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Kylie’s Misadventure
  • Author - SNAP  
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  • Story Codes - f-self, M-f, non-consensual, bondage, humiliation, latex, self-bondage, slavery, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 4/14/2008
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The young college student looked decidedly out of place, standing at the street corner as she was, dressed only in cut off shorts, tank top, sandals, and carrying a worn backpack slung over one shoulder. She was especially out of place considering it was 1:00AM on a Monday morning!

The street light bathed the intersection in an orange glow, making it somewhat difficult to see very far in either direction, but it really didn’t matter to Kylie as there was no one to see her anyway at this hour. Even in a college town, the students had to get at least some sleep before Monday morning classes began, and so Kylie felt secure in the belief that there was no one to interfere with her adventure. Kylie took a second to casually scan all directions of the intersection once more, before turning to enter the building behind her.

As a college student, 22 year old Kylie was constantly taking additional odd jobs to make ends meet, and was the very image of the always broke and struggling student. However, whereas most other college students blew their extra money on parties, Kylie had developed a hobby that consumed her extra available cash in a far more interesting manner. A hobby that even now was leading her into her most extreme experiment yet.

Kylie had, over the first few years of her college career, developed a taste for self bondage. When she had moved into her apartment, she discovered a porn magazine the previous tenants had left behind. That magazine had a bondage theme, with lavish glossy photographs of outrageously buxom women in the most stupefying bondage predicaments.

She belatedly realized that she didn’t want to discard the magazine, and instead ended up spending hours pouring over the pages, studying the various ways the women were bound.

The idea intrigued her at first, and then she found just how aroused the photos were making her the night she realized she was reading the magazine and her free hand had somehow found it’s way between her legs. She was so wet, the crotch of her jeans was actually soaked!

As she had no boyfriend, her fantasies of being likewise bound and dominated were quite the non-starter she figured, at least until she stumbled onto a website about self bondage. Realizing she didn’t need a partner after all to enjoy the thrill of the restraint she so craved and dreamed of, she had taken to studying the elaborate self bondage procedures as ardently as she had ever studied for any calculus exam.

Being able to afford (just barely!) her own apartment, she’d had plenty of freedom to indulge in her own activities on a regular basis, and the extra cash she earned from a variety of jobs simply fed her addiction. She now possessed an extensive selection of restraints and toys - all of which had been thoroughly broken in by now.

Kylie was quite the introvert, and so she had no worries of any friends dropping in unexpectedly as she lay thrashing about helplessly on her bed, arms and legs spread wide and cuffed to the four corners of the bed, with a vibrator, butterfly, or egg humming away either inside her or at her clit as she stared wide eyed at a key encased in a slowly melting ice cube. As a result, her indulgences had come to consume her nights and weekends - at least when she wasn’t studying or working - or surfing the internet for even more elaborate self-bondage ideas.

The problem was, she found that the more she indulged in her hobby, the more she had to indulge in self bondage in order to achieve the same level of orgasm. When she could squeeze no more time in than she had already, she had taken her hobby to far more extensive - and elaborate - levels in order to achieve the same thrill.

Her earliest experiments had involved items as simple as clothesline rope, which she had soon augmented with various vibrating toys. These experiments had eventually given way to more elaborate scenarios involving leather cuffs, gags, chains and padlocks, and even larger and more powerful toys - but her adventures had always remained within the confines of her apartment where she felt safe and secure.

Eventually, she had dared to wear some of her bondage gear under her clothing as she attended class or worked one of her odd jobs. The idea of being covertly bound in such a manner, knowing she was doomed to wear whatever she had chosen until she could return home hours later, had increased her excitement exponentially at the ideas cavorting around in her head.

All of which had led her to the doorway of the derelict building she now stood within. One of her jobs had been as a temporary receptionist at a construction company for a few weeks. That company was renovating an old building in the downtown area, and it just happened to be within a half mile of her apartment, and was located between her apartment and the main college campus.

It was one of those ancient masonry buildings, with dark wood paneled walls and exposed beam ceilings, and it had spent most of it’s previous existence as a warehouse for farm equipment before remaining empty behind a chain link fence for several years.

Between the college campus and the old building were the usual college oriented businesses catering to the youthful clientele walking or jogging along the sidewalks. Those businesses included small restaurants, small bars, various used bookstores, bicycle shops, and even a comic book store! Students constantly passed by the building, but with the lower windows boarded up and the doors locked, there was very little vandalism present except at the sidewalk level outside. The interior remained quite secure behind the steel doors.

When Kylie had realized the proximity of the building to her own residence, the creative wheels had started to turn in her mind, and she had surreptitiously slipped the building keys out of the office one afternoon and made duplicates of them. They had been returned the following morning, bright and early, and nobody was the wiser to the extra set of keys now in Kylie’s possession.

Inserting her brand new key into the 80 year old lock, she found it turned easy enough at first, but she had to work the doorknob a bit to get the lock to release and allow her access. Slipping into the building, she didn’t waste a second look to see if anyone had spotted her entrance before closing the door hastily behind her and relocking it from the inside.

After locking the door behind her, Kylie turned to get her first real look at the inside of the building, and her thoughts were immediately taken by all of the possibilities she could enjoy before the building was completely renovated. One thing she did notice, and that she figured she’d just have to get used to, was the musky smell of old building combined with the sharp coolness of the air as her skin prickled in excitement.

Given her tastes, such discomforts only further aroused her libido, and her nipples thrust perkily through the thin material of her top. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, even her areoles were visible through the shear white material.

Several of the lights were left on inside, as a security precaution, so Kylie could move about easily without betraying her presence to anyone outside by turning on the lights herself or using a flashlight.

Deciding she had better start if she were to have time to finish before dawn, Kylie scampered quickly up the wooden stairs to the second floor level, and then spent a few more minutes looking around to select just the right location. After checking half finished room after half finished room, she finally decided on one at the front corner of the building.

Windows looked out over the downtown district, and she could barely see the street outside at a distance if she stood on the opposite corner away from the window, but anyone looking up from outside would have a difficult if not impossible time seeing her. With the walls partially demolished and heavy wooden studs fully exposed, Kylie felt she had found what she was looking for.


Setting her backpack on the rough wooden floor, Kylie began to retrieve all of the items she had brought with her. The backpack had two main compartments, and each could be individually zipped up closed. When the bag was empty, she stood and undressed quickly, tossing her clothing into the bag’s first compartment, then zipping it up and locking it with a small brass padlock. Since she had no underwear on, it was a very brief and perfunctory strip tease.

Anyone looking now would be treated to the vision of a 5’-6” tall blonde with pale skin, long hair, green eyes, massive DD cup natural breasts with large nipples, and a shaved mons. She had very light freckles across her cheeks and at the middle of her cleavage, but they were so light one would have to really look closely to notice them. Her lips were somewhat slim - but with a slightly pouty lower lip, and framed perfect white teeth. Regardless of what else she did, she was now nude until she could get back to her apartment where the key to the bag lay on her kitchen table.

Kylie smoothed her hair back from her face, then allowed her hands to slide downward, caressing her now stiffened nipples, then slid over her smooth cunt before forcing herself to stop.

She had to get on with it if she wanted to finish before sunrise!

Now working in the nude, and feeling incredibly aroused as her bare feet made contact with the sawdust and crud covered floor, the next thing Kylie did was select two exposed wall stud timbers, about eight feet apart, on two adjacent walls in the corner of the room.

Carrying two lengths of chain, she looped the free end of each chain around each timber at about waist height, then checked how close the ends of the chains came together when she extended them towards each other. Not satisfied, she shortened the length up until she had plenty of space between the ends of the chains before locking them into place.

Next, she clipped a short length of chain between the two ends, so that she ended up with three lengths of chain stretched between the two vertical wall studs. She connected the chains together with a pair of carabineers.

Next, Kylie slipped a heavy spring through two links of the chain about twelve inches apart, nearest the wall stud. It was a heavy door spring, and she really had to work to stretch it far enough. She did this for both chains, and when she was finished the heavy chain now stayed taut between the wood studs, as the springs pulled the chains very tight, at a little higher than her navel.

She matched this arrangement with a second set of chains at the floor level, but these she allowed to remain slack. She did make sure the ends were no closer than approximately three feet however.

Now for the means of escape, Kylie decided. There wasn’t much preparation work left, and the ice cube could stand to melt for a few minutes before she was completely in bondage.

Dragging a wooden crate over to the midpoint of the chains, she stood on it and laboriously worked an eyebolt into the wooden ceiling above her head, giggling every now and then at the sight of her breasts swinging freely in front of her. If anyone saw her now, they would have really been in for a treat!

From this eyebolt, Kylie then hung a long chain with an ice cube on the end. She’d kept the ice cube in a small thermos to keep it cold until now. The ice cube, of course, contained her key. As well, the chain was looped several times through the ice cube such that it would not fall to within her reach until the ice was completely melted. This ensured that she would not be tempted to melt the ice cube within her hands as a means of early escape.

About a foot in front of this eyebolt, Kylie threaded a second eyebolt, this one much heavier. It took her a few tries to find the beam concealed above the dark beaded wood paneling of the ceiling, but eventually she realized it was threading into solid wood rather than the relatively thin paneling of the ceiling. After a bit of adjustment, a heavy steel chain dangled from the last eyebolt to about chin level when she was finished, and she pulled the wood crate back out of the way.

Turning back to the bag, Kylie started with her feet, slipping on a pair of extremely pointed ballet shoes with seven inch heels. Kylie had deliberately ordered them a size too small, figuring that the bondage of her feet would be all the more exciting if it were also just a bit painful as well. The shoes did not have long lacings to wrap about her calves, but instead had only the thinnest of leather straps only at the ankle.

There was zero support for her ankles while wearing them, and the leather strap tended to bite into her flesh if she wore them for very long at a time. Thoughtfully, the manufacturer had included a metal loop through which a padlock could slip, ensuring the shoes did not come off without a key.

( link opens in new window )

Kylie considered it a moment, then decided not to use the padlock. She was certain her feet would be in so much pain by the end of her adventure that she would rather walk home barefoot. Besides, if things ran late, she might have to be in a hurry to get home and she didn’t want to risk a broken ankle.

When she was finished, Kylie tottered a moment, getting used to her balance, before proceeding. She loved the way her hefty breasts swung freely as she swayed, and couldn’t resist an additional caress before continuing. She also noticed that her ass was forced out an exaggerated degree as counterbalance to her breasts, while wearing the shoes.

Already the shoes were pinching her feet, and her toes were strictly forced into a point. As painful as it was, Kylie had no intention of spending more than about an hour or so wearing them, and so she considered the pain bearable.

Besides, it made her body look fantastic!

Next up, were four leather cuffs, also with padlocks, and using the same key as the backpack. Once they were on, they were not coming off until she was home. These she slipped over her ankles and wrists, quickly padlocking them into place.

She had a few extra items, locks and straps and such, which she decided to bring “just in case”, but her bondage arrangement seemed quite secure now and the extra items weren’t going to be needed, so she tossed them back into her backpack and zipped it up. An extra padlock hung from the zipper, but Kylie intended to simply toss everything into the backpack when she was done, and the key to that lock matched the lock containing her clothing in the other backpack compartment - a key which was safe and sound at her apartment.

Now came the tricky part. The next item was a modified tent post, to which Kylie had attached a battery operated vibrating dildo at the top, and a twelve inch diameter metal flange at the bottom. It came in three sections, and she had to thread them together, much like an artificial Christmas tree shaft, but when she was finished she had a sizable post.

The dildo was only a 5 inch model, as Kylie felt she was pushing her limits already with her little adventure. She didn’t want to go any larger until she saw how this experience turned out.

Kylie in Self-BondageBreathing more excitedly now, Kylie began the more difficult phase of her adventure by draping a bright red latex hood, four pre-cut lengths of black electrical tape, two gauze patches, and a ball gag over the tightly stretched chain. A set of ear plugs went into her ears then, as Kylie turned to face away from the chain. Backing up until she could feel the cold links resting at the small of her back, Kylie slipped the handful of padlocks into the end of each chain connected to the wall studs on either side so they would be readily accessible.

Finally ready!

Lubricating the dildo, Kylie made sure every bit of length of the five inch dildo was covered thoroughly before setting it behind her on the floor. Standing on it’s flanged end, the head of the dildo reached almost to her crotch level. Of course, since she was wearing such tall shoes, it made a big difference how high the dildo was relative to her own height!

Spreading her feet a little more than shoulder length apart, Kylie took one last look around before continuing. She wanted to make sure she had her escape well thought out!

Deciding the moment had come, she squatted and used two padlocks to connect the chains at the floor to her ankle cuffs. She had to really spread her feet apart as she squatted, and she giggled once more as she caught sight of her protruding and swollen labia.

Her pussy was definitely going to have to wait until she could get home to be satisfied, and she imagined that part of her anatomy already pouting at the prospect of denial - still, the orgasm was going to be mind blowing when she did allow herself release! As she stood, she realized what a strain it already was going to place on her inner thighs and lower back to have her legs spread so far apart, and felt herself becoming even wetter and hornier!

Hurrying, Kylie reached behind her for the dildo. She had originally planned to use it in her cunt, but the through of going even further had been too enticing for her and she had decided at the last minute on an alternate body orifice. She really wanted to deny herself an orgasm as long as possible.

She was going to slip it into her ass instead!

Not all of it, of course, only the very bulbous tip of it, and right before her final preparations she was going to turn the vibrator feature on low setting. She found herself hurrying through these tasks, and realized it was because she wanted to finish before she lost her nerve.
Feeling the lubricated head slip into her behind, Kylie took a moment to savor the sensation.

She actually had to bend the flexible dildo quite a bit now to get it inside of her, even standing taller as she was in her high heeled ballet shoes, as her ass was now much lower with her feet spread so far apart. It took some effort, and the initial insertion was quite painful, but she finally managed to work the tip of the toy into the nether region of her body, and then could set the flanged end of the pole down flat on the floor between her spread feet. Her sphincter was still stretched wide, unable to close now, but at least with the large head fully inside of her it was more pleasurable than painful.

Which was a good thing, as until it was over, the dildo wasn’t going anywhere - no matter how she gyrated.

Next up was the latex hood. The only openings were for her eyes and nostrils, and she’d imported it from Europe. Her mouth remained covered. It was her pride and joy! Slipping it over her head, she took a few minutes to smooth out the wrinkles, pull her blonde hair through the cylinder at the crown of her head, then cinch the hood as tight as she could stand it.

Knotting the lacing at the back of her neck, she then worked the buckle and strap of the integral collar into place, also cinching it up until she could barely breath.

Fumbling to her left, she found one of the padlocks dangling from the chain and clicked it into place on the collar behind her neck. As it was designed to cover the ends of the lacings, until the padlock was removed and she could unbuckle the collar, she would not even be able to un-cinch or loosen the lacings on the hood until she retrieved the key when she got home in a couple of hours.

Next up, was the ball gag. Stretching her mouth wide under the latex hood, she forced the shiny black rubber ball into the latex in approximately the location of her mouth, forcing latex material itself into her mouth in the process.

She had to really work at it to place the ball gag between her teeth, then she worked the buckle behind her head and drew it into her mouth as tightly as she could considering it was being forced through the latex hood. Once it was behind her teeth, she could actually close her jaws ever so slightly, but this only told her that even if it were not strapped in, it would not fall out of her mouth now. The taste and smell of latex were becoming overwhelming!

A matching lock completed the buckle at the back of her head, ensuring it would no more come off than the hood until she was safely home.

Next, Kylie placed the gauze over her eyes one at a time, and used the electrical tape to secure it in place, making sure that she was quite blind and would have no idea until the key dropped how long she would have to wait to be free, then she quickly reached behind her and turned on the vibrator before she lost her nerve. The vibrations she felt through her body were intoxicating, even on the low setting!

Fumbling over her head, she found the chain dangling from the ceiling, and padlocked it to the steel ring in the front of her collar, ensuring she would not fall over accidentally, but also restricting her movements further. She left a small amount of slack in the chain, just in case, of course, but for all practical purposes she was now chained in a full upright position with her head forced backwards severely, impaled on a softly vibrating dildo shoved up her behind.

Now the moment of truth.

Holding the last two padlocks in either palm, Kylie took a relaxing breath and crossed her forearms behind her back, and then hooked one padlock into each cuff, then securing it to the ends of the spring loaded chains. A little more fumbling, and two clicks could be heard in the abandoned building - except with Kylie’s complete sensory deprivation she couldn’t hear a thing and had to tug experimentally a few times to make sure the locks were indeed secured.

Taking a deeper breath, she pulled tightly on the chains and worked the carabineers off one end at a time, then released the short length of chain to rattle to the floor.

She held the chain for a few minutes more, feeling the strain on her shoulders, as the heavy springs pulled in opposite directions, attempting to shorten the lengths of chain available to her. Her shoulder muscles knotted and protested in sudden shock at the pain lancing through them as she held the heavy springs in tension.

Satisfied it wouldn’t injure her, she started letting the chain slip through her fingers slowly, pulling her arms farther in opposite directions, until she would have sworn her elbows were touching! As her arms were pulled in unnaturally opposite directions, Kylie noticed, though she couldn’t see herself, that her back was arching drastically to take up the strange strain it was under, and this was causing her massive breasts to jut out exaggeratedly and wobble about uncontrollably. Finally, the chains stopped pulling, through it was excruciatingly tight, and Kylie was in self bondage heaven!

She spent a few minutes standing as still as possible, getting used to the odd strain on her body, then began to grind herself up and down and around on the dildo as she swung her breasts back and forth.

The chain at her collar prevented her from traveling down quite as far as she’d have liked, which was frustrating in a good sort of way, and her bound wrists prevented her from making any further adjustments or touching any part of her body now. About the only part of her body she remained in some control of was her buttocks, which she squeezed around the shaft of the dildo rhythmically, increasing her excitement with every abbreviated stroke she managed to achieve on the staff planted between her ass cheeks.

Her cunt was dripping wet, and she had no way of satisfying it’s hunger for attention. Her breasts, splayed out from her body and free to jiggle about as they may, were aroused as she had never remembered them before as they too, ached for attention.

Oh how she so wanted to fondle them!

Her sense of time stopped, and she had no idea how long she was in bondage, nor how long it would take before the ice cube melted so she could free herself. She had taken the precaution of locating it such that it would drip onto her shoulders, and would actually tap her shoulder in it’s descent to the end of the chain, but she had no idea of what progress the ice cube was making until she felt it fall.

She was completely helpless within her bondage now - and already Kylie was looking forward to getting herself off the second she could release herself from her predicament. To hell with her original plan of waiting until she got home!

As time passed, her arousal grew to lengths she could never remember achieving before, and she realized with a shock that her cunt juices were literally dripping down the inside of her thighs. Incredibly, she might actuallly be able to achieve an orgasm just as she was!

This went on for at least an hour, as Kylie felt the ice cube melting and dripping onto her naked body, but this was only a secondary notice for the girl as after a half hour, she climaxed. A brief ten minutes later, she climaxed again and again, sweat pouring out of her body in copious amounts in spite of the chill, as she worked her butt about on the dildo.

A small part of her mind decided that next time, she WOULD have a second dildo in her pussy! It was that good to her! And a video camera to record it for her as well! Oh why had she not thought of that before now? And nipple clamps!

A groan began to rise up once more as the thoughts of her next adventure drove her to an even greater frenzy, yet the hood and gag did an excellent job of stifling it, but it didn’t matter. Kylie could attempt to scream her head off with abandon, knowing that nobody could hear her.

( link opens in new window )

She was halfway through achieving yet another orgasm when she realized she couldn’t feel the ice cube dripping anymore. It must have melted finally?

Kylie allowed herself one more blast of release, then stood as calmly as possible to catch her breath. Being able to breath only through the nostril holes in the mask meant it was a conscious effort, but it had all been so worth it to her. As much as she’d like to continue her adventure, she didn’t want to take too long, as a more rational part of her mind warned her of the approaching dawn and her own necessarily nude race home down public streets.

Finally, she began to feel about with her right hand for the key. Working her shoulder about, she tried to feel the chain dangling where it should be, when she realized she felt nothing!

Immediately, Kylie began wondering what the problem was. Was the chain tangled up out of reach? Had the chain dropped as planned, only to somehow come off of the eyebolt to rest of the floor below her? Had it simply not finished melting yet?

The last thought brought some small comfort to Kylie’s now fevered mind, but it was small comfort indeed as the terror of being stuck like this came home with a vengeance.

Forcing herself to remain calm, Kylie stretched her hands as far as she could, forcing her agonized shoulders and back to strain against the heavy springs pulling on the chains, groping in air for the key that just had to be there.

Twisting her body about at the waist as much as possible, she reached in ever growing arcs for the salvation that just had to be dangling within reach as planned. With the heavy springs pulling on her arms, it was very difficult and painful.

Kylie’s shock after a few minutes of fruitless searching was only exceeded by her new shock when she felt strange rough hands place themselves all to familiarly on her waist.

Jumping in spite of her strict bondage, Kylie managed only the smallest of squeals past the ball gag as the hands began to caress her breasts.

In spite of her terror, Kylie found another corner of her mind reveling in the experience. Obviously someone had discovered her, and while she was completely vulnerable and terrified, a more logical part of her thoughts was insisting to her that this was exactly what she had been chancing all along - the danger of discovery.

However, the reality was absolutely terrifying!

No matter what this stranger did to her, she could not report it as the details of her participation in her own bondage would be far too humiliating to bear.

As her mind warred with itself over the contradictory reactions, Kylie’s body chose it’s own path, involuntarily responding to the touches, the caresses, the occasional rough grope, the hefting and fondling of her breasts as no one had ever done to her before, the sliding of strange fingers down between her exposed and completely shaven pubic area.

With a start, she realized she had begun humping those fingers!

Acutely aware of herself finally, and incredibly humiliated by her body’s betrayel, she tried to pull away, shaking her head in denial as she resisted futilely to avoid the now unwanted grasp of the hands plying her body.

The hands, however, had a mind of their own and continued to grope her, slipping a strong and long middle finger down between her labia, resting a calloused palm on her mons and rubbing her clit with a thumb, then the tip of that middle finger probing at the very bottom of her cunt until it was pressing the inside of her vagina wall against the still vibrating dildo in her ass, only to withdraw moments later.

She felt a strong masculine body press up against her own nudity, an obvious bulge evident in the groin area, as those hands kneaded her ass cheeks. She felt iron hard muscles in the stranger’s forearms, and solid biceps, as the arms encircled her waist and pulled her body into a stranger’s embrace. She felt her breasts crushed into a broad, strong, and slightly hairy chest, and felt lips caress her nipples and her collar bone in a devilish manner as the stranger’s attentions traveled over the length of her body.

Regardless of what else she might be thinking, Kylie definitely was appreciating the attention of those lips and tongue! Especially when they traveled down her body to lap at her fevered cunt! She realized she was trying to stand even further on her toes as the strange tongue lapped at her dripping sex.

Then the presence was gone, momentarily, leaving her mind spinning.. She felt the hands at her ankles then, and felt the shoes being slipped off her feet.

On the one hand, it felt really good to be free of the shoes, as her feet were in an awful agony from remaining in such a point for so long. On the other hand, without her shoes she would not be as tall, and the stranger had shown no interest in removing the still vibrating dildo from her ass. Once more, Kylie was reduced to soundlessly shaking her head in disagreement as she felt the chain at her collar begin to tighten under her own weight even as the dildo slid even further up and into her.

She was having to stand now on her toes, feet still spread wide, as the dildo impressed itself even further into her body, and she could already feel herself losing the battle to remain on her toes. She violently shook about, attempting frantically to shake the dildo and it’s shaft loose somehow from it’s repository in her ass, but it was useless. Especially as the stranger decided to grasp each ass cheek in a fierce grip that Kylie knew would leave finger sized bruises on her starkly white skin the next day.

Then Kylie felt the hands once more, about her waist. She felt the right hand slip down between their bodies and unzip what felt like denim jeans. She felt the manhood spring out, bumping her in her shaved mound before the stranger seemed to squat a bit.

Oh god, she hoped he put on a condom!

She felt the tip of the penis placed at her dripping cunt, then felt the stranger stand, his rough clothing raking upwards along her naked body as he both penetrated and stood at the same time. Kylie was so wet, that in spite of clenching involuntarily in resistance, the unknown penis slipped easily into her for it‘s full length. A length, that at least in Kylie‘s experience, seemed to be quite above the norm.

Kylie continued to clench her vaginal muscles vainly, then realized she was only accomplishing further arousal for this stranger who had entered her life so unexpectedly. When he was finished, Kylie was as full as she had ever felt before in her life, with a very large penis bumping at her cervix, and she could feel him throbbing inside her as the vibrator continued to ply away at her nether region.

She was no virgin, of course, but then she had not had sex with a man in a long time either. Then the terror started anew as she felt her feet and calves finally, painfully, giving out with a heartrending shaking of exhausted muscle. Eventually, she had to give in and attempt to ease herself down onto the floor flat footed, to give her aching feet and legs some relief.

This, of course, allowed both the dildo in her ass, as well as the stranger’s penis, to penetrate her even farther.

Since the dildo increased in size towards it’s base, and likewise the stranger’s penis seemed to as well, the farther down Kylie allowed herself to sink, the more painful it became. It didn’t help when the stranger decided to latch onto her nipples, holding them at the same height, as she eased down. To relieve the pain in her legs, she had to endure pain in her ass, cunt, and nipples. To relieve pain at those locations, she had to endure pain in her legs.

All in all, it was a no win situation for Kylie as she attempted to pull up, only to have to relent and ease back down every few seconds. It didn’t take long for it to dawn on her that this was what the stranger was demanding - that she be forced to fuck him all on her own! It didn’t help when he reached behind her and turned up the dildo to it’s obviously highest setting!

Kylie was in agony, but she knew she had to get through this somehow. It finally occurred to her, that if she could get this stranger to come, as disgusting and horrifying as the thought was, then he might pull out and at least one of her torments would end.

With that goal in mind, she began to cautiously stroke him, deliberately squeezing with her vaginal muscles now, crushing her breasts into his chest, nuzzling blindly into his neck to the extent her chained collar would allow, doing everything she could with what little of her body she had control of, to get him excited enough to climax and end her torment.

It seemed to take forever! Finally, she felt him clenching up, begin to thrust more jerkily inside her with his arms wrapped tightly about her body, until he was full stroking her and completely oblivious to the pain she was enduring at her derriere.

Then she felt him grab her hair and yank backwards sharply as he exploded inside of her, in one long orgasm. Kylie actually felt her own excitement peak at the same time, realizing what she had just accomplished using only her cunt and breasts!

Had it not been so terrifying, it would have been one of the most satisfying orgasms of her life.

Then it was over. She felt him pull out without hesitation, and then felt juices sliding out of her swollen and reddened cunt and down the insides of her thighs, dripping down her sore calves, then her feet and onto the floor.

Standing flat footed, she realized that the dildo was entirely within her body now, and she realized just how sore she was probably going to be later - if she survived this adventure, that is.

But the stranger didn’t seem interested in hanging around anymore, and she felt him slipping her ballet shoes back onto her feet.

Nooooooo!!!!! She shook her head once more, but to no avail, as her toes were forced painfully into a point once more. She felt the straps tightened around her ankles again, even tighter than she normally buckled them, and then felt two small metal objects hung from each ankle.

The bastard had used her spare padlocks to lock her into the shoes!

Then she felt the body brush against her own, as he fiddled with something over her left shoulder. Suddenly, she felt the brass key strike her bicep on it‘s way to the end of the chain at ass level. He was allowing her the key!

Immediately afterwards, Kylie stood completely still, but no further activities seemed forthcoming. Fumbling clumsily before finally grasping the key, she awkwardly worked now numb fingers into the padlocks at her wrist until she was free.

Her shoulders protested anew as she forced herself to pull the heavy springs even tighter, to give her slack to free the padlocks, but there was no help for it and finally the locks clattered to the floor.

Immediately, she reached to her neck and released the chain at her collar.

Collapsing forward onto her belly on the floor, she pulled the tape loose and removed the gauze from one eye. Glancing around wide eyed and frantic, she realized the stranger was nowhere in sight, and she took a second to remove the gauze from the other eye.

Finally, turning her attention to the intruder she had been suffering from for so many hours, she gently pulled herself up onto her hands and knees and reached behind her.

Moments later, the dildo and shaft clattered to the wood floor, and Kylie once more collapsed into a somewhat fetal position on the filthy wooden floor, grasping with her hands at her cunt and ass as the pain returned with a vengeance, her legs still forced to remain spread from the chains at her ankles even as she turned onto her side to take the weight off of her breasts, her arms on fire from the long torment they had endured.

She didn’t know how long she lay there, but eventually Kylie managed to release the remaining chains from her ankles. Getting a good look now at her feet, sure enough they were locked into the ballet shoes, the thin leather strap biting deep into her ankles.

Trying to control her weeping and pain, Kylie crawled on her hands and knees and quickly gathered everything up and stuffed it hurriedly into the bag. If she could just get home, she’d never do anything like this again!

Now thinking of the trip home, Kylie glanced at the window. Already, pre-sunrise light was creeping across the horizon. If she didn’t leave now, she would be trapped inside the building, and a construction crew would find her anyway when they showed up in a few hours.

Stumbling clumsily to her feet, she grabbed her back pack and worked her way across the building, and down the stairs. With the ballet shoes on and her legs already so exhausted, she could barely keep her balance, and had to continuously grab at the walls for support. The trip down the rickety old stairs was especially harrowing as the handrail was long gone.

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Reaching the doorway, she took a second to slip the backpack onto her back, then opened the door and peeked out. No pedestrians were in sight, and there were no cars on the street.

Good! She had no idea of what time it was, of course.

Stepping through the doorway, she didn’t bother to try to lock it. She didn’t work at the construction company anymore, anyway, and besides - they would have a crew there today. They could lock it themselves. She had no intention of ever going into the building again.

Tottering down the sidewalk, Kylie felt every stray breeze that wafted across her sweating flesh, which only further instilled in her the realization of just how naked and vulnerable she was at the moment.

She had not gone more than a short distance when she heard the screech of air brakes.

They were so loud, she heard them even through her latex hood and earplugs. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw, some three or four blocks away, a delivery truck making a stop at a red light!

Panicking, Kylie looked all around herself for someplace to hide as she clasped her arms around her breasts instinctively. The only place she could find though, was a dark alley across the street between two buildings. One building was a used book store, the other an Indian restaurant. Everywhere else was open space with no concealment.

Making a hasty decision, and ever thankful that she had apparently not been spotted yet, Kylie surprised herself by running across the street without falling, every footfall an agony for her feet, and made it to the restaurant. Though “running” of course, in this context, was a relative term. It was more like she hobbled and hopped in sort of a controlled slow fall towards the alley.

There alley was small, with a green dumpster with black grease all over it at the entrance, and cardboard boxes piled behind. Squeezing between the dumpster and the green mildewed block wall of the once white painted building, she found a fairly large cardboard box and climbed inside without hesitation.

All she had to do was wait for the delivery truck to pass by, and she could make her way a few hundred more yards to her apartment, let herself in before her neighbors were awake, and finally end this nightmare.

Kylie’s shock simply grew as the delivery truck pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and blew it's horn. Trying to not to breathe, and trying not to make any sound at all, Kylie watched as the back doors opened and the restaurant owner came out to take his delivery that day.

It seemed to take forever. From her hiding place, Kylie even saw a few college students out jogging already! Her panic was rising, as she realized she just might have to stay in this box all day and try to make her way home that night!

Delivery complete, the truck finally pulled out and the restaurant doors closed once more. Breathing a sigh of relief, Kylie took stock of her situation, realizing just how pained her ass was feeling. Shifting her bare ass on the cardboard, she eased her weight to one cheek and peered out again to check if the way was clear.

If this had been a fantasy, Kylie was certain she would be masturbating already, but somehow the reality was far too terrifying and she had no inclination to engage in such activities now.

Once more, Kylie had to suppress a sigh of exasperation as even more people were in evidence on the street. The enormity of her situation was pressing heavily on her, and she began to face the fact she would have to stay all day in this cardboard box, no food, no water, in the heat of the day, behind the fetid dumpster, with her jaw forced open by the ball gag, wearing a full latex hood, no relief in sight, completely naked, until the following night.

For once, she was grateful for the gag as it stifled her sobs of pain and regret as she hugged her arms tightly about her naked body and pulled her knees up to a fetal position.

All through the day she sat as still as possible, only moving just enough to keep circulation moving in her limbs, forcing herself not to puke at the horrid odor coming from the dumpster nearby, as customers visited the restaurant only yards away. She watched the cooks come out occasionally, to toss a box on top of her hiding place, or to smoke a cigarette on their break.

She yearned for just one sip of water, looking in agony at the small water outlet on the end of the building that would give her a sip of water - if only the ball gag were not locked around her face.

She thought of the hot bath she so wanted to take, a hot bath awaiting only a few hundred yards away in her apartment. An apartment that might as well be light years away now.

She thought of the key that could release all of her bonds, still waiting patiently in her kitchen.

In the end, she resigned herself to simply sitting stoically, as still as possible, for the duration, in her own squalor, sweating uncontrollably onto the greasy cardboard she was sitting on, swatting away flies occasionally, trying to transport her mind and thoughts to some far away place that was soft and cool and comfortable and safe - but it ultimately proved impossible for her to overcome her present stimuli and think of anything else as she felt sweat collect between her head and the latex hood before it dripped into her eyes.

Late in the afternoon, after she had been hiding all day long, a new terror intruded itself into her stupor, as some sort of large truck suddenly pulled into the parking lot. Crude language filled the air, as figures clad in dark greasy coveralls hopped off the now parked garbage truck in the low evening light.

The vehicle eased forward, guiding it’s lifting forks into the dumpster, then lifting it high in the air to be dumped into the back. Panicked now, Kylie watched in horror as the driver replaced the dumpster, then joined his co-worker in collecting the cardboard boxes scattered about and tossing them into the compressor in the back of the truck.

It wasn’t long before they found her hiding place, with Kylie huddled in the back corner of the box.

“Holy shit! Look at what I found!”

The driver was the first to discover her, as she scrambled out of her box, her back pack clutched tightly in front of her naked body, as she backed towards the mildewed wall behind her. Every other step she stumbled in the painful shoes, as her feet were quite numb now, until her backside was in contact with the cool block wall behind her.

She noticed in detail how he was covered in dark coarse body hair. He had a bushy, unkempt beard, and it seemed to just merge down his neck to join with the hair peeking above the collar of his coveralls. About the only thing really clear were his eyes and cheekbones, and even his eyes were partially obscured by an almost Neanderthal-like bushy uni-brow.

“You gotta be kidding me! This is our lucky day!” he said.

“What do you mean?”, asked his companion, pulling up short to ogle what the drive had discovered.

“Look at her dude, she’s hiding here! If she was wanting to be rescued, she could have just stepped out at any time. No, she was hiding. And look at that gear she’s wearing. That shit’s expensive! Ya know, I bet she got caught up in a prank or something, and now she’s just waiting for the sun to go down so she can get home!"

Kylie just stared, pleadingly, with her huge green eyes, hoping against hope that they would help her.

She was to be so disappointed.

“Well, what do you want to do then? I mean, if it’s a prank, she’s got someone looking for her. If not, well, I’m not sure what that means or how she could have gotten into this predicament.”

“Who cares, either way she’s not saying anything to anybody. Look at that thing in her mouth! Besides, she would have had to be a willing party to get herself into that get-up. I seriously doubt she wants anyone to know about it. And look at that dried cum on her legs. She‘s been putting out for someone already, and in a major way!”

Now the driver turned to face Kylie directly.

“I bet you want to keep that box you were hiding in too, don’t ya? You want to keep hiding until dark, don‘t ya?”

Realizing belatedly that she couldn’t really hear him, he mimed a few gestures towards her box, then the back of the garbage truck, before Kylie realized the implications and clutched at the box protectively with one arm while shaking her head in the negative. Her other arm continued to hold the backpack in front of herself, attempting feebly to hide her nakedness as first one breast, then the other, peeked out at the santation workers.

“So, you do want to keep it, huh?”

Kylie mutely nodded. There was no place else to hide.

“Well, I’m happy to leave it for you, but it’s going to cost you.” This statement was accompanied by an evil grin and a chuckle.

Kylie, for her part, couldn’t believe the type of bargaining going on. She couldn’t really hear him, but his gestures were enough to get the message across. She just couldn’t, but if anyone found out, she would be ruined for life. In the end, this was the only way out for her.

With her hood on, at least they couldn’t recognize her later on the street!

Tearfully, she nodded in the affirmative. The negotiations were concluded abruptly when the driver yanked the back pack out of her grasp and tossed it to his companion.

“Here, hold this for the little lady.”

Stepping forward, he reached hairy arms out to embrace her. Kylie couldn’t help her response, and began to shake her head in the negative as she clutched her arms in front of her breasts and pussy, and turned her back to him as she looked over her shoulder pleadingly, first at the driver, then at his coworker.

“Too late bitch, I’m tapping that fine ass! You done made a deal and I intend to collect!”

Her actions seemed to only stoke the drive’s appetites, as he roughly grasped her about the waist and shoved her backwards into the wall. Grabbing her by both cuffed wrists, he pulled her arms high above her head, linked his beefy thumb through the steel rings in her wrist cuffs, and then pinned them to the wall above her head, his free hand now squeezing and grasping at her exposed breasts and cunt.

She did manage to twist and turn around, attempting to keep her cunt as far away from him as possible, only to realize with a start that she had simply exposed her ass to him.

She tried to dodge away, to slip out of his grasp, but he was too strong and had too good of a grip. She felt him unzipping his stained coveralls now, and then she felt his manhood released and brushing against the back of her ass cheeks. She noticed with revulsion that he seemed, if anything, to be even hairier down there!

Then she felt herself being spun around and slammed against the wall again, her arms still pinned over her head as the back of her head bounced painfully against the block wall. She felt him force her legs apart, and short blunt fingers probing at her sex, and then felt herself being taken for the second time that day. Still, a small part of her brain computed that she derived benefit, as she got to keep the box as her hiding place for a few more hours.

Just a few more hours…she could get through this and be home!

It seemed to go on forever, then the driver was done. Kylie slumped against the wall, and down to the ground, as the hairy driver zipped up and turned his back on her. Fresh cum eked down the inside of her quaking thighs.

Then it was his co-worker’s turn.

He was a nasty looking individual as well, with a lot of scraggly facial hair that just didn’t quite achieve a beard, and pimples all over his face. Skinny and tall, he was drenched in sweat and smelled so bad that Kylie could smell him over the stench of the dumpster sitting nearby, and even over the latex of her hood. The missing front teeth framed by yellowed teeth did nothing to improve his appearance.

Shaking her head again, she looked pleadingly at the box, then at the sanitation worker, resigned to getting her part of the deal over with, when she realized he was holding something in his hand. He’d been through her back pack while his accomplice had taken his part of the trade out of her body.

Too late she realized it was one of her padlocks, and once more shaking her head in denial she cringed against the wall as she felt her arms snatched and pulled painfully behind her, then felt the lock snap into place at her wrist cuffs.

With her breasts and face being crushed into the wall, she felt the second man unzip, then pull something from his coveralls pocket. The faint hint of strawberry reached her nostrils, and she realized he also had found her lubricant!

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Eyes wide in renewed panic, Kylie tried to turn her head around, to look him in the eye and plead somehow for mercy, but to no avail. She felt him thrust painfully into her other body orifice, and almost blacked out from the shock.

Then he started humping her.

She realized she was pinned to the wall, and actually her feet were not even touching the ground now, as he violated her long and vigorously. Her bound hands could only grasp at his coveralls in a vain attempt to find support.

Finally exploding inside her, she felt him withdraw and drop her. She crumpled without resistance to the ground, laying among the trash and debris and brown dried grass of the alley, weeping uncontrollably as her backpack was tossed carelessly at her feet and her body orifices leaked fresh foreign body fluids.

“Well, we’re done now. See ya later bitch!” the driver snarled.

Then the two of them finished loading up all but one of the smallest of cardboard boxes and left.

Kylie crawled painfully back inside her small temporary home, forcing herself to scrunch up into a tight ball to fit inside completely, and wept, a small part of her mind realizing that she was now even more vulnerable, as her hands were pinned behind her back.

Hours later, she had no idea how many, she regained enough composure to peek outside once more.

All was dark and quiet, and so she grasped her back pack clumsily with her bound hands behind her back, and crawled out. Since this box had been smaller, she'd not been able to stretch out and so her arms and legs shot through suddenly with prickly pins and needles and circulation returned.

The gravel in the alley gouged her knees, forcing her to a painful stand, and then she was tottering once more towards her apartment.

She took her time now, resigned to the idea that no further degradation could occur to her than had already happened, and had to balance herself by pressing her shoulder to any nearby surface, be it building, street sign, or tree.

Fortunately, no one saw her as she really made no attempts to truly hide this time.

Perhaps, she thought to herself, her fortunes were changing for the better?

Finally, she stood at her apartment door. Dropping the back pack, she squatted achingly to retrieve her house key from under the floor mat. Doing so let her know just how much pain she was in, as her legs spread wide and muscles once more protested. Standing and opening the storm door, she unlocked it. Holding the storm door open with her shoulder, she just kicked her back pack in with her bound feet.

Pushing the door closed, she worked the door lock behind her back, then closed her eyes and sunk to her knees, into the soft carpet, then stretched out face down on the floor, relieved at last to be safe and sound within her own freshly scented and air conditioned home.

It was then that the full force of her experiences rushed in on her, in one inexorable torrent of emotion, as she finally broke down and wept uncontrollably.

After untold lengths of time, she regained a small measure of her composure, and gathering her strength, she forced her way back to her knees, then crawled on her knees to the kitchen, forcing herself to stand up to get the keys from the kitchen table. She winced at the very thought of standing, as her feet were in so much agony now.

Her panic returned full force when she realized there were no keys on the table! She was certain she had left them there! She turned towards her bedroom, in the hope that she had simply forgotten to take them out of the trunk she kept in her closet. It would be an effort, but she felt she could reach it somehow and work the combination lock, and retrieve her key to end her torment finally.

Then a dark shadow filled her bedroom door. A large, somewhat handsome man with a cruel smile that didn’t touch his eyes was standing in her home laughing soft and low at her! She recognized his denim jeans and jacket from his touch earlier that day. A pair of worn work boots and flannel shirt completed his clothing.

“I see you took long enough to get home. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Panicked anew, Kylie backed away, stopping only when her bare back and shoulders touched the refrigerator behind her.

“I saw your address inked into the back pack, and decided to visit you. Obviously, you’re into some kinky shit, and I’ve got a couple of weeks before I leave for out of state - just as soon as that construction job is finished. So, I decided to just visit with you for a couple of weeks before I left. I know you won’t mind.”

The stranger was moving towards her now, one of her bottles of beer dangling languidly from his left hand, and Kylie was in an incomprehensible terror.

The stranger glanced at her picture on a side table and gestured with his beer. “Is that you? Damn, you do look good! Wonder why you don’t have boyfriend to take care of your needs? Are you a lesbian or something?”

Kylie could only respond with an instinctive shaking of her head.

“Well, you do look good regardless. I think I’ll take off that hood later and get a good look at ya - whenever I get around to it, that is. I kind of like it on you right now. Really completes the ensemble, ya know?”

Kylie could only stare, wide eyed.

“I think I’ll even go hire you a hooker one night! You say you’re not a lesbian, but how do you really know? We’ll have a little threesome party, and you can decide then if you really are a lesbian or not. Don‘t worry, by the way, I‘ll make sure to get a hooker that‘s into kinky shit. That way she‘ll just assume we‘re a couple out for a hot time and we already got started before she arrived!”

In spite of the hours she’d had to get used to it, Kylie suddenly found the latex hood to be far more constrictive feeling, and found herself barely able to breathe now as the room seemed to verge on going out of focus.

She saw something swinging from his right fist, and realized he had her jeweled leash, bright red, that matched her latex hood. He’d been into her “toy box”. Her body began to shut down then, as tears flowed freely, she shook with great heaving sobs as she slumped to the floor in front of the refrigerator, a few magnets tumbling from the appliance to the floor as she brushed unheedingly against them.

The stranger calmly hooked the leash into her collar and turned to lead her into her bedroom. Kyli, now in so much pain from her shoes that she could no longer stand, was forced to crawl on her knees across her own apartment on the end of the leash. Her arms still pinned behind her back, her pendulous breasts swinging side to side with every awkward step.

In a few more moments, she would be spread out on her bare mattress, ankles lashed to opposing bed posts, feet still painfully encased in the shoes, her neck struggling to keep an airway open against the taut leash tied to the head board, and her arms pinned under her quaking body.

Her arms underneath her, now bound at the elbows as well, would force her breasts and pubic area to thrust enticingly into the air, and of course the stranger intended to take full advantage of what she had to offer in the way of “hospitality” during his extended visit.

Kylie would realize over the coming days, that the stranger intended to use up every last resource in her apartment, namely her food and her money, and would use her body as a toy for his every depraved whim.

He would occasionally take her to the bathroom, and even less occasionally remember to feed her whatever scraps he had left from his own meals that he helped himself to from her freezer. She would lose weight and what little bit of color she had, becoming paler in the bargain, and her narrower waist line would only attract more attention to her breasts as a consequence.

Of course, such niceties on his part required reward on her part, in the form of various sexual favors she was obliged to perform for him. And as promised, he would bring a hooker in to play with her the following week.

A particularly sadistic and cruel hooker, at that.

More immediately, later that day he would remove the now painful gag from her mouth and allow her to drink a small amount of water, but then he would replace it with his own body extremity, and she would be without choice in the matter. This would go on for as long as the stranger decided to stay.

Lying on her bed wide eyed behind her latex mask, Kylie had no idea of these coming torments of course, nor that her only thought in a few weeks, would be what state he intended to leave her in when he left……or if she would be forced to go with him to continue her service to him.

Her only thought now, which was an entirely accurate surmise, was that her nightmare was only now beginning.

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I find I'm too easily attachedto the protagonist after investing my time in a really good story. As a result, I was dissapoointed that our heroine was treated so brutally in her own home by her original captor. The garbage men part was ok, just problems she had to face... but a home is a sanctuary, and I was sad that hers is now full of terror. I would have preferred that her captor give it to her how she likes it, rather than tryingto starve her to death and torcher her.

The writing and etail was amazing, a very goodstory nonetheless. I'm just a sucker for happy endings.

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a complex story,
well written.
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Good story. Nice mix of emotions. realy need to be continued

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WOW this story was great i really enjoyed it, even started off giving me some ideas, such a great fantasy i hope you write more stories like this :)

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With out a doubt the best story I have read on this site to date. The picture was a nice touch, although unlike many stories I have read here that desperately need some kind of illustration to clearly understand the way your victim was bound, your written description clear and easily understood with out it. Having done selfbondage in various places, such as a construction site and abandon warehouse, I would have relished being discovered and more vigorously tormented than Kylie was. And while I have NO desire for any of my adventures to end remotely close to hers, I did like the way you chose to end it. While this story could conceivably go on and on, much like life itself, I feel you have taken it to an amicable ending point.
If you ever decide to actually indulge in such fantasies as you write about, I'd LOVE to be your victim.

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Nice in several ways. Instead of the usual "safe" self-bondage in the safety of a bedroom, she does in in a very risky warehouse. The bondage is inventive, her position extreme. She gets caught, and raped, and we have no idea by whom. He lets her go! Now, that is unexpected in a story like this. She gets caught and raped again, with her cuffs locked behind her and gag padlocked. Enough bondage to keep it interesting. The when she thinks its safe, she gets caught and raped yet again. Only now, with the prospects of it being ongoing for weeks. I loved this story, added it to my "must keep" file of stories. I too would love to see additional chapters in Kylie's adventure gone awry. Well done.

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Amazing story! I absolutely loved it. I Really look forward to more chapters in this story line :D

Keep up the excellent work.

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