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Thank You, Anne Gray
  • Author - SouthernTied  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, reluctant, bodymod, bondage, breathplay, drugs, kidnapping, tickling, toys
  • Post Date - 5/21/2007
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AUTHORS NOTE: I wish to thank Anne Gray for her permission to use and refer to some of her wonderful stories in writing this, as well as allowing me post it. I offer my heartfelt thanks from the readers she has entertained with all the stories she has written, and, I beg her to continue to entertain and delight us with more adventures.

I need a good cry, so I pull the car over to the side of the interstate.

With my daughter and future son-in-law‘s plane on route back to Texas, I’m alone again in Atlanta.

It hurts not being near family, but, after two and a half years of being a mourning widow, I had to move on and the job offer here was too good to pass up.

It had been an amazing life, a pair of 17 year old high school sweethearts getting married and after 20 years proving all the naysayers wrong. But, as they say life must go on.

So, for the last month I was getting acclimated to my new life.

It was wonderful to see my family, but, it really hurt that they had to leave 2 days earlier than planned.

Now, I’ve got 3 days alone to look forward to, before returning to work.

So, a good cry to get over my self pity is a necessity.

And, a nice soft scarf for a gag to help keep away the oncoming depression.

I dab my tear filled eyes with a hanky, before I twist the royal purple satin scarf into a 4-foot long band and tie a large thick double knot in the middle.

Looking into the vanity mirror behind my visor I smile and pull the scarf tightly between my lips. Watching the knot settle behind my teeth, I feel a pleasure few may understand.

“MMMMmmmmmm!” I hum, tying the scarf as tight as I can around my cheeks and over my long red colored, formerly graying brown, hair.

I look in the mirror at my cheeks bulging over the scarf, bringing a cheerful gleam to my green eyes again. And, I feel warmth growing in me.

Most people would consider it strange, but, I revel in this feeling.

“Just another 45 minutes and I’ll be home,” I think to myself. “I’ll add a few ropes at my ankles and knees. Perhaps, one of Samuel’s old handcuffs… One he rigged to allow my escape if I need… And, then I’ll sleep for the rest of the night.”

It was just after 11:30 PM.

I pull the car into the garage and close the automatic garage door.

I keep the light over the sink on for nights like this when I come home after dark to guide my way into the kitchen.

I put the car keys into my purse as I come from the garage through the utility room.

I lay the purse on the kitchen counter and notice an unfamiliar perfume scent lingering in the air.

It is an overpoweringly sweet but pleasant aroma.

Suddenly, something is pulled over my head. Darkness blocks my vision and the pungent aroma of leather fills my nostrils.

I feel something tighten around my neck cutting off my oxygen and instinctively I reach to free my throat, but, a thin band wraps around my left wrist.

I fight against my wrist being pulled around my back, but, am losing. Also, something has a firm grip on my right arm and is pulling it steadily behind me toward my left arm.

I can’t hear much noise over the loud gasps I make through my nose for much needed air. The gag is cutting my ability to take in the amount of oxygen I need.

I curse at myself for putting it on.

“Don’t panic, “I remind myself and decide not to waste my breath by trying to speak.

But, the ratcheting noise of a handcuff as it’s locked around my right wrist startles me.


One thing having been married to a police officer for over 20 years taught me was that once the handcuffs were secured, especially behind you, it was pretty much over. Samuel had cuffed me enough in our playtime over the years to instill that lesson well.

I try to maneuver to attempt to kick my attacker. But, whoever it is, they are a step ahead of me.

A quick kick to the back of my knees buckles them and I drop to the floor. My attacker follows me down and quickly rolls me onto my stomach.

I feel my attacker fall on top of me using their weight to hold me down while they snag and bind my ankles tightly together.

Fortunately, I had worn my black leather over the knee boots that matched the leather trench coat I wore. The bindings were tight, but, the leather protects my skin.

My driving gloves are also made of leather, but, are a much softer and thinner material and due to my struggles I can feel the handcuffs beginning to bite into my flesh.

My mind races full of questions.

My attacker deftly spins on my hips, sliding up my lower back and begins to loop something around my elbows.

I feel them being pulled together and I moan through my gag and the leather covering my head.

Samuel had tied my elbows together many times over the years so I knew that rolling my shoulders will ease the pressure on them.

I do that and receive a firm pat on my rear as a reward.

“You’ve been tied like this before,” a muffled electronic sounding female voice said. “Wonderful….”

“A woman!!!!” I say to myself, bewildered.

She spins again and ties my knees together just above them.

“She’s strong and very agile,” I think to myself. “And, she knows what she is doing….”

“Now to keep you quiet!” She says in that electronic voice.

It sounds to me like she’s giggling.

The tightness on my neck loosens and I suck in a deep breath of fresh air as the leather is lifted just over my nose.

“What is this……?” I hear her say. “Have you been a bad lil’ girl, pet?”

The sound of her surprise came through the electronics.

“Lovely, but, not quite what I had in mind…” She says, unknotting the scarf.

I prepare to scream as loud as my voice is capable of as soon as she pulls the large satin knot from my mouth.

Again, she is a step ahead of me.

The drool soaked satin slips free from my mouth, but, as I start to scream. She replaces it with a leather ball.

She uses her fingers to force it in and I feel the cool smooth leather of her gloved hands on the sides of my face.

I can’t help myself. The touch of the leather from her gloves is sending a warm arousing feeling of pleasure through me. And, my moan is not one of discomfort from my jaws being stretched, but, one of unexpected pleasure.

She pulls something around my cheeks and buckles it behind my head under my hair. I feel it pull on the corners of my mouth and press hard on my cheeks.

I feel the leather being slid over my nose and onto my forehead. And, the aroma of the leather is replaced by the fragrant sweet perfume.

I hope to get a glimpse of my attacker and prepare to make a mental note for later identification.

Again, she is ready.

I feel thick pads being pressed against my eyes and a strap pulled around my head and tightened.

I smell a hint of leather mixed in with the perfume.

“A padded leather blindfold….” I mumble to myself, shaking my head, not so much trying to keep her from putting the blindfold on me, but in disbelief of how well prepared this attack truly is. “Who is this woman?”

The sound of something being ripped 5 times fills my ears.

Something sticky is smoothed diagonally over my lips and the ball, then, another is used to form an X. The other 3 are smoothed across my lower face and chin securing the ball and any drool in.

“MMMPPPGGHHH!!!” I don’t know why I test the gag.

It works very well.

I feel her grab my head and begin putting something in my ear.

I try to twist my head to stop her, but, it is useless.

“Earplugs!” I sigh, when everything goes silent.

“Nod your head, if you hear this…” A female voice echoes in my ear.

“She put in earplugs with receivers….” I realize.

I nod cooperatively and receive another pat on my rear, followed by something very tight being stretched over my head.

The sound and feel of a rubber swim cap being snapped on my forehead and around my cheeks sends a chill through my body.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WOMAN DOING?” My mind screams at me.

I feel her tuck my long hair under the rubber, then, she snaps the chin strap under my left ear to hold the cap tightly onto my head.

I feel her rub my right cheek, then, there is a firm pull on it.

“What now? “ My mind asks, fear slowly increasing in me.

My lower face feels her wrapping something around and around over my gagged mouth and head.

“OH, GOD…MORE TAPE! “ I scream uselessly into my gag as I feel her smoothing the wrinkles as she wraps more loops about my head.

I jerk my head when I feel her trying to wedge something into my nose.

“STOP!” She commands in my receiver as she grabs the back of my head in one hand. “You’ll need these rubber tubes to breath…..Or I‘ll just tape over your nose and leave you.”

The thought of that scares me and I know I have no choice. So, I try to remain relaxed as she inserts them.

I take several breaths and am feeling somewhat comfortable with them before I feel her toying with my lower face again.

I don’t know what it is, but, the strong aroma of leather begins filling my senses.

After she’s finished with whatever she did, my head feels as if someone is holding and pressing on it tightly everywhere.

I feel more pressure across my mouth, and assume she is adding another gag strap when I feel the pressure around my cheeks.

“I know you can’t see it, but, trust me…. This leather discipline helmet looks delicious on you…..And, goes with your coat and boots….You wear them all so well… Keeping the coat properly buttoned, and you even keep the waist belt buckled…. It‘s a shame that they‘ll have to be removed.” She adds. “I know you’re thinking my putting the helmet on you after all the other is overkill, but, I like my pets well gagged.”

I feel her pull my ankles to my wrists and she connects them together, leaving me in a very strict hogtie.

“I need to pull my auto into your garage so I can load you,” she informs me. “I can’t get you ready for your audition here….. And, I can‘t let you go wandering around aimlessly while I am gone… Now can, I….”

“Audition?????” My mind asks. “Audition for what…. And, who is this woman…. And, why me????????”

I can’t hear if she has left and I know struggling for freedom is useless.

I have to concentrate to breath through the tubes, but, fear is rising in me.

I know fear can become a paralyzing disability or a spark to increase adrenaline to produce super human attributes.

In my case, under the present circumstances, it’s acting as a very powerful aphrodisiac.

I twist and shift, rubbing my thighs together, trying everything I can think of to increase the growing arousal in my body into a full blown orgasm.

I know it is foolish and wrong, but, my libido is taking control.

The blindfold is making time seem to stand still. I don’t know or care for that matter how long she’ll be gone. If in fact she is gone. But, I know I’m getting very close to my destination. I can feel the heat growing by leaps and bounds in me and temporary bliss is only mere moments away.

“MMMMAAMMMGGGG!!!!!” I scream into my gag, as the sting from her hand swatting my rear breaks my concentration.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, pet….” Her stern tone came across the electronics. “You only climax, if and when I allow it……”

“MMMMMOOO, MMMMMOOOO…..” I panic, suddenly not getting any air through the tubes.

“I will not tolerate that,” she says. “Do you understand, pet?”

I nod my head yes and am rewarded with another hard swat. But, more importantly she opens the tubes pathways so I can breathe again.

I am surprised by a sense of disappointment when I feel her release the hogtie, and my ankles.

“Time to go, pet…” She says, helping me to my feet.

I feel her reach around me from behind and cup one of my breasts in each of her hands, fondling them at her leisure. From the cooing sounds entering my ears from the receivers, I assume she is enjoying them.

I know I am enjoying her attention on them.

Twisting slightly, I’m able to move my hands. Even though my wrists are cuffed palm to palm, by extending my fingers away from my ass I manage to find her nether region. And, slowly begin wiggling my fingers against her.

I can feel a lot of material between my fingers and her, but, the moans coming through my receivers lets me know I’ve hit home.

Her coos become louder and more distinct as does her fondling.

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Even through my leather coat and sweater, she is able to isolate both of my nipples and toy with them.

Moans of delight vibrate from my throat through of the leather covering my head. And, in the receiver I can hear hers are matching mine.

I feel she isn’t far from reaching her own point of sexual bliss. I know I’m on the verge.

She may have been prepared for everything. Everything that is, except, my stimulation assault on her.

It is taking every bit of concentration I can muster to not orgasm and to keep trying to push her over the edge.

Without warning, she releases my panting chest and spins away, leaving me teetering precariously on the 4-inch stiletto heels of my boots.

“YOU LITTLE MINX!!!!!!!” She bellows through the receiver. “THOUGHT YOU’D GET OVER ON ME! DID YOU! YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT….”

I feel a hard sharp slap on my rear and say a thank you to her in my mind for leaving my leather coat on me.

Her slowing moans of frustration are all I can hear coming from the receiver. I twist and turn my head uselessly trying to hear anything to give me a notion or idea of where she is.

Finally, I feel something being put around my neck. It isn’t tight enough to choke or prevent my breathing.

I feel a distinct tug on my neck and assume it was a collar and leash she put around my neck.

“After, your audition, if there is anything left of you….” She slowly spoke regaining her professional tone. “I’ll make you regret that!”

My ankles were unbound, but, with my knees left tied I was hobbled enough so she could lead me, I assume, into the garage and force me into the front passenger seat.

I feel her pull the lap belt across me and then tie my ankles together. I try to lift my feet and they remain held to the floorboard.

“She must have tied them to something under the seat.” I think to myself.

I feel her fumble with the nose tubes and suddenly my airflow is blocked again.

“Remember, pet, I control whether or not you get any air…” I hear her say over the panic filling me.

I’m sure it’s been only been a few seconds, but, it’s long enough to get her point across.

She removes the plugs and I suck in a deep breath, deciding to make sure I do nothing to upset her.

She pushes my upper body forward and down. I feel my chest crush against my thighs and the leash being pulled tight.

I feel the bindings on my ankles tighten.

I try to straighten and can’t.

“She must have tied the leash to my ankles,” I think, trying to picture in my mind what I must look like.

I feel something heavy like a blanket or large coat being put on my back, I assume, to prevent anyone from looking into the car and seeing me.

I can tell she started the engine by the vibrations sensually running through my body.

As she drives us to our destination I feel the vibrations from the road and the engine and they are sending quivers of fear and pleasure through my sexually aroused and deprived body.

Her blocking my breathing tubes while positioning me in the car had greatly reinforced her authority. Upsetting her was the last thing I desired to accomplish. So, I fight any urge to, even accidentally, orgasm as we drive.

“Once we get home, pet….” She finally spoke again, after what seemed like hours. “I’m going to remove your clothing, bathe, and redress you appropriately for your audition…. It is going to happen…. You can either make it difficult on yourself or easy…. Either way is fine with me…but, it will be your choice……. Remember, I can insert one or both plugs into your breathing tubes at any time I desire…. I’ll give you the rest of our trip to decide…..”

I feel her reach under the blanket or coat and gently pet my leather covered head as she drives.

I know I have no choice and am going to cooperate completely. My pent up sexual urges are gaining control. And, I will do or agree to anything she wants to get a chance to have them satisfied.

I don’t know how long we had been driving. My body is on edge and I know it will take very little for me to orgasm.

“We’re here,” she says into my receiver.

I feel her freeing my leash and ankles.

She lifts my upper body and turns me so my feet are outside of the car.

I feel myself being lifted to my feet and turned.

“Sit!” She orders lifting my arms and I feel them slide over the back of the chair she is putting me in. “I have a wheelchair for you to ride in.”

I feel her pull something across my chest, lap, and shins, securing me into the chair. Then, she pushes the wheelchair with me bound to it into her world.

“Time to start your training, pet.” She says, stopping. “Have you decided?”

I nod my head in agreement and soon find myself naked, except for wrist and ankle cuffs, and the helmet. I’m standing in a spread-eagle, pulled so taunt that I have to rise and stand on my toes to ease the pressure on my wrists.

“I’m going to change your gag,” her electronic voice returned to my ears. “The tubes will remain….Should you decide to change your mind about cooperating I’ll plug them until you pass out, then, decide if you’re worth the trouble or not…. Do you understand, pet?”

Again, I nod my head.

“Excellent, pet!” She says, beginning to unlace the helmet. “After, I remove the helmet, I’ll peel all that delicious tape from the swim cap and take it off next. “

She is as methodical removing the gag as she was applying it.

A thought crosses my mind to make an attempt to get a glimpse of her when she removes the blindfold, having decided to forgo a chance at speaking to her. My mouth is to dry to produce much sound anyway and I assume her ire would be greater if I attempt to try to speak.

She didn’t give either option much of a chance for success. She is very well prepared.

After I feel her remove the helmet, tape, and swim cap, she pries the leather ball from my mouth, but, before I can stretch my jaw she forces something between my lips.

It feels like a rubber mouth protector that fits over both my upper and lower teeth. As soon as it is completely in my mouth, she forces my lips together over it.

My lips circle a small round tube attached to the insert and I feel her fingers fumble with the front of the insert.

She begins smoothing something that feels like tape over the bridge of my nose and along my cheek bones stopping at my ears. I feel her work it over the tip of my nose and arrange the breathing tubes to fit through it before she smoothes it beneath my nose over my upper lip.

I take a deep breath to make sure the tubes are clear.

“You are cooperating very nicely, pet…“ She says, her glee coming through the receivers. “I’ll take that into consideration when I decide your punishment…”

“Punishment?????” My mind slowly repeats.

The material seems to stretch as she pulls and smoothes it down to cover my chin and jaws.

Once she is finished it lifts my chin and pulls my jaws together, forcing my teeth together with only the thin rubber protector separating them.

“It has to be some sort of large piece of rubber with adhesive backing,” I think to myself, after trying to open my mouth and not getting it to open in the slightest.

Whatever the material is doesn’t matter, I not getting the insert out of my mouth.

Suddenly, my lips and teeth feel a cold rush and the insert begins to inflate. My tongue is forced against the bottom of my mouth and my cheeks are crushed between the insert and the material.

“MMMMPPPPGGGHHH!!!!” I mumble, panicking.

“Hush!” She says into the receiver, as she swats my naked ass. “And, you were doing so well….. “

“MMMMAAAARRGGGGGMMMM!!!!!” I scream into the gag.

She pinches and twists my right nipple, sending sparks of pain through me, followed by a wave of pleasure.

I can’t believe another twinge of disappoint sets in, when she stops tormenting my nipple to unbuckle the blindfold.

I feel the straps holding it around my head release.

I wait, trying to time opening my eyes to catch a glimpse of her.

But, the pads blinding me remain over my eyes.

“The same epoxy holding the rubber mask on your lower face is also on your blindfold.” She laughs. “Did my pretty pet hope to get a look at her owner…?”

I grimace under the mask at the way she said “owner”.

The blindfold lies across the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, and across my forehead. And, I can’t feel any uncovered area between the blindfold and gag mask.

A sigh escapes from my gag.

I feel her twisting my long hair, before; she wraps it like a crown around the top of my head and clips it in place.

I wonder what is coming next as a cold glob of goo is spattered onto my right shoulder and upper back.

“MMMMMMMAAAARRRGGGGMMMPPPGGGHHH!!!!” I scream into the gag, my body quivering from the impact and the cold racing down me.

Another cold glob of goo is splattered on my left shoulder sending more waves of goose bumps up and down my spine. I cringed again fearful and curious of what is next to come.

I feel the goo being spread over my shoulders, arms, back, and ass.

More of the goo is splattered on my chest between my heaving C cup breasts and spread on each breast, my abdomen and sides.

I feel her breath on my very wet lower lips and jerk fiercely against my restraints when she pulls a few of the pubic hairs from my deep brown curly bush.

“MMMMMMAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!” I scream, as she pulled another at the same time she slaps another glob of the cold goo onto my bush.

I think I hear a devilish laugh in the receivers as she spreads the goo around my pussy using her fingers to expertly tantalize and torment.

She is spending as much time, if not more, spreading the goo there as she had on my entire upper body.

I not sure if it is the goo heating up or my body’s growing arousal, but, I am definitely getting very warm as she spreads more of it down each leg and foot.

My breasts feel like they are constricting as if they are being fondled by themselves. And, my nipples are hardening, engorging to the point that I feel if they grow anymore they would explode.

I squirm trying to get my thighs to come together in an attempt to extinguish the insatiable burning volcano building between them.

Then, through the receivers I hear her voice again.

“BONDAGE BARBIE, by Anne Gray…. Chapter one: The Requisition….” The electronic female voice spoke. “Just after dark around 6 pm, I had slipped the lock on the side door and now waited as she returned….”

“She’s reading to me,” my mind squeaks in disbelief.

The longer she reads the more I realize that this story has a very pertinent meaning to me. And, the more I recognize the recent events that unfolded in my kitchen.

Now, I’m not sure if it is the goo covering me, the bonds holding me, or hearing what happened to me as I was being kidnapped from the kidnapper’s point of view that is pushing the torment inside me.

Actually, it doesn’t matter which one or if it’s all of them to me, all I know is I have to fight the increasing desire in me.

My body tenses and quivers fighting my bonds desperately wanting sexual relief. But, my mind and will won’t allow it.

Many years ago, Samuel tied me to the bed and held a vibrator deep in my pussy. He told me that for every 5 minutes I was able to hold off an orgasm he would clean our house from top to bottom. The next 20 house cleanings were performed by him.

He never made a bet like that with me again, thankfully. I thought that was the worst torture I had ever endured in my life.

Until now, that is.

As she reads, she emphasizes all the unique torments and binds that the poor title character had to endure. Making me wonder if those pleasures are to be in my near future. Or, if the audition she had mentioned earlier was the part of that character in some bizarre theater of life she is going to play out with me.

“Beth went and poured us each a stiff drink and we settled on the chesterfield to watch as Dawn, once a minute, screwed herself in…… The End….” She giggles. “That was all 19 chapters, pet…..Did you enjoy it? Anne Gray is one of my favorite authors……”

My mind is about to give up and give in to my body, when I hear her stop reading.

“What? Anne Gray? Enjoy?” My thoughts flitter around wildly.

I tremble when I feel her silently replace the receivers with normal earplugs that feel a bit larger than the other, and keep me in total silence even more.

My body feels like it is on fire. Then, something hits it and it begins to get hotter.

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I feel a hard stream of liquid on my left arm, then, my right.

“Water?” My mind thinks, remembering her saying she was going to bathe me. “She must be rinsing that goo off me….”

I react as much as my bonds will allow, which isn’t very much. When, the stream of liquid suddenly is concentrated on my underarms and sides.

I scream hysterically with laughter. I am extremely ticklish, especially when I’m this horny.

Down my sides and across my back the stream runs. It’s not hot, but as it mixes with the goo it adds more sensual heat to my already overly stimulated body.

I scream into the gag, uselessly.

And, I am immediately rewarded with a burst to my face. It’s not severe, but, a bit of the liquid enters my nose tubes.

I panic gasp through my nose. Fortunately, I blow the liquid from the tubes so I can take my next breath.

The stream hits my lower back, hips, and stomach and works its way toward my very hungry pussy and ass.

I assume she is controlling it, because once again more time is spent on my pussy than everywhere else combined.

“MMMMAAAAAHHHHMMMPPPHHHH!!!!!!” I loudly moan as the stream hits my very engorged and hot clit.

I am about to lose it, but, she moves it back up to my chest.

She does this several times, never letting it hit my clit long enough to push me over the edge. But, she keeps me right there, hoping she’ll grant me the pleasure I crave.

“mmmmmm….” I sigh, as she finally leaves my pleasure spot and I feel the stream slowly going down each leg.

“MMMMHHHAAAMMMMHHHAAA!!!! I again find myself giggling into the gag.

She seems to be enjoying tickling the bottom of my feet with the stream.

I can almost hear her laughing as she has me doing the bound spread-eagled dance for her on my tip toes.

Suddenly, I feel nothing but the excess liquid trickling down my body.

I hang there bound, drip drying.

My heaving chest slows to a slow pant through the breathing tubes. I am totally exhausted from the torment she just put me through.

I start to wonder what is next and try to remember the story she read, when, I feel my hair falling onto my back.

Samuel always liked me to keep it long, and, even though I nearly had it cut to shoulder length several times, I couldn’t.

I can feel it brush along the top of my ass as I shake my head.

“MMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!!!” I scream when I feel an enormous amount of warm liquid dumped on top of my head, soaking my hair and rewetting the rest of my body.

I feel something being poured onto my head and it is slowly and methodically massaged around my scalp and into my hair. I feel my hair being pulled gently, then, there is a hard spray on it.

The process is repeated and I realize that she is washing my hair.

A warm coconut scent fills my nose tubes and my body feels a tingle from the liquid being dribbled over it. It slowly oozes down my back from my shoulders sending a tickle ahead of it.

Over my breasts it flows tantalizing my body. Then, I feel a soft cloth being sensually rubbed over my arms, shoulders, and back.

She reaches around from behind me and begins using the cloth on my chest and I feel her hard nipples gently brushing sensually against my back.

I moaned loudly, knowing I’m not going to be able to control myself much longer.

I feel she must know it also when I feel her using a second cloth.

She reaches around my hip and begins to massage the cloth between my legs.

She is pushing my body closer and closer to orgasm.

She nuzzles the hair from my neck under my ear and I feel her lips begin to nibble teasingly.

My body begins to quiver.

Trying with all my being, I am fearful I won’t be able to stop what is coming. And, she doesn’t appear to be trying to stop it either.

She massages my nub with the cloth, as she fondles one of my breasts, rolling and pinching the nipple between her finger and thumb. All the while she continues to sensually kiss and lick my neck.

Within minutes, I can feel the first a spasm beginning to form and know I can’t hold out any longer.

I draw in a lungful of air through the breathing tubes and prepare to scream with all my might into the mouth filling gag in orgasmic fury.

“AAAAAHHHHIIIIIIEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, arching my back and lifting my body from the bed by digging my heels and head into the mattress. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH….YYYYEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!”

I screamed louder and louder with each orgasmic pulse jolting my body.

“Oh, God, not again…..I softly moaned, as the last wave of pure pleasure passes over me.

I open my eyes and stare at my reflection in the mirrored ceiling.

“AAAAAHHHHHHIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!” I scream again, as another powerful pleasure wave sweeps over me.

I can’t make myself remove my left hand from my right breast, or, my right hand from between my legs.

“Every time,” I pant in a mumble. “Every time, I have that damn dream…. I do this….”

Actually, it’s not a dream or a nightmare, but, a very real memory.

And, I dream it over and over and over.

Each time I do, I relive every feeling, scent, thought, and emotion from that night over 2 years ago. Beginning with the moment I left the airport, until, I awoke naked and bound in a full body harness here in my bed 2 days later.

I take a deep breath and stare up at the woman in the mirror and she blushed as she lays there staring back down at me.

She spreads her legs giving me an unhindered view of the 2 letters tattooed on either side of the hood covering her engorged nub. They were the first of the reminders given her over the last 2 years.

The dark cherry red block A with a thick black outline beams from the right side of her clit. And, on the left with the same black outline is the bright canary yellow block G.

Both letters demand her attention.

I watch her unconsciously trace each letter with her wet finger.

Her entire pubic area is baby smooth.

On the dresser is a bottle of the gel the woman in her memory had used to remove all her hair. Next to it laid the distinct instructions for its usage.

Every 10 weeks she is to apply the gel to her body, making sure it doesn’t come in contact with her long red hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. After waiting an hour, she is to rinse it off with warm water, then, bathe.

Not only does it remove her hair and make her skin baby soft, but, there has to be an aphrodisiac in it also.

After each application her sexual needs seem to increase.

“Oh, God!” I moan, letting my head fall back on the mattress. “When and where will the next kidnapping take place?”

The ‘dream’ always occurs a week or two prior to my next kidnapping. Each and every time I close my eyes it returns to haunt and tantalize me, until it makes me masturbate in my sleep and I wake to an enormous orgasm.

I cannot hide from or avoid it. My subconscious mind seems to sense when the time is nearing.

This was the fifth straight morning.

Laying there safe in my bed, I do what I have to do and let my mind reach back to relive the rest of the memory.

But, first I reach into the nightstand and pull the ball gag and harness from it.

I watch my image force the large ball past her lips and tightly buckle each strap. Then, I lay my head back and close my eyes, the dream returns immediately.

The last explosive wave of joy quivers through my body, leaving me to hang completely spent. I barely feel the streams of water rinsing the coconut scented shampoo and soap from my limp body.

It isn’t until she starts brushing my hair after drying it that my mind is able to comprehend again.

She replaces the earplugs with receivers again and speaks to me as she fusses with my hair.

“I assume you want to know, who I am, what I want, when you‘ll be free again and mostly why you…..” She begins. “As for who…. I am one of several professional and amateur procurers of female submissives, who during a get together discovered a mutual pleasure in author Anne Gray’s marvelous stories….”

“We email and phone each other at times to discuss them. Usually the discussion turns to whether or not her methods would work in reality.” She adds. “Three of us, including myself, volunteered to prove they were feasible. But, we need a control victim, who would eventually be available to the entire group…. So, we decided to find suitable applicants to audition for the position.”

“The other 2 were planning on using a more round about approach…. Asking questions to potential applicants and such….”

I can hear her satisfaction in the tone of her voice as she continues.

“I decided on a more direct approach…. Reenacting my favorite Anne Gray kidnapping storyline to prove it can work and work well….”

I feel her pulling on my hair.

“You have such beautiful long hair, thick and full of body… It was one of the reasons I chose you.” Her tone becomes more intense. “Perhaps, if you pass the audition, I’ll let you grow to just below your ass and then have it cut off to be fitted into a nice thick butt plug so it can become a beautiful long thick tail for you to use as a pony girl…..”

It still sends a tremor of fear and excitement through me even 2 years later when I think of how those words sounded in my ears.

“As to what I want….. All I want is you to prove I was right by passing your audition and becoming our little group’s Anne Gray control…” Her voice became wishful. “Then, I’ll be able to use you or watch you being used by the others to fulfill any of her storylines, anytime we wish.”

My arms are lowered and pulled behind me.

“You’ll be available to us 24/7,” She said as I feel her locking my wrists together. “You will never be free… Even when you are at your home alone or with friends or family, you will be bound to us…”

I feel my ankles being released and she helps me to my feet.

“I chose you also…… Because, I know you will enjoy being our victim for the rest of your life….” She giggled. “Don’t you agree?”

I nod my head reluctantly, knowing I will not only enjoy it, but, will long for it.

I feel her put a collar around my neck and she leads me, I assume, to another room.

She turns me around and I sit in a hard back chair.

I feel her fumble with the front of the gag, and suddenly, the insert in my mouth begins oozing a liquid.

It is cool and refreshing as it trickles down my throat. I unconsciously begin sucking on it, drawing the liquid from it.

“MMMMMMM!!!!” I moan, enjoying the feel and taste of the cool liquid in my dry mouth.

I can’t stop sucking and I feel the insert slowly shrinking back to its original shape.

My mind begins to drift and thoughts of bound servitude to dozens of unseen women using me to test the stories Anne Gray has written and will write fills my head.

I try to concentrate on what she is doing, but, my mind won’t go along.

My body begins to tingle and go numb.

Then, I feel nothing.

The aroma of leather wakes me.

I can’t move my arms; they are pulled together from my elbows to wrists behind me.

I try to open my eyes and see only black and feel the pressure of a blindfold pushing on them.

I feel pressure all over my head, my mouth and lips are wrapped around a penis shaped rubber object, and I cannot hear a thing.

I recognize the familiar presence of nostril tubes and assume she put a leather discipline helmet and earplugs on me as well.

My legs are bent and spread apart. I can feel that my ankles are connected to my thighs.

From my hips to just below my breasts I feel an extreme tightness and I know I’m wearing a very tight corset.

I feel a gentle wind blowing across my nipples, then, tongues begin to lick and tantalize them.

“There’s more than one woman now, “I think.

Without warning, lips wrap around my nipples and begin sucking on them sensually.

“MMMMMPPPPHHH!!!!!” I feel myself moan deep in my throat.

“AAAAIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!” I scream silently.

I am unable to hear myself as I feel my nipples being crushed mercilessly.

I twist and turn my upper body as much as I can trying to free them, but, the pain remains. I think to myself, nipple clamps.

Slowly and steadily it begins to shift from torturous pain to torment to pleasure. I can feel warmth slowly beginning between my legs.

Then, a powerful vibration attacks my body.

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The torment begins in my pussy and ass, then, races up from there.

I am not sure but I think I feel my thighs and calves resting against the sides of whatever is causing my torment and the back of my head is secured to what feels like a pole.

I had seen images of bound models tied to sybians and assume I have now joined that club.

The sexual torment is intense, but, her words of an audition return to my mind and I determine to not let my body be forced into an orgasm.

Time seems to stand still and each moment the torment seems to increase. My mind is going to lose. I know this, but, determine to hold out as long as I can.

“AAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!” I scream into the gag feeling a sharp sting across my bare chest.

I fight the urge to give in and receive another sting.

I know I’m about to give in, when, the vibrations stop and I feel the tightness across my cheeks ease.

The rubber shape is removed from my mouth, but, I can’t close my mouth. I feel around with my tongue.

“A ring gag!” I say to myself. “She must have wedged it into my mouth before she put the helmet on me.”

The strong aroma of sexual stimulation fills the nostril tubes.

I stick my tongue carefully through the ring and use it to search for the odor’s origin.

I feel the soft touch of female vaginal flesh and instinctively begin to probe.

My tongue is welcomed joyously, I assume, into the warm wet pussy, when I feel more pressure on each side of my head and my leather covered face buried against it.

I let my tongue explore and enjoy itself.

Soon, I feel her quiver and her grip tighten on the helmet. Her juices are running over my lips and into my mouth. I am surprised at the pleasure I feel knowing I brought her to orgasm.

But, I am extremely shocked at myself for enjoying her taste and lick as much of her juices as I can from around my mouth.

The torment between my legs suddenly begins again, but, before I can capitalize on it, it ends.

I feel hands on my head again and return my wanting tongue out through the ring to be rewarded with another pussy.

This is repeated and repeated. I don’t know how many different pussies I have pleasured or how long I have been here, but, my body is screaming at me to allow it to climax.

My mind is reeling. I feel like I am about to go insane. I have been pushed to the edge of euphoria it seems hundreds of times only to be drawn back just prior to entering. I don’t know how much more I can take.

My tongue reaches out for its next recipient, but, is forced back into my mouth by a round tube. Once in my mouth, I feel a cool liquid flow from it and begin greedily sucking it down.

The tingling sensation returns and I realize I’m being drugged again.

I awake lying on my back with my arms and legs spread wide. I don’t know why, but, I try to move them and unsurprisingly can’t.

My head suddenly drops. I try to pull it up, but, can’t. It is tightly held and I try to arch my back to ease the pressure on my neck, only to feel my head being pulled that much more into a perpendicular with the hard slab I’m bound to.

I can tell the helmet is still on me as well as the ring gag.

I feel a pressure on my rosebud and then something hard slips forcefully deep into my ass.

“AAAIIIIEEEMMMPPHHHAAAAIIIEEE!!!!” I scream, still unable to hear myself, as the butt plug slides in to torment me.

I have the same reaction when a huge dildo is forced into my very wet and needy pussy.

“It must be huge,” I think, feeling my pussy being forced to stretch around it.

“MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” I deeply moan in my throat when I feel the invaders come to life.

“MMMMMOOO MMMMOOOO,” I protest into the gag when they are turned off.

The scent of an aroused woman returns to the tubes and my tongue darts from my mouth.

Again, I feel pussy after pussy pushed against my lips for my tongue to serve.

I don’t know why, but, I am beginning to completely enjoy myself and can’t wait for then next one.

Instead of a pussy the tube is returned, but, this time my invaders are left on and I feel myself going over the edge.

As the first wave of pleasure reaches crescendo, the fluid from the tube floods in and I feel myself climaxing at the same time I feel myself being forced into unconsciousness.

“MMMMMPPPHHHAAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!” I scream forcing a third climax over myself.

I look up at the ball gagged image staring back at me and smile behind the gag.

I can still feel the tight straps of the body harness, which now resides in my hidden closet, which held me that morning. I can even still see my wide eyed image staring back at me, bound in all those leather straps. My eyes staring in stunned awe over the leather panel gag across my lips.

My legs were secured together with straps around my feet, ankles, shins, and thighs. Straps running along my sides from my armpits down the outer sides of my legs to under my feet held all the straps wrapping my body.

Straps around my arms held them at my sides from my elbows to shoulders and were also part of the leather strap bra holding my naked C-cup breasts into mounds on my chest.

But, my forearms were buckled into leather cuffs connected to a waist belt. Buckled in the front and back of the waist belt was a 2-inch wide crotch strap that kept the dildo and butt plug held deep into my lower openings.

The wide collar around my neck was connected to the straps circling my breasts and to the leather head cage holding the panel gag.

With a great amount of effort I was able to unbuckle my wrist cuffs, but, not before the inserts in my openings forced me to climax several times.

Once my wrists were free I was able to slowly unbuckle the rest of my harness and free myself.

I rolled to my side to remove the butt plug and as I rolled back onto my back and slowly pulled the huge dildo from me, I saw the bright, bold letters of my new tattoo and realized I must have passed the audition.

After, laying there agonizing over how to explain them to anyone, I gingerly got off my bed to relieve and refresh myself in the bathroom. When, I returned to the bedroom I noticed the bottle and instructions on my dresser.

I watch my reflection toy with the gold ring dangling from my left nipple. The matching silver ring hangs from the right nipple.

They were my reminders of my second kidnapping.

I arrived at LAX and was met by 2 very lovely women, not unusual when I am sent by my company to train our customers. I assumed they were from the company that hired us and I felt very safe as they led me to the end of the parking lot, after picking up my luggage. We reached their vehicle and the brunette stepped to the driver’s side while the blonde opened the front passenger door for me before she slipped into the seat behind me.

“This car doesn’t move an inch until everyone puts their seat belt on,” the brunette said, smiling politely. “It’s a company safety policy….”

“Sorry,” I apologized and reached back with my right hand and pulled the shoulder harness and belt across my lap. “I wasn’t thinking. I always wear mine at home…”

I reached with my left hand to take the seatbelt from my right, but brunette quickly grabbed the belt from me and locked it into place.

At the same time, before I could move, the blonde’s arms came down both sides of my seat each hand holding the end of a 3-inch wide elastic strap. The strap slipped under my breasts locking my arms to my sides when she pulled it back buckling it tightly around me and my seat.

“WHAT THE HEMMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!” I started to scream, when the brunette forced a leather ball between my lips and teeth gagging me. “MMmppphhhh!!!!”

The blonde grabbed a handful of my hair, holding my head still while the brunette buckled the gag strap tightly behind my head. Then, she buckled a leather blindfold over my eyes as the brunette locked a handcuff around my left wrist.

I thrashed my head and pulled on my wrist, but, the other end of the cuff must have been secured to the seat.

I felt the brunette lean across my lap as I heard the door behind me open.
The blonde must have opened my door and helped the brunette lock my right wrist into a handcuff attached to that side of my seat.

The blonde tied my ankles together and secured them to something under the seat, while the brunette buckled a collar around my neck.

I heard the seatbelt buckle release and felt myself being forced to double over.

I felt my knees against my chin and one of my attackers’ fingers working something between my knees. I tried to pull up but whatever they had tied to the collar kept me folded over.

I’m not sure where we drove to, but, after arriving they allowed me to remain awake as I was encased in familiar leather.

This time an open breast catsuit, ballet boots, shoulder length gloves, and, of course, leather discipline helmet.

They braided my hair to fit into the helmet and just as before earplugs blocked out all noise.

It was then that I realized they both wore oversized sunglasses and hats, and, that I would not be able to recognize either of them no matter how hard I tried.

I was again tormented to near climax but never allowed to. And, my tongue used to pleasure all who desired as many times as they desired.

After, they were finished I awoke in my hotel room bound in a similar leather body harness. And, I was fitted with permanent nipple rings.

After, I did the seminar and returned home I discovered it was the same body harness.

I mindlessly stare at my reflection watching my left hand continue toying with my nipple ring, while my right changes and begins to gently finger the seven matching sets of gold and silver rings lining my labia, gold ones on my left and silver on my right.

Each set a reminder of the next seven kidnappings, which also followed an Anne Gray storyline.

From the first being chloroformed at my car in a rainstorm, after being assisted by a stranger, to the last one being snatched from my bedroom during a self bondage session each set of rings was a reminder.

That and always ending up in my leather body harness here in my bed or in my own hotel room.

These nine are reminders of my being kidnapped to be used by the group as a whole.

But, there were other kidnappings between the ones for the group.

Individuals or perhaps two or more ladies working together to get pleasure from snatching me from the street or my home. And in return they gave me just as much pleasure from their actions.

Each time I was taken using an Anne Gray story method.

I don’t know who they are or for that matter what they look or sound like. However, I have become familiar their individual taste. And, one in particular I have had more individual encounters with than the others combined.

I still haven’t seen her face or heard her real voice, but, I know her perfume and the taste of her kiss anywhere.

She emailed me with a return email address I couldn’t trace.

In it she ordered me to meet her at a certain hotel several miles away. I was to ask for room 1214 on the 12th floor on a Friday evening. I had a 3 day weekend and somehow she knew it. She had made the reservations and I paid for the room.

I was to bring a 50’ coil of white rope ¼” thick, a laptop, an efficient blindfold, and a secure gag.

I was to be completely naked and have my hair braided tightly. At precisely 5:55 PM the room phone would ring twice, I was to put the blindfold on and go to the door and wait for 2 knocks. Then, I was to open the door. If she was pleased by my obedience we would continue the weekend. If not, I would no longer be their victim.

My mind raced after I heard the phone ring twice. I blindly made my way to the door, wondering if she would be there and if I had done all she had asked. I had complied with all her orders to the best of my knowledge. But, I couldn’t help but worry if I had forgotten some minor detail that would ruin everything.

I opened the door after the second knock and felt a leather hand rub my right breast as it pushed me back out of the entrance way. The familiar aroma of her perfume sent joyous chills down my back.

She didn’t speak a word, but, used my nipples as a guide to lead me over to the bed.

She used the large ball gag to fill my mouth, before she had me slip my arms into leather shoulder length opera gloves and my feet and legs into leather thigh high ballet boots.

She put the earplug and receivers in my ears before pulling the leather discipline helmet over my chin and as she worked it over my head to lace it tightly together, she broke the silence.

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“You have done well, pet….” She said into the receivers. “I am pleased and knew I made the correct choice….”

I was bound spread-eagled to the bed with the rope I brought and she thoroughly enjoyed tormenting me. I enjoyed it tremendously as well. She stayed the night, I assumed, bringing me many times close to climax, before she’d stop for me to satisfy her need.

She slid an electric dildo and plug into me and turned them on low. As she read Anne Gray’s story “TRICIA” to me through the receivers she increased their speed.

“Don’t you dare climax, until I’m finished and order you to do so!” She warned me prior to putting the devilish devices into me.

The story was wonderful and I hoped true. I didn’t want to feel like I was the only privileged woman to be on the receiving end of Anne Gray’s imagination.

Finally, she allowed me to climax.

My body spasmed and spasmed and I came over and over, again and again. Until, I lay bound securely to the bed and totally drained.

She removed the helmet and the earplug and receivers keeping the blindfold and gag on me. She loosened the ropes on my left hand and put a pair of scissors in them for me to free myself after she left.

Then, she left, but, not before typing me a message on my laptop.

I was expected to send an email to a new address with a full discription of my feelings as soon as I freed myself. And, I was to keep the boots and gloves to bring with me if she decided we‘d meet again.

I’m so grateful she left me the boots and gloves. Not only do I get so much pleasure wearing them around the house, but, if I had not had the boots to practice walking around in I would never have made it to the door to greet her at our next rendezvous.

And, we have meet like this 6 times since then, at the same hotel in the same room.

The only difference is now I am to wear the boots and gloves along with the blindfold when I greet her at the door. And, she returns my greeting with a deep passionate kiss. She does this after she enters, before she gags me, and before she leaves. Always making sure she replaces the gag afterward.

“MMMMMMPPPPHHH!!!” I moan loudly again, a joyous climax hitting me as I think about her touch.

I know I could never find another man to replace Samuel. He was the only man I had ever loved. He never gave me a moment of sadness and knew how to bring out the best in me.

I never, never ever, imagined for a moment I could have that same feeling again.

But, somehow this woman knows how to bring all that same joy and wonder out in me that he used to.

I lay back panting into the gag my energy drained.


“Damn, the phone….” I think trying to roll over to reach it and unbuckle the head harness as I do.

My machine answers and I hear Rosemarie’s voice.

“NO! DAMMIT!” My mind screams, as I pull the ball unceremoniously from my mouth. “I forgot I was supposed to drive her to the store this morning, because her car was in the shop.”

“Catherine?” Her voice questioned. “Are you there?”

“Ye…. Ugh… Yes! I’m here, hun….” I yell into the phone, my dry mouth fighting being used. “I … ugh… just… woke….”

“Sorry for waking you….” She answered. “I just wondered when you wanted to go…If you still do that is…..”

“Oh! Yes…ugh… I do…Sorry my mouth is dry….” I try to explain, guilt and embarrassment flooding into me. “I’ll jump in the shower and we’ll go….Okay?”

“Sure, see you in a bit….” She said.

I quickly jumped into the shower and dressed.

Rosemarie had moved across the street just over 6 months ago.

She enjoyed taking daily walks around the neighborhood, as did I, so we thought safety in numbers and it became a daily ritual. She was 10 years my senior, but her short platinum blond hair and inquisitive blue eyes made her look much younger.

We got to know one another during our walks and found we had much in common. Her taste in music, movies, and literature matched mine. As did her skill and enthusiasm in the kitchen.

She had lost her partner, Terry, 10 years ago after a long struggle with cancer. And, as I had lost my Samuel in the line of duty less than 5 years ago, we had a mutual understanding of loneliness.

We became closer as friends and soon confidants of each others deepest feelings. Even, confessing to the other our feelings of doubt as to ever finding another person to replace our lost ones.

Taking trips together to the beauty parlor, where we found out we both colored our hair. And, the nearly daily visits to the different malls and restaurants here in the city. The pleasure we got from shopping was also something we had in common.

If it hadn’t been for the other women, one in particular, controlling my life at times, I might have attempted to take our friendship to a more intimate level.

But, I was worried; her just being my closest friend put her in some type of risk.

She met me at her door with her dazzling smile, which had the power to weaken my knees and wet my panties. And after, I apologized for forgetting about this morning we drove to the store.

She bought her groceries and I purchased some muffins to snack on later, then, we returned to her house.

I said it would be easier to unload the groceries if I pulled into her garage and she agreed.

“I’ll make us some fresh tea,” she smiled, as I carried in the last bag. “Is Earl Grey alright for you, Catherine?”

“That’d be fine,” I replied, setting the bag on her kitchen counter and getting the box of fresh blueberry muffins, I bought, from the bag.

“Mmmmmm…. The tea smells delicious…” I said, lifting the cup to my lips.

“Thank you,” Rosemarie smiled. “And, thank you for driving me to the store.”

“Just being neighborly,” I replied, taking another sip of tea. “Mmmmmm…. It is so good; I could drink anotherrrrr…..”

My tongue started to feel as if it was getting thicker and my neck and arms began to tingle. I set my cup on the table, before my fingers stopped working and my arms slowly dropped from resting on the table to hang uselessly as my sides.

I hear a scuffle behind me, then a muffled shriek that slowly turns into the sound of a human body collapsing on the tiled kitchen floor.

“Mosemamie….. Mosemamie,” I try to call out to Rosemarie and turn my head toward her.

My head won’t move and my body refuses to accept my orders to turn and see what is happening behind me.

I start to panic.

I can’t get Rosemarie’s attention, but, I hear someone mulling about behind me.

Suddenly, the familiar aroma of an overpoweringly sweet perfume fills my senses. And, I realize I‘m breathing normally, so my panic begins to ease.

Then, as I start to fall to my right, I feel a hand on my arm straighten me back into the chair and an elastic strap being put around me. It’s pulled tight around my arms and chest just below my breasts keeping me seated in the chair.

“I can’t have you fall and injure yourself, can I pet…. “I hear a very familiar synthetic female voice near my ear.

“MOH MOD! “ I gasp, surprised.

“Don’t worry about you lovely friend, “she snickers. “She’ll be well taken care of…… Once the chloroform wears off…. “

My mind pictures Rosemarie sprawled on the floor unconscious, so I try to scream to our attacker to leave her alone. But, I can’t even muster a squeak from my throat.

And, the wondrous sensations I’ve learned to feel at the sound of her electronic voice begin to rush through me. All I can suddenly think about is the bound and gagged pleasures I will soon enjoy.

My vision is slowly blurring and I know I’m getting closer to passing out with each minute.

“I have something for you, pet,” she whispers in my ear and dangles a leather discipline helmet in front of my eyes.

I can feel my eyes grow wider at the sight of the leather before me, then, my vision darkens and I know I’m about to pass out.

I pass out knowing when I wake I’ll be wearing that helmet.

I hear Brahms playing softly in my ears and slowly try to open my eyes.

I’m surprised and a bit amazed that I can see more than pitch darkness.

But, that is short lived when she puts the padded blindfold over my eyes before I can catch a glimpse of her.

I feel the pressure of the helmet on my head and the plugs in my ears, and assume due to the music I hear she put in receivers.

I struggle uselessly against my bonds at the touch of her leather covered finger stroking my ticklish sides.

My arms and legs are tied spread-eagled and I can feel the leather gloves and ballet boots hugging them tightly.

I suddenly feel her forcing my mouth open and realize I hadn’t been gagged, yet.

A ring gag slips easily behind my teeth and she tightens the strap around my leather covered cheeks.

“MMMMMMPPPGGGHH!” I protest, hoping she’ll remove the gag long enough for me to ask about Rosemarie.

She doesn’t, but, I feel a trickle of liquid on my lips and tongue.

“Wine…..” I think, tasting the delicious liquid.

She slowly dribbles several swallows over my lips and into my gag.

I feel her use her tongue to lick any excess from my lips. Then, she lets her tongue linger; teasing me with its presence.

Then, I feel her kiss and lick her way to my right nipple. She teases it and toys with the nipple ring for a moment before sucking it into her lips. I feel it immediately react to her whims.

“MMMMMPPPHHHH!” I scream at the bite from the clamp she places on it and prepare for her attention to my left nipple, but instead I feel her finger gently begin to massage my love nub.

I am quickly building toward a huge climax, but before I can, I feel her lips on my left nipple and ring. Soon, I scream loudly again around the gag as another clamp bites into my left nipple.

I feel more liquid trickle into my mouth followed by her tongue. Again, she licks any excess wine from my lips and teases me with her lips.

After I longingly moan to her satisfaction, I feel her slip a rubber insert through the ring and buckle it behind my head.

“MMMMMMOOOO!” I complain, realizing I’m not going to get the kiss I desire.

I hear her laugh at my complaint through the receivers, which irritates, but also arouses me tremendously.

She knows me all to well.

I feel the tension on my right leg ease just before it is lifted up and outward toward my right wrist.

When she removes her hands my leg is held securely. Moments later, my left leg receives the same treatment.

I feel my bonds being tighten and can touch my wiggling toes with my fingers. I know I am wide open and extremely available to her. So, I test my restraints to tease her. And, I receive a firm smack on my right ass cheek.

Then I feel her toy playfully with my pussy rings, driving me further toward bliss.

She slides her fingers in and out of my wet pussy making me moan deeply and yearn for her touch even more.

I tense and pull on my bonds when she tickles my rosebud with the tip of her finger and slowly forces it into my ass.

In and out of my hole she slides her digit knowing she is driving me to disobey her.

She stops and removes her finger.


I’m on fire awaiting her next touch. But, I feel none.


I feel her lift my head and unbuckle the strap holding my blindfold.

She lifts it from my face.

I try to see her but have to close my eyes and squint.

An extremely bright beam of light from a handheld spotlight is aimed directly at them preventing me from seeing her or anything else clearly.

She keeps the beam locked on me as she walks to the end of the bed and from the outer edge of the light I am able to recognize my bedroom.

“How the hell was she able to get me over here from Rosemarie’s?” I wonder to myself. “And, why here?”

The light goes out, but it takes my eyes a minute and several blinks to adjust.

“MOH, MY MOD!” I gasp.

Standing at the foot of my bed smiling at me her blue eyes twinkling from behind a black leather cat mask is Rosemarie.

Her platinum blonde hair frames her immaculate face and black leather hugs her entire curvaceous body. Except for her breasts, which are tanned and perfectly shaped by the leather around the cutouts in the catsuit’s bodice.

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Her dark brown areolas and large erect nipples draw my attention. Desire to hold them with my lips while I suck greedily on them fill my thoughts.

I keep a 2 step stepstool in my bedroom to reach the upper shelves in my closets. She had moved it to the foot of the bed to use.

To me she didn’t look like she took any steps, but floated like a black leather covered angel, gracefully from the floor to stand on the end of the bed. The 5-inch heels of her black thigh boots seemed to not sink into the mattress.

She stood above me radiant, like a goddess. And, I wanted her touch even more.

In her left hand she held several pieces of paper. In her right hand, a long thick double ended dildo and leather strap-on.

“JUST BEING NEIGHBOURLY, by Anne Gray…. “She began reading.

She had taken off the synthesizer and I hear Rosemarie’s voice through the receivers for the first time.

“Since the day she moved in next door I had been helplessly in love with her.” She continued, glancing down into my eyes.

I can’t help but stare at her as she reads our future.

I get more aroused as I listen to her sensual voice and stare at her voluptuous body.

I make a mental note to read this story over again, as soon as I have a chance. As I have done with every story she has read to me over the last 2 years.

“Why don’t you sell or rent this house and move in with me? It would be much more sensible than us just being neighborly! THE END….” She finished and let the papers drop to the floor.

I stare at her, wanting to beg her to take me.

“You don’t know how long I’ve had to fight the urge to do this, pet.” She grinned, removing the crotch cover from her catsuit. “Time and again, I had to restrain myself from attacking you on our walks or while we drove to a mall. I wanted to wait until Anne wrote the ideal story for us.”

She twisted the 6-inch end of the dildo into her very wet pussy. I could see light reflect from her juices.

I watched her in awe as she buckled the straps around her hips, then moved into position between my legs.

“I know in the story the blindfold was kept on,” she winked. “But, I’ve dreamed about staring into your green eyes while I do this for over a year. To see the desire and lust in them turn to love and bliss when we consummate our union.”

She used the tip of the dildo to flick each ring before she slipped it pass my labia.

“After tonight pet, you’ll have the final ring in your set. And, I’ll have the key to your chastity lock around my neck, next to my heart.” She smiled. “The other members will still be able to use you, after all, you still belong to the Anne Gray Fan Club, but, I control you.”

She reached between my legs and massaged my breasts as she slipped the dildo deep into me and began rocking back and forth.

“I love this mirror and I’m so glad you decided to keep it,” she panted, her thrusts becoming steadier. “MMMMOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!”

I glanced up at our reflections and replied with my own loud moan.

“I would remove the gag, pet, but, I’m afraid nosy old Mrs. Higginbothum next door would hear you.” She laughed. “MMMMMMAAAAAAHHHH….. You know how loud you can get when you COOOOMMMMMEEEE…..”

I’m so close now, any moment, and I’ll be in heaven.

But, I wait. I can tell she wants us to come together. And, I agree.

She pulls the dildo nearly completely out of me, then, rams it in hard, pulling both nipple clamps off at the same time.

“MMMMMMMMAAAAAHHHHHMMMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!” I scream into the rubber gag.


Wave after wave of pleasure explodes in my body, as it does in hers.

I am panting through my nose as Rosemarie collapses on top of me.

I’m not sure how long it takes for her to recover from her amazing orgasm, but, I am not quite over mine when I feel her lift herself off me.

She clips the strap-on to 6 of my rings, and then slowly eases the 6-inch dildo from her sopping pussy.

It stands upright aimed at my reflection.

Rosemarie carefully slides on the bed as she unhooks my ankles from my wrists and locks them together. She repeats the process with my wrists leaving them locked together and resting on my stomach.

The dildo stands erect and she carefully straddles me and slides the wet object into her pussy and rides me to another climax. Her motion along with the look in her eyes, sends me over the edge again also.

She gracefully slips off the dildo and lies next to me. As we spoon she loops my braided hair around her neck and uses the end to gently tickle my left nipple.

She smiles and teases her own nipple with my hair; increasing the desire I have inside me to wrap my lips around it. She moves her head closer and uses her luscious lips to softly toy with my nipple ring.

“Mmmmmmm…. “A soft moan escapes my lips.

“We have a few hours to rest before I have to get you ready for tonight,” she smiles, kissing my leather covered cheek. “After the party, we’ll come back and discuss our future plans.”

She removes the insert and ring gag and we kiss long and passionately.

I hear her softly breathing as she drifts off to sleep and as I join her 4 words keep repeating themselves over and over in my mind.


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Wednesday, May 15, 2013  

Great female by female bondage! The story is exquisite!!! There are usually no updates but I can wish!!?

Sunday, March 20, 2011  

The fifth time I've read your wonderful story. As with everything you write, I truly enjoy it. This does however stand out as a simply excellent piece of writing.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011  

A perfect compliment to Anne's stories. This lesbian found the ending obvious, but loved the story anyway. Simply marvelous; thank you!

Monday, July 28, 2008  

All I can say is "WOW!!!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007  

The greatest of your stories!

Sunday, July 15, 2007  

anne, your writings are the bestof all. i like stories about soft kid gloves etc. keep up the good work

Tuesday, June 05, 2007  

A fun thought for those that read a story and think they wish that would happen to them

Tuesday, June 05, 2007  

Damn, that was awesome. I love it.
Perfect reading to occupy my holiday
W/E blah's ;) Thank You Anonymous!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007  

Well - I too like Anne Gray's stories. This is equally good! Not as intense as Annes own, but then this is from the receiving end and the style matches very well how the initiative is not at the author, but merely at the top.

Monday, June 04, 2007  

arousing, passionate, personifies female beauty and the joy one may receive from its pleasures. A must read!

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