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Corsets and Cuffs
  • Author - Iceni  
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  • Story Codes - MF-f, consensual, bondage, chastity, electricity, humiliation, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 10/23/2008
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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Clack.......Clack, Clack.

The sound of Suzannaís heels on the marble floor echoed around the hall.

Clack.....Clack again echoed around the hall as Suzanna moved her feet to try and maintain her balance. This was quite difficult as she was wearing 4" heels and her legs were held about 2í apart by a spreader bar. Her arms were encased in a single glove and pulled up above her head forcing her to bend over at the waist while the ball gag in her mouth was preventing any communication.

A few days ago this was just something she fantasised about but now there was no backing out she was going to have to accept whatever her master had in mind.

Chapter 2 - The Meeting

It was a warm early Thursday evening in late June and Ryan Stone was helping prepare the cricket pitch for the forthcoming weekendís game. He was crouching and looking intently down at the last screw he was fitting back into the old petrol mower he had just fixed, when a pair of trainers and ankles came into view next to the mower.

Slowly lifting his head, his gaze followed up the shapely calves, knees and bare tanned thighs that led into a black mini skirt, then to the trim waist, tight fitting pink top and full breasts; before finally reaching a pretty smiling face with dark hair.

"Hi" said the twenty something girl, as Ryan stood up; now trying to maintain eye contact and not stare at the cleavage being displayed by the deeply hooped pink top.

"I live in the Manor House over there" she continued turning and pointing to the house

"I know" Ryan replied sneaking a look at those delicious breasts while here head was turned "Impressive view"

"Certainly is, itís quite important architecturally....... you said you knew where I lived!" she said recalling Ryanís comment.

"Itís Ok, us boys are supposed to notice pretty girls and where they live; we have extracurricular classes just for that purpose"

"Do you" she replied somewhat surprised "I never..... Oh youíre kidding".

Ryan smiled.

"Donít tease me" she smiled giving him a playful slap on the shoulder.

"Itís true" Ryan said "Well the bit about knowing where you live is anyway, Iíve seen you a couple of times while Iíve been out here fixing these old mowers"

"Yes, well thatís why Iím here. As I said, Iím from the Manor House. Oh Iím Suzanna by the way"

"Ryan" he replied

"Right, well Ryan, I was wondering as you appear to lavish time on these old mowers whether you could look at mine, well itís my fatherís really. It was his pride and joy; he looked after it better than he did my mother, well almost.... Sorry, Iím rambling. Now where was I? Oh yes, could you have a look at my old mower? Iíll pay you of course, itís just if I get someone in they will probably think silly little girl and tell me itís konked out and try and sell me an expensive new one".

"I see" Ryan commented.

"My father died a while back and using the mower sort of brings him back, silly sentimental thing really, but Iíd appreciate it if you could have a look and tell me whether it can be repaired".

"Well, Iím sure I could have a quick look at the old girl" Ryan said "Iím about done here."

Ryan shouted across to the two others working on the other side of the wicket, "Itís fixed now Rog, Iím just going to have a quick look at this young ladyís mower, Iíll catch you down the pub later"

Rog shouted back, "Ok, Ryan see you later perhaps. Donít do anything I wouldnít".

Ryan looked a little embarrassed and tried to avoid Suzannaís gaze as he picked up his tool box before the two set off towards the Manor House.

The Manor House was a Grade II listed building dating back to the 18th century, set in landscaped gardens and surrounded by an eight foot wall, but being in an elevated position it was clearly visible from the village green on which it adjoined. This, not being the front of the house, there was just a small archway and iron gate in the surrounding wall through which to enter, which Suzanna opened.

They passed by shrubs and bushes before a garden with a large lawn opened up in front of them. Walking across the lawn towards the house, Ryan was looking up at the building. Large French doors opened on to a terrace that overlooked the lawn and garden. There were two main floors and then finally a third with windows set into the roof.

They reached a large sun dial on a plinth in the middle of the lawn before turning right towards a series of out buildings. Suzanna opened the door on the first one and they entered an old wooden building with wooden beams supporting the roof that was probably the same date as the manor house. The evening sun streamed in through a window and there was a nice warm comforting feeling and smell.

"The mower is over here" Suzanna said and led Ryan across to one end, "Itís an old Atco, not sure how old but I remember it as a child so you can work it out for yourself. My father used to let me help him get it started, but I canít get it to go now. I took the plug out and checked the gap, checked it sparked, but it was dry. Father said that meant no petrol was getting through so I pulled the pipe off the carburettor and petrol came out; but thatís as far as I know".

"Thatís really good" Ryan replied "Iím impressed, not that many blokes could get that far, let alone a pretty girl".

Ryan immediately felt embarrassed again, while Suzanna had already gone red, and there was a deafening silence.

"Ok" Ryan continued "Iíll have a quick look in the carb" and he set his tool box down, opened it and set to work. After a few minutes he said "Well apart from wanting a bit of a clean it just needs a new valve in the float chamber. Iíll get one tomorrow and pop back tomorrow evening, if thatís Ok?"

"Thatís great". Suzanna beamed, "Right, well you need to wash your hands, come on into the house"

Ryan put his tools back in his tool box and they set off to the house. They entered a country style kitchen that was dominated by an Aga cooker and a large wooden table. Suzanna ushered Ryan to a small room off the kitchen where he could wash his hands. Walking back into the kitchen Ryan made a comment about "not remembering it being so big".

"Youíve been here before?" Suzanna questioned.

"Once or twice, when I was young, my dad captained the cricket team and the Colonel, the owner in those days played occasionally, and I remember we came in for something".

"That was my father" Suzanna said in amazement.

"Really, so youíre the Colonelís daughter! I assumed you were new here" Ryan replied "as I have only seen you here in the last couple of months".

"Father worked away and then I was away at school then university and stuff. I only moved back three months ago. Hang on a moment, I remember a photo upstairs somewhere of father and I with the cricket team, Iíll just try and find it; sit down and help yourself to coffee while Iím gone".

Ryan sat down poured a coffee and looked around the room. There was a pile of magazines on the table and he flicked through them; all a bit boring, Countryside, Horse and Hound, Modern Home until.....

Was that what he thought he saw, flicking back through again there was a magazine half way down the pile folded open showing a bound girl!

He could hear Suzanna still moving around upstairs so he pulled it out for a closer look. There were a series of photos showing a girl wearing only black seamed stockings, suspenders, high heels and a ball gag. Her wrists and elbows were tied together behind her back and her ankles were also tied and cinched together, as was just above her knees. The intense whiteness of the rope contrasted the blackness of the stockings. She was standing in front of an open wardrobe; this being in a room that looked typical of what you would find in most hotels.

However, what really drew Ryan in was that she was attached to a coat hanger that was hanging on the rail in the wardrobe.

Her nipples were firmly held by two sprung clips on the coat hanger, and the height being such that it was forcing her to stand on tip toes even though she was wearing 4" heels!

This image was so captivating Ryan hadnít noticed Suzanna coming down the stairs and only noticed her return as he heard her footsteps as she approached the kitchen door. Consequently he did not have time to replace the magazine in the pile, and therefore just had time to snatch it off the table and hide it under the table on his lap.

"Hereís the photo" Suzanna said, placing it on the table in front of Ryan. "This is my father at the end of the back row, and this is me standing in front of him".

"I remember this one being taken" Ryan replied enthusiastically, "because thatís my dad, the captain sitting in the middle of the front row and Iím standing on the end opposite to you."

"So we have met before" Suzanna said.

"More than that, I know who you are now; I used to push you on the swing. I was about twelve and I suppose you were about four".

"Wow, I remember you too, but only as a nice boy that used to walk me around to the swings and look after me. This is amazing, after all these years" Suzanna was taken aback and they chatted about their childhood for quite awhile.

This discussion rekindled the bond they previous had but finally Suzanna said "I suppose you had better go time is getting on".

Prompted by this Ryan began to get up forgetting the magazine on his lap until it fell onto the floor in front of Suzanna. She immediately bent down to pick it up and was met by the photos of the bound girl attached to the wardrobe coat hanger.

"Thatís quite a striking set of photos" Suzanna said

"Errrr... you seem to have caught me there, errr sorry" Ryan uttered

"I think we have both been caught havenít we Ryan"

"What do you mean?" Ryan queried

"Well I might have caught you looking at the magazine, but whose magazine is it?" Suzanna asked.

"I donít know" Ryan answered still regaining his cool.

"Well as Iím the only one living here, itís mine isnít it". Suzanna explained.

"Youíre interested in bondage then?" Ryan asked

"Yes, Iím afraid to say" Suzanna replied.

"Donít apologise, you can only play the cards your dealt. None of us chooses are sexuality, itís just the way things are". Ryan said having now overcome being caught looking at the photos.

"Looking at the photo" Suzanna paused "I want to be her; vulnerable and helpless with no way of escape, having to wait for my master to return" she paused again "How does it make you feel Ryan?"

Ryan thought for a moment and explains "I want to be the master of the beautiful girl. Returning to her I grasp the end of the coat hanger and lift it to release it from the rail. This increases the pull on her nipples and she goes as high as she can on her toes but itís still not high enough and her breasts are lifted by the pull on her nipples.

I have her full attention and she looks into my eyes and whimpers behind the ball gag. The hanger, released from the rail is lowered allowing her to stand normally in her high heels. Her nipples are released from the clips and as the blood flows back into them, I stroke them with the back of my fingers. She moans softly as I cup my right hand under her left breast and lift it slightly".

"Well Ryan, you certainly have a way of enhancing the photo"

"Sorry" Ryan said quickly "I got a little carried away there"

"So, you are no stranger to bondage then; do you have your own slave or submissive Ryan?"

"No, I never met the right person. I could have met someone through the internet or gone to one of those meetings, but I always wanted to meet someone with similar interests in a more natural way. Iím a bit of a romantic I suppose".

"You mean like now?" Suzanna replied.

"Well yes, I suppose I do". Ryan paused and thought for a moment "Are you suggesting that you become my slave Suzanna?"

"I think that would be an excellent idea" she said quietly.

"Very well" Ryan said sternly moving into the dominant role "But, there are a couple of things I need to know. I want you to answer truthfully these questions".

"Have you performed any acts of self bondage or restraint?"

"Yes. I have"

"Have you had a master before?"

"No" Suzanna meekly replied.

"Then, I shall start your training tomorrow" Ryan stated "However, before that we have to give you a slave name."

"I already have one that I chose; itís Suki (Soo-ki)" Suzanna replied

"Very well Suki, Iíll return tomorrow evening about 6-ish to fix the mower then we can take it from there" Ryan said

"I shall look forward to it Ryan" Suzanna replied as they then made their way back out of the house to the gate in the wall.

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Chapter 3 - Carburetors and Cuffs

Suzanna was waiting in anticipation for Ryanís arrival, and was keeping watch down the long drive to the Manor House from the drawing room window, then, just after 6pm she saw an unfamiliar van approach.

She stepped back from the window so not as to be seen, looking too eager would never do, then she made her way into the large hall and checked her appearance in the full length mirror. She was wearing a white floaty summer skirt that came down just below the knee and matching loose top that contrasted her tanned curvaceous body.

The door bell clanked on its chain and after waiting a few moments to give the impression she was otherwise engaged, she answered the door.

Ryan stood there tool box in hand and Suzanna greeted him and beckoned him in. Ryan walked in and stood taking in the architecture, a huge hall with a large curved staircase sweeping up one side to a balcony along the wall in front of him. This took his eye to the large chandelier hanging down from the ceiling, which looked somewhat strange.

Suzanna told him a little of the history of the chandelier as he seemed in awe of it.

"It was a present to one of my ancestors, it used to have real candles, electric now of course, they hauled it up and down via a winch thatís in the access room to the cellar over there." Suzanna explained pointing to a door under the huge staircase. "The house has been in our family for many generations."

Ryan was taking it all in as his gaze fell upon a another strange item, this being a sort of metal coat stand-cum-umbrella stand bolted to the floor in one of a matching pair of alcoves on either side of the entrance door.

Suzanna then led the way through the house and out across the lawn to the outbuilding containing the mower.

"This should only take twenty minutes or so" Ryan explained "How about a coffee while Iím doing it"

"Sure" Suzanna said, thinking this isnít quite what I had in mind from a slave point of view, and disappeared back to the house.

By the time she returned with the coffee Ryan had carburettor parts all laid out on a white cloth spread out on the floor and was carefully cleaning them. "Thanks" he said without even glancing up at her as she set it down.

"Is it all going to plan?" she enquired. Ryan said it was, and then asked about an old wooden trunk he had noticed

"That looks to be an old and valuable trunk, whatís its history?"

Suzanna replied she hadnít seen it till her father died and found another the same in a cupboard in the main bedroom.

"They were both locked when I found them and as I couldnít find a key, they still are. Thatís why itís in here; I couldnít do anything with it. It would be nice to know whatís in it though" she mused.

Ryan explained he could bring an angle grinder round and cut the lock off without damaging the trunk.

"The lock actually looks relatively modern, well compared to the trunk that is, so it wonít affect its value"

"That would be great" Suzanna said "We will have to organise doing that sometime soon".

Eventually the mower was fixed and Ryan and Suzanna returned to the house and sat down around the kitchen table.

"So" Ryan said "Are you still sure about going ahead with becoming my slave and starting training".

"Absolutely, I am" Suzanna replied "where do we start?"

"OK" Ryan began "There are some rules. Firstly you will wear a collar to indicate your ownership".

"All the time" Suzanna enquired.

"No, that may cause problems in your job so when appropriate you will wear a choker or small chain that in essence conveys the same meaning"

"OK" Suzanna replied.

Ryan then produced a small black collar that he placed around Suzannaís neck did the latch up and fitted a small padlock.

"This is the key that is to remain in this house" Ryan instructed. "This will allow you to remove the collar when, as I mentioned it is appropriate; otherwise you wear it all the time. Also, you will wear suspenders, black seamed stockings and 4" heels or higher, at all times. Obviously this is not practical if going swimming or playing tennis etc; but it does mean no slumming around in a housecoat during the day, once you are up this will be your automatic first attire. If I find you not wearing these items you will be punished. Is that clear?"

"Understood, however when does this rule start?" Suzanna asked.

"As soon as I leave, within the bounds of what you have available at the moment. So you can go out tomorrow and buy what you need".

"OK, I was going up town tomorrow anyway" Suzanna replied.

"Furthermore" Ryan continued "As my slave, you will perform all duties requested by me without question. Is that clear? This means sexual as well. Are you prepared to submit to me sexually?"

Suzanna took this all her stride and replied with a confident "Yes".

"Now, as an initial test Suki, you will wear these for the next week". Ryan said reaching down and pulling a pair of narrow cuffs out of his toolbox.

"I have to go around in wrist cuffs all week" Suzanna said, somewhat shocked.

"No, these are not for your wrists and should be hidden by your clothes" Ryan explained "Iíll show you. Follow me Suki".

With that Ryan stood up and picked up a small block of wood from his toolbox and headed off for the hall. Suzanna followed in expectation.

They reached the foot of the stairs and Ryan said "Ah one item I forgot, you are not allowed to wear any knickers unless specifically told to do so. That starts now!"

Suzanna lifted her skirt up on both sides as she slipped her thumbs into the top of her white thong and pulled it down her legs and stepped out it.

Ryan held his hand out and Suzanna gave him the thong. He then straightened it out as the thong had rolled itself up as Suzanna had pulled it down her legs, then after inspecting it; he folded it and put it in his pocket.

"Now, I want you to walk up the stairs three or four steps then stop with one foot on one step and the other on the next step up".

Suzanna did as she was told and stopped mid-stride on the stairs. Ryan walked up a few steps and then sat down on the stairs on the step next to Suzannaís top foot.

He then lifted her foot and slid the 2" block of wood under her it. Then lifting her skirt; he slipped one of the cuffs around her leg just above the knee. The cuff was narrow more like a strap than a cuff, and he adjusted it carefully until it was a fit that allowed a finger to be inserted between it and Suzannaís leg, so it was snug enough not to slip over her knee.

He then fitted the other cuff around her other leg also attaching a short chain with a small padlock to the cuff. This padlock also prevented the cuff being removed. The length of the chain was adjusted, Ryan cutting odd links off, until when attached to the first cuff it was taught between her legs. Finally Ryan slipped a padlock through the end of the chain locking it to the first cuff and slid the wooden block out from beneath her foot. Suzanna now had a short length joining her legs just above the knee.

"There you go" he said "trying climbing the rest of the stairs".

Suzannaís first step was pulled up short as the chain prevented her lifting her leg as high as she was used to.

"You will need to get used to taking smaller steps" Ryan instructed.

Suzanna continued as instructed and reached the top of the stairs.

"Now come back down"

Suzanna again did as she was told and found the same problem.

"You must learn to take smaller steps, become more feminine Suki" Ryan said sternly.

Reaching the bottom, Ryan said "Ok, Suki we are done. I will pop round some time so see how you are progressing".

"But" Suzanna asked hesitantly "How can I wear stockings with these cuffs on, I havenít enough clothes to cover these all week"

Again, somewhat sternly, Ryan said "There is enough space to slip stockings under them and as for clothes; itís up to you what you wear"

And with that he headed for the door, glancing at the strange coat stand, as he passed. Then the door closed and he was gone.

Suzanna was now locked into a pair of knee cuffs for at least the next week.

Chapter 4 - The Shopping Trip

The trial week had started immediately, so taking careful steps up the stairs she made her way to her bedroom. The first thing she did was to place the key in a safe place where no one would look. Her knicker draw was the obvious place, who would look there she thought as she pulled open the draw! Moving all those nice knickers to one side she placed the key at the back while musing over the fact that she would now no longer need any of her considerable collection of expensive knickers.

Moving down a drawer she tried to find a suspender belt, she knew she had one somewhere, but she had not worn it for some while. Finally, she found it in a third drawer buried underneath what stockings she did have.

There were certainly no seamed black stockings but luckily there were a couple of pairs of barely black, one for today and one for tomorrow she thought.

Removing her skirt she attached the black suspender belt then eased the first stocking up her leg as far as her knee. It then took a while to slide it under the cuff and having only the two pairs she couldnít afford to put her nail through one. Finally though, she had it past the cuff and pulled it up her thigh to where she attached the front suspender clip, and then standing up, she reached around to fasten the second clip.

The process was repeated with the other stocking and she stood there looking at herself in mirror. The view back was quite nice, the black stockings and suspenders framed her neatly trimmed bush. She then put her skirt back on and went to find a pair of high heels. There were plenty of heels but not 4" high ones; a pair of 3 Ĺ" black patent ones was as close she could get, so she slipped those on and began to make her way back downstairs. The extra height of the heels, she was previously wear flat shoes, made it more difficult than before to negotiate the steps. Slow, deliberate steps were what were needed, slow deliberate steps that made her bottom wiggle as she took each step.

Suzanna had a fretful night in bed due to the realisation of what she had let herself in for, the anticipation of how she would cope and the physical restriction itself. This had its benefits though; she was so aroused she pleasured herself three times and now she was taking an early morning shower, naked except for knee cuffs.

She dried herself and was about to put on the black suspenders and stockings when she remembered the black basque that she bought to wear at a fancy dress party. This was located after a little searching and she put it on methodically engaging each hook and eye. The elasticated material nipped her waist in slightly and when the stocking were added she admired the provocatively dressed girl looking back from the mirror. She looked for a suitable summer skirt that would cover the cuffs but the one she would have choose she had worn yesterday, so something else was required.

She found a black suit skirt that was long enough but it wasnít that summery, but it was the only suitable one that was available so she slipped it on together with a white blouse. She again chose the 3 Ĺ" black patent heels, but at least they sort of went with her secretary come business woman look.

Now dressed Suzanna went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. This almost ended in tragedy as the chain and cuffs caught her out on the first step down the stairs and only a quick grasp of the stair rail saved her.

Now taking smaller steps she made it to the kitchen and had breakfast.

After breakfast she picked up her car keys, locked the house and headed towards her car. Taking smaller steps again she was conscious it caused her to wiggle her bottom as she walked, but getting in her car was even more of a problem.

Suzanna loved her low open top two seater sports car, but because of the knee cuffs she couldnít step in with one foot then sit down. So she had to back in and sit down, but it was so low she fell back into it and her feet and legs went up in the air. However, still being by the house there was no one to see that she was not wearing any knickers!

Realising this was going to be a problem she did a few practice entries and exits keeping her knees together and her feet on the ground until she was confident she was not going to make a show of herself in front of the early Saturday morning shoppers. This completed she set off to town.

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She arrived in the car park early enough to be able to choose a spot on the far side away from other cars. She exited knees together without a problem and wiggled her way across the car park and up the stairs to the shopping mall. Taking small steps she negotiated the stairs, but was again aware of her pronounced wiggle and also the two lads that appeared to follow her up the stairs at a closer distance less than she would have liked.

Was it that they could see something? Were the cuffs visible or was it that occasionally Ďchinkí of the chain?

Thankfully they went in a different direction once she reached the top of the stairs.

Locating seamed stockings was posing a bit of a problem; however she had managed to buy a couple pairs of 4" high heels and a nice pair of 4 1/2" heeled boots. Passing one particular shop she saw an ideal skirt in the window, so she entered and selected her size from the rack and proceeded to the changing room.

However on entering she found the changing room was a communal one! There were four people in there, two women that looked to be almost ready to leave and a couple of girls giggling away in a corner. Suzanna moved to another corner and took her time to get organised. The two women left leaving the giggling girls who looked set for some time. She thought about leaving, but wasnít the anticipation and fear of getting caught part of the buzz? Also what would Ryan say, he would punish her for this lack of commitment.

So making sure the new skirt was undone an positioned ready for a quick change she stood side-on to the giggling girls, thinking this angle would give them the least chance of seeing her predicament.

She slipped her shoes off, undid her skirt and quickly let it drop to the ground then carefully she stepped forward into the new skirt and pulled it up. There, she thought, Ďthey didnít even noticeí, as she put her heels back on and checked in the mirror that it was what she wanted.

The skirt was indeed just what she wanted so now all she had to do was change back. She prepared her old skirt on the floor for another quick change while the giggling girls were still engrossed in their own clothes.

She just about to slip her shoes off when she heard the assistant outside ask ĎTwo item?í as a new customer was about to enter the changing room. Being side on two the giggling girls she would be face on to anyone entering, so she thought no time to slip her shoes off; just a quick change.

This in hindsight was a bad move. Sure enough the new skirt was undone and on the floor and she quickly stepped into her old skirt. However, she hadnít noticed the little tear in the lining at the back and as she tried to pull the skirt up, she found it stopped at knee height! Her right heel had gone through the tear and the skirt coming to an abrupt halt that caused her to over balance and she fell backwards letting out a screech.

The two giggling girls looked up to see a woman topple backwards and being unable to regain her balance, fall back onto the floor with her legs in the air.

The new customer entering was greeted by a completely unexpected site! The bottom of a woman wearing no knickers, lying on her back, legs in the air and a skirt around her ankles, she also appeared to have something around her legs just above the knee.

For Suzanna time appeared to stand still, although all this happened in less than a second, her mind was racing

ĎWill anyone notice? Ė of course they will Ė how can I explain Ė I know Iíll say it was a dare for a hen night, that will do it. Shall I just quickly walk out? No, I canít Ryan may ask how I got on, I will have to tell the truth and he wonít be impressed if I just bottle outí

So feeling extremely embarrassed, but also turned on by the need to front it out, Suzanna got up with the help of the new customer and the two giggling girls, extricated her heel from the lining and pulled the skirt up covering up her part naked body.

She was now getting a real buzz from the situation as she thought what they must be thinking, no knickers and leather cuffs around her legs! Was she some sort of hooker or sex worker, just weird or the possession of some higher being?

With her composure partially regained, she picked up the new skirt and set off for the till leaving three totally bewildered people behind her.

The rest of the morning was somewhat uneventful in comparison, until, while browsing down a rail of skirts in a department store she noticed the giggling girls browsing the same rail. The girls approached from the opposite direction on the other side and were now pointing in her direction and giggling even more!

Suzanna gave them a pleasant smile as she also endured a mildly erotic sensation before making her way out of the store.

Lunchtime was approaching and she made her way to meet a few girlfriends for their regular Saturday lunch-cum-coffee. Climbing the stairs to their regular haunt she was aware once again of her pronounced wiggle due to the restricted step that she could take. Then just as she was a few steps from the top she heard a voice from behind.

"Suzie! Is that you?"

Suzanna looked around to see her best friend Emma a few steps behind her. "Hi Emma."

"I thought it was you but was confused by your clothes, are you on business or something?" Emma asked.

"No, I just, eeerrr" Suzanna stammered "Felt like a change".

ĎOh, that was a lame answerí Suzanna thought, Ďsheís bound to ask more questions nowí.

They made their way to a table that was already occupied by two of their friends.

"You going to an interview cousin?" Suzannaís friend and cousin Yasmin said.

"She felt like a change" Emma replied for her.

Yasmin replied with a confused "Oh" and the other girl at the table, Suzannaís other friend Lucy, also looked puzzled.

"Usual for you two?" Emma enquired as she beckoned a waiter over.

Emma nodded and Suzanna replied with a "Yes please" as it suddenly dawned on her she wasnít going to be able to get up to the table.

This being a high table with four high swivel chrome chairs with a metal foot ring about a foot off the ground.

There was no way she would be able to get her foot up that far wearing the knee cuffs and chain! She paused for a few seconds trying to think of a way out, it was too late to say she couldnít stop the waiter was already taking the order. Anyway what excuse could she use, so she would just have to risk it and....

Standing back to the chair with her back resting against it and her hands on the seat for extra lift, she jumped up backwards on to it.

Her three friends were all taken aback by her action and stared somewhat open mouthed before Emma said "Are you Ok Suzy? Youíre behaving slightly strangely today!"

"Iím fine." Suzanna replied.

"Whatís that around your neck?" Emma asked.

"Just a choker" Suzanna replied "I thought it was quite nice"

"Looks more like a bondage collar to me" Yasmin commented

"What do you know about bondage collars?" Emma asked

"Not much really, but doesnít that being helpless feeling turn you on a bit?" Yasmin answered.

"You mean you want to be tied up Yasmin?" Emma further enquired.

"Err Ė well" Yasmin said feeling slightly embarrassed at speaking before thinking the statement through "It could be fun with the right person"

Luckily for Suzanna this appeared to move Yasmin to the centre of attraction and the butt of the jokes.

Time passed as the girls chatted over their coffee and lunch snack. Suzanna was deliberately slower that the others in finishing so that she could be the last to leave and jump back off the chair without the others watching. However they normally left together so she was still not sure that this delaying tactic would work, but as luck would have it, just as they were about to leave her mobile rang. She answered the call and although it only lasted a minute or so she pretended it was an old friend and kept talking. She signalled to her friends to go as it would be a long call so they waved her bye and left.

Once she was sure they had gone, she slid off the seat until her feet reached the floor. She noticed the waiter was giving her a big smile and thought it was due to the generous tip they had left until she noticed that sliding off the seat had caused her skirt to slide up her thighs.

To her horror she realised her stocking tops were visible, that meant that the knee cuffs and chain were fully in view. She quickly stepped forward from the chair and pulled her skirt down, now red faced she had to walk directly past him to the stairs.

He was still beaming as she walked past and said "Bye" and then she felt his eyes boring into her back as she slowly wiggled her way down the stairs.

Still having not found any seamed black stockings, she headed back to the town centre to continue her shopping trip.

Chapter 5 Unexpected Visitor

Finally, after a long day and much searching for the seamed stockings; Suzanna finally returned home.

She slipped her shoes off once inside, then took all her new purchases up to her bedroom. It was no more than a couple minutes later the door bell clanged, so she trotted down stairs, opened the door to see Ryan.

"Oh, Ryan..... Hi"

"You donít seem pleased to see me Suki"

"Ah, yes of course I am, just I have only just got in from town and was not expecting you" Suzanna replied slightly uncertainly.

"Yes, I can see that" Ryan replied looking down at Suzannaís stockinged feet.

"Ah..... yes. Iím not used to wearing heels for long shopping expeditions so I slipped them off without thinking".

"Now you remember what I said Suki, you wear 4" heels and seamed stockings at all times"

"I know" Suzanna replied "but it was a long day and I only just bought the stockings."

"Making excuses is making things worse Suki, now go and put the seamed stockings on and the 4" heels and return here as quickly as possible. Oh and you can leave the skirt and top off". Ryan said sternly.

So with that Suzanna ran back upstairs and started to change. Putting the new stockings on was easy enough but getting the seams straight took ages. During this time she heard Ryan moving around downstairs and also a clicking noise that sounded like the chandelier in the hall being winched down. Finally she was ready and made her way downstairs.

Ryan was standing in the middle of the hall next to the lowered chandelier and was very pleased with what he saw, a very attractive girl in 4" high heels, black seamed stockings and a black basque wiggling her way down the large sweeping staircase.

Suzanna demurely walked up to him as he said "Now you were told what was required of you, but you chose to disobey Suki, so you need to be punished. Turn with your back to me, with hands behind you, palms together".

This request sent a shiver through Suzanna as her palms met and she felt something being slid over them. This something, which felt like leather, was pulled up her arms above her elbows.

Suzannaís suspicion was confirmed as she sneaked a look over her shoulder to see a purple single glove.

Ryan took hold of the two straps at the top, one on each side, and pulled them forward under each armpit and around on top of her shoulders, where they met at the back of her neck. Adjusting the tension in these two straps he then pulled up the third strap from the centre top of the glove; this ran up the centre of her back and joined the connection of the other two straps at the back of her neck.

The laces then came under his attention. Taking the slack out of the top laces by pulling the two loose lace ends, he then started to pull the laces tighter around her wrists. Moving up the lace rows two at a time the glove was slowly beginning to close and reaching the top lace row the two loose lace ends were again pulled to take up the slack.

This process was repeated; Suzanna wriggled her shoulders and arms to ease her position and groaned softly as her elbows moved closer. A third round of lace tightening brought all the lace eyes together along with Suzannaís elbows.

The two loose lace ends, which now reached down to the floor, were tied off into a double bow. The remaining lace was looped together and tucked into the gap in the single glove between Suzannaís upper arms.

Ryan then bent down and reached into a bag on the floor that Suzanna had not previously seen and pulled out a telescopic spreader bar.

"Spread your legs Suki" Ryan commanded and Suzanna, standing rather upright due to arms pulled so tightly together behind her back, moved them apart until the knee cuffs prevented any further movement.

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Ryan buckled a cuff around her ankle and extended the spreader bar until the second cuff could be buckled around her other ankle. He then locked the centre of the bar to maintain its length.

At this point Suzanna looked down to see Ryan, from his crouched position look straight at her now considerably moist sex. This only increased her arousal and caused her to wonder where this would lead? Would he leave her vulnerable, spank her, whip her or have his way with her? Her latter thought being the preferred option.

"Now Suki, this was to have been the limit of your punishment, but, as you protested your innocence when confronted with your misdemeanour, a gag is required." Ryan told her sternly.

He then delved into his bag once again and came out with a matching purple harness ball gag.

"Open" and Suzanna opened her mouth wide as Ryan slipped the ball behind her teeth. She closed her mouth around it, the dark red of her lipstick complimenting the bright purple ball, as Ryan engaged the strap behind her neck. Straps over and around head followed and were all securely connected before the final strap was located underneath her chin.

"This will hopefully remind you that when instructed to do something there are no permitted excuses. Is that clear" Ryan emphasised.

Suzanna nodded and uttered a "Mmmm"

Delving into his bag a third time Ryan produced a 3í length of chrome chain and attached one end to the ring at the end of the single glove. Then reaching up he connected to the other end to a ring in the centre of the chandelier just above his head. Suzanna looked up and over her shoulder to see this connection and realised her predicament was likely to increase in the next few moments.

This was exactly the case as Ryan walked over to the door under the staircase and partly stepped inside. From this position he could see Suzanna and also reach the winch that hoisted the chandelier.

Click.... Click.... Click.... Click....

The sound echoed around the large hall.

Click.... Click.... Click....

Suzanna felt the first signs of movement, her fingers being pulled up an inch or so.

Click.... Click....

Another inch or so and her hands were now being pulled up.

Click.... Click....

She could now feel her arms being raised and as this continued she found she needed to bend forward slightly.

Click.... Click.... Click.... the sound continued to echo around the hall but it was now joined by a second sound!

CLACK, CLACK...... CLACK......

The sound of Suzannaís 4" heels on the marble floor reverberated around the hall as she found she needed to change her position to maintain her balance.

Click.... Click....

The chandelier went higher and with it Suzannaís arm, her predicament was increasing as she was now almost bent over at 90į.

CLACK...... CLACK......

She adjusted her position again as her arms went still higher but bending over further now made thing worse.

Ryan, sensing Suzanna was nearing the limit, wound the winch another two clicks and stopped.

Suzanna was now finely balanced under the chandelier, legs spread, arms pulled tightly together far up above her head forcing her breasts out and silenced by a large purple ball gag.

Ryan walked around her admiring her form and beauty.

"Now Suki letís hope this will improve your approach to being a good slave girl" Ryan said calmly, standing in front and just to Suzannaís right, he reached forward with his right hand and ran his finger from back to front between her legs.

First touching bare skin, his finger moved forwards and made a shallow plunge into her moist sex, then continuing its movement along her sex and exited rubbing over her clit.

Suzanna, at first inhaled by the mixture of surprise and pleasure, then as his finger moved over her clit exhaled. However restricted by the gag the air was forced to exit via her nostrils causing her to make a snorting noise.

Ryan, to Suzannaís disappointment, walked off to the other side of the hall and started looking intently at the metal coat-cum-umbrella stand bolted to the floor in one of a matching pair of alcoves on either side of the entrance door. Her stood to one side of it rubbing his thumb and fore finger either side of his chin in that typical Ďdeep in thoughtí pose. After a few seconds he returned to Suzanna and again reached between her legs and trailed his finger through her sex once again.

Another wave of pleasure ran through Suzanna as she closed her eyes and breathed heavily once again. Then opening her eyes expecting Ryan to walk away she found him to still be there and he ran his finger through her gaping labia lips. She again closed her eyes only to open them a few seconds later to Ryan back over by the coat stand again.

This time he was bent down examining the base plate that was bolted to the floor and again in a thoughtful pose, he ran a finger around a slot cut in the base.

Suzanna felt a mixed sensation; highly aroused and annoyed. ĎHe should be running his finger through my slot not the one on that bloody coat stand she thoughtí.

A few more seconds passed before he rose and walked back to Suzanna to continue stoking her sex.

This time however he continued to stroke her, each stroke plunging more easily into her now dripping slit. This, like slowly climbing a staircase, took her one stair nearer her orgasm each stroke. She was lost in her own pleasure until relaxing too much within her predicament lost her balance and reacting automatically corrected her position and a loud CLACK, CLACK...... echoed around the hall and brought her back to reality.

But, as Ryan continued the slow methodical stroking of her sex, she soon drifted back though the gates of pleasure. She could feel her orgasm building and was thinking Ďcome on take me, take me now, I want you inside meí when she suddenly began to wonder whether see was allowed to orgasm?

However, he had not stated she couldnít and anyway she was so close and it was going to feel........

Too late!

The orgasm hit her as she felt wave after wave of pleasure ripple up her spine to her brain and back down again.

She didnít know how long it lasted she was just aware of Ryan smiling down at her as he still continued to stoke her.

She tried to smile back but drool covered chin and an open mouth full of purple ball gag could not really display the feeling she wanted to covey.

He stroked her again and although, metaphorically speaking, she had come down a couple of floors from the orgasm she still felt each stroke again move her up a step.

Ryan then disappeared from her line of sight and the stroking stopped, then she heard the sound of a zip and a belt being undone then..... a wave of pleasure hit her as Ryan plunged inside her.

Long rhythmic thrusts now moved her up the metaphorical staircase six steps at a time and her pulse (that had only just slowed) again began to race. Her breathing increased similarly as she snorted through her nose and tried to trust back in time with Ryan as best she could within the confines of her predicament.

The two of them became one in a pulsing union until she felt Ryan shudder and climax as she also orgasmed again.

Suzanna hung from the chain attached to the chandelier like a discarded rag doll while Ryan with his left arm clamped around her waist pulling her onto him, clung to the chain with his right hand.

They just hung there enjoying the waning waves of sensations and satisfaction.

After she didnít know how long, Suzanna again became aware of her surroundings and her predicament. She was still gagged and attached to the chandelier, but there was no sign of Ryan, well as far as she could tell. He definitely was not inside her or where she could see him. Then, as she thought how cruel he was, she saw him walking down the staircase dressed in only a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled as he walked over to her and releasing her single glove from the chain, helped her stand up straight.

"I think you could probably do with a shower as well" he said as he released her ankles from the spreader bar. He delicately wiped the drool off her chin with the side of his fore finger then took the trainer ball gag off. He quickly released her from the single gloves then smacking her bottom said "Off you go and shower."

Suzanna nodded, smiled and made her way up stairs.

After showering, Suzanna dressed in the black seamed stockings, 4" heels and as she wanted to keep her new longer skirts for going out, she chose one of her favourite black miniskirts. It just about covered her stocking tops, so long as she stood still, but the knee cuffs were plainly visible, then a tight fitting pink tee shirt to complete the look.

As she descended the stairs she noticed the chandelier was back in its normal position and Ryanís bag had disappeared; there was also a nice smell of coffee wafting up from the kitchen.

"Ah Suki, there you are sit down and have some coffee" Ryan said already sitting at the table next to a plate of chocolate biscuits.

Suzanna sat down conscious that the stocking tops were showing. "I hope no one comes to the door Iím not sure how I shall explain the way Iím dressed".

"I think you look just fine Suki" Ryan replied as they then chatted for an hour or so before he said "I must go but Iíll pop back later in the week and we can open up that trunk of yours in the outhouse."

Suzanna smiled showing him to the door then as she was returning to the kitchen to clear away the coffee cups she spotted a key laying on the floor of the hall. Picking it up she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror; long legs clad in high heels and black seamed stockings were visible as were stocking tops with bare legs above before disappearing into a short skirt. ĎYou slutí she thought to herself as a little wave of arousal flowed through her.

Chapter 6 - The Trunk

Suzanna hadnít seen Ryan for five days and had managed to negotiate a few days at work without too many problems. The guys at work who had only seen her at her desk hadnít noticed anything; the chocker she wore was bigger than was normally seen but not glaringly obvious. She had noticed a few comments though when being followed down the corridor, but luckily, although working on the fifth floor, the lift prevented the necessity to climb stairs.

A few of the girls in the office gave her strange looks and a couple of her closer colleagues enquired as to her change of style. This she just dismissed, saying a change was as good as a rest, and left it at that.

It was Thursday evening, when at about 7pm the door bell went and upon opening the door she found Ryan.

"Hi Suki, Iím glad to see you are properly dressed" Ryan commented as Suzanna did a twirl. "Shall we open that trunk?"

Suzanna agreed and they made their way to the out buildings. The sun was still streaming through the window and once again Ryan felt that nice warm comforting feeling and smell. They pulled the trunk out into the centre of the room where it sat in a shaft of sunlight, the corners of the room disappearing into darkness. It was about two and half feet long, a foot and a half wide and a couple of feet high, with a curved top about 6" deep.

Ryan connected up the angle grinder and had Suzanna move away as sparks showered a dark corner of the room as he cut through the hasp of the padlock. He pulled the padlock away from the trunk and beckoned Suzanna over to the trunk.

"This is your property so you should open it, it may contain private items." Ryan said.

"Yes, thanks" Suzanna replied as she released the catches and slowly opened the curved top of the trunk.

What she saw caused a frown.

In a tray was a corset, a black leather corset with full cups, front busks and a lace-up back. It was also stiffly boned with steel and Suzanna held it against herself, thinking it was about her size.

She lay it back down in its tray and lifted the tray out of the trunk and put it down on the floor. Another tray was now visible; this contained a second corset almost identical to the first except that it had ľ cups. Suzanna held this one against herself, the ľ cup nestling under her breasts, again it was her size.

She lay this corset back down in its tray and lifted the second tray out and placed on the first tray.

A third corset now came into view, this having no cup and so leaving the breasts completely exposed. Holding this one against herself she felt a tingle as her breasts flowed over the cut outs.

During this time Ryan was examining some items in the back of the building covered over by an old tarpaulin and appeared little interested in her trunk.

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Consequently Suzanna continued her search and lifted out the third tray. The bottom of the trunk was divided into compartments, each one containing pairs of cuffs of differing types. There were wrist cuffs, wide ankle cuffs, suspension cuffs and narrow cuffs like those she was wearing. There was also various length of chrome chain, presumably to link the cuffs.

"Well I never expected to find that" Suzanna exclaimed!

"What is it Suki?" Ryan said throwing the tarpaulin over the items in the back of the building.

"Itís....... itís Corsets and Cuffs! Bondage equipment." Suzanna stammered.

"Itís what!" Ryan replied moving closer.

"Itís a bondage equipment, look!"Suzanna repeated.

Ryan looked in the trunk at the cuffs, then bending down he pulled a flap down from inside the curved top of the trunk.

They both looked slightly puzzled at the contents as Ryan reached forward and pulled a steel bar from its retaining clips in the top. It was about 2í long, with ball shaped ends. Ryan held both ends of the bar and with a slight twist found the bar extended out to over 3í in length.

"Nice!" he commented as giving it another twist it locked in position. Then picking up one of the cuffs he located the ball on one end of the bar into a corresponding cup on the cuff. It snapped in with a distinct Ďclickí.

"Umm.... very nice!" Ryan further commented "Itís even has a centre fixing hole" pointing to a hole through the centre point of the bar "Whoever made this was a real craftsman".

There were two other similar bars of differing length also clipped into the top. Ryan unclipped the cuff from the bar, compressed the bar back to its original length and put both back into the trunk.

"Well it appears the love of bondage is in the genes" Suzanna said "It seems both my mother and father were active."

"Maybe, even before that, Suki" Ryan said "These look as though they were made in the last century, passed down the generations."

"Umm, so it was possibly my grandparents instead, or perhaps as well?" Suzanna mused.

Suzanna placed the trays containing the corsets back in the trunk and closed the lid.

"What are you going to do now?" Ryan asked.

"Well Iím dying to know whatís in the trunk up in the bedroom. Then I want to try them on!" Suzanna said excitedly "Can you help me carry this up to the bedroom?"

"No need to go that far" Ryan said with a twinkle in his eye. "I think you should try some of these items out now"; and with that Ryan selected the corset from the second tray, the one with ľ cups and commanded "Off with the skirt and top Suki".

Suzanna did as she was told "Bra and suspenders as well" he continued and she obediently obeyed before he handed her the corset.

She undid the front busks and pulled the corset around her waist. She began engaging the busks, starting at the bottom, before adjusting the position of the corset so the ľ cups sat nicely under her breasts. Ryan then started to pull on the laces and slowly her waist was pulled in. Just a little at first, her breasts then began to be thrust upwards and forwards as her waist was pulled in further. Her breathing became shallower before Ryan said "I think thatís far enough on for a first attempt"

"You mean it will go smaller?" Suzanna enquired.

"Did I asked for your thoughts Suki" Ryan snapped "But, as you asked, yes it will, about another 2 inches"

Suzanna was surprised but managed to hold back any further comment.

"Now re-fix you stockings to the suspenders and make sure you get those seems straight" Ryan barked and Suzanna replied with a "Yes Master" in a tone that brought a steely look from Ryan.

Suzanna found it difficult to bend over wearing the corset and tried bopping down to fix the suspenders to the stockings but this made it difficult to get the seam line straight. Meanwhile Ryan was looking at the cuffs at the bottom of the trunk.

"Now letís see" he said as he selected a pair of wrist cuffs and waited impatiently for Suzanna to finally connect the suspenders and get the seams straight.

"Wrists" Ryan commanded and Suzanna meekly held her wrists out in front as he placed a cuff first around her left wrist. He buckled it tight, but not too tight before twisting it around so the buckle was on the outside. Her right wrist followed before he picked up two of the chrome chains in the bottom of the trunk and connected one to each cuff. He then pulled the chain on her left cuff up until her arm was pointing up above her head at an 11 oíclock angle where he located a link on the chain on a hook already screwed into the wooden beam overhead.

Suzanna thought ĎOh thatís very convenientí, as he then did the same with the right arm leaving her with both her arms pulled out at angles above her head.

Returning to the chest he selected a pair of ankle cuffs and proceeded to carefully attach them around her slender ankles.

Once secured, he picked out one of the shorter spreader bars and aligned the ball on one end with the cup located on her left ankle cuff. The ball slipped into the cuff with a satisfying click! Ryan extended the bar and engaged the other end into the cup on her right ankle cuff. A second Ďclickí emanated.

"OK Suki spread your legs"

Suzanna lifted each foot in turn and moved them outwards slightly until her knee chain prevented further movement. Ryan bent down and twisted the centre of the spreader bar locking it to that length.

Spreading her legs had the effect of reducing Suzannaís height so that her arms were now pulled tighter.

Ryan stood back and with a satisfied grin said "There we are, now letís see about this other trunk."

Suzanna thought better of saying there was no key, as Ryan disappeared out of the building leaving standing spread eagled bathed in evening sunlight in her old wooden out building.

Chapter 7 - The Second Trunk

Entering Suzannaís bedroom, Ryan looked around but failed to see the trunk anywhere so he opened a door on one side of the room and found it led to a dressing room. The trunk was located under a wide shelf running down one side of the dressing room.

The dressing room appeared to be part of an annexe as it had an old wooden beam running along its length with diagonal beams leading up to support the pitched roof. This gave the small room an airy feel to it. Ryan was thinking ĎNow where would I keep the key to this?í as he looked around.

He reached up as far as he could and felt along the top of the beam and after a few seconds of feeling along the beam a huge grin came over his face as again he said "There we are!"

Ryan bent down slipped the newly found key into the lock and turned it; a soft clunk sound was heard and the lock opened.

By this time Suzanna was becoming aroused, but restrained as she was could do nothing to obtain satisfaction from her situation. She was looking helplessly out of the window when Ryan reappeared.

"Ok Suki, time for a change of venue". Ryan said as he released the centre of the spreader bar "Move your ankles as close together as you can".

Suzanna mowed her ankles so they were about a foot apart; Ryan then relocked the bar at that distance. He then released her wrist cuffs from the chains before saying "Hands behind your back".

Suzanna complied as she felt them being linked together and a chain linked them to the centre of the spreader bar. "Off we go then" Ryan said as he beckoned Suzanna out of the door.

Wearing the tightly laced corset and with the spreader bar still fitted and she was forced to walk with legs apart in a sort of swaying motion. This caused her breasts being nicely displayed by the ľ cup corset to sway in time with her gait. What would she do if one of her friends were to appear unannounced now, as they did from time to time? How would she explain being bare breasted, well completely bare apart from a leather corset and chained up into the bargain walking across her lawn?

They finally reached the kitchen door and she was quite relieved to enter, although the step was difficult to negotiate. When they reached the bottom of the large staircase in the hall Ryan gasped her and flung her over his shoulder like a sack of coal and carried her to the top. He deposited her back on her feet at the top of the staircase and she waddled her way to her bedroom then through to her dressing room.

Ryan released the chain from the spreader bar and also released her wrist cuffs, but when she thought she was being totally released she found her arms were again pulled up above her head and fixed to the dressing room beam just as she had been in the out building.

She was facing the as yet unopened chest as Ryan slowly lifted the lid and they both looked into the top tray. The first thing to catch Ryanís eye was a leather hood. "Ummm Ė nice" he said lifting it out and feeling the soft black leather.

"I think we should try this as well" and he loosened the laces and stepped towards Suzanna. She stood quite still and held her head up as the hood was pulled down over her face. This one (she could see another in the top tray) had eye, nose and mouth holes but her ears were covered. Ryan smoothed the soft leather down over her face before turning his attention to the laces at the rear. Soon the soft leather hood became a taught second skin.

Ryan returned to the trunk and lifted the top tray out and laid it on the floor. The compartments of the second tray contained an extensive range of gags including a ball gag, a trainer ball gag, a bit gag, a penis gag and a ring gag plus others that Suzanna couldnít identify from her position.

Ryan had adopted his thinking pose of finger and thumb either side of his chin as he studied the selection. Then selecting the penis gag he again returned to Suzanna who as all good slaves should offered no resistance as the penis gag loomed towards her mouth. She opened her mouth in readiness as Ryan slid it in, and wriggled her head from side to side slightly to accommodate the rather large gag. One fully in Ryan clipped it to the hood; these items had obviously been made to be used together.

Lifting the second try out Ryan now selected a 4" leather posture collar from the next tray down. Suzanna again lifted her head as the collar was wrapped around her neck and secured with three sets of straps at the rear. The collar was contoured to locate her chin and was also contoured to sit around her shoulders so she could now not turn nor lower her head. She consequently stood there in a proud head held high position with breasts trust forwards and upwards. Luckily there were a number of full length mirrors at different angles in the dressing room so she could she herself from most angles stood as she was in this provocative position.

Further exploring the trunk, Ryan had now located a tray containing nipple clamps, chains and weights. Approaching Suzanna with a pair of nipple clamps he noticed the shocked look in her eyes and she shook her head a couple of times and also took half a step back until the chains prevented any further movement.

"Now, now Suki, no protests or a punishment will loom!" Ryan warned.

ĎThis isnít a punishment thení Suzanna was thinking as the first clip bit into the delicate flesh of her right nipple and she winced further as the second was attached to her left nipple. The pain in the right nipple was just starting to subside slightly when Ryan straightened up after another forage in the trunk and proceeded to attach a weight to it. This now pulled the nipple down at an acute angle as until now had been thrust forward by the ľ cup corset. This caused Suzanna to twitch which only made the situation far worse as the weight now swung from side to side tugging at the tender nipple.

Another weight was attached to her left nipple and Suzanna now concentrated on keeping still in an attempt to reduce any further pain.

Ryan was still not finished and he lifted the last tray out to reveal a pair of black leather calf boots with slender 5 ľ" heels. After loosening the laces he bent down and released the spreader bar from the ankle cuffs and removed the cuffs.

"Foot up Suki" Ryan said tapping the side of her right ankle, Suzanna lifted her foot and Ryan slipped her shoe off. "Point your toes" Suzanna obeyed as her foot slid part way into the boot "Foot down and press".

Suzanna lowered her foot till the boot contacted the floor then pushed.

"Harder" Ryan commanded so Suzanna again obeyed and gradually her foot fully entered the boot.

The height of the heel put considerable pressure on her toes as they slid into the pointed end of the boot.

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"Good" Ryan commented "Left foot". Suzanna lifted her left foot and the procedure was repeated. The one benefit from the height of the heels was it raised her up and took some of the pressure from her arms.

Ryan laced each boot up in turn then strapped the cuffs back around her ankles. Standing up clutching the spreader bar he disappeared out of the dressing room. "Be back in a mo, donít go anywhere" Ryan quipped with a grin as Suzanna "Mumpphhed" a reply. ĎWell at least the spreader bar has goneí she thought and started rubbing her thighs together to try and ease her yearning.

After a few minutes she was starting to have some success with the thigh rubbing and wiggling when Ryan re-entered the room.

"Oh, trying to satisfy that arousal are you missy, well this will stop that" Ryan said now holding the longer of the spreader bars from the other trunk. Suzannaís sighed around the penis gag and had started to move her legs apart even before Ryan spoke.

The bar was clipped into one cuff then the other but instead locking it in the spread position she found he was undoing the cuffs and chain between her knees. With this removed Ryan then pushed legs further and further apart until she was balancing on the toes of her boots even with 5 ľ" heels. A groan of protest escaped from behind Suzannaís gag that prompted Ryan to lock the spreader bar off at a length of about 3í.

"How does that feel?" Ryan enquired. Suzanna gave him a stern expression but this was hidden by the leather hood.

"Good, now what else do we have in this trunk?" Ryan said pulling the flap in the trunk lid down. "Wow, now this is a surprise!"

Ryan had what looked like a vibrator in his hand. "Surely, it canít be, not an ivory clockwork vibrator!" He took a key from the lid of trunk and slid it into a hole in the base of the vibrator. After about twenty turns of the key it was fully wound. Looking closely at the base Ryan saw there were two little levers; one had a tiny Ďoní and Ďoffí stamped into the base and the other had the letters ĎCí and ĎIí. Ryan thought for a moment and thought, Ďcontinuous and intermittentí. He slid the little lever to ĎCí and the other to Ďoní; the vibrator burst into life as Ryan watched the second hand on his watch. After 30 seconds he switched it off and re-inserted the key and counted the turns to bring it back to fully wound. "Umm, one key turn for 30 seconds thatís 10 minutes running time, not bad!" Then switching it from ĎCí to ĎIí he switched it on again. The vibrator ran for a minute, then switched off for two minutes, then switched on again. Ryan switched it off and rewound it. "So 30 minutes of fun on intermittent then".

Looking back into the lid of the trunk Ryan found a strap with a hole and fitment that looked as though it fitted the vibrator. Then taking a closer look at the corset Suzanna was wearing he spotted two points where the strap could be fitted.

"Well it looks as though you are! in for some fun Suki!" Ryan attached the strap to the back of the corset and pulled it through between Suzannaís legs attaching the other end to a point at the front. After adjusting its position slightly he slid the vibrator through strap and into Suzannaís sex.

Suzanna let out a couple of purring noises and wriggled as Ryan fully inserted the vibrator and rotated it so it locked into the strap. He then further adjusted the position of the strap so it was correctly aligned before pulling it a couple of notches tighter. The strap rubbed against Suzannaís clit and she uttered more pleasurable noises.

"Now, just one more item" Ryan said holding a blindfold in front of Suzanna. This was leather and matched the hood therefore it was no surprise that it clipped neatly on, leaving Suzannaís senses reduced to muffled sound through the hood and feelings through her body.

As in most cases, when some senses are rendered unusable the others are heightened, so it was for Suzanna. Ryan switching the vibrator on and caused Suzanna to be hit with an unexpected wave of pleasure. She wallowed in the sensations and was completely unaware of Ryan saying "Enjoy yourself for a while I look around".

Ryan walked to the end of the dressing room and opened the door there. Inside was a second coat stand bolted to the floor; this was identical to the one downstairs but the parts were fitted in different positions. He was back in his thinking pose of finger and thumb either side of his chin when he noticed different noises coming from Suzanna. The vibrator had obviously switched off and she was showing her displeasure both verbally, by making grunting mpphh noises and by her body language as she twisted and wriggled trying to obtain some satisfaction.

Ryan returned to thinking about the coat stand and a smile broke across his face. He turned and walked past Suzanna asking if she was enjoying herself to which he received another "mmpphh" of displeasure. "Marvellous" he said sarcastically as he left the dressing room.

Suzanna was just staring to notice the pain from her nipples following her wriggling when the vibrator kicked in again and suddenly that didnít matter. When the vibrator turned off again she was aware of some clonking noises coming from one side of her; this was where the cupboard was. She couldnít think what would cause that as there was only the coat stand in there. Her nipples were again becoming a concern and she tried to stand perfectly still to stop the hanging weights from swinging. The clonking noises continued then the vibrator started again and then everything else seemed irrelevant.

The next time she became aware of her surrounding she heard Ryan say "Coming through, mind your backs!" then she could hear some grunting and noises on the stairs.

The vibrator had switched on and off a few more times and she was now reaching an orgasm as it switched off again causing her to start a stream of noises of displeasure when Ryan said "Hey, steady Suki" and he started massaging her clit through the strap. "Umm" she uttered as the sensations increased and she was gradually getting nearer and nearer to her orgasm when the vibrator kicked in again. This was the extra boost she needed and waves of pleasure cascaded through her body as the orgasm hit.

Although blindfolded she saw streams of vivid colours as she floated though clouds.

As the last of the sensations died away she found herself hanging from the wrist cuffs covered in sweat but the nipple clamps were gone and someone was releasing her ankles from the spreader bar. Then the vibrator was removed along with its strap and her blindfold came off.

"Hi Suki, nice to see you are back with us now" Ryan said as the gag came out. Suzanna worked he jaw around and smiled. "Iíll just release your wrists and you can go off and get a shower" Suzanna smiled then lower her arm and disappeared into her bedroom.

Having struggled out of the boots and corset, unlacing that on her own was not easy, she decided to luxuriate in a bubble bath rather than have a shower.

When she returned to her bedroom after her bath she found the corset and boots that she had left on the floor had gone and on entering the dressing room she saw the trunk was closed. Opening the lid she saw everything had been replaced in its proper place. Then she also notice alongside the trunk was the second trunk from the out building. Ryan had obviously moved it up there while she was relaxing in the bath.

Staring down the stairs Suzanna could smell coffee wafting out from the kitchen and on entering she saw Ryan relaxing with a coffee and one of her bondage magazines.

"I thought you would never come down" Ryan said.

"I was rather tired and achy after my exertions, so I had a bath" Suzanna replied and Ryan smiled back.

"Oh, I moved your other coat stand back down into the hall. I hope you donít mind?" Ryan said.

"No, but why?" Suzanna asked.

"There is now one in both alcoves either side of the door so it matches; it used to be there the fixing holes are still in the floor." Ryan answered "Well I have to be away, Iíll catch you in a couple of days Suki. Now donít forget although the knee restraint is off make sure you walk with small dainty steps"

Suzanna nodded and with that Ryan left.

Chapter 8 - The Long Weekend

It was two days later and Suzanna had just finished breakfast and was preparing to leave for a trip to town when the door bell went.

ĎWho can that be at this timeí Suzanna thought somewhat annoyed.

Opening the door she was greeted by a smiling Ryan. "Hi Suki".

"Hi Ryan, I was just preparing to go to town".

"Oh, anything special?" Ryan enquired. Suzanna explained it was just a routine window shop and lunch with friends.

"Ah thatís good" Ryan commented "As I have other plans for you. Now pop upstairs and put the leather corset on, the one in the top tray with full cups and the calf boots and also wrist and ankle cuffs; then come back down.

Suzanna felt a little put out but tried not to show it. Fifteen minutes later she reappeared wearing the required garments. "Sorry it took so long I canít lace this corset very well on my own".

"Iíll finish it for you" Ryan said beckoning her to him. Ryan undid the laces and started pulling them tighter. By the time he was finished Suzannaís waist was at least one inch if not two inches smaller.

"Now I have a semi restrained weekend in store for you Suki. So you need to be fitted with a few items" and with that Ryan opened a bag previously unnoticed by Suzanna. The first item was a wide belt that was slipped around Suzannaís waist, then a stainless steel cage cum plate was connected to the front of the waist strap. This was pulled through Suzannaís legs at which point she realised what it was.

"This is a chastity belt isnít it Ryan?"

"Yes, as a slave youíre not allowed to pleasure yourself whenever you want, you have to become accustomed to only doing that when given permission."

Ryan carefully positioned the chastity belt ensuring no access could be gained by prying fingers to vital areas before snapping a small padlock onto it. He then reached into his bag and pulled out a length of small chrome chain. He connected one end to Suzannaís left cuff with a padlock; neither the cuff nor the chain would be coming off until unlocked by Ryan.

"Now left hand behind your back Suki". Suzanna did as she was told and Ryan fed the chain through a metal loop at the back of the chastity belt. He then ran the chain down to the cuff on her right ankle, where he cut the chain to length and padlocked it to the ankle cuff. Ryan did the same with her right wrist and left ankle.

Her left wrist was now held against the loop at the back of the chastity belt by the chain to her right ankle and her right wrist held against the loop at the back of the chastity belt by the chain to left ankle.

"There we go Suki, you are free to walk around and do what you want now" Ryan explained.

"But how can I do anything with my hands behind my back?" Suzanna asked.

"Ah well that is only when youíre walking around, lift you right foot and bend your leg up so your boot is touching your thigh."

Again Suzanna did as she was told. "Now scratch you nose with your left hand."

As Suzanna moved her left hand the chain was pulled through the loop allowing her to reach her nose.

"Clever isnít it" Ryan beamed "Now letís go into the kitchen because there is one more item to fit."

Suzanna lowered her right foot, pulling the chain back through the loop so her left wrist was again behind her back, before they set off into the kitchen.

"You should be able to do everything you need to, within reason, in the next couple of days. I will be back Sunday evening to release you. But just to make sure you have enough to eat Iíve brought you some soup as I doubt you will be going out"

"Itís not a problem I have plenty of food in and there is always the freezer" Suzanna assured him.

"Ah, there is the other item to fit yet Suki" Ryan said showing Suzanna a form of scolds bridle about the size of a small ring gag. "I donít want you chatting on the phone all weekend, so this will make it awkward to talk but let you eat and drink. You will then have time to contemplate the responsibility of being a slave."

"But!" Suzanna exclaimed.

"No buts, open wide Suki" Ryan inserted the bridle that was big enough to stop Suzanna being able to talk properly, but not big enough to cause a problem. Once in place Ryan secured it with another small padlock. "OK Suki?"

"Esss I soos so (yes . I suppose so)" Suzanna replied.

"You can always call me on my mobile if thereís a problem, Iíll know itís you" Ryan laughed.

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Suzanna replied "Ha ha erry unny! (ha ha very funny)"

"OK see you Sunday evening, have fun" Ryan said as he left. Suzanna just sighed.

The day was passing and Suzanna was trying getting used to her bridle and restricted movement. She could reach the taps on the sink and the controls on the cooker if she bent her leg up to her bottom but drinking and eating were a problem. Using a cup was messy and her cleavage had already felt the benefit of hot coffee and she couldnít use a straw as she couldnít get her lips together. She also found that if she knelt on the floor she could use both hands together.

She was just entering the lounge when all of a sudden she noticed her cousin Yasmin coming across the lawn towards the French doors which were wide open. She had forgotten all about the fact that her friends might come around as she hadnít showed for their regular Saturday lunch meeting and she had turned her mobile off as she couldnít answer it.

But all this was too late, she couldnít run and hide and she wouldnít be able to close and lock the door before Yasmin reached it!

Then Yasmin came in through the French doors and stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Suzanna standing there in a leather corset, chastity belt with her ankles and wrists chained and a bridle / gag in her mouth.

"Suzanna!" Yasmin exclaimed "Whatís happened? Who did this? Are you Ok?"

Chapter 9 - Caught in the Act

There was nothing Suzanna could do except try and explain; this would not be easy under normal circumstances; but gagged as she was this was going to interesting to say the least.

"Isss O-ay, a frenn eeei isss" (itís Ok a friend did this) Suzanna tried to explain.

"What" Yasmin asked worriedly "Itís OK?"

Suzanna nodded.

"Who did it? Why? Are you sure youíre Ok?" Yasmin fired question after question.

"E ave a elay-ionic" (we have a relationship) Suzanna tried to explain.

"I donít understand" Yasmin said still in a state of shock.

Suzanna said "Ate a ine" (wait a minute) and walked over to the desk and raising her left foot up to her thigh reached forward with her right hand and opened a drawer and took out a piece of paper and a pen. Then she thought for a second and said "O I ave a etta i-ear" (no I have a better idea) and with that she put the paper back closed the drawer and opened one further down and took out her laptop.

Once it had booted up she quickly typed an explanation for Yasmin who looked on in astonishment.

"We thought you were behaving strangely last week, and you were wearing clothes so different from your usual designer ones. It all makes sense now. So when are you going to be released from this Suzie?"

Suzanna typed she didnít know but it most likely Sunday, probably evening time.

"Well in that case" Yasmin said "I will stay till then, what if you fall over or something. Anything could happen".

Suzanna wasnít sure this was what she wanted and it certainly wasnít what Ryan had intended, but in either case she was in no position to do anything about it.

The two of them passed the day watching a bit of TV and chatting although it was all one way, sometimes Suzanna would type a reply or occasionally try a verbal reply.

Yasmin made herself a nice salad for tea while Suzanna had to make do, as Ryan had suggested with a spoon fed soup. She did manage to drink some wine although the first couple of attempts resulted in running down her cleavage into the corset. Finally though, by only having a little in the glass and by throwing it back rather than sipping it, Suzanna found she could drink it without spilling it.

The evening moved on and Yasmin asked if Suzanna could take things off when she went to bed. Suzanna shook her head and said "O" (no) pointing to the padlocks on the chastity belt and cuffs.

"Oh thatís awful" Yasmin said in disgust, but a strange look passed across her face as she replied.

So the girls made their way up the stairs to bed, Yasmin following a couple of steps behind Suzanna in case she fell; restrained as she was. This meant that she was looking directly at Suzannaís a wiggling bottom and cuffed wrists as she ascended the stairs.

Yasmin helped Suzanna into bed and pulled the cover over her, although with her legs curled up behind her Suzanna could have done this, then Yasmin bade her goodnight.

To start with Suzanna didnít feel that different curled up as she was with her hands pulled around in front of her. She had slept fully clothed on her bed before, but this was after a party or girlie night when she had drunk too much.

After a while she needed to change position and to stretch her legs out. She was lying on her right side and by moving her left hand behind her back she could straighten out her right leg. However, she couldnít move her right arm behind her as she was lying on it, so she had to roll onto her front. In doing this the light cover had moved with her so she was now partly wrapped. She moved her right arm behind her back and with both arms now behind her back she started to feel the effect of the bondage.

Lying as she was on her front, with her left leg curled up behind her, when she now straightened it, the long spiky heel caught in the cover. Partly lying on and wrapped in the cover meant she couldnít move her left leg that far, so she had to rock from side to side to release the cover from beneath her; each rock causing alternative breasts to be squashed beneath her. The cover now released straightening out her left leg pulled the cover off her. With both legs extended, cover tangled around her the heel of her left boot and her wrists pinned behind her back Suzanna began to feel her helplessness Ė she was bound in this position even though Ryan was miles away!

Suzanna found lying on her stomach was not that comfortable wearing the corset as it pushed her breasts up and she was now lying on them, her hair had also fallen over her face and was irritating her. She threw her head from side to side in an attempt to get it off her face, but as she thought about her actions Ė a woman chained with her wrists behind her, wearing a corset, high heeled boots and seamed stockings throwing her head from side to side causing her hair to wave erotically Ė she started to feel aroused.

She could do little about the feelings though as she could not move her hands to relieve the wanting, but as she was now uncomfortable a change of position may help to rectify this. She rolled onto her left side and tried to bend her left leg up to her thigh so she could release her right hand.

The trouble was as she rolled over the covers that were caught on her left heel now wound the boot itself, so when she bent her leg back it pulled the covers back up but they stopped her foot reaching her thigh. This resulted in less free chain when she pulled her right hand around to the front. However there was sufficient chain to allow her to reach around to the chastity device.

She tried pushing her fingers in from the side adjacent to her pubic bone, but she couldnít reach in far enough to touch her clit. So she tried in between her thighs but again no joy. Perhaps if she had both hands free she could pull the device enough to one side with her left hand while pleasuring herself with the right.

So rolling on to her back and pulling her right leg up released her left hand. This though still resulted in frustration; in fact it brought her to hot sweaty frustration. The exertion of trying to turn over with restricted movement was hard work; so she just lay there tangled in the cover, tired, hot, sweaty, sexually frustrated and a little annoyed. If Yasmin hadnít been here, at least I wouldnít have been tangled up in the cover and probably not so hot and sweaty she thought, trying to kick the cover free.

So she resigned herself to a long frustrating night.

Chapter 10 - Yasminís Desire

The next morning both girls were sitting having breakfast, again wearing the same clothes. Yasmin had at least had the benefit of a shower but Suzanna not having that luxury, was now regretting being so reckless with the wine as her cleavage and the inside of the corset was now all sticky.

Suzanna pulled the laptop over and typed out Ė We are the same size so do you want to borrow some of my clothes?

Yasmin replied that she would, but then paused. "Actually, I was wondering if you have another corset and stockings I could wear, you look so sexy".

Suzanna was taken aback, and didnít know what to say or type. "Errr" she mumbled still thinking of what to say.

"Ess I ou ack-ully" (Yes, I do actually) then typed out Ė itís not quite the same though, itís only got ľ cups.

"Ooohh how provocative" Yasmin purred "Where is it? Iíve always wanted to try out these sort of clothes , I sorted of admitted as much last Saturday, do you remember, when we had lunch and I said your choker looked like bondage collar. Oh it was wasnít it? I was right".

Suzanna nodded then typed Ďas soon as we finish breakfast Iíll show youí.
Yasmin tidied the breakfast things away and started to wash them up.

"Iíll uss gea uug cor-et for oouu" (Iíll just get the corset for you) Suzanna said as Yasmin had her back to her.

"Say that again" Yasmin asked. Suzanna typed a message and held the laptop up for Yasmin to see. "Oh, Ok then".

Suzanna made her way carefully up the stairs and into her bedroom then into the dressing room. She walked up to one of the two large wooden trunks, and then knelt down in front of it so she could have both hands free.

The chains made rhythmic clicking noises as they fed through the ring at the back of the chastity device as her hand moved forwards. She opened the lid of the trunk revealing the empty top tray; this was where the corset she was wearing would have been. She lifted this out and laid it on the floor revealing the second tray with the leather corset with the ľ cups. Suzanna took the corset out and replaced the first tray; then closed the trunk. Then picking up the corset she put her hands behind her back and stood up and walked back into her bedroom.

She backed up to the bed and dropped the corset onto it, at which point Yasmin entered the room.

Yasmin picked the ľ cup corset up and admired it. "I canít wait to try this on" she said undoing the front busks.

She then peeled off her dress exposing a pretty push-up bra and matching knickers; although the bra was quickly off and lying on Suzannaís bed. Yasmin picked up the corset and pulled it around herself and breathed in as she started to link the front busks.

Once they were all connected, Yasmin said "Can you tighten the laces Suzie".
Suzanna shook her head and replied "O-ee if ou eel ouw, over-ise I arn each" (only if you kneel down, otherwise I canít reach).

"I donít understand" Yasmin said, so Suzanna knelt down pulled her hands around to her front and pointed to the spot in front of her.

Yasmin now understood and knelt down with her back to Suzanna who grasped the laces and pulled on then taking up the slack. She then began tugging on the laces, one row at a time, gradually pulling Yasminís waist in.

Slowly Yasminís waist came down from 24" to 23", then 22 Ĺ" then 22", then 21 Ĺ" then 21".

"Ere" (there) Suzanna said "ats aa ight as I caaa eeh it" (thatís as tight as I can get it).

Yasmin got up and walked over to the mirror and admired her now prominent breasts jutting out supported the quarter cups. She twisted from side to side to get profile views and did a little shimmy and watched her breasts jiggle.

"Wow, this is so sexy Suzie, I can see why you like wearing it, and leather as well, just adds that little bit extra. Now do you have some stockings?"
Suzanna passed over a new pair of seamed stockings.

"Thanks, Iíve never worn seamed stockings before" she said studying the packet, She quickly pulled it open and slid her foot into the first stocking. After considerable adjustments that include numerous bending movements that caused her breasts to dangle and sway, Yasmin was satisfied the seams were straight.

Suzanna looked on at her friend who was being to be turned on by her own semi-naked body.

Finally Yasmin had both stocking on and connected to the suspenders from the corset. "I donít suppose you have any nice heels to go with these stockings do you Suzie?" knowing full well she would have.

Suzanna put her hands behind her back and got up and walked into her dressing room with Yasmin following.

Suzannaís plan had been to select a pair of her older shoes and give them to Yasmin as she had not expected her to follow, but Yasminís eyes lit up when she saw a black pair of stilettos with a 4" heel and a nice thin ankle strap.

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"Ooohh I just try these Suzie" Yasmin purred picking them up. She bent down to put them on, again causing her breasts sway away from the ľ cup supports. She slipped her feet in and pulled the straps around her ankles and tightly buckled it.

"I thought these might have locks as well Suz?" Yasmin enquired.

"I ough ese yii elf" (I bought these myself) Suzanna explained.

"Iíve no idea what you said, but it doesnít matter" Yasmin replied "Oh but whatís in the trunks Suz?"

Suzanna was now starting to get a little frustrated as Yasmin seemed to be getting a little over eager. Then before she could say or do anything Yasmin opened one of the trunks.

"Oh, leather hoods" she exclaimed slightly disappointed, then lifted the tray out. "Gags, so many different types too!" in a more upbeat voice and placed the tray on top of the first.

"Ah, these are real bondage collars" she said looking into the third tray "Not like the one you wear. Can I wear one of these?"

"Ess" (Yes) Suzanna sighed getting slightly more annoyed. Yasmin picked up a 3" collar, one of, but not the biggest available and quickly buckled it up. She stood up with a rather erect pose that accentuated the way the corset forced her breast out with her larger nipples very prominently displayed.

Suzanna had never noticed her nipples being so large and prominent before even though they had sunbathed topless on a number of holidays.

Suzanna bent down and lifted the next tray out revealing a range of nipple clamps. "Umm, Iím not sure Iím ready for those yet" Yasmin said "I have rather sensitive nipples, have I mentioned that before?"

Suzanna shook her head, now somewhat transfixed by the sensitive prominent nipples.

Then, to Suzannaís dismay, Yasmin opened the other trunk.

"Empty!" she said disappointingly lifting the top tray out and placing it on the floor, "Empty!" she repeated looking at the second tray.

Suzanna couldnít be bothered to explain and let her continue.

"Another leather corset and without cups, nice" Yasmin continued and removed the tray. "Cuffs, I wondered when we would get to these. I suppose you are wearing the ones that occupy the empty spaces".

Suzanna nodded "Essss". (Yes) and had just about as much of this as she could take. This was a side of her friend that she had previously not seen. Then things took a turn for the better.

"Do they chafe your wrist?" Yasmin enquired.

"Hi em" (Try them) Suzanna said and Yasmin appeared to understand and tried to buckle one around her left wrist, however she was having difficulty in fitting it herself.

"These are a strange shape, not at all like yours" Yasmin stated.

"Ey are us-en-uch-on uffs" (They are suspension cuffs) Suzanna tried to explain but

Yasmin didnít appear that interested.

Suzanna knelt down pulled her hand around to her front and motioned Yasmin to kneel down in front of her.

Yasmin did as she was asked and knelt down again with her back to Suzanna and put her hands behind her. Another stroke of luck Suzanna thought as she quickly buckled up the first cuff around Yasminís left wrist, but rather than release the cuff Suzanna hooked her finger through the snap link on it. When Yasmin tried to pull her hand away it felt as though Suzanna was still fiddling with it so she still held it behind her. The right cuff quickly followed but before it was finally buckled Suzanna slipped the snapped the link from the left cuff to the right cuff.

Suzanna finished buckling the right cuff with a "inishhh" (finished) and stood up.

"Hey, youíve connected them" Yasmin exclaimed "I just wanted to try them, not actually be cuffed."

Suzanna just shrugged and gave a sort of smile from behind her bridle / gag.
"Come on, let me go" Yasmin demanded.

Suzanna just shrugged again "I ough oou antee ou ay ing" (I thought you wanted to try things).

Yasmin suddenly felt vulnerable, but also slightly aroused. She hadnít felt like this since being tied up in a silly prank at university. Consequently she didnít ask Suzanna to remove them again in case she did and she lost the feeling.

She was also mussing how Suzanna now had the upper hand as although her hands were also held securely behind her back she could at least partially release them. Additionally, she was the only one who could release her, well at least until someone else came.

Someone else came! What was she thinking! She was shocked at finding Suzanna bound what would someone think of finding two girls bound, what if an intruder came around! He could do what he wanted with us Yasmin thought and noticed she was beginning to get slightly wet and wiggled and rubbed her thighs together slightly.

"Are ee o-ing oun airs?" (Are we going downstairs?). Suzanna asked.

"What" Yasmin replied, so Suzanna just walked out of the bedroom towards the stairs hoping Yasmin would follow.

They spent the rest of the morning lazing around with Yasmin enjoying her light bondage session. At lunch time Suzanna made sandwiches for Yasmin and they both knelt on the floor so she could feed her friend the sandwich a bite at a time while she had another bowl of soup.

Once finished Yasmin said rather sheepishly, "Suuuzie..... How about we go for a walk around your grounds..... like this? It would feel so wicked, donít you think?"

Suzanna also thought it would feel wicked, but wasnít so sure that she wanted to do it with Yasmin. She was yet to do it herself and wanted to do it on her own, but she knew Yasmin wouldnít take no for an answer, so said "O-ay" (Ok).

They ventured out the French windows looking around in case someone was there, but being a walled garden with entry only via locked gates this was unlikely. The gate by the house had a keypad entry and only a couple of Suzannaís friends knew that; Yasmin being one.
So they set off across the lawn both girls with wrists secured behind their backs, Yasminís breasts jiggling and swaying from side to side as she walked; they only having the vertical support of the ľ cup of the corset. They passed through an arch to a path that meandered through the gardens and grounds.

Suzanna was musing how Yasmin was getting more turned on than she was by the way she kept rubbing her thighs together and wriggling. She on the other hand had little chance of getting any additional stimulation with the chastity device allowing Ďno access to be gained by prying fingers to vital areasí as Ryan had put it.

"Suuuzie....." Yasmin said in that pleading voice she used when suggesting the walk in the ground. "Do you think Ryan would take me as his slave as well?"

Suzannaís first reaction was an angry one! Iíve waited years to find someone like Ryan she thought; now after only a couple of weeks someone wants me to share him. She actually felt like restraining Yasmin further so she couldnít interfere with her master / slave relationship, she actually felt like slapping her. She had never felt like this towards one of her friends before.
Just then a voice made them both jump.

"Suki..... whoís this?" It was Ryan.

Stunned Suzanna said "O.... iss e wie wen Yasin" (Oh...This is my friend Yasmin)

"Iím Yasmin, Suzannaís cousin, well and best friend, you must be Ryan. Well I hope youíre Ryan. Suzanna has lent me some of her clothes as I slept over. Oh, I donít usually dress like this I just wanted to try them as Suzanna looks so sexy".

Ryan wasnít being given a chance to get a word in, and Suzanna wearing her bridle had no chance.

"I find the thought of bondage so erotic, being vulnerable awaiting your master" Yasmin continued getting somewhat carried away. "Would you take me as your slave as well as Suzanna?"

She then stopped abruptly having said what she was thinking, not what she had meant to say. It was too late to go back now though and trying to repair the irreparable, she continued "My uncle, well Major Thomas is into all this, has been for years, he has a large estate where he holds bondage / domination type functions".

She paused again, "Well I think I have said enough, well far too much really, Iíd better go back to the house. Iíll see you there in a while. Well hopefully I will, I canít go home like this". Yasmin said with a nervous laugh and wiggled off back towards the house.

"Well Suki, you seem to have had an interesting weekend, not at all what I had planned and you have recruited another slave for me" Ryan said.

"I oud an hel it" (I couldnít help it) Suzanna replied.

"Donít worry Suki itís not your fault, and I shall only take Yasmin as a slave if she agrees to be submissive to you. You after all are my principal slave so we will see how she takes to that. So letís get back to the house". Ryan continued.

Suzanna felt slight easier and was taking a little pleasure from the thought of Yasmin being her slave, she could at least let some of her pent up anger out on her.

Chapter 11 - Yasmin's Test

Arriving back at the house Ryan and Suzanna found Yasmin kneeling submissively on the floor in the hall under the chandelier. Oh, she is laying this on a bit thick Suzanna thought.

"Yasmin" Ryan said sternly "So you wish to be my slave as well as Suki".

"Suki" Yasmin said looking puzzled "Oh, you mean Suzie".

"My slave is called Suki" Ryan said in a slightly annoyed tone "So, if you wish to be my slave you will also be submissive to Suki".

"But sheís a slave!" Yasmin said defiantly.

"Enough Yasmin" Ryan said loudly.

Yasmin lowered her eyes, the 3" collar holding her head erect, and looked demurely at the floor. Oh really Suzanna thought she really knows how to play this.

"Stay there both of you, I have an idea that may determine if this will work" Ryan said as he walked over to the front door opened it and exited; leaving the door slightly open.

"Ot ou ou ink ou are ouing?" (What do you think you are doing?) Suzanna said annoyed by Yasminís actions.

Yasmin remained looking sheepishly at the floor.

Ryan re-entered with a bag that Suzanna had seen a couple of times before. On previous occasions this had contained bondage items and this was the case on this occasion also.

Ryan ascended the stairs with the bag and called out. "We need a suitable name for your slave Suki, so start thinking".

Suzanna looked down on Yasmin and started to think of a suitable name while Yasmin suddenly felt the submissive slave role beginning to take effect. Ryan and Suzanna were talking about her as though she wasnít there, anyway didnít she get a say in her own slave name!

Ryan came back down the stairs with his bag now containing some bondage items from the trunks in Suzannaís bedroom.

"Ok Yasmin, your nicely positioned under the chandelier so letís get started". Ryan said.

"Donít I get a say in the choice of my slave name Ryan?" Yasmin said still in a defiant mood.

"You are certainly an out spoken slave so the first thing to do is silence you" Ryan said sternly and reached into his bag and pulled out a penis gag. "Open wide Yasmin, hurry up with a slave name Suki I so hate Yasmin"

Yasmin opened her mouth and Ryan started to slide the gag in. As it penetrated, Yasmin found she had to shake and twist her head a little to accommodate it. Once fully inserted Ryan flipped the head harness straps up and over her head to the back of her neck where they met the straps coming around from each side.

The various buckles were adjusted and tightened until Ryan was satisfied the gag was secure and all the straps were straight and nicely aligned. Yasmin shook her head and made a gurgling noise as drool was already starting to run down her chin.

Ryan bent down behind Yasmin and released the cuffs from her wrists and put them into the bag. Yasmin ran her hands over each wrist where they had been held in the cuffs. She was about to pull them around to her front when Ryan said "Hands behind you back Yasmin palms together ".

Yasmin complied as Ryan picked up the single glove and pulled it up over Yasminís wrists, forearms and elbows. He pulled the two straps, one at either side, up under her armpits back over her shoulders joining them behind her neck. Then returning to her hands he smoothed the purple leather around her fingers making sure the seams in the leather were straight. He then slid his hands up over wrists smoothing out any wrinkles as he hands slid further up the glove.

Satisfied it was fitted correctly he tightened the two straps around her shoulders before bring up a third strap from the centre of the glove and buckling it to where the other two straps met behind her neck.
All three straps were then retightened. The slack in the laces was taken up and then the tightening process began. Slowly at first, her wrists were pulled into a touching position and her forearms pulled closer as he worked his way up the laces. Having reached the top he pulled out the slack lace giving lose ends about 3í long and then he started back at Yasminís wrists again.

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Her forearms closed on one another and her elbows were near touching. She wriggled to ease the strain in her shoulders, but this also had the effect of allowing her arms closer, so Ryan went back down a couple of lace rows and retightened them. Reaching the top again he pulled the slack lace ends through and taking the now 4í long ends tied them off in a large bow. He then wrapped the loose bows and ends around each other and tucked them in the gap in the single glove between Yasminís upper arms.

Yasmin groaned around her gag at the strain again on her shoulder joints as the drool was now near dripping off her chin.

Ryan asked Suzanna if she had a name yet, she said she had "Am-mer" (Amber).

"Ammer" Ryan repeated. "No Ė Am-mer" (No - Amber) Suzanna said again "My firse wet" (My first pet).

"Ah I have it" Ryan beamed "Amber Ė my first pet. A good choice Suki. Right then Amber, spread your feet apart".

Yasmin made a disapproving noise around her gag as her drool now dropped from her chin onto her prominently displayed breast and remaining kneeling, she spread her feet. Ryan produced a spreader bar and cuffs from his bag and fitted them around Yasminís ankles and then clipped the spreader bar into her left ankle cuff. Then he extended it and snapped it into the right cuff, pulling her ankles out so they were outside her thighs and she sat back with her arse on the cold marble floor.

Ryan locked the spreader bar off and clipped the ring at the end of single glove to the ring in the middle of the bar; thus keeping Yasmin in a kneeling position with her ankles spread about 2í apart. He then turned his attention to Suzanna removing both her high heeled calf boots; the ankle cuffs remained however.

"Step forward Suki so your ankles are outside Amberís" Ryan ordered "No not from behind her, face to face so to speak".

Suzanna stood in front of Yasmin so her chastity device was now directly in front of Yasminís face with her legs spread and her ankles now next to Yasminís. Ryan connected a snap link from Suzannaís right ankle cuffs to Yasminís left ankle cuff, then he did the same with Suzannaís left ankle cuff and Yasminís right ankle cuff; thus locking the two together. Then he undid the lock on the chastity device and removed the front plate.

Suzannaís pent up sexual aroma was instantly evident; especially to Yasmin whose nose was only an inch away.

"Your mistress is sexually frustrated Amber, it is the slaveís function to give her the sexual satisfaction she requires". Ryan said.

Yasmin was expecting Ryan to remove the gag so she could lick Suzannaís overly wet and odour some pussy, something she was not prepared to do. Girl on girl sex was not her thing. However Ryan produced a dildo and chain and proceeded to fix it to her gag; she then realised where this was leading and shook her head.

"Ooooouuu" she cried as Ryan pushed her head back and clipped the short chain to the front of her collar, then pulling Suzanna hips forward he guided the dildo into her pussy lips. A quick push forward on the back of Yasminís head and the dildo slid effortlessly into Suzanna stale juice soaked pussy until Yasminís nose reached Suzannaís clit.

Suzanna gasped as the intruder slid deep into her; this was good, she thought; having craved it for the last 36 hours. Ryan clipped the other end of the chain to the back of Suzannaís waist strap ensuring Yasmin could not completely extract the dildo. However, this she tried to do pulling her head back three or four inches till the chain stopped any further movement.

Suzanna sighed as the dildo slipped out somewhat, but then as Yasmin shook her head to try and pull the dildo out completely, she gasped repeatedly as Yasmin moved it from side to side and in and out.

Yasmin still repulsed at having her face thrust into Suzannaís stale love juices continued to thrash around only making things better for Suzanna.
"Well I think Amber will give you satisfaction at last Suki". Ryan said with a smile "however I still have another trick up my sleeve".

Yasmin continued to try and release herself although she was now tiring, while Suzanna was nearing an orgasm. Finally Yasmin stopped struggling, just as Suzanna hit her orgasm; waves of pleasure ran up and down her spine and her legs turned to jelly and she leant forward. The dildo fixed to Yasminís gag penetrated Suzanna as far as it could; increasing her sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Her clit was now rubbing against

Yasminís nose while her pussy lips and love juices covered the immediate area.

Still repulsed by intimate contact between Suzannaís pussy and love juices and her mouth, Yasmin again started to shake her head to try and fee herself, but only succeeded in further exciting Suzanna who now started to grind her pussy against Yasminís face.

Yasmin, resigned to her fate, stopped struggling and only turned her head enough to allow herself to draw in a breath of Suzannaís love juice perfumed air. Suzanna on the other hand now supported a considerable amount of her weight on the dildo.

After what seemed to Yasmin like about twenty minutes, but in reality was only five, Suzanna recovered and stood up. This allowed Yasmin to move her face back a few inches from Suzannaís pussy and breathe a little easier. She also showed her displeasure my complaining to Ryan "Ehh errr-ooo-ee".

Ryan showed his displeasure "I can see we will need to employ more stringent measures to control you Amber. However I do thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this out". He dived back into his bag and came out with what Yasmin immediately recognised as nipple clips.

These were soon firmly affixed to each of Yasminís nipples then he brought out a black box about half the size of a shoe box and set it down next to Yasmin. Suzanna now recovered; looked on as a set of leads were brought out and as both girls expected these were connected from the box to Yasminís nipples. A third lead was then connected to the gag in Yasminís mouth. Another pair of leads were brought out and connected to the box.

The end of one lead was laid down next to Suzannaís right foot the other ran around so it was next to her left foot. Yasmin was now thinking ĎAh, Suzanna is to get a shock as wellí however Ryan then brought out a pair high heeled shoes and slipped them on to Suzanna, then connected the a lead to each of the shoes.

"Now Suki, are you going to look after your slave Amber?" Ryan asked. Suzanna nodded.

"You donít want to hurt her do you?" Suzanna shook her head "Good" he said. "Up on your toes Suki".

Suzanna did what she was told and stood on tip toe. Ryan walked around to the black box and pressed a button. A red light came on then after a few seconds it turned green, then a few seconds later it went red again.

"Now" said Ryan you have an electrical switch in each shoe Suki, this switches on when you lower your foot; the box will send a shock to Amberís corresponding nipple. However, itís not quite as cruel as that. It will only send a shock if the red light is on, the time period is random so you may get a minute on green or just a second Ė no one knows. Fun isnít it".

Both girls let out a sort "Mmmmghh-eee-oof" noise as Suzanna tried to hold her position and they both intently watched the light. After three or four minutes Suzannaís foot muscles were aching and her feet dropping. She saw the green light come on and let left foot down.

The ache was subsiding after about five seconds and the green light was still on but then it changed and a shock went through Yasminís left nipple. This made her involuntarily jump and she thrust the dildo deep into Suzanna such that her clit bumped into Yasminís top lip.

The surge of the dildo and the impact from Yasmin knocked her slightly off balance and other foot went down. Another surge of current now flowed through Yasminís right nipple and she again thrust the dildo into Suzanna. What neither Suzanna nor Yasmin knew that when both feet were down for more than two seconds the shock would stop and the dildo would vibrate. In any case the shock was quite mild and caused her to jump due to the surprise rather than pain.

However not knowing this Suzanna struggled to regain her tip toe position and the shocks to Yasminís nipples stopped. Again Suzanna tired and when the green light came on she let her right foot down, however the light turned to red almost immediately and a shock pulsed through Yasminís right nipple. As before an involuntary reaction caused Yasmin to thrust the vibrator deep into Suzanna who again let her other foot drop giving Yasmin another shock.

This situation, of Suzanna having to rest a foot and Yasmin receiving a shock that resulted in her thrusting the vibrator into Suzanna continued for some while. Finally Suzanna could no longer raise a foot and the two second period was reached. The shock to Yasminís nipples stopped and the vibrator burst into life.

Suzanna made pleasurable noises and started grinding her pussy into Yasminís face until after a minute or so a huge orgasm hit her. She swayed in the intense ripples of pleasure leaning more and more on Yasmin and the vibrator. Yasminís face was now covered in Suzannaís juices as she struggled to twist her head to one side to get a full lung full of air before Suzannaís pussy pressed hard against her nose and lips.

Gradually Suzannaís orgasm subsided and she became aware of her situation once again. She tried to stand on her own but her leg muscles were still not fully recovered so she was forced to still use Yasmin and the vibrator for support. She looked down at the friend, her face now soaked from Suzannaís love juices and her hair stuck to it.

Finally Suzanna managed to stand on her own allowing Yasmin to pull back a few inches and shake her head to try and get her hair off her wet face. This did not work but it did result in Suzannaís legs trembling as the vibrator wiggled inside her pussy. Still looking down Suzanna could see Yasminís breasts glistening with a mixture her love juices and Yasminís own drool and it was at this point she realised the vibrator had stopped and her left and right feet were both on the floor but Yasmin was not receiving a shock.

She looked up to see Ryan smiling, "Well I hope you girls enjoyed that? I enjoyed watching! Now I expect that you could both do with a shower. Iím sure you can share, you are so intimate with each other!"

Ryan then released Suzannaís ankle cuffs, bridle gag and her wrist cuffs and the belt around her waist. At this point Yasmin pulled her head back and the vibrator slid out of Suzannaís pussy. Both Ryan and Suzanna smiled as they looked at Yasmin restrained on the floor with harness gag strapped around her head and a large dildo pointing upwards from her mouth.

"OK Suki, off you go and shower" Ryan said and he gave her an affectionate pat on the bottom. He then began to release Yasmin, first of all disconnecting the dildo then taking the penis gag out.

Yasmin pulled a face as Suzannaís love juices ran into her mouth now the gag was removed and said "Eeeuuukk, how could you do that to me, it was awful".

"If you want to be my slave Amber then you must service your mistress" Ryan replied.

But Yasmin still defiant said "I do want to be your slave, but not Suzannaís!"

"Well that is how it is, take it or leave it" Ryan stated.

"OK, well I will try" Yasmin agreed.

"Good - then go and get a shower" Ryan said removing the single glove from Yasminís arms.

Chapter 12 - Amber's Agreement

About thirty minutes later the girls came down stairs and entered the kitchen. The smell of freshly made coffee dominated the air. Suzanna was wearing her 4" heels and seamed black stockings and a black mini skirt that showed off her stocking tops in a sexy slutty way that made Yasmin jealous as she was now dressed in original dress.

Suzanna also wore her favourite deeply hooped red top showing off a provocative amount of cleavage. Ryan was obviously pleased by her appearance as he gave her bottom another affectionate pat and poured her a coffee.

"Are you staying for a coffee Amber?" Ryan asked

"Yes, but do I really have to be called Amber, sounds like a pony" Yasmin questioned.

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"Yes you do, you do as Suki or I say without question, that is the agreement Ė so yes or no" Ryan said firmly.

Yasmin nodded and said "OK I agree"

Ryan then explained how she would be required to dress if she was to be his slave; high heels, 4" or higher and seamed black stockings at all times and a collar or similar. Then he said and you wear these for the first week and reached down to the floor and produced a pair of cuffs on a short chain.

"Iím to wear cuffs all week?" Yasmin queried.

"Itís Ok Yasmin" Suzanna said before abruptly being interrupted by Ryan.

"Itís Amber, Suki. Donít forget she is your slave!"

"They fit around your legs just above your knees Amber, and so no one can see them"

Suzanna reassured her. "They just restrict your stride so you have to take short steps"

"How do I get my knickers off?" Yasmin exclaimed.

"Oh, I always forget that part" Ryan interjected "Youíre not allowed to wear any knickers unless I specifically say so! So Yasmin, step over here and we will fit them".

Yasmin walked around to Ryan "Knickers please" Ryan commanded. Yasmin lifted her dress and pulled her knickers down, stepped out of them and gave them to Ryan who straightened them out and put them in his pocket.

Ryan then fitted the cuffs around Yasminís legs just above the knees and padlocked them in place. Yasmin walked across the kitchen trying to get used to taking smaller steps. Then Ryan called her back and gave her a locking collar to put on, along with its key that she was to keep safe at home.

Having finished their coffee, Yasmin said she. "Very well Amber I will pop around and see you in a couple of days".

Yasmin gave Suzanna a death stare then beamed a huge smile and said bye to Ryan before walking out of the kitchen.

"Well, there is still plenty of evening left Suki, how do you a fancy a nice stroll through the village and down to river. Then we can have a meal in the Boatyard restaurant" Ryan said.

Suzanna said that sounded fine but shouldnít she change into something a little less sexy for walking through her own village. Ryan agreed as he had a little something extra for her to wear.

"Go and put a slightly longer skirt on the top stays" Ryan said with a wicked smile and with that Suzanna disappeared back up to her bedroom. When she came down to kitchen Ryan was hold up what she presumed was his Ďa little something extraí. This looked like a vibrator and a tangle of straps.

"Ok Suki jump up with one leg on each chair" Ryan said pointing to two of the wooden kitchen chairs positioned a couple of feet apart. Suzanna stood on the chairs with her legs now a corresponding two feet apart.

"Lift your skirt up for me, right up above your waist; I donít want to be working in the dark down here".

Suzanna complied and felt very exposed standing up in the air legs apart with her skirt around her chest her sex on full display.

Ryan started off fitting a belt around Suzannaís waist, then a crotch strap, all fairly conventional so far Suzanna thought. The crotch strap was pushed to one side and the vibrator was then slid into Suzannaís still wet pussy, still regulation stuff Suzanna thought.

A pair of cuffs similar to the ones fitted to Yasminís legs was then fitted to her. "I thought I was free of these legs cuffs now?" Suzanna asked.

"These are different Suki, you will soon see how they work, they are much more fun!" Ryan answered. These cuffs had a cord connecting them and this cord passed through a ring at the base of the vibrator. Another thing that Suzanna didnít know was that the crotch strap was elasticated and was more like a bungee strap.

"OK Suki, you can get down now" Suzanna got down and was then asked to walk up and down the kitchen a couple of times. She could feel the vibrator deep inside her as she walked along.

"Stop mid-stride" Ryan commanded and Suzanna stopped with her legs a foot or so apart. "Stay in that position".

Suzanna stood like a statue while Ryan got down on his hands and knees and stuck his head under her skirt. She could feel his hands fiddling around at the cuffs and then she could also feel the vibrator being pulled out 2" Ė 3" inches. Ryan reappeared but the vibrator was still the 2" Ė 3" inches out of her pussy.

"Ok Suki, continue up and down a couple more times and I think we are ready to leave".

Suzanna began to walk but as she did the vibrator moved fully back inside her, then it came out again. She let out a little "Ooooo" as she took her next stride. At the end of each stride when her legs were apart the vibrator was pulled out, when her legs were together the vibrator was fully inside her.

She came to a stop at the end of the kitchen with her feet together and the vibrator fully inside her. She now realised what was happening and lifted her left foot and moved it forward. As she did this the vibrator was pulled out, as she brought her foot back it went back in. Basically she was getting a penetrating thrust every step. Walking the half mile to the river and the restaurant was going to be interesting.

What if she orgasmed in the middle of the village in sight and sound of neighbors and other people she knew?

"Off we go the Suki. This should be fun!" Ryan said as he ushered Suzanna out of the kitchen.

Chapter 13 Dinner and Decorum

They exited the kitchen door and across the lawn, through the shrubs and bushes to the small iron gate in the wall; Suzanna unlocked the gate and they passed through on to the green.

"Cricket square looks in good condition don't you think?" Ryan commented. "Oh, amazing" Suzanna replied sarcastically. "Now, now Suki, that sort of attitude does not become you" Ryan said with a smile.

They continued along the edge of the green, then down School Lane past the Old Post Office and onto the High Street. Turning right they passed the usual shops that you find in any picturesque village where tourism rather than local life dominates; antiques, knick-knacks, a small up-market clothes shop and cream teas.

St Mary's church dominated the right hand side, its graveyard behind backing onto the green and cricket pitch from whence they had come.

They passed by The Sun public house, now catering for tourism; Ryan commenting. "The food is Ok here I find, but you just can't get a decent pint!" "And that would be a prerequisite?" Suzanna asked "Of course; nothing better than a nice pint of real ale when you've been grafting."

Reaching the Square they turned left into Mill Lane past the obligatory cream tea room towards the river.

"You're looking a little flushed Suki. I hope you are Ok?"

"Well, as you have asked. I am, shall we say, feeling a little unnecessary"

"Pray, tell me why that is?" Ryan asked with a grim.

"Thankfully, we are strolling at a slow pace, but a rhythmical pulsing, nay probing, seems to be having a gradual overwhelming affect on me."

"Oh, still not far to the restaurant now" Ryan reassured her.

The mill came into sight and passing by the mill pool they reached the river and walked the few yards along the bank to the Riverbank Restaurant.

"A table outside as it's a nice evening?" Ryan suggested

"One in a secluded corner under the circumstances; I think." Suzanne added.

They approached a table in a corner facing the riverbank and Suzanne positioned herself in front of a chair and with knees firmly together, to everything safely tucked inside her, carefully sat down.

"Are you still feeling unnecessary?" commented Ryan.

"I feel I have reached a plateau, and a pleasant plateau I must say." Suzanne said with a satisfied smile.

"Jolly good, now what about a drink to start. They do a nice pint of Red Diesel?" Ryan asked "A pint of what?"

"It's a local brew, goes down a treat" Ryan continued "Just the name puts me off. I think I'll have a nice large glass of Merlot; after all I think I deserve it; don't you?" Suzanne suggested quizzically.

"Oh definitely."

The evening passed pleasantly until the sun finally disappeared below the horizon.

"I'm just going to powder my nose" Suzanne said gently raising herself. "Ah, before you go, you will need to take this 'little attachment' with you" Ryan said passing Suzanne a small item that resembled a tiny brush fixed to a clip.

"What is this for?" Suzanne asked.

"I think you need to move to a higher plateau on the walk back!" Ryan said raising his eyebrows "It's quite easy to fit and its obvious where" His eyebrows raised once again, and with that Suzanne flashed him 'an old fashioned look' and turned and made her way back inside the restaurant.

Returning a few minutes later, Suzanne was met by Ryan half way across the restaurant saying the bill had been paid so they headed for the river bank to make their way back home.

Once clear of anyone in earshot Suzanne said "Ooooh, that is so wicked Ryan, how could you!?" "I sure I don't know what you mean" Ryan said innocently.

"You know very well, that 'little attachment' as you called it, is now fixed to the dildo and move up and down with it rubbing up and down on my clit every step. That is a very sensitive spot I'll have you know. Walking to the restaurant was quite pleasant, a nice feeling, not too extreme, although I'm not sure how much further it would take to"

Her voice petered out.

"But this! Well I know I will need to pause every now and again or things might....... well, get out of my control!"

"I aim to please" Ryan replied smugly and beamed a big smile.

Suzanne gave him a slightly pained expression in reply as made their way back up Mill Lane towards the High Street.

Part way along Mill Lane Suzanne was becoming somewhat aroused and beginning to pant. Knowing an orgasm was not far away and there still being the odd passerby, she focused on the empty table and chairs outside the now closed tea room at the top of the road.

This would be her goal; if she could reach there she could sit down, if Ryan would let her, and let the waves of excitement subside.

Focusing intently on the table and chairs with cheeks flushed and panting more heavily she fought the rising feeling as though everything depended on it.

Ryan had noticed the panting, but strolled casually alongside her oblivious (or outwardly so) of the turmoil within Suzanne's body.

Only 30 yards more she thought, I can make this. 20 yards; come on Suzanne you can do this.

10 yards more but the last 10 yards had seemed endless. She knew she was almost there in more than one way, which would arrive first; the tea room and a rest or an orgasm!

The desire to have the orgasm was so strong, but her will to resist was stronger, well at the moment anyway. She thought I suppose all that money Daddy paid for me to go to that finishing school was paying off, after all shouldn't a young lady in her position be a model of decorum at all times.

Having a massive orgasm in public wasn't something young ladies did.

This slight distraction was just sufficient to allow her to reach the tea room table.

"Can....can we stop here for a moment?" she managed to utter. "Oh, I think so Suki, we are almost half way at this point"

So with that, red faced and panting quite hard, she carefully and gently seated herself.

There was still a problem though, again cutting across finishing school rules. Sitting with knees together, as all young ladies should, the dildo was at its deepest with the little brush atachment ideally placed on and above her clit.

Although she was not moving, it was as though she could feel every individual bristle trying its best to tip her over the edge.

There was only one thing for it; she would have to open her legs. However, seated as she was this would not work, unless she slouched in the chair at a ridiculous angle. So she carefully stood up once again, turned her back to the table and perched her bottom on its edge.

She now however was facing the street when before she had her back to any passersby. This could not be helped, she just needed to move that brush away from her clit.

Opening her legs did have its own risk though; it would withdraw the dildo slightly but would also draw the brush over her highly sensitive clit once more. However the chances were she would orgasm anyway, so what was there to loose, apart from her dignity.

Taking a deep breath, closing her eyes and concentrating hard she very slowly opened her legs. The dildo started to withdraw but at this speed each bristle flicked across her clit adding its own little increase in her excitement. She was so close, should she do one quick movement and hope the one off fast pass would not cause her to orgasm.

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The problem was that as she considered this, she was still very slowly opening her legs and letting each bristle do its job. By the time she decided to go for the quick movement it was too late!

The next bristle like the last straw on the camel's back and took her over the edge. She let out a rather loud "Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh" and threw her head back.

For and instant she heard the Oooohhhhh echoing around the buildings before she disappeared into the pleasure of the waves rippling over her. Every part of her body tingled, and colours flashed through her mind.

Ryan, realising what was happening, stood close against her, holding her against him. Fortunately, although a few people in the adjacent area heard the Ooohh and turned to look at the strange girl standing outside the tea room, none were local or knew who the couple were.

So Ryan just smiled back at those giving disapproving looks who were wondering if the girl was drunk, drugged or really having an orgasm in public in the middle of the village.

It took a few moments for Suzanne to recover her 'decorum' and realise what had happened by which time those that had witnessed the incident had passed, she therefore was not immediately aware anyone had seen her orgasm in the centre of the village.

"Did anyone see me? Anyone I know? Oh God how could I let that happen?" Suzanne said fretfully. "Ryan? Well... did they?" "It's Ok Suki, no one of any note saw you." Ryan replied now feeling slightly guilty for subjecting Suzanne to the incident.

"No one of any note! Oh that's fine then! Those of 'no note' can have a good look at me climaxing in public." Suzanne retorted.

"I think you may be over reacting a little, Suki" Ryan said trying to play down the situation but doing the exact reverse.

Consequently Suzanne said "Right, that's it I'm going home" and started off down the street. She had only gone a couple of paces when she let out another "Oooohhhhhh" as the dildo and brush made a few quick thrusts and passes.

Stopping dead in her tracks and causing her to put out an arm and lean against the wall.

At this point an acquaintance from the village appeared from the local shop, it being one that opened till late most nights of the week.

"Hi Suzanne, are you Ok?" the woman asked "Oh, Hi Mrs Mason, yes, I just feel a little woosey. I think it's a case of too much wine after taking a couple paracetamol. You know how it is" Suzanne said giving Mrs Mason a womanly look.

"Oh, I do dear; I know exactly how it is!" Mrs Mason replied "Can I run you and Ryan back to your house. Hi Ryan"

"Oh you know Ryan?" "Of course I do dear. After all we have both lived in the same village since birth. I used to baby sit him. Changed his nappy etc."

Ryan winced, but Suzanne broke out in a huge smile and started to giggle making Ryan's embarrassment a hundred times worse.

"Really Mrs Mason, I had no idea. Was he good baby?"

"Oh a cherub, but so messy eating his food" Mrs Mason replied.

"No change there then" Suzanne commented looking in Ryan's direction. Ryan winced again.

"Yes, such a lovely round little bottom" Mrs Mason continued.

Uumm that has chaged either Suzanne thought.

"Now what about that lift, dear?"

"Oh yes, that would be most appreciated, Mrs Mason, thank you"

With that, they all climbed into her Land Rover and disappeared down the High St.

Once back in Suzanne's kitchen the atmosphere was light, the meeting with Mrs Mason and her intimate knowledge of Ryan had made Suzanne forget about the how she felt about having an orgasm in public.

She now felt quite wicked as nothing had come of it, and in fact the thought of it was slightly arousing. She was still teasing Ryan about having his nappy changed by Mrs Mason which cut across his role as the dominant one in the relationship but they did have a really good evening, and there was more to this relationship than just Sub/Dom roles.

"I think it's time I was on my way Suki, I have an early start even if you don't" "But its Sunday tomorrow" Suzanne replied.

"That it may" said Ryan "But I have things to do. I'll pop around in the afternoon as I had planned before we had the unexpected intrusion this afternoon"

"Ok then Ryan, I'll look forward to it."

Chapter 14: Ringing the Changes

A week had passed since Yasmin had entered into her slave training and she and Suzanna were waiting in Suzanna's lounge for Ryan to arrive as he had requested. The door bell rang with its usual 'clang, clang' and both Suzanna and Yasmin made their way to the front door. Opening it they were greeted by Ryan.

"Good evening girls, I hope you are both well?" "Yes, thank you Ryan" Suzanna answered standing back to further open the door and allow him past. "Yes, and yourself?" Yasmin enquired. "Just chipper, thanks" he replied with his hand on one of two strange coat racks by the door.

"That reminds me" Suzanna said "You never did answer my question about why you moved this second coat rack down here; not that I mind.

"It's interesting that you asked Suki, as you will have a chance to find out tonight. Now, as part of that I need you both to get ready. Will we be interrupted by any unexpected guests tonight; as happened on a previous weekend?" Ryan asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"I don't know. If I did know, they wouldn't be unexpected, would they!" Suzanna said with a superior demeanour. "I am not expecting anyone; is that the answer you were trying obtain?"

Ryan sighed knowing he might be Suzanna's Master, but, intellectually she was definitely his superior.

"Here Suki" he said passing Suzanna a key "You may remove the legs cuffs from Amber; I think having worn them for a week she should now be in a position to walk delicately without their use."

"Oh thank you Ryan" Yasmin replied "I am used to them now but it has been difficult. I know now why Suzanna, I mean Suki behaved strangely when we had our girls lunch last week. It was my turn to wonder how to get on the tall stools in the cafe today."

"Yes it was amusing" Suzanna smiled "You never did quite make it on to the stool, so stood the whole lunchtime. What was your excuse now?"

"Oh don't. It's just too embarrassing" Yasmin replied "Can we please move on."

"Yes, lets" Ryan said impatiently "Now up to the dressing room both of you. Suki I want you to wear the corset without cups together with ankle and wrist cuffs, then dress Amber similarly but in the ľ cup corset. Then back down here as soon as you can."

Once in the dressing room Suzanna unlocked the cuffs from Yasmin's knees then opened the trunk containing the corsets, took them out and laid them to one side.

Removing all but her stockings and shoes, Suzanna pulled the cup-less corset around herself, positioning the cuts outs under her breasts then began engaging the front busks.

"Pull the laces tight Amber" Suzanna commanded. "Don't you mean, pull the laces tight please, Amber."

"No, I mean pull the laces tight. You are my slave and will do as you're told." Suzanna said sternly. "Well, you're enjoying and making the most of your position I must say. I hadn't seen this side of you before" Yasmin said critically.

"No back chat Amber or I will have to have a word with Ryan" Suzanna said in an even more stern voice. Yasmin thought she had pushed things as far as she should, so began tightening the corset laces.

Once Suzanna was nipped into her corset with her waist now down to 22" and her stockings attached to the three suspenders on each leg, she commanded Yasmin to fit the ankle and wrist cuffs as requested by Ryan.

Now fully dressed, she began to dress Yasmin in a similar manner. Suzanna was still feeling a little put out by Yasmin muscling in on her relationship with Ryan and perhaps consciously, perhaps unconsciously she pulled the corset laces tighter. Yasmin winced more than once as her waist reduced to an even smaller 21" giving her a really distinct hour glass figure having slightly bigger hips than Suzanna.

When they were both ready they made their way out of the dressing room and down the spiral staircase. Ryan was still fiddling about with the coat stands when they arrived.

"OK, you can see I have changed the position of the fixtures on the vertical pole of the coat stand, this because although you think of it as a coat and umbrella stand, it certainly isn't!" Ryan said.

Suzanna looked quite puzzled; it had always been used as a coat and umbrella stand for as long as she could remember.

"Right" Ryan continued seeing Suzanna's puzzlement. "The large horizontal ring about the size of a dinner plate in the middle; the one umbrella handles hang over is still in the middle, but a bit higher; waist height in fact. The medium ring the size of a saucer at the bottom the bottom where the pointy end of the umbrellas were located, is now at the top; at neck height.

Is it becoming clearer yet? No?"

Both Suzanna and Yasmin still looked puzzled.

"Have you ever wondered, or even noticed why those two rings that hold the umbrellas are made of two semi- circular hinged pieces that can be opened. No?"

Both Suzanna and Yasmin still looked puzzled.

"No, I didn't think so. The first time I saw this coat stand I thought it was weird, played on my mind continually. When we found the trunks containing the bondage equipment things started to fall into place so let me demonstrate." Ryan said beckoning Yasmin towards him.

He then opened up the large and medium rings and turning Yasmin around, pushed her back up against the vertical pole of the coat stand and into the now open rings. After adjusting the height of the large ring he now closed the two halves around Yasmin's waist securing her against the pole. He then did the same with the medium ring that now closed snugly around Yasmin's neck!

"You get the idea now?" Ryan said enquiringly.

"Oh, definitely" Suzanna replied "Cunningly disguised bondage devices in the main hall next to the front door. I wonder what the idea of them being adjacent to the front door was."

"Displaying your slaves to fellow participants when they entered I expect" Ryan suggested.

"Oh yes, how arousing being exposed to a number of strangers" Suzanna exclaimed.

"Maybe not strangers though!" Yasmin added.

"Ok, the next part. That 2ft wide horizontal top rail you hang hats and scarves on; it's now at the bottom. Notice the ball shapes on the end of the rail? Where have you seen them before?" Ryan enquired.

"Ah, yes I have seen them" Suzanna replied "On the end of the spreader bars" "Absolutely right, so this is?" Ryan enquired yet again. "A spreader bar" Suzanna said triumphantly.

"So legs apart Amber" Ryan commanded and Amber moved her legs apart so her ankle cuffs were adjacent to the ends of the 2ft rail now at ankle height at the bottom of the pole.

A 'snap' sound was heard as the ball on the end of the rail located securely into the cup into one ankle cuff; a second 'snap' secured the other ankle.

"Now for the next part, the small double ring" Ryan said; this looked like a double cup holder and was presently just above waist high at the back of the pole.. "We push gloves through those rings" Suzanna added "In the winter that is."

"Ah, I wondered what an innocent use would be. Well, they will keep your elbows close together. Amber, slide your hands through them." Ryan commanded.

Amber drew her hands behind her back and slid one through each of the two adjacent rings. Ryan then slid the double ring attachment up the pole and in doing so the rings slid up Amber's forearms forcing her to thrust her breasts out as her elbows got closer and closer Once the double ring attachment was at elbow height Ryan tightened a scrwew clamping it in place.

"Yes, that's quite a pleasing pose" Ryan commented "Now see this other little attachment, just has the two little balls shapes sticking out."

"We always wondered what that was for. It didn't serve any purpose whatsoever!" Suzanna commented. "But I can see that it does now, Amber's wrist cuffs will connect to it."

"Absolutely right Suki" With that Ryan slid the attachment up the pole until it aligned with Amber's wrist cuffs, then snapped each wrist cuff onto a ball holding them almost touching behind the pole just below waist height.

"There, I think you're done for the time being Amber, now don't go anywhere while I attend to your Mistress" Ryan said.

"Oh that is so corny" Amber replied, wriggling into a more comfortable position.

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"Careful Amber I dare say we can make that position more extreme" Ryan said with a sterner accent to his voice.

Yasmin thought silence was probably the best policy now considering her lack of opportunity to resist pretty much anything Ryan and Suzanna wanted to do to her.

"OK Suki your turn"

Suzanna moved over to the other coat stand opened the large waist and medium neck rings and backed into position, then closed the rings.

"Umm, not quite tight enough I think Suki" Ryan said squeezing the waist ring in particular until it exactly matched her cinched in 22" waist. Marvellous design these things, the way they adjust and ratchet close.... really good."

Suzanna knew what was coming, so reached back and slid her wrists through the double ring attachment. Ryan then slid it up her arms and as Yasmin had to thrust her breasts forward to accommodate her elbows being forced together, so Suzanna did also. This resulted in a little groan as she wriggled, lifted her head and forced her shoulders back.

Ryan tightened the attachment in place and then positioned the last attachment so Suzanna's wrist cuffs could be snapped into place.

With the two girls now secured in place with breasts thrust out, Ryan stood back to admire the view.

"Yes, very nice. Very nice indeed" he commented "Now I just need to get a couple more items." He then started to make his way up the stairs towards the bedrooms.

"What is he going to get now?" Yasmin asked. "I've no idea" Suzanna replied.

"Gags, do you think?" Yasmin further enquired "I told you I don't know. Now I think we should just wait here in silence or we will be gagged for certain.

After only a minute or so Ryan reappeared. "Ok girls, I think you may like these, but then again not."

Holding a polished wooden box he opened it to produce two large silver dildos "I found these in the second trunk I opened the other week."

Suzanna looked surprised and Ryan noticing this said "You were otherwise occupied in your dressing room with a clockwork device at the time Suki, plus you were blindfolded so wouldn't have seen them. They also have their own little clamp to connect to the vertical pole."

Ryan bent down in front of Yasmin clipped the dildo to the pole and slid it upwards. Running his fingers through her slit, he commented that there shouldn't be a problem in inserting it and brought its cold metal tip in contact with her warm slippery slit.

Yasmin took a sharp intake of breath partly due to its contact with her slit and partly because of its cold feel. She felt it slid in slowly, then being withdrawn slightly, then being slid in further. Then another pause and slight withdrawal before it entered further; pause, withdrawal, thrust. This was repeated a few times until it was fully inside Yasmin, where upon Ryan clamped it in place.

Yasmin was taking slow steady breaths as Ryan turned to Suzanna and repeated the process.

They were now both fully on show and restrained inside and out and positioned by the main door of the house. It was at this point that Suzanna began to think what if someone came to the door. There were no windows adjacent to the door so they could not easily be seen, but even so she was acutely worried.

"Ryan, what if someone comes to the door?" Suzanna said in a slightly worried tone. "Oh that's Ok" Ryan said "As you are indisposed I can answer it for you. Don't worry"

Suzanna gave a really pained expression. "You know very well what I mean" "Yes, whoever designed this had also thought of that. I also found in the trunk a set of instructions. So I can now connect up the final part" Ryan said opening the box once again removing what looked to be a nipple clamp.

"A nice design, but a nasty little thing." Ryan said thoughtfully looking at the nipple clamp.

Then moving over to Yasmin he carefully held her left nipple while opening the teethed jaws of the clamp before allowing them to close and bed into her soft fleshy nipple. Yasmin winched as the teeth bit in and she wriggled at the discomfort only making the teeth dig in a little more as the clamp shook at the end of her nipple. A second clamp was then fitted to her right nipple bringing another wince.

Suzanna, facing Yasmin, was carefully studying the clamps as they looked far more complicated than just a clip or clamp. They consisted lots of little bits and pieces and were probably quite heavy, not a pleasant thought!

Similar clamps were fitted to Suzanna, causing her to let out an "Oooohhhh, aaaahhh" as the teeth bit into a sensitive nipple and the weight that she was expecting began to take its toll and pull her nipples down.

"I think a gag may have been appropriate after all" Yasmin commented "If someone does come to the door they may hear us."

"Unfortunately, well for you that is, that is part of the idea." Ryan said bring a puzzled but concerned view to the faces of both girls. "Now I need a step ladder, back in a mo."

Ryan disappeared out through the kitchen returning a couple of moments later with a step ladder. Setting it up by the door he climbed up and disconnected the door bell from its lever mechanism. This was an old house and the door bell was manually operated.

There was a large lever outside adjacent to the door that the visitor pulled. This was linked to cable on the inside that ran up the wall where it connected to a real metal bell, like those in a church tower, only far smaller. Moving the lever caused the bell to swing from side to side making a loud 'clang - clang' sound.

Having disconnected the bell, Ryan connected an additional cable to the cable linked to the outside lever. This additional cable was then ran over a couple of small pulleys on the wall and down to just behind Yasmin. Suzanna looked on curiously, having never before noticed the small pulleys on the wall.

The cable then ran across to the top of the coat stand pole to which Yasmin was secured. Passing through a ring on top of the pole, the cable split into two thinner cables running down in front of Yasmin and connected to the end of the nipple clamps.

A degree of adjustment was required until the cable was taught thus taking the weight of the nipple clamps from her tender nipples. Yasmin was now connected to the door bell lever. Holding part of the main cable just above Yasmin's head; Ryan gave it a little tug and caused the nipple clamp mechanism to activate.

Suzanna couldn't see what was happening as Ryan was still standing between them both but she certainly heard Yasmin wail, and loudly. This echoed around the hall.

"Clever" Ryan commented turning to Suzanna and gave her a smile before climbing back up the step ladder to connect a second cable.

Presumably this is coming my way Suzanna thought, and it was. The second cable followed a route around the wall via more little pulleys to behind where Suzanna stood secured to the coat stand pole. This time Yasmin watched now understanding what the cables linked to her were doing.

With second set of cables now attached to Suzanna's nipple clamps and suitably adjusted, Ryan gave her cable a little tug. The nipple clamp mechanism activated, this caused a sprung loaded device to give her nipples a sharp tug, a little like a fancy wine bottle openers that have levers. Not only did it tug sharply on her nipples the teeth also dug in further.

Both these actions released when the cable was released but for a second or so it was quite painful, so this time Suzanna let out a shrill ear piercing yell.

"Ok, just one final check." Ryan said moving the steps away from the front door, collapsing them and leaning them against the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Then returning he strode up to the door and opened it!

A horrified Suzanna now looked directly outside and was relieved that no one was in sight. It was unlikely that there would have been but Ryan didn't know that.

"Right, door bell test number one" he called and pulled the door bell lever. The lever movement transmitted through the wall to the main cable and up the wall, then, split into the two cables one heading for Suzanna, the other for Yasmin. Each cable ran around the walls before descending to now split again to now make four cables that connected to the respective nipples clamps.

All four nipple devices activated together and both Suzanna and Yasmin let out shrill wails. Not satisfied at that, Ryan released the lever then pulled it again, the nipple devices both having reset when the lever was released fired again and yet another even louder shrill wail from both slave girls.

Re-entering and closing the door Ryan told Suzanna and Yasmin the new door bell was working satisfactorily and he was off to kitchen for a coffee.

"I'm sure if someone does call I shall be made of their arrival even in the kitchen with the radio on" Ryan said leaving Suzanna and Yasmin immobilised by the door as two living statue door alarms.

"How long do you suppose he will leave us here?" Yasmin asked.

"I've no idea and these clips are quite painful even without the thought of a further pull" Suzanna replied. "Oh, suppose someone comes; they are bound to hear us wail and then if the door is not opened, well, they might think the worst and call the police!"

All sorts of scenarios flew through Suzanna's mind; being seen by Mrs Mason, the police forcing an entry. Perhaps pictures in the local or even national paper of her secured to the coat stand with breast exposed thrust forward and connected to door bell and a large metal dildo held firmly inside her.

However, all this surmising was actually starting to get her aroused and she was not really listening to Yasmin's further concerns.

After about twenty minutes and although not exactly comfortable, the pain in her nipples was a dull throb when Ryan reappeared.

"Things Ok girls? Good" not waiting for their reply. "I'm popping out to the sheds out back, I'll leave the doors and windows open so I can still hear if we do get a visitor."

"Ryan" Suzanna called out. "Shh Suki, I would gag you for calling out like that but a muffled door bell is not much use is it" he said turning and disappearing back into the kitchen before she could say anything.

After what seemed like ages but was only half an hour or so Suzanna and Yasmin could hear hammering noises coming from the shed and were wondering what on earth he was doing and how would he hear if someone did pull the door bell lever. However, whether he heard or not, it was the worrying thought of someone pulling the bell lever that really concerned them.

The banging had stopped and Suzanna and Yasmin were relieved and discussing whether he may now be returning to release them when a fierce tug on their nipples was felt a fraction of a second before the mechanisms activated and both girls shrieked.

The cable tension slackened and the mechanisms released and reset before activating again bring two even louder wails and shrieks as whoever it was at the door pulled the lever again. The subconscious thought of 'Oh God who can that be?' was flying across the back of Suzanna's mind when the mechanisms released, reset and activated a third time.

Whoever it was a little impatient as this time they didn't release the lever and consequently their nipples were still being pulled with the little teeth of the clamp biting fiercely.

This gave an effect similar to a normal electric door bell. Although the initial high pitched shriek had gone a slightly lower but prolonged wail still continued as the clamp teeth did their job. Eventually, after what seemed liked ages but was only two to three seconds the tension released and the mechanism rest releasing the teeth to much lesser force.

The wail now reduced to more of an "Ooooooooooohhhhhhh."

Regaining her thoughts, Suzanna's mind turned from the pain to who might be at the door. Despite the loud wailing sound they had made and the fact no one had answered the door there were no further pulls on the door bell lever; nor were there any knocks or anyone calling out.

Had they gone away or were they standing there wondering what to do. Will they pull the handle again? Suzanna thought, trying to put that out of her mind as her nipples were sore enough as it was. Maybe they were now phoning the police and the images of her exposed in the local paper again flashed through her mind.

A minute or so now having passed Ryan appeared "Did I hear you girls call?" he asked. "Yes, yes!" Yasmin said "Quick who's there, they rang three times, they must have heard us if you did."

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Ryan opened the door to Suzanna's horror as she stood exposed and staring out onto her own drive. Ryan stepped out and said "It must be someone delivering junk mail" picking up a few flyers and leaflets from the door step.

"Oh what a relief" Yasmin said "Suppose it was someone we knew and wanting to come in, or even worse they walked around the back and came in through the open kitchen door! Maybe they are still walking around."

"I think you're safe" Ryan reassured her and I think it's time you were released. "Oh, at last" Yasmin exclaimed.

Ryan turned to Suzanna and carefully released the tension in the nipple clamp cables and gently released the clamp. The blood flowed back into Suzanna's nipples causing her to let out another wail.

"Hey, what about me? I have been in here the longest and should be released first." Yasmin demanded. "That sort of outburst will ensure you stay there even longer!" Ryan retorted and after releasing Suzanna's second nipple quickly disappeared upstairs returning a few seconds later with a large penis gag.

"This should stop your complaints" Ryan said giving Yasmin's cable a little tug. Yasmin opened her mouth letting out another wail as the penis gag was thrust into her mouth muffling the noise. Quickly buckling it behind her neck he then turned to continue releasing Suzanna.

Once released, Ryan partly undid the lacing on her corset and told her to go and undress and have shower or bubble bath or whatever she wanted. Suzanna turning to go up the stairs, received a playful, yet hard, smack on the bottom from Ryan resulting in a little "Ooooohh" as he watched her now slight red bottom wiggle its way up the stairs.

"OK Amber now your turn or do you want to stay here a little longer?" Ryan asked. Amber shook her head.

"No point really is there, a silenced door bell is of little use" Amber shook her head.

Ryan carefully released the nipple clamps resulting in muffled ooohh as the feeling returned to her nipples before the cuffs and other attachments were released and Amber was allowed to go up to the bedrooms.

Ryan didn't remove the penis gag however and Amber thought it best not to suggest he did so, so demurely ascended the stairs to have a long awaited rest.

Sometime later both made their way down stairs dressed in their black seamed stockings and 4" heels. They looked towards the front door as they made their way across the hall noticing the coat stands were back to their original configuration with a couple of old full length umbrellas with hooked handles residing in the large and medium horizontal rings that had held they both securely only a short while ago.

They entered the kitchen to be greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and Ryan pouring both of them a cup. Sitting down together they chatted as nothing had happened and it was just typical sunny summer evening until Yasmin began "Do you remember I told you last week about Uncle Edward?"

"I remember you saying something about him" Suzanna replied "I don't really know him as we moved away and I went to finishing school and university. I don't think I've seen him in probably ten to twelve years. So what about him?"

"Well, as I said, he is in to all this stuff. He has this one event, a summer ball, it's coming up in a few weeks and I always get invited. I don't always go but I did last year." Yasmin continued. "I'm invited again this year.

Anyway the ball is on a Saturday and some stay over and leave Sunday, he has a large estate with a mansion, loads of bedrooms etc; made his money in the Far East. I did that last year, stay over and leave Sunday not make a fortune in the Far East."

"Yes, we guessed that" Suzanna said mockingly.

"To continue" Amber said flashing a pained look at the smiling Ryan and Suzanna, "this is when I noticed a few couples also stayed for a further night or so."

"So what is so interesting about that?" Suzanna asked "Why shouldn't a few close friends stay on a little longer?" "It's why they stay and what they get up to while they're there that is the interesting bit. He holds a sort of bondage / domination party." Yasmin explained.

"But how do you know if you leave on Sunday?" Suzanna queried.

"Well, it's what I heard some of the couples talking about, Uncle Edward went over and joined in the conversation but ushered the group out onto the patio so I couldn't hear the remainder, but I had heard enough to know what they were talking about. Oh, he also has two of those coat stands by his entrance door. Identical to the ones we are now so familiar with!"

"Oh" Suzanna exclaimed "I had no idea"

"Some may have been innocent chatter though. They talked a great deal about ponies and pony racing. I can't stand horsey stuff even though we had a couple when I was young. A close girlfriend of mine was mad about horses and used to ride them, clean out the stables and all that as well for free!" Yasmin added "So I switched off as soon as I heard them start talking horses."

"They may not have been ponies as you think of them Amber. They may have been girl ponies." Ryan commented.

"Girl ponies, don't you mean mares? I hate horses, but I know a female horse is a mare" Yasmin said with a bit of a putdown.

Suzanna looked on wishing Yasmin had been a little more tactful.

"No I mean girl ponies or 'pony girls' as they are called. Girls that are dressed and treated like ponies; they get them to pull small carts" Ryan explained.

"Oh" Yasmin said now feeling a little silly "How can a girl look like a pony? They dress as a pantomime horse you mean, in pairs?"

"No not really, they normally wear very little but what they do wear usually includes a harness and bit, maybe a head plume and also a tail." Ryan continued.

"Really, a tail! What tied to their waist?" Yasmin asked innocently. "I'm afraid not Yasmin, it's more of an internal fixture" Ryan said.

"Oh" Yasmin said in a resigned embarrassed tone. "Stuck up their....." Ryan raised his eyebrows.

"Umm, that puts a different light on the conversation. I did see some little carts in one of the stables while I was walking around. I just thought they were typical pony carts used at gymkhanas and events." Yasmin said with a reflective look on her face. "Maybe I'll have a closer look this year. Hey, why don't you come too, both of you!

The invite always asks if I want to bring a friend or friends and well Suzanna your family so I'm sure Edward would love to see you again after so long."

"Oh, I don't know" Suzanna answered. "Chance to wear a nice posh frock!" Yasmin said temptingly.

Suzanna like most girls relished the chance to wear a posh frock. "Well, maybe" she said already thinking of what she would like to wear, "Umm I'll need new shoes though"

"Nice 4" heeled shoes though" Ryan reminded her "Maybe I can even relent on the requirement to wear black seamed stocking for this event."

"Suppose he asks us to stay and join in?" Yasmin asked. "Why should he?" Suzanna enquired "Has he asked you to stay on before?"

"Not directly, but he did make a few comments that I didn't really understand. I just gave not committal answers as though I knew what he meant. He obviously knew I didn't. He does have an eye for the young girls though."

Yasmin explained. "He did comment that he thought I looked fit and asked if I went to the gym. Also said he thought I could probably run quickly, then, added even in high heels. I thought that a bit of a strange comment at the time; that's why I remember it!"

"I imagine he was trying to get you involved and testing you out" Ryan said.

"So what do you think, should we all go? I have to RSVP in the next couple of days and state who I am bringing."

"Why not" Suzanna replied "I do like to wear a posh frock and it could be quite fun. Can we go Ryan and will you come with us? Or should I say, can we go with you?"

"Yes, I think it's a splendid idea, what is the exact date Amber?" Ryan asked.

"Always the last weekend in July, kids are off school so can be farmed out to relatives etc for the weekend" "Ok, then it doesn't clash with anything I have, What about you Suki?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, it's good for me and gives me a couple weeks to find an outfit" "I might have some input into what you wear, maybe more from a lingerie point of view though." Ryan said with a smile.

"Very, well" Yasmin said "I'll make the arrangements. Hockley Manor and Pony Races here we come."

The End
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