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The Donor
  • Author - Obsidian Grey  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, reluctant, bondage, kidnapping, mummification, toys
  • Post Date - 11/5/2006
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Reader's Comments (9)

“Some fantasies are just that…”

When he had asked for a shot to take away the pain, he had expected it to make him drowsy, maybe even send him to sleep for a while. He hadn’t expected it to give him a cock so hard that it felt like he could drill clean through to Australia with it.

The pain had gradually subsided but his erection hadn’t. He was mildly drowsy. He lay back in his bed, propped up on pillows, watching the world go by, or rather, watching the visitors come in and go out. It was August, it was hot, even inside the hospital, and it was visiting time.

The sensual world of BDSM

Why him? Why today? Every visitor seemed to be female. Every visitor seemed to be wearing less than the last one and each one seemed to make his cock throb like it were wired straight into the mains.

He’d considered hand relief, he’d considered the toilets but with one leg newly plastered from crutch to ankle and his crutches still downstairs, waiting for someone to bring them up from the stores, it really wasn’t an option.

All he could do was lay back and stare at the bare legs and the seemingly endless cleavages. At visible panty lines and thongs that peeked out at him when their owners sat down or got up.

He tried, it got so bad that he really tried to think himself flaccid but whilst, as a general rule, achieving flaccidity would never be a problem, today it bloody well was!

The nurse didn’t help. He saw her enter the ward and he shivered and so did his cock. In fact his cock did more than shiver, it grew and it throbbed so much that he thought it was going to detach itself from him, fly up the ward all on its own and disappear straight up her undoubtedly gorgeous and hopefully pungent, pussy!

Oh she was big! Not gross but she was a big girl! She had a chest you could hide in and that you really WANTED to hide in. Her legs were plump and well rounded and she had the face of an angel. A very cheeky looking, naturally blonde angel but an angel nonetheless.

Her uniform was different to the other nurses. Slightly old fashioned looking, it was navy blue with white collar and cuffs and white piped trim. Her stockings, they had to be stockings, they had seams, were jet black. In his minds eye he could see the panties she wore. Marks and Spencer cotton interlock, not too big but just enough material to allow them to slide, warm and sensuously, up and down his cock!

What the hell was he thinking?

Of course originally he had consoled himself with the fact that no way would she be coming to see him but then a voice jolted him out of that particular fantasy.

“Mr. Williams?” she was standing there. Right there, right in front of him and so was his cock. He was just glad there was a frame in the bed with him. A frame that kept the bedclothes off his broken leg and also provided an alibi for why they seemed to be sticking up in such a strange way, almost as if he had an enormous fucking hard on.

Which of course he did!

God but it was uncomfortable, in a pleasurable, masochistic kind of way. He looked at her and felt a complete idiot. He couldn’t answer! Maybe that was it, whilst they’d been operating on his leg, they’d mixed up some nerves or something and all the muscles and bits that dealt with his tongue and his speech centre were all working his cock now instead!

Then he realized that the operation had only been a few hours ago and he hadn’t had a drink for God knows how long. His mouth was arid but you just had to talk to angels. He did his best to smile and forget about his cock and croaked out a,

“Hi! Sorry, must have been miles away!” she smiled a sweet, sweet, smile that looked as good as she smelt. She looked down and he immediately felt himself reddening, knowing that she would immediately see his throbbing erection. “How did you do it?”

“Pardon?” and then he realized, “Oh! Motorbike!” she looked puzzled somehow.

“What? You fell off one?” despite that fact that the only thing his entire psyche was currently interested in was getting this nurses’ soft hand, or her no doubt even softer panties, to somehow wrap themselves around his engorged penis, he said with a pained smile,

“Oh no! I was on a Zebra crossing and one hit me!” he wished it would hit him again if it stopped him being so bloody hard. She leant forward and touched his shoulder; and he thought he was going to explode,

“Oh, you poor thing!” now she was perching on the side of his bed and he could see her cleavage, her lovely, lovely cleavage and those oh, so ripe, titties. Her skirt was riding up too and now he could glimpse black nylon clad thigh. She leaned in close, so close he could smell her perfume. So close he thought she was going to kiss him.

He didn’t think it was possible for a penis to beg but his seemed to be doing just that.

“I understand you have pain issues?” he looked at her. Surely he hadn’t heard right

“Er, I have, er, what?” surely, he reasoned, she could not have said "penis" issues. Her smile grew broader.

“I’m sorry, I know you haven’t been up from theatre very long, that’s why I’m here. I’ve been told you have problems managing the pain.” She said it slowly and deliberately like she were talking to someone, well, someone whose brains were currently huddled in their cock for warmth, basically. He broke out into a sweat but that could just have been her.

“Oh yes, pain! Yes, I am, erm, er …” she smiled that wonderful smile again.

“Call me Lisa!” he certainly would but she was standing up and walking to the end of the bed now. She was looking at his chart. She studied it and then looked at him as if making up her mind

“Good! Well er, Mister..” she looked at his chart again and corrected herself, “...well, Brian, we’re going to move you to Trowbridge Ward. We’ll be able to manage your pain better down there, it’s much quieter, much more isolated.” Having replaced the chart, she sat back down on the bed and he could feel his blood pressure, and his cock, for that matter, rising even higher, if that were at all possible.

So distracted had he been by the new life that seemed to running rampantly through his penis that he hadn’t noticed the stainless steel Kidney Bowl on the bedside cabinet. The gorgeous, plump, sweet smelling, horn invoking angel was already rolling up the sleeve of his hospital issue pajama jacket and picking up a wicked looking syringe from the bowl.

She let out a couple of CCs of the clear fluid and she glanced down at him, then at the bedclothes bunched discreetly between his legs and, saying distractedly,

“You might feel a decent sized prick!” She injected it all into his upper arm. There was just the slightest of jabs as the needle entered his skin but the other prick, the one throbbing away between his legs, seemed to jerk involuntarily as she pressed home the plunger. He realized that she was looking deep into his eyes as she did it. Very quietly and with a kind of gleam, as if someone had just turned on a light behind those big, keen, impossibly blue eyes, she murmured,

“Good! That was very, very good!” and then, adjusting the waistband of her skirt the way he really wanted her to adjust his cock, she stood up and without further ado took the brakes off his bed with her foot and, to his surprise, began pushing both him and his erection towards the lifts.

He never seemed to lose consciousness but once they entered the lift and began the seemingly long descent into what must have been the very bowels of the hospital, his mind seemed to become jumbled . All he could recall were a collection of feelings and images that didn’t make total sense until later when the dots finally joined themselves up into one uncompromising whole.

There was no more daylight and the electric light seemed to grow dimmer the further down they went. He eventually found himself being pushed into a side ward. A dimly lit side ward all to himself. Then things really started to happen.

His cock was so hard he was beginning to think of himself as being made up entirely of erectile tissue. That was before he met Sharon. Sharon was maybe the same age or perhaps slightly older than Lisa and she was of similar stature. Oh, she was truly statuesque, Rubensesque even, was Sharon. Her hair was dark, no, not dark, not dark so much as black, so black it made her skin look pale but in a good way, it gave her a Romany cum Goth look that he found extremely interesting not to mention exciting.

She introduced herself as the Ward Sister and they shook hands. What he REALLY wanted her to do was shake him warmly by the cock but beggars could not be choosers! He wondered idly at the time if a man’s penis had ever actually exploded. That was before they stripped him.

He hadn’t even tried to protest. His cock ached for attention now. He didn’t care if they saw it, in fact he actually wanted them to. When Sharon and Lisa took down his pajama bottoms between them, they exchanged a knowing glance, one that said much more than he could ever know but there was definitely triumph in their eyes.

Then it got very bitty. They put his plastered leg in traction and then they shucked on long thick rubber aprons that covered their uniforms. They had a trolley with them , a big white trolley, with what seemed like masses of equipment on it. They were shaving his other leg, in fact they were shaving him everywhere. no, they weren’t that daft, they were leaving his cock well alone but they were gently shaving his other leg, his chest and his two arms.

He remembered trying to say something and feeling distinctly woozy but he tried again and no sound would come out. Lisa was sitting next to him on the bed now. She was looking at him and talking to her colleague at the same time. She stroked his hair.

“Oh he’s sweet isn’t he? Y’know he keeps giving me these little well, they’re like little floods really. I had one when I was talking to him up on the ward!” then she turned to him “Oh, you are SUCH a sweetie. You really are but we’ve got a lot to do right now and we’ll have plenty of time to talk later!” she was standing up. She was standing up and seemingly adjusting something under her skirt, meanwhile Sharon was putting something into a large bowl and starting to roll something else carefully up his good leg.

She glanced round at Lisa and said warningly,

“You be careful! You know we can’t afford to waste any. Every drop is precious, remember!” even now she was pulling something from under her skirt but still talking to Sharon,

“I know, I know! That’s why I only teased that big bastard cock of his up in Theatre. That’s why I only let it dribble enough to give us something to test. You wouldn’t think a bloke like him would have such a big fucking cock, would you! And he’s got millions upon millions of little swimmers in there as well, all going in the right direction too. He’s perfect!” She paused and patted his head again, as if dealing with a little dog. “Oh, yes you are! Oh, yes you ARE! You are perfect. You really ARE!” Finally she had what she wanted where she wanted them and she stepped out of them and held them up to his face.

He stared at the panties. The panties whose ripe, intoxicating, odour he could smell even from where she held them. Completely different to what he imagined, they were skimpy black satin with black lace trim and as she wordlessly held them tightly against his nose, the smile of fulfillment on his face was obvious.

“That’s a good boy!” she cooed. “I think you’re going to co operate with us aren’t you?” already he was nodding, “Sharon!” but Sharon was gliding towards her, a tiny red pair of panties with a dark stain around the gusset in her eager hand.

“You’re right, he’s really compliant already. He’s going to be a joy. We’ll be able to do things with this one we only dreamed about with the others.” She looked at her colleague, “How long you had yours on?” Lisa smiled

“Three days! You?” Sharon smiled back,

“Same! I was doing Mr. Wilkins. I’ve come a couple of times in ‘em. They should smell gorgeous right now and while you were talking to him, I had a little flood myself. It wasn't really an orgasm it was more of a..." but her colleague was already holding out her hand.

“Give ‘em to me, then. He can smell mine whilst we roll yours up and stuff ‘em in his mouth!” she bent down and stroked his head again, “Oh, you’re going to like this Mr.Williams. Whilst we make you nice and helpless you’re going to smell my knickers and suck on Sharon’s and they should taste lovely!” The last thing he remembered then was Sharon saying loudly,

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“Ooh just look at the size of his cock now! Ooh, careful Leez, I think he’s about to cum!”

The rest was pretty much like a dream to him, it would probably be a nightmare to somebody else but it was a dream to him and almost a wet one at that..

Whilst Lisa held her moist pungent panties over his flaring nostrils with one hand , she stuffed the wadded, damp, aromatic, panties, wet gusset towards his tongue, into his wide-open mouth .

Ordering him to close immediately, which seemed to make his rampant, shiny, purple headed, nine inch cock grow even more, Sharon began taping it shut with sticky bandage. She wound it around and around his head to keep the panties in place and then, using the same bandage she taped the panties over his noise leaving him just enough room to get air.

At that stage they both took a couple of steps back and slowly raised their skirts. He had to breathe deeply then and each deep breath assailed his nostrils with the wonderful, intimately female and deeply musky odor of Lisa. He was now looking at two beautiful, pussies, both framed by black lacy suspender belts and the sheerest of shiny black stockings. Lisa was shaved and her lips were puffy and red suggesting that she was very excited but Sharon’s pubic hairs were as black and thick as those on her head.

Realizing he was captivated she said quietly:’

“Now I’m going to let you just have a little touch. Just a little one and if you’re a good boy we’ll repay the favor by touching and maybe playing with that big fat cock of yours but only after we’ve done what we have to do! Understand?” she thought she saw a tear in his eye and he nodded, he nodded in gratitude. Skirt tucked into her suspender belt, Lisa was stroking his hair again and, to his supreme excitement, as Sharon moved as close as she could to him so she whispered,

“You can’t move or speak you must have realized that by now but the drug doesn’t always affect your finger she should be able to move them just enough to…”
He did not need a second telling as she squatted ever so slightly over his outstretched hand so he was able to move his fingers just enough to feel a pubis the like of which he had never felt before.

Instead of being coarse and wiry the hair there was silky smooth and inviting. He stroked it like he would a pet puppy and then, as the black haired girl smiled down at him, he let his fingers roam a little.

He could feel her labia now and they felt soft and a little damp. The smell of her was everywhere. And then he realized, of course it was, he had no choice but to take it in with every breath!

She was neither encouraging him nor discouraging him, so he moved his fingers a little more and penetrated her. It felt wonderful and she was soaking wet already, absolutely soaking! He took a deep breath and slowly and deliberately began to move his finger slowly in and out.

To his grave disappointment he felt a hand on his wrist and the finger was slowly withdrawn but Sharon was still smiling at him,

“That’s enough now Sweetie. There’ll be plenty of time for that later!” She patted his hand and laid it carefully back on the bed. Then she looked at Lisa who was lightly stroking his face now,

“He’s good Leez! He’s really good. He was going straight for my G-spot! He knows his stuff!” she leant down and kissed him on the cheek, “Now, Brian, we know you’ve got a hard cock and, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on what way you look at it, that cock is going to stay hard for the next two weeks or so. We have a quota, see. A quota of semen that we have to produce each month for the NHS sperm banks. It’s one of the ways that they make money now. They sell sperm to private fertility clinics but it has to be good sperm and your sperm Brian, …" She kissed him again, “...is very, very, good sperm. So we’re going to make and keep you hard and then, every couple of days or so, we’re going to milk you!” he looked aghast and she kissed him again, “Don’t worry! You’ll love it. And there’s all SORTS of different WAYS we can milk you but first we have to make you our big, helpless, baby so we can get to work on you and tease that fucking hard cock of yours and produce lots and lots of lovely spunk! All right Sweetheart?”

And she kissed him again and so did Lisa and then, when his cock was so big and so red and so purple that both they and he thought it was about to split in two they got down to the business of seriously restraining him.

They worked as quickly and as efficiently as you would expect nurses to work. He was captivated. He had realized by this time that whatever had been injected into him on the ward had severely restricted both his powers of movement and speech, like Sharon had said, but he COULD watch everything they did and that was good enough for him.

When he saw all the plaster bandages being dunked into the warm water and the stockinet being pulled up over his other uncasted leg and his two arms, he realized what they were going to do.

The plaster felt warm, gooey, strange and sensuous as they applied it and it certainly didn’t help his cock, the cock that both nurses were adamant would stay untouched until they were absolutely good and ready.

Even in his slightly befuddled state he had also been able to work out that when they had given him the painkiller they had also given him something to keep him firmly erect. Whatever it was was definitely still working. Knowing how he felt, the two women, who were absolutely in charge of him, now, would quite often do things to make matters worse.

Things such as gently molding the soft plaster into place and letting him feel their sensuous fingers and the warm gooey stuff making contact with his skin, especially when they were finishing off his leg cast and those knowing fingers were only a few inches away from his throbbing and tremulously erect cock and his swollen and aching balls.

They had put a rubber sheet under his leg as they were working on it but they soon put it in what they called traction. To him it was a form of bondage. Both legs raised at maybe a 20-degree angle to the bed, a couple of feet apart to allow them access but held in place not with loose stirrups but with thick leather straps that buckled around each cast and held them irrevocably immobile.

They did the same to his arms, encasing them so that he had very little use of his fingers. They attached the straps before the plaster was dry meaning that plaster and leather would soon become one. This allowed the arms to set with a slight bend in the elbow and then suspended above him, not sticking straight OUT, but almost straight UP from his shoulders.

By then he was almost completely immobile but while Lisa was clearing up, Sharon approached him with a very soft but high, wide and thickly padded surgical collar that buckled around his neck, engulfed his chin and kept his head firmly in one position. She kissed him again and plumped up and added pillows until his head was at a comfortable angle to his now motionless and shaven body.

Lisa entered the small room with a much smaller trolley on which were just a few things. Shaving things and with glee they informed him that it was now time that his cock and his balls were shaved clean!

He could feel his beleaguered cock twitching with anticipation as both nurses took off their rubber aprons and heavy rubber gloves but to his anguish, or rather the anguish of his cock; they also divested themselves of their uniforms as well and he thought his eyes would bulge out of his head.

Both girls wore much the same and all of it in black. Cheeky little half-cup bras, silky, low cut camisole tops, suspender belts and stockings. He realized they had changed their shoes and now wore patent leather stilettos with probably a four-inch heel.

They looked absolutely wonderful.

Lisa approached him showing off her lingerie to its full advantage. Even now Sharon was standing by his angry, red looking, cock with a brand new disposable razor and a large can of shaving foam. Lisa pulled a chair from under the bed and sat down on it with her legs much further apart than was really necessary. He marveled at the proximity of her shaven vagina and breathed deeply through the panties covering his nose. He could also constantly taste his panty gag and if he had been able to move his arms right then…

“Now Sweetie, you’re nearly done but we have to finish you off now and Sharon is going to shave you!" he could already hear and feel the cold metal of her scissors on his sensitive flesh, snipping away most of his pubic hairs. Lisa pointed to herself, “And I am going to plug you, slip in the catheter and get you dressed in the cute little adult nappy and plastic pants that will stop you having any little accidents during the night!” then she kissed him on the cheek and added quietly. "Won't do anything to make that fucking hard cock of yours go away though!" His eyes bulged and he tried to get up and he tried to make noises but in spite of everything he just couldn’t.

Seeing that he wasn’t happy Lisa explained it all to him whilst he was at his most vulnerable, while Sharon was very gently running the razor up but not down his throbbing shaft. Lisa laid a soft hand on his sensitive thigh, not a million miles away, and explained that the adult nappy and plastic pants were simply practical. He couldn’t get out of bed any more and so he needed protection.

There was a moment when he thought he saw them wink at one another but there was nothing he could do about it anyway. Of course the more the hair was gently removed from his shaft, so the more he wished Sharon would just oblige him the once and put her soft hand round his throbbing member and deliver the coup de grace but she didn’t or wouldn’t.

He watched them coating the tube of the catheter with antibiotic cream and then he finally got his wish. Lisa held it in her hand whilst Sharon, after applying a quite considerable amount of lubricant to her disposable rubber gloves, eased her delightful hand around his quavering shaft and held it there. For a moment he completely forgot how to breathe.

It felt cool and comforting and so, much to his concern, did the finger of the other hand that she was already easing into his vulnerable rectum. It felt good, much, much, better than it really should have done but he had so been craving the touch of a soft, female, hand that he just relaxed back against the pillows as Lisa told him to.

Even the insertion of the catheter wasn’t as unpleasant and invasive as he had expected and, unfortunately for him, he became very aroused by the idea that he was naked and tied up and therefore powerless to do anything at all about it. A fact that did not go unnoticed by Sharon who chided him for being a naughty boy but did not, as he had hoped, cave in and give him that much needed wank.

Having the catheter inserted was pretty much like being masturbated from the inside, so much so that at one point Lisa whispered quietly,

“If you feel yourself getting close you must blink your eyes twice because, remember Sweetie, we DO punish even our very best patients, if we have to!” Even Sharon noticed the sudden throbbing in his penis then but he did as he was told and blinked twice and she allowed him to subside.

Now Lisa explained about the balloon at the end of the catheter, the one that would stop it from coming out but he had to breathe deeply to avoid embarrassment when she gave it an experimental pull. As soon as she had hooked the tube up to the bag and hung it discretely under the bed she walked over to another trolley and picked up something that made his eyes bulge.

To distract him Sharon began moving her finger gently in and out of his, by now, well lubricated bottom, and then added another, reminding him to blink if he was close to coming. Lisa, titties jiggling, shaven pussy seemingly smiling sideways at him, walked up to him and showed him the object that was in her hand.

“Now this is called a Butt Plug, Sweetie and it’s to stop any little accidents during the night. It’s also very good for milking because it massages your prostate and makes you really horny and it won’t let that naughty cock of yours go down either!” she showed him the odd shaped tapering thing and also explained that it was actually inflatable.

Sharon’s hand still hadn’t moved but the sudden thrusting forward of his shaft against it almost achieved what he had been wishing for. With a big grin on her face the stocking clad Lisa jiggled back down to the end of the bed, greased the plug thoroughly and then replaced Sharon’s fingers with it.

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For a moment he thought that he was going to come right there and then as the plug was eased gently but assertively home and both scantily clad nurses smiled at him. It was an even closer call when they took turns to inflate it but again he just managed to control himself.

He was quite desolate when Sharon finally let go of his member and he was beginning to think his ordeal was over but then he saw the two grinning women walking towards him, titties jiggling. They sat down on the bed on either side of him and explained between them that, much as they would like to, they really couldn’t let him sleep with their panties in his mouth and over his nose.

So while Sharon began untaping them Lisa left the room only to return, no more than thirty seconds later,with yet another trolley. This one, they explained, had some apparatus on it that would allow him to breath during the night and that, in turn, had a mouth piece that would act as an airway. What they didn’t tell them, as they eased it into his open mouth, was that the end of the mouth piece was shaped like a large erect male penis with a hollow end and was, effectively, a penis gag.

He was helpless. Both arms and both legs were in casts and strapped up. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t even move and seconds later they were buckling it tightly behind his head while Lisa, with a broad smile on her face, was explaining that in fact the penis in his mouth, like his butt plug, was also inflatable.

As Lisa pumped and his mouth slowly filled and his cock got even harder he wondered if there was anything that these two women could do to him that would actually cause him to lose his erection

He stared up at the nurses. His penis was still as hard as a rock and his balls were still seemingly twice their normal size. As Lisa had stroked them she had explained that there was nothing wrong with them, it was just a side effect of the drug and it wasn’t permanent but he noticed with frustration that they had still not stroked his seemingly massive cock.

The diapers he now wore, the wonderfully soft, luxurious and warm, cotton toweling adult diapers, had actually been much more comfortable than he had expected. They were soft and fleecy and they bound his throbbing erection close to his body, which felt good somehow.

Now the two women were sitting either side of him again and giggling. Suddenly, almost synchronously, they reached behind their backs and seconds later their bras dropped into their laps and he feasted his eyes on their beautiful milky white tits.

Lisa touched his casted arm and said quietly,

“There’s still some things we have to do but you’ve been very good today and we’re going to give you a little reward for being such a Sweetie. Jo, the Night Nurse, will be in later give you an injection to keep that cock hard, so we’re going to say good night.” The two topless and almost bottomless nurses kissed him on each cheek and Lisa got up and walked slowly down the bed.

Sharon held his casted hand and whispered sibilantly in his ear,

“Just relax Sweetie, you’re going to love this and it’ll give you something to think about before your first milking!” The nearly naked and stocking clad Lisa stood halfway down the bed and smiled at him.

Almost involuntarily, it seemed, she licked her lips and then she very slowly reached out a hand and wrapped it around his rigid shaft. He shivered and he sighed just a little but that sigh soon became a much bigger one as her cool, soft, soothin, hand began to move rhythmically up and down his desperate shaft.

The feeling was indescribable.

He had craved that touch all day and now it was finally happening. His beautiful little nurse was finally masturbating him and she was doing it so, so delicately. He watched in horror as she stopped for a moment, eased the index finger of her other hand between her soft glossy lips, took it out again and then ran the glistening finger down the back end of his sensitive shaft.

He would have screamed if he could but instead he just shuddered, Sharon whispered in his ear,

“Come on baby, spunk for us! Come on! You know you want to ...” and then that hand was moving sensuously up and down his cock again. That cock that had waited so long, so very, very, long for this.

He closed his eyes, it had been a very long day. Slowly, very, slowly Lisa slid her hand up and then down, up and then down, knowing that it wouldn’t be long. She saw his head drooping back against the pillow and then she saw Sharon kissing him lightly on the cheek.

Before she could stroke that rigid cock once more, Sharon winked at her and she stopped because their not so willing sperm donor was already asleep.

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