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Good Night Gone Bad
  • Author - pornomancer  
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  • Site Rank - 712 of 2585
  • Unique Views - 13680
  • Story Codes - f-self, consensual, electricity, self-bondage, toys
  • Post Date - 8/3/2008
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Reader's Comments (13)

Roxee was often called "Goth" or "Punk". Mostly because kids at school are idiots. Which brought up her next issue, lack of adequate sex partners. Not that she couldn't get fucked if she had wanted to but the boys and girls had no idea what to do with her. She had always loved being tied up, before she even realized that it could be applied to sex. And once she figured that out it was on. Or would have been had not everyone she had tried it with failed so pathetically. But that was about to change. She walked into her basement and flicked on the light. As she moved past a old mirror her mom kept down there she caught a reflection of herself and even she had to admit that it was pretty hot. Her 5' 2'' 105lbs. body was devoid of hair from her neck down and clad in black fishnet thigh highs with a matching garter belt and nothing else. To top off her look after she turned eighteen, which happened four months ago, Roxee had the local tattoo guy put small steel rings through each nipple and her clit hood.

The repressed little thing was capitalizing on a opportunity that had presented itself. Her parents were out of town for the weekend on vacation for the first time forever and if she wanted to get off right she was going to have to do it herself. Carrying a gym bag of tricks she opened the door to the little work shop her dad had down there. Before she went upstairs to change she had used his tools to modify a saw horse she had bought for tonights game. Removing enough of each leg so it was about a foot to tall to kneel over in front of and bend over, screwing in "O" hooks on the back legs at a few inches from the bottom and a few inches from the top, and mounting it on a wide plank so it wouldn't tip over. Roxee tossed the gym bag next to the bondage device and turned on the CD player which played some obscure alternative band.

After kneeling down in front of the bag she removed a pair of leather ankle and knee cuffs, metal hand cuffs, two long thick rubber bands, condoms, locks, lube, duct tape, electrical tape, two seven inch lengths of chain, a very thin six inch chain with a little alligator clip at one end, a leather collar, a rubber cock training gag with head harness, a plastic two liter bottle with a chain frozen inside that extended out of the neck for a foot, the master key for the locks, a powerful wand styled plug in vibrator, a large ribbed plastic hook attacked to a bungee cord, and a metal "egg" that also plugged in and was activated by a pressure switch that caused it to released a electrical shock.

Roxee attached the pressure switch from the egg to underneath the vibs tennis ball sized round rubber head using some electrical tape. After making sure the switch wasn't going to move she used her palm to press on the ball of the wand. It was mounted on a flexible neck and moved around easily with enough pressure. The clicks that issued from the switch told the inventive girl that she had accomplished what she wanted, rolling the head of the wand around would activate the egg once it was plugged in.

Satisfied it was going to work how she planed Roxee opened a condom package and placed its contents over vibrators head. Then it was attached firmly to the sawhorses horizontal board using a number of wraps from the duct tape. Next leather cuffs were secured snugly at each ankle and knee. Feeling the butterflies of anticipation forming in her stomach as the restraints were cinched she quickened her work pace. After buckling the collar around her neck Roxee attached the seven inch chains to each of the knee cuffs using some of the locks.

Reaching down she locked her right ankle cuff to a "O" hook that was screwed into the wood near the bottom the corresponding saw horse leg, then did the same to the left ankle before squatting down and nestling her bald pussy onto the unactivated vibrator.The girl proceeded to use her new friend to toy around her nether regions finding that she was quickly lubricating the ball. Just as she hoped the pressure switch depressed easily every time she rested more then a little of her weight on it and just as easily popped back out after she pulled up from it. Before long she was rolling her hips using it to masturbate.

"Oh yeah, okay, mmmmmm.... yeah that's it right there, yeah, mmhmm, oh fuck yeah it's ribbed...." Roxee said to herself as she ran her hands up her body and through her hair before finally garbing the back of her head. She leaned forward some to better target her pierced and now very slippery clitoral region. Once she found the spot she was looking for Roxee used it to give a make shift lap dance to the wand. Closing her eyes and rocking her hips slowly to the music she rode the ball for quite awhile letting the sensation of the slick highly textured latex take its time driving her up the wall. Soft moans grew in volume and frequency as she continued the workout.

"Ooohh I'm good at this..." She said as she grabbed the bottle of lube, popped the top, reached behind her, and began squeezing a steady stream down the crack of her ass. As Roxee writhed and groaned the slippery lubricant used the motion to easily slick between her ass cheeks, run over her asshole and pool in the gap between her lips before it overflowed spilling between her and the wands head.

"Oooh god thats soooo hot!!" The little goth punkette squealed over the mix CD and dis guarded the spent bottle. Roxees hands moved to cup and squeeze her tits, messaging them until she had caused her nipples to perk to attention while continuing to use the wand between her legs to amazing affect. Once her nipples had hardened to the point of causing the rings through them to begin poking out she began thumbing the buds firmly.

"Oooohh I'm gunna go.... oohh this is going to make me cum, yeah, yeeaah..." Her voice was taking on that whiny tone in it that proceeded an orgasm. Feeling herself nearing the edge she doubled her efforts, rolling her hips as fast as she could while maintaining balance and twisting the nipple rings left and right and plucking them hard. Roxee had always enjoyed powerful orgasms, since her first when she was twelve and the one building in her now was no different.

"Oh...oh...ooh...oh... oooh!... oooohhh!, oh oh oh oh oh!, Oh fuck, Oh mommy fuck yes, fuuuck yeesss! Eeeeeeeee! " The high pitched words turned to a squeal as the orgasm started. Using only legs to support herself proved to difficult when peaking so she dropped her hands to the sawhorse and grabbed on tightly to hold herself up. Better supported now Roxee kept bucking her hips riding the climax till she was shrieking constantly and well over lead singer of what ever band was playing. After what seemed like forever she just couldn't take it anymore and slide off the wand to her knees whimpering.

"Fuck...yea..." Roxee huffed as she lay there quivering for a few minutes letting her body recover and enjoying the endorphin rush.

That done she pulled herself up and went back to work. Moving up to the knee cuffs and after two more "Clicks" the left knee was locked to the left saw horse leg by its chain and the right to the right saw horse leg. Roxee tested the situation and tried standing up. She was able to raise herself maybe six inches off the vibrator before the chains that kept her legs spread wide went taught and stopped her from going any further up. This left her trapped in a half squat and worked her leg muscles constantly to hold it.

"Well that should keep this interesting." She said quietly while easing herself back onto the wands head so her legs could rest. It took several attempt's to find a spot that didn't make her gasp thanks to how sensitive she got after cumming. Roxee tried not to think of what it would be like when the monster was on, considering how hard it was to get comfortable again while it sat there quietly.

The gag came next . Roxee picked up the cock gag and holding it by the base of its two inch long by one and a half inch diameter rubber shaft she placed its head at her opening and began gently pumping with it. After a few seconds of teasing with the stubby instrument she brought it back up to inspect it. The rubber was thoroughly coated with a mixture of fluids and gleamed in the light. Roxee oped her mouth and pushed the dripping rubber penis in and buckled it in place.

"Uck ah ar ar!" She yelled. The effort sent drool, lube, and cum dripping down her chin. "Uh uh naw igh ah uf" She said and adjusted the various straps. A few pulls and rebuckles later the gag was strapped as tightly around her head as it could be as the cock gag filled her completely. Trying to open and close her mouth proved futile now, tho the flexing of her jaw and lips let more of the fluid mixture the was steadily building ooze out. Glistening streams of goo trailed from her chin to her chest as she tried to scream again.

"Mmmppph! Uuuhhhh!" The gag was very affective now. Between it and the music even if she wasn't alone in the house no one would hear her screaming in the basement. Picking up the egg and thanks to the copious amount of lube still between her cheeks it was pushed easily past her sphincter muscle with a dull wet "plop" Next would come the hook. Roxee rubbed the ribbed plastic back and forth across her asshole to get it slippery. The bumpy nubs that covered it caused a series of muffled noises to come from the gag. After a playing with it for a little bit more she pushed its tip in. Thicker then the egg the hook made itself very known while sliding in. The irregular lumps that stretched her rosebud even more kept or mind focused on the invader. She continued to work it inside of her until the tip touched the egg keeping the devilish device trapped in her rectum.

Next Roxee tied one end of a long thick rubber band around each of her nipple rings before bending forward over the saw horse. Snatching up the bungee cord that dangled from the end of the hook that wasn't embedded in her ass she led it up to the back of her gag and searched around. She had to stretch to cord some making the hook wiggle deeper inside of her which forced out a helpless groan. A few seconds more she had the cord clipped to the "D" ring that was attached to the back of the gag. The tension between the hook and the gag made her arch her back, stare straight ahead, and created a pivot point. Roxee was now unable to lower herself from the waist forward without sticking her ass in the air and unable to lower her rear without stretching back and sticking her chest out. Balancing on her flat stomach she next took the ends of the bands that dangled from her nipples and stretched them down, which caused her to issue forth another grunt, to tie them to her big toes. Right to left and left to right. Now when the pivot point made her stick her tits out her nipples would certainly let her know as the rubber bands got tighter and tighter.

Almost down she thread the chain that was frozen in the bottle through a "O" hook screwed in a few feet infront of the sawhorse then plugged in the wand and egg. The vibrator hummed powerfully and to her surprise it kept up with the volume of the music. The egg just sat inside her but as soon as pressure was applied to the switch it would give her a jolt. Finally the very thin six inch chain was clipped to her hood ring so it dangled between her legs just brushing the vibrators head and letting its powerful thrum travel up to tease her. With a muffled grunt she forced her ass as high as it would go and was just able break the clit chains contact with the wand.

Slowly locking the hand cuffs around her wrists she felt each "Click" that issued from them as they tightened. Roxees eyes dropped down to the chain that would finish the bondage as she reached for it. The motion slide another inch or two of the bumpy makeshift butt plug into her. Trying to ignore the increasing pressure in her ass she picked up the last lock and final chain that would complete her bondage and trap her for the next few hours.

"This is it.... point of no return" Ran through Roxees mind. Her heart was pounding in her chest and the butterflies in her stomach might have flown out her mouth had a stubby rubber dick not been there. "C'mon, take it like a big girl you little slut!" With that final thought she snapped the last lock in place and sealed her fate.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009  

"Uck ah ar ar!"

INDEED! --Zumi

Sunday, March 22, 2009  

Sexy story, goth chicks r so hot, especially if they are bound, very sexy story. Adam.

Monday, February 09, 2009  

Really well written, and i can't wait for the conclusion.

Thursday, January 15, 2009  

Very enjoyable and well written. Good details, good setup and a very intriguing scenario. I love that the ending leaves enourmous room for a second chapter.

Keep writing,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008  

Loved it, but it took a couple reads to fully understand how she set up her self-bondage.
not that I didn't enjoy that...
can't wait for chapter 2!

Sunday, September 07, 2008  

Great start. Can't wait for the next chapter

Tuesday, September 02, 2008  

Hope you can finish this one... we want to know what happened!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008  

How did the night go bad? Finish it!

Monday, August 04, 2008  

Great start but it feels like there should be more. Looking forward to part 2.

Monday, August 04, 2008  

Interesting a arrangement. Bad grammer. Keep trying, but use SpellCheck

Sunday, August 03, 2008  

This is a good story, but, it is incomplete. You just got Roxy set up and ended the story. Now what happens to her? How did the good night go bad?

Sunday, August 03, 2008  

Great so far !
But we are missing PART II !
What is going on the next hours ???
Please let us know !

Sunday, August 03, 2008  

Excellent! Please continue the story...

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