from swimming and tennis. It was definitely helping her now.

Stephanie pulled her legs up until the spreader bar rested firmly against the bottom of her thighs. She rested a bit, mentally picturing how she was going to do this.

"I don't have all night, slave," the metallic voice said.

The bound captive rocked herself a bit using her sheathed arms until she was sure she could rock forward to balance on her feet. With a great push, Stephanie strained forward to balance on her feet. She hung there a second; then two. She tried to steady herself, adjusting herself until she was happy that she would not fall over.

Stephanie then slowly stood up, her legs quivering with the effort.

"Good slave," Jeff said, clapping.

Stephanie felt the same kind of elation she felt when she had won a difficult tennis match. Despite everything, she had done it and without any help. It was a small mental victory for her and she grasped at it like a life preserver.

"Slave, thrust your tits out."

Of course, Stephanie did so. The pain the clothespins caused had ebbed away to a dull ache, flaring a bit if she moved and caused them to wobble. The stranger flicked at them now, causing little bolts of pain.

The stranger then unclipped one of the clothespins, then the other.

The numbness went away as soon as the pins came off and was replaced by some more pain. The stranger began to message Stephanie's breasts slowly. Paying attention to her still stiff nipples. Jeff liked her large breasts and the way they looked when his stepsister thrust them out. Already he could feel himself get hard again, thinking what he could do to his new blonde slave.

Jeff looked at the stairs down the hallway and knew Stephanie would probably hurt herself going down them. The last thing he needed was his new prize to break an arm or leg. It would ruin everything. No, the only way for him to get her downstairs bound as she was, was to carry her.

"Slave, stand still."

Jeff knelt down a bit and put his bound stepsister over his shoulder. He heard her moan a question into her gag, but she didn't thrash around or kick. With Stephanie balanced over his shoulder, he began to carry her down the hall and down the staircase.

The trip down the stairs was a bit uncomfortable with the stranger's shoulder digging into her stomach, but she was glad he did not force her to try the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, he put her down on her feet, propping her against the outside door until she found her footing.

"Slave, follow me."

Stephanie felt a tug on her leash and she followed the best she could. She could feel the living room carpet underfoot and she could imagine just where she was in the room. There was a brown leather couch and recliner facing their parents wide screen television. There was also a heavy wood and glass coffee table and matching end tables. She found that she was being lead to what she believed was the couch.

"Sit, slave," the metallic voice commanded.

Unsteadily, Stephanie did as she was told. The leather felt cool on her naked skin and she was glad that she was able to rest a bit. At least, she hoped that the stranger would allow her to rest.

"Stay put, slave."

The captive girl heard the stranger go back up the stairs.

Alone. Stephanie knew she couldn't get out of her bindings but she could try to get someone's attention so that the police could rescue both her and her brother. There was a huge picture window in the living room where she was standing. She could hobble over the window and push back the curtain . . .

. . .And there she would be, naked and bound looking like some kinky bondage babe displayed before the entire neighborhood. Stephanie could already feel the flush of embarrassment at the thought at being exposed like that.

Stephanie heard the stranger return and as she sat on the couch as she was told to do, she heard him setting up something, first to one side of her, then the other.

"Do you want to be a television star, slave?" the stranger's metallic voice asked.

Stephanie shook her head slowly, but she knew her opinion didn't mean squat with the man. He would do whatever he wanted with her. Now, it seems she was going to be video taped.

"Too bad, slave. I want to see you up on this big screen TV. You know, slave, you look so sexy bound like that; so delicious. I want everybody to see you like this."

Stephanie moaned through her gag and shook her head. She didn't want anyone to see her like this.

"Would you rather me clip your clit, slave?" the metallic voice asked.

"Nnnnnnnggggghhhh!" she screamed into gag.

"So, you want me to tape you, slave?"

Stephanie nodded, not wanting to feel the pain of being clamped. God, when will this end, she thought to herself. She heard the intruder moving about some more then she heard him turn on the TV.

"God, slave, you look gorgeous. You should see yourself."

The bound blonde could already imagine what she looked like sitting there with her arms bound in back of her and her legs forced open for his stares and touches. She could imagine her tangled hair framing her blindfolded and gagged face, the tracks of her drying tears still visible.

Stephanie felt him kneel in front of her and then touch her red, sex-puffed lips and he spread them open a bit. Then she felt something entering her, another vibrator, larger than the first one she had been forced to endure. It felt similar to the pink gel one that she kept in a shoebox in her closet. As he pushed it home, she could feel a second nub resting against her pearl.

"You must keep this in you, slave, or you will be punished. Do you understand, slave?"

Jeff's stepsister nodded.

"You also know, you must not cum unless I command you to or you will be punished as well."

Again, Stephanie nodded. She didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Then, surprisingly, the young woman felt one of her ankle cuffs being loosened and slipped off first one of her ankles, then the other. Her legs were no longer being forced to stay open. Gently, he eased her legs together and she felt a belt of some sort being wrapped around her knees and tightened. He did the same to her calves and ankles, making sure the leather belts were as tight as they could be without causing her to lose circulation.

With a firm push, Jeff laid his stepsister down on the couch on her stomach. It was perfect. Even without hogtying her, she did not hang over either edge of the couch. He gave her a playful slap on her ass, to which Stephanie yelped.

"Now, slave, have you ever had an anal vibrator inside you?"

Stephanie moaned 'no' into her gag. She had never even considered something like that and she did not want to have one crammed up her ass now. But, she knew that she was going to get it anyway.

"Slave, raise your ass."

Stephanie hesitated.


Raw pain shot through Stephanie's rear as Jeff spanked her hard.


The blonde arched her ass upward, fearing the pain that he could inflict to the pain of having her hole being raped by the vibrator.

Jeff took his time to make sure that the slender vibrator was thoroughly lubricated with KY jelly before he attempted to ease it into her little puckered hole. With one hand, he spread her cheeks and with the other, he began to slowly push the vibrator in.

"Do not fight it, slave, it will only hurt more."

It felt as if her asshole was on fire as she felt the vibrator sliding into her. She tried to relax but every fiber of her being was rebelling against this thing entering her. She forced herself to concentrate on just relaxing, chanting it as if it were a mantra. Finally, she felt herself relax a bit and the pain eased a bit as he pushed the slender vibrator in. It felt as if she was filled more fully than she had ever been before and after she had relaxed, it wasn't wholly a bad feeling. In fact, it felt erotic.

"Slave, if this vibrator slips out of you, I will have to really punish you. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded.

Jeff then folded her legs back and with a short piece of rope, he tied Stephanie's cinched ankles to the end of her arm sheath, hogtying her. He looked up at the picture on the TV and saw his bound slave, in all her naked glory, in clear and sharp focus. He smiled as he turned on both vibrators.

"Now, slave, to get our dinner."

Chapter 8

When the vibrator started in her ass, Stephanie first reaction was to push it out of her. But the intruder's promise of punishment overrode her natural repugnance to the device. Then the second vibrator started, humming and twisting in her pussy while the nub against her clit began to buzz. The combination of the two was overwhelming and as the blonde relaxed a bit more, she found that the new sensation in her rear helped stimulate the rest of her, causing her to moan little moans into her gag and to start to rock her hips.

Briefly the captive blonde wondered what the intruder was doing.

Stephanie strained to hear the stranger. She thought she heard him in the kitchen. He was probably on the phone there, but she couldn't make out anything he said. The twin stimulations made it hard for her to focus and she could feel another orgasm beginning to brew inside her. Her moans grew a little more as she lay there, bound.

"Dinner is on its way, slave," Jeff's electronically twisted voice said as he patted her on the head, "I hope you like Chinese. I figure we have about thirty minutes before the delivery boy arrives."

Jeff noticed that his captive stepsister was already starting to hump her hips. Her tan skin contrasted wonderfully with the white leather armbinder and collar and as she lay there, Jeff combed her long, blonde hair back so he could see her blindfolded and tape-gagged face. Hogtied as she was, Stephanie was going nowhere and the cold eye of the camera was going to catch it all.

The girl felt the warm hands of the intruder as he eased her over onto her side. The stranger's hand began to lightly trace over the curves of her body, drawing little circles over her thighs and flat of her stomach and between her breasts. The only place they did not touch was her nipples, still aching from the removed clothespins. Each touch stimulated her more, causing the pleasure inside of her to simmer just a bit more.

"Do you enjoy this, slave?" the metallic voice asked.

Stephanie nodded and mewled her agreement through her gag.

His light touches continued over her body. Then Stephanie felt his lips kiss the bony part of her hip. It was a soft, tender kiss and he repeated it again across her belly. When he came to her navel, she squirmed a bit as his tongue reamed it, tickling her. In his lust, Jeff had almost forgotten just how ticklish certain parts of his stepsister could be.

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The intruder's kisses trailed up from her stomach and between her breasts and around her collar. He brushed back her hair and began to nibble at her earlobe, something that drove her absolutely wild. The vibrators were doing their part, especially the one against her clit. The high pitched humming sent wave after wave of pure bliss through her, each one helping the orgasm lurking within her build. Her hips pumped upon the vibrator. As she did this, she bumped the back of the couch and accidentally pushed the anal vibrator deeper inside of her.

It wasn't painful. The feel of the two vibrators humming together inside of her seemed more and more erotic as she felt her pleasure grow. Stephanie would have never guessed just how pleasurable this would be. When she ordered her few toys online, she always quickly clicked over the butt plugs and anal stimulators. She thought how dirty they were and only a true slut would ever use one of those...

Stephanie was now a true slut.

The stranger seemed to know that she was about to cum and just needed a little more stimulation to put her over the brink. His rough tongue licked at one of her nipples, then the other one in turn. Stephanie moaned loudly through her gag.

"You can not cum yet, slave."

Stephanie moaned her frustration. Ecstasy was just a touch or two away yet she could not give into it for fear of pain. Mentally, she tried to force the pending orgasm down deep inside of her, but the more she tried, the more she threatened to boil over into pure heaven.


Stephanie screamed into her gag at the pain as Jeff slapped her thigh.

"Cum, slave, and you will endure more pain than you could possibly imagine."

Stephanie whimpered into her gag. She couldn't stave off cumming forever. Sooner or later it would engulf her and there would be little she could do about it.

Then the doorbell rang.

The intruder stopped his attentions, "Dinner is here, slave, do not roll back over or you will be punished. You may cum, slave, but only while the delivery guy is inside the house. You will not be allowed to cum afterward, slave. Do you understand?"

Stephanie nodded her head quickly, knowing her orgasm was close.

"I am going to leave you then, slave, but keep in mind both the delivery guy and I can keep an eye on you on the TV."

The idea of being seen like this; naked, bound and gagged, mortified Stephanie. It also seemed to fan the flames of her growing desire to cum. Of the two, it looked like the later was going to overcome her embarrassment of the former.

Jeff set down his voice distortion toy he had bought several hours ago and looked out the small window to make sure who it was. Standing there, in a tightly fitting red polo shirt and black slacks was a petite Asian girl holding Stephs and his dinner. It was even better than he had planned.

Jeff opened the door, "Hi, come on in. I need to get the money from the kitchen. How much was it?"

"It is twenty-two eleven," she said as she stepped in.

"Okay, I will be right back."

Jeff left the pretty delivery girl in the foyer. He glanced at the TV to make sure that she could see what was on the screen and not Stephanie herself. Pleased that it was so, he went off the kitchen to watch a bit. There was a place that he could watch the delivery girl without her seeing him.

The girl stood there nervously, head bowed as if trying not to watch what was on the television. Occasionally, when Stephanie moaned, the oriental girl would shyly look up and watch what the bound blonde was doing on the big screen.

Stephanie knew deep inside that the delivery person was her watching as the twin vibrator worked their magic on her libido. The very fact that she was exposed to a stranger's eyes sent a forbidden wave of lust through her, churning her passion into a full cascade of pleasure. An orgasm engulfed her and caused her to writhe uncontrollably in her bindings, nearly screaming through her gag.

Jeff came back with a handful of bills and handed them to the girl.

"You can keep the change," Jeff said, knowing he had given the girl a generous tip.

"Thank you," the girl nervously said, leaving fairly quickly.

"Your welcome," Jeff said as the girl made her way to her green Nissan idling at the curb.

Jeff smiled as he watched her. The girl was very attractive and briefly he had fantasies about kidnapping her as well, but common sense made him think better of that. Better to focus his attentions on the one that needed it most.

After getting his voice distorter, Jeff went over to his bound sister and gently combed her hair out of her face.

"Did you cum, slave?" the stranger's cold voice asked.

Exhausted, Stephanie nodded. After holding back the orgasm for so long, when she did let go, it was like shaking up a bottle of Champaign and then popping the cork. The pure, raw rapture filled her very soul like nothing had ever done before. It had been her most powerful orgasm ever and it left her weak and warm all over.

"That is a good slave. You have obeyed my wishes so you will get to dine with me tonight."

Michelle had delivered food to a good many strange places, but this was one of her weirdest calls. She knew that the girl on the television was probably lying on the couch. Michelle could tell that just by the woman's screams. No stereo system was that good. And there was the smell of sex in the air. No, she had been witness to some couples kinky fantasy.

And, oddly, it made Michelle a little horny.

She had had fantasies like that; unspoken fantasies of being bound and helpless and at another's mercy. However, she did not trust anyone with those fantasies. They were too dark and she was afraid of scaring away her boyfriend. . .

However, the image of that bound woman kept crawling back into her mind, making it hard to drive.

"God, that woman has to be the luckiest woman alive," Michelle said out loud.

Michelle also noticed that she was getting wet at the thought of being in that woman's place.

It was a long drive back to the restaurant for the delivery girl, her thoughts constantly on what she saw and what she imagined what it would be like being tied herself that way. She even reached down into her panties and between her legs to try to relieve some of the tension. However, she was hornier than ever when she pulled into the parking lot.

Michelle then decided to tell her boss that she was really feeling quite ill and needed to go home and rest. Besides, it was close to the end of her shift and Chuck was there to make any deliveries that may come up.

It was hard for Michelle to lie about being sick, but she managed it and soon found herself racing back to her apartment and ultimately to her bedroom.
It did not take the Asian girl too long to undress and hop into her bed armed with one of her vibrators.

As Michelle's toy hummed and she started to pinch at one of her nipples, she began to imagine what it would be like to be bound in that woman's place, unable to do anything but enjoy that man's caresses and touches; Being made to cum again and again and again and not being able to do anything about it.

The first hot waves of pleasure began to churn inside of Michelle as she caressed herself and soon, the waves crashed over her and she was in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Slowly, the joy ebbed away but did not really disappear. The image of the woman kept on surfacing and it gave rise to another orgasmic tide. Finally, after about an hour of constant stimulation, the batteries in her toy began to wan and she had exhausted herself.

'God, I wish I could be that woman', she thought to herself.

Then she thought to herself that she could. Michelle had a delightfully sinful thought. Maybe they could invite her into their games. Just the mere thought of it sent warm ripples of lust through her.

Naked, she got up and went over to her computer and began to type a letter. After she finished it, she put it in an envelope and scribbled on it 'I Saw What You Did Last Night.'

She hurriedly got dressed again and got the envelope. Michelle knew she had to do it now or she would chicken out. She would drive to the house and quietly slip the letter into their mail slot.

Then Michelle would wait for their reply.

Chapter 9

Stephanie was weak with the afterglow of her last orgasm. Her whole body felt wrung out with pleasure and she did not think she could endure any more. Yet, the vibrators were still buzzing insider her and she was helpless to stop them.

"Are you ready to eat, Slave?" the metallic voice asked.

Weakly, the blonde nodded yes. Steph hadn't realized how hungry she really was.

Stephanie felt a tug upon her collar, "Come, Slave."

The tied woman wriggled up into a sitting position with difficulty. Not only was she tired from the many orgasm that had torn through her in the last couple hours, but also she was also very tightly bound. Her arms were encased in a white-leather armbinder, which matched her collar, and three black leather belts encircled her legs and ankles. A black leather blindfold and several strips of tape over her mouth completed bindings. To her captor, Stephanie was turning into everything that he dreamed of and more.

With another tug on her lead, Jeff pulled his stepsister up off the couch and to a teetering stance. Stephanie, with her legs bound together and weak from her exertions, was finding it difficult to balance. The only support the blonde girl had was the tension the stranger kept on her leash.

"If you want your meal," the metallic voice droned, "you had better hop to it, Slave."

With that, Stephanie felt a yank on her chain.

Unsteadily, the bound girl took her first hop. It was one thing to jump when you are able to see but quiet another task to do it blindfolded. The only sense of direction she had was where the intruder was pulling her. After a few hops, she got a bit steadier. Soon, she felt the cool wood floor of the dinning room underneath her.

Gently, the stranger guided her before one of the dinning room chairs and eased her down until she was kneeling on the floor in front of it. Next, the man began unbuckling the straps holding her knees and thighs together, but not the one binding her ankles. The twin vibrators were still humming within her, whispering their magic to her very soul as he took the straps away. Last, he lashed her ankles to the end of her armbinder, putting her into a genuflect hogtie.

"If you loose your buzzing friends, slave, you will find out how much pain you can endure," the metallic voice threatened.

The captive blonde woman heard the stranger leave as she knelt there in her bindings. She could smell the spicy aromas of the Chinese dinner that had just been delivered and the pangs of hunger blossomed inside of her. For Stephanie, the whirl of smells and the erotic stirrings within her were an odd but potent blend and she found that she was rocking her hips again, embracing the pulsing vibrator within her.

Jeff noticed that his bound stepsister was thrusting her hips again as she knelt there bound. He watched her there silently as her moans through her gag began to get louder. Despite his warnings, his captive was trying to cum again.

Stephanie screamed into her gag as the intruder viciously pinched both of nipples, sending a wave of pain through her and nearly causing her to fall over.

"I did NOT give you permission to cum!" The electronically twisted voice spat at her.

The blonde girl sobbed as he released her nipples. She really hadn't realized that she was indeed trying to encourage another orgasm. However, the vibrators were continuing their lascivious conjuring within her and she could feel the first roiling of an orgasm building within her despite the fresh pain in her nipples and the stern warning of her captor.

"Do you want me to hurt you?" the voice asked.

Stephanie shook her head no.

"Then do not disobey me, slave. Do you understand?"

The bound blonde nodded.

"Next time, slave, it will be much more painful."

Stephanie nodded again, crying. Her mind was a typhoon of feelings and emotions and thoughts, but foremost was that she did not want to experience any more pain from this man.

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"Now, slave, I am going to remove your gag so that you can eat and drink. Any noise that comes out of your mouth will be punishable by extreme pain. I will gag you and throw you into the cellar and I will whip you until you fall unconscious on the cold, cement floor. I will not feed you again for 24 hours and you will wallow in your own piss and shit. Do you understand, slave?"

The bound girl nodded.

Jeff carefully removed the tape gag from his captive's mouth. It stung a bit as it pulled away from her lips, but it wasn't as bad as she had expected. Jeff then pulled out the soaked foam ball from her mouth, setting it on the table.

Stephanie worked her jaws a bit.

"Spread you legs, slave," the stranger commanded.

The blond girl did as she was told to the limits of her restraints. Stephanie could feel the stranger's eyes savoring her every curve and shadow and the thought sent little erotic pulses through her despite what she was being forced to do. The minutes seemed like lifetimes as she waited for the stranger to do something.

Stephanie felt his fingers gently brush through her pubis, touching off a wave of unbidden pleasure.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

Stephanie moaned and nodded her head.

"Do you want to eat?" the stranger's metallic voice asked.

Again, the bound blonde girl nodded.

"You cannot have both, slave," the voice continued, "Whether you eat or come is your choice. If you want to eat, open your mouth wide. If you want to come, thrust your pussy into my hand."

The strangers light tickling through her nest and the ministrations of the vibrators made the choice harder then it should have been. Stephanie felt her passions rising to surface, giving hints of ecstasy to come. In the end, however, she opened up her mouth.

"Good slave," Jeff patted her on her head as he sat in the chair in front of her.

The dinner was a feast of orange chicken, shrimp in garlic sauce and sweet and sour pork. The intruder fed Stephanie expertly with his chopsticks, feeding her a piece at a time and allowing her to sip her herbal tea. Several times a bit of the warm sauce would dribble onto Stephanie's chest and she felt the man bend down over her and slowly lick it off. More than once the captive woman thought about how romantic this would be if it weren't for the fact that she was being forced against her will into being this man's sex slave.

Throughout the dinner, the twin vibrators continued to work their magic with the blonde and a slow rising pool of ardor swirled through her. Another orgasm was not far off and the intruder seemed to sense this. Caressing a nipple here and tracing her labia there, his sprinkled his touches in while he fed her, stoking her fires.

"Are you ready for dessert, slave," the intruder's masked voice asked.

Slowly, Steph nodded yes.

The captive heard her captor get up and step around in back of her, stroking back her long, golden hair.

"Open wide, slave," he commanded.

Stephanie did as she was told and felt a leather and steel ring being shoved behind her teeth. Two leather straps cut into the girl's cheeks as the man buckled the gag tightly behind her head. The device was uncomfortable and Steph moaned her displeasure as it forced her mouth open.

"I thought you would like something warm and creamy," Jeff said, stepping before the kneeling girl and unzipping his jeans.

Steph had never given a blowjob before because the thought of putting a guy's cock in her mouth disgusted her. She baulked as the stranger grabbed both sides of her head and thrust his dick through the center of the ring. The member was larger than she had thought, filling her mouth and ramming down part of her throat. The blonde captive gagged. His flesh had a salty taste to it she noticed as it withdrew a bit. Steph squirmed in her bonds as the stranger slowly pumped.

"Suck my cock, slave," Jeff ordered her, "make me cum."

Again, Steph moaned her displeasure but there was little she could do. She knew how much pain this man could inflict and had. So, like trying to eat Brussel sprouts as a kid, she thought of more pleasing things as she sealed her lips around the man's cock. The captive tried concentrated on the erotic feelings welling up inside her, slowly threatening to engulf her.

"Use your tongue, slave," the voice spoke.

As Jeff withdrew, she began to lick his shaft before he shoved it back in. Stephanie tried to imagine his dick as a warm Popsicle and adjusted her virgin technique accordingly, slurping and sucking; hearing the low groans of her captor.

Jeff began to speed up, feeling his cum broiling up within him. He looked down at his step-sister's face as he fucked her, her blonde hair now in disarray over her blindfolded eyes. Faster and faster he rocked her head until he could hold it back no longer and shot hot jism into Stephanie's mouth.

The man's cum was salty and a little waxy tasting and Stephanie tried not to think about what it was as she continued her servicing of the man and swallowing his seed.

"That's it, slave, lick me clean."

The man's cock was no long as rigid as it had been as Steph did as she was ordered to. It did not take it long to shrink away to where she could do much else. She felt him step back and pat her on the head.

"Good slave," he said, "Now do not cum until I command. I will be back to take care of your needs."

The bliss that had been building with Stephanie had not diminished. Tied as she was, there was very little she could do save for enjoying the hum of the phalluses in both her pussy and rectum. There was nothing to grind against or force the vibrator in deeper. She knew the table leg was close but she also knew the pinch of the man's clothespins.

After using the restroom, Jeff returned to his stepsister, swaying and moaning as she knelt on the dining room floor.

"Would you like to cum, slave?" Jeff asked.

"AHHHHH-HAAHHHH," Stephanie practically yelled into her gag.

Jeff smiled.

"Show me how much you want to cum, slave."

The blonde began writhing in her bonds, thrusting herself towards the voice. The orgasm that was building within her was just a few touches away but she knew she couldn't achieve it herself. She needed and lusted for the release it would give her.

The stranger's warm fingers began to gently pinch her stiffened nipples, sending bolts of pure pleasure through her. His fingers then traced down the flat of her stomach and through her soft nest. She felt him grasp the end of the vibrator.

"Do not cum yet."

Stephanie moaned her frustration. The waves of pleasure were crashing at her gates and she didn't know how much longer she could hold back.

The stranger shoved the buzzing dildo all the way inside her.

"Cum, slave."

Crashing waves of bliss consumed her as she squirmed and threw herself against her bindings so violently the stranger had to grab a hold of her or she would have fell to the kitchen floor. Wave after erotic wave swallowed her as she bucked until it ebbed away, leaving the girl completely drained and limp.

"I think it is time to get you to bed, slave," the voice said, kneeling down to unfasten her hogtie.

Chapter 10

It was a struggle just to stand after the stranger had untied Stephanie's armbinder from the strap holding her ankles together. The blonde felt as limp as an old rag doll, her strength zapped by the two orgasm she had just had in the past hour. She wobbled and swayed as she stood, feeling the leather straps being buckled again around her knees and thighs.

Jeff's stepsister made a most beautiful slave, even more so in the afterglow of her last cum. A long tangle of blonde hair spilled down over her blindfolded eyes and her ring-gagged mouth seemed to quiver in an erotic kiss. The white of her leather collar and armbinder seemed to gleam against her tanned skin. Her pale nipples were still stiff from pleasure. If there were one thing that did not fit the perfect picture, it would be the fact that she was not a true blonde. The soft curls of her nest were a light brown in color. However, that could be rectified.

Steph felt her captor clip on the leather lead and give it a gentle tug. She hopped in that direction, concentrating on the task at hand rather than the two vibrators still buzzing away within her.

"Did you enjoy that, slave?" the metallically twisted voice of her stepbrother asked.

Stephanie flushed red with embarrassment as she nodded yes. I just murdered her to admit that the pleasures she had just had were the most intense of her young life. Everything she had been told said that rape was a horrible, painful thing that tore at one's soul. However, Steph enjoyed what had just happened and that thought raced through her mind like a blender.

Jeff continued to pull on her leash, moving slowly to the stairs. He noticed a pile of envelopes below the mail slot and made a mental note to look through them in the morning and pay any bills. His parents had left him with several signed checks to do this with as well as several thousand dollars to put into his checking for emergencies. However, he had more important things to look after.

At the foot of the stairs, Jeff stopped and threw his blonde captive over his shoulder. Stephanie squealed in surprise and struggled a bit.

"Stop squirming, slave, or I will drop you."

Stephanie stopped struggling. It was more to try to get comfortable than it was to escape knowing the later was impossible. His shoulder seemed to cut into her stomach as he climbed the stairs and Steph worried that he might loose his footing and they would both come crashing down the stairs. However, that did not happen and at the top of the flight, he swung her off his shoulder and helped her balance herself again in her restraints.

Without a word, Jeff led his captive down the hallway to his parent's bedroom, pausing to enjoy the way his stepsister looked. Her large, pale-nippled breasts jiggled with every little hop she took. He could feel himself harden again looking at her blindfolded form, but reminded himself that he had plenty of time to enjoy her. There were other things to take care of.

Tugging on her leash, Jeff guided her into the bathroom and eased her onto the toilet. Stephanie felt the straps around her ankles and legs being undone. Apparently, it was another bathroom break. It was easier for her to go this second time and the stranger was just as careful cleaning her up with a warm washcloth.

"You need to shower, slave," the intruder said in his electronically distorted voice, "And I have to change your bindings."

The captive blonde listened, nodding slightly.

"If you try to escape, slave, I will kill you quickly but I will also slowly torture your brother to death. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded.

"As long as you please me, slave, everything will be okay. No permanent harm will come to you or him. Understand, slave?"

Again, the captive girl nodded. She understood completely what the stranger had just said. As it was, Steph didn't think she had the energy to try to fight or escape. She could try to summon some up, she supposed, but she knew deep down inside that she would fail and that would lead to something much worse for both her and her stepbrother.

One of the things Jeff had gathered for the capture of his stepsister was a package of plastic zip-ties. He realized that these would be perfect for use in showering his slave since he did not want to ruin the leather armbinder or collar. The only thing that might be ruined was her black leather blindfold and Jeff couldn't risk taking it off at this stage of Stephanie's transformation. Perhaps he should look through his parent's collection of bondage gear to see if they had something he could use.

Stephanie let the stranger maneuver her into the shower. Her parents had just re-done their bathroom and the shower was one of those glass-enclosed full body showers. Steph loved it and occasionally snuck a shower in there while her parents were away. She also noticed that there were various hooks and eyebolts set around and she imagined that they were for hanging up and drying clothes or her mother's various loofah sponges. I did not occur to her that they might have a far more kinkier purpose.

Jeff, however, saw how useful they could be and planned on using the bolts to their utmost advantage. He hooked Stephanie's leash to one of the bolts before going to his parent's bondage armoire to see if her could find something a bit more waterproof to blindfold his stepsister with.

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The array of bondage gear was astounding. Jeff had not really looked through it carefully. Everything was neatly organized by function. There were gags and restraint straps and collars of all sorts. There was one drawer of various vibrators and dildos and other stimulators. In a drawer on the bottom, one that Jeff really hadn't looked through, he found what he was searching for.

The long drawer was filled with a variety of latex and rubber restraints and clothing. Amongst these was a variety of hoods and one in particular caught his eye. It was a white latex hood that covered all but the wearer's mouth and buckled into place around the neck. There were air holes for breathing through the nose and a hole in back to pull a ponytail through. It was perfect. Taking it, he went back to his captive.

"Slave," the voice said, "I am going to take your gag out and then remove your blindfold. Keep your eyes shut or the last thing you will see is my knife slitting your throat. Do you understand, slave?

Stephanie understood all too well and she nodded her head.

"Good. Stand still slave."

The blonde girl was glad to be rid of her current gag. The steel ring that forced her jaws open was very uncomfortable and caused her to drool uncontrollably. The blindfold was next Stephanie was sorely tempted to open her eyes as the stranger peeled it off of her, but she did not. She had already felt what pain he could inflict and she was convinced that he might indeed kill her if she did not obey his wishes.

Stephanie felt her hair being gently gathered together in a ponytail then threaded through something. She then felt something being pulled down over her head, not unlike a latex swimming cap. However, unlike a swimming cap, the stranger continued to roll the rubber down over her eyes and nose, eventually encapsulating her entire head. The latex mask ended just underneath her chin with a small opening for her mouth and a couple of small holes for breathing through her nose. Stephanie then felt something pull underneath her chin and tighten. The hood was now laced into place.

"Open wide, slave," the metallic voice ordered.

The girl felt a rubber ball being forced between her teeth, not unlike the first gag she wore, though not quite as big. Jeff tightened the straps of the red ballgag and stepped back to admire his work. His stepsister was indeed a picture perfect slave. Speaking of which. . .

The hood seemed to mute most of her senses. It sealed Stephanie's eyes closed as well as ears. The latex smell filled her nose and the rubber-tasting gag only heightened the feeling that her whole head was encased. She hadn't even realized that Jeff had left to get the camera and was setting it up.

Jeff realized that the next part was the most dangerous and could unravel everything her had done. However, the white leather armbinder had to come off. Jeff gathered up the zip-ties and stepped in back of his captive stepsister.

Stephanie felt the stranger unbuckling the various straps holding her arms in the single glove then slowly he began to slide it off. He stopped half way and encircled her arms with a thin strap just above her elbows. As the stranger tightened it, the strap bit into her skin a bit, causing her to gasp in pain. This did not stop the stranger as he put another strap below her elbows and tightened it as well.

The captive continued to feel the armbinder being peeled off until it slid off her hands. Quickly, the stranger gathered her wrists together and pulled another thin strap around them, binding them together as well. Jeff was satisfied that there was no way for his stepsister to escape as she tried to move weakly against her new bindings. Hastily, Jeff undressed and stepped in beside Steph.

A warm spray soon engulfed the blonde as she felt the stranger gently turned her around, making sure that nearly all of her was soaked. Again, she noted that his touches and grasps were that of a lover, not of a thug, and she felt a flutter of butterflies through her as his touch. It was quite unlike anything she had ever felt before. Soon she also felt the soft scour of a soapy loofah sponge scrubbing her legs and slowly working upward.

The stranger paid attention to every bit of her, washing her and rinsing her. The warmth of her last orgasms had not gone away and she felt herself getting excited again at his touch, especially when he paid close attention to the soft patch of curls above her sex.

"Spread your legs, slave."

Stephanie did so without a single thought. It was almost natural to obey him now.


The captive's stance widened and she felt the stranger begin to soap her mons. Then she felt the slow graze of a razor being pulled through her nest. Stephanie felt both appalled and wanton as he continued to shave her pussy bald. Up to this point, she didn't think she could feel any more naked than being tied and helpless under the eyes of this stranger. However, this man was bearing her even more and it caused her to blush.

"Quit squirming, slave, or I will cut you."

Stephanie struggled to be still. The depilation did not take long and with a soft washcloth, the stranger wiped her mons clean.

"You look beautiful, slave," the stranger said in his distorted electric voice.

The captive felt herself blush again. Men had called her many things, such as 'sexy' and 'hot', but this was the first time she had been told that she looked beautiful.

Jeff turned the shower off and began to pat dry his hooded prisoner. As he rubbed the towel over her, she seemed to stand prouder. He shook his head. He must be imagining things. He buckled her white leather collar around her neck and clipped the leash to it again. He then led her out of the bathroom into his parent's bedroom, sitting her down on their parent's bed.

Jeff was fully conscious that her bindings for sleeping had to be comfortable to his stepsister. There were white fleece-lined cuffs in their wardrobe and he had selected these for Steph for the night. The ankle cuffs went on first, locking them in place with a small lock. Raising the blonde from the bed, he did the same for her wrists after snipping the zip-tie that held her wrists together. Jeff then undid the other bindings above and below her elbows, causing a sigh of relief from his captive.

"It's time to sleep, slave," Jeff said as he hooked her lead onto the headboard of the bed, "I will be with you shortly after I tend to a few things."

Even though she was exhausted, sleep was the last thing on Stephanie's mind. The shower had left her with goose bumps and a need within her that she could not assuage being bound as she was. Perhaps when the stranger returned. . .

Chapter 11

After setting the video camera up in his parent's bedroom, Jeff left to clean up the kitchen and the rest of the house a bit. He hadn't realized just how tired he was, even though the thoughts of his bound stepsister still kept him hard and aching. The rest of him felt as if he had just been through the Super bowl.

Jeff was glad that there wasn't much in the kitchen to clean up. As he put the leftover Chinese dinners into the refrigerator, his mind wandered a bit to the poor delivery girl and what she made of watching Stephanie struggles on the television. He was sure that the girl had a lot to talk about to her co-workers when she got back. At least Jeff had tipped her well.

Turning the light off in the kitchen, his attention was focused in picking up a few things in the living room. Though he was not a neat freak, he still liked to leave things nice. Who knows who might pop by, like Stephanie's Hispanic friend Kim? He imagined that she would be a handful and better not entertain such thoughts until he had his stepsister well trained. Still. . .

Glancing over at the entryway, Jeff once again noticed the pile of mail to sort through. Even though he was feeling bushed, at least he could do is sort them out so he could take care of them in the morning. Grabbing the pile, he sat down at his dad's antique rolltop desk and began his chore.

The third envelope Jeff came to was a violet one with 'I Saw What You Did Last Night' written in a florid script of purple ink. There was no postage stamp nor any indication whom might of sent it.

At first, Jeff thought it might be some vengeance letter to his dad. But, everybody liked his dad at the office and if the was a disgruntled homeowner, he was sure dad would have brought it up in conversation.

No. Jeff was sure that the letter was addressed to him and the thought sent a cold chill up his back. Were they going to blackmail him? Or worse, turn him over to the cops. Jeff steeled himself and opened the envelope, reading to folded note inside:

Dear Jeffery,

I saw what you were doing to your wife and I found it to be a heavy turn-on. When I got home, I kept seeing her and the way she was tied and the way she was REALLY getting off on it. I couldn't stop thinking of her and what it felt like. So, before I chicken out, I was wondering if you could tie me up like that, if your wife doesn't mind.

You can call me at ###-###-#### or email me at HUHTEUI@hluut.com.

I REALLY want to hear from you.

Michelle, your delivery girl

Jeff was so taken aback that he read and re-read the letter again several times. The ache in his cock got even stronger in the whirlpool of fantasies and scenarios that he thought would only be a dream. Quickly, he opened his dad's laptop and got online.

Certainly he wouldn't have to convince this Michelle about being bound and helpless in his company. What worried him is how to present his sister/slave as his wife. Once he had the Asian girl bound, Jeff figured he could pretty much force her to do things as he wanted. But it was getting her to trust him was an issue.

Perhaps having a willing slave would be more practical in breaking his stepsister down than another captive. Certainly he wouldn't want to have two unwilling captives to watch over, at least for now. No, it would be better if Michelle was a willing participant.

Of course, Jeff told himself, all this was moot until he met with the girl and found out what she wanted to do.

Hastily, Jeff wrote a quick email, telling Michelle he would call her in the morning to arrange a place for them to meet and talk, assuring her that his 'wife' was all for having another join them in their game.

After shutting down the computer and the lights downstairs, Jeff raced up the stairs to look in on his captive stepsister.

Stephanie was still there, her head enclosed in a white latex hood, her blonde hair made up into a long ponytail. Her wrists were locked behind her in a pair of leather cuffs. Steph's ankles were cuffed as well. The stark white of the cuffs contrasted wonderfully from her warm California tan. As she lay on her side, Jeff noticed a slight rocking of her hips, as if she was dreaming of some sexual encounter.

The captive girl was far from dreaming. The stranger attentions to her in the shower and, in particular, the shaving of her puss, left Stephanie wanting more than just to be put to bed. She tried to strain her fingers down to stroke herself, but she was afraid of choking herself with her tethered collar. The pleasure of an orgasm seemed the only escape from the horrors that were happening to her.

Stephanie felt the stranger climb into bed beside her and scoot closer to her. His skin was warm against hers as he nestled beside her, his hard cock hot against her stomach. His fingers began to trace over her flesh, feeling each and every curve and shadow of her form. Stephanie moaned at his touch as his hands found her breasts and began to softly knead her nipples.

Gradually the captive blonde began to move herself against her captor, her body pressing against his. It was if her libido was shoved into automatic and she was nothing but an animal to her desires even though she knew that the stranger was raping her; taking her without her having a say.

Like steam in a well-oiled machine, Stephanie's orgasm began to build. The stranger eased her legs open with his own and slipped between them; her cuffed ankles forcing her legs to embrace the intruder. The wrist cuffs bit into her back as he laid down upon her. He pinched he nipples lightly to near pain, stoking the fires within her even more. She could feel his hardness against her cleanly shaven mons and she squirmed to try to get him inside her.

With a gentle push, he eased himself inside her. It wasn't like the rush of the first time the stranger took her. This was slow and almost loving. Soon, she matched his rhythm. The slowly building pressure of her orgasm soon started to fill her very soul as she thrashed in her bonds wanting release.

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He felt her need too and began to thrust faster into her. Her moans through her gag became near screams as he felt her quiver. Pure bliss raced through Stephanie as she felt him cum within her. Wave after steaming-hot wave coursed through her as he slowed his pace and collapsed on top of her and rolled off to her side.

Sometime in the deep radiance of the moment, Stephanie drifted off to sleep, exhausted from what had transpired. Her stepbrother was soon behind, embracing her helpless form as dreams of another captive filled his mind.

Jeffery was a morning person and as the day's first sunshine began to creep through the window, he stretched and took time to watch his captive sleeping beauty. The sunshine made her reclined form look like a brightly polished bronze statue. All this wasn't a dream after all as he lay there and watched her breathe. He didn't want to disturb her. Not quite yet. He had other things to attend to before waking her up for her morning shower and breakfast.

Save for having his stepsister a prisoner upstairs, Jeffery morning routine didn't change. A quick cold shower first followed up by brisk shave and grooming before dressing for his morning jog. There was no way that she could get away bound as she was and he felt confident that she wouldn't wake for another few hours.

As he jogged around the neighborhood, his thoughts drifted back to the delivery girl Michelle. What he remembered of her, he found attractive. She had to be only a little over five foot in height and a hundred pounds dripping wet. She had a beautiful Asian face with smiling dark eyes and a chaste smile. Her breasts weren't huge, but nicely proportioned for her small frame and he remembered that she had a long, black ponytail pulled back underneath her baseball cap. And, most importantly, he could picture her tied-up.

He wondered if she had replied to his e-mail yet.

Normally, after getting home, it was straight to another cold shower and dress for the day, but Jeffery was really eager to see her reply. It seemed like an eternity for the computer to get to his mail, but it finally chimed 'You've Got Mail'.

Jeff's heart seemed to stop as he saw that Michelle had written him back.


It is so awesome that you answered me. I can't tell how much I have fantasized about what you and your wife do. And YES, I do want to meet with you. Mornings are better for me since I work nights. Give me a call, I will be waiting to hear from you.


Jeff carefully reread the e-mail again before picking up the phone and dialing the number the Asian girl gave him.

Sleep hadn't come easy for Michelle. After driving home from the couple's house, she went upstairs to her apartment to a quick shower and then curled up in bed. Michelle had always slept in just panties and tonight was no exception. However, she felt particularly sexy and her whole body seemed to hum with an sexual electricity. Thoughts of rope and leather and chrome chain lashed through her mind until she couldn't take it any more.

Hoping onto the computer, the Chinese-American girl she typed in a few of her favorite erotic story websites and began to find something to do with a tied up girl or girls and being raped again and again. She had a few favorite authors that she enjoyed reading and re-reading so she searched until she found something new by one of them.

Michelle could tell that the author was a woman that had enjoyed being bound and teased in real life. Michelle knew that there was no way she could fake that. As the tale spun out about an unlucky (or lucky) camper and an escaped convict, the heat in Michelle's womb began to grow. The batteries in her vibrator were very low but she stripped her panties off and began to massage herself with it anyway. It was one of those gel ones that was supposed to feel like a real penis and in some ways it did, but without much of a hum, it seemed dead and lifeless.

Nearly screaming in frustration, she quickly went into her kitchen and stripped a flashlight of its batteries. Just as quickly, she threw out the vibe's old batteries and replaced them with the flashlights.

Throwing herself into bed, Michelle soon lost herself in her fantasies of being tied to her bed and being used and abused by a masked stranger. The erotic fires it stoked in her were getting hotter but still there was something missing. She put her hands behind her back and pretended they were tied, but it just wasn't the same.

Michelle was a well-read girl and she consumed everything on bondage that she could, including self-bondage. Up until this point, she was afraid to try it but she knew that if she could tie herself up, a mind-blowing orgasm was just around the corner.

The list of things she could tie herself up with was a short list: a robe belt, some leather dress belts and pantyhose & stockings. She opted for the later, pulling several from the drawer and throwing them onto the bed. Next was a clean pair of panties and a pair of scissors to cut herself free after all was said and done.

Opening her legs wide, Michelle eased the vibrator inside her. As small as she was, it filled her completely. Luckily it was the kind with the controls on a cord so she could turn it on or up with her hands bound behind her back. The Asian girl then took a black stocking and tied it around her ankles, cinching them tight enough to hold her but not enough to cut off circulation. She repeated the process just above her knees, binding her legs shut.

Even though she had read many times about having a girl gagged with her own panties, Michelle wasn't about to do it with the ones she was just wearing. However, the clean black pair she had just laid out for herself would work wonderfully. Carefully folding it, she stuck the wad into her small mouth and wrapped another stocking over the mouth, knotting it into place. Michelle tried a few muffled grunts and squeals and found the gag effective if not a little uncomfortable.

Picking up another one of her black nylons, she tied a slip-knot out of it and tied it ends to the one binding her ankles together. She tested it to see if she could easily slip her wrists into it before going on. Satisfied that she could, she took one other black nylon stocking and cut it in half. Feeding both arms into the opening, she managed to slowly work the nylon up until it bound her elbows together behind her back.

Carefully, Michelle placed the scissors on her nightstand and looped the slip-knot around her wrists. Pulling it tight Michelle found she had placed herself into a wonderful hogtie and not a minute too soon. The erotic embers burning inside of her were quickly racing through her as her fingers found the vibrators controls and turned it on high.

It was like dosing a campfire with gasoline. White-hot pleasure ripped through Michelle, causing her to buck uncontrollably in her bonds. Wave after fiery wave of pleasure rushed through the Asian girl, exhausting her as she struggled and writhed on her bed. Finally, as the batteries ebbed yet again in her vibe, she slowly drifted off to sleep still a self-made captive.

She didn't know how long she slept but she awoke with the sun just starting to shine through her bedroom window and a dire need to pee. She was momentarily confused by her bondage, but soon realized she had nodded off still bound. Thankfully, she still had feeling in her fingers as she squirmed to her nightstand and towards the scissors that would free her. Twice she thought she had almost lost them but with a little effort and a little good luck, she snipped her wrist bindings away soon followed by the others. Dashing off the bed, she would undo her gag after she relieved herself.

As she thought about last night and the note she left for that one couple, she could not wait to check her e-mail.

Chapter 12

There was a whirlwind of thoughts racing through Michelle's head as she climbed into the shower and let the hot water drench her in its warm embrace. 'Is 10 o'clock at the Bennigan's on 7th Street okay?' the man had asked over the phone and she had responded in an enthusiastic 'yes'. The whole of her being felt as taut as a bowstring with all of the wanton feelings that coursed through her. Everything else he had said was nonsensical hum.

The Asian girl soaped herself thoroughly with her loofah sponge, enjoying its coarseness against her skin. Every bit of her seemed awake and alive. She was starting on a new and forbidden adventure and she wanted to look as sexy as she felt.

After drying herself off, she pranced naked to her closet and began to pick through her dresses. Michelle was a girly-girl at heart and most of her wardrobe was made up of slinky dresses, revealing tops and very short skirts. She settled on a little wine colored dress with a plunging neckline and a pair of thigh-high black stockings. A pair of black high-heels finished her look as well as a small leather handbag. As she turned and locked the door to her apartment, a warm, lustful glow filled her knowing that she wasn't wearing any panties and one of the few contents of her bag was her favorite vibrator. In a few minutes, she would be seated across from the man that would tie-up all her fantasies with lots and lots of black nylon rope.

Jeffery's morning was a bit more hectic than Michelle's. His Stepsister's training was to start today, beginning with a training tape he had made for her to listen to. He wanted to be there when she listened to it, but he decided watching the video would be just as good. Stephanie's breakfast would have to wait until he got back from his meeting with Michelle.

Stephanie looked so beautiful, sleeping there bound with a white latex hood encasing most of her head. Both her ankles and wrists were bound together with leather cuffs and she had a white leather collar locked around her slender neck. For a moment, Jeff hated to wake her, but he needed to get her ready before he went off to the restaurant to meet with Michelle.

Stephanie awoke as she felt the stranger climbing into bed with her and unfastening the leash from her collar. She had prayed that she would awaken from her night's sleep and all of this would have been an arousing nightmare, but now she knew it was as cold and harsh of a reality as the metal locks on her handcuffs.

Tenderly, he sat her up and scooted her to the edge of the bed. Steph squirmed a bit as if to resist, but soon she gave into his prodding. She felt him lift her up over his shoulder and carry her for a short distance to the foot of her parent's wrought-iron canopy bed. Her captor leaned her gently against the foot rail and let her stand on her own, teetering. The blonde then felt the leash being locked back onto her collar and tied to the canopy railing above.

There was some rustling around the bedroom as Stephanie stood there listened, wondering what the stranger had in store for her. The waiting and wondering about what was about to happen put Stephanie more on edge than the actual experience. Her imagination was a much more horrendous tormentor then the one in reality. Her thought were cut off when she felt her ankle cuffs unlocked from each other. I brief notion about kicking the stranger hard passed briefly through her mind, but she realized that would help her situation little as she then felt something being fastened to one of the ankle cuffs.

Without a word, Jeff eased his stepsister's legs open. Again, she resisted at first but soon spread her legs wide enough for him to attach the other cuff. He loved the smell of her as he knelt down to lock the cuffs in place. Her cleanly shaven puss was so inviting and he was tempted to take her right then and there, but he knew he really didn't have time to do it right now. He would have plenty of that after his meeting, however.

After the spreader bar was in place, he adjusted it to make sure that Stephanie spread her legs as far as she could without loosing her balance. He tied a small length of rope around her waist, he paused and kissed cheek briefly through the hood, before kneeling down and attaching another spreader bar to her ankle and running it up the side of her left leg. Tightly, he tied the other end of the bar to the rope encircling her waist. He repeated the process on her other leg before adding several straps around each limb until she had become an 'A' frame and unable to bend her legs in the slightest.

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Jeff stepped back and admired his handiwork. Already she was fighting to balance and her little struggles made Jeff's cock ache just that much more.

The blonde felt the stranger's fingertips slowly caressing her sex, sending little shivers of pleasure through her. God, he is doing it to me again, she thought to herself. Despite being bound and helpless, she was being sexually abused and she was enjoying it. Stephanie wanted to thrust herself out a little more, but she was very unsure of her balance and didn't want to hang herself on her parent's canopy bed. As soon as his caresses began, they stopped and caused her to whine into her gag in frustration.

Jeff laughed a bit, seeing her need. But there was more work to be done and not a lot of time to do it in. Kneeling down, he tied each of her ankles to a foot of the bed. He watched her tremble as she tried to keep balanced.

Stephanie screamed as her stepbrother pinched each one of her now erect nipples. The pain soon ebbed away as he began to massage them tenderly. Slowly, his touch got rougher, kneading her breasts and gently pinching her nipples to near pain. The blonde soon felt the stirrings of another orgasm lurking within her and Jeff could hear her little moans through the gag.

Her captor then draped a length of rope over the back of Stephanie's neck and over both of her shoulders. He then eased both ends under her arms and tied it tight, making a harness of sorts. Jeff then took both long ends of the rope and tied them to the canopy, leaving quite a bit of slack.

The captive girl felt the man's fingertips tracing her now swollen lips again and began to slide his finger up and down her sex slowly, easing himself into her but careful not to touch her clit. Her body began to thrust with the rhythm as the whorls of pleasure began to dance heatedly through her.

Jeff loved to see her body react to his touch, wanting so much more than what it could get. He slowly withdrew his finger and she thrust herself out to follow. . .

Stephanie screamed into her gag as she lost her balance and fell forward, and screamed again at the sharp pain when the rope harness jerked taught, arresting her fall.

It was perfect, Jeff smiled, better than he had dreamed.

His stepsister's head was nearly level with his waist and, if he stepped in back of her, so was her nicely rounded ass. He gave her a couple of playful swats on the rear before finishing up what he needed to do.

The idea for this came to him when he sat in the living room and looked at his father's old upright piano. It had been in the family for several generations and several generations were put through the torture of trying to learn to play it. Jeff remembered many a grueling piano lesson with the incessant ticking of the antique metronome. It was like a Chinese water torture to the ear: tick. . .tick. . .tick. Now, he was going to torture his sister with it, but in a much more cruel fashion.

Jeff placed the metronome on the carpet between his captive's legs and made sure the tip of the feather attached to its arm barely touched her passion-slicked lips.

Stephanie wriggled as she felt something tickle at her. It was slight and oh-so very arousing, taking her mind briefly off of her aching shoulders. She let out another small moan as he stepped in front of her and gently pinched each of her nipples. Inside, the heated winds swirled within her, fanning her desire. . her need.

The cold pinch of steel onto her left nipple, then right, shot rushes of near pain down into her very heart. Her scream was more from the pleasure than from the bite. It was clear by their weight on her sore nipples that a chain was attached to each clamp and that with every little movement she made, there would be a slight tug that would send little puffs of bliss through her.

Jeff then clamped a pair of headphones over where Stephanie's ears would be. He would have to crank the CD player on high volume so she could hear it underneath the white latex hood.

Everything was set. The video camera would be recording everything while he was gone. Jeff wound the old metronome and placed it back where it was; the feather barely bushing between the blonde's lips with every tick. Jeff then turned on the CD player and left the room, wondering just how horny his captive would be once he returned.

This early in the morning, Bennigan's was quiet and very few customers were sprinkled throughout the booths and tables. Michelle looked around and didn't see the man she had delivered dinner to the night before. She obviously had got here before he had.

The Chinese girl felt as if she was a fiery dragonfly; so delicate, beautiful and searing. She barely acknowledged the hostess and set the menu off to one side, unread. Beneath the table, she opened her purse and felt the cool sleekness of her vibrator and she toyed with the idea of easing it into herself now. No, she decided. Perhaps when he arrived; while they talked, she would indulge this part of her fantasy, but not now.

The man arrived not much later, wearing a faded black t-shirt and a pair of tight-fitting black jeans. He filled his clothes as well as Michelle had remembered. A mop of dark hair crowned a square face filled with as much charm as his blue eyes and lop-sided smile could bring. He immediately recognized her and scooted into the seat across from her.

"You look stunning, Michelle," he said.

"Thank you," she smiled.

As Jeff looked at her, he realized what he had said was the simple truth. She was stunning. Even though she was slight in height, her curves fit her form perfectly. Michelle was not the delivery girl he had remembered.

"I really mean that. You are breathtaking. . .ah"

"Michelle, and you?"

"My name is Jeff."

"It's nice to meet you again Jeff," she grinned, "So. . .ah. . .how do we begin?"

"I think we should get to know each other a little bit and explain about what was happening last night," Jeff said.

"I have a pretty good idea of what was happening last night, Jeff."

Jeff blushed a bit. Even with his good looks and being in college, he still felt awkward talking to anyone of the opposite sex. In fact, he knew of several instances that some thought he was gay because he went on few dates. Michelle's directness was making him a bit uneasy.

"Ah, that," he said, "Well, me and my girlfriend have always dreamed of acting out a fantasy and this week, an opportunity arose to act out that fantasy."

"And what fantasy would that be?" Michelle smiled, "doing in front of a Chinese Delivery girl?"

Jeff paused, "A home intrusion."

Michelle had a puzzled look on her face.

"Stephanie and I wanted to act out a burglary gone bad. She is my victim. I am house-sitting for my parents while they are on vacation so that allows us to live out this rape fantasy."

"You mean she is always tied-up. Twenty-four Seven?" Michelle asked in disbelief.

Jeff smiled, "Yes."

"And she is tied-up right now?"

Jeff nodded his head.

"Yes," he whispered, "Right now she tightly tied to the foot of the bed, her legs tied wide open while a feather tickles her pussy."

"Oh my god," Michelle breathed.

A million visions whirled through Michelle's mind, all involved her, Jeff and several feet of rope. She had forgot about the vibrator in her purse. All she wanted was to be bound and fucked. Right now.

"I have discussed this before with my girlfriend; about having a third person join us. We had always thought it would be another guy helping with her 'abuse'. But I know she would be fine with you being there as well."

The lies spilled from his lips like a well-played instrument. He wanted to bind her so bad he ached, but he also could see that having a willing partner in this could have many advantages as well. . . at least, in the short term.

"However. I need to know a few things about you and I am sure you have a few questions to ask about me," Jeff continued.

The conversation continued in a hushed fashion over fries and a couple of cokes. Intimate questions were asked and answered until both were satisfied about the others wants and desires.

It was decided that while Michelle was at work, Jeff would drop off a box at her apartment's office. In it she would find some items and instructions on how to present herself tonight. Tomorrow was Sunday and Michelle would have both Sunday and Monday off, not having to show up for work until Tuesday evening for deliveries. Michelle didn't know how she was going to make it through her shift tonight but she knew she had to. Hopefully it would be busy and time would fly by fast.

Stephanie wanted to die. At least then the torture would stop. The CD had ended a few minutes ago and now all she had to concentrate on was the feather lightly tickling her pussy.

There was no way for her to wiggle or squirm her way closer to the slowly ticking feather, waving back and forth, brushing through her slit only briefly, before leaving again. Time after time, sending little breaths of pleasure through her but never enough to cascade her over the edge.

The captive girl tried to remember all of the instructions given to her on the recording. Even though they were repeated again and again by the same metallic voice, she still had a hard time remembering. What wasn't hard to remember was the punishment for getting it wrong: 10 cuts of the riding crop across any part of her body he desired. The thought of that made her cringe.

All the instructions were about touches of the riding crop and what she was to do when she felt them. For instance, if she felt a tap of the riding crop on her thigh, she was to spread her legs as wide as possible. A tap on her ass, she would present it to him, showing off her sex. The list contained some twenty commands and she believed she had remembered them all, but the blonde wasn't sure.

Stephanie didn't know how much time had gone by, but a slight tap to the top of her head let her know that the stranger was there now and that she was to lift her head to him.

The feather was still teasing her, but now she had something else to focus on. As she lifted her head, she could feel her ballgag being unbuckled and then he took it from her lips. The relief was brief, however. She felt the steel ring of the other gag being forced behind her teeth, forcing her mouth open again and soon it was fastened tightly behind her neck.

Jeff undressed quickly. His cock had been aching with lust ever since this morning. Grabbing his stepsister's head, he eased himself into her mouth and began to thrust. She matched his movements as much as she could, knowing what punishments might await her if she didn't.

Though Stephanie hadn't been with him long, she could feel the signs when he was going to cum. She worked her lips over his shaft and did what she could. Suddenly, just when she thought he was about to cum, he pulled himself out and quickly put a small pill on her tongue, before thrusting himself back in. It only took a few more strokes before she felt her mouth filled with the saltiness of his semen. She did not want to swallow the unknown pill but instead of withdrawing, he kept himself inside he mouth: forcing her to swallow both the pill and his cum. Only when she did, did he pull back.

As Stephanie hung there, drool and semen dripping from her lips, she realized just what pill she had forced her to take. It was her birth control pill.

Jeff grinned as he watched his blonde captive revulsion to what he had forced her to do. He couldn't wait to get his second wind. They had a whole day ahead of them before Michelle would arrive and he wanted to see just how many of the commands she had learned.

Chapter 13

Jeff eased himself down onto the carpet and drank in the picture of his stepsister Stephanie. Her lithe body was glistening with the efforts of the last hour or so: the effort of being hung forward as she was; the effort of trying to cum and not being able to and the effort of giving Jeff a wonderful blowjob. Her head was still encased in a white latex hood with her long, blonde hair pulled through the back in a ponytail. Little strings of drool dripped off of the steel ring gag fastened in her mouth. The nipple clamps, chain running between them, still pinched her nipples firmly. Stephanie's wrists were locked behind her with a pair of leather handcuffs and her fingers would flutter and clinch as she hung there.

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The metronome finally gave its last tick as the feather attached to it gave her clit one last tickle; it's tendrils drooping and damp. The captive girl's desire was still churning ball of flame within her and she had no way of quenching it.

Seeing his sister like that, Jeff felt a bit sorry for her. He also felt his cock start to grow hard again and decided that it might be time to let her have a little pleasure before going on with her training.

His blonde captive gave a sharp moan of pleasure as Jeff gave her clamps a slight tug. Even though he enjoyed the sounds she made, it was louder than he liked. After jiggling on her chain a bit more, Jeff went in search of a toy he had seen earlier.

Digging in his parent's armoire, he found it amongst the myriad of vibrators and dildos. It was a large blue-colored gel dildo, perfect for what he had in mind.

Gently, he eased the phallus into her mouth. It took a little effort as Stephanie squirmed and it was a little thicker than the ring in her gag. But soon her moans of protest were muffled and he was sure she wouldn't rouse the neighbors.

Stephanie felt the stranger step in back of her and gently caress her ass. She tried to thrust back to him, but tied as she was, she could really do little. The spreader bar that held her ankles wide and the 2 bars holding her legs in place gave her very little slack to demonstrate her wants.

A bolt of pure bliss shot through her whole being as he slid his finger inside her. Lightly, he began to caress her swollen lips; gently stroking them. Stephanie strained to get him to push deeper and harder into her, but the more she tried, the more he pulled back.

The bound woman felt his hard, hot shaft against her as he leaned into her. The smell of her own need filled her nostrils as he wiped his finger on the upper lip of her hood.

His fingers began caressing her again, this time a little harder. Stephanie was so close to the edge. She could feel the hot rage about to engulf her but the stranger just wouldn't let her get there. Every time she was close, his finger slid away from her, causing her to scream into her gag in frustration.

Stephanie moaned loudly as he spread her lips and plunged into her. She churned back, gripping him as much as possible. With every thrust, she could feel her orgasm rising; clawing its way over the edge. Faster and faster she bucked and squirmed and moaned as a blur of rapture swarmed inside until it burst through.

It was a blast furnace of pure bliss that seared her to her core. Wave after heated wave erupted through her without seeming to end as she thrashed in her bonds.

Then the blonde felt him cum inside her, sending another white-hot storm of joy through her. She thrashed in her bindings as a continuous orgasm raged in her.

Jeff thrust into her another few strokes then withdrew. He stumbled over into the bed and collapsed. His captive was still twitching in the aftermath, sagging in her ropes, spent.

To Stephanie, it seemed like hours before she felt his touch again. Her whole body seemed to quiver as he eased her back up into a standing position. She felt the cuffs unlock from her ankles and the buckles along her legs unfastened until she could weakly stand on her own. Her rope harness came off next, then the clamps on her now sore nipples. A slight tug on her leash being pulled and Stephanie reluctantly followed.

She had never felt as drained after sex as she did right now. She had had very strenuous bedroom activities before, but nothing that made her want to just collapse and do nothing. Stephanie supposed it was a perfect storm of stress and pent-up desires that pushed her to exhaustion. Now she had to concentrate just putting one bare foot in front of the other.

The cool tile of the bathroom floor woke her up a bit as the stranger guided her to the bidet and sat her down. Just how helpless she was had never been so clear to Stephanie. Yesterday was a kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations, but now, everything was as real as a concrete wall. Stephanie was his prisoner in her own home for the long term and there was little she could do about it other than praying that Jeff might rescue her.

After finishing using the toilet, Stephanie felt another slight tug on her lead. Unsteadily, she eased herself up and let herself be guided into the shower. Her leash grew taught as he tied it up above her then the stranger unlocked her wrists from behind her back and handed her a bar of soap and a washcloth.

The warm water felt refreshing as it sprayed over her. Her head was still covered in the latex hood, a collar was still locked around her throat and her mouth was still filled with a rubbery dildo, but the rest of her was unfettered as she began to wash herself. He was watching. She was sure of that. Her fantasy of freedom was just an illusion. So she washed herself as best as she could since she could not bend down at all. When she was done, the stranger handed her a bottle after opening its cap. One whiff of lavender told her that it was her own shampoo. Stephanie washed her ponytail as best she could before the stranger turned off the water. The stranger eased her arms in back of her and she felt the leather sleeve encase her hands and arms, slowly tightening as he laced it up.

The soft roughness of the towel felt wonderful as he dried her off. He dried her thoroughly, starting from her head and working his way down. A hot blast of air from a hairdryer engulfed her as he dried and combed out her hair. He was gentle in everything that he did; almost loving. Stephanie could find herself believing that this man actually cared about her on some level.

A tug on her leash pulled her out of her thoughts. Stephanie found herself being guided out of her parent's bedroom and down the hallway. Having lived in the house for quite some time, she could picture where he was leading her. The stairs were next, him easing her down one step at a time.

The dining room was their destination, she realized, as she felt the cool, tile floor. The stranger sat her down in one of the wooden chairs, lifting her sheathed arms over the back.

It was hard for Stephanie to hear much underneath her latex hood. She assumed that he was making breakfast for her. She could smell bacon cooking. It wasn't long before she heard the metallic voice.

"Do you want to eat?"

Stephanie nodded her head. She didn't realize just how hungry she was until she smelled breakfast cooking.

"I will remove your gag. If you try to scream, I will make sure that the punishment will make you wish to be dead. Do you understand, slave."

Again, the blonde nodded.

"Good. After you have eaten, we will begin your training."

Training. The word sent chills through Stephanie. Oh my god, he is turning her into his personal sex slave, she thought. There is no way! Not in her own home! Her parents would be calling and when neither her or her brother Jeff answered, then they would come home and find out what was wrong. . .or call the police. . .or something.

The bound girl felt the gag being unfastened and both it and the dildo pushed through the ring pull away from her lips.

"Please. . ." Stephanie whimpered.


Stephanie clamped her mouth shut, whimpering.

Jeff let her sit there, tears running out from underneath her white latex hood. He quickly finished breakfast and sat it down beside her. He had sat his captive sister beside the dining room table so that he could feed her more easily. He sat down in front of her with riding crop in hand. He gently tapped her inner thigh.

Slowly Stephanie opened her legs until they were as wide as she could comfortably hold them, exposing herself again to the stranger. Another slight tape above her sex and she thrust herself up to him and held there.

Taking her spoon, he started to slowly rub her between her legs with its bowl. Soon, he heard a little moan from her. Then, he used the spoon to scoop up some scramble eggs with cut-up bacon bits and eased it to her lips.

Stephanie felt a new wave of revulsion as felt the spoon against her lips. Not wanting to feel any more pain, she opened her mouth to let him feed her.

"Lick it clean," commanded the stranger.

The bound woman did as she was told.

The bound blonde soon felt the spoon between her legs and rubbing up and down her slit. The effects of this morning hadn't faded and she was still very sensitive. The tip of the spoon gently prodded at her clit, soliciting another moan from her. She soon found herself responding to his touches.

Then he stopped and another spoonful of scrambled eggs touched her lips. She did the same with this spoonful, licking it clean.

The ritual continued for some time, interrupted by sips of orange juice while he still played with her. Another orgasm was building within her from the embers of this morning. Finally her plate was empty but she had grown hungry with another want.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head, turning red with the shame of it.

'After training, I will grant you an orgasm."

Stephanie then heard a strip of tape tearing. She squirmed a bit as he plastered it over her lips, sealing them shut. Five other pieces followed, making sure the tape wouldn't work loose. In some ways, this was better than the other gags she had been subjected to. There was no aching of her jaw being forced open. However, she imagined the pain being much worse when the tape was finally tore off; if it was torn off.

A slight tap of the riding crop on her knee signaled to Stephanie to close her legs and she did so knowing there was little she could do but to obey.

Stephanie waited.

'Training'. The word echoed in her mind like the knell of an ancient church bell. She had listened to the recording but being distracted as she was, she really didn't comprehend what was happening. He was caring for her as if she was a beloved pet. . .perhaps like a show dog bitch, learning signals from her master so she could show herself off.

The feel of the leather cuffs being fastened around her ankles brought Stephanie out of her thoughts. Her ankles were now locked together. With a little pull on her collar and some assistance from her captor, the blonde stood up unsteadily.

The man's fingers began to lightly pinch her nipples, sparking little licks of pleasure. There was still a wanton warmness between her legs, a feeling that she half-wanted to go away, reminding her of the ravages of the morning. She half screamed when he placed the clamp back onto one nipple, then the other. The half pain, half delight now familiar to her, had become harbinger of things to come.

Pulling on Stephanie's lead, she struggled to follow, hopping the best she could. Jeff loved seeing her this way, helpless and naked, all her curves accentuated by her bondage. He could watch her all day like this.

Fastening her leash to the stair railing, he was sure she wouldn't get herself into any trouble. Jeff quickly jumped into the shower to clean himself up and pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt before going back down to do some chores around the house. Jeff liked order, unlike his stepsister. He was always clearing up her path of clutter. At least now he wouldn't have to worry about that.

Cleaning up the kitchen was his first priority, taking his time to make sure it was done right. He was one of those who liked to clean as he cooked so there was little in the way of mess to take care of.

Jeff's parent's bedroom was another matter. He quickly changed the sheets and picked-up all the toys, putting them back where he had discovered them, making sure he cleaned them first. The bathroom was next, gathering up the towels and taking them and the bedclothes down to the laundry room and into the washer.

Stephanie was where he had left her, standing still, occasionally turning her head trying to sense him. The arm sheath did wonders for her figure, making her breasts jut out as if begging for attention.

Jeff smiled, now for her training.

Michelle went to work early. She couldn't stick around her apartment any more without getting herself into some kind of trouble. She had rope and nylons and a host of other things she could tie herself up with but she was afraid she would find herself calling into work sick or worse; not being able to call at all. If Jeff found her at home when he delivered her package, he might have second thoughts. So it was safer for Michelle to go to work and try to get thoughts of bondage off her mind.

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Fortunately, Saturdays were busy at her uncle's restaurant. She helped set up dinner service and did a few late lunch deliveries. By four o'clock, the early dinner goers were starting to arrive to try to cram a dinner and a movie into their evening. Delivery orders started to flood in, which sent Michelle all over town. One delivery took her past Jeff's house and she fought the urge to stop in.

Several times during her shift, she wondered what Jeff was doing with his girlfriend Stephanie. Michelle knew that the blonde was bound up tightly and that Jeff was doing many forbidden things to her. Michelle hoped that he would not forget about her.

Stephanie's training was going very well. She had listened to the recording well and only once did he have to stripe her ass with his riding crop.
Jeff hoped that he could do away with verbal commands completely and just use touches and taps of his riding crop to get Stephanie to do what he wanted of her.

That would be critical this evening. He was going to make sure his stepsister would not be able to hear anything at all. It was part of her presentation to Michelle when the oriental girl arrived. There was a host of other things to do as well, but there was plenty of time for that. Now, he was going to keep his word to his slave sister. He was going to give her her orgasm.

She was now standing in the center of the living room, still bound in her white latex hood, white leather arm sheath, white leather collar and a black pair of leather cuffs around her ankles. Broad strips of white tape sealed her lips shut and a pair of chrome clamps still pinched her nipples. The chain lead hung from her collar, gently swaying with her slight moves.

Carefully, Jeff unlaced his sister's hood and rolled it over her ears, making sure Stephanie couldn't see him. He placed a small foam earplug inside each of her ears. Stephanie was deaf and well as mute and blind. He pulled the hood back down and pulled its laces as taut as he could.

The stranger was taking away her senses, one at a time. Smell and touch were the only one's left in her encased world. Now, his touches were even more electric on her skin.

Two slight taps on her rear told her it was time to move.

The blonde felt herself being guided by her leash and she hopped to keep up. With all of her training this morning, she had gotten really pretty good at it. In fact, she was now moving quite comfortably in her bondage; a skill that she had earned at the tip of a riding crop.

There was a single tap on her ass from the crop, signaling her to stop.

Stephanie could feel him unlock the lock holding her ankle cuffs together, but he did not remove them. Another slight touch of the crop on her inner thigh indicated her to open her legs as wide as possible. She responded slowly, not sure where she was in the living room, but knowing she was there by the feel of the carpet on her bare feet.

With his warm hands on her hips, he turned her around slowly and backed her up, stopping when she felt the back of the loveseat against her well rounded rear. Again he tapped her inner thigh and she spread her legs wider, leaning on the loveseat for help.

The captive girl giggled a bit as she felt something being wound around her big toe. Her feet were always ticklish and always victim to her boyfriends once they found out just how ticklish they were. She hoped the stranger didn't pick up on that to add another torture to his repertoire. She fought her giggles down as he did the same to her other big toe. Then she felt them go taut as he tied the other ends to the loveseat's rear legs.

Stephanie felt another tap just above her sex. The bound blonde thrust herself out to the stranger, offering herself to him. Even as she did so, she felt herself flush red with embarrassment.

The man's fingers slowly began to caress her, tracing out her curves. He massaged her slowly, exploring her thoroughly. Soon. Stephanie found herself moaning through the gag as the hot stirrings of this morning began to awake again.

Then he kissed her.

It was a light kiss on the exposed part of her neck above her collar. Then there was another, just below the collar. Slowly his kisses trailed down her front, his tongue flicking at her clamped nipples. With each flick, a shot of pleasure rushed through her causing her to moan again.

Jeff felt her body responding and continued to use his lips and tongue, working over his stepsister's breasts and nipples and down over the flat of her stomach.

Stephanie giggled again when the stranger's tongue reamed her bellybutton, another one of her ticklish spots. Then his kisses moved lower, over her freshly-shaven mons to her desire-swollen lips. He paused as he tapped three times over her puss, letting her know that she had permission to cum.

The man's fingers parted her lips and his tongue licked up and down her slit. He tickled at her clit before continuing again. Her passion continued to rise within her; the pressure building, making her feel as if she was about to explode. . .

Then she came.

A torrent of white-hot bliss crashed through as she bucked in her bonds. Wave after wave until she didn't think she could cum any more. Yet he continued to nibble at her clit, causing another heated wave engulfing her until he finally stopped.

Stephanie was still panting through her gag when she felt a tap on her outer thigh and she closed her legs. She didn't even feel him untie her toes. She did feel him lock her ankle cuffs together again then re-tie her big toes, this time lashing them together.

The shock of being picked-up made Stephanie scream as the man put her over his shoulder. He carried her upstairs where he eased her onto the bed. But the respite was brief. She felt a tug on her collar and she struggled to stand. With little hops, she followed his lead to the center of the room.

Jeff picked her up again and began spinning around, disorienting her. Gently, he stood her back down and backed away.

This is where he would leave her; standing with no idea where she was in the room. It was time to do some shopping for tonight. Michelle needed some restraints of her own and there was a place downtown that would have the right things.

As a precaution, he shut the door to his parent's room and locked it. It was something he noticed just recently, that his parents could lock their door from either side. Jeff didn't care why. He was just glad that they had so that he could keep his prize safe.

Chapter 14


Stephanie knew she was alone, standing there bound, gagged, blind and bare-assed. She was somewhere in her parent's room, but she wasn't sure exactly where. But she knew the stranger had left her here in her own little one-girl prison. Alone.

Her head was enclosed in some latex mask that covered most of her head and face and her lips were sealed behind several swatches of tape. A collar, not unlike a dog's collar, encircled her throat and she could feel the chain leash dangling down between her breasts. Her wrists and arms were sheathed in some sort of lace-up glove behind her back that, try as she might, she could not get even a little slack out of. Lastly, her ankles were cuffed together and her big toes were lashed together with twine.

So she stood there, alone.

The stranger hadn't left her with any instructions. Stephanie had no idea how long she was going to have to stand there or if she would be punished for moving. What he had left her with was the warm afterglow of an orgasm. It lingered in her like a red-coal, wanting to ignite again. And there was nothing she could do about it.

It all had happened so quickly that she really hadn't had a chance to reflect what had happened to her until now. She was being turned into a sex slave, Stephanie was sure of that. The training CD was probably going to be the first of many and she knew was going to be abused again and again until the stranger had had his fill of her bound charms.

This morning's shower did give Stephanie a little hope, however. Being able to wash herself was wonderful. She could finally use her hands for the first time in nearly a day to do something. It was a freedom, though a supervised one. But it was a small freedom none-the-less.

Perhaps taking care of Stephanie was more trying than the stranger thought. She imagined that it was just as tiring shepherding her as it was being herded.

Then there was this morning. THE orgasm. Stephanie wasn't a nun and she enjoyed sex quite a bit, but she had never had an orgasm for that long and that intense. The frustration of her pussy being tickled over a long time and not being able to get herself off was probably one of the reasons for it. But that couldn't be the sole reason.

Perhaps she liked being dominated.

The thought sent a chill through her. No. She was being forced to have sex with this stranger. She was being raped. Yet, she was enjoying the sex, even craving it on most levels. The pleasure she was experiencing now was far more intense than she had ever felt before. It was impossible to ignore. She could never feel that way again without ropes and leather, she was sure of it.

The fact was Stephanie enjoyed being tied-up and dominated. As hard as it was to come to that conclusion, it was a fact that was impossible for Stephanie to escape.

If Stephanie did enjoy being dominated, it didn't change the fact that she was being raped and tortured. She kept telling herself that but the wanton warmness in her stomach told her otherwise.

Then Stephanie realized something else. She needed to go. Her captor hadn't let her use the restroom since before breakfast. It wasn't to the point of peeing all over herself, but she would need to get to the toilet soon. Any punishment for moving wouldn't be a bad as one for soiling herself and her parent's carpet. She was sure of that.

The ankle cuffs were locked together tightly and the string around her toes was taut. An inch was about all she could manage to shuffle. She took a few more hobbled steps, trying to go in one direction. Stephanie figured once she hit a wall or a piece of furniture, she could figure out where in the room she was as navigate from there. She knew the room well enough that she believed she could do it.

It was slow going and the blonde tried to concentrate on the task at hand. But her mind kept wondering back to this morning and she could feel her libido kick-starting her desire again and there was no way to satisfy it.


Then her toe hit something. She shuffled a bit more, trying to feel it out with her body and her encased arms. It was cold and tubular and made of metal. . .mom's exercise bike! Stephanie now knew where she was. She was in the corner of the bedroom near the window. . .

The window! That's it. She could stand in front of the window and someone would see her and call the cops.

The captive girl started to shuffle to the window when she felt her foot get tangled in something. . .a piece of cloth. She tried to back up a bit but began to lose her balance.

Stephanie screamed a muffled scream as she fell down, taking part of the curtain with her. Luckily, she landed on her butt and didn't hurt her self. She had forgot about the large pillows her mother had strewn in front of the windows 'to lounge on'. Those pillows saved Steph from getting injured more seriously.

Now that she was on the ground, Stephanie found she could scoot around a bit faster. She still needed to go. After that she would try for the window again after kicking the pillows out of the way.

Slowly she used her legs and scooted her butt across the carpet, using her bound arms to guide herself. Eventually she found the bed. All she had to do is follow around it to the other side and wriggle her way to the bathroom door on the opposite wall.

The journey seemed to take forever but finally she was on the other side of the bed. She figured she was about in the center when she wriggled towards where the bathroom doorway was, praying that the door was left open. It didn't take long for her to feel the cool tile on her rear. She had made it to the bathroom.

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Pushing herself along, she felt the bidet against her back. Now came the hard part. Stephanie curled her legs under herself and pushed herself into a kneeling position. Using her bound arms, she leveraged herself up and onto the toilet seat. She wiggled a little bit until she was in a better position before relieving herself.

Moving around bound as she was was harder than she had imagined it would be. Stephanie suddenly realized how tired she really was.

Stephanie found the foot pedal flush on the floor and pushed it. The warm water cleaned her as it flushed. It also re-awakened her lust. Stephanie was horny and she could do nothing about it.

She could do something about getting some rest. Slowly, she stood up. A very tricky balancing act but she did it. Now she shuffled across the bathroom into the bedroom again.

Again, it seemed liked it took forever but finally she felt her leg hit the mattress. She wriggled around to seat herself when her arm hit something. . . the pole to the canopy over the bed.

The blonde hobbled closer to it, pressing its length along her body to stabilize herself.

Then she wondered. . .

Stephanie knew what her parent's wrought-iron canopy bed looked like. She knew that there was an old-fashioned footboard with bars running across it. The blonde was pretty sure that she could straddle the bar, even tied the way she was. She would have to be careful not to fall over onto the other side.

The bound girl seated herself on the bed and struggled until she was well onto the mattress. She eased herself down until she was laying against the foot posts and bars. Wriggling into position, she rolled over until she could get her knee up over the bar. It took some effort, but she finally managed to get herself straddling the bar using her cuffed feet for support. Her weight was now fully on her sex, where she wanted it.

Even though Steph was tired, she was also horny and relieving that took precedence over sleep.

Slowly, Stephanie began to rock her hips, rubbing herself on the bar. With each thrust, a new ripple of pleasure shuddered through her. She could feel the climax building within her like a wave about to burst through a dam. Faster and faster she bucked until she was swallowed by a crashing wave of bliss. Stephanie let in engulf her until should could take no more and let herself slip over onto the bed, where she laid panting through her gag.

Jeff had been to this store several times before, mainly for bondage DVD's. However, he had on more than one occasion browsed through their leather section.

He had about $300.00 he could spend on Michelle's toys, so he had to be very selective. First, he selected a small black-leather gag. Michelle had a small mouth and he didn't want to strain her jaws. Jeff also got her a chrome and leather ring gag that he thought would fit her as well.

The set of black leather wrist and ankle cuffs were the most expensive, but they had small padlocks so that he could lock them and keep the keys himself. He also selected several black leather straps, a black leather collar with lead and finally, a leather head-harness with blindfold. He ended up paying a little more than he wanted to, but for what was to come, those items would be priceless.

He stopped off at Target to get a nice red gift box and crepe paper and sat in his car getting the package ready. The ring gag, head harnes and straps he kept for later, but the rest he unpackaged and set into the box along with the instructions for her he had written out before leaving the house. After taping the lid down, he placed a card with Michelle's name and address written on it along with a red rose he had clipped from the garden.

Never in his wildest imagination could Jeff believe that he was going to have two women tied and available to his every whim. But that what was happening. All sorts of scenes played out in his mind as he drove to her apartment building. His cocked ached with the thoughts of what he could do with them.

The office was open and there was an older woman behind the desk. She looked up and smiled as he brought in the box.

"This is for Michelle Chang," Jeff said, handing her the package.

"Lucky girl," the woman smiled.

"I guess you could say that," Jeff smiled back and left, hoping his sister hadn't got into a lot of trouble while he was gone.

Jeff arrived home, unlocked the door and sorted out the mail. No cops. No parents. In fact he didn't hear anything upstairs. He placed the mail on a small display table and went upstairs and carefully unlocked his parent's door.

Stephanie was curled up asleep on his parent's bed. However, one of the curtains had been torn down and lay in a pile in front of the window. On closer inspection, Jeff saw that it was only the clips that had given away and he quickly re-hung them. He made a mental note to himself to chain her to the bed next time.

After making sure she was secure, Jeff locked the door again to get ready for tonight.

It was a long shift but Michelle was not tired in the least. In fact, her whole body felt as if it was filled with electricity. Her adventure was about to begin and she was filled with an odd mix of dread, excitement and wantonness.

After parking her car, the slight oriental girl practically ran to the office. There, behind the desk was Eric, the night office person. That is one thing that made her feel safe was the fact that there was someone at the front desk 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

"Did someone drop off a package?" Michelle asked.

Eric looked around. He was cute in a dumb brute sort of way, but definitely mot her type.

"I don't see one, Michelle."

Her heart sank like an express elevator down to the basement.

"Are you sure?"

"Unless this one with a rose on it is for you," Eric grinned as he pulled out the bright red box and handed it to her.

"You bastard!" Michelle said, seeing that it was meant to be a joke.

"Must be some kind of guy," Eric said.

"You have no idea. Thank you Eric."

Quickly she took the elevator up to her apartment and rushed inside, almost leaving her keys in the lock. There was a rose taped to the lid as well as an envelope addressed to her. She quickly opened the envelope. Inside, there was a card with a single rose pictured on the front. Inside, there was a simple message, handwritten.

'I hope to see you tonight'

Setting aside the card, she opened the box. As soon as she opened the lid, the smell of leather enveloped her. Inside, wrapped in red crepe paper, was two pairs of black leather cuffs, a black leather ballgag, and a black leather collar decorated with chrome rings and studs. There was also a leather leash curled up inside.

And there was another envelope. It had the word 'instructions' written on it. Quickly she opened it up and read.

Chapter 15

Jeff found it a bit strange to be going through his stepmother's lingerie, but he had little choice in the matter. Stephanie, his stepsister, had little in the way of sexy outfits other that some lacy thongs and bright red teddy that would not do for what Jeff wanted. What he wanted was some sort of corset for Stephanie to wear when Michelle came over tonight.

His stepmother, Janice, was about Stephanie's height and build. In fact, they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. Both had that long-legged, blue-eyes, tanned and blonde California look. Janice and Jeff used to jog together a couple of mornings a week and he could see why Dad was attracted to her.

What mother and daughter did not share was their taste in lingerie. His stepmothers taste was more to his liking: Corsets, garters and leather. Perfect for what he had in mind tonight.

Jeff heard Stephanie moan in back of him.

Jeff had hogtied her onto his parent's bed still dressed in only her bindings. A white latex hood covered most of her head; her long, blonde hair pulled through in back in a ponytail. A red ballgag had replaced the tape he had over her lips earlier and a white leather collar was locked around her throat. Her arms were still sheathed in a leather armbinder which he had locked her ankle cuffs to it's ringed end. Another pair of leather straps welded her legs shut so that she could hold the buzzing vibrator inside of her. Jeff had let her know through a couple of touches of the riding crop that it was okay to cum and from the sounds that Stephanie was making through her gag, she was trying her best to do just that.

Jeff had let Stephanie sleep for a while before training her some more. He wanted to make sure that she remembered the commands. She had, with only a few mistakes that brought a quick snap of the riding crop across the offending area. He was sure she was sore in a couple of spots, but not overly so. They had a chef salad as a late lunch/early dinner and afterward, a little more training. Stephanie proved herself well and now she was enjoying the fruits of her labors, grinding her hips and making a fair amount of noise through her gag.

Jeff laid out his choice on the bed next to her. He had found a lacy, white leather corset and white nylon stockings. He imagined that the corset would emphasize much and hide little. Stephanie had a white lace thong in her stuff that would match beautifully. He couldn't wait to see her in them.

Stephanie moaned again and this time, Jeff decided to help her. He eased her over onto her side and began to gently pinch her nipples. He had seen his sister climax several times now and he knew she was close. He climbed into bed with her and straddled her, kneading her breast firmly.

The bound girl bucked underneath him, huffing and moaning into her gag. Jeff knew she was cumming and cumming hard. He climbed off of her. As much as he wanted to take her right then and there, he wanted to save his efforts for tonight when Michelle arrived.

Stephanie had stopped writhing and lay there, panting. Soon he would get her into the shower and get her ready for tonight.

Michelle re-read the note again for the fourth or fifth time before she started to pack what few things she would need. Since she was going to be helpless for better part of two days, she knew that she wouldn't need much other than her pills and personal hygiene stuff.

The oriental girl jumped into the shower to clean up and get ready. The hot shower helped her to relax and focus. Again, she asked herself if this is something she wanted to do and the warm feeling inside her kept saying yes. There were a million reasons not to do it, but she was afraid if she didn't, she would always regret it.

Michelle slipped on a pair of blue jeans and a red t-shirt after she showered. There were no panties or bra and the shirt and jeans would go as soon as she was in the parking lot and safely behind the wheel of her car. Jeff had asked her to be naked underneath her coat but going past Eric at the counter like that was not an option. She would carry her coat and bag with her stuff out to the car and get prepared in there.

Even though the parking lot was brightly lit, she didn't think she would have a problem of being seen stripping down to bare skin. Michelle was not ashamed of her body. She knew she looked hot; all five foot nothing of her. She had a slender figure complemented by a pair on nice-sized breasts and well-rounded rear end. Her face was beautiful in the traditional oriental way with alluring almond-shaped eyes and small mouth. Her long hair was raven black and she kept in flowing curls. Michelle needed very little make-up in order to look spectacular.

The walk past Eric and out to the car was uneventful. As soon as she climbed in, she shimmied out of her jeans and pulled off her shirt, wrapping her leather coat around her.

"I can't believe I am doing this," she said out-loud to herself.

The drive through town was almost boring. It was nearly one in the morning and there were very few cars out. Jeff's parent's house was not that far away and she got there in about twenty minutes.

"This is it."

The front porch light was off and everything was painted in dark blues and shadows. There was lights on inside, cloaked by the closed window curtains. After she parked her car in the driveway and turned it off, all seemed very quiet.

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Michelle grabbed her bag and pulled out the black leather gag. The smell of the leather alone was a turn-on for her. She forced it between her lips and buckled it tightly behind her neck. She then fastened the leather cuffs around her ankles, locking them tightly together with a small padlock. There were no keys. Jeff would have them inside.

Next came the black leather collar. It was a beautiful thing really, with many chrome rings and studs fastened all around. Again, she locked it in place around her throat knowing the keys lay beyond the door. Michelle quickly clipped the leash onto it, as the letter had instructed. Now all that was left was her wrist cuffs. She grabbed her small bag, put her car keys inside and locked her car door.

Even at one o'clock in the morning, the air was still warm and fragrant with summer. Her long leather coat made her more conspicuous and she hoped no one was watching her. Carefully, as her coat hung over her should, she locked both wrist cuffs around her wrists and behind her back.

Michelle was now helpless.

Slowly she shuffled her way to the door. Even though her coat was buttoned, she did not want it to fall off, exposing herself. In her fantasies, it was never this hard to move about being bound. In reality, it was painfully slow.

It took her what seemed forever the reach the front porch. Only when she reached the first step did she realize she had a problem. The ankle cuffs did not allow her to make a step up.

Michelle froze, not knowing what to do.

The young girl was pondering the problem when the door opened and the Jeff stood.

'Having a problem?" he asked.

Michelle nodded, moaning into her gag.

Jeff turned a bit and turned on the porch light, bathing Michelle in a pool of light.

"I am glad you came, Michelle. I am sure you won't be disappointed," Jeff smiled, "Do you want to come inside?"

Again, Michelle nodded. She did not want to be seen out here like this.

"Okay, I will help you over the steps, but you first have to take your coat off."

The words both mortified and thrilled the bound girl. The warm wanton feelings inside of her started to boil again, a little hotter.

Jeff reached out and began to unbutton her coat. Michelle uummphed into her gag, looking around in apprehension at the neighborhood houses. Jeff gently turned her head to face him.

"Look at me," Jeff said calmly.

Michelle looked at him.

"Look into my eyes, Michelle. No one is watching. It is just you and I, here on the porch. You have trusted me this far, haven't you? There are only a few more steps until you are inside. Are you ready?"

The girl looked into his blue eyes and slowly nodded.

Quickly, Jeff undid all the buttons on her coat and let it slide from her shoulders. Even though she was slight in stature, her figure was as well sculpted as any playmates. Her breasts, though not huge, were ample and were crowned with large, dark nipples. Her stomach was flat and her hips flared out nicely. A small strip of dark, soft fur barely covered her sex. All in all, Michelle was a picture of beauty standing in the porch light.

Jeff gently grabbed her and lifted her up the stairs and into the doorway. Once there, he took a hold of her leash and gave it a subtle pull. Michelle hoped as best she could to follow him, thankful to be out of the doorway.

Jeff took her bag out of her cuffed hands and laid it with her coat by the stairs.

"Michelle, I am going to ask you one more time. Are you sure you want to do this? From this point forward you will be a slave to my every whim. If you fail to, you will be punished. But you will be rewarded to. So, Michelle, do you want to be my slave for these next few days?"

Michelle looked Jeff straight into his eyes and nodded. She was to afraid of loosing this opportunity to see if this is what she really wanted in her sex life; a man to take control of her and use her for their mutual pleasure.

Grabbing her leash, Jeff led his new slave to the living room where she had first seen the bound blonde writhing in her bonds. Stephanie was there again, standing in front of the couch with her legs wide open. Her head was encased in a white latex hood and a red ballgag was forced between her lips. A white corset molded itself to her body, holding out her breasts and her clamped nipples. Her arms were sheathed in an arm binder and her white stocking clad legs were held open by a spreader bar locked around her ankles. Michelle also noticed the end of a small vibrator peeking out of her sex. Michelle wondered if she looked as delicious as the bound blonde.

The oriental girl felt Jeff unbuckle her gag and ease it out of her mouth.

"Not one word, slave," Jeff told Michelle.

Jeff leaned down to kiss her and Michelle kissed back hungrily. The tongues entwined in a passionate dance as she tried to press herself closer to him. She could feel his erection against her hip even behind his jeans.

Warm jolts of bliss shot through Michelle as he began to roll her stiffened nipples in his hands. He pinched them to near pain. Causing her to gasp. His hand trailed down to caress the soft curls of her bush and touching the edges of her puss.

Michelle felt his finger slide into her slit, slowly caressing up and down as he continued to kiss her. She ground her hips into him, trying to force herself onto him.

Jeff pulled away.

"Do you want to cum?" Jeff whispered in her ear.

Michelle almost said yes, but caught herself and nodded her head, remembering not to utter a single word.

"And so you will, but first I need to gag you again."

From on top of the couch, Jeff pulled the ring gag that he had bought for her. Michelle opened her mouth willingly as he put the ring behind her teeth and buckled it tight behind her head.

"Slave, if you want to cum, you need to make the other slave cum first. If you don't, I will hogtie you and leave you in the bathroom tub. Do you understand, slave?"

Michelle nodded her head slowly.

The oriental girl had pushed the thought to the back of her mind when she had met with Jeff. She knew they would be bound together but she really didn't think that they would be servicing each other.

"She cums, slave, then you can cum."

Slowly Michelle hopped toward Stephanie. The bound delivery girl could hear the moans of the blonde from behind her gag as the vibrator worked it's magic. Before Michelle reached her, however, she watched Jeff give the bound blonde a couple of pats of his riding crop above her shaven puss.

Stephanie felt relieved that she was finally given permission to cum. She had been standing for quite some time and the vibrator kept adding fuel to her fire. However, she still had to concentrate on balancing and she was afraid if she climaxed she would lose her footing and fall to the floor.

Jeff helped Michelle closer to Stephanie, easing the bound girl down onto her knees. Michelle had never been with another woman before. Her past boyfriends had some videos showing some lesbian scenes but she never thought she could ever go through with such a thing. Michelle liked men too much. However, she was now locked into her fantasy with no way of getting out other than obeying Jeff.

With great trepidation, Michelle leaned forward and began sliding her tongue into Stephanie's slit.

Michelle's tongue found the bound blonde's swollen clit, causing her to moan more deeply. The pleasure was almost unbearable as Stephanie felt the strangers tongue licking her. She could feel her orgasm rising like a volcano about to explode. . .

Stephanie screamed in shock as she felt someone grab her from in back and pull on her clamped nipples. She thrashed a bit, but the other stranger held her tight and the first one continued to tongue her sex. Stephanie's climax engulfed her and she collapsed, letting the stranger hold her as she was filled with her lustful rapture.

Jeff let his stepsister down to the floor slowly. Quickly, he grabbed a couple of leather straps from the couch and laid them beside her. Stephanie felt the spreader bar being unclipped from her ankle cuffs. Jeff eased her ankles back together and locked them. He then wrapped the leather straps above and below her knees, sealing her legs together. Stephanie really didn't care much; the vibrator was still humming inside of her, continuing to feed her orgasm.

It wasn't as bad as Michelle had imagined and seeing how Stephanie reacted made her wonder how it felt. However, she had little time to think about it as Jeff helped the oriental girl up.

Without a word, Jeff led Michelle by her leash to the nearby sofa before picking her up and laying her down on it. The bound girl watched as Jeff stripped out of his t-shirt, jeans and boxers. Michelle saw that he was a bit larger than she had imagined; not so much length wise but much more wider than she had seen before.

Kneeling on the couch, Jeff lift Michelle's cuffed ankles over her head, exposing her glistening sex. She parted her legs as much as she could as he slipped between them so her ankles were locked behind his back. A rush of pleasure went through her as he eased into her.

Michelle and Jeff were both hungry for each other as he thrust himself into her rapidly. Faster and faster he pumped and she thrust back to meet him. With every push, a new wave of white-hot joy roared through her until she was engulfed in it.

Then she felt Jeff thrust deeply into her, filling her with his cum.

Jeff held himself in Michelle as she continued to grind herself onto him. That to slowly ended as he rolled over beside her, her legs still lock around him.

In all her years, she had never had a lover that stayed inside of her after the fact. They all wanted to climb off of her almost as fast as they wanted to climb onto her. Jeff cradled her. Michelle could feel him as his panting slowed. It was a warmness completely alien to her.

Michelle felt him kiss her forehead.

"Did you enjoy that, slave?"

The bound girl nodded.

"It has been a busy day for all of us, so I going to get each of you ready for bed so we can have a full day of play ahead of us."

Michelle smiled around her gag. Tomorrow was going to be a wonderful day.

Chapter 16

Stephanie lay on her side in the after-burn of her orgasm. Her head was still covered in the latex hood and a ballgag was still fastened tightly in her mouth. She had gotten used to the leather sheath encasing her arms as well as the collar around her neck. Her ankles and legs were bound together and the vibrator that had been eased into her hours ago was still humming; keeping her on edge. The corset was the only new twist in her wardrobe of leather and chains and she half wondered what color it was.

The other new twist concerned the blonde even more, the second person.

In the whirlwind of her assault, Stephanie had always assumed just one person had done it. But now she realized that it would take more than one to subdue both her stepbrother Jeff and herself.

Stephanie moaned as another small orgasm rippled through her. The vibrator's battery was slowly running down but it buzzing was still very potent.

Michelle glanced over at the bound blonde, attracted by her moans. The oriental girl wondered what Stephanie was thinking in her blindfolded world.

Jeff had eased himself out of Michelle a bit ago and had disappeared upstairs to get ready both girls ready for bed. Michelle realized just how tired she was, having got little sleep the night before. However, it was a wonderful tired, one that she wouldn't trade for the world.

Michelle had been tied similarly to Stephanie. Jeff had replaced Michelle's ring gag with the ballgag she had been wearing when she arrived. Around her neck was a black leather collar and both her wrists and ankles shackled in leather cuffs. Like Stephanie, Michelle also had a pair of straps tightly binding her legs together. However, she was completely nude.

There was a warmness still inside of her from her climax and it was like being hugged by a really wonderful guy and she knew she was hungry for more.

Jeff appeared beside the bound Chinese girl and gave her another kiss on the forehead.

"I need to get Stephanie ready, then I will come for you," Jeff smiled, leaning over Michelle.

Michelle smiled and moaned into her gag as Jeff left her to attend to his other captive.

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Stephanie felt one of the strangers ease her into sitting up. She was still weak from standing all those hours and the orgasm drained what little she had. It was all she could do to keep from collapsing when the stranger forced her to stand. A tug on her leash was all she needed to start hoping where the man led her, trying not to trip and fall.

Jeff loved the way his stepsister looked while she hopped along. Her large breasts jiggled, her nipples erect and her whole form looked so inviting that he felt his desire hardening again.

Jeff stopped her at the foot of the stairs. He took a moment to press against her, gently pinching the blonde's nipples. Stephanie moaned again as another small orgasm engulfed her as she rubbed herself against him. As tired as she was, she still craved him inside of her. The vibrator was no competition against the feel of his hardened member.

Stephanie let out a little scream as Jeff picked her up over his shoulder to carry her upstairs. The smell of her perfume was still with her as he gave her a playful spank. She squirmed a bit, but not much as he carried her to his parent's bed to get her ready.

Michelle struggled to get more comfortable. The leather handcuffs bit into her back uncomfortably so she had to make do by laying on her side, facing away from the staircase and wondering when he would come down for her.

The Chinese girl was a bit jealous of Stephanie, even if she knew that she had no right to be. The blonde was a beautiful girl with long tanned legs and breasts a playmate would be proud of. She was definitely fuckable. Stephanie also seemed to really enjoy her bondage. It was the first time Michelle had ever seen another woman orgasm in person and Stephanie really climaxed hard. Michelle blushed some knowing that she was responsible for it. Looking back, doing it with another girl wasn't as horrid as she imagined it would be. Not that Michelle had suddenly turned into a lesbian. She liked men too much for that. But it opened a whole motel's worth of doors for her sexually.

Michelle was startled when Jeff touched her. She had been lost too much in her own thoughts to notice Jeff was standing beside her. His cock was at full sail and she really wanted to be fucked again.

"Ready for bed, slave?" Jeff asked.

"Uuuuhhh-uuuuhh," Michelle moaned, shaking your head.

"Are you telling your Master no?" Jeff said sternly.

Michelle just looked at him, writhing her bound body, trying to seduce him.

Michelle gave a scream as he picked her up and pulled her over his knees.


The Asian girl wailed as Jeff spanked her hard. His hand came down several times, each stinging like a wasps sting on her bare ass.

Jeff rolled Michelle back over and looked straight into her dark, almond-shaped eyes.

"I am your Master. When I ask you if you are ready for bed, you say yes. When I ask you if you are ready to fuck, you say yes. If I ask you to suck my dick, you will do it without hesitation. To you get that slave?"

Michelle slowly nodded her head, her ass still burning from her spanking.

"Are you ready for bed, slave?" Jeff asked again.

This time, the bound Asian girl nodded yes.

Jeff helped Michelle to stand and gave her leash a gentle tug. She hopped to keep up as he led her to the foot of the staircase. Just as he had with Steph, Jeff lifted Michelle over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs to the bedroom.

As Jeff laid Michelle down, she noticed Stephanie bound on one side of the bed. Her restraints hadn't changed though her corset was now gone. The blonde's ankles were chained to the foot of the bed and her leash was fastened to the wrought-iron headboard so that Stephanie could not move around much.

Jeff positioned Michelle similarly on the other side of the bed, locking a chain onto her cuffed ankles. He then tied the Chinese girls' leash to the headboard railing as he had Stephanie's leash. Jeff had made sure both were secure and eased himself between to two bound women after turning the lights off.

The spanking had definitely woke Michelle up in more than one way. She was hornier now than she had been. It was the way he demanded things of her. As he lay beside her, Michelle tried to squirm her body up against his. She knew his cock was still hard and she wanted him to work it off between her legs.

"Still hungry, slave?" he asked in a whisper.

"Uuuhh-hhuuuuh," she replied through her gag, rubbing herself against him the best she could.

Michelle felt him turn to his side and his warm hands began to slowly glide over her skin. His touch was languorous, feeling all her curves. Michelle could feel her need rise within her like a head of steam needing release. She moaned in her gag, nuzzling Jeff as he kissed her forehead.

Jeff's fingers brushed gently through the soft curls of her nest, gently probing deeper towards her slit. She thrust herself out to him as much as she could, but he drew away. Michelle moaned her disappointment but it had no effect. Then slowly, his fingers began to caress her nest again, delving slowly towards her sex.

Michelle thrust herself out to him again and again Jeff drew away.

The game was unending. Michelle tried to hold back but her need possessed her. Finally, his fingers slid into her, messaging her swollen clit.

It only took a few touches to ignite her. Her climax engulfed her as she bucked within her bindings. His fingers finally left her as she exhausted herself.

"Now slave, it is time for you to sleep."

Stephanie felt the stranger's movements beside her. Even though she was dog tired, the vibrator within her was still weakly humming its erotic song and keeping her awake. At first, she really couldn't figure out what he was doing. Then the movements became more rhythmic it slowly dawned on her there was someone else in bed with them. It didn't take long to realize that that person was another girl and she was enjoying herself very much.

The blonde felt herself getting flushed hot with jealousy. It was asinine at best, but she couldn't deny what she felt. Here some complete stranger was raping her repeatedly, and then when he fucks another, she sees red.

Stephanie moaned into her gag and tried to move up against her captor. Jeff felt her press against him and turned. His stepsister was clearly wanting his attention, pushing her hips towards him and mewling.

The blonde felt his erection as she pressed against him. She writhed the best she could, showing that she really needed him. His hands responded, needing her erect nipples, sending more pulses of pleasure through her.

The stranger's hands caressed Stephanie slowly, too slow for her. He was taking his time when all she wanted to do is have him climb onto her and ride her until they both came. But that wasn't happening. His fingers roamed over her skin, avoiding all of her hot zones. He even avoided touching her nips now. Stephanie moaned her frustration but it did little good.

His touches seemed to last forever, touch her here; brushing her there. It fed her fires but did little to consume her.

The stranger's fingers brushed against her swollen sex; they traced around her lips lightly. Stephanie tried to open her legs wider, but the straps kept them shut.

Then Stephanie felt him trace a line above her pussy. It meant no cumming.

Jeff then turned away from his sister and nestled into his pillow to go to sleep, ignoring his stepsister's whimpers.

Yes, Jeff thought to himself, tomorrow was going to be more fun than a man should ever have.

Jeff awoke early, as he always did. He had an internal alarm clock that woke him when he needed to be up. Both girls beside him were sound asleep and he would leave them that way while he did a few things around the house.

It had taken awhile for Stephanie to fall asleep. She kept trying to rub her body against his, but he ignored her. Finally, she dozed off. Jeff was sure that she had been hornier than hell, but he had to show who was in control. It took a lot of effort though to not fuck her but it had to be done.

Jeff had awakened with an aching hard-on but there were other things he needed to do before he played. He went to his room and grabbed his jogging shorts and a t-shirt, put on his running shoes and then darted outside for a quick run.

The sun had just started to frost everything a golden yellow. It was going to be a hot one today but the morning's cool hadn't started burning off yet. Sometimes his stepmother ran with him and Jeff enjoyed the company. Janice and him used to talk about many things, including relationships. She was particularly interested if Jeff had any girlfriends and how serious the relationship was. Oddly, Jeff only dated casually and really never had anybody steady and Janice seemed disappointed.

The morning jog helped Jeff focus on what he needed to get done today and how to plan the day out. It was on a jog that Jeff came up with the plan to kidnap his stepsister and take her to his apartment for a week before dumping her back onto the street. Stephanie had always been a tease and the plan was Jeff's way of setting the world right. . .to show her that teasing can lead to bad things and she shouldn't do it. However, the plan evolved more when his Dad asked him to watch over the house and his sister for the month that his Dad and Stepmom were out on their 'honeymoon'. Jeff had to rush around and get things together, merging all those early morning kidnap scenarios into a single, doable plan. He had done it. He had captured Stephanie and now he had Michelle as well, two slaves to do what he wanted with.

Just the thought of Stephanie and Michelle struggling in their bondage gave him a hard on.


This morning, Jeff planned to mow the lawn. Fortunately his dad was a 'green' freak and he had bought a nice electric one. What Jeff liked about it was that it was quiet. It took him about an hour to get the entire yard done. Now, it was playtime.

Jeff poked his head into the bedroom. Both his captives were still sleeping, cocooned in their bondage. Good. Time enough for him to take a quick shower.

The warm shower felt both soothing and invigorating to Jeff as he quickly washed himself. He smiled knowing that he was going to have to take two additional showers this morning, one with each girl, before taking them down to breakfast and their morning training. And Steph still needed to take her pill. Michelle, as he found out at their meeting, was using one of those new rings for her birth control so he didn't have to worry about her.

After drying himself off, Jeff decided that it was time to get the ladies ready for the day. Michelle would be first since she was here voluntarily and would be easy to handle and get ready. He was sure Stephanie would be a bit more difficult because of last night.

Michelle was already awake when Jeff, still naked from his shower, walked into the room. Her shoulders ached some from being bound behind her back all night and the gag had caused some stiffness in her jaw. However, the little pains she endured did nothing to diminish the joy she had experienced. She smiled at him from around her gag. Last night had been wonderful and Michelle was looking forward to more of the same.

"Ready for your shower, slave?" Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded and sighed into her gag.

Jeff first unlocked the chain from her ankle cuffs to the iron frame at the end of the bed. He then unhooked her leash from the headboard and carefully set her up. Michelle was glad when he helped her to her feet and with a slight pull, she hopped along with him to the shower.

The bathroom was a huge one with polished granite tile and a huge walk-in shower taking up the whole end of the room. An odd looking toilet sat next to the sink and that was where Jeff was leading her to.

Michelle didn't need any orders to understand what Jeff wanted her to do. He unfastened the straps around her legs to help her. The Asian girl found it hard to do it with someone watching but she finally did her business, blushing as she did. A spray of warm water cleaned Michelle and she realized that this was a bidet. She had only heard about them and had never actually saw one let alone use one. This weekend was going to have a lot of firsts, she thought to herself.

"I am going to uncuff you, slave, because water and leather don't mix well. However, I will be using something else to keep you secure."

The ankle cuffs came off first and then her collar. Lastly, he unfastened her cuffs. Michelle rolled her shoulders a bit, getting some of the kinks out as Jeff brought out several coils of nylon rope.

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"Turn around slave; hands behind your back."

Michelle did as she was told. The way he commanded her was so much of a turn on. She was so used to being in the drivers seat in a relationship she was pleased to let another do the driving.

The delivery girl felt her wrists being tied together. Her wrists weren't pressed together, rather, Jeff had left several inches between them, cinching them. Jeff then draped a rope behind Michelle's neck and over the front of her shoulders. He pulled the ends back underneath her arms and tied it tightly behind her back, making a harness.

Gently, using another small piece of rope, he pulled Michelle's wrists up until they were just below her shoulder blades and firmly lashed them there. Jeff then knelt down and tied Michelle's ankles together. Lastly, Jeff tied a noose around Michelle's neck, leaving about three feet for a lead.

Without another word, Jeff led his oriental captive into the shower and turned it on. The cold spray caused Michelle to squeal, but soon the water warmed up.

Michelle watched as Jeff lathered-up a loofa. The man still sported an erection which was very pleasing to see. Jeff kept himself in good shape and it paid-off last night. Jeff stepped forward and began to scrub Michelle down.

The girl closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feel of another person washing her. The smell of the lavender soap surrounded Michelle and the spray was like a warm embrace. Only one other of her boyfriends had ever joined her in the shower and Michelle realized how much she missed having another pay attention to her body so attentively.

Michelle let out a soft moan when Jeff began to wash her now stiff nipples. They were large and the color of milk chocolate against her caramel skin. Jeff made sure each one was thoroughly cleaned, gently rolling them through the loofa. He scrubbed down the flat of her stomach and around the curves of her waist. The rough sponge caressed over thighs and down each of her legs.

The he stopped.

Michelle opened her eyes to see him soaping up a soft washcloth.

Jeff reached down and took the washcloth and began to wash between her legs. The roughness of the cloth caressed Michelle's sex, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Slowly, Jeff stroked her. He could see her body writhing to his touch as the warm water drenched them both.

The he took the cloth away.

"You can cum only when I command it, slave," Jeff told Michelle as she moaned her displeasure.

Michelle felt the cool of a lavender body splash washed over her after her captor turned the water off, making her skin tingle.

The Asian girl opened her eyes again as he gave her leash a slight pull. She hopped out of the shower where Jeff began to roughly dry her. Again she closed her eyes as the towel brushed over the breasts, drinking in the feeling. She tested her bonds some and found she was indeed as helpless as she had thought.

The hot air of a blow drier embraced her Jeff dried her hair and the rest of her body. Michelle squealed at times when the hot nozzle came to close, but Jeff never burned her. Finally, he picked up her leash and lead her out of the bathroom and out into the hallway.

Jeff enjoyed seeing his bound beauty hopping alongside of him. Jeff hadn't really appreciated how beautiful Michelle was. It was an exotic, intoxicating beauty that was not skin deep. It was in the way she moved and in the way she would look at him and in the way she smiled around her gag.

At the top of the stairs, Jeff picked Michelle up over his shoulder and carried her down and into the living room where he set her down. Carefully, he untied her legs and ankles.

"Spread your legs, slave."

Michelle did as she was told, spreading her legs out as far as she could. Jeff picked up a steel bar with rings on each end. Using some rope, he tied her ankle to each end, forcing her to keep her legs open.

Jeff smiled at her as he got out a slender vibrator generously slathered with KY lubricant. As it was, Michelle was sure that she didn't need any. She was plenty turned-on by her shower. She moaned as Jeff eased the vibrator into her and turning it on low.

Lastly, Jeff produced a CD player and a pair of headphones.

"This is your lesson for today slave. Learn it well or you will be punished."

Jeff slipped the headphones onto Michelle and tuned the player on. Am odd metallic voice began to tell Michelle that she was his slave and she needed to learn about the signals of the riding crop.

As the recording droned on, Michelle realized that she was standing in the same spot that Stephanie was the night before. The thought sent shivers through herself. Michelle wondered if Stephanie would. . .would service her as she had serviced Steph last night.

Chapter 17

There was something not quite right about Stephanie's dream. She was in an ancient castle room lit by sputtering torches. It was dark and dank and shadows clung like black spider webs to the stonework all around her. Somewhere in that blackness something was watching her but she couldn’t make out what it was.

Then something shuffled in the shadows.

She tried to move; escape, but it was if she was encased in concrete. She tried to scream, but nothing came out.

And she knew that it was coming to get her.

She looked down at herself and saw that she was nude and cocooned in spider silk that left her dangling above floor. Stephanie struggled and screamed, but the web held.

Then she felt something brush over her breasts. Whatever did it, was invisible to her as it continued to pinch her nipples gently. She could feel someone's warm kisses between her breasts as she lay there helpless to stop it.

Despite her captivity, Stephanie could feel the warm rush of desire trickling through her, warming to the person’s caresses. She began to moan and her body began to writhe slowly, wanting more, lifting her hips up to him.

The man’s warm lips began to trail down over the flat of her stomach as his hands held her struggles down.

Stephanie then realized she was awake. The white latex hood that still covered her most of her head had made her blind. The armbinder still encased her arms behind her back and her legs were pinned together by several straps as well as a pair of cuffs around her ankles. She struggled to try to sit up but the chain to her collar pulled her up short.

"You are awake, slave," the metallic voice laughed.

All Stephanie could do was moan her displeasure and struggle, remembering what had happened last night. Despite her wants, the stranger had not paid attention to her, leaving her to drift asleep hornier than ever. Now her captor was enjoying her again. In some ways, being controlled like she was made her desires flare that much more strongly. Still, he had rejected her limited ways of enticing him to use her and the sting of that rejection lingered.

The blonde felt the chain to her ankles being undone and then the slight tugs on her leash as he unwrapped the chain from the headboard. He gently eased her up, sitting her on the edge of the bed. The stranger then helped her to stand and with a tug on her leash, led her hopping into the bathroom.

Jeff truly loved the way his stepsister moved when he led her around in bondage. Her generous breasts jiggled enticingly and her frame swayed to keep her balanced. Stephanie’s hops were small but she was gaining confidence in her ability to move while bound; Jeff could see that. He didn’t worry too much about her tripping.

Jeff eased her down onto the toilet and undid her leg straps so she could do her business while he got stuff together for her shower. Like with Michelle, he had laid out several coils of nylon rope to bind his stepsister with as well as a ring gag to replace the ballgag she was currently wearing.

After flushing the bidet, Jeff eased his blonde captive up and began to tie her ankles together.

Stephanie flinched when she felt the cold prongs on the cattle prod touch her bare ass.

"It is time for your shower, slave," the metallic voice said, "I am permitting you to wash yourself. I will remove you arm-binder as well as your collar and mask. Your eyes are to remain shut or I will inflict more pain than you could possible imagine. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head, remembering how painful the prod really was.

The stranger led her hopping into the shower and then unbuckled the collar from around her throat. It was a relief to have it off but the relief was short lived. The bound girl felt a rope being tied around her neck and then drawn taut above her head like a noose.

Stephanie was afraid to move. One slip and she could hang herself so she stood perfectly still as the stranger undid the buckles and lacings of her armbinder. As he pulled it off, Stephanie rolled her shoulders a bit to relax the stiffness in them.

"Remember, eyes shut," the voice said.

The captive woman felt the latex hood being peeled away from her head and realized just how sweaty and dirty her face had gotten while wearing it. She was tempted to peek but the threat of pain made her squeeze her eyes shut. The gag remained firmly locked between her lips, however, as the stranger handed her her body wash and loofa.

Warm water sprayed over her and Stephanie luxuriated in its simple pleasure. It was almost strange being able to have the use of her arms and hands as she soaped herself. The noose kept her erect so she couldn’t wash further than her hips. A couple times she touched herself to feel her shaven mons; the smoothness making her feel a bit wanton.

After cleaning herself the best she could, she stood there and enjoyed the warmth of the water embracing her. Her revelries were brief, however, when the stranger turned the shower off and handed her a towel.

"Hands behind your back, slave," the metallic voice commanded.

Stephanie did as she was told and she felt him tie her wrists together, leaving about three to four inches between cinched together like a pair of rope handcuffs. After tying her, he lifted her wet hair and pulled it gently through the top of the hood before rolling it down over her head, blinding her yet again. He untied her noose and replaced it with her collar.

The stranger then dried the Stephanie’s legs and back before leading her out of the shower. The hair drier came as a bit of a shock as her captor brushed out her long ponytail under the hot air’s caress. In some ways it was like being a princess and having every little thing done for you, except for the fact that she couldn’t do it herself. But she enjoyed the feel of his hands touching her hair and combing it out.

The captive girl then felt a rope being draped over her shoulders and behind her neck. The stranger pulled both ends under her arms and tied it off between her shoulder blades, making a kind of harness. He then pulled her bound wrists up and tied them to the harness; crossing them between her shoulder blades as well. It was a bit uncomfortable and she moaned her protest, but the stranger continued to tie her until she could barely move her arms.

The stranger then knelt down and tied her knees together as well. She was as helpless as she ever had been.

Stephanie was a bit surprised when she felt her gag being loosened. He eased it from her mouth.

"Not a word, slave," the voice warned.

The blonde worked her jaw some, stiff from being forced open all night. There were so many things she wanted to ask and say to the stranger but the fear of the pain and other things kept her from saying a word.

"Open wide," the voice said.

Again, Stephanie did as she was told; opening her mouth while the stranger placed another gag into her mouth, this one being the one shaped like a ring. He eased it in back of her teeth and tightened the strap tight, cutting a bit at the corners of her mouth.

"Time for breakfast, slave. You will do as commanded or you will starve for the rest of the day, that is, after you are whipped. Do you understand, slave?"

The blonde nodded.

Jeff led his stepsister out of the bedroom and down the hallway. His cock ached but he kept telling himself, ‘good things come to those who wait.’ So he guided her to the stairs then lifted her over his shoulder to carry her down. After he put her down, he continued to guide her until she was in back of the sofa.

Michelle watched with fascination as Jeff bent his sister over the back of the sofa until her head rested on the cushions. Picking up the slender chrome vibrator that had bedeviled Stephanie last evening and gently eased it into the bound blonde.

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Stephanie felt the stranger caress he sex before easing it open with his fingers. The hard-tipped nudge of her vibrator was almost welcome as he pressed it into her slowly. The dream and the shower had already did most of the work and the vibe slipped comfortably inside of her, causing the bound girl to moan loudly.

After the vibrator was fully inside of her, Jeff turned in on high and eased his stepsister back up. Picking up his riding crop and the end of her lead, he gave it a gentle tug and guided Stephanie to in front of Michelle.

The effects of Michelle’s vibrator were already sending pulses of pleasure through her as she stood there, legs held wide apart by her spreader bar. The oriental girl’s arms were tied like Stephanie’s were and a ballgag kept her mewls of pleasure quiet. It was hard to concentrate on the ‘slave lessons’ she was supposed to learn, especially now that Jeff was bringing Stephanie in front of her.

Jeff gave the blonde girl a quick rap behind her knees with the crop and Stephanie, with the stranger’s help, sank down to her knees. She could tell there was another person in front of her; the other woman she deduced from the muted moans she could hear through her hood.

"Make her cum and you will eat today, slave," the metallic voice said.

It took only a second or two of confusion before Stephanie realized what the stranger was asking of her. Here she was kneeling before another woman wearing a gag that allowed her ‘service’ someone. . .

"Uh-uuuhh!" she screamed out as she tried to twist away, but the stranger held tightly onto her leash.

The sting of the crop bit into her ass and caused her to shriek in pain. She writhed and bucked but the stranger held firm as again and again the crop cut across her bare bottom until tears began to run out from beneath the mask.

"I will tell you one last time. If you do not do this, this is but a sample of the pain you will suffer. Make her cum!" the voice commanded.

Her rear still burning from the whipping, Stephanie slowly leaned forward and tentatively stuck out her tongue. She could smell the other woman’s arousal before her tongue touched her skin. The feel of the woman’s soft curls told Stephanie she was just north of where she should be. She nuzzled down a bit further and felt the other woman lift herself to her. The bound blonde again poked her tongue out and began to probe the other’s pleasure-slicked sex.

Stephanie licks were furtive at first; unsure. She could tell that a vibrator was also working its magic inside the other woman as she began to flick her tongue around her swollen pearl. The woman’s moans became louder and she thrust her hips at Stephanie.

Her revulsion at the act slowly ebbed away as well as the glowing pain in her rear, replaced be the slowly build tide of her own orgasm. The vibe inside Steph was sending whorls of delight through her. She remembered last night and she realized that she was in the very same predicament and it was probably that woman’s touches that sent her over the edge.

Michelle was racing towards a climax. As the blonde lapped at her clit the bliss crashed through her in wave after white-hot wave; Again and again until the gates of her orgasm burst through and engulfed her in pure wanton pleasure.

Steph could hear the woman’s muted screams of ecstasy as she churned in front of the kneeling girl. It was then that Stephanie felt the tap of the riding crop that gave her permission to cum herself. The stranger reached around her and gently stroked her between her legs, touching her now aching clit. With each touch, another torrent of pleasure ripped through her. She bucked and writhed in the man’s arms as he held her and caressed her, goading her orgasm to new heights until she thought she could no longer stand any more...

Yet the stranger continued to touch her, more roughly than before.

"Ooopppp!", she yelled into her gag, shaking her head, but the man continued until Stephanie finally went limp and he eased his hand out from between her legs.

The stranger cradled her as the fires of the orgasm slowly turned to embers. Stephanie wondered about the other woman and then slowly realized that the other woman was as much of a prisoner as she was. The woman hadn’t said an intelligible word nor had her hands and arms guided Stephanie. That woman was also tied onto the bed last night.

The stranger had captured another girl.

A storm of thoughts thundered through Stephanie’s mind as she pondered who this woman was. Was she a stranger? Was she one of Stephanie’s friends? Was it Kim? The horror of that thought flushed through Stephanie.

"Now to get you ready for breakfast, slaves." The metallic voice said.

Chapter 18 - (added: 05/27/2009)

Michelle's orgasm had left her happily drained and she smiled around her red ballgag when Jeff eased her over onto the couch. The oriental girl was still a bit shocked when Jeff had used the riding crop on Stephanie, but she imagined that it was all part of the fantasy Stephanie and Jeff were living out. The metallic voice thing was scary as well, but she thought that it probably just fuelled the fires of the blonde's imagination as well, making her captivity that much more exciting. In many ways, Michelle envied the other girl's sexual incarceration.

Jeff had not loosened either of their bonds before leaving them to fix breakfast. The recorded instructions still droned on in Michelle's headphones and her vibrator continued to hum, keeping the embers of her orgasm glowing hot and ready to erupt again. However, Michelle had ceased really listening to the CD during the morning encounter; having been distracted by the blonde's tongue.

Stephanie lay curled on the floor in front of Michelle, her hips rocking to the song of her own vibe; clearly still as horny as Michelle was. Watching the blonde writhe helplessly only helped fan Michelle's own desires. With her hands tied behind her back in a rope harness and her legs held wide open by the spreader bar, there was no way for her to aid the vibrator in getting herself off.

"I see you are still hungry, slave," Jeff smiled down at the captive Michelle, talking softly.

Michelle nodded, mewling into her gag. She was delighted to see that Jeff's erection hadn't softened. To her, it was dragon that she wanted to tame in the worst possible way.

"I hope you don't mind, but we are eating in our formal dining room this morning but I wouldn't worry too much about the dress code. You look delicious and I certainly wouldn't want to change that."

Jeff knelt down and unfastened her ankles from the spreader bar, only to tie them back together again tightly. He then helped the bound oriental girl up and took hold of her noose which still hung loosely around her neck. A gentle tug and Michelle hopped behind her captor as he led her into the dining room.

The room was dominated by a large cherry wood dining table, gleaming in the morning sun that streamed through lace curtains. A sparkling glass chandelier spread its glitter over the table and matching hutch. In the center of the table, Jeff had folded a quilted comforter as well as several pillows.

Michelle squealed into her gag as Jeff lifted her up and sat her on the comforter. He then lifted her legs and twisted them around until Michelle had wriggled herself onto her stomach, her head hanging over the edge of the table. Michelle felt her ankles being freed from their bindings briefly before Jeff took each one and tied it tightly against her thigh in a tight frog tie.

The string tying her big toes together was something of a surprise, but a wonderful one. With every tight rope or cuff, Michelle felt that much more helpless and vulnerable to whatever Jeff wanted to do to her. That kept Michelle's fires burning hotter and hotter.


Michelle screamed into her gag as Jeff slapped her ass with the riding crop.

"No cumming until I command you to, slave," Jeff said standing over her with the crop in hand.

Michelle nodded, whimpering into her gag. The crop stung but not nearly as much as she imagined it would.

The work on her toes was not over as she felt another piece of string cinching her big toes together and pulling them tightly toward her bound wrists crossed between her shoulder blades. Now every little movement pulled at something; a feeling that sent warm, lustful wafts rushing through her.

Next the oriental girl felt ropes being tied around her knees. Squirming around, she could see that Jeff was tying the left rope to one of the table legs, but he wasn't drawing it taut. The other knee rope just dangled over the table's edge.

Jeff moved back over in front of her and his erection pointed directly at Michelle's gagged face. He bent over and kissed her on the forehead.

"I will be right back, slave," he whispered before going back out into the living room and out of her sight.

Michelle writhed in her bonds a bit, testing the limits of her captivity and she found out happily that Jeff did indeed do good work. There was no way she could get herself out of this. The rope harness that Jeff had bound her wrists to this morning still had no slack and the way her legs and toes were tied, the best the Chinese girl could hope for was to wriggle around a bit. Jeff still hadn't turned off her vibrator and even pressing herself into the table didn't bring her any closer to cumming. Michelle found herself moaning in frustration.

"There, there, slave, do you want me to use the crop on you again?" Jeff asked.

Michelle shook her head no, moaning into her gag.

"Are you sure? It looks to me that you are trying to get yourself off."

Again, Michelle shook her head and pleaded with her mewls.

Jeff smiled and held up a couple more bondage items, a ring gag similar to what his Stephanie was wearing and a black leather blindfold.

"I lied about the dress code, slave," Jeff grinned, "there are a few items that I am requiring you to wear before we eat."

Michelle felt her ball gag being unbuckled and the ball being pulled from her mouth with a slight web of drool.

"Not a word, slave," her captor said as her gently wiped her mouth with a napkin.

Jeff gently inserted the leather wrapped ring behind her teeth before buckling the gag tightly, the straps cutting into the corners of her mouth. He gave her another warm kiss on the forehead before placing the blindfold over her eyes and tightening it.

"Don't go anywhere, slave, I will be right back."

Jeff could tell that his step-sister was still wanting from her rhythmic writhing as she lay curled on the carpet. Her hands were still bound between her shoulder blades, being held there by her harness of rope and her knees and ankles were bound together as well. The power of her own orgasm left Stephanie drained and she had collapsed onto the carpet as soon as the stranger had let go of his embrace.

Truth be told, Stephanie's orgasm hadn't completely gone away. With her vibrator on high, it still was wreaking erotic havoc with her libido. Little mini flares of pure bliss kept erupting through her as she lay on her side, drool running out of ring gag and down the side of her face. She was still in the dark, with her white latex hood encasing her head and covering her eyes leaving her in her own little world.

Stephanie's humiliation continued to spiral downwards. The blonde had no desire at all to be with another woman and now she had been forced to service one. At first the thought completely revolted her but now, after the fact, it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. The fact that the woman came because of her was in a way a little flattering in a strange and perverse sort of way.

There was a gentle tug on her leash interrupting Stephanie's thoughts.

"Time for breakfast, slave," the metallic voice of the stranger said.

Jeff helped his trussed-up stepsister to stand. The perfume of her arousal filled the air around her and she moaned unintelligibly as Jeff steadied her for her trip to the dining room. Her legs were still weak from her orgasms but Stephanie had little choice but to balance herself blindly.

Another gentle tug let Stephanie know that it was time to follow the stranger wherever he led her. Shuffling with her legs bound the way they were was not an option, so she hopped as best that she could beside the stranger.

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Stephanie felt herself being picked up and shrieked with surprise as he sat her down on the table and wrestled her into place beside Michelle. The blonde could feel the other woman's warm skin against her own as the man nestled her onto her stomach. Stephanie reasoned that she was on their dining room table with her head dangling over the edge.

Quickly Jeff tied his stepsister's legs in the same manner as Michelle's, with each of her ankles tied to her thighs and a rope coiled around each of her knees. Jeff anchored the right one to the table leg and bound the left one to Michelle's right one before cinching the pair and tying it off to the table's legs. He had left a little slack in the lines.

Both women looked stunning, writhing naked in the bonds. Stephanie's tanned body and Michelle's caramel-colored skin looked beautiful next to each others. Jeff set up the video camera, making sure both women were in the frame, before collecting both pairs of chained nipple clamps he had found in his parents armoire.

Stepping in front of both girls, he grabbed their harnesses and yanked them towards the edge of the table.

Both women screamed as they felt themselves being pulled off of the table. However, their anchor ropes tightened just as their breasts hung off of the table's edge.

Jeff let the women struggle for awhile, enjoying their bound thrashings and moans through their ring gags. Each one drooled uncontrollably as they rocked and bucked on the table. Finally they calmed down so Jeff knelt down and began to gently pinch each of their stiffened nipples.

Michelle was the first to feel the cold pinch of a clamp's jaw as Jeff eased it down on her nipple. A rush of near pain flooded her and caused her to moan involuntarily. She could hear Stephanie's moans as he did the same to her. There were slight tugs on the chain as they both squirmed and Michelle realized that they were chained together by the clamps. Her right nipple chained to Stephanie's and her left one to Stephanie's left, the clamp's chains pulled tightly and crossing each other; Each wriggle pulled on the clamps and sent little bolts of near pain shooting through her.

Then Michelle felt her head being cradled in Jeff's hands as he eased himself through the ring gag and into her mouth. She sealed her lips around his shaft as best she could and let Jeff's thrusts set the pace. The taste of his cock was salty as he pushed it to the back of her throat, nearly gagging her several times. The rhythm began to increase little by little as Michelle used her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. Just when she thought he was about to cum, Michelle felt Jeff withdraw himself from her and she moaned her discontentment.

Jeff moved himself in front of his bound Stephanie and eased himself between her ring-gagged lips. Unlike Michelle, Stephanie fought it a bit until Jeff began forcing himself deeper into her throat, causing her to choke as he held himself there. But soon she was matching the stranger's thrusts as her lips suckled his hardened cock.

The stranger's thrusts became faster and faster and Stephanie tried her best to match them.

The stranger suddenly withdrew himself.

Stephanie tasted the bland taste of her birth-control pill being placed on her tongue before the stranger thrust himself back into her mouth. His thrusts were shallower than but just as fast. She could feel his shaft swell a bit and then she tasted the warm cum filling he mouth.

"Swallow," the metallic voice commanded.

Stephanie did so, swallowing her pill as well. The bound blonde realized that this was going to be a morning ritual; that her birth-control was going to be followed by a chaser of cum from now on.

"Did you take your pill?"

Stephanie nodded the best she could, the stranger's cock starting to soften in her mouth.

Jeff patted her on her head, "Good slave. Are you both ready for breakfast?"

Slowly both girls nodded.

As the girls lay bound on the table, Michelle could feel Stephanie twisting beside her. The vibrators continued to hum and the oriental girl could feel the molten pressure of another orgasm about to erupt. She tried to think of something else but it was impossible with Stephanie writhing rhythmically against her and moaning loudly as well. With every movement their shared nipple clamps sparked little bolt of pleasurable pain through her. Michelle found herself panting and moaning into her ring gag until the orgasmic volcano inside of her exploded and flooded her in white hot bliss, again and again until it seemed that she thought she would be driven insane.

Then Michelle felt the vibrator slowly being removed from her.

"You have been a bad slave," the metallic voice said, "I did not give you permission to cum, did I."

Michelle slowly shook her head.

'After breakfast, you shall both suffer from your transgression. But first, you will need all your strength. You will not talk or I will use the prod on you both until you can't scream any more. Do you understand?"

Michelle nodded and she believed that Stephanie did too.

Jeff removed both of their gags. He would replace them with their ball gags after breakfast. Jeff sat down in front of them, smiling, as he fed them their Denver omelet a forkful at a time and thinking of the wonderful time he would have in just a few short minutes from now.

Chapter 19 (added: 07/01/09)

With each forkful of the Denver omelet, Michelle kept hearing the word 'punishment' echoing through her head. This was the first time she had transgressed what was expected of her during her weekend stay. She vaguely remembered something about being punished for cumming without permission on the recording, but given what Stephanie's tongue was doing at the time, it was hard to recall anything past her orgasm.

A small fruit cocktail followed the omelet, filling her mouth with juicy bursts of pineapple, strawberry and blueberry. Michelle also sipped a few swallows of orange juice through a straw when offered. It was odd having a quiet breakfast. Usually her radio or television was blaring at her apartment as she rushed to get ready for wherever she was going. The silence here was almost disquieting. The bound oriental girl had so many questions she wanted to ask but the threat of the cattle prod was more than enough to keep her silence.

Every bite seemed more intense and Michelle reasoned that it was because of the black leather blindfold sealing her in the dark. It was also a very different experience eating while hogtied. Though it wasn't difficult, it took a bit of getting used to.

Michelle felt Jeff wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"Open wide," the metallic voice said.

Michelle did so, opening her mouth as wide as she could. Jeff wanted to make sure both girls had finished their meals before gagging them again. First, he placed a red rubber ball gag into his stepsister's mouth, buckling it tight around her white latex-hooded head. Then he eased the black leather gag into Michelle's mouth.

The tangy taste of leather was a sharp contrast to the fruits she had earlier, but not all that unpleasant. The padded pear-shaped ball filled her mouth as her 'master' buckled it tightly around the back of her head.
Again she wondered about her 'punishment'. Although she knew somewhat what happened behind the closed doors of a D/s relationship, she didn't know what to expect from Jeff and his blonde girlfriend Stephanie. She had seen how Jeff punished Stephanie earlier but Michelle hadn't signed on for that kind of abuse. Deep down inside Michelle believed he would keep to his word about her limits, she hoped.

Jeff left the two girls to their own thoughts as they lay hogtied beside each other on the dining room table. He was sure that they were both imagining what kind of punishments he was going to inflict on them. Stephanie, his blonde stepsister, had already had a taste of what 'punishment' meant but Michelle had yet to experience that part of their shared fantasy. The thought of what he was about to inflict on them caused his cock to stiffen again with anticipation.

As Jeff began some of the clean-up of this morning's breakfast, he thought that it was odd that he had two slaves at his command and yet he was the one doing the dishes. Oh well, hopefully that would change in another week or so as the full extent of his stepsister's bondage was made clear to her.

That thought, too, made Jeff's cock ache.

Stephanie's bondage was also on Stephanie's mind as well. Now she was certain that the other girl was just as much a prisoner as she was. Both of them were now nude, gagged and helpless as the stranger went about setting up whatever punishments his perverse mind could come up with.

The blonde struggled a bit in her bonds. The ropes were tied expertly and no matter how hard she wriggled and twisted, there was no escaping their grip. Stephanie felt even more shaken by the realization that she may have been responsible for the other girl's plight. Now she, this girl and her brother were in the hands of this intruder or intruders.

Stephanie yelped in surprise as Jeff roughly pulled off her nipple clamps. The girl beside her did the same into her gag. Then Stephanie felt herself being tugged back onto the center of the table. The rope lashing the two girl's knees together was loosened as well as the other ones anchoring them to the table. None of the other ropes were undone, however, and she felt herself being dragged carefully to the edge. The stranger then grabbed a hold of her tightly and carried her back into the living room where he set her down on the carpet and left.

It didn't take long for the bound blonde to feel the other girl being set beside her. Stephanie could feel the other woman struggling a bit more as she rested beside her, but, she must have realized just how stringent her bonds really were and soon stopped.

Jeff took his time adjusting the video camera, making sure that it would capture all of the action. Both of the women were in a tight hogtie. Their wrists bound together and brought up to between their shoulder blades; held there by a harness of rope. Each ankle was tied to their thigh and their big toes were still cinched together and pulled toward their wrists. They both could thrash about but they weren't going anywhere the way they were. It only made Jeff want them that much more. But their training would have to take precedence over his short-term desires.

Jeff climbed up the stairs and took a brief shower before dressing in his usual jeans and a t-shirt. Even though he really did want to enjoy their treasures again, he also needed to recharge his batteries for later on when their morning training and punishment was complete and he could savor them to his leisure. Now to get them both ready for this morning's exercise.

Michelle continued to worry about her what was going to happen to her when she felt Jeff gently grab hold of her and hoist her up onto her knees. She was still hogtied, but now she was kneeling. The pull on her big toes was a bit strained but not too uncomfortable if she spread her knees open. Gently he pinched her nipples; sending some ripples of delight through her as he slowly kneaded and caressed them. Michelle let out a few sighs as Jeff continued his attentions to her breasts still sensitive from the clamps. She could feel herself move to his touch and if she could, the oriental girl would have encouraged him to move lower.

Michelle whimpered with displeasure as he stopped his attentions. A warm, erotic pressure was rising within her and she needed the release. But Jeff was unmoved by her gagged whines as he selected one of the many vibrators he had found in his parent's bedroom armoire and coated it with a special warming lubricant.

Kneeling down before his bound delivery girl, Jeff gently spread Michelle's lust-swollen lips and eased the vibrator into her. It wasn't a fancy one, just a normal gel one that was light blue in color and had a long cord to the controller. Michelle moaned again into her gag as he eased the vibe in as far as it could go. Jeff tied a length of clothesline around the girl's waist and brought the loose ends between her legs and up tightly between the rounded cheeks of her ass before tying it off. It held the vibrator firmly inside Michelle as she knelt.

Stephanie was next.

Jeff eased his bound stepsister up just as he had done with Michelle. The blonde moaned into her gag as well as he wrestled her into position facing the Chinese girl until their breasts almost touched. Gently her pinched Stephanie's nipples as well, causing them to stiffen more as he played. He could tell by the writhing that she was enjoying the attention as he continued to massage her. Eventually he stopped and selected a similar pink vibrator for Stephanie and slowly pressed the dildo inside of her. Jeff tied another crupper around his stepsister's waist before standing up and enjoying the view before getting the chained clamps.

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The bound Chinese girl felt the cool steel jaws slowly clamp down on each of her nipples; a mix of pain and bliss went shooting through her as she knelt helplessly on the carpeted living room floor. She could feel every little tug as Jeff did the same to his girlfriend, weaving the chains together so that when Michelle moved, it would pull on both her and Stephanie's clamps. Both girls were intimately connected now, just as they had been during breakfast.

Michelle then felt the vibrator's control box pressed into her hand.

"This is your lesson and punishment, slaves," Jeff's distorted metallic voice said, "I will only say this once. You are not permitted to cum. If you do, you will be flogged ten times for each transgression. In your hands you hold the other slave's controls. If you do not make the other slave cum, you will be flogged ten times as well. Do you understand?"

Both girls nodded.

"You will be listening to your morning's lessons as well, failure to learn the commands will result in the use of the cattle prod anywhere on your body that pleases me as well as having to make the other slave cum. Reward for learning your lessons is being able to rest after lunch. Do you understand, slaves?"

Again, both girls nodded.

Michelle felt the headphones being clamped over her ears. A few moments later, Jeff's voice began the lesson, the same lesson she had listened to this morning with instructions about positions to assume when touched by the tip of the riding crop on certain places of her body. His voice had a certain self-assurance that was comforting in a way soldiers should find in their leader's voice.

As Stephanie listened to her lesson, she was more than a little disturbed to find that she was listening to her step brother's voice. Apparently the stranger had forced him somehow to make the recording as she could just imagine how horrid he was feeling when doing it. She missed him and hoped that he wasn't in pain or starving or worse. He was a nerd and he had taken some getting used to, but when mom married her stepfather, Jeff came with the package and now he was family.

Stephanie's lesson was different from the one she had listened to earlier. This was more about duties she was expected to perform even when not commanded to. 'Pleasing her Master' was her new golden rule and her pleasure was secondary. In a lot of ways, it was even more unsettling then the first lesson.

A burst of pleasure erupted through Stephanie as her vibrator awoke inside her.

Michelle felt a tug on her clamped nipples as Stephanie writhed in reaction to the vibe, causing another sharp bolt of rapture coursing through her. Moments later her own vibrator came to life and fed the erotic fires already burning within her.

The bound Asian girl never really had come down after her orgasm on the table. Her breakfast helped take her mind away from it for a while, but each rope and knot that encircled her body kept her juices running.

Focus on the lesson, Michelle thought to herself.

However, that did little to alleviate the swelling fires inside of her. All they did was reinforce her thoughts of erotic slavery and being a man's love toy; something she had always fantasized about and now was living out. The fantasy and humming magic of her vibe soon turned her embers into a firestorm that consumed her completely as she wailed and writhed against Stephanie, cumming again and again with little thought about the punishment she would have to endure.

Stephanie felt the other girl pressing against her, her warm flesh rubbing rhythmically as she bucked against her restraints. The blonde heard the girl's moans of passion over her recorded instructions as the other bound girl continued to cum. Stephanie knew she was responsible for this as well as the pain that was going to follow...

The blonde felt red with guilt.

Stephanie didn't want to get flogged yet the only way to avoid it was to throw the other girl under the bus. She was sure the other girl would have done the same.

The bound blonde squealed into her gag as the other girl toppled over. The pain of the clamps yanking on her nipples caused her to fall over as well to relieve the agony. To her horror, Stephanie's headphones popped off as she hit the carpet. Panicked, She thrashed about a bit to try to feel for them, but bound as she was, she could do very little.

She began to cry in frustration.

She didn't want the cattle prod to be used on her again. The memory of the pain was still sharp and focused in her mind. She couldn't follow the stranger's instructions if she couldn't listen to the CD.

And then there was the wanton desire inside of Stephanie, slowly building pressure with each minute the vibrator pulsed its hum within her. Without her 'lesson', there was little else to take her mind off her stirrings between her legs.

The bound oriental girl's orgasm ebbed but didn't recede entirely. But, the commands she was to memorize were nothing more than an ethereal ghost, something lost and unable to gain back. She was also well aware that she had cum and that she hadn't returned the favor to Stephanie. Michelle wasn't going to take her punishment alone, no way!

Michelle began to pin the helpless blonde beneath her, lying on top of her as much as she could. The clamps pulled on her stiffened nipples a bit, but nothing she couldn't handle as she forced her knee as best she could between Stephanie's knees.

Slowly Michelle began to press the front of her thigh against Jeff's girlfriend's snatch. Feeling the dampness there, Michelle knew that making Stephanie cum was just a matter of time. The bound Chinese girl soon writhed rhythmically against Stephanie, causing her to moan 'uh-uh' into her gag while shaking her head. Still Michelle continued.

The bound woman's warm skin rubbing against Stephanie was causing more than a little warming pleasure to fill the blonde's libido. The rising tide within her seemed unstoppable and Stephanie was pleading into her gag for the woman to stop.

The other girl didn't.

The girl's knee was pushing Stephanie's vibrator deeper inside of her as well as causing the rope to abrade against her pleasure-swollen clit. Waves of pure, hot bliss crashed inside of her as Stephanie succumbed to her need. The blonde wailed into her gag as wave after pummeling wave of bliss drove into her until she finally just collapsed; letting her passion drown her until there was nothing left.

Michelle finally surrendered and rested on top of the blonde, exhausted from the effort. Now they would both be punished, not just her. Whatever awaited them, they would share it together.

Jeff found the both of them collapsed on the living room floor. Somehow Stephanie had lost her earphones. He went over to the camera and reviewed what had happened in his absence and saw that both girls had cum, thus both needed to be lashed. With the loss of her headphones, it would be impossible for Stephanie to have learned her lessons for today.

Without a word, Jeff gently rolled the oriental girl over and unclipped the clamps to her now sore nipples. He did the same for his step-sister. Then he knelt down and picked up Stephanie and carried her over to the coffee table where he placed her kneeling in front of it. A few moments later, Michelle joined the blonde at the table.

Jeff got a few short lengths of rope and threaded one of them through Stephanie's white leather collar. Pulling his step-sister forward and down across the table, he tied her collar off to one of the legs. Michelle was still wearing her rope noose so all he had to do was pull her down as well and tie the noose to the other leg.

After he was pleased at their position, kneeling across the coffee table, Jeff undid the cord tying their toes to their wrists. He wanted to make sure both of their asses were fully exposed to what he wanted to do next.

The leather flogger was a nicely crafted one with the handle carved into the shape of a viper whose open mouth the leather tongues splayed out. Jeff raised it and brought it down on Michelle's nicely rounded buttocks.

Michelle screamed more from the shock than the actual pain. She silently counted each stinging lash as tears welled from beneath her blindfold. She could also hear the muffled screams of Stephanie as she suffered the same punishment as she. But soon all twenty lashes were done with.

Although her ass glowed with a dull sort-of pain, it really wasn't as bad as her imagination had created it to be. She felt Jeff adjust her headphones again and re-start the lesson.

Jeff also did the same for his blonde stepsister. There were lessons to be learned and they both needed to learn them. He gently removed both vibes and adjusted the camera to watch over them. He glanced over them, smiling. He would leave them there so he could get stuff ready for the next step in their schooling.

Chapter 20 (added: 09/01/2009)

Michelle concentrated upon the lesson at hand, listening to Jeff's voice instruct her in how to obey when his riding crop touched certain places on her. As she listened, she realized that Jeff wouldn't have to say a word; everything that was required of a slave could be signaled by the use of the crop.

The Chinese girl also realized that the depth at which Jeff and his girlfriend Stephanie's shared fantasy went and she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to go there. The fantasy of being tied up and used by another and learning to become a slave to that person were two different things in her mind.

However, Michelle continued to learn the lesson being played through her headphones. She really had very little choice, after all. Her bound wrists had been pulled up between her shoulder blades and anchored there by a rope harness woven around her chest and shoulders. Each of her ankles was bound to her thigh and she had been pulled forward by a rope noose tied to the coffee table's legs. The bound Oriental girl still had on her blindfold and a black pear-shaped leather gag filled her mouth.

No, Michelle wasn't going anywhere until Jeff let her.

Another thing that Michelle grew aware of was the intricacy of the 'lesson'. The 'Rules Of The Crop' were well thought out and developed over time. She was sure that Jeff had not come up with them on his own.

Soon the lessons started to repeat themselves, reinforcing what Michelle was expected to learn. The sting of the flogger's touch still warmed her rear and the embers of her orgasm hadn't entirely gone cold. Being bound as she was, she couldn't help but daydream a bit as the recording plodded on. She wondered what lessons she would be tested on.

Stephanie's 'lesson' was considerably different than Michelle's. Though it held commands she was expected to learn, most of it dealt what was expected of her and what she would receive in return. Stephanie found many things troubling about this session. The fact that the strangers were still using Jeff to record these lessons disturbed her and made her wonder what they were doing to him to make him do this. The second most distressing thing was the 'tone' of these lessons; it implied a longer commitment than just a few weeks. Stephanie realized that this wasn't just a household hostage taking for a few weeks. She was being groomed to be a slave and there was little she could do about it but endure it and hope Jeff could get both her and the other girl out.

The blonde's position was identical to Michelle's save for the white latex hood enclosing her head and the bright red ball between her lips. Her white collar was anchored to the coffee table. Kneeling as she was, it forced her over the table's top. Stephanie didn't know how long she had been there but the slight little aches started to test her; the table's edge bit into her hips and her shoulders had a dull pain from being trussed-up. Her knees were sore from being forced to kneel only on them. The drool from her gagged lips was also beginning to pool on the table beneath her.

Stephanie then felt the stranger loosening the ropes pinning her ankles to her thighs; first her right one, then her left. The reprieve was short lived as the stranger forced her ankles together and cinched them tight. Lastly, she felt a slight tug on her lead as he loosened it from the table, allowing her to bend herself upright.

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Jeff did the same with Michelle so now both girls were kneeling at the table. Gently, he guided them around until both were facing him side by side.

There is something inherently erotic about a woman kneeling in front of one, Jeff thought. Perhaps it was the position of servitude. Both women were gorgeous, Stephanie's beautiful sun-tanned perfection next to Michelle's exotic caramel-colored form. Both were toys he could play with as long as he wanted to and his cock ached to do just that.

But there was something that wasn't right in the way his Michelle looked; something that wasn't making it a picture perfect moment. . .

Then Jeff noticed it.

Every proper slave needed one and Michelle had been doing without for awhile. Quickly he ran up to the bedroom and fetched what he needed.

Michelle felt Jeff's fingers undoing the noose around her neck. It was something that had made her uncomfortable to wear even though she trusted Jeff's skills in rigging. Thoughts of strangling without being able to let Jeff know unsettled her. However, like everything else since she agreed to become part of this fantasy, she had very little control over it.

The rope loosened and fell away from her neck and the Oriental girl felt her long, black hair being lifted up and something else being put around her neck. A collar, she imagined as it tightened around her throat comfortably.

Then Michelle felt more straps around her face. Jeff carefully tightened the black leather head harness he had bought for her, buckling the straps on the back of her head until everything seemed to fit snugly. The harness would not only help hold her gag in, but it would make sure her blindfold would stay in place as well.

Now his slave was perfect. Time to see if both girls had learned their lessons.

Stephanie felt the tip of the riding crop trace a line over her pussy. She knew this meant that she wasn't supposed to cum until he demanded it of her. Her lessons this morning reinforced that, simply stating that until her 'Master' gave permission, her orgasm would have to be kept in check. It was a privilege to cum.

The blonde felt the touch of the stranger's fingers gently pinching at her nipples, send a hot shock of pleasure through her. He gently rolled them in his fingertips and kneaded her breasts, causing her to moan involuntarily into her gag. She was still balanced on her knees and Stephanie had to keep part of her mind in control of her position or else she would fall. . .a no no in the lessons of this morning. A slave must always be graceful and pleasurable to watch.

Then his finger's traced down over the flat of her stomach and to the edges of her sex-swollen lips.

Gently, the stranger's fingers started to touch her pussy, easing themselves deeper inside until he slowly began to stroke them inside of her, making sure he ended each slow stroke on her swollen bud.

Each of the stranger's touches was electric and Stephanie found herself moaning in spite of herself. His fingers went deeper and the tempo began to climb. . .

Then she felt a slight tap above he puss.

Stephanie thrust herself out as best as she possibly could within the strictures of her bondage. The stranger's fingers continued to play her and she could feel an orgasm swelling inside of her.

Stephanie had to focus on something else. Panicking, the young blonde pinched herself on her upper arm, the only place she could. The pain took away the power of the pleasure for an instant but soon his touches worked their magic and her fires began to grow again.

Hours seemed to crawl by as again and again she fought with the orgasm ballooning inside of her. She begged into her gag but all she could hear was unintelligible mewls.

Then she felt a line being traced with a slight tap at the end.

Stephanie exploded, her whole being enwrapped in pure bliss and she came again and again, collapsing into the stranger's arms and bucking against his hand as he continued to fuck her with his finger until she really couldn't take any more. Pleading into her gag, she felt the stranger ease his finger out of her, wiping it under her nose so she could smell her own incense.

The bound blonde then felt herself being put back into position after collapsing onto the stranger. She weakly complied as she felt the riding crop run down her back, signaling her to continue to kneel, spreading her knees open as widely as she could and bowing her head down. Stephanie was really too exhausted to do anything but just that.

Jeff then began to massage Michelle's erect nipples the same way he had Stephanie's. Slowly pinching them and kneading them until he could hear the Oriental girl's muffled moans from behind her gag. Jeff notice that the bound girl had also started to rock her hips slightly. His fingers traced down over the flat of her belly to the small nest of black curls between her legs. He grinned as she began to writhe, thrusting herself towards him.

He slipped his finger into her slit and began stroking her as he had his stepsister. Soon the bound Michelle began to match his rhythm, thrusting herself onto his digit while moaning into her gag.

Jeff then stopped.

Michelle pleased into her gag. She was close but not that close and she also knew that she wasn't supposed to cum until he gave her permission. However, Michelle was convinced that he would give that permission when she was very close to cumming anyway.

The delivery girl then felt him tickle at her sex with the tip of his finger, teasing her. She thrust herself out to him, but he withdrew, only to tickle her again.

Michelle's moans became more and more desperate as Jeff continued to tease her. Finally he began stroking her again and he could hear her chant 'oh my god' again and again from behind her gag.

With his finger, he again traced a line followed by a tap. She was not to cum.

Jeff deftly toyed with her slit and clit, touching, stroking and tickling, bringing his slave to a fevered pitch as she slowly sank to the carpet and spread her legs open as wide as possible.

Finally Jeff gave her the single tap on her above her mons, signaling that she could cum.

Michelle rocked and bucked beneath him as she was wracked with pleasure. Wave after white hot erotic wave crashed through her as she strained against her bindings until she couldn't take his touch any more.

Still Jeff continued.

Michelle pleaded into her gag again as she struggled to get away from his ministrations. She was too sensitive now and had started to get a bit sore. Yet he continued, pinning her down and finger fucking her again and again until she couldn't struggle any more.

Then Jeff stopped and helped Michelle back into a kneeling position. A trace down her back meant for her to bow her head and open her legs while she knelt and she did this weakly.

Jeff was pleased. Both his stepsister and Michelle had held off their orgasms until he told them they could cum. He knew at that moment he controlled them entirely. Neither of them wanted to disappoint their new Master.

Getting up, his cock ached even more from that thought and he wanted to desperately to take one or both right then and there. But he knew he had a few more things to take them through before lunch before he was done with part of their morning training.

Taking her collar, Jeff helped Stephanie stand up. He looked at her white latex covered face and ballgag stuffed between her lips and wondered what was going through her mind at that moment. He knelt down and undid the rope binding her ankles together. A slight tap on her inner thigh and his blonde stepsister spread her legs. He retied the rope, making a hobble of sorts so that she could take short steps.

Jeff repeated the process with Michelle, though she was slower at getting on her feet. He figured she was worn out from her last frantic orgasm. But soon both girls were standing with their wrists still bound and anchored behind their backs, collars around their necks, blind and gagged. Jeff pressed the crop briefly on Stephanie's left side and she shuffled and turned towards the left. He repeated the instruction to Michelle who followed suit. With a couple of tap on the rear, he moved the Oriental girl forward until she was only about a foot away from his stepsisters back. Taking Michelle's lead, he attached it to the back of Stephanie's collar. Pressing the crop on their right side, he turned both girls back around to face him.

He let them stand there for a bit as Jeff picked up the vibrators he had used earlier on each of the girls.

Stephanie felt the now-familiar nudge of a vibrator being eased into her. She spread her legs and tried to help as best she could as the stranger slipped it inside of her. She felt some more rope being tied around her waist and then between her legs. Gently, the stranger guided the rope through her sex to hold the vibe inside her. The stranger then gave her the controls.

The bound blonde girl tried to puzzle out what was next when she felt the crop press itself on her left side. Carefully, she turned, not wanting to trip over her hobble or anything else. She was sure that the other captive girl was getting the same sort of treatment.
Two slight taps on her rear brought her out of her thoughts. The stranger wanted her to move forward. One hesitant footstep at a time, Stephanie walked forward. Her leash dangled down in front of her, unused by the stranger.

The crop pressed on her left side again.

Stephanie turned and continued to hobble forward. The stranger was testing her. She had gotten used to being led around by her collar and leash, but now she was being guided by just mere touches of that wicked crop of his. She also felt a slight tug on the back of her collar and realized that she was leading the other captive girl behind her.

Jeff grinned as he guided both of his slaves throughout the house, Stephanie in the lead and Michelle following, her collar attached to his sisters. It was very slow going at first but soon both girls trusted his guidance. They trusted that he wouldn't let injure themselves. As soon as they were comfortable with moving bound as they were, Jeff switched their places and made Michelle the lead slave.

He circled them around the house, making sure that he got at least part of it on video. Jeff then stopped them where they had started in the living room.

With a press of a button, Jeff turned on Stephanie's vibrator and she let out a slight moan as it started its hum. He did the same with Michelle's before giving both girls a tap above their sex to let them know that they could cum.

Leaving his slaves in control of their own orgasms, Jeff went to fix lunch.

Lunch was fairly simple affair of grilled cheese sandwiches and cream of tomato soup to dip them in. He fed his slaves one at a time, guiding each into the kitchen separately, undoing their gags and making sure they had enough to eat. All the while, each of their vibrators were doing their duty and humming away.

A warm washcloth cleaned each girl up nicely so he could get them ready for their afternoon nap, or at least one of them, anyway

Stephanie felt herself being guided again. She had had a couple of small orgasms during her trial runs around the house, but having to concentrate on walking or eating prevented the larger ones from erupting inside of her. She let out a slight squeal as the stranger picked her up over his shoulder and carried her upstairs.

At the top of the stairs, the intruder set Stephanie down and took hold of her leash. Thankfully, she didn't have to hop but the short hobble was nearly as bad as she shuffled to try and keep up. Finally, with a short tap on her rear, they came to a halt.
The bound blonde was so concentrated on making sure she didn't trip, she hadn't had time to puzzle out where they were in the house. However, it became apparent when Stephanie was forced to sit and the familiar feel of her fluffy down comforter greeted her.

Stephanie's heart sank deeper. Her room was her sanctuary; a place that was hers and hers alone. Now the stranger was in here with her, violating that sacred space. He carefully arranged her on her bed, lashing her leash to the white enamel and brass head railing. She then felt the stranger tug at her hobbles, anchoring them to the foot of her bed.

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She still held the controls to her vibe and deep down inside, she was glad. At least she had control over something in this nightmare. The bound girl then felt the teasing fingers of the intruder gently pinching her already stiffened nipples, sending rumblings of pleasure through her.

The blonde squealed through her gag as she felt the cold jaws of some sort of clamp pinching down on her left nipple. The near pain shot through her as he continued the same treatment on the other on, a cold chain attaching one to the other.

A stroke across her stomach and a slight tap let Stephanie know that she was allowed to cum. Then she felt the stranger get up off of her bed and leave. Stephanie increased the pulsing buzz of the vibe to high and moaned as the bliss washed through her.

Jeff went down and gathered Michelle up and over his shoulder. Seeing his step-sister bound there on her bed caused his already aching cock to ache that much more. Michelle deserved some one on one time and Jeff decided that that time was now.

He carried the Oriental girl up the stairs and set her down on the top, just as he had his sister. Gathering up her lead, he gently tugged on his slave girl and she shuffled up behind him, mewling something unintelligible into her gag.

Jeff led her down the hall into his room. He had already prepped it for a visit from his sister before this adventure began, but Michelle would be the first to benefit from his labors.

He had a mission-style bed with lots of slats in both the headboard and the footboard. He had already secretly screwed in some eyebolts and had several lengths of chain attached to them. Maneuvering the Oriental girl around, he gave a gentle tap behind her leg, signaling for her to kneel down.

Michelle followed her order and knelt before Jeff.

Jeff unzipped his pants and began to caress Michelle's face with its tip, causing her to stir a bit. Reaching around to the back of her head, he began to unbuckle her head harness.

Then the doorbell rang...

Chapter 21 (added: 10/24/2009)

"What a fucking mess," Kim said to herself as she looked in her rearview mirror at her own disheveled face.

Kim didn't know what to do. Her parents had a major blow-out featuring cops and everything, including some fucking camera crew covering the whole damn mess. Her mom was now in jail for smacking her dad several times with an iron skillet and her dad was now nursing his wounded pride with tequila and scotch and curses. There was no fucking way she was going back in there without an armed escort so she had decided to spend last night in her car. Now she had to be at work in about an hour and she looked like shit.

What a fucking mess.

And, of course, all this went down while her best, and really only, friend decided to go on vacation with her parents; leaving her with no one to party or hang with.

Well, one thing was for fucking sure, she needed to clean herself up and the only real option was see if she could beg or borrow a shower from Stephanie's brother, Jeff.

Kim had met him several times and he seemed sorta cool in a nerdy, college-type way. He definitely looked hot with his dark, close-cropped hair and his teeth-flashing smile and his well built six-foot frame. If it wasn't for the nerdy part, Kim could see herself partying with him big time.

Kim pulled into the driveway. There was a car she didn't recognize parked out front and Jeff's Jeep in front of the garage door. She switched off the engine and took a deep breath before gathering up her uniform and ringing the doorbell.

The brunette pulled herself together as much as she could as she waited at the door. A few moments passed before she rang the bell again. This time she heard the door being unlocked before swinging open.

"Kim," Jeff said, a little out of breath, "What's up? Stephanie isn't back yet."

"I need to ask you a favor," Kim started slowly.

"What kind of favor?"

"Well, you see, my parents had another fucking fight last night and I don't want to go back there until things get cool again. . ."

"Kim, you really can't stay here," Jeff interrupted.

"No, no, no. . .that's not it at all. I just need a quick shower so I can get ready for work. That's all. I really don't have anywhere else to go. . ."

Jeff stood there pondering for a bit. There Kim stood, in her tight-fitting jeans and black t-shirt, her dark eyes pleading for him to do something. Once again he thought about nabbing the Latino beauty and once again he knew that keeping two non-consenting slaves would be nearly impossible until he had his step-sister fully trained. However, turning her away was not the right thing to do either. It might arouse suspicion. So he nodded his head.

"Okay, but make it quick. I have somebody over."

Kim smiled at the thought that Jeff was 'entertaining' while his parents were gone, "I'll be in and out, promise, I don't want to get in your hair."

Jeff escorted Kim upstairs. The doors to both to his bedroom and Stephs were closed thankfully as he showed Kim the bathroom.

"You should find everything in there you need," Jeff said, "I'll get you some fresh towels and washcloths."

While Jeff ducked down the hallway to the linen closet, Kim wondered who Jeff's friend was and where he was keeping her; probably in his bedroom sleeping off a late morning one-on-one. She giggled a little as Jeff handed her the towels.

"I shouldn't be too long," Kim said as she closed the bathroom door.

As soon as the door shut, Jeff went down the hall to check on his step-sister Stephanie. There she was, still bound on her bed, her hands still tied behind her back and her ankles lashed together and fastened to the foot of the Stephanie's bed. Her white latex hood still covered her head and a red ball gag was forced between her lips. Jeff could hear his sister moaning as her vibrator was doing its job.

Quickly Jeff traced a line across her stomach just above her sex.

Stephanie whined into her gag but Jeff re-traced the line more firmly, emphasizing that Stephanie was not allowed to cum. Jeff didn't want Kim to hear her moans and discover where they came from.

Shutting the door, Jeff went and listened at the bathroom door. He could hear the shower running. Again, the thought of turning Kim into a prisoner surfaced and he checked the bathroom doorknob.

It was locked.

Fate had made the decision for him. Kim would be free to go work at the hardware store, leaving Jeff with just a future fantasy. It was for the best really.

Jeff crossed the hall to his bedroom. Michelle was still kneeling there, her blindfolded eyes looking up at him questioningly as she heard him enter the room. Jeff had refastened her gag before going to answer the door so Michelle could only make unintelligible grunts through her gag.

Jeff unzipped his pants again and pulled out his stiffened cock. Stepping towards the bound Asian girl, he began to rub its head over Michelle's face.

Michelle enjoyed the feel of Jeff's hot, hard cock rubbing across her cheeks and over her forehead. She couldn't make out who was at the door other than it being another girl and she didn't know what was said. But Jeff had left the bedroom door open now and she could hear the sounds of a shower being run.

Jeff brushed his cock under Michelle's nose and she smelt his desire, a sort of musky smell that promised more than just a quick blowjob. Michelle tried to nuzzle him to take more action, but he backed away, teasing her.

"So, slave, do you want this?" Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded, moaning into her gag.

"Show me how much you want this, slave," Jeff said sternly.

Michelle's vibe was still humming as she writhed on the floor kneeling, lifting herself up and thrusting her chest out for him to touch.

Jeff undid her blindfold and looked into Michelle's dark, almond-shaped eyes.

"Do you want me to fuck you slave?"

Again Michelle nodded and moaned louder into her gag.

As Jeff wagged his cock in front of Michelle, Kim was humming to herself in the shower, enjoying the feeling of washing all her troubles down the shower drain, at least for a few minutes. Finally, she decided that she needed to get back to reality and get ready for another day of selling mums and manure in the garden part of the store.

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself all over. Kim loved the smell of all the soaps and conditioners and body washes that still clung in the moist air as she began to get dressed. Seeing her panties laying there, she really didn't want to wear them a second day. Perhaps she would wrap a towel around herself and skip over to Stephanie's room for a clean pair. Kim was sure that Steph wouldn't mind at all.

Both Jeff and Michelle heard the shower turn off. Quickly Jeff slid himself back into his jeans and zipped them up. This was part of the thrill; doing it within seconds of being caught at any time. It just made his cock ache that much more. Quickly he traced a line over Michelle's belly, trusting that she wouldn't cum until he let her. He went out into the hallway, shutting his bedroom door behind him.

At that second, Kim opened the bathroom door cocooned in nothing but a towel.

"Whoa, Jeff," Kim laughed as she nearly collided with him.

"I just wanted to see if you needed anything else," Jeff stammered, "I heard the shower turn off. . ."

"I was hoping to borrow something of your sisters out of her room."

"No," Jeff said quickly, stepping over to block Kim from going that direction, "I really don't think Steph would want you getting into her things."

Kim was startled by Jeff's reaction. He was usually very easy-going and loose. Now he was all uptight.

"I just need to get one little thing and then I am outta here. You and your girl friend then can party all you want."

As Kim stepped towards Stephanie's door, Jeff stood firm, "No."

"C'mon Jeff, you aren't going to force me to wear a pair of dirty panties again, are you?"

"Is that what you need?" Jeff asked.

"Yes, that's it. Just let me get a pair then I am gone," Kim said, getting a little disgusted at Stephanie's brother.

"Okay then, let me get you a pair while you stay here."

Jeff turned, opened his sister's door a crack, and slipped in, closing the door behind him. Kim thought she heard someone moan inside there but she wasn't quite sure. Then a wide grin crossed her face as she realized why Jeff didn't want her in there. Jeff was doing his girlfriend in his sister's bed. Kinky. Wait 'til Stephanie came home and she gave her all the lowdown on her brother. Kim stepped back and waited patiently for the underwear. Soon Jeff squeezed back through the door, holding a pair of his sister's white panties.

"Thanks," Kim said, quickly grabbing them and popping back into the bathroom to finish getting dressed.

Jeff let out a silent sigh of relief. If Kim had found his step-sister bound the way she was, Jeff would have had no choice but to capture Kim and there would be a cascade of problems associated with that scenario, including what to do with his captive witness Michelle. Disaster had been adverted, for now.

Jeff elected to stay in Stephanie's room. He didn't want to appear as a stalker, waiting for Kim outside the bathroom door but he had to make sure Kim didn't discover Steph either.

Stephanie felt the stranger sit beside her on her bed. She had turned the vibrator off so as to not disobey him. It had proved painful in the past and the blonde girl wanted to avoid the whippings and the clamps if at all possible.

The bound blonde felt his fingertips slowly caressing small circles around her stiffened nipples. She whimpered into her gag as she slowly began to squirm on the bed. Her nips were already aching with desire and his feather-like touches made them that much more sensitive.

The stranger then pinched them gently.

Little jolts of pleasure shot through her. Stephanie moaned into her gag as she pressed herself against him as best she could.

Then he stopped and clamped his hand over Stephanie's gag.

"I'm outta here," Kim yelled as Jeff heard her going down the stairs.

Hurriedly Jeff got out of his step-sister's bedroom and down the hall.

"Do you want me to lock the door?" Kim yelled.

"Yes, please," Jeff replied from the top of the stairs.

Kim looked up and grinned, "I will leave you two to whatever."

Stephanie's best friend then closed the door behind herself.

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Jeff watched Kim as she climbed into her car, start it up and head to her job. Even dressed in her orange shirt and tan slacks, she looked gorgeous. He could imagine putting a few ropes around her. . .

No, better not think of that now.

Taking his time, Jeff made his way back into his sister's bedroom. Again he sat down beside her and began to knead her breasts. She was writhing on the bed now as well as pleading through her gag. Finally Jeff traced a line across her belly followed by a single tap. Immediately Jeff heard the sound of her vibrator being turned on as she squirmed a bit more violently in her bonds.

Jeff wanted to stick around and watch the show, but he had other plans.

Michelle grinned around her gag as she saw the door open and Jeff stepped through.

"Do you still want this, slave?" Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded as she thrust herself out to him.

Jeff unzipped his jeans and dropped them and his skivvies to the floor, carefully stepping out of them. He stepped in front of the kneeling, bound delivery girl and began to tease her with his cock again, tracing it around her face.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slave?"

Michelle nodded and she nuzzled forcibly against his crotch and moaned.

Jeff grabbed her under her arms and lifted her onto the edge of his bed. Then lifting her legs, he pushed them over her head and down, forcing her to spread her knees. Her sex glistened and he gently removed the buzzing vibe.

Michelle watched down between her legs as Jeff eased himself into her. She was already wet from the vibrator as he easily slipped his full length into her. Slowly, he began to thrust into her. As she met his every stroke, she could feel the storm inside her building as he pumped her faster and faster.

Then Jeff thrust deep inside her and held there.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

Michelle screamed into her gag.

"I haven't commanded you to cum yet slave."

Jeff began fucking her faster and he could hear Michelle panting harder and harder between moans. She could feel the rapture building inside of her with each thrust as she closed her eyes and tried to force it down.

Michelle screamed as Jeff pinched her nipples.

"Don't cum!"

Telling Michelle that would be like telling the moon not to rise. The pleasure was battering at her soul, trying to engulf Michelle. She moaned, bucked, and whimpered as he hammered her.


Michelle felt him squirting inside her as she let herself be crushed in torrents of white-hot bliss. Again and again, whorls of pleasure ripped through her as she felt Jeff collapse on top of her, hugging her with all his might until she felt him soften inside of her and then withdraw.

The Asian girl rolled over on her side, drool running down her chin as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She quickly opened them again as she felt herself being rolled over and the vibe being reinserted into her. Jeff curled up into the bed beside her and pulled her to him, her hot skin next to his.

At that moment, nothing else mattered to Michelle other then the feel of Jeff against her back as she lay helpless in his arms.

Chapter 22 (added: 01/03/2010)

Stephanie lay cocooned in the afterglow of her climax, relishing the delicious feeling. She had managed to turn off her vibrator and now she rested curled-up on her own bed wondering what would be next.

When the stranger left and gave her the command that she could cum if she wanted to, the blonde girl took full advantage of it and let all of her pent-up frustrations gush out in a whirlwind of rapture. Now, being bound as she was, all she could really do was to think and speculate on what the stranger's plans for her were. Every scenario she came up with involved her being a slave like this for a very long time.

She tugged once again at the rope hobbled lashed to the foot of the bed. Of course, it did not give. She hummphhed her aggravation into her gag as she lay back down.

The good thing was that the leash that had been wrapped around the headboard railing had loosened and come off, allowing Stephanie to sit up. She figured it must have became loose during her erotic writhing. The lead still hung from her collar but it did not pin her to the bed.

Stephanie then realized that she was starting to feel the need to go pee.

The last thing that the bound blonde wanted to do was soil her own bed. She needed to get to a toilet or least a tile floor before it was too late. She hated to think what the stranger would do if she soiled herself. He would probably force her face into it like a misbehaving puppy; or worse.

Stephanie twisted herself around. The rope harness holding her bound wrists behind her back just below her shoulder blades made it almost impossible to get to the rope hobbling her ankles.


The captives fluttering fingers finally touched some rope, the length that lashed her hobble to the foot railing. Carefully, she twisted and scooted until the fingers of her one hand touched a knot.

Gently feeling the ridges, Stephanie tried to picture in her mind the knot the best she could. Even if she didn't have the damn latex hood covering her face and eyes, she still couldn't have turned her head to see the knot that was keeping her on her bed.

Slowly she worked at the knot, pinching and pulling, gaining fractions of looseness, but Stephanie kept at it. She focused her entire self in working out that knot. She ignored the cramps in her legs and side as she forced herself to keep in that twisted position until at last the knot parted.

Pushing herself back down the bed, she pulled at the rope holding her ankles until it pulled free. She was still hobbled but she could make her way to the toilet.

Before she could go, however, she had to take care of one other little thing; the vibrator.

Writhing on the bed, Stephanie found the controls that she had dropped. Gently pulling on the cord and opening her legs as wide as she could, she managed to slowly pull out the vibe and let it drop to the floor.

Stephanie swung her legs down and carefully stood herself up. She knew the layout of her home and the trials and tribulations of this morning helped her get used to moving about while blind and in bondage. One tiny step at a time she made her way to the door.

The doorknob, of course, was too low for her to just turn around and nab with one hand. Planting her feet as wide as her hobbles would allow, Stephanie slowly bent her knees until she could get to the knob. Quietly, she turned it and opened the door a crack.

Though the latex hood covered her ears, she could still hear louder noises. She carefully listened and she didn't hear a thing. Using her shoulder, she opened the door all the way and took a very short step out into the hall.

No stranger grabbed her. No cropped whipped her for not staying bound in her bed like a good slave.

Slowly she shuffled across the hall to where she thought the bathroom would be. Her toes stubbed themselves on the wall. Leaning a little to feel the wall, she followed it down until she felt the doorway to the bathroom.

Of course, the door was shut. Again she bent down until she could get at the doorknob to turn it. She shambled in and with her shoulder, shut the door as quietly as possible.

The tile was cold on her bare feet as she used her hip to feel the edge of the counter and to the open space where the toilet should be. Very carefully, she backed herself up until she felt the cool of the porcelain lip.

Slowly, she sat herself down only to discover the lid was shut.

Kneeling and shuffling and grunting into her ball gag, Stephanie quietly lifted the lid and sat down again.

As she began to pee, she never felt as relieved as she did at that moment. Stephanie had a problem and worked it out; a clear objective and a clear accomplishment of that objective. The blonde was proud of herself.

"Now what", Stephanie thought to herself.

How many days had gone by? She really hadn't thought about it. She tried to remember the meals that she had and she figured out that it was probably Monday afternoon. She should have been out at the beach taking in the sun and flirting with the surfers that would throw her those lame-ass lines. Or she should have been taking in a new movie or just hanging out at the mall. But no, she was a captive in her own house and there was no one to rescue her.

She needed to escape and now seemed to be a good time.

The front door was only a flight of stairs and a short hallway away. Stephanie was sure that she could get it open and make her way outside. Surely there would be someone at home like old Mrs. Lynch. She was always at home spying on all the kids. Probably kept a diary of everything she saw. Of course, Stephanie was sure this would be her best entry yet, seeing a bound naked Steph hobbling down the front walk, yelling into her gag as loud as she could.

Slowly Stephanie got up from the porcelain stool and shuffled to the bathroom door.

She hadn't shut it all the way. She hadn't wanted to make trouble for herself on the way back out. Stephanie chided herself for thinking, at first, of just going back to her bedroom and waiting for the stranger to reappear and use her again. No, she needed to try to save her brother, the other girl and herself.

Gingerly, the bound blonde made her way down the hallway to the top of the stairs. Using the wall, she slowly sat herself down. Stephanie had decided the best way of getting down those stairs was on her ass. The length of rope between her hobbles was too short for her to try to walk down the flight, even one step at a time.

Scooting on her butt, she carefully made it down one stair at a time, counting each stair as she went. As many times as she had been up and down those stairs, she hadn't noticed just how many there were. Now she would know for future reference.

Finally Stephanie felt the carpet at the foot of the stairs.

Taking a deep breath and using the railing, Stephanie leveraged herself up until she was standing. Taking shuffling steps, the blonde made her way down the short hallway to the front door.

Stephanie had almost ran into it, but the runner in front of the door keyed her into stopping. Turning around, she backed up to the door and bent her knees again. Feeling the knob, she turned the lock and deadbolt then pulled the door open.

The doorknob ripped out of her hands as the door slammed shut.

The bound girl screamed into her gag as the stranger grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. Stephanie squirmed and kicked as she was carried sobbing through the house and down another flight of stairs.

He was taking her into the basement.

Stephanie bucked and screamed some more, but bound as she was, she could do very little. Not too gently, the stranger rolled her onto the cold concrete floor.

Jeff quickly forced his stepsister onto her belly and yanked the rope between her hobbles towards her bound wrists. The small rope that had lashed her hobble to her bed still was tangled in her hobble, so he used it to tie his captive into a strict hogtie, one she wasn't going to get out of.

He watched as his sister struggled on the floor and cried into her gag. She had almost gotten away. If he hadn't heard the jingling of her chain lead on the stairs, she would have gotten away. He had quietly caught up to her a purposely waited until she had the door open before crushing her attempt.

Jeff had thought she had given up and that her training would be easier than he thought. But he was wrong. Now he had to make sure that all hope of escape was crushed out of her ruthlessly.

After making sure that there was no way Stephanie could escape out of her bindings, Jeff grabbed an empty laundry basket and started making a mental list of what he needed to punish her.

Jeff cursed himself for not taking the proper steps in securing his sister. As he made his way up the stairs, he realized this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the book he had read, the breaking of a ladies' spirit was very much a part of the training process.

Quickly he peeked into his room. Michelle was still there, curled up and resting after their love-making session. There was a slight smile around her gag as she slept. Michelle was still bound tightly, including her hobbled feet, so she wasn't going anywhere soon. Jeff shut the door and went into his parent's bedroom.

Setting the basket on the bed, he began filling it with lengths of rope, a riding crop, the cattle prod, some nipple-clamps, his voice-changing toy and a box that he had stumbled across earlier. He made a pit stop into their bathroom where he found the emergency medical tub and pulled out several rolls of ace bandages. Another short stop in his sister's room to grab something out of her Saxophone case to add to the pile of toys he was going to use on her.

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Checking his basket twice, he was sure that he had everything he needed. He made his way downstairs to the basement and his blonde captive.

Stephanie wasn't struggling much anymore. She lay there sobbing, a pool of drool forming where her head lay.

"You have been very bad, slave," Jeff said calmly, his voice turning into a deeper metallic sound one through the toy through which he spoke.

Jeff's step-sister mewled into her gag and squirmed a bit in her hogtie.

"You must be punished."

The bound girl cringed as he touched her to undo the rope binding her wrists to her ankles. As soon as they parted, Jeff tried to pull his sister up, but she fought him by curling up.

"Stand, slave, or you will REALLY regret it."

Stephanie let him help her stand. How could she be so stupid as to think she could get away. The stranger was probably watching her the entire time, laughing to himself at the futility of what she was trying to do.

The bound girl felt him tie some more rope to the harness he had tied around her shoulders. As she stood there, she felt it being pulled above her, forcing her to stand upright. There was one more tug, forcing her to stand on the balls of her feet as she almost dangled above the cement floor.

Stephanie was out of tears so all she could do was to plead into her gag, but that did nothing to stop the stranger. He pulled at her ponytail in back of her latex hood, forcing her head up.

"Stay," the metallic voice commanded.

Stephanie did as she was told. Soon she felt something being wrapped over her ball-gagged mouth and around her head tightly as well as to the rope suspending her, forcing her head straight. Around and around the stranger pulled it until Stephanie was sure that she couldn't be heard at all if she screamed at the top of her lungs. Still, she tried to plead with the stranger, but she was also sure that he would ignore her whimpers.

The girl then felt a tap above her sex.

Stephanie shook her head no and tried to back away as far as she could, but she felt the tap again, this time a little harder.

Unwillingly, the blonde slowly thrust herself out to the stranger as far as she could. She knew it was going to be painful and she braced herself for whatever the stranger was going to do to her. Then she felt him touch her puss.

Gently, he caressed her around her lips with his fingertip, teasing her with touches light as a feather. Slowly, his touch became for firm as he parted her sex-swollen petals and began rubbing up and down her moistened slit.

"You have been a very bad slave, have you not?" the metallic voice asked.

Stephanie nodded, crying.

"A bad slave needs to be punished," the voice continued as he began to tickle her now-swollen clit.

Stephanie whimpered into her gag, trying to plead as best as she could not to hurt her. She had made a mistake and it would not happen again.

The stranger's tickling of her clit sent ripples of pleasure through her despite her imminent torture. God, she wished she had gone straight back to her bed.

The stranger stopped his caresses and Stephanie felt a cold tip pressing against her left nipple. He traced the tip to her other one before guiding it over the flat of her stomach to the pleasure-swollen lips of her sex.

The tip rested on clit.

Stephanie started to back up...

"Stop!" the voice commanded.

The captive girl did, mewling into her gag.

"Present yourself again, slave."

Hesitantly, Stephanie thrust herself out again until she felt the cold touch of the prod between her legs; touching her clit.

The pain was like a bee sting ripping through her as the cattle prod sparked. Stephanie screamed in agony as she writhed dangling in her ropes. As the pain ebbed, she felt another tap above her puss.

Stephanie shook her head, but she felt the tap again, then a third time. Slowly she thrust herself out again.

The stranger's finger began caressing her pussy again, rubbing up and down her slick slit and touching her clit. The slightest touch caused a shower of pleasure to rush throughout her, her clit being that sensitive.

The stranger eased his finger inside of her and tenderly started to fuck her with it. Stephanie found herself moaning in pleasure as he picked up the pace.

Then he stopped.

Jeff picked up the black wooden box he had found in his parent's bedroom. Inside was several plastic domes of various sizes and a device that resembled a science fiction pistol. He has seen the vacuum cups being used on several bondage websites and he educated himself in their use, hoping to one day afford a set. But the treasure trove of sexual toys he found in his parent's armoire gave him a plethora of tools that he normally wouldn't have; like the vacuum cup set he now held.

But first things first; Jeff needed to get Steph off of her feet.

The bound blonde felt the stranger untying her ankles. Then there was a slight tap on her thigh. Dangling as she was, she could only open her legs so far without losing her footing. She felt a rope being knotted around one of her ankles tightly.

Stephanie screamed into her gag as she felt her one bound foot being yanked out from underneath her. The rope harness prevented her from falling but now she was being suspended by it while she tried to find her footing with her other foot. The stranger was tying her ankle up towards the ceiling, making it difficult for the young woman to stand again.

Just as her toes found the cold cement floor, the blonde felt the stranger grabbing her other ankle and winding another piece of rope around it. Again she squealed as he pulled her other ankle up and tying it off to the ceiling. Now she hung off the floor by her rope harness and by her ankles that were spread wide apart.

Stephanie struggled a bit in her suspension, imploring into her gag, but deep down inside of her, she knew it would do her no good. Now she was naked and helpless in the cool dark of the basement with her legs spread wide open and her pussy vulnerable to anything he wished to do to it.

The bound girl felt something tickle at her pleasure-swollen lips, gently brushing between them and at her tender clit. The pain had ebbed away and now it was replaced by rushes of pleasure as the tendrils touched her.

The feather was soon replaced by the stranger's finger, gently inserting itself between her lips and stroking slowly up and down in her moistened slit. Soon the girl found herself rocking her hips to his rhythm.

The stranger then stopped and carefully spread her lips to reveal her pink bud, gently massaging in some sort of gel.

Stephanie felt something being pressed down around her clit; ringing it. The stranger adjusted it a bit, pressing down firmly before she started to feel it start to suck at her. The feeling was intense as he continued to pump out the air, causing her clit to engorge itself in its little bell-shaped tube. Soon, it felt like it was going to explode with pleasure and Stephanie began to groan through her gag.

With a quick click, Jeff unfastened the cup from the pump gun and fastened another one on. He had been careful with the one stuck on her clit, heeding the warnings not to overdo it. He wanted to punish his step-sister, not maim her.

The sensation on the bound blonde's clit was indescribable and intensely pleasurable. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was a constant tingling that aroused her immensely yet did not slake her desire.

Then she felt the same cool rim encircling her left nipple. Again Steph felt the suction on her nipple and it was stretched into the tube, sending more sparks of pleasure through her. The same treatment befell her other nipple, fanning the already burning erotic pyre inside her.

Jeff traced a line across her shaven mons. A sharp moan was her response as she squirmed in her bonds.

He let her hang for a bit as her struggles became less and less. There was nothing for her to do but wait for what was to come. Reaching down into the clothes baskets, he picked up the item he snatched from her saxophone case; a tuning fork. He rapped it on the concrete floor and its medium pitch hummed through the fork.

Jeff stepped over to his suspended sis and placed the vibrating fork on one of the cups sucking her nipples.

Stephanie squealed his pleasure as the vibrations hummed through the cup, sending a shower of pleasure running through her. Again and again, the stranger alternated between the left nip and the right, pouring more tinder on her already raging fires that she knew would engulf her soon despite her efforts to stave them off.

Then the captor touched the cup surrounding her clit.

Pure white-hot bliss shot though her, completely swallowing her in its fires. She bucked and screamed and came again and again as the vibrating fork touched her again and again, draining her entirely.
"Bad slave," the metallic voice said calmly.

The rapture of the moment dissolved into fear as she realized she had cum without his permission. She began to sob again, though there were no more tears to be had.

She felt the cold steel points of the prod touch her ass.

Stephanie pleaded into her gag; crying. The stranger caressed her naked body with its tip; over her ribs and around her stomach and brushing her breasts.

Then he stopped.

The bound girl tensed, waiting, panting into her gag.

Nothing happened.

"Think about what you have done, slave," the metallic voice told her, "I will return to punish you soon."

With that, Jeff crept up the basements stairs, leaving his step-sister to her thoughts and nightmares.

Chapter 23 (added: 06/20/2010)

Jeff rested on his parents' bed, looking at the vast array of toys that his father and stepmother had collected. There was everything there that he had dreamt of owning and then some. He guessed that there had to be ten different ball gags alone. One part of the armoire was devoted solely to vibrators of all shapes and sizes. Normally the sex lives of one's parents would make Jeff shudder, but he was glad their tastes in the bedroom ran the same as his.

Stephanie had been alone in the basement for quite some time and Jeff meant for her to stay that way for a lot longer. He had visited her only once, removing the vacuum cups and replacing them with some cloverleaf clamps and twine, pulling her nipples and clitoris loosely toward the exposed joists. As long as she didn't move too much, the clamps would only tease and not tighten. Jeff wanted her to be alone in her thoughts of what was to come next. He wanted to break her spirit, not shatter her body.

Jeff thoughts wandered back to Michelle, bound tightly on Jeff's bed. She was a very unexpected and wonderful surprise but there was no way he could 'keep' her for the long term as he had planned for his step-sister. No, watching over two slaves, even if one of them was very willing, was tiring. He had to keep his focus on his blonde sister in the basement so he could make her into the slave of his dreams.

That didn't mean, however, that Jeff would ignore Michelle's charms. He was sure that she would play a role in the future, perhaps even taking over Stephanie's reins once in awhile. . .

Jeff shook the thought from his head. One step at a time, he reminded himself.

It was time to check on Michelle.

Michelle was still bound on the bed the way he had left her, dozing in her bindings. Her wrists were tied behind her back to the rope harness that looped around her shoulders. A black leather collar graced her throat and her ankles were hobbled together by rope. Drool seeped out of the corner of her mouth around the black leather ball gag fastened tightly behind her tousled raven-colored hair. Her blindfold lay beside her, Jeff having taken it off earlier. The oriental girl was simply delicious to watch as she slept in her bindings.

Jeff undressed and carefully crawled into bed with her so as to not wake her. It didn't take him long to find the controls to the vibrator still within Michelle, though it's humming was silent.

He turned on the switch.

The oriental girl twitched a bit and a slight moan escaped from behind her gag, but her eyes stayed closed. Finally, her eyes did open, smiling. Jeff smiled back at her.

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"Rise and shine, my beautiful slave," Jeff said, looking into her ebony eyes.

Michelle grunted something into her gag as she smiled around it. The ministrations of the vibe awoke her in more ways than one. Though she was a bit tired from their games, the thoughts that raced through her head and the knots keeping her helpless helped to waft the embers that were smoldering inside her. She wriggled closer to Jeff, pressing her slender body against his.

Jeff reached out and brushed Michelle's hair back, "So, are you in the mood for something?"

Michelle mewled and pressed herself further against Jeff. She could feel his erection hot against her belly. His fingers lingered over her shoulders and sides; caressing her hips and thighs. If Michelle had been free of her bonds, she would have pushed him onto his back and ridden him hard. But with her wrists and ankles tied as they were, there was no way she could have her way with him. Her helplessness only fueled her fires.

Jeff shifted himself over her and reached over to the nightstand, where he found a loose strand of rope. He edged her over and straddled her, tying the rope to the front of her collar. Michelle looked down at his rampant cock pointing its head right at her, swaying with his movements. He then eased himself off of her.

Grabbing Michelle's ankles, he lifted them over her head, opening her legs. He then tied her collar rope to the rope hobble on her ankles, drawing the two closer together until Michelle started to squirm and moan uncomfortably.

The girl's glistening sex was now fully exposed. She watched as Jeff gently pulled the vibrator out from within her and began to tease at her slit with its tip.
Michelle watched helplessly, trying to force herself harder against the vibe, but Jeff drew it away as soon as she did, laughing. She tried to moan her needs to him, but he just continued to taunt her with the buzzing apparatus.

Then Jeff laid the humming wand on top of her sex.

"Do you want something?" Jeff asked.

Michelle nodded, whimpering into her gag.

Jeff smiled, "I bet you want me to do something for you. . ."

Again, Michelle nodded.

"I bet you want me to tickle you!" Jeff said.

The bound girl screamed 'No!' into her gag before Jeff's fingers attacked the exposed soles of her feet. Peals of laughter erupted from her as she writhed and bucked to try to get away from him. Michelle had always been super ticklish, something she tried to hide from her boyfriends. Now Jeff was taking full advantage of it mercilessly.

"Had enough?" Jeff asked after a bit, allowing Michelle to catch her breath.

Panting, the oriental girl nodded vehemently.

"Can I have my way with you?" he asked, his fingers poised to tickle her ribs.

Michelle nodded again.

"Any way I want?"

Michelle moaned her consent.

"Anywhere I want?"

The bound girl looked up at him, questioningly, hesitating.

Jeff's fingers began to tickle Michelle's ribs, causing more squealing laughter to explode out of her. Tears were running out of her eyes and she was gasping for air around the leather ball gag. He kept up his attack for about a minute before letting her catch her wind.

"Again, anywhere I want?" he asked with an evil grin on his face.

Michelle agreed. Really, there was very little she could do. All sorts of images danced through her libido as she lay bound beneath him, most of them involved her being taken tied up as she was in the trunk of his car and driven to a remote place to 'play'.

"Okay then, let's get you ready"

Time was lost to Stephanie as she hung bound down in her cellar. A rope harness held her tied wrists behind her back and another pair of ropes, one tied to each ankle, held her legs wide open. The harness around her shoulders and neck also helped suspend her from the basement ceiling. In addition to her white latex hood, a ball gag filled her mouth and an ace bandage was wrapped around her head as well. But it was the clamps that gave her the most discomfort.

A pair of clips clamped down on each of her nipples as well as one tightened on her sensitive clit. Stephanie could feel all three had strings running from them to the ceiling. Each time she moved a bit, the clamps tugged at her, sending little rushes of painful pleasure through her.

In order to keep her mind off of the dull aches in her shoulders and ankles, Stephanie tried to keep her mind focused on something else. As her mind drifted, she began thinking about her brother, Jeff. What was happening to him and how he was coping. Though Jeff was somewhat of a nerd, he also was a kind of a person that never let anything get him down. That is what she liked about him, he always seemed to have a smile ready to lighten a room.

Where was he now?, Stephanie questioned to herself. Was he here in the basement with her, bound just a few feet away from her and not knowing she was down there with him?

An icy thought went through her head; what if he could see her?

The blonde felt herself flush with a heated dread. What would he think of her? Did he see her cum? Perhaps they forced him to watch as they played with her. How could he ever look at her again knowing that she had enjoyed being bound as she was. Stephanie hated that she desired to be helpless; that her orgasms were the most explosive that she had ever had. . .

Better not to dwell on it, Steph told herself; Better to think about something else.

Try as she might, the captive blonde's thoughts always came back to the carnal events of the past few days. She remembered the ways that the stranger touched and tied her and making her 'love' him back. Deep down inside she knew she would never be able to enjoy sex in the 'normal' way again. She had enjoyed being a sex toy too much.

Then she felt something on her ankle: a slight tickle.

At first, Stephanie thought that she was imagining things. Then she felt the tickle begin to crawl down the inside of her calve. Something was crawling on her.

The girl gave an involuntary shiver that caused her to tug on the clamps on her nipples and clit. A rush of near pain gushed through her, feeding the smoldering pyre that she had already set in herself. It also caused whatever that was climbing on her to stop, whether it was a bug or spider. . .

God, she hoped it wasn't a spider. She hated going down into the basement just because of that. Too many warnings of Black Widows and Brown Recluses when she was a kids. At one point, one of her friends had convinced her that spider webs actually bit people by themselves. She couldn't bring herself to watch 'Arachnophobia' or 'Eight Legged Freaks'.

Stephanie felt the thing move again, continuing its trip down the inner part of calve and onward to her thigh. She tried shaking her one leg a bit, biting into her gag as the clamp pulled on her swollen clit, but the bug continued down until it stopped halfway down her inner thigh.

The blonde girl was now terrified to move. Her whole being was now focused on the critter that was making her his super highway. Stephanie definitely did not want it to move further towards her open puss.

The bug moved to the back of her thigh.

Stephanie froze, holding her breath. It seemed like an eternity as the bug clung onto her thigh. Each second, the fear within the girl fed upon itself until the bug fell off.

The captive girl collapsed in her bonds, panting through her nose. Panting became sobbing. She wanted out of the basement. She would do anything ; absolutely anything. This was far worse than the stinging of the cattle prod or the lashing of the crop.

Soon, the girl ran out of tears. The dull aches, eclipsed by her fears, reappeared. Again, Stephanie needed to think of something else as she hung as helpless as a damselfly in a spiders' web.

Michelle was ready. She was standing at the door waiting for Jeff to come and open it for her, since she couldn't do it herself. A storm of butterflies raced through her stomach as she stood there, helpless, wondering where he was going to take her.

As per her instructions, Michelle had packed a few items to wear to go home in. In a small bag she had brought a pair of black, tight-fitting jeans and a bright red t-shirt with a dragon emblazoned on it. She had also packed a pair of running shoes; much more comfortable than her heels she came in as well as a pair of panties and a few personal items.

Jeff had dressed Michelle in her own jeans and shoes. After undoing her rope hobble, Jeff brought in a pair of black latex panties that sported not only their own vibrator, but also a forest of nubs the rubbed against her puss every time she moved, sending a shower of pleasure gushing through her. He had pulled them on her himself, making sure that the gel vibe was fully inside her. Currently the vibe was off and that was a good thing because Jeff had ordered her not to cum until he told her she could. Jeff had pulled on her jeans as well as her shoes and retied her hobble.

The red t-shirt, however, was still in her bag. After taking one look at it, he had decided that it was much too tight for what he had in mind. Instead, he took out of his closet an UCLA sweat shirt, the kind that had a hood and pockets in the front. After attaching a pair of chained nipple clamps to her stiffened nipples, he pulled the shirt over her head with her arms still bound behind her back to the rope harness. The bulkiness of the garment hid the fact she was bound. He filled the long sleeves with a few rags and stuck the ends of them in the pockets, thus helping the illusion he was trying to create. The black leather collar still encircled her throat and the leather gag still filled her mouth. He pulled the hood over her head to help hide her face.

Michelle was ready.

Jeff appeared beside her with the coat she was wearing when she came over in the other night draped over his forearm.

"Ready," he asked, grabbing the end of her leash.

Michelle 'ummmmph'ed her reluctance.

Jeff opened the door and gave Michelle's leash a tug. The early afternoon sun was warm and she could hear the sounds of lawnmowers and birds creating a quiet urban symphony. The hobble let Michelle take small steps and she hurried to keep up with Jeff. She did not want anyone to see her like this, especially with Jeff pulling her leash. She was so focused on keeping up and not tripping that she was surprised when they reached the curb and her car.

"Got your keys?" Jeff asked her.

"nnuhhh," she shook her head. Her keys were in her coat pocket.

"Are they with your purse inside?"

Again, Michelle shook her head and tried to tell him through her gag.

"I better go back and get them. I will be right back."

The oriental girl was petrified as he left her standing by her car door. She bowed her head and hoped none of the neighbors would notice her hobbles and leash. The butterflies in her stomach now had turned into wasps as she held her breath, waiting.

The fear of being discovered also fueled the smoldering desires inside of her. The latex panties were doing their job, massaging her slit with its tendrils and causing whorls of pleasure rushing through her.

Finally, Jeff appeared at her side again.

"I found them in your coat," he said holding them up for her inspection, "Why didn't you tell me they were there?"

Michelle gave him an exasperated moan as he unlocked her door and helped her into the passenger-side seat. Getting in was difficult because of the hobbles, but Michelle sat herself down first then swung her legs inside. Once in, Jeff adjusted and fastened her seatbelt and got in on his side.

"Okay, since it has been my place for the past few days, I thought we might try yours," Jeff said as he started her car and eased it away from the curb, "I hope you don't mind. Not that it matters much."

It wasn't as if Michelle hadn't had guys up in her apartment before, but this was a bit different. He was in control, not her. Really, she had little say in the matter. The gag made sure of that. No, all she could do is settle in her seat and have more nightmares of being seen like this in her own building.

Jeff fished something out of his pocket; a remote. At a stop sign, he turned and smiled at her as he turned it on.

"Remember, no cumming until I give you permission."

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The vibrator started to pulse within her, sending a fresh wave of bliss through her. The buzz throbbed off and on, causing her to writhe in her seat. The safety belt kept her well pinned, however, and with the way she was tied, she could do little but enjoy the feeling.

"I hope you're not enjoying yourself too much," Jeff said, "People might be watching."

Jeff switched the vibrator on full.

Michelle moaned into her gag as her small, slender body arched against the belt. She opened her eyes a second to see if anyone was watching. The hood cloaked most of her face, thankfully. They were driving down one of the main streets now and the traffic was a bit on the busy side. She closed her eyes and moaned again as another wave of fiery bliss washed through her.

The thought of being discovered added to her fires in a way Michelle hadn't had dreamed of. Each time they stopped at a light or slowed for a turn, the mixture of dread and desire made her pleasure soar that much more. She could feel her climax starting to swell inside her. . .

"We're here," Jeff said in a sing-song manner.

Michelle opened her eyes and saw that they were in the far corner of her apartment buildings parking lot. It would be an eternity before they would get to the front door hobbled the way she was, an eternity that she would be on the apartment building's security cameras. It was one of the reasons she had chosen to live here. Now Michelle was wishing that the security here wasn't quite so attentive.

Jeff leaned over and unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled her sweatshirt hood back.

"Do you want to cum, slave?" Jeff asked her, looking into her dark, almond-shaped eyes.

Michelle nodded. The purring vibrator inside her was quickly elevating the orgasmic storm inside her. The bound girl didn't know how much longer she could hold off cumming.

Jeff laughed as he got out of his seat and went around to the other side to open the door on Michelle's side. After opening her door, Jeff lifted her bound feet outside and began to untie her ankles, stuffing the rope inside her sweatshirt pockets. Little jets of pleasure shot through Michelle as Jeff flicked at her nipple clamps through her shirt, causing her to mewl a bit through her gag.

Michelle smiled as Jeff reached around and undid her gag, putting it with her ankle ropes.

"This is only temporary," Jeff said, "So don't get used to it. Now come along."

Jeff eased the oriental girl up out of her seat and closed her door, making sure it was locked. She felt his hand on the small of her back, firmly guiding her towards the building. Michelle hesitated.

"I can always bring you in by your leash, if you want," Jeff grinned.

"You wouldn't," Michelle replied back.

" 'You wouldn't __________,' " Jeff paused, hoping she would fill in the blank.

"You wouldn't, Master," she said, looking straight into his eyes.

Jeff had left on her collar and leash, though the later dangled beneath her sweatshirt. Jeff reached out to her collar and began pulling the leash out. . .

"No, Master, please," Michelle pleaded, "I will be good."

"That is a good slave," Jeff said, patting her on the head, "Now let's get started before you cause a scene."

Michelle let him guide her across the parking lot. Thankfully, there was no one about to notice her or her slight pauses as she shivered with pleasure, trying not to stumble. The nubs were massaging her sensitive clit with every step she took, sending ripples of bliss through her. The vibrator was doing its fair share as well and the combination of sensations coupled with the notion that she was bound in public, fanned her desires more and more.

"If you cum , Slave, I will punish you right here; right now," Jeff told Michelle firmly as he continued to guide her towards the building.

The bound girl felt that it took them over an hour to get to the door, even though it was closer to five minutes. Michelle was flushed with the efforts of trying to control her body and hoping it would not betray her. This was the part she had dreaded the most: the short distance from the secure doors to the elevators sitting on either side of the front desk. There was almost always a person there and she prayed that it wasn't Eric. Eric had a thing for her, even though he had never acted upon it. Michelle could tell by the furtive looks he would give her when he thought she wasn't paying attention. It wouldn't surprise her if he made duplicates of the security tapes just so he could drool at her over and over again.

As soon as Jeff unlocked the door for her, Michelle felt her stomach turn to molten lead. There was Eric, behind the counter, looking at them both.

Michelle gave Eric a quick smile as Jeff guided her over to the elevators. She tried not to fidget as they waited for the doors to open and she knew if she looked back at the counter, she would see Eric quickly trying to look away.

All of the sudden, the hum of the vibrator roared more violently and Michelle let out a little gasp. She could feel the tide of pleasure pressuring her soul to give in to it. She focused all of her being to not let that happen, not here; not in front of Eric.

With a quiet ping, the doors to the elevator opened and Michelle rushed in, followed by a smirking Jeff.

"What floor," Jeff asked.


The doors closed but Michelle knew that Eric was probably watching them now through the elevator's security camera. She focused on the red, digital numbers announcing each floor. Soon '3' appeared and the elevator slowed, then stopped, opening its doors.

Michelle let Jeff guide her out and down the hallway. She knew that Jeff knew her address from the package he sent her, but she was sure that he was unsure were to go. There were security cameras in the hallway as well and she could feel Eric's eyes on her. But soon they were in front of her door.

Jeff paused.

"Which key is it," he asked.

"The large one," she said, feeling like an anxious schoolgirl waiting in line and needing desperately to go pee.

" 'The large one __________' ," Jeff said.

"The large one, Master," she said in a hushed tone, not knowing if the cameras could her sounds as well.

"I couldn't hear you, slave."

"The large one, Master, sir," Michelle said a little louder, bowing her head.

Jeff put the large key into the door and swung it open. Michelle quickly stepped in, followed by Jeff. As soon as the door was closed, Michelle turned around and pressed herself against her 'Master'.

"Fuck me," Michelle nearly yelled, looking up at Jeff.

Jeff frowned at the short Asian woman in front of him, "Slave, you didn't say the magic word so it's going to cost you."

". . .Master," she added.

"Too late," Jeff said as he pulled the gag out from her pocket, "Open wide."

"Master, please. . .," Michelle pleaded, but Jeff ignored her and eased the leather gag between her teeth.

"I told you that being without a gag was just temporary. A slave should be seen, not heard. You obviously didn't pay attention to your lessons and now you will have to pay the price."

Michelle whimpered through her gag. She could feel a stormy bliss brewing inside of her, waiting to engulf her and she knew she could do something about it, like thrusting herself against a doorframe or on the edge of the counter, but she knew something bad would come of it if she tried.

Jeff hooked his fingers through a couple of her belt loops and pulled her up and forward. The pressure on her already tight jeans pushed the nubs of the latex panties further inside her slit, causing her to gasp.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

The girl moaned into her gag, nodding her head and pushing herself tighter against Jeff.

"On your knees and beg your Master to let you cum."
Michelle struggled to her knees and began to mewl into her gag as she nuzzled and the bulge in his crotch. To Jeff, this was what it was all about, having a bound girl craving for the type of release a key was useless for. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rampant cock. He then reached around the back of Michelle's head and unbuckled the gag. A string of drool clung to the black gag as he pulled it from between her lips.

Michelle didn't need to be told what to do next. She sealed her lips around his member and began to slowly work her way up and down his shaft, her tongue caressing it with each thrust. Jeff grasped the top of her head and helped her set the pace. His moans let Michelle know that her begging was paying off.

Jeff could feel the pressure building in his cock and he pulled out away from her. He didn't want to cum quite yet. Grabbing her leash, he pulled her up. Then, he swept her up into his arms and over his shoulder. He carried her down the short hallway to the open door leading to her bedroom.

It was simple and clean. Her bed was covered in a black and white striped pattern and matched her black dresser and art-deco mirror. Jeff's mind was on other things as he threw his captive onto the bed and tore open the button and zipper to her jeans. He then pulled off her athletic shoes and yanked down her jeans. Next, he pulled off her latex panties, the vibrator still buzzing away, and threw them beside her head.

Grabbing both of her ankles, Jeff pulled Michelle half off the bed, turning her onto her stomach. Positioning himself behind her, he eased himself into her. The bound girl ground herself back upon him as best she could, gasping at the feel on him filling her.

"oh yessss," Michelle hissed as Jeff began to drive into her faster and faster.

A burst of pure, white-hot bliss exploded inside of the girl as she screamed into the mattress. Her whole frame shivered as rush after molten rush engulfed her.

Jeff then thrust himself fully inside her and held himself there.

Michelle could feel the warm spray of Jeff's cum filling inside her as she kept trying to buck against him. Then, exhausted, she slowed and stopped, panting as Jeff continued to hold onto her hips and hold himself inside of her as long as he could until he softened and slipped up. He then collapsed beside her.

The bound girl then struggled to get up onto the bed, her legs weak from the pleasurable efforts of a few moments ago. She rolled over onto her back and looked in Jeff's blue eyes.

"Thank you, Master," she smiled.

Jeff smiled back, "I didn't give you permission to cum, did I, slave?"

Chapter 24 (added: 11/11/2010)

Exhausted, Michelle looked up at Jeffery. He lay collapsed beside her; his lean body glistening from their passionate labors and his breathing as heavy as hers. His blue eyes were looking sternly into hers.

"You came without permission," Jeffery repeated, "I am disappointed in you, slave. You have listened to the rules. You have practiced the rules all this weekend. . ."

Michelle looked at him, speechless. She had begged him to let her cum but she couldn't remember anything he said past that. She was too caught up in the horniness of the moment.

"As long as you are wearing that collar" he continued, "you are subject to those rules; rules that you agreed to. Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes, Master," the oriental girl said under her breath, her eyes now averted from his.

Michelle had listened to the rules and she had been obeying them as best as she could, but Jeffery's definition of B&D and Michelle's differed. He was into the whole slavery thing with his girlfriend 24/7 and Michelle couldn't do that. She needed to come up for air and be 'normal'. Not that she didn't enjoy the games they had played this weekend, it was just getting to be a little too much.

"You are going to have to be punished," Jeff said as he dangled her black leather ball gag in front of her, "Open wide."

Michelle did as she was told. She really could do little else, bound the way she was. Her wrists were still bound behind her back and cinched to a rope harness that looped behind the back of her neck and around her shoulders. She had tried squirming out of her bindings, but they held tight. She was helpless until he let her go.

He eased the ball behind her teeth and brushed her long black hair aside. Bending her over, she felt him pull the straps to the gag tight as he buckled it into place.

Jeffery grabbed the end of her lead and stood up, giving a slight pull on her leash to show he wanted her to follow suit. She struggled a bit to get up off the bed as Jeffery helped her. He then looked down into her obsidian eyes while pulling her up against him.

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"So how should I punish you?" Jeffery asked.

Michelle tried to respond, but all that came from behind her gag was a series of grunts and whines.

Gently, Jeff reached out and began pinching her stiffened nipples through the sweatshirt she was still wearing, eliciting a slight yelp from the bound girl. He continued to play with her nips, caressing them and rolling them between his fingertips. Michelle closed her eyes and moaned.

With her eyes closed, Michelle could savor his every touch. Jeffery was stoking her fires again, fanning her desire with his fingers and light kisses. The fires lit during her first orgasm were flaring; her body aching again.

Taking hold of the hem of the shirt, Jeff pulled it over Michelle's head and threw it onto the rumpled covers of the bed. Now she was fully exposed to his stern gaze.

"Don't move," he told her as he snatched her jacket; pulling from its pocket the ropes that she had been hobbled with.

Kneeling down, Jeff lashed her ankles together, tightly cinching them so her legs seemed welded together. After making sure that Michelle was secure, Jeff threw on his clothes and picked-up the end of her lead.

"Come along, slave," he whispered as he pulled gently on her leash.

Michelle again, did as she was told, hopping as best she could as Jeff led her out of her bedroom and down the short hallway to the living room.

"I noticed that you were watching the security cameras. I imagine that you didn't really want to be seen all tied up like this."

A cold trickle of fear crept down Michelle's spine. The front door was only a few short feet away.

"I think the guy behind the counter sorta likes you too. I can imagine him looking at the security cameras, seeing you hopping down the corridor and trying to get into your apartment."

The Chinese girl shook her head and tried to back away, but Jeffery held onto her leash tightly.

"Who knows if I will lock it or not when we leave. . ."

Michelle moaned her loud protests into her gag, still shaking her head and pulling back on her leash. If Eric were to see her like this, she was sure that he would make many unwanted come-ons to her. She really dreaded that happening. She would have to move. . .

"Or, you could beg for my forgiveness and lay at my feet. . ."

There was no choice. Prostrating herself in front of Jeff was far less humiliating than being forced to go into public like she was. It was a rush doing it when nobody knew she was helpless, but being naked and in her apartment buildings hallway; there was just no fucking way.

". . .and accept being collared as my slave."

Michelle was just started to kneel when she froze upon hearing Jeffery's last few words. She looked up into his smiling blue-grey eyes, fear stabbing through her like an ice-cold dao.

"That means, Michelle, whenever, I desire you to play with, you will available. Of course, I will take in consideration your schedule, but you will not turn me down. . ."

Fear was turning into anger as she stood at the end of the tether.

". . .since I have all those videos of you and I would hate to leak those onto the internet."

The bound girl listened in disbelief.

". . .linked to your Facebook page, sent to your family and friends. You get the picture."

The Oriental girl began to slowly shake her head, not believing what Jeffery was saying. It was blackmail, pure and simple. There was no way she could live with herself if any of those videos were 'leaked' out onto the internet. Michelle could see that she had any other choice but to become his on call slave.

"Now, kneel before me and beg for my forgiveness, slave," Jeffery commanded.

With some effort, Michelle got onto her knees and bent forward , her forehead touching Jeff's shoes and she whimpering into her gag. Jeffery could feel himself harden again at the sight of her prostrating herself in front of him. Her wrists were still tightly pinned behind her back and her fingers fluttered helplessly as she began to rub her head against his feet like a cat.

"Do you accept your terms of enslavement, girl?" He asked.

Michelle looked up through her tangle of black hair and nodded.

This was the kind of moment Jeff hoped to see his step-sister repeat in the near future. Of course, there were many obstacles to surmount to get his Steph to that point, but he was confident that she would be his slave as well.

"I knew you would," Jeffery smiled, "Come on, it's not all that bad. I promise to be a good Master for you and give you many hours of pleasure in the future. Now, come, slave, follow me."

Michelle felt him yank up on her lead and she gingerly got up from the floor, a hard feat to accomplish with her feet bound together like they were. She hopped unsteadily as Jeffery pulled her along toward her black leather sofa.


The Chinese girl slowly sat down. The leather was almost cold against her skin as she scooted back.

Michelle shrieked as he grabbed her ankles and forced her back on the couch. With a twist, Jeffery had her on her stomach as she wrestled with him. However, it didn't take him long to pin her as he wanted. Taking the other small length of rope that he had, he lashed her ankles tightly to her wrists, almost drawing her into a bow. She screamed her complaints into her gag, but Jeffery couldn't make out a word of what she said. It didn't really matter, he had her the way he wanted her.

Looking around, he grabbed her keys and knelt down so he was eye-to-eye with her.

"Now, I need to run to the store for a few things. I want you to behave and try not to hurt yourself. I will be right back. I am going to leave your door unlock to make sure I can get back in or to make sure the guy downstairs can get in if I call him to check up on you."

"Be good," Jeffery said as he stood up and patted her on the head.

Michelle watched him leave, closing the door behind him. She didn't see if he locked it or not, but he had her keys. She struggled a bit on the sofa, straining against her ropes but she already knew that there was no way out of them. All she could do was wait for him to get back.

There was a flurry of emotions running through Michelle as she lay hogtied; fear, anger, frustration, sadness, lust. However, lust seemed to be taking the lead. Here she was in one of her fantasies, being bound, abused and helpless to do anything about it. She wasn't submissive by nature, at least, not in most of her life. However, this sexual 'thing' was now rampant inside of her psyche and desperately wanting to play.

The bound girl tried to grind her hips to get something going inside her, but the hogtie was too stringent and she could only tease herself. Her frustration level was getting as high as her desire was. She humped the couch as best she could but she only wore herself out. Her fervors and fantasies were now just taunting her as she tried to think of something else.

The least he could have done was leave her a vibrator, Michelle thought to herself.

The Chinese girl didn't know how many minutes had passed or how many lurid scenarios she had envisioned, but she finally heard the click of her lock and saw the twist of the doorknob. Soon, Jeffery came back through the door carrying a plastic bag of stuff.

"Miss me?" He asked as he petted her head.

Michelle snuffled something into her gag. From her glistening caramel-colored skin, it looked as if she had been exerting herself quite a bit. But the ropes held tight and she was just as helpless as he had left her.

"I brought you a few things," he smiled as he up-ended the bag onto the glass coffee table.

Michelle watched as he sorted through the items. There were a pair of padlocks, a coil of clothesline, electrical tape, a ball of string and a stout-looking eyehook. How much more helpless could he make her, she wondered angrily.

The girl's thoughts were interrupted as she watched him move her coffee table back away from the couch. Then grabbing one end of the couch, he pulled it away from the wall. Jeffery repeated that with the other end until he could walk easily behind it. Jeffery then grabbed one of her kitchen chairs and placed it behind the couch.

As soon as she heard the tapping above her, Michelle twisted herself around to see what Jeff was doing. She saw him taking the hammer and rapping it along her apartment ceiling. He went back and forth until he seemed satisfied with a certain spot. He pulled a screwdriver from his pocket and centered it on the marking. With a couple of quick whacks from the hammer, he had a small hole. Then, Jeffery took the eyehook and began to screw it into her ceiling. When it was all of the way in, Jeffery pulled on it hard to make sure it was in there solidly.

After he was done, Jeffery moved the chair and cleaned up what little mess there was before pushing the couch back against the wall. He had to maneuver it a bit so the hook was over her head.

"Okay, slave, it is time to get you ready for another game," Jeffery grinned, "Now, I have to untie you a bit. I have to warn you that if you misbehave even the slightest, those pictures will appear on the internet for your friend downstairs to see. Do you understand, slave?"

The Oriental girl nodded her head. She understood it perfectly well.

Jeff rolled her back onto her stomach and untied her wrists from her ankles. He could almost hear a sigh of relief as she stretched her bound legs back out. Next, he undid the knots holding her wrists to the rope harness as well as the ones holding her wrists together. It had been quite awhile since her arms had been unfettered and she stretched them out a bit.

"Hold your hands out above your head, slave."

Michelle did as she was told. She watched as Jeffery produced her black leather cuffs and buckled them around each wrist. Then, he took one of the new padlocks, one with a long shank, and locked the cuffs together.

The cuffs were much more comfortable than the rope but she could tell that they kept her wrists together as efficiently as the ropes had done.

"Now you can sit up, slave, hands held in front of you."

Again, the girl did as she was told. She still had a lascivious itch to scratch but she hoped that Jeffery's 'game' would solve that problem soon.

Michelle watched her enslaver with growing curiosity as he began pilling all of her pillows on the floor beside the couch. When he seemed sure that that was all of them, he turned his attention back to her.

"Now, slave, lay on your back with your hands over your head."

Jeffery watched her as Michelle maneuvered herself around. Even though she was still bound, the way she was bound made following his orders much easier. She was now in the center of the sofa with her toes almost touching one arm and her wrists resting on the other. Michelle watched as he picked up one piece of rope and went over to her wrists. Deftly, he looped the rope around the one shank of the lock. He then pulled it down and tied it off somewhere to the couch.

"Lift your hips, slave."

Michelle did as she was ordered to. She arched herself upwards as high as she could go.


The bound girl then felt Jeffery piling the pillows beneath her, pushing her upward a bit more.


Michelle let herself go limp. She sank into the pillows a little, but they still held her in an arch, making it look like she was offering her pussy to the gods. As she was thinking of how she must look, she felt him untie her ankles and fasten her leather cuffs around each one. With a silent click, the second padlock welded them together.

After making sure her ankles were secured, Jeffery looped a piece of rope through her lock, over the end of the couch and tied it off around the legs, just as he had with her wrists. The line had some play to it, but not a lot; an illusion of some freedom.

Looking at his bound slave, he once again admired her small frame; the color of her skin, the narrowness of her waist, the small strip of soft curls crowning her slit, and the sharpness of her erect nipples. She was stunning, to say the least. He felt himself aching again. However, there were a few more things to do to get her prepared for the 'game'.

Jeffery disappeared into her bedroom and Michelle could hear him rummaging around in her closet and in some drawers. Finally he reappeared holding a dark red silk scarf and a pair of her vibrators.

Setting down the scarf, Jeffery held up the two vibes. One was her hot pink gel one similar to the one he had used on her at his house. The other was a more traditional one; slick and slender with the controls blended into the end.

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"A slave's best friend," Jeff smiled, "Or friends. You seem to have quite a selection in your nightstand drawer."

Michelle blushed. Like her collection of shoes, she liked to have a variety for her different moods. Now, however, she would have picked any one of them as long as he used it on her.

"Which one would you prefer, the gel?" Jeffery held it up to her, "or this one."

Michelle nodded towards the gel on. She knew it filled her completely and that is what she really needed right now.

"The sleek one it is," he said, putting down the gel, "You see slave, it isn't about what you want, it is about what I want."

Gently, Jeffery opened her sex-swollen lips, slipped the vibe inside her and turned it on low.

"Do not cum, slave."

Michelle whined her frustration but Jeffery ignored her, tickling her clit briefly before picking up the scarf and holding it in front of her pleading eyes.

"Time to make sure you don't peek, slave," he said, folding the scarf in half lengthwise and wrapping it around her head.

Michelle's world plunged into darkness.

Jeffery grabbed the coil of clothesline, ripped off its plastic wrapper and unraveled all of it, making sure it did not become tangled. He spread its length across the room. He judged about where the halfway point was and doubled it over into a loop. Jeffrey then gently threaded the loop underneath his captive's waist and out the other side, pulling it so the end was below her navel.

After he was happy with where it lay, he threaded the loose ends all the way through and pulled it tight, making a clothesline belt out of it. Then, lifting her hips up further, he passed the loose ends between her legs and back through the belt he had just made and looped it back between her legs again. Jeffery could hear Michelle's questioning ummphs through her ball gag and smiled. He wondered what she must be thinking.

Taking the electrical tape, Jeffery wound it around all four lengths of clothesline between her legs until a good foot-long section had been wrapped. Then he carefully tightened the whole crupper until it was firmly wedged between her lips, holding the vibrator within her.

The ministrations between her legs were driving Michelle mad with desire. The rope pressed against her clit, rubbing it with every move she made. She could feel him tugging it, pulling it upwards and towards where she thought the eyebolt was. With every pull, another shot of pleasure rushed through her and she could feel another orgasm build steadily inside her. She ground her hips against the ropes and moaned noisily in the gag.

"Do not cum, slave, I warn you," she heard Jeffery tell her sternly.

Michelle fought back her urges, but it was like telling the tide not to come in. The storm of pleasure inside her was building; threatening to engulf her.

The girl felt a small tickle in the palms of her bound hands, but it when she tried to clench whatever it was, it was gone. She could hear the tinkle of keys above her and then, the pillows were wrenched out from beneath her, causing her to yelp in surprise.

Michelle felt him unwinding the scarf from around her head and she looked up blinking at Jeffery as he stood above her. Also above her dangled a pair of keys tied on a string. The string was tied to the clothesline that ran from around her waist and through the eyebolt. She had to arch her head to see them, but they dangle out of reach just above her cuffed hands.

"I am going to leave you now, slave. It is up to you to get out of this. If you arch yourself up high enough, the keys will be in your hands and you should be able to unlock your cuffs. I will give you two hours to e-mail me that you have gotten out. If you haven't, I will start send out some pictures, including the ones I just took."

Michelle struggled and screamed in protest as Jeffery turned his back and started towards the door. The keys jumped and jingled at the end of their line as she writhed bound on the couch.

He opened the door and turned towards her.

"By the way, you can cum now, slave. I hope to be hearing from you soon."

With that, Jeffery shut the door behind him.

The taxi cab ride home was uneventful. Jeffery had placed a call for it at the 7-11's phone-booth just down the block from Michelle's apartment. As they drove, he could picture her, struggling to try to get the keys or just to cum. It didn't matter. What mattered was that she was now his.

Of course, he wouldn't have left Michelle unless he was sure that she could get away. The e-mail was more of a safety device more than anything. If she didn't e-mail him, he would drive over to her apartment and untie her himself. He had a duplicate apartment key made at the hardware store where he had picked up everything else. However, he didn't think that he would have to rescue her. Michelle was a strong and determined woman and he was sure she was having as much frustrating fun with this as he was.

Jeffery's thoughts now wandered towards his step-sister still bound in their basement. She had plenty of time to ruminate over her transgression. That is what she needed. He was sure that the horrors stirred up in Steph's mind were far worse than what he had actually planned for her.

The taxi dropped him off several blocks from his house. He wanted to enjoy the walk and do some thinking of his own before going down to the basement to play with her.

The street where they lived was quiet and Jeffery didn't see any neighbors as he walked up his driveway and to the front door. Inside, it was quiet and the bondage gear from the last couple days was still strewn about. He would first check on Stephanie then clean up the house and start getting things ready for this evening's events.

Silently, Jeffery crept down the stairs. Stephanie was still hanging there, her legs pulled wide and her head partially mummified with ace bandages. He could tell by the raising and lowering of her chest, she was breathing just fine. Circling behind her, he visually checked her wrists bound to the rope harness that suspended her upper body from the beams. Everything was the way it should be.

The blonde stirred a bit, but Jeffery thought she was just adjusting herself. She could even be sleeping. With the white latex hood covering her eyes, it was hard to tell.

Jeffery crept back up the stairs and began getting things together, first of which was putting the lubricating gel in the freezer to get cold. He straightened up the house and put any stray equipment back where it belonged. Lastly, he made sure his camera equipment was set up and focused on his sister.

Turning on his toy voice distorter, he stepped up to his hanging captive.

"Are you ready to be a good slave?" The metallic voice asked.

Chapter 25 (added: 03/03/2011)

'Are you ready to be a good slave' blared through Stephanie's head like an air horn, making her jump in her bonds.

Stephanie hadn't heard the stranger come down the stairs, but she also admitted to herself that her thoughts were on other things such as what her captor would do to her when he finally returned.

Now she would find out.

Stephanie nodded her head as much as she could. The wrapping the sealed her gagged lips also welded her head to the rope that suspended her. She was tired, afraid and hungry. The highs of her orgasm had already faded and the ghosts that remained were banished by the thoughts of her punishment.

"That is excellent," the metallic voice said.

Stephanie felt a tap above her sex.

The bound girl thrust herself out as much as she possibly could. Hanging as she was, with her legs spread wide, it took some effort but she arched herself up.

His finger slowly caressed around her petals, teasing at them.

"Do you enjoy this, slave?"

The girl nodded again. She hated herself for saying so. It felt so sinful yet she craved more.

His fingers touched the clamp still fastened onto her clit. With its rubber tips, it was just tight enough not to slip off. He flicked at the string that ran from it to the ceiling, eliciting a moan from Stephanie.

The blonde felt him pinch the clamp open, causing a slight flush of pain as the numbness swiftly vanished. Gently, the stranger caressed her sore clit, sending bolts of both pleasure and pain rushing through her.

"Do you enjoy being a fuck toy, slave?" the metallic voice asked.

Stephanie nodded, flushing red from embarrassment. A large part of her did enjoy being the object of so much sexual attention. She had never climaxed so much. Stephanie didn't think it was possible. She had made it her escape and lusted after each and every orgasm.

The stranger brushed his finger under her nose, letting her smell her own arousal. Stephanie could feel another orgasm building up inside of her like a slow head of steam.

The blonde felt the jaws of a clamp releasing first one of her tender nipples and then the other.

Stephanie yelped into her gag as she felt something ice-cold spread over her aching nipple, spending another jolt of pain and pleasure through her. He massaged the warmth back into it before repeating the same to the other.

Jeffery noticed that his step-sister's hips were beginning to rock. With every touch, she seemed to moan louder. He dabbed a generous dollop of the chilled KY onto his finger and smeared it over her swollen clit.

The bound woman bucked in her restraints, screaming into her gag as Jeffery rubbed the gel over her sex.

"Do not cum, slave."

Stephanie screamed her irritation at the stranger. The shock of the cold against her red-hot bud scorched through her and threatened to engulf her at any second.

Then the stranger stopped touching her.

The bound blonde screamed into her gag, begging him to release her.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

Stephanie nodded, whimpering as loudly as she could.

"Will you be a good slave?" the stranger asked, "Obedient in everything I wish from you?"

Again, Stephanie nodded. All she could think about was the moment.

Nothing happened.

The young blonde squirmed in her ropes, thrusting herself out for the stranger to touch her.

Still, nothing happened.

"You can cum now slave," he said.

Stephanie mewled into her gag as she strained against her bonds. She was so close yet bound as she was with her legs spread wide apart, she could do nothing to relieve herself. The stranger still hadn't touched her.

Jeffery watched her, his cock starting to ache with desire. He wanted to thrust himself into her and fuck her violently, but he didn't. Instead, he walked away and climbed the stairs out of the basement. She needed to be left alone with her thoughts in the cool of the basement. Besides, he needed to check his e-mail to see if Michelle had gotten out of her predicament.

He could imagine the Chinese girl still trying to get at her keys, the vibrator causing her to cum over and over again so she couldn't get to them. Eventually, she would exhaust herself and the batteries within the vibe would wear out enough so that Michelle could focus on escaping. He wished he could have set up a recorder there, but he couldn't. But he had a few stills he had taken with his cell phone before taking her blindfold off and he had his imagination. Those would have to do.

Checking his e-mail, Jeffery didn't see any notes from Michelle. It was still early. He wouldn't become concerned for another hour or so.

Striping, he went to his closet and got a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went across the hall to take a shower.

In the basement, Stephanie realized that she was alone again. At least, that is what it felt like. The need was still there, simmering inside and wanting to boil over, but there was no way she could satisfy herself. He told her she could cum but he wasn't doing anything to help her to do so. Frustrated and horny, all she could do was dangle there and await his return.

Refreshed from his shower, Jeff re-checked his e-mail before going down into the basement to torment his step-sister some more. He figured she should have cooled down a bit and would need a little more attention.

His step-sister had stopped squirming. Stephanie was hanging in her bondage ready for him to begin his teasing again.

Without a word, Jeffery gently pinched her nipples and Steph moaned in response. He massaged and pinched both nips, watching her glistening body respond. Her hips began to rock again and her moans were louder and longer. Jeffery was sure that he had reignited her desire.

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Then Jeff stopped.

Stephanie moaned her protests again, but they didn't stop Jeffery from going back upstairs to do some household chores. Dinner needed to be started and other things like the plants needed to be attended to. Every half hour or so, Jeff checked his e-mail. To his relief, there was a simple note from Michelle telling him that she had escaped and please don't send those pictures out. He wrote a quick response and downloaded one of the pictures from his cell phone and attached it to the response before sending it to her. That should illustrate to her that he did indeed have pictures and wasn't afraid of using them.

Jeffery continued to tease and titillate his sister, going downstairs and caressing her to a certain point and leaving her dangling. It must be hell for her, he thought, but the point being that he was in control and she had to adapt to his schedule. At one point, he found a puddle beneath her on the cement floor. She had relieved herself. Jeff quietly cleaned up the mess before taking a warm washcloth to her, touching her as little as possible to make sure she didn't cum.

Finally, dinner was nearly done and he was ready to give her what she wanted.

Stephanie was nearly out of her mind. The stranger had been torturing her for an eternity. It wasn't the painful branding iron and whip type torture but one that was nearly as bad. All she wanted to do is to please him so she could get pleased back.

The bound girl felt her captor position himself between her legs. His warm hands grasped her hips as he pulled her forward onto himself. She felt him fill her as he began to impale her. His slow thrusts soon quickened. Soon, he was fucking her violently and her wanton pressures continued to build and build until they burst inside her, filling her with pure white-hot bliss.

Stephanie was engulfed again and again with plumes of ecstasy as he continued to pump her. Then, with one big shove, he pushed himself fully inside her and held himself there as he filled her with his cum.

The stranger held himself there as Stephanie tried to milk as much of him as she could, bearing down on him until he withdrew from her.

The blonde was exhausted. She could feel the beads of perspiration trickling off of her as she hung limp in her bonds; catching her breath. Stephanie had never felt so joyfully satisfied in her life. She didn't care that she was in reality being raped. The pleasure of the moment far eclipsed the horrors she had endured to get there.

As her rapture subsided, Stephanie realized that she was alone again, dangling in some lust-filled limbo that she could not escape from.

Jeff gathered up his clothes and went upstairs for another shower. He was drained. Dinner could wait a bit. It wasn't going to burn or get cold. He needed to freshen himself before getting Steph ready to come upstairs.

After a brief, hot shower, Jeffery picked out an outfit from his mother's closet; a white lace corset with matching thong and a pair of white thigh-high stockings. Stephanie did have in her closet a pair of ivory pumps that would go perfectly with the outfit. He also picked out of his parent's armoire a set of four cuffs, a 'Y' shaped length of chain and some small padlocks.

Going down to the basement, Jeffery thought his step-sister looked like a marionette hung-up after a show. She gave a muffled grunt as Jeff untied her one ankle and let it drop to the ground. He did the same for her other one. It had been a long time since his sister had actually stood and he could see her legs were a bit shaky. He undid the rest of her bondage save for the rope harness as she stood wondering what was next.

It took Stephanie a bit to get the circulation back into her legs and her captor let her stretch before she felt the familiar tug on her lead. She followed blindly, taking one cautionary step at a time until they both reached the stairway. She felt him grab her and hoist her over his shoulder as he had several times before. This time, she did not struggle but went limp like a rag doll as he carried her up the flight of stairs and onto the main level of the house. He paused only briefly before continuing upstairs and into her parent's bathroom.

Standing on the cool tile, Stephanie felt her lead being pulled upward and hooked somewhere. She then felt his fingers work at her knots and buckles until she was nearly unfettered. Even her gag was removed. Stephanie thought she would never get rid of the tang of rubber that seemed to permeate her mouth. The only bindings left on her were her collar and the white latex hood that covered her eyes.

She felt the shower being turned on and he handed her some soap and a loofa.

Stephanie scrubbed herself the best she could. The stranger left some play in her leash, so she could bend down to scrub her legs. The smell of the soap and the warm water felt like paradise as she lathered away the stickiness of the last several hours. Finally, after she felt she had done as much as she could, she felt the water turned off and she was handed a soft towel.

Even though her gag had been removed, Stephanie made sure she kept silent. She had remembered her recorded lessons and she didn't want to solicit the stranger's wrath again. There was another tug on her chain and she was guided out of the bathroom to her parent's room. The stranger turned her so she imagined she was facing the bed and pulled her wrists back behind her back where he simply buckled a pair of cuffs around them and locked them tightly together.

Jeffery picked up his step-mother's white lace corset from the bed where he had laid it and began to dress Stephanie in it. It was form-hugging and very heavily boned, but it fit wonderfully as he pulled the laces tight. Next, he helped his sister to sit on the edge of the bed and eased each one of the white silk stockings onto her legs, making sure he fastened the garters correctly. Next, he gently pulled up the matching lace thong. Lastly, he eased her feet into a white pair of heels that he had grabbed out of her closet. Standing her up, he stood back and admired his captured blonde.

Stephanie was stunning.

With the exception of the collar, everything was a matching white; from her hood to her pumps. Jeffery could barely make out her stiffened nipples beneath the lace cups. The lace thong just barely covered her sex. She could grace the cover of any men's magazine proudly. There was only one thing left to do.

Jeffery unlocked her leather cuffs and brought Stephanie's wrists out in front of her before locking them together again. He then attached the inverted 'y' shaped chain to her bound wrists. The two other ends dangled downward. Jeff then cuffed both of her ankles and attached each cuff to one of the dangling ends. The net effect was that his step-sister was somewhat hobbled and her wrists were kept down in front of her stomach.

Stephanie was now dressed for dinner.

With another slight pull, Stephanie followed her captor out into the hallway. Walking with the chains was not nearly as difficult as she thought it might be. By keeping her wrists up, the chains to her ankles became taut and made it easier to walk. When they reached the stairs, she felt his hand guide her as she took her first tentative step down. Slowly, step by step, she made her way down with the stranger beside her. Finally, they reached the bottom and she let herself be led into the kitchen to the dinner table.

Jeffery helped his sister to her chair. He purposely seated her in a chair that wasn't her normal chair. He lashed her leash to the back of the chair and went over to start cooking the hamburger patties he had prepared earlier.

Stephanie could hear the sizzle of meat as someone cooked. She hadn't realized just how starved she was until she smelled food. Now, it was almost all she could think about. She could smell the garlic, onion and pepper and it made her almost drool. With the clink of a plate placed in front of her, dinner was served.

"You may eat, slave," the voice said.

The chained girl reached out and felt the plate. Her wrists were still locked together and a chain still dangled down to her ankles, but she found that she could grab to sandwich in front of her and take a bite.

Jeffery watched her carefully. He purposely put a slab of red onion on her burger, something that she hated. Cooked onions were fine but the raw ones were poison as far as she was concerned. After she took a bite, her chewing slowed down and she began to set the burger down.

"What is wrong, slave?"

Stephanie didn't answer.

"You may speak, slave, what is wrong with your meal? Don't you like it?"

Stephanie hesitated a bit, then spoke, "I don't like onions."

"You don't like onions. . ._________"

Stephanie realized her error, "I don't like onions, master."

Jeffery grinned. This is what he wanted. His step-sister was learning. She had had plenty of time to scream at the top of her lungs, but she hadn't. Stephanie could have peeled off her hood while sitting at the table, but she didn't. Now she had called him 'master', a large step in the right direction.

"Then you may remove it, slave," He said.

"Thank you, master," Stephanie said quietly as she opened up the bun and pulled the offending onion off onto her plate.

"Do you want something to drink, slave?" Jeffery asked through his voice distorter toy.

"Yes, master."

Jeffery poured he a glass of ice water and inserted a straw into it before handing it to his blonde captive.

Stephanie gingerly grasped it with both hands and brought it up to her lips, jabbing herself before she realized there was a straw. Her lips finally puckered around it and took several long swallows before setting her glass down on the table.

Jeffery was proud of her. She was feeding herself and not making a fuss. She had even found the napkin he had set out for her, dabbing away the ketchup and mayo that had oozed out of her sandwich. Jeffery felt comfortable enough to begin eating as well. He kept a careful eye on his sister between mouthfuls, however. He didn't want her to try to make a break for it.

She didn't.

Instead, Stephanie wiped her lips after she was finished with her second burger and sat quietly in her chair, sipping at her water.

"Are you finished, slave?" Jeffery asked through his voice distorter.

"Yes, master," she replied quietly.

Stephanie felt her lead being unleashed from her chair after he had pulled it away from the table. With a gentle pull, Jeffery helped his sister up and guided her to the stairs. With a little effort, Stephanie negotiated the stairway well.

The stranger guided her towards the bathroom where he let her brush her teeth and use the toilet. When the girl was finished, she was guided back into her parent's bedroom.

Stephanie felt two leather straps being buckled around her upper thighs. The stranger then unlocked her wrist cuffs and then fastened each to one of the thigh straps, effectively pinning her arms at her side. He fastened her ankle cuffs together after removing the chain. Without a word, he eased her down onto the bed. The sheets had already been pulled back and Stephanie let herself be maneuvered until she lay comfortably. She felt a cool chain brought up between her feet and fastened to her cuffs. A slight tug confirmed that the end was attached to the bed. The stranger also fastened the leash to the head of the bed, making sure she would stay there for the night.

"Do you want to be gagged, slave?" asked the familiar metallic voice.

"No, master," she replied.

Stephanie really didn't want the gag. Her jaw still ached from the last time and it made her drool.

The blonde yelped when the stranger slapped her across the face. It was a light slap and it stunned her more than anything.

"The correct answer, slave, is 'whatever you want, master.'", he said sternly, "Now, do you want to be gagged, slave?"

"Whatever you want, master," she said quietly.

"Tonight, you shall not be gagged," he said magnanimously, "Do not make me regret this decision, slave."

"Yes, master," she said.

"Good night. I shall join you later."

Jeffery then shut the door behind him, leaving his sister to her darkness. So went the following days. Stephanie continued to be submissive and obedient as he trained her, fed her, and used her. He still gagged her most of the time because he really enjoyed the sounds she made while gagged. Sex was her reward and the sting of the cattle prod, her punishment. Jeffery found that he had to use it less and less. Finally he felt she was ready for the next step of his plan.

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While the book he had discovered doing research on Victorian class structure was helpful for one owning a sex slave, it really didn't go into details on how to make a slave. It was an owner's manual, so to speak, and Jeffery surmised that it was Dr. Geoffrey Brand's 'school' that trained the women in the first place to be submissive wives for his clients. Dr. Brand's book had very little to do with the 'breaking' a woman into a slave.

Jeffery did, however, do more reading on the latter subject and his 'plan' seemed to be fairly sound. Either it worked or he would be spending a lot of time in orange prison garb. He was confident enough in it to start with the next step.

He first needed to get the shit kicked out of him.

Jeffery found just such a bar that fights seemed like a daily occurrence. He knew better than to start one. Rather, he waited until one was well underway before he stepped in for a few blows.

Drinking his beer, he didn't have to wait long. Soon, he sported several bruises on his face, a cut lip and some sore ribs.

A few more days of training Stephanie went by before Jeffery decided tonight was the night.

As routine, Jeffery led Stephanie to her parent's bed. Tonight, he had dressed her in a black, tight-fitting teddy. The cuffs on her wrists were locked to the ones encircling her thighs. Her cuffed ankles were locked to a chain that was fastened to the foot of the bed and her collar was chained to its head. Despite her slight protests, Jeff had sealed her lips with several strips of tape, silencing her. Stephanie was now ready for bed.

It had been a good day and Steph had behaved almost flawlessly. He could tell she was tired but happy. She smiled more around her gags and she seemed more than willing to please him in the ways he desired.

Stephanie lay there in her bonds awaiting sleep to overtake her. She had gotten used to the feel of rope and leather enslaving her and as she tried to get comfortable, she almost enjoyed their embrace. In the darkness of the hood, she could find refuge.

The stranger was being less stringent about her bondage, Stephanie noticed. Tonight her wrists were locked to her thighs and there was only a pair of cuffs binding her ankles together. The stranger had thankfully taped her lips shut. Most gags made her jaw ache after awhile as well as slobbering up her pillows as she slept. The tape might hurt a little when he pulled it off, but it was a small price for the comfort during the night.

It was during these moments that she thought about her stepbrother Jeff. Where was he? What were they doing to him? Stephanie figured there had to be more than one person to keep an eye on the both of them. What they were doing to her was bad, and she was sure that what Jeff was going through had to be as bad if not worse. The only real pain she had suffered was the sting of that prod-like thing. The strangers were more likely to do worse to Jeff.

Stephanie tried not to think about it. There was little she could do other than to please the strangers so they wouldn't want to beat Jeff.

Slowly, Stephanie drifted off to sleep.

"Steph, oh my god, are you alright?" she heard her brother.

At first, Stephanie thought she was dreaming but she felt someone undoing the locks on her cuffs.

"Stephy?" Jeff asked again.

Stephanie yelled into her gag as she felt her wrists get free. Soon she was peeling off her white latex hood and ripping the tape off of her lips. Kneeling over her was her battered and bruised stepbrother Jeff.

"Steph, are you alright? What did they do to you?"

"Where are they?" Stephanie asked, looking around her parent's bedroom.

"They're gone, Steph," he said, "At least, I am pretty sure of it. I didn't see them as I came up from the basement."

"How did you escape?" she asked.

"I think they drugged me. They left me down basement. They didn't even bother to tie me up. God, I am so glad to see you! Are you okay?"

Stephanie nodded her head as she started to undo her ankle cuffs, "Yes. . .yes, I'm okay. What about you, bro? Did they hit you? You have some awful bruises."

"Yeah they hit me when I didn't do what they wanted, but it'll heal. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, Jeff, I'll live," Stephanie replied, "Did you get a look at them?"

Jeff shook his head, "No, I didn't. They ambushed me too quickly. Chloroform or something. Did you?"

"No, he was too fast. He got me tied-up pretty quick."

"I am glad you are okay, Stephanie. After what they made me say, I didn't. . . ," Jeffery trailed off.

"I know," she said, pulling her cuffs off and sitting up in bed.

"I guess we better call the police," Jeff said. He knew he was taking a gamble and his whole being was so knotted with dread about what his sister might say. He hoped she didn't notice.

"No," she said quietly, "Please don't."

Jeff almost sighed with relief.

"Why?" he asked, "After what they did to us. . ."

"It's because of what they did to us," Stephanie said, "I couldn't bear to relive that over and over again to everyone. They have pictures, Jeffery, I know they do. I couldn't bear that, Jeff, both friends and strangers seeing me that way. Reliving everything again and again. . ."

The blonde dissolved into sobs. Jeffery held her, holding her close while rejoicing in his mind. This is what he had planned for and hoped would happen. He continued to embrace her until her sobs quieted and she gently pulled away.

"We can't tell anyone about this, Jeffery," she said, looking into his eyes, "Promise me."

"But, Stephanie. . ."

"PROMISE ME!" she practically yelled.

"Okay, Steph, I promise. We will keep this to ourselves. No one else needs to know."

"Swear?" she asked.

"I swear to God, Steph, I won't tell anyone else."

Stephanie slowly nodded her head.

"Good," was all she said.

As she looked around the bedroom, it was dark. The digital clock on the nightstand beside the bed read 2:32 in burning red numbers. Even though everything was bluish and shadowy, it still looked bright to her. How many days had they been deprived her of her sight? She really didn't know.

"Do you know what day it is?" she asked.

"I think its Thursday. Mom and Dad should be home in about a week," he said.

An uneasy quiet drifted between them. Stephanie did not want to tell them either. It wasn't the fact that she was raped but the fact that she enjoyed it. She was a slave to it and she didn't want to tell anyone that part of it or any part of it for that matter.

Suddenly, she felt drained.

"Jeffery, I just want to crawl into my bed," she said, "I don't want to talk about it right now, Please?"

Jeff nodded his head. He was tired too. He helped his stepsister off of her parent's bed and into her room where he pulled back the covers for her and tucked her in.

"Thank you, bro," she said.

"If you need me, I am right here," he said pointing to his room next door.

"I know," she yawned.

"Night," he said and went to his room.

Jeffery first went into his parent's bedroom and piled the cuffs and chain over on the other nightstand. He would put them away tomorrow. He then went to his bedroom and flopped into bed, exhaustion taking him over. Soon he was dead asleep.

Stephanie slept until noon, the sun finally waking her up. Everything seemed so bright, even with her curtains closed. She stretched and rolled out of bed.

The blonde could hear her stepbrother downstairs clanking in the kitchen and she could smell the sausage he was fixing. She was hungry but she needed to shower first.

Stephanie stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, making sure she locked it. This is where it all started and the thought sent chills through her. She should have fought harder, she told herself. She stripped out of the black teddy, something she recognized as being her moms, and turned the hot water on.

The bathroom was full of steam before she stepped in, letting the hot water engulf her as she scrubbed herself down. She looked for marks on her body and save for a little redness where she had been cuffed, there was no bruising or anything.

Stephanie wrapped herself in a towel and went back to her room, grabbing a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. It felt like a Twilight Zone moment for her as she dressed. She was doing these things automatically like a robot without really thinking about them. She had been a prisoner and the strangers had made all of the decisions for her. What to wear; Where to go. Now she was doing things for herself again and it didn't feel 'real'.

Jeffery had breakfast made for her when she came downstairs. The scrambled eggs and sausage looked wonderful and tasted even better. Jeffery sat across from her, slurping down his orange juice.

"Morning," she said.

"Morning," Jeffery replied, "How did you sleep?"


"That's good," he said.

Another uneasy quiet drifted over them. Stephanie concentrated on her plate while Jeff picked up the news paper.

"I need to go to the store," he said. "Want anything?"

Stephanie shook her head, "No, m. . ."

The blonde had caught herself before saying master and she flushed with embarrassment. She hoped that Jeff didn't notice.

"Want to come, get out of the house?" Jeffery asked.

"No, I just want to stay here. I don't want to go out yet."

"Are you sure?"

Stephanie nodded her head, "Yes, bro. I just need to be here now. You go. Would you pick me up a couple of Mounds bars?"


The girl watched as Jeff drained the last bit of juice and got up, grabbing his set of keys.

"Are you sure you're alright?" he asked.

"Yes," she said quietly.

"Okay. You have my cell phone number if you need me."

With that, her stepbrother was out the door.

The house was as quiet as a church. She finished her breakfast and cleaned up, thankful to be doing something.

Stephanie wandered the house, picturing herself being used in every room; the kitchen, the living room, the dining room. She couldn't get away from the images of her struggling and cumming. Slowly, she made her way up the stairs to her parent's room.

The bed cover was wrinkled and Stephanie found herself pulling the covers tight and picking up the pieces of tape that had gagged her last night. She noticed the leather cuffs and chain piled on the nightstand and glanced away. Just the sight of them made her feel wanton and dirty and she didn't want to feel that way today. She would let Jeff take care of them.

Her mother's closet door was open and she went over to shut them. Inside, she found hanging up teddies and corsets and sheer things that her mother wore when she was with her stepdad. Her hands drifted over the silks and satins and leather as she imagined what she would look like in them. Before, she really didn't care for these kinds of outfits, but now. . .

As she looked at each, pushing the hangers aside, she noticed a slender door behind them. It was padlocked with a heavy lock and when she tried the knob, it was locked too.

"Probably where they kept their valuables," Stephanie said to herself.

The sound of Jeffery opening the door downstairs interrupted her thoughts and she pushed the hangers of clothes back where they were before heading downstairs.

Stephanie silently helped Jeffery sort out the groceries and put them away. Afterward, she grabbed her Mounds bars and headed back up to her room to be by herself. After downing both bars, she lay back down on her bed and fell asleep.

She awoke to the smell of dinner and went downstairs. Jeffery had fixed mac and cheese and she grabbed herself a huge bowl before dumping herself on the couch in front of the tv. She and Jeff both watched their favorite shows mindlessly before Jeff finally got up and went upstairs to bed. Stephanie soon followed.

Stephanie couldn't sleep. Each time she closed her eyes and hugged tightly to her orange teddy bear, thoughts of the past couple of weeks spread through her dreams like wildfire, burning every peaceful thought she tried to have. She tossed and turned until she finally sat up yawning and staring at her closed bedroom door.

The girl slid out of bed and crept silently towards the door. She was dressed like she normally dressed for bed: an oversized t-shirt and a pair of panties. However, it felt wrong to her and she couldn't put her finger on it. They were comfortable enough and they covered her decently, but she felt burdened by them somehow. However, for creeping around the house, they were good enough for her.

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Her parent's bedroom was just across the hall and a few steps down. The door was open and the silver moonlight knifed into the hallway. Her brother's door was shut and she could half hear him snoring as she went to her parent's room.

Looking into the room, it looked like it normally did with its huge canopy bed and the large armoire that took up nearly half of the wall. She sat herself down and looked around, searching for some sign of what had happened to her.

There was nothing. No coils of rope or open padlocks. Just her parent's room. It was in here that most everything took place and when she shut her eyes, she could almost envision everything that was done to her in this room.

Stephanie got up and went to the armoire. She knew her parents kept their 'toys' in there and from a few conversations she had had with her mother, she gathered that there would be some of the items that were used on her. There was no way the strangers had brought that much stuff with them. Slowly, she pulled open one of the drawers and gasped at what she saw. Coiled in the drawer were leather straps, chrome chains, and steely handcuffs. She had imagined that there would be a few things like this but not the extent that was before her. Another drawer was filled with vibrators and dildos of all different sizes, colors and shapes. The blonde felt guilty about her two, but after seeing her parent's array, the guilt seeped away.

From the first drawer, she picked up a set of red leather cuffs. She put them to her nose and took a long sniff. The tangy smell of leather seemed to warm her inside. Carefully, she unbuckled one of the cuffs and encircled it around her wrist. A slight tingle trickled through her as she fastened it around her wrist. Stephanie did the same to her other wrist and pretended that they were locked behind her back; hooking her fingers around the chrome 'D' rings.

The blonde then chose another set of cuffs and quickly fastened them around each ankle. This time she locked them together with a padlock she had found in the drawer. She tossed the key onto her parents bed.

A third drawer revealed a wide variety of things that she deduced were gags. There were some that had a web of straps on them and some that were just a simple ball with a strap. She took one of the latter and put it between her teeth.

She licked the surface of the ball, letting the taste linger on her tongue before buckling the strap tightly behind her head. As much as she hated to admit it, she missed the tang of the rubber. It, like the smell of leather, reminded her of something incredible.

Stephanie looked over at the mirror, grasping her hands behind her back.

'So this is how I looked,' she thought to herself. With her arms behind her back, her breast stuck out more; her erect nipples showing clearly in the moonlight. Stephanie thought how delicious she looked with her long hair flowing down, partially covering her gagged face. Her blue eyes stared at the ones in the reflection.

The girl unhooked her fingers and continued exploring the armoire, looking for things that may have been used on her. The next item she picked up was a black leather collar. As she pulled it from the drawer, she noticed that a chain leash was still attached to it. Like her gag, Stephanie buckled it as tight as she dared without causing herself discomfort. The lead dangled between her breasts as she once more looked at herself in the mirror.

The blonde sat back down on her parent's bed and eased a finger between her legs. A rush of pleasure washed through her as she slowly began to touch herself. She imagined herself helpless again as the stranger touched her; she rocked her hips to his fingers. . .

She opened her eyes.

It wasn't the same. She wasn't really helpless. She looked back into the drawer where there were several padlocks, each with a key inserted into it. She wanted so badly to lock her hands behind her back but she was afraid that she wouldn't get out of them. If only she could share her desires with someone. . .

Briefly, she thought of her step-brother Jeff.

No, that was sick. Yet, he was the only other person to know what had happened. He had seen her bound and he must have known what they were doing to her since they made him read those lessons for her. They had both shared in the home invasion and they both swore to keep it a secret. . .

Stephanie picked up the lock and held it in her hand, thinking about what it could do for her.

Quickly, she ungagged herself. Stephanie would need to explain herself to Jeffery but she would bring the gag with her. She hoped he would use it on her. The blonde then put her hands behind her back and snapped the padlock shut, locking the cuffs together. She then threw the key on the bed with the other one.

Stephanie knew if she didn't act now, she wouldn't do it at all.

Carefully, Stephanie hopped out of her parent's room to the door to Jeffery's room. Reaching around with her bound hands, she grasped his doorknob and turned it. The door swung in a fraction, letting her know he hadn't locked it.

Slowly the bound girl opened the door. Jeffery was flopped down on his bed wearing just his boxers and entangled in his sheet. Stephanie never really looked at her step-brother before, but he was attractive. He was muscular in the way runners were and his face had just enough ruggedness to it to not make him look like a pretty boy. The bruise on his cheek only helped with that image. Kim had always called him 'hot', but being his sister, Stephanie always did the 'whatever' thing. Now it was different.

Stephanie quietly hopped to his bedside. Looking down, she realized that it wasn't too late. She could go back into her parent's room and try to unlock herself from her bondage. Jeffery wouldn't be the wiser.

'No', she told herself, she had to do this.

Stephanie sat herself down beside Jeffery's sleeping form.

"Jeffery?" she said quietly.

She heard him mumble something and stir a bit.

"Jeffery, I need to talk to you about something, please."

Jeffery opened his eyes and rolled over. On his bed was his sister Stephanie dressed in her nightshirt.

"What?" he groggily asked, "What do you want?"

"I need to talk to you about something, Jeff."

Jeff sat up and that was when he noticed the leather collar and leash fastened around her neck.

"What's this?" Jeffery asked looking at her collar.

"Please, Jeff, don't say anything and let me talk, okay? I really need to talk to you about something that happened when we were captured. . ."

"Okay," Jeff said.

"Seriously, Jeff. I have to do this. When we were captured, do you remember the recording that they made you do?"

"Yes," Jeffery said, knowing every intimate detail of those instructions.

"Well, they made me do those things."

"No," Jeffrey pretended to be shocked but not in a melodramatic way. He needed to believable to his sister at this critical moment.

"All of those things. It was like being trained like a dog, Jeff. But do you know what the most horrible thing was? I liked what they did to me. I got off on it. I know you must think I am some sort of sicko, but I can't help it. When they had me like this. . ."

Stephanie turned and showed Jeffery her cuffed hands.

"I just. . .I can't explain it. I have never felt so. . .so wanted before."

"Did you do this to yourself?" Jeffery asked.

"Yes," she said, "I wanted to feel that way again. I know you must think I am disgusting and a perv, but I can't get it out of my head. I can't sleep. I even took a Nyquil and I am still wide awake with this thing drumming in my brain."

Jeffery looked at his sister. Not only did she have the collar on and her wrists cuffed, her ankles were cuffed as well. Obviously, she had gone through their parents' collection.

"Where did you get this stuff?" he asked, again, knowing full well where.

Stephanie blushed a little bit, "Mom and Dad's cabinet. I knew Mom was into a few kinky things."

Jeffery sat up beside his sister.

"I don't think you're a sicko," Jeffery finally said looking into her blue, teary eyes, "I don't think Mom's a sicko either. If it makes you feel better. . ."

"It shouldn't make me feel better, Jeff!" Stephanie interrupted him, "I was taken advantage of and I got off on it big time. What does that say about me? Here you were being beaten and God knows what else and the only thing I really wanted to do was cum."

Jeffery hugged her as she leaned into him crying. He stroked her hair as the tears flowed. His cock already was aching for her. All he wanted to do now was climb on top of her and make her cum again. But right now he needed to be the older brother. All good things. . .

"Sis, it's alright. You're okay and you're safe with me."

Stephanie pulled away and looked at her step-brother.

"I want to be tied, Jeff. I need to be tied and I don't want to be alone."

"You want me to tie you up?" he asked.

"Well, I have done most of it for you already," Stephanie nervously joked, sniffing back her tears, "Mom and Dad have more in their room if you want to look. I also brought this for you to use."

Stephanie swung her cuffed hands around again and dropped the gag she had been carrying.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" he asked, holding up the gag.

"Yes. Gag me and tie me up so I can't escape. I really need you to do this."

"Okay," Jeff said hesitantly and he got ready to gag her, "Open wide."

Stephanie did, closing her eyes. She felt the familiar shape of the ball gag pushed behind her teeth. Jeffery then brushed her long blonde hair away and buckled the straps tightly behind her head.

"Too tight?" Jeffery asked.

Stephanie shook her head slightly and said something unintelligible into her gag. Now she was helpless. She couldn't call for help and she couldn't run away.

"Let's go see what other things mom and dad are hiding," he said, grabbing a hold of her leash and helping her up.

Jeffery led the way with his step-sister hopping behind him, her breasts bouncing with every hop. Her stiff nipples now ached to be touched. She was as horny as she ever had been as she hoped that it didn't show. Soon they were in front of the armoire's open drawers.

"Wow," Jeffery said.

Stephanie giggled behind her gag, seeing her step-brother's reaction. She watched him open all of the drawers and doors and fondle the variety of toys that they found within. At one point they pulled out a pair of chained clamps and held them up.

"What do you think these are for?" he joked.

It was like they were two kids that had discovered their hidden Christmas gifts before they made it under the tree. Jeffery pulled out a few simple leather belts and laid them on the bed. Finally he stopped and turned to his sister.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

Stephanie nodded her head. She just didn't want to do this, she needed it.

For Stephanie, there was no going back now that she had told Jeff. He picked up the first belt and wrapped it around her elbows, drawing it until her elbows almost touched. A second belt went around her waist and through her cuffed wrists, pinning them to her back. Jeff knelt down and fastened the last one just above her knees.

"Okay?" he asked her.

Stephanie nodded and moaned through her gag. Her desire continued to build inside her as she tested out just how helpless she was. Even if she could unlock the padlocks, there was no way she could snake her way out of her bindings.

To Jeff, Stephanie looked more than stunning. It was in the way her breasts pushed her nightshirt out; the way she squirmed in her binding and it was in the way her eyes sparked as she looked down at herself and her bindings. He knew he was on the cusp of having her as a slave. He had to be patient.

Jeff picked up the end of the lead and gave it a gentle tug, "Now off to bed with you."

Stephanie shook her head and pulled back on her leash.

"I thought this is what you wanted; to be tied-up so you could go to sleep."

Stephanie moaned into her gag and shook her head no again. To go to bed now would be like leaving a kettle on to boil itself dry. Now she needed to relieve herself of all this pent-up passion and there was no way she could do it herself. Besides, the big boner hidden behind Jeff's boxers had not been missed by her.

"What do you want?" He asked.

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Jeff watched his step-sister ease herself up and hop towards him. There was a grin on her gagged mouth and a coy look in her blue eyes. As soon as she was in front of him, she slowly got onto her knees, all the while looking into his eye. Finally, she nuzzled at his erection and moaning into her gag.

Quickly Jeff undid the buckles on her gag and she began nibbling at him through his boxers. It took seconds for him to strip out of them.

As soon as he stood still, Stephanie leaned forward and took his stiff cock into her mouth, licking around its shaft and head. Jeff moaned underneath his breath as she began to take in its full length; sealing her lips around it.

Stephanie felt his hands on top of her head and he began thrusting himself at her while keeping her head still. She gagged a couple of times and Jeffery let her catch her breath. Then, he pulled away from her just as he came. Warm cum sprayed onto her face and hair as he collapsed down on the floor beside her.

"God, that was good, Steph," Jeff said, turning to look at his kneeling sister.

"May I cum now, Jeff?" she asked demurely.

"Yeah, sure," he said, out of breath.

With that, he stood up and took a hold of Stephanie's leash again. This time he pulled her toward his parent's bed. Stephanie scooted along as best as she could until she reached Jeffery standing beside it. Then Jeffery helped her up to face the bed before bending her over.

Stephanie's ass peeked out from underneath her shirt. She was wearing a pair of small cotton panties and Jeffery could tell just how wet she was. He peeled her panties down to her strapped knees and began to slide his finger up and down her sex, never quite touching her clit.

"Oh God," Stephanie breathed as Jeffery parted her lips and inserted finger inside of her.

The bound girl thrust herself back on to his finger. She could feel the fires raging up to envelope her.

"Make me cum," Stephanie began to chant, "Oh, God, make me cum!"

Just then, Stephanie felt her step-brother roughly tickle her swollen clit. She screamed and bucked as he grabbed her around her waist with one arm and finger fucked her. Her whole self was engulfed in a white-hot pyre of pure passion as she came again and again until Jeffery let her collapse on the bed.

Trying to catch her breath, Stephanie wriggled onto her side. Jeff lay on his back beside her, breathing nearly as hard, the moonlight turning his skin a silvery shade of blue. His eyes were closed and a contented smile went across his face. Stephanie noticed again that he was muscular in a runner's kind-of-way: tall and lean. His cock was still nearly erect and she watched it as it slowly shrank. It was wider than she had expected and she wondered how he would feel inside of her.

Stephanie realized that the 'eeww' factor of having had sex with her stepbrother wasn't there. She was sure if she thought about it too much, that it would emerge. However, watching his naked form beside her, she had to admit he was attractive and she could see what her girl friends had seen in him.

"Jeff," she said softly after a bit.

"Yes," he replied without opening his eyes.

"Whatcha thinking?"

Jeff turned his head and looked at his stepsister lying beside him, her wrists still handcuffed behind her, "I don't know what I am thinking, Steph. That was amazing, though. You were amazing."

"Did you like it?" she asked.

"Couldn't you tell?"

Stephanie smiled and nodded her head, "I did too."

They looked into each other's eyes, trying to read what the other was thinking. Finally Stephanie spoke.

"Jeffery, I need you to use me. . ."

Jeff started to say something, but the girl 'ssshhhed' him.

"Something happened to me while the strangers were here, Jeff. I've changed. I need these things. . ."

Stephanie showed her cuffed wrists the best she could.

". . .the cuffs, the gags. I need them. They make me feel more 'real' and somehow safer too. I know it's weird and fucked-up, but I can't help it and you're the only person now I can tell this to, ya know. You lived it to sort of."

Jeff nodded his head slightly.

"What I am trying to say," she continued, "is I need you to use me, Jeff. I need to be tied-up and used by you."

Jeff grinned inside. The first part of her training was done.

The End
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