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Allison & Emily: A Love Story
  • Author - Halby  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, bondage, self-bondage
  • Post Date - 9/5/2008
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Part I

"Hello?" Emily had just reached the phone in time, barely hearing it ring over the noise of her shower. It was near noon on Sunday, and no one else was home; her mother, father and brother had already left for the football game. Season tickets. That meant she had the house to herself every Sunday throughout the fall. In exchange for letting her brother go to every game, Emily received a new computer. A great deal, considering she hated football. What she really wanted was to get out on her own. College couldn't come soon enough.

"Hey, it's me," said Allison, Emily's best friend since Allison had moved to the neighborhood in third grade. "Are you busy today? I was thinking of stopping by for a while to work on this health assignment. I'm nowhere on it, do you mind?"

"Yeah, no that's fine," Emily said. "Let me just get dried off and I'll see you in a minute."

"Cool, bye!"

Emily shut the water off and got her towel. Just past her eighteenth birthday, Emily was 5'7" and slim, with long, light brown hair that she liked to keep in a ponytail. Her figure was a dancer's, built with many hours of ballet. Her skin was flawless and lightly tanned, but she considered her eyes her best feature; deep sea blue and big enough to fall into. She dressed in her usual weekend wear, shorts and a sweatshirt.

Allison rang the bell and Emily ran down to answer the door. She opened the door to meet her friend and, as always, skipped a moment to take her in. Allison was gorgeous. A little taller than Emily at 5'9", Allison had near black hair and fine, porcelain white skin. She was the model of fitness, with a firm, toned figure and long legs. She was dressed as she always seemed to be outside school, in a pink, long-sleevetop spandex top and shiny black running tights. Allison was a vision and Emily's spirits always lifted at the mere sight of her.

"Hey, what's up?" Emily asked as she hugged Allison and led her upstairs to her room.

"Not much," Allison said. "I'm just not getting this homework done, and I don't need any more trouble from Mr. Reed. Did you do it yet?"

"No. I'm actually a little embarrassed by it." Emily sat down on her bed and Allison sat at the desk. "Maybe if we finish it together, it'll be easier."

"Yeah, I hate sex ed." Allison said as she opened her bag and got her homework together. "I thought we were done with that in freshman year."

"I know you finished your sex ed by freshman year," Emily grinned evilly, "the rest of us needed a little more time!"

"Ouch! You get mean with a deadline over your head!" but Allison couldn't help chuckling at her friend's shot.

"Sorry!" Emily giggled. "OK, no more. Let's just get this done." She took out the worksheet from Health Class and read the assignment.

"A fetish is defined as an object, act or bodily part whose real or imagined presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification." Discuss the questions below.

1. Is having a fetish necessarily problematic?
2. Can a relationship incorporate a fetish without jeopardizing the emotional connection between the partners?
3. Do only abnormal people have fetishes, or does everyone have at least one?
4. Give an example of a fetish and outline its attraction, its psychological impact and your own judgment of its effect on an intimate relationship."

"See," said Allison, "I just don't know what to write."

"Well, I don't think a fetish is necessarily a bad thing," said Emily, already beginning to blush. She was no prude, but she, like any normal teenage girl, found this kind of talk exceedingly embarrassing. "Unless you like dead people or something insane, it doesn't seem to be necessarily bad. And I think that leads to question two. If it's not ridiculous, I guess I could see it being incorporated into a relationship just fine. It's hard to judge without a specific fetish."

"Yeah, I could see that," said Allison, uncrossing her legs and re-crossing them. "I definitely don't think fetishes are only for nutcases, so three should be 'no.' And then, maybe we should use our example fetish to answer one and two."

"Good idea. So what should we use? Dead people? Food?" Emily was trying to keep an academic air, but she was definitely feeling warmer than before. Just talking about this subject was getting to her.

"I don't know," said Allison. She paused a moment, then seemed to come to a decision, and asked, "I mean, what kind of stuff are you into? If anything." She added quickly at the end. The ball was now in Emily's court and she sat on her bed and paused.

"OK," Emily said finally, "here's what we should do. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I promise not to laugh or freak out or anything, but you have to promise, too."

"All right, I promise. This is actually kind of cool, to have someone to tell this to. So who goes first?"

Emily looked very nervous, and as flushed as she looked before, Allison now thought she looked very pale. "All right," Allison said, "I'll go first. Remember, no being judgmental."

"I promise," said Emily.

"OK, uh, I guess I really have this thing for... well, I guess... all right, I really like stockings." Allison turned bright red and looked into her notes.

"Stockings?" Emily asked.

"You know, like pantyhose, or tights, or thigh highs, or really anything silky that goes on your legs. I just always loved the way they look. I love the way they feel. I look at other women's legs in stockings and it's a turn on... You think I'm a freak." Allison was flustered.

"No! No, totally not. Not at all." Emily said, and she meant it. She thought back on her vision of Allison and in her mind's eye, Allison was wearing stockings. In fact, now that she thought about it, Emily could not remember a day when Allison did not wear stockings with her school uniform. Emily and Allison attended the prestigious Winston Academy, and the plaid-skirt uniforms were a requirement every day. Emily usually wore socks. Every now and then she would change it up with tights or pantyhose, but she could now swear that Allison wore only tights or pantyhose (were thigh highs possible with skirts that short?) with her uniform. Even in gym class, Allison wore the shiny tights she was now wearing. Emily caught herself staring at Allison's tights. She looked up and saw that Allison noticed her staring too, and she looked even more embarrassed.

"You know," Emily said in an effort to ease her friend's mind, "I don't think that's weird at all. Stockings are actually very sexy. I can see the attraction." Emily actually could see the attraction. She thought back to times when she got really dressed up, and stockings were an essential item. She remembered the way her legs looked after she pulled on her stockings, and how smooth and silky they felt. Wearing them made her feel more beautiful and sexy.

"You don't think I'm a psycho?" Allison asked, looking much more at ease.

"No, you're a psycho, but not because you stockings turn you on!" Emily's joke broke Allison's tension and they both laughed. "Now that I think back, you always wear stockings, Allison. I just never really noticed it, I guess. You've got the legs for it, at least!"

"Thanks, Em! You've got fine legs for stockings yourself. Especially those black pantyhose you wore last Wednesday..." Allison stopped dead. She couldn't believe she had just told her best friend that she had been scoping out her legs. "I'm sorry... you know what, I didn't mean that in the wrong way."

"No, I know, come on, Allison, it's nothing," Emily was caught a little off guard by this revelation, but she was determined not to let it show. "So how much do you wear stockings? I know all the time at school, but what about outside. I know your wearing tights now."

"I wear stockings as much as freakin' possible. Like all the time. I put on pantyhose before I go to bed. I save all the pantyhose ads from the newspaper and magazines. You should see some of the Wolford ads. I'm not just wearing running tights right now either." Allison took off her shoe and pulled off her sock and Emily saw Allison's foot covered in sheer black nylon. She did the same with her other foot and held her legs out over the chair arm. Emily took in the sight. Allison's legs in tights and her legs and feet in sheer stockings was very pretty, she had to admit. She made sure not to stare this time.

"So let's do your fetish," Allison said to break the silence, "and then we can answer the questions." Allison felt relieved to have the spotlight off her, but Emily now felt very nervous.

"Well... man, yours is so tame compared to mine, I think. I don't know. I really get turned on..." Emily summed up the courage, "... by being tied up." Emily was sure she was going to die. She felt hotter than she thought possible, positively feverish. She wanted to run, she wanted to trash the day and start over. But she also felt exhilarated. Her heartbeat skyrocketed and she quickened her breathing. Although she was not a virgin, Emily had little sex experience and had absolutely never told anyone else in the world about this. Ever. She gambled a glance in Allison's direction. She was shocked to see her smiling.

"What? Did you think I was going to call the funny farm or something?" Allison said. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I think your fetish is actually way more common than mine." Emily didn't know what to say, so she just sat there and looked at Allison's stocking-covered feet. She was even more excited now that Allison had reacted the way she did. She had feared Allison might call her a name and storm out.

"So," Allison said, "bondage. Details."

"Well, I remember from way early on just being fascinated by the idea. Once you see someone tied up on TV or in a movie, I think it starts. I was into it even when I was a little girl. I've tied myself up before, but no one else has ever tied me. You're the only other person I've ever told this to. By the way, the first time I tied myself up, it was with my mom's pantyhose." Allison smiled at this. A beautiful smile that gave Emily a rush of security. "I do a lot of internet stuff with bondage. That's sexy as hell. There are so many pictures on there with so many positions that I get dizzy thinking about trying them all. I've got a lot of rope now and even a ball gag... god this is embarrassing." Emily wasn't sure if she was feeling better or worse. But Allison came over and sat on the bed and put her arm around her.

"It's no big deal at all. You're actually pretty normal, Em. Everybody gets tied up. I'm the one wearing pantyhose to bed!"

"Thanks, Allison. You know, you're right, it feels great to be able to tell somebody this stuff."

"So wait a minute," Allison said, "how do you tie your hands together? I can see the legs and even the gag, but it seems really hard to tie your own hands."

"I'm sure it's really difficult," Emily said, "but I cheat." She got up and nearly ran to her dresser. She never felt so alive. She pulled something out of the top drawer and came back to the bed. She showed Allison a pair of shining steel handcuffs. "I got these off of ebay."

"Are these real?" Allison asked.

"Totally. They're the kind that lock and won't unlock unless you have the key. I freeze the key and then I can't get out until it melts. It feels so amazing." She stopped herself from jabbering and blushed again.

"So you only like to be tied up, or do you want to tie other people up as well."

"I don't know." Emily said. "I know I like to be tied up, but I don't know if I would like to tie someone else up. The pictures of the women I see on the internet are hot, but I'm not sure if it's because I want to tie them or be tied like they are." Emily pondered the handcuffs in her hands and the two sat in silence on her bed.

Allison was the first to speak, "Look, Emily, you're my best friend, and I don't want to make things weird, but I think it would be kind of awesome if we explored this stuff here, together, where we know it's safe. If you want, I could... I could tie you up and you could see how it is. Or not, I don't want you to think I'm weird..." Allison was losing her nerve quickly, but Emily was thrilled to be thinking the same thing Allison was.

"No, you're not weird. Not at all. Yeah... I think that would actually be great. I trust you more than anyone I know in the world, Allison. I would love it if you tied me up!"

Part II

The room grew very quiet as each girl pondered what had just been agreed upon. Allison was going to tie up Emily. As she stared out her bedroom window, Emily could not catch up with the thoughts racing through her mind. She was pulled back to the moment by the sudden realization that her nipples were hard. Extremely hard. She could not remember them feeling like this before, as if they wanted to burst out of her chest. She could feel the fabric of her T-shirt tug against them. They had become exceptionally sensitive. Could this really be happening?

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"Um... maybe I should change. I think... yeah. I'll go change." Emily was once more bright red and darted to her bathroom before Allison could say a word. She just needed a minute alone to get a hold of herself. She looked in the mirror and wasn't sure who she saw in the reflection. She was without a doubt sexually aroused, and this thought scared her more than anything. Emily knew in her mind that Allison was gorgeous, but she had always struck any more explicit thoughts from her mind before they even took form. She wasn't gay, and she thought of Allison like she would a family member. But... Allison really was gorgeous, and the thought of her tying Emily up was more exciting than any fantasy she had so far come up with. Maybe it was just the moment; maybe the bondage was really what was getting to her. Emily felt herself trembling and took a deep breath. She made up her mind and walked back in the room.

"Sorry... I think I'm just nervous. I... I'm..." Emily glanced at Allison, who looked like she was having the same feelings. She said finally, "I want to do this."

Allison smiled, "Me, too. Let's just relax. We're having some fun here. That's all. No need to sign up for the Pride Parade. It's nothing. Here, why don't I help you pick something to wear?" She got up and went to Emily's closet.

Emily relaxed considerably. A wave of gratitude toward Allison crashed over her. Allison! Emily felt the urge to slap her forehead. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she forgot about Allison's fetish. If Allison was going to tie Emily, Emily felt she had to play this nylon fetish for Allison, too. She moved to her dresser and opened the top drawer.

"I think I have what I need here," Emily said and pulled out the very pantyhose Allison had noticed on her legs last week. They were very silky and sheer all the way to the waist. "Do these look familiar?" Emily asked with a little laugh. She was feeling so good she was almost giddy.

"Are those your pantyhose from last week?" Allison asked, her heart nearly skipping a beat at the sight of her friend holding the pantyhose and offering to wear them for her. Allison felt flushed with heat. She became self conscious as she noticed a very pleasant sensation between her legs.

"Silk Reflections, sheer to waist," Emily said. "It's only fair. Since you're helping me with my fetish, the least I could do is wear some frickin' stockings for you!" They both laughed in an excited, self conscious way. "You know, Allison, they seem sexier right now than I could have believed."

"Em, I'm so getting turned on right now. I'm sorry, but I am. Is it OK, to say that?"

Emily's feelings for Allison were like nothing she had ever felt before, with anyone. She wanted nothing more than to hold her and kiss her. She couldn't believe what she was thinking. This was Allison, her friend. A girl. The girl she grew up with. These thoughts, rather than deter her, instead only reinforced how strongly she felt for Allison. She finally spoke up.

"It's OK. Actually, it's great. I've never felt this good before, and you haven't even started tying me yet!" Emily pulled her second drawer open and pulled out her shiny spandex leotard. It was jet black and had high cut legs. This was the leotard Emily wore so often for ballet. She had never thought anything of it before except as a utility for her practice, but now, as she held it in her hands and felt the smooth spandex in her fingers, it became erotic. "I think I'll wear this, just the pantyhose and the leotard. Is that cool?"

Allison could have fainted. In fact, she was so aroused she was feeling a little light headed. "That's great. Yeah, that's awesome." She thought about her own clothes and felt dumpy. She was glad she had at least worn stockings. Of course, she always did. "Hey, you wouldn't have another leotard, would you, Em?"

Emily understood and pulled a solid white leotard out of the same drawer. Also made of shiny spandex, this leotard was one Emily had worn to a recital and had long sleeves. "Here, will this be OK? I think it would actually look cool with your pantyhose."

"That's great, Em! Thanks!" Allison couldn't wait to put it on. There was another pause and each girl stood looking at the other, trying to figure out where to go from here.

"I guess I'll get changed in the bathroom," Emily said. Part of her wanted to stay and watch Allison put on the leotard, then let Allison watch her put on the pantyhose. But, for some reason, Emily didn't quite feel ready for all that. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. She took off all her clothes and looked in the mirror. She couldn't believe her nipples could stick out as far as they were right now. And she was feeling... moist. She stopped and almost began to question what she was doing here, but her instinct overcame her reason and she sat down on the toilet. She held out the pantyhose in front of her and observed the fine knitting and silky texture. She wondered why she had never looked at stockings this way before. They seemed so elegant, so soft, so sexy, that Emily became giddy at the thought of putting them on. She wanted to be seen in them. By Allison. She gently put her right foot down into the leg of the pantyhose and slowly pulled the nylon until she reached her toes. She straightened the stocking and pulled it up her leg, then ran her hands up her leg to smooth it out. She couldn't believe how sensuous it felt. She sat back down and repeated the maneuver with her left foot and leg. She pulled the pantyhose up over her ass and felt a shock of excitement. Is this how Allison felt every day she as she put on her own stockings? Emily spent another minute running her hands all over her stockings, reveling in the feel, and then picked up her leotard. Putting on the leotard was now sexual as well for Emily. The spandex sliding against the stockings took on a new feel. Emily had put on this leotard over tights and pantyhose countless times, but it felt so different now that it was almost a new experience. The spandex fit tight and Emily felt the leotard tug at her sex and shuddered with delight at the feeling. Each step was a repeat of this feeling and she wondered if she could contain herself before she got back to Allison to be tied up. Tied up! Ecstasy overwhelmed Emily at the thought of being tied up in this outfit. She fought hard to keep herself from coming, and barely succeeded.

Emily walked gingerly from the bathroom into the bedroom, enjoying the constant arousal provided by walking in stocking-covered feet across the hard floor and then the carpet of her bedroom. Her feet felt like they were made of silk and wiggling her toes in the stockings felt like its own minor form of bondage. She wondered why she never noticed these things before.

As Emily entered her room, she saw Allison standing with her back to Emily at Emily's dresser. Emily took a sharp breath at the sight of her best friend. Allison, so tall and lean, so lithe and beautiful, had removed her tights and shirt and slipped into the white leotard over her black pantyhose. The effect of wearing the leotard seemed to make Allison's long legs go on forever. Emily's eyes swept upward from Allison's feet. Allison's stockings were obviously high quality, probably very expensive. The sheer black nylon covered Allison's ivory skin in a way that made it seem like stockings were invented with Allison in mind. The shape of her legs was breathtaking, with thin ankles and perfect proportions up her calves and thighs. As Emily's eyes traveled past Allison's ass, the stark white of the spandex leotard against the black of the stockings caused a stir in Emily. She wanted to grab Allison. How could she be thinking these things? Two hours ago none of this could have seemed possible, let alone desirable, as it was completely now to Emily. She wanted to grab Allison.

Allison heard the swish of Emily's stockings and turned around. She was holding Emily's ball gag, a bright red ball with a strap of black leather running through it, to be buckled behind her head. The sight of Emily was even more of a shock. Allison had never seen anything so beautiful. Emily's brown hair was down from its usual ponytail and danced in light curls to a point just past her shoulders, resting on the black leotard. Her blue eyes had a look of both longing and hesitation that Allison found exceptionally attractive. Allison, like Emily, simply couldn't believe she was here and doing this. She was less surprised than Emily, having spent many nights in bed masturbating in her stockings to the thoughts of women's legs in pantyhose. Allison didn't think she was gay, but she could certainly swing, she thought. But Allison had never let herself masturbate to the thought of Emily, no matter how beautiful her legs were; or the rest of her for that matter. She thought too much of Emily to cheapen her that way. But now, she was going to tie and gag Emily, her best friend for as long as she could remember, and while Emily was wearing the sexiest thing Allison could ever think of, stockings.

Emily saw the ball gag and her heart jumped into her throat. She believed the look in Allison's beautiful gray/green eyes mirrored her own. Am I really doing this?

"Hey," Emily said.

"Hey," Allison replied. Then nothing. They just stood facing each other at opposite ends of the room. It was like a Mexican standoff. Tumbleweed should have blown by. Allison spoke first.

"You look so great, Emily. God, I can't believe how great you look. You should really wear stockings more,"

"Thanks. You know, putting them on this time, it felt different. After what you said, I noticed the look, the feel. God, Ally, I seriously almost came in the bathroom... I can't believe I said that!" Emily was embarrassed, but she also wasn't, and she didn't mind telling these things to Allison. Allison's smile made her feel even better.

"I know what you mean, Em," Allison said. "I've been this way since I was, like, eight. I just can't get enough of it. It's so cool that there's someone who understands." Allison felt like she never had before. Like she wasn't a freak. She knew that guys were into pantyhose, but figured that it was just another sex thing, part of wanting girls in general. She thought she might be the only girl in the world who liked stockings, who loved stockings. Feeling like that only made her feel broken somehow. Just the thought that Emily could see where she was coming from, even if she didn't show up to school everyday in pantyhose from now on, was one of the best things that had ever happened to her. She noticed Emily looking at the ball gag. "Sorry I took your gag. You left your drawer open and I saw it there."

"Yeah, no, it's all right," Emily said. "Don't worry about it. I mean, you're about to tie me up, right, so I guess there's nothing more embarrassing that you could find in my dresser." Emily laughed, but wasn't feeling funny. She had just set the ball in play. She told Allison that it was OK now to tie her up. It was real. It was happening. "So... I mean... do you want to, you know?" Emily was shaking, and Allison walked over to her and hugged her, trying to calm her down.

"It's OK, Em. Anything you want, I'll do it. Just tell me what you want." Allison was awash in sensation from hugging Emily. Her hands wrapped around Emily's lean torso and grasped the spandex of her leotard on each side. Allison's stocking covered knee brushed Emily's stockings at the thigh. Allison almost lost it right there. She had never done that before and she wanted nothing more than to do it again. But she pulled back and looked Emily in the eye. "So, what do you want? The handcuffs? It's your adventure."

Emily resisted the temptation to kiss Allison full on the lips. She didn't want Allison to storm away, ruining the friendship and in the bargain losing the chance to be tied up by someone else for the first time. "I was thinking maybe ropes..."

Part III

"OK," Allison said to Emily, "I'll tie you up with rope."

Emily was trembling all over. She had never felt her heart beat so hard or fast. "I have some rope hidden in the closet. Let me just get it." She went to the closet and got a box from the back of the top shelf. "I keep all this stuff hidden in separate places. Just in case my mom ever goes through the closet... my mom!" Emily was struck with anxiety. What if her parents walked in while she was being tied up by her best friend, and both of them dressed in nothing but a leotard and pantyhose? "My family is out at the game, so we have a few hours, but just keep your ears open, OK? I'm pretty sure I'd die if my mom and dad saw this."

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"Yo can trust me, Em," Allison said, "I'll take care of you."

Emily walked over to her bed and sat down, feeling the satin of the comforter glide along her ass and thighs. Every sensation was overloading her brain. She held the rope out and looked at Allison. "Let me show you how to tie the knot, then I'm all yours..." Emily let these last words trail off and considered what she was looking forward to. For the next hour or two, Allison would own her. Own every bit of her, and Emily wanted it more than anything she ever wanted before. "Just take a length of rope and wrap it around my legs. I'll show you here above my knees. Once you get a few rows of rope around, cross the ropes and cinch the tie by going between my legs, like this." Emily crossed the ropes and pushed them through her legs. She went around a couple of times and brought the rope to the front. "You just pull each end tight and tie a double knot. That's about it. If I need you to stop or let me out, I'll say 'red', OK?" Emily undid the tie and held the rope out to Allison.

"Yeah, no problem," Allison said. "Above the knees, ankles... where else?"

"Below the knees and can you tie my wrists behind my back?" Emily felt faint.

"Yes, I can do that."

"And, will you gag me, Allison?" Emily was a little nervous. She felt like she was asking for too much and that any minute Allison would come to her senses and leave.

"I'll even gag you, just to keep you quiet for a minute!" Allison laughed to cover her nerves. She took the rope from Emily and knelt down in front of her best friend. She ran her eyes from Emily's beautiful feet in the pantyhose, up to her knees, lingered on her crotch, and then up to her chest. Allison saw Emily's nipples poking through the fabric of the leotard and realized her own nipples were throbbing. She looked at Emily's face. Emily looked back at her with eyes so lovely that Allison lost her train of thought for a moment.

"OK," Allison said, "let's begin, shall we?" Allison held one end of the rope in one hand and used the other to wrap the rest of the length around Emily's thighs above the knees. When she almost ran out of rope, she crossed the two ends and pushed them through Emily's legs. Allison felt the silky material of Emily's pantyhose and shuddered in ecstacy. She had never felt another woman's legs in stockings before. It was as wonderful as she thought it would be. Trying hard to concentrate, Allison went around a couple of times and brought the ends out.

"Ally, you can make it tight," Emily said, and Allison tore her eyes from her friends legs and looked at her. She could see the desire in Emily's eyes now. She was into the moment now. Allison nodded and said nothing.

Emily was swimming in her own pleasure. Every touch from Allison was wondrous. The closest she ever came to feeling like this was her first time with Greg, her first love. That was different. This was so different. Emily wanted Allison badly. She was thankful that she was about to be tied up and gagged, so she could lash against the restraint with her desire for Allison.

Allison did pull tight on the cinch. And her knot was as tight as Emily had ever seen. The cotton rope would not be untied. It would have to be cut. Emily swooned at the thought.

"Is that OK, Emily?" Allison had seen Emily close her eyes and teeter for a second.

"Oh my god, it is so great." Emily was becoming Allison's. She hoped Allison would kiss her. She was dying for it.

Allison took another section and tied Emily's legs below the knees. She finished up tying Emily's ankles. She allowed herself to touch Emily's nylon-covered feet liberally as she tied her ankles with the rope. Allison was amazed by how sexy Emily's legs looked with the white rope contrasting against the black stockings. "Your legs look so sexy right now, Em," she said and meant it. What a great combination of fetishes, Allison thought. She finished the knot at Emily's ankles and leaned back to admire her friend. Emily sat on the edge of the bed, her tied legs dangling in the black stockings, toes just touching the plush carpet.

Emily was breathing rapidly and Allison admired the way her chest rose and fell. She could see the outline of her ribs and abdomen in the spandex leotard.

"And now your hands?" Allison asked. Emily nodded. Allison leaned forward and took hold of each of Emily's wrists and pushed them behind her back. Allison felt the top of Emily's ass. She looked into her eyes again and could resist it no longer. She kissed Emily full on the lips. She kissed her as passionately as she knew how. She plunged her longue into Emily's eager mouth and felt Emily's warm, moist tongue push back, brushing over her own tongue, licking her lips, in a rhythm she could never explain, but which was as natural as breathing.

With her arms still around Emily, Allison pushed her back onto the bed and began kissing Emily's cheeks and neck. Emily laid there with her eyes closed, her hands still pinned underneath her. Allison was kissing her left breast through her leotard while she held Emily's tied legs in her arm. Allison took her lips off Emily's chest and turned her over. She grabbed another length of rope but had trouble getting it unwound. She was so excited and turned on that her hands were not doing what her brain wanted them to do. She finally got the rope sorted and wrapped it around Emily's wrists. As she finished tightly cinching the rope, Emily let out a low moan.

"Are you OK?" Allison asked.

"Yes," Emily whispered. Allison could feel Emily's body trembling. She straddled Emily, lifted her hair and began kissing the back of her neck. She put her hand on Emily's ass and stroked it, reveling in the feel of the stockings covering the cheeks. Allison ran her hand to the crack of Emily's ass and pushed her hand down between her legs. The rope binding Emily's legs made it a tight fit. Allison felt Emily's crotch and felt the moisture that had seeped through. Emily gasped. Allison began stroking Emily's pussy through the leotard and pantyhose. She laid her body against Emily and, using her left hand, turned Emily's face to the side, kissing her in a rhythm to match the stroking. The feel of Emily's bound hands against her abdomen, so close to her own sex, made Allison shiver with delight.

Emily began breathing faster and faster, letting out small cries with each exhalation. Allison sped up the strokes and held her face against Emily's. She noticed her own stockinged legs rubbing against Emily's tied legs. She tried to position herself so that Emily's hands would reach between her legs. When Emily felt this, she instinctively opened her hands to grab at Allison. She found Allison's crotch and rubbed as best as she could with her hands tied. Allison groaned, pressing her open mouth against Emily's cheek. Emily felt Allison's hot breath against her face. She couldn't hold out much longer.

In a moment, Emily came with an explosion. Her whole body bucked and writhed. Emily had never come like this before. She was tied so tight that she could only strain against the ropes that held her hands and legs together. This heightened the orgasm and she felt herself give over to her body's spasms. She concentrated on the roped binding her ankles, pushing against the restraint. She couldn't budge them.

The force of Emily's spasms sent her hands hard into Allison's crotch. She gave way to her own intense orgasm. She tightened her grip on Emily's body, taking in the sensations of the nylons over her toes as they curled up under Emily's legs. She devoured Emily's neck in kisses and continued to writhe in pleasure against her friend's bound body.

After the most intense few moments of their lives, Allison and Emily began to settle down. Emily stopped bucking against the ropes and her breathing became deeper and slower. She still let out small moans of pleasure as she shifted in her bonds. She never felt so alive. Allison was still on top of her and she wished she would stay there forever. Even though the sexual tension had been relieved, she still felt aroused, and the feeling of the ropes was still wonderful to her. And so were the stockings. Allison had turned her on to a new fetish, and she was so glad she did. She loved that Allison loved her dressed like this. She loved the look of desire in Allison's eyes when she was being tied. The way Allison ran her hands all over her body. The nylons on her legs, and the spandex leotard seemed to electrify Allison's touch on Emily.

Allison shifted a little and took most of her weight off of Emily, but still held her with both arms and wrapped her right leg over Emily, running her pantyhosed leg up and down over Emily's tied legs.

"Are you OK, Emily?" Allison asked. Emily's eyes were closed and she looked like an angel. Allison continued to give her small kisses on her neck and cheek.

"I've never felt this good in my life, Allison. No one has ever made me feel like this."

"Do you want me to untie you?"

"No. No, please. I want to stay like this." Emily looked up at Allison and thought she had never seen a more beautiful sight. She leaned up and kissed her. Allison returned the kiss deeply and rubbed Emily's breasts as they made out.

"We can stay like this for a while if you want," Allison said. "I can stay for another hour."

"Will you?" asked Emily.

"Of course I will, but I'm not through with you yet." Allison reached behind her and brought Emily's ball gag around to show Emily. "I'm going to gag you now, Em. If you need me to stop, just hum a song, OK?" Emily nodded silently and opened her mouth to receive the gag. It was such a beautiful, submissive act. Allison gently pushed the ball past Emily's perfect teeth and turned her head away from her. She took the ends and threaded the strap through the buckle. She pulled it tight. Emily gave a little cough.

"Is that OK?" Allison asked. Emily nodded. Allison buckled the strap and turned Emily's face back to her. It was so sexy that Allison almost came again right there. Emily's jaw was stretched down by the ball gag. Her top teeth showed over the top of the ball, and her beautiful lips gave it a perfect frame. Allison leaned in and kissed Emily's gagged mouth. Emily moaned in pleasure.

Allison was horny again already and reached her hand down to Emily's pussy once more. "Let's see what you have left in the tank, beautiful."

Part IV

Allison began kissing Emily's face around the ball gag in her mouth. She kissed her on the nose and the eyes and cheeks. She moved down to Emily's chin, stretched low from the gag. She used her tongue on Emily's throat and neck, taking large, sucking kisses.

Emily moaned into her gag and arched her back to offer her neck and chest up to Allison. Allison ran her hands along Emily's collar bone and buried her face in Emily's chest. She could feel the spandex of Emily's leotard pushing back against her as she locked her lips on Emily's right breast. It was so firm, and so soft. The nipple was erect, pushing against the leotard. Allison grabbed the straps of Emily's leotard and pulled them down off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. Emily gave a soft cry that barely registered in Allison's brain.

Allison had seen Emily's naked chest before, in gym class and as they changed into swim suits among other places. She never gave Emily's breasts much thought beyond slight envy. But it was different now. Allison wanted them. She engulfed Emily's left breast in her mouth and sucked forcefully, dancing her tongue over the hard, erect nipple. Emily gasped and writhed in her bonds. The sound of her stockings rubbing against the satin comforter drove Allison wild. She grabbed both Emily's breasts and massaged them, pushing them up and together as she kissed her way down Emily's midsection.

Allison turned around and moved to Emily's feet. She had been waiting to do something like this for as long as she could remember. She moved on top of Emily and put her stockinged feet around Emily's head. Emily thrilled in the feel of the pantyhose against her face and the view looking up Allison's legs to her crotch.

Allison took Emily's tied ankles and pulled them up to her face. She ran her face along the tops of Emily's feet, savoring the nylon covering her feet and toes. She kissed her way from the rope at Emily's ankles, down over the tops of her feet and began sucking on Emily's stocking-covered toes. The taste and feel fo the nylon was mesmerizing. And the bondage she had put Emily in heightened the effect. Allison kept one hand wrapped around Emily's legs and moved her other hand down to her crotch, and began stroking herself. She couldn't help it. It was an automatic motion. She continued to suck and kiss Emily's feet as she masturbated lying on top of her friend.

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Emily never knew having her feet kissed this way could feel so good. She wiggled her toes in the stockings and struggled against the rope holding her ankles together. She felt like she was in a cocoon. She loved it, and wished she could touch herself for some relief from the sexual tension. She tried to bring her tied hands around some way to touch herself, to no avail. This just made her hotter. Allison stayed on top of her and lavished attention on her stockings. Emily was drooling through her gag and swimming in the feel of Allison's warm, silky body on top of her.

Allison came with a sudden and hard orgasm. She tensed her body up and clenched her legs around Emily's head. Emily turned her gagged mouth to the side to rub her nose and lips into Allison's pantyhose. Allison bucked on top of Emily making her hornier than ever. She moaned through gag in a plea for Allison's attention.

After a few moments of intense writhing, Allison relaxed and began again kissing Emily's legs, going up over the rope tying her ankles and gently caressing Emily's shins.

"I'm coming, Em," Allison said. She turned herself around and, sitting on top of Emily's bound knees, reached between her legs and found the snaps in the crotch of Emily's leotard. She popped the snaps and pushed the now-moist spandex away. The sight was amazing. Through Emily's sheer pantyhose, Allison could see her best friend's pussy, shaved clean, moist and glistening from the sexual excitement. Allison had never seen another woman's vagina up close like this. It was beautiful to her. She reached out her right hand and stroked Emily through the pantyhose, pushing her thumb up into her pussy.

Emily bucked again and twisted her bound body, trying to get Allison's hand deeper into her. She was completely lost in her sensations. She closed her eyes tight and turned her body again, the restriction of the ropes tying her sending thrills through her entire body. She had no thoughts in her head but the desperate need for sexual relief.

Allison took her hand away from Emily's vagina and paused for a second. Emily stopped writhing and waited, her eyes closed. Allison bent forward and plunged her head into Emily's crotch. She locked her lips onto Emily's pussy, ecstatic at the feel of the nylon between her lips and Emily's. She pushed her tongue against the pantyhose, trying to get into Emily. Emily screamed into her gag. Allison knew it was delight and pushed on, sucking hard on Emily's pussy. It was a tight fit because of how well Allison had tied Emily, but Allison pushed her chin and mouth deep. Emily couldn't control her movements and tried feverishly to lift her pelvis up to Allison's lips. Allison reveled in the warmth and moisture between Emily's legs, mixed with the feel of the nylon and the exquisitely sweet taste. Emily tasted wonderful to her, and she needed more.

Allison grabbed the waistband of the stockings and pulled them down, totally exposing Emily's pussy. Emily felt the cool air hit her and was shocked by how vulnerable she felt. She started to shiver and tremble. Then Allison's mouth latched onto her pussy. Allison had never done anything like this before, but she knew what she liked her boyfriends to do. She knew exactly where to touch a girl to send her over the edge. With her lips against Emily's labia, Allison swirled her tongue around the bottom of Emily's vagina. She moved upward, pushing her tongue in and out, as if she were making out, brushing her tongue inside Emily's inner lips. Emily moved her body up and down to match Allison's rhythm, gasping low, guttural moans through her gag. Allison wrapped her left arm around Emily's legs and lifted up. Using her right hand, she exposed Emily's clit fully and ravished it with her tongue. Emily screamed through her gag again, a high, breathy cry that told Allison she was close. Allison sucked Emily's pussy into her mouth and worked her tongue hard on Emily's clit.

Emily nearly passed out from the bombardment of sensation. It was like every nerve ending in her body was turned on fully, overloading her brain with signals of pleasure. A tingle went up her spine, down her legs and arms, and throughout her body. It built up as Allison sped up.
Emily burst into an orgasm that she would never have imagined possible. She let her body spasm out of control and groaned loudly into her gag. She took in all the sensations: her tied ankles and legs, her wrists behind her, the pantyhose rubbing against Allison and the satin on her bed. The warmth and weight of Allison holding her. And Allison's mouth consuming her. She came again, almost as powerfully as the first time. She was beginning to feel faint.

Allison felt Emily's orgasms take hold of her body. She tightened her grip around Emily's legs and kept her face planted firmly against Emily' sex as her friend gave in. Allison never felt so good pleasuring another person. She stroked Emily's abdomen and grabbed the ropes below Emily's knees to hold her in place. She reached up and felt for Emily's naked breast. It felt perfect in her hand.

As Emily began to calm down, Allison let go of the rope and pushed herself up toward Emily's face. Emily's hair was matted with sweat and clung to her forehead and cheeks. This only made Emily more beautiful to Allison. Her cheeks were flushed with color as Emily panted to catch her breath, her eyes still closed. Allison rested on her elbow beside Emily and watched as her breasts rose and fell more and more slowly, their prominence more pronounced because Emily's hands were still tied under her back. Allison was feeling spent herself and felt her body radiating heat. She ran her stockinged toe up and down Emily's calf as she waited for her friend to come back to her.

Emily opened her eyes and looked up at Allison. Allison's perfect hair was messed up and Emily could see her own moisture all over Allison's face. Allison looked back at her and smiled. She reached down and behind Emily's head, undid the buckle, and took the gag out of Emily's mouth. Before Emily could say a word, Allison kissed her deeply. No tongue this time, just a deep, passionate kiss that lingered for a few moments. Emily could taste herself in Allison's kiss, but didn't mind at all. She just returned the kiss. Allison lifted her lips from Emily and used her nose to nudge Emily's nose and cheek. Her hair brushed Emily's face as she lifted her head.

"How are you?" Allison asked. She began to pull the straps of Emily's leotard back up over her breasts.

"Fine," Emily said with a beautiful smile. She could think of nothing else to say. She watched as Allison worked with her leotard. Allison allowed her hands to linger on Emily's breasts and shoulders as she adjusted the straps. She moved down and pulled the pantyhose back up to Emily's waist. She then took the open ends of the leotard and pulled them over Emily's crotch, snapping it back into place. Allison ran her hands all over Emily's crotch, smoothing the silky fabrics and lightly massaging Emily's torso.

"How are your hands doing?" Allison asked.

"Yeah, they're fine," Emily said. She tested the rope and flexed her fingers under her back. Everything felt good. The ropes were still tight. Emily was impressed with the great job Allison had done tying her. Her legs were still bound perfectly. The ropes had not slipped or loosened. She looked back at Allison. "How are you doing?"

"I'm good," Allison said. "I'm really good. God, Em, I've never felt like that before!" Allison smiled, but she was starting to feel a little awkward now. She had just given her best friend, her female best friend, oral sex. After dressing her up in pantyhose and tying her up. She didn't know what to make of what had happened. And she was afraid of asking Emily what she thought... because she wanted to do it again. "Did you have fun?"

"It was more than fun," Emily said. "I've never... it was more than fun." Emily smiled. She was a little confused, too. She was still lying next to her friend, wearing stockings and a leotard, tied up. It was easily the best sexual experience she had ever had, but she didn't know what that meant.

Each girl grew silent. Allison laid herself on her side next to Emily and smiled. "Look, Emily, nothing has to change. Nothing did change. We just had some fun, right?"

"Yeah, no, you're right," Emily said, and felt a little relieved. This experience didn't have to be more than what it was. "I mean, you know I love you, Allison, right?"

"Yeah, of course I do," Allison replied. "I love you, too, Em... I'm not asking you to prom, though!"

"Bitch!" Emily laughed out loud and felt relieved. Allison was still Allison, and she was still Emily. Allison grabbed her in a mock wrestling move and turned her on her side. She put her arm over Emily and spooned her bound friend as each girl giggled. They let the moment pass and quieted down, each girl reflecting happily on the afternoon's events. Emily felt a wave of gratitude toward Allison. Allison got the ball rolling in the first place, and had tied her so well. And the sex... Emily tensed up.

"What's wrong?" Allison asked.

"What you did for me," Emily turned over to look at Allison. "The, uh, you know. I didn't do anything for you."

Allison smiled. "Well, I have to leave soon, so you can get me next time..." She tried to act natural, but she was scared to death Emily would never want to do this again.

Emily seemed to read her thoughts. "OK, I can do that," she said, and meant it.

Allison smiled wide and leaned in to kiss Emily once more. "Do you want me to untie you now?"

"Not yet," Emily said. "Can you stay a little longer?" Emily couldn't explain it, but lying here in Allison's arms, tied as she was, was almost as good as the sex... almost. She didn't want it to end.

"Yeah, of course I can, Em." Allison checked the clock. She had enough time. Emily nodded and closed her eyes again as Allison wrapped her up in an embrace. They lay there on Emily's bed in silence, sharing their warmth. Allison felt a little sleepy, her head resting on a pillow she shared with Emily.

Suddenly, Emily jerked her head up. "Did you hear that?"


Emily listened hard. "I heard something." Allison cocked her head toward the door. There was the distinct sound of the front door of the house closing shut.

"Who's that?!" Allison whispered.

The sound of people talking downstairs made its way upstairs. They heard a woman's voice above the rest as it called, "Emily!"

"Oh shit!" Emily exclaimed. "My mom's home!"

Part V

A wave of fear crashed over Allison, taking her breath and momentarily paralyzing her muscles.

"You said they were at the game!" Allison cried to Emily in a harsh whisper.

"They were!" Emily hissed back. She was frantic. She needed to get loose. She began to struggle against the ropes, squirming and twisting against her bonds. She heard her mother calling down to her dad while her mom's footsteps noisily announced her ascent up the staircase to the second floor. "Untie me, Allison!"

Allison was already behind Emily and struggling with the ropes tying her friend's wrists together. Her hands were shaking. The cotton rope had knotted so well that Allison was unable to get a fingernail in to undo it. "I can't get the knot out!"

"Jesus, she's coming up the steps!" Emily forced herself to think. Cut the rope! "My scissors. In the top right drawer of my desk. Hurry, Allison!"

Allison jumped off the bed and flew across the room to Emily's desk as Emily sat herself up on the edge of the bed as best she could. She knew her mom was only seconds away from reaching the top of the steps. It was then only a few yards to Emily's door. The situation was desperate. They were going to get caught... and Emily was enormously turned on. She didn't want to get caught, but the thrill, the danger of getting caught put her on the verge of another orgasm. She felt herself getting moist again. She tingled down to her toes. She shook her head, fighting her own impulses, trying to get clear.

"Emily? Where are you?" Emily's mother was coming down the hallway. Her voice was loud and clear. Allison found the scissors, but she knew it was too late. She dashed back across the room and pushed Emily down on the bed, putting her hand on Emily's mouth to shush her. In what seemed like an instant, Allison rolled Emily to the edge of the bed and pulled the comforter out from under her. She then grabbed the rope binding Emily's knees and yanked Emily bodily, back to the center of the bed. Emily got her head on the pillow and Allison hurriedly threw the comforter over her. There was a sharp knock on the door.

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"Hide!" Emily shrieked almost inaudibly. Allison, showing off years of gymnastics, practically flew over the bed, away form the door. Emily was mesmerized by Allison's athletic display, the way her beautiful legs, shining in the black stockings, stretched into a full split as Allison vaulted over her. Allison landed quietly on the other side of the bed. She bent down and slid herself on her stomach under Emily's bed just as the bedroom door opened from the outside.

Emily's mom walked into the room. From her vantage point under the bed, Allison saw a set of feet stride in. They paused just inside the doorway. Allison stifled a nervous giggle. She wanted to burst out laughing to relieve the stress.

"Emily?" asked her mom. She stepped further into the room and saw her daughter in bed, eyes closed, the comforter pulled up well past her shoulders. She seemed to be sleeping. "Emily?" she called again, gently.

Emily's heart was pounding. She could feel it thumping against her sternum. She was sure her mom could see how hard her heart was beating. She probably even heard it. It sounded like a hammer in Emily's head. Still, she tried her very best to not move a muscle. It helped to be tied tightly, her arms pinned under her body. She tried breathe slowly, regularly, giving the appearance of sleep. When her mother called again, she allowed herself to lightly turn her head and squint her eyes upward.

"Mom?" she asked, trying her best to sound groggy. "What time is it? I thought you were at the game." She blinked up at her mom, trying to see if there was any suspicion on her face. She couldn't tell.

"We were, but your brother's feeling sick. Were you sleeping?"

"Yeah, I was just taking a nap." Emily searched her brain for a way to get her mom out of the room for just a few minutes, long enough to get untied and change.

"With the lights on?" Emily's mom looked down at her daughter and noticed her face was flushed red and that her hair looked messed up, and slightly wet. "Are you OK? You look like you're sweating."

Emily didn't have an answer for this, so she punted. "I guess I just got hot sleeping, I don't know."

Her mom bent down, reached and felt her daughter's forehead. It was hot. "Well, your brother's feeling down, too. Maybe you both caught something at school."

"Yeah, probably," Emily said quietly.

Allison couldn't take much more of this. She had physically placed her hands over her mouth to stop herself from laughing. She knew she should be afraid, but she found herself excited by the entire situation. She imagined Emily's mom bending down, seeing Allison in nothing but pantyhose and her own daughter's leotard. She imagined Emily's mother grabbing her and dragging her up and out of the room, down the stairs, throwing her out of the house, dressed as she was, while her daughter remained upstairs, tied up in bed. The danger made her so hot that Allison took one hand and reached between her legs, stroking herself through the leotard and pantyhose. She saw an old stuffed teddy bear out in front of her and pulled it in, using it as a pillow as she began to silently masturbate. She couldn't believe what she was doing, but thinking about it made her even hornier. She felt the stockings on her legs as they rubbed into the carpet. She curled her toes, sliding her stockinged feet up and down. The need for silence made Allison's efforts harder, but hotter at the same time.

Emily's mom stood back up and looked like she was about to leave, when she noticed something over by Emily's desk. "Is that Allison's backpack?" she asked.

Allison stopped stroking at the sound of her name and clenched her hand on her pussy. She glanced sideways and saw Emily's mother move over to the desk. From that angle, she might be seen, even under the bed. She quickly pulled her legs in and tried to be invisible. She was already close, but this movement sent Allison over the edge. She came hard, but struggled to keep herself as still as possible. She buried her face in the teddy bear and rode out her spasms.

On top of the bed, Emily's heart skipped. Her mind raced. She said, "Oh, yeah, Allison stopped by earlier so we could do some homework." Bringing some truth into this coverup made it a little easier. Was that a bump she felt under the bed? "We decided to take a break and – " Emily's mind involuntarily flashed images of the top of Allison's head as Allison pulled Emily's pantyhose down and put her mouth on her. Emily blinked. " – and so... then Allison went home because I was feeling tired. We were going to finish up later... when I got up. So she left her bag here, for when she comes back later." Emily heard herself and wanted to slap herself, but her hands were tied. Her hands were tied! She was horny again. Emily couldn't believe her inability to focus, her inability to control her arousal.

Emily's mom seemed to accept this answer. "All right, do you want me to call her?"

Emily did not want this. "No! No, um, that's OK. I think I'll just lie here for a little longer." The image of Allison's pink top and her running tights flew into Emily's mind. She didn't know what Allison did with them, or her shoes. She could only hope Allison stowed them somewhere her mom wouldn't see them.

"OK, sweetie," her mom said. She headed for the bathroom.

"Where are you going?" Emily tried to sound casual.

"I'm getting you a glass of water."

"No, that's OK. I don't need any water." Why wouldn't she just leave?

"You need something to cool you down," her mother said. She went into the bathroom and filled a glass with some water from the tap. She walked back into the room, but stopped when she noticed the tips of her daughter's feet sticking out beyond the comforter. They looked they were covered in black nylon.

"Are you... wearing pantyhose, Emily?" she asked, a quizzical look on her face.

"What?" Emily felt the bed bump again underneath her. Like lightning, she pulled her feet in under the comforter. In all the commotion, she never realized her feet were showing. She was thankful her mother couldn't see the ropes tying her ankles together. She had to say something quick. "Oh yeah, uh, I was feeling cold before, and so before I went to lie down, I put some pantyhose on, because my legs were cold." Emily felt herself blushing and involuntarily squirmed against the ropes tying her. "Yeah, I wear pantyhose to bed sometimes when it's cold. It really helps."

Emily couldn't read her mother's face. She was either grossed out or slightly confused. "Okaaay," she said and brought the water over to her daughter. "Here, have some water. It'll help you feel better."

Emily made an unconscious move to reach for the glass, but her hands were tied and pinned. "Can you just leave it on the table. I really just want to go back to sleep for a while."

"All right, sweetie," her mom said. She placed the glass on the table, bent over and kissed her daughter on the forehead. She stopped there for a moment. Emily was terrified that her mother might smell the sex on her. Her mom, though, just brushed the hair off Emily's face and smoothed the comforter arounder her. "If you don't feel better soon, let me know, and we'll call the doctor. OK?"

"OK, mom. But I really just think I need a little more sleep."

"OK. Good night, sweetheart," Emily's mother walked over to the door and turned the light switch off. She gave her daughter one more glance. Emily smiled back, and her mom closed the door. Emily could hear her mother's footsteps as she went back downstairs. She heard her family talking in what sounded like easy tones. She looked up at the ceiling and breathed deeply.

Allison slid back out from under the bed. She got on her knees and leaned onto Emily's bed to look at her. It was still bright outside, but the room was darker without the overhead light. Allison slid onto the bed and pulled Emily's comforter off of her, taking in the sight one more time. Emily was curled up, as if she were in a hogtie. Her ankles were close to her hands. Allison saw the ball gag lying next to Emily. She was tempted to put it back in.

"That was so awesome, Emily!" Allison exclaimed quietly. "I thought we were dead, which just made me hornier. I had orgasms under your bed! Your teddy bear's gonna be scarred for life." Allison was giddy.

Emily rolled over and looked up at Allison. "Get me off, Allison" she whispered, pushing her pelvis toward Allison, her tied legs kicking against the mattress to get closer. She couldn't believe how horny she was, and she needed her friend to touch her one more time. "Please, Ally."

Allison quickly put her left arm around Emily's back to hold her. She put her right hand on Emily's crotch and started stroking vigorously. Emily threw her head back and gasped. Allison started sucking on Emily's breast through the leotard. Emily came quickly and hard. Allison buried her face under Emily's chin and continued to kiss her throat as Emily spasmed. Emily felt every part of her body tingle. The tips of her fingers and toes seemed to shoot energy outward.

Emily let her final orgasm run its course and settled down. She was so spent, so tired. Allison held her in her arms and kissed her along the side of her neck, gently nibbling Emily's earlobe. They laid there for a while as the afternoon wore on. Allison gently ran her fingernails up and down the pantyhose covering Emily's thigh. Neither girl said a word.

Eventually, Emily looked at the clock. It was four o'clock. She had been tied for almost three hours. But she didn't want it to end.

"I have to get going," Allison said. She laid Emily down gently and stroked her face for a moment, looking long and deep into Emily's eyes. Then she got up and went back to Emily's desk, retrieving the scissors. Coming back to the bed, Allison helped Emily sit up and cut the ropes binding her wrists. Emily somehow felt naked without the ropes. Allison then knelt in front of Emily and cut the ropes above and below her knees, and at her ankles. Allison ran both hands up Emily's stockinged legs, over the knees and to Emily's waist, then back down again. She repeated this for a moment, and Emily gladly let her, knowing how much Allison loved the feel of the stockings.

Allison finally stood up and went to Emily's closet, where she retrieved her top, tights and shoes. "Can I use your bathroom?" she asked.

"Yeah, of course," Emily replied. Allison went in and Emily heard water running. A few minutes later Allison emerged fully dressed, holding Emily's white leotard in her hands.

Emily remained seated on the bed, her hands at her sides, as Allison came around to face her.

"So, I guess I'll be going home," she said. She put Emily's leotard on the bed next to her and went to the desk to gather her stuff.

"We're OK, right, Ally?" Emily suddenly felt worried. She hadn't had time to process everything that had happened. She'd had the best few hours of her life, but she didn't want it to be at the cost of losing her best friend. And that's what Allison still was to her. "Things aren't going to be weird now, are they?"

Allison came back over to the bed carrying her school bag. She reached into the bag and handed Emily a package. It was a pair of Wolford sheer black pantyhose. They were very expensive. Emily looked up at Allison, who was smiling.

"Things could never be weird with you, Em," Allison said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "Just make sure you wear those to school on Monday." Allison grinned wide and opened the window. She had used this exit many times before, for more innocent purposes. "Bye!"

"Bye, Ally!" Emily called after her. As Allison disappeared out the window, Emily felt the cool rush of air as it hit her stockinged legs. She loved the feeling. She put the Wolford stockings in the side table drawer and, keeping the pantyhose and leotard on, climbed back into bed. Monday was going to be fun. Emily buried her head in her pillow and let out a giddy scream.

Part VI

The house was dark and quiet at around 3:00 AM, when Emily awoke with a start. She sat bolt upright and fought to control her breathing. She'd had a pretty convincing nightmare and was trying to shake it out of her head. In the dream, Emily had come out as a lesbian and was being shunned at home and school. Her mother sat in the kitchen crying constantly. Her friendship with Allison had turned to an obsession. Allison had rejected her and told her to stay away. Greg, her old boyfriend, was laughing at her and telling her no one could ever love her. She could feel herself running down the long, narrow main hall at school, toward the stairs that led down to the middle school cafeteria. The cafeteria where Emily had endured severe bullying when she was only thirteen. They were waiting for her there. Waiting to lay into her again...

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Emily looked around her darkened room, trying to assure herself that her past was well past. That she was now a smart, beautiful young woman, less than a year away from graduating from high school near the top of her class. That people liked her, and that it didn't really matter if they did or didn't. That she was not a lesbian.

At this thought, Emily became aware of the leotard she was still wearing, and the sheer black pantyhose she had on underneath them. Her thoughts flew to her afternoon with Allison; to the feel of being tied and underneath her. The sight of Allison's hair as it draped over Emily's thighs, Allison's mouth working feverishly on Emily's sex.

Emily stood up abruptly and tore at the straps of the leotard, pulling it down as quickly as it would come. When it was off, she threw it hard toward the hamper, where it landed with an almost silent thud. She literally tore her pantyhose off, intending to destroy them. She never wanted to wear them again. In fact, she never wanted to wear any stockings again. Ever. After putting on an oversized cotton t-shirt, she went to the top drawer of her dresser. Pushing aside some panties and other underwear, Emily gathered up all the pantyhose, stockings and tights she could find. Despite her angst, Emily took a second to indulge in the feel of the nylons as the material caressed her fingers and the palms of her hands. She held the pile up to her mouth and nose and breathed in that unique scent of clean, fresh nylon. She felt her lips brush the stockings as her nose took in a wave of air. Her heart began to speed up.

Emily shook her head. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she scolded herself in a harsh whisper. She then methodically ripped up each pair of nylons until they were all in tatters. Emily took the whole pile of ruined hosiery to the bathroom and put it in the wastebasket. She took the bag out and tied it up securely. Remembering that Monday was garbage day, Emily tiptoed downstairs and out the front door, making sure to be as quiet as possible. She raced over to the cans by the curb, thanking the clouds that had covered the moon and given her some measure of darkness. The last can was half empty, and took the small bag easily. Emily gave a quick glance around to see if anyone was out or watching from a window, and then raced back in and up to her room.

Closing her door without a sound, Emily slipped easily back into bed and shut her eyes tight. She didn't want to be a lesbian. She wanted a husband someday, and kids. She liked boys. Didn't she? Allison popped into her head. Allison in nothing but a pair of black pantyhose. And holding a length of white rope. Emily was wet immediately. She plunged her right hand down to her vagina and rolled onto her stomach. She covered her eyes with her left hand, as if that might hide what she was doing. Finding her clitoris, she stroked feverishly. It felt amazing. In less than a minute, Emily came, and came hard, as images of Allison tying her knees blocked out all other thoughts in her head. She could feel the rope, feel Allison's hands on her legs. Emily's whole body shuddered and tingled with ecstasy. Her breathing slowed finally, and she fell into an uneasy, dreamless sleep.

She woke with a start at 6:30. Usually, Emily's head was cloudy when she woke up. She would clear the fog trying to remember what was on tap for the day. But she was crystal clear today. She knew what was waiting for her at school. Who was waiting for her. She showered quickly, not shaving her legs, and spent almost no time on her hair and makeup. She didn't want to be attractive, to anyone, today. The uniform for school was mandatory, but Emily pulled out her oldest, cruddiest running shoes and paired them with gray crew socks. Pulling her books and folders into her bag, she headed for her door. She glimpsed a small, dark package on her nightstand. The Wolford pantyhose. Black, sheer to waist. Beautiful. Emily picked up the package and turned it over. The tag read $49.50. She couldn't believe that these stockings cost more than many of her outfits. She wondered what they would feel like on her legs, how they must look...

Emily had much better control of herself this morning. She blasted the thoughts out of her head and shoved the pantyhose into her bag. She'd give them back to Allison. Sometime. She didn't want to speak to her today. Emily hoped that Allison would choose to skip school. Mondays were Allison's favorite days to skip. But she knew that wouldn't happen today. She'd seen the look in Allison's eyes. Allison would be there, waiting. She'd be disappointed.

"Are you feeling any better, honey?" Emily's mom asked as she poured her daughter some orange juice. "You look awful." Rather than being insulted, Emily was glad of this assessment. She wanted to look bad.

"I'm fine," she said. "No breakfast, though. I'm not hungry." She grabbed her keys and said goodbye to her parents. Her brother would have to ride the bus today. She was in no mood for company and the withering glare she gave him on the way to the door answered his questioning look.

School started at 7:45, and Emily waited in her car in the student lot until she had almost no time to make it to homeroom. Allison was in the same homeroom, of course. Emily expected to see her car when she pulled in to the lot, but let out a quiet, "Shit," anyway when she saw it.

The bell was on its last ring when Emily breezed in the door of Ms. Weber's room. Everyone was still settling into their seats and finishing up small chats as Emily made a beeline for her seat. Allison was two rows over and Emily caught her eye the moment she walked into the room. Allison saw her face first, and noted the stark change immediately. Emily looked tired, sick almost. Allison glanced down to her legs. Bare. Damn it, she thought. Not because Emily's legs were bare, but because of what it meant. Allison knew Emily could take things too seriously. She had probably stayed up all night convinced she was gay. Allison's mouth curled into a small grin, despite her attempt to stop it. Emily wouldn't look at her.

"How 'bout we ALL shut it this morning, Mr. Percy?" Ms. Weber was on the muscle today, Allison thought as she glanced over at Greg Percy, who wasn't being that loud at all.

"As you wish," Greg said in his best impression of Westley from The Princess Bride. It was lost on Ms. Weber, but Allison smiled wide. He really was cute. She could see why Emily had dated him for so long.

Homeroom lasted only ten minutes, ending with the bell calling for first period. Everyone got up and headed for the door. Allison saw Emily bolt for the hall and disappear before she was even out of her seat. They would see each other again in two hours for third period, Physics. Well, at least that gave Allison time to think of a way to fix this. She took up her bag and headed for the door. Greg was right behind her. She turned and smiled at him. "See you in the pit of despair, I mean, English, after lunch, farm boy."

Greg smiled back at Allison and said, "Inconceivable!" Allison laughed out loud. With a wave, Greg turned down the hall and headed for History, a class he shared with Emily. Allison turned and went toward the auditorium for Drama class.

The morning went slowly for Allison as she waited to see Emily. She needed to talk to her, to make her understand that this was no big deal. She hoped Emily would realize that. Allison wasn't suddenly in love with Emily now. She loved her, of course. She'd loved her for a long time. But that was different. Allison could never feel for Emily that way. Allison hoped that Emily was just confused. She had no desire to break her best friend's heart. All of a sudden, she dreaded seeing Emily, and the clock dutifully sped up to near light speed. In what felt like no time at all, the bell rang for third period. Allison made her way down the west hall toward Dr. Evan's physics lab. She moved at speed, hoping to beat Emily to the door so she could force a meeting.

Allison was the third person in the room and was relieved to see Emily had not arrived yet. She took up a post in the hall outside the doorway and kept a close eye out as the sea of students flowed by like a loud, unmotivated current. Emily was easy to spot in the crowd. She was darting past people, not looking at a soul. Her goal of reaching the room ahead of Allison had her moving twice as fast as anyone else. She turned to head into Dr. Evan's lab but was blocked. Since her head was down, the first thing Emily saw was a familiar and beautiful set of legs, covered in sheer, dark gray stockings. Matched with some cute black chucks, Emily experienced both the dread of seeing Allison's legs in front of her and the exciting urge to run her hands all over them. The dread was stronger and Emily slowly pulled her eyes up to look at Allison, who had a ridiculous smile on her face.

"What's up, homo?" Allison's smile grew wider. All her teeth seemed to be showing and the grin, though goofy, was infectious. Emily might have smiled, too, if she hadn't gasped at hearing Allison's question.

"Be quiet!!" Emily barked in a hoarse whisper. She nervously glanced around to see if anyone had heard Allison. Allison took this opportunity to grab Emily's arm and lead her down the hall. "What are you doing? Class starts in five minutes! Let go, Allison!"

Allison turned left and pushed open the door to the janitor's closet. It was a tiny room, but there was space enough for the two girls to stand and face each other. Allison dragged Emily into the room and closed the door. She reached for the string hanging from the ceiling and gave it a firm tug. A low, yellow light flooded over them and Allison took a position right in Emily's face.

"What's going on?" Allison asked in an aggressive tone.

"Nothing." Emily still stared down and away from Allison.

"Look at me, Em," Allison commanded in a firm, but soft, voice. Emily turned her head slowly and raised her eyes. "We said it wouldn't get weird, didn't we?"

"Let me go, Allison." Emily made a half-hearted move for the door. Allison grabbed her shoulders with both hands and gently pushed Emily back.

"No, we need to clear this up." She looked into Emily's eyes. Emily's usually perfect face was lined with worry. "What's wrong, Em?"

Emily looked down again and appeared to be searching for words. Finally she whispered, "I don't want this, Allison." She felt a tear run down her cheek and screwed up her face to keep herself from fully sobbing.

"What? You don't want to run away to Massachusetts and be my wife?" Allison had a way of cutting through the crap, which Emily admired more than anything else. Emily gasped out a laugh and sniffed loudly as Allison went on. "I mean, we could do one of those commitment ceremonies here if you want, then your Mom won't have to fly. I know she hates planes."

"Stop it, Allison," Emily was feeling better, but she needed Allison to understand how she felt. "What if I'm gay, now?"

"Seriously, Em? Seriously? You're going to be what, second, third in our class, and you think I can turn you gay?" Allison kept her smile but gave Emily a disapproving look. "You think all those years we've known each other and felt nothing romantic were a fluke? You think what you had with Greg was, like, and accident? Like you slipped or something?"

Emily was reeling. None of this had occurred to her last night. She had known Allison most of her life and had never felt anything like what she felt the day before. "But what if I was just burying it all?"

"You've been watching too much of The L Word, Em." Allison took a step back and gave Emily room. "In the real world, do you think you could give up guys? Forever? I know I can't. And as hot as you are, Emily, your lack of certain... parts, let's say, is a dealbreaker for me, I'm afraid."

Emily had not looked at things from these angles. In many ways, Allison was so much smarter than she was. "I think I see what you're saying," Emily said, and meant it. There was no way she was going to go the rest of her life without a guy. Not even for Allison.

"It was really hot, what we did, Em, and I do love you. But it was about the ropes, about the pantyhose...OK and about you!" Allison moved close and put her hands on Emily's shoulders, looking deep into her eyes. "I want to do it again. Do you?"

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Emily didn't need to think about anything. "Yes," she said quietly.

"Even if I won't marry you?" Allison gave her crooked grin again and Emily laughed easily. Allison could see she was feeling better, which made Allison feel excited. She didn't want this to end, and she had plans for making it even more fun. "I'm glad we cleared that up."

"Sorry, I just never felt like that before." Emily was now regretting her fit of last night "I was so worried, that I ripped up all my pantyhose and stockings."

"Ouch, it's sad to see those Wolfords go, " Allison looked down. She had two pairs of her own, but it was hard to spend fifty dollars and never even use them. Emily was smiling as Allison looked back at her. "What?"

"I've got them right here," Emily said and pulled the package out of her bag. Allison felt a rush of excitement. She looked down at Emily's legs and back up into her eyes.

"Put them on," she said in a low, commanding tone.

"What?" Emily asked. She wasn't quite sure what Allison was getting at, but the heat between her legs knew where this was going.

"Take off your panties and those ridiculous socks and put those stockings on. Right now." Allison didn't blink. She didn't smile. She fully intended to watch Emily strip and put the pantyhose on in front of her. And she knew, she knew, Emily would do what she said.

"Allison, I can't do it here. I'll wear them tomorrow." Emily started to unzip her bag.

"I want to watch you put those pantyhose on, Emily. Now." Allison seemed to grow a couple of inches, and Emily began to breathe very quickly. Allison reached up under Emily's skirt and found her panties. She grabbed them in her fist and yanked them halfway down Emily's legs. Emily gasped, but didn't object. Allison crouched down and pulled the underwear down further. Emily stepped out of them and kicked off her shoes. Allison took Emily's left foot off the floor. "These socks are going straight in the garbage."

"OK," was all Emily could muster. She was dizzy with pleasure. Allison's touch was electric. She pulled the gray socks off Emily's feet and stuffed them in her own school bag as she stood. Emily could feel the moisture between her legs now.

"Put them on, Em." Allison spoke softly, but her words worked on Emily like a computer command. She immediately tore open the package and removed the Wolford pantyhose. Emily had never felt stockings this soft or silky. They seemed to pour over her fingers. She looked over at Allison and could see that her friend was mesmerized by the display before her. Emily gathered the right leg of the pantyhose and pulled it over her foot. The feel of the stockings as they slid up her leg made her shudder.

"Let me help you," Allison said as Emily looked for a way to balance herself. Allison's breath came in quick, shallow gasps. She moved behind Emily and wrapped her arms around her waist, pushing her face over Emily's left shoulder. Emily was trembling slightly, but managed to get her left foot into the pantyhose and started pulling them up her legs as Allison held her weight. When she got them up to her butt, Allison grabbed her hands and pulled them away. She took the pantyhose and pulled them up and over Emily's ass, taking time to caress Emily's thighs in the stockings. After the pantyhose were up, Allison ran her hands up and down Emily's legs, pulling here and tugging there, making sure it was a smooth fit. It was like a second, silky skin. She ran her right hand right over Emily's crotch and Emily bucked slightly at the sensation.

Allison turned Emily around and took her face in her hands. "For the rest of this week, I want you to find a new pair of pantyhose every day. Bring them here to me in this closet and put them on, OK?"

"OK," Emily whispered, her eyes closed. She felt Allison coming close to her and opened her eyes for an instant as her lips were met by Allison's. She quickly closed her eyes again and opened her mouth, her tongue searching for Allison's. They kissed deeply for what felt like ages, but was really only a matter of seconds. The bell signaling the start of third period rang loudly out in the hall. Emily jumped. "Oh my god, we've got to go." She hurriedly put her shoes back on and gathered her school bag.

"Ready to come out of the closet?" Allison giggled at her own joke. "Sorry. That one was right down the middle. I had to swing."

"You're almost funny," Emily mocked her as they left the janitor's closet and walked late into Mr. Evan's Physics class.

Part VII (added: 05/05/2009)

Emily's reputation as a top-flight student allowed her, and by extension Allison, to settle into Physics with nothing more than a stern look from Dr. Evan. The two girls quickly assumed their usual place in the back of the class, sharing the last table in the room, out of view of everyone but the teacher. Emily, sitting to Allison's left, pulled out her textbook and put it between the two girls. Allison scooted her chair as close to Emily as it would go.

"Take your shoes off, Emily," Allison whispered in a low but resolute voice. Without looking up from the book, Emily quietly kicked of her old running shoes, exposing her feet to the cool classroom air. She felt the air rush over her stockinged toes and indulgently rubbed her feet one over the other. The Wolfords felt like nothing she had ever worn before, as if her skin were made of silk. Allison reached her left arm low under the table, out of sight, and began stroking Emily's knees. She couldn't believe how easily her hands glided over Emily's legs. She felt herself rising in sexual excitement, unable to concentrate on a single word Dr. Evan said to the class. What she could hear was Emily's shallow breathing.

Allison pulled her hand back and reached for her bag lying on the floor to her right. Emily glanced sideways in disappointment, hoping Allison wasn't finished with her. She saw Allison pull something out of her schoolbag. Emily recognized it right away. It was the belt strap from the coat Emily gave Allison two years ago for her birthday. Trench coat material and beige in color, Emily knew things were about to get interesting.

"Give me your knees," Allison whispered, keeping her eyes on the teacher. Emily pushed her knees together and shifted herself on her seat so she could face Allison. She lifted her legs and set her calves on Allison's lap. Her heart raced in her chest as she glanced toward the front of the room. Emily knew, based on the layout of the tables in front of her, that no one, including Dr. Evan, could see what was going on. Unless someone right in front of them turned around and bent low. That didn't ease the tension.

Allison kept her head up and maintained the pretense of paying attention to the lecture. Meanwhile, she ran her right hand along Emily's stockinged legs from her toes to her thighs. She placed her left hand under Emily's thighs, above the knees, and grabbed the belt strap with her right hand. Handing one end of the strap to her left hand, Allison fed the belt around Emily's legs above her knees. She crossed the strap ends in front of and between Emily's legs. Crossing the belt, Allison reveled in her favorite part of tying Emily; feeding the cinch through her legs. Allison stroked the inside of Emily's legs and felt the nylon caress both her palm and the back of her hand. Allison ran the cinch behind the belt and back over to the front and tied it off rather snugly.

Emily never took her eyes off of her book, but she couldn't even see the words written before her. Her mind quite accurately imagined what was going on under the table top. As Allison tied her, she placed her right hand on Allison's lap and stroked her friend's leg, reaching up under her skirt. Emily noticed the clock and couldn't believe that for the second time in less than 24 hours, she was being tied by her best friend.

Allison finished tying Emily and gently lowered her friend's bound legs to the floor. "Keep some part of your legs touching mine for the rest of the class."

"OK," Emily whispered back. She was beginning to love giving Allison that response. Emily closed her eyes and let herself feel her knees tied together. The pressure pushing her legs together almost made her orgasm, and it took all her strength to resist the urge to touch herself right here in class. Concentrating on Allison's order, Emily pushed herself forward, kicked her right foot around Allison's left shin and hooked her toes behind Allison's calf. Allison smiled and helped her friend, holding Emily's leg there by pressing her right leg against it. Allison ran her fingernails up and down Emily's shin, listening to the quiet swishing sound it made.

About fifteen minutes passed and Emily had settled into a pleasant state of sustained excitement. Every time she let herself ponder her situation, she became very hot. She struggled to listen to Dr. Evan. The continued arousal and denial was a wonderful sensation. But she wasn't sure she could hold out until the bell rang and Allison untied her. Allison seemed to sense Emily's rollercoaster swings and saw that her friend was coming closer and closer to reaching down and bringing herself to orgasm. That wouldn't do.

As Emily seemed to be bringing herself to another high of arousal, Allison quickly plunged her left hand under the table. She reached up under Emily's skirt and pushed through her tightly tied thighs. Allison pointed her fingers down to the chair seat and put her palm on the pantyhose over Emily's vagina. She made a hard, fast grab of Emily's pussy.

Emily let out a high-pitched gasp as she was hit by an instant, hard orgasm. She instinctively reached for Allison's hand and doubled over, hitting her forehead on on the pages of her open textbook. She was lost to the world for some moments when she heard Dr. Evan call to her.

"Emily, are you all right?" Dr. Evan was still standing at the front of the room, but had raised himself up to glance toward the back, where Allison had, ninja-like, separated herself from Emily. Allison tried her best to act as surprised as the rest of the class, many of whom had turned in the seats now and were eying Emily.

Emily flushed redder than Allison thought humanly possible. She raised herself up in her seat, taking care to cover her bound knees with her hands, and looked to Dr. Evan. "What? Oh yeah, no, I'm fine Mr. Evan," Emily said in what she hoped was an easy manner. "I wasn't feeling great yesterday. I think it's just cramps, if you know what I mean." Emily gave Dr. Evan a wide-eyed look, challenging him to delve deeper into her possible premenstrual complications.

"Oh!" Dr. Evan said, embarrassed and already ready to move on. "OK, yeah, well... I understand. No need to explain. If you need to go see the nurse, just show yourself out, OK?" People had already started to turn back to the front, some of the boys whispering obvious and crude jokes to break the doldrums inherent in Dr. Evan's lectures.

"Thanks, Dr. Evan," Emily said, and the classroom seemed to return to normal. Emily turned sideways and, knees still tied, kicked Allison in the leg.

"So hot, Em, so hot," Allison whispered with a devilish grin. She turned her face toward the front and picked up a pencil, pretending to take notes. But Emily noticed Allison's left hand had reached under her own skirt and was silently working at a feverish pace. In a moment, as Emily watched, Allison came. Her eyes closed and she let out a very quiet breath of air that was almost a moan. Emily thought Allison never looked more beautiful than in that moment of ecstasy. She knew she wanted to be a part of making that happen, no matter her reservations.

Allison scooted her seat back to Emily and Emily replaced her leg in contact with Allison's. The girls remained connected for the remainder of the class. When the bell rang, Allison quickly reached for Emily's legs and expertly untied her. Emily looked around and satisfied herself that no one had seen them.

As they got up Allison put her things in her bag and turned to Emily. "Do you want to go to lunch, Em?" she asked.

Emily's eyes sparkled as she took Allison's belt strap and stowed it in the pocket of her skirt. "Kind of," she said. "Follow me." Emily took up her backpack and walked out of the classroom without looking back. Allison, a little stunned, followed her without a word.

Emily breezed past the students crowding the hallways. Her pace told Allison that Emily was in mission mode. Often, when Emily would set her mind on a task that she was not 100% sure about, she would assume an agressive, straight-ahead manner until the job was done. Allison knew from experience that any attempt to distract Emily would be pointless. She simply followed Emily, still aroused by their experience in Physics and slightly jarred by Emily's abrupt transition from submission to leader.

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Emily took the main staircase down two flights and turned left. Passing the hallway leading to the drafting room and tool shop, she continued down a narrow hallway that led to the rear of the auditorium. Allison had to walk at speed to keep up, but her heart was beating too fast for that to be the reason. She felt as though her face and neck were radiating heat.

Emily found the door to the backstage of the auditorium locked and started fishing around the front pouch of her schoolbag for her keys. Since stage managing the school musical last year, she had been entrusted with keys to all the areas in and around the auditorium.

"Where are we going, Em?" Allison, no stranger to low-level trouble, felt nervous. She was fine taking risks if they were her idea, and she controlled the circumstances. Here, she felt exposed.

"Hold on," Emily said and pushed through the door. The single lamp on burning on the empty stage, with no shade, gave just enough pale white light for Allison to see. They were behind the main curtain, in an area filled with what looked like interior walls of a house stacked horizontally on top of each other. Next to these walls, she saw a long table filled with props and costume pieces. Emily had walked around the side of the stage, off to the right, and was fiddling with her keys again as she faced another locked door.

Allison made her way to Emily's side just as Emily unlocked the door. Emily walked into the darkened room and turned on a lamp. Allison looked in and saw that the lamp was sitting on a small desk against the left wall in a very small office. In front of the desk was an old swivel chair from what had to be the seventies. Across a small space of about two feet, against the right wall, was a two-person couch. The wall opposite the door was blank except for a bulletin board with old flyers from plays the school had done over the past ten years.

The dim light from the lamp cast the entire room in shadows. Allison stepped in and looked at Emily. Standing by the desk, her features half in darkness, Emily had a look of sheer determination on her face. She stepped by Allison and closed the door, pulling the bolt to lock them in. Emily pulled the belt strap out of her pocket and handed it to Allison.

"Tie my hands behind my back, Ally," Emily said, matter-of-factly. "Tie them tight."

Allison let out a low breath and grabbed Emily by her shoulders. Turning her around, Allison looped the belt around Emily's wrists, crossed the ends, and cinched the tie tightly. Allison made sure to pull hard, and noticed Emily's shoulders rise up a bit when she finished the knot. "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine," Emily said as she turned and looked at Allison. Her arms pinned behind her back caused Emily's chest to push against her school blouse. Her breasts looked beaustiful as they strained against the soft, shiny fabric. Emily took a step toward Allison and leaned forward, glancing first at Allison's lips, then into her eyes. Allison let her lips part slightly and looked directly into Emily's eyes. Emily leaned further and consumed Allison's mouth with her own. She thrust her tongue deep into Allison's mouth, finding her teeth and the roof of her mouth, pushing back against Allison's tongue.

Allison reached for the sides of Emily's head, pushing her fingers up into Emily's gorgeous hair, grasping her skull. Emily moved forward, into Allison, and pushed her bodily until Allison's ass hit the edge of the desk. Emily released herself from Allison's mouth and began kissing her neck and throat. Allison tilted her head backward and closed her eyes, letting her arms fall to her side.

Emily stopped kissing and pulled away. Allison brought her head back up and opened her eyes. Seeing nothing straight ahead, she looked down. Emily was now kneeling in front of Allison, looking up into her eyes, her hands still bound tightly behind her back.

Allison knew what she meant to do. "Em, are you sure?" she asked, so turned on that she could feel herself getting wet between her legs.

"No," Emily said. "Which is why you have to hold me there and not let me go." Emily looked scared and excited.

"You don't have to do this, Emily," Allison couldn't bear the thought of Emily doing something she truly didn't want to do.

"No, it's fine. If I can't handle it, I'll say, 'Red,' and you can let me go. OK?" Emily was in pure mission mode now, and Allison found herself nearly ready to orgasm at just the thought of Emily going down on her.

"OK," was all Allison could muster. She couldn't find her breath. Looking into Emily's eyes, Allison reached for her skirt button.

"No, leave it alone," Emily said. She had torn her eyes from Allison's and was now bent low, toward Allison's feet. Allison saw Emily's back, her tied hands, her ass in her school skirt. She saw Emily's hair as it draped over Allison's feet.

Allison felt Emily kissing the tops of her feet, just where her chucks ended and her stockings began. Emily took alternating small kisses and great, open-mouth gulps of Allison's stockinged legs, working her way from Allison's feet to her calves, her shins, up to her knees. Allison spread her thighs as Emily kissed her way up her friend's legs. Emily reached the inside of Allison's thighs and nuzzled them with her nose. She could smell Allison's sex. This was not going to be easy for her. She hesitated.

Emily felt Allison's hands on the base of her skull, pulling her up. She lifted herself, guided by Allison's hands, until her nose brushed against Allion's crotch. It was wet, and warm. Emily felt the nylon of Allison's pantyhose with her nose and lips. Allison was wearing only the stockings, no underwear underneath. She open her mouth and kissed Allison's pussy through the pantyhose.

Allison let out a low moan and took in the sight below her. Emily's head was bulging underneath her skirt, her bound arms dangling behind her body. Allison felt Emily reach her tongue out and find her vagina behind her pantyhose. She shuddered at the sensation. Emily seemed to want to pull back, but Allison held her fast against her.

Emily couldn't see much. Her eyes were too close to Allison's body to get much of a view, and it was too dark. She was able to make out the center seam of Allison's pantyhose, running directly over Allison's pussy. Allison was totally shaved, for which Emily was thankful. Emily could see that Allison's lips were swollen and that she was very wet. The feeling of Allison's stockinged thighs pushing against Emily's cheeks was comforting and arousing at the same time. Emily knew that her touch was sending Allison into ecstasy, and that aroused her in turn. She knew where to touch her friend. But she had to get past the pantyhose first.

Allison felt Emily's mouth open wide on her crotch, her lips forming around Allison's mound. She felt Emily's teeth on her labia and almost lost it right there. Emily's teeth scraped gently across Allison's lips as she closed her jaw together. On her third try, Emily was able to grasp some of Allison's pantyhose with her teeth. She held them there for a second as she took a few breaths from the exhertion. Allison reveled in the feel of Emily's hot breath on her sex.

Emily was swimming in Allison's smell and taste. The wet crotch of Allison's pantyhose firmly in her mouth, Emily began sucking hard and pulling back with her head, trying to pry the stockings off her friend. Allison relinquished her grip slightly, aware of Emily's intentions. Emily managed to pull the nylons down off Allison a short way. She let the swath of hose in her teeth go and reached back up for more. There was now a small gap between Allison's pussy and the pantyhose, and Emily managed to get a much larger mouthful of stocking the second time. She unconcsciouly tried to use her hands to grab the hose, but couldn't bring them to her front. This reminder of her bondage invigorated Emily and she pulled down hard. Fortunately, the stockings didn't rip. Emily saw the waistband now, just in front of Allison's sex. She attacked it with her mouth, her teeth closing in on the band while her nose brushed Allison's clitoris.

Allison was almost dizzy. She kept her eyes mostly closed, save for the glimpses she would steal of Emily's hands tied behind her back. She felt Emily grab the waistband of her pantyhose and pull down, exposing her pussy fully to her best friend. Emily took a couple more tugs on the stockings to get them down far enough for full access to Allison. Allison replaced her hands on Emily's head and guided her back to Allison's pussy.

Emily plunged ahead, no thoughts in her mind except pleasing Allison. She latched onto Allison's outer labia with her lips. She felt her nose pushing against Allison's clitoris. She pushed her tongue out, separating Allison's outer lips and caressing the inner lips. She poked her tongue forward, reaching for Allison's opening. Allison bucked at the sensations, but held Emily's head firmly to her pussy. Emily opened her mouth wide again and clamped it down around Allison's clitoris. Emily sucked hard, trying to pull the clitoris out from under the hood, using her tongue to get underneath and caress it.

Allison was shaking with delight. Emily knew she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. She was actually going down on her best friend, a girl, and making her come. She sped up the tongue strokes she used on Allison's clitoris, sucking harder and using her lower lips to brush Allison's labia near her opening. Emily could feel her head being held tight by Allison. She tried to pull back once or twice, but was held against Allison's pussy. Breathing through her nose right above Allison's clitoris, Emily felt enveloped by Allison's scent and redoubled her efforts.

Emily could feel Allison trembling all over and made one final push against Allison's clit. Allison exploded in an orgasm, holding Emily's mouth against her pussy as she rocked back and forth, her muscles contracting in rhythm, squeezing Emily's head between her thighs.

Allison let out a few high-pitched gasps as she came back down from her sexual high. She released Emily's head, and Emily fell back on her bottom, sitting on the floor, gasping for air, keeping herself upright with her tied hands. Emily's stockinged legs splayed in front of her and she pushed herself up against the couch. She looked up at Allison with a huge smile on her face.

Allison smiled back, not saying a word. She gingerly pulled her pantyhose back up and adjusted her skirt. Bending over, Allison reached forward and brushed Emily's hair, damp from Allison's moisture, out of her face. Allison sat down on the couch and fell back into the cushions. Emily struggled up onto the couch and set next to Allison, her tied hands pinned behind her. She leaned over and rested her head on Allison's shoulder.

"Em, that was amazing," Allison said, stroking Emily's face. "Thank you." She pulled Emily's face to hers and kissed her lips gently and deeply, tasting herself on Emily's mouth. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. Really. I'm great." Emily was smiling at Allison. Her tension from this morning seemed completely gone.

"So you liked it?" Allison asked.

"Actually, no," Emily said. "And that made it even better. Does that make any sense?"

"Uhh, not so much."

"Well, for one thing, it means we're not moving to Massachusetts!" Emily was giddy but Allison didn't know what to think.

"But you're OK?"

"Yeah," Emily said. "You're the most beautiful woman I know, Allison. And you're sexy and sweet, and I've loved you for years. Even with all that, I still didn't like doing this. I'm, like, totally straight. And that was awesome. I embraced this willing unwillingness to please you because you were in control. Basically, not wanting to go down on another girl made going down on you really hot. But, like, I'll never want to go down on girls, see?"

"You are so effed up, Em," Allison said. "You're the only one more twisted than me!"

"I know, right?" Emily leaned her head into Allison's shoulder and closed her eyes. The girls sat quietly together for some time. Emily's hands remained tied behind her back. Presently, the bell rang, signalling the end of the lunch hour. Allison lifted Emily's head up from her shoulder and reached behind her to untie her hands.

"Now that you know you don't like girls," Allison looked over as Emily straightened her clothes, "does that mean you want to quit what we've been doing?"

Emily leaned down and kissed Allison's lips lightly. "I don't like girls, but I love you. And when you tie me up, I'll like whatever you make me do."

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Allison smiled wide. "That's so hot." She stood up and gathered her bag together, straightening her uniform. As Emily unlocked the door and stepped out into the auditorium. Allison called out to her, "What about when YOU tie ME up?"

There was a crashing noise as Emily tripped over some props and let out a profane curse. Laughing lightly, Allison left the office to go help her friend.

Part VIII (added: 07/16/2009)

"I wonder what kind of pantyhose you're going to bring me tomorrow," Allison thought aloud as she and Emily walked back into the main hallway, toward English class. Allison had her hand in Emily's and they gently swung their arms as they glided toward the classroom.

"This could turn into some real work," Emily said, bringing her attention back to the present. "I need four more pairs for the week. Is there a style you want me to wear for you?"

Allison only wished that Emily could realize how hot that question made her. "Honey, anything you pick that you think is sexy, I will definitely find sexy. And actually, you only need three pairs. Remember, we have the teachers' in-service day on Friday."

"Oh, yeah. I knew that." Emily mentally slapped her own forehead. She was so caught up in her new feelings that Allison had a better handle on school-related issues than Emily did. Not good. But she just didn't care. Now that she remembered she had three days out of school, her thoughts returned to ropes. "Uh, what do you want to do this weekend?"

Allison gripped Emily's hand tighter and smiled at her. "I was hoping you'd ask me that, Em, because I have a really cool idea!" They turned off the main hall and down the smaller hall leading to the English classroom. Some students were gathered in front of the door and Allison eyed Mike Herbert, a boy she'd turned down more times than she'd care to remember. It wasn't his looks, but his personality that made him so ugly. Allison rolled her eyes. "Oh god, Mike's eyeing me again."

Emily turned just in time to see Mike notice the two of them. Emily hated Mike almost as much as Allison did, and was wishing he'd slink of to Art class where he belonged. Mike had no such intentions now that he'd seen the two girls walking together toward him.

"No wonder you never go out with me, Allison," he said loudly, pointing at the two girls walking hand in hand. "You're too busy being a dyke with your girlfriend!" There was a raucous bit of laughter from Mike, his buddy Josh and Josh's girlfriend Amy. A lot of eyes in the hallway turned toward Allison and Emily.

Emily's faced flushed deeply red and she quickly whipped her hand away from Allison and back to her side. Even though it wasn't true, Emily was mortified at the thought of anyone finding out what she and Allison had been doing. She looked down to the ground, afraid to meet anyone else's eyes.

Allison's face flushed red, too, but with anger. She had reached her last straw with Mike and was about to let him have it when she saw someone zip past her.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Greg had closed the distance to Mike, grabbed his shirt at his chest and viciously shoved him into the row of lockers against the wall. There was a loud bang and Allison saw Mike up on his tiptoes, Greg pinning him against the wall.

Josh made to move in and help his friend. Greg turned his head and leveled a devastating glare at him. "Get back, Josh!" he growled in a tone more menacing than Emily had ever heard him use. In fact, Emily had never known Greg to even get into a fight. He was about the nicest, most laid back guy she knew.

Josh stopped in his tracks and backed up, taking a place by his girlfriend in the crowd that had gathered around. Greg slowly turned his gaze back on Mike and stared at him, fire in his eyes. Mike looked confused and frightened, and struggled to break the grip Greg had on his shirt. He was unsuccessful.

Greg spoke to him a low voice that carried clear over to Emily and Allison. "That's some easy shit to say when you don't think you'll have to pay for it, Mike." He moved his face ever so slightly closer. "Why don't you say it again?"

Mike quit his struggle and looked at Greg pleadingly. "Come on, man! I was just messing with 'em!"

"Say it again, Mike," Greg repeated. "Or say you're sorry."

Mike could see that Greg wasn't bluffing, and the absence of any teachers in the vicinity meant no one was coming to his rescue. He sheepishly looked down and said, "all right, man, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry to me." Greg kept his grip but some of the fire had left his eyes.

"All right," Mike said. "Allison, Emily, I'm sorry."

Greg looked over to the two girls and Allison spoke up, "Fine, just leave me alone Mike, seriously."

"Fine, OK, just let me go, man," Mike said as Greg loosened his grip. Mike and Josh practically ran out of the hallway as some students jeered at their retreat. The crowd, seeing that no fight was coming, quickly broke up. Greg made his way over to Allison and Emily.

"What is with that guy?" Greg asked. He looked directly into Emily's eyes. She felt like she had been hit by a wave. Greg's cool blue eyes held hers. She couldn't remember ever seeing anything more beautiful in her life. She forgot to breathe for a few seconds and only remembered when she felt herself get light headed. She blinked and saw that Greg was looking to her for some kind of response.

"I don't know, he's an idiot," Emily said quickly. "Thanks, Greg. You didn't have to do that."

It was Greg's turn to blush. "I'm sorry, Em, I don't know what got into me. I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"No, it's fine," Emily said and meant it. "I appreciate what you did."

"I would do anything for you, Emily," Greg said, and his face was so sincere that Emily thought she might jump up and kiss him right there in the hallway. Instead, she soaked up the sight of her first and (so far) only love.

At 6'1", Greg had the classic swimmer's build. Tall, lean and broad shouldered, Greg was wearing the compulsory school uniform for boys. His white dress shirt was cut to an athletic fit, but was loose at the collar, his tie hanging lazily around his tan neck. Greg excelled at many things in his life, but Emily thought that his ability to fill a pair of pants was surely one of his greatest achievements.

Greg always rolled the sleeves of his shirt up by lunchtime, and today was no different. Emily loved the sight of his lean, strong forearms and long-fingered hands as they rested in his pockets. Like the rest of his body, Greg's arms were hairless. He swam year round and had to keep his body shaved at all times. Emily honestly would have preferred a little hair on Greg's chest, but the smooth, silky feel of his skin on her body was a memory Emily never had trouble recalling.

She wondered now how it would feel to be held again in his arms. She saw herself tied, arms behind her, ankles and knees together, curled into Greg, her head resting in the crook of his neck. She saw herself push her lips passed her ball gag and kiss his throat, nuzzling his jaw with her nose. Then he would take his shorts off and --

"OK, I'm going into class," Greg said suddenly. Emily snapped to attention, realizing that she had been daydreaming while Greg watched her. She looked down, smiling, unable to get her tongue to formulate words for speech. She looked up to see Greg's back turn into the classroom. She let out an audible sigh.

"Oh my god, Em, that was so hot," Allison said as she put her arm around Emily. "Did you see how he had Mike up off the ground? God that boy is sexy. Seriously, what were you thinking dumping him?"

"It just wasn't meant to be," Emily said, leaning against the lockers. She had no good answer for this. The story she had always given was that she and Greg were too busy with their own pursuits to make real time for each other. Emily didn't want her relationship with Greg to be the cause of any decline in her studies or his swimming. A believable line that she was able to sell to everyone, even Allison.

Of course, it wasn't true. Emily dumped Greg so that she could beat him to the punch. She knew in her heart that Greg would dump her once he found out about her weird tastes. And she knew she couldn't have a sex life with him without bringing it up sooner or later. When Greg saw what a freak she was, he'd drop her so fast her head would swim. Emily couldn't bear the thought of that kind of rejection. So she decided to quit while she was ahead. Her time with Greg had been great, and she had truly loved him. She would leave it there and keep the memories. That would be way better than having him look at her the way he'd looked at Mike just now.

I'm pretty sure he's still in love with you," Allison said, pointing out the obvious.

"Let's talk about something else," Emily said. She and Allison were slowly walking to their seats in English class. Emily saw Greg looking at her out of the corner of he eye. She kept her head facing in the direction of her seat.

"All right," Allison said as they sat next to each other, again in the back of the room. "How about we discuss this weekend?" There was a gleam in her eye and Emily's mood quickly shifted from melancholy to excited.

"OK," Emily said, transitioning into a submissive role. Almost unconsciously, she took off her shoes and placed her stockinged feet behind Allison's calves. "What do you want to do?"

Allison made a mental note of this and reveled in the feel of Emily's toes on her legs. "I think we should make a weekend of it," Allison said excitedly. "My parents are going to visit my aunt this weekend. I'll have the house all to myself for three solid days, from Friday morning 'til Sunday night."

"OK," Emily said, as if waiting for further instructions. She could feel herself getting excited and wondered how many times she could orgasm in school in one day.

"I think we should take this to the next level, Emily," Allison said in an even, commanding tone, just above a whisper. She reached her hand out and began stroking Emily's knee, pinching the stockings playfully and pulling them up off her skin. It felt so natural and intimate. "I want you for the whole weekend. I mean every second of every minute. All weekend."

Emily started breathing rapidly. The thought of being in bondage for such an extended period of time was an intoxicating thought. She looked over at Allison and saw the English teacher, Mrs. Patterson, breeze into the room five minutes late for class.

"All right, sorry everyone, let's get down to business. Silas Marner..." Mrs. Patterson began her usual drone and Emily used her distraction to fully face Allison.

"What are we talking about here?" she whispered to Allison, feeling her heart flutter in her chest.

Allison looked dead serious. "I mean you're mine from the time you step into my house on Friday until I untie you on Sunday at, let's say 6:00 PM. That's enough time to get everything in order before my parents get back."

"I'd be tied up the whole time?" Emily felt faint. She couldn't think of anything in the world she wanted more than this. She ran her foot up and down Allison's stockinged leg.

"That will be up to me, but honestly, you'll probably be tied up in some way or another for every single second of it. Oh god, Em, I hope you say yes!!" Allison squeeled this last bit in a high whisper, overcome by her own enthusiasm.

"I want to, but I'm nervouse, Ally. What will I tell my parents?"

"Just tell them we're going off on a trip by oursleves. A senior trip hiking or something. They'll buy it. It's you, after all."

"That would probably work." Emily was thinking only of being tied, of lying in Allison's arms, gagged and comfortable. For three days. Could she really do this?

"You know I love you, Emily," Allison said, sensing Emily's hesitation. "I'll take care of you. I want to protect you, and hold you, so you don't have to think about anything but having fun and being happy." Allison felt herself flush with heat. She would own her friend for three days if she agreed to this. The thought was wildly sexy and terribly frightening at the same time. This was a lot of responsibility.

"You won't try to make me do something I'm not ready for, will you?" Emily was nervous. Allison could see she was ready to say yes, but needed to be sure.

"No, of course not, Em. We'll set up your safe words and if something comes up you don't like, we'll stop immediately." Allison saw some relief flow over Emily's face. "But," Allison added quickly, gripping Emily's knee firmly, "I think you should commit to the whole three days no matter what, even if you get tired or pissed or bored. You would truly be mine for three days." Allison almost came with this last sentence. She saw that Emily was in a similar state.

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Emily pondered this last thought. If she truly gave herself to Allison for three days, she could not leave, even if she wanted to. Allison would respect her safe word, but would keep her for the whole three days, no matter what. This was about the sexiest thing she'd ever considered. Emily turned to Allison and looked at her with startling clarity. She took Allison's hands in hers.

"OK, Allison, I'll give myself to you. Friday, for the whole weekend." Emily wanted to lean over and seal the deal with a kiss right now, but her mind was working well enough to resist at least that small temptation.

"Oh my god, Emily, this is going to be so great!" Allison was giddy with excitement. She started making mental plans for the weekend. She already had one idea in mind that should rock Emily's world. Others were taking shape. "Get ready, Em. For three days, you're going to be wearing not much more than pantyhose and rope!"

Part IX (added: 07/21/2009)

'Pantyhose and rope,' Emily thought to herself. 'For the whole weekend.' She was walking through the hosiery section of the local Nordstrom, not really sure of anything that was going on around her. She'd left for the mall immediately after her history study group, intent on getting the pantyhose she would wear for Allison the next day. Even an assignment as sexy as this was still an assignment, and Emily's ingrained, genetic drive to complete her work propelled her as her mind swam in anticipation of the weekend.

'Allison will own me,' she thought, 'for three days, I will belong to my best friend. She'll tie me and touch me, and...'

"Can I help you, sweetheart?" asked a kind-looking old woman whose name tag read 'Elizabeth.'

Emily snapped back to the present, aware that she felt very warm. She looked at the woman and smiled, concentratng on her task. "No thanks, I just need some stockings for school tomorrow."

"OK, honey," the woman said, "we have a sale on Hue stockings this week, and they should hold up well during school."

"OK, thanks," Emily said and allowed the saleslady to lead her to the proper section. There, Emily found a pair of sheer-to-waist pantyhose in jet black, very silky, that she knew Allison would drool over. She picked a pair in the right size and took them to the woman, who was now at the counter.

"Oh these should look very nice on you, sweetheart," she said happily. "I'm guessing there's a young man at school you want to impress tomorrow!"

Emily was not about to explain a thing to this woman. "Something like that, yeah," she said, smiling, and took her change and the stockings and left the store.

As she drove home, the sun setting behind her, Emily's mind raced with different thoughts. She imagined herself, tomorrow, putting on these pantyhose for Allison, the ritual of submitting herself to her friend, of feeling Allison's hands all over her. It was intoxicating. Her mind jumped; to thoughts of Greg, of that tiny moment, after driving off Mike and his buddy, as Greg swept his eyes over Emily, taking in a sight she knew he loved. And when he held her eyes in his. She missed his touch so badly right now that she truly ached.

Her thoughts flew again, to the weekend, and what she had in store for her. She was so nervous, but so excited. Emily was always the girl in control, aways the hard worker. She was constantly in motion, making sure to stay ahead. She worked harder than the other students at school, and she worried more; about school, about boys, about where to go to college and what her friends and family thought about her. For three days, she wouldn't have to think about a thing. She wouldn't be able to do a thing. She saw a vision of herself, tied in a hogite, wearing nothing but white thigh high stockings, her head resting on Allison's stockinged lap as they rested on Allison's couch. She could see her own mouth gagged, her own eyes, content. She couldn't wait for this.

Emily knew that Allison would truly take care of her, and she felt so grateful that there was a person in the world who knew her deepest, weirdest thoughts and didn't turn away from her. She would do whatever Allison wanted her to do this weekend. Emily made her mind up right there. Whatever Allison asked, Emily would do.

When she got home, Emily breezed into the the living room. Her mother called out to her from the couch, "Emily, where have you been?"

"Hey, mom," Emily said, "I was just at the mall getting some stuff." Emily wanted to get upstairs.

"You look different from this morning," her mother seemed to be examining her. Emily didn't want to have to explain the change from bare legs and socks to pantyhose.

"Yeah, I'm just feeling better," Emily said quickly. "I think I'm over whatever bug I had." Emily decided to change the subject. "Oh, mom, Ally and I are thinking of going on a hike this weekend. We want to take the three days and really camp out. Just a senior year thing, you know?"

Emily's mom switched gears admirably. "Just the two of you, out in the woods alone?"

"Yeah, just down in the state park," Emily lied convincingly. "We'll take our cell phones and stay near the ranger station, OK?"

Emily's mom knew she could trust her daughter to stay safe. "OK, sweetheart. That sounds like fun! Do you want me to help you pack?"

"No!" Emily said quickly. "It's just a bag or two. I've got it. But thanks!" Without waiting for her mother to continue the interrogation, Emily flew upstairs. She locked her bedroom door behind her and stripped down to just the Wolford stockings Allison had made her wear. She closed the drapes and went to her bed, skipping her usual nightly routine of brushing her teeth and washing her face.

She slipped between the sheets and began to masturbate furiously. Lying on her stomach, Emily rubbed her clitoris through the pantyhose, excited by the slight fricton of the nylon against her skin. She pushed her face into the pillow, seeing various scenarios playing in her mind. Greg throwing Mike up against the lockers in the hall, his arms rippling with strength, his neck and face strained with the effort to defend Emily. Then Allison in the closet at school, pulling the pantyhose up over Emily's butt, running her hands all over Emily's stockinged legs.

Emily slipped her hand under the stockings and started to rub her clit directly. She was very wet. She began to play with her labia, pushing and swirling her hand on her lips. She opened her mouth and took quick gasps of air as she sped up her strokes. She parted her lips and pushed her index finger into her opening, trying to reach her G-spot. She exploded with an orgasm that surprised even her. Letting out an involuntary, "Oh!" Emily curled her body into the fetal position and breathed heavily, enjoying the scent of the fresh, clean sheets. Her mind fell wonderfully silent as she came down from her high, and before she knew it, Emily drifted off to sleep.

The next morning at school, Emily, bare legged, dutifully went to the janitor's closet near the physics lab and opened the door. It was empty. She was about to turn back to the hallway when Allison put her hands on Emily's shoulders and said, "Hey, my beautiful girl."

Emily turned her head and smiled at Allison. Taking a glance around to make sure no one saw them, Emily took Allison's hand and pulled her into the closet. "I got a new pair of stockings," she said, taking note of Allison's shiny nude pantyhose. They were so glossy that they looked like dance tights. Appropriately, Allison was wearing shiny blue ballet flats. Emily pulled the package from her bag and gave the stockings to Allison.

"These look beautiful, Em," Allison said excitedly. She could feel herself flush with heat. She loved that Emily would indulge Allison's fetish like this. To see her friend put on these stockings was about the sexiest thing Allison had ever witnessed. She resolved to make this weekend the best Emily had ever had. She handed the package back to Emily. "OK."

"Hold on," Emily said, and Allison was instantly worried. Emily saw this on her face and smiled. "No, it's nothing bad. I just want to change things a little. I'll still obviously wear pantyhose for you these next few days, Allison, but I don't think we should touch each other again until this weekend. OK?"

"Oh my god, you're going to make me suffer, Em!" Allison said. "Can I still watch you put them on?"

Emily smiled demurely. "Oh yeah, definitely!" With that, she ripped open the package and hiked up her skirt. Allison's heart skipped a beat at the sight of Emily's vagina beneath her skirt. No underwear.

Emily smiled and slipped off her shoes. She expertly slid the pantyhose up her legs. Allison moved to help her keep her balance, but Emily's firm look stopped her in her tracks. Emily wiggled in the hose and pulled them up over her bare butt. She slowly teased the stockings here and there, pinching, pulling, getting the fit just right. Allison unconsciously slipped her hand down over her skirt, touching herself.

After she finished putting the pantyhose on, Emily said, "Will you go with me to the spa Thursday after school, Ally? I'm getting a full body wax and treatment. I want to be perfect for you on Friday!"

Allison had to struggle to resist kissing her best friend. "Oh my god, Em, I'm so there!"

Part X (added: 08/04/2009)

Emily squeezed her eyelids tight, trying to keep the tears from flowing. She wasn't sure she could take anymore. Allison held her down by the shoulders, whispering encouragement into her ear. "You're doing so great, Em. Just a little more, honey."

"OK," Emily gasped back, not sure she really meant it. Allison saw a tear break through and run down the side of Emily's face, past her cheek to her ear. She resisted the urge to kiss the tear away, instead gently wiping it with her thumb. Emily looked so beautiful.

"Uh, do you want me to give you two a little private time or something?" The bodywaxer held the cloth strip in her hand, a quizzical look on her face. Emily was nearly finished with her session at the spa, and the final touch was the full brazilian waxing. She and Allison had been in this room with this stern-looking woman for almost two hours.

"Just finish up, OK?" Allison said, giving the woman a sharp look. The waxer raised her eyebrows for an instant and pursed her lips, then turned back to her work. Emily lay on her back on the cold table, a crinkly paper sheet beneath her, a white towel draping her breasts and torso. She insisted on the towel even though Allison had seen her naked, and in much more intimate circumstances. Emily was surprised at how little sexual tension she felt around Allison when they weren't engaged in their fetish explorations.

"OK, Emily," the technician said coolly as she smoothed on yet another glob of warm wax, this one on her perineum and around her anus. Emily was mortified to think she had any visible hair in these places. "This is the last bit. Let's let it harden for a second." The woman took tweezers and Emily felt a couple of slight pinches as stray hairs were pulled.

Once the wax hardened, the strip was pulled and Emily felt her last sting of pain. "Oh, god!" she gasped and turned her head toward Allison's right arm. The tears ran freely now and Allison cupped Emily's head in her hands, her fingertips curling under Emily's jaw as she sobbed.

"You did just fine, Emily," the woman said and, after taking a second to apply some more lotion, left Emily and Allison alone in the room.

"Are you OK, Em?" Allison asked as Emily regained some of her composure. She was standing over Emily, looking down on her friend's face as if Emily were upside down.

Emily took a few breaths. "Yeah, I'm OK," she said. "It was just the final straw or something, you know?" She wiped her face and sniffled loudly.

"I totally understand," Allison said. "You should have seen me the first time I did this. I was bawling after five minutes and didn't stop till I got home. You're so strong, Em."

"No... I'm not..." Emily seemed hesitant and Allison could see worry in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Allison asked. Emily had been quiet much of the time during the procedure, and even before, as they drove to the spa. Allison wondered if she was reconsidering this whole weekend.

"Allison," Emily tilted her head slightly and opened her glistening eyes wide to look at her friend. "I can't wait for tomorrow. I mean it. And I meant it when I said I'll give myself to you completely. I'll do whatever you say. It's just..." she trailed off.

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"Please don't hurt me," Emily's voice cracked slightly as she whispered this and Allison saw new tears rise up and spill from her eyes.

Allison's heart broke. As much as she knew that these next three days were her responsibility, Allison finally came to realize just how much that meant. Emily truly wanted to explore this side of herself, but even with Allison, her best and closest friend, Emily was terrified. Seeing this, Allison fully understood how serious Emily was about giving herself over to Allison. Allison was filled with compassion, but felt herself flush with heat at the same time. She held Emily's face in her hands and bent low.

"Oh my god, Emily," Allison said, kissing Emily's forehead. "I would never, ever hurt you, honey. I COULDN'T hurt you." Allison put her own forehead against Emily's. "Don't you realize how much I love you? I would rather cut off my own arm than hurt you."

Emily sighed loudly and felt her face relax. "Thanks, Allison. I'm sorry. I totally, totally trust you. I'm just nervous."

"Seriously, Em, if we're doing anything you don't like, we'll stop, OK?" Allison stroked Emily's hair, brushing it off her face.

"OK," Emily said and felt her mood lifting rapidly. Everything felt right. "What time should I come over tomorrow morning?"

Allison smiled, a beautiful, childlike smile of anticipation. "My parents are leaving at seven, so any time after that is good. How about 7:30?"

"OK," Emily said and felt a shiver of expectation run the entire length of her body. There was no way she'd sleep tonight. "God, Allison, I can't wait."

"I know, baby," Allison said and bent low again, this time kissing Emily full on the lips. Allison had never kissed anyone from this angle and loved the feeling of her chin on Emily's nose, her lower lip caressing Emily's lower lip from the opposite angle. "Oops, sorry, no touching until tomorrow."

"It's OK, Happy, I didn't see it go in!" Emily started giggling.

"Nice one!" Allison said, congratulating Emily on the movie reference. Emily got up, holding the towel against her chest, and Allison dutifully left the room so her friend could change.

After a few minutes, Emily emerged and she and Allison left the spa. As they drove home, Emily couldn't figure out how to contain her excitement. "Do you want to hang out tonight? Maybe go get dinner or something?"

Allison had an unreadable expression on her face. "Can't. I'm actually meeting someone later."

"You have a date?" Emily asked, shocked. Allison smiled slightly. "What's his name?"

"I'll tell you later, if it goes well," Allison said quizzically. Emily didn't know what to make of this, but knew the 'girl rules.' She would let Allison tell her when she was ready. "Oh, and, Em," Allison took her eyes off the road to look directly at Emily. "Don't shower or anything tomorrow morning before you come over, OK?"

"OK," Emily said, both delirious with pleasure at being commanded by Allison already, and somewhat confused by the request.

Allison dropped Emily off outside her house and drove off with a wave. Emily turned and headed inside. After a quick back and forth with her parents, confirming her trip tomorrow with Allison, Emily ate what little she could and excused herself. She went up to her bedroom and locked the door behind her. That was becoming a habit. After a long hot bath, she dried herself off and slipped, nude, into her bed. She loved the smooth feeling of the sheets against her skin. Quite unexpectedly, she fell into a deep sleep.


Dark grey clouds hovered low in the morning sky as Emily made her way up the paved walkway to Allison's front door. She felt the cold, crisp air fill her lungs as she fought to contain her nerves with large, deliberate breaths. Wearing grey fleece sweatpants and a dark blue jacket, and some extremely expensive black Fogal nylons underneath, Emily carried her two bags over her shoulder. Her mother thought she had camping supplies in these bags. In fact, they contained all of Emily's bondage equipment, ropes, and an assortment of beautiful new lingerie and stockings she had purchased during the week. Her bank account was hurting, but Emily paid no mind to that right now.

She approached Allison's door and stopped, looking around her as if her weekend plans were being advertised on a large sign hovering over her head. Satisfied that no one was watching her, Emily put her bags down and took a final, deep breath before pushing Allison's doorbell. She waited, thoughts flying through her mind, when a sudden urge to turn and run home slammed to the center of her consciousness. If the door had not started to creak open, she just might have done so.

Allison pulled the door open wide and looked at Emily. She could see fear and excitement mix on her friend's face in a way that made her more lovely than Allison thought possible. Allison was wearing a black terry cloth robe and some very silky, tan Wolford Individual 10 pantyhose. And nothing else. Her hair was hanging beautifully in large loose curls, framing her smiling face. "Hey," she said.

"Hey," Emily said. They stood there for a second, neither moving a muscle.

Allison spoke first. "Here, let me get the bags, Em." She reached down and picked both bags up. "Come in."

Emily stepped lightly into the foyer, following Allison's lead. Allison's home was a little larger than Emily's and was furnished beautifully. The foyer opened to a hall down the center of the house, with a staircase leading up to the bedrooms on the second floor. On the left was a large, open living room and dining room. The hallway led to the large kitchen at the back of the house. On the right, a large bathroom shared this side of the first floor with the family room. The best part of the house, in Emily's opinion, was the iron spiral staircase that went from the family room to the upstairs hallway, right across from Allison's bedroom.

"Just wait in the living room, OK, Em?" Allison asked/ordered as she ran up the stairs with Emily's bags. "I'll be right back!" Allison was overflowing with excitement. She practically flew up the steps before she heard Emily's quiet, submissive, "OK."

Emily stood in front of the couch in Allison's living room. She'd been in this room hundreds of times, been on the couch hundreds of times watching the same TV now staring back at her. It all looked so new to her now.

Allison flew back down the stairs and slowed her gate upon reaching the first floor. She stepped into the living room and came face to face with Emily.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Yes," Emily whispered, her heart pounding in her chest, her face flushing with heat. She felt herself get moist.

"Emily," Allison seemed to tower over her friend, even though she had only a couple of inches on her. "If you give yourself to me for this weekend, I won't let you go. You'll be tied maybe the entire time. I promise I won't hurt you, but you must do anything I ask. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Emily felt faint. She reached out her arms and Allison took hold of them, steadying her.

"Your safeword is red, OK? Or sing a song if you're gagged, and I'll stop right away, OK?"

"OK." Emily's mind swam with images of her own mouth gagged.

"Honey, I promise you on my life that I'll keep you, and take care of you, and love you, and protect you this weekend. I want this to be the best experience you've ever had." Allison gripped Emily's arms tightly. "Obviously, if you want it to end, we'll end it. Just say, 'Allison, it's over.' and we'll quit, I promise, but I beg you to trust me and not say it."

"I understand, Ally," Emily said, looking Allison steadily in the eyes. "I'll do anything you tell me to, anything." Emily had already promised herself she would not end it early. Allison smiled and leaned in to kiss Emily. Emily closed her eyes and parted her mouth. She felt Allison reach her, Allison's lips lightly, slowly pushing against hers, her tongue gently entering Emily's mouth. Emily kissed back very lightly, feeling the suction as Allison pulled her into her own mouth. She felt Allison pull away and opened her eyes to see her friend's face. Allison's eyes were alive with passion.

"Take off your clothes, baby," Allison commanded. She let Emily's arms down and took a small step back to watch. Emily wordlessly kicked off her running shoes, revealing the black nylon of her stockings underneath. Allison took a quick breath, her sexual tension reaching the boiling point. Emily unzipped her jacket and let it fall from her beautiful arms. She was wearing nothing underneath. Her full breasts stood out, their nipples erect with excitement. Emily did not look at Allison as she continued. She loosened the drawstring of her pants and pushed them down her legs, kicking them off and dropping them in a pile with her jacket.

When Emily looked up, she saw that Allison had taken off her robe, and stood there much as Emily did, naked except for the gorgeous nylons she was wearing. Allison's hands each held an item. In one hand was a coil of rope. In the other, Emily saw what looked to be a collar. It was black leather, about an inch wide, with silver ends that seemed to click together. It had a metal ring protruding from one silver end.

"When I put this collar on you, Emily, you're mine, fully and totally" Allison said slowly. "It locks and I tossed the key, so we'll have to cut it off later. This is your last decision, Em. Do you accept it?"

Emily didn't hesitate. She wanted this more than anything she could ever think of . Breathing very quickly now, the moisture between her legs evident, Emily nodded quickly and said, "Yes."

Allison approached her, stepping her left leg between Emily's legs, the stockings brushing together. Still holding the coil of cotton rope, Allison lifted the collar up over Emily's head and wrapped it around her delicate neck, pushing Emily's beautiful hair out of the way. Emily took in a quick breath and loooked at Allison. Allison stared right back into her eyes as she pulled the ends together. The was a surprisingly loud click, and Emily orgasmed right in front of her friend.

"Oh god," she gasped as she bent forward into Allison's chest. Allison grabbed her around the chest and held Emily upright. Emily reached down and grabbed her sex, stroking herself as the waves coursed through her. Presently, Emily let her breath slow and stood back up, seeing Allison smiling wide.

"Nice," she said happily as she raised her hands and gripped Emily's head at the sides. Allison pulled her in for another kiss and passionately probed her friend's mouth, grinding her nylon legs on Emily's. Emily kissed back feverishly and felt Allison's hands leave her head and land on her shoulders. She could feel the rope in Allison's left hand. Allison, still kissing Emily, gently traveled her hands down Emily's arms, pushing them behind her. Emily did not resist.

Allison pinned Emily's hands together and began wrapping the rope around them. Never taking her mouth from Emily's, Allison crossed the ends and cinched the tie, tying a tight double knot that Emily could never reach. Emily felt another wave of sexual energy rise in her.

Allison broke the embrace, pulling her mouth and face back and away from Emily. "You're mine now, honey, in every way," Allison said, putting her index finger through the ring in Emily's collar. She gently pulled forward and down, giving Emily the signal to kneel. Emily wordlessly complied and brought herself awkwardly to her knees, her tied hands steadying her as she reached the carpet. Her mind was in a haze, no concrete thoughts able to penetrate the absolute bliss that inhabited every corner of her consciousness.

Allison let go and looked down at her best friend in the world, wearing nothing but pantyhose, tied and collared in front of her. She was very close to coming herself, but wanted Emily to take care of that. "Get me off, Emily," she ordered softly.

"OK," Emily said quietly and felt Allison's right hand grip the hair on the back of her head. She leaned in close to Allison's crotch and, as she had at school, used her teeth to pull Allison's stockings down, away from her vagina. Emily was a practiced hand at this now and only needed one try to get the hose down far enough to have access to Allison's sex. She plunged her head forward and sought out Allison's clitoris. Emily latched on with her lips and brought her tongue out forcefully, pushng against the hood and brushing the clit itself with the tip of her tongue. Allison's breath became short and quick, little gasps escaping as she held Emily's head against her own pussy.

( link opens in new window )

Emily sucked hard on Allison's clit and felt the contractions of her explosive orgasm. She swam in Allison's scent, held fast against Allison's pussy. Emily just breathed, nuzzling her friend's sex with her nose as Allison rode out the pleasure.

"Oh my god, baby, that was awesome!" Allison exclaimed as she hooked Emily's collar and tugged upward, indicating she should stand. She pulled Emily close and kissed her once again, tasting herself on Emily's lips. Allison was pleased with how things had started. Emily still wasn't real pleased with going down on a girl, but the involuntariness of it all kept her in a state of continuous sexual buzz.

Allison let go of Emily and stepped back. "Look down, Em, unless I say you can look up."

"OK," Emily complied. She wanted to say that word over and over. Every time she did, she felt a release of tension and a wave of pleasure. All her worries were slipping away. She reveled in the feeling of her hands bound behind her back, of her exposure to Allison. She lusted for Allison's touch, whenever Allison pleased. She felt more whole now than she ever had before.

Allison turned and went to her robe, lying on the bouch. She fished a ball gag out of one of the pockets and returned to Emily. "I'm going to gag you now, Emily, open your mouth."

Emily did and felt the gag go in. It was a little larger than her own gag and she felt it fill quite a bit of her mouth. The pressure on her tongue was wonderful, and Emily delighted in the new, further restraint she was placed in. Cares slipped away, leaving only love and trust in Allison remaining in Emily's mind. Allison reached her hands behind Emily's head and buckled the gag tightly. "Are you OK?" she asked. Emily nodded. "OK, then I'm going to make you breakfast in a little while, Em, but first, we need to bathe you!"

Part XI (added: 04/03/2010)

Allison took Emily's bound arms in her hands and turned her friend toward the bathroom. Giving Emily a gentle nudge, Allison escorted her to the door and pushed her through, into the room.

"Have a seat on the toilet, honey," Allison instructed.

"Uh huh," Emily mumbled through her gag. She exhilerated at her own inability to speak to Allison, in her complete submission to her friend and this situation. Emily sat on the toilet seat and felt the plush fabric of the seat cover massage her ass through her stockings.

Allison, still naked but for her pantyhose, bent over and started the bathtub running. Emily took in the sight of Allison ass in pantyhose and wished she could reach out and touch it.

"Not too hot," Allison said. "I promise. Oh, and you'll be tied while you're in there."

"Uh huh," Emily squirmed in the seat, wishing she could touch herself. If she was to be tied the whole time, then that meant Ally was going to be in there with her.

"Guess I'll have to lose the stockings now," Allyson said. She leaned over and kissed Emily's gagged lips and then stood up to her full height. Gently running her fingers under the waistband of the pantyhose, Allison started tugging them down, over her backside, and slowly peeled the hose off her legs. Emily watched, mesmerized, as her friend stripped for her. She felt aware of her own legs encased in nylon.

Allison finished removing the pantyhose and reached over to Emily. She pulled the pantyhose over Emily's head and gave a giggle, "God I've wanted to do that since we started all this!" Allison ran her hands over Emily's nyloned face and bent down. Opening her mouth wide, Allison french kissed Emily's gagged, pantyhose-encased mouth, running her tongue over the silky nylon, probing Emily's lips, trying to get in her mouth. Emily moaned and leaned backward, feeling her back meet the cold procelain of the toilet's reservoir tank. She placed her tied hands against the set to stabilize herself, and lost herself in the moment.

After kissing Emily deeply for a few moments, Allison looked over and saw that the bathtub was filling up quickly. "Let's get you ready. Stand up, honey." Emily, with a helping hand from Allison, stood up. Allison took hold of Emily's waistband, in the same gentle way she had done her own. Pushing both hands into the pantyhose, Allison reached behind Emily and massaged her butt, reachng deeper to feel Emily's anus and sex from behind. Emily bucked and squirmed at this, crying slightly in a high, lovely pitch that Allison hoped to hear a lot this weekend.

Allison pulled the pantyhose down, carefully baring each of Emily's legs. Emily lost herself in her thoughts. She felt total bliss. She couldn't think of anything in the world better than this, to be tied and held, comforted and controlled. She could stay like this forever, she knew it. Maybe not with Allison. She knew the nature of their relationship was different. This weekend was a great exploration, but it was temporary, a practice run for Emily, so to speak. If only Greg could be the one holding her now. Taking her stockings off, getting ready to lift her into the tub, to wash her and wrap her up in his arms...

"OK, sweetie," Allison said as she pulled the stockings fully off Emily's legs. "Let me see your head." Allison pulled her own pantyhose off Emily's head, and resolved to encase her in pantyhose fully at some point this weekend.

"I'll hold you while you step in the tub, Em" Allison took Emily's arms and guided her bound best friend into the tub of hot water. Emily felt herself breathing more quickly and stepped into the tub. The water was pretty hot, but Emily usually liked a hot shower, so the temperature was nothing to worry about. She established some footing, and with Allison's help, sat herself down in the water.

Allison stepped in behind Emily. "Scoot up a little, honey." Emily obeyed and felt Allison slip into the tub behind her. She felt Allison's legs slide around her and felt Allison's hands pull her back, into Allison's breasts and torso. Allison wrapped Emily up in a hug from behind, grabbing for Emily's breasts. She kissed Emily's neck and continued the massage.

Taking hold of the shower handle, Allison turned the water on and gently sprayed warm water over Emily's head. Emily was in heaven. There was nothing in the world quite like having someone wash your hair, and here was Allison, doing it for her, naked behind her. Owning her. Emily noticed water running into her gagged mouth and didn't care. She drooled it back out and made gurgled moans as Allison soaked her hair. Allison applied Emily's favorite shampoo next. She really had thought of everything. Emily almost felt herself drift into unconscious bliss as Allison work the shampoo into a lather on her head. After rinsing, Allison repeated on Emily with her conditioner.

"Someone needs to be sponged!" Allison giggled as she took a loofa and gently started rubbing all over Emily's body. Once she finished with Emily's arms and back, Allison started to work on her chest, using her bare hands to grab and massage Emily's breasts. Allison pushed the sponge lower, brushing it across her vagina. Emily bucked backward into Allison, her hands clenching and unclenching, grabbing at Allison's thighs near her own vagina. Allison dropped the sponge and grabbed for Emily's sex. She slipped her middle finger inside Emily and used the rest of her hand to rub Emily's lips. Emily let out that cry again, and Allison felt herself go into an orgasm as she masturbated her tied girlfriend from behind. "Oh fuck, Emily! Oh fuck!" Allison used her left hand to pull Emily's tied arms closer to her sex. With water splashing around her, she rode her own vagina up and down on Emily's tied hands, pushing her face into Emily's back, sucking on her skin. Allison reached her mouth up and bit gently but firmly into Emily's shoulder where it met her neck. Emily cried again and began writhing against the hand that was masturbating her.

Emily closed her eyes and concentrated on the ropes holding her, on the gag filling her mouth, and on the finger plunged inside her pussy, stroking feverishly. She burst into a mammoth orgasm and screamed into her gag. "Oh thuck! Oh gog!"

Allison kept stroking, letting Emily thrash around in the water, revelling in Emily's cries. She clamped her mouth down on Emily's shoulder There would be a hickey there tomorrow, and maybe some teeth marks.

Emily eventually calmed down and relaxed, letting her bound body fall back into Allison and rest. Allison got out of the tub and helped Emily out as well. She grabbed a towel and started drying Emily off, remaining nude herself.

After both girls were dry, Allison led Emily into her bedroom and sat Emily down on the bed.

"OK, I'm putting you in a garter belt and some sexy black stockings, Em, and nothing else," Allison smiled wide as she saw Emily's lips curl into a grin around her gag. "We're going to have some breakfast, then I'm going to show you something you'll really like!"

Part XII (added: 04/10/2010)

Allison slid the second black stocking up Emily's left leg, taking care to feel Emily's calf and thigh. She slid her hands up and down the silky leg and looked up at her friend. Emily was now dressed exactly as Allison, in a black garter belt and silky black stockings. And nothing else. Emily was leaning back slightly, resting on her hands still tied behind her back. She seemed so content that Allison wondered what it must be like to be tied and cared for like this. Allison wasn't sure she could give up that kind of control to someone else. But she knew that she wouldn't betray Emily's trust.

"Those ropes are probably wet, honey," Allison said after attaching the last garter to Emily's stocking top. "Let me tie you again with some new rope."

"Uh huh," Emily complied through her gag. She was beginning to drool again and wondered if Allison would dab it for her with a towel. She didn't want to do it herself. She was getting used to having her hands tied behind her back, and she was slightly worried at the thought of being untied, even for the moment it would take for Allison to tie her again.

Allison got up and went to her closet. She opened a small trunk in there and came back with some rope and a pair of shiny metal handcuffs. "I seriously want you restrained for the entire weekend, Emily," Allison stood her up and turned Emily away from her. "So I'm going to cuff you while I tie your hands again. How do you like that?" Allison laughed excitedly. She loved that Emily was hers, and was beginning to inhabit the role of dominant over her best friend.

Emily moaned in approval and felt the cold metal cuffs close around her wrists. She then heard and felt Allison cut the ropes that were around her wrists. The handcuffs gave her slightly more freedom than the rope, but it lasted only a second. Allison quickly took hold of Emily's wrists and bound them tightly with fresh, dry rope. Once the knot had been cinched, Allison unlocked the handcuffs and turned Emily to face her again. Allison loved the sight of Emily's naked torso, her arms out of site behind Emily's back, her breasts thrust outward by the bindings. The frame of her garter belt made Emily's pussy look so inviting that Allison gave in to temptation and slipped a finger in. Emily gasped into her gag, and Allison pulled her in, kissing her gagged mouth as she stroked Emily's sex. That took care of some of the drool around Emily's mouth.

"OK, let's eat!" Allison dropped the petting abruptly and grabbed Emily's collar, gently leading her along, taking more rope in her other hand. Emily padded along after Allison, watching with interest how the garters tugged Allison's stocking tops up toward her ass. It was a beautiful sight.

When they reached the kitchen, Allison sat Emily down at the table in the breakfast nook, placing her tied hands around the back of the chair. "Let's get you tied to the chair so I can ungag you." Allison took the extra rope she brought and tied Emily's ankles together. "Your knees, too, honey," she said as she wrapped rope above Emily's knees and cinched it off. Allison took a rope and attached it to Emily's ankles. Going behind the chair, Allison fed the rope under and behind Emily. She pulled hard, forcing Emily's legs to tuck under the chair. Allison attached the other end of the rope to Emily's wrists. "A chair hogtie!" Allison giggled as Emily marveled at how tightly she was restrained. She loved the feeling of her tied legs tugging at her hands.

Allison took more rope and wrapped it around Emily's breasts, above and below, and around the chair, effectively welding Emily to the back of the chair. Emily was so turned on by the extensive bondage that she almost came while Allison tied her.

( link opens in new window )

"OK," Allison said as she finished tying Emily's breasts and body. Allison stepped in front of Emily and reached around her head. Emily got a close view of Allison's beautiful breasts as Allison worked the buckle of her gag. Emily felt the gag loosen and stretched her jaw once it was removed.

"Wow, that gag is huge, Allison!" Emily was not complaining. The sensation of a ball gag in her mouth was overwhelmingly arousing. But she was glad to have the chance to talk to Allison again.

"I know," Allison replied. "I was a little worried it wouldn't fit, but you're a trooper, Em!"

"I do my best!" Emily felt a strange disconnect. She was naked but for some stockings and tied tightly to a chair, chatting with an equally naked and stockinged Allison. The power dynamic was stark, but Emily felt completely natural in this state of submission.

"Are you having a good time so far?" Allison asked. She could guess the answer, but wanted Emily to know that she was thinking of her feelings at all times.

"My god, Ally, this is the greatest thing ever, and we just got started!"

"Exactly! Of course, you're going to need your strength, so let me make your favorite, French Toast." Allison got up and went to the stove.

"Thank you so much, Allison," Emily said.

"That's enough of that, young lady," Allison mock chided Emily. "I'm getting as much out of this as you are. But you're welcome all the same! I was going to leave you gagged, but I want someone to chat with while I make breakfast!"

Emily and Allison, despite their nudity and Emily's restraints, fell into a very casual and normal conversation, covering everything from school and family, to TV shows and even boys. When the French Toast was ready, Allison brought the two plates over to the table and sat close to Emily. She pushed her knees up against Emily's tied knees. Anything to touch Emily's nylon-covered legs. Allison began cutting up Emily's breakfast.

"I'm obviously not untying you to eat, so here comes the airplane!" Allison giggled as she took a forkful and brought it to Emily's lips. Emily opened her mouth and let Allison slip the food gently in. It was so sexy being fed like this. Allison took a napkin and dabbed at Emily's mouth. "Water?" she asked. Emily nodded. Allison held the cup carefully to Emily's lips and tipped it slightly.

Emily drank deeply. She hadn't realized how thirsty being gagged for an hour could make her. "God that's good," she gasped as she finished another gulp. "And the French Toast is amazing."

"Thank you, dear," Allison said. She took another forkful and dipped it in the maple syrup. Bringing the fork up to Emily, Allison "accidentally" dripped the syrup on Emily's left breast. "Whoops!"

"Literal lol, Ally," Emily giggled as she watched the syrup run toward her nipple. Emily knew full well what Allyson was going to do.

"There ARE no accidents, huh?" Allison said as she leaned in to Emily's chest. Emily watched with anticipation as Allison's tongue darted out and onto Emily's erect nipple. The sensation of the thick syrup and Allison's wet tongue were wonderful. Allison worked her tongue in circles around Emily's nipple and areole. It tickled in the most pleasant way imaginable. Emily noticed herself trying to lean forward into Allison, but the ropes held her fast to the chair.

Allison finished using her tongue and put her lips to work, kissing and sucking on Emily's syrup-covered breast. She reached to her plate and got more syrup, spreading it on Emily's other breast and down her neck and abdomen. Allison began to devour Emily's throat with licking and kisses, kneading Emily's breasts as she did so. Once she had cleaned Emily's neck, Allison licked her way down her stomach, making loud smacking sounds as she sucked the syrup up and kissed Emily's body.

"Damn," Allison furrowed her brow.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked, breathing heavily. She kept trying to kick her legs out from under the chair, and the feeling of them tied together so tightly and lashed to her wrists was intoxicating.

"I tied you too tight to the chair; I can't get to the part I want next..." Allison left the sentence off with a meaningful pause and a mischievous look.

"Dang!" Emily joked and wished Allison had kept licking her body. It was an amazing turn on.

"Let's finish breakfast, and then I'll get what I want, which is totally what you're gonna want!" Allison went on feeding Emily, sans accidents, and cleared the table of the plates and glasses.

"Gag time again, sweetie," Allison said, holding the ball up to Emily's mouth. "I want to do the dishes and clean up for second." Emily opened wide and let her friend push the ball in deeply. Allison buckled it tightly and set about doing the dishes. Emily wondered if Allison had ever done chores in only a garter belt and stockings before. Well, maybe at some boyfriend's place in the past. She could totally see that! But Emily bet Allison had never done dishes with a naked girl tied up five feet from her. Emily was amazed at how she was able to remain in an almost constant state of arousal.

Allison finished tidying up in only a few minutes, and even managed to keep her stockings dry, which pleased her greatly. She went over and released Emily from the chair, keeping her hands tied and her mouth gagged. Taking the rope with her, Allison tugged on Emily's collar and led her back to her bedroom.

"All right, my love," Allison said coyly, "our next adventure awaits. Lie down on the bed, on your back."

Emily complied, sitting her rear on the bed and kicking her nyloned legs up on the bed. She reveled in the feeling of the cotton duvet cover on her naked body.

Allison took lengths of rope and separated them. She then sat on the bed near Emily's feet. Taking Emily's right foot in her hands, Allison gently kissed Emily's stockinged feet and playfully nibbled her toes with her teeth. Emily squirmed in delight. Allison ran her hands up and down Emily's legs. There was no better feeling in the world, in Allison's mind, than a woman's stocking-covered leg.

Allison wrapped the rope around Emily's ankle and tied it tightly. She took the remaing length and tied it to the post at the foot of the bed, making sure to stretch Emily's leg. Getting up and going to the other side, Allison did the same with Emily's left leg.

"Have you ever been tied spread eagle, Em?" Allison looked into Emily's eyes. She could tell Emily was in heaven. Emily shook her head, 'no.'

"I've got to tie your wrists next, honey, it might be a little stretch," Allison stroked Emily's face and turned her body up to expose her tied hands. She took a length of rope and wrapped it around Emily's right wrist, even though it was still tied to Emily left wrist. Tying the rope tightly, Allison looped the other end around the headboard post. Allison quickly repeated the move with Emily's left wrist. She then untied Emily's hands and quickly stretched each wrist as far as she could without hurting Emily.

Emily was entranced by her new bondage. She felt so vulnerable, so open. She was only wearing stockings and a garter belt. Her sex was fully exposed and open. Her naked breasts heaved up and down as Emily breathed heavily through her gag. She tested the bonds, but there was almost no movement possible.

Allison was kneeling over Emily now, her index finger in her mouth. She pulled it out and plunged it into Emily's vagina. Emily screamed out in pleasure and shock. Allison fingered Emily for a few moments, bringing her face down, too, licking Emily's clitoris.

"Uhhh, unnnnn," Emily cried, feeling an orgasm fast approaching. Then Allison abruptly stopped. Emily looked up helplessly.

"Not yet, honey," Allison said. She got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. Emily heard Allison doing something, but could not see what it was. Presently, Allison returned. Emily's eyes went wide.

Allison was wearing a strap-on dildo. And a huge grin. Emily could not believe what was about to happen. She was about to fucked. By a girl. By her best friend. It was one thing to have Allison go down on her. Boys had done that, and the leap to letting a girl's tongue on her sex was not a huge deal. This felt explicitly lesbian to Emily, and made her very uncomfortable. She was considering humming her safeword song. But Allison walked over and bent down, giving Emily a long, lingering kiss on her gagged lips. Emily's worries and discomfort disappeared.

"I'm going to fuck you like a boy, Emily," Allison said as she stroked the shaft of the dildo. It was already lubricated, and Emily saw that the strap-on had a double end that was inserted in Allison's vagina. Allison grabbed Emily's sex. "Tied down and helpless, I'm going to fuck your brains out!" Allison was not a great practitioner of dirty talk, but she was proud of that bit.

Emily began breathing very quickly, nerves and excitement fighting for control of her consciousness. She watched, helpless, as Allison straddled her, the strap-on flopping insanely in the air just a couple of inches from her vagina. Allison laid herself flat on top of Emily, her breasts on Emily's breasts, the penis of the dildo resting on Emily's stomach. Allison kissed Emily's neck, her cheeks, her gagged lips. She moved to Emily's breasts and lavished them with her tongue. Emily began to buck upward, begging to be penetrated as if it were a boy on top of her now.

Allison sat up, resting her ass on Emily's stockinged thighs. She moved her knees so that she was now kneeling in front of Emily's exposed sex, just like a man. She leaned in and guided the head of the penis to Emily's lips. She played the tip around on Emily's labia for a few seconds, sending Emily into spasms of delight. Then Allison pushed, gently but forcefully, into the opening.

Emily screamed in ecstasy. Allison was inside her. Allison pushed the penis deep and felt, in her own vagina, the reactionary push of the dildo on her G Spot. She shuddered and fluttered her eyes as took in the sight of Emily's gagged face contorting in bliss.

Allison leaned forward and rested on her elbows, her breasts hovering over and brushing Emily's. She began thrusting. Emily cried out with each thrust, and Allison moaned in return, feeling the dildo inside her every time. Allison laid her body down on top of Emily and fucked her with deep, even thrusts. Not too slowly or too fast, Allison tried to mimic the moves of her best male lovers. A man who knew how to please her would watch her, listen to her, and adjust his love making to maximize her pleasure and bring her to an orgasm.

Allison watched Emily's face and listened to the cries. When she had reached a certain speed and depth, she heard Emily change to moans of pure pleasure. "Ughhh... Vere!" Emily cried through her gag. Allison kept that pace and kissed Emily's neck and breasts. The double end in her own vagina was bringing Allison to orgasm. She couldn't hold it back and let out a cry of joy as she came hard on top of Emily.

Emily noticed Allison's orgasm and felt herself ready to cum. "Emily," Allison said between gasps of breath. "I want you to come for me. Just imagine I'm Greg doing this to you. I'm Greg and I've got you where I want you. You're mine!"

Emily flashed onto an image of Greg, seeing him over her right now. His face edged with desire, his chest muscles rippling with the effort of loving her. His eyes seeing right into the very core of her. And she exploded into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Allison was at first worried by the cry that escaped Emily's gagged mouth. She saw, though, that Emily was in a frenzy of pleasure, and continued pumping until her friend came down from her orgasm.

Allison slowed down and finally stopped thrusting. Without removing the penis, she lay on top of Emily's tied body and kissed her over and over, stroking Emily's stockings and suckling on her breasts. Emily's rapid breathing slowed and become ragged through the gag. She was exhausted. She had never felt anything like that before. She could still feel Allison's dildo inside of her. She reveled in the feel of Allison's weight and warmth on top of her.

Allison slowly, gently slid her dildo out of Emily's vagina. It came out with a distinct pop at the end, showing just how tight and turned on Emily still was. Allison unbuckled the strap-on and gently pulled the other end out of her own pussy. Tossing it off the bed, Allison laid back down on top of Emily and removed the gag. She kissed Emily's lips long and deep, probing into her mouth with her tongue. Emily wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around Allison, but was held fast by the rope holding her in a spread eagle. So she kissed Allison back sensually. Eventually, Allison rested her face in Emily's neck and just breathed her in. Neither girl spoke.

After a while, Allison lifted her head and looked at Emily. "How are you, Em?"

"Soo great, honey," Emily said with a wide smile. "So great. That was the most amazing thing!"

"I'm so glad you liked it. I was worried for a minute. I was so hoping you wouldn't shut it all down when I brought out a strap-on!"

Emily laughed. "No, like I said, I trust you. I'm yours until you free me, Allison. I'm completely yours."

Allison kissed Emily again. "Good, babe. Because I want you. And I'm not letting you go till the weekend is over. There's more to come, sweetheart!"

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018  

Great story but it looks like it will never be updated further. Too bad, because it was just starting to get really great. Love this kind of story - tight strict bondage in a loving setting. Need more of that kind of story.

Friday, November 23, 2018  

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Thursday, November 23, 2017  

This is one of the best piece of bondage fiction I've read. Sweet, erotic and just realistic enough that I could fantasize about such relationship happening to me, yet letting us imagine endless possibilities with Allison and Emily (and maybe Greg at some point..? ;). Even if you don't ever continue this (I hope you do!), huge thanks for the story so far!

Saturday, October 07, 2017  

Nooooo!!! Don't leave us hanging! Fantastic story; not the sort I usually read, but man, was it worth it. More, PLEASE!

Saturday, August 20, 2016  

Please, please, please update this story! It's my absolute favorite on this whole site!

Saturday, February 06, 2016  

As a spandex fetishist, this story was a very nice treat!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015  

Please do an update of this story

Thursday, November 20, 2014  

The finest story of love bondage I have ever read. And I loved when Greg put Mike against the lockers.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013  

You simply must finish this outstanding story. It is so erotic, as well as sweet.

Monday, July 09, 2012  

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