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First Date
  • Author - Al B  
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  • Story Codes - f-self, M-f, consensual, bondage, self-bondage
  • Post Date - 9/10/2008
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I was at the annual college Halloween dress up party. Though costumes were required, high quality or staying true to theme was not, so people showed up in anything from fancy Frankenstein and gorilla outfits, to simpler togas or just masks. I was wearing a cop costume that had been found in an obscure fraternity attic of a friend of a friend.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

It was late and the party was winding down. I was alone now as the friend I had come with had hit it off somewhat unexpectedly with a girl he’d met and taken off. I happened to be standing near the door getting a refill when I saw her arrive. Though she was wearing a mask it was unmistakeably Allison. I would have recognized those long and slender but muscular ‘tennis team’ legs, her startling light brown (almost amber) eyes, and the sweet curve of her jaw plus full intricate lips, framed by her stylish long blond hair, through just about any disguise.

I had met Allie in a bio lab in sophomore year and we had become friends, despite my crush. She always had one short-lived boyfriend or other hanging around, and I hadn’t dared ask her out, but always looked forward to our occasional study groups or infrequent brunches.

Allie’s costume consisted of a rather stunning and tight red dress, high heels and a small mask with eyeholes. As I looked closer, I also noticed there was a chain wound tightly about her waist and padlocked there. I gaped in astonishment when I realized this chain was also padlocked to handcuffs behind her back, in which she had apparently locked her own wrists. Around her neck hung a string to which two keys were attached, apparently one would open the handcuffs and the other the padlocks, but there was no way she could reach either key without help.

She hadn’t noticed me and her hip swaying gait, though awful sexy as always, seemed a little unsteady. Already one of the gorillas and an oily vampire outfit type were homing in on her, so I quickly jumped to her rescue.

“There you are my escaped prisoner,” I laughed, trying to act normal and grabbed one of her slender wiry arms and pulled her to a conveniently unoccupied futon in a dark corner. The gorilla and the vampire looked disappointed but my cop outfit matched her handcuffs so they let us go without a word.

“Hey Jeff,’ she said with a nervous giggle and a deep pretty blush, “How did you recognize me so easily?”

I ignored the question and looked at Allie in concern. She had clearly brushed her teeth but underneath was the smell of sour red wine. “Is Carlos here with you?” I asked referring to her latest boyfriend.

Allie grimaced and said tonelessly, “No we broke up today.”

I sighed, “Well sorry to hear that but those handcuffs look so real, someone could take advantage of you or worse.”

“Oh they are very real.” Allie replied excitedly, then seeing my look added “Kind of crazy of me huh.”

Allie was looking at me very intently as I thought of what to say or do next, then when I said nothing she smiled ravishingly, “Well now that you’re here to arrest and keep me in custody Mr. Police officer, we might as well go dance?”

I looked at her in astonishment, as both Allie’s look and the way she was leaning against me spoke volumes and I realized with longing desire this might actually turn into a date. A very kinky, different and perhaps too rebound and inebriated first date but still, it was impossible to resist.

When we got on the dance floor we got some looks and whistles but it was so late and most were so inebriated or tired that we didn’t get as much attention as I had feared at first. But then Allie danced really well despite the cuffs, bending over and wiggling her rounded posterior even and the vampire fellow from before pretended to trip and grabbed one of her breasts when she stood back up. As I was pushing the vampire away the gorilla suit tried to carry Allie off to the applause of some bystanders so I ended up just holding her tight to me. Luckily a slower tune came on and Allie rested her head on my shoulder.

We slow danced a while and my senses were reeling from her intoxicating scent, when Allie whispered, “Let’s go back to my place.”

I didn’t argue and led her, by an arm, trying to look cop like, all the way back to her dorm. Luckily few people were out. Allie had won a really nice dorm lottery number this year and had one of the bigger singles with its own bathroom/kitchenette.

I sat down on the bed, exclaiming, “Wow that was fun!” But Allie (still handcuffed and chained of course) kneeled on the floor before me and looked down.

“You’ve probably been wondering what’s been going on with me tonight.” She said nervously but excitedly. I reached over and took her mask off but said nothing.

“It’s just I have this obsessive fantasy about being a tied up damsel in distress or even a slave, and none of my past boyfriends have taken me seriously. Except one but he was insanely rough.” She blurted out looked up at me finally and hopefully.

I tried to keep my look neutral. Of course I could imagine a desirable, intelligent and sexy girl like her would probably be admired and put on a pedestal rather than treated poorly and that was my first instinct too. But if I was all soft on her I’d probably end up not getting a second date.

Somewhat nervously I pulled down my pants and underwear to reveal a very large erection. “Why don’t you go ahead and take care of this then slave.” Allie’s eyes widened in shock and she hesitated at first, making me think I’d gone too far, but then she bent down and began kissing my feet and up my legs until she took my member into her mouth.

She’d obviously done this before and the sight of her pretty face and full lips serving my needs was too much, I came rather faster than I would have liked and she swallowed in some surprise.

When I was spent she went back on her knees before me, while I, still reeling from my climax, leaned back to think of what to do next. “Well slave that was adequate but the fact is it’s close to bed time and you need to be secured for the night. What kind of slave locking devices might I find here?”

“You want to tie me up the whole nigh-? “She began then stopped. I pretended to look at her sternly. “That trunk over there,” Allie said after a pause.

I went over to examine it contents and looked in fascination at all the gags, collars, cuffs and ropes inside. That would certainly do. I wasn’t really sure what it was all for but I’d figure it out. I went back over to Allie and taking the keys from around her neck freed her at last. As she rubbed her wrists I told her, “go get cleaned up in the bathroom and undressed while I prepare for your night.”

She ran off quickly to the bathroom while I spread out a comforter and pillow next to the bed and laid out some of her bondage toys. I also got undressed, except for my underwear and t-shirt.

When she came back in just a bra and panties and a slightly wild look in her eyes, the sight of her lithe figure and round high breasts gave me another erection despite my recent blowjob. “Lie down on your back on the floor,” I said pointing to the comforter. Allie obeyed quickly.

First I wound a bondage belt around her waist and padlocked it in place, and then had her slip her hands into thick bondage mittens of leather which I locked in place about her wrists, then padlocked her wrists together in front of her to the bondage belt. I then took a wide belt and strapped it around her upper arms under her breasts to her torso.

“Slave, are you feeling sick at all from drinking before.” I asked Allie with some concern.

“No Jeff, I’ll be fine, I mean, Master.” Allie grinned with a flush to her cheeks.

“Very good then Slave, " I replied, trying to hide my excitement, and proceeded to continue mummifying her. Tying up a beautiful woman who enjoyed it was turning out to be exciting. An uncomfortable posture collar was the next item and this, once locked around her long slender neck, I attached via a chain to one of the bolted bed legs.

Next I put leather thigh and ankle cuffs on her and locked them together. I couldn’t resist caressing her legs a little. Even masters need to have some fun. I ran another chain from her ankle cuffs to the lower bed leg and locked it there. Allie was already quite secured, but for fun I ran plenty of rope about her upper arms, around her forearms, and around her legs. The rope was more decorative than truly tight but she was even more helpless now.

When I got to the gag part I was a bit nervous, and I asked her if she really wanted this, to which she just nodded seriously. The gag was a big red rubber ball harness, and looked uncomfortable especially if it was to stay on all night, but I put it in place anyway, pushing it deep in her mouth, and then locked the straps under her chin, behind her neck and behind her head. This I didn’t padlock though, just in case.

“Well you’re secured to the night, Allie” I said caressing her shoulder. I’ll be going to sleep now, I said turning the light on low and getting in her bed which smelled of her wonderfully.
I waited about five minutes then checked on her. She hadn’t moved of course but her eyes were wide open and I could see her heart was beating rapidly in her throat. I got off the bed and to lie down next to her.

“Well this will keep you out of trouble.” I whispered caressing her shoulder. She mumbled something affirmative in reply. I let my hand travel down over the mounds of her breasts to her crotch and found her panties were sopping wet so I pulled down her bra and took her nipples in my mouth while rubbing her clitoris. She shuddered and came almost instantly. I continued exploring her body with lips and hands but didn’t let her reach another climax, much to her frustration.

Finally I got in her bed again and bade her a good night, to which she just moaned into her gag in reply. Maybe I’d free her in a few hours if I woke up. It had certainly been an interesting first date, we’d see what tomorrow would bring, and Allie certainly wasn’t going anywhere in the mean time!

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009  

A brave start, well worth continuing, despite the not unusual theme. The author has a clear and very readable style, but the content requires some strengthening if it is to retain a readers interest.

Sunday, November 01, 2009  

This can only be described as a starting point for a story. Thus far, well written and offers considerable scope for further development.

Monday, September 22, 2008  

this can't be the end

Sunday, September 21, 2008  

Nice, realistic but sounding much like a fantasy. Is it yours?

A good start, but done leave this one as a single. The storyline is much to promising.

Hope you write a sequal,


Thursday, September 18, 2008  

An excellent start! Please let us have chapter 2.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008  

Very good job, not excessive but not conservative either; a very good balance

Saturday, September 13, 2008  

Very good story, something that could happen anytime and anywhere, I should hope!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008  

This, I like. Excellent story. Quite realistic.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008  

Very nice. I deffently want to hear more about Jeff and Allie.

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