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Vehicle Bondage
  • Author - Don B.  
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  • Site Rank - 673 of 2585
  • Unique Views - 14091
  • Story Codes - F-m, m-self, consensual, bondage, humiliation, toys
  • Post Date - 11/13/2008
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Reader's Comments (23)

The e-mail was clear:

You will wear a tight black leather thong and the skimpy see-through white shorts. You will stop at the Circle K located at 7th Street and McDowell at 3:30 pm on March 7, and pick up a bag of ice. Be sure to wear your outfit in the store - Iíll be watching and you will be punished if I do not see your hot ass cheeks bouncing in those shorts. Do not be late, and do not adjust the shorts. Yes, I know they will ride up and expose your butt, but thatís your penalty for wearing such slutty shorts in the first place.

The sensual world of BDSM

You will then drive a few blocks east to a parking lot. There, you will find a green SUV with the windows down. Park and lock your car, then enter the SUV on the front passenger side with the ice. You will find a note on the dash with your instructions.

I drove to the location with excitement. Being forced to wear only skimpy clothing was really turning me on. I have a 34-inch waist, but the white shorts I was wearing were size 28, much too small for my muscular ass and legs. I arrived at the Circle K and my heart sank when I saw that the place was crowded. It took me a moment or two to summon up the courage to get out of the vehicle, and I felt totally humiliated and exposed. I could hear several snickers and saw many people glance at me as I walked into the store. My raging hard-on pulled the tiny shorts even tighter, exposing my butt. I felt almost totally naked. The ice machine was nearly empty so of course I had to bend over to reach the bag way at the bottom. I could feel the shorts ride up even higher on my ass cheeks, exposing them for the world to see. Standing in line to check out, I was sure everyone could see how embarrassed I was. The female clerk behind the counter seemed to enjoy my obvious discomfort and nervousness, as she took her time in ringing me up. I could have sworn that she dropped one of the coins when she was giving change on my side of the counter on purpose, forcing me to pick it up. Several people snickered behind me as I headed out of the store. Finally, I was safe in the confines of my vehicle and I left.

I arrived at the parking lot and sure enough, there was a green SUV parked in the far corner. I secured my vehicle, grabbed the ice and headed over to the front passenger seat of the SUV. On the seat, I could see a small bag with a note next to it. The front of the note read "Read me first." I opened it:

Iím glad to see you can follow directions properly, slut. Now, place the bag of ice on the floor in the back, then sit in the front passenger seat. Place your keys in the ashtray, then strip all of your clothing to the thong. Open the bag. You will find a red ball gag, leather blindfold, two padlocks, handcuffs and leg irons. You will run the leg irons behind the seat, then cuff your ankles tightly at each corner behind the seat. Put on the leather blindfold and gag, then lock them on with the padlocks. Make sure they are tight! Finally, cuff your hands tightly behind the seat, making sure the cuffs run through the chain connecting the leg irons. This will keep you from pulling the cuffs up from behind the seat. Wait for me.

I closed the note and my heart was pounding in my chest. Needless to say, my cock was rock hard again, harder than ever. I hesitated for a moment, concerned that people might be able to see into the vehicle. The main road was some distance away, so we were probably safe. I stripped off what little clothing I was wearing, revealing the tight black leather thong, then ran the leg irons behind the seat. Fortunately, this vehicle had space between the seat and the door and center console, just wide enough for my muscular legs to fit through on each side of the seat. The leg irons ended up at the back of the seat at each corner. This was going to be a difficult position to be in, as my legs would be tightly pulled back, spreading them wide open and causing some strain, especially on my thighs. Nothing I could do about that now - I hate being spanked and my punishment would be severe for not following the instructions. I reached down and locked first my left ankle, then my right ankle. I made sure they were tight. I was now pretty stuck, even if I didnít go through with the rest of the bondage, as there was no handcuff key in sight.

I then grabbed the ball gag. It was large, more than two inches in diameter. I knew this gag would cause my jaw to ache after a short period of time. Again, I had little choice in the matter. I strapped it on and made sure the buckle was tight, pulling the ball gag deep within my mouth and rendering me speechless. I then tightly strapped on the blindfold. I now could not see or call for help. I locked both on with the provided padlocks. They would not be coming off until my captor chose to take them off with the padlock key.

Having left the handcuffs in my lap, I now picked them up and placed my hands behind the seat. Fortunately, the seatback was rather narrow and I noticed my wrists would just reach when cuffed together with the handcuffs, although it would be a tight stretch. I started to lock the handcuffs on by securing my right wrist, before I realized that the cuffs were not run through the chain connecting the leg irons. I reached down with my left wrist but I could not reach the leg iron chain. I then pulled my left wrist around to the front and then reached down on the side, next to my left ankle. I could barely reach the edge of the leg iron chain, but I yanked it up tightly. My ankles screamed in protest as my legs were pulled back even more. After several tries, I was able to snag the leg iron chain with my right hand and pull it up. I then brought my left wrist around and placed it behind my back. I manipulated the cuffs so that they connected through the leg iron chain. This had the unfortunate effect of pulling my legs back and up, causing my ankles to dangle on each side of the seat, and my wrists would be pulled down tightly. I proceeded to cuff my left wrist, then I tightened up both handcuffs so they were snug and tight. I was now totally helpless. I could already feel the strain as both the handcuffs and leg irons were digging into my limbs, but there was nothing I could do about that. I was in for the long haul, at my unseen captorís mercy.

I hung there in the seat, mercilessly bound, blindfolded and gagged by my own hand. Itís funny how all of your senses are heightened when you are helpless like this. I could hear traffic rushing on the road nearby. I could feel the strain on my ankles and thighs. Time crawled by, interminably slow. After what seemed like an hour or two, suddenly I felt a hand roughly grab my right nipple and start playing with me. It scared the hell out of me, as I didnít hear my captor sneak up. The unseen hands started roaming all over my nearly naked body, caressing, pinching and teasing me. My bonds were checked and tightened even more. This was definitely going to leave marks! A pair of nipple clamps were then attached to my tits. I moaned in protest but there was little I could do. I could feel the chain between them getting tugged, then pulled tight. I yelped and tried to move my body forward to reduce the strain on my nipples, but I could barely move. She had tied something to the nipple clamp chain (later, I found out it was a rope) and then tied the other end to the convenient handle on the dash. My nipples were already on fire and we had just begun.

Finally, I felt and heard my captor climb into the vehicle. The engine started, and I could hear the windows going up as the air conditioner switched on. The hand returned and started playing with my helpless body. I was commanded to lift my ass up, then I felt the hand start playing with my ass. The thong strap was roughly pulled aside and a finger entered my tight hole. It was thankfully lubed. I could barely move my body in protest as the lone finger probed, then joined by another finger and finally a third. I then felt something cold and hard pressing against my anus. The pressure increased and I tried to relax to let it in. The pain and pressure grew until suddenly with a plop, the large buttplug entered my ass and secured itself in my rectum. I moaned in pain, which finally subsided into a dull ache. The tight ass-strap of the thong was replaced, securing the buttplug and forcing it deeper into my ass. My leg was patted by my unseen captor and I heard the engine start. As I relaxed down onto the seat, I could feel the buttplug pushed even tighter into my ass. This was not going to be a comfortable trip. I tugged on the cuffs securing my wrists and ankles, but there was no slack. I was stuck, with no opportunity to escape. To add insult to injury, the butt plug started vibrating, a constant reminder of my helplessness and discomfort.

We drove around for a while, with my levels of discomfort steadily rising over time. We then stopped and I could hear voices when my captor exited the vehicle. She was running errands! Afraid I could be seen, I tried to crouch down in the seat, but obviously there wasnít much I could do to hide. We stopped at two more locations, and each time my heart pounded in my chest at the fear of being seen. Finally, after about two hours of this driving around, we drove somewhere and stopped. I felt both passenger doors open and I could hear keys being jangled. I was going to be freed! The ankle restraint on my right ankle was removed. At this point, I was so sore and stretched that I could hardly move my right leg. My cuffed wrists were untangled from the leg iron chain, then I was instructed to lean forward to bring my wrists up from behind the seat. The rope securing my nipple clamps was also removed. I was then extricated from the vehicle, my tightly cuffed wrists dangling down behind my back. I then felt the right ankle cuff locked on, and I was too helpless to resist. I heard a chain jangling, then I felt the cuffs padlocked to the leg irons. I could still stand, but I was bent backwards slightly because the chain connecting the handcuffs to the leg irons was just a little short. Running was out of the question, although with no sight or speech, that was not going to happen. I heard another chain rattling and then cold steel chain links were wrapped around my elbows several times and cinched tight, drawing my elbows close together behind my back. The chain was pulled tighter and tighter, until my elbows nearly connected. The strain of the tight bondage was immediate and severe, and I knew my elbows would be hurting in a matter of minutes. I moaned into the tight gag and I was rewarded with a collar going around my throat. I could feel the padlock snapping shut, locking the collar on. I was now leashed! The chain attached to my collar jerked and I stumbled forward. I was being led somewhere. I was totally helpless and didnít even know where I was at. Where were we going? What would happen to me? The tight chains dug into my elbows while the butt plug buzzed away, both constant reminders of just how helpless I was. The nipple clamps were just torture by now...

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Monday, February 04, 2013  

u didn't introduce us 2 the characters!!!!!

Monday, February 04, 2013  

No INTRODUCTION, no COMPLICATION and no RESOLUTION. You must have failed English in school.

Saturday, March 24, 2012  

No plot or purpose

Tuesday, May 24, 2011  

Ok im not much of a writer but some constructive crit is warranted ,,, 1st thing I wondered was Who was the captor,, then there was the fact the veh was started and windows rolled up, Ac turned on then after the Butt Plug was inserted the veh was Started Again,,, Anyway i feel the Author didnt have much material and Even LESS Experience in bondage scenes,,, Spend a little more time in Bondage and less time in the Toy Store

Saturday, May 07, 2011  

There’s a srecet about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

Wednesday, April 20, 2011  

Look at all the disappointed readers. The story code is F-m so we can tell some things. It seems like he has never seen his tormentor and only had contact through e-mails. I think he deserves everything he gets in this potentially dangerous situation just for leaving us all hanging. And what is the ice for - it will be melted soon - or was that just to make him go into the store? But that is a very nice bondage position in the front seat. LAL

Tuesday, May 25, 2010  

You got me confused, is the person bound and gagged a man or woman? You mentioned a raging hard on, and then nipple clamps being attached to tits. So man or woman?

Saturday, May 16, 2009  

I agree that it was a little too painful, but I like all the rest very much! What comes next?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009  

Don't let it stop there lets hear more :)

Monday, January 19, 2009  

Great start, would love to hear more of this.

p.s. one minor criticism, does she start the engine twice?? Immediately before and then after the buttplug, or is there a drive in between?

Friday, December 26, 2008  

Little too painful for my tastes, and the character of the woman doesn't develop, nor does the story.

Monday, December 01, 2008  

damn i love the scenerio.if only i could find someone to do that to me!

Sunday, November 23, 2008  

So far, so good. Very good story line, professionally written. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Sunday, November 23, 2008  

Excellent written with true care for the details. I wish I would be in the position. Can't wait to hear more.

Thursday, November 20, 2008  

A great start, can't wait for more excitement!

Thursday, November 20, 2008  

A great start, can't wait for more excitement!

Sunday, November 16, 2008  

Very good start i am interested in seeing where it will be headed to next

Saturday, November 15, 2008  

Amazing story so far! I demand more!! :D

Saturday, November 15, 2008  

cant walt for next chaper

Friday, November 14, 2008  

Good start. You must continue.

Friday, November 14, 2008  

This story was ok but seems unfinished. It need a distinct end that doesn't leave the reader hanging...

Thursday, November 13, 2008  

would like to see what happens next so far so good

Thursday, November 13, 2008  

Great introduction into a storyline... i loved the description of the bondage. Kept me hard through it all... cant wait for the continuation of the story. it is going to warrant some good reading I bet!

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