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Erica's Capture
  • Author - Erica  
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  • Unique Views - 87332
  • Story Codes - F-mf, M-f, non-consensual, armbinder, bondage, humiliation, kidnapping, latex, slavery, torture
  • Post Date - 3/10/2007
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Erica groaned into the thick rubber ball that filled her mouth as she stumbled across the room, the short chain between the tight metal cuffs on her ankles forcing her to take halting steps. The grip of her unseen captor was tight on her bare upper arm. The rough black bag that covered her head was still damp from the many tears she had cried during the long drive spent locked in the trunk of her own car. Her wrists hurt where the un-giving handcuffs bit into them behind her back, chafed from her earlier, desperate struggles to escape. Her ankles were spared some of that discomfort by the white cotton socks that protected them.

The sensual world of BDSM

The man’s attack had been sudden and powerful. One moment, she had been standing near the trunk of her car, hitting the remote to unlock the doors, looking forward to a night alone at home after a long day of work. In the next moment, she had been thrust against the cool lid of the trunk, her cries quickly muffled by the ball that was still wedged between her teeth. The long drive in the car had given her plenty of time to curse herself for not reacting faster, for not finding away to fight back as the cold steel cuffs closed on her. When she thought of that moment of capture, she could still clearly hear the horrifying sound of them ratcheting closed on her wrists. Then, a moment later, she had been up-ended into the trunk, a bag thrust over her head and cinched, and her ankles trapped in iron before the lid closed and this strange journey began.

The grip on her arm changed and she was brought to a sudden stop, the chain between her ankles tinkling as she was brought up short. She tried, weakly, to pull away from his tight hold, her bare legs trembling from the exertion of the hurried walk after their long confinement in the trunk. Her breathing quickened as she heard a new rattle of chain from above, and she instinctively turned her cloth shrouded face upwards to look, seeing nothing through the opaque canvas.

“Uhhhh…. Uhhhh… Eeeeehhhzzzzzeeee” She cried out, her desperate pleas made incomprehensible by the thick gag as she felt cold chain wrap around her throat. The heavy metal pressed tight against the tender flesh of her neck. She heard the click of a padlock and then the footsteps of her captor walking away from her.

Standing alone now, chained in this strange place, unable to see her environs, she twisted her arms behind her back, trying to reach the tight leash that encircled her throat, but the cuffs on her wrists would not allow it. Taking a few, hesitant steps, she quickly discovered that the chain was connected to something above her head as she played out what little slack she had and felt it go taut against her neck.

As it had so many times on the drive to this place, her mind reeled with the thoughts of what was going to happen to her. Why had she been kidnapped? Why would someone do this to her? She wasn’t anyone important, just a flat-broke waitress at a sports bar, looking forward to a relaxing night at home, or at least what remained of it. Now here she was, in the hands of some lunatic, these damned chains making her powerless to protect herself. She prayed that it was some kind of prank or joke, and that the bag would be removed to reveal everyone she knew standing by laughing at her expense.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a clicking sound from above her, and she cried out as she felt the slack gradually begin to disappear in the chain on her neck. She screamed hysterically into her gag, small breasts rising and falling quickly as she panted for air through her nose. Slowly but firmly, the retracting chain pulled her back to where she had been standing when it was locked on her neck and then continued, drawing her up onto the toes of tennis shoes.

Eyes clenched shut beneath the covering bag as new tears spilled from them, her whole body tensed in anticipation; she waited for the inevitable moment when her feet would leave the ground. Instead, there was a final click of the chain and her rise stopped. The tension burst from her as her body was wracked with sobs of relief. Teetering awkwardly on her tiptoes, forced to rely at least partially on the chain on her throat for support, the weight of her hopelessness threatened to overwhelm her.

Lost in her misery, she didn’t notice that her captor had returned to her side until she felt his hand come to rest on her shoulder. She tensed at the sudden touch of his rough hand through the tight, thin material of her vertically striped, black and white shirt. And then the world was unbearably bright as he plucked the bag from her head. She blinked her eyes quickly, trying to adjust to the brightness of the bare light bulb that dangled above and in front of her. Almost gently, her turned her face to his and brushed back the strands of her auburn hair that were plastered to her cheeks by some sick combination of drool, tears, and sweat.

“You must be very frightened.” He said softly, holding her gaze. His voice and eyes seemed so normal, almost friendly, in stark contrast to her treatment thus far at his hands.

“Uh Huh” She croaked behind the gag, another sob wracking her body as she struggled to stay focused, remain strong, and hold back another bout of helpless tears.

“You must have so many questions to ask right now.” He continued, his voice remaining steady and calm, though his hand strayed from her shoulder down over the front of her shirt, cupping one of her breasts while the fingers of his other hand played absently with the knot of material between her breasts where the shirt was tied up. “You’re probably wondering why this is happening to you? Or perhaps what I intend to do to you?”

She nodded slightly, panting for air through her nose, though the movement of his hand over her body told her that the answer to one of those questions might be as bad as she feared. Releasing her breast after a gentle squeeze, his hand glided slowly over her smooth, bare stomach beneath the tied up shirt, the touch of his fingers to her bare flesh sending nervous shivers through her. His hands continued their roaming, slipping down over her waist and around behind her to grab the firm globes of her ass for a moment, caressing them through the tight black material of her spandex shorts. She felt hot new tears spring to her eyes despite her best efforts as his hands explored her helpless body. She could only watch as he sank to his knees in front of her, his hands continuing down over her trembling thighs, caressing and exploring her legs until they reached her confined ankles.

“Would you like me to take the cuffs off you?” He asked as he untied the laces of her left sneaker, lifting her foot slightly to remove the shoe before placing her socked toes back down on the floor.

“Uh huh” She grunted desperately, drool from around the gag dripping down over her chin to land on her small, heaving breasts, and dampening the material of her shirt.

“I’ll be happy to remove them, pet, but only after we’ve taken a moment to ensure that you understand a couple rules.” He continued after her answer, moving to the other shoe and removing it as he had the first. Somehow, she felt more helpless with only the white athletic, knee socks covering her feet now, and not only because she now had to stand up further on her toes to avoid more pressure on her neck. The theft of her shoes felt an exceptionally cruel measure to her, in spite of everything else he was doing to her, as if she had lost some connection to her prior life.

“First of all…” He spoke, his voice continuing in the same calm manner as he rose to his feet, hands continuing to glide easily over her body. “When I remove this gag, and on those occasions when I do not keep something stuffed between those pretty lips of yours, you may only speak in response to questions, or when you have been granted permission to do so. Understood?”

She nodded quickly, as much as the tight chain on her neck would allow, a cold shiver running down her spine as he moved to stand behind her, one hand cupped beneath each of her breasts. She felt dizzy, sniffling through her nose as her world seemed to be quickly collapsing around her. His index fingers made slow, lazy circles around her nipples through the thin material of her shirt, and she gasped when he suddenly pinched each nipple between a thumb and forefinger. She yanked once more at the relentless steel cuffs that imprisoned her wrists, whimpering in pain as he continued to apply pressure to the base of her nipples.

“Secondly…” He continued, and she shifted on her toes, trying to step forward slightly to relieve some of the pain to her breasts. “If you do not do what you are told, when you are told to do it, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Eeehhhhssssshhhhh!” She screamed into the gag, sputtering as a new torrent of drool slipped past her forcibly opened lips, spilling onto the front of her shirt. She desperately wanted to force his hands away, to run away from him, but the maddening chains kept her held tightly in place.

Erica staggered; losing her balance as he suddenly released his grip on her nipples. Teetering awkwardly, she coughed around the gag as the chain on her throat tightened while she struggled to regain her balance. After a few tense and fearful moments, she found her precarious footing once more, tears streaming down her cheeks as she panted in relief. The steel cuffs on her ankles clanked as she brought them together, straining high up on her toes to reduce the tension on her throat.

While she balanced, trying to make sense of the impossibility of it all, she felt her captor’s hands in her hair. Drawing her auburn tresses back, she moaned in relief as she felt him release the leather straps of the gag, and then pull the thick rubber ball from where it was pressed behind her teeth. She worked her jaw, opening and closing her mouth for a few moments while she tried to alleviate the cramp that threatened to overtake it.

“Oh God… oh God…” She whimpered, sobbing with relief. “Thank you… Thank you…”

She felt his hands on hers behind her back, and quivered in anticipation of the release of the vile handcuffs from her sore wrists. Instead of release, however, his hand closed on the chain between them, and she felt him draw her wrists up high on her back. She tugged reflexively against the pressure as he held them in place.

“Pleeaassseee….” She whined her voice breaking as she pleaded with him. “J-just take them off. You don’t have to do this. I’ll… I’ll be… I’ll be-”

Her desperate plea was broken off by the thud of his palm against her left ass cheek. She staggered on her tiptoes as the blow rocked her, the thin fabric of her shorts offering her no protection from its force. Before she could react, or even fully process the first strike, he delivered a second to her right cheek, and this time she yelped, crying out in surprise and pain.

“Please! Stop!” She cried out as his hand landed on her ass again, blushing crimson as tears born of both pain and humiliation sprung to her eyes. “Don’t!”

“How quickly we forget the rules.” He said calmly, his voice betraying no hint of his emotions as he struck her ass again, still holding tight to the chain between her wrists. She clenched her eyes shut and bit her lower lip to stop herself from crying out as a fourth, stinging slap landed on her tender flesh, and then a fifth. The blows were getting harder, she realized, and what had originally seemed to be merely degrading was becoming truly painful now. Sobbing, tears spilling from her eyes, her breath hissed behind clenched teeth as he struck her twice more in quick succession. She could feel her firm ass cheeks reddening and growing warmer as the assault continued. She wanted to plead with him to stop, to spare her this punishment, but the reality of his ridiculous “rules” was sinking in now.

“Let that be a lesson to you.” He whispered in her ear after a tenth and final blow, finally releasing the chain between her handcuffs. “You’ve endured your first punishment session, though I don’t believe it will be your last.”

“What’s your name, pet?” He asked as he walked back around in front of her.

“It’s… it’s Erica.” She responded between gasps of air, her cuffed hands rubbing the sore flesh of her ass.

“And how old are you?” He continued, drawing a cigarette from a fresh pack and holding it between his lips. Again, his “normalness” shocked her. He seemed like someone she might meet on the street, wearing worn jeans and a long sleeve black shirt, and yet here he was.

“I’m tw-twenty three.” She stammered, the pain of the spanking finally subsiding into a dull ache. It seemed impossible to her that he would be asking these sorts of questions. Had it just been random chance that he grabbed her? A long list of questions was bottlenecked in her mind, but she bit her tongue, afraid of another spanking.

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“Are you a student at the University here?” He asked before lighting the cigarette between his lips and taking a long, luxurious draw.

“Yes... I mean… No, not right now.” He raised his brow as she answered, so she continued. “I was, but I dropped out. I want to go back, but I haven’t really figured out what I want to do yet.”

“So you wait tables while you get that figured out?” He asked, exhaling a cloud of smoke.

“Yeah…” She said softly, holding his gaze as he stared into her eyes, trying to focus on his questions as an island of reality in this nightmarish place. “The money’s pretty good… and there are always extra hours to pick up.”

“Do you like your job?” He asked, and she tensed slightly as he stepped in a little closer to place his hand on her bare hip.

“I-it’s… ok.” She nearly whispered, feeling new tears threatening to overtake her.

“What about the uniform?” His hand moved to the waistline of the low-slung spandex shorts, tracing along the edge that marked the boundary between the bare flesh of her stomach and that concealed by the tight material. “How does it make you feel to go out dressed like this?”

“I… I… I don’t really…. really think about it…” She whimpered, butterflies fluttering in her stomach. “You know… it’s just for fun… for the guys at the bar.”

“I bet you get great tips.” He said softly.

“P-pretty good.” She sobbed, her voice cracking as she felt the tip of his finger slip under the waistband of the shorts.

“Do you live alone?” He asked, his finger gliding slowly along he hip toward her backside, still under the edge of the shorts.

“No. I have a room mate.” She gasped as she felt his finger hook under the string of her thong, drawing it up from concealment, the bright pink band across her left hip now.

“Is that by choice?” He continued as a finger on his other hand drew out the waistband of the thong on the other hip. “Or would you rather live alone, but need help with the rent?”

“I’d… I’d rather live alone.” She whimpered, tensing and rising up a little further on her toes as he drew up on the pink waistband, the thong wedging further into the crack of her ass beneath the shorts.

“Did you like your life?” He asked, still holding tight to her thong and using it to draw her closer to him.

She opened her mouth to answer, but couldn’t find any words. A choking sob escaped her lips. She felt utterly powerless as she stood before him, locked tightly in the wicked chains, her mind spiraling quickly into a tailspin of despair.

“It doesn’t really matter whether or not you did.” He spoke, his soft voice hardening slightly as his eyes narrowed. “As of the moment I found you, that life is over. Tell me. Have you ever been bound before? Tied up?”

“N-no.” She answered quickly, grateful to have a less emotional question to latch on to.

“That’s a shame for you really.” He answered, his eyes revealing what appeared to be true compassion, as his hands finally released her thong and reached around behind her back to caress her arms. “It might have made this transition easier for you. How does it make you feel?”

“How do you think it makes me feel?” She snapped, a flash of anger lighting in her belly.

“I know how I think it makes you feel.” He smiled a crooked grin, his hands coming to rest on her bound wrists, caressing them gently. “But I want you to tell me how it feels right now. You have my permission to say whatever you please.”

“I hate it!” She cried out, turning her face away from him to stare at a point on the bare, stone wall, not wanting to see whatever her captor’s reaction might be as the words gushed from her. “They’re too tight, so my wrists hurt. A-and my legs hurt from being up on my toes like this. But I have to stay up on my toes because you’ve got this fucking chain wrapped around my neck, and it will choke me if I don’t.”

She felt him draw in close to her, his arms wrapped around her in an embrace as he continued to hold her bound wrists. Trembling against him, the strain on her bound body seeming to grow as she talked about it, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her body through his jeans.

“Please just let me go…” She begged, sobbing openly now. “You don’t have to do this to me. I won’t tell anyone. I swear. Just let me go.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, pet.” He whispered in her ear as she cried. “But I can let you out of the cuffs and allow you to ask a couple questions, if you will make a deal with me.”

“Yes, please, yes!” She cried into his shoulder, her tear-streaked cheeks resting against his shirt. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want… just take them off.”

“After I take them off, you will have to strip for me.” He spoke calmly, his breath hot on her ear. “I will allow you to ask me one question for each item of clothing you remove.”

“Wh-what?” She gasped, eyes going wide as his words struck her.

“You will undress yourself.”

“No, please… don’t… don’t make me…”

“I’m not making you.” He answered, his voice level. “If you choose not to disrobe for me, I will flay the cloth from your body with a whip. How they are removed is your choice. But make no mistake. They will be removed.”

“Oh god… oh god….” She moaned, her voice barely a whisper. “Ok… I’ll do it.”

She exhaled with relief as the key rasped in the lock and the tight steel cuffs were removed from her wrists. Her sore shoulders protested as she brought her hands around in front of herself for what felt like the first time in an eternity, rubbing the chafed flesh where the metal had held her. Still up on her toes, she watched as he crouched and unlocked and drew away the other restraints from her ankles. As he turned and walked away, her hands went immediately to the chain on her neck, scrabbling at it and the heavy padlock that held it in place. She found no give in either material, still as helplessly imprisoned as she had been while wearing the cuffs, only slightly more comfortable. A short distance away, her captor pressed one of two industrial-style buttons on the wall. With a rattle, the chain on her neck rose for a moment and she cried out, grabbing it with both hands, and then it went entirely slack and she collapsed to the floor in a heap.

“You bastard.” She hissed angrily, her heart hammering in her chest from the aftereffects of the terror of being hung that had gripped her for a moment.

“Tsk… tsk… tsk…” He shook his head as she slowly regained her feet, feeling nearly free with the slack in her leash now, but still locked to the ceiling. “You’ll have to be punished for that language later.”

She opened her mouth to protest, and then closed it quickly, not wishing to make matters any worse than they already were. Her whole body ached as she stood looking at him, but she was grateful to be out of the handcuffs, and to not be forced on her toes any longer. Her stomach fluttered, filled with dread and fear, as she realized the price that she had paid for it, though. Her trembling hands moved to the knot of the shirt tied between her breasts, and she gazed at her captor, pleading silently with wide eyes to not be forced to strip herself. She saw no mercy in his cold eyes and barely suppressed a new burst of tears as she, shaking, untied the knot and let the striped shirt slip down off her arms. Her small breasts rose and fell slowly, barely covered by the sheer pink material of the bra that was designed to hide beneath the shirt.

“Are…. Are you…. Are you going to h-hurt me?” She finally managed to choke out, blushing crimson with humiliation as she began to undress before this stranger.

“Yes.” He replied. “Quite badly at times, I imagine.”

“But why?” She sobbed, hugging herself tightly as hot tears stung her wide eyes.

“I’m afraid you have to pay up front for your questions.”

Trembling, breath quickening, she hooked her thumbs under the waist of her spandex shorts. Swallowing hard, she slid them quickly down her legs, stepping first from one leg and then the other. She kept her gaze locked on his eyes while she removed them and dropped them with the shirt.

“I will hurt you because I am sure that you will need to be punished from time to time. You’ve already earned two in just your short time here. And I will hurt you because it thrills me to see you cry.”

His words seemed to hollow something out in her. She felt almost detached from her body as she lifted her left leg and slid the sock down her calf and off her foot. A slight shiver ran up her spine as she placed the bare sole of her foot back down on the cold cement floor.

“Are you going to kill me?” The words rushed from her lips before she had time to think of what she wanted to ask.

“I hope not to. It would be a tragic waste.”

“When will you let me go?” She asked, mechanically removing her other sock, wearing only her pink thong and bra now, as well as the heavy chain on her throat.

“When I grow bored of you.”

Bending her elbows, she reached up behind her back to the clasps of her bra. Pausing before releasing them, she looked across the room at her captor, who stood leaning against the wall. The placement of her hands reminded her vividly of the spanking she had received earlier, and she shuddered at the painful memory. Unclasping the bra, she slid it down her arms and let it fall to the ground, her small, round breasts falling free. The air felt cool against so much of her bare skin.

“Why me?” She asked, her voice low, one hand moving instinctively to cover each breast.

“You won’t like the answer to this one, pet.” He said soothingly. “You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve been prowling the streets here since I got into town a couple days ago, and you were the first attractive target that I found who I could take. Had you called off work today, or stayed late, or even if someone else had just been out before you, your life might not have taken this turn.”

It was just random chance? Her mind reeled. Nothing more than bad luck had resulted in her falling into the sick pervert’s clutches. She was in some strange basement, wearing only her thong, and locked to a chain on the ceiling. She’d been spanked, humiliated, and tied up for hours now, and it was all just by chance?

“Please…. Do I have to… do I have to take off any more?” She whimpered.

Without answering, he turned and walked the short distance to what looked like a workbench. Looking it over for a moment, he selected what looked almost like a conductor’s wand. It was longer, though, and thin, looking like it was made out of flexible wood. He tapped the end of it against the palm of his hand as he turned to face her again.

“No!” She cried out, quickly thrusting her fingers under the string of the thong and pushing it down her legs, baring her neatly trimmed pussy. “Don’t! I’ll take it off!”

“Then, to answer your last question: No, you don’t have to, but I already told you the consequences if you didn’t.” He grinned wickedly, returning to the buttons on the wall.

“That wasn’t my question… I didn’t mean…” She sobbed, goose bumps rising on seemingly all of her flesh, as she now stood naked before her captor, one hand over her pussy and the other arm across her breasts.

“What you meant doesn’t matter, pet.” He smiled as he pushed the button on the wall again and the chain on her neck slowly began to retract up toward the ceiling. Trembling, she kept herself covered with her hands as she was once again drawn back to the familiar spot. The chain dug into her throat, pulling relentlessly at her.

When the chain finally came to a halt, she was once again up on her toes, though bare toes this time. She watched her captor pick up a box from next to the workbench and carry it over to her, setting it on the floor beside her feet. A glance down into it let her see what appeared to be a bundle of black leather straps and buckles. From within the box, he picked out what looked to be nothing more than a short leather belt.

“Hands behind your back.” He ordered coldly. “Palms together.”

“Please.” She whimpered. “You don’t have to tie me up again. I won’t try to escape. I couldn’t even if I wanted to with this chain on my neck.”

“That’s another punishment you’ve earned.” He responded simply. “Must I repeat myself?”

With a quiet whine, she moved her hands behind her back, placing them palm to palm. She was grateful that he was standing behind her and unable to see her now fully exposed breasts and pussy, but knew that it was only a matter of time. Her heart rate quickened as she felt him wrap the thin leather belt around her wrists, and then cinch it tightly in place, pinning them together. With the little belt in place, once again making her hands useless to her, he wove her fingers together into a ball.

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“Keep them that way.” He order as he reached into the box again, this time withdrawing what looked like a long, black leather sleeve, festooned with buckles and straps. She trembled at the sight of it and then looked straight ahead, keeping her fingers wrapped up in a ball as ordered.

“Wh-what is it?” She asked softly as she felt him slip the sleeve up her arms behind her.

“It’s called a single glove, or armbinder.” He responded, pushing it all the way up her arms until her clenched hands slid into a soft pocket at its end.

“And why are you… why do I…” She stammered, trying to find the words as the shape of the soft sheath drew her arms closer together behind her back, pulling back on her shoulders slightly. “Why do you want it on me?”

“Because it’s quite an effective form of restraint, for one thing.” He answered, not seeming to object to her questioning as he wrapped a pair of straps sprouting from the top of the thing across her chest, crisscrossing them between her breasts and buckling them in place to hold the sheath up high on her arms.

“But… but…. Please, you don’t have to restrain me. I told you… I told you…” She winced as he began to tighten the straps on the thing, gradually drawing her arms closer and closer together inside its leather embrace.

“It’s ok, pet. Just try to relax.” He whispered as he continued to cinch the thing tighter and tighter behind her. “I’m going to let you talk now while we get you dressed because I know that this is hard for you. And you have quite an ordeal ahead of you after we’re done.”

“But please… I can’t get away…” Erica gasped, breathing faster as she felt her shoulders gradually drawn backwards as her elbows nearly came together inside the armbinder. “I’m so scared… Oh god, please, I’m scared. I’m just a girl…”

“And a beautiful one at that, but I am not keeping you bound because I need to.” He cinched the last strap of the cruel device tightly in place, her arms now welded together uselessly behind her back in its leather grip. “I am keeping you bound because I enjoy it.”

Not daring to speak again for fear that her emotions would overcome her once more, she tugged helplessly at her bound arms while he reached into the box for another wide, strap-covered piece of leather. Though more confining than the cuffs which she had earlier worn, the binder was at least not as uncomfortable as the steel against her flesh. Still, she’d have traded her position now for what she had viewed as hellish then. At least then, she’d been dressed, and the increased restriction of the new bondage made her feel infinitely more helpless.

He wrapped the new piece of leather around her waist. It looked like a corset, the sort of thing that belonged on the cover of a romance novel, though infinitely more sinister in appearance when crafted of black leather. It came up to just below the straps that circled her breasts, and the front and sides of it were set with a number of sturdy silver rings. As he began to buckle it in place on her, pulling tight on the straps on the back, she felt it gradually pressing harder and harder against her waist.

“What are you doing?” The words rushed from, along with her breath, as he yanked hard on the straps, gradually compressing her abdomen with each successful notch of tightening. “Stop…. It’s too tight. I can’t breath.”

“Take shallow breaths, baby, and relax.” He whispered softly as he put the finishing touches on the tight corset.

“Oh yeah, I’ll just relax!” She spat angrily, squirming as she yanked at the leather that held her. “I’m trapped in a room with some sick pervert fuck who gets his kicks from tying me up and his box of twisted toys. I should just lie back and take it?!”

“It looks like you don’t have a choice, doesn’t it?” He spoke softly as he wrapped a leather belt, with rings like those that adorned the corset, around the middle of her left thigh, buckling it in place.

“Does it make you feel strong?” She hissed, trying to sound stronger than she felt, watching as he connected a thin chain that dangled from the side of the thigh-belt up to the side of the corset to stop it from potentially slipping down. “Does tying up a girl half your size make you feel big?”

“No.” He answered her accusation with the same, even tone, continuing her bondage by attaching a matching leather cuff to her right thigh. “It just makes me hard as hell.”

She glared down at him as he squatted to wrap a leather cuff around her right ankle. She wanted to kick at him, but she had no leverage, and could do nothing to stop him as he buckled and locked the leather firmly around her slender ankle. A matching cuff was applied to her left ankle, and she saw that they also were fitted with the same silver rings that the other pieces of leather held. Her legs were now each fitted with a pair of cuffs, though they were still not attached to anything. She had the feeling that this would not remain the case for long.

He rose slowly, holding on to the ring on the left ankle cuff as he returned to his feet. He bent her knee as he lifted her bare foot from the floor and she shifted uncomfortably, trying to keep her balance on the toes of one foot now. Foot lifted completely, her calf and heel pressed to the back of her thigh and ass, she heard a metal click and looked down to see that he had clipped the ring of the ankle cuff to the matching ring on her thigh. She tugged at it, but found no give, her bare foot now uplifted behind her.

“The sole of the foot is very susceptible to pain.” He said calmly, standing behind her now, and she felt the light tap of the wand he had selected earlier against her twitching foot.

“What!?” She gasped, the tight corset forcing her to continue taking short, shallow breaths, struggling to maintain her balance while twitching to get her foot away from him. Don’t… don’t…. god, please, don’t hurt me…”

“I’m afraid that you’ve given me no choice, dear Erica.” He sighed. “Now that you’re dressed, it’s time for you to receive the two punishments you’ve earned.”

“No, don’t…. please don’t…” She whimpered, hating herself now for not fighting harder against the application of the leather that now held her so tightly in its grasp. “I… I can’t take it.”

“You will receive ten lashes with this birch rod.” He said calmly, ignoring her desperate pleas. “You will count off each strike. If you miss one, we begin again from one.”

Before she could reply, the lash came down hard on the tender sole of her foot and she cried out in pain. Tears instantly sprung to her eyes as the burst of agony tore through her body. Curling her little toes, pointing her foot upwards, she tried to shield it from another blow as it twitched helplessly against the leather cuff that held it in place. There was no avoiding the second lash of the slender rod as it came down hard on her tender flesh, crisscrossing the first. She bucked against the leather straps, drawing the leash up tight on her throat as she nearly fell.

“If you don’t start counting, you’re going to be here all day.” Her cruel captor said, standing behind her as brought the rod down hard on her heel.

“Three!” She cried out, sobbing helplessly as she squirmed against her leather restraints.

“Oh no, pet.” He corrected her, landing a fourth slash of the rod to the back of her right thigh, stunning her with its force and making her stumble forward on that one outstretched leg. “We start counting at one.”

“One… two…” She choked out between heaving sobs of pain. “Three… Four…”

“That’s only one now, pet.” He announced, grinning wickedly behind her, and then lashing the exposed back of her knee.

“Fuck!” She screamed, bordering on hysterics, as she leapt forward at the vicious attack to the back of her knee. Panicking, she hung from her neck for a moment, gasping for air, before she finally managed to get her foot back underneath her. The leg, two painful welts beginning to rise on the back of it, seemed so helpless and exposed as she regained her balance and stood as still as she could.

“That’s not a number that I’ve ever heard of.” He spoke calmly behind her. “We’d better start over at one.”

A long, low whine escaped her lips as she struggled to fight back the depression that threatened to overwhelm her mind. Stilling herself, she calmly awaited the next blow of the crop, trying to focus on her anger instead of her misery. Whoever this sick bastard was, she promised herself that she would make him pay. It felt like a very hollow threat, even in her own mind, as she stood before him, naked save for the twisted leather bondage devices that he had used to secure her, but she focused on it nonetheless. At some point, he would make a mistake, and she would be ready for it… she hoped.

“One!” She grunted as the rod lashed across her exposed sole again.

“Two!” She hissed as the next blow landed, holding back the expletives that formed on the tip of her tongue. “Threeeeee!!” She cried out as the next slash returned to the back of her knee, the word becoming a pitiful cry as she struggled to avoid recoiling and choking herself on the damned neck-chain.

“F-four. Five!” He voice was a whimper as she called off one, and then another as two blows landed on the back of her stretched calf in quick succession. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gasped for air, outthrust breasts heaving with each sob.

“Halfway there now, pet.” He said cruelly as he brought the crop down again, across the twitching toes of her upturned foot.

“Six!” She screamed as the wicked blow sent a flash of white pain through her mind. It should be done now, she knew, furious that the first four hadn’t counted under the twisted rules of his game.

The next attack of the rod paralyzed her with its force, a terrible blow directly across the arch of her helplessly bound foot. She fell forward against the chain on her throat as she gasped for air, struggling to recover from the pain that tore through her little sole.

“Suh… Seh… Seven…” She groaned when air finally returned to her lungs, just in time for another blow from the rod, this time mercifully across her right ass cheek. “Eight!”

“Two more to go now, pet.” He spoke calmly as he came to stand before her, looking deep into her wide, tear-filled eyes as she gasped and sobbed. “I imagine that you will think twice before defying me now.”

“Nuh… Nuh… Nine…” She sobbed, her head falling forward, hair concealing her tear-stained cheeks as the ninth blow came across her belly. She stared down in disbelief, the angry red welt that began to rise on her flat belly vivid proof that the pain she felt was indeed hers.

She sobbed, watching helplessly as he ran the tip of the rod along the contours of her left breast. It felt so thin and light, its touch firm but not strong, hardly seeming capable of inflicting the torments that currently plagued her. She cried out, closing her eyes tightly and looking away as he pulled back the rod, lifting it high. Holding her breath, she tensed in anticipation of the forthcoming blow. When she heard his laughter, the air burst from her and she turned back to face him, lower lip quivering as she sobbed. He stood looking at her, smiling wickedly, the rod still upraised and poised to strike.

And then, without further warning, the rod came down hard across the center of her right nipple. Jumping back at the searing pain, she lost her precarious balance, falling backwards to dangle from the chain on her neck. He reached her in an instant as she sagged against the chain’s grasp, scooping her up easily with one hand on the firm globes of her ass and the other on her shoulder. She felt the clip on her ankle released and then the chain on her throat unlocked as she was set back on her feet, legs trembling.

“T-ten…” She sobbed as she began to recover. “Ten… ten… please… no more…”

She watched as he walked away from her, leaving her standing in the center of the large room. She realized that she was almost entirely free now. With the chain released from her neck, she only had the corset on her waist and the arm-binder to contend with. Unfortunately, the latter was almost entirely effective on its own, welding her arms into a straight and useless mass behind her, imprisoning her hands. She struggled against its control, but could find no give, her bare feet padding softly on the cold concrete floor as she turned, staying up on the toes of her sore left foot to avoid pressure against its aching arch and sole.

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“I fear you’ll find no room for escape from it.” Her captor spoke, and she turned to face him. “I welcome you to try, but you’ll find that there is no hope of escape from this place.”

“Pleeeasssee…” She whined, stepping back gingerly away from him as he approached, favoring her right foot. “No more… just let me go… please, I’m begging you. I can’t take it.”

“Oh, but you must take it.” He said firmly, reaching up to grab her hair as he reached her, forcing her to bend forward under his control, and dragging her across the room with him. “And you’re still owed a second punishment.”

She sobbed helplessly, stumbling after him as he held tight to her hair, dragging her with him into a darkened corner of the room. Keeping her bent forward, he pressed her to a rough wooden saw horse, the length of its wooden top along her upper body. As she sobbed, she felt him draw leather straps around her waist against the tight corset that confined her waist, buckling it to keep her pressed against the beam of wood. Her small breasts fell to either side of the length of the top.

“You… You don’t have to do this!” She cried out hysterically as she felt herself buckled in place against the horse, bent forward uncomfortably. “Why!? Why are you doing this?!”

Without answering, he forced her to spread her legs, drawing each ankle wide to match the angle of the legs of the horse to which she was attached. She trembled helplessly against the rough wood as the cuffs on her ankles were locked in place to the bases of the legs, and then her thighs as well. It was a strange feeling, having these various attachments points on her body now. It sickened her how easily he could use them to bind her in place. She heard another click, and then a tug on the end of the arm-binder. The tug grew in intensity, slowly drawing her arms up behind her, pressing her harder against the horse.

“Wait! Stop! It hurts!” She cried out, trembling as she felt her sheathed arms drawn up behind her until they were perpendicular to her back. “Oh God, please get it off! Get it off! It hurts!”

Forced up on her toes as far as the cuffs that bound her ankles would allow by the horrific pressure on her shoulders, she squirmed desperately against the rough wooden horse. It felt as though her arms would tear free of their sockets, pulled so forcefully above her back as she bent forward. She bucked wildly against the horse, but it didn’t move, bolted in place to the hard floor. Her whole body revolted against the unnatural strain of the position, a thin sheen of sweat breaking out over her bare flesh as she struggled.

“No more… please… no… no more… I’ll do whatever you want.” She whined pitifully, straining desperately to find some relief from her forced stance. “I’m sorry… oh God, I’m so sorry… I’ll be good…”

“It’s called a strappado, pet.” He said, his voice silken smooth as he placed one hand on her firm, naked ass. “I’ve always wondered what it must feel like. It seems terribly uncomfortable.”

“It… it huuuuurtsss…” She whined, tensing as she felt his hand exploring the soft globes of her ass. “Please let me up… I can’t take any more...”

“Oh, poor little one.” He whispered, one of his fingers moving down to glide easily over the lips of her pussy, so exposed and open as she was bent forward for him. “This isn’t your punishment. That will be coming in a moment.”

She squirmed against the rough wood of the sawhorse as the tip of his finger played along her nether lips. This new violation of her body, combined with the terrible strain of the position in which she was bound, was too much for her. Breaking down into hysterical, helpless crying, she collapsed against the horse. Her whole body quivered as she sucked in air between each pathetic sob. She tried to talk, to plead with him for release, but could not find the words. Her world became only tears and pain as she trembled in the straps.

“It’s not all right!” She screamed, finding her words in the blur of pain and anger. “It’s not all right! You can’t fucking DO THIS!!”

“Oh, but I can.” He hissed as he entered her roughly with his finger, pushing the tip into her pussy. “I can do whatever I want to you. And right now, what I want is to fuck you.”

“Oh god… oh god… please don’t… don’t rape me.” She whimpered, gasping for air as he began to work her pussy with the intruding finger. “God, please, not like this.”

Her body tense, straining against her bonds, she heard him unzip his pants and the slight rustle of his jeans. His finger withdrew from her, and then was replaced with the tip of his cock. A long, low cry arose from somewhere deep inside her as the tip began to press against the lips of her pussy. She felt his hands on her ass, one squeezing each cheek hard as he slowly entered her. He groaned in pleasure as his cock filled her.

“You bastard… you sick fuck…” She moaned, straining with all her might against the tight leather that confined her as he entered her. “I’ll make you pay for this… so fucking help me… you piece of shit.”

He didn’t respond to her threats as he slowly slid in and out of her. She could do nothing to stop or slow him as he fucked her, using her like a piece of meat. She hated him in ways that she had never imagined herself capable. Every minute spent in this hellish basement was worse than the one before, and the twisted bastard showed no sign of slowing or stopping the pace. She tried to just zone out; to take her mind somewhere else while he fucked her body, increasing his pace as he became more worked up. But the pain in her arms and the confinement of the corset wouldn’t let her escape, forcing her to remain grounded mentally while she struggled.

She cried out in pain and surprise as he suddenly grabbed her hair and yanked back on it. Holding tight to a handful of it, he pulled back with each quickened thrust of his cock into her pussy. Screaming as he drove into her, she wept uncontrollably, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. And then he came with one final, hard thrust. She felt his body trembling as he released his hot cum inside her pussy, yanking back harder on her hair. For a few moments, he just held her there, pressed hard against her. Moaning in satisfaction, he slowly withdrew from her and wiped his cock on the inside of her thigh. She could feel his juices inside her. When he released her hair, she fell against the sawhorse, sobbing softly.

“You must be exhausted, pet.” He spoke softly, moving around next to her as he arranged himself back in his pants. “Would you like to get some rest now? Go to sleep?”

She nodded weakly, looking up at him with wide, tear-filled eyes as she felt his cum slowly drip down the inside of her thigh.

“Ok, baby.” He smiled warmly down at her, and she wanted to smash his teeth from his mouth. “You have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow.”

“P-please…” She groaned, her voice hoarse from her screams. “Just let me go… you got what you wanted…”

“Hardly.” He said simply, and she cried out in relief as he released the chain that held her arms aloft, allowing her arms to fall back against her back. “Though you’ll find, pet, that if you manage to be a good girl, not every day has to be like this one.”

He released the locks that held her legs to the horse, and then unbuckled the belt around her waist, allowing her to stand again, on wobbly legs.

“Y-you don’t have to do that…” She whimpered as she watched him squat to attach a short chain between the leather cuffs on her ankles. It was clipped in place with carabineers on each end, and she burned with frustration, knowing how easily she could remove them if only she had her hands. “I won’t try to run… I can’t try to run…not like this.”

“But pet, if you’re not going to try to run, why do you care if I fetter you?”

“It’s just… it’s just…” She whined, tugging experimentally at the chain between her ankles, feeling it grow taut at her tug, watching her small foot in disbelief. “It’s so hard… not being able to move the way I want… it’s so frustrating… I can’t bear it like this… I can’t…”

He laughed softly at her outpouring of frustration, and then began to lead her across the room, drawing her after him with a finger hooked through on of the metal rings on the front of her corset. She stumbled awkwardly after him, struggling to deal with the chain that hobbled her. They reached one of the darkened corners of the room, and she stopped short when she saw what it held, causing him to lose his finger hold on corset ring.

“Wh-what… what is that for?” She whimpered, eyes going wide at the sight of the small, heavy metal cage that rested in the corner.

“That’s where you’ll be sleeping tonight.” He answered simply, as if the concept of her sleeping in a cage that seemed to be designed for the size of a dog was nothing abnormal.

“But… But I can’t fit in that.” She voice broke as she stared at him in disbelief.

“Oh yes you will. You can’t really expect better accommodations after how you’ve been acting up today, can you?” He opened the door with his foot and then grabbed her hair cruelly, forcing her down onto her knees next to him.

“No!” She cried as he forced her awkwardly down to the ground, struggling mightily against her bonds. “Not like this… I can’t sleep in there… I can’t sleep in this stuff…. Take it off…. Please….”

“Let this serve as motivation to be a better girl tomorrow, pet.” He said grimly, taking a small bundle of leather straps from a hook on the wall above the cage. “Now, open wide.”

She clenched her jaw as she saw what he held. It was another one of those red ball things like the one that he’d had in her mouth earlier, though this one had a lot more strapping attached to it. A part of her knew the futility of her resistance as she knelt there wrapped in his restraints, but a stronger part wouldn’t allow her to just accept this. That part screamed at her to fight him, to find some way to escape this horror.

“Please not that…” She hissed through clenched teeth as he pressed the ball against her pouting lips.

A shiver ran down her spine as she felt his other hand move down to her left breast, the fingers teasing the nipple as it thrust forward under the pressure of the armbinder.

“Ow! Fu-mmmpppphhhh” Her cry of protest as he pinched the base of her nipple was cut off by the thrust of the thick ball into her mouth, back behind her teeth again. She felt him wrap the straps around her head, a pair of them going diagonally across her face, partially obscuring her vision as it followed the sides of her nose. When the straps were buckled in place, they held the ball in place between her lips, and also forced her jaw to remain clamped shut on the rubber.

Grabbing her hair again, he forced her to bend forward. With a firm swat to her ass, he propelled her forward, shuffling awkwardly through the door of the little cage. She didn’t bother to fight him, feeling the helplessness of it now, focusing instead on getting inside it as easily as possible. It was a tight fit within the cramped confines of the cage, forcing her to draw her legs in under him so that he could close the door. Curling up on her side on the cold steel floor of the cage, she kicked out reflexively at the sound of the door closing. Squirming in her bonds, she began to cry again inside the little cage, lying on her side with her knees drawn up to her bare chest. The position and the inability to stretch out her legs at all seemed to amplify the effects of the tight corset on her waist.

Kneeling down next to the cage, her captor reached in to run his fingers along the side of her thigh. He seemed about to say something as she looked up at him with wide, pleading eyes. God, he wasn’t really going to leave her like this all night, was he? But then he simply rose, blew her a kiss and walked away. Trembling in the dark dimly lit corner, she cried out after him, her impassioned plea transformed to incomprehensible mewling by the gag in her mouth. She heard the click of the door as he left, closing it behind him, and then was left to the sounds of her tears and the creaking of her leather-ware.

The next morning...

Erica woke with a start, and not for the first time in the long, dreadful night. The end of her sleep was brought about, once more, by a subconscious attempt to move and the startling realization that she couldn’t. Every time one of these sudden awakenings happened, it brought with it a new awareness of her horrible predicament, and she cried out softly, whining, as the hopelessness of her situation filled her. She was lying on her side with her legs drawn up to her bare chest, inside a small metal cage that was barely big enough to fit her. Her shoulders ached from their confinement within a tight, black leather armbinder behind her back, and she fought against it in renewed frustration as she woke. Once again, the sheath gave no sign of weakening, her struggles leaving her panting for air through her nose above the gag, the tight leather corset on her waist making her quickly winded.

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This time her awakening in the dark also brought with it two new displeasures and she screamed into the thick rubber gag in her mouth in frustration. The first, more immediate concern, was the cramp that was beginning to form in her thigh. She tried to relieve the pain by shifting slightly inside the confines of the small cage, stretching the leg as much as she can by slipping her toes through the bars and pressing against them. Panting for air through her nose, she pressed her sheathed arms back against the other side of the cage while she rode the wave of pain from the cramp until it finally dissipated.

The second new concern, though less immediate, was not one that could be dealt with so readily, however. A growing ache was beginning to form in her bladder, and she felt the urgent need to pee. She tried to shift to relieve some of the pressure on her bladder, but her options were so limited in the cursed leather restraints that there was little she could do. The insides of her thighs stuck together as she shifted, still sticky from her captor’s cum after the savage rape earlier.

She wanted so desperately to sleep, waking to find her nightmare at an end. The tight leather on her tender flesh and the growing need to pee confounded her attempts to rest, however, and she found herself trapped in a blurred world somewhere between sound sleep and the waking world. She slept fitfully, her dreams nightmarish as her subconscious seemed wickedly bent on conjuring up new explanations for why her body would not move as it commanded. Once she dreamt that she was in the grasp of some cruel, tentacled alien. Another of her mind’s fiendish creations found her the prisoner of sadistic buccaneers.

To make the cruel dreams worse, a return to the waking world brought no relief from the horrors of the sleeping one. Whatever relief she momentarily felt when she woke to discover that she was not held wide by the quivering tentacles of some creature from beyond the stars that was about to rape her was quickly replaced by the knowledge that she was still just as much a prisoner. Though her captor was of a much more mundane variety, she was still very much his captive, and his dried cum on her body was proof that his motives were no more pure.

She woke with a start in response to a loud rattling of her little cage, having not even realized she had fallen asleep. Her tired eyes burned and her whole body ached from the long confinement. She looked up at her captor as she tried to blink the sleep from her eyes, groaning around the gag, trying desperately to plead with him.

“I trust you slept well.” He said mockingly as he opened the door of the cage.

Stretching her legs out through the open door, her body shuddered and spasmed at the relief of finally uncoiling them. Rolling onto her stomach, her bare breasts pressed to the cold floor of the cage, she sobbed as her legs twitched. She felt him grab the ring on the end of the armbinder and drag her the rest of the way out of the cage. After allowing her only a moment to recover, he lifted her to stand, and she leaned against him as he legs threatened to buckle beneath her. With one arm wrapped around her waist, between the armbinder and the corset, he led her slowly across the room. The pace was slow, allowing her to shuffle along next to him on her protesting legs, the short chain rattling between the cuffs on her ankles.

“I know that last night must have been hard for you.” He spoke softly, and she sobbed pitifully in response as the fresh memories of the long night flooded through her once more. “Today doesn’t have to be like that, pet. We’re going to get you cleaned up and fed now. And if you’re a good girl, it will be a much more bearable day. Ok? Can you be good?”

Groaning, she nodded her head desperately, drool dripping over her chin to spill on her breasts as she shuffled next to her captor. She promised herself that she would not defy her captor today, that she would do whatever he demanded, and that she would get him to lower his guard.

Crossing the room, he led her through a door and into a gleaming, white tiled bathroom. The smooth tiles were cool beneath her bare feet as he led her inside. The need to pee seemed to amplify as she crossed the threshold of the sparsely appointed room, and she grunted behind the gag, nodding with her head toward the toilet.

“You have to pee, pet?” He asked, meeting her eyes while the hand on her waist strayed down to rest on her ass.

“Uh huh” She groaned behind the gag, pressing her thighs together.

“Then go.” He said, giving her ass cheek a playful swat.

Whimpering, the chain between her ankles rattling, she shuffled over to the toilet and sat down on it. She blushed, her cheeks scarlet, as the torrent of pee rushed from her, splashing into the bowl beneath her, not even pausing to consider that he might leave to give her some privacy. She looked over at the roll of toilet paper and then up at him as she finished, still blushing, unable to clean herself up with her arms trapped behind her in the leather restraint.

“We’ll get you cleaned up in a minute.” He said as he turned on the water in the large clawfoot tub. “Let’s get all that leather off you first.”

She stood as he approached her and he turned her, his hands moving to the straps on the back of the armbinder. When she turned, she caught sight of herself in the mirror and gasped in surprise. She hardly recognized herself as she stared at the reflection looking back at her. Her hair was a matted mess, sticking out in tufts where it had broken free of the thin leather straps that held the thick rubber ball in place in her mouth. The ball forced her lips wide, and her chin was wet with drool. Her eyes looked tired and red, dark rings beneath them.

Her usually slim waist was slimmer still, an hourglass shape created by the black leather corset. Her breasts were pushed forward, accented by the straps of the armbinder between them. The pressure on her shoulders began to lesson as he gradually loosened the straps behind her, finally reaching around to unbuckle the straps between her breasts and then draw the sheath back down off her arms, letting it fall to the floor behind her. Her arms tingled as she finally moved them, bending her elbows, wrists still strapped together with the little belt from the night before. Her fingers ached as she slowly unwrapped them from each other.

She moaned in pleasure as he unbuckled the straps of the corset behind her, finally freeing her to take deeper breaths after its long control of her. Drawing in a long, shuddering breath through her nose as it fell away, she trembled in relief. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw the angry red lines in her flesh where the leather had pressed into it. Squatting next to her, he unlocked and removed the leather bands from her ankles and thighs, dropping them in a pile with the rest.

“Now, I’m going to give you a little freedom and a little time to ready yourself for the day.” He said as he rose and began to release the straps of the harness that covered her head. “You will have one hour to prepare yourself as I instruct.”

“In one hour, I expect to return to this room and find you dressed.” He gestured to a small pile of neatly folded material on the back of the toilet tank, a couple sets of gleaming metal handcuffs resting menacingly on top of them. “You will be kneeling in the center of this room with those cuffs locked in place on your wrists and ankles… hands behind your back. Am I clear?”

“Y-yes.” She groaned as he pulled the thick ball from between her aching lips, her heart leaping at the thought of being left alone and unbound.

Leaving her with only the leather strap on her wrists, he reached down next to the toilet and she heard the rattle of chain as he lifted something up. Turning back to face her, she saw that the long chain had what looked like a rubber strap attached to the end of it. She bit her lower lip, fighting back the pleas that were forming on the tip of her tongue as he wrapped the rubber strap around her throat and then locked it in place. She blushed, humiliated as her captor collared her like some animal. With the collar locked in place, he removed the leather strap from her wrists, freeing her save for the collar.

“Let me remind you, pet.” He held her chin in his hand, staring into her eyes while she rubbed her wrists. “You are being given an opportunity to be a good girl today, and starting with a clean slate. If you act up, however, you will find today worse than yesterday.”

Without another word, he turned and left her alone in the bathroom. She heard the lock on the door click behind him. On wobbly legs, she walked to the tub and turned off the water. Steam rose from the surface of it as she stood there for a moment, leaning against the edge of it. Sitting down on the closed lid of the toilet seat, she explored the rubber collar on her neck, finding it as secure and immovable as everything else you inflicted on my body. I follow the chain behind my seat to where its end is locked to a heavy metal plate that is bolted to the floor. A few moments of frenzied pulling at the chain with both hands are enough to convince her that there will be no easy escape from it.

Trying to forget the collar and leash, Erica rose and returned to the tub. Stepping into it, she moaned softly as the hot water enveloped her sore and tired flesh. Slowly, she lowered herself into the soothing embrace of the bath. Lying back, she let the water swallow her up to her neck, closing her eyes as she banished thoughts of where she was from her mind. Enjoying the sensation of the water, she ran her hands over her body, massaging some life back into her sore muscles.

While the water slowly worked its magic, making her begin to feel human again, the handcuffs resting on the back of the commode and the collar on her neck were a stark reminder of where she was, and what she could expect for the rest of the day. Remembering that the clock was ticking, she cut her enjoyment of the bath short, cleaning herself quickly with a loofa and then washing her hair before pulling the drain. Standing in the emptying tub, she dried her body with a soft towel, luxuriating in the feel of it against her skin.

Wrapping the towel around her wet hair, she stepped from the tub and approached the waiting clothing. Feeling like she was handling live snakes, she quickly picked up the sets of cuffs and moved them, rattling, to the counter of the sink. She paused for a moment to look at her reflection in the mirror before picking up the little pile of clothes. The bath had done her well, and she now felt that she recognized the face looking back at her in the mirror. Were it not for the collar on her neck, this could have been any day after a bath. Prying her eyes away from her reflection before thoughts of the collar and its meaning caused her to start crying again, she turned to the waiting clothes.

Unfolding the little slips of cloth caused her to rethink the word “clothes”, revealing them to be nothing more than a pair of white thigh high stockings, a tiny white pleated skirt, and a sheer halter top of some kind. Telling herself that wearing even this would be better than the nudity of the day before, she slipped her arms into the short ruffled sleeves of the top. It settled into place, leaving her shoulders bare as she closed the pair of buttons on its front. The lower hem of it was gathered and it enveloped her breasts, leaving her stomach bare. Looking at herself in the mirror, she had to admit that it concealed only slightly less than the shirt that she had been wearing for work, though her nipples were far more visible behind the sheer material.

She stepped into the skirt, the elastic waistband stretching to fit over her hips. She pulled down on its hem as she looked at herself in the mirror, barely able to conceal herself with it. Sliding the sheer white stockings up her legs, she saw that they each had little pink bows on the front of their tops. She moved to look at herself in the full length mirror on the back of the locked door. The short skirt allowed a full view of the little pink bows on the top of the stockings, and of bare thigh between the two. The costume looked ridiculous next to the collar locked on her neck, impossibly pure white and innocent in this horrific nightmare world.

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Finally breaking her gaze away from this bizarre image of herself, she returned her attention to getting ready. Not finding a hairdryer, she towel-dried her hair, rubbing vigorously at it before brushing it out, her auburn tresses falling into familiar place, framing her worried face. The only other things left to her were a toothbrush and some paste. Her stomach grumbled as she brushed her teeth, and she realized how hungry she was getting. Finished rinsing, she bent over to drink water from the tap, thirsty and not sure when she would get another chance to drink her fill.

After her drink, she knew that time must be running out now, so she turned her attention to the waiting handcuffs on the counter. She disentangled the two pairs, noticing that one was larger than the other was, and then sat down again on the lid of the toilet, its porcelain top cool against the bare backs of her thighs. Setting aside the smaller pair, she bent her knee and brought her left ankle up onto the seat with her. Holding the large cuff in trembling hands, she held the strong metal against her ankle.

Oh god, how her mind reeled as she contemplated closing the cuff on herself. She could still vividly recall the feeling of wearing them the day before. It felt like she was at a crossroads, with two clear paths open to her. She was as free, for the moment, as her captor was likely ever going to allow her to be. She played the thought of resistance out in her head, imagining herself kneeling on the floor waiting for him without wearing the cuffs. Then she would have to overpower him, and get the key to the collar on her neck. Whatever she did to him would have to debilitate him long enough for her to unlock the collar and make her escape from the place. She looked at her reflection in the mirror again, imagining herself running away from this place dressed as she was. She had no idea where she was, how she would get to safety from here. Where were the keys to her car?

And, of course, there was another specter hanging over the unlikely prospects of her escape. Holding the steel cuffs in her hands, she harbored no illusions about this day being a pleasant one, but she trembled at the memories of her punishments from the day before, and at the thought of spending another night in that cage. If she chose to fight him now, to grasp for the slim possibility of escape that the situation presented, it would be an all or nothing gamble. Gaze locked on the gleaming metal cuffs in her hands, she felt tears beginning to pool in her eyes as she weighed her options. She had to choose between a slim hope of escape and his promise that today would be an easier day for her.

Of course, she justified to herself, if she tried to escape now, not only would she be punished, but also he wouldn’t be likely to let his guard down again. It made more sense to comply with his demands, to do as she was told, and to wait for an opportunity that actually stood a chance of succeeding. The logic made sense in her mind, but the thought behind them seemed hollow, and she wondered if it was simply motivated with an unwillingness to take the chance of more punishment.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she closed the cuff against the sheer material of the white stocking on her ankle. The ratcheting sound echoed in the bathroom, and she felt the first of her tears slip from her eyes, sliding down her cheek. Drawing her other leg up onto the seat, she closed the second cuff in place on it, her heart pounding in her chest as she closed the vile restraints on herself. Somehow, they felt more confining than they had the day before, the act of inflicting their imprisoning grip on her own body amplifying the horror. Rising to her feet, she shuffled to the center of the room, taking small, careful steps to lessen the bite of the cuffs against her flesh.

Kneeling carefully in the center of the room, she sat back on her heels, feeling her confining anklets press against her ass as she came to rest. She placed the smaller pair of handcuffs on her lap. They felt so cold against her bare thighs, and she wondered how much longer she had before the deadline was reached. Not wanting to take any chances, she closed the cuff in place on her left wrist. She left it a little loose, testing it a little, and thinking that she might be able to slip her hand free of it though it appeared to be secure. Moving quickly, before she could fully comprehend what she was doing, she put her hands behind her back and closed the second cuff in place on her free wrist.

She looked at herself in the mirror on the door before her, a cuffed and collared prisoner dressed like a stripper, kneeling on the floor of some twisted sadist’s dungeon. It all still seemed so unreal to her, utterly impossible that this could be happening to her. She watched as her barely concealed breasts rose and fell, heaving gently as tears streamed down her cheeks.

The vision of her helplessness on the back of the door flashed away as it opened, replaced with the sight of her captor. He smiled down on her as he entered the room. Silently, he circled her as she knelt, looking down on her body. Reaching down, he placed a hand on her elbow and gently lifted her to her feet. She felt his hands on her wrists.

“A little loose here.” He said softly as he ratcheted the cuffs a few more notches, pressing the cold metal into her wrists, and robbing her of the possibility of slipping free. “But otherwise, you have done as instructed, pet. Good girl. Would you like some breakfast now?”

“Yes, please.” She answered quickly, her stomach feeling like an empty pit.

“Then let’s get you something.” He ruffled her hair, then unlocked the collar from her throat and dropped in to the floor.

“Thank you.” She said softly, sniffing back more tears as he wrapped an arm around her waist, his hand coming to rest on her bare hip.

He led her slowly out into the hallway outside the bathroom, walking at an easy pace that allowed her to keep up while hobbled by the chains on her ankles. His hand roamed down to caress her ass through the short skirt as he turned her down the hall, away from the room where the tortures of the day before had been inflicted on her.

“The bathroom represents the border between the two worlds that exist here.” He explained as he led her slowly down the hall, past a door on each side and toward one at its end. “On that side of the bathroom, where you spent the night last night, lie the pain and torture that can make your life so miserable here.”

She walked with him in silence, not daring to speak, flaring with anger at the casual way he groped her, and the ease with which he spoke of the horrible things that he was doing to her.

“On this side, things are better for you.” He continued after a slight pause as they approached the door. “You are no less my slave when were are here, and you will find that your free will is equally as non-existent. If, however, you behave yourself, you will find that there is substantially less pain on this side.”

She mulled over her words as he opened the door, noticing that he hadn’t promised a lack of pain. Beyond the door, she saw a simply appointed kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, the center of the room dominated by a dining table. He led her to the end of the table where she would be able to see the kitchen area from her seat. The sight of the chair that awaited her, however, caused her to draw up short in his grasp.

“Wh-what… what…” She mouthed quietly as she saw the backless wooden chair, a smooth wooden dildo rising from the center of its seat, glistening with what appeared to be lubrication.

“Shhh… shhhh…” Her captor cut of her question, placing a finger to her lips as she trembled. “You’re going to have to get used to having that sweet pussy of yours filled while you are here.”

“But why?” She sobbed, pleading with him as he drew her another hesitating step forward toward the wicked looking chair. “Why do you have to do this?”

“That’s one punishment you’ve earned today now, pet.” He met her gaze coldly. “Stop and think for a moment. You’re going to sit down on that chair. There’s nothing you can do to stop me. The choice is just one of how many punishments you will earn in the process, and how unpleasant it will be.”

She cried softly, but kept her mouth shut as he finished leading her to the chair and positioned her standing in front of it. Spreading her legs as much as the cuffs allowed, he helped to gradually sit back on the stool-like top of the chair. As the tip of the dildo touched the lips of her pussy, she cried out in fear, her body trembling as she was wracked with sobs. Slowly, his hands easily supporting her weight, he eased her fully down onto the wooden intruder. Impaled on the knob, she felt him lift her cuffed feet by the center of their chain, attaching it to something on the bottom of the chair seat. With her feet drawn up underneath the chair now, she couldn’t place them on the floor or get any leverage to lift herself up off her pussy’s intruder.

“I know that this is all so hard for you to understand, pet.” He said as he left her squirming uncomfortably on the wicked chair, moving to the refrigerator and reaching inside for something. “You seem to be having a hard time learning the rules, and that could make your life here quite horrific.”

Turning back to her with a plate of fruit and a bottle of water in his hands, he closed the refrigerator door with his foot. She could barely focus on him as he approached her again, so consumed was she by the humiliation of being forced to sit there with the chair’s horn thrust up deep inside her.

“I will make things easier for you.” He spoke, placing the plate of fruit and the water bottle down on the table in front of her. “From now on, when these burning questions become too much for you to contain, you can ask me for permission to speak. If I grant that permission, then you may ask. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She moaned softly, squirming on the chair. The thing inside her was not painfully big, but it was a constant torment to her, and she blushed crimson when she saw his gaze stray down to rest on her thighs as she struggled to grow accustomed to the thing. “May I speak?”

“Yes, pet.” He answered, picking up a cut piece of melon from the plate and raising it to her lips. “Let’s talk while you eat.”

“Can I please get up off this thing? Why do I have to sit like this?” She asked quickly before plucking the offered piece of melon from between his fingers with her lips. She felt so helpless, unable to even feed herself with her wrists cuffed behind her back, and uncomfortably dependent on her captor.

“You will come to understand, pet, that the holes of your body are mine to use as I please.” He answered, holding up another piece of the melon for her while she chewed the sweet goodness of the first. “Little reminders like this one will help you to understand it faster.”

“Have you… have you done this before?” She asked and then took the next piece of fruit.

“Never on this scale, pet, no.” He answered, and she was surprised by his honesty. “And a lot of work and planning went into preparing for your arrival.”

She ate in silence for a while then, taking each piece of fruit into her mouth as he offered them, watching the plate quickly empty between sips from the bottle of water.

“What’s going to happen for the rest of the day today?” She finally asked after a long period of trying to decide whether she actually wanted to know the answer.

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise, pet.” He winked as he wiped her chin clear of the juice and then rose from the table.

She sat still while he cleared up the plate, gave her one last drink of water, and returned the things to the sink. She wasn’t full, but at least she wasn’t starving any longer. She tried to adjust her position on the seat, pushing down on it behind her with her bound hands, but could do little to alleviate her discomfort. Turning her attention back to her captor after the futile endeavor, she saw him arranging a number of pink leather straps of varying sizes on the table.

“May I speak, please?” She asked as she saw that one of the straps had a white rubber ball attached to the center of it.

“Yes, pet.”

“Please, you don’t need that rubber ball. I won’t talk without permission. I promise.”

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“You really don’t like being gagged, do you?” He spoke softly as he picked up a wide leather strap, and stepped behind her, moving her hair away from her neck.


“That’s because you’re used to being able to talk your way out of things, aren’t you?” He closed the soft leather collar on her throat and she winced as she heard the click of a lock. “I bet that not too many guys have ever said ‘no’ to a pretty little thing like you. But the ballgag steals that from you, doesn’t it?”

She felt his hands on her bare shoulders, not daring to open her mouth to respond for fear that more tears would burst from her. She squirmed slightly in her bonds as his hands slid down over her arms, feeling the invader in her pussy shift as she moved. A key rasped in the cuff on her left wrist, and she tugged reflexively with the other hand. His grip on the open cuff was strong, though, and he drew her hand down easily, closing the cuff onto the leg of the chair. The downward motion on her hand removed a little of her ability to move, pressing her open pussy down harder against the wooden prong of the chair.

He took her free hand in his, drawing it closer to the table and then wrapping a pink leather cuff around it. She saw that these cuffs were also adorned with the rings that had been on the black ones, though they were lined with softer leather on the inside, feeling a little less aggravating against her tender flesh. As he buckled and locked it in place, however, she realized that its greater degree of comfort made it no less securely confining. He lifted her hand to the back of her neck, elbow bent with her arm jutting out and up from her shoulder. The click of another lock attached the cuff to the back of the collar and she tugged at it.

“Can I speak, please?” She asked, voice cracking as, once more, he manipulated her body with these devices.

“No.” He answered quickly, and she felt the handcuff fall free of her other wrist.

She wanted desperately to fight him as her body once again fell prey to his control and manipulation. But what prayer did she have now, impaled on this fucking chair and her ankles chained to it. She tugged at her ankles, wincing as the effort moved her uncomfortably on the chair’s rhinoceros horn, finding them locked securely in place and unable to reach the floor. A moment later, her second wrist was locked next to the first, imprisoned in the smooth cuff, and locked to the back of her collar. She twisting uncomfortably, testing the extent of the restraint, her arms now a useless pair of wings jutting from her shoulders.

Next, he wrapped a matching pink belt around her waste. He closed it tightly in place, and she saw the familiar rings on it as well, but was grateful, at least, that it was not another corset. She could still feel the compression from the one she had worn all night, and prayed that she wouldn’t ever experience it again. She cried out in surprise and pain as he unlocked her ankles from their irons, the release of pressure on them causing her to fall back against her vaginal intruder. He placed her feet gently on the floor, allowing herself to steady herself a bit on the seat, and then locked a pink leather cuff around each slender ankle.

“I’m afraid that play time is over, pet.” He said, his hands sliding up over her calves, caressing her through the sheer white stockings. “You won’t mind leaving the chair now, will you?”

Biting her lower lip, she shook her head in response. She moaned as he lifted her slowly, his hands groping her firm ass as he helped her rise from the chair. She gasped as she finally rose from seat, feeling oddly empty as she slipped from the intruder. She looked down over her body, dressed all in white and pink now. She pulled at the cuffs on her wrists that kept her arms drawn back behind her head. She watched him pick up the dreaded ballgag and her heart sunk in her chest.

“Can I please speak?” She asked quickly as he turned her roughly to face away from him.

“Sure, pet.” He answered, and she felt him step in closer to her, an arm around her waist, his empty hand on her belly as it fluttered nervously. She could feel his erection through his pants against her bare lower back.

“Wh-what’s the point of this?” She sobbed, her voice cracking as she felt his hand slide slowly down to glide lightly across her pussy through the flimsy little skirt. “I mean… the clothes… the leather… the chair…. I just don’t understand… I don’t understand why… why you’re doing this to me.”

“Don’t you now?” His fingers reached under the hem of the skirt, and she tensed as they tickled lightly at her nether lips. “Haven’t I shown you yet?”

Sobbing, she opened her mouth as he lifted the white rubber ball to her lips. She was grateful when he used both hands to buckle the gag in place, removing the roaming one from beneath her skirt, her mouth once more filled with the feel and taste of the rubber. Chewing on the ball, hands fidgeting nervously at the locks and buckles that she could reach on her cuffs and collar, she watched her captor as he locked a final pair of pink bands around her thighs. The bright pink of the cuffs on her legs stood out vividly in start contrast to the white of the stockings that covered her skin from toes to thigh.

“I’m going to get you good and comfortable, pet, and then I have to leave you for a time.” She whined as he spoke and began to lead her out of the room, bristling at the return of his hand to her ass. “Now that I know who you are, and what your sizes are, I have a number of things to pick up for you.”

She hated the way he fondled her body, his hands roaming over her hips, her ass, her breasts, wherever they chose to wander. Back in the hallway, they passed through one of the side doors and into a small room. On one wall of the room, there was an entertainment center mounted with a flat screen TV. Before the TV, there sat a padded bench. She groaned into the gag when she saw the thick rubber dildo affixed to its center.

She wasn’t surprised and didn’t bother to resist as he lifted her leg and forced her to straddle the bench. The rubber invader waited menacingly between her legs. One hand on her shoulder and the other between her legs, he slowly lowered her down on to the waiting, rubber dick. She sputtered, a small stream of drool escaping her lips and falling onto her breasts, as she whined while the vile thing filled her up again. When she finally sat down completely on the bench, it felt like her pussy was being stretched unbearably. She watched helplessly as her captor locked the rings of her thigh cuffs to waiting clips on the bench. While she tested these new bonds that attached her thighs to the sides of the bench-top, he moved to straddle the bench behind her.

“This afternoon will be an experience is pleasure for you.” He whispered in her ear, and she heard another click and felt a tug at the back of her belt. “Though I believe you’ll find that it may represent too much of a good thing.”

“Eeeehhhhzzzzeeee.” She grunted around the rubber ball in her mouth, sobbing anew as she contemplated being left like this for God knew how long.

“And when I get back, you’ll have to receive the punishment you earned this morning.” While he spoke, he picked up her left foot in his hand, lifting it to the level of the bench and then locking it in place. “You should know that this third punishment will make the first two pale in comparison.”

She sobbed helplessly as he attached her other ankle in place, panting for air through her nose while she squirmed against the bonds that secured her lower body to the bench. She whined as she squirmed against the bench, the cuffs on her legs and waist holding her against the top of the bench with the wicked intruder inside her pussy. Her hands twitched uselessly behind her head as her captor’s hands moved to her breasts, caressing them through her sheer top, still damp from her drool and tears.

“And after I am done torturing your delicious body and drinking in the sounds of your cries, I am going to chain you to my bed and fuck you ragged.” He hissed cruelly as he unbuttoned the flimsy top, letting her small breasts fall free. “If you don’t disappoint, I won’t make you sleep in your cage again.”

Chuckling, he rose from the bench behind her and moved to the television. The picture came to life before her, showing a buxom blond woman squirming on the floor, her body wrapped in ropes. What the hell was he showing her? As she turned her head to look questioningly at her captor, she felt the dildo inside her suddenly spring to life, vibrating intensely within her pussy. Crying out into the gag, she pressed her thighs against the bench as it throbbed powerfully inside her.

“I’ll see you in a few hours.” Her captor spoke, ruffling her hair before leaving her alone with her moans in the small room.

Erica's Afternoon

Erica groaned into her gag as her captor left her alone in the room, strapped to the bench. She closed her eyes tightly as new, hot tears began to stream down her cheeks. The vibrator buzzed fiercely inside her pussy as she squeezed her thighs reflexively against the padded edges of the bench. Bent forward slightly, she bucked against the bench with all her strength, desperate to free herself from this new form of torture and the effects that it was beginning to have on her. The most she could accomplish were momentary respites for her clitoris from the attentions of the attachment that pressed against it, never more than a brief flash, made worse by its return. She twisted her trapped wrists in the tight cuffs that held them behind her neck but found no release, her whole body tense as the intruder continued to vibrate inside her.

She cried out in surprise, drool sputtering around the thick rubber ball in her mouth, nearly falling forward as the vibrations suddenly ceased inside her. Her whole body trembled as she sat back upright again and opened her eyes, coming down from the climax that she had been approaching. Alone in the room, she blushed at the disappointment that she felt in her core. The scene on the television had changed, now showing a petite brunette dressed in goth clothing. Erica watched as the girl was dragged into a basement and bound tightly in rope.

Just as the pale girl on the screen was entered violently by the black-masked man who bound her, Erica felt the vibrator surge to life inside her once more. Already left wet and wanting from its first attack, she felt herself driving quickly toward orgasm. Blushing crimson in humiliation, she welcomed the oncoming promise of pleasure. This place was hell, and there was nothing she could do about it, but at least she could accept what little pleasure it offered her. She hated herself for giving in to her captor in even so small a fashion as this, but there was no stopping the reactions of her body.

She screamed into the gag as the tide of her orgasm crashed over her bound body, arching her back, thighs twitching against their restraints on the bench as it wracked her. And still the vibrator thrummed inside her forcefully, quickly turning her rhapsody of pleasure into discomfort. She bucked against the bench as the cruel rubber continued to throb inside her pussy and against her clitoris, still sensitive in the aftermath of the powerful orgasm. Sobbing, panting for air through her nose, she pulled at her restraints, desperate for the vibrator’s attentions to subside.

When the vibrations finally ended again, she was coated in sweat. Her bare, heaving breasts were a mess of snot and drool from her frenzied exertions. She could feel her juices on her thighs and ass, all over the bench beneath her. She trembled as if she had run a marathon, panting for air through her flared nostrils. Whining softly, she tried again to find release from the leather cuffs and chains, confident that the vibrator would not remain dormant for long. She pressed against the rubber ball in her mouth with her tongue, trying unsuccessfully to push it out past her teeth, but it was firmly buckled in its place and would not budge.

Looking up at the screen again, she was faced with a new surprise. She had to blink away the tears from her blurry eyes to make sure that she was seeing what she thought it showed her, but there was no mistaking the image. She saw herself at the bar, dressed in one of the previous “uniforms” that the place had inflicted on its bar-girls. While she watched herself serving pitchers of draft beer in the short plaid skirt and thigh high stockings, she struggled to remember how long it had been since they had worn them. Feeling addled by some combination of her current situation and the nearly sleepless night preceding, she couldn’t remember exactly how long it had been, but she knew it was at least a month. The scene changed again, this time a view of her walking across the parking lot toward her car. The parking lot was covered in snow, but she recognized the red boots of the Santa’s Helper outfit beneath her long coat.

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He’d been watching her since December, at least, she realized. So much for his story about her just happening to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was no accident that she was his captive. She strained her memory for previous encounters with him, trying to think of some way she might have provoked him to such drastic cruelty, but could not place his face. What did this new discovery mean, and why had he chosen to share it with her now? She couldn’t make sense of it, but intuitively she felt that it didn’t do much for her prospects of being released.

The parking lot scene changed abruptly to one of a slender, naked woman stretched out and strapped to a large wooden frame in the shape of an X. The trembling woman was not gagged and cried pitifully as she was whipped repeatedly across the front of her body. Angry red welts crisscrossed the flesh of her thighs, belly, and breasts as the thin leather whip lashed across her in steady motion. Erica watched as the young girl’s desperate struggles against the leather restraints that held her mercilessly in place mirrored her own, and she felt a connection to the tortured stranger. She wondered if the whipping unfolding on the screen before her was a sign of the new punishment she had been promised by her captor, and shuddered at the thought.

Her wonderings were interrupted by the return of the vibrators ministrations to her pussy. It started slowly this time, and she groaned into the gag as it gradually grew in intensity. As her body began to give in once more to the rumbling vibrations, she saw the picture on the television change again, this time to a view of the outside of her apartment building. Groaning, she watched the view zoom in on her window, peaking through an opening in her curtain to capture a view of her as she stripped out of a pair of jeans. She struggled to focus on the screen, to find some sort of clue about her captor’s identity, but the dildo soon overtook her again. She sobbed helplessly, whining in pleasure and humiliation as her whole world came to be focused on the intersection of her legs.

This time, the vibrations lasted longer, seemingly an eternity. The pleasure became unbearable, transforming into twisted pain, as orgasm after orgasm tore through her trembling body, offering her no time to recover between them. She lost track of how many times she came or how long this bout lasted, eventually reaching a point where her body was a tense, quivering bow of overwhelming passion. When it finally stopped, she fell forward, the dildo shifting uncomfortably as she bent at the waist, hair falling around her face as she sobbed helplessly. She felt utterly spent and wasted. How long had it been, she wondered. Would he really leave her here for hours?

When she finally recovered from this newest assault, she looked up at the screen again. She saw a girl inside a tank full of water, wrapped in rusty chains. It looked like something out of a magic act, except that the girl was naked, and obviously lacked the ability to miraculously escape from the chains’ embrace. This captive was obviously scared, and struggled to keep her mouth and nose above the surface of the water.

More than anything, she knew that she had to find a way to escape this place. Should she be given another opportunity, even a slim one like the one in the bathroom this morning, she promised herself that she would take it. If this horrendous treatment was the reward that she could expect for good behavior, it was clear that the risk of further punishment was worth taking.

The girl in the over-sized aquarium faded from view as Erica fought against the leather straps that held her securely in place on the bench. In its place came a view of herself that chilled her to her bones. It was clearly at least three years old, and she saw herself sitting at a desk in a classroom at the University, the camera gradually moving from her face down over her breasts, lingering for a moment on her breasts as they rose and fell behind the soft sweater that contained them. After pausing for a moment, the camera continued its descent, passing the desktop to view her bare, crossed legs beyond her short denim skirt. Watching her brown suede ankle boot bob as she sat there, she could remember the carefree feelings of those days and she sobbed softly as new tears mixed with the drool that dropped onto her bare chest.

Could she really have ever felt so free and happy, she wondered? Was it really possible that the care-free girl on the screen before her was the same person imprisoned in this awful basement? She moaned softly, pitifully, as she watched the camera zoom in for a glimpse of her pink panties when she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs on the screen. The camera returned to her face, rising quickly over her body. As it focused on her eyes, she screamed into her gag in frustration, somehow feeling that if only she had her voice, she could warn this younger version of herself of the dangers to come and save herself this misery.

Reluctantly, she took stock of her decision, a large part of her mind unwilling to contemplate the many overwhelming terrors that faced her. Her captor had been stalking her for years now, so the odds that he had he would release her any time in the near future were impossibly slim. He had let her see his face, so that added further to the idea that his intentions were permanent. As far as she could tell, she hadn’t been here even a day yet, and already she could feel her strength and stamina slipping. The long periods of confinement and lack of sleep were already taking their toll on her body. It wasn’t difficult to realize that within just a few days she would stand no chance of resistance.

As the vibrator leapt to life inside her again, she forced herself to push it as far away from herself as she could, focus on thoughts of escape fuelled by anger and desperation. So far, he had been very careful to always keep her locked to something at all times, and she could see no reason to think that he would make a mistake within the next couple days. All of his actions seemed orchestrated, somehow, too well planned for a casual mistake. God, the thrumming of the vibrator insider her and against her clit was maddening in its intensity. Against her will, she felt herself beginning to ride the wave of another orgasm. She had no choice but to fight him the next time he left her hands free, as he had done this morning. He was bigger than she was, she knew, but she kept herself in good shape, and thought that she’d at least have surprise on her side.

Her focus began to fade, betrayed once again by her body’s reactions to the pulsing vibrator, more painful than pleasurable now against her tender flesh. She turned once more to the television screen and saw an image of herself lying in her bed in her old dorm room. She was wrapped up in the covers, wearing a pair of boy shorts and a tank top, with one bare leg out from beneath the sheets. Her dorm room? He’d been inside her dorm room while she was sleeping? Who the fuck was he? The picture on the screen faded once more, this time replaced by a plain black screen on which were imprinted a pair of simple statements in white letters.

Erica no longer.

My slave forever.

The words struck to the very core of her, and she broke down into hysterical sobs after reading them, panting through her nose. Her body seemed to work on autopilot, half of her screaming and crying, while the rest trembled, victimized by the vibrator that worked her over mercilessly as only a machine could. As she cycled through phases of struggling and collapsing in exhaustion, it seemed that the pauses between the intruder’s attacks grew shorter and shorter, until it seemed to be running almost continuously at maximum power. She felt almost numb to it, cold, hollow, and locked to the bench.

When her captor returned, she was a helpless mass of tears and quivering flesh, bent forward as far as the chain on her belt allowed, twitching almost unconsciously against her padded leather perch. When the vibration finally ceased, she fell forward a little further, a long groan escaping her as she sobbed in relief.

“Sorry. It took me a little longer than expected.” He said softly, running his fingers through her hair. “I imagine you’ve had quite a long afternoon of discovery.”

“Uhhhh…. Eeeeehhhhzzzzeeee.” She moaned into the thick rubber gag, her muscles spasming uncontrollably as she recovered from the long torment of the vibrator.

“I know. I know.” He spoke calmly as he unlocked her thighs, ankles and belt from the bench, placing her feet back on the floor and allowing her to relieve a bit of the pressure of the rubber invader. “You’re anxious to find out what your punishment will be, aren’t you, pet?”

“Uh… Uh…” She groaned into the gag, shaking her head, pleading with wide tear-filled eyes as her captor helped her to stand on trembling legs.

“Looks like you had some fun while I was gone.” He grinned wickedly as his hands roamed over her ass and thighs, still wet from her many orgasms. “And I imagine there must be hundreds of questions playing through that mind of yours.”

Leaving her wrists pinned to the back of her neck, he led her from the room and out into the hallway, turning away from the kitchen and in the direction of the bathroom. She felt her juices running down her legs as he pushed her past the bathroom door and back into the “punishment area.” The tile and lights of the hallway gave way to bare concrete floors and dim lighting. They stopped in a new corner of the large room. She saw a short metal pole sticking up from the floor, and whimpered as he brought her to stand over it, the top of it reaching about knee height. For a moment, she considered kicking him and trying to make a break for it as he squatted down before her, a large padlock in his hands, but she recognized that it would accomplish nothing with her hands still useless to her.

“You’re very confused and frightened right now, I am sure.” He spoke as he locked the padlock through the rings on her ankles and around the thin pole, forcing her feet to remain close to the cool metal. “But just concentrate on getting through this next period, because it’s going to be quite trying.”

He left her there, walking away to parts unknown in the dark basement. She pulled experimentally at the cuffs on her ankles, looking down over her helpless body to where he feet rested on either side of the pole, seeming so small and distant. She imagined that she could squat down and get enough momentum to jump free of the pole, but where would that leave her? She’d be free to shuffle around with her ankles locked together.

When she saw her captor returning, she wished that she had made the jump. In his hands, he held another pole with a slim silver vibrator fitted to the end of it, of course, and a small black duffel bag. She wanted to plead with him not to punish her, not to put that damned thing inside her, but she had no voice with the thick rubber ball locked in her mouth. Without a word of explanation, he slid the end of the rod in his hand onto the waiting one between her legs and then slid it upwards, working the dildo easily into her wet pussy. She despised the accessibility of her most private areas to him, and the way he handled her body.

“You’ll be ready for a good fucking tonight, won’t you?” He asked, and she grunted as he raised the height of the pole holding the vibrator, forcing her up onto her toes before tightening it in place. “Maybe I’ll fuck your ass. Anyone ever been through that little rosebud of yours?”

She squirmed uncomfortably, pressing her thighs against the pole between her legs as her captor opened the bag and withdrew a bundle of electrical wires that ended in those sticky pads that she had seen on television medical shows. She watched helplessly as he began to attach the little pads to various parts of her body, sticking them to her thighs, belly, breasts, upper arms, and ass. All of the wires from the pads seemed to be connected together and he arranged them carefully, inserting a plug on the end of them into a square black box he also withdrew from the bag. She could see that box had a pair of dials on it.

Rising to his feet, she saw a pair of alligator clips in his hands, each dangling long wires as well. She struggled to pull away from him but the pole inside her forced her to remain close as he began to play with her left nipple, wet from the stream of drool that trickled over her chin. Shuddering helplessly, she watched her nipple harden against her will as he flicked and teased it, and then saw him open the cruel little clamp.

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“Oohhhhh… Ssshhhhhhh….Ohhhhh.” She screamed into the gag as the cruel little fangs of the clamp bit down on the base of her nipple, a dagger of pain ripping into her at its placement.

“God, they hurt, don’t they?” He laughed as he pulled on her right nipple and quickly clamped the other in place at the base of it, chuckling as she howled in pain.

She shook her upper body as her nipples throbbed under the grip of the clamps. She struggled to free her hands and take the vile things from her flesh, but they were useless to her. Sobbing, she watched him plug the wires from the clamps into the top of the box.

“Electricity and its effects on the human body can be fascinating.” He spoke calmly as he squatted and taped a different sort of bad to the underside of each heel, a separate wire running from these to the box. “It can range from a mild tingling to debilitating pain.”

She winced, crying out in fear and anticipation as he turned the dials on the box, but nothing happened. Impaled on the rod, up on her toes to avoid some of its awful pressure, she could feel her calves already beginning to tremble at the effort. He placed his hand on the top of her head and she groaned into the gag as he applied pressure, gradually forcing her down further onto the dildo until her feet were flat against the floor. She screamed in pain as the current coursed into her body the moment her heels contacted the ground, and shot back up onto her toes the moment he removed his hand, ending the surge of electricity.

“That was a mild taste.” He told her as he squatted to turn the dials on the box, and she mewled behind the gag, muscles twitching from the aftereffects of the current and the memory of the pain. “You’ll really want to concentrate on keeping your heels off the ground now.”

She gasped, panting for air around the ball in her mouth as the vibrator surged to life inside her. She pressed her thighs against the pole as the silver intruder thrummed inside her, lifting herself as high as she could on her toes to avoid accidentally touching her heels to the floor. The vibrations were maddening in their intensity, her pussy already tender and hypersensitive from the long afternoon on the bench. Her legs trembled at the effort of remaining up on her toes.

Erica bit down hard on the ball in her mouth as an orgasm ripped through her body, crying out and shuddering, her back arched as she focused all of her attention on staying up on her toes. Riding the tide of her body’s helpless reactions, she shifted from the toes of one foot of the other as the vibrator continued its pulsing inside her. Shutting her eyes tightly, she tried to focus only on keeping up on her toes as she felt another orgasm piggybacked on the first, beginning to build within her. God, how long was he going to keep her like this. Her mind reeled.

In one instant of contact, everything changed. Her heel touched the floor, depressing its little pad. The vibrator instantly stopped its assault within her, replaced by a powerful jolt of current through her body. Head thrown back in a silent scream, it seemed that every muscled in her body tensed in that moment, cramping painfully as if she were experiencing a full-body charley horse. The jolts through the clamps on her nipples were the worst, stabbing them with agonizing pinpoint accuracy. As the pain coursed through her body, it refused to respond to her commands to break the connection. After a seeming eternity, the burst of electricity ceased, but it was only a brief pause, and she didn’t react quickly enough before she was struck by another dose of the tormenting energy.

At the next pause, she responded faster, thrusting herself up on to trembling toes, her whole body slick with perspiration. She panted raggedly through her nose, feeling snot oozing from it but unable to care about anything but staying up on her toes and avoiding more of the torture of her long-suffering body. Opening her eyes as the vibrator once again began to hum inside her, she looked to her captor with wide, tear-blurred eyes, sobbing as she pleaded incoherently.

“It’s bad, isn’t it?” He asked, stepping in close to her as he held her gaze and she nodded quickly, desperately. “Oh, but you suffer so beautifully, pet. I wouldn’t have dared to hope that torturing you in the flesh could be better than I had dared imagine.”

He pressed in close to her as she struggled to keep her footing, leaning against him for what little support she could steal. She felt his hot breath on her ear as he began to nibble her lobe softly, his hands moving to tug at the cruel little clamps on her nipples, causing sharp spikes of pain. Sobbing, her chest heaved as she sucked air as best she could around the ball in her mouth. Even after everything else that had happened to her in this house of horrors, she couldn’t believe that this was happening to her, and she couldn’t imagine how she could bear another of the shocks.

“I can’t wait to get you into bed tonight.” He hissed in her ear, his hands roaming over her body as he spoke. “I am going to cuff you up and fuck every one of your holes. I will make you scream, pet. Is it sinking in yet? You’re mine now.”

She stumbled, nearly touching the floor again as he suddenly released her and stepped away from her. As he walked into the darkness, she transferred her weight to her left foot and lifted her right, using her toes to explore the lock that connected them to the pole, not surprised to find no method of easy release on the cold metal. She tried to press her legs against the pole between them, but found no purchase on it to aid her difficult tiptoed stance. Already, her sore calves and thighs trembled and her toes ached from the position.

Her captor returned, carrying a chair that he placed on the floor before her. He sat down casually, crossing one leg over the other and leaning back to watch her. A sheen of sweat broke out over her body as she tried to resist the growing need that the vibrations inside her were creating, and she sobbed as she teetered awkwardly. She’d never felt so tired before in her life, her whole body seeming to be on the verge of just shutting down.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” she cried out behind the gag, her body shuddering and bucking involuntarily.

Erica locked her gaze on her captor’s as he sat watching her. She could feel her legs tremble and twitch, her calves threatening to give out on her at any moment. She shifted back and forth between the balls of her feet, the transfers coming faster and faster between them as each grew more and more exhausted. And through it all, the vibrator thrummed on inside her pussy. She squirmed her thighs, slick with her own juices, against the cool pole.

A moment later, another orgasm tore through her body. Almost simultaneously, her heels struck the floor and she was hit with a searing jolt of electricity. The conflicting feelings threatened to tear her apart as she twitched uncontrollably under the attack of the cruel box. At the first pause, she tried to lift herself onto her toes again, but there was so little strength in her legs that she only managed to lift her heels for a moment, screaming desperately as they came down again and she another surge of current ripped through her.

Her body wracked with tortured sobs, she bucked against the pole between the awful attacks, managing no more than momentary respites from its cruelty in little hops. Tears streamed down her cheeks and onto her heaving breasts. As the tears made contact with the bare metal clamps on her nipples, she could feel the current travel along the trails they left over her body, creating new avenues of pain on her tender flesh.

“Do you want it to stop, pet?”

“Uhhhh…. Huuuhhhhhh…” She croaked behind the gag between tortured sobs.

“Then beg me to fuck you.” He spoke above the sound of her sobs.

“Eeeehhhzzzzzeeee…. Uucckkkk… Eeeeee” She groaned, struggling to talk quickly between bursts of electricity, her body on the verge of just turning off as she shook and squirmed.

She screamed as another blast tore into her while her captor approached. At its completion, he turned the dials on the box, and she tensed in anticipation of another assault. When none came, she nearly collapsed, but held herself up on shaking legs to avoid more pressure on the pole that impaled her. Her captor stood close to her, his hands on her hips as he gazed into her tear-filled eyes. She felt him slide the short little skirt down over her waist, unable to even care as he stripped it from her. Desperately, she wanted him to remove the damned vibrator from her so that she could just collapse to the floor, but she could only stand by while he removed the pink leather straps from her thighs and ankles. Next, he slowly rolled the white stockings down her trembling legs, slipping them from her.

With her legs bared, he lowered the pole between her legs, and she collapsed to the floor as its pressure was removed from her tortured pussy. She fell in a shuddering heap, unable to soften her fall with her bound arms and unable to even care. Trembling on the cold concrete floor, she curled her legs up to her chest in the fetal position. She felt her captor looming over her, and looked up blearily to see him lock a long chain leash to her collar. She was limp under his control as he plucked the little pads from her body, crying out softly as she felt new pain at the removal of the clamps from her nipples.

He turned her onto her stomach and knelt over her. The cold floor felt good against the burning agony in her breasts. She groaned, her jaw cramping as he removed the gag from her mouth, and then released her wrists. The pink leather cuffs were placed with the gag and the other straps, and the little top was slipped back down her arms. She was naked now, save for the collar on her neck, but more importantly she was also unbound. Her body was weak and the thought of fighting now seemed impossible, but she recognized the opportunity for what it was and told herself that she needed to be ready.

“Up on all fours, pet.” Her captor ordered, nudging her stomach with his boot, and she forced herself up onto her hands and knees.

She kept her head lowered, matted hair falling around her face like a shroud, trying to appear even more worn and defeated than she felt, though it didn’t require much acting ability. She felt a tug on the leash on her throat and began to crawl forward slowly, gathering her strength and trying to quell the butterflies that raged in her stomach. This would be her best and only chance, a singular opportunity for escape while his guard was down, and the thought of the attempt terrified her. She looked up as they reached the bathroom, the concrete beneath her giving way to white tile.

Her captor squatted next to the toilet, the end of her leash in one hand and a padlock and ring of keys in the other. Realizing her opportunity was about to come to an end, she looked around quickly, spotting another pile of clothes with sets of cuffs resting atop it again. One set of cuffs looked different than before, with a hinged metal bar between them instead of a chain. She heard him opening the padlock in his hands and quickly grabbed the larger set of cuffs, the ones for her ankles. Holding on to one of the cuffs, she swung the other like a flail, bringing the metal down hard on the hand that held the ring of keys.

“Fuck!” He cried out as the metal hit his fingers and the lock and keys fell to the floor.

With a quick motion, she swept the keys out into the hall behind her and then closed the wide cuff on her captor’s ankle, ratcheting it tightly in place over the pantleg of his jeans. She cried out in pain as he grabbed her hair, twisting it in his fist and turning her face up to look at him. Her breath exploded from her as his other fist struck her stomach hard. She doubled over in pain at the sudden, vicious blow, but kept her grip on the other cuff as she collapsed to the floor. Through tear-filled eyes, she saw a pipe behind the toilet and reached out to lock the open cuff in place on it.

“You fucking bitch!” He screamed, lifting her up onto her knees with the hand in her hair and thudding another punch into her stomach. “Oh, you’re going to pay for this.”

“Get your hands off me!” She screamed as he turned her to face the ground, pressing her down onto her stomach. “You lost, you piece of shit. You can’t get the keys.”

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She struggled to fight against him as he moved to straddle her back, pressing her hard into the floor. He was too strong for her, and she was too weak from the trials of her captivity. Terror gripped her as he pulled her left hand behind her back. She had him trapped. She knew it. There was no way he could reach the keys in the hall. But how would he react? She needed him to be, because otherwise they might both die here.

“Stop it. Think about it.” She whimpered as she heard a scrape of metal and then felt the cuff close tightly around her wrist behind her back. “You need me. You need me to let you out of here.”

He drew her other arm behind her back despite her struggles and then turned her palms to face outward before closing the other cuff tightly in place on it. The positioning of her hands and the metal bar between the cuffs forced her to keep her arms straight behind her, almost as rigidly as the armbinder had done earlier.

“Listen. You lost.” She said softly, tugging at the tight cuffs on her wrists, and trying to sound more confident than she felt. “You can’t reach the keys. If you let me up, I’ll go get them.”

“And what’s to say we both just don’t rot in here?” He asked, sliding back a little bit on her body so that he could fondle her asscheeks, one hand slipping between her thighs.

“I swear, if you don’t get off me, I’ll make sure you rot to death in here.” She bucked against the floor, trying to push him off her body, as his fingers slipped along the lips of her wet pussy.

Laughing, he slid from her back, and she scrambled up onto her knees, just in time to see him wrap the end of her leash around the pipe behind the toilet and lock it with the open padlock. On her knees she scrambled out into the hall, barely able to reach where the keys had come to rest, turning to pick them up behind her back, fumbling with them.

“Good luck with getting those off you.” He spoke calmly, sitting on the toilet seat and watching her through the open door. “The keyholes are facing up, pet, though you wouldn’t be able to reach them anyways with your palms out. Still feeling like a winner?”

Biting her lower lip to hold back tears as she looked back over her shoulder at her cuffed hands, she realized that he was right. The keys were there in her hand, but they might as well be a thousand miles away for all the good they would do her. The lock to the collar on her neck was even less accessible with her arms locked in place and straight behind her.

“So now, you give me back the keys, and I promise I won’t punish you for this little error, pet.” He said softly while she examined her condition.

“Why… why not just promise to let me go?” She asked, glaring at him across the short distance. “Since you’re just lying anyways?”

“Oh, come on now, pet.” He laughed, giving the leash a playful tug, pulling her a little closer. “You’re fucked, and you know it. It was a brave little attempt, but it’s over now.”

She dropped the keys on the floor again as he tugged her toward him, needing some time to think, and definitely not wanting them to be any closer to him. She turned to look down at the keys, seeing that the ring contained three distinct keys, one of them the sort that would go to a master lock, and the other two more skeletal, one larger than the other. There had to be a way to get out of this. She could not be this close, and not have a way to complete her escape.

“Awww, come here, pet.” He pulled on the leash, forcing her to shuffle back over to him on her knees. “Let’s talk about this.”

He drew her up onto his lap and she sat there perched sideways while he wrapped one strong arm around her waist. He moved his other hand to her hair, stroking it soothingly while she looked away from him at a point on the wall. She felt him wipe away her tears and then move down to her neck, his fingers moving to circle her throat.

“I could kill you right now.” He hissed in her ear, and she winced as he applied pressure. “It would be nothing to snap your neck.”

“But then you’d be trapped here.” She whined, trying to sound stronger than she felt. “You’d starve to death.”

“Maybe, instead of killing you, I just spend my time here fucking and hurting you until you crawl over to get those keys for me.” He answered.

“I swear to God, if you hurt me again, I will never give you those keys.”

“Oh, you say that now, pet.” He chuckled. “But will you sing the same tune when I’ve broken a few of your fingers?”

She looked down at the cuff on his ankle, noticing that the keyhole was smaller than the ones on her wrists. She knew which locks the keys opened now, and a plan began to form in her mind. Any chance of the plan working would rely on the casual arrogance that his touch showed her.

“So then, what?” She asked softly as his hand moved from her throat down to cup her right breast, caressing it gently. “You just keep hurting me until I get the keys for you?”

“You could save yourself a lot of pain, baby, and just go get them now.” He flicked playfully at her sore nipple as he spoke. “This is your chance to cooperate.”

“What about if I have another idea?” She asked quietly, trying to sound as scared as she could.

“And what would that be?” His fingers moved to pinch her nipple.

“I’ll go get the padlock and handcuff keys and give them to you.” She stared down at the floor as she spoke, her voice trembling.

“Those doesn’t do me a lot of good, now does they, pet?”

“I know, but you know that I need it. And after you have them, you can take the cuffs off me.”

“And why would I do that?” He laughed.

“Because, if you do, then I’ll trade you the key that lets you out for the padlock key.” She turned on his lap to look into his eyes, feeling his cock pressing against her bare ass through his tight jeans as she shifted.

“And then what?”

“Then we’re both free, right?” She whimpered. “I won’t ask you to promise to let me go then, because I know you’d just be lying if you did, but at least I get a fighting chance.”

He squinted, looking into her eyes with a puzzled expression as he considered her offer, his hand leaving her breast to brush back an errant strand of hair from her eyes. She felt that she could read his thoughts in that expression. She would be naked, fumbling to unlock the padlock on her neck while he easily and quickly unlocked his ankle. Even if she managed to get it off her neck as quickly as he unlocked himself, she had no idea where to run or how to escape from this place. Grinning wryly, he nodded slowly.

“You’ve got a deal, pet.” He removed his arm from around her waist and helped her back onto her feet. “The handcuff key is the smaller one.”

“It’s the big one, you asshole.” She snapped back at him as she padded gingerly out into the hallway where the keys waited.

“You can’t blame me for trying, can you?” He laughed.

“Fuck you.”

Squatting, she picked up the keys from the floor and fought with the carabineer-style ring that held them, finally spilling the three keys from it onto the ground. She moved the key to the leg irons away from the other two, and then picked up the selected pair and walked back into the bathroom. He was standing now, a wide grin on his face as she approached. Not trusting herself to speak, she held her tongue, turning her back to him when she reached him, the keys in the palm of her hand.

“You probably think you’re fast enough, right?” He chuckled as he plucked the keys from her hands. “A big guy like me probably couldn’t catch you running, right?”

“Just take the fucking cuffs off.”

Without another word, he removed the cuffs from her wrists, and she brought her hands back in front of herself as she turned to face him, rubbing her sore wrists. He grabbed the leash close to her throat and pulled her in close to him, lifting her up on her toes so that her face was inches from his as she looked up at him. She winced as he stuck out his tongue and lapped the length of her face from chin to forehead.

“You’re delicious, pet.” He almost purred, thrusting her backwards as he released the leash. “Now go get my key.”

Back in the hall, she picked up the key with trembling hands and turned to slowly return to him. He waited for her there with that same wide grin, holding the key to her freedom out in the palm of his left hand before him and beckoning with the other. It all came down to this moment, she knew. If she failed here, she would never get another chance at freedom. Her heart pounding in her chest, she stopped a few paces away from her captor.

She took a step closer to him and held out the key to the cuffs on his ankle. As soon as she saw his eyes look to the key, she took another quick step forward and then kicked hard with her other leg. Her shin came up hard between his legs, landing directly on target. The breath burst from his body as he doubled over in pain, and she heard the key drop to the ground. Tossing the key in her own hand back behind her and into the hall behind her and dove to the floor to recover the one he had dropped. Scooping it up, she turned and ran for the hallway, trying to quickly get it into the padlock as she ran.

“You fucking bitch.” She heard him wheeze behind her, accompanied by the clatter of chain.

She cried out, choking as he brought her up short with a yank on her leash. Her legs flew out from under her and she hit the tile floor hard, but managed to keep a grip on the key in her hands. Turning on her ass, she saw the anger in his eyes, his face crimson as he held tight to the chain with one hand, and held his aching balls with the other. Trembling, she fumbled with the key while she braced her legs against the cabinet beneath the sink, pushing hard to stop him from pulling her back.

“I’m going to kill you, you god damned whore.” He hissed through clenched teeth, as he reached for the chain with his other hand.

When the key finally slid into its hole, she turned it, crying out in relief as it fell away and she pushed herself back out into the hallway. Lying on her side in the hall, tears of joy streamed from her eyes as she realized that she had done it; found a way to free herself from this madman. Rising to a sitting position, she pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them, looking back to where he sat next to the toilet in the bathroom. Only the collar remained on her neck as a reminder of the firm hold that he had until a moment before exercised over her. He stared out at her as she sat silently.

“Now what?” He asked, breaking the silence, and she thought she could hear a slight tremor of fear in his voice.

“Now I get myself cleaned up.” She spoke softly as she rose and closed the bathroom door.

“You don’t know the whole story, Erica.” She heard him call out from behind the door. “Don’t you want some explanations? Don’t you want to know what this is really about?”

She walked away from him, back into the punishment area and toward the stairs that had brought her to this place. As she reached the stairs, she could hear his tone and words change behind her, from arrogant taunting to angry screams, throwing curses at her as she left him there. She hugged herself as she saw the staircase. It seemed like it had been an eternity since he had lead her down those stairs, shrouded in darkness and cuffed. Her body shook and trembled as the adrenaline that had fuelled her escape began to subside, and she leaned against the cold stone wall for support. Only now did she truly realize the terrible gamble that she had taken. She was grateful that she hadn’t had time to think it through while it was happening, for the fear that gripped her heart now would have paralyzed her.

Gathering her strength again, she climbed the stairs and went through the door at the top, grateful to find it unlocked. The door opened into a simple kitchen. Sunlight streamed in through the windows, filling her with warmth. On the table, she saw a collection of shopping bags, proudly displaying the names of the stores from which they had been carried; Wet Seal, Express, Rue 21, Urban Outfitters, Rue 21. Walking to the collection of bags, she looked through them, finding an assortment of skirts, tops, stockings, and accessories, all in her size. She gathered up a light green tank top and a jean miniskirt, two of the most modest things she could find. She wasn’t surprised to find not a stitch of underwear. A bag containing shoe boxes gave her a few selections to choose from. Initially, she picked a pair of black leather heeled boots, but then discovered that they, unlike all the rest, were two sizes too small. Frowning, she avoided two pairs of treacherously high heels, and went with a pair of wedge sandals with white satin ankle ties.

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With her newly acquired items under one arm, she opened the refrigerator, finding it bare save for one Budweiser bottle, a nearly empty bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and a carton of leftover Chinese food. Grabbing the carton, she dove into the boneless spare ribs it contained as she headed for the hallway out of the room in search of a bathroom. Before she could leave the room, however, her eyes lighted on a newspaper sitting open on the counter, a story on the center of the page outlined in red marker. The headline made her instantly weaken:

Local Bartender Dies in Car Crash

The story recounted the details of the death of Erica Simmons, her car careening off the road and bursting into flame. After the fire department had done its job, her body was found within, charred beyond recognition with an empty bottle of vodka on the seat with her. Fortunately, the paper said, the impact had thrown her purse a dozen feet from the car, so the police had been able to identify the body. She felt hollow inside as she read the false report of her own death, and finished the cold Chinese. She’d get it cleared up, she told herself. First, she just needed to clean herself up and figure out what to do with the bastard locked up downstairs.

A cell phone, large kitchen knife, and a taser sat on the counter next to the paper. She considered picking up the phone and calling the police. Something stopped her from acting on that impulse, though. She didn’t want him arrested, she admitted to herself. She wanted him to pay for what he had done to her. It felt stupid to even think it, but the thought was there. She opened a drawer and slid the knife inside, out of sight. She couldn’t imagine attempting to use it on someone. Shaking her head, she did pick up the taser, however, and left the kitchen to find a bathroom, deciding to give it fresh thought after she’d cleaned up and felt better.

She found the bathroom quickly, just a half bath, really. Judging by the modern look of the shower stall and sink, she guessed that it had been added on, but that worked fine for her. Turning on the water in the shower, she paused to try her key in the padlock on the back of her collar, pleased that it worked, and dropped the last vestige of her bondage to the floor. She took her time in the little bathroom, brushing her teeth with a borrowed toothbrush, and then taking a long shower with the water as hot as she could bear. She felt like she needed to scrub this place from her body, but no matter how much she scoured herself with soap and water, she could still feel his hands on her body and his toys and cock inside her.

Finally, she emerged from the bathroom, towel drying her hair and dressed in the clothes from the kitchen. The skirt was much shorter than she would have preferred, and the tank top was tight and insisted on riding up to show some of her belly, but it was good to be dressed and free again. The room across the hall from the bathroom caught her eye and she entered it. Inside, she found a few televisions set up, each screen showing different views of the basement. On one of the screens, she saw her captor sitting idly on the toilet, wringing his hands angrily. On the table in front of the televisions, another sight was more vivid to her than the scene unfolding in the bathroom. She saw two empty glasses of wine, and one of them had distinct red lip prints on the rim. Oh God, she thought, he’s not working alone. Here she was taking her time in the house, and there could be someone else here to be worried about.

She hurried back to the kitchen and looked out the window at the long driveway. There was no car parked there, though she could see tire tracks in the gravel. Beyond the driveway, she could see that the house was in the middle of nowhere, probably an old farmhouse. As if on cue, she saw a blue sedan turn the bend of the driveway, slowly approaching the house. She ran to the bathroom, throwing the towel on the floor and scooping up the taser again while her heart fluttered nervously in her chest. She tried to guess what this newcomer would do after arriving, and finally decided to wait just inside the monitoring room. A part of her wanted to slip out the door and make a run for it, but she didn’t like the odds of getting away on foot. She needed that car, and there was only one way to get the keys.

Her back pressed against the wall in the living room, she heard footsteps on the stairs outside and then the creek of the kitchen door opening. She heard heavy footsteps on the kitchen floor and prayed that the newcomer was the woman who had left the imprints on the wine glass, and not evidence of a third conspirator in her abduction. She held the taser tightly in both hands as the footsteps moved into the hallway. Whoever it was, they wanted to see what was on the monitors, it seemed.

“I wonder what he’s got her up to now.” The newcomer spoke as she entered the living room.

Erica was paralyzed in shock at the sight of the girl. The newcomer was nearly a foot shorter than her, and slightly built. She was dressed in a black leather skirt, with torn fishnet stockings and a pair of clunky black boots. Above the skirt, she wore a blood red top, and her jet black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Everywhere that flesh showed, it looked pale, as if it had never seen the light of day. But it wasn’t the goth appearance that stunned Erica to inaction with her finger hovering over the trigger. Rather, it was the fact that she recognized the co-conspirator. Walking into the room like a page torn out of her past she saw Amanda, her first year room mate from the University.

“What the fuck?” Amanda swore when she saw the screen.

The girl’s words broke the spell of shock that hung over Erica and she stepped forward just as the little goth started to turn back toward the door. She pressed the end of the taser to the girl’s bare arm and pressed the trigger fiercely. Amanda’s body jumped for a moment and then she crumpled to the floor, though Erica thought she saw her eyes widen with surprise for a moment first.

She had no idea how long the effects of the taser would last, and she wished that she had been given more time to prepare for this moment. She cast about the room quickly, looking for something with which to bind the fallen girl. Aside from a couple lamp cords, she didn’t see anything useful. Then she remembered the collar lying on the bathroom floor. Pausing to glance down at the twitching body on the floor, she considered shocking the girl again but ran across the hall without doing so, grabbing the pink leather and its padlock.

Amanda was moaning on the floor when Erica returned. She knelt down next to the quivering girl and flipped her onto her stomach, drawing her arms behind her back. She crossed the goth’s pale wrists and then wrapped the collar around them a couple times before buckling it and cinching it tightly in place. She slipped the padlock through its ring on the buckle, locking it in place. She gave the makeshift bonds an experimental tug, and then rose to sit down on the couch, looking down on Amanda as she gradually recovered from the taser and turned over onto her back.

“What… what…” Erica started as Amanda turned onto her side and looked up at her from the floor, but she couldn’t find the way to frame the question or where to begin. “What the hell is going on, Amanda?”

“Mornin’, roomie.” She moaned, twisting on the floor until she sat up with her legs curled up beneath her. “How’s your stay been so far?”

Erica opened her mouth to answer, but just sat there dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe the way that Amanda, her old friend Mandy, just sat there looking up at her casually, knowing how she’d been treated for however long she’d been here. It felt like she’d fallen through some sort of rabbit hole and into a twisted version of Wonderland.

“What’s the matter, Erica?” Amanda pouted up at her from where she sat on the floor. “Cat got your tongue?”

“What did I ever do to you?” They were the only words that she could find, and they rushed past her lips, a slight tremor in her voice.

“What did you do to me?” Amanda laughed, rising up a little on her knees while she pulled at the leather on her wrists. “Why, you mesmerized me, Erica. You tortured me with your beauty… your softness… your kind words and soft voice. God, I wanted you, beautiful.”

“But… but you never said anything?”

“What would I have said to my straight-as-an-arrow room mate?” Amanda laughed. “I’d never have taken you for the kinky type, though. I should tell you that I prefer rope, though.”

“How can you just sit there smiling like that?!” Erica screamed, fuming with anger. “Do you know what that bastard did to me? He raped me, Amanda! He whipped me!”

“Oh, I know, baby. I’ve watched most of it, and I’ve experienced some of it myself. But he likes to be a little rougher than I can handle, so that’s why I agreed to let him bring someone else into the fold. And when he asked, I had just the right girl in mind.”

“How can you… how can you just sit there and talk to me like this? You kidnapped me… tortured me.”

“What else can I do? Somehow, you turned the tables on Mark. I’m sure the cops are already on the way here. What else can I do but enjoy the ride?”

Amanda’s expression changed at that moment, and she burst out laughing wholeheartedly, rising up onto her knees and staring at Erica with wide eyes.

“You didn’t call the cops, did you?” Amanda chuckled, eyes wide in disbelief.

Erica didn’t say another word, but rose to her feet with her jaw set. She thought that she heard Amanda purr softly when she grabbed the bound girl roughly by the arm and dragged her out into the kitchen and through the doorway to the cellar stairs. Her old room mate’s clunky boots thudded against each wooden stair as they descended into the dark basement.

“So what’s the plan, babe?” Amanda asked, looking up at Erica with a smile as they reached the bottom of the stairs. “Just a little revenge before ringing the authorities? I’ve got to tell you I’m getting pretty excited just thinking about it.”

“Fuck you.” Erica hissed, turning her captive toward a heavy wooden chair that she had passed during her escape.

“I do hope so.” Amanda purred, yelping in mock surprise as Erica thrust her down onto the hard seat of the chair. “God, I do so love it when you’re rough with me.”

The chair was fitted with leather straps, and Erica buckled the first one around Amanda’s waist, lifting the hem of the red shirt so that the leather pressed tightly against the bare flesh of her stomach. The strap also served to keep the arms and leather-wrapped wrists trapped against the back of the chair. Their eyes locked as Erica buckled the next strap in place around Amanda’s pale throat, keeping her back straight and head upright. As she looked into the bound girl’s eyes, she thought she could see the first crack in the cool façade.

“I don’t think you have a plan yet, Erica dear. You’re just a ball of nerves and anger now, aren’t you?”

Without answering, Erica knelt down in front of the chair, unlaced the girl’s right boot, and withdrew the fishnet-clad foot from within. As she placed the boot to one side, she felt the girl’s toes slip up along her thigh and under the hem of her short skirt. She grabbed the ankle angrily, forcing it down against the chair leg and then strapping it in place.

“Oh, come on.” Amanda whined as the leather was buckled tightly around her thin ankle. “Can’t a girl have a little fun?”

Erica repeated the process on the other foot, baring it and then buckling it against the chair. Erica rose to her feet and straightened her skirt, looking down on the girl strapped to the chair beneath her.

“Come on, babe. Say something. You’re not giving me a lot to work with here.” Amanda looked up, squirming a little against the chair and the straps. “I mean, I love having you spread my legs like this, but I can’t help but feel like you’re a little mad at me.”

Erica left the girl strapped to the chair and went to a large wardrobe that rested against the wall, opening its weathered wooden doors. She smiled slightly at the sight of its contents, a varied collection of chains, cuffs, whips, dildos, paddles, and other things she didn’t recognize. She gathered a number of the items into one of the black duffels that was conveniently present to hold them, and then returned to the bathroom.

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Mark, as she now knew his name to be, looked up as she entered the bathroom. He was still sitting on the toilet seat, looking patient. She put the duffel bag down on the countertop and then looked back to him.

“So, what’s the plan, Erica?”

“The plan?” She replied, her eyes cold slits. “Well, first I’m going to have a little revenge on you and your little girlfriend, and then I’m going to empty her trust fund. I haven’t decided yet whether you’re going to live through it.”

“So, you know about Mandy then?”

“Oh yeah. She dropped by.” Erica smiled, and began to arrange the items from the bag, a collection of black leather cuffs, straps, and belts, on the countertop.

“I know you’re pissed right now, but you’re not a killer, Erica. But if you want money, Mandy’s got lots of that. If you don’t go to the cops, I am sure we can work something out.”

“I intend to take as much money as I like, and time will tell if I’m a killer.”

“Listen, it was her idea. I don’t know how I let her talk me into it, or why she had it in for you so bad, but this was all cooked up in her sick little mind.”

“I could tell earlier when you were raping me.” Erica hissed, trying to contain her anger. “Or maybe it was when you were electrocuting me that I sensed that you, too, were an unwilling captive.”

“I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy it, but I’d have never done it if she hadn’t pushed the issue so hard. She’s got such a thing for you. You have no idea.”

“I’m only going to say this once, Mark. You’re going to take your clothes off right now. You don’t get to be covered up any more. Then we’re going to put this leather shit on you. I don’t have the key to let you out on me. If you fuck with me at all, you’re signing your death certificate. I swear to God I’ll shut this door and leave you to starve if you give me a hint of trouble. I don’t need you.”

He nodded slowly at the end of her angry tirade, and then slipped his shirt up and over his head. She saw that he was fit and toned beneath, an athlete’s body. He removed his shoes and socks, placing them to the side. She grimaced at the sight of his cock as he pushed down his pants and boxers, surprised to see it hard and rampant. He sat back on the toilet lid, naked except for the pants bunched up around the cuff on his ankle.

“Stay sitting, but turn around and put your hands behind your back. And remember, if you so much as twitch, you’ll never see me or anyone else again.”

He turned with some difficulty on the seat and placed his hands behind his back. She approached him slowly, holding the leather cuffs in her shaking hands. She had them already locked together so that she could work quickly, but it felt like she was approaching a dangerous serpent, coiled and ready to strike. She watched him carefully as she slipped the leather onto his waiting wrists, scanning him for any signs of movement, and ready to leap backwards at the first indications of resistance. He remained still as she buckled and locked the cuffs in place, and she realized with some satisfaction that she must have sounded more confident and convincing than she felt. She immediately felt more secure with his hands locked together.

She picked up the collar from behind the toilet, the one that was locked to the wall, and wrapped it around his throat. It barely reached around his neck at its widest setting. Looking down over his shoulder, she saw that he was still hard as a rock.

“Jesus Christ, is this turning you on?” She asked, the words slipping past her lips before she even realized she was speaking them.

“I can’t help it. Leather just really works for me, and you just look so damned hot.” He practically purred, looking up over his shoulder at her. “And imagining where you’ve got Mandy right now, and what you’ve done to her.”

“You’ll be seeing that firsthand in a little while.” She tried to wrap the largest of the leather belts around his waist, but it was too small, so she dropped it to the side.

She left him then, going back into the hall to retrieve the key to the cuff on his ankle. When she returned, she saw him tugging at the cuffs on his wrists, but still sitting where she had left him. She squatted down next to his perch and pulled the bunched pants back far enough to remove the cuff from his ankle. Removing the clothing the rest of the way, she added a pair of leather cuffs to his ankles, connected by a short chain not more than half a foot long. Seeing the discarded belt on the floor, she picked it up and wrapped it around his thighs, pinning them together just above the knees.

“You’re a natural.” He laughed nervously.

“Let’s just say I had a good teacher.” She answered, smiling wryly as she held a red rubber ball gag up to his lips. He hesitated for only a moment before opening, and she thrust it deep into his mouth and then buckled it in place behind his head, the straps digging into the corners of his mouth.

She reached behind the toilet and unlocked the end of the chain from where it was connected to the ring on the wall. Holding tightly to it, she tugged him up onto his feet, pulling him after her out into the hall. She grabbed the duffel bag with its remaining contents as she listened to him shuffling awkwardly behind her. He grunted behind the gag as she led him, and she glanced at him over her shoulder to watch him struggle to keep up, still erect like a flagpole.

“Mmmmm…. Look at you, baby.” Amanda moaned as they approached her, squirming in the leather that held her to the chair. “She’s got you done up all sexy.”

Mark grunted in reply behind the gag as he came to stand next to her, drool beginning to run down his chin and onto his bare chest. Erica knelt down in front of the chair, and pulled on the leash until he was standing against the side of it, then wrapped the chain around its arm and locked it in place. From inside the duffel, she withdrew the black dialed box and its bundle of pads and wires.

“I’ve decided that, first things first, I want to give you both a little taste of what was done to me, roomie.” Erica spoke calmly as she lifted Amanda’s shirt to let her breasts fall free, unsurprised that the girl wasn’t wearing a bra. “After that, we’ll work on me getting my hands on some of that trust fund money of yours.”

“Erica, that box is dangerous.” Amanda spoke quickly, her voice cracking a little as the pads were attached all around her soft round breasts. “You don’t know how it works. You could kill one of us.”

“Well, that would make my decision for me then, wouldn’t it.” Erica grinned wickedly as she attached more pads to the bound girl’s legs, tearing open the holes in the fishnets further so that she could place them strategically along the vulnerable flesh of her inner thighs. “I was just telling Mark earlier that I hadn’t decided whether you two are going to live through this. Maybe the box can make my mind up for me.”

Erica yanked up on the hem of Amanda’s skirt, pulling it up to bunch around her waist beneath the chair’s belt, revealing the black satin thong panties beneath. She yanked up on the front of the panties, driving it between the lips of the goth’s pussy until the swollen lips of her vagina stood out on both side of the thin line of cloth.

“Erica, listen.” Amanda whimpered, nothing left of her cool, calm and collected act, as she watched Erica approach her pussy with the alligator clamps from the box. “You want money? I’ll give you money. You don’t have to do this.”

“Oh, I know I don’t have to do this.” She hissed, hovering the open clips over the bare pussy lips. “I seem to remember saying exactly the same thing to Mark here.”

“Then take it out on –OWW FUCK!” Amanda screamed as Erica closed the cruel clamps on the soft flesh of her cunt, and the bound girl bucked savagely against the heavy wooden chair. “Take them off! Please, take them off! Fuck!”

Tears streamed down the little goth’s cheeks as she struggled on the chair, black lines running down her cheeks as her heavy dose of dark eye makeup washed down over her face. Mark tried to pull away as she taped the last two pads in place on his rampant cock, and he groaned behind the gag as he looked down at her.

“We’re going to play a little game.” Erica’s voice was cold and hard as she rose to her feet and placed the box on Amanda’s lap. “One of you is going to spend the afternoon being punished with some of the interesting little devices that I found tucked away down here. The other is going to just relax on the chair and watch.”

“Seriously, Erica, haven’t you taken this far enough?” Amanda asked, squirming uncomfortably on the chair, her face a mask of pain as the clamps dug into the tender flesh of her nether lips.

“Not nearly far enough, you evil bitch. Now, I’ll stop with the box as soon as one of you gives up. But the down side is that whoever asks me to stop gets to be my little guinea pig for the rest of the day.”

She flipped a switch on the box and watched its effects, set on level three, on her two captives. Their bodies went instantly rigid, their eyes wide, as the pulse of electricity flashed into them. She turned off the switch after a moment and the tension left their bodies. Mark collapsed to his knees, tears filling his eyes, leaning against the chair as he sobbed. She saw that his erection was gone now, but the pads remained taped to his flaccid penis as he mewled behind the gag. Amanda’s head was flopped to one side as she panted for air, bare breasts heaving as she breathed irregularly. More rivers of black flowed down her cheeks.

“Does either of you want me to stop?” Erica asked, hearing a harsh edge to her own voice that scared and surprised her.

“How the fuck did you let her get out, you stupid son of a bitch?!” Amanda screamed, looking down at Mark where he knelt by her side. “She’s half your size! You had her! You had her, god damn it!”

Amanda’s hateful tirade was cut off abruptly by a flip of the switch at level four. She watched the bound girl’s pale face turn red as the current coursed through her body, her jaw clenched tightly. She wondered how long they could survive the continuous jolting, and at what level the box truly became dangerous. She had no idea if they were being subjected to more of less than she had been, and didn’t care. Almost regretfully, she turned off the switch and watched them slump again, gasping for air. Amanda coughed, choking as she greedily sucked in air, and pulled weakly at the straps on her ankles.

“Anyone ready to back out yet, or should we go on to level five?”

Mark closed his eyes, sobbing helplessly now, his cheek resting on the arm of the chair to which the collar was locked. His naked body was coated with sweat and he seemed utterly incoherent as his shoulders shook with wracking sobs.

“You… you should give up, you piece of shit…” Amanda groaned, her voice hoarse and weak. “It’s your fault that this is happening… you let her get out… you let her get out…”

When Erica turned the box on at level five, the reactions of the two were different. The tension that gripped them seemed the same, but it was like their bodies were too weak to really respond. Amanda’s head was thrown back in a silent scream, her back arched as much as the straps on the chair allowed, her legs quivering. She considered walking away, leaving them like this and never returning to this foul place. As tormented as the pair were, however, it didn’t seem enough to her. A hollow part of her wanted to see them suffer more, to try and replace that piece of herself that this abduction had stolen from her.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…” Amanda groaned, chanting it quietly like some kind of mantra when Erica turned off the box again. “No more… please no more… no more…”

“Are you asking me to stop, roomie?” Erica asked, cupping the petite girl’s chin and looking into her eyes. “Are you going to be my volunteer for the afternoon?”

“Whatever… I don’t fucking care…. Just no more…”

Kneeling down, Erica removed the clamps from the girl’s swollen lips and she screamed as sensation returned to the tortured flesh, twitching helplessly. She looked up for a moment and caught the bound girl’s eyes, but had to look away from the pained and pleading expression she found there before she lost her nerve. Focusing on the hatred that coiled in her belly like a serpent, Erica removed the pads from the trembling girl’s pale flesh and then unbuckled the strap on her right ankle.

“I want to give you some time to think about this, so I am going to tell you now.” Erica spoke slowly, deliberately as she rolled the fishnet stocking down Amanda’s leg and slid it from her foot. “Tonight, after you’ve spent the day being tortured, I am going to ask you a few questions.”

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“Ok… sure…” Amanda whimpered, and Mark looked up, lifting his head from the arm of the chair for the first time since the electricity stopped.

“You will have one opportunity to answer these questions truthfully, though you will realize that they will give me the means to empty all of your bank accounts.” Erica continued, locking a white leather cuff on the girl’s ankle and then placing it on the floor. “If I discover, tomorrow morning, that any of the information you give me is wrong, we will start all over again, only worse. I think you both know that there are a lot of horrific implements that I could put to use down here.”

“Fuck, I’ll answer all your questions right now, Erica.” Amanda pouted, her lower lip trembling as Erica unbuckled her other ankle and removed the stocking, adding a matching white leather cuff when the foot was bare. “You won. I get it. You can take my money… clean me out.”

“I’m sorry that I had to go with white. I know it’s not really your color.” Erica changed the subject, reaching up to lift the girl’s ass off the seat so that she could slide the panties down off her legs. “But there wasn’t any black left after I got your accomplice here all set up.”

She had to change the subject, the seed of doubt creeping into her mind again when she looked up into Amanda’s face. She looked so young and helpless sitting there bound to the chair, eyes filled with tears. She wondered if she had looked so helpless just earlier that morning, and the bright blossom of anger returned to her. Amanda was the reason that all of this had happened to her, the cause of her abduction and suffering. She place the girl’s feet side by side on the floor and closed a padlock on the rings between her ankles, locking them almost directly together. Moving up the girl’s trembling legs, she added matching cuffs to her thighs, one on each, and then locked them together as well.

“Come on, Erica, this isn’t you.” Amanda moaned softly, reaching out to place her bound feet on the other girl’s lap and looking into her eyes. “You’re angry. I get it, but this isn’t going to make you forget what he did to you.”

Erica didn’t answer, instead just pushing the girl’s feet away and rising to unbuckle the straps on her neck and waist. She helped the short girl to stand awkwardly with her legs bound together, almost a full head shorter than Erica now without her boots. The skirt came down easily, thrust down to pool like a puddle of oil around the girl’s feet. Erica lifted the shirt up over Amanda’s head, sliding it back down her arms to rest against her bound wrists. She turned the girl roughly to face the other way and got another pair of leather cuffs from the back. These ones she wrapped around her captive’s upper arms, just above her elbows.

“Ow, damn it!” Amanda whined as Erica drew her elbows together behind her back, close enough to lock a padlock between the rings on the new cuffs.

With the girl’s elbows locked together behind her, Erica felt comfortable removing the makeshift restraint from her wrists, dropping shirt and pink collar to the floor. Amanda tried to flail her hands around, but Erica captured them easily, locking a white leather cuff onto each and then locking them together. The pale girl fought against her restraints as Erica turned her attention to Mark, swinging her bound arms from side to side behind her as she teetered.

“Now, Mark, let’s get you comfortable for the show, shall we?” Erica spoke softly as she helped him up onto his feet in front of the chair, releasing the strap around his thighs, and noticing that his prominent erection had returned. “But first, let’s get the seat just the way you like it.”

His eyes went wide as she held up a wide glass butt plug and a tube of icy hot. He groaned around the gag, shaking his head. She squirted the gel onto the glass plug and smeared it around, placing her other hand on his firm stomach and bending him forward slightly.

“You know it’s just to serve as a reminder, right?” She laughed, and he shuddered as she pressed the tip of it against his tightly clenched asshole. “If you fight me, maybe I’ll just punish you both today.”

Whining, he spread his legs as much as the cuffs on his ankles allowed, crying out into the rubber ball in his mouth as she began to twist and press the thick plug past the rosebud of his asshole. She drove it home fiercely until the base of it was all that could be seen, and then helped him to sit down gingerly on the seat. When he was seated, she buckled the straps around his waist, neck, and lap, fastening him tightly in place. He glared up at her and grunted into the gag. She didn’t think she could keep this up much longer. Just being around him like this made her feel terrified and anxious. It was nerve-wracking dealing with him and keeping him confined like this. She felt like she was playing with fire, convinced that she was bound to make a mistake that would allow him to get free and turn the tables on her.

“God, you’ve got him mad now.” Amanda whispered as if she could read Erica’s mind, standing there with her arms and legs welded together by the leather cuffs, her breasts thrust out in front of her by the pressure on her shoulders. “He’s an anal virgin… well, he was anyways.”

“I think I’ve heard just about enough out of you today.” Erica responded, grabbing a huge white ball gag, bigger than any she had worn herself, out of the duffel, and holding it up for Amanda to see.

Erica's Revenge

“But, baby, we still have so much more to get caught up on.” Amanda gave an exaggerated pout at the sight of the thick gag, and then closed her lips tightly.

“Open up.” Erica demanded, moving in close to press the ball against Amanda’s lips, but the smaller girl resisted, shaking her head as she squirmed in the cuffs that held her.

Hoping that her former room mate didn’t see the blush in her cheeks, Erica reached down and twisted Amanda’s nipple painfully. Instead of crying out in pain, however, Amanda moaned deeply and luxuriously, and Erica released the twisted flesh in disgust. Amanda looked up at her with a perverted smile.

“Fine.” Erica muttered, tossing aside the ballgag, and grabbing the other girl’s black ponytail, dragging her to stand facing the side of Mark’s chair. “We’ll just find something else to fill that mouth of yours.”

“You’re so easy, roomie.”

Grinding her teeth, cheeks flushed with anger, Erica grabbed Amanda’s cuffed wrists and pulled up on them. She smiled in satisfaction as her little captive cried out in pain as she was forced to bend forward over the arm of the chair. Erica remembered vividly the feeling of the position, the overwhelming pressure and pain, and the rape that had followed. Trembling in rage at the memory, she bent the girl forward until her face was close to Mark’s rampant cock.

“Now, here’s the deal, Mandy.” Erica hissed. “You’re going to take that dick in your mouth, or you’re going to die.”

“Y-you… you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t kill us in cold blood.”

“Oh, but that’s the beautiful thing, Amanda.” Erica practically purred, pulling up a little more on the cuffed wrists in her hands. “I don’t actually have to do anything except leave, and then you both rot to death in here. I think I could handle that.”

Trembling, her confidence obviously shaken and beginning to crumble, Amanda slowly took Mark’s waiting cock into her mouth. Erica watched the cock gradually disappear as she bent the girl forward until her arms were straight up and down behind her. She stopped only when she saw Mandy’s face spasm as her gag reflex triggered. Grateful that the girl could no longer speak, she locked the ring on the cuffs to the one on the front of Mark’s collar, trapping her in the bent position. A part of her mind marveled at what she was doing, unable to comprehend that she was capable of such things, but she forced it down.

“That’s better now, roomie.” Erica mocked. “Now you can relax a little.”

From inside the bag, Erica withdrew a ball of thin twine. Rolling it out, she wrapped it twice around Amanda’s neck while the bound girl trembled. She saw new tears on the trembling girl’s cheeks as she struggled between minimizing the pressure on her shoulders and dealing with the long penis in her mouth that threatened to cut off her air supply. Tying of the cord around Amanda’s neck, Erica squatted down and ran the line over the other arm of the chair, down and beneath it until she reached the girl’s cuffed ankles. She cut off the line and then tied it in place to the ring on those cuffs. Amanda and Mark were now both held firmly in place on the chair, and Erica breathed a little easier.

“I remember how much you laughed at me for joining that sorority my freshman year.” Erica mused while she pulled a heavy wooden paddle from the duffle bag. “You told me it was nothing but a bunch of girls with spanking fetishes. It made me a little embarrassed, and I never wanted to bring it up around you again. Now, it makes a lot more sense, of course.”

Without warning, she raised the paddle and brought it down hard across Amanda’s uplifted asscheeks. They reddened instantly at the impact, and she bucked against her bonds. Mark cried out into his gag, obviously displeased with her sudden, probably uncomfortable, jerk against his cock. She struck again as hard as she could, not holding back as she unleashed all of her pent-up anger on the pale girl’s backside with the hard wooden paddle. She saw that the shapes cut out in the wood of its striking surface left particularly angry looking marks in their wake.

“When your asshole boyfriend punished me in his sick little game, he told me how many times he was going to hit me. I think it helped, knowing that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.” Erica brought the paddle down hard again at the end of each sentence, as if its strikes were her punctuation. “But I won’t be doing that for you. I think I’ll just go until either you pass out or the asshole cums in your mouth.”

Erica grinned wickedly as she watched the expression change on Mark’s face from discomfort to pleasure. He closed his eyes as she watched Amanda begin to work on him, sucking on him, moving in short strokes against his rod. The attempts to suck him off, though, were continually interrupted by the downbeats of the paddle against her tender flesh. Erica didn’t allow her to find any rhythm, and the attempt grew weaker and more pathetic as the sobbing girl’s ass turned to dark red, and glowed with heat. She could see how badly each blow of the paddle hurt the little goth now, and wondered if it would be black and blue later.

“Uuuhhh…. Guhhh… Ughhh…” Amanda choked around the cock as the rain of blows continued across her tortured flesh, crying in earnest now as black rivers ran from her cheeks down over Mark’s balls and thighs.

“I know. I know.” Erica laughed as she continued to paddle the helpless girl’s ass. “I’m very unimaginative, aren’t I? Mark did a much better job of varying things, but all I keep doing is the same, repetitive thing. I hope that I’m not boring you.”

Amanda screamed desperately as the assault continued, yanking at her bonds, and Mark groaned into his gag as she twisted his cock painfully and pulled at the collar on his neck. Erica could see that the girl was losing it now, reaching that all too familiar point when the pain was just too much for the body to handle any more. Remembering the electricity that morning, the pole on which she had been impaled, and those cruel clamps on her nipples, she continued to strike the girl’s ass until her arm had lost its strength and its recipient was a quivering, sobbing mess.

“That’s round one.” Erica spoke softly, the paddle dropping to the floor with a loud clatter. “If you can suck him off in one minute, maybe I’ll be nice and punish him instead.”

Amanda was sobbing, obviously physically wasted by the paddling, but the words made it through to her, and Erica watched as the bound girl went to work in earnest on her fellow prisoner’s cock. Mark closed his eyes, head back, probably struggling to think about baseball or his grandmother, while her head bobbed on his lap. Picking up the discarded ballgag, not even bothering to count off time in her head, Erica cut the cord on the other girl’s neck and then released her cuffs from where they were pinned to the collar. Amanda cried out in relief as Erica grabbed her ponytail and pulled her upright again, her arms freed from the painful position.

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While her slender captive wept, Erica thrust the thick rubber ball into her mouth until it was forced back behind her teeth, stretching her black-glossed lips wide open. Amanda groaned as Erica buckled the straps in place behind her head.

“You know, Mark here was really looking forward to fucking me, Mandy.” Erica whispered conspiratorially as she moved her captive to stand in front of the chair. “He was telling me all about how he was going to fuck me up the ass. It would be a shame to disappoint him, wouldn’t it?”

Amanda looked up at Erica with wide tear-filled eyes, the cut remains of the cord dangling down between her breasts. Reaching around the crying girl, she grabbed the hot cheeks of her bound prisoner’s ass, watching the girl wince as she spread them roughly and began to force the girl to sit backwards. Erica carefully supported the girl as she lowered her asshole onto Mark’s waiting cock, still damp from Amanda’s saliva, tears and his own pre-cum.

“Uuuhhhh!! Uhhh! Oooohhhh!” Amanda screamed into the gag, shaking her head desperately as the cock slowly entered her tight, dry asshole.

Mark squirmed on the chair as Amanda was slowly lowered onto him. It was a tight fit, though any discomfort he exhibited was nothing compared to the crying and whimpering of the recipient of his cock. When back of thigh finally met lap, Erica tied the end of Amanda’s neck-cord around his throat and stepped back to watch them squirm together. Amanda looked pathetic and small on his lap, her feet up off the floor, her whole body trembling in pain.

“Now, I can tell you from experience that this thing really fucking hurts, Mandy.” Erica retrieved the slender wooden rod that had been used on her the first day in this place, tapping it against her palm. “Let’s see if you can be any better at making that rapist cum in this position.”

Erica brought the rod down hard across Amanda’s heaving breasts, and the bound girl screamed into the gag between her teeth. Unable to believe that she was doing it, but fuelled by the memories of her own cruel torture, Erica brought the wicked wood down again and again across the sobbing girl’s front, angry red welts rising up across her breasts, her stomach, and the top of her bare thighs. She felt consumed by her anger, hardly viewing her little captive as a fellow human being, but rather as some hated monster. She stopped only when her arm grew tired again at the repetitive motion, the red haze that obscured her vision gradually fading, replaced with an image of the brutalized body of her former friend bound to Mark’s lap.

The hatred was gone from her now, replaced with a combination of fear and revulsion of herself. She knew that she couldn’t continue this any longer. The rage was gone, and she doubted it would ever return. It was time to set the next part of the plan in motion. Dropping the slender rod to the floor, she stepped in close to Amanda and lifted the girl’s tear-coated face by her chin to look into her eyes, stained black with trails of mascara.

“Are you ready to answer some questions now, Amanda?”

Erica's Conclusion

“Are you ready to answer some questions now, Amanda?”

The sobbing girl nodded quickly, desperately, grunting and groaning behind the thick gag in her mouth. Erica stepped in close to her and untied the quivering girl from her cohort’s neck. Mark grunted in discomfort as she helped her little captive back onto her feet, lifting her from his still-rampant cock. Squatting down, she removed the padlock between the girl’s ankles. Rising to her feet, without another word, she led her captive down the hallway and into the room where she’d eaten breakfast that morning.

“Did you watch him feed me?” Erica asked, holding tight to her captive’s leash.

“Unnnhhhh… Hunnnhhh…” Amanda answered, nodding, sputtering behind the thick gag between her lips.

“Then I want you to sit how he made me sit.” Erica growled, pointing at the horned chair.

Amanda moved dutifully to the stool and spread her legs to straddle it. Shorter than Erica, the tip of the intruder was almost touching her pussy lips as she stood above it with legs spread. Turning her eyes to meet Erica’s, she began to lower herself onto the wooden protrusion, eyes widening as it slid into her wet pussy. When it was fully inside her and her ass rested against the wooden top of the stool, she surprised Erica by lifting her feet to press the leather cuffs on her ankles against the bottom of the stool, mimicking how Erica’s own cuffs had been attached. With hardly a thought, Erica used the padlock she still carried to lock the rings of the cuffs to a matching one on the bottom of the chair.

“Before I take the gag out, I want you to know that I don’t want to hear any more of your wisecracks, Mandy. Ok?”

Amanda grunted behind the rubber ball again, nodding. Erica unbuckled the straps of the gag and pulled it from her captive’s mouth, breaking off a long trail of drool as she dropped it on the table. The trembling girl stretched her aching jaw, moaning in relief.

“Thank you, Erica.” Amanda whimpered as Erica moved to the other side of the table and sat down in the opposite chair.

“Why did you do this to me?” Erica asked as she stared across the table.

“You’d laugh if I told you.”

“I don’t think that anything about this place could ever make me laugh.”

“I missed you, Erica.” Amanda blushed, breaking eye contact as she looked away. “I missed you so much.”

“So you had your boyfriend kidnap me and rape me? Jesus, Mandy, couldn’t you have just called or something?”

“God, Erica, don’t you understand?” Amanda sobbed, her voice breaking. “I spent years worshipping you. You’ve seen the videotapes. I’ve wanted you so badly for so long, but I’ve never had the courage to say anything. I just let it build up for too long. How could I ever make the first move after I’d fantasized for so very long?”

“But you never really talked to me. I always thought you couldn’t stand me. That’s why I moved out after that first year.”

“I know. I was stupid. I didn’t want you to know. You were so different from me, but so amazing. I loved the way you talked to your mother on the phone. I remember when she was in the hospital and you sang that song to her when she couldn’t sleep. I loved the way you chewed on the end of your pencils when you were studying for a big exam, and the way you’d always take time to help someone else through the hard parts even if there were other things you still had to figure out for yourself. You’re amazing, Erica.”

“You mean, all the things that you made fun of me for.” Erica whispered, her voice trailing off at the end.

Amanda nodded in response, new tears spilling from her wide, helpless eyes. Erica couldn’t help but feel for her as she sat there on the chair, obviously pained by the memories and the sharing of feelings that she had hidden for so very long.

“You really like this stuff?” Erica asked quickly, feeling like she needed to change the subject. “You like it when he ties you up?”

“I do.”


“I’ve asked myself the same thing so many times, but I think I finally figured it out. I feel secure when I’m tied up. I feel safe.”


“Yeah. Like right now, I’m scared because I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know what I might have pushed you to do to me. But I don’t need to worry about it, because there’s nothing I can do. I’m your captive, Erica, and all of the choices and difficulties of life have been taken from me.”

“But you’re all cuffed up and locked to a chair.”

“I know, but I’m like this because you put me here.” Amanda smiled nervously, and Erica saw the tears once again pooling in her eyes. “I don’t expect you to understand, but when I’m in jail for kidnapping, I’ll treasure just this chance to be with you.”

Erica rose from her seat and walked around the table to stand behind Amanda. The back of her hand brushed across the crying girl’s cheek, wiping the tears away. She looked down on the girl, gazing deep into her wide eyes as confused thoughts and conflicting emotions tumbled through her mind.

“Why…” Amanda had to pause and sniff away her tears before continuing. “Why haven’t you called the police, Erica?”

“I’m not sure.” Erica answered. “At first, I told myself that it was because I wanted to get some of your money, to pay me back for what you did to me.”

“I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, Erica. I can give you my bank information. I still have most of this year’s payout from the trust in my account. You can get it all.”

“But I don’t know now, Mandy. I mean… I guess I don’t know what I mean. I’m just so confused.”

“What are you confused about?”

“You kidnapped me. You had your boyfriend rape me while you watched. You made me sleep in a cage like some kind of helpless animal. You fucking tortured me. You made my life hell.”

“I know, Erica, and I’m sorry. I can’t explain it. I just needed to be with you so badly. I get it, though. You haven’t called the police because you’re too mad. You want me to be more than arrested. You want me to suffer like you did. You want… you want to kill me, don’t you?”

Erica came around to stand before her captive, straddling the girl’s lap and sitting down. The touch of Amanda’s bare thighs beneath her own was electrifying and sent a tremor up her spine. She saw the girl wince and close her eyes as the additional weight pushed her down harder on the chair’s intruder. Amanda opened her eyes when Erica cupped her chin in one hand and looked directly into her eyes.

“I’m not deciding between killing you and calling the police, Mandy. I’m trying to figure out if I really do want to let you go.”

“L-let me go?” Amanda gasped in disbelief. “But… but the things we did to you…”

“They were horrific, and it will take me a long time to come to terms with it. But seeing you go to prison isn’t going to make it any better. And there’s more, too.”

“More?” Amanda moaned softly, her legs squirming beneath Erica.

Erica pressed her lips to Amanda’s, kissing her fiercely. The bound girl was too stunned to react for only a moment, before she kissed her back hungrily. Erica could hear the girl moaning and feel her trembling as the kiss seemed to last an eternity; a moment frozen in time. When she finally broke it off, she saw that Amanda was sobbing softly.

“Oh God, Erica, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I think you mean that, Mandy. I really think you do. But I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know if I could ever trust you. It’s all so messed up now.”

“Please, Erica, I’ll do whatever it takes. I don’t care how long it takes.”

“But that’s the problem. How could I ever feel safe around you? I can’t go through life waking up every morning and wondering if I am going to find myself locked up again, or worse?”

Erica’s hands held tight to the bound girl’s shoulders as they spoke, and she felt goose bumps rising on her flesh. Amanda’s eyes were wide and pleading, locked tight to Erica’s gaze as they sat silently for a few moments.

“What about if I have a way to make you feel safe, Erica?” Amanda finally asked, breaking the silence.

“What do you mean?”

“There’s a place I have all set up, where you could take me.”

“All set up?”

“Yeah, and Mark doesn’t know about it.” Amanda continued, desperation in her voice. “I was going to take you there after we finished… after we finished… training you. When I thought you were ready, I was going to take you there so that we could be together, without anyone else. We could go there now.”

“It’s not just Mark I’m worried about though, Mandy.”

“I know, Erica. I know. But if we go there, we can make it so that you don’t… don’t have to worry about me, either.”


“I set the place up so that I… so that I could easily keep you… I could keep you… God, I’m so sorry, Erica… please don’t be mad at me.” Amanda sobbed as she tried to speak, her head falling against Erica’s chest.

“It’s ok, baby.” Erica whispered softly, running her fingers through the sobbing girl’s hair. “You can tell me. I won’t get upset.”

“I designed it so that it would be easy to keep you bound and under my control.” The bound girl continued, her voice growing in strength. “There are leads, tracks, and attachment points built into the whole place. You could take me there and use them on me instead. Then you wouldn’t have to… you wouldn’t have to worry about me. You could keep me like that until you felt like you trusted me.”

“That might take a long time.” Erica answered, her voice barely a whisper.

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“I know, Erica. I don’t care. I don’t care if it takes forever.”

“Are you sure about this, Mandy?”

“I am, Erica. I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.”

Mark walked along the dirt road into town. Though his muscles were sore, and the flesh of his body ached from where he had torn away the many layers of duct tape that had recently bound him, he couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest man on earth. When Erica had returned to the room alone, he had assumed the worst. Hell, he wouldn’t have blamed her if she’d chosen to inflict more payback on him. In fact, from the moment that he’d screwed up and allowed her to turn the tables on him, he’d assumed that life in prison was the best that he could hope for.

Granted, it had been no picnic to peel himself free from the voluminous duct tape in which she had wrapped him. As he’d struggled with the tape, an internal timer had run in his head, fully expecting to hear the wailing of approaching sirens. He was shocked when, after winning his freedom, he’d raced upstairs to find a note. It warned him not to try to find either of the girls, ordered him to count his blessings, and promised him no further retribution if he just went on with his life. He’d never read more welcome words in his life.

They’d taken the car, of course, so that left him to make the long journey into town on foot, but he had some money in his wallet, a backpack stuffed full of the many toys and implements that the girl’s had left behind in the house, and the promise of freedom. More than any of that, though, he had the memories of his greatest fantasy brought to life to accompany him on his trip, though he chose not to recall some of the less pleasant final moments.

The crunch of tires on dirt caught his attention behind him, drawing him out of his pleasant reverie, and he turned to see what was approaching, putting one thumb out in the classic gesture of the hitchhiker. A beat up, old pickup truck passed him by in a cloud of dust, and then its brake lights flashed as it rolled to a stop on the side of the road ahead of him. He jogged up to passenger side door.

“Need a lift, mister?” The woman behind the wheel of the truck asked, grinning broadly.

“You’re a lifesaver.” Mark matched her grin as he opened the door, and climbed into the truck, his gaze drinking in the sight of her bare legs between her leather cowboy boots and the hem of her denim skirt. “I didn’t think anyone was ever going to drive down this road.”

“It not often anyone does.” She responded, tucking a strand of blond hair that had escaped from her ponytail back behind her ear, and then holding out her hand. “I’m Marie, by the way.”

“I’m Mark.” He shook her hand. “I’m staying at the old farmhouse back up the road a bit. You from around here?”

“Born and raised.” She grinned again, and then put the truck back in gear. “Why are you walking, Mark?”

“I was just heading into town to pick up some things. I won’t have a car here for a little while, so it’ll be a lot more walking for me until I get that corrected.”

“Well, I don’t mind taking you back out to your place after you get what you need.”

“Yeah? That’d be awful kind of you.”

“My pleasure.”

Smiling as they drove into town, Mark adjusted the pack on his lap so that the pocket with his favorite handcuffs was facing up. This was really turning out to be a wonderful day.

Amanda groaned with relief as she felt herself finally slid, after a seeming eternity, from the back seat of the car. Bound as she was, the journey had been a long one, and her bladder ached desperately for release. The unbearably tight leather of the body sack had pressed into her bare, sweaty flesh for hours now, and her whole body yearned for freedom from its enforced immobility. She wanted nothing more than to move her arms from where they were pinned to her sides.

Almost as soon as Erica had begun strapping her into the thick but supple leather, Amanda had regretted showing the other girl the device. Without it, Erica might have just put her in some cuffs for the drive to the beach house. But she wanted Erica to know that she wasn’t entering into this arrangement half-heartedly, and she wanted her new mistress to know that she was willing to do anything to gain her trust. ‘Mistress’ seemed a funny word to use with her former room mate, but it suddenly occurred to her that it was exactly what Erica was becoming.

Securely fastened in the tight cocoon of leather, Amanda felt herself being stood upright, and then barely felt the additional straps wrap around her to attach her to the furniture dolly. She couldn’t see where they were, the leather hood of the sack laced tightly in place over her head, its only holes the two small ones through which she breathed with some difficulty. She felt herself leaned backwards and then moved forward as the dolly began to roll.

Amanda was filled with terror as Erica pushed her forward, so helpless to resist in any fashion. She had no idea what to expect from the other girl, no way to know how long or how strictly she would remain bound. Before being bound for the journey, she’d given Erica every piece of her personal information, giving her access to all of her bank accounts and credit cards. And scarier still, they were now arriving at the remote beach house that she’d designed specifically to ensure that a captive could never escape. She’d never felt so vulnerable in her life, and so completely powerless.

And yet, it was this very powerlessness that thrilled her. The direction and control of her life were now completely out of her hands. She felt warmed by that thought, and by the thought that its control was now in Erica’s hands. Only a few days earlier, she’d started down a road that she hoped would lead her to this beech house, and with Erica. Along the way, things had gone terribly wrong, and yet somehow, they felt perfectly right.

Erica put the finishing touches on the chapter and closed her laptop. Placing the warm computer down on the stained wood of the deck next to her, she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, enjoying the sounds of the waves lapping against the rocks of the shore and the gulls’ cries. Opening her eyes again, she looked out across the ocean, taken in once again by its majesty. Was she really here? She could hardly believe the twists and turns that her life had taken over the past week.

With a rustle of chain and the click of heels, Amanda joined her on the deck, and Erica smiled up at her from the reclining chair. Amanda’s bare breasts, still showing the signs of a birch lashing from that morning, were thrust forward by the red leather armbinder that trapped her arms behind her back. The straps of the binder crossing the girl’s chest matched the color of the angry red welts that crisscrossed her bare stomach and breasts. She noticed that the bound girl was beginning to grow more accustomed to walking in the treacherously high-heeled boots that she wore, a feat made particularly challenging by the short chain that separated her ankles. The red, patent leather collar on the girl’s neck was high and stiff, molded to the shape of her jawline and forcing her to remain looking straight ahead, a line leading from it to the track above her, which ran through almost the entire house.

Erica had to admit that the track was very useful, allowing her captive some freedom to move about as instructed, but no ability to leave the house or its large, covered deck. It was harder to admit, even to herself, just how much she enjoyed the sight of Amanda’s bondage.

“Have you finished your chores then, pet?” Erica asked, grinning at the thought of how difficult it must have been for the tightly bound girl to scrub the kitchen floor with only the small sponge attached to the post that jutted from the front of her gag.

“Unnnhhh…. Huhhhh….” Amanda grunted behind the thick rubber ball in her mouth, a little soapy water falling from the sponge onto her chest as she nodded.

“Good girl.” Erica smiled as she rose to her bare feet on the deck, padding over to stand next to her prisoner and remove the scrubbing attachment from her gag. “Then it’s time for your workout.”

Amanda groaned at the mention of the word and her breathing picked up its pace. Erica turned her, giving her bare ass a playful swat as she directed her toward the workout room. Though the other girl whined in protest, Erica had learned that Amanda was enjoying these beginning days as much as she was. The night before, in the throws of passion, Amanda had made her promise that she wouldn’t loosen her grip or grow soft on her. It surprised Erica to realize that she had no intention of doing either.

As she led her trembling captive to the treadmill and its cruel little clamps, she realized that she still had a lot too learn about herself and Amanda. There were parts of herself that she’d never known or explored until these past few days. Beyond all the question and uncertainty, though, she knew that her life was now finally beginning.

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Saturday, February 09, 2019  

I have to admit that I stopped reading this story before finishing it, the first time I tried. The torture of the innocent, undeserving Erica was just too much. Then I gave it another try and skimmed quickly to where the tables were turned. Once I saw how it was going, I went back and read more carefully to see how the tables were turned. I'm glad I did. The finish was very entertaining, though we are left wondering who was the unfortunate victim who died in that crash so Erica could disappear. Still, a good story and I'm glad I finished it.

Saturday, December 03, 2016  

I was engrossed. Found by searching corset gasp forced.
I was drawn in by the kidnapping (so politically and morally incorrect).
Wondering if she'd give up and submit.
I was engrossed that it appeared he had stalked her for years.
The turn of events with her taking charge. I could not stop reading.

Thursday, August 18, 2016  

I just noticed that the most recent comment is very negative. This story doesn't deserve that comment at all. This is a fantasy story, not a real-life drama. There will be holes, so what? It was hot and well written.

Thursday, October 29, 2015  

Hmmmm, who would let a rapist go free? Mark obviously planning to kidnap and rape again. No, not believable. But the biggest gap is that Mark and/or Mandy committed murder as well as the rape and kidnapping. They staged a wreck using Erica's car and stolen I.D., murdered a girl to to make the body seem to be her. Lesbian thinking falling short? Just bad writing? Seriously, maybe this was written by a disturbed 7th. grader or maybe I missed something skipping around as it was too muddled to stick with it. How is Erica going to get the money, she will have to have I.D. and she is supposed to be dead. Now she is a co-defendant, juvenile plot and story line. One pt is too much, too bad no negative ratings.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012  

Almost a year since anyone has commented on this wonderful story. I admit to being biased because I enjoy turnaround stories, but seriously, it was well written, had a great story line and the scenes were imaginative. The action was also kept realistic and not over the top. Hopefully you are still reading these and we can expect another effort from you.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

I loved this story. The turnaround was fantastic, the slave becomes the Mistress, it doesn't get better than that. I'd like a follow up with Mark getting his with the lady in the truck. This was much better than the Mayors Daughter, although I would read a continuation of that story line with her either being trained and then sold or trained and put in the competition ring. Keep up the good work Erica.


Thursday, June 30, 2011  

Best story I read here, definitely. I was directed here from the "Mayor's daughter", and this one really turned out to be of the kind I like. It was quite extreme at some points (e.g. the cage and electricity), but overall it was perfect! I'm really happy for all of the characters really, that Mark too got what he wanted. To add, I must say you're an amazing author, Erica! For example the bit where Mark gets overpowered was very intense and very mind-captivating. Absolutely brilliant!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011  

I forgot, I hope Mark gets caught & Marie turns out to be a Dom. Mark got off to easy w/Erica. He was the one that raped her & did all the other stuff to her , he should of been the one to have her revenge taken out on, although Amanda should of gotten equal treatment but Mark should of gotten the worst. If it was me beening raped by that bastard I would of closed the lid on his cock & balls of a steamer trunk & locked it, then placing a dull knife next to him for excape. That's how I would handle all rapist. Marcie

Tuesday, February 22, 2011  

I don't know when this was written,now 2011, but Erica, if your reading this I want to thank you for finishing the story in 1 installment. Like most writters they start a story then put 'to be continued' then never finish. It is real frusterating 'no closeure' . So again thanks for the story. I don't like toture or rape but I wish I had the bondage that Erica had, I was real wet. Marcie

Tuesday, February 08, 2011  

One of my favorites. I love the constant detailing of Erica’s emotions throughout her ordeal. The dialogue and physical action between her and Mark is also excellent. When the tables turn it is realistic and exciting. My only complaint is that I wanted Mark to receive a less hopeful ending. Other than that I loved it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010  

This is really an amzing story. I hope for a sequel, although I know it's highly unlikely. Perhaps a series of oneshots, depicting the growing relationship between Erica and Mandy? I woudl settle for that.

Monday, February 15, 2010  

a very intelligently, lovely written story. thank you really much for that work! I do hope there is going to come a following.

Thursday, January 14, 2010  

I have mixed thoughts about the story. For one I do not care for men raping women. Although the story was told very well I wish that Erica had put the guy through more things then she did. I was actually hoping she would either kill him or hide him away to starve to death. I do however like Amandae ending upo as her slave at the end of the story. Have you thought about perhaps another chapter or two? Maybe Amanda and Erica can kidnap and torture him.

Sunday, December 13, 2009  

A great story that really captured the hopelessness of Erica but rather petered out when Amanda came on the scene. Not too sure if I could do any better though!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009  

An excellent story with depth, detail, and well demarcated characters. Unlike so many other examples we become interested in and engaged in the destinies of those involved. We are continually incited to ask ourselves ...what next, what will happen next. An outstanding accomplishment.
Details to be rviewed include: 'dropped in to the floor' should be 'dropped it to the floor'; 'round her waste' should be 'round her waist' (spelling checkers don't catch that sort of error); 'sort of bad' should be 'sort of pad'; 'creek' should be 'creak'; revisit 'she needed him to be (WHAT ?); the words 'her, she, I, and her again are used to refer to one individual in one paragraph. Make up your mind, and chose one verbal form.
Finally, cuffs don't 'clank' as they lack that form of sonority, and it would be a feeble chain indeed that 'tinkled'.

Saturday, October 24, 2009  

I was gripped by the storyline but a bit upset at the ending when it was found out that her room mate fancied her, not being lesbian or bi I would have prefered a more 'normal' ending but great story non the less. amazing!

Friday, August 28, 2009  

This is a fantastic story! I don't think it's too long, I'd have liked more of it!
Why don't you finish The Mayor's Daughter? It's frustrating not to know what will happen next!

Friday, July 24, 2009  

this is the best story I have read to date it has every thing in it that a story needs aduction revenge anb torture as well as bondage I have never read one so good keep up the work I think a story like with a few more chapters could be in print at the adult store

Sunday, July 05, 2009  

It was an outstanding story but it was a very long one.IS the author going to write another one soon i hope

Wednesday, July 01, 2009  

That was amazing. At first I was horrified by the idea of what Erica was going through but I kept on reading, and I really like how it turned out!

Saturday, April 18, 2009  

I agree with that above guy. When i first started reading the begginnings of this chapter, i was sick with anger at what erica was having to go through. I agree that there can be "consenual force," but that wasnt demonstrated until the very latter. but a great story.

Saturday, March 21, 2009  

Very nice site!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009  

Awesome! Can I come visit you and Amanda at the beach house? I promise to give you plenty of reasons to treat me just like you treat Amanda.

Saturday, November 15, 2008  

A splendid turn-about for the arrogant male! We captors-in-dream shall have to be more careful, and also more respectful of our captives and their abilities: a warning story. Though some captors might not entirely want to avoid revolution.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008  

I do not like stories of non-consensual rape. Even the most total real-world bondage-and-pain slut is likely to hate being raped without her consent.

I do like stories of consensual bondage. Most people may not understand how "rape" can be consensual, but I do.

And so my opinion of this story is exactly the opposite of several others in this comments section. I wasn't too happy with the opening, but the end, with the willing captive permanently on a track that confines her, is a superb fantasy that I have had for years.

(I prefer to imagine floor tracks, though. They were installed them when the cement floor slabs were poured, flush with the floor. The result is stronger; has no ugly strutwork supporting it below the ceiling; can be more easily run through doorways without cutting deep slots from top-of-doorway to ceiling.)

Cal deta Sia

Tuesday, July 15, 2008  

super !

Friday, June 20, 2008  

It's lengthy, but overall, a good story

Monday, March 24, 2008  

absolutely brilliant! I would have to put this story in my top ten! Thank you Erica

Tuesday, March 11, 2008  

great story! can i get you to write a personnal bondage story for me? what would you charge for something like this..you can reach me at ringmaster_scott@msn.com thank you scott

Thursday, February 21, 2008  

Very Long. But Good.

Sunday, January 27, 2008  

I really liked the begining...then it got a bit boring

Friday, January 11, 2008  

I'm impressed with your literary talents.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008  

Mark got away with hardly any punishment in the end. I would have liked it if the cowgirl turned out to be a dom and kidnapped him and got the revenge that Erica didn't choose to take

Saturday, December 29, 2007  

I love this story! You're a great writer! but I definitely like Mayor's Daughter better...just because I didn't like how the "tables were turned", but it's well written and a fantastic story! Great job!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007  

For me beyond the actual creativity and decent writing to keep me wanting to read more, the logistics of it were spellbinding. It's nearly my favourite thing about bondage altogether. Overall, and excellent piece of work this was:) I shall be looking for more from this writer, Erica:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007  

This story is great over all. It would have been great to have a lot more torment and torture for Erica, more nipple and pussy torture, maybe a pussy whipping just prior to the electrocution of her cunt on the steel vibrating electrode.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007  

I don't think this story could be improved on much.

Sunday, August 19, 2007  

Too long

Sunday, August 12, 2007  


Sunday, July 15, 2007  

Mark's arrogance was his undoing. As I wrote it, I was considering it from the perspective that he just assumed that he could overpower her, and he decided to get things cleaned up on his own to avoid the embarrassment of being found by Amanda. I almost shifted perspective to write from his point of view, so that the point would be more obvious... Thanks for the feedback! -Erica

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  

i myself enjoyed the story, the only thing is that, if mark and amanda where both in with the thing together, then he could have just waited in the bathroom with erica until amanda found out and helped him. but other than that i loved the ending. ^^

Sunday, June 24, 2007  

I hope you do a follow up story on her pony training

Friday, June 22, 2007  

enjoyable ,loved the escape

Wednesday, June 20, 2007  

Hi everyone... Thanks for all of the great feedback! Sorry that it wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but I am glad that most of you seemed to at least enjoy my descriptions of Erica's restraint. I am working on another story (The Mayor's Daughter) that will also involve an abduction... though Jessica, the abductee in that one, won't be faring so well as Erica... You should definitely check it out if you liked this story but were dissappointed with the "table turning." Thanks again for all the feedback! - Erica

Wednesday, June 13, 2007  

This story is quite long. But the pace is up all the time, and the story is well written.
As the devellopment of the story is just about to be obvious, the author suddenly changes course. A new situation arises (at this point, I foresaw the conclusion an was kind of disappointed). However the author doesn't let me go like that - course changes again an the conclusion is surprising as well as satisfying.
I can only recommend the story


Tuesday, June 12, 2007  

Pretty good when you were describing the restraints and beatings of Erica; predictable when Erica "turned the tables" on Mark; "sappy" ending.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007  

I loved your story...until Erica fought back. I just didn't like the turn that it made. The whole kidnapping plot line was fantastic. And a lot of your ideas were wonderful. I just didn't like the way the characters changed when she fought back. The male character just seemed to loose a lot of his mysteriousness and power. And I would have liked to see Erica broken more, becoming accustomed to her fate... and this is coming from a submissive female. I guess the second half of the story just wasn't for me...the first half was wonderful though, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Monday, May 14, 2007  


Saturday, May 05, 2007  

Definitely one of the best stories I read in a long time. Will there be more?

Monday, April 30, 2007  

I loved it. It kept my attention, and had a Nice twist...even an extremely vauge and twisted, but there romance. All the makings of a good story.

Monday, April 30, 2007  

Great stuff. The story is so well crafted as to be plausible, especially Erica's mind set during her tribulations and then as an excuse to take out the intense revenge. The story definitely drew me in to enjoying taking the torture beyond where one would want to go in real play.

Thursday, April 19, 2007  

Great Story!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007  

too bad that you ruined a very good story with such an improbable ending

Monday, April 16, 2007  

I wish tou had continued with Erica's training instead of the present .

Sunday, April 15, 2007  

Very nice Erica! I love the way you think....PLEASE continue!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007  

Looking forward to more of Erica's training in the future.Thought the aditional day made a big difference in the story.Good job! please write more about the training of Erica.

Sunday, April 01, 2007  

This is my biggest fantasy written....made me so wet i couldn't stop myself from cumming over and over again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007  

i liked the story a lot. hope that there is more to this story. please write some more

Tuesday, March 27, 2007  

More !!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007  

This is one of those stories that I like and dislike at the same time!? but one thing is for sure... it held my attention :) I like nice endings, so I hope it comes around for Erica somehow.

Friday, March 16, 2007  

Wow, amazing story, I've had the pleasure of talking with Erica before, she is incredibly bright and very imaginative.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007  

What a hot start! i hope the story goes many more chapters and much more humiliation and modification occur!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007  

What a hot start! i hope the story goes many more chapters and much more humiliation and modification occur!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007  

needs to have a sequel! but really good!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007  

It's okay. Hoping that Erica gets free and turns the tables on her malicious captor!

Monday, March 12, 2007  

Great dialog - it just ends, though. What happens next?

Sunday, March 11, 2007  

Hey all... I'm in the processing of continuing the story line. Let me know if you like it, and are waiting on the next installment. -Erica ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007  

great story keep going i want to hear what her punishment well be ......

Sunday, March 11, 2007  

Wow, Erica. This is quite an astounding introductory story. Quite gripping.

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