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The Growth and Evolution of a Domme
  • Author - ex escape artist  
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  • Story Codes - F-mf, M-f, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, humiliation, slavery, torture
  • Post Date - 1/31/2008
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Part I

This is my first time writing about my bondage experiences, although I've been a bondage enthusiast and practitioner since childhood. I was always fascinated by bondage, and I loved to see a girl or boy tied up on the TV. I also noticed that on TV most captives weren't tied very well, and I figured that I'd be able to escape from each of those tie-ups and how I could do a better job of tying. Bondage so filled my mind that I was constantly thinking about ways to tie people and ways to escape from those ties. When I finally started actively participating, it was as if I had years of experience. This is a recounting of my first actual bondage experience. It's a long story that I'll tell in several parts, but looking back at it I can see how strongly it shaped my bondage life since. Come to think of it my brother's life was rather strongly influenced as well.

First things first, at the time of this first experience I was 12 years old and my brother was 14. Being a boy and older he was quite a bit stronger than me, and I had suffered years of indignity with his constant teasing and obnoxious attitudes. Our parents had always told me that I really loved him, because all girls loved their brothers and I always would. I suppose that's true, but he was hard to love at that time. That situation was about to change, although neither of us knew it at the time.

At the time our parents were away for two weeks in Europe and he was left in charge of the house and "little sister" except for daily telephone calls from Grandma to tell her that we were ok. The power really went to his head as you would imagine, and after the first day I was trying to think of a friend's house where I could hide for two weeks until Mom and Dad returned. As things worked out that wouldn't be necessary and the whole problem was solved permanently. We were actually getting along fairly well on the second day, and I was actually tormenting him by acting like a "silly girl" as he would say. I had just managed to sneak up on him and douse him with Mom's perfume, and I was giggling helplessly seeing his expression. (Yes, Mom was going to be mad about that.) I was just about to tell him how pretty he smelled when he pinned me to the floor face down. I was shocked when he jerked my arms behind my back and took his belt off. I was sure that I was in for a spanking, but he lashed my wrists together palm-to-palm with the belt. Even at his fairly young age he already had that male superior taunting attitude and loftily informed me that he was in charge now and there was nothing that I, just a girl, could do about it. I can remember that at that moment I realized that male pride is a girl's best friend (something that every woman learns eventually and until recent years that knowledge served me very well indeed).

I threw his attitude right back in his face with some comment like, "what makes you think that you're in charge, stupid!" "Well, I've got you tied up. Let's see you get untied stupid girl", was the answer of course. In what was my most brilliant moment to that day I lowered my eyes and meekly said, "what if I can't get untied?" "Then you're my prisoner until Mom and Dad come back" was all the motivation that I needed. "Well what if I do get untied?" You're just a girl, you can't get untied when a man has tied you." Please notice that I was only a girl, but in his mind he, a 14 year old boy, was a MAN now that he had me tied up. That's right the male ego was clearly in control, and it was going to lead my dear brother straight into my trap and change the rest of his life. I have since learned that most men don't really know how to tie a girl, and I was already a great escape artiste in my mind. I knew I could wiggle my wrists out of that belt. Very few men understand just how flexible a girl's arms are. Ten years later I would meet a man who knew it very well indeed.

On with the story! In my most meek and frightened sounding voice I said, "If I do get loose, what then?" "You won't." "If I do, can I tie you up and keep you a prisoner until Mom and Dad come home?" "I was going to untie you later, but now I'm going to hold you to that deal", he sneered. "You're staying my prisoner for two weeks, and if you do get loose, then I'll be your prisoner."

I almost died trying not to whoop in victory. I was sure there was Goddess somewhere to thank for this amazing chain of events. A few shrugs of my shoulders and the belt fell off my wrists in front of my wonderful brother and his male ego. Of course as I informed him that it was my turn, the Great Superior Male had to show that he wasn't worried. Sneering the whole time he laid on the floor face down and put his hand behind his back. Thank you, thank you, thank you Goddess!

He made a little surprised snort as I crossed his wrists and proceeded to strap them together criss-cross fashion. I put my knee on his hands and used my leg muscles to pull the belt as tight as I could before bucking it well out of reach of his fingers. Just to make extra sure, I tucked the end of the belt under one of the criss-crosses so he wouldn't be able to find it or use it even if he could get his fingers way up behind his wrists.

"Ok, let's see you get out of that wimp", was enough to send my new captive into a fit of anger. He got up on his feet and began the most amazing display of male brute force. He pulled, tugged and gyrated in every possible way. He did everything but escape. The fire in his eyes changed from arrogance to fear to desperation. He suddenly ran into the bathroom and locked the door to continue his struggles in private. I left the dear boy to his solitary struggles and went down to the basement to prepare the rest of my trap for him. You see I only had his hands tied behind his back. To keep him bound I had to take away his mobility and every other sort of freedom. I was back upstairs by the time Mike came out of the bathroom covered with sweat, disheveled and of course with his hands still securely lashed behind his back. It works, I thought. I really DO know how to tie people up.

I wasn't prepared for his headlong dash toward me, but it was easy enough to deflect it with his arms tied behind his back. Mike was determined to intimidate me into untying him, and with his greater strength he could succeed. I had to stay out of the grasp of his hands. It was time for him to fall victim to his male pride again. The poor boy had no idea how easy it is for a girl to control a boy once she knows how. As he chased me around the house, I gave out the most convincing squeals I could manage while letting him chase me into the basement where he'd have me cornered, or so he thought. Finally he did have me cornered in the storage room that we had just cleaned out for painting. He pressed forward to overwhelm a mere girl with his superior size and strength. It nearly worked. He was a fearsome sight and I almost gave up and obeyed his orders to untie him, almost, that is. As he pressed me toward the back corner a piece clothesline hanging from the ceiling rafters brushed my ear and reminded me of who was in charge there. Of course it was not an accident that the rope was there. I had put it there while Mike was struggling in the bathroom. I had just lured him into the trap that I had set for him.

“Ok, I give up, I'll untie you”, I quaked in my best little sister voice. Grasping his bound wrists in my left hand I made as if to unstrap them while holding my carefully hung ceiling rope in the other. Here, hold your arms up higher so I can get at the buckle. The fool actually believed that he was about to be released and raised his bound arms up high toward the ceiling. It was a simple matter to drop the free end of the hanging rope between those arms and then to grab it. Hold on, I see it now was what I said. What I did was reach up and throw the free end of that rope over another ceiling rafter and grasp it again. I pulled it snug, let go of his arms and threw my total body weight against that rope pulling those bound arms up even higher. A few turns and half hitches around a handy drain pipe slammed my trap shut on the dear lad. With his cries of surprise and rage ringing in his new underground prison I stepped back to admire my work for the first time. Mike was in a position that I would later come to know as strapado. His wrists were crossed and securely strapped together behind his back. A rope from the ceiling passed between them and went back up to the ceiling and then off to a secure anchor point. His arms were totally immobilized. He was up on his tip toes to reduce the strain on them making his legs useless too. He was securely bound and fixed in place. With every buckle and knot totally out of the reach of his bound hands and even his mouth and toes there was no way for him to free himself. Of course he tried, and tried and kept trying. I enjoyed his discovery of his predicament like a master admiring her great art work. I guess that would be Mistress, not Master.

Eventually Mike's struggles gave way to exhaustion and realization and he changed his tune. The arrogant male threats turned into the sweetest most submissive pleading. Every woman should experience a man in that state. In fact all men should talk to all women that way, all the time. I let him plead and beg until he ran out of things to say. I grasped his chin and turned that pathetic face up towards mine and said, "here's what I'm going to do to you stupid. I'm going to leave you strung up like this while I go get the rest of Mom's clothes line and the ropes that Daddy leaves in his boat and a lot of scarves. Then I'm going to come back down here and finish tying you up. I'm going to tie up your legs so you can't get away. I'm going to gag you so you can't scream for help and tie you to that pipe over there. Then I'm going to lock you in this room and go to Julie's house for the day. You know what? Even though you know what I'm going to do to you, there's nothing you can do about it. You're my prisoner, and that's the way it's going to be-from now on. You lose.

Well, that's exactly what happened. I tied his ankles and knees and cinched those ropes to be very tight being careful that the knots were out of reach and then gave his elbows, wrists and arms similar attention. After letting him down from the ropes holding him up, I tied his ankles to his wrists and then elbows with exquisite security. I had never heard of a hogtie, but that's what it was. After tying another rope to his knee ropes, I passed it up the front of his body and through his chest ropes that were holding his arms to his sides and hauled as hard and I could on it before tying it off. The chest ropes were already secured behind his neck, so they weren't going to move. The knee to chest tie pulled his legs forward while the hogtie was keeping them tied back. The result was a totally secure and immobilized boy. With a last rope I fastened his chest ropes to the drain pipe near the ceiling. It served to keep him in the back of the room well away from the door, and with both rope ends tied off near the ceiling there was no way for him to untie it. Finally I went through the entire collection of ropes on his body and further tightened all the cinches and yanked all the knots tighter.

My darling brother's comments during this process shouldn't be repeated to a refined reader, but you can trust that they were colorful. Of course it was time to gag my captive and begin training him how to speak respectfully and submissively to his sister and all women for that matter. I wadded up two of my scarves and held them in front of his mouth which he clamped shut of course. Two fingers inserted in his nostrils and pulled gently but firmly upward opened that big male mouth like a well oiled door. After stuffing the scarves in every crevice of his mouth, I tied them in place with several remaining ones tightly and carefully tied off in various positions around his head. I was taking no chances on his being able to reach any single knot that would release him. His voice was much sweeter after that, and I was treated to lovely soft mmmphing and pathetic squirming.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed watching his struggles as he slowly and steadily lost any hope of freedom. I REALLY enjoyed it. I felt a new and incredibly strong stirring in my belly while slowly and surely taking him captive. I slowly realized that I had found myself. This was the way that I wanted to live. At that age I had never heard of female domination or anything of the sort, and I was only just coming into sexual awareness. I assumed that I was the only girl to have her brother tied up and to be enjoying it so much. I did know that I had learned a new pleasure that would be mine for life. I was hoping that the next two weeks would also have a permanent effect on Mike. I had no idea how much my wishes would come to pass, and I certainly had no idea that in ten years I would find myself in Mike's situation and have my life totally changed once again.

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At that immediate moment I simply left Mike tied and gagged. I closed the door as I left and carefully fastened and padlocked the latch on the outside to make sure that he'd be there when I returned from my friend's house. He would learn a lot of humility in the solitary confinement for the next several hours. I would reinforce those lessons in the upcoming two weeks and then the following ten years. Those are things to tell at another time. My future as a mistress and its sudden and unexpected total reversal is a tale that definitely needs to be told, but at another time. Right now I want to enjoy my memories of my first day as a dominant girl.

Part II

Mary, did you hear me? Are you listening at all? Julie's friendly scolding brought her friend back to the present with a shock. "Uh, sure, I hear you. What did you say?" Both girls grinned as old friends who had no secrets. "Mary, you've been day dreaming since you got here. I asked you if you wanted to go sit outside. The breeze out there will be cooler than it is in here." "Ok, sure that would be better than this hot place", Mary made sure to respond this time. "We could go downstairs too. It's cooler down there." "Downstairs", Mary thought. "Well, at least he's in a nice cool place. I wonder, how long can ..." "Mary, remember me? Outside? You know. We were talking?"

When the girls were comfortably seated under the big oak tree in a private corner of the yard where it bordered on a small wooded area, Julie confronted her absent minded friend. "Ok, give it up." "Huh?" "What's going on? You haven't been here. You've been in a daze, and you keep looking off in space and smiling the whole time you've been here. What's going on? Got a boy friend?" Julie laughed at her joke, and suddenly stopped. Mary might have a boy friend. She realized that the time would come when their talks about boys would be more serious than it had been the last few years. "We really are growing up", she admitted and pondered what the future might bring them. Love, marriage, babies? The last brought her back to the present and her friend's laughter. "Now who's day dreaming? You have a boy friend?"

When the hysterical laughing died down, Julie heard Mary's calm and unusually serious voice saying, "I really do have something to tell you. Do you know how long you can keep someone tied up?"

Julie blinked hard for several seconds before choking out, "What? Are you nuts? How would I .. why do you want ... Oh no, please tell me that you haven't... You've finally done it? Who is it? Tell me! You finally did it, didn't you! Who have you tied up? where? how long?"

"Well, it's Mike; at home; I tricked him and tied him up, downstairs. I left him tied up and er locked in the storage room."

"You tied up your brother, and left him there locked in a room?" Julie sighed as her crush on Mike took over her feelings. "Yeh, I really did it." "Well by now the neighbors will have heard him screaming and called the police. You're really in trouble. Everyone's going to know. Your Mom and Dad are going to..." "I gagged him too. He can't scream."

Julie with her mouth open like cavern had nothing to say for once. Slowly she realized that the guy she had a crush on had just been captured by his younger sister and was now helpless. Her mind started traveling to those naughty ideas she never admitted to anyone, except Mary of course. So Mike was helpless and gagged, poor boy. That cute little firm but just there for ...hmmm. Mary, let's go to your house. I want to see this. Come on, I'm your best friend. Mary, who knew Julie's deepest and darkest thoughts, was thinking of all the really good reasons that Julie should not be near Mike just then. What would happen? Absolutely not. It was a very bad idea. No way, Julie was not going to see Mike tied up or get near him as defenceless as he was. That was for sure.

The cement floor was cold, even more so against the sweat soaked clothes worn by the now exhausted boy. Mike, still securely hog-tied, winced at the pain of the raw skin on his wrists, ankles and knees. Even his elbows were raw. "Why did she have to tie his elbows?" His arms were glued to his back, and three hours of desperate struggles had not budged them nor gained any freedom for his legs. In fact his struggles had only tightened the knots that were keeping him bound-knots that had been expertly placed out of reach of his bound hands. His mouth felt like he had swallowed drier lint. In his exhaustion he didn't even try to move his face out of the puddle of drool on the floor. He tried not to think of the way his stupid little sister had outsmarted him and lured him into her trap. She was going to pay for this. As soon as he got loose, he'd find her and ...

"He's locked in here just to make sure he can't get loose. I took everything sharp out of the room so he couldn't cut his ropes off." The sound of Mary's voice brought a surge of hope to Mike. She'd untie him soon, then he'd get even. Who was she talking to? He hoped it wasn't any of her dumb friends. That sound was the padlock being opened. The latch clattered as it was thrown, and Mike twisted his neck to see who was coming in. There were two girlish figures silhouetted in the doorway. His mouth was so tightly packed that only a soft moan could be heard as he tried to scream at the intense light suddenly assaulting his eyes now accustomed to the darkness of his new prison.

The prisoner's eyes recovered and confirmed his worst fears. Mary had brought over her stupid skinny and mouthy friend, Julie. She would never leave him alone normally, always spouting that little girl with a crush nonsense. Now he couldn't shove her away or even run away. Worse she'd tell everyone about his being captured by a girl. Mike groaned. His problems were multiplying. At least Julie was known as a story teller. Maybe no one would believe her. He'd have to work that angle. He'd make sure that his sister was too scared to talk about this ridiculous business. She wouldn't be able to prove it either. She'd have to untie him soon before these ropes sawed through his wrists. Ok, that would work. He'd get the best on these two fools and teach them to respect him.

"Julie would you get the stuff out of the bag while I set up the camera?" "Sure Mary. Remember I want to be in some of these pictures with him too." "Don't worry, I've got three rolls of film and lots of flash bulbs." "I'm so excited", Julie gushed as she upended the overnight bag she'd been carrying. Mike was groaning at the little fool's words when the sound of steel hitting cement startled him. Before his eyes a pile of tangled steel chain and it seemed like dozens of padlocks crashed onto the floor. as his eyes opened wide at all the steel, a flash bulb went off.

"That's a good one" Mary sang out. "Remember, just as we planned we get lots of pictures of him tied up before we lock him up in the chains. Once we get him chained up we'll have like two weeks to get lots more pictures. By the time Mom and Dad get home we'll have plenty of evidence hidden in all different places where he'll never find it."

"We're lucky that your Father had all that chain he used to lock up his boat at the lake last year, and my brother won't be looking for the locks until the next football season starts and they need them for the guys' lockers." "I know, I don't think I should keep him roped up much longer, he's starting to bleed from the ropes."

"So, Mikey, do you think I can tie tight enough now? I'm only a girl you know", Mary taunted. "Now you know our plan, and again there's nothing you can do about it. With all the embarrassing pictures we're going to take and hide you're going to be a very nice brother from now on. You act nasty just once and we pass some pictures around school. You're going to be so nice from now on. Don't worry about our running out of film. I'll just buy more, with your money of course. Actually it's my money from now on, and I'll let you have some of it if you behave. I'll let you have a little extra when Julie gets to high school and you'll need it to take her out on dates." Mike nearly choked on his gag as Julie began jumping up and down clapping her hands with joy. "You're really going to need a lot of money to take her to the prom. You're going to do just as I say from now on."

A very helpless and disheartened boy began mourning for his lost life as Mary stood with a foot planted on him as a victor posing with her trophy. Flash after flash exposed him in various poses as the girls began the creation of a lifelong submissive male. Finally the camera was put down. Mike squirmed to see what was happening behind him. Mary stepped over him dragging a chain across his waist and began wrapping the chain securely around his crossed wrists. Julie blew him a kiss and put a hand familiarly on his hip as she handed a padlock across his bound body to the young woman who had just conquered him.

Part III

"Yes Grandma, I'm fine. Yes Mike is fine too. He's lying down now. Yes, I'm sure he's still lying down, Grandma. No, I don't think he's up yet. Yes, we're keeping the house clean. Mike has been very good about not messing it up. Yes, we both look forward to Mom and Dad coming home from Europe. This is Wednesday, and they'll be home a week from Saturday. No, I think Mike is very eager for them to come home again. I just think he is. Of course I am too, Grandma. Yes, Grandma, I'll make sure that Mike behaves himself. Goodbye Grandma."

Mary heaved a huge sigh after hanging up the telephone, amazed by how clueless some people could be. Of course that's a good thing, she thought. If Grandma really knew what she was doing, there would really be trouble. Well, no one is going to find out, so stop being so nervous, she told herself fiercely.

Now what did she need to take with her? Mary picked up the box of Cheerios and a bottle of water before heading to the basement stairs. Halfway down the stairs she turned around and retraced her steps and entered her bedroom. Rolling back the carpet corner and pulling up the loose board that only she knew about Mary groped around in her secret hiding place. She found what she was looking for and extracted the large metal ring with all the keys. It looked just like a jailer's key ring. Perfect, thought Mary as she headed back to the stairway jingling the key ring as she walked. She stepped off the bottom step and strutted purposefully across the finished part of the basement to the back storage area. She felt good carrying the keys as she walked. "I like the way this is all going", she thought.

The girl came to the storage room door now locked with two padlocks and paused to enjoy the view of a door securely locked and impossible to open from the inside. The double locked steel door with keys hidden in a totally secret place gave her a thrill that she had never felt up to a few days ago. Feeling very dominant and rather arrogant the young girl unlocked the locks, unfastened the latch and pushed the door inward. She snapped on the ceiling light illuminating the single naked bulb hanging from a ceiling fixture. The sight before her brought a joyful and self confident smile to her face. Spread before her was a very well secured boy, her older brother. Mike was wearing nothing but a pair of gym shorts and was completely bound in steel chain and several padlocks. He was strictly hogtied with his chained ankles pulled right up to his wrists. His wrists were of course chained together. The chains fastened his ankles, knees, elbows and wrists all together and finally locked around his neck. The hogtied boy was chained to a steel pole by chains from both his neck and his ankles, both secured by heavy padlocks. A wad of cloth was still jammed in his mouth where she had stuffed it last night before securely tying it in place. A double blindfold of fabric and tape covered his eyes. The boy's new mistress had made very sure that he would remain her captive throughout the night. She swore to herself that Mike would never escape from her control.

The captive squirmed a bit upon hearing her enter his prison. A faint and pitiful whimper barely escaped the gag. Strutting over and grabbing the hair on top of his head she yanked his head up checking to make sure the gag and blindfolds were still secure. The boy had been unable to remove them during the night. She had had her captive continually blindfolded for three days. The gag had been off briefly a few times each day, but securely reapplied each time. Rolling his chained and helpless body from side to side Mary checked on the chains and locks binding him. They were of course still completely secure. "I see you haven't escaped yet, Mikey. When are you going to start? I'm only a girl, you know. Girls don't know how to tie and couldn't keep a REAL Man tied up", she murmured in her most wicked voice. Only another pitiful whimper escaped the wad of cloth in response.

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"It's breakfast time again", Mikey. Do you think you can be a good boy this time, or do you want to go a third day with only water? You're only a boy and therefore stupid, so I'll explain it again. You never say anything unless I give you permission, and then you talk softly and politely. You never shout. You call me 'dear sister.' You never resist me. You do everything that I say. You obey me, or else you go hungry again. Don't forget the pictures that I have now either. If you ever disobey me, I'll make sure that you look so bad that everyone will laugh at you forever. Are you going to be a good boy today?" The captive responded with a weak and resigned nod of his gagged and blindfolded head. The rattling chains were louder and more eloquent than his most strenuous efforts to speak through the gag.

Mary needed a full fifteen minutes to release all the bindings that were holding the wad of fabric jammed in his mouth. She was learning how to tie small impossibly tight knots, the kind that a prisoner could never untie especially with his hands behind his back. Seeing no reason to grant him the power of sight, she kept the cloth blindfold in place and the layers of tape secured over and under it. With a groan of disgust she extracted the huge wad of soaked cloth from his mouth and wickedly smiled at the river of drool that ran out behind it. "Poor little baby can't help drooling", she snickered. "Maybe you should wear a diaper too. That would make some things easier." Mike was learning his place and kept silent even with Mary's humiliating talk.

She filled a low baking pan with water from the bottle she had brought with her and slid it under the boy's face. "You'd better drink it all, Mikey. It's all you're going to get today. The gag's going back in as soon as I'm through feeding you." The boy immediately responded by sucking up the water noisily. The last day had left him desperately in need of fluid. When the pan was empty, his jailer slid it aside and poured a few hands full of the dry cereal on the floor making sure that most of it landed in the large puddle of drool that had collected over the night. "There's your cereal. Good luck finding it. That's all you're going to get, Mikey. Sorry, there's no milk", she snickered. The spectacle of Mike squirming pitifully looking for the mushy slime on the floor and hungrily licking it up and sucking it into his mouth only encouraged his sister in her efforts to further humiliate him. Mike had no choice but to endure the humiliating speech, which Mary found to be delightful as she continued her thoughts about the long term prospects for keeping him under control.

Pulling a fresh wad of cloth out of her pocket and grabbing his hair, Mary yanked Mike's face away from the mess that he was hungrily lapping up. "That's it, Mikey. You'll get more tomorrow if you're a good boy." As if on cue Mike's mouth opened in astonishment only to be forcefully stuffed with the new cloth. With Mike moaning and groaning his disapproval, Mary started securely tying the cloth in place using several scarves and her leg muscles to pull them tight. She knotted them in place with those nearly impossible knots. In a few minutes the boy's mouth was once again out of commission and he protested as loudly as possible. Of course that was nothing but the usual whimper bringing nothing but giggles from his sister.

Patting him on top of his head she said, "It's time for the potty, little boy. Don't be embarrassed, we're family you know." After finding the appropriate keys from the jailer's key ring, Mary loosened the chain connecting Mike's ankles to his wrists. When she was finished, he had just enough chain between his wrists and ankles to be up on his knees. He had only managed that with considerable help from his sister. Unlocking him from the post, Mary led her pet brother to the door by his leash with him shuffling slowly on his knees. With his ankles and knees chained together his "steps" were mere shuffling baby steps making it easy for the much smaller girl to control him. Mary led her captive out of his prison and into the downstairs powder room. After locking his leash around the base of the toilet, she checked to make sure that his chains allowed just enough movement that he could lower his gym shorts and pull them up again if he were lucky, unlike yesterday. "Ok Mikey, I'll leave you to your privacy. Try not to have an another accident today, or else you'll be sorry. I'll be back in a little while to help you out."

Mary went upstairs trading the dim and depressing dungeon atmosphere for the gay and sun-lit modern kitchen where she began her own breakfast. An hour later she returned to the prison latrine and performed the necessary tasks. She led her captive back to his cell on his knees and once again chained him to the post.

"See you later, Mikey. Julie's coming over and we're going somewhere that she says is special. She won't tell me where that is. At least you know that she'll be with me and not here making goo-goo eyes at you or doing something even worse", Mary said. "Don't worry”, “I'll be back later to play with you again." After closing and latching the storage room door, Mary was just securing it with both padlocks as she heard the secret knock at the back door indicating that is was Julie and that she had come alone. Running upstairs she opened the door and let her closest friend in. "Hi Mary, is he still..." Yes, Julie he's still chained up and locked in", she said while thoroughly washing her hands. Julie heaved a sigh to Mary's disgust. "Mary, can't you just let me....." "No Julie, I don't trust you alone with Mikey. With your crush on him I can't be sure what you'd do if I let you be alone with him." Julie pouted thinking that it wasn't fair that her best friend could read her intentions so easily. What Julie didn't understand at that time was that her feelings for Mike were so obvious that everyone in town knew them, except for her parents.

"Now, where are we going, Julie?" Mary's said hoping to change the subject. "We're going to see a friend of mine. She is someone you'll want to meet and someone who you need to meet" was Julie's reply. Mary responded with her typical 12 year old eloquence, "Whatever." The two girls left the house and walked side by side toward the outskirts of town. As usual Julie's mouth was in constant motion, and Mary was imagining it stuffed with a rag.

Part IV

The side door of the house opened in response to the discrete knock, and Mary found herself looking up at a tall leggy blond, a rather well endowed one at that. Her long blond hair was curled about her neck and shoulders like a silken wrap. Her face was classically elegant with a high forehead implying intelligence, wide set deep blue eyes that only a sensuous goddess could have and a mouth rather wider than one would expect but with full sensual lips. Her perfectly shaped cheek bones and nose could have been the model for the great sculptors of history.

The graceful neck led the eye down to a body that was hard to define except to call it womanly and perfect. The woman was lean, well muscled and trim, but very blessed with womanly curves. Mary internally groaned when she thought how that chest would attract male attention. she was fascinated with the slim waist and full rounded hips though. The woman's lower half was not like those big asses that most women grow, she thought. It's just that she looks like a real woman should." Mary's glance traced the curves of the hips and then slid down the impossibly long legs to the graceful feet in rather dressy high heeled pumps.

This woman, whoever she is, is very classy, Mary thought. She allowed her glance to steal back up to the full rounded bosom with a wistful thought. "Will my chest ever develop? Julie's so far ahead of me and she's younger", ran through her head for the hundredth time that hour? "Well at least Mike won't be teasing me about it anymore. That's one thing that he's going to learn before I take the gag out of his mouth", she promised herself.

"Hi Julie!" The familiarity of the greeting was incongruent with the deep sultry voice from the goddess. "The goddess speaks" Mary thought. As if hearing the young girl's thoughts the blue eyes bored into hers and the mouth relaxed into a friendly smile. "Hello, Mary. Actually I think you deserve to be called Mistress Mary now", was what the voice said. The tone of the voice made the entire room glow in sensual warmth. "This woman is a real woman", Mary thought. "I wonder what that means. I just know that it's true though."

"Uh, I'm just fine, Ma'am." "You may call me Angela, and please don't be offended. I meant to honor you by calling you Mistress. It is a very rare woman who has the courage to physically capture a male human and then keep him imprisoned. I congratulate you, Mary. I'd love to hear more about how you captured the male who is your brother."

Mary shot a dirty look at Julie who was looking sheepish. "Well, I needed to talk to someone about it. You know, what you did to Mike and how I feel about him, I mean... You know. He's just there helpless, and I can do what ever I want... He can't do anything....Angela and I have been friends for a long time. We talk about lots of things. I couldn't talk to my parents about it. They'd go right over and untie him, and we'd be in big trouble. Is that what you wanted me to do? At least I knew that Angella would never untie him." Julie's pause for air created a rare moment of silence.

"You told her? You should have kept your mouth shut", Mary screeched. The goddess raised her hands and calmed the atmosphere with a glance of those eyes. "Girls, we don't have to fight. We have to stick together and watch out for each other. Mary, Julie is right. She was very moved emotionally to see Mike all tied up at your house, and I might add so well tied up. We have been friends for a long time. When one of us needs to talk something out, we sit down and have a girl-to-girl talk. And you need a lot of advice, Mary" she said. "You've had tie-up fantasies your whole life, and now you actually have a male bound and helpless to deal with." Mary shot Julie another dirty look.

"That's fine, Mary. Sometime I'll share my fantasies about tying up males. I was so much like you in some ways, and so much different in others." "Julie what have you been saying about me!" Mary spat out. "Nothing! I don't know how she knows that about you", Julie gasped. "She didn't have to tell me much, dear. I can see it in your face and the way you hold yourself. Don't be mad at your friend. You're lucky you have such a good friend. You're going to need a good friend to manage what you have going on over in your basement. No doubt you want to keep him under control full time now." "Well.. yes I do" Mary stammered. "I mean it's so nice with Mike being polite to me now, when he isn't gagged anyway, and it's so much fun tying him up in different ways and watching him try to get out. But he can't, you know.""It's alright, honey, I understand. There's nothing wrong with you. Believe me, the world would be better if all males were kept tied up and caged in the basement. Maybe the two of us can work on that together, starting first with Mike. I'm on your side dear, you'll have to decide for yourself if you trust me" Angela intoned in her sultry voice. Mary listened with her ears, but her eyes were fixated on those incredible tits.

"Thanks to my FRIEND, you seem to know all about it" Mary growled out. "Why don't you tell me what you want, dear. Let's just talk about you and Mike for now." "I want Mike to stop being mean to me. I want him to be nice to me, to respect me. I don't want his jokes about my body" she said quietly with her eyes trying to burn a hole through Angela's bust. "What else dear? Admit it all to yourself and then tell me, or you won't manage it. It's ok. It's just us girls here, and we understand and watch out for each other. Tell me the rest of what you want for your brother." Angela's voice was exquisitely intense without being harsh. Mary fell under its seductive spell and began to talk. "I want him tied up and locked in a cage, forever. I want him gagged and under my total power. I want him to have to do whatever I say. I want to be able to play with him and show him how weak he is and how strong I am. I want to tease him and make fun of him. I want him to be mine. I want to be the boss. I want to make him cry, a lot" Mary said quietly with no evident emotion as a simple statement of fact.

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The admission frightened Julie so much that she backed away. It frightened Mary to hear her own voice saying it so directly. Her eyes teared from the emotional relief of finally getting it out. Angela simply smiled gently and warmly. "Thank you,dear. It takes courage to accept who and what we are. You are a brave girl. Any woman can tie up a male and keep him prisoner. It isn't that hard, they're rather simple minded, you know. You just learn how to push their buttons, and you can capture almost any male you want. If you know how to tie them properly, they'll never be able to escape from you especially if you keep them caged, as you should." Julie was shocked by this open talk. Mary was remembering how easy it had been to lure Mike into her trap. Maybe Angela was right. But she still had a lot to learn, and maybe she could learn it from her.

"So Mary, how about getting started on your training as a mistress right now? I will help you to keep Mike under your control for as long as you like. I will do more though. I will teach you how to capture any male, body and soul. I'll teach you how to rule them", the goddess said confidently."How do you know so much about those things", Mary asked? "Umm, Julie didn't tell you how I make my living?" "You're a hooker.", Mary offered calmly. "MARY!, stop it" Julie screamed! "It's ok, Julie. No, I'm not a whore, Mary. I am a dominatrix. Males pay me to tie them up, chain them or lock them in a cage and to torment them in various ways", Angela said. Mary incredulously gasped, "Men pay for that?" "First of all the word 'men' is too complimentary for the human male. I call them males like any other piece of animal flesh. And yes, they do pay for it. I make a good living at it. They come here, but I won't let them in the house unless they're chained and stripped down to their bikini undershorts. I'd prefer them naked, but the town government has rules about public nakedness. It's funny how many of those esteemed leaders of the town have been customers of mine. No matter, I take them to the dungeon in my basement for a session. They are bound and totally under my control as long as they're here. It's cash up-front, lots of cash." Simone stated calmly. "In fact I have a very good customer coming over this evening", she said off handedly. "A very passionate customer which makes him very risky, so I have to be careful to keep him under control, but He is regular and He pays well."

"So Mary, what will it be? Are you interested in receiving dominatrix training from a professional? We won't do anything that's inappropriate for your age, but if you want to keep Mike under control long term, you're going to need some training and a lot of help. Don't worry, it won't cost anything. Only the males pay here. I doubt if Mike's allowance pays enough to be worth taking." "I've already taken his money anyway", Mary said deliberately. "Good start Honey" Angela responded.

"I'm ready to start training", Mary tried not to sound as frightened as she felt. The blond goddess responded, "I think there's no time better than right now. In fact You might find this interesting Julie." "I'd love to watch. I want to be able to tie up Mike too", Julie gushed. "Then both of You had better learn how to tie properly", Angela advised. "I already know how", Mary asserted.

"Mary, there is quite a lot to be learned about restraining a person. You have captured one male and kept him captive for a few days. You still have a lot to learn, and to be a good dominatrix you will have to know what it is like to be dominated. Therefore first your training will teach you that", Angela commented pleasantly. "I don't need to know that. I will be the one doing the tying and and bossing around", Mary retorted. "Not today, Dear. This is going to be your first lesson in being dominated and made helpless." "You're crazy", was all Mary could say. "Listen Honey, for your first lesson I am going to tie you up and let you see how it feels to be under someone else's control and unable to get free. Sorry, but it's vital that you have that experience", Angela's ever more cheerful voice crooned. Oh, yes I am going to enjoy tying you up and watching you struggle. I'm just like you that way", she said with an innocent smile.

"Ok, tell me what's going to happen", Mary's disgusted voice asked. "It's simple Honey, I'm going to tie you up and let you struggle and try to get free. When you are able to admit that you are my helpless captive and then to beg for mercy, I'll start your first lesson by treating you as I would any slave." Angela's voice was getting more calm and sexy but somehow also colder with each exchange. "What if I get untied? What will that mean for my lesson", the young Mistress asked? "Honey, I am a professional dominatrix. I keep strong grown males tied up and prisoner for hours, sometimes days. They never escape. You're still a little girl. You will not get loose, I'll see to it. But since you want to defy me, let's make it a challenge, so I can teach you a lesson. If you get out of my ropes, I'll let you tie me up. Is that fair?" And if you can't get out of my ropes, then You have to become my slave for life", Mary shot back.

"Honey, I'd love to convince you gently to control that arrogant tongue of yours, but the only way you're going to learn is the hard way. I was like you, and I needed to be taught some hard lessons. I guess it will be my job to teach you. Ok, if you by some miracle get out of my ropes, you can tie me up. If I can't get free of your tie-up, which will not happen, I'll be your slave, body and soul for as long as you want me", Simone said while thinking, "This arrogant young bitch is going to be fun to break." "However Honey, it goes both ways. If I defeat You and you can't get out of my ropes, you will surrender yourself to me and admit that I have defeated You. I will not untie you no matter what until you give me a total surrender. You will at that moment become my total slave for as long as I want you. Is that what you want for a challenge", she asked with a menacing tone?

Without the slightest pause, Mary answered, "Sure, that sounds fair." "MARY! What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Julie screamed in shock. "Don't do it!" "Let her be, Julie. Each of us has to learn in her own way. Mary will always take the most difficult paths through life and learn from the hardest lessons. We can't do anything about it."

"Let's get on with this. Here I am. Do your best tie up on me. I want to see how fast I can get loose." Mary's quaking voice betrayed her state of excitement and fear. "Angela, don't listen to her. Sometimes she's just the stupidest girl in the world. Please don't take advantage of her. She really is a stupid fool", Julie ernestly pleaded. "Mary is doing what she needs to do, Julie. It will be a good experience for her to be taken down a few notches, or perhaps more than a few", Angela answered with a wicked smile that neither girl had seen before. "Come on Mary, shall we retire to the dungeon and start your lesson?" "I'm ready. Are you ready for me to escape and tie you up", was Mary's verbal response? In the privacy of her mind she was thinking, "This bitch looks like a goddess and has incredible tits, but she sure is stupid. Just wait until she sees me get untied and then gets tied up by me. I wonder how tight I can tie up those boobs of hers. I hope mine start soon." Mary couldn't take her envious glance off that amazing bust as she got up to follow Angela to the dungeon. It was unfortunate the she was so preoccupied with her envy over those tits instead of paying attention to her own vulnerability. Angela was very accomplished at using her curvaceous body to distract her victims. Rather than lead the way, the tall blond extended her arm toward a door while thrusting her chest forward and saying, "after You, dear."

Mumbling thanks Mary passed in front of Angela with her glance still fixed on the incredible bust line. Just as she passed Angela's long shapely leg slipped out in front of her shins blocking their forward progress. A surprisingly strong hand between placed between Mary's shoulders shoved her forward while the other one grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head. Mary hit the floor chest first and was momentarily stunned by the blow.

Instantly the Angela was on her straddling her back. Even in her high heels she swiftly managed to get her shapely feet under Mary's legs and intertwined with them. The effect was to totally immobilize the girl's lower body leaving her torso and arms to flail about violently but uselessly. Being totally overwhelmed by the ferocity of the sneak attack Mary couldn't get out a sound at first. She made up for it a few seconds later as her breath came back and spewed forth a stream of vile language liberally sprinkled with the word "bitch."

Smiling at the outburst Angela grabbed Mary's right arm, bending her wrist so the pain made resistance impossible. Pinning the arm in place on top of Mary's back and inside of her right leg Angela reached behind and pulled a pair of handcuffs out of her Skirt's waist band. It seems that Mistress Angela was always prepared to make an effective capture. Snapping one of the cuffs around Mary's right elbow she grabbed the left arm in the same way and brought it along side the right quickly closing the other cuff around that elbow. with a length of rope pulled down from the counter top she lashed the girl's wrists together palm-to-palm with several turns of rope. Mary added to the moment by screaming,

"What the fuck are you doing, you bitch? Stop it! You filthy fucking whore! Stop it!"

Holding the girl pinned with a firm grip on the elbow cuffs Angela spun around until she was facing her captive's feet and still grinning about the verbal outburst she had unleashed. She thought, "I was right. This one really needs to be broken for her own good." Producing another pair of handcuffs she fastened Mary's ankles together making sure that the cuffs were tight enough to make a painful impression. She spun back around to the front and checked her work, tightening the cuffs and ropes. Although this process had taken no more than half a minute, Mary had managed to scream out a few dozen vicious and colorful comments.

Pulling a dish rag from the sink Angela had the foul mouth totally stuffed a few seconds later. Taking the expensive designer silk scarf from her neck she secured the rag in her captive's mouth. Mary, the great escape artiste, had been totally ambushed and taken prisoner in less than a minute. Lying on the floor still stunned by the ferocious physical assault and suddenly finding herself bound and gagged for the first time in her life, Mary was overwhelmed. it was as if she were a calf in a rodeo and had just been roped and hogtied in record time. She didn't realize the irony of her trying to scream while gagged and sounding exactly as Mike had a few days ago. She was simply outraged, and there was nothing inside of her but that anger.

Angela rose to her feet and stood with a foot on the middle of her captive's back while smoothing her hair and clothing. "Whew, I do enjoy doing that", was her first comment. Julie was stunned as much as her friend, Mary. After knowing Angela for a few years she had never seen her actually act dominantly. Seeing her strong willed aggressive young friend so quickly and effectively captured and left helpless on the floor made Julie literally speechless for the first time that day. She was trying to regain her voice and ask Angela to release her friend, but the goddess ended that line of thinking with her next comments.

"You stupid little bitch. Did you really think you'd trick me into letting you tie me up? I offered to train you and to make a real dominatrix out of you. It would have been good for you. You need training, you bitch. What do you do? You come on with that arrogant bitchy attitude like maybe I'm not as strong and as smart as you are. You're going to get out of my ropes and tie me up, Right? Think again stupid little girl-bitch. You're going to find out just how dominant I am, girlie. I'm going to break you. It will do you good, but I'm doing this because I'm enjoying it.

Honey, you wouldn't believe how aggressive and even dominant most of my clients are. They are strong grown males. They'd like nothing better than to get out of their restraints and have their way with me. I specialize in that sort of male. They are a dangerous sort, but they pay well for the experience of being the prisoner of a woman like me as they struggle to escape. They're the sort that would love to turn the tables on a dominant woman. Most dommes won't deal with them, because they're so dangerous. I do, because they pay so well, and frankly I like defeating them. That's my ultra-dominant nature. If I couldn't keep a slave bound and helpless, my life as I know it would have been taken over by one or all of them long ago. No one gets free from my bondage, no one, not even once. You're mine, honey, body and soul. I'm going to make a submissive out of you like it or not."

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"Julie, close your mouth and stop being shocked. Your little friend here is stupid and has more arrogance than sense. She's going to pay the price for that. She's mine now, and I'm going to train her and transform her into a properly vulnerable and submissive woman. She simply doesn't have what it takes to be a dominatrix. Her attitude is all wrong. She's destined to be a submissive little slut serving some male no matter what she thinks or does. The sooner she learns that the better for everyone.

"Speaking for myself, I admit that I'm really going to enjoy this. I think you will too, Julie. I know that you'll learn a lot from watching me destroy your friend's phony dominant exterior and then release the submissive slut inside. That's what she really is, you know. She showed her true nature in that conversation we just had. Don't feel sorry for her. She asked for it. Now she's going to get it. I am going to keep her captive for as long as it takes. She will accept her defeat and surrender to me. She will be mine for life even though some day she'll be on her knees surrendering to a male or several of them. I know her type Julie. Believe me, I'm doing her a favor by breaking her now. What she's doing to Mike is only a small part of what I'm going to do to her. We can talk about it later. Right now I'm going to drag this piece of slave meat down to the dungeon and get her caged up. I advise you to come along. The experience will be good for you."

Grabbing the handcuffs encircling the captive's ankles and lifting them off the floor, the woman dragged Mary across the floor and then down the stairs in a most undignified and painful manner. Mary continued her frantic struggles and indignant gagged objections as she bounced from step to step, but she had no chance. She had been captured and very effectively bound by a professional. She was just an amateur with only a few days of experience. In fact she had never even been tied up before. Her best friend who was also her only friend followed meekly with equal parts of fear and excitement.

At the bottom of the stairs Angela produced her keys and unlocked a heavy steel door. Swinging it open she dragged her captive through on her back, dropping her legs as she reached the center of the room. Reaching up the dominant woman grabbed a steel cable with a ring and padlock at the end. With no apparent difficulty she bent down and locked the steel ring to the chain between Mary's handcuffed elbows. Strutting across the chamber with her heels clicking she halted at a winch. Grasping the smooth plastic grip on the steel handle Angela began forcefully winching in the cable. The result was Mary's elbow cuffs being winched up with the hopelessly bound girl forced to rise on to her feet to keep her arms from being torn off. The dominant kept cranking the winch until Mary was standing on tip toes and moaning in pain. Hearing the pain Julie put her hand to her mouth in distress. Angela smiled like a she-wolf looking over a tasty captive. Producing another padlock she locked the winch handle in position assuring that the girl would remain fixed in place and utterly unable to mount any resistance.

Once Mary was fixed in place and had no hope of release, Julie's attention was captured by the chamber and its fixtures. There were both horizontal and vertical racks. In several places there were shackles hanging from the walls. Hooks on one wall displayed a huge array of handcuffs, ankle shackles, manacles, leg irons and collars in all sizes. There were several hooks on the wall holding coils of rope. Another area held suspended what Julie assumed must be gags. She had never seen so many types and wondered how some of them could be used. There was a set of medieval looking stocks with several floggers, whips and other hideous looking torture devices.

There was also a chest of drawers about whose contents Julie couldn't even guess. Along the final wall there were two genuine jail cells with heavy steel bars and very professional looking locks. Each cell had several steel rings hanging from the back wall at different heights. Finally each cell incongruously held a modern looking flush toilet.

Overwhelmed by the dungeon equipment and the incredible security of the place Julie's mind focused on the only familiar thing. "Why are there toilets in those cells?" "First of all I call them cages. They are here for the purpose of keeping male animals locked up. All males are basically animals, and I think it's obvious that they should all be caged. Here in this dungeon I rule and the world is as it should be. The toilets are there so that once I get one of the disgusting creatures chained up and caged, I don't have to bother with them. They pay for the privilege of spending as little as an hour or as much as several weeks here. With this set-up all I have to do is shove a bowl of slop through the feeding slot once a day. They don't get even that if they haven't obeyed me perfectly" was Angela's matter of fact answer.

"Of course I do enjoy dragging the miserable pieces of garbage out here for humiliation and torture", Angela admitted. "You torture them", Julie asked quietly hoping that her voice did not betray the excitement she was feeling? "I do if they've paid for it or if I feel like it. You'd be amazed at the things I've done to males in here. The fact that they pay so well for my pleasure is a thrill that I don't expect you to understand, Julie, not yet anyway."

Neither Angela nor her bent over chained captive noticed the watery gleam in Julie's eyes as she listened. Mary was furiously struggling with her restraints. Angela was watching the ridiculous spectacle of a girl trying to break out of steel handcuffs that were too strong for a full grown male. "You're going to be hard to break, and when I do break you you'll be a disgustingly submissive little slut", the blond domme was thinking. Julie was fixated on thoughts of men chained up and caged. She noticed that her thoughts and feelings kept returning to a specific boy who had been captive for three days. She heaved a passionate sigh and looked over at the woman and the girl who were her dear friends and strangely enough were now mortal enemies of each other.

"Why do you have such dangerous men in here Angela? Aren't you afraid of what they could do to you", Julie asked? "Actually I am very afraid of what any one of them could and would do to me if they escaped. I find the fear to be an incredible stimulant, and I love the way that rush drives me to be my most dominant. I love overcoming that fear and managing to keep them as helpless as the skinny flat chested girl hanging over there." The deliberately inflammatory remark resulted in Mary's attempted headlong rush at Angela. The chain holding her elbows up picked her up off the floor at the same instant that the handcuffs on her ankles tripped her. The result was a very outraged girl off her feet flailing wildly to get a grip on the floor and the bitch who had just hit her most sensitive nerve. The captive put on a very entertaining display of chain rattling acrobatics and then ended up just struggling to get her feet back under her. Angela smiled at the ease with which she could control the weak little bitch's feelings.

"As I was saying, I love overcoming the fear of what they would do to me if they had a chance. I also love keeping them so securely restrained that they in fact can't get their hands on me and that they pay me so well for what I enjoy doing so much. I am a woman who loves the life she has."

"This is important, Julie. I am successful in this work because I am extremely careful and prepared. The restraints that you see here are very strong. The locks are pick proof and much stronger that ordinary ones. The cages are so strong that an elephant couldn't break out. When a male comes to this house for a session, he is treated very carefully. All males enter through the back door into a vestibule. When they close the door behind them it automatically locks, and they're trapped there until I choose to unlock one of the doors from the inside. They then strip to their shorts and pass their clothes and their payment, cash of course, though a rotating drawer to the inside. They get a set of steel restraints all chained together from the same drawer. They shackle their ankles first. At the end of the chain is a collar that they lock around their neck. I include a leather hood which they put over their head and then lock its strap around their necks so they can't get it off. The hood keeps them from seeing anything. At that point they lock their wrists and elbows behind their backs with the cuffs attached to the chain from their ankles to their collar.

"I can watch the whole thing from tv monitors that I have all over this house. When I feel like it I go into the vestibule and lead them down to the dungeon where I chain them down. What happens next is partly what they specify they want and whatever else I feel like doing to them. At all times they are chained to a stationary object such as one of those rings on the walls. When I'm not working them over, they're caged; and they're always chained up. It's that simple. This is an ultimately secure prison for dangerous monsters. As long as I follow my procedures for handling them, they have no chance of escape, and even though I'm physically much weaker than them I am perfectly safe from their disgusting desires about me.

"Here's something else you might not know, Julie. I can take care of myself. I have black belts in both judo and karate. I've easily put down unbound males twice my size. When I have them chained up, they have no chance against me.

"I'll show you my final secret weapon. Reaching into one of the drawers Angela pulled out a hard clear plastic case with what looked like a cloth inside. "When I open this container I break a very tight seal. Inside I keep a pad soaked in ether. One deep breath of that will knock out any animal of any size. None of my clients know about these. They're my last resort in case things get out of hand. If I have to , I can knock one of them out in a few seconds. I have these containers all over this dungeon available for my use."

Still overwhelmed Julie could think of only one question. "Aren't you supposed to use chloroform?" "Chloroform is dangerous, Julie. No one even knows how it works. As much as I loath males It would be very, well inconvenient, if one of them died in here. Ether is much safer. A lot of thought went into the design of my dungeon", Angela said simply. She was clearly a woman in charge of her own domain.

"So Julie, do you see that I take great precautions to make sure that none of my male animals can turn the tables on me? I wouldn't dream of having any of these dangerous males in here without being sure that I was in total control. It's a mistake of nature that the males are so much stronger than the women. I've chosen to fix the mistake that Nature made and to see to it that in my part of the world males are totally helpless."

Angela strutted over to the spot where Mary hung in chains. Cruelly grasping her chin she pulled her head up to stare into the angry eyes. "Did you really think you could rule here in my own home, Mary? You are a little girl and an amateur. In a little while I'll rope you up and you can try to escape as we agreed. You'll find my ropes to be even more restrictive than my chains. They're also much more painful. You won't last long. I'll have your surrender soon enough, and then your training will begin. You will stay captive here for as long as I want to keep you, and that will be quite a while.

"By the way honey, you'd better accept something else. You have the chest of a little girl, and it will never change. You will not have tits. I know your body type. You'd better hope that some male can find something else to desire about you, so that he takes you as a slave. That's the only future you have, Honey. As a woman you'll never be anything more than some male's toy, but you won't have the tits to attract any interest." Mary's angry outburst reached an even higher volume level, and her struggles became even more violent as her new mistress expected. Angela smiled arrogantly pleased that she could push the girl's buttons so effectively.

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"That's the story, Julie. That's what happens here, and that's who I am. I'm sure that you will learn quite a bit here as I take your friend's attitude apart. I think you'll learn a lot here in the future too, don't you", Angela asked? Julie nodded silently and worried that her friend could see her dominant nature that she had always tried so hard to hide. It was easy to hide it from Mary who was so blinded by her own shallow desires to tie people up especially boys. Julie realized that Angela could see straight into her heart just as she had seen into Mary's.

"Ok, let me get this skinny slave roped up so she can show us her escape skills. Then we can go upstairs and visit for awhile, Julie" the deep sexy voice said. The goddess's eyes said, "yes, I can see right into you, and I think you're wonderful. I look forward to the day when you're of age."

The perfect body sensuously undulated across the dungeon to the wall holding the coils of rope. Angela took a few coils off the hooks and returned with her perfect tits performing a slow, seductive rhythmic bouncing and swinging motion in time with her swaying hips. Both girls were amazed at the body that no man had ever gotten his hands on and certainly never would.

Part V

Goddess Angela knelt at Mary's feet tightly wrapping a white rope around her ankles, lecturing as she proceeded. "Now pay attention, Julie. When you change someone's restraints, always put the new ones on tight before removing the old ones. It's easy to forget that, and then You can be in real trouble." She finished cinching Mary's ankle ropes with plenty of rope left. Taking the rope ends up the girl's legs she used them to tie her knees together above and below the joints. Those ropes were also cinched and tied off tightly. As Mary's leg ropes were pulled tight, the instruction continued. "See how I use the rope ends somewhere else? That way she can't untie her ankles even if she can get her fingers on the ankle knots. The rope ends are tied off up here at her knees where she can't reach them, and she can't untie her ankle knot unless the rope ends are free. That's a little trick I learned long ago, and it's never failed me. It has frustrated a lot of captives though", she chuckled.

Standing up and using another length of rope the dungeon goddess made a few loops around the girl's elbows and pulled them them together until they were touching. Mary's gagged groaning brought a smile of delight to the woman's face. After pulling a few more loops tight around the elbows, she cinched them tightly by wrapping three loops across the first ones and between her captive's elbows. Pulling the assembled loops of rope as tight as she could she carefully tied three very tight knots between the arms where they could hardly be seen and would be nearly impossible to reach and untie. "How's that, future mistress? Planning your escape? Will I have time to run out of the dungeon before you get your arms free?" The taunting voice had such a wickedly sarcastic tone that Julie wanted to leave, however somehow seeing the captive girl and want-to-be mistress lose her freedom so quickly and thoroughly held her fixed in fascination. There was something strangely enticing about the total defeat of someone so strong willed as Mary.

"Now notice how I always cinch my ropes, Julie. That means that after I get through wrapping ropes around someones legs or arms I put a few loops across them in the other direction. When I pull the ropes tight and tie them, everything becomes incredibly tight. If you don't cinch your ropes your little plaything can get the ropes loose if he or she tries hard enough and long enough. Do a good job of cinching and there's no hope of escape.

"Right, Mary? Now what shall I do next? Your arms are so nice and flexible that it was easy to tie your elbows together. I tied your wrists together upstairs when I tricked you into my trap. Your wrists are too skinny for my handcuffs so I put the cuffs on your elbows and roped up your wrists. Remember, that was just after you told me how you were going to escape, tie me up and then take me as a permanent slave?" As the ridicule continued to work on Mary's pride,she thrashed about wildly as she tried to get loose and get her hands on her captor's incredible body. She especially wanted to gag that bitch's mouth. Unfortunately she could barely stay up on her bound legs and her thoroughly gagged mouth could barely pass a whimper.

"Now what shall we tie next", Angela wondered out loud? "Haven't you tied her up enough", Julie suggested? "No,I want this little bitch so tightly wrapped up that she can't wiggle. I'm taking her down, Julie. It's my dungeon, so I tie the way I want. If you try to help her or to interfere in any way, I'll chain you up. I really will. I rule in this dungeon, and no one gets off easy here. I have more work to do before this one gets to start her escape", she sneered.

Julie couldn't help but giggle at those words about her defeated friend escaping while looking at her strung up and totally immobilized. Mary trashed even harder and tried even harder to get a nasty comment past her gag. She needed to tell off both bitches, the one who was tying her up and her former friend who thought it was funny. Her efforts only tired her out. Mary was still stunned at how easily she had been captured and how securely restrained. The arrogant girl was indeed just an amateur who had foolishly challenged a professional. When she would surrender and give up her hopes of being a dominatrix depended only on how much pain and frustration she could bear. She was near her limits on both accounts already, yet Angela continued to apply exquisitely tight ropes to the captive girl's body.

While securely lashing Mary's arms to her sides, she while continuing to verbally bait her captive. She used a rope around the back of Mary's neck and her elbow ropes to anchor the chest ropes. Getting in another dig at the girl's pride she said, "normal women are easier to tie up here because they have a normal set of tits to hold the ropes in place. It will always be hard to rope up this one's chest, so you have to tie her arms like you would a boy's." Julie's curiosity got the better of her, and she asked, "do you mean that your boobs are big enough to make it easier to tie your arms?" Angela smiled at the girl's nerve and answered calmly. "By normal tits I mean B cup, Julie. A normal woman is at least a B cup in my opinion. That's big enough to give a lover something to hold on to. I'm a large D cup, almost a double D. Yes, it would be very easy to tie my arms because my tits are so big. But even a B cup girl would be easier to tie on top than this little boy here. We're friends, Julie. If you wanted to know the size of my tits, you just had to ask."

Julie flushed in embarrassment as Mary continued her muffled protests. Angela strutted over to the winch that was holding the captive's elbows elevated. Taking the key from her cleavage she unlocked the winch handle and then unwound the cable. Mary was so well bound that as the upward pull on her elbows slackened she collapsed into a heap on the floor. Both Angela and Julie marveled at the stubborn streak that kept Mary struggling and squirming. The ruler of the dungeon undulated back and knelt down over her captive. Taking a final piece of rope she looped it through the ankle ropes and then through the ropes binding Mary's elbows. Pulling it tight she bent the young girl's body into a strict hogtie and tied off the the rope ends at her elbows. "There, that will keep her from moving around too much. Julie, notice that the rope ends are tied off at her elbows where she can't possibly get her fingers on the knots, since I have her wrists tied together.

"Now and only now it's safe to take off the cuffs. By, the way, I don't use standard handcuffs. Too many people have keys for them. Each pair of cuffs and any other lock in this dungeon has its own unique key, and there is only one of those keys in the entire world. All the locks are pick-proof, and nearly indestructible. As I told you, a woman has to be very careful when keeping males captive." As she spoke she extracted a thin gold chain from her bosom and Julie saw the a large collection of keys dangling from it. "These are the keys for all the restraints that I have. Normally I never have the keys for a slave's restraints anywhere near my prisoners. I like it to be totally unthinkable that a male could get out of his chains. But I didn't expect any trouble with this skinny bitch and she turned out to be none at all", she lectured.

"Now a few last precautions, Julie", Angela continued. Grabbing the ankle-to-elbow rope she picked up the bound girl like a suitcase and carried her into the nearest prison cell, known as a cage in that dungeon. Julie marveled at how strong such a feminine body could be and how sure footed a woman in such high spiked heels could be. "No man will ever have her", she thought. Angela set Mary down on the cage floor like a piece of baggage, and moved over to the chest of drawers with heels clicking in a concert of swaying hips, bouncing tits and tight ass cheeks. Opening the top drawer, she pulled out a stainless steel ring hinged at the center. She carried it back to the cage and closed it around Mary's neck. Julie hearing the lock click closed realized that it was a collar, probably the smallest sized one in the dungeon. Angela took a chain down from the cage's back wall and padlocked it to the collar, thus limiting her prisoner's range of motion. Mary, lying on her side and hog-tied, could do nothing to prevent herself from being collared and leashed like an animal.

Standing over her helpless captive with a stiletto heeled shoe on either side of Mary's head Angela gave further instructions. "See these three keys, stupid? I'm going to hang them on this hook up by the ceiling. You can't possibly reach them tied up like that, but if by a miracle you get loose, you'll be able to get them. These keys will unlock your collar, the door to this cage and the door to the dungeon. Without the keys you have no chance of getting out of here."

"Now for reality. You can not escape from my ropes. No one ever has. Sometime today or tomorrow or next year you will accept that. When you do, you are to surrender to me. This big red button near the floor is how you signal me. That button rings alarms all over the house. You signal me if you get into trouble and need to be rescued, or when you are ready to give up and surrender. In any case if you push this button, I will come and claim you as mine, forever. At that time I'll take these keys away, and you'll never be near them again. You will have no choice about that or anything else from then on.

"So, you can lie here struggling forever, or you can surrender to me by pushing the button. Those are the only choices left to you. It has come to that. You were stupid enough to challenge me. You have lost like every other challenger has. You can admit it whenever you want like now or later when you can't stand being tied up any longer or maybe never. That's the only choice left to you. The rest is under my control and always will be. Have a nice day, slave.

"Oh by the way, you might think about how your brother feels now that I've tied you up the same same way that you did him." Without further comment Angela left Mary hog-tied and gagged in the cage. She slid the steel barred cage door shut, fastened the heavy lock and tested to make sure it was secured. With no further comment the perfect body moved a few steps from the cage. For reasons known only to Angela she turned and looked back wistfully at the exquisitely tied and gagged prisoner chained up and locked in her cage. Tears gathered in her eyes as memories of another captive came rushing back. "Get over it. She's gone", Angela told herself sharply. Still, the memories were too recent and the years before had been too sweet for her to be unaffected. Turning on her heel harshly the perfect body sternly strutted out the dungeon doorway leaving only a view of her perfect ass swaying and the sound of the stiletto heels clicking with each step. Julie gave her friend one last sad, yet terribly exciting look and followed Angela out the dungeon door abandoning her best friend.

That door was slammed, closed and locked, leaving Mary bound, gagged, caged and chained in maximum security. For once Mary's arrogance and false confidence failed her, and the thin girl's body trembled from the uncontrollable sobs. She had been out smarted, out maneuvered, out classed, over powered; and now she was captive and very scared. Her life had just been changed forever, and the future appeared to be totally out of her control.

Part VI

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The tea into the two fine china cups was steaming, and as was her custom Julie delicately used the sterling silver tongs to drop a cube of sugar into hers as had Angela. They both stirred slowly with their fine silver spoons making faint tinkling sounds in what had become their regular ritual. The kitchen was a place of peace and serenity in a house dedicated to captivity and abuse. Angela crossed room and brought back a small plate of biscuits with her heels adding a rythmic sharp but delicate clicking noise to the peace. Bending forward at the waist as she placed the plate on the table she smiled warmly at her young friend and showed quite a bit more cleavage than necessary. She had managed to calm and reassure Julie who had been quite shaken by the trauma of seeing her friend captured and enslaved for life. Now they had more serious matters to talk about, and Angela wanted to put to rest the minor business of Mary's capture.

"So, tell me how you're feeling now Julie", she said. "Well, watching you tie up Mary and put her in that cage made me feel strange." "Strange, how?" After thinking a while Julie as always decided to trust Angela. "Well, I liked it. I really liked seeing her tricked and then tied up so tight. Locking her in the cage made me feel so.... well excited. I don't know why. I think something must be wrong with me", stammered the young girl. "Go on Julie", Mistress Angela said gently but frimly. "Well when I saw Mike all tied up, I got so excited. It's all I've been able to think about for three days. I want to keep him like that. I want him to be mine. When I saw you attack Mary, I was scared, but I was really excited too. It was like the most important thing I've ever seen. When you tied her up and then locked her in that cage, my heart was pounding. I was afraid you'd hear it. I don't know why. That's why I think I must be sick in the head or something."

Angela's seductive lips parted showing two rows of perfect white teeth and formed a wide open smile. Her laughter that followed was loud and overflowing with joy as if she had just heard the most delightfully funny joke. "Dear, dear Julie. You are a treasure. You are so intelligent and so in touch with your feelings and so honest about it that you're refreshing. My dear sweet girl, I just love you. I can't help it. You're a delight. There is nothing wrong with you and certainly nothing wrong in your head. You are simply perfect. You are a girl becoming a dominant woman. Seeing males and weak confused females taken captive and controlled excites you because inside you know that it's the way it should be. Never doubt yourself. You're perfect."

Julie struggled with that message until Angela took the conversation in a slightly different direction. "Julie, tell me your feelings about Mike. Don't hold back, I can see right into you anyway", Angella said politely but this time not so gently. Without a pause and with a surprisingly firm voice for such a young girl Julie announced, "I love Mike. I always will. I'm going to marry him someday. I want to keep him as my husband but I will be in charge. I want to keep him tied up and caged all the time like Mary is. I want him like I own him. Not that mushy stuff. I want him to be mine because I have him chained up and caged. I'll make him love me so that he likes it, but I will have him no matter what. You'll see."

"Well that's quite a goal you have, dear", Angela responded. I admire you for knowing what you want and intending to get it. However, males are not worth that much love. Mike might be a nice young male, but he's only a male. Some day he'll be only an adult male, quite disgusting and certainly nothing special. You will meet lots of males, you might like one of them more than Mike."

Julie's voice resonated in the kitchen nearly rattling the tea cups. "No, I love Mike. I will have him, no one else will. Maybe I'll have other boys or men in my life at the same time, but Mike will be mine. He will be just like Mary is now, tied up and caged. I know what I want. I really do love him, and I'm going to own him.

"And do you intend your relationship with him to be intimate, dear", Angela asked sweetly? "Oh, you mean will I have sex with him? Well I intend to be using him for sex a lot some day of course. What's the point of owning a man, I mean a male, if I don't use him? We're both too young now though. I'm going to be something more than a stay at home house wife, Angela. I'm a smart girl, and I intend to make something of myself. I'm going to be lawyer some day, an important one in a big company. I'm going to have to work and study hard to get there, so I can't be having babies at the same time. Mike and I will wait until we're grown up, and then I'll be very careful. If I can keep him tied up, I'll be in total control of how I use him. I'm not just some stupid slut, you know."

Angela savored the moment as if she had heard a fine concerto. It was so rare to hear any woman so certain and so sure of herself. She sighed, thinking that her hopes for the future might have to be adjusted. Nevertheless she would help this girl find the life that she wanted even if it was with a male. She quietly yet clearly answered, "Ok Julie. I'll help you. Together we are a match for any male of any age. I will help you to get the male that you want. Mike will be yours if that's what you want." "It is what I want", was Julie's firm reply.

"Ok, let's get down to the business of your taking and maintaining ownership of the male you have chosen. Mary will be busy enough serving me, and she certainly won't be in control of anyone else from now on. But I still see large problems in your being able to manage, Julie. I'm not saying that you can't succeed in owning that male, but we will have to be very clever to make it work" was Angella's frank response. "I know", said Julie. "How am I going to keep him under control? I can't keep him tied up all the time once his parents return home. He's older than me. He's going to go to high school soon. How will I keep him from liking other girls? I won't even be in that school to watch what he does. I have to control him all the time. He has to think of me only. I don't know how I can do that without keeping him tied up." Julie then continued in frustration, "why can't boys, I maean males, just be kept tied up all the time? It would be so much better that way."

"I think the world would be a much better place if all the males were tied up, Julie", Angela said. "However we have to deal with life as it is right now. "Actually males are not so hard to control. There's really only one thing on their minds other than sports. I think we can find a way to keep the male of your interest loyal and faithful to you for quite a long time, if you really want that." "I do want that. That's what I've been telling You!" Julie was getting exasperated with having to explain over and over about her commitment to owning the boy and then the man.

"Don't get nasty with me, Julie. I'm on your side. Save it for Mike. Let me tell you all about males and their needs and desires. I doubt if you've heard all this before, but you need to hear it now." "No, my parents are so embarassed about those things that we never talk about it. They have no idea of my plans for Mike", Julie responded. So, the woman-to-girl frank talk began. It would be a long talk and a very necessary one as Julie's mother would never think to tell her the things that Angela was about to share with her. In fact Julie's parents didn't have even a small portion of the knowledge that Angela was about to impart.

As the free women upstairs continued their conversation about male psychology and phsysiology, a very well tied, chained and caged girl succumbed to exhaustion and failure for at least the tenth time. She once again surrendered to her feelings of frustration and fear. The uncontrollable sobs, and tears returned.

Even crying hurt as the ropes sawed over and over the raw skin and the cloth gag continued to dry her mouth. Two hours of struggling and trying all her escape ideas had accomplished nothing but to exhaust the poor girl. Her limbs had been tied by an experienced expert. There seemed to be no way to gain any added mobility or slack of any sort.

Mary tried for the thousanth time to untie her ankles only to be frustrated again. After straining to reach the tight little knot on her ankles it couldn't be untied because the rope ends were tied down at her knees. The next move was to try gyrating her arms to make a bit of the ropes binding her elbows to slide over them to her forearms where she might be able to develop some slack. The elbow ropes had been so tightly tied and cinched that there was no way to get them to move even the smallest amount. With her arms so securely bound to her torso there was no mobility to allow any useful movement anyway.

Mary tried wiggling her knees to gain some freedom there or anywhere, but the story was the same. The ropes were cruelly tight and cinched. Her legs might as well have been glued together. In frustration the captive expended most of her remaining energy thrashing madly about on the cage floor. The useless attempt did cause her to move spasmotically across the floor until even that movement was brought up short by the taut chain locking her collar to the back wall of the cage.

The girl who had so eagerly challenged Angela had had her arrogance answered with a painfully cruel and oh so effective tied up position in an escape proof cage. Mary rolled to her side and looked up at the cage door key hanging nearly at the ceiling. It might as well have been on the moon as there was no way the tightly hog-tied prisoner was going raise any more than a single finger in its direction.

Mary was the victim of a mistress who knew her business. The girl's particular type of captivity was designed not just to imprison but to defeat by causing pain as well. The ropes were so tight that the slightest shrug brought pains that added to the river of tears flowing across the captive's face. Mary's struggles had been brought short by her collar and leash so often that even her neck was marked by a painful and ugly red ring of skin.

Attempting once more to find a weakness in her restraints Mary tried to glance down toward her bound legs. The raw skin on her neck reacted so strongly to even the slightest rubbing against her collar that she gave up on that attempt. The girl's head was immobilized by the pain giving collar and it was frozen pointed directly at the large red surrender button. There it was directly in front of her. Just one more painful transit across the cage floor squirming like a lowly worm and then a thrust of her forehead onto its molded red plastic surface and the torture could be over.

Mary knew that surrendering would not free her but would only put her into long term captivity for slave training. Would Mistress Angela be kinder once Mary admitted failure and surrendered? Surely she'd be restrained in a less painful way, woudn't she? Would it be so bad being the Mistress's slave? She was already tied up and under her total control. Why not surrender and give up? At least she'd be more comfortable.

The plain fact was that the previous two and a half hours of struggling had depleted the girl's energy reserves and emotional strength. She was physically and mentally spent and without a friend in the world. Even her best friend, her only friend, Julie, was laughing at her. The tears came quickly this time and didn't stop. Crying was the only thing left to do, and Mary let the tears flow freely. Once the decision to surrender had been made, everything seemed so much better.

While the wretched skinny bitch in the cage cried, the curvey blond who was likely to become her owner was finishing a long lecture. True to her word Angela would do her best to help her friend maintain control over the male of her choice. She finished with, "do you understand what You have to do Julie?" "I understand Angela, but it seems so strange and a little bit disgusting", Julie responded. Eyeing the so intriguing young girl wistfully and longingly, the blond put her feelings aside and answered, "Julie, if You're going to own a male, you'll have to get used to strange and disgusting things. That's the way they are."

"But do I really have to do those things", Julie asked? Nodding with a friendly smile, the godess answered,"yes You do have to at least once a week. That's just one of the many problems with loving a male, Julie." If Julie got the hint that the blond was making a play for her, she showed no evidence of it when she answered, "well I do love him, and I will have him as a slave husband, even though I will have other men, ah... males, too. I'm sure of that, but Mike will always be waiting at home for me in his cage. He'll be a perfect husband, becasue I'll make be one. I'll do whatever I have to."

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"As I said, Julie, I'll help you in any way that I can. For that matter how is he tied up right now and how long has he been that way", Angela asked? "He's still hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. Mary and I tied him up like that using chains and padlocks two days ago. There's no way he can get out of that" was the answer. "Listen, Julie, as much as I despise males, they are fun to play with. You have to treat him more carefully, or there'll be nothing left to enjoy", the professional Mistress said. Hearing that her future husband was in danger Julie burst out, "what's wrong? did we hurt him? Quick tell me what to do!" "Calm down dear. You just have to change his position at least once a day, or it's bad for his ridiculous male body. Since you want him so badly, I advise you to be careful with him. Also those chains must be wrecking his skin. You'd better get him into some more gentle and more secure restraints." As Angela continued her lecture, she thought, "if you only knew my fondest dream right now, dear."

"Will you come over and help me with him", Julie pleaded? "I'm sorry Julie, but I have a slave of my own right here. I have to watch over her until she surrenders. If he's what you really want, it's time for you to learn how to keep him prisoner and do the other things we talked about."

"Julie as part of my contribution to your future I'm going give You some very high quality manacles and shackles to use. They will keep your chosen male perfectly safe and comfortable and also perfectly helpless", she answered smiling in delight at those lovely words. "Wait here while I go to the dungeon and get what you need. I should check on my prisoner anyway. She's due for more verbal abuse", the Mistress said as she got up from the table and strutted out with hips swaying sensuously on top of the five inch stiletto heels.

The prisoner slowly and painfully moved as far as the bindings permitted. Completely unaware that two women were conspiring to keep him captive for life, the chained up boy slowly squirmed in his hogtie. He was not trying to escape anymore. The last three days of captivity, had taught Him that he had no chance of escaping. The two girls had him trapped, and completely under their control. Mike was just trying to relieve the pains that had been growing since his little sister had lured him into her trap and tied him up three days before. The pain was so bad that he no longer thought of getting even with Mary, his sister. He knew that he had been beaten by a girl and accepted his degrading and humiliating defeat. He just wanted to be more comfortable. It was his first mental step toward the life of a defeated and submissive male in service to women.

Mike also knew that his captivity couldn't go on forever. He'd been blindfolded since the two girls had chained him up, but he had a rough idea of how much time had passed. He had been able to hear the change of sounds outside as the animals and people went about their business during the day and slept at night. Of course Mike's business had been nothing more than that of a tied up and caged prisoner day and night, but he figured that a few days had passed since his capture.

"In a week or so Mom and Dad will come home", he thought. "She's going to have to unchain me by then. Once I'm free, I'll be ok. This won't hurt anymore" was the only positive thought in the captive's mind. Being male, Mike was still underestimating women. He would learn better, but like most males it would take a lot of time and a lot of training from women, one in particular.

Part VII

"You're never going to get out of that you know. I've captured you. If there were a way out you'd have found it by now, stupid." Looking through the cold merciles cage bars, Mary saw her captor and future Mistress smirking at her. She knew that her face was streaked with tears and didn't care anymore. She had never felt so bad or been so scared. What was going to happen to her? Couldn't she just be a normal girl? No, she couldn't, she never had been one. Now she'd be a slave to the big titted slut whose dungeon was now her prison. Mary hated the thought of defeat. She'd be no better than her stupid brother who she captured three days ago. It wasn't fair that she couldn't find a way out of these ropes. The bitch had tricked her. In Mary's shallow way of thinking it never occurred to her that Angela had tricked her and tied her up in much the same way that Mary had captured her brother Mike. "I can see the thoughts circulating in your head, Honey. It's no use. You have failed to escape from my ropes as you bet you would. You lose, I win. You are mine. You'll have to surrender, and you know it", the now evil looking mouth above the infuriatingly oversized tits spoke.

Mary watched in resignation as her perfectly shaped jailer strode across the dungeon to the bureau and the wall where shackles, manacles and handcuffs were hanging on every square foot. Angela sensuously picked up several items from the wall and then opened a bureau drawer. After carefully choosing a few more items she continued to the dungeon door. Smiling at Mary she pulled the door key from her bosom, unlocked the door and exited. Of course the door closed behind her and was relocked just to drive home the point that Mary was still locked up in a prison, a very secure one.

"What's she doing with all those shackles", Mary wondered? "That fucking bitch with her stupid bondage games. First she trips me and handcuffs my elbows and ankles and then ropes my wrists together so I can't do anything. Then she ties up my legs and elbows while I'm still handcuffed so I still can't do anything about it. Just to show off she explains everything she's doing to keep me from being able to escape. Like I don't know enough to cinch ropes when tying someone up. I know that if a rope isn't cinched it's possible to work the knot over to where it can be reached. I figured that out a long time ago. So the smart ass with the stupid tits had to tell me all about it while she's cinching my elbows, ankles and knees. What a bitch, telling me about it just to make me feel embarrassed. Yes, she's right. everything well cinched is escape proof. I remember her pulling those cinch ropes on my elbows, knees and ankles so tight that I could hardly move my arms and legs. My wrists don't hurt so bad, but that's just because she tied them up first upstairs before she started all that bragging with me hanging from the ceiling. She was in such a hurry to get me secured that it was like I was a calf in a rodeo and she was trying to win a contest. She tied my wrists just like that. It hurt so bad when she whipped that rope around my wrists and knotted it off. She is such a bitch!

I hate that bitch and her stupid mouth. I'd love to gag her, Julie too. My own friend laughing at me. It isn't fair. They both have tits, why don't I? In her frantic and scatter-brained state Mary never thought that her situation might not be without hope if she could only grow up a little and organize her thoughts. If she were level headed enough to examine her last several thoughts, she might learn something. But, if she had been more level headed, she wouldn't have been captured in the first place.


The harsh scraping metallic sounds of the key in the mechanism of the prison door lock roused the captive from his half dozing state. Mike no longer cared that his little sister was coming in to humiliate him again. He was totally helpless, and could do nothing about it. She had kept him captive for three days and he had been forced to admit to himself that he could not escape from her skillfully applied restraints. Now she was the only way he could avoid even more humiliation or busting his bladder. At least so thoroughly blindfolded he wouldn't have to look at her as she so mercilessly berated him. The light foot falls came closer until they stopped by his feet. Instead of the usual vicious sneering voice he heard a deep sigh and a breathless, "Hi Honey." He had been miserable enough, now he had that stupid girl, Julie, there with him again. He hoped that Mary would protect him from Julie's amorous attentions. Where was Mary anyway? The hogtied boy had heard only one set of foot steps. It was a measure of his defeat and helplessness that the girl who had captured him and had announced her intention of controlling him forever was also the girl on whom he now depended for protection. "Mary's a bit tied up right now Mikey. I came over to take care of you. She didn't object when I took her keys so I could be here with you", Julie said as gently as she could. Mike, could only groan about being so helpless and alone with that stupid love sick girl in the room.

"First of all I think you don't need to be blindfolded right now", Julie's strangely gentle voice surprised him. She wasn't sounding like a stupid girl anymore. Her voice had an unusually grown up sensuality to it. Julie started the difficult task of peeling the layers of tape from the boys's face. After removing several terribly sticky layers of the grey tape, she was down to the cloth blindfold. It took fully 20 frustrating minutes to untie all of Mary's "impossible knots" that were holding the blindfold in place. After removing the cloth blindfold, Julie gasped to see that there was another layer of tape over the boy's eyes. She had forgotten that part of his blindfold. Two days ago when the two girls had been having so much fun tying him up, they had really gone to extreme lengths with his restraints, even with the blindfold. Looking at that extra layer of tape and surveying the huge collection of chains secured by more than a dozen padlocks Julie stopped feeling sorry for her friend, Mary, who was so cruelly tied up far out of town. The poor boy had no chance against such an extreme system of restraint. Of course, that had been the girls' purpose in tying him up, Julie reminded herself.

"I either have to be extremely strict with Mike or let him go. There's no way to keep him a little bit tied up. If I don't keep him totally tied up, chained and caged, I'll lose him some day." Julie silently vowed that she would always keep her new captive in the most secure and strict restraints possible regardless of her feelings for him. She would keep him securely captive because she loved him. She made a metal note to learn all that she could from Angela about tying up males remembering how the professional dominatrix had so easily captured Mary and then so effectively tied her up.

Gently pulling the tape from Mike's eyes Julie felt a warm internal sense of caring and ownership for her prisoner. Being better in touch with herself that her friend, Julie understood that those feelings for this boy were growing as she looked upon his chained and helpless body. His being helplessly bound with her in control as she lovingly cared for him and trained him to love and worship her was the way it would be from now on. There would be no compromise. Mike would be totally under her control in every way. She and Angela would make it happen. They had made a plan, and they would make sure that it worked. She could count on Angela to stand by her. Mike would be hers and only hers in every way forever.

Unaware of Julie's thoughts and their implications for his future, Mike blinked slowly trying to clear his vision as Julie slowly pulled the last pieces of tape from his eyes. After two days of having his eyes so tightly bound, his image of Julie was out of focus and watery. His vision of her was similar to love scenes in old time movies. Seeing her through watering and unfocused eyes, while lying helpless at her feet cast her in an extremely romantic light. Subtle seeds of feelings were being planted in Mike's subconscious mind without his knowledge and certainly against his will. Now that she had his body so securely bound leaving him no hope of escape, Julie was determined to capture his feelings. She placed a gentle hand on Mike's arm and looked concerned. "You poor boy. Look at the chain marks on you. You must hurt so much. Don't worry, Mikey. I'm going to fix it so that you don't have to hurt any longer."

Mike's feelings leaped upon hearing her promise. Suddenly he wanted to kiss the little fool even with the gag in his mouth. She had such a crush on him that she was going to unchain him! Maybe she wasn't so bad. He'd be nice to her and maybe even take her out some day. He hoped her figure continued to develop. He had certainly noticed it as all boys start to at that age and never stop. Her figure was off to a great start, and he hoped that it would continue. If only he weren't gagged, he'd tell her how wonderful she was! "Just get me out of the chains, Julie", he was thinking and trying to signal with his eyes.

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The romantic feelings in Mike's head were instantly dashed as Julie proudly held up a double handfull of steel restraints while enthusiastically gushing, "Look, Mikey. My friend said I can keep you totally helpless and captive by locking you up in these shackles, and it won't hurt you a bit. She also said that there's no way that you could ever get out of these unless I let you out. Isn't that great? Of course I'm never going to free you. You know that by now. Just think, now I can keep you chained up without hurting you for as long as I want, and you can't do anything about it. Isn't Angela wonderful? She says that even though they won't hurt a bit, you'll never ever ever get out of these cuffs. It's impossible. I just love her, well not the way that she wants and not the way that I love you, but you know what I mean, don't you."

With Mike's hopes for release demolished by Julie's plans he wondered why he had started liking her. As his vision finally cleared, his gaze focused on her chest. He did not understand the determination of a woman in love, nor did he realize how easily she would be able to manipulate him.

"First of all this goes around your neck, Honey"; Julie sang sweetly as the wide and heavy stainless steel collar snapped shut. She streched out the system of stainless steel heavy chains and cuffs along his back while chattering cheerfully. Fortunately Julie had wisely left her boy gagged so his real feelings of despair and anger couldn't spoil her first romantic time with him.

"These go around your elbows, Honey, and these are for your wrists", she crooned as she snapped both pairs of cuffs shut. "Angela says that with both your wrists and elbows cuffed your arms will be totally useless to you, and I'll have total control over you." Finally down at his feet she snapped the heavy ankle cuffs shut saying, "these are so you can never run away from me. Isn't it romantic? Now I lock your ankles and hands together like this, so you can't get up, and everything is perfect. This is called being hogtied, Honey", Julie continued in her most loving voice.

"Now I can finally get you out of these terrible chains. I'm sorry that they hurt so much. You know Mary had to prove that she could keep you tied up with only rope. You thought you were so big and strong and she had to show you that girls are better than boys. She did such a good job of tying you up that you couldn't escape, which is a good thing. We couldn't keep you in ropes any longer though, because they were really hurting you. We had no choice but to chain you up like this. You understand, don't you, Honey? Now I have you in even better chains that I can keep you in forever. So, you see, things are getting better." As in all prisons, in Angela's dungeon a prisoner's pockets were emptied before leaving them alone in captivity, so Julie now had Mary's keys. With Mary tied up and caged it would be easy for Julie to take over the ownership of Mike. She no longer felt sorry for Mary. By taking Mary prisoner Angela had enabled Julie to have the male of her dreams. Mary would get what was coming to her, and that would be good for her and for Julie. It would be good even for Mike. It was clear that Angela also was going to enjoy having Mary enslaved. Things were working out perfectly with everyone getting what they wanted or at least what they needed, Julie thought.

When Mike was finally free of the cruel chains, he was still very securely restrained by the professional restraints. "Now let's get You to the potty Mikey. It must be time for that." Mike's need was desperate, but being taken to the toilet by this girl would be even more embarrassing than being taken by his little sister. Of course he had no choice about what she would do with him.

"Ok, Honey let me help you up on your knees. There you go. I like putting my arms around you like that. You like it too, don't you? I can tell. Now I'll just unlock your new leash from this post so we can go to the potty.", Julie now spoke easily as if she took chained up males to the toilet all the time. Mike inwardly groaned and swallowed his feelings. He had no choice. The girl was totally in control of him, and he really had to use the toilet. "If you're very good Mikey, I'll leave the blindfold off until I leave. Do you promise", Julie asked? The chained up boy nodded sullenly bringing a smile to Julie's face. Grabbing the chain leash the young girl led her hopes for the future down the hall, she strutting confidently and joyously while holding his leash and he at the other end of the leash submissively shuffling behind her on his knees. It felt so right to Julie to have the male she loved following her on a leash.

Thirty minutes later Julie led a more relaxed boy back to his prison. Securely locking his steel chain leash to the steel post, she said, "now I know you won't be leaving me Honey. Do you feel better now?" As the boy smiled behind his gag, Julie felt more confident of her chances to keep him. As usual Mistess Angela had been right. Julie really could control him. Those high school girls wouldn't be able to take him away from her. She hoped more desperately than Mike for her chest's continued development, as she already understood better than he did how much it would help her to keep him and maybe other males too under control.

With a brazen look of superiority Julie brought out the last restraint that Angela had given her."Now here's the last and the best surprise of all Mikey", she said brightly. "Angela says it will be very effective. Now don't be scared. This is going to be fun."

Mike tried his best to get away. Fortunately for both of them Julie had made sure to have him strictly hog-tied, and he had no way to resist her.

"There, isn't that nice, Mikey? You'll always be mine, won't you", Julie said in a voice unusually serious and dark for her? She was feeling very excited to have what she had set her sights on. Chained up as he was there was nothing he could do about it. The humiliation would continue to weaken his defiance, and it would help her to achieve all her desires for him. Mike wouldn't understand it for a long time, but the moment he had assumed that his masculine strength was superior to his little sister's cleverness he had stepped into a permanent escape proof trap.

"Now Mikey, how about that gag? It must be so uncomfortable. Angela gave me this one. She said it would be more comfortable for you, but that you'd never be able to get out of it, and it would keep you very quiet. That makes it perfect, doesn't it? Now you be a good boy and keep quiet or I'll make sure that you'll be sorry Mikey. You know what I mean, and you know that now I can make you very sorry if you don't obey me. It's going to be that way from now on, Honey. I want to take your gag out and have a nice long talk with you. We have all afternoon and all night. We'll talk about our feelings for each other and how you're going to be mine forever. If you're a good boy, I'll fix you something nice to eat after that. It will all be very nice as long as you don't try to scream and don't say anything mean. You know that I control you now, and I can really make you sorry for disobeying me. Just do as I say, and I can keep being nice to you. You're going to love me, and I'm going to take you as my husband someday; so just pretend that it's already happened."

The boy was swooning from all the shocking developments of the last three days and especially from the last hour with his new mistress. Julie went to work on Mary's "impossible knots" holding the stuffing in Mike's mouth. Finally he could let it fall out along with a load of drool pouring down his chin and onto the floor. His jaw was so stiff that speech was impossible for several minutes, but his mistress could be understanding and patient. She had all the time in the world. Soon the two young people had started their first serious talk. Julie had brought in a chair so she could sit comfortably while Mike stayed on the floor at her feet, securely chained up in his hogtie. Mike was quiet and meek in his comments. Julie was bubbling with joy to find herself with the male of her choice hog-tied at her feet and submissively obeying her. It had been so easy to get control of him with Angela's help. Mike was totally bewildered by the sweet and gentle but dominant ways of this girl. She had just captured him so much more thoroughly than his sister had only three days ago.

Part 9

Angela had put away her tea service and in her usual fastidious way cleaned the few crumbs from her hardwood kitchen table. She felt that she had been a good friend that day and had done all she could for Julie. Julie was truely remarkable and would be a splendid loving and dominant woman. "What a waste, she's in love with a male", Angela said to the empty space of her kitchen. The incredibly desirable goddess was quite proud of having shunned the males of the human race and having kept her self respect by doing so. she could honestly and proudly say that no male had ever used her for his pleasure. Women were for loving each other, and males were for chaining and beating had always been her motto. She shuddered with horror at the thought of women having intimate relations with males. The thought of a disgusting male cock penetrating a woman's sacred places was the most disgusting thing she could imagine. She thought longingly of Jennifer who after four wonderfully intimate years had decided to take a job overseas. Angela examined the sore spot in her heart and thought that it might heal some day. She hoped that she would find a partner as wonderful as Jennifer, perhaps soon.

Gently putting those feelings away she considered the remainder of the day. Mary downstairs was just about to break. That one was really stubborn, but the surrender alarm would be sounding soon. That would bring some wicked fun into the day. No doubt the little bitch thought that she'd receive better treatment from Angela once she surrendered. The dominant curvaceous blond smiled cruelly as she contemplated Mary's horror upon learning how much worse she'd be treated instead. Angela was a true dominant without a bit of gentleness or mercy for those who were so stupid that they became just slave meat.

Besides visiting horror on Mary that evening, she had a client coming, and he'd also be subjected to considerable mistreatment. She groaned and shuddered with genuine fear at the thought of this particular male. She remembered the terrible arguments with Jennifer about him. Jennifer had tried begging and then demanding that Angela stop taking this one into her dungeon. Even speaking his name frightened Jennifer.

His name was Joe. Disgusting literature was his business. He was a writer specializing in horrifying tales of Men dominating and using women in the most vicious and degrading ways. Angela was sure after reading some of his vivid descriptions of his heros and their victims that he had actually treated women like that. He came to her for the challenge of trying to escape from a dominant woman, the type of woman the "heros" in his stories always captured and turned into sex slaves. He had always made it clear what he would do to her if he got free in her presence. Angela made sure that he never succeeded and punished him without mercy in return. He said his sessions of bondage and abuse from Angela also got his "creative juices" flowing and inspired him to write the next piece of printed trash. He made good money with his writing, and he paid Angela well. In her woman's heart she knew that Joe was a very dangerous male who saw women as objects for his use and abuse. Angela often wondered if the sessions with her released his disgusting feelings about women enough to make him safe for civilized society. She had too often seen the terrifying flame in his eyes when she dragged him into her dungeon in chains. After several hours or sometimes even days of working him over, the fire was out, and he seemed calmer. Did these sessions really help him to write, or did they just temporarily tame him? She knew that Joe's greatest reason for his sessions with her was his hopes of escaping from restraint and getting his hands on her. Several times he had gone to elaborate lengths in attempting to circumvent her secure systems of restraint. He was an evil force that would never give up, and would keep trying to get her under his control. Looking at him even chained and caged made her feel a cold grip of terror in her heart. The important things were that her chains and cages were strong enough to keep him under control, and that he paid extremely well.

The money from Joe and several other horribly disgusting and terrifying clients, who other mistresses thought too dangerous, had brought Angela a comfortable life and security. She had saved enough that she could retire and live very well if she chose to. Angela had to admit to herself that Jennifer was right. She loved locking up those horrible males. Having them hanging in chains as she worked them over really turned her on. During sessions some would beg pitifully for mercy, which she loved. The ones who started a session full of arrogance and making horrible threats of what they'd do to her as soon as they got loose were especially stimulating. She really loved making those beg for mercy as they squirmed in her inescapable restraints. Jennifer knew how much she loved that, and Angela couldn't shake the feeling that that was why the gorgeous girl had left her.

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This time Angela put those feelings away abruptly and slammed a mental door on them. Quite a lot of work lay ahead of her. Mary's slave training would be starting soon, and Joe would be in her clutches in 6 hours. He must really be in a mood this time. He had reserved a spot in her dungeon for the entire next week. Angela licked her lips in anticipation of those days. She would have a full dungeon with clients coming in frequently for the next two weeks. It would be a physical strain, but it would do her bank account good, and it would be much harder on the males than on her. Angela hadn't decided what she would do with Mary while the male clients were in the dungeon. She supposed that she should find some isolated place to keep Mary locked up, but she also wondered if it wouldn't be good for Mary's training to witness these males being worked over. If Mary saw her mistress fearlessly and competently in command of huge muscular men like Joe, she'd understand how powerful Angela was. It should be easier to train Mary once she saw how hopelessly weak she was.

The door bell's rich and pure chimes interupted Angela's planning. The closed circuit TV monitor showed the usual delivery male with a package. Opening the door a crack while leaving both heavy steel door chains attached, Angela coldly acknowledged the male. He politely passed his clipboard through the crack for her signature while openly oggling her figure. Angela had always felt enraged as men looked at her body as if it existed for their pleasure. She hastily scribbled her signature, held the clipboard on edge and passed it back through the doorway crack. She showed the male her most vicious curled lip expression as he couteously said, "Have a nice day, ma'am" and turning on his heel stepped off the front porch. As usual while striding back to the truck he muttered about big titted bitches who needed to be taught a lesson.

The man paused in his truck to think a bit. He really had had enough of that bitch's attitude and wanted to see her put in her place. His usual fantasies about her involved her bound and helpless as every orifice in her incredible body was introduced to a real man's cock over and over until finally she came to beg for it. "It would be for her own good, to teach her that lesson", he told himself. "She thinks she's so much in control that she can treat me like that every time I make a delivery. I know what she does in there. Does she think that I don't read the return addresses of the packages that she gets? If the whore at least smiled at me and showed the respect that a man deserves, it would be ok. She thinks she's so much in control. She doesn't even know about the rotted window frame on the side of her house. Anybody could hide in those bushes and break in there in a few minutes. If she weren't such a bitch, I'd tell her about it, so she could have it fixed. Well, fuck her. I'm not doing her any favors. It would be just what she deserved if someone like a real man were to break in and make a real woman of her. It would be good for her to be the one tied up for once. Then she'd learn her place. It would be good for everyone, he thought as the bulge in his trousers grew to unusual size and rigidity.

Angela had been in his thoughts for a few years. She had without a doubt the most desirable body he'd ever seen even in girlie magazines. The thought of having it helplessly tied as those incredible eyes pleaded for mercy had been his dream for years. And those tits, god he'd love to get his hands on those tits! He couldn't get the rotted window out of his mind today. He'd be off duty in an hour. He could break that window out with just the pocket knife he always carried. Knives made him feel masculine and sexually excited for some reason. Today a knife could be his ticket to satisfying his greatest desires. Hiding in the bushes noone would see him breaking in. He kept telling himself how for her own good she had to be taken captive and then used like a dirty slut. In fact the only image in his mind was of Angela bound and gagged with his hands squeezing those incredible tits and his cock impaling her. It would be so easy, and she deserved it. His cock was screaming for it as was the folded knife hanging near his crotch.

Part 10

Slamming the high security steel reinforced door and locking both dead bolt locks Angela carried the package into the kitchen. She gave a little squeal of delight when she noticed the sender's address. It was from Joe, the horror. He was a despicable and horrible monster, but his gifts were always generous and exotic. The envelope on the outside contained a card with a simple statement, "You are to wear this for me tonight." There were two crisp hundred dollar bills in the envelope. "That disgusting male does know how to get my attention", she said softly to the empty room.

Surveying her large array of exquisitely sharp knives arranged on the wall above her kitchen work surface, she chose a small one meant for accurate and delicate cutting. She neatly slit the packing tape and returned the blade to its place immediately between her huge butcher knife and her heavy cleaver, both meant for more violent use against large pieces meat and bones.

Angela opened the box covers and lifted out a few sheets of delicately scented lavender colored tissue paper. She gasped at the contents and purred sensuously, as she lifted out the black item made of what looked like glossy PVC. Parts of it were made of some intriguing dull finish metal mesh like fine chain mail. It was some sort of mini-skirt combined with a halter top of very unusual design. The top had very modern looking straps and clasps made of that intriguing metal mesh. It looked extremely slutty which was in keeping with Joe's tastes. It was strangely flexible but unstretchable at the same time. Finally she gasped as she pulled the most exquisite pair of high heeled pumps out of the box. They were made of pure Italian leather. Angela was a woman who enjoyed the finer things in life especially shoes. These were incredible. They had the same flexible woven metal straps as the halter top and the skirt. They looked custom made. They also had the highest heels she had ever seen. Angela loved heels and wore them quite often, but never anything this high. She couldn't wait to try this new outfit on and take the challenge of the towering heels.

Carrying the box up the stairs to her bedroom, Angela smiled while thinking only of her new outfit and of the interesting evening ahead of her. She not only would have a new girl slave to train and punish and the worst kind of male to imprison and dominate, she'd be in that hot new outfit while doing it and while being paid to wear it. She couldn't wait to see how she'd look in the video dominating that terribly dangerous male. Those videos would never be seen in public of course. She kept them for her own entertainment and to study and refine her domination techniques based on the responses of various victims. They were also for her protection, sort of like insurance. Angela actually had the recording capability of a professional studio, and it was all automated. The videos were definitely not for release to the public even as adult material. However they could be useful if any of her male clients who had been elected to public office (and there were several of those) ever decided to use his political power against her. No one else knew that for years every action in her dungeon had been video taped and that all the tapes had been carefully cataloged and stored.

Once in her bedroom Angela stripped herself naked admiring her figure as she did. Her dedication to healthful diet and daily exercise combined with an exquisite natural beauty had shaped her into a breathtaking goddess. Wars had been fought over women nearly but not quite equaling her beauty. Her face could have launched a thousand ships and inspired the Men on board to throw themselves over the side to certain death by drowning. Her body typically stunned and weakened otherwise strong men. Her musculature was well developed and defined giving her the strength, sleekness, flexibility and grace of a panther, although she preferred to think of herself as an Amazon warrior woman. Only a body that strong and fit could hold those double D cup tits while maintaining perfect posture. As she moved, they moved in an erotically choreographed dance of rhythmic bouncing, sultry swaying and teasing jiggling. Of course a woman blessed with tits like that had large perfectly round and unusually erect nipples. Their deep color was almost that of wine, and it offset her slightly bronze colored skin. Smiling at her tits, Angela allowed herself a private and slightly foolish moment. Cupping the heavy mammaries in her hands, she said, "Don't worry girls. I've kept you safe so far, haven't I? No male will ever touch you. I promise."

It was a curious coincidence that such a strong dominant woman's tits were so extremely sensitive. No male knew that, but Jennifer had derived hours and hours of entertainment playing with them as her mistress moaned and squirmed in erotic delight. Even strictly and securely tied up or chained Jennifer had been able to command her mistress's body with exquisite attention from her fingers, toes and especially her tongue. At the thought of those times of extended sensual and merciless stimulation under the control of a bound slave woman, Angela moaned in desire and her nipples rose and became even more erect than usual.

The dominant dungeon mistress's state of arousal had been growing for several days. Thoughts of Jennifer always brought her to a more aroused state. Her need for release would soon be unbearable. Unfortunately she had a full schedule ahead of her. Although capturing and tormenting her male clients would provide her dozens of hours of wicked entertainment, it would also raise her level of sexual arousal even further. Her recent intimate conversations with Julie about her growing womanhood had further stoked the fires within the incredible body. Julie would be a real traffic stopping sexy beauty some day, and Angela couldn't stand the thought of her spending her life with just a male even if she did keep Him in chains. Angela had no sexual interest in an under age child, but she was determined to direct her into a better intimate life with gentle hints becoming more direct as Julie came of age. It wasn't right that males would have their filthy hands on that wonderfully sweet and beautiful girl. Her exquisite nipples became a bit more erect and rose up a bit higher as she tingled with the expectation of punishing the filthy and disgusting males that she'd soon have locked up. Joe, being the most disgusting and dangerous of them, the thought of him in chains begging for mercy added further to her steadily growing arousal.

That monster preferred her without panties. He did like her in thigh high stocking though. For the money she got from her clients she was willing to dress as they wished. In fact it added to her pleasure to see their desire for her body as she flaunted it before them dressed according to their tastes. The stupid fools actually tried to break out of their chains to get their hands on her. The memories of Joe's frantic and useless struggles brought a low pitched giggle to her throat. "And you actually get paid for having that much fun, girl", she said with great satisfaction.

"Well, anything for a customer and my bank account", she giggled as she pulled on a pair of black thigh-highs with back seems and fastened them to the garters hanging from her womanly hips. "Great, this feels sexy already, and I haven't even put on the new clothes", she thought while straightening the stocking seams. At the thought of slutting up her body Angela's thoughts were once again diverted to Jennifer, but only briefly. It was a work day, and she had to stay focused.

Pulling the mini-skirt up to her waist she noticed that it conformed perfectly to her legs. In fact the skirt was such a perfect fit, and it forced her legs together so tightly that she could barely move her thighs. "That male really wants me restricted during his session. How does he get my size perfect every time" was her first thought? She had a creepy almost frightened feeling about that. Even when she had him securely restrained in her chains he always seemed to have the attitude that he was going to be in control. "He's going to be far more restricted than I am anyway", she assured herself. Angela brought the ends of the chain mail belt together over the rounded curves of her hips. The belt fit perfectly of course fastening with an audible click.

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Examining the attached halter top more carefully, Angela noticed that although ridiculously skimpy it was extremely well fabricated. It was of a strange design though, not surprising considering the pervert who had chosen it for her. The bottom end of it would encircle her waist. From that part two straps would run up her chest outside of her tits joining in a choker style neck piece. From the back of that neck piece a strap descended down the center of her back finally splitting into two straps fastening to the waist piece over the centers of her ass cheeks.

She wrapped the waist piece around her waist and attempted to fasten it. It was much too small for even her trim waist. Perhaps Joe had not gotten her measurements perfectly this time. He had greatly underestimated her waist size. The waist piece had odd fastenings to bring the ends together and appeared to be made of the same shiny black flexible but absolutely unstretchable fabric as the tiny skirt hanging on her hips. Only by inhaling and strenuously pulling in her already trim and toned abdominal muscles could she get it fastened and then only by using all her arm strength to pull the ends together. She hooked the fastenings together around her waist and after squirming into the halter top proceeded to fasten the collar around her neck. Closing the unusual lever to fasten the neck piece somehow tightened the entire garment. The result was a totally unexpected further constriction of the waist piece compressing her already constricted belly in by a quite a few more inches. The lever clicked into its final position, and Angela was forced to gasp for breath and try to adapt to the strict restraint on her diaphragm. What had looked like a simple halter top turned out to constrict her waist like a much too strict corset. The front of the top consisted only of the two straps that passed on each side of her tits. The straps joined at the collar that now tightly encircled her neck. Fascinated by this totally unique garment and rather turned on by the inward pressure on the outside of her tits Angela was left almost breathless with her tits pressed tightly together and her shoulders pulled cruelly back. The incredible tits that needed no enhancement were raised up higher and pushed out from her rib cage even more. They stuck out arrogantly inviting casual groping and other unwelcome attentions.

"Whoever made this", she wondered out loud? Looking at herself in the mirror she concluded it must be one of the disgusting males in the fetish industry. The garment's waist section had cinched her waist in by at least five inches. The front straps were forcing her tits together to show massive cleavage while the back structure joined to it pulled her shoulders sharply back thrusting her tits out even farther than usual. "Girl, you look like you've gone up a couple of cup sizes with this thing", she said to no one but herself. Like the skirt this top fitted her figure perfectly except for the waist size being much too small. "How did that bastard get all the other the measurements so perfectly and get my waist so wrong", she thought again? It wasn't painful, but Angela didn't like the way it restricted her torso and held her securely in a perfectly slutty posture. As a woman in perfect athletic condition, Angela was quite displeased to find herself to be breathless. The restrictions of the garment allowed her only the slightest puffs of air into her lungs, just enough to avoid fainting so long as she didn't exert herself physically.

She intended to keep the two hundred dollars, and thought that wearing this outfit for her client for a few hours was all that he was entitled to for that money. He was going to be her prisoner for a week, but there was no way she was going to let him see her bound up like this for anywhere near that long.

"I've got to see how it all looks with the shoes on", she exclaimed. Although she was annoyed and even enraged at Joe for wanting her strapped up like a captive slut, she was also secretly turned on by it and never could resist a new pair of shoes. Taking them outof the box she found that her torso was so wellrestrained that she couldn't bend over to put them on. "There's always a way to get into fabulous shoes", she thought dropping to her knees. From that position she could reach behind her perfect ass, slide the shoes onto her dainty feet and fasten the ankle straps. The two positive sounding clicks as the fastening mechanisms engaged assured her that they were securely attached to her ankles and wouldn't be falling off as she tried strutting in them for the first time. That was at least one thing that she wouldn't have to worry about. Angela stayed on her knees for a moment to catch her breath. Getting into the outfit had been surprisingly strenuous, and the top controlled her breathing so severely that she could barely tolerate any exertion without passing out. "You won't be running any marathons in this get-up, girl", she thought. She found getting up on her new towering heels to be quite difficult also as the skin tight mini-skirt had her thighs so effectively strapped together from hips to mid-thigh. Using all her strength and coordination the very fit and now much more curvaceous blond strutted to her three full length mirrors to examine the effect. The heels were higher than any she'd been in before, and they forced her gait to be far more sultry and slutty than she had ever wanted except when showing off for Jennifer of course. A glance in the mirror confirmed that slutty was the right word. Her upper body was held perfectly erect with shoulders pinned back in the vice-like grip of the top. Her normal 24 inch waist line now looked more like 20 inches or perhaps even less. Her reduced waistline was emphasized by the upward and outward thrust of her already large tits that were now pressed together so firmly that the word cleavage seemed inadequate.

Walking was not impossible, but it was strictly controlled and she was forced to move like a street walker in the cheapest part of town. Her breaths came only in short shallow puffs that barely provided enough air and made her look and sound like a breathless bimbo, a blond one at that. And the heels, what could she say about them. They made Angela look like a most refined woman of royal lineage who would only wear the finest Italian leather on her feet but was now strutting around begging for a series of rough fuckings from everything with a cock. "This outfit is amazing. It's like it was designed just for me, but by someone who wanted to make me look like an elegant high society woman who has been against her will turned into an empty headed slut", she thought. It was brilliantly designed to display the dominant "warrior woman" as a cheap fuck toy up for sale.

As stunning as the outfit was, it was also fatiguing. Angela was also starting to be annoyed by its forced slutiness. Enough was enough. She'd wear this outfit for the male. Two hours for two hundred dollars seemed like a fair deal to her, and it was all she thought she could stand being so restricted. At least he'd be chained up without any chance of taking advantage. Joe would have his fun seeing her displayed like this and struggling to move, and then she'd change and get busy punishing him. He'd learn to buy his Mistress more respectable clothing before she was finished with him.

First the collar had to go so she could move her upper body again. Reaching behind her neck her fingers searched blindly for the release mechanism. It had to be behind her neck somewhere, but its location eluded her frustrating search. Dropping her hands down behind her back she grasped the band that was cinching her waist and cutting off her breath. It refused to yield the slightest amount despite applying her full strength to it. Of course her strength was significantly reduced by her enforced slutty posture and her arms were naturally very weak pinned back as they were. She should be able to release the mechanism at her neck though. It had fastened so smoothly that it couldn't possibly be jammed.

Feeling a bit exasperated Angela reached for the waist strap of her skirt and again found nothing to move to release it. Her thighs were held tightly restrained no matter what she did. Looking downward to search for the correct thing to pull or push for release, the bound up blond was further frustrated. Her tits were now thrust perfectly into position to block her vision downward.

Finally in desperation she dropped to her knees and groped all over the elegant heels. Again there was no latch or lever to manipulate. Her fingers finally found a small oblong hole. Was it a key hole? Were the shoes actually locked on? Frantically her hands flew to her skirt and halter top's fastenings and found similar tiny holes at each location. "What has that bastard done", she snarled? Strutting across the room in the heels that now seemed much too high and all too slutty she attacked the box that had contained the nightmare in which she found herself trapped.

After a desperate search, Angela finally found a sealed envelope on the very bottom of the elegant box under the last piece of tissue paper. Tearing it open she was forced to hold it up above her tits and before her mesmerizing blue eyes to be able to see it. It was a hand written note scribed in a careful hand using a high quality fountain pen and lavender colored ink. It was just like that male thing who had sent it to do the most terrible things with perfect precision and elegance. As she read the note, she felt a cold clammy grip tighten in her amazing chest.

"Dear Mistress", it began. "I hope that as you read this you are properly attired like the slut that we both know you to be. You should now be very well restrained and transformed into a most delicious sex toy and ready for use by any man who wants a quick fuck. I've taken the liberty of putting you finally into a position proper for a woman by exploiting your weakness for exotic clothing. I have lured you into my trap. Please don't waste your time looking for a way out. I assure you there is none. The keys to the mechanisms binding you are well hidden and far beyond your reach in your current state. I advise you not to try to get a locksmith to open the locks. They are carefully designed to prevent tampering. If they are worked wrongly in the slightest way, the mechanisms will jam permanently, and then not even the legitimate keys will open them. If you examine the locking mechanisms you'll find that they're made of the strongest titanium alloys. To force them open would require enough force to shatter every bone in your incredible body. Please don't try it. You're such a marvelous sexual morsel. It would be a terrible waste to destroy a specimin such as you all at once.

Perhaps in a long drawn out delicious process it would be less of a waste of a nice piece of meat like you. Perhaps we will explore that option soon.

You are trapped, Mistress. No action open to you now will release you from the garments that I have tricked you into. Might I suggest that you relax and enjoy your new look as you await my arrival? Your time will be better spent trying to think of ways to force me to divulge the key location. I look forward to seeing you try to break me and to regain your freedom and dignity. I'm sure you'll understand if I tell you that I long desperately for you to fail.

I will soon be in your clutches and your captive for a week. By now you realize that I have weakened you greatly with my little trap. Perhaps you will still be able to control me, perhaps not. I am not so much looking forward to being your captive again. I would much rather turn the tables on you. In any case I am in need of the stress that accompanies our conflicts. I am writing a new book and am looking for erotic plot ideas. Consider yourself to be my muse, my inspiration to create further erotic literary masterpieces.

Yours very truly,

Part XI

"That monster! Literary masterpieces!", Angela growled. "That horrible filth that he sells is no masterpiece, and the monster thinks he can keep me bound up like this and looking like a common slut! When I get my hands on him, I'll make him pay for this!" As she was making her threats she was looking at her image in the full length mirrors. They gave her a view from all angles, and it was quite a view. Years of careful diet and regular strenuous exercise combined with extraordinary natural beauty had created the closest thing to a godess mortals had ever seen. Now that goddess had been locked up in a suit that changed the image slightly but in critical ways. She was still a gorgeous sexy creature, but no longer someone to worship. She was a goddess turned into a sex toy available to any male. One minute Angela would be admiring her figure and tapered toned limbs, the perfect large firm tits, the wide spaced deep blue bottomless eyes and the strong but sensual mouth. The next moment she'd be seeing an object with exaggerated waist to hip size and with tits thrust forward for casual groping. Thanks to the outrageous heels locked on her feet her ass was now more than perfect. It was an advertisement for two available fuck holes ready for penetration. The tight hobble skirt showed the perfectly shaped powerful muscular thighs bound up and helpless, making this fuck toy easy prey. Somehow the changes in the rest of her body made her mouth now look like just an advertisement for a degrading face fuck. Angela had to admire the beautiful desirable slut in the mirror, but only as a sex toy that she would love to own. She hated to see that she now looked so vulnerable and totally available. She had always appreciated what clothes say about a woman. She had never before been in clothes that so effectively restricted her freedom while so loudly advertising that she was vulnerable and available to any and all males.

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"I've got to get out of this", she shouted to the empty room. Quickly undulating to her dressing table in the towering heels she grabbed her nail clippers and went to work on the halter top that had turned out to be more like a harness. Trying to cut the pieces pushing her tits together she put all her strength into the clippers to no avail. She tried the collar then the skirt likewise with no effect. The special tough titanium alloy apparently formed the entire inner structure of her new restraining outfit. She couldn't make a dent in any of it. In frustration she used all her strength now also fueled by adrenaline trying to get through the halter top's waist piece. The expensive German steel clippers fractured and fell to the floor in pieces. It had been the strongest and most powerful cutting tool in her home, now it was pure trash. Joe's outfit had sneered at the tool's useless strength as it continued also sneering at hers. She also looked like cheap trash now.

Angela collapsed to the floor in exhaustion. Her exertions while attempting to escape from the clothing she was trapped in had left her breathless and weakened. Her cinched waist allowed her such shallow breaths that she was close to fainting. She did everything in her power to get oxygen, but it wasn't enough. With her mouth wide open and taking in the quickest and deepest gasps for air that her waist restriction allowed she fought a desperate battle to stay conscious. Looking in the mirror she saw the perfect tits and their strangely swollen nipples hanging downward and swaying like a cow's udders as she continued to gasp for breath. Absolutely unable to rise without passing out she was forced to hold in position on all fours and stare in the mirrors at those udders swinging from side to side like any other female animal. That goddess-turned-animal could only think that a most disgusting male had used her vanity to trick her into nothing more than slut clothes, and now they had transformed her into a big titted domesticated animal. Breathing in rapid but tiny puffs like a typical big-titted blond bimbo she was forced to endure the humiliating position and feel the heavy udders swinging from side to side for several minutes. Angela was infuriated but couldn't summon the breath to give voice to the anger. Finally recovered enough to rise to an upright kneeling position she saw those tits still humiliated. They were trapped in the grip of the halter top, and they strained forward like two captives desperately struggling to free themselves. They seemed a perfect metaphor for her current state. The perfect tits had always elicited worship from lesser beings. Now they were captured sex toys bound and presented as objects available for use by the lowest and most undeserving males. Her nipples were more erect and swollen with blood than she'd ever seen them apparently mocking her lack of control over her body's arousal. She refused to even consider that she could be turned on by what had been done to her.

As she contemplated her forced state of weakness and vulnerability, Angela's imagination started driving her high intellect in directions it had not traveled before. Why had Joe bothered to trick her into this outfit today? Did her really need to see her done up like a helpless slut to get what he needed from her? What good would it do him to have her so angry at him? He'd be just a prisoner in her dungeon anyway. He should have known how she'd punish him for doing it to her. She kept him blindfolded and hooded so much of the time, that why would he even care what she looked like? That outfit must have cost him a fortune. Why would he want her in it if he'd he unable to see her most of the time and would be helplessly chained and caged all the time anyway? It didn't make sense. A man of Joe's intellect and frighteningly cold logic wouldn't do such a thing without a very good reason. He must have a plan for her, but what was it? It never mattered how hard he'd tried nor how clever he'd been, he'd never been able to get control of her. Once in her house like all males he was just a helpless prisoner.

In fact the only way any male could enter was through the secure back entry with automatically locking doors on each side. It looked like an entry way, but it was really a secure cage with video surveillance. All males understood that they would be taken out of that room only in chains and hooded. Their next stop was a cage in the dungeon. The chains never came off until they were locked out of the house after she was finished working them over. It was a perfectly secure system, that was undefeatable.

So, what was Joe doing? There was no other way into her house. She had spent hundreds of hours and a great deal of money making her home an impregnable fortress. Each attractive looking door had a steel core. She had insisted on redundant locks keyed differently. The highest strength dead bolt locks backed up by high security door chains kept them secured. Like every restraint in her dungeon each door lock had a unique key, and there were no copies of those keys anywhere. She had insisted that the door frames be steel reinforced. Intrusion alarms and outside motion detectors further guarded each door. No one could even approach a door to her house without her knowing it and being able to view them on a video monitor. Her windows were also double locked. The house was as secure as a bank vault.

Angela knew what monsters men were, and she'd spent most of her life with them securely held at a distance. No male had ever been inside her house, unless he was securely chained. Even if a man got in, which was was impossible, he'd be in for quite a surprise. Angela had directed her distrust of men toward learning how to defend herself. Her expertise in multiple martial arts had been demonstrated in dozens of tournaments. She'd even come home from tournaments as the overall winner having defeated even the men so much bigger and stronger than herself.

"That disgusting monster is getting the best of you, girl. This place is as close to impregnable as it can be. He's coming in in chains and hooded. I can knock him out with a single blow from either hand or foot. A single kick to that male groin will put him down in an instant."

Abusing male genitalia was one of Angela's wicked pleasures. To her it was proof that women were meant to rule. Nature had put mens' most vulnerable organs right out in front where any well trained woman could deliver a disabling single blow to them. Joe's male "equipment" had certainly suffered a lot of vicious attacks from her hands, feet and torture devices. He was an example of male physique in near perfection if that word could be applied to such a disgusting creature. At six feet of height and powerfully muscled he was a frightening sight. Fortunately mother nature had endowed him with big targets for Angela's attacks. He had a huge thick cock with proportionally large balls under it. As usual with men his male pride could be destroyed by a simple quick jab at targets too big to miss, and Angela had never missed them. She laughed at the comical expression on his face each time her surprise attacks had smashed those huge balls up into his crotch. That monster cock looked cute tied up in a pink ribbon too.

Angela's thoughts turned to the devastating blows Joe's cock and balls were going to be getting for the next week. He'd be sorry he even had them long before she was through with them. "Ok, girl, get over it. Joe is just another male, an inferior being. He's much smarter and incredibly stronger than any other male you've ever met, and he's certainly been blessed down there, but so what. You rule here. The house is a fortress. There's no way in except under my control. Snap out of it and get ready to put that creature in his place."

It was Angela's opinion that all male genitals should be locked up in chastity devices, unless of course a woman had legitimate use for a male's sexual equipment. In her house each man's "equipment" was securely locked up shortly after he was dragged into her dungeon. She had several chastity devices designed for different sorts of torment. She had invested in quite a large collection of all sizes. Some of her clients lived in her chastity devices full time. The only release they received was at her hands and while securely restrained and then only if they had obeyed her explicitly. She had found it to be a very effective way to keep arrogant males humble and obedient. Joe was not one of her enforced chastity victims, as that wasn't his fetish. His cock was the one that she had always wanted permanently locked up though. The women of the world definitely needed to have that monster cock locked in a cage with a life sentence. Angela grinned and made a mental note that she'd need to buy another male chastity belt in size large to replace one that had recently been put into permanent service, before returning to her foul thoughts about Joe.

"That monster is going to be sorry!" The partially captive and totally humiliated goddess was fixated on her most terrible punishments that she'd visit upon him. "He's going to be gagged, that's for sure. There's no way he's laughing at me. I'll beat out of him the key locations and get myself out of this terrible outfit. Then I'll spend the rest of the week making him scream and beg for mercy. After that I'll give him another week just for my fun." In her rage Angela forgot that she would have a full dungeon for the next few weeks with males occupying her cages nearly constantly. She would also have Mary to keep captive, so keeping Joe the extra week would be a problem. It was clear that the worst of her collection of male monsters was in for a very harsh time at her hands. She didn't fully understand what turned Joe on, but he must have known that she'd get more than even as soon as he entered the dungeon. She really did rule there. In her house and especially in her dungeon she had total power even when trapped in such clothing.

The planning for Joe's demise brightened her outlook. It was actually a good thing that he had tricked her into the confining clothing. It would add a new flavor to their sessions. They had been getting into a rut lately. Now things would be a lot hotter. She'd also have Mary to start on her path to total life-long submission. That would be a bonus in an already very profitable and wickedly enjoyable week.

By coincidence as her thoughts turned to Mary the calmness of her home was shattered by the loud clattering of an electric bell. Like a she-wolf contemplating a new victim Angela displayed a wide and eager smile even licking her lips. She was amazed at how long Mary had held out before surrendering. Now that she'd hit the surrender button down in the cage her real domination could begin. Angela strutted into the powder room to prepare herself. There was no need to hurry. Her new slave certainly wasn't going anywhere, and a slave's first impressions were important. The outfit that Angela was trapped in might just impress the girl as something super dominant. Taking just a minute to arrange her flowing blond mane and to touch up her make-up Angela strutted out of the room and to the stairway down to the first floor with her attention on how active the dungeon would soon be.

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Taking stairs in such high heels and in such a tight skirt was new to the mistress. The shoes and skirt had her legs much more restrained than she had expected. Cautiously keeping a hand lightly on the stair railing she descended. As she got into the rythm required by her restrained knees and towering heels she increased her pace smiling at the capabilities of her fit, firm and well trained body. Angela was feeling rather superior to be handling the new clothing so well as she smoothly descended at an increasing pace all the while chiding herself for her recent fears.

Five steps from the bottom of the stairs she shifted her gaze to the downstairs door across the kitchen. Her new slave would be awaiting her down there hog-tied and scared - how delightful. Angela didn't see the arm shoot out between the stair railing supports. A hand grabbed her exquisitely shaped right ankle just as it was swinging forward to take another step. Her upper body continued forward into space as she pushed off the stair with her left foot locked in its six inch heel.

Her right foot was stopped and held in place. In simple words she was being tripped. Her body pitched forward, and the blond goddess fought for balance like a drunken whore. Reflexively her body did what several years of martial arts training had taught it to do during a fall. Unfortunately her body had never before been bound up in such clothing, so her past training was of only limited value.

Angela swung her arms, attempting to maintain her balance. Her heavy tits so tightly pressed together comically mimicked the motion, twirling wildly in giddy circles and greatly disturbing her usual perfect balance. As her momentum launched her from the stairs she swung her free leg forward to try for a safe one legged landing on the floor that she was hurtling toward. Angela had always been very active and was quite a skilled and strong athlete. However the clothing entrapping her body negated most of that strength and ability. The hobble skirt prevented her from getting her leg quite into the right position to land on it. Thanks to the torso binding halter top holding her tits pressed together where they completely blocked her view downward she couldn't see the floor toward which she was plummeting. The six inch stiletto heels securely locked on her ankles were absolutely wrong for anything so active. They were meant to make a woman helpless and easy to conquer, not able to defend herself against sneak attacks.

The spike shaped heel on her left foot landed on the polished wood floor at an angle. The mistress had no chance. The slutty heel slid out to the side leaving her with no support whatsoever. Angela hit the floor hard with both elbows. Her tits snapped downward causing the swollen nipples to flick against the hard surface like the ends of a whip cracking on their target. The searing pain to the already hyper-sensitive and aroused nipples would have disabled a lesser woman. Angela was forced to endure uncontrolled tears of extreme pain, but the fit and strong woman's body was able to absorb the impact, and her years of martial arts competition had hardened her against pain. She was still a warrior woman, well able to defend herself in a fair fight and by no means defeated.

Unfortunately her attacker was not inclined to fight fair, and before she had time to recover, smashed into her full force exactly between her shoulder blades. The impact forced her down again slapping her screaming nipples against the floor for a second excruciating impact. Angela instinctively fought to bring her head back up against the restraining forces of the slut clothes entrapping her as she gasped in pain. The hand that had tripped her entwined itself in her elegant long blond hair and viciously yanked her face up painfully bending her elegant neck back. A damp putrid smelling cloth was forced against her mouth and nose just as she sharply inhaled in reaction to the two brutal blows just delivered to each of her nipples, and a strong sharp odor filled her breathing passages and lungs. The prone and slutted up mistress noted the familiarity of the scent and tried to identify it. That was her last thought as consciousness faded. Her view of the world became unfocused, went to gray and then finally black as her body went limp. Her face was gently and almost lovingly accurately placed on top of the soaked cloth where her lungs would continue to inhale the fumes that were keeping her unconscious and helpless. The supremely confident, strong, athletic, capable, dominant mistress and martial arts champion with her perfect and unsullied body lay face down totally limp and defenseless on her own kitchen floor. She was totally vulnerable to any sort of abuse or assault. She would stay like that, unconscious, and helpless as her attacker took full advantage. All her strength, skills and precautions had been defeated by the deliberate and treacherous trap that she'd so confidently strutted into on six inch stiletto heels. The silence and reverent peace of her home was torn apart by an evil laugh hinting at unspeakable horrors rising in pitch and volume in an extended crescendo of malevolence and madness.

Part XII

With her prisoner securely restrained, gagged and caged the young girl brazenly began a thorough search of the bedroom. Her prisoner's life was hers now and there would be no secrets. She was looking for information and anything else that would keep her securely in control. She found the usual items of underwear and casual clothing. There had to be something better. What was the point of keeping someone prisoner if she couldn't learn their most intimate secrets!

Turning her attention to the closet and pushing several pairs of shoes aside she continued the frustrating search. How many shoes did someone need anyway? Knocking the lids off shoe boxes led to more frustration, nothing but more shoes. Everyone had secrets. Where were they hiding if not the bedroom?

She slammed the closet door and scanned the room again. "If there's something really secret it wouldn't be hidden in drawers and closets. What other places were there", she pondered? Her glance stopped on the heating vent noticing the scratches near the screws holding it to the wall. The young girl selected a coin from the bureau top and went to work on the screws. They came out easily as if they were removed almost daily. The cover fell into her hands, and she peered inside. There was a pile of something in the dark cavity, something that had no business in there.

Reaching into dark places was something that she didn't ordinarily have the courage to do, but she was a mistress now with a bound and gagged slave. She would have to learn to be more bold. She pulled out a stack of magazines and gasped at what they were. The were covered with pictures of naked or near naked women. So her captive liked girls with big boobs, no surprise there. Flipping through the pages she laughed in delight.

"He likes big ones", she said out loud. That's great. My mom and her mom have huge boobs. Mine are starting early and mom says she started out the same way. These are the only boobs that Mikey is ever going to get, and only when he's all tied up and he's been a good boy. We're not doing those things until we're older anyway, so too bad for him. Now I have to make sure to get him away from Mary. She's all tied up now and caged. I hope Angela can keep her under control. Her mom and dad are coming home next weekend. What are we going to do then? Angela has a plan. She'll figure something out. She said that Mikey would be mine for life. Mike just has to be mine not Mary's.

"He's definitely through looking at other girls even in magazines. There is no way that I'm going to give up my control over him. Angela says that men can be controlled by not letting them have what they want the most unless it's on our conditions and then making them act totally grateful for what they first thought they could just take. So, Mikey, I think you and I are going to keep things the way they are. If you obey me, I'll be nice to you. If you even look at another girl you'll be sorry, and Ill be angry with you for a long time. Also remember all those pictures we took of you all tied up with us standing over you. They ought to keep the other girls laughing at you for years. That's the other thing that I have to control you." Julie felt foolish talking to the captive boy who wasn't even there, but she giggled to think of where he actually was.

The next magazine held a pink envelope between the pages. The scent of perfume escaped as she opened it, wrinkled her nose and began reading. By the time she had finished she was shaking in anger. It was a love note from Gina, a very pretty girl Mike's age. In truth it was just innocent adolescent romance and rather sweet, but to Julie it was a threat and a serious one. That little trouble maker was not going to get her boy. She'd make sure. If only she could keep him chained up forever! "When we're grown up, you're going to be in chains Mikey. You better believe it. I'm going to keep you in a cage too. No one is going to get you, and you're not getting away from me. When I see her next, I'm going to rip out that blond hair. She can't have you! I'm in control of you now. Angela and I will keep you under control", Julie growled to the empty room without stopping even to breath.

Downstairs locked in his prison cell the boy moaned into his gag. He'd been captive for several days now. The two girls had given him no chance to escape. The chains of Angela's shackles rattled as he squirmed across the floor trying to find some way out of his captivity. She had very carefully blindfolded him again and left him in darkness and securely chained. The boy's struggles were useless. There was no escape possible.

Even after their long talk with Mike hogtied and Julie dominantly sitting in a chair looking down on him, Mike did not fully appreciate just how determined Julie was that he be hers for life. Julie had been very detailed and specific in her explanation that she would control him from then on and how he would behave toward her and other girls. She had demanded detailed and specific answers to her probing and personal questions. He couldn't argue with the steel that held his body captive, so he'd been forced to answer no matter how humiliating. It had been a relief to have the gag out of his mouth and to be given permission to speak, so the words had come more easily. He had been well interrogated before Angela's huge ball gag had been sweetly forced into his mouth.

Upstairs Julie put the heating vent back together but kept the magazines and letters. If felt very satisfying to deny another freedom to the boy chained up and caged downstairs. If only she had been the one to first capture him. Mary might still think that she had first claim to Mike. At least Mary was now under Angela's control. That would keep her busy enough. Angela would keep Mary under control and Julie would take care of Mike with Angela's help of course.

Julie had no way of knowing that her ally in the battle for Mike was not even in control of her own life just then.

Part X

A desperate battle was waging, and the woman was giving it her all. She had been struck down, but she was still fighting. She would not be defeated. Her will seemed unbreakable as the mental battle waged. "Get up! Get up before the count is over. Get up. I can't lose, I have to win. It was a cheap shot that got me down. Get up! No, it's against the rules to hit me when I'm down. Why isn't the ring judge calling a violation? Get up and finish off this bum! I can't be beaten by a man. Get up! Why is everything spinning? I feel sick. Get up! Let him have it. Stop it! You can't do that to me. It's against the rules! It's not fair. The ring judge is always on the man's side. Get up and kick that bum's ass, now! Come on move before the count is over.

Her subconscious replay of an old and viscious marshal arts contest against a man was nightmarish and distorted. A loud sensual moan ran up the scale to an ear piercing shriek as the already abused nipple was ground between the shoe's heel and the expensive hard wood floor. Angela realized that she was hearing her own voice screaming and that the pain was hers. Stomping on her nipple certainly wasn't in the rules, but there weren't any rules to the challenge that the prone goddess was experiencing. The drug that had been keeping her unconscious for so long was wearing off, and reality was coming back to the victim's mind like corrosive acid eating away the blessed unconsciousness that had been her protection against the horror that had descended upon her. As the nauseating spinning abated, the viscious blows to her mid section became more painful. Still not fully aware she again screamed in outrage at such flagrant violation of the rules. Where was that ring judge? Can't a woman get any respect in the ring? Men are such losers. Jennifer would understand when she heard about this outrage. The Mistresses mind swung in dizzy loops from one nightmarish dream to another. There was no sense to it. It was the drug that had her mind so helplessly in its control.

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Jennifer, what a dream. Such a delicate and sexy submissive. Jennifer will be here later. Get up and finish off this bum who thinks he can defeat a woman in hand to hand combat. Even if he's allowed to break the rules, I can beat him. It's time to fight dirty!

"Look at the stupid shoes that he wore into the ring. He can't fight in those. I must have really nailed him a few times. Look at the bruises and bleeding from his ankles. How did I do that?"

"Welcome back slut. You sure look stupid down there with your boobs hanging out. Did you get those shoes from a hooker?" sneered another voice from the swirling fog.

"Those are rope marks on those ankles. Who's calling me a hooker? I guess I'm not in the ring, and Jennifer is gone isn't she. I want her back so bad. What am I doing here on the floor, and who's calling me names? This is my house! I'm ok, except someone broke in and knocked me down. Wait, the stairs. Some filthy bastard tripped me, I remember now. I'm going to kick his balls up into his throat! You're going to get it you bastard!"

The world was no longer spinning, and the mistress's mind was focusing. She was back in the game and ready to ruin someone's day and his manhood. "First to get these screaming tits off the floor, then to get up on my feet", she thought. "No mercy, get up and kick ass!"

That plan was rudely and abruptly halted as the steel shackles dug into her wrists, eblows and ankles. Her arms were firmly secured behind her back, and her ankles were locked together so closely that the idea of getting up was laughable. Rolling over aggressively the overly confident beauty gasped at the view over her huge and securely captive tits. The degrading view of her tits bulging out of her halter top was not quite so discouraging as the sight of the steel handcuffs holding her ankles side by side and then the ridiculously high heels locked onto her feet. Getting up on those feet was impossible. She tried pushing her upper body up off the floor, but came to the discovery that there were also very tight handcuffs on her wrists and elbows. Her arms were held in totally useless positions in merciless security.

The exertions had her gasping for air, and Angela remembered how she'd been tricked into the breath robbing top that had her belly so far compressed that her diaphram could barely function. The outfit she'd been tricked into also had her body restrained and displayed like meat at a butcher counter. Joe had tricked her into these degrading clothes. She was definitely going to make paste out of his balls! How dare he cuff her in her own house! She'd set him straight! No man had ever managed to intimidate her. He certainly wouldn't. He'd have his fun with her, then it would be her turn again. Looking at the skin tight and degrading micro-mini-skirt Angela had only one reassuring thought. There was no way Joe could get between her legs with that skirt strapping them together. Obviously he'd already spent a lot of time abusing her tits. They'd heal, but his testicles never would. He'd be singing in the higher regisiters before long. He'd won this battle, but she would prevail and win the war. She'd been dominating men for too long to be intimidated by a single unexpected attack, even by one as evil and powerfully built as Joe.

"Are you going to ignore me all day Mistress?", spoke a voice behind her. It was a slightly familiar voice, but whose? Straightening up and rolling her tightly shackled body to the other side the bloody ankles reappeared. The ankles did not belong to the mountain of masculine muscle that she was expecting. Standing over her was a very slim and disheveled girl with a sarcastic smirk on her face.

Angela spoke urgently, "Mary! That bastard untied you and let you out! No matter. Listen to me, he's a monster. You can't be here with him around. He'll do something terrible to you. Leave me here and run! Get out of this house! Get the police, tell them what's happened and to get here right away. Whatever you do, stay away! He's evil. You have no idea what kinds of things he dreams of doing to women. Get out of here! Run! I mean it. Don't worry about me, just run to somewhere safe!"

"I think the ether is still bothering your brain, stupid. Who's Joe? What in the world are you talking about? Noone untied me. I escaped like I said I would. You're a phony. You can't even keep a young girl like me tied up. Now you're saying stupid things like that. I don't get it. Why does Julie bother being friends with someone as stupid as you? You were right about one thing though. You do have big boobs. I've never seen such bigs ones. They make you look so stupid with them hanging out like that. I was right. You are hooker. Just look at the way you dress. I might be flat chested, but I'm not tied up like you are. Let's see those boobs get you out of this! And close your mouth. Stop looking so surprised. It's simple. I'm better than you. You're stupid and challenged me to a tie up contest. I got out of it. You look stupid dressed like that and cuffed up on your own floor. Now you know that you are stupid. You were so stupid that you even let me know that you keep ether in your dungeon in case you have to knock someone out. You even showed Julie where you keep it with me watching. It was so easy to capture you when you were so stupid.

The goddess's rich sensuous voice crooned, "Mary, listen to me. This is serious. This isn't a game.", An arrogant interuption shot out between Mary's sneering teeth, "no it isn't a game Mistress Stupid. Hmm, I like that name for you. Anyway I got out of your ropes. Now I have you all cuffed up in your own handcuffs. Remember what you said about them? Each restraint in your dungeon has a key different from any other one in the world, and there are no spare keys. I found all of your keys while you were napping on the floor, and then I hid them outside where you'll never find them and couldn't reach them if you did know where they were. Do you get it now? You're cuffed up and there's no way out. You can't even get up with those hooker shoes you're wearing. Why did you lock them on anyway? That seems really stupid. I couldn't find those keys, but I'll make you tell me where they are later even though I'm going to keep you in those shoes. I think I'll call you Boobs from now on, because you have more boobs than brains. Angela is a stupid name for you. You sure don't look like an angel lying down there in cuffs and hooker heels with your boobs hanging out. You can't even understand that you're my prisoner, and that there's no way out for you. Remember, only one set of keys in the whole world? They aren't here. I hid them far away where you can't get to them. You can't get out of those cuffs. You can't even get up off the floor. You're my prisoner, Boobs", Mary said insolently nudging the captive mistress's perfect tits with her sneaker with spitting out each insulting word.

Each word intensified the dreadful feeling in the mistresses amazing chest. That chest was now only a foot rest. She was very securely cuffed and the outfit Joe had tricked her into did away with the little bit of movement the cuffs would have allowed her. Angela had carefully ensured that there were no spare keys to any locks in her house, thinking it the best way to guarantee her safety. As absurd as it was, she the super dominant mistress and ruler of men was totally helpless in escape proof restraints, and it had all been done by the annoying brat standing over her nudging her tits with her foot. "Stop doing that, Mary! It's very rude", she barked at the girl. The ordeal of the day was beginning to try the captive's patience.

The captive mistress calmed herself and regained her composure. It was time to make peace and move on with life. She calmly and gently said, "look, Mary, I'm sorry to yell like that. It's only that a woman's body is a sacred thing to be respected. You shouldn't be doing that to me. It hurts my feelings. I know I hurt you earlier. I was wrong with the things that I said about you. You are a smart girl otherwise you couldn't have escaped from my ropes and captured me like this. I'm sorry to have been so unpleasant today. I have to learn to control my mouth sometimes. I didn't really mean those things about you. I won't do it again, I promise. Let's call a truce. We women have to stick together in this world. It's us against the men, not each other. Just get the keys and let me out of these cuffs and I'll make a nice pot of tea. We can have a nice friendly chat like Julie an I do. I'm sure we'll be good friends soon. Let's just forget about all the nasty things we've said to each other so far today and start over like friends."

Mary's face took on a more normal and serene expression. Angela's voice could heal any hurt with its rich melodious tones. Smiling gently Mary took her foot from the goddess's chest and put it on the floor. "Do you really want to be friends, Angela", she stammered? "Yes, I think you're wonderful, Mary. I'd very much like to be your friend. The world of men is to crude and dishonest for us women to face it alone. Of course we should be friends", Angela crooned. The tension in the room had eased greatly as they looked deeply into each other's trusting eyes. The young slim girl standing incongruously over the steel-bound helpless mistress gently got down on her knees beside her new friend and began stroking the helpless blond's head in a gesture of caring sympathy. She placed her other hand understandingly on Angela's shoulder. "You know I lied when I said the keys were outside", she said. "I have them right here." Angela exhaled a sigh of relief that the insanity was over. Mary, Julie and she would be a wonderful team. Now that all the anger and aggression was gone, everything would be alright. "Here let me get at those cuffs", Mary said while gently rolling the incredible but helpless body over. Angela couldn't help but moan as her nipples rubbed the wooden floor once again, but they would heal. The important thing was that the three girls' feeling be healed. "Women are so wonderful". she thought. Compared to the monstrous males with whom she did business the girl rolling her over was a gentle, sweet treasure. Finally relaxed, Angela allowed her weight to rest on her tits as she lowered her face to the floor and awaited release from the cruel steel that was gripping her wrists, elbows and ankles. It would feel so good to get them off. She smiled sensuously and allowed herself the pleasure of imaginging how much pain those cuffs had caused the men she regularly dominated. She had never before been restrained in any way, and was surprised by how uncomfortable and even painful it could be. Joe would be the next one to feel the steel biting into his skin. "I have the keys on the table here", Mary said. She left her prisoner tits down on the hard floor and strolled over to the table. Coming back she lowered herself to the gorgeous and voluptuous female under her and straddled her with a knee on each side while gently stroking Angela's face.

Angela luxuriated in the facial massage that the young girl began to give her. It did feel good after such a hard day. "Thank you for saying such nice things about me Angela, I'll get you out of the cuffs now", Mary said. She softly ran her right hand gently over Angela's forehead to reassure her. The helpless goddess purred in appreciation, thinking that in a few years maybe Julie wouldn't be interested, but Mary was actually very sweet... so maybe.

Mary patted Angela's cheek with her left hand as she massaged the back of her scalp with the right. "You're very good at that, Mary", Angela said lovingly. "I feel so relaxed now." As the youg girl's left hand passed over Angela's mouth, the right hand folded itself around a handful of the gorgeous blond's long hair. Throwing her body back with all her strength Mary yanked the golden hair up, and the face of the goddess was yanked off the floor. Before that goddess could to more than gasp, Mary rammed her left thumb and index finger up the two delicately shaped nostrils. The combined painful forces of the visciously tugged hair and the fingers rammed up the sensitive nostril tissue pried the godess's mouth open fully. Letting go of the blond hair Mary grasped the thin dish towel she had surreptisciously taken from the table after she had lulled the mistress into a sense of trusting passivity.

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Angela just had time for an angry confused squawk as half the towel was jammed into her mouth. Desperately fighting the girl on her back Angela thrashed in every direction possible heedless of the searing and increasing pain to her nipples. It was no use. Mary had lulled the mistress into a completely defenseless position. There was no way for the bound up mistress to throw Mary off her back.

Mary crooned, "sure we'll be wonderful friends, Boobs. As soon as I get you gagged so I don't have to listen to your stupid mouth anymore. You don't mind if I keep you all tied up and gagged, do you? We can still be friends, can't we? Mary slowly and with maddening thoroughness continued stuffing the towel into Angela's mouth bit by bit.

Soon the combined effects of the mercilessly tight clothing, the towel stuffed in her her mouth and the fingers plugging her nose brought Angela to the point of nearly blacking out. Her struggles became weaker as her body succumbed to yet another denial of her breath. With an evil chuckle Mary sneered, "having trouble breathing, slut? Get used to it."

After the entire towel was finally stuffed into the blond's mouth and her cheeks were bulging, Mary pulled a handful of the mistresses silk scarves from the table. She had very carefully prepared her trap for Angela before removing the ether soaked cloth from beneath her face. A few minutes later the towel was secured in place by several of the scarves tied very tightly with very small tight knots. Mary rose up to her feet and looked down at her prisoner. Angela rolled over and looked beseechingly at her captor who immediately resumed the sneaker's assault on the huge perfectly shaped but now red tits.

"Thank you for the nice words Boobs. I almost started to cry. Do you think I'm stupid enough to believe you? You're my prisoner, and that's the way it's going to be. Oh by the way, I did lie about the keys. They really are outside. There's no way you can get them. Now you can't scream for help either, can you? But then again, who would you call? Maybe you'd try to get Joe to help you, whoever he is. Get used to it Boobs. This is the way it's going to be", Mary's rapid fire voice spat out the words like bullets.

For the second time that day the house was filled with the the young girl's maniacal cruel laughter celebrating her successful capture of the all powerful and undeatable mistress. This time however it was joined by a very soft and thoroughly muffled scream of shock and utter horror from the dominant mistress who had never been defeated, bound or captured. That sound was punctuated by the frantic rattle of handcuff chains easily as they easily defeated the desperate struggles of the formerly liberated and dominant woman who was now shocked to find herself captive and helpless.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014  

Please! Post the next chapters! I know they are somewhere on your hard disk.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013  

Wow! Such a great story! I loved it! Too bad it seems it will never be finished. I'd love to see what happens to Angela when Joe arrives.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009  

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I am from Leone and too bad know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Hair replacement business, after a horseback conquest, it can jump increase any agnostic projects of fee that may be multiple to the sky."

Thank 8-) Perth.

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