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Property of Mistress Savannah
  • Author - Garizon  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, non-consensual, bondage, cbt, kidnapping, latex, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 10/9/2008
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Part 1

The day Lee Harvey had feared for months and months had finally come. As a result of a takeover by a larger competitor the entire workforce of FlexiTech had been made redundant. He was a member of that workforce. A group of FlexiTech employees decided to have a night out to drown their sorrows and he decided to join them. It was during that night out, whilst the group was walking from one pub to the next, that a rich and powerful Asian business woman encountered them on the way back from her office.

"Are you alright love? I've got something right here for you to suck on!"

Unfortunately he'd taken the redundancy quite hard and had quickly allowed himself to become drunk and aggressive. A few of the others tried to get him to walk away.

"What's the matter? I know you want it you slag! Don't be such a fucking uptight tart!"

The lady didn't stop and kept on walking on her way home. His colleagues finally persuaded him to leave it and they walked away. He was unaware just how rich the lady was and just how far she would go to find him and to punish him for his outburst. She'd experienced a particularly bad day herself and really wasn't in the mood for forgiveness. She flipped open her cell phone and made a quick call to one of her more discrete employees. Two days later a letter dropped onto his doormat. It informed him that he'd won an all expenses paid, week long vacation in Amsterdam for one. He was slightly confused at how he could win a vacation without even knowing that he'd entered a competition. But when you've had an awful run of bad luck you don't question a lucky break like this. And indeed he didn't, he packed his bags the next day and off he went for the free vacation of a lifetime.

He landed at Amsterdam airport in high spirits. This week was going to be great for him. Amsterdam was the perfect location for a week away from the stress of his home life. He was planning to smoke some weed, screw some hookers and generally relax in his free room at the Eden Hotel. He entered the hotel lobby and walked to reception. Check-in was quick and easy, all his documentation was in order and correct. The receptionist gave him the room key, informed him that he was staying in a deluxe suite on the top floor of the hotel and told him to use the elevators at the back of the lobby. She failed to mention that the entire floor of suites had been purchased for the whole week by only one customer. A rich business woman had said she intended to let her employees stay there during a local business convention. To the receptionist he was just one of those employees.

He picked up his suitcase and headed over to the elevators oblivious to this. After a short wait the elevator arrived and he stepped in as its sole passenger. He pressed the button for the top floor and began to make plans for the evening as the floors flashed by on the elevator display. Find a quiet bar, get some alcohol inside him for Dutch courage and then hit a night club. And if the evening was ultimately an unsuccessful one then Amsterdam's red light district was always there to be used. He was deep in thought as the elevator doors pinged and opened in front of him.

The sight that greeted him as he looked up was a shock to say the least. There were two women there to greet him dressed in tight-fitting fetish outfits and they were both stunningly beautiful. They had a similar look about them, probably exaggerated by the identical outfits, the thought that they could be sisters flashed across his mind. Long flowing blonde hair reached just past their shoulders and their large breasts were threatening to spill out of their low cut latex corsets. Both wore belts around their waists with a set of handcuffs hanging from it. Thigh-high latex boots accentuated their gorgeously long, curvy legs. His cock stirred as he saw that neither was wearing any underwear and their smooth shaved pussies were fully on show. His eyes were still fixed on their plump, juicy mounds when one of them spoke.

"Good afternoon, Sir. We're here to show you to your room"

He looked up to see two pairs of eyes staring at him. Something about the looks they were giving him and the tone of the voice made him feel very intimidated. He looked back down at the floor to avoid their gaze and try to evaluate the situation.

"Please step out of the elevator, Sir."

He looked back up to see the woman on the left had moved her hand down to the pair of handcuffs hanging from her waist. As a reaction to this he acted quickly and with little thought. He dropped his suitcase and slammed the button to close the elevator doors. They both stepped forward immediately and one of them put her hand in front of the slowly closing doors. The sensor on the door detected her hand and began to open again.

"Oh that was very naughty thing to do. I'm afraid we're going to have to get physical with you now, sweetie."

They both entered the lift and each grabbed hold of one of his upper arms. It was only now that he realised that not only were they both very beautiful but also deceptively tall and athletic. Judging by the smirks on their faces they had hoped for this turn of events. He tried to take a step back and wrestle his arms from them but they were too strong, he felt the cold metal of her handcuffs snap around one wrist and then the other. In a panic he started to twist and turn, trying to get away from their vice-like grips. Maybe he'd have been successful if there was only one of them but as it was the two of them contained him with ease. He was plunged into darkness as a sack or bag of some sort was placed over his head, he was dragged out of the elevator and down the hotel corridor.

"Help me! Somebody help me!"

His shouts for help went apparently unnoticed as they continued down the hotel corridor. He heard a door open and was pushed forwards onto the floor of a hotel room. He quickly scrambled to his feet in the hope he could get some distance between himself and his attackers. However, just at the moment he was back on his feet a sudden blow to the back of his head knocked him unconscious and he fell back to the floor with a loud thud.

He came round to find himself totally naked from head to toe in a brightly lit hotel room. The memory of being handcuffed and hauled out of an elevator by two latex clad bitches slowly came back to him. Presumably this was the same room. As he regained his senses he tried to shift his position and found something very strange was going on. His arms had been pulled behind him and strapped together at the wrist and elbow, it was quite an unnatural state and his shoulders had begun to ache due to the strain. A tight chain attached his wrists to the ceiling and this meant he could hardly move his arms at all. He also found that a very large ball had been stuffed into his mouth which made talking impossible and breathing very difficult. He tried to shift it with his tongue but nothing happened, apparently it was securely locked in place. His legs were spread wide, so wide that he couldn't bend his legs or move at all from the waist down. A glance down revealed a solid metal cuff on each ankle which was then padlocked to a metal ring fixed to the floor. But this was not the worst thing he saw when he looked down. His naked cock and balls were receiving some worrying attention. One of his attackers from earlier was kneeling in front of him. She was gripping his testicles firmly with one hand and shaving them with a razor in her other hand. His pubic hair was almost all gone and things felt very unusual down there. His skin was hairless and very smooth and he quivered as the two hands fondling his balls felt very different to anything he'd experienced before. In fact he was quickly becoming highly aroused and his cock began to stiffen and rise. However, the helplessness of his situation quickly dawned on him. His shoulders were still aching, but they were now being joined by his gagged mouth and cuffed ankles. His whole position was very uncomfortable and the bonds holding him allowed him little room to change it. In fact he was totally powerless to stop this woman from doing anything to him which she desired.


The gag had turned his call for help into a soft moan. The kneeling woman looked up and a broad smile crossed her lips.

"Oh, perfect! I'm almost finished preparing you and I was hoping you'd come round before I was done. Mistress should be here soon but I want to have a little play with you first."

He had no idea what she had in store for him but after the rough handling he'd received earlier and his current situation he certainly didn't want to find out. He aimed a left knee at her grinning face and tried to yell again. Unfortunately the padlocks holding his ankles to the floor held firm and his legs were spread too far to allow them to bend and his knee to find its intended target. For the second time his cry was stopped by the large ball in his mouth and he only managed to get a quiet grunt past his lips.

"Aww, that's very cute. Did you think I was giving you any choice over the matter? No, I'm afraid you're tied up far too tight for that. Now what shall I do with you?"

She quickly finished shaving him and wiped off the excess shaving foam with a towel at hand. After placing the shaving equipment in the draw of a dressing table she came back and knelt in front of him. Her hands grasped his ankles and began to rise up his shins, past his knees and to his inner thighs. His cock twitched in anticipation.

"Yes. I think I'll blow you. I bet you'd like that. It'll be my way of saying sorry for having to get rough with you before."

She was looking up at him now and her beauty was utterly intoxicating. Her blonde hair was now pulled back into pigtails. She had piercing ocean blue eyes and long fluttering eye lashes. She pouted with her gorgeous, full, cherry pink lips and moved closer to me. His cock was now rock hard and he strained to move towards her to assist her, all thoughts of resistance had been temporarily removed from his mind. Her right hand gripped the base of his penis and her gaping mouth plunged over the head and down the shaft. He was in pure heaven as she sucked hard and began to work her mouth up and down. Her right hand began to work in unison with her mouth and started stroking the base of his shaft. He tilted his head back, closed his eyes and moaned gently. He was holding on to try and savour this fantastic blowjob when he felt her left hand touch him. It began to massage his soft, newly shaven balls. This further stimulation pushed him closer to climax and eventually it was all too much. On the very brink of orgasm, with his balls ready to pump what was sure to be a massive load of seamen out of his cock, she stopped. Her mouth and hands were quickly removed from his genitals and she leaned back to stand up. He tried to push his pelvis forward and follow her as she retreated but again the bondage was too restricting. He grunted in frustration as his cock twitched in the open air, desperately desiring the moment of attention needed to achieve orgasm. She stood up and walked around behind him. He was still distracted and not paying full attention to her movements when he felt her hand close around his throat and begin to choke him.

"I hope you enjoyed that. I didn't say I would make you cum, darling. In fact I'd very much like to take this little cherry down here from you."

Her other hand firmly parted his ass cheeks and her index finger gently pushed against his anus. She moved her index finger up and down his ass crack. He felt very vulnerable as she could penetrate him at any time and there was nothing he could do about it.

"But fortunately for you, in the short term at least, Mistress wants that for herself. And what Mistress wants Mistress gets."

Her hands withdrew from his ass and throat respectively and she strolled over to a dressing table against the far wall. He struggled to regain his breath, a task made no easier by the awfully restricting gag. Just as he had recovered she returned with something in her hand. It was a thick, black leather collar which she held up for his inspection. Embossed on the front of the collar in gold, curly writing was the words "Property of Mistress Savannah".

"You see, you're her bitch now. She'll be here for you in a couple of hours I expect. Until then you'd better get some rest, honey. I'm sure you'll need it."

She placed the collar around his neck and buckled it tightly. She then turned and left the room, locking the door behind her. And thus he was left their like a piece of meat. Bound, gagged, shaved and with a raging hard-on. He struggled for a good ten minutes without success before the days exertions claimed him and he fell into an awkward and uncomfortable sleep.

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He awoke to the sound of the door slamming shut. He immediately strained to look at who had entered but the lights were turned off and nothing more than a slight silhouette was to be seen. Click, click, click, click. The figure was evidently wearing high heels as she slowly entered the room. He didn't know whether to try and call out to gain her attention or remain silent. Maybe a receptionist or maid had grown curious and come to investigate. Or maybe it was the aforementioned Mistress Savannah, someone he most definitely did not want to meet. The figure flicked on a lamp which dimly lit the room. Fuck. There was no way that receptionists or maids dressed like this. The clicking had been made by knee-high, shiny latex boots. Above her knees were fishnet stockings which covered powerful thighs and disappeared under a very short, very tight pleated black skirt with pink trim. She was wearing a black and pink bra to match and her tits were a fine sight. They must be at least 32DD and the tight bra formed them into some awesome cleavage. In fact they jiggled sexily as she moved and were in serious danger of spilling out of her bra. Her stomach was bare, toned and tanned, her belly button pierced by a diamond stud. It was when I saw her face that I finally noticed she was Asian. She was incredibly sexy but looked cruel as she scowled at me. Her makeup was simple; black eye shadow and pale red lipstick. Her black hair was pulled behind her in a long ponytail that reached half way down her back. As she took a couple of steps towards him he thought he faintly recognised her, in fact he was certain he'd seen that stern look somewhere before. There was no time to fully remember where before she spoke.

"Welcome to the Eden Hotel, Sir. I hope your room is to your satisfaction."

She then smiled a broad wicked smile and stopped right in front of him. She was taller than him, even without the 6" boots she'd still be taller than him he wagered. A hand moved to his head and began to softly stroke his hair. Her touch was possessive rather than reassuring and the whole encounter so far left him terrified of this woman.

"Do you remember me? You don't do you? The day we met was the day that changed your life, it is the reason you're here. And it is the cause of all the pain and suffering to come."

He looked up into her eyes and it all came back. Still a little fuzzy from the massive amount of alcohol he'd drunk that night, but clear enough to know it was her. The woman he'd shouted abuse at that night. Oh shit. The fear of what she might do to him gave him extra energy and he thrashed wildly in his bondage. But to no avail.

"Ah, there it is. Now we can talk properly. I'm sure you've suddenly become very sorry for what you did and are prepared to do anything to make up for it. I will now give you a chance to do so. For your information I am Mistress Savannah and you will address me as Mistress or face the consequences."

She unbuckled his gag and wiped the drool off his lips and chin. He stuttered at first, there was so much to take in and nothing came to mind that would get him out of this situation.


She barked.

"I'm sorry. So very, very sorry......erm, Mistress. If you let me go and I'll do anything you want. I swear I will! I can get you money, as much money as you want!"

He blurted.

"Money is not what I want from you. What I want from you is to see you here, tied up and at my mercy. But you may beg me if you wish. Beg me for your freedom."

"Please. Oh, please let me go Mistress. I'm sorry. I am! I'm really sorry. Just let me go, you don't have to do this!"

She listened intently. He prayed she would release him from his bondage. He could feel his heart beating frantically as he waited for his fate to be decided.


She brought the gag to his lips again.

"You can't do this you bitch! You'll never get away with this! I'll fucking get you for this! I'll..."

She rammed the gag back into his mouth and buckled it tightly, cackling evilly as she did so.

"You're dirty mouth has come back I see. I think you'll find that *you* are *my* bitch. You see, you're mine now. My slave, my slut, my fucktoy, my plaything, my whore, my pain slut, my pet. This week I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never, ever forget. Right now you can't even imagine some of the things I'm going to do to you. But for now, my bitch. We'll start with this."

She went to the dresser table and opened a different draw to the one that the shaving equipment had been deposited in earlier. She pulled out several items. A rubber dildo attached to a harness, a container of clear liquid, two metal clamps with a chain running between them and lastly a condom. She walked back to him and held the dildo right in front of his face, presenting it to him. It was about 6" long, black, shiny and very realistically moulded into a penis. There were two large balls at the base, throbbing veins running up the shaft and a fat head at the top. He clenched his ass as he thought of just what she was going to do with it. After he'd gotten a good look at it she stepped into the harness one leg at a time, pulled it up to her hips and secured the buckles. While she was doing this he realised how aroused he was. The frustrating blowjob earlier had left him very horny and seeing this sexy woman in front of him in lingerie was too much, no matter how evil she was. His cock was rock hard and stood proudly to attention. He turned a deep shade of red as he remembered his naked body was on display. The dildo protruded from his tormentor in a comic fashion, she squeezed a dollop of the clear liquid onto her hand and sensually began to stroke the liquid onto the dildo in a suggestive manner. She opened the condom with her teeth and rolled it over his throbbing cock.

"I'm about to give you a lot of pleasure with my lovely strap on here, bitch. But it isn't all fun being my personal whore. I'm going to have to balance it up with some pain I'm afraid. That's what these are for."

She began to slowly stroke his nipple and it quickly hardened due to his aroused state. She then pinched it between her left index finger and thumb. With her other hand she opened one of the clamps and slowly closed it over the exposed flesh. As he felt the cold, harsh metal pinch his sensitive nipple he screamed into the gag. The stinging was fierce and his reaction only seemed to please Mistress Savannah. She cooed sympathetically and gave the same treatment to the other nipple. His eyes began to water as the pain in his chest doubled. She gave the chain connecting the two clamps a sharp tug and he felt pain sear across his chest. It felt as if his nipples had been ripped off and he emitted another muffled scream. With that job done she pouted her lips at him and walked behind him, the dildo bobbing in front of her as she moved. She did not stop directly behind him but went further back into the dark depths of the room. Suddenly the chain holding his wrists up behind him began to move upwards, he could hear the winch clicking as it did so. His arms were pulled further up behind him and this caused him to bend forward in a way he had not previously managed to achieve in all his struggles. As his upper body bent forward his ass moved backwards and upwards, jutting out. When the winch stopped he was in a very venerable position.

"You're being a good slut already, presenting your assets to your Mistress."

She giggled at her own sick joke. He recoiled as he felt her hands grasp his hips and the cool, slick head of the strap on touch his asshole.

"Ready bitch? Ooh, I'm going to enjoy this. Turning you into my little slut. Tied up for me to violate as often as I want, as hard as I want. Unable to move or speak or resist in any way. Just remember you deserve all of this, my slave. Just think of what you said to me that night. Think of it whilst I'm penetrating your virgin ass."

All he could muster in response was a faint whimper, he had no energy left at all. She pushed the strap on slowly into his defenceless asshole, the lube made it easy work and the head of the rubber cock was soon passed his sphincter. He could feel the head of the dildo as it buried its way deep into his ass. He grunted as she raped him, pushing the dildo into him slowly but surely. The pain was intense but bearable as inch after inch he was invaded until he felt her hips and the rubber balls of the strap on touch his ass. Then she started to fuck him. Smooth but firm strokes, she took the dildo almost fully out before the next thrust and he could feel the dildo head at his sphincter after every stroke. She moaned in enjoyment. Her grip on his hips hardened and her stroke rate increased.

"That's a good bitch. Take every inch of my cock. You're my property now."

His only response came out of the gag as a quiet gurgling noise. The pain in his rear was beginning to subside and an unusual sort of pleasure was building there. The dildo was starting to stimulate his prostate and with each stroke he felt an orgasm nearing. Her right hand left his hip and reached around to his cock. She managed to stroke his dick from base to tip without slowing her pace at all. Now the orgasm was unpreventable and he spasmed in intense pleasure as he filled the condom with hot sticky cum. Her hand was removed from his penis. Her thrusts became slower and less deep. Eventually she pulled the dildo out leaving him feeling wide open. She walked round and faced him.

"Look at yourself now slave. Bound and gagged and your balls drained of cum by your Mistress and her strap on. I told you I'd make you my slut."

His face burned red with embarrassment as he realised what had just happened. She'd made him orgasm from a firm ass-fucking. He soon felt the aches and pains come back and the cum-filled condom felt awkward and sticky against his groin. He was too exhausted to fight back; he just hung there limply in his bondage like a whore who'd just been used. She removed the condom and held it up.

"Quite a load slave. I'm very impressed. In fact I have a reward for you."

She unbuckled the gag with her other hand and before he could protest she pushed the condom into his mouth and reapplied the gag. The warm, salty cum slid out onto his tongue and he gagged on the disgusting taste.

"Have a good night my bitch. We'll have lots more fun in the morning."

With that she walked out of the room, her heels clicking and the strap on still bobbing in front of her. She locked the door behind her and left him there. There was nothing he could do but swallow his own cum and leave the condom in his mouth. He quickly fell into a deep sleep. And that was his first day as property of Mistress Savannah.

Part 2 (Added: 08/27/2009)

I woke up trying to decide whether last night's events were real or whether it had all been a terrible nightmare. Still groggy I began to re-run the previous evening slowly in my mind. The pain in my shoulders quickly returned to settle the issue, it had really happened. A quick test of my bonds revealed I was still in the same position, there also seemed to be no way I could shift my weight to relieve the pain in my shoulders. I opened my eyes to see my attackers from the previous day at the other end of the room; they were both facing away from me and seemed to be preparing something. My movements were heard and they both turned round. One of them approached me while the other stayed to finish whatever it was they were up to.

"Good morning. I hope you're well rested darling, because you're in for a really busy day"

I grunted back at her my disapproval. She unbuckled my gag and held out her hand.

"Spit it out."

I didn't need any further encouragement and spat out the now cum-free used condom onto her hand. She examined it.

"Very clean. You're such a good boy." She sneered.

My face burned with embarrassment and I seized the opportunity to answer back as she hadn't re-applied the ball gag.

"Fuck you!"

She sprang forward and placed one hand over my mouth, the other went down and grabbed hold of my hairless testicles.

"Now as much as I would love to beat that bad language out of you, and trust me nothing would give me greater pleasure. We're on a tight schedule and we have to get you ready for Mistress Savannah. Unless you cooperate I'll be forced to tell her what a bad boy you've been. And you really don't want that."

( link opens in new window )

She gave my balls a tight squeeze to reinforce her point. She squeezed harder until harder until the pain was severe and I screamed through her hand.

"Are you going to cooperate?" She asked, tightening her grip even further.

I realised my choice wasn't a choice at all. I nodded and felt her let go of my balls.

"Good boy."

She went over the table and came back carrying a bottle, she knelt in front of me and held it to the tip of my penis. No explanation was needed and I gladly drained my very full bladder. She left me to dispose of it and her accomplice came over with a bowl containing some grey mush. It looked most unappetizing. She held a spoonful of it up to my mouth, the hunger in my stomach took over and I accepted the spoon. It tasted like cold porridge but it was filling and I was glad of the meal. When the bowl was empty she held a glass of water to my lips and I greedily drank it all. Finally they began to untie me, the binding on my elbows was removed but the handcuffs on my wrists remained there, the chain holding my arms up behind me was also removed allowing me much more freedom. My ankle cuffs were released from the bolts on the floor but they were joined together by a short hobble chain. One blonde stood in front of me and the other was behind me. Apparently I was ready to be transported as one of them gave me a gentle push forward.


I was led out of the room and down a corridor. As I began to wake up fully I took in the sight of the blonde before me, she was still dressed in the same latex corset and boots. In this position I had a perfect view of her bare ass as it swayed sexily whilst she walked. It was plump and firm and between her cheeks was a puckered rosebud just waiting to be used. Her skin was smooth and tanned and I could just about catch a glimpse of her beautiful shaved pussy. I jumped as the blonde behind me swatted my ass with her riding crop.

"No dawdling."

I increased my pace and hobbled down the hotel corridor sandwiched between these two cruel but undeniably gorgeous women. I glanced at the room numbers on the door as I hobbled passed them. Was anyone else here? Should I shout for help? I didn't have time to try and answer those questions as we soon arrived at our destination and entered another hotel room.

This room was much larger than the one I had spent my first night in. There was a large four poster bed against one wall and on the floor in one of the corners was a rectangular wire cage, about the size you would keep a large dog in. It was locked with a padlock. The wall opposite the door featured a large panoramic window offering a view of Amsterdam. Mistress Savannah was sitting on a sofa in front of the window, legs crossed, looking down at her hands which were stroking a paddle. It was made from black leather and looked like it was capable of dealing out some serious pain. I couldn't take my eyes off it as she caressed it lovingly like it was an old friend. She was not wearing the same lingerie as before, she had changed into an expensive-looking navy blue pin-striped business suit with a skirt and sexy heels.

"Leave us." She ordered.

The twins sharply exited the room leaving me alone with Mistress Savannah. Mistress looked over at me, her eyes cold and menacing.

"Here. Now." She pointed in front of her and clicked her fingers.

My heart began beating rapidly as she stared deeply into my eyes. I hesitated, she looked very intimidating. I thought about pleading for some sort of mercy. Ultimately I was too scared I would displease her and I hobbled forward to the spot she had indicated. She stood as I approached and held a black ball gag up to my lips. I opened my mouth reluctantly and she rammed the evil contraption in buckling it tightly. It stretched my mouth painfully. Then she grabbed hold of my wrists behind my back and guided me down so I was lying on the sofa straddling her lap, ass in the air. Keeping hold of my wrists with one hand she moved the other to my ass and I felt the paddle resting against my backside. As she leaned down to whisper in my ear I could feel her hot breath tickle the back of my neck.

"I have some bad news pet. Unfortunately I have an important business deal I need to complete today and I can't cancel it. I'm going to be gone for most of the day. We'll just have to make sure we make best use of the time we have together."


The first blow startled me and I struggled to get up.

"Stay still you worthless piece of shit."


She had struck my left ass cheek the first time, this time it was my right cheek. I tried to wiggle further up the sofa to avoid the nasty paddle. She responded by tightening her grip and lifting the paddle up for a third time.


I was able to tolerate the pain so far but it was intensifying with each blow and I realised I was powerless to stop Mistress' assault.

"Ooh that feels good doesn't it bitch. You know the more you struggle, the harder it's going to get."



I shrieked into the gag as she hit me again. The pain was moving up to the another level.

"Oh you sound so sexy my slut. This spanking is long overdue isn't it? You're in such desperate need of discipline."






My ass was on fire and as the spanking continued my cries grew louder and more frenzied. Eventually I had no energy left and the only sound I made was a low groaning noise. I couldn't tell you how long she spanked me for. When the ordeal was over I was sobbing uncontrollably and tears were streaming down my face. She glanced at her expensive diamond watch and put the paddle down. She began to massage my burning ass, kneading it slowly but firmly; it was very embarrassing having her play with me like that.

"There there. It's all over. I'm afraid I have to leave you now. But don't worry I've arranged some babysitters for you."

She rolled me off her lap and I fell to the floor with a thud. I noticed the two blondes standing to attention by the door, I hadn't noticed them arrive. Mistress approached them and spoke to them, I couldn't hear what was being said but shortly Mistress left and they approached me grinning from ear to ear. They had changed their attire from this morning and were completely naked from the waist up, their impressive tits jutting out unashamedly. Large and yet pert they wobbled enticingly as the girls approached. Below the waist they were only wearing latex chaps, high heels and the same latex belt from earlier with handcuffs and riding crop attached, yet again they were not wearing underwear. They both took a seat on the sofa and used my collar to pull me up onto my knees. One of them lent down and wiped away the tears that were still rolling down my cheeks.

"I see someone's had a fun morning" She chuckled as she unbuckled the gag.

"Don't worry sweetie, we're not as strict as Mistress. Now Mistress has told us you're to be prepared for a visitor this evening but until then we're just going to chill out for a while. Sound good?"

I got the feeling her question was a rhetorical one and remained silent. But I was desperate to question her and find out who this visitor would be; I didn't want anyone else to see me like this!

"I'll take that as a yes, honey. Actually, I think it's time you return the favour after that blowjob you received yesterday."

She moved forward so that she was sitting on the very edge of the sofa. She put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down until my head was at the same height as her shaven pussy; I felt my cock stiffen as I looked at it. She was clearly excited as her clit stood up proud. At that point in time I totally forgot about the humiliation and pain I had suffered and I wanted nothing more than to plunge my mouth into that juicy cunt. A hand on the back of my head guided me forward and that was all the encouragement I needed. I was in heaven as I lapped hungrily at her cunt. The feeling must have been mutual as I heard her moan softly. Her pussy was already wet and her juice tasted like nectar. I penetrated her with my tongue and began to move in and out. After a few minutes I began to tire due to my eager, frenetic pace and my tongue slowed down. She swatted my already tender ass hard with her riding crop, my yelp was muffled by her pussy. I couldn't move away as the hand on the back of my head was sufficient to keep my mouth in place. She swatted me again, harder this time, and fire erupted across my rear. I got the hint that she wanted me to increase my efforts at eating her pussy. I knew that I couldn't keep going at this pace for much longer and I had to make her cum fast. I circled her clit with my tongue, then I flicked directly at it, then I went back to circling it. She went wild and clamped down on my head with her thighs cutting of my air supply. Again I tried to withdraw and get some air but her thighs were too powerful. Luckily her orgasm was close and she grinded on my face as she screamed in ecstasy. Eventually she pushed me away to the floor, my face still smeared with her cum. Her magnificent chest was rising and falling as she regained her breath. I realised my cock was rock hard and I was desperate to cum myself. With my arms still cuffed behind me there was no chance of satisfying myself although I still tried in vain to reach around. I'd forgotten about the other blonde who had been sitting and watching patiently.

"Don't get any ideas boy. It's my turn now."

Whilst the first one was still recovering the second one grabbed hold of me and dragged me across to her side of the sofa. The drill was the same she forced my head to her cunt and held it there. I had no choice but to eat her pussy. Every time she wasn't happy with the job I was doing she would bark an order to speed up and I got a stroke from her crop. It took me longer to make her cum as my enthusiasm ebbed away. At last she came as violently as her partner and pushed me back to the floor. The other was already waiting for me and straight away she pulled me over so I could get back to what I'd started. She beat me with the crop repeatedly whilst I was servicing her, no matter how hard I tried I was no longer capable of going fast enough to satisfy her and get some relief from her evil crop. By this time each swat on my tormented ass was agony to me. My heaven was quickly turning into hell as I thrashed in my bondage to try and get away from her pussy or at least avoid the sting of the crop but to no avail as I was clamped securely between her sexy legs. This was how the three of us spent the afternoon, 'chilling out' as she had put it. They certainly enjoyed themselves.

Finally, after literally hours of cunnilingus the session was over as it was apparently time to prepare me for the 'visitor'. I was half led and half dragged into the centre of the room. My arms were freed momentarily. I struggled and tried to lash out but they held an arm each and easily pushed me to the floor. I was turned onto my back before metal cuffs were attached to each limb. My legs and arms were stretched as far as they would go and each one was attached to a bolt in the floor leaving me spread eagled. I was blindfolded and a gag was shoved into my mouth. A quick exploration with my still sore tongue revealed that it wasn't a ball gag but a plastic ring with a hole in the middle. It didn't stretch my mouth as much as the ball gag so it was a welcome change. I heard them both exit the room and I was left alone in the dark. I tested my bonds futilely for a while before giving up and dozing off. I awoke to the noise of a door slamming. I heard footsteps as someone approached me, two more pairs of footsteps followed.

"Ok, what am I doing then?" The voice was female but I didn't recognise it.

"Well, Mistress wants the tongue, both nipples and the scrotum done." It was one of the blondes answering.

"No problem. It won't take long, you can leave me to it."

With that two sets of footsteps left the room. My mind was racing with what this woman was going to do to those body parts. I felt her stroking my hair softly. I managed to jerk my head away from her as it was one of the few body parts I had any control over. She slapped me hard across the face, from that point I decided to stay still. She knelt down over me, one knee on either side of my head. Her knees closed together and locked my head in place. I felt two fingers enter my mouth and probe around, I was powerless to close my mouth or bite her due to the ring gag prising my mouth open. She grabbed hold of my tongue tightly and pulled it through the hole in the gag. Next, there was something cold and metal pressing against both sides of my tongue. I was now panicking and making as much noise as I could to some how stop this. Suddenly there was a sharp, searing pain. I gave a loud high-pitched squeal. She was still doing something but I couldn't feel what as the pain was too intense. Soon after my tongue was released and I quickly withdrew it, to my horror I discovered that there was a metal stud going through it where a hole had been punched. I realised that I was to be pierced in all those places! My breathing was fast and shallow as panic washed over me. It was a testament to how tightly stretched my body was that I could still barely move. She got up and I heard her kneel down beside me. Once again two fingers pinched my nipple together. There was another sharp pain as my nipple was pierced by a needle and then a ring was inserted through the hole. My other nipple got the same treatment and she moved to between my legs. I could guess what was coming next. She grabbed my balls in her hand and pinched a flap of skin together about half way up. This piercing was also a ring and before I knew it she had got up and left the room without even a word to me. I listened for a while but no one else entered. Again I was left to drift into an uneasy sleep.

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For the second time that evening I was awoken abruptly by a door closing and someone entering. Heels clicked as someone circled my body. I tensed as they knelt down next to me.

"Such a welcoming sight after a long, hard day." Mistress chuckled.

I actually relaxed slightly now that I knew that Mistress was back and there would be no more piercings added to my body. I shivered at her touch as one hand found its way to my rock hard dick and began to pump it slowly. It was too slow to make me cum but it was enough stimulation to drive me wild after waiting for an orgasm all day. Meanwhile her other hand went to my newly acquired nipple ring. It was still very sore and she was far from gentle as she tugged at it playfully.

"You have no idea just how many ways I could torture you with these. I can't wait to hang weights off them and whip you to within and inch of your life. Imagine trying to find a balance between staying still to stop the weights from swinging and trying to avoid the lashes. Pure ecstasy my slave. But it's too late for that and we'll have to get you ready for bed."

My relaxed state was short live as I dreaded what was to happen to my new piercings. She stopped manipulating my cock and I grunted with frustration. Blindfolded as I was I had no way of telling what was coming up next. Something cold and slick pushed against my anus. It started off narrow but as it was inserted it grew wider and wider and my sphincter had to expand accordingly. Mistress teased me with it, pulling it out and then pushing it back in, each time a little further. Eventually with one final push my ass swallowed the plug and my sphincter closed gratefully against the narrow shaft. The plug felt larger than the strap on that Mistress had used the previous night and it left me feeling very full. However, Mistress was not finished yet. She tightened a leather belt around my waist, from the back of the belt a strap was pulled over the base of the plug between my legs, the strap split into two forks a the front and each fork went either side of my erect dick before joining back onto belt. The strap was tightened and it meant that it was impossible to push the plug out, it would remain their until Mistress chose to extract it. After she was sure the belt was very secure she released the cuff on my left wrist from the floor and then keeping a firm grip with both hands she moved it across my body and fastened it to the cuff on my right wrist before releasing that one from the ground so that effectively my wrists were secured together in front of me. My ankles were also released. I was left blindfolded.

"Up!" She barked.

Getting to my feet was difficult with my wrists secured in front of me, I wobbled but I eventually managed it. She pushed me forward with an arm on my shoulder and I stumbled into a corner of the room. The hand on my shoulder pushed me down onto my knees.

"Crawl forward"

She guided me into the cage. The harsh metal was cold against my hands and knees. Once I was all the way in the cage I heard it being locked behind me. I tested the dimensions of the cage. There was only about an inch of space on either side of my shoulders and a similar amount above my head. I realised this position would soon become uncomfortable as there wasn't enough room to kneel up or lie down properly meaning I had to stay on all fours.

"Feel the front of the cage with your hands and you will find a small hole in front of you. Put your hands through."

I did as she ordered and found the hole in a few seconds. I heard a click and discovered that my wrists had been padlocked to the front of the cage. I was now resting on my knees and my elbows.

"Now I have one last surprise for you before you go to sleep. Are you ready?"

I responded with a whimper for mercy. I was still whining when the plug in my ass hummed to life. It began to vibrate powerfully against my prostate and my already stiff cock was becoming painfully erect.

"Sweet dreams my bitch."

I listened to her footsteps as she moved over to the four poster bed. She pottered about for a short while opening and closing draws on her bedside table before she turned the light off with a click. I had to touch my cock somehow! I had to achieve the orgasm I'd been desperate for all day long. I tried to pull my arms back and push my cock forward to make any contact at all. If I could just press my cock against my arm or the floor of the cage or ANYTHING I was sure I could hump away to orgasm. I tried everything but eventually I gave up and slumped into a frustrated, uneasy sleep.

Part 3 (added: 10/11/2010)

Another day, another room, another torment.

I spent the night half asleep and half awake, constantly shifting to try and find a comfortable position. It was a long night of torment and frustration. I eventually woke with a jump as the door of the cage was sprang open. I then felt the padlock holding my wrists to the cage being unlocked.

"Back up." A voice ordered. It was one of the twins.

I followed the order. Taking baby steps back on my knees in the cramped cage, the plug in my ass still hummed powerfully. I could feel my erect dick sway, it felt very sore and tender from spending the whole night as solid as a rock. Once I was completely out of the cage I was grabbed under each arm and pulled to my feet. My joints were stiff and painful from the restrictive cage. Still blindfolded from the previous evening, I was led to a chair and made to sit. Ominously, I could feel a large hole in the base of the seat. My hands were freed and then the handcuffs reapplied with my arms behind my back. The blindfold was removed but I remained ring gagged and plugged. The twins followed the same morning procedure as yesterday. I was fed something that tasted like cold porridge and drank water. My fresh tongue piercing was still painful and caused me some problems in eating.

"Lift your ass up off the chair."

I complied and finally the vibrating butt plug and harness was unlocked and removed. Even without the stimulation my cock remained semi-erect, as if it were making a protest at being aroused so long without orgasm.

My ass didn't stay empty for long, however, as soon as I was seated again something else was pushed in. It felt much smaller than the butt plug. Everything was happening behind me, out of my sight. I was startled to feel warm water start to flood into my ass through the inserted nozzle. I tried to look round at what was going on but felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Eyes in front, slave."

More and more water flowed into me until I wasn't sure I could take any more. My stomach felt bloated. Eventually, pressure was released and it was a satisfying feeling to be drained of all that liquid. After the enema was over the infuriating plug and harness was inserted to my great discomfort. The twins job was apparently complete and they led me out of the room, down the hall, and into another room. With all the trips back and forth over the last few days I was completely disorientated and had no idea where the rooms I'd spent time in were in relation to each other.

I was pushed into another room, one I hadn't seen before. Mistress Savannah reclined in a luxurious leather chair in the corner. She was adorned in thigh-high latex boots and a black and pink matching mini-skirt and bra. She was casually reading a book and didn't even acknowledge my entrance. In the center of the room I noticed two metal rings bolted to the floor, about two feet apart. Above them a metal chain hung down from the ceiling. The twins ushered me towards the bolts and made me stand over them. They produced two metal ankle cuffs from the back of the room and locked my ankles securely to the floor. My hands, which were handcuffed behind me, were released. A twin held on to each wrist with a firm grip until the handcuffs were locked in front of me again. They lifted my arms up and looped the chain between the handcuffs over a hook on the end of the chain hanging from the ceiling. One of them went to a lever on the wall to my left, with a clicking noise the chain above me was winched up taking my arms with it. The winch only stopped when I was on my tip toes, there was just enough give in the ankle cuffs to achieve this, my arms stretched as far as they would go, toes and shoulders aching under the strain. Mistress Savannah still paid me no attention, casually leafing through the pages of her book.

I was unable to move a muscle as the sexy, blonde twin in front of me took hold of my semi-erect cock and pumped it to full mast. Pre-cum drooling from the head and pooling on the floor between my legs.

"He's ready Mistress." She called.

Mistress Savannah finally put down her book and approached menacingly, surveying my taut, naked body. The blonde in front of me moved aside so the two of them stood on either side of me. They stood to attention as Mistress inspected me. She stood inches in front of my face. Her hands started caressing my hair before moving down my chest, tweaking my sore, pierced nipples on the way. She crouched, her face just inches from the bulbous head of my rigid cock. She slapped it hard and watched as it flopped from side to side.

"Is it getting to you yet?" She asked.

I looked down at her with pleading eyes.

"The teasing and denial, I mean. That plug buzzing away at your vulnerable prostate. Must be so, so frustrating." She said feigning sympathy.

"Let me explain what's going to happen today, slave. Because I know you must be wondering. You are going to cum, eventually, you'll be relieved to hear. And when you do so, you will beg to consume every drop of your ejaculate."

She smiled and cupped my swollen, hairless balls. Rolling each of them between her thumb and index finger, pressing harder and harder until I winced in pain and yelped through the ring gag.

"Yes, you're going to get quite the taste for it this week my cum-drinking whore. But before that I have some fun planned. A little test of mental strength, shall we say. My two associates here are going to play with you. Do things to you that will make you feel like you're in heaven, and keep you teetering on the edge of blowing this load. But you alone are responsible for making sure you come back from that edge, and these balls of mine stay full of jizz until I give you permission to empty them. I repeat, under no circumstances, do you cum without permission, slave. And if you do..."

She flicked the ring that pierced my scrotum and I squealed as I realized how sensitive it still was.

"Then I will clip weights to this precious ring here, until they are heavy enough to rip it straight off. The ring is thick enough and strong enough to tear a hole in your scrotum. Then I'll grab hold of what's left of your precious testicles, and crush them until they're as useless as the rest of you."

I quivered nervously as I contemplated such agony. Mistress Savannah rose to her feet and stroked my chin patronizingly.

"So don't lose your head darling, or you may lose your balls." The twins, either side of me, laughed at her joke.

She turned on her heels and returned to the leather chair. Once again picking up the book and reading without a care in the world.

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"Proceed!" She shouted.

The twin to my left fell to her knees and positioned herself in front of me. I looked down at her, mesmerized by her appearance. Her blonde hair was in pigtails today, tied with little pink ribbons. Cherry red lipstick adorned her luscious lips. Her breasts were barely contained in a lacy, black bra. She looked up at me innocently and fluttered her eyelashes. Leaning forward, she grasped my cock with a firm hand around the base and smiled seductively. She licked the underside of my shaft from base to tip, then back down. Then she stroked me with both hands. Long, slow, methodical strokes, driving me wild. She took one ball in her mouth and sucked, then the other, biting a little bit to show me she was in control. I groaned and looked up at the ceiling as I felt an orgasm nearing. The butt plug vibrated relentlessly. My attempt to push it out was easily resisted by the leather harness. It was so big, and lodged so deep.

Meanwhile, my admirer licked my scrotum lovingly, still pumping away on my cock. She took the piercing in her mouth and I grunted in pain. Her tongue flicked it playfully and I grunted again, louder this time. Sticking her tongue through the ring she pulled it further into her mouth and moved her head backwards. I tottered forward on my tip toes, trying to relieve the pressure as searing pain shot across my ball-sack. My cock was still being pumped towards its fatal orgasm. The pre-cum it leaked only provided lubrication and increased pleasure. I found myself trying to concentrate on the pain, and stay the fire burning within my dick. She released the piercing and I stepped back to my original position, the pain subsided. She blew me a sweet kiss and went in for the kill. Her hands increasing rate. Pumping faster and faster. I shook my head vigorously, I was losing the battle. Just as I was about to climax she slowed her stroking and almost stopped, keeping me from going over the edge. I looked over at Mistress Savannah. She was still fixed on her book, oblivious to the situation. She paused to pick up a glass of wine and sip it. My tormentor restarted the hand job, deciding I'd had enough time to cool down. She jacked away mercilessly as I tried to imagine what my scrotum would look like ripped open. Blood gushing everywhere, naked testicles dangling through a hole. Anything to take my mind off the pleasure shooting through my cock, and my testicles getting ready to produce a massive load of semen, perhaps the last they ever would. But it didn't work and I neared the brink again, screaming into my gag for her to slow down and give me a chance, pleading with my eyes. She stopped without a second to spare, removing her hands from my cock completely. I watched as it twitched in the air, praying I stayed on the right side of orgasm. The sensation ceased. I managed to hold back the cum. Sighing in relief, my breath was short and fast, beads of sweat formed from the exertion.

She resumed stimulating me, barely taking a break. This pattern continued for some time. Whenever I was on the edge she stopped, just to start again a few minutes later. I drifted in to some sort of trance, I don't know how long passed, an hour or two I guess. An hour or two of half pleasure, and half agony. Mistress Savannah managed to get through a few chapters of her book, and a few glasses of wine. Enjoying the sound of my struggle to keep my balls.

Once the blonde had stopped for longer than usual between sessions I looked down, snapping back to reality. She smiled sweetly and gave me a wink, before getting up and standing back by my side. Without her stimulation of my cock I had time to consider my other body parts. My shoulders ached and felt as though they were ready to come out of their sockets, the handcuffs dug into the tender flesh of my wrists, my toes shook through exertion of supporting most of my body weight. My balls ached from hours of constant arousal. If I tried to lower myself to relieve the pain in my toes, my shoulders screamed in protest. And if I tried to raise myself to relieve the pain in my shoulders, it was vice versa.

The noise of footsteps snapped me back to my current situation. The second blonde appeared, dressed identically to her companion. She knelt in front of me in the same position, unhooking her lace bra as she did so. Her bare breasts sprang forward. She wiggled her torso and they swayed from side to side like jello. My god they were beautiful tits. I'd never seen such a pair in real life. She moved forward and placed a breast on either side of my erect dick, pressing them together with her hands. She really had no mercy as she moved up and down, titty fucking me. Up and down, up and down. The head of my cock poked out between her gorgeous tits at the bottom of every thrust. She kissed it each time it appeared, leaving cherry red lip marks, giggling at my predicament. Her breasts became sticky with the pre-cum which I still leaked. I actually began to cry as this went on. It was an experience most men would give their right arm for but it was nothing but torture for me. I felt that urge growing inside me once again. Starting at the tip of the vibrating butt plug, bubbling up in my balls, threatening to explode through my cock like a firecracker, spewing forth gallons of thick cum. It was too much, it was all over, the blonde showed no signs of letting up. I resigned myself to experiencing the last orgasm of my life, but surely the best, such a confusing cocktail of emotions. I screamed a deep, primitive scream. As if the last of my manhood was escaping through my throat. But as I could just about feel the cum start to pump out of my testicles the pressure subsided, the tits were withdrawn. I was almost disappointed at the denial, as crazy as it sounds. Left hanging on the brink of ecstasy yet again. It felt almost as bad as having my ball-sack ripped open. I looked down to see her smile cruelly, wagging a finger left and right. 'No, no, no' she mouthed.

I hung limply in my bondage, my head down, my breath coming in short gasps, every bit of resolve depleted. Mistress Savannah approached. She took me by the hair and raised my exhausted head so my eyes met hers.

"Do you see how easily a man can be controlled through his cock? Reduced to a quivering, crying wreck. Made to feel pure pleasure or mind-consuming frustration. You really are pathetic creatures. Are you ready to beg for permission to cum?"

I nodded weakly. She unbuckled the ring gag and threw it to the floor.

"Please." I gasped. "Let me cum, Mistress. I'll do anything! I'll drink every last drop. I promise you!"

"Like you would have any choice in the matter!" She laughed heartily. "Exactly how badly do you want to cum?"

"More than anything in the world Mistress. I beg of you, please have mercy, please grant me release."

"Perhaps if you tell me what a whore you are, I might let you cum." She smiled evilly, enjoying the moment.

"I'm a whore Mistress. I'm your whore. I'm nothing but your cock-sucking little cum slut, for you to play with whenever you want. Do anything you want to. I am not a person, I am a mere possession!" I screamed. Eyes wide and wild, sheer desperation in my voice.

She picked the ring gag back up and buckled it securely behind my head again.

"Enough! Milk him." She ordered, turning to sit down.

"Yes Mistress!" The twins gleefully replied in unison.

The twin kneeling in front of me put her hand between my legs, reaching for the base of the plug. With a click the vibrations stopped. It felt strange to be without the sensation after such a long period. The twin standing beside me left my vision and returned moments later holding a tube of cream of some description, a condom and a clear, latex, medical glove. She passed the items to her kneeling accomplice. The glove went on her right hand with a snap. The condom was opened with her teeth and slid over my engorged, throbbing cock. I relaxed, anticipating the massive pleasure to come. She squeezed a large blob of clear liquid, presumably lubricant, from the tube onto the gloved hand. Shuffling forward on her knees, she took hold of my penis, smearing it with cool, slick liquid. I closed my eyes as I felt the beginnings of another hand job. This one would be worth whatever torment was to follow, I was sure of it. But as she continued to stroke something unusual happened. The initial coolness of the lubricant wasn't subsiding, in fact it was increasing. My cock was feeling more and more numb as she persisted. I looked down at her, confused at being robbed of sensation. While stroking me with one hand she picked up the tube with the other and showed it to me. It read 'Extreme Desensitizing Lubricant'. I protested furiously behind the ring gag but the result was unintelligible moans. I had no effort left to further resist the hand job or fight the strict bondage. I could see her pumping furiously on my dick, but I felt almost nothing, certainly nowhere near the pleasure I had experienced earlier.

I whimpered pathetically as I saw my orgasm begin. Except it was like it was happening to someone else, some other frustrated but lucky slave. My cock convulsed and the condom quickly filled with glorious milky liquid. It was coming in great spurts, again and again. After ten seconds or so it was over. The condom was so full that the blonde had to grip it firmly at the base of my dick to stop the cum from bursting out. No doubt, it was the largest load I'd ever seen. Clearly, a whole night and day of teasing was not without affect. She slipped the condom off carefully, not spilling a drop. It was about three quarters full. Mistress Savannah looked over at the prize with a smile.

"Very good girls. Prepare the dildo."

"Yes Mistress."

The twin holding the condom turned and left the room. The girl who remained released my ankles from the bolts in the floor. She then walked over to the lever that controlled the winch and pushed it down sharply. Instead of being lowered gently the chain went in to free fall as I crashed to the floor. My aching joints throbbed painfully as I landed on my knees and fell backwards onto my back, exhausted. I shifted position to my side, trying to get comfortable. I had no energy to even stand. I heard the door open and found the strength to raise my head and look over my shoulder as the twin entered. She carried a jaw-dropping strapon. Just under three inches in girth, at least ten in length. It was black in color and looked big enough to beat a man to death with. Mistress Savannah stood as the twin approached. I watched in awe as the twin deftly unscrewed the base of the dildo and poured the contents of the condom into it. After screwing it back together she knelt at Mistress Savannah's feet and placed the harness connected to the dildo on the floor. Mistress stepped into it and the twin raised it up her thighs and around her hips. She tightened the buckles, making sure the strapon was fitted securely. Once her job was complete she stood at the side of the room with her companion, ready to watch the show.

Mistress Savannah sat back down on the leather chair, perched on the edge.

"Here." She clicked her fingers at her feet.

I shuffled slowly and painfully towards her, on my knees and my handcuffed together arms. Leaving a trail of drool behind me from the ring gag. My spent, flaccid cock dangled uselessly. She spread her legs wide as I advanced, the strapon jutting forward absurdly. I knelt at her feet and looked up into her beautiful and cruel face. She reached behind me and removed the gag. I flexed my painful jaw now that my mouth was free.

"This is the showpiece. I hope you have enough energy for a good performance, slut."

She reached down and grabbed my throat, choking me, cutting off my oxygen.

"Because if you don't do a good job I won't think twice about suspending you from that chain again and getting my weights out. Do you know what I mean?"

I spluttered, unable to speak. She towered above me from her position, looking at me like I was a bug under her shoe, a bug she could crush at any moment.

"Now suck my cock you worthless whore."

She released her grip and I fell to the floor coughing and gasping for air. I immediately leaped up to my knees, summoning the strength from somewhere, and took the thick dildo in my mouth. She placed both hands on the back of my head and pushed me down the length of her rubber dick. I was too drained to resist as she forced me to deepthroat her.

"You know what I'm doing to you now is the exact reversal of what happened that night we first met. Back then you thought you were a big man and you could do what you liked. You thought I should bow down to you if you got your cock out and waved it around." She lectured.

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I felt her cock all the way down my throat but I still only had two thirds of it in. I listened to her tale as every muscle in my body screamed for oxygen. It seemed like a life time ago.

"You thought you could oppress and dominate me with your masculinity didn't you? But it's gone now. Did you ever imagine, in your wildest dreams, that I would take it by force and crush it so easily beneath my stiletto heel?"

She let me pull away and come up for air. I wished I had never ran in to her that night. That I could wake up and all this would be a terrible nightmare. I wished my balls and cock were still covered in thick pubic hair and my nipples didn't have holes punched through them. But most of all I wished I wasn't about to be forced to eat my own cum for the second time in three days. She pushed my head back down and I took the strapon in my mouth. The only way to avoid choking to death on her huge strapon was to finish the job like a good whore. I sucked and felt a small spurt of my own cum land on my tongue. I swallowed it and sucked harder, my tongue was still slightly swollen and irritated from the metal bar that pierced it but I managed to extract more of the salty, disgusting seed. Before long I was milking my load from the dildo in a steady stream. Mistress forcing me into a deepthroat whenever she felt like I was waning in my efforts. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the girls playing with each other. They were in a fierce embrace, kissing passionately, breasts pressing together. Clearly enjoying the occasion. Mistress Savannah slapped me hard across the face.

"Look at me you cocksucking slut!"

My face reddened with humiliation as I looked up at Mistress and she forced her black, veined, rubber dong down my throat for the umpteenth time. When she released me again I sucked on the cock but there was no cum left. I grunted to signal that it was empty as Mistress kept a vice-like grip on my head. She continued to rape my mouth for what seemed like an eternity before pushing me back off the dildo and grabbing my cheeks, forcing my mouth open to inspect inside.

"Very good job. There's still plenty of time for me to make a good whore out of you yet. Now, lick my cock clean."

Although it was empty inside the strapon was smeared with my semen. Glistening in the light. I lapped at it, cleaning every inch, from head to base. Once it was spotless she shoved me to the floor.

"Four days to go of our week-long, relaxing vacation. I'll see you tomorrow, bitch."

She turned to face the blondes.

"Turn his plug back on and put him to bed in the cage."

She strode out of the room, strapon bobbing as she went. I collapsed to the floor, weary and broken. And there was still four days to go.

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Very nice, hot, detailed but not too long

Tuesday, October 14, 2008  

The first part was fantastic, but I didn't really like the pegging. More orgasm denial please. 5/5, 7.5/10

Tuesday, October 14, 2008  

I like it, hope there will be more

Thursday, October 09, 2008  

Only one real suggestion. You may want to edit because you slip from third person a couple of times into third person. It is quite obvious that this is be a fantasy of your own. Other than that, beautiful and very erotic.

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