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Return to Sender
  • Author - DaveV  
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  • Site Rank - 204 of 2737
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  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, bondage, enema, latex, packaging, toys
  • Post Date - 9/21/2008
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Reader's Comments (20)

Frank had been mystified by the phone call. He had not heard from Donna for nearly a year since they had split up and here she was cooing down the phone at him, asking him to call round. Weird!

They had had a tempestuous relationship. Donna was a demanding person in more senses of the word than one and Frank had finally been thrown out on his ear, with his suitcase of possessions not far behind, when Donna had found out about his little friendship with a girlfriend of Donna’s. So this sudden proffering of friendship made Frank a little suspicious. Still, what the hell, he got a hard-on just thinking about Donna. She was a sexy little minx and she milked a man something wicked.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

They had agreed to meet at Donna’s house the following evening after they had both finished work and Frank went to the trouble of shaving and changing his shirt and shorts just in case.

Donna greeted Frank warmly and after exchanging the usual pleasantries she plied him with some of the tasty food for which she was renowned. A considerable quantity of alcohol was consumed by Frank, but very little by Donna, who kept a close eye on Frank while keeping up a stream of inconsequential chit-chat.

When Frank was showing obvious signs of having absorbed a mind-dulling quantity of alcohol, Donna steered the conversation round to one of their favourite topics - bondage. Frank rallied visibly as Donna outlined a plan that she had made. Donna needed Frank’s help - would Frank tie her up? What the hell, thought Frank. Was the Pope a Catholic?

There were uncomfortable stirrings in Frank’s groin as Donna outlined her plan. She had a new boyfriend. Frank was momentarily crestfallen. He had stupidly believed that Donna had relented about throwing him out and was offering him a truce. Now she tells him that she has a boyfriend? However, as Donna continued to explain what she wanted, Frank was able to overcome his initial disappointment and by the end of her explanation Frank was more than keen to help. He was unlikely to regain Donna’s love but from what she described she still obviously trusted him and the scheme was exciting, for all concerned.

They both had a lot of work to do before Donna’s plans could be accomplished, so they agreed to meet again on the following Friday evening. Frank left Donna’s house barely able to conceal a big smirk on his face and a large erection in his pants. Donna was no less excited and pushing her hand down her skirt she rapidly brought herself to a sharp climax.

The next few days were spent assembling a variety of equipment from various stores and mail order outlets. By the time that Friday arrived everything was ready - well - everything that she needed to do, that is. She relied on that big clunk, Frank, for one vital piece of equipment and help in assembling the final package.

Donna could barely conceal her excitement as the day wore slowly on. In anticipation of this, she had planned to carry out several tasks on this last afternoon, the first of which was a long soothing bath. If everything went according to plan she would not be bathing for several days to come.

However, before the bath, Pussy had to be shaved! Although Donna regularly shaved her groin area, today she wanted to be extra sure so she used a depilatory cream, leaving it on before taking the bath.

While the cream was working, Donna prepared an enema for herself. This consisted of two jugs of warm water, the first containing a dilute soap solution and the second pure water. Hanging the jug on the bathroom cabinet, Donna lubricated the enema nozzle with KY jelly and, carefully positioning it between the cheeks of her ass, she pushed it gently into her rectum.

“Aaahh.” Donna moaned slightly as the nozzle slid sexily into her ass. She held it in place with one hand, whilst turning on the enema solution flow with the other. The feeling as it started to enter her body was indescribable. She nearly had an orgasm and it took great presence of mind to stick to the job in hand.

The contents of this enema were left for 10 minutes, by which time Donna felt the fullness in her stomach turning to a sensation of cramping. She withdrew the tube and positioned herself over the toilet. A stream of fluid spurted out into the basin. Lovely! But how much better to be tied up and helpless whilst this was happening. Perhaps her Master would do this to her?

The enema was repeated and this time Donna noted with approval that the discharge was clear. This was just as well for she would have no opportunity to use the toilet for several days.

Hopping from the toilet into the steaming bath, Donna completed the depilation of her pussy and then settled back for a long soak. She allowed the most erotic of thoughts to play through her mind and her hands moved imperceptibly under the surface of the water. Donna’s breathing grew more rapid and a flush came to her face as she came to a climax in the bath.

Drying herself after the bath, Donna applied talcum powder liberally over her statuesque body. She smoothed the talc over her breasts and groin and only reluctantly stopped herself from another climax. The talc was in preparation for her clothes and, returning to the bedroom, she looked over the garments laid out on the bed. Donna felt giddy just looking at these clothes and she hoped that they would have the same effect on Dave. She had little doubt of that. Donna smiled to herself, for all these clothes were made of latex and Dave was very predictable in some respects.

A pair of elbow length gloves was drawn up her arms, followed by a pair of rubber tights up her legs. The sensuous pleasure was almost overpowering and Donna smiled to herself as she smoothed out the wrinkles in the garments. Donna had better make sure there were no wrinkles or Donna was going to get a whupping! The thought of this made her wet between the legs and it required a conscious effort not to give her clit another tug.

The black catsuit was next. This was a one-piece suit but with no attached feet or gloves. Hence the tights and gloves, for by the time she had drawn on the catsuit her body had taken on the appearance of shimmering black satin. The only part of her body not covered in latex was her head. Drawing the zip from her waist, through her crotch and up her back, Donna fastened the zip at the neck. The zip was lockable - but not just yet.

Scraping back her long hair into a ponytail, Donna tied it off with a rubber band. Everything was ready - where was Frank? Impatient at the best of times, Donna was starting to curse Frank fluently as the doorbell rang.

Just in time! He was about to get a verbal lashing. Donna opened the rear door to reveal Frank standing there, straining as he held a strong packing crate in his arms.

“Well, don’t leave me standing her like a prize prick.”

“Your choice of words Frank!” Donna retorted.

Frank entered the house and as he put the packing crate down on the floor his eyes swept slowly up from latex-covered toes to pony-tailed head.

“Wow, what a sight!” Frank was grinning from ear to ear. “If this doesn’t have the desired effect, I can’t imagine what will.” The ‘sight’ had obviously had the desired effect on Frank, as was apparent from his bulging crotch.

“Are you going to stare at me all evening or what?”

“Or what might be nice” Frank murmured, but rapidly regretted it as he saw the dark look flash across Donna’s face. He had seen that look plenty of times before and he had no intention of pissing her off tonight.

“Is everything ready?” Donna was anxious to get started.

“Everything, as requested, my lady.” Frank could not conceal a smirk.

“Take that smirk off your face, as well, or the whole deal is off.”

Frank rapidly wiped the smile off his face. He was doing this for fun but the money could not be ignored. Donna was crediting his bank balance with $200 once she arrived safely at her journey’s end. The money was enough for him to pay off the balance on the cost of the new engine for his truck. For once, he must not fuck up.

Moving over to the crate, Frank levered open the top to reveal a carefully constructed interior, adapted to the exact dimensions of Donna.

Donna had this outrageous idea of packaging herself up and being delivered to her Master. This was where Frank came in, for as a skilled carpenter - about the only thing he was skilled in, Donna thought bitchily, he had constructed temporary living accommodation for one trussed-up slave. Donna felt the wetness build up between her legs as she examined the interior of the crate. Everything seemed to be in order.

Much careful planning had gone into this little adventure. It would be no good delivering a dead slave to her Master. The journey would take at least 72 hours and involved at least two transfers between trucks so she had to be well prepared. Hence the need for an enema. There would be no courtesy stops during this little ride - particularly as she planned to make it in bondage.

WOW!! Would Dave be surprised when he opened up the crate? What a birthday present. She had not called him - she wanted this to be a surprise - and what a surprise it would be. She only wished she could see his reaction, but that would be impossible with the rubber hood she would be wearing.

Rubbing her latex-covered thighs together, Donna was making herself wet again. She fought to control the rising passion and deflected her desire into a kick on the shin for Frank.

“Right. Final preparations. Are all the arrangements in hand?”

“Yes, Donna. The truck company will call for the crate in about two hours time and you will be in Scottsdale, Arizona on Monday afternoon.”

Donna mentally reviewed her plans. The truck journey from Los Angeles to Arizona was not too far, but could not be accomplished without a change in vehicle and this was planned for Las Vegas. From there it was one long journey to Scottsdale and the truck company were confident that the crate would be delivered by Monday afternoon at the latest.

“OK, clunk. Let’s get started. This is the bit that you’ve been waiting for.”

This was indeed the bit that Frank had been waiting for. Frank was getting to tie Donna up and he was getting paid for it. He must have died and gone to heaven.

But first, before the tying there were a few necessary domestic arrangements. Donna was to be trussed up for 72 hours and to allow her some comfort it was planned to catheterise her to allow her to pee without filling the rubber suit.

The catheter was built into a special pair of rubber pants that also contained two solid rubber cylinders that would engage in her cunt and her ass when pulled up tightly. Each cylinder was carefully lubricated, as was the catheter, and Donna pulled the pants gently up her legs. Although tight fitting they were easy to pull up, the rubber pants gliding over the rubber covered thighs. The catheter ended in a large plastic bag, which whilst empty now, would undoubtedly be full by journey’s end.

Donna was careful to insert the catheter first and after a short, sharp prick of pain as it entered her urethra, she felt no other sensation until the plugs started to enter her holes. Now this was a sensation that she could live with. A wicked smile flickered across Donna’s face. The pants seated themselves snugly around Donna’s waist and she wriggled, despite herself, as the intruders settled into their new homes. They would be intimate companions for the next 72 hours, at least.

The rubber hood was next. This had a cut-out at the top for her pony tail which she pulled through whilst Frank held the hood over her face. This part always made her feel especially randy and she ground her thighs together as the sensation swept her.

Frank laced up the back of the hood. Normally she used a zippered hood, but what was the point of having a helper if not to help! The hood had nostril holes and a mouth hole only. Once her sight was cut off she was reliant on Frank and she mentally approved as he adjusted the nostril tubes in the hood checking that they were seated correctly in her nose.

“Everything OK?” Frank had to shout to Donna as the hood restricted her hearing. “Now sit on the floor.”

A nod from the black-headed figure confirmed that he could proceed. This was the bit he relished! Donna had asked that the bondage be secure and who was he to object? Each of Donna’s bonds would be pulled to maximum tightness. Nothing was too tight for Donna.

The bondage equipment was laid out on the kitchen table. It consisted of a single leather glove and various ropes and straps of different lengths. Frank started with the single glove. Like the hood, this was laced, and after strapping Donna’s hands behind her back and adding a further strap at the elbows, he pulled the laces of the glove tightly together, cinching Donna’s arms together even tighter.

( link opens in new window )

“Not too tight!” Donna’s exclamation caused Frank to jump. Damn, he had forgotten to gag the bitch, but he would remedy that immediately. Taking the gag in his hand he pushed it against Donna’s lips.

“Not yet, Frank, I want to.............. Uuummmmppphhhh.” The rest of the sentence was obliterated by the penis gag sliding into Donna’s mouth. Donna would be really pissed off with Frank for this, but he was sure she would get over it - well - almost sure. Well, what the hell. He would just make sure he was out of town for a while when Donna returned!

Donna knew that her Master’s preferred means of gagging her was a ball harness, but the need to supply herself with water during the journey had meant using a penis gag. This allowed a tube to be inserted through the gag and provided sufficient anchorage for the tube not to fall out. At the moment there was no tube in the gag.

Frank returned to tightening up the laces on the single glove and contrived to find an extra inch of two of lacing by pulling wickedly hard. That would teach the bitch to complain. To fit within the crate, Donna was going to have to be doubled up. Frank started by pinioning her legs together with straps at her ankles and below and above her knees. The straps at her knees were not pulled fully tight as the bending of her legs subsequently would tighten these straps up nicely.

Donna was pulled up so that she was in a kneeling position. A thin strap was drawn under her ankles, wrapped around the back of her ankles and then pulled up over her thighs. The end was threaded into its opposing buckle and tightened until the latex-covered flesh dimpled underneath. Nice and tight!

It was at this point that Frank departed from his script. Reaching to the zips covering Donna’s breasts he unfastened both of them and rubbed her nipples gently between finger and thumb. The nipples hardened in response to the caresses and became perfect targets for the nipple clamps that were attached and then tightened. Donna groaned in pain. The bastard, the absolute bastard.

None too gently, Frank now pulled Donna’s head down to her knees. Two further straps were fastened over Donna’s torso forcing her chest onto her thighs. These straps, winding around her body from the single glove at the back and underneath her ankles, were pulled to maximum tightness, and then some more.

Donna was nearly ready for insertion into the crate. All that remained was for her to be connected up to her water supply, a large soft plastic container, like a hospital drip bottle. In fact, that is exactly what it had been before Donna stole it from her doctor’s office one day.

The ropes - nearly forgot the ropes. Frank made a slipknot in one end and tightened it on the base of Donna’s ponytail. The other end was connected to the bottom of the single glove and Donna’s head was drawn back uncomfortably as Frank pulled on the rope. The rope was tied off and Donna felt a pain immediately in her neck that she knew could only get worse in the next 72 hours.

A final rope, also fastened to the D ring at the base of the single glove was threaded through the strap pinioning Donna’s ankles together and pulled tight. This was a cruel trick for there was no relief from the opposing tensions in the ropes from head to glove and ankles to glove. A pull on one caused an opposite pull to be set up in the other rope.

Frank picked Donna up from the floor and positioned her carefully inside the crate. He had fashioned the interior so that no matter how much it was buffeted during the journey, Donna would not move an inch. The tubes snaking in and out of her body were carefully aligned to make sure they would not kink. The fit was superb and when the lid was nailed down Donna was sealed, as if in her coffin.

An hour later, Donna was on the first leg of her journey to Scottsdale. As the truck passed through the desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas the truck driver looked up to see a plane beginning its descent to Los Angeles airport.

Dave, looking out of the aircraft window, could just make out the headlights of the truck far below. He couldn’t wait to see Donna’s face when he turned up on her doorstep!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013  

Donna's Master will be quite cross when he finally finds her at his home in Arizona, hopefully not too stiff from her ride in the crate!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011  


Friday, March 04, 2011  

i loved it great job

Thursday, February 17, 2011  

Very nice post, good luck! ;-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010  

u know how to do that? if so do it on someone u know

Tuesday, February 23, 2010  

need more chapters.what happened during the journey,how did Dave react to finding out his slave shipped herself to him and when did he come back to release her did he ship her home

Thursday, January 21, 2010  

Bondage - v. good. Domination - weak. Humiliation - weak. Pain - needs some whipping, not just pain from bondage.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009  

Great, can't wait to see what happens to Donna next.

Saturday, May 23, 2009  

I would LOVE to read the next chapter! Is Donna send back or is Frank already on his way to Scottsdale? Hope to read about it soon.

Monday, December 22, 2008  

Confused about the panties. It seems that there were two pair and an open crotch in between. Otherwise solid story but to long on the time as her arms would require being removed for lack of blood flow below the elbow after 72 hours, ankles and feet most likely as well.
I like realistic stories only where one can take the story and using my own playmate turn it into reality for us. She wants to be shipped for 12 hours by plane to St. Croix with Oxgyen and heat in case there is a problem in the cargo area.

Saturday, November 29, 2008  

Good story line, well told, and consistent in the version viewed end of November; not sure that 72hrs on a drip bottle in the desert would be feasible, presumably there are some air holes and a way for fresh air to reach the crate which, as it is fairly heavy, will be at the bottom of the stack?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008  

very good story.... would love to be in box this way :)

Friday, October 03, 2008  

Thanks for all the comments about my story, including pointing out the inconsistencies and the repetition. I'll revisit the story and make some changes.
Best wishes, DaveV

Wednesday, October 01, 2008  

She had on a ball gag without a hole to drink through, a water supply in the form of a drip bottle and there was no mention whether she could drink the water. This turned me off because without water, she'd be dead in 24 hours.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008  

I love this story
We need the sequel!

Monday, September 22, 2008  

she's going 2b in that box 4 longer then 72 hrs. as @ the end of story her boyfriend was flying in2 lax as the truck was heading 4 az. that's going 2b 1 sore gal. hope the water holds out she could b in the box 4 a week or so.OUCH!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008  

Good story, nice ending. Good use of description. Be careful of telling us the same thing two and three times. It ruins the pace.

Sunday, September 21, 2008  

I woudl like to read about what happens next. Does he mess with her some more when she gets there? I would like to read that.

Sunday, September 21, 2008  

Sexy, but 72 hours is just too long to be realistic.

Sunday, September 21, 2008  

Very intriguing!

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