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When Dreams Come True
  • Author - The Romantic Roper  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, bondage, packaging, toys
  • Post Date - 10/11/2008
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Back Story

It all started in college. That's when I met the girl of my dreams. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. However, she was in love with another man: my brother. But he didn't love her. He had no desire to commit to just one woman and wanted to screw every one he met. But that didn't stop her. So throughout college she pursued him. I always hoped she'd give up and realize there was a young man who wanted her in plain sight. But unfortunately, she came into some money and My Brother married her soon after, the damn opportunist.

In the three years since they married, I've done my best to move on with my second love I met in college: bondage. I've had about four or five "slaves" who keep coming back because of my neat supply of BDSM gear and equipment, my skill with rope and restraints, and my good sized dick. But I still thought about my dream girl (who will be referred to here as 'Dee'). Despite my best efforts, I'd find myself thinking about her. There were times I'd even see her while I was fucking another woman. And sometimes I'd fantasize about kidnapping and enslaving her, but I couldn't do that to her in real life: bondage, like any other sexual practice, should be enjoyed by everyone involved.

Friday Night

One day I feel like visiting them. I call a few days to give them time to get ready, and go. After a four hour ride I arrive and knock on the door. Dee greets me. Time has been kind to her and she is lovelier than when I last saw her. But then I notice a sad, tired look in her eyes.

"Hello Roper," she smiles, "long time, no see. You look well."

"Thank you, Dee. And you look just as pretty as you did at your wedding. Maybe even prettier."

She hesitates. I'm not sure if she doubts my compliment or is grateful for it. She thanks me and invites me in.

"So, where is that brother of mine?"

"H-He's at work. But he should be home in time for supper."

But he isn't. We wait and wait. Dee gets up and goes to the next room to call him.

"Honey? Is everything alright. Roper's here and supper's—what?...When will you be ho...t-that long...b-but—"

He says something that silences her completely. I can't see her face but she goes stiff as is she's been told terrible news. "...I-I understand. I-I'll give Roper your love."

I pretend as though I didn't hear her as she returns to the dining room. She wears a smile that makes me think she should've been an actress.

"I'm terribly sorry, but Your Brother won't be home. His company gave him special project all of a sudden and he won't home until late Sunday night or early Monday morning."

My heart skips a beat. I will be alone with the woman of my dreams all weekend. It's like God has given me my greatest desire on a silver platter. But I have no supplies; I left all my bondage gear at home. And while playing the role of a kidnapper can be fun, will I have the heart to hold a woman captive against her will? While the idea of seeing fear, sorrow and anger on that Dee's face gives me pause, the image of her bound, gagged, nude and struggling makes my cock start to grow and harden in my pants. I fight the strong urge to lunge at her right here and now and keep my composure, continuing to be a perfect guest.

But while she's in the shower, I look around for things I could use. I find some rolls of tape, a decent sized coil of rope, and several strips of cloth. If I wanted to, I could easily make Dee my helpless prisoner. But do I really want to?

I am still pondering about whether or not to enslave my dream girl later when I think hear something. I follow the sound to the bedroom. It's actually two sounds: a loud humming sound and muffled moans. I crack the door a little and can't believe my eyes.

Dee is masturbating. One hand is kneading a breast while the other is working a big vibrator at her wet pussy. She's got a corner of the bed sheet in her mouth, most likely so I wouldn't hear her. The sound of her muffled grunts ands moans turns me on and I suddenly want to gag her. I've decided to capture her when she comes. But it's unlike any orgasmic sound I've ever heard: it sounds like it doesn't feel good, almost forced. She lets the sheet drop from her mouth and starts to cry. She reaches for a picture of her and my Brother.

"Why?" she asks it, "why have you done this to me, darling? Haven't I been a good wife? Have I become so ugly? What did I do wrong?"

My urge to capture her fades and I close the door to. I knock.

"Y-Y-Yes?" she asks as she tries to wipe her tears away and force herself to stop crying.

"Are you okay, Dee? I thought I heard crying."

"I-I-It's nothing. N-Nothing wr-wr-wr—"

She can't go on. She opens the door and wraps her arms around me, sobbing. I put mine around her and comfort her until she calms down.

"I've tried my best to be a good wife," she tells me. "I've done everything he's ever asked or told me to do, I've given every present he's wanted, and I've cooked all his favorite foods on a regular basis...but he doesn't love me. He appreciates me, he takes care of me, he gives me nice things...but the one thing I want the most is the one thing he doesn't want to give me. I have to beg him to have sex with me, and even then...it doesn't feel as good as it should. Not for me. I-It's supposed to feel good, isn't it?"

I just nod, a little stunned by this revelation. I always knew My Brother wanted her for her money, but I had no idea things were this bad.

"A while ago," she continues, "when I called him...I-I could hear someone talking. A woman. I actually heard her ask him to fuck her. And he must've thought I wasn't listening, because he responded 'In a minute'. Or at least I hope he thought I wasn't listening."

I look down to give her a sympathetic look. The next thing I know, I'm giving her a long, passionate kiss. At first she's surprised, but quickly gives in to return it. The kiss breaks apart, a long string of drool briefly connecting our mouths before breaking apart itself. We just look at each other, her gratitude clearly visible on her face. But I am picturing her gagged.

I put a hand on her cheek, "would you like me to—"

"Yes," she tells me. "Oh God yes."

"Then go back to bed and strip. I'll be back in a just a minute."

Unable to believe my luck and hard cocked, I get my meager bondage supplies. I return to the bedroom where a naked, beautiful Dee is waiting for me. She gives the ropes, cloth and tape a questioning look while I get out of my clothes, then gives me the same look.

"A-A-Are you going to tie me up?"

"If you'll let me," I give her a pleading look. "I won't even gag you to begin with. I'll just bind you and play with you. If you don't like it, just say so."

There is a pause before she says, "o-okay."

She put her arms behind her back and I use the rope on her wrists and elbows. I make sure they are secure, but don't hurt.

"Is that all?" she asks when I'm done.

"Oh there's a lot more I could do," I smile, "but I don't have enough rope. And I want to keep it simple since it's your first time tied."

Dee moves her arms around in an attempt to try and free them, but can't. "Y-You're pretty good," she semi-compliments me with a little smile.


"I have a question before we start: should I call you 'Master'?"

I shake my head. "No. Enough people have called me that. You can call me whatever you want."

"Thank you...dear."

I pick her up and put her on the bed. We exchange another big kiss and then I start in earnest. I continue to kiss several times on the face and neck, as well as licking her. This causes a loud, long moan of pleasure from her. She makes an even louder noise as I continue to use my mouth on her chest before taking a hard nipple and giving it a series of flicks with my tongue. This makes her squeal and writhe. I take the nipple in my mouth and gently suck it. I take her breasts in my hands and start to fondle them. Her free nipple is quickly taken captive by my fingers, which roll, press and pinch them.

"AAAUUGH!!" Dee yells. "R-R-Roper...p-please gag me. I feel like I need make some noise, but I'm scared I'll be so loud someone will hea—MMPH!"

I stuff a wad of cloth in her mouth and cover it with another, then continue with my work. I decide to suck on her other nipple now, but harder this time. And one of my hands snakes down to her pussy, which is already warm and wet, and put two fingers inside her.

Her muffled moans are music to my ears as my fingers work their magic on her while my other hand squeezes a breast and plays with its nipple while her other breast is in my mouth. I put in another finger and quicken my pace. Soon her hips start to move in a rhythm that matches that of my hand. Not long after that, her pace quickens and she gives me a series short yet loud grunts that tell me she about to climax. I remove my hand from inside her and stop playing with her breasts altogether. She looks as if she's been broken from a trance and loudly whines and whimpers through her gag, giving me a pleading look.

"Hey, don't feel bad. I have something even better for you," I grin as I waggle my dick.

Dee's eyes go wide as she sees how big I really am. She shudders and gives a loud moan of yearning. She spreads her legs as wide as they'll go. I ease my manhood in her nicely lubricated pussy. I pause to give her time to get use to feeling, then start fucking her. I'm slow and gentle at first, then bang her with increasing force and speed. I embrace her with my arms while she has her legs around my waist. It's a good thing she's gagged or someone really might hear the screams and shouts she's making. We go at until we both come at about the same time. When it's over, she collapses into my arms, breathing heavily and weak.

A few minutes later, I feel the urge to pee. With great reluctance, I pull myself from Dee, lay her down, and go to the bathroom. I come to the sight Dee lying out, arms bound and her mouth covered with a white cloth. She looks at me with a dreamy, grateful expression.

"You are so beautiful, Dee," I tell her with a smile. "My Brother is a complete fool to turn his back on such a great woman like you...in fact, I think I'll have to kidnap you."


"Don't worry. I'll try to have you back before your husband misses you. But you're such a lovely sight in bondage I just have to take you home and use some of my equipment on you."

There is a pause, and then she nods with a "Mph," of acceptance. I get dressed, get a spare blanket and pillow, and them out in my trunk. I pick up Dee, carry her and put her in it. I put a hand on her cheek and give her warm, reassuring look. "Don't be scared, Dee. I'll take as much good care of you as My Brother has, but I'll give you the passion and excitement he never has."

"Mmrrrr..." she purrs, giving me a look that says "I trust you."

I kiss her on the forehead, close the trunk, and start the drive home.

It's past midnight by the time I reach my house. It's a decent size and about ten to fifteen minutes to the nearest town; this enables me and my "slaves" to have our fun without prying eyes and sharp ears.

After I pull in, I open my trunk and am pleasantly surprised to see that my dear Dee is asleep. She is a beautiful sight: completely naked with white rope coiled on her wrists and elbows and a thick, white cloth encircling her mouth and lower face, holding another wad of cloth in her mouth. I start to get hard again looking at her. I carefully pick her up, carry her inside, and put her in bed. I untie and ungag her and get in with her, holding her tightly.

Saturday - Part 1

When I awake the next morning, Dee is gone. For a moment I wonder if what happened last night was a wonderful dream when she comes into my room, wearing one of the robes I keep for when I have "company".

"Good morning," she tells me with a bright, beautiful smile. "Breakfast is ready."

I get dressed and come to the dining room where a great breakfast is spread before me.

"This is very good, Dee," I compliment her part way through.

"Thank you." Her voice tells me she really appreciates it.

"So what happens now?" she asks after we're done eating. "Are you going to whip and torture me into being a good little slave?"

"...only if you want me to. I've never done anything to a slave who didn't want it. Or at least try it out. Everyone's had their own limits. Though there was this one woman who was such a masochist that some of the things she wanted me to do her were kinda scary." I pause to study Dee. "I'll start out with the simple stuff on you for now, then we'll work our way up the ladder of what you can handle as we go. Though you can pick what and when, of course."

( link opens in new window )

She smiles approvingly. "You're a kind and gentle master, aren't you?"

"I wouldn't say that," I smile back. "I just don't to hurt anyone. Bondage and BDSM should be about excitement and passion, not hurting people or having someone completely at your mercy. At least that's how I feel. I can't speak for the other bondage and BDSM enthusiast."

"Should we get started?" she asks.

"When you're ready."

She unties the robe's belt and lets it fall to the floor. "I'm ready," she smiles as she stands before me naked.

I make her wait in the living room while I get some supplies. I choice some hand cuffs with a fur lining, a small ball gag, a blindfold, and ankle cuffs with a decent length of chain. I hesitate before selecting my best looking collar. She's both surprised and amused as I put the cuffs on her. I even hold out the collar and ask if it's okay if I put it on her.

"Yes. It's lovely. It looks more like a fancy necklace than a collar."

I put it on her. With her permission, I put the ball gag in and fasten its strap. She even lets me blindfold her after a pause. I take a moment to admire my handiwork: I may've had hotter women tied, but to me Dee is the most beautiful. I guide her to the couch ands sit her down. As with last night, I kiss, lick and suck her face and neck, making her purr with pleasure. I squeeze her breasts and use my mouth and fingers on her stiff nipples. I'm a little rougher than last night but the muffled sounds she makes are of surprise and pleasure more than pain. When I'm done, I make her stand back up. She gasps as I kiss her lovely ass. I kiss it, lick it, and lightly smack it. Her muffled yelps and squawks are music to my ears. By the time I'm done she's shaking. Not in fear, but in excitement. I stand up to whisper in her ear. "I'm going to try some things different from last night. I won't tell you what because they're a big surprise. But they're going to feel strange and may hurt a little. Shake your head and I won't do them. Nod if you want m—"

She bobs her head up and down before I'm down. Smiling, I kneel back down and put a finger in her rectum. A muffled squeal comes behind Dee's gag. It turns into a series of grunts and groans as I work my finger in and out of her tight ass hole, which has never had anything in it. As it stretches, I go from one finger to two, then three. Dee is moving in rhythm to match my movements, moaning and gasping at what I know is a new, bizarre, wonderful sensation for her. I snake my other hand to her dripping pussy and use a classic massage move where two fingers work near either lip while two more are inside her. When it feels like she's about to come, I take my finger out of her holes and reposition myself to where my mouth is at her vagina. I stick my tongue in as far it will go and enjoy the wonderful smell and taste assaulting my senses. She screams at this and quickly orgasms, sending a load of lady cum into my mouth and on my lower face. She starts to fall and I catch her. I hold her steady as I stand up and position myself behind her. She gasps loudly in shock and maybe pain as I work my hard cock in her anus. I put in as much as I think she'll hold without hurting her too much and start. As with last night, I give her some time for her body to adjust, start out slow and gentle and get more forceful as we get into it. Her grunts and groans signal she's experiencing pleasure and pain at the same time, but I'm too worked up to stop. We both give loud, long shouts as I come in her ass. I removed the gag.

"I-I'm sorry—Dee," I apologize with a gasp. "T-That didn't—hurt too much, did it?"

"Are—you kidding? That was—great! Sure it hurt a little—but I'm sure it won't next time."

I kiss her, remove the blindfold and cuffs and we lay on the couch in each other's arms.


"Yes Dee?"

"I...I'm so sorry I married the wrong man."

"I don't blame you. You were in love."

"What you were saying about taking me back before he knew I was gone? C-Could you just keep me instead?"

My heart skips a beat. "A-Are you sure?"

She nods. "In less than twenty four hours, you've shown me more passion and excitement than your Brother has in three years. And have given me the most powerful, best orgasms I've ever had in my life in the process. I want you to restraint me and do whatever strange, amazing things to my body that you want. I-I know I have a lot learn and realize I'm not much of a pleasure slave. But I'll my best to please you, Master."

I look at the earnest, determined look on her face. I smile and kiss her. "I already told you, you don't have to call me that. And as far as I'm concerned, you're already a good slave. I'll take you down a path where you'll experience things you've never dreamed of. Sometimes it may hurt, but the rest of the time it'll give you a thrill you won't get anywhere else. Of course I'll keep you! I'll be the husband My Brother never even tried to be...but would it be okay if I play with my other slaves from time to time?"

"...c-c-c-can I-I-I...can I join you?"

Before we can continue the conversation, there's a knock at the door.

Saturday – Part 2

We yelp at the sound of the knocking at the door. I quickly get into my clothes and yell "Coming!" while Dee runs into another room. I open the door to see a petite young woman with red hair. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was teenager. "Ragdoll?" I ask in surprise. (Not her real name of course, but she'll be called so here.)

"M-Master?" she asked with a shaky voice, tears running down her adorable face. "Could you please take me back? I know you hate it when someone just shows up, but I don't have anywhere else to go."

"Sure," I tell her, shaking off my surprise. "I always have my door open to a woman in trouble. You should know that more than anyone."

"T-Thank you Master," she tells me as she comes in, wiping the tears off her face.

"So," I ask, "what are you doing here? What's wrong?"

"Me and Kenny had a fight," she tells me. (Kenny being her boyfriend and recent fiancé) "I met his parents last night. They didn't like me at all. They asked a lot of questions about my past that bought up stuff I really wasn't comfortable with. But Ken ended up taking their side and I think he learned some things he shouldn't have."

"He didn't learn about us, did he?" I ask nervously.

Ragdoll shakes her head. "No. But we got into an argument. Then we started yelling at each other. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew we were saying we never wanted to see each other again!"

Sobbing, she falls into my arms. I rub her to comfort her. Dee appears, the robe on and a look of curiosity on her face. To her credit, she waits until Ragdoll has calmed down some before clearing her throat. Ragdoll jumps out of my arms and her face turns as red as her hair at realizing I have another woman in my house dressed only in my guest robe...and a collar.

"Ragdoll," I tell her, "this is Dee. She's a special guest who'll be staying with me for a while. And Dee, this is Ragdoll, AKA Dolly, a long time friend."

"Hi," Dee waves at Dolly.

Ragdoll's blush fades some as she looks from me to Dee with wide eyes. "That's her? Is she another slave or will she be my Mistress?"

We exchange a shocked look at this. "...Ya know, I have no idea," I admit. "You took us by surprise. We'll have to think of something. But since you're here, you can help me out: I need to go shopping to get Dee some clothes and it looks like we'll need some extra food for sure now. And it'll be a lot less embarrassing if you get her clothes for me."


"And Dee, you can rest and do whatever you want to while we're gone. Just don't answer the door for anyone."

After I've changed clothes, Dee comes up to me. "Please tell me that that girl is older than she looks," she says.

"She is. She had a hard life before she met me, so don't be too hard on her for the intrusion. Shoot, you'll really like her once you get to know her."

"...are you already thinking about what to do with two slaves?"

"Not yet," I shake my head. "But something will come to me. And weren't you asking if you join in?"

A thoughtful look comes over Dee's face. "...she IS really cute..."

"And you'll like her," I promise.

Me and Ragdoll go into town and are gone a little over three hours. Dee greets us and we sit down to discuss what to do. I tell them about an idea that came to me in town. When I'm done telling them this plan, I ask them they're okay with it. They exchange a look and study each other before they smile and tell me yes.

Shortly, Ragdoll is dressed in a school girl costume that fits her perfectly (and a big blue ribbon that looks great in her red hair) while Dee is sitting behind a desk wearing a suit and glasses to play a teacher and I'm working a camera.

"Action," I signal.

Ragdoll walks up to Dee, who is pretending to grade papers.

"You wanted to see me, Ma'am?" she asks in a nervous voice.

Dee looks up at her with an expression of some disgust. "Yes. It's about your grades..."

"I know I haven't been a great student, but I really need to pass this class. Isn't there something I can do? I'll come after class, I'll come to your house to do chores, I'll even give you money!"

Dee's looks her "student" over with a leer. "I think we can come to an arrangement...come here."

Ragdoll steps closer and goes behind the desk. With a blur of movement, Dee pulls some handcuffs out of a purse on the desk, snaps them on Dolly's wrist, and throws her down to the desktop.

"Hey!" her victim yells "what are you—MMPH!!"

A handkerchief is stuffed into her mouth and another is wrapped around her head to keep it in place. Her "teacher" throws her short plaid skirt up, pulls her panties down, and runs her hands over her buttocks.

"Oh," she sighs, "such a cute little ass you have. So round and firm." She smacks it a few times, making Ragdoll shouts through her gag and writhe. "That's for being such a lousy student," Dee sneers. "And now for you to make up those grades..." she snakes her hand toward Ragdoll's shaven pussy and sticks two fingers in. The victim moans in protest, struggling. But her movements soon start to match those of Dee's fingers, which have now gone from two to three. And her moans become those of pleasure.

"See, it's not so bad," Dee coos. She pulls her fingers out of Ragdoll to look at the juice on her fingers. She holds it to her nose to smell it, then hesitate before licking it off her hand. "Hmm...you're just as sweet as you look. I think I'll see how things are up top."

Dee flips Ragdoll over and makes her lie on the desk. She unbuttons her student's blouse and pushes her bra cups aside to reveal to small but well proportioned breasts. Dee smiles at this find. "Your li'l boobies are so cute!" she laughs. "They look like cupcakes with cherries on top. They look so yummy..."

She put her mouth to a nipple and flicks it with her tongue, making Ragdoll squeal. She takes the nipple and part of the breast in her mouth to suck and lick it. Muffled moans and yells fill the air as Ragdoll shivers and squirms with pleasure, blushing (as strange as it sounds) while her "teacher" uses her mouth on one breast and squeezes/fondles the other.

Dee soon reaches into her purse to pull out a vibrator. Ragdoll gives a muffled shout of surprise as it is run up and down her puffed up pussy lips, followed by load groans of pleasure. Dee starts to work the buzzing toy in and out of her student's g-spot until it's wet and dripping. She stops and leaves the vibrator stuck half way in and on low. Ragdoll's eyes go wide and she mewls and whimpers loudly.

"A good student needs to earn her rewards," Dee smiles as she unbuttons her shirt and takes off her bra. She ungags her red headed captive and holds a breast to her mouth. She doesn't even have to tell Dolly what to do before the smaller woman takes a nipple in her mouth to suck on.

"Oh!" Dee cries out. "That's it! You're such a good girl! Ooohh!!"

She makes Ragdoll suckle her for a minute before making her service the other boob. When she is satisfied, she pulls up her skirt, takes off her panties and get on the desk to strattle Dolly's face. Once again, her "student" catches on and starts using her mouth on her capturer's vagina. Now it's Dee's turn to moan and groan

"Oh yes, that's the way!" she cheers Ragdoll. "You're such a fast learner. I don't why you aren't a better student!"

Ragdoll pleases her "teacher" for several minutes before bringing her to climax. Dee has to cover her mouth so no one in the "school" can hear her scream. She gets off the desk and turns her attention to the vibrator. She works turns it on high and works it with one hand while using her other hand to cover Ragdoll's mouth. Good thing too, as the cuffed girl's voice gets rather loud as she approaches climax, then comes and goes limp the desk. Dee leans over and gives her a kiss.

( link opens in new window )

"That was very good. That helps your grades considerably. If you improve, I may give you some more 'private lessons'."

"Y-Yes Ma'am," Ragdoll sighs.

"Cut!" I announce as I turn the camera off. "That was wonderful ladies!"

"Are okay, Dolly?" Dee asks Ragdoll as she helps her stand back up. "None of that hurt, did it?"

"No," the little woman smiles brightly. "In fact, that was the most gentle spanking I've ever had! Now could you take these hand cuffs off?"

"Not yet," I say. "And Dee, there's another pair of cuffs in the top desk drawer. Please put them on to where your hands are in front of you."

Dee takes out the leather cuffs and puts them on. "Is this another video?"

"No," I smile as I put the camera down. "But after watching you two, I'm all worked up and need some relief." I drop my pants to reveal my hardened, aching cock and sit down in the chair. "I'd like you two ladies to please give me a double bow job. If that's okay."

Dee and Ragdoll exchange a look before facing with a smile and say "Sure thing!" in unison. They kneel in front of me and go to work. They lick, kiss, and suck from either side, one will take my cock in her mouth pleasure it, one will suck my balls, they'll exchange little kisses when they can, and Dee uses her hands to rub and stroke me and massage and fondle my sack.

"How am I doing, Roper?" she ask me at one point. "It's been so long since I've given a man head that it's almost like my first time."

"You're doing wonderful, Dee," I smile as I put a head on her head to rub it. "It's just as good as I imagined." I put my other hand on the other girl as she takes as much of my manhood in her mouth as she can. "And Ragdoll, your small lips and tongue fell so good on my member."

"Mrrr..." she purrs.

I continue to rub their heads and backs for the rest of the time, which encourages them to better please me. When I feel like I'm about to explode, I tell Dee to finish the job. Having my dick in her mouth is such a wonderful feeling. I gently put my hands on her head and mouth fuck her until I come. She swallows as much semen as she can, then pulls back for my seed to splatter on her face and upper chest.

"Ragdoll," I ask, gasping, " would you—please clean—Dee?"

"Gladly!" The petite red head chirps before proceeding to lick Dee clean.

I tell them we can take a nice break before the next game, scenarios already running through my head.

Saturday Night - Part 3

A few hours later, it's time for supper. Dee and Ragdoll keep looking at the mysterious smile on my face.

"What is it, dear?" Dee asks me. "Have you thought about what to do with us next?"

"You'll see."

It's after we're don eating I tell them it's time for dessert in a certain tone. Ragdoll lets out an excited "Oh!" and her cute face lights up while Dee looks confused.

"Dee," I tell her, "please take off all your clothes and lie down on the table."

She does. I break out some rope and tie her limbs to the table legs so she's spread eagle. Ragdoll has already gotten the supplies: chocolate and strawberry syrup, whipped cream and honey. Dee's eyes almost pop out her head and she gives a deep, loud gasp of shock as she realizes her fate.

"A-A-Are y-y-you going to-to-to...pour that stuff on me?!?" she yelps.

"Of course," I nod with a smile. "But if you're too freaked out, we can always use Ragdoll."

"I wouldn't mind!" the woman in question chirps.

Dee stares at the spreads before closing her eyes and moaning in excitement. "Mmmm...g-go ahead..."

Smiling, I take the chocolate syrup and hold it over her. I tilt and squeeze so the brown goo pours out slowly for Dee to watch in a mixture of fascination and lust. It pours on her skin and starts to spread, making her squawk at the gooey feeling. I pour the syrup over her stomach, chest and breasts as she gives a loud, drawn out groan.

"Oooohhh...R-Roper? Please gag me..."

I give her an apologetic smile. "Sorry dear, but I want to hear you holler for this."


"Don't worry, no one's around to hear," I comfort her before giving her a kiss to clam her.

"Okay," she smiles.

"Good." I look over at our small guest. "Want some dessert, Ragdoll? You can pour what you like."

"Thank you, Master!" she squeals as she grabs the whipped cream.

We pour both syrup and the honey all over Dee and then lick or suck it off. When we've gotten something off one part, we just pour some more on it. Dee thrashes in her bounds, squealing, yelling and even laughing at the feel of our lips and tongues. In no time at all, the best kind of cream is added as the juices flow from Dee's womanhood and we lap that up too.

"OH GOD!!" she screams. "I'm gonna cum harder than I ever have in my whole life!"

"Not yet," I coo, "hold it until I tell you. It'll feel better."

"But think I'll die if I—AAUGH!!"

I admire how long Dee holds it under our assault. When I think she's ready, I position myself to her slick and shining pussy was Ragdoll uses her breasts as a sundae. I tongue fuck Dee until it sounds like she's about to go mad, then tell her "You may come."

She screams and convulse as she climaxes, her cream going on my face to fill my mouth and nose with a wonderful taste and scent. She's so worked up she has a multi-gasm, rewarding me with much lady cum. When she's done, she goes limp in her bonds.

"Are you okay?" Ragdoll asks her.

"I'm—great--" Dee gasps with a big smile on her face. "That—was incredible! I've never—experienced anything like that."

"Well, you'll be experiencing that and so much more from now on," I tell her. I untie her and we kiss before she licks the syrups, honey and whipped cream off my face, then Ragdoll's. I tell her to go take a shower while we wipe out faces off and get ready for the next session.

When she rejoins us, Ragdoll is tied to a chair, blindfolded, gagged, her ears plugged and her ankles tied to the front legs to where she couldn't close her legs if she wanted to. A rope bra makes her small breasts bulge and clamps on a chain bite her nipples.

"Aren't those a bit cruel?" Dee asks with a frown.

"Hey, they were her idea," I tell her.

I put a collar on her and as special shirt: tight leather with breast holes than make her's stick out and jiggle too. I make her get on all fours and put some short cuffs on her hands. "This might be a little uncomfortable," I warn her before putting the ring gag in her mouth. I position her to where her mouth is right at Ragdoll's pussy while I get on my knees, put my hands on her hips, and put the tip of my dick in her waiting cunt from behind. I take a moment to savor the scene before me before I impale Dee with a thrust and get started. In front of us, Ragdoll gives a muffled squeal as Dee's tongue goes into her. It goes on like this for a while, me fucking Dee doggy style with her using her mouth on Ragdoll, who moves in a rhythm to the assault as good as her bonds will let her. First she comes a big load for someone her size, then Dee reaches climax, then I blow my load in the woman of my dreams. After we've rested a few minutes, I release the women from their bonds.

"M-Master?" Ragdoll tells me, "I think I'm ready for bed." She gives me a pleading look "C-Could you cocoon me like you used to? That first time you did, it was the best night's sleep I'd ever had. I felt so safe and warm and comfortable. And all those other times you did it. It's been so long..."

"You mean Kenny never—" I start to ask.

"We played bondage games sometimes. But he wasn't very into it. And he didn't have the knowledge, skill and supplies you have. So could you please wrap me up like you used to?"

"Cocoon you?" Dee asks in confusion.

"You'll see," Ragdoll replies with a smile.

I swallow nervously. Mummification is my least favorite bondage activity. In fact, Ragdoll is the only woman I've ever used it on, as the other women I've tied never cared much for it. But how could I say no to that adorable face?

"I'll see if I have enough stuff," I tell her. "Dee, take Dolly to the guest room and insert dildos into her ass and pussy after you've added some lubricant. I'll try to find something to wrap her up in."

I rummage around where I keep my supplies and equipment until I find a roll of silk sheet. It looks like enough to get the job done. With a sigh of great relief and unable to believe my luck, I go to the guest room. Dee is just finishing working the dildo into Ragdoll's rectum, the other one already snug in her smooth puss. Her youthful face lights up at seeing the roll of silk in my hands. "Thank you Master! You're so good to me."

"You're welcome."
I tell her to sit on the bed and start to wrap the silk tightly around her feet and up her legs, pulling it off the roll as I go. She stands up with her arms on her side for me to wrap her pelvis and torso. Dee helps me lay her on the bed and before I start on her neck and head.

"Good night, my pretty little Ragdoll," I tell her.

"Good night Master, Dee," she replies with a dreamy smile before her mouth is covered. When I'm done, a small mummy is laying the bed. I tuck her in and me and Dee kiss her on the forehead. As we close the door, I hear a contented sigh from under the silk.

"I was right," Dee tells me with a smile of admiration. "You ARE a kind and loving Master."

"Well, poor Ragdoll needs extra love and care."

"You think you could mummify me like that sometime?"

"...Maybe. I don't care much for it, but Dolly makes it easy because of her size and because she like its so much. Though I guess I could try it out on you to see how you like it."

"So," Dee smiled, "what are we going to do for the rest of the night?" She rubs her naked body against mind. "Do you have any more games you want to play?"

"...Not tonight. But I have a big game I'd like to play tomorrow. Something I've done with every woman I've had here."

"Oooh!" Dee says intrigued, "what?"

I smile at her as I tell her, "it's a surprise." I put an arm around her. "But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun. I can enjoy sex without bondage. After the past couple of days, it'll be a nice change of pace."

"Fine by me," Dee sighs with a dreamy look. "It'll feel still feel great to me. Hell, vanilla sex with you should still be great compared to your brother."

I give her the biggest smile I've ever given anyone. "Thank you!"

We spend the rest of the night making love the old fashioned way. And it feels wonderful.


I wake up early the next morning, feeling the best I have in a while. It's been a long time since I've had vanilla sex and it was better than I remembered. It didn't hurt it was with a woman I've loved since I first saw her. And hearing her tell me I was better than her husband/my brother ever was the cherry on top. I carefully get out of bed so I don't wake up Dee. She looks serene and peaceful as she sleeps. Plus, the sex took a lot of her and today is going to be a long one. I carefully get out of bed and get dressed. I also write a short note to warn Dee that the game we're going to play will be rough and may hurt but to go with it as best as she can.

First I check on Ragdoll. Good thing too. She's squirming around on the bed, yelling as loud as the silk covering her head will let her. I rush to her side and start to unwrap her.

"Are you alright?" I ask.

"Unwrap me, quick!" she says. "I gotta pee!"

I unwind the silk mummifying her as fast as I can. As soon the silk is unraveled, she runs to the bathroom, throwing the dildo out of her puss. After she's done, she comes back into the room with satisfied smile.

"Thank you, Master. That was close. Where's Dee?"

"Asleep. And she probably will be for a while. I think we can go ahead and have breakfast."

While we're eating, a car pulls up. Ragdoll's eyes go wide at the sight of it.

"Ken?!" she gawks.

I open the door to reveal a depressed looking young man. He sees Ragdoll and embraces her tightly.

"I'm so sorry, Baby!" he tells her. "I'm so sorry I said those things! I shouldn't have let your past and what my parents think of you get in the way. I've been going crazy without you! You're so adorable and loving. A lot of men would be lucky to have you. Would you please take me back?"

( link opens in new window )

Ragdoll thinks about it before smiling. "Okay. But you're going to have to make it up to me."

"Sure thing, baby. Anything you want!"

Ragdoll winks at me. I smile at what she might be implying. I hug her good bye.

"Tell Dee I said goodbye and I hope we get to play again," she tells me.

"I will," I tell her, "I think you already have a good friendship with her. And I don't think she has many of those."

Ragdoll and Ken leave. I can't believe my luck. I needed her gone anyway for what I have planned for Dee. I'm starting to think somebody "up there" likes me! I get busy and get out the many supplies I'm going to use, plans running through my head. I'm thinking things through when I hear Dee's voice.

"Roper?" she calls me. "Where are you?"

I step back in place that's out of view and wait.

"I read you're note. Just what are you planning?" she asks, sounding very intrigued and a little excited.

I have to stop myself from whispering "You're about to find out" before I pounce her. I yank the robe off her body and pull blindfold over her eyes. I plop the ball gag in her mouth and quickly secure it before she starts to struggle in earnest. I grab her by the arms, force them behind her back, and snap the hand cuffs on her wrists. I pick her up over my shoulder and carry her to the living room where the other supplies wait. She struggles and yells loudly through the gag, kicking her legs. I grab the collar and slap it on her neck as I put her down. She tries to run only to have the leash yank her neck. I give it a yank and pull her back to me. I push her to make her fall onto the couch, grab an ankle, and use cuffs with one link to secure them. I flip her over on her stomach and get the arm binder. I position it at her hands, remove the cuffs, slip the binder on her arms, and secure it.

I step back to admire my handiwork. Dee is a perfect object of bondage, bound in the most of secure of restraints, completely helpless and at my mercy. As I said before, I usually don't like strict bondage, but sometimes I so it every once in a great while for a great thrill and a very interesting change of pace.

Dee continues to struggle bravely, even though it sounds like she's becoming short on breath. She almost rolls off the couch, but I catch her before she can hit the floor. She squirms in my grip.

"Calm down," I tell her, throwing my voice to sound different. "Just do as you're told and you will not be hurt. Understand?"

There is a pause. I think Dee realizes this is the game I was talking about before nodding.


I stand her up to admire her and see if there's anything I can add to her "ensemble". I snap my fingers as it comes to me. I get some cord and wrap it around a breast, then the other. I run the rest of the cord around her chest and torso to make a rope bra that makes Dee's breasts stick out and bulge more than they normally would. And the constant pressure of having the cords lightly constricting her boobs should make them more receptive. Her nipples are already erect and she blushes at the feeling.

"Nice," I comment. "Shake 'em."

She does. They jiggle, bounce and roll much more than before. When she stops, her face is redder and she groans, shivering with what I hope is growing excitement.

I wrap some cord around her waist and add a variation on the crotch rope: instead of the traditional method of tying the cord where it will cleave into her pussy and ass crack based on her movements, I tie two cords so they cleave into her inner thighs and butt cheeks. This will force her nether lips to open some and her pussy to puff out some. And feeling the cords rub against her buttocks should have a nice effect on her. An idea comes to me and I use some extra cord to connect the crotch rope to a small vibrator that's right at Dee's entrance. I turn it on low and Dee moans quietly and shakes some. To finish off, I work a butt plug into her anus.

Again I step back to admire my work. Dee's shaking with excitement and lust and her muffled groans and moans are music to my ears. I think she can handle this rough game better than some of the women I've played it with in the past.

I play the vibrator at her vagina, moving up and down and pressing it into her just have it come back out. Her pelvis tries to move along with it, but can't keep up with the erratic movements.

"Don't come without permission," I tell her, "or you'll be punished."


I give the closest thigh a hard smack, making her squawk. "Quiet. And do as you're told."


I tease her for a while, moving the vibrator around and changing its settings at random. She yelps and shouts at this, shaking and even twitching in her bounds. I bring her close to the edge a few times, then hold back. Soon, drool is dribbling down her chin and there are even small tears stains on the blindfold. Thinking she's had enough, I quit, turning the vibrator off. She wails through the gag, begging for release. I take her nipples between my fingers, pinch them, and give them a good twist.


"You come when I say you come," I growl in my different voice.

"Mmmggghhh..." she whines, rocking her hips. "Pliif. Pliif—"

I grab her and position her on the couch with her ass up. I raise my hand and smack it as hard as I can.




I keep it until her ass has a nice red glow. The butt plug and cords can't be helping.

"You are not to speak out of turn. I give all the orders, which are to be followed exactly as they're told. Displease me again and it will be the riding crop."

With a "Yef fa", she nods vigorously.

By now it's almost lunch. I ate a light breakfast and I know Dee has to be getting hungry. I stand her back up.

"Time for lunch," I tell her. I take her leash and give it a tug. "Hop to it."

She does. Watching her bound boobs bounce and jiggle is a lovely sight, and the split thigh ropes tug and rub her pelvic area, making her grunt and gasp. When we arrive at the kitchen, I make her sit in a chair while I prepare the food.

"I'm going to take the gag out," I tell her when it's ready. "But you are to only use your mouth for eating and nothing else. Got it?"

She nods and I ungag her. I hold the food to her and she eats it off the fork or spoon, using her nose to find it or probe around with her tongue. It's quiet a sight. When she's done with her meal, I take a ring gag out of my pocket, put it in her mouth, and strap it in place. I take her off the chair and put her in a kneeling position on the floor with my sitting in front of her.

"And now for your desert," I smile as I drop my pants, unleashing my aching cock. She sticks her tongue out and feels around with it to find my "little head". She licks it some, making me groan. "That's more like it. Take in the whole thing, or at least as much as you can."

She does what no one else ever has and manages to get the whole thing in, her chin touching my balls and my dick head in her throat. She makes wonderful use of her lips and tongue to please me and avoid punishment. I squeeze her breasts and lightly swat her still sore ass, which makes her get better as she goes along. I'm in Heaven for almost 20 minutes when I feel it.

"I'm about to come," I warn her. "I want you to swallow every last drop, so get ready."

I mouth fuck her to the movement of her mouth and soon shot my load. To my amazement, she's able to swallow a lot of it, and what she doesn't oozes between her lips and member to go down her chin. When it's over, she licks me clean and gives it a little kiss. I want to tell her it is the best blow job I've ever had, but don't want to break character.

"Very good. You deserve a reward." With that, I turn the vibrator tied to her crotch on high. The ring gag allows her to scream loudly as she drops to floor and writhes as she goes through a big climax. Some of it even leaves a little puddle on the floor.

"Not bad," I comment. "I think you're enjoying this."

I pick her up and put her in a chair to clean up the juice off the floor. I realize Dee could use some cleaning too. "You need a bath," I tell her before I pick her up to carry over my shoulder.

When we get to the bathroom, I take the ankle cuffs off her legs. "Do you need to go?" I ask Dee. She nods. I point her in the right direction and make her squat in front of the toilet to let her piss. When she's done, I wipe her off with a wet cloth, making her moan and blush. Thankfully, she doesn't have to shit.

I take her by the arms. "I'm going to remove the arm binder and put pair of hand cuffs on you. They're stainless steel and will take the water better than the leather of the binder. The gag and blindfold will have to go too, but you are to remain quiet and keep your eyes closed or else."

I slip the binder off and snap the cuffs on soon as it's off. The blindfold and gag are gone too, but Dee keeps her eyes closed. The cords are removed from her breasts and pelvic area and she gives a sigh of great relief. I fill the tub a little over half full and put her in. She sighs at the feeling of the warm water on her wracked body. I give her a few minutes to soak and relax before washing her hair and go over her body with wash cloth, sponge and loompha as she moans at the fairly gentle feel of being washed by a man. When I'm done I her make her stand up and get out so I can towel her off, use the hair drier on her and reapply the blindfold and a knotted bandana to gag her. Fresh and clean, she's beautiful. While admiring her I notice her pubic hair and wonder what she'd look like shaved there. I sit her down on the toilet and tell her to spread her legs. She yelps as I spread the shaving cream on her and shivers and moans loudly as I shave her.

"There," I say when I'm done. I run a hand over it, making her shake and moan some more. "A pretty pussy for a pretty lady." I kiss a circle around it and am rewarded with some fresh juice.

I lead her by the leash back to bed room and make her lay down. I remove the hand cuffs and tell her to spread her body out. She does and I use rope to tie her limbs to the foot and head of the bed. The sight of the naked, blindfolded, gagged Dee spread eagle and freshly bathed before me makes me feel a stirring in my loins already. I get out a tickle feather and run it over her stomach, causing her to squeal with uncontrollable muffled laughter. I use the feather all over her, her muffled yells and laughter music to my ears as she convulses as much as her bonds will let her. She even shakes the bed some. When I think she's had enough I put the feather down and proceed to tease her increasingly eager body with my mouth, hands, and dildos and vibrators of different sizes and shapes. When I am at last hard enough, I enter her with a fevered thrust and fuck her with a passion and excitement that's been building within me. I'm rougher than I normally am, fucking her rather hard as well almost mashing her breasts in my hands and practically sucking a nipple off, as well as biting hard enough to leave teeth marks on her breasts. I can hear shouts and yells of pain from behind her gag and even some screams, but I'm too worked up to control myself. After what feels like an eternity, we come at the same time with a scream. I collapse on her and lightly kiss her on the forehead.

"Good one—huh, Dee?" I ask.

She doesn't respond.


Still no response.

I feel like I've been broken out of a trance as I take the blindfold and gag off to find out she passed out. This has happened before, it scares me every time. I untie her and gently shake her.

"Dee?! Please, say something! I'm so sorry!"

She opens her eyes and coos. A small smile spreads across her face.

"R-Roper?" she gasps. "C-Could you—please—get me—some water?"

I get it as fast I can. "Oh God, Dee I'm so sorry," I apologize as I get on my knees, tears of regret starting to form in my eyes. "This is why I rarely play that game. I said bondage shouldn't be about having someone in your complete control and at your mercy, but now and then I just get the urge. I-It's such a rush."

"You said you only did it once with each slave," she says. "How did that go?"

"The results varied," I admit. "Some of them liked it, some of them didn't. One woman left me and hasn't spoken to me since."

She gives me an understanding smile and put her hand on mine. "I don't want to go through that again anytime soon. But that was a rush for me too. There were times it hurt and at first I was scared. But the rest of the time it was the most thrilling thing that's ever happened to me, not knowing what you were going to next and every thing that happened was a new surprise or sensation. In fact, I've always wanted someone to fuck me so hard I faint. It always sounded like the best sex ever...and it be so hard I wouldn't be able to stand for a while. I haven't been this sore since my first time. Hell, maybe worse!"

( link opens in new window )

My eyes widen at this. It's been a while since that's happened too.


"Don't be sorry," she purrs. "I'd given up on that ever happening. You just fulfilled two of my greatest wishes at once...Just don't do it again anytime soon. I think I'll need to adjust some." Her expression becomes apologetic as she adds, "and I'm afraid I'm not up to anymore games for tonight."

"That's just fine," I tell her. "You just stay here and rest. You've more than earned it. I'll cater to your every need."

"Good," she says. "Because I could use a good beer. And a sundae if you can, please."

"Coming right up!" I chirp as I go to prepare her order.

I hum a very happy tune as I pour the beer and fix the sundae. After all these years, the girl of my dreams is with me. And she likes being tied up and restrained. Soon she will love bondage as much as I do. When my "slaves" come to visit, she can be their Mistress. Maybe even the other way around. I may even let her tie me up and do what she will to me on certain occasions (hey, it's happened before). I smile broadly as I carry the tray to the bed room, feeling the best I have in years. At long last, my greatest dreams are finally coming true...

Epilogue (added: 05/05/2009)

It has been a year since that fateful weekend. Dee and my Brother got a quick and quiet divorce and we haven't heard much from him since. Last we heard, he was moving around, staying with a woman for a while, then moving on to another. To be honest, I think he's as happy as we are at how things turned out.

We were married as soon as possible. Nothing fancy, just me, her and the minister. Though her parents later told me they were very happy at change. They never liked my Brother and had hoped Dee would end up with me not long after they met me! We spent out honeymoon at a lovely beach house, taking turns tying each other up and "enslaving" each other. Dee turned out to be pretty good at restraining me. And while she hesitant at first, she quickly found her inner torturer. There was one session that left me unable to sit all day and night!

Dee has befriended all the women I've "enslaved". They get along really well. When one of them stays for a while, she and Dee will take turns being slave and Mistress and sometimes they'll tie me up and do what they will with me. Dee has even persuaded me being some men into the fun. I'd always given it some thought, but would then decide against it. But it's worked out better than I ever thought it would. Not only do I like dominating men better than I thought I would, but having some guys know me better has broadened my circle of friends. And the occasions we get both a man and woman over for "play dates" sure makes things REALLY interesting!

I'm just getting off the phone when Dee comes with a dreamy smile, practically glowing. She kisses me. "Happy anniversary, darling," she tells me.

"Good," I laugh, "you remembered too!"

"How could I ever forget? You saved me from a live of loneliness and sorrow and gave me one of passion and great excitement most people can only dream of! Are we doing anything special?"

"That's what the call was about. Treasure's back in town and she wants to stay with us for a few days."

There's a small pause, then Dee shudders with excitement and licks her lips at the news. The image of the beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed, buxom, bronze skinned Treasure (and her piercing) bound and at our service dances (or should I say struggles) through both our heads.

"What a wonderful present!" Dee sighs. "And great last fling before a big change."

"Last?" I ask nervously. "Big change?"

She put a hand on her stomach and gives me a grateful, joy filled smile. My eyes widen as I realize that she wasn't just glowing because of out anniversary.

"You're pregnant!?!" I squawk.

"Yes," she replies as she wraps her arms around me. "After all those years with your Brother, I'd given up hope. But now..."

I gulp and she gives me a concerned look. "T-This isn't a problem, is it?"

I shake my head. "No. Not a problem. I'd just forgotten about how you used to talk about wanting a family back in college. It's no problem, just an adjustment...a major one, but I think we can handle it."

"You already have practice at being a dad," Dee laughs. "You have a lot of good qualities from how you treat our slaves part of the time. Shoot, you practically baby Ragdoll. We'll just have to learn to schedule our play time better. And in a few years we'll have to find some good hiding places for all mommy and daddy's toys."

"That doesn't sound too bad..."

She gives me another kiss, this one longer and passionate. When we part, her face is the very picture of gratitude. "Thank you so much, Roper. I wasted years loving a man with all my heart and soul and that love was never returned, and then you came and rescued me. I had biggest orgasms I'd ever had in a few days than all our marriage, made more friends than since college, and you take me so many great places, both regular and 'unusual'. And now I'm finally pregnant! Thank you so much, Roper! Ever since that night, all my dreams came true!"

"Mine too," I tell her as I return the kiss. "Now let's get ready. Between the anniversary and the pregnancy, we've got a lot to celebrate. And Treasure will provide some grand entertainment..."

About two hours later, the beautiful blonde Treasure is on all fours with cuffs on her wrists and knees and a thick blindfold over her eyes. With a ring gag forcing her mouth open, she uses her tongue to please "Mistress" Dee as best as she can to avoid getting another red welt on her back from the riding crop. I fuck her from behind, occasionally smacking her ass or leaning forward to grope and squeeze a large breast or even flick a nipple ring. The three of us come at about the same time and Treasure collapses, spent from some earlier orgasms. We picked her up and lay her on the couch.

"Rest, our lovely Treasure," I tell her. "You'll need your energy later. Me and Mistress Dee have a lot planned for your stay."

She moans and shudders in anticipation and excitement.

As I put my arms around Dee. "Happy anniversary honey. Like your present?"

"Love it," she smiles brightly. "And thank you. For everything."

"You're very welcome," I tell her before giving her the biggest, longest, most passionate kiss I can.

The End

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Thursday, October 31, 2013  

Great story with a sexy twist when he gets tied and then learns to use men! Only great things to come!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

Some of this sounded a little like Alish's Adventures,but still a great story.Is any if them true.

Saturday, October 31, 2009  

An original and amusing take on water sliding. The text might be strengthened by including more detailed descriptions of the emotions and feelings experienced by the two principle characters.
Ideally a story consists of more than a series of objective facts, it also includes the subjective relationships and links that tie the more mechanical activities of life to the mental lives and motives of individuals. We need, therefore, more than a simple description of physical events if this story is to attain the excellence that is already within reach.

Saturday, October 31, 2009  

Not bad... a very well written story, I was not convinced that the Epilogue represents an appropriate or satisfying addition to what was an interesting and continuing saga. Perhaps would be better to find an alternative to 'conventional domesticity'.
Minor details to review include:
don -./ done;
wipe out faces -> wipe our faces;
I positioned her to where her mouth -> I positioned her so her mouth;
I read you're -> I red your;
and rewrite 'I step back in place that's out of view and wait'

Friday, May 15, 2009  

A great story. You guy should check out the author's previous work, "The Perfect Cure for Boredom", sometime. I love Bondage Stories that are hot AND sweet. What I really like is that we get one with a happy ending. It's an interesting change of pace. I hope we hear from the Romatic Roper again someday!

Thursday, May 07, 2009  

Great story thank you for sharing it. Loved the bondage but also the tenderness

Sunday, April 12, 2009  

A nice bondage story a welcome change from some of the other hardcore stories.

Thursday, March 19, 2009  

Not bad. Always nice to read a bondage story where a good time is had by all. I like how we have a woman being "rescued" from an unhappy, loveless marriage. And it's a nice change of pace to have a girl with small breasts (and I love the image of Ragdoll in that school girl outfit!) The "Saturday Night" part is a little too short and maybe even rushed for my tastes, but the rest of the story makes up for it and hopefully what goes on Sunday will really good.

Thursday, February 26, 2009  

Awesome!!!!! I can't wait for more!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009  

Very nice. I really like it! Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Outstanding!!! When is part 2!

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Ooo, I like. I await the continuation!

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Great story. Looking forward to the continuation.

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More please.

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What happens to the brother?
Revenge? Only if it was possible

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Exciting start - I hope the rest lives up to it!

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This story has a great start I would like to see it continued.

Saturday, October 11, 2008  

Enjoyed the story "So Far".
There has to be more, what happened next ?????????

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