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Orgasmic Zone
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  • Post Date - 6/3/2008
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Update (2012/11/17): This is the 3rd revision with a small update. I'm sure it isn't perfect but comments are welcomed.

This story is in the public domain. It may be copied without restrictions. While not strictly necessary, please retain this copyright notice with any copies. If in the event you happen to make money with this story I would appreciate it if you donate a small percentage to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (www.eff.org). EFF is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world.

I can't believe I'm taking the time to write about this. Even less I can't believe I had this experience--but here it goes.

I am happily married to a Marine. We have the best sex when he is home. The problem is that with the long war on terrorism he is not at home enough for me to just enjoy hanging out with him let alone to even begin to cure my sexual desire. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that we can do our part in this war but I miss him terribly and there is only so much a girl can do by herself. I am 100% dedicated to him and would never ever dream of cheating on him. Every girl however can use a helping hand from time to time. It was my desire to find a new personal "best friend"--aka vibrator-- that brought me into a new strip mall store called "The Orgasmic Zone".

I remember walking into the store expecting to find the typical sex shop with a high counter, a few rows of sex toys and perhaps an overly obnoxious old man who would stare at me with every turn. What I found instead was best described more like a tanning salon. It had a counter in front with a wonderfully sexy display of lingerie, a small cash register and a single, fairly young--by my standards--lady by the name of Ann standing behind the counter. I took a few short minutes to look at the display. I was mostly just being nice-and avoiding embarrassment-- by not walking away right away since this store clearly wasn't what I thought it was. I was not interested in looking for a new sexy teddy for my man who was way too far away to appreciate it and would not be home for another 6 months -- assuming stop loss rules did not keep him longer. I started to turn around and walk out when Ann spoke up and asked if there was something she could help me with? I simply stated "no" and muttered something about being surprised by a tanning salon with "orgasmic" in its name and continued to walk out. That is when Ann spoke up and said they don't offer tanning and the name was accurate. Without rehashing the entire conversation with Ann I eventually learned that the rooms I thought were tanning booths were really private rooms each specially equipped for sexual fulfillment. She further offered that they had a cancellation and since all appointments were prepaid I was free to take advantage of the missed appointment. She also said she would wave the usual $200 new client fee but I would need to pay the cleaning fee.

Her matter of fact way she spoke surprised me especially since she was talking about such personal stuff. My mind was racing--so many questions--so much curiosity. In a moment of bravery, I agreed even without asking how much the cleaning fee was or having a hint of what was in the room.

Ann gave me a big smile and I relaxed a bit-I was not really as uptight as I will filled with nervous energy. She pointed me at a computer and had me fill out a new client registration form. The form was like no other form I had ever seen. The first screen had a bunch of bold print showing privacy information and explained that the information would be encrypted and only used to maximize the client's pleasure. When prompted I put my finger on the fingerprint scanner and the form opened.

I won't bore you now--and for that matter I don't even remember all the questions-- but I do remember the questions went on for about 15 minutes and became more and more personal. I also remember that towards the end of the questions I looked back over my shoulder just to make sure Ann was not looking my direction. I couldn't even bring myself to be completely honest to all the questions. The questions were mostly multiple choice. On a couple of the questions-especially one's dealing with my fantasies--I sometimes picked choice "C" even though choice "D" was more truthful. The last page asked for my fingerprint again followed by a password and explained that there was no way to recover the password should I loose it. The computer showed a progress bar as it encrypted the records first using the fingerprint and then with the password.

Ann took me on a tour of the facility which turned out to be much larger than I had originally thought. She walked me by the rooms that looked like tanning booths but did not enter any of them. She bragged that the only way to see the rooms would be to "experience them". Walking down the hall and through the last door into a combination shower and relaxation area she told me that each of the session rooms leads directly into this area and that I was free to take as long as I needed before coming out to the front.

On the way back to the front of the building Ann asked how I wanted to pay the $35 cleaning fee. I remembered being surprised by the amount but with my curiosity in tow I handed her my charge card and signed the slip. She then pointed me to a computer where I was prompted for my password and then watched a progress bar as the first level of decryption was removed from my records. The computer informed me my session would be in the third room which I hurried down to with a mix of excitement and anxiety.

After first trying the door and finding it locked I noticed a fingerprint scanner next to the door knob and pressed my finger against it. The door buzzed as it unlocked. I entered the room and let the door close behind me. There was no handle on the inside of the door. No way to leave the way I came in.

Just in front of the door was a wall much like you would find in a public bathroom to keep people from peeking into the room when the door is open. I took a step around the wall and almost gasped at the strange chair in the center of the room. But I did not stare at it long. Instead I examined the rest of the room. Seeing the door on the far side the room put my mind at ease and I went to inspect the chair.

A large video screen had bright white letters in big print scrolling, "Welcome new client, Shelly. Please remove all your cloths and place them in the basket by the door and sit down in the chair." Something in me wanted to leave but something also very much trusted this place to be exactly what it said it was. I complied with the message and fairly quickly stripped down to my birthday suit. I wish I could brag about my firm 36D breasts and my ultra tight butt but instead I'm just plain "Shelly" with my 36c--on a good day--breasts and rather average other body parts. On occasion I will catch a guy taking a second look at me on a crowded street but I'm certainly no model. I am clean shaved as it is the one guilty pleasure I give myself even when my husband is away.

I folded my clothes neatly and put them into the basket. I walked over to the chair and took a seat. The chair's memory foam in the seat cushion and back rest caused my body to settle very comfortably into the chair's fake leather outer covering. I also shivered just a bit with how exposed my sex was with the special cutout in the chair's seat.

The screen updated: "Place your feet into the tubes" it read along with an animated video showing a woman doing just that. The tubes were about 4 inches long and about 6 inches in diameter. The inside of the tubes were well padded and my feet easily slid into the tubes. The steel outsides of the tube were welded to the frame of the chair. A couple of small hoses and wires also connected to the tubes. After I slipped both my feet into the tubes the screen updated and reminded me that I needed to make sure my knees were in the knee holders. These were just well padded "U" shaped brackets that kept the knees from moving side to side. I slipped my feet out of the tubes and placed my knees in the "U" brackets and finally slipped my feet back in the tubes. The feeling was rather erotic--I have to admit--even for a novice such as myself. My feet were now well spread out comfortably resting on the "U" brackets and the padded leg holders.

The screen changed to show a short video of a girl sitting in the same model chair as I was sitting in reaching between her legs and flipping up a "Y" shape strap from underneath the chair and bucking it on either side of her hips. I reached down and found the strap. Unlike the video, my strap was much thicker and had a dildo attached to it. The sight of the dildo caused me to panic and drop the strap. The reality of what I was doing sunk in and I had to leave. I removed one of my legs from the tubes and started to remove the other leg when for some unknown reason I calmed down. Somehow I understood that "The Orgasmic Zone" was here for my pleasure and would never do me any harm. With a sense of renewed vigor I put my leg back into the tube and inserted the dildo. It even went right in without the need of extra lubrication. Both the strap and the dildo had some nubs that contoured perfectly to my labia. I inserted the free ends of the strap into standard seat belt buckles on either side of my hips. I tightened each strap fairly tightly as I liked how the nubs felt against my clitoris.

The screen now showed a video of how to attach a strap across my belly. This strap was a fairly wide strap. The next step was to attach a strap across my chest. This strap had two somewhat clear cups for my breasts and had a couple of wires and hoses running from each breast cup. As instructed I tightened the straps.

The next instruction was to put a strap around my neck. This strap had no way to tighten it--which I was happy about--but nevertheless still fit snugly against my neck and forced my head up with its V-shaped cutout for my chin.

I was now forced to stare directly at the video monitor. I could move my head just a bit side to side since the chin strap didn't fit snugly. The video updated demonstrating how to put my wrists into the tubes that were attached to the arms of the chair. I quickly without a second thought put my hands into the tubes and found them well padded and very comfortable.

The screen changed and showed a video of the empty chair as the camera panned around the chair showing it from all sides. A "Welcome to the Orgasmic Zone" message scrolled along with a tag line of "Your pleasure is our pleasure." The screen had a big round circle and the number 10. A radar like line circled and counted down just like a start of an old movie would: 9, 8, 7. My heart rate increased with each count not knowing what to expect. I took comfort knowing that all I had to do was slip my arms out of the tubes and I could free myself from the chair: 6, 5, 4. I thought about my husband and how much I missed him and my desire of a good heart pounding orgasm: 3, 2, 1.

0: I heard the rush of air and felt pressure on my arms and legs as bladders inside the arm and leg tubes inflated causing me to be trapped. I tried to pull my arms out but found that they were firmly restrained. Just as panic set in at the realization that I was stuck, the straps on my hips tightened very firmly causing the dildo to be pushed deep into me. The strap on my chest next tightened followed by the strap on my belly. The neck strap also inflated such that my neck was now firmly held in place. My husband and I had played light bondage games but I had never dreamed of being this tightly bound before. My mind started to race-what did I get myself into-how long would I be trapped? I somehow took comfort in the public nature of the shop.

"Phase 2: Sensitivity test" the screen proclaimed along with a video showing a camera in the dildo looking into my vagina. The blood flow and muscle reactions could clearly be seen. The chair had special image recognition software that used the images to help gauge my excitement level. On the side of the screen was several graphs showing measurements derived from the video and other sensors embedded in the chair. These included: sexual blood flow: sexual muscle contractions; arm and leg pulling; heart rate; noise level; breathing rate; chest muscles; and several others that I don't remember. I have to say the rather clinical nature of the screen did nothing for me in terms of turning me on. However being bound to a chair equipped with image recognition technology pioneered for the same smart bombs that my husband was using overseas did.

I felt a slight movement as the dildo started to vibrate. Nothing very strong but my breathing increased and the video screen noted the change. The dildo didn't vibrate strongly. It did however take on a life of its own with small vibrations that changed in intensity. In addition to the vibrations the dildo increased and shrank in size as well as occasionally poked me with nubs pushing in and out. I can't say I was all that turned on at this point but the monitor continued to show my "vital" signs as a sliding progress meter moved.

( link opens in new window )

Disappointingly the vibrator stopped when the progress meter got to about 50%. I was just getting ever so slightly turned on. After the dildo stopped, I felt pulsating on my clit as tiny nubs pushed in and out as well as rotated. They too appeared to take on a life of their own and once in a while they would hit a magic spot and cause me to jump. Well, my muscles would tense but the firm restraints of the chair kept me from actually moving much.

As the progress meter moved closer to 100% I was still just slight turned on and getting rather disappointed with the overall experience up to this point. If I could have moved, I would have left the room. I was hoping for at least a baby orgasm but the chair and its probing was really not doing much for me. At this rate "The Orgasmic Zone" was going to be a dud.

The clit nubs fell silent followed by a very strong vacuum suction on both breasts. This caused my small "C" breasts to completely fill the breast cups and force both my nipples through a small hole in the end of the cups. An inflatable donut shaped balloon inflated around my nipples causing them to be squeezed. They were not being squeezed all that hard but it sure told me I was not in charge. The balloons pressure increased and decreased for just a short while as the chair tested my reaction to wearing nipple clamps. The progress meter went to 100%.

Next the video screen showed "Phase 3: Tease" as the chair sprang to life in earnest. The dildo and clit nubs started to vibrate with strong vibrations and the dildo nubs started to push in and out. The nipple clamp pressure also increased greatly. The effect for me was instant as my excitement grew by leaps and bounds. The chair, with all its sensors, monitored my level of excitement and used that knowledge along with what it learned in phase 2 to cause my orgasm to build. As I enjoyed the building orgasm the chair would alter its exact pattern of how exactly the vibrations in the dildo or the nubs in the clit would move.

In an effort to satisfy my desire for an orgasm I tried to move my hips just a bit to see if I could get more attention to the right areas. The chair was always close but never perfectly hitting the right spots. The chair responded swiftly to my movement by tightening the strap holding my hips. The strap was tight before but now was very snug. My hips were completely immobile and my butt firmly pushed deep into the memory foam. The chair added an exclamation point to its control over me by tightening each of the other straps as well. The waist strap tightened and restricted my breathing much like a tight corset would. The breast straps got much tighter and pushed me hard against the back of the chair. The pressure going to my breasts also increased causing the nipple clamps to tightened as my nipples were now being pinched very firmly and now painfully. The arms and legs also felt additional tightness as the air pressure in the tubes increased. Lastly the neck air bladder tightened taking away what little movement I had left.

The video screen changed. This time all the clinical charts were replaced with a banner saying "Orgasm denial penalty stage." The rest of the screen showed a live video of me strapped to the chair. Seeing the video both excited me as I secretly wanted to record a sex tape with my husband--one of the multiple choice questions I fibbed on--and also scared me as I had no desire to have such a tape ever see the light of day.

"Excitement" is really too mild of a term for how I was feeling as the chair was busy playing me like a musical instrument. How the chair controlled the nubs to hit exactly the right spots or how the dildo knew exactly where my g-spot was I have no idea. I just knew the combined effect it had on me. A huge orgasm was building and I was looking forward to it exploding. It has been far too long since my husband was able to touch me and tease me and a good orgasm would do wonders to my attitude.

Closer and closer I could feel "it" build all the way to the last possible edge of no return when the chair just stopped. It just completely stopped! My nipples were still being tightly squeezed and the straps continued to hold firm but the vibrations stopped and the nubs completely retracted and were no longer touching me. The dildo shrank down in size. I had no choice but to sit in frustration. I tugged urgently on the restraints wanting to reach my hand down and finish myself off. The chair held firm with an unspoken laughter that it was in charge. The laughter continued for a long while as I watched the video of a sex crazed women-me--struggle desperately bound so tight.

After what seemed like an eternity, the chair started to vibrate again. This time the nubs and vibrations were quick to bring me be back to the edge of orgasm and slowed down to try to keep me wanting. I would have given anything to actually have an orgasm at this point but the chair had "my number" and was going to torment me.

There was no progress meter to show me how long I was to be kept on the edge. Even if there had been a meter I would not have been able to focus on it as my entire body was raw with emotion trying to do its best to somehow achieve release. I tried several times to throw myself over the edge but each time I failed with the chair somehow managing to prevent it.

Just when I thought all hope was lost the banner on the screen updated and said "Orgasmic phase." The chair found a new gear and the dildo and nubs hit exactly the correct spots as my body was forced into a mind blowing orgasm. I'm glad that the walls of the room were sound proof as I'm sure my cries of pleasure would have been heard in the next city otherwise. Once the first orgasm hit me the chair did not stop. In fact if anything the chair used its new found knowledge of my reactions to focus on those magic spots. I was at the chair's mercy--and this chair had no mercy. Whoever programmed this chair had a diabolical mind and my body was betraying me and responding exactly like the chair wanted with a second growing orgasm. There was no stopping it--not that I really wanted to. My husband and I had never managed to achieve multiple orgasms. We loved our cuddles after a good romp but with this chair there would be no cuddle-assuming you did not count the strong embrace it had on me. The second orgasm hit me hard. It actually surprised me by how strong it was.

The chair paused for a minute. It somehow sensed that I was just too sensitive to endure any more vibrations let alone a 3rd orgasm at the moment. But the pause only lasted a moment as the vibrator started up again and the dildo started to expand and contract slowly. This was something the chair had not done much before and was a welcome change to the strong nubs movement and other vibrations. The effect however was the same as my body in such a frenzy state reacted to it. This time though instead of the strong orgasmic release like the first two, the chair gently drove me into a blissful state and playfully allowed the nubs against my clit to vibrate enough to continue the long rolling orgasmic dream. The gentile nature of this orgasm caused my muscles to turn into Jello-then again my muscles might have been turned to Jello from all the tugging I was doing. This feeling continued to go on in wave after wave.

Suddenly--and without warning--the pressure on both my nipples released and I yelled out in a burst of pain. That pain was followed by the magical burst of pleasure that anyone who has ever experienced wearing tight gripping nipple clamps can understand. The chair both apologized for the pain and used it to its advantage by turning on the vibrations and allowing the nubs to dance along my skin sending me once again into an orgasmic stupor. How my body was ability to respond that way I will never know but one thing is for sure that it used up any remaining energy I thought had long since left me.

The chair stopped. The pressure in the restraints loosened but the restraints did not completely release me. The neck restraint became very loose. The video screen had a summary of the session and paused to let me read it. Eventually it showed a screen saying it was encrypting all session data including videos using my fingerprint as the only key. After a few minutes the progress meter of the encryption screen went to 100% and was followed by a second encryption screen showing the data was being doubly encrypted using the password. Once done the pressure in the arm and leg tubes released.

I slipped my arms from the tubes and just sat there for the longest time not wanting the moment to pass. I eventually mustered up enough energy to push the various straps to the side and slip my legs out of the tubes. Since my legs were still unsteady I had to use the chair to help me stand up.

After giving my legs a chance to recover I grabbed my basket of clothes and went directly to the shower. I took my time under the water to savor the moment but eventually I found my way to the dressing room and got dressed. If there had been a place to take a nap I would have used it as my body was completely relaxed.

On my way to the car Ann was busy with a customer but still looked up and said, "Now that you have a small introduction, come back in a day or two to take the session survey that helps us improve the equipment and possibly reserve a future session." She playfully added, "We offer a nice military discount."

I have been back several times since that first session. Each session offers a unique experience. I don't want to give away the contents of the other rooms but I will say I'm almost always pleasantly surprised by the variety in the 3rd room. The butt plug attachment turned out to add an unexpected dimension-especially with the different program choices. They are working on some sort of electrical stimulation device for the chair as well.

Now that I have taken the time to write about my first session I may write about future sessions if anyone is interested and I get management sign off. I would also love to hear about your experience at your hometown Orgasmic Zone.

Follow up:

I apologize for taking such a long time for an update. Thanks to everyone who has written me personal notes. Many of the emails asked similar questions so for those of you who were not brave enough to send me a direct email let me take a stab at answering a couple of those questions you all have.

Yes, I have changed the actual name of the shop. Many of you sent in the actual name of the shop--or shall we say a chain of shops. I did not originally provide the real name since I was not sure how it would go over. I still won't give out the real name but that is mostly moot since many-if not all--of the locations are closed. In order to avoid politics I'll just describe the reason for closing as quote "local zoning issues." The name I choose was how I refer to the place with my hubby.

Speaking of my hubby, he arrived safely back from the war and he isn't expected to be deployed again for a while--if ever. This means I haven't been missing the "O-Zone" after my local store closed down since I have my loving husband and his amazing abilities. He really does try to be the best at everything he does.

Many of you asked about the other rooms and as much as I would love to tell you publicly about them and my experience with them I am going to honor my agreement and keep them semi-private. Just like Ann told me on that first visit the only way to learn about the rooms will be to experience them. If you were lucky enough to experience any of the rooms firsthand please write me as I love to exchange experiences privately one member to another. I hold out hope that one day my local shop might reopen. Times will have to change for that to happen-then again who would have predicted that a novel centered around BDSM such as "Fifty Shades of Gray" would become a best seller?

Probably the next most frequent question from those brave enough to send me questions deals with how one session is different from the next. Without going into details, I'll just simple state that no two sessions are ever the same. When a session is booked the type of session is selected. The general type of session I describe in this paper is "denial" but that is just one of the many general categories available. The previous session data and original questionnaire is always used to maximize the session potential. They also truly take data privacy personally and that is the reason for the 2 layers of encryption. They can't give what they don't have even with a court order.

A couple of emails asked if it was true that rooms could be interlinked. Not only will I confirm the rumor I wish I was a better writer as I could probably write the next great novel describing the fun I had in this mode-perhaps someone else out there will write that novel-hint...hint. In order to participate in a linked session a bit of paperwork had to be completed and the different rooms were almost never linked to another room at the same store but a similar room in a distant city. Privacy was still retained. I enjoyed the game show style linkup mode and will leave it up to you to guess the prizes for winning and loosing.

I'm sure I've only created more answers than questions so if you are brave enough drop me a line with your questions. I enjoy reliving the experience and hope you have your fantasies come to life.

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Monday, May 14, 2018  

Great start! 10 years later - time for more :)

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war of terror, bombs, marines, what a bunch of brainwashed crap... disgusting

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agreed i used Google translate to listen to my English essay help me get an A

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use google translate to listen for your mistakes other than that it was Gr8

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wow, very gr8 story, thought it was very well detailed and hot, love to read more

Monday, July 23, 2012  

Still a 5 to me, but I would have liked more detail and was really hoping for interesting video.

Thursday, July 07, 2011  

Bound a woman and bring her to orgasmen - by favorite! Please write more.

Sunday, April 26, 2009  

I gave you a '5' and meant it, but you really need a proofreader. Literally dozens of mispellings, and every time I ran across one it threw me out of the story for a second.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008  

Wow awesome story

Monday, November 24, 2008  

Loved the story. Hope there will be more chapters

Monday, August 11, 2008  

Very erotic, I am a military wife too; so I really related to the first person encounter.

Saturday, August 09, 2008  

Please write about more sessions!

Thursday, July 10, 2008  

marines!!! whoah

Tuesday, June 17, 2008  

Excellent story. You can always improve grammar, but you tell a story well, which some people never learn.

Monday, June 16, 2008  

good concept but something was missing -details to make it more erotic i guess

Sunday, June 15, 2008  

Wonderful story. Wish they had one close to my house....

Tuesday, June 03, 2008  

More please!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008  

That's a great story and an awesome concept. :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008  

I hope there will be future sesions.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008  

Interesting read. Usual scenerio but "futuristic" equipment. You really need an editor: I found five instances where you used the wrong word. For example, you used the word "to" when you should have used the word "too" and you used the word "new" when you should have used the word "knew."

Tuesday, June 03, 2008  

A great story, but eye think it wood bee even better without the misspellings. ("new", "seam", and "to" come to mind ==> should be "knew", "seem", and "too")

Tuesday, June 03, 2008  

Great work! Can't wait to hear about the other rooms!

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