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Beth's Cell
  • Author - SNAP  
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  • Story Codes - MF-f, non-consensual, bondage, humiliation, kidnapping, latex, slavery, tickling, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 11/26/2008
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Beth stared drunkenly at the claustrophobic cell she was imprisoned within, and for the thousandth time since awakening she wondered how she had arrived at this point in her life.

The cell was only about 6 feet by 6 feet in length and width, and about twice that in height. A dingy yellow light bulb glowed constantly from behind a metal wire guard in the center of the ceiling, casting everything into a dim yellowish light with deep shadows.

There was no furniture, and so Beth had to content herself with sitting on the cold concrete floor. The walls appeared to be welded steel, with angle iron at the corners where the walls met as well as where the walls met the floor. The walls themselves were broken up with small panels, which Beth assumed allowed access in some way into the cell. However, none of the panels appeared to be door sized. There was also what Beth assumed to be some sort of camera mounted in one corner - or at least that’s what Beth guessed was within the black shiny sphere.

Upon waking, she had initially been silent in shock, walking the length and breadth of her confined world in a growing panic looking for some sign or reason for her presence here, and then she took to rapping her knuckles lightly on the panels, calling out for help.

Eventually, she had taken to banging on the walls furiously and screaming. Her words were at first pleading, then threatening, then finally begging for release.

Her frustrations spent for the moment, she had settled into a corner and pulled her knees up to her and clasped her arms around her knees.

Beth had no memory of how she had gotten into this situation.

The dark figure noted Beth’s 5’-10” tall image on the monitor. She noted that Beth was wearing an expensive suit, with dark gray skirt, matching jacket, red silk blouse, and stiletto heels. Her waist length blonde hair had been expensively coifed at a salon, but was now in disarray.

Clumsily, the latex clad figure typed some commands into the computer.

Beth startled up at the rasping sound of metal on metal, as a small panel set about 8 feet off the floor slid up and revealed a flat screen monitor behind what Beth assumed was some sort of unbreakable Plexiglas panel. A smaller panel likewise slid up, revealing an empty metal boxlike chamber just behind it.

She stared at the words on the monitor for a few moments, digesting the contents.

It was simple, and stated a command:

“Remove your jacket and place it in the receptacle. Do so, and you will be fed and watered.”

Beth looked at the two openings, then defiantly screamed “Fuck you!” before jumping to her feet to run across the small room and bang on the wall just as the panels both closed.

The latex created strange shiny reflections as the figure closed down the system, then shut off the light in the cell before leaving the tiny cramped office. They could hear Beth screaming inside her cell, but it was of no matter.

Beth had no idea how long she had been in the dark. It seemed like ages. She had dozed off, then awoken at remote sounds echoing from beyond the steel walls of her prison, only to doze off again - always in the darkness.

She was hungry after the first few hours, then very thirsty. Still, the lights did not come back on. She tried to sleep, exhaustion finally enabling her to rest at least a small amount before her discomfort roused her once more to stare into the darkness of her holding cell.

No light penetrated.

Fingers encased in black latex typed commands once more. It had been 12 hours.

Beth startled awake. The light was on once more, and the panel was opening yet again!

Beth stared at the repeated command this time, then wearily removed her jacket and placed it within the receptacle.

Immediately the panels closed.

Beth stood expectantly, only to hear another panel behind her open. She turned immediately and stopped in her tracks.

Behind the panel that had now opened, another metal box appeared. Within the opening sat a shiny red apple, and next to it was a slender copper tube of about ¼” diameter.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” she screamed at the monitor.

“Eat apple. Suck water through tube.” Other than that, there was no other communication from the monitor.

Cautiously, Beth crossed the cell and drew the apple from the hidden compartment. Hesitating a second longer, she bit into it and was rewarded with a taste of the sweetest, most juicy apple she had ever tasted. She was starving now, and in short order the apple was nothing but a simple well chewed core and short stem as she hungrily devoured it.

Turning now to the copper tube, Beth wiped apple juice from her cheeks and chin and found she had to place her head inside the panel to get her lips around the tube. The panel opening was too small for anything other than her head, so she had to place her hands on the wall on either side to brace herself in this strange bent over position.

Sucking like she would through a straw, Beth felt cold clear water splashing into her mouth. Like the apple, she was certain she had never tasted anything so delicious in her life and drank as much as she could hold.

Finally sated, she stepped away from the panel and resumed her seated position in the corner and stared at the monitor as it once more slid out of sight behind the steel panel just as the food panel likewise closed.

Chuckling maliciously, a sound muffled by the face mask, the latex fingers typed in another command and Beth’s world disappeared into darkness once more.

Hours later, Beth held her stomach. It ached so badly! She really needed to use the bathroom, and screamed as much into the dark ceiling of her cell now.

“Look, I really need to go to the bathroom! Surely you don’t expect me to go in the middle of the floor! Come on, I’ve done what you wanted me to do!”

Wincing, she shielded her eyes against the seemingly intense yellow light as it blazed brightly once more.

The monitor was visible once more, and while bouncing from one foot to the other in an effort to control her bladder and her sphincter muscles, Beth read the directions. She was being directed to deposit her skirt this time into the receptacle!

The cramping of her stomach was such that Beth only considered the matter for a few seconds before slipping out of the garment and stuffing it hurriedly into the recess. As the panel closed, metal on metal sounded again, and Beth watched wide eyed as one of the larger panels, set near the floor, opened and a toilet and attached sink slid out into view. It was one of those strange unitized devices one would normally see in a prison, and was made of stainless steel.

Beth wasn’t crazy about how the cold steel was going to feel on her ass, nor how she was certain she was being watched, but she needed relief and so she stared studiously at the floor as she conducted her most private of bodily functions, occasionally staring up at the black plastic sphere set so far up out of reach.

Finished, she cleaned herself, pulled her lace thong up her thighs, washed her hands in the shallow bowl, and stepped back as the entire unit slid once more out of sight.

Now feeling chilled at the loss of her skirt and quite exposed, Beth pulled her blouse down as far as she could and huddled once more in the corner of her cell.

The latex figure moved hurriedly to retrieve the garment, then as an afterthought returned to the computer monitor and shut off the lights once more.

This time the figure noted that Beth did not even wail out.

It was always the blazing light that woke Beth, and she was becoming convinced that whoever was doing this to her was deliberately waiting for her to go to sleep just so they could deprive her of that necessity.

A new command was waiting for her. Apparently it was meal time again - and this time the faceless tormenter wanted her bra.

Surmising that at least she could keep her blouse for the time being, Beth quickly relented. Given this psycho’s proclivities, it could be days before she would be fed again.

Careful to keep her blouse on at all times, she worked her bra out from under her blouse and deposited it into the same receptacle as the previous garments.

Her 38DD breasts felt tingly as her sensitive nipples poked from the inside at the slinky silk material. Crossing her arms in embarrassment, Beth strode to the food panel just as it revealed her next meal.

A carrot.

Beth took her time now eating the carrot, eating it slowly to savor the meal before sucking as much water as she could up through the metal straw to fill the remainder of her painfully empty stomach.

She was just hoping she would not have a repeat of the aftereffects of her last meal.

Left hand clutched tightly between her legs, holding herself in just barely, Beth banged on the wall screaming for a bathroom break.

She was certain she was heard, but she was also certain they were making her wait deliberately for no other reason than to torment her.

Finally, the lights came on and Beth moved into position to read the already expected message on the monitor.

“Your blouse, please.” was all it said.

“How about the shoes? It’s cold in here! Let me give you the shoes instead, huh?”

Beth was frantic now, hopping up and down, and certain that at any moment she was going to lose control of her bodily functions, but she also really didn’t want to lose her blouse.

The panels started to close once more when Beth realized there was no bargaining going to take place.

Screaming out for her captor to wait, Beth ripped her blouse off and just made it to the panel before it closed, stuffing the garment into the panel and getting her fingers out of the way just before the steel panel slid shut.

Standing in the middle of the room, pleadingly looking at the monitor and then the camera, she held both hands to her groin and froze in position. She was about to lose control of her bladder and fresh tears of frustration trickled down her cheeks as her thigh muscles trembled with the effort to contain herself.

Finally, the toilet slid out once more and Beth had pulled her thong down around her knees and was assuming her position before it had even stopped moving.

The figure laughed once more, watching the defeated woman on the monitor. When she was finished, and had cleaned herself up once more, the figure pressed a button with a black latex covered finger and the toilet disappeared once more into the wall.

She took a few minutes to zoom in on the thong, and noticed how snugly it fit Beth’s labia, and how the string at the back disappeared between her sensuously curved ass cheeks.

Then she turned the lights off again.

Beth didn’t know how long the next cycle lasted. It seemed longer than normal, and she realized she had to pee again.

With nothing between her practically naked body and the concrete floor, she felt chilled to the bone now, and there was just something about the cold that made her have to pee!

Tiredly, wondering what her captor would insist on trade this time, Beth stood and knocked on the wall once more.

“I need a potty break again!”

Stepping back, she looked up at the monitor and was not disappointed, as the monitor now required her shoes.

Without complaint, Beth removed them, now feeling the harsh cold concrete directly on the bottoms of her feet as she placed the footwear into the receptacle.

Immediately, the toilet reappeared and Beth conducted her business once more.

As before, the lights went out immediately afterwards.

Twelve hours later, according the clock the latex captor was monitoring, Beth gave up her thong for a single stick of celery.

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Only a month earlier, Beth had undergone laser hair removal for her legs and arm pits, and her cunt sported a carefully trimmed strip of fine blonde curly pubic hair. Her captor appreciated the artistry of the work.

Beth was starving and completely parched! She could feel her lips drying out and cracking. She had been banging on the walls for hours at least now, with no effect.

Completely nude, Beth wondered if this new stage of this demented game was simply a reflection of the fact that she no longer had anything to trade for food, water, or bathroom breaks.

She had been scared initially, then had settled into a sort of stupor for the past few days at the monotony of the ritual she had to endure, but now she was once more into uncharted territory and didn’t know what to expect.

Would her captor simply watch her die of starvation or thirst?

According to her jailer’s clock, it had been 24 hours since her last meal.

Beth woke again in darkness, her stomach growling voraciously. Holding her midsection with both hands, she screamed out in frustration.

She was startled when the light came on once more, and the monitor slid into view. Quickly she switched her hands, one now covering her genitalia, the other attempting to cover her breasts.

She stared stupidly at the command this time, as the panel for clothing opened once more. Staring at the shoes, she was struck by how they looked like ballerina’s shoes - except for the incredibly long spike heel that would force the wearer onto their toes. Small open padlocks in the shape of hearts were hanging loosely from the leather strap that went around the ankles.

Sighing, she retrieved the strange shoes and placed them on her feet. She didn’t even bother to confirm that she had to wear the padlocks as well, and clicked them into place.

The panel for food opened immediately, and Beth was treated to a single banana. The trip across the room had been far more painful on her feet than she had realized it would be, but the food was worth it.

It was only then that Beth realized she’d have to continue wearing the shoes padlocked onto her feet!

The next meal, Beth realized she had to place a harness over her head. A ring gag kept her white, evenly spaced perfect teeth spread wide while her mane of blonde hair was hitched up into a tight ponytail on top of her head. Matching heart shaped padlocks assured that the harness would not come off.

Her meal this time consisted of some sort of red smelly mush. However, at this stage Beth wasn’t being choosy and ate as best she could by breaking off very tiny amounts with her fingers and working it down using her tongue.

With her mouth spread wide - chewing was entirely out of the question.

She was concerned about how she was going to be able to suck up water at first, then when the food compartment had been revealed she found that the metal straw had been replaced with a penis shaped device.

Humiliated, Beth realized she had to deep throat the dildo in order to get a good seal and thus be able to suck up water.

Her captor laughed uproariously as Beth awkwardly fed herself the canned cat food.

Beth’s next bartering session resulted in a large black plug being inserted painfully into her ass. A small allen key had been provided that matched a recessed screw in the bottom of it, and Beth was instructed to turn to the monitor and clearly show herself giving it 3 full turns after she had inserted it.

It was painful at the first turn. The second was excruciating. The third turn almost caused her to black out from the pain. She then numbly did as instructed and placed the allen key back into the receptacle.

She knew even as she did so that without the key she would not be able to remove the plug. It didn’t really matter as far as hygiene went though, as she was being fed so little she had not had to defecate in days.

The next time the lights came up, again a full 12 hours later, Beth was provided 4 leather cuffs and 2 more heart shaped padlocks and detailed instructions for securing her arms, elbow to wrist, behind her back.

Resigned to her fate now, Beth simply did as instructed and was rewarded with a bowl full of the same red mush.

Thrusting her head into the recess to feed, Beth was startled when two panels closed about her neck from either side, imprisoning her head in the feed box in deep darkness!

She felt a rumbling sound now, and then several minutes of silence followed.

The next sensation was of someone touching her body, only it wasn‘t human flesh she felt but rather something along the lines of latex gloves. Whimpering, she felt them rub her cunt until it was wet, she felt them tug at her nipples until they were hardened, then she felt a warm tongue playing about them before it traveled back down her stomach to between her legs.

Clamping her thighs together convulsively, Beth mewled out her dismay. She felt each ankle grabbed and spread, felt it locked into some device that forced her to hold her legs apart.

She felt those hands again playing about the painful plug in her ass, and felt a body sliding up against her own. This body was likewise covered in some sort of rubbery material, and Beth felt the unmistakable presence of large breasts weighing softly down on her back.

Wide-eyed and screaming non-stop now, drool filling her feed dish, Beth wriggled and squirmed to avoid the hands, but to no avail as she felt that tongue once more dip down between her now exposed labia.

It was then that the torment stopped, and more oddly still she heard screaming abruptly cut off as the strange hands completely left her body.

The latex clad figure writhed on the floor at the captive Beth‘s feet, glove covered hands grasping alternately between throat, ass, cunt, and breasts as the suit tormented the person encased within.

Mary Ann had herself been captured about a year before, and had been in the same predicament as Beth was now. Both women had fallen into the clutches of a white slavery ring, a ring that trained women for servility before selling them to the highest bidders from around the world.

For some reason, her own sale had not gone through as planned, and rather than “dispose” of Mary Ann as originally intended, the slavers had given into Mary Ann’s pleas and allowed her to work for them in exchange for her life.

Permanently encased in the latex suit her supposed buyer had demanded, she had no choice in what she was ordered to do as the suit contained built in torture devices. She was never allowed to orgasm, and the suit prevented her from getting too much pleasure as it blocked off all human contact.

Right now, her owner was taking advantage of this feature, as he dialed up the remote control to a painful level. A butt plug was expanding dangerously large within her lower colon, while a similarly sized dildo inflated into her cunt. Her breasts were being squeezed painfully tight at the juncture of tender breast flesh and torso by concealed bands until they looked like balloons on the verge of popping, and another band was slowly suffocating the woman as it cinched ever tighter around her throat.

While her hands were free, Mary Ann could in no way stop the torments from happening and could only writhe in agony. She realized she may have gone too far herself this time, as she was close to blacking out.

It was only then that the owner really got a good look at Beth from this angle.

He liked what he saw.

Beth heard a voice now - the first time in weeks (or was it months?) - and jumped when she felt hands again caressing her body. She felt someone underneath her, fondling her hanging breasts and sucking her nipples into their mouth before nibbling with their teeth.

Beth bucked and tried to pull away, but her head was still enclosed within the compartment. She could only scream in frustration as she felt yet another set of hands, this time of flesh, doing something with the plug in her ass.

As the plug twisted and pulled, Beth screamed out again - only this time in pain. Then she felt something fuzzy draping over her ass cheeks before falling down between them.

She didn’t have to see to know someone had given her some sort of tail, attached or screwed directly into her butt plug.

Then she felt the lips and hands and tongue working their way down her torso, down to between her thighs to lick hungrily at her soaked labia. She gave up then, and allowed her body to react.

She had no choice anyway.

Then she felt the tail tossed carelessly across her sweat covered and straining back. She didn’t know how long she had been in this position, but her back was killing her!

All thoughts of her back fled her mind when she felt the unmistakable presence of a penis at her cunt.

Shaking her head uselessly in her small prison, Beth screamed out protestations anew past her bit gag as she felt the tongue flick over her clit before likewise tickling the tip of the penis now pressed against her cunt.

She tried to shift her hips away, but this seemed to arouse this intruder to even greater passions as he roughly grabbed her hips and shoved into her without hesitation until he was completely inside of her.

Never had Beth had so large an object - man or dildo - in her before as she felt herself stretched almost to the tearing point. She felt the man bluntly tap against her cervix repeatedly before withdrawing himself and ramming in again.

And again.

And again.

She felt his hands leave her hips and slid up her sides, past her ribs, and grasp harshly at each breast now. Still that damnable tongue kept working her clit over from below.

Finally, she gave in completely. She was too wet to deny it any longer. In spite of her predicament, her body was going to respond as it wished and there was nothing she could do to repress it any longer. Her cunt clinched around the shaft that was invading her, gripping it tightly and rhythmically as it entered and withdrew.

She felt him twitching then, his breathing on her back faster and more labored, his thrusts faster and more furious, and then she felt him come inside of her.

Terrified at the thought she may not be allowed to come herself, she let her body go completely.

She screamed out again, this time a scream of pleasure, as the orgasm of her life ripped through her body.

The slaver withdrew from the captive. Her legs were splayed wide on shaky limbs as she struggled to maintain her stance and not fall.

The heavily breathing latex clad Mary Ann stared up at him from between Beth’s legs, her hands resting on Beth’s outer thighs, the only parts of her face visible being her eyes, nostrils, and cum covered mouth. The droplets around her mouth perfectly matched that dripping from Beth’s cunt. Beth’s sphincter spread widely from the butt plug, with the pony tail now matted to the sweat of her back where the owner had carelessly tossed it.

“Lick her clean, then place her back into the cell environment. She has a few more months of training before she’s ready. She actually came without permission! But damn if she won’t bring a fine price if she keeps fucking like that!”

In the darkness, Beth didn’t hear all of this. She only knew that the world she had known before was never going to be re-attained. These…..people….were intent on doing with her as they pleased, and she was under no delusions she would ever escape.

Hanging her head down into her own meal of mush, she began to cry uncontrollably even as a new orgasm built up within her from the incredibly talented tongue that continued to work over her cunt.

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Friday, March 29, 2013  

Great Story, Please continue.

Monday, December 29, 2008  

I'm waiting for the part 2

Thursday, December 04, 2008  

By far the best story you have written. This was fanastic! Lets see more.

Monday, December 01, 2008  

Love it, just don't know on which side I would like to be

Saturday, November 29, 2008  

it does need a follow up. brilliant story. keep it going please

Friday, November 28, 2008  

I loved it!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008  


Wednesday, November 26, 2008  

Most impressive. Keep up the good work!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008  

Excellent story. On eo fthe best for a long time

Wednesday, November 26, 2008  

nice story !
i hope we can read the training

Wednesday, November 26, 2008  

So impersonal.
So cruel.
So hot.

I came so hard.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008  

Very good. I can't wait for part 2.

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