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  • Post Date - 6/13/2008
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CHAPTER 1 - Obsession

Silvia moaned in delight as the first pleasure waves of a nearing orgasm hit her. Her eyes were locked on the TV screen in front of her, watching adult superstar Brock Peters have his way with two stunning blondes. Silvia was so envious of those girls. They got the privilege to play with Brock's real 9-inch cock, whereas she only had a life size replica at her disposal.

Silvia's obsession with Brock Peters began about eight month ago, when she moved into this apartment and found a video tape the former owner must have accidentally left behind. She immediately fell in love with this big, good looking, muscular guy. And once she saw the size of his manhood and how well he used it to please women, Silvia started to do some research. Soon she was a loyal member of his website, had bought almost every video he starred in and just today she was one of the first to receive his newest merchandise, a dildo that was advertised as an exact full-size replica of his memorable cock.

Silvia let out a fierce scream. She could feel that only one more thrust with the dildo would bring her over the edge. But she waited. She wanted to climax at the same time as Brock on the screen. Silvia was so close to coming that she felt like she was losing her mind if she waited even one second longer. Lucky for her Brock was just about to unload and Silvia thanked him by letting herself come.

CHAPTER 2 - Casting Call

Silvia was totally exhausted. She was still holding the dildo in her hands, stroking it gently as her mind tried to regain focus on reality. She decided to write a very positive product review for the dildo and post it on Brock's website.

After a quick shower she turned on the computer and visited 'BrockPeters.com'. A pop-up caught her attention. It was a casting call for Brock's new film. Apparently the film's main set was to be a lesbian BDSM club and they were looking for beautiful women to play extras. To sustain an authentic feel professional bondage models and dominatrices were preferred.

Silvia could feel her heart jump a beat. This was her chance to meet Brock in person. Even though she had no BDSM experience at all she was determined to become an extra in this film. Silvia immediately started googling 'bondage' and spent the rest of the day in front of her computer.

Three days later Silvia arrived at the casting office early. She was wearing a black, skin-tight leather dress and thigh high boots with 6-inch heels. The casting director led Silvia to a waiting room where about two dozen other women were already waiting.

It took almost two hours until it was Silvia's turn. She lied about her experience with BDSM, pretending to have worked as bondage model and dominatrix for years. She threw in a couple of names she stumbled upon on the internet, hoping they wouldn't ask any further question. Luckily they didn't. Silvia was cast as an extra and instructed to come back on Friday, 8 a.m.

CHAPTER 3 - Meeting Brock

The dressing room for the extras was crowded, even though there were only six women. The girls from the costume department tried to dress everyone like a wicked leather dyke. An hour later the six extras were led into the main film set where the assistant director explained what everyone had to do.

Silvia was paired with Monique, a professional dominatrix. To Silvia's delight their play area was right next to where the main action was supposed to take place. She felt a rush of excitement as she realized just how close she would be to Brock.

Coincidentally right at this moment a tall, broad-shouldered man entered the set. It was Brock Peters. He smiled and seemed to be in a very good mood. He walked around the set and shook everybody’s hand. When he approached Silvia and established eye contact with her she almost shrieked. She nervously said hello and blurted out, "I love you, Brock!" Brock looked surprised, "Well, thank you." Embarrassed Silvia tried to correct herself, "I mean, I love your cock... work... I love your work." Brock chuckled and winked at Silvia, "And I love meeting fans."

Silvia felt so embarrassed that she didn't really listen to the assistant director as he explained to her and Monique the details of their performance. Instead she watched as Brock continued to greet everyone on the set before vanishing into his dressing room.

CHAPTER 4 - Action!

Once all cameras and extras were in position the director called "Action!“ Silvia could see how Brock entered the set with three leather clad women. They were laughing, kissing and groping each other.

The hardcore action was just about to begin when Silvia felt someone grab her arms. Before she realized what had happened her wrists were already bound together behind her back with a leather strap and Monique was just looping another strap around her elbows. A hard yank and Silvia could feel her elbows touch behind her back. She screamed in pain.

"Cut!" The director seemed pissed. Everyone stared at Silvia, including Brock. Silvia apologized sheepishly and promised to be quiet from now on. She glanced at Brock who was just getting a blowjob by two of the leather clad women. One of them still had her lips wrapped around his giant cock.

Silvia stayed true to her promise and kept silent for the rest of the shoot and not just because she had a big ballgag stuffed in her mouth. Monique really proved to be a professional dominatrix. Not only were the straps around Silvia's wrists and elbows lashed very tightly together, but Monique was also very skilled with the whip.

At first Silvia hated being bound, gagged and whipped. It was not only painful but also very humiliating. There he was, Brock, her dream guy, only ten feet away from her, having a foursome with three beautiful ladies who were being paid a lot of money to suck and fuck his big dick. And she, Silvia, had been forced into becoming a whimpering, drooling, helpless play toy of a sadistic dominatrix.

Silvia kept glancing at Brock, fantasizing about being HIS play toy. Again, she envied those three women, wishing she was in their places, receiving all of Brock's attention. She yearned for Brock's monstrous cock, she wanted to touch it... kiss it... taste it.

Silvia's fantasies were driving her crazy. She needed some sexual relief right now. To her own surprise Silvia found some pleasure in the tight bondage and the whipping Monique had submitted her to. She closed her eyes and imagined her tightly bound arms being actually held together by Brock's strong hands. And the sharp, periodic pain of the whip on her ass was nothing but Brock taking her hard from behind.

It didn't take long for Silvia to reach orgasm. She opened her eyes and stared directly at Brock as she came. For a few seconds her complete body went stiff as a board as she experienced an incredibly intense climax. Waves of pleasure swept through her body leading her to sexual bliss beyond everything she had ever experienced before.

Monique noticed what had just happened. She grabbed Silvia's hair, pulled her head back and whispered in her ear, "You seem to really enjoy this. Maybe I should take it up a notch?" Monique tightened Silvia's elbow strap, forcing her elbows to touch even harder then before. Silvia just closed her eyes again and moaned sensually, feeling her next orgasm being not far away.

CHAPTER 5 - Aftermath

Back in the dressing room Silvia was massaging her arms. There were visible marks around her elbows. Monique appeared beside her, "You really rocked out there, girl. I've never seen anyone get off so hard from a simple whipping." Silvia smirked and showed Monique her bruised elbows, "Well, it wasn't just the whipping. You really did a number on me with that elbow strap." Monique grinned, "Yeah, I may have gone a bit overboard with that. But since you didn't use your safe word I just figured you were okay with it." Silvia looked puzzled, "Safe word?" "Yes, Silly", Monique laughed, "Next time you better listen to what the assistant director has to say instead of fantasizing about Brock Peters and his humongous cock." Silvia blushed, "How do you..."
There was a knock on the door, interrupting the girls. It was the assistant director, "Hey Silvia, you got a moment? Brock would like to see you in his room."

Silvia walked down the short hallway, wondering why Brock had called for her. She remembered his reputation as skirt chaser and felt a rush of excitement.

Brock was sitting on a couch, completely naked. Kneeling in front of him was a beautiful redhead. Silvia recognized her as one of the leather clad women from the just finished shoot. To Silvia's surprise she was bound and gagged. Her arms had been lashed tightly together behind her back, with her elbows almost touching.

"Please, have a seat", Brock gestured Silvia to sit down on the couch next to him. As Silvia hesitantly sat down Brock ungagged the redhead who immediately wrapped her red lips around his cock. "I really enjoyed your performance today", Brock spoke in a very casual tone, paying no attention to the redhead who was doing her best to suck him off. "Thank you", Silvia responded coyly, "I loved your performance too". Brock chuckled, "You know what I love? Beautiful women in stringent bondage." He patted the redhead, who was still hard at work on his cock, on her head. "And you, Silvia, aren't just stunningly beautiful, but you proved today that you can also handle extremely tight bondage." Brock reached out and rested his hand on Silvia's thigh.

Five minutes later the redhead was lying hogtied on the floor. She screamed loudly into her gag, furious that she had been discarded for a mere extra. Frustrated she watched as Brock tied Silvia's arms together behind her back. He looped a rope around Silvia's elbows and started pulling them together, very slowly. Silvia, who was more than eager to become Brock's bondage slut moaned, "Please Brock... please make my elbows touch... I want to feel them touch." Brock grinned, Silvia really knew how to push his buttons.

Once Brock was finished tying Silvia's elbows he grabbed her hair, forced her to tilt her head back and kissed her passionately. Silvia was overwhelmed by an intense feeling of sexual pleasure that spread through her body. She felt Brock retreat his tongue so she pressed herself against him, not wanting this kiss to end. But eventually Brock pushed her gently away. He walked to the nearby couch, sat down and spread his knees. Silvia bit her lip as she glanced at Brock's manhood. "May I take it in my mouth?", she asked obediently.
Silvia knelt down in front of Brock. Her lips parted slightly as she closed in on his cock. This is it, Silvia thought, after months of fantasizing and yearning she is about to put Brock Peters real cock in her mouth. She promised herself to give him the best blowjob he ever had.

Silvia could hear Brock groan in delight as her lips touched the tip of his cock. Slowly she slid her lips further, passed the head and down the long shaft. She made sure her lips were always wrapped tight around the cock. Silvia closed her eyes, hoping this wasn't all just a dream.

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Sunday, April 21, 2019  

Reading stories, I thoroughly enjoy naiveté and the desire for bondage as the theme. Jaded harridans make bondage play so tedious. Keep up the good work.

Friday, June 13, 2008  

Needs to be more about her realizations and desire for bondage to make it complete, otherwise excellent.

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