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Trap of the Black Widow
  • Author - Torquemaster  
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  • Site Rank - 280 of 2737
  • Unique Views - 24702
  • Story Codes - F-f, f-self, consensual, bondage, self-bondage, toys
  • Post Date - 11/11/2007
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Eden was invited to come over to visit her new friend Ann. She arrives early in the afternoon and finds the key under the mat like Ann had told her and lets her self in. Ann has a beautiful home. Eden sets about exploring, knowing that Ann would not be home from work for several hours. The two girls had made a date to go shopping that evening so she has plenty of time. This is her first time here so she was understandably curious.

In the master bedroom Eden is surprised to find several bondage magazines on the nightstand. She begins flipping thru the pictures and finds herself getting more turned on by each erotic image. Finding herself getting turned on she just has to put the tantalizing images down. Next she wanders over to a nightstand and opens the drawer. Inside she finds an extra large handcuff with 2 foot of large chain. Eden is fascinated by it but can not figure out what it is for. She tests the keys. She tries locking it on her wrist but it is too big. She tries her ankle also too big. Eden is both fascinated and puzzled by it. She tries rubbing it on her breasts. Aha she thinks, maybe this is what it is for so she removes her blouse, and then bra. Eden has beautiful full breasts and she is very proud of them. She caresses her nipples and touches them with the cuff. They get diamond hard. She tries putting the cuff around her breast. She tries to lock it but it will not fit. Frustrated she plays with her aching nipples for a few moments and then tosses the cuff on the bed.

Eden continues to wander around room. Next she finds a videotape next to a VCR. She decides to play the tape. As the TV comes to life she is surprised to see her friend Ann. The tape shows Ann in that very bedroom surrounded by bondage equipment. She is in the process of putting herself in bondage. Eden is again is mesmerized by what she is watching. She had no idea her friend was into this type of activity. Slowly and with great close-up detail Eden watches Ann lock on a leather crotch strap. She is startled by the loud click of the padlocks being locked. Eden draws close to the screen. She can see there is something being held in Ann’s her pussy and ass by the crotch strap but she can not tell what it was. Eden reaches for the TV control and raises the volume. She can hear the buzzing of vibrators and a moan coming from Ann’s quivering lips. She suddenly realizes Ann has locked vibrating dildos in herself.

Eden finds herself deeply turned on by of this. Ann continues by placing a ballgag in her mouth. She pulls it deep and locks it in place with a small padlock. Every detail of her bondage is locked with padlocks. Eden looks in the drawer where she got the tape. There is a large key ring and a pile of padlocks. She turns back to the TV. Ann is continuing with her bondage. She picks up the large cuff. Eden goes to the bed and retrieves the cuff. On the TV the camera zooms in on Ann’s large gauge nipple rings. She pulls on them making them hard. Then she touches each one with the steel cuff. Eden, in a trance now copies Ann’s every move. Then Ann opens the cuff and puts the ratchet thru one of the rings and pulls on it. She does not lock it but repeats this on the other ring. Eden looks puzzled at the screen and then at her own nipples which do not have rings and says aloud “Oh well, Just how am I supposed to do that”? Then Ann brings the cuff up to her neck. Copying her every move Eden slowly applies it just like Ann. Click Click. Eden stops for a moment and tests the tightness of the cuff. She decides on a few more clicks and then another test and another click. Her hair is done up on her head so when she goes to the mirror she inspects every detail of the cuff being ratcheted home. She runs her fingers over every inch of the cuff. Click, Click, Click. She checks it for tightness, then one more click.

Turning back to the TV Eden watches as Ann continues. She puts on a pair of clover clamps on her nipples. Satisfied they are tight she then hangs a padlock on the connecting chain. She moans as the added weight strains her nipples already kept in a perpetual state of arousal by the large nipple rings. Ann then turns the neck cuff to the back so that the large chain trails down her back. She picks up a set of hinged handcuffs and locks them on her ankles. Then she takes a glance at a bowl on the dresser. It has a string coming from it. The string is attached to a handcuff key frozen in ice. Satisfied her release is within reach Ann then uses a padlock to attach a pair of handcuffs high up the chain to the collar behind her back and then places her wrists in the cuffs and locks them. Checking each one for tightness she falls to the floor and begins to roll about, obviously turned on by the state she is in and the arousal caused by what is locked inside her body by the crotch strap.

Eden is stunned. At first she just sits there rubbing her nipples and then her pussy. Then she gets up. She wanders frantically around the room. She has to find something to satisfy her hot pussy. She is on fire. She opens a closet and finds a trunk. She brings it out and dumps it on the bed. It contains mounds of bondage gear of all types. Lots of leather, rope, chains, multiple cuffs, collars, gags, and vibrators. She picks up a pair of hinged cuffs. She examines them carefully. Then she looks at the TV and the tape of Ann writhing in pleasure. An idea hits her head. She begins picking items from the bed and takes them to the floor in front of the TV. She removes the rest of her clothing. Watching the tape she starts to study Ann’s bondage. Eden is very slow and methodical. She wants to duplicate every detail of Ann’s bondage. She picks out each item.

Everything locks so she has to try out the keys to make sure she has a means of escape. She has never done this before. She touches the neck cuff again. Now she knows what it is for.

First comes the cuffs on ankles, then the nipple clamps, she gasps when they are applied and then pulls on them to test them. She discovers they get tighter when pressure is applied. She is at first shocked by their unforgiving tightness and then touching her pussy finds that they have made her wet. A sinister smile comes to her lips. Eden finds she can not stop staring at her imprisoned nipples. She is fascinated with the clamps and can not stop twisting and tugging on them. Sharp pains hit her but this does not deter her pleasure, it only enhances it.

Next she picks up the locking crotch strap. It has a huge dildo and a butt plug attached. She looks at the video of Ann. She ponders. Then smiles and shakes her head and says to the butt plug. “I don’t think I’m quite ready for you yet, maybe another time” She stares at the intruders, and then removes them from the strap and puts the belt on herself. Eden spends a long time figuring out just the right tension for this locking device, tugging the belt, testing the tightness. As she pulls, the crotch strap sinks deep into her pussy where it disappears into the fold of her lips before being trapped there by the Click of the padlock. She goes to the mirror again. She is very proud of the way the belt hugs her hips and molds itself to her perfect shape.

Next comes the locking gag. Eden pulls the ball deep in her mouth before attaching the padlock. She tries to make some sounds. She yells out testing the effectiveness of the gag. She can’t make any words, only garbled sounds. It amazes her just how effective the gag is.

The handcuffs are last. Eden attaches them to the chain from the collar high up her back with a padlock just like Ann did. She looks at the bowl. She has no ice. She is thinking about how to place the key so she can release herself. She decides to put the handcuff key on a carabineer and she clips it to the chain near the handcuffs. From there she can easily reach it when she is ready to release herself. All the other keys are in a neat pile on the bed. It is a strain but at last she has the key clipped to the chain for release and the handcuffs locked on her wrists. Finally Eden takes a deep breath. She is proud of her accomplishment, now to start enjoying these new feelings.

For a few more moments Eden just sits on the floor and watches more of the video of Ann. Then she begins to roll on the floor and moan in delight. The nipple clamps tug on her hard nipples. She tests the strain on the wrists. There is no give there. Drool begins to pour out her gag. She is annoyed by this unexpected mess which is so unlike the prim and proper Eden. Soon she is too distracted by the crotch strap digging deeper into her pussy with every movement to worry about that or anything else. She is in heaven.

Suddenly Eden is startled by a noise and sits up. Ann is not due home for hours she thought, what or who could that be. Quickly she manages to get the key in her hand and starts to unlock one wrist but in her haste to unlock the handcuffs the key drops to the floor. Frantically she crawls across on the floor to retrieve it but then realizes with her hands pulled up between her shoulder blades she can not reach the key. She cries out in fear and anguish but all that is heard is AAAMMMMMMPPHHHH.

Eden is frozen waiting, staring at the door, listening to the slow approach of footsteps. Ann slowly walks thru the door with a huge smile on her face. She is dressed in black leather. A corset squeezes her waist to an obscenely small diameter. Her large bosoms literally pouring over the top of the corset look huge in comparison. Her large nipple rings glisten in the light. She is HOT. “Well, Well, Well look what the Black Widow has caught in her web” Says Ann. “I suspected you would not be able to resist my TRAP”

She kneels down next to Eden. She inspects every part of her bondage. Pulls on the nipple clamps, and the crotch strap. She tugs hard at each. Eden lets out a deep moan into the gag. “You have done well my little friend, or would you prefer I call you my Slave”? She asks.

Eden stares at her a moment and then shakes her head NO NO NO. Ann then unlocks Eden’s ballgag and removes it with a “pop”. Eden, still bound and breathing heavily starts to calm down. But she is still very aware of her vulnerability and realizes she has no idea what is in store for her or just how well she knows Ann. All these questions begin to flood her mind when her trance is broken by Ann’s voice. “Did you like my little video?” “Yes” Eden replied, actually surprised her mouth could work after the strain of the ballgag. “Did it turn you on?” “Yes.” “So you decided to try it out for yourself?” “Do you like it?”
“I’m not sure yet”, “Does this turn you on Ann?” Asks Eden “Of course it does why else do you think I do it?” Ann answers. Eden asks “Are you a mistress or a slave?” “I can be whatever you want me to be” replies Ann. “What do you want to be?”

Eden does not answer that question. “Eden my pet do you want to know what it really feels like to be my SLAVE?” With that Ann reaches out and grabs the nipple clamp chain forcefully and pulls hard on the nipple clamps” Eden holds back making the pain on her nipples worse, she cowers in fear shaking her head no. “I don’t know!” she cries. A look of anger suddenly grows on Ann’s face “You will have to be punished for violating my privacy”.

Ann then replaces the gag, Eden is fighting her now. Ann expands the bondage. She tightens the bondage where she can. Releasing the hands. Adding Hinged handcuffs to elbows and wrists. She removes the belt and using rope makes a tight crotch rope. Ann is very determined to make this a very serious hogtie and makes sure the rope is pulled deep, deep into Eden’s naked crotch. She threads the back end of the crotch rope between the wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs making a very stringent hogtie.

Leaving Eden to struggle on the floor in the painful hogtie Ann now focuses on her own bondage. She picks up a very wide black leather collar from the pile and places it on her neck snugly. She picks the largest padlock from the pile and locks the collar on with a loud resounding Click. She tests it for tightness. Satisfied, Ann then strips out of her clothing and picks up the locking crotch strap.

While Eden watches, Ann re-attaches the dildo and the anal plug to the strap and then lubes them up. Eden is shocked at what her friend is about to do but like a train wreck she can’t take her eyes off her. Ann slowly inserts each invader one at a time and then with a resounding Click locks the belt on with a large padlock. Appearing proud of her work and after rubbing the outside of the leather crotch strap a smile comes to Ann’s face. She looks down on Eden and then turns and walks around the room circling the helpless girl like a cat stalking her prey.

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Next Ann picks up a fine, short chain. She loops a finger thru one of her large nipple rings and takes a small padlock and locks each ring to an end of the chain. In the end there is little slack between her nipples and the chain pulls her nipples slightly together. She pushes her breasts together to ease the strain and then releases them. She smiles as the slight pain hits her nipples. After admiring herself in the mirror she once again turns her attention to Eden.

“I don’t think I have ever given you a proper tour of my house.” Says Ann

Ann then goes to work freeing Eden from the hogtie. But Eden is never really free. Ann places locking hi heels on Eden’s feet. Next Ann puts leather cuffs on her ankles and a short hobble chain. The cuffs are removed from her arms and replaced with leather straps at wrist and elbow. Eden moans in agony as her elbows are crushed together. Then she places a single sleeve arm binder on Eden and makes sure it is cinched and buckled tight. The crotch rope is replaced with a tight leather strap, just as deep in her pussy. All this time Ann is using every opportunity to rub her hands over Eden’s body, pinching, licking and kissing her most vulnerable parts.

All this time the neck cuff is never removed. Ann grabs hold of the neck cuff chain and hauls Eden to her feet. Eden is wobbly like a baby deer. Ann decides to worsen her torment by placing a vibrator under the crotch strap. Eden jumps and squeals when Ann turns it on. Then she takes a leather leash and clips it to the chain between Eden’s nipple clamps. She drops the leash to the floor. Eden doubles over as the weight pulls her nipples to their limit. Ann then picks the leash back up and leads her around the house on a tour, talking the whole way like a real estate agent. Eden stumbles with the high heels. She constantly struggles to keep up with the pull on her nipple chain. Ann seems to enjoy the walk but at times has to stop and get her breath obviously fighting off the orgasms triggered by the 2 plugs locked deep within her. The walk is long, arduous and covers many rooms.

Both women appear exhausted after the walk. Ann is very aroused by the walk while wearing the crotch strap trapping the dildo and anal plug deep within her. She pulls Eden to the bed and shoves all the bondage gear on the floor. She lays her down. She fondles her breasts and kisses her nipples. Eden strains to push her nipples out to meet Ann’s hot lips. Ann rubs her pussy pulling on the crotch strap. Eden responds to this. The combination of the vibrator stimulating the crotch strap and Ann’s merciless attention to her nipples has her bucking on the edge or an orgasm. But Ann will not allow that. At the peak moment she pulls back, quickly removes the vibrator, sits up and stares down at her slave. Eden’s eyes pop open and stare at Ann. She needs this orgasm. She has to have it. She is burning up. She squirms under Ann but she gets no relief.

Then Ann lies down with Eden face to face. She puts a locking penis gag in her own mouth. She takes a small padlock and locks their 2 nipple chains together. She also locks the chain from Eden’s neck cuff to the ring on the front of her own locked collar so short that their gags touch. She then locks her own hands behind her back with handcuffs. The two press close together and fall asleep

The next morning the two have awakened. Skillfully as if she has done this many times before Ann retrieves the nearby key and releases herself. She removes all of her bondage except the collar. Then she awakens Eden and starts releasing her from all of her bondage. Eden lays very still. The process is long but Eden is very tranquil, very patient.

After they both are released the two women stare at each other for a few moments. To Eden it seems like an eternity. She wants to speak but can’t find words to describe her feelings. Ann speaks first “Did you like your adventure?”

Eden ponders the question and shaking her head says “I ...I... just don’t know.”

Ann lowers her head in disappointed. “Apparently I made a mistake about you. I’m sorry, I think you should go.” With that a dejected Ann turns and walks out of the room. Eden sits on the edge of the bed alone. She stares at the piles of bondage gear on the floor. She is having flashbacks, visions of the details of her bondage.

Slowly she rises but does not go to the door. Instead she walks over to the mirror and stares at it. Then she goes over and picks up the neck cuff. Here is where it all began. She holds it up and looks at it. Quickly and surprisingly she snaps it on her neck tight. She grabs a ballgag and pushes it in, locks it. Grabs the nipple clamps and puts them on. Then she takes the chain from the neck cuff and locks it to the foot of the bedpost with a padlock. She tosses the keys to end of the room far out of her reach. She then picks up a set of hinged handcuffs and locks the handcuffs on her wrists behind her back. Then she sits on the floor at the foot of the bed and waits for her fate to begin.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009  

Unbelievable best I've read yet what happens when Ann came back to the bedroom

Monday, February 11, 2008  

Brilliant, can't wait for another story!

Thursday, February 07, 2008  

You definitly have talent smokin story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 01, 2008  

YUM! I wanted to be in Eden's place soo bad

Monday, December 17, 2007  

I liked it very much. I would really like a similar story where Eden was a guy instead of another gal.

Saturday, November 24, 2007  

love it, loved it and still love it

Monday, November 12, 2007  

This shoud be a full length movie. What do you think the chances of getting Jennifer love Hewitt to play the lead would be?

Monday, November 12, 2007  

Great story, but it would've been better had it been better written - the sentances don't flow.

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