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Julia's flame
  • Author - Al B  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, bondage, toys
  • Post Date - 7/23/2008
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Reader's Comments (7)

It was very out of place for me to be going on a blind date. First of all I was rather shy, and secondly I got asked out a lot anyway. I suppose something about being blond and blue eyed, skinny, but with large breasts and a tiny waist, was something that caught the attention of the boys more than I would have sometimes liked.

Of course it hadn’t helped with my ex boyfriend. He had left me a few weeks ago for another girl. I found out after, he’d betrayed me during the relationship a few times in addition. Angrily I sat at a table in the restaurant waiting for my blind date. My best friend had set this up, but I was having doubts again.

I looked around me impatiently thinking I’d give this another five minutes, when a tall athletic red haired woman sat down opposite of me. She looked to be a few years senior to my twenty one years and a few inches taller than my five foot four. She wore a fabulous red dress with confidence, even though it was way over the top for this restaurant, and had rather startling blue-green eyes with long lashes. Her skin was very smooth and her lips full and rosebud. She looked in a word, great.

I wasn’t even sure why I was noticing these things, when she held out her hand and smiled,” Hi Julia, I’m Tanya, we have a friend in common.”

I gaped at her in astonishment, this was my blind date! People were looking at us, and I wanted to just get up and flee but something kept me there. Perhaps fleeing would be even more embarrassing.

So we had a slightly awkward dinner, Tanya telling me she was a fitness instructor and physical therapist, I haltingly replying I worked in an office and was thinking of going back to school, but not sure in what yet. As dinner continued, I found her to be self confident, almost brash, with a loud laugh. She was very friendly though, and her eyes would rove over parts of me, like I’d seen some men do when they thought I wasn’t looking.

This never was going to work. What had our mutual friend been thinking?

Three months later I moved in with her.

It was on the first Sunday morning after I’d moved in with Tanya; we’d had a small breakfast, and then gone to the gym. After coming back we’d showered together and now were resting on the couch, sitting close, in just panties and bras, watching TV, with the potential for more.

Of course I had noticed the odd sturdy rings in the ceiling, the pole in the bedroom and the big locked chest in the living room before, but in our three months of dating, Tanya had never brought them up.

When I asked about the chest, Tanya looked uncharacteristically embarrassed, and tried to change the topic which piqued my interest of course. When I needled some more she finally relented, got a key and opened the chest.

I looked in astonishment at an assortment of bondage toys and restraints. Though I had never partaken in such activities myself I could readily imagine what they were for. There were gags, wide leather collars, an assortment of rope in various lengths and colors, cuffs of metal and leather, chains and little padlocks. I could see Tanya had spent a lot of money on this hobby.

I looked over at Tanya who was flushed and nervous, unlike her usual boisterous self, and realized, “So you you’re into bondage?”

“Oh it’s something I used to play with a little a while back but nothing important.” Tanya replied looking away and closing the chest. I grinned a little wickedly as she turned away, and opened the chest again to pull a length of black rope out. It looked sturdy but soft and the ends were burned off to prevent unravelling of the coiled strands.

I returned to the couch and sat down next to her, tossing her the rope. “Show me then,” I said holding my wrists together in front of me.

Tanya tried to look nonchalant, “Well ok, but it’s silly you know,” Tanya ran the rope around my wrists in excessively neat and rather tight coils, then ran the leftover rope between my wrists a couple times making the whole set-up even tighter, finally knotting it all up well out of reach of my fingers.

Tanya watched me play with the bonds a little, and I found it was definitely not like in the movies. Freeing my hands, even with my teeth would take a long time. Finally I shrugged, not really seeing the point and Tanya, somewhat disappointed, freed me.

Looking a bit dejected, Tanya made to return the rope to the chest, but I held her back, saying, “Ok my turn now.” Oddly submissively, she let me tie her wrists behind her back just as she had taught me. As she played with her bonds and found she couldn’t escape, I found myself admiring her slender, wiry but shapely arms and thought they looked quite nice indeed in rope.

“It seems like you picked that up quick, Julia.” Tanya said, leaning back. I looked at her in surprise. Her face was flushed, and her normally slow regular pulse, was beating fast in her neck. As my gaze travelled down over the mounds of her B cup breasts and further over her enviable six pack of abdominal muscles, to her panties, I noticed the wet spot immediately. Oh my, she really liked this stuff, and her arousal was contagious.

Normally Tanya was in charge of all things in our relationship, from where we were going out to how we were having sex, but now she just sat there docilely, as I began kissing her neck, her lips then pulled down her bra and took her perfect large pink nipples in my mouth.

By the time I got to her clitoris she was sopping wet and came stunningly fast. I continued licking and she came again not long after. I figured she was tired then but she went on her knees and with her hands still tied behind her back tended to my own love mound ( after I quickly pulled down my panties) with slavish attention. I came pretty quickly myself.

That week I spent some time researching bondage on the internet when Tanya was busy elsewhere. I found a surprising wealth of material existed, from online stores with toys, to pictures of often rather attractive females in various predicaments, and even websites with bondage stories.

That coming Saturday night we were supposed to go dancing in a big group of people, and I was not looking forward to it. Though I was crazy about Tanya, being seen in public together with my lesbian lover was still a bit over the top for me, not to mention large groups made me somewhat anxious in general.

But I had thought of something that might both please Tanya and keep me from having to go out. So when Saturday came along and Tanya was in the bathroom getting ready, I got her keys, opened the chest of toys, and laid out the assortment of gear I had planned for the night, improvising a little as I sorted through the items.

When Tanya came out of the bathroom in her tight red dress and high heels, her long auburn hair perfect, looking so good it took my breath away, I was waiting in my own black dress and heels ready to spring my trap.

“I was thinking we could try something else tonight.” I said trying to sound confident.

“We’ll be late-,” Tanya began, but then her eyes rested on the table in shock.

There, I had laid out, an ankle spreader, a leather bondage sleeve, a small vibrator, plenty of rope, a ball gag harness, and a couple padlocks. “You should probably get undressed, but can leave on your heels.” I said.

“But Julia,” Tanya began, but stopped as I picked up the bondage sleeve. I smiled enticingly, and she began undressing immediately. My eyes roved appreciatively over her lithe form until she was naked in heels, and then had her sit down with her arms behind her back.

The red bondage sleeve was made of soft but sturdy leather, and a tight fit. It laced up past her elbows, and then I closed additional belt buckles around her wrists and elbows, and straps over her shoulders, so her arms were now held more than inescapably.

I asked if she was ok, as it seemed so tight, but Tanya just nodded dazedly. She was fine indeed. So I proceeded with the ball gag harness. First I inserted the large red rubber ball in her mouth, which opened her jaws wide and made her full lips and whitened teeth look attractive somehow, before buckling one set of straps tightly behind her neck, one under her jaw, and the final one over her face and top of her head to connect around back. Finally I padlocked the harness in back with a satisfying little click. It wasn’t coming off without a key.

Next I walked my increasingly well packaged girlfriend over to one of the rings in the ceiling of the bedroom and had her stand under it with her legs spread. There I placed the three foot ankle spreader on her, and padlocked the leather straps around her slender ankles, letting my gaze travel up her muscular calves, rounded hips and perfectly toned buttocks. I was getting aroused now too and a little wet so I took off my dress also.

Almost finished now, I slung some rope around the ring in the ceiling, and then ran the rope through the ring at the end of her bondage sleeve. I slowly pulled her up forcing her to bend over with her arms facing upwards until she was in cruel but not too painful position then tied off the rope.

I checked on her again and she was drooling a bit, because of her gag, but seemed quite happy, moaning happily when I asked. It was now time to insert the vibrator which I set on low before pushing it in slowly from behind, the way she liked it, to the sound of more moaning. Tanya as expected was already self lubricated and I shook my head in wonder.

The low setting was mean as I knew from my own vibrator, because it was unlikely she would climax, but there was not much she could really do about it. Once it was all the way in, I caressed her breasts and buttocks and said,” well I’m off to watch a DVD, have fun.”

An indignant moan was my reply.

Of course I didn’t really leave her alone I snuck back a few times both to check on her and to admire my work. It was scary how helpless she was, maybe that was part of the turn on. I was still a novice in these things.

After about five minutes I went back to the chest and rummaged through it. I went back to the bedroom and showed her my newest discoveries, nipple clamps connected by a slender chain (ouch!) and a paddle. I asked if she wanted to play with them and she moaned something halfway between affirmative and exasperation.

Good enough for me, I took off her bra and squeezed her nipples till they were erect before placing the nipple clamps on carefully. Tanya shrieked a little as they went on frightening me, but then she closed her eyes blissfully. I pulled on the chain connecting the nipple clamps a little, first forward, then to each side carefully, eliciting more moans of obvious pleasure.

Wow, she was really getting off on this beyond my wildest expectations. I decided to be merciful and took the vibrator out setting it to medium/high before pushing it back in slowly.

I began working her perfect buttocks with the paddle, with little slaps that were hard enough to be felt but not so hard as to be dangerous, and she came soon after, in a string of drool and moans.

Tanya came again a little while later when I had played with her nipple clamps some more and caressed her helpless body with my hands and lips. I had nearly come myself masturbating at the sight of her with my fingers.

At this point Tanya was getting a little red in the face from her enforced bent over position and I decided to let her off the hook, but the night was still young and I was far from done.

For the next part of our night in, I freed Tanya of everything and had her put on her panties and bra again, which she did in a very docile manner not saying anything except “Oh Julia, you do it so well,” in a low voice. Enjoying myself more than I had thought, I told her in a fake role-playing voice, “be quiet slave, your punishment is not yet over.”

I got a ton of white rope from the bondage chest of goodies, and had her place her wrists behind the pole, which was bolted firmly into ground and ceiling. I tied her wrists and elbows together behind her back behind and to the pole, and then worked on her ankles, lower thighs above the knee, and waist, first tying her legs together before connecting all to the pole. It was a ton of rope and took me a while but she was completely helpless again standing straight up.

For a gag, I found a most intriguing hood/neck collar of red leather, which I wasn’t sure how to use but had Tanya explain to me. It involved a posture collar that would keep her long neck straight, a red leather ball without straps which she would take in her mouth, and a hood that covered her mouth and head but left her eyes and nose free, and held the red ball in her mouth inescapably. Once it was all laced up, it seemed almost unsafe to me though it looked fantastic and turned me on, so I decided to go get my DVD and play it on the bedroom computer instead so she wouldn’t be alone.

( link opens in new window )

We watched the DVD together for about fifteen minutes, me reclining in the leather office chair, and she of course helplessly tied to the pole. My gaze wandered over to her often though I was supposed to be ignoring her. Tanya looked just delicious in her ropes and leather head gear.

I went over to the chest of goodies and got out a large headed white external use vibrator and decided to masturbate myself in front of her in the chair as she looked on helplessly. Drinking in the sight of her and aroused from the weird rest of the night I came quickly.

I continued watching the DVD then, as she moaned piteously for attention but finally gave in, rolling my chair over to her pole and applying the big masturbator to her clitoris, while cupping her breast with my other hand and massaging a nipple.

Tanya came at least twice that I knew of, and by then the DVD was over. She had been tied to the pole for an hour or more which seemed long to me, and I decided to let her go. Tanya slumped into the bed, rubbing her wrists and looking exhausted. I nestled under her arm as usual and smiled at her.

“Where did you learn to do all that, Julia?” Tanya asked in wonder when she opened her eyes happily. I just smiled mysteriously. To my surprise Tanya got up and went to the chest in the other room. I shouted over that I didn’t want anything from there, but she came back with a strap on dildo. It looked bigger than anything I had been fucked with and I said, “no way.”

But Tanya just laughed and wrestled me down, including getting my panties off, until I gave up as usual, as she was stronger than me. Holding my wrists next to my head, her lithe body clinging to me, breast to breast, Tanya carefully inserted the dildo and I hissed in pleasure. Then she began pumping carefully but with force in an increasingly fast rhythm until I came harder than I had in a long time.

We’d both be rather sore tomorrow, that was for sure! But it seemed like the beginning of an interesting new side to our relationship.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009  

Superb story of great interest because it involves carefully worked out interactions between well defined characters. This is a theme and plot structure that deserves more extensive treatment.
A quality text that can be heartily recommended for its readability and entertainment value

Saturday, August 02, 2008  

I have posted some very happy thoughts about this here: www.boundforum.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=6567

Thursday, July 31, 2008  

Lovely fun!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008  

excellent story hope there is more to cum in the near futre!!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008  


Wednesday, July 23, 2008  

I normally don't appreciate lesbien sex, but your story was so well done that I read it through. It was the perfect length: just long enought so that it fit a quick lunch at my desk

Wednesday, July 23, 2008  

Julia & Tanya, looking forward to the next story, maybe a story involving a dare, and an outside trip, and more toys, just thinking about it and you two doing it has made me hot, thanks girls

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