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Trapped by His Own Devices
  • Author - Lockednchaste  
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  • Site Rank - 213 of 2737
  • Unique Views - 31249
  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, bondage, chastity, tickling, toys
  • Post Date - 5/11/2008
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He lay there helpless in the dark. The dim lights and sounds emanating from the other room however reminded him that he wasn’t alone. He was being left to suffer the cruel psychological torture that only sexual deprivation could provide him. He longed for release. He longed for satisfaction. He longed to cry out to his mistress. But a mouthful of rubber kept him from doing anything but wait.

“You should put the belt on,” she whispered with a devilish grin. The last day of her period was keeping them from enjoying a playful romp, but she wanted to make sure that he was horny for her tomorrow. She was ready for a spin in the sheets right now but he would have no part of it. A day of frustration for him meant some added insurance for her and her needs. Besides, he liked it even though he wouldn’t admit it.

“Noooooo,” he cried with a playful moan. He was busy touching his erect penis and he wanted no part of seeing it locked up for a day. She joined in and began fondling his testicles as he stroked the shaft. A tiny glistening drop of precum emerged from the tip as four hands began a rhythmic dance of sexual ballet.

“C’mon. Think how much fun we’ll have tomorrow night. Think how good it’ll feel to cum. Don’t you want to feel yourself inside me?” She was beginning to arouse herself with her dirty talk. She could feel a new moisture down below. It was a wetness that had nothing to do with her menstrual cycle. It had to do with her longing to be touched. “Just a day. You’ve gone longer before in your belt.”

He considered her offer. He knew it would feel great. But it felt great now, and giving that up was too painful. He was hard and horny and he wanted release. Only then might he consider a lock-up.

She took the unusual step of getting out of bed, walking into the hall, and rummaging around in his closet. She rarely ventured into the toybox, but she needed that insurance. He knew what she was up to. It took a few minutes, but she soon returned with all the necessary parts.

The belt was the fifth or six model he had made. He couldn’t remember. As his fabricating skills had improved, so had the design and construction of the steel underwear. The first model was uncomfortable to wear and not too flattering in the design department. The second had been too bulky and hard to walk in. The third had begun to rust after a few showers. Another was too easy to escape from. This one, however, was perfect. It was compact and fit his body like a glove. It caressed his package in a firm and unyielding embrace. It’s hard metal lines seemed to melt themselves into the contours of his body. It became a part of him when he put it on. He feared it, yet longed for it.

The fear came from knowing that there was no way out. Making it had been a chore. The cuts took forever and exhausted his supply of saw blades. The heat generated from the cutting process assured him that cutting it off while it was firmly locked on would be an impossibility. It fit too tight to even get a finger under the belt and the few pounds he had gained since its creation had only made it tighter. The stainless steel construction meant no rust in the shower and the cold steel chains kept him from pulling it away from his body. The high security padlock was unfazed by any tools he owned. Without the key, he would need to enlist the help of a locksmith or remain chaste for eternity. The thought of a complete stranger having to cut him out of a self-made device that enslaved his penis was embarrassing beyond words and he knew that only his long term health and well being would keep him from being trapped in the infernal device forever.

As he lay naked in bed, she stood in front of him, the belt held firmly in her right hand at her side. Her left held the bag of locks and the butt plug. She gave him another wickedly flirty grin, but he wasn’t buying it. As he clicked on the television, she dropped the belt on the bed and stormed out of the room.

He had almost regained his composure. Just almost. He was concentrating more on the Discovery channel and less on his horniness. Then she came in and brought him back to reality. She had carefully applied the deepest crimson shade of lipstick he had ever seen. With her mouth closed, her lips seemed to melt into one hot red gash across her face. When she opened her mouth to smile, the sexuality of her flesh was highlighted by her perfect pearly white teeth. She lay down in bed beside him, naked except for a pair of black leather boots. The starkness of her creamy breasts was interrupted by the perfect brown mounds of skin that were her erect nipples. The sweet smell of sex was already perfuming the room as her loins once again grew moist. She watched TV with him, not really paying attention, knowing full well that he wasn’t paying attention either.

He was helpless to resist. He knew it and more importantly, she knew it too. Only a few moments of courage were needed before his fate would be decided for him. He jumped up, picked the chastity belt off the bed, and stood in the center of the room. It took a bit of tugging, but the belt was pulled up over his waist and closed with a metal snap. The cold steel was a shock to him in the room that now seemed increasingly warm. From here on, it was a race against his erection. He fished his throbbing cock into the tube using a small piece of stocking and latched the front shield onto the waistband. All that remained was the padlock. He grabbed one of the matching high security padlocks and threaded it through the latch. The hair was standing up on the back of his neck.

“Wait,” she said. “I want to do it.” There was that devilish grin again. He was mesmerized by her words. He stood frozen in time. It must have been the lipstick. Or maybe the shiny metal handcuffs that she was dangling from her finger.

“Turn around. I don’t want you chickening out when you see what I’m about to do to you.”

He complied. He closed his eyes and focused on not passing out from the excitement in his loins as she tightly ratcheted one and then the other handcuff onto his wrists. He tested his bonds with a quick tug knowing full well that any thoughts of escape at this point were nothing more than an amusement to her. When he saw what was in her hand, he understood the reason for the handcuffs.

“Please. Not that! I’ve never worn it for more than a few hours before, “ he cried as his gaze lay transfixed on the anal intruder that was at that very moment was getting a liberal coat of lubricant. “Why do we need that?”

“Because I want you as horny as possible for when we play tomorrow night. I don’t want to get gypped like last month. Don’t worry my love. I’m only locking it in the back. You’ll still be able to poop when you want.”

His mind began poring over all the errands they had to do tomorrow. The hours in the car. The trips to different stores. He’d have to wear it the whole time. The entire day, the little rubber toy would be tickling his sex, taunting him mercilessly, and filling his underwear with glistening sticky precum. He backed himself into a corner, but it was no use. She expertly attached the butt plug harness to the back of his chastity belt and with a quick CLICK, it was locked on. Before the whimper could escape his lips, her lips were pressed against his in a powerful kiss that sent skyrockets toward the heavens. Their tongues began a dance within each others mouths, erotic yet intimate at the same time. He could taste the faint flavor of black cherry that Loreal seemed to add to all of their lipcolors, and it made his cock throb inside it’s steel prison. He opened his eyes as she pulled away just in time to see that evil grin again and with another resounding CLICK, she closed the lock on the front of his belt and sealed his fate until tomorrow.

How long was she going to leave him like this? It had already been an hour and a half according to the clock on the nightstand. She must have been pissed. He had been duly warned though. And he deserved the torment.

He woke her up six times last night begging for release. The butt plug ruthlessly rubbed him in the most tender regions of his loins. Sleep was impossible. First she had laughed and rolled back over. Then she told him to leave her alone. Next she had yelled. And then a warning that he would suffer like he never suffered before if he didn’t stop. All day long, he begged for mercy. As they walked through the stores, she would smack him on his ass, driving the plug deeper and deeper inside him. He had to pause and steady himself from the undulations of an orgasm that would never quite get started and would never ever give him any relief as long as he was locked into the unyielding steel of the belt. By the time they got home, she was furious with him. The incessant begging and whimpering had driven her mad. The moment they walked through the door, he received a simple order to go into the bedroom and prepare for her.

“Just make sure you can’t move.”

An hour and a half later, he was sure he had followed her instructions exactly. He had stripped down to his metal underwear and sat on the bed with a pile of shiny steel restraints. The shackles came first. One after the other, his bare feet were joined together by irremovable bracelets connected by a short length of chain. As he moved, the chain jingled, and the erotic sounds made his breathing grow deeper. The collar was next, and as it locked around his throat, he began to accept his entry into servitude. Then, his mouth opened wide for the black rubber ball gag, and he expertly buckled it upon the nape of his neck. Finally, he reached his arms high above his head, and the handcuffs were shut snugly around each wrist. Now helpless, he began waiting for his love to arrive.

And arrive she did, after leaving him alone for almost two hours. The bright flash of the lamp turning on reminded him of his true purpose – to please his love and to await pleasure in return. Once again, she had carefully made up her mouth, and in a moment, the gag was unbuckled, and her lips were sealed against his. This kiss was even better than the last. Only the cramp in his jaw triggered the end of the lingual embrace. She pulled back and he had only a moment to work out the pain in his jaw muscles before a new set of lips was pressed against his.

“Pleasure me!” she demanded, and she lowered her now wet sex upon his mouth. His tongue found her hole, his lips found her clitoris, and he began a marathon session of oral pleasure for his love. Her juices flowed down his chin and the sounds of her impending orgasm filled his ears. He sucked, he licked, he bit (gently, of course), and finally, with a loud primeval yell she was satisfied.

At least he thought she was. In a flash, the gag was buckled in again, her juices trapped inside his mouth. She shifted down to his hips and began to hump herself on the front shield of his chastity belt, the padlock grinding into her clit. She rhythmically bounced up and down, the vibrations barely being felt on his cock, but mercilessly teasing him nonetheless. Every time her weight came down upon him, the butt plug was driven deeper and deeper into his ass. He could feel the precum dripping down his thigh and he was helpless to do anything but grunt behind the gag as she rode him into ecstasy yet again.

She collapsed beside him, panting heavily and utterly exhausted from her ordeal. He lay whimpering, desperate for sexual salvation. He strained at his bonds, but the jingling chains mocked his useless attempts at freedom. His cock had already begun exploring the drain hole at the bottom of the chastity belt, but a quarter inch of freedom was all that it would get.

“Thank you for that my love. It was amazing!” she uttered breathlessly as she stroked his chest. “But I’m afraid that I won’t be able to reciprocate the favor.”

The gag held back his words but his eyes asked the question loud enough for her to hear.

“You have to learn that your endless groveling is simply unacceptable and will get you nothing but an extra day in the belt. And to make sure that I don’t have to hear you bitch and whine for another day, I’m just gonna lock the keys in the safe.”

The safe! Another one of his evil inventions that he now wished he could uninvent! Once the timer was set and the door locked, he would be separated from release by a half inch of impenetrable steel, and the clock would be his new mistress for another day.

There was no early release. The device was foolproof. He had even tested it again a few months back after he had reset the clock for Daylight Saving Time. It had worked flawlessly, the timer unlocking the door at 2 PM to the second on that Thursday that he was off from work.

Thursday! He had reset the timer to test it and it would open on a Thursday! Not tomorrow, but six days from now! She thought she was punishing him for a day, but it would be nearly a week!

He yelled into the gag. He pleaded for her to stop, but all that came out from behind the hard rubber gag was indistinguishable grunts and moans. She grinned wickedly through her red lips thinking that they were groans of desperation, amused that she had driven him to this point of utter frustration. Little did she know how desperate he really was. She knelt down onto the floor with the keybox in her hand and gently placed it inside the safe which lay under a pile of books and clothing beside her nightstand. The door creaked closed on it’s hinges, and she gave him one last grin as her hand lay on the dial.

He cried. He screamed. All his pleas, however, fell on deaf ears. It was hopeless. He had no way to let her know about the true fate she was crafting for him. He suddenly grew very still, concentrating on the band of iron that had grown warm from contact with his hot loins. He felt the rubber intruder tickling his sex and wondered how it would feel after a week trapped in this sexual dungeon of his own creation. He looked deeply into the empty keyhole of the padlock and then up at his hands which had become an angry red from straining against the steel manacles above his head.

And then he relaxed. He was at peace with himself and his inescapable bonds. He had made it a few days before. What was a couple more? He smiled behind the gag, knowing how good release would finally feel. He was so relaxed, that he barely heard her turn the dial, locking the safe.

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Thursday, May 09, 2019  

"...to please his love and to await pleasure in return"" "..You have to learn that your endless groveling is simply unacceptable and will get you nothing but an extra day in the belt." Only real brain sick idiots will participate with that slut! Next possibility she gets the divorce papers and he gets the freedom to explore his fantasy with a loving and carring mate!!

Thursday, May 09, 2019  

"...they are hard and horny and they wanted release" thats the characterization of your fans!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009  

I wish my wife was like that! Wonderful!

Sunday, April 05, 2009  

I love it! I wish I was he!

Thursday, July 10, 2008  

Great Story!! Very possible!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008  

Great story. Has a definite reality component with teasing and denial. thanks

Sunday, June 15, 2008  

Great story. Looking forward to the Lois version

Tuesday, May 13, 2008  

I'm Working on it!


Sunday, May 11, 2008  

outstanding hope there is a part 2

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