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A Dream Come True
  • Author - v2kslut  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, bondage, electricity, humiliation, machine, tickling, toys
  • Post Date - 2/18/2008
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Reader's Comments (9)

Part 1

I have been a happily married man for over 20 years. My wife is a great woman and has always been there for me. Over the years our sex life has dwindled, not for the lack of wanting, more for the lack of time and energy. As I have gotten older my passion for sex has not died, just been put on hold. I recently started to visit newsgroups on the net to get ideas on how to spice things up. I have always been a little kinky and a little submissive, but my wife has never really gotten into it. That was until the other night. A few weeks earlier I had received a nice bonus from work and decided to use the money for some new toys for us to try. I had found a site on-line with 2 toys that really grabbed my interest, the Sybian and Venus 2000. I couldn’t believe the prices, but the testimonials made me want to investigate further. I ordered movies on the Sybian and was amazed!!! I had to buy one and so I did. I also bought the Venus 2000 for me, hoping my wife would want to try them out. Well, when they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them out. I unpacked them and put them away were my wife wouldn’t see them until I was ready. I started making dinner and when she arrived home I had her favorite drink (Creamsicle) waiting for her. I told her that dinner would be a while and suggested that she go take a hot bath and relax. While she was soaking I refilled her drink and got dinner ready. I had clothing laid out on the bed for her (a nice sexy nightie that she hadn’t worn in quite some time). We had dinner and I told her to go relax and I would clean up. I refreshed her drink and continued with my chores. Once I was done with the cleanup I excused myself and went into the bedroom to prepare things. I took a quick shower and then pulled out our new toys. I put a video in the VCR and then went into the living room to get my wife.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

As I walked in I could tell the drinks had relaxed her. I walked up to her and gave her a soft kiss on lips and then knelt down before her. I started to massage her feet and worked my way up hers legs until I reached her now very wet pussy. She was purring softly as I slowly massaged her legs and when I reached her pussy she groaned softly. I knew she was enjoying herself. I slowly lifted her nightie so I had open access to her pussy. I returned to her feet and started to kiss them and suck on her toes. This started her wiggling and moaning even more. I worked my way up her legs caressing her inner thighs with my fingers as my lips and tongue followed. When I finally reached her pussy she was moaning loudly and she put her hands on my head and guided my mouth to her wet gash. I was amazed at how wet she was. I dove right in and started lapping at her pussy, drinking the wonderful juices that were seeping out. I made sure to avoid her clit for the longest time. I would breath on it, circle my tongue around it, but didn’t make direct contact. By now she was squirming trying to get my tongue on her clit. Finally, she begged me to suck on her clit. I slowly flicked my tongue on her clit and she nearly jumped out of her seat. I then started to suck her clit into her my mouth and nibbled on it. She was going crazy and I could tell she was ready to cum. I slid first one finger in and then a second and started fucking her pussy with my fingers as I nibbled on her clit. In just a few moments she came as hard as I have ever seen her cum. She was panting and wiggling and pushing my head into her pussy like never before. I continued on for another few minutes and then let her cool down a bit. After she had regained some of her senses, I led her into the bedroom and introduced her to her new toy.

At first she looked at me and said “what the hell is that?” I explained that I had seen one and couldn’t resist buying it for her. We sat down next to her new toy and went over the instructions and shook her head over and over. I know she was a little reluctant to try it, so I turned on the movie I had put in the VCR and we watched for a few minutes. She couldn’t believe the way the girl in the movie was responding to the Sybian. I asked her if she wanted to give it a try and she jumped at it. We plugged in the machine and she chose the nubby adapter to start with. I broke out the lube and applied a generous portion to the adapter and had her climb on. Well, I picked up the controls and turned on the Sybian vibration at a very low pace and my wife immediately started to moan. I asked her how it felt and she told me that it was tickling her clit. Slowly I began to increase the speed and she started to moan. I then turned on the rotating control and to my amazement she started to purr like a kitten. Again I turned up the controls and my wife started to coo and squirm. When I got the vibrator up to about 5 she went nuts. She started thrashing her head and rubbing her clit all over the adapter. In about a minute or two she was cumming all over the place and for the first time in her life she actually squirted cum. I almost blew my load just watching her. She was in a trance and didn’t even know I was there. I asked her if she wanted me to stop it and she said in a deep throaty voice DON’T YOU DARE!!! I turned up the controls a little more and she exploded into another earth shattering orgasm.

Wow was it hot; she was gurgling senselessly and thrashing around for al she was worth. After about another 5 minutes of this she came again and I could tell she was hooked. This went on for about a half an hour and I swear she must have cum 8 or 10 times. Sweat was pouring of her body and her eyes were rolling in the back of her head. Finally, I slowed the controls down and she came back to the real world. She grabbed me and hugged me tightly while telling me how much she loved her new toy. It was then that she noticed the Venus 2000.

Part 2

When she got a look at the V2000 her eyes lit up. You see, she realized that it was a machine designed for Men. I could tell right away that she had evil thoughts in her head. I have always enjoyed being tied up by me wife and teased relentlessly. But she could never let me go on too long because she enjoyed watching me shoot my load. She asked me how the machine worked and I told her that basically it was used to masturbate a man about the same way the Sybian would masturbate a woman. My wife now being totally lost in the idea said “I want to try it out on you to see how it works.” I, of course was ready to oblige. We hooked up the air hose to the machine and the receiver (I Had measured and cut a piece of the liner to fit). My wife then asked me to show her the controls and how they worked. I had bought the remote controlled version so she could move around if she wanted to. She then suggested that I get up on the bed and get comfortable. I climbed up and lay in the middle of the bed with a couple of pillows under my head and waited. She broke out the lube and applied some to my already hard cock. She worked it in a little to tease me and the slid the receiver over my dick. Then she picked up the controls and turned it on. Slowly the receiver started stroking up and down my hard shaft sending great pleasure through my entire body. She nudged the controls up a bit and I was amazed at how good it felt stroking my cock. My wife was ginning at my jerking motions. Then she got off the bed letting the machine do its trick. I was lost the blissful stroking of the machine and lost track of my wife. I had my arms stretched out and my legs were spread wide while I enjoyed the slow stroking on my cock. My wife climbed back on the bed and before I knew it she had cuffed me to the bedposts and my arms and hands were locked tight to the bed. I looked up at her and she just grinned from ear to ear. I knew I was in trouble because I had never seen that look in her eyes before. She then shackled my legs to the bottom of the bed. Here I was bound spread eagle on the bed with the V2000 slowly stroking my dick. I was in ecstasy and was totally helpless. My wife laughed and then said; “Let’s see what this thing can do!”

She climbed off the bed and took the controls with her. She then went over to the Sybian, applied a little lube and startled the machine and sat down. She picked up the controls to the Sybian and adjusted them to a point to where I knew was getting a good vibration on her pussy. She started to moan and wriggle around, so I knew she was enjoying her ride. She then picked up the control for the V2000. Now I am just squirming on the bed with the stroking slowly going crazy from the sensations of being slowly stroked. Not fast enough to make me cum, just fast enough to make me want to. My wife was enjoying the show I was putting on while slowly climbing to her own orgasm. She decided it was time to see what she could do to me with the V2000. She slowly turned up the speed and my cock stood straight up and throbbed like a fire hose pumping water on a fire. I was so close to cumming I thought I would explode, but I wasn’t ready for what came next. I didn’t realize just what the V2000 could do. Well, my wife turned the speed up another notch and I erupted with what had to be one of my largest loads ever. I just kept pumping streams of cum. My wife watched me explode into ecstasy and starting cumming at the same time. We both started making animal noises that I had never heard out of either us before. My wife finally recovered from her mind blowing orgasm, while I continued to buck to the stroking of my cock. She slowed down the stroking, but didn’t turn it off. I started to calm down a little and when I had caught my breath asked her to please turn off the machine. She just laughed and said; “What’s the matter baby, you’ve always told me you didn’t want me to stop.” That’s when I knew that she had me!

Part 3

So here I am shackled to the bed, slowly being stroked by the V2000 with my wife smiling broadly while she watches me struggled against my bonds. Then is dawns on me that it is Friday night and we have nothing planned for the weekend. My head started to swirl and I gulped out loud. My wife turns her Sybian off an slowly gets up and comes over to me. She says; “You are in quite a predicament, aren’t you?” I just nod my head in wonder. She has never been overly devious and will usually let me go after she has teased me a bit, but I can tell that is not what she has in mind. She looks down at me and says; “I need something to drink, now don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” With that she picks up the control to the V2000 and walks out of the room. By now I have adjusted to the slow stroking of my ever so sensitive cock and I am starting to relax a little figuring she is just teasing me. Boy was I wrong!!! All of sudden I feel the stroking pickup and I am once again groaning with pleasure and squirming all over the bed. My wife walks back into our bedroom and notices that the stroking has increased and says; “Oh, so this remote does still work out here!” Then she says; “I think I’ll take a bath and relax a bit after such a wonderful ride on my new toy, you don’t mind, do you?” Then she chuckles to herself and walks out of the room. The next thing I hear is the bath water running in the outer bathroom and now I know she isn’t kidding. Now you have to understand that I have begged my wife many times to do just what she doing now. I have asked her many times to take complete control and to just play with me until she decided that she had gotten her fill. She has always let me off the hook, but not tonight. At this point, I am not even sure how long she might keep me like this. My mind is swimming with all kinds of thoughts as I am completely lost in the moment. I can feel my cock twitching as the stroking is having its affects. To this point I know my wife has not turned the controls up to full intensity. The bath water is turned off and she peeks her head to check on me and asks; “Are you enjoying yourself?” I moan as I nod slowly and gurgle out a “Yes Baby, but please let me up.” She winks at me and says; “Have fun lover.”, and walks out the door. I can hear her turn on some soft music and then climb into her bath. I know I am in for a long wait. My wife loves to soak in a hot tub and sometimes will stay in so long she comes out looking like a prune.

I have no choice but to settle back and wait for what is next. The movie I had put in the VCR is still going and it now catches my attention. There is a beautiful large breasted woman being introduced to the Sybian as I start to watch. As she settles in and her girl friend takes the controls my prick starts to throb. I am watching the action and this gal is really starting to get off, I notice that the stroking starts to increase on my cock. My wife is playing with the controls and I have no choice but to try and endure the stroking. By now I am groaning from the feelings and know that I won’t last much longer at this pace. The action on the movie has heated up and the girl riding the machine is thrashing all over from the joys of the Sybian. Her girlfriend is tweaking the controls as her hot friend squeals with delight. What a show. I am now moaning loudly and I am sweating profusely, ready to explode. All of a sudden I feel the stroking pick up again and I am now jerking around uncontrollably from the motions. I know I am about to shoot a huge load for the second time tonight. My moaning and groaning gets louder and I am seeing stars. I have never been in this much ecstasy in my life and I am not sure when it will stop or if it will stop. I am totally lost and don’t realize that my wife has not yet gotten into her bath as I thought, but has been watching me the whole time. She starts laughing and says; “Now this definitely looks like something I can enjoy, but you are making just too much noise for me to enjoy my soak.” She then reaches into our bedside cabinet and pulls out a ball gag I bought long ago, but never really used. She then says; “I guess I now have a good use for this little item too.” The next thing I know she has me gagged so I can’t make too much noise. The she pulls out our huge 10” vibrating strap-on dildo and grabs the lube and greases it up. She looks at me devilishly and says; “I think we should find someplace to put this.” She then moves down to the end of the bed and as I realize what she has in mind and I start to shake my head back and forth, begging her with my eyes to not do it. My wife just looks at me and smiles, then leans over and starts to insert this huge vibrating dildo into my ass. My protests are nullified by the gag in my mouth and she slowly starts feeding this monster into my totally unprotect ass. She gets in an inch or so and starts slowly fucking me with it. Then she pushes a little harder and it sinks half way up my ass. She again slowly fucks me with the dildo, but hasn’t turned on the vibrator yet. All at once she shoves it in to the hilt and my ass leaps off the bed. She has used this monster on me before, but I have never had do anything like this before and I am squirming relentlessly to try and get it out of me. I am being stroked by the V2000 and have a monster dildo buried in my ass and I am totally helpless to stop her. That’s when she turns on the vibrator and a whole new wave of sensations rushes over me. I can’t tell what is more intense, the stroking on my cock or the vibrating in my ass. Oh man, I am totally lost in the moment. My wife then takes the dildo and fucks me a little and then buries to the hilt again. She secures it with the straps and gets up. She now looks down satisfied that I am totally at her mercy, leans over and gives me a kiss on the forehead and says; “I think I can enjoy my tub now.” She calmly walks out of the bedroom watching me beg her with my eyes for mercy. She ignores me, of course, and leaves to go soak in her tub. Well, I am truly screwed at this point. My body finally relaxes from the invasion of this monster dildo in my ass and then the sensations take over. It only takes about 2 minutes and body tenses as I explode with a huge load of sperm and just keep pumping cum out of my now very tender cock. The only problem is, the stroking continues and I have no way of stopping it. Each stroke sends a new shock of both erotic pain and pleasure through my body. I am soaked from head to toe with sweat and the assault just continues. I am helpless trying to scream through the gag knowing that she can’t hear me. The stroking and vibrating goes on and on and I think I am about to pass out. I don’t think I can take anymore, but the vibrations and stroking continues. You see the V2000 is designed to work on a man whether he is hard or soft.

( link opens in new window )

After a few minutes of panting and squirming I feel the stroking on my cock start to slow down and I have a sense of relief flutter over me. The slower action makes it easier for me to endure what I am experiencing and I relax a bit. My heart slows a bit and I start to wonder how much longer she will put me through my paces. About a half an hour later my wife walks into the room naked and looks down at me and admires her handy work. She can tell that I am in dream land. She reaches over and grabs the receiver and looks at all of my juices inside and says; “Mmmmm, look at all this cum.” She has always given me great blow jobs, but never swallowed my cum. She turns the V2000 off and slowly removes it from my now very sore cock careful to not spill any of my cum juice out of the receiver. She leaves the dildo buried in ass, disconnects the receiver from the hose and leaves the room.

She comes back in a minute or so with a glass that she has emptied my cum into. She looks at me and says; “It would be a shame to see all of this go to waste and abruptly takes a sip of it from the glass. She tastes my hot cum and swirls around in her mouth and says; “Not bad, but I’m not ready to drink the whole thing.” She then sets the glass down and unties the gag and removes it from my mouth. My jaws are sore so I start to work the kinks out of them. My cock has softened and I am sure she is going to let me up.

But then she picks up the receiver and looks at me and says; “Are you ready for some more or should I let you up now?”

I say; “Please let me up, I’m not sure I can take anymore.”

She laughs at my comments and say; “Isn’t this what you have always wanted me to do?”

She then says not waiting for my response; “What’s it worth for me to let you up.”

I say; “Baby, I’ll do anything you want just please remove the dildo from my ass.”

She says; “Not so fast, we have to come to an understanding before I release you.”

I reply; “What do you mean?”

She laughs and says; “We have all weekend and I could keep you like this until Monday morning. What do you think about that?”

I’m afraid of what she means and ask; “What do you have in mind?”

She then drops the bomb on me saying; “I really enjoyed my ride on the Sybian and I can tell you have really enjoyed your time with the V2000.”

I gulped and sheepishly reply; “Yes, dear.”

She looks at me and says; “For starters, if you want me to let you up now, you will have to drink the rest of your cum from this glass.”

Now, I have never done anything like this before and she knows it. I ponder for a minute and while I’m thinking she puts the receiver back on my cock and turns the machine back on. Instantly, it sucks in my cock and starts stroking. She laughs as I start to squirm.

She says; “What’s it gonna be lover?”

After a moment I relent and say; “Ok, whatever you want, just please, please stop the machine and take the dildo out.”

She winks at me and reaches over and turns off the vibrations on the dildo, but doesn’t pull it out or stop the V2000. She then looks into my eyes and says; “I think I like this new roll. We are going to set down some ground rules and you will agree or I will put everything back in motion.”

What could I do, I just nodded my willingness to go along.

My wife then picks up the glass and brings it to my lips and says; “Drink lover, I know you will like it.”

Slowly she turns up the glass and my sperm starts to run out of it into my mouth. She continues to tip it up until all of my sperm has drained into my mouth. She then says, “Swallow baby, you’ve always wanted me too, so let’s see what you think.

I of course have no choice but to comply. The taste is salty and it takes a minute for me to finally swallow all of it.

She looks at me and asks; “Was that as good for you as it was for me?”

I turn beet red and respond; “Yes, baby.”

She knew she had me and there was no turning back. My wife removed the Dildo from my ass and set it on the bed so I could see it clearly. She then walked over to the Sybian and said; “I think I could use another ride while I ponder our new relationship.” She lubes up the adapter and sits down on the machine and adjusts her position. She then grabs the controls and turns them on to a nice steady hum. I can tell she is enjoying the ride. She then turns up the controls on her Sybian and starts to really get into the sensations going through her body. Finding the setting that she prefers, she then looks at me and says; “OK, now that we know you are going to be my sex toy, let’s set down some rules. Understand, I can and will change them as I please.”

I just nod resigned to whatever she has in mind.

She starts out saying; “First, I really love this toy you bought me, but I am not sure if I want to give you the same control over me as I now have with you. I will decide on that later.”

She then pauses for a minute and says; “We don’t have anything planned this weekend and the weather outside is not going to allow us to go out much. So, I think that this weekend will be my time to experiment with both of these wonderful machines. I will allow you a break every 4 hours to ensure that you get a chance to eat, clean up and go to the bathroom. If you try anything when you are free, I will stop and never do this again. You will be made to send your V2000 back and I will keep my Sybian for my own pleasures. Is that clear?”

I said; “Yes, dear.”

She then says; “When we are alone you will address me as Mistress and I will address you as my Cum Slut. Is that understood?”

Well, I was in a real pickle. How could I say no, so I agreed?

She smiled and said; “Good, now we understand each other and we can move on.” As she said this she slowly turned up the Sybian controls and launched into an intense orgasm, howling, moaning and groaning. When she finally calmed down a bit, she turned the machine off, climbed onto the bed and strattaled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. She said; “Eat me and lick me clean. Don’t miss a spot and don’t stop until I tell you.”

I dove in with all my might. I licked her juices sucking on her pussy as I tried diligently to clean her pussy. She starts moaning and moving around on my face and I just continued probing and licking with my tongue. Occasionally, I would run my tongue over her clit and she would shutter with delight. Soon she was squirming so much it was hard for me to continue my attack on her pussy. All at once she tensed up and to my surprise she came hard and squirted buckets of pussy juice into my mouth and all over my face. There was so much I couldn’t drink it all and it saturated my head and hair and spilled out onto the pillows. Slowly she came back from her orgasm and continued to rock gently on my tongue. This went on for a few minutes before she said I could stop. She moved off the bed and again sat down on her new toy. This time however, she just sat there to catch her breath.

After a moment she said, “You have done well my little cum slut, I will give you a reprieve for now so that you may clean up this mess and yourself. You are allowed 20 minutes, so get to it.”

I feverishly stripped the bed and pillows and put new ones on the bed. I raced into the bathroom to relieve myself and to clean up. I didn’t know how long I had taken and still wanted to get to the Kitchen to get something to drink. When I came out of the bathroom my wife looked at me and said; “You have 2 minutes, don’t make me wait.”

I ran into the Kitchen and pulled out a bottle of Gatorade figuring I needed it for what was to come.

Part 4

I scurried back to the Bedroom and when I got there I knew I was in trouble. My wife looked at me with an evil grin I had never seen before. She looked at the clock and looked at me. I gulped as I looked and saw that I was 2 minutes late.

Without a word she pointed to the bed and I knew that I had better scramble. I jumped on the bed and assumed the spread eagle position. She secured my arms with the cuffs and then picked up the ball gag. She forced it into my mouth and made sure it was tightly secured.

Her first sound was a laugh and then she grinned and said “2 minutes late means 2 days at my will and you will regret keeping me waiting.”

The next thing I noticed was that she had found my hiding place for my toys. She picked up my modified anal impaler and studied it closely. I had converted the anal plug holder to hold my electro anal plug. I shook my head no and she just laughed at me. She locked the spreader bar to my ankles, lifted me up and slid an inflatable pillow under my waist. Next she secured the spreader bar to the base of our bed and then inflated the pillow. This lifted my ass of the bed and stretched me tight against my bonds. She then lubed up the anal plug and slid it into my ass. She pushed it up as far as she could and then locked it into place. I was not going anywhere now! Then she took out my e-Stim control unit and set it up so I could see the controls. This is a programmable unit and runs off electricity and has 6 channels for multiple attachments. She hooked it up to the anal plug (Bi-Polar Device) and then pulled out several other of my attachments so I knew what was coming. These attachments included a cock cap modified with a 1/4” wide plastic hose, an electro penis sheath and an electro scrotum parachute. I was then blindfolded and had headphones put over my ears. The headphones were connected to the VCR and all I could hear was the sounds coming from one of our X-Rated movies. This one was based on the Sybian (Sybian Bondage). Then I felt the parachute being put around my balls and tightened in place. Next came the sheath and was laced up tightly around the shaft of my cock. She then inserted the tube into my shaft and attached the Cock cap on to the head of my now growing cock. This was not good. I didn’t think she would know how to use these attachments if she found them. I then felt her lift on of the headphones of my ears and as she giggled, she said I found these a few months ago while cleaning. I did some research on the Internet to find out more. Now I am going to find out if what I learned is true. Oh and by the way, I am going to connect the other end of this plastic tube to your ball gag through the hole in the middle so that every time you cum your sperm will be pumped into your mouth. Have Fun!!!, and then she put the headphone back on my head.

( link opens in new window )

I didn’t think my dick would get hard again after the long workout I had just endured, but boy was I wrong. Little did I know at the time, but my wife had spiked my Gatorade with a little blue pill.

My now raging hard on was hers to torment and I would not know when or how. The next thing I knew I started t feel the electro pulses in my ass. She has set it on low and pulsing mode and it felt like I was being slowly fucked in the ass. I then felt a tingling sensation in my balls and knew she had started the parachute channel. This felt like someone was tickling my balls. Then the shaft and head started feeling the electro pulses and I was being stroked, sucked, fondled and fucked all at the same time. As this was going on and I was lost in bliss I felt my now hard nipples being played with. They seemed to grow from the teasing and then I felt a searing pain in my left nipple and then my right. She had put nipple clamps on me and I could feel the chain resting my chest. It took a minute or two for me to adjust to this. She then took a short chain and connected the nipple clamps to my now pulsing cock. Every time my cock twitched my nipples got a tug. I was in agony and ecstasy all at the same time.

I know, I know I had always tried to get her to open up and become a bit of a vixen, but I never thought she would get into it. BOY, was I wrong. Just as I am adjusting to this new role and the predicament I am in, she lifts the headphone again and tells me that she has set the controller on random and turned off the timer so it will run until she turns it off. She explains that she is not sure what all that means, so she has set up the camcorder to record everything for future use. Then she tells me that she is bored and going to go out and have a few drinks with a couple of her girlfriends. She says “Don’t go anywhere and have fun.”

Now I am in a real fix. I can’t see, I’m totally restrained and hooked up to a machine that is set to go on forever. I think I might have gone too far. Only time will tell.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015  

Absolute boner story lucky man

Monday, December 10, 2012  

you give our imagination the wings to fly, fantastic story

Tuesday, January 18, 2011  

This is my dream come true!

Thursday, August 13, 2009  

Very nice site!

Saturday, August 01, 2009  

Very nice site!

Saturday, October 11, 2008  

Very nice and erotic!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008  

super story lucky guy!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008  

I mean part 4!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008  

absolutley wonderfuf. I give it a 10. Can't wait for part 2!

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