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Covenant of Steel
  • Author - Darkwolf  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, bondage, chastity, enema, mummification, plasticwrap, toys
  • Post Date - 3/23/2009
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Author's Note: For those of you who are unfamiliar with my work, this is the third installment and second prequel to my first venture into erotic literature. If you have not, I highly suggest you read both Two Halves and Late Nights since both provide some important insights into the characters presented. This will be my first attempt at a multi-part story and, truth be told its proven rather difficult. Once again, I must suppose that an author is his/her own worst critic, but I hope you enjoy.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

Part 1

Absently humming to herself and tapping a toe to the nonexistent beat, Alys shifted her weight as she watched the numbers on the display slowly climb. Normally she much preferred to use the stairs, better exercise and it avoided the frustrations of using this ancient, creaky, and painfully slow beast. But today she was tired, and at the moment wanted nothing more than to go home, put her feet up and spend the evening with her slave. That thought brought a familiar tingle of arousal, and as she adjusted the weight of the backpack thrown casually over her shoulder a slight, but still rather wicked, grin touched her dark lips. The day had been long (she was really beginning to regret agreeing to model for that website), but it had also been enjoyable. But tonight, tonight was going to be even better.

At long, long last the soft chiming of a bell announced her arrival as the elevator lurched to a stop. It always surprised her, just a little, that the elevator was in such poor shape given how well maintained the rest of the building was. But then again, that was probably just a bit more involved than keeping the walls painted and the carpet clean. Shrugging away those random thoughts she stepped out into the hallway and made her way down to her apartment, already digging through her jeans for the keys. At last reaching her door, Alys re-adjusted the backpack again and bent down to open the lock with an ease born of much practice. Nudging the door open with her foot she stepped into the small, but cozy living room and deposited her pack on the coffee table carefully, mindful of the delicate cargo within.

Tossing the keys down beside it and kicking off her shoes, she called out, "I’m home!"

She had never really been able to explain the urge to say those words, but it was still something of a thrill now that she actually had someone to come home to.

Peeking out from around the cabinets that separated the kitchenette from the living area Ophelia smiled at her, the familiar stainless steel collar glinting around her neck, "Welcome home, mistress."

Smiling, Alys padded across the room and embraced the smaller girl, running her hands up and down Ophelia’s bare back as she drew their lips together in to a deep kiss. Several long moments passed as their tongues dueled before they broke apart again, arms still wrapped around each other. Grinning still, Alys drank in the slender shape of Ophelia’s pale body and noted, as she slid her hands down to cup the girl’s ass, that she was naked save for the apron hung from her neck. One thing was for certain, the girl certainly knew how to greet her mistress at the end of the day.

"And how was your day?" Alys asked.

"Dull." Ophelia responded, quickly, "At least until you arrived, mistress." she finished with a smile. A moment of silence, "How was your photo shoot?"

"Tiring." Alys admitted, "But fun." Again she let her eyes roam greedily over Ophelia’s barely clad form. "But you know, I’m thinking, you’re just too cute like this. I should bring you along, next time. Really give them something to look at."

Ophelia smiled a bit, "Anything you like, mistress. Anything at all"

"Careful what you say, my lovely slave, I may just take you up on that." Still grinning and gently holding the girl in her arms, Alys chuckled softly, "Seeing you like this makes me feel distinctly over-dressed for dinner. I think I need to change."

Ophelia accepted the parting kiss with a smile of her own, "I’ll be waiting when you’re ready, mistress."

Leaving her slave behind to continue cooking (Alys was quite well aware of the fact that she was next to useless in a kitchen), she retreated deeper into the apartment. Humming to herself once again, she pulled her t-shirt off before she even made it all the way into the bedroom, revealing that once again she had neglected to wear a bra. Tossing the shirt on the floor with her jeans quickly following, left her completely naked. Stretching the kinks out of her muscles, Alys paused a moment to admire the pale, tattooed form, smiling at her in the mirror. Cupping her breasts and toying idly with her nipple rings, she struck a pose and idly blew herself a kiss. ‘Oh yeah, who’s a sexy bitch?’ Her tiredness worn away by excitement, she shook her head and began to dig through her dresser for something more... appropriate. Or less appropriate, as the case may be. She started with a pair of old fishnets, artfully torn, and slid the stockings slowly onto her legs. A pair of black high heels followed. Again checking the mirror, she nodded to her image before walking out the door and into the room at the very end of the hallway.

Their "playroom" for lack of a better term. It wasn’t quite a dungeon yet, but Alys was working on it.

Throwing open the closet doors she began to rummage through the fetish gear, looking for something appropriate. Despite the impressive selection of leather, lace and rubber nothing quite seemed to suite her mood. Until, at last, Alys came upon something that made her smile slightly. One of her first, and favorite, corsets. Removing it from the closet, Alys held the garment up to the light, admiring the smooth black leather and the bright red inserts, gently caressing the steel boning with her fingers. Nodding at the decision she slipped the garment around her waist and struggled to lock the clasps. The laces had been pre-tightened long ago to make it possible to dress herself, but it was still a struggle to get it seated properly, not to mention having to exhale deeply before she finally got the clasps locked. Brushing her fingers across the leather again, Alys admired the corset once more and especially the way it sheathed her body. She had never really tried to alter her figure with these things, but she loved the way they enforced her hourglass shape and constricted her body. And in this particular model she loved the way the quarter cups lifted and separated her breasts without actually covering them in any way. Who needed Victoria Secret?

Pausing a moment to attach the garter belts to her stockings, she grabbed a pair of handcuffs and a thin leather choker that she fasted around her neck before stepping back into the hallway and heading for her kitchen, her heals clicking in a most satisfying way against the floor. Ophelia had just finished laying out the kitchen table when her mistress emerged again and as soon as her eyes fell upon that leather clad form the familiar pulse of desire re-ignited. Her mistress was truly home now. Bowing her head, neither said a word as Alys walked up and placed a finger under her slave’s chin, lifting her lips into another kiss. A fierce, domineering kiss that paralyzed Ophelia with its intensity and left her no choice but to submit to the will of this powerful woman standing over her. Moaning softly in her throat she allowed Alys to plunder her mouth as smooth, but firm hands slid down her arms and gripped her wrists, pulling them behind her back. The soft, familiar click of the handcuffs did not surprise or bother her. Unless she was alone (and sometimes even then) she was bound, it was the way of things. Still locked in that kiss, those same hands then rose to the back of her neck and began to untie the apron, allowing the cloth to fall away from her chest, leaving her topless.

The kiss broke then, leaving Ophelia’s lips feeling almost bruised, but still she said not a word, save to utter a shuddering sigh as Alys’ hands slid down her chest to cup her now bare breasts. A deeper moan left her as those hands began to kneed the soft mounds of flesh, pinching and rolling nipples between thumb and forefinger before playing with her piercings. A hand then slipped around her waist and the last knot was untied, letting the apron fall to the floor and leaving her completely naked. A soft kiss at her pulse and the feel of those fingers gently rubbing her sex drew a gasp from the young slave. Trembling in aroused excitement Ophelia closed her eyes only to be disappointed as those cruel, talented fingers left her.

"Let’s eat." Alys whispered into her ear as she guided Ophelia to her knees and slid into a chair herself. Having little choice, Ophelia keeled obediently, waiting and grinning contently as a hand found her breast.

It was a simple meal, sushi of a type that Ophelia was particularly fond of and had introduced to her mistress, but as far as both were concerned it was the entertainment rather than the food that made these dinners so interesting. Keeping here left hand firmly affixed to Ophelia’s right breast, kneading and caressing the delicate mound, drawing forth the most wonderful sighs and moans as she alternated between eating and feeding her slave. There was just something to fantastically sexy about it, of Ophelia being utterly depending upon her. Of course, it was even sexier to feed the girl through a gag, but it was also a much more complex process and tonight she was more than happy to do without. It was also a short meal, with few words spoken between them. Words didn’t really serve much of a purpose as this point in any case. When they had both finished, Alys set her chopsticks down and began to sip the last of her wine, finally removing her hand from Ophelia’s chest. For her part, Ophelia seemed extremely disappointed by that and so leaned against the chair before placing a series of delicate kisses against her mistress’ thigh, pleading silently. Alys reached down to tangle her fingers in Ophelia’s hair and let a wry smile touch her lips.

"Taking some liberties, I see."

There was no answer, only those earnest brown eyes gazing into hers from beneath a fringe of pink hair.

Knowing that this battle was already lost (it was difficult to say no to someone when they were asking for something you wanted as well), Alys turned herself to the side and spread her legs, fully exposing her hairless and pierced sex. "Just a taste, you haven’t earned any dessert yet."

Ophelia needed no further prompting. Leaning in she began to gently lap at her mistress’ sex, teasing each of the numerous rings piercing through those nether lips before working her way back down. Up and down, up and down waiting for the signal to dive in. Alys let out a long, low moan of her own, gripping the edges of the chair tightly as she observed her lover work through half-lidded eyes. Ophelia knew her well, perhaps too well, licking and teasing all the right places to drive her into a frenzy. She wasn’t sure how long it lasted, that obscenely skilled tongue working her ever closer to orgasm, but never quite over the peak. Just a taste, as she had said. Leaning back against the chair, muscles clenched taut, Alys had to suppress the urge to jump in surprise as Ophelia found a particularly sensitive spot and that tongue began to tease her clit.

There was no command, no orders given, Alys just tangled both hands in Ophelia’s hair and mashed those lips against her sex. Capturing Alys’ nether lips in a deep and penetrating kiss, Ophelia fought the urge to grin in triumph as Alys threw her head back and moaned. Beneath the furious assault of tongue and lips and teeth her mistress’ resolve was rapidly fading. Tightening her grip, Alys clamped down on herself even as she began to pant, overwhelming sensations of pleasure washing over her. It was almost too much. Almost. Eyes closed tightly she forced out through clenched teach, "Don’t you dare stop, slave. Don’t you dare!"

That was the signal she had been waiting for. Abandoning her earlier strategy, Ophelia took her mistress’ clit between her lips and sucked, hard. Gasping in surprise and pleasure, Alys moaned loudly under the assault. She could remember a time when it had been her own lips on her slave’s sweet flesh, Ophelia moaning and thrashing beneath this technique. Ophelia had learned well. Alys couldn’t hold back any longer, she knew she couldn’t hold back and longer and in truth she didn’t want to hold back any longer no matter how wonderful this felt. Clamping her thighs tight around Ophelia’s head she threw her own head back and screamed as the orgasm seemed to explode from within her. Ophelia didn’t stop, instead she greedily drank down her mistress’ fluids, reveling in the spicy yet sweet taste as she proceeded to lick Alys’ flesh clean. Several weaker orgasms and their aftershocks followed, teased from her mistress’ body under the direction of that skillful tongue, before Alys finally came down and released her slave, opening her legs and reluctantly pulling that obscenely talented mouth from her sex. Almost instantly Ophelia was in her lap, their breasts crushed together as they kissed. Alys tasted herself there, on her slave’s lips and in her mouth. It aroused her more than she would admit. Like some overgrown cat she began to lick Ophelia’s face clean and dropped a hand between the girl’s legs. As expected, Ophelia’s own pussy was soaking wet and very eager if the intensity of the moan she received over a simple touch was any indication. She was close to the edge herself.

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Just as quickly Alys broke the kiss, took Ophelia by the arms and stood, roughly guiding her slave out of the kitchen and into the living room. Ophelia bit her lip in frustration, but followed obediently. That was twice now she had been teased. Her mistress led her to a spot near the couch and stood her there, pausing only long enough to tie a band of cloth around her slave’s eyes. Ophelia almost gasped at the sudden blindness, but did not move as she heard Alys continue to move around the room, most likely to collect some restraints. Although it was only a few heartbeats, trapped in darkness as she was it felt like a small eternity to Ophelia before she felt ropes being tied tightly around her ankles. After being nudged by a foot she obediently spread her legs, sliding them apart about twice shoulder length before Alys tied the ropes down to eye-bolts in the floor, locking the girl in place. Ophelia heard the click and felt the handcuffs fall away, but before she could even contemplate moving her arms or rubbing her wrists, Alys took both of her hands and tied them together in front of her, cinching the ropes tight. The young submissive did yelp is surprise then as her arms were then quickly lifted over her head and pulled tight to the ceiling. So tight that she was forced to perch on the balls of her feet, her entire body pulled painfully taut. Almost as an afterthought another length of rope was draped around her neck as Alys trapped her chest in a tight breast harness. A parting pinch to her nipples made Ophelia moan, but then there was nothing, the sensation gone.

Breathing somewhat roughly, blind, helpless and more than a little aroused by it all, Ophelia could do naught but listen to the click of heels on the floor as Alys circled her, hands brushing and rubbing against her body randomly. Her sides, her arms, her legs, her hips and waist, then finally her breasts and a lingering (but far too soft) touch against her eager sex. Just as suddenly the loud *crack* of a leather strap against her ass brought a scream from the girl’s mouth, as much in shock as pain. A second, third, forth and fifth followed quickly, Ophelia flinching behind her blindfold and crying out with each stroke, but still carefully keeping count mentally in case her mistress demanded to know. The pain stopped and a pair of soft breasts pressed against her back, making her gasp, and then moan softly as hardened nipples and the small rings pierced through them scraped against her skin as those mounds began to rub down along her spine and over her throbbing ass. At the same time eager hands swooped around to cup her own bound and sensitive breasts. As Alys began to slide back up her slave’s back, those hands then dropped, tracing the edges of her ribs and the muscles of her stomach before pausing to caress her inner thighs and hips. Ophelia whimpered in frustration, wiggling her hips as best she could but those hands refused to move to her aching center.

Chucking softly at the girl’s frustration, Alys nipped her ear softly and whispered, "I brought some new toys I want to show you, my lovely little bitch. Do you want to feel them?"

"Yes, mistress." Ophelia breathed out.

"So eager." Nuzzling her neck, Alys continued, "Do you remember the rule?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Say it for me."

"I’m... not allowed to cum without permission." she whispered.

A hand smacking harshly against her already sore ass made her jump. "Louder!"

"I’m not allowed to cum without permission, mistress!"

That same hand began to rub her gently, "Yes, slave, exactly that. Don’t cum unless I give you permission." The smile could be heard in her tone, "Now wait here."

Ophelia felt her own lips quirk ever so slightly at that, rather old, joke, but still strained her ears to try and hear what was going on. The sound of a zipper being opened and then nothing. And again she jerked involuntarily as Alys’ breasts were pressed to her back, a hand resting on her stomach. But there was something different, a cool, plastic disk in the palm of that hand and what almost felt like thimbles on the two middle fingers. She twitched again and gasped as Alys nipped at her neck and the objects attached to her hand began to vibrate.

Alys chuckled as she began to slowly grind herself against her slave’s back, "I got to test drive this earlier today. Shockingly powerful, yes?"

"Yes." Ophelia whispered in a strained voice as her mistress’ hand began to make lazy circles over her stomach, spiraling ever downward. A long, desperate moan escaped her as those vibrating fingertips found her sex and began to stroke her labia lips, up and down, in some strange parody of how she had teased Alys but a few moment before. Swallowing, she tried to control her breathing as the (as Alys had said) shockingly powerful devices began to work their magic on her. The fingering intensified, as did the feel of the warm, lush body writhing against her back while the other hand found her breast and began to pinch and tease her nipples. Even stretched as she was, Ophelia began to fight against her bonds and attempted to buck her hips to intensify the pleasure. Panting now, and dripping wet she bit her lip to try and hold back, begging, "Please, mistress!"

There was no answer, just the incessant vibrations against her eager sex as she began to moan in earnest, strange little pleasurable noises born in her throat before the hands suddenly left her body just as she neared the peak but before she could crest over. Crying out in frustration at the failed orgasm, that cry became a scream as Ophelia felt her mistress’ body move away from her only to be replaced by another stroke of the leather strap against her already sore backside. Two more strokes followed quickly before Alys finally spoke.

"Naughty bitch, you were going to cum, weren’t you."

Ophelia hung her head slightly, "Yes, mistress." she admitted in a small voice. Again she gasped slightly as those hands returned to her body.

"Let’s try this again."

The vibrators activated again, and again Ophelia began to moan as they roamed over her flesh, gliding up to massage her breasts and tease her nipples, the small buds achingly hard now, before dropping down again to the juncture between her legs. The fingers probed her again, sliding up and down her slit, teasing her flesh until her clit eagerly presented itself. Alys began to tease that tiny, sensitive nub then, tearing shuddering moans from her slave’s throat and again making the girl twitch and jerk in her bonds.

"Please, mistress!" She managed to force out between pants, "Please may I cum!"

Alys paused for a moment, as if pondering to herself before responding, "No."

Ophelia let out a frustrated whimper and bit her lip again as she tried to hold back the inevitable. She liked pain, true, but this was the most exquisitely devious torture she had ever endured. Which only excited her even more and made it harder still to hold back the flood. It seemed to last forever, but finally, skin flushed, breath ragged and body twitching she reached her breaking point.

"Mistress, I can’t... I can’t hold it!"

And with that pronouncement the hands left her once again, leaving her on the peak, but unfulfilled. The lash returned, five strokes this time, and this time she screamed under the blows in a mix of pain and frustration, tears leaking from her eyes. The scream became a yelp as a pair of clover clamps bit into her achingly hard nipples, the weighted chain between then tugging harder as it swayed with each breath.

"Maybe that will cool you down."

There was no pretense of foreplay this time. Ophelia moaned, low and throaty, as Alys jammed those two fingers deep inside of her and began to stroke internally. Those moans became near screams when the palm vibrator finally entered the fray, Alys pressing it tightly to her slave’s flesh before beginning to rub. With her piercing transmitting the vibrations under her skin and thus attacking her clit from both front and behind, Ophelia didn’t stand a chance. Desperate moans and loud cries of pleasure escaped her as she bucked her hips intensely, fighting against the ropes holding her wrists, desperate and pleading. Panting between clenched teeth, her skin flushed darker than her hair, the muscles in her thighs and stomach clenched tightly in a desperate attempt to stave off the monstrous orgasm building within her. Against Alys was grinding against her back and teasing her breasts with abandon, hot kisses practically branding her bare neck and shoulders.

"Don’t you cum, slave. Don’t you dare!"

Something seemed to break inside of her as her back arched painfully. "Please, mistress." She managed in a tortured whisper, "Please!"

An aborted cry of pleasure suddenly became an equally aborted scream of pain as the hand suddenly left her sex and in a single deft move tore the clamps from Ophelia’s breasts. Her whole body jerked, hard against the ropes but in the same motion a gag was jammed into her mouth, the massive rubber ball muffling her scream before being strapped down with almost brutal tightness.

"I’m getting very tired of all this noise." Alys announced in a low, dangerous voice, almost a growl. "Clearly I’ve been too generous. You have no self-control at all, do you, my lovely little bitch?"

Flushed and crying, Ophelia shook her head.

Alys sighed, "One last chance." And with that, once again, she began to pleasure her slave with the vibrators. Much more slowly this time, rubbing her lips and teasing her clit then drawing back for a few moments after Ophelia began to pant behind her gag, only to return and repeat the process. Only when she was sure that her slave was wound as tightly as she could be, did Alys plunge back in, inserting her fingers and pressing the palm vibrator hard against Ophelia’s pussy. This time Alys twisted her fingers in just the right way to reach the girl’s g-spot. That, combined with the second vibrator hammering her clit, would make the girl cum like a freight train. She waited and watched as Ophelia’s flushed and sweating body began to twitch against the ropes, until the girl was moaning like a bitch in heat even through the massive ball gag, and when her muscles began to clench and her teeth began to sink into the gag Alys knew it was almost time. When she at last felt the internal twitch that would herald climax and heard that strangled moan, she pulled her hands away. Ophelia literally screamed into the gag in utter frustration, jerking her arms against her bonds with bruising intensity, desperate to get her hands between her legs and at last have the massive orgasm her mistress had been working her towards, and yet constantly denying her, all evening.

This time Alys did not continue, she deactivated the device and stripped it from her hand, offering one last parting lash against Ophelia’s much abused backside before walking around the front of her slave and pulling the blindfold away. Red, tear-stained eyes greeted her, blinking rapidly against the sudden influx of light. Smiling softly, Alys kissed the tears away and went to work, Ophelia watching her silently as she hung limply in her bonds. Deft fingers untied the chords around her breasts, before massaging the delicate mounds to erase the rope marks, but Alys then tied the rope around her waist, leaving the ends dangling from behind. Reaching into her backpack again, Alys retrieved a pair of egg vibrators, short wires connecting them to their power packs. Lubricating them against her own damp sex, she inserted one of the eggs deep into Ophelia’s pussy while the second slid smoothly into her ass. Pulling the ropes through her slave’s legs in to a snug crotch rope ensured that the toys wouldn’t be going anywhere. But she didn’t activate them just yet. Retrieving a few rolls of black vet wrap, she untied both of Ophelia’s ankles and forced them together, wrapping her legs with the tape, mummifying the girl. She continued to wrap until Ophelia was completely covered to the waist, only the power packs of the vibrators visible, which she tucked into one of the wraps at her hip to keep them from moving around.

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Done with that she stood and untied Ophelia’s wrists, catching the girl as she slumped and again massaging her sore arms. Finished with that, the last item Alys presented was something she had gotten a few months ago: a straitjacket. Wrapped in tape as she was it was impossible to masturbate now, so Ophelia dutifully raised her arms and allowed Alys to slip the jacket onto her. The black leather was skin tight and as Alys tightened the straps at the back, the material conformed to every one of Ophelia’s curves, including her very hard nipples. Bending the girl’s arms into a self-hug, Alys strapped the sleeves down, trapping her there. Satisfied with her work, she caressed her slave’s face with a small smile and pressed a soft kiss to the gag protruding from her lips. The girl just groaned in response, but that sparkle in her eyes was still strong.

Despite it all, they were both enjoying this.

In a somewhat awkward half-carry/half-drag she managed to maneuver her slave into their bedroom and lay her down on the bed. Kicking off her high heels, Alys then unclasped her corset and tossed the garment into the pile with her street cloths from earlier. Clad only in her fishnets, she climbed into the bed and straddled Ophelia’s tightly bound and gagged form, activating the two toys buried within that sweet flesh as she did so. Ophelia moaned softly as the vibrator in her ass activated, the low and steady buzz pleasant, but not nearly enough to do anything but keep her frustrated. The second, sharp sensation within her sex made her gasp and twitch within her bonds, but just as quickly it ended. In a sudden flash she realized it was on a randomizer. Her horrified look must have registered because Alys’ lips bloomed into a wicked grin as she began to rub the bandages over her lover’s imprisoned and very frustrated sex.

"Those should keep you nice and warm all night. In fact, I bet you’ll be practically stewing in your own juices by morning." Eyes tearing up again, Ophelia shook her head and tried to plead through her gag, but Alys just reached down and cupped her cheeks. "Do you want to cum?"

A frantic nod.

With a swift motion Alys popped the gag from her slave’s mouth and positioned her own sex over the girl’s lips. "Then make me come, and I’ll consider it."

Almost instantly Ophelia’s tongue snaked out of her mouth and began to lick her her mistress’ pierced curves with abandon, lapping up the juices that had collected there. Alys had to grab the headboard to support herself, moaning loudly and grinding her hips into Ophelia’s face as desperation added an entirely new level of skill to her slave’s technique. It didn’t take much of that licking and sucking before, head back and back arched, Alys came with a loud, satisfied cry. Frozen there for a moment, panting, she finally dismounted the girl and bent down to kiss her, plundering Ophelia’s helpless mouth before licking her face clean again. But before Ophelia could even think of begging, Alys grabbed a panel gag off of the night stand and slid the large, mouth-filling plug between the girl’s lips before strapping it in. Breath wheezing through the gag’s tube, Ophelia speared her with a pleading look, but Alys just smiled and turned off the light before lowering her body alongside her slave’s.

Radiating contentment in a maddening way, Alys rolled onto her side and pressed herself against Ophelia’s bound form, taking the girl in a tight embrace and wrapping a leg around her waist. "You know, if frustration improves your technique that much, I may never let you cum again." Ignoring Ophelia’s muffled protest, she just snuggled against the girl even tighter and kissed her cheek, "Pleasant dreams, my lovely little bitch."

Trapped as she was, Ophelia could only sigh and collapse against the bed, wiggling her hips as best she could as another jolt of pleasure surged through her crotch. Once again it proved sufficient to push her that little bit to the edge, just not enough to go over it completely. She knew it was going to be a very, very long night.

Part 2

For what seemed like the millionth time, Ophelia found herself counting the dots on the ceiling as she lay helpless on her back, straining against the bonds mummifying her while the silicone cock she was deep throating muffled all but the tinniest whimpers and the little monster in her sex pushed her to the bleeding edge of orgasm before leaving her unsatisfied once again. Thanks to sheer exhaustion she had managed to catch a few hours of sleep, off and on, but it seemed like just as soon as she slipped into the escape of dreams that damned vibrator would activate again and jar her awake. What few dreams she had managed proved to be rather interesting, though. All of this was not helped by her mistress’ nearly nude body pressed tightly against her, sleeping the deep sleep of the well sated. Lucky bitch. For the last several hours, though, sleep had completely evaded Ophelia as Alys, clearly enjoying a very pleasant dream, had been rubbing against and caressing her slave’s bound body. And if the clock was right that hand had been fondling her breast for over an hour. Ophelia feared that she might explode. And, as if to complicate matters further, her shoulders were starting to ache from the straitjacket and her very full bladder was demanding attention.

She liked testing her limits, she liked being controlled and she really liked having her pleasure drawn out, but this was just ridiculous! Ophelia had never been more convinced that if she didn’t cum she was going to die. She knew how to endure pain and draw pleasure from it, it was part of what had drawn her into this lifestyle in the first place, but she had never imagined that pleasure itself could be used as a weapon. If nothing else she had to admire her mistress’ deviousness.

As if summoned by those thoughts the hand fondling her breast suddenly stopped and reached up to trace the outline of her sore jaw. Twisting as best she could, Ophelia looked to her right to stare into Alys’ blue-green eyes, an impish smile etched onto the young woman’s face. Alys gently caressed her slave’s jawline for several more seconds before she levered herself upright, looming over Ophelia’s body on all fours. Once again a hand dropped down to caress the bandages encasing the girl’s hips, making her squirm uncomfortably.

"Did you sleep well?"

Ophelia just offered a blank stare, as if the dark circles around her eyes (that had nothing to do with makeup this time) weren’t enough of an answer.

Alys just laughed, "I know what you want. You want to cum, don’t you?"

A frantic nod of the head.

She switched the two vibrators off, "No."

Ophelia whined deep in her throat, fighting her bonds again as she begged and pleaded, every sound she made reduced to an unintelligible whimpers by the massive gag filling her mouth. Alys just smirked again and ducked down to kiss her slave on the tip of the nose before climbing out of bed. Stretching the kinks out of her muscles, which did wonders for her chest, Alys grinned at the way Ophelia’s eyes were following her. A wicked light burning in her eyes she cupped a breast and dropped her other hand between her legs, slipping two fingers inside herself. Closing her eyes she moaned, long and low as she began to masturbate, teasing her nipples and playing with the piercings as she did so. Squirming within her bonds, and feeling the arousal simmering in her veins, Ophelia could only watch the tableau, frozen in place and unable to look away as Alys moaned and sighed, doubling over as she worked herself to orgasm. At last the young mistress licked her lips, playing with the trio of rings through her lower lips before gritting her teeth and letting out a strangled little scream as she came. Still jerking a little with aftershocks, she continued to work her delicate flesh for several more seconds before letting her eyes slide open, locking gazes with her slave as she raised her fingers to her mouth and slowly, sensually licked them clean.

Grinned at her slave’s pleading eyes and the low whimper she as letting out, Alys grabbed the girl’s legs and spun her over the edge of the bed before unwrapping the bandages, tossing them in a nearby trashcan. In short order her legs were free, revealing her soaked and throbbing pussy. Teasing her a bit with a few errant brushes of the fingers, she untied the crotch rope and popped the two vibrators free. Grabbing the girl by the shoulders, Ophelia was quickly pulled to her feet and guided on shaky legs out of the bedroom and into the bathroom across the hallway. Flipping the lights on casually, and leaving her slave bound in the jacket and tightly gagged, Alys set the girl down on the toilet and left the room to give her some privacy, as well as gather some bath supplies and more bondage gear.

When she returned a few moments later, Ophelia was blushing slightly, but Alys said not a word as she cleaned her slave and flushed the toilet before turning on the shower and letting the water adjust. Only then did she unstrap the gag and pull the massive plug from the girl’s mouth, Ophelia coughing several times as it was removed, only to silence any words with a quick, but deep kiss. Lips still locked, she began to loosen the straitjacket and slip off the leather garment, pulling it away as their lips parted and setting the jacket on the counter. Taking the girl into a soft embrace, Alys pulled them into the shower, letting the spray of water wash away the scents of sweat and sex. It had become something of a custom for them to shower together, and often they make love while bathing, but there was an unhurried detachment today as Alys slowly scrubbed the young submissive clean. Lingering on her more sensitive parts, and batting away her hands as the girl tried, several times, to gain some degree of relief from the sensations swirling inside of her, Alys just hummed, unconcerned.

When Alys embraced her again, kissing her with a sudden fierceness as they ducked under the water to wash the shampoo from their hair, Ophelia desperately threw her arms around her mistress and moaned into her mouth as she was pressed tightly against the cool wall.

"Please, mistress." she whispered as she tried to grind her hips against Alys’ thigh. "Please don’t tease me, I can’t take it anymore."

"All in good time." Alys whispered back as she reversed their position, pressing her own back to the cool, tiled wall, while she guided her slave to her knees, keeping a hold of both wrists. Ophelia knew what was being asked of her and, despite the difficulties presented by the water sluicing over their bodies, she began to lick and tease her mistress’ sex, running her tongue along the curves and folds, lapping at the thin metal rings, guided by the low, throaty moans she heard even over the falling water until Alys’ clit presented itself. Instantly she took the bud of flesh between her lips and began to suck and lick, just as she had been taught. Despite the insistent throbbing between her own legs, Ophelia nevertheless felt the same thrill as always as her mistress twisted and moaned underneath the ministrations of the mouth. It was flattering, in a way, that Alys enjoyed her attentions so much. Redoubling her efforts she sucked harder, occasionally pausing to run her tongue across, and into, her mistress’ pussy. A handful of heartbeats later Alys came with a shattering scream, jerking hard against the wall and tightening her grip almost painfully. Ophelia instantly swallowed the burst of fluids that accompanied it, long ago having realized that she was addicted to the taste of her mistress’ flesh. Cumming vicariously might not be much, but she would take what she could get at the moment. It helped, a little.

Just as suddenly she was pulled to her feet and again they kissed a much briefer kiss before Alys shut off the water and stepped out of the tub. Ophelia followed obediently, allowing her mistress to dry her body and style her hair before she presented the straitjacket once again. Biting her lip in frustration, Ophelia resisted the urge to sigh as she lifted her arms, stepping back into the garment that had imprisoned her for the night, shivering a little as it slid back over her body. Once again the skintight leather accentuated every curve of her pale frame (especially her painfully hard nipples) and her arms were trapped in a tight, self-hug. The massive plug gag, however, was replaced with a ring gag, which popped behind her teeth with little resistance, forcing her mouth open and ensuring that she would have to concentrate to keep from drooling. Once again guided by her completely nude mistress (Alys did love to walk around the house without any cloths, not that Ophelia was complaining), Ophelia was brought to the kitchenette and guided down to her knees by the side of the table.

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For several moments she watched as Alys cleared away the dishes from last night’s meal and proceeded to set out breakfast. Perhaps owing to her lack of culinary skill, or perhaps just in the interests of speed she chose simple foods. Juice, fruit, oatmeal, nothing that couldn’t be eaten through a gag. Finished, the young mistress took her seat, crossing her legs properly as if it wasn’t odd that she was siting naked at the breakfast table with a girl in a straitjacket kneeling beside her. Then again, for them it wasn’t odd at all. Owing to her slave’s inability to chew anything while her mouth was held open by a ring, breakfast proved to be a somewhat longer meal. With the aid of a funnel Ophelia managed to drink, if in small sips, and the fruit was cut small enough to allow her to swallow it whole, though that didn’t give her much of a chance to taste it. The way Alys teased her by rubbing the fruit against her lips before finally allowing her to have it somewhat made up for this. The oatmeal was last, carefully spooned through the ring where Ophelia could lap it up, a sight that made Alys bite her lip. It was something she had noticed when they first started dating that had only become more obvious with time; Ophelia had a talent for making even the tiniest little thing look impossibly sexy. By the end of the meal Alys was seriously contemplating demanding another round of oral sex.

Pushing that idea aside for the moment and giving her slave a few sips of water to clear her mouth, Alys instead helped the girl back to her feet and once more took her into the living room. Took her back to the exact same spot where she had been suspended the previous evening. Rather than tying her there, though, Alys just took the rope that was still dangling from the ceiling and tied it to Ophelia’s collar, forcing her to stay put or risk choking herself. Taking a step back, Alys set her hands on her hips and observed the girl. The way the gag held her mouth open and provided a clear view of her pierced tongue, the way the straitjacket completely imprisoned her upper body and, especially, her glistening, exposed, and hairless sex that must have been screaming in frustration, the tiny ring of a hood piercing glinting amid the pink flesh. Feeling another grin tug at her lips, Alys nodded absently to herself. It was at times like this that Ophelia was at her most beautiful. Her grin widened just a bit more when she realized that now was also time for the big surprise.

Circling her slave once, twice, then three times Alys absently brushed her fingers against Ophelia’s exposed skin, following the slender turn of her hips, the soft hollow between her thighs and finally the perfect curve of her ass. The bound girl moaned and wriggled several times at this, but the ropes forced her to stay mostly still. Mostly. Facing her, Alys reached up and brushed Ophelia’s hair away from her face, granting a clear view of deep brown eyes, before popping the ring gag out of her mouth. Still gently cupping the girl’s face, she smiled as she caressed cheekbones with her thumbs and leaned in for a kiss. It was not a soft kiss or a playful kiss, it was domineering kiss, a powerful kiss that asked for nothing and demanded everything. Ophelia moaned loudly and seemed to melt into her mistress’ embrace as the power of the kiss washed over her, leaving her no choice but to submit to it as Alys’ tongue entered her mouth and brushed against her teeth before probing deeper and entwining with her own. For several long moments they battled like that, tongues dueling as Alys again asserted her authority. She didn’t want her lovers to simply fall into her arms, she wanted to be forced to subdue them, to dominate them, to take them.

Ophelia was one of the first she had ever met who truly understood that.

For her part, Ophelia was not thinking deep thoughts, she was literally caught in a daze as Alys broke the contact and a hot kiss pressed hard to the pulse in her throat before those lips wandered down her bound body, even suckling on a leather encased nipple as they went. At last, Alys was on her knees, gently rubbing her slave’s eager pussy with her palm. Ophelia moaned under that touch, even though it wasn’t quite enough to push her over the edge, then threw her head back as far as the rope would allow when Alys ran her tongue along the length of her sex just once, her mistress’ twin tongue studs only enhancing the sensation. Flicking the girl’s piercing with the tip of her tongue once, then twice, Alys leaned back, resting her cheek on her slave’s thigh even as she continued to caress the edges of her sex, yet always avoiding that eager core.

"You’re boiling, aren’t you?"

It took a moment for Ophelia to realize that she had been asked a question, but when she did she nodded helplessly, "Yes."

"Pulsing, throbbing, burning up inside?"

"Yes." she admitted softly, "Please, mistress..."

The stroking continued, "But you like it."


"When I tease you and lick you, taking you to the very edge but not letting you crest, holding you there while you pant and moan and beg like the bitch you are. You love it, don’t you?"

Ophelia dropped her head, feeling her eyes water just a bit. "Yes, mistress."

The stroking stopped and Alys stood, pressing a soft, almost chaste kiss to her slave’s lips, "Then my lovely little bitch, you’re going to love this."

Leaning over the coffee table, Alys pulled the last major item from the backpack she had deposited there last night, a large cardboard box. Stepping back in front of Ophelia, she presented the box with little fanfare, "This is what I really wanted to show you, the vibrator was just a warm up." And with that somewhat ominous announcement, she drew the item within free from the packing foam. Holding up her prize triumphantly, Alys grinned, "Recognize this?"

Ophelia felt her mouth go a little dry, brown eyes wide as she took in the collection of metal straps her mistress was holding. The numerous measurements, the plaster casts of her hips and waist in every conceivable position, the quivering excitement over what was to come, oh yes she remembered. Drinking in the sleek stainless curves of the chastity belt, as brightly polished as her collar, Ophelia felt a small trill of anticipation run down her spine. Taking in the device, her desperate horniness momentarily forgotten, Ophelia felt an entirely new type of arousal course through her, the slave without her rejoicing at the thought of a new restraint, an eagerness to feel that metal on her flesh. Yet the reality that her hyper-stimulated sex was about to be locked away in a cage of metal returned and Ophelia found herself trembling slightly at the thought. "Yes, mistress." she managed, at last.

There was no further ceremony, no further words, and knowing that begging would be useless, Ophelia just closed her eyes as Alys rolled up the lower edges of the straitjacket and began to lock her in. The waistband encircled her just above the hips, compressing her flesh slightly (but not painfully) as it was snapped shut. The slender metal strip of the shield followed the curve of her body perfectly as it bisected her cheeks, expanding into an eyelet to allow her to... function before narrowing to slip between her legs, then expanding again to cover her sex. The feel of the chilled metal against her skin temporarily cooled her ardor, only to bring a moan to her lips as the smooth surfaces rubbed against her just right and her labia and clit poked through the slit in the front. The entire belt tightened, making her inhale sharply, as the shield was attached to the waistband and the click of a slender brass padlock, almost identical to the one on her collar, sealed her within. Eyes still closed, she moaned again desperately as Alys gently caressed her still exposed sex before locking the secondary shield on with a second, smaller padlock. The numerous tiny holes drilled in the band would allow liquids to pass through, but nothing else.

She was well and truly chaste now, and totally at her mistress’ mercy.

Opening her eyes, and seeing her mistress admiring the chastity belt, Ophelia looked down to study the thin steel bands that imprisoned her sex tightly. Biting her lip, she shifted her hips experimentally, almost moaning at the way the smooth metal moved against her. It was... interesting to say the least. Not exactly painful, maybe a bit uncomfortably, rather like her collar before she had gotten used to it. And it looked as if she’d have no choice but to get used to this. Looking up at her mistress, she barely had time to react before fingers tangled themselves in her hair and Alys caught her in another deep kiss. The joy and sheer passion she could feel in that kiss calmed her considerably and as their lips broke apart to reveal Alys’ smile, Ophelia could not help but think that, perhaps, this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

"We have a long day ahead of us, pet." Alys announced, touching their foreheads together, "Best get started."

Then again....

A soft, silken sensation, almost like spider’s legs flitting across her face at last roused Ophelia from her slumber. Slowly cracking open her eyes and blinking several times against the light the world came back into focus. Shaking the cobwebs loose from her mind, Ophelia began to take stock of herself. She was stretched out on the couch with her head resting on her mistress’ lap, a hand gently stroking her hair, clearly the source of the soft, pleasant sensation that had woken her. She was still strapped into the straitjacket as the ache in her shoulders confirmed and, of course, that chastity belt was still imprisoning her loins. Realizing that she had also been re-gagged, Ophelia just looked up past the swell of Alys’ still bare chest and caught her eyes. Pausing then, Alys shifted and smiled down at her.

"Welcome back, you were more tired than I thought."

Given that the panel gag with its massive plug silenced her completely, Ophelia just nodded, and stretched as best she could in her confinement. The ache in her shoulders was worsening, but that was no surprise given how busy the day had been. No sooner had the belt been locked on than this new phase of her training had begun. Leaning to adapt to the belt’s presence upon her body, how to tolerate it and compensate for it. How to walk, sit, jog, lay and bend over without the metal digging in or chaffing painfully. Learning what restrictions it placed upon her, how it impeded her movement (and where it didn’t), and most embarrassingly how to relieve herself through the metal as well as how to keep it clean and dry. It had all seemed deceptively simply, but had proven to be more complex, more taxing that she had imagined. And today was just one day, the first day, of what promised to be a very long process. Luckily after a late lunch Alys had allowed her to lay down on the couch where she had, while admiring the scenery, unexpectedly fallen asleep. Her vibrator induced insomnia had caught up to her, it seemed.

"Do you feel alright?" Alys continued, as she resumed stroking her slave’s hair.

Considering that, Ophelia took quick stock of her body. Her jaw was a bit sore from the gag, but that was a familiar pain, a pleasant one while her sex was throbbing under the stainless steel shield covering it. Even the way the metal moved against her skin seemed to heighten her stimulation, though going into the thing in such a state of extreme frustration probably hadn’t helped. Indeed, the chastity belt certainly hadn’t killed her sex drive (as some wearers she had spoken to claimed), if anything it seemed to have amplified it with the lure of the forbidden, with the knowledge that there was nothing she could do about the simmering in her loins until her mistress allowed it. The sight of a second key on Alys’ necklace was unmistakable Still, baring the ache in her shoulders, she was forced to admit that she felt rather good all told and so nodded her agreement.

"Good." Alys said, "Now sit up."

Ophelia quickly did as she was told, careful not to allow the waistband to dig in to her waist and, as soon as she was upright, Alys began to unbuckle the straitjacket, freeing the girl’s arms, eliciting a soft sigh of relief, before removing the garment completely. Setting it aside carefully, Alys guided her slave back onto the couch and prodded her to roll over on her stomach. Curious, Ophelia complied and once she had Alys straddled her hips and began to massage her shoulders, well aware of how uncomfortable the jacket could be after extended wear. Closing her eyes, Ophelia moaned even through the gag as the tension fled her body. Occasionally the moans became a bit deeper when Alys let her hands wander over the tattoos that covered the girl’s back and slide down to tease the sides of her breasts. Or when Alys deviated from standard massage procedures and used her own breasts rather than her hands. After a few minutes of that, Ophelia was practically a puddle on the couch, relaxed despite it all, and smiling widely around the large plug between her lips.

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Pleased with the results, Alys lifted herself off the cough, "Now stay here." She commanded as she ducked back into the hallway.

Even with her hands now free for the first time in nearly twenty hours, Ophelia knew better than to remove the gag, but did rouse herself enough to turn over and, for the first time, truly explore her chastity belt. Despite having worn the thing for hours so far, somehow touching it with her hands made it real. And yet, it felt so strange to place her hands between her own legs and feel nothing but the smooth curve of metal. Running her hands over the bands and shields she was amazed at the way it seemed to mold to her body. She couldn’t even slip a finger between the shield and her skin. She really wasn’t going to have any orgasms unless Alys allowed it. That thought actually aroused her more. She quickly removed her hands at the sound of approaching footsteps to see Alys returns with a length of rope. Declining to comment on the change of position, she silently offered her slave a hand and Ophelia was pulled to her feet and once more taken back to the center of the room.

Sizing her up, Alys draped the rope around Ophelia’s neck and swiftly bound her chest into a snug breast harness before circling behind her. Taking one hand, and then the other, she secured both of her slave’s wrists together and to the trailing ends of the harness, locking the girl helplessly into a reverse prayer position. Whispering, "So you can’t touch yourself." into the girl’s ear, Alys circled around front again and dropped down to one knee so that she could unlock and remove the chastity belt, carefully inspecting the flesh underneath. Despite some redness and lines pressed into her skin, which some gentle rubbing erased, Ophelia did not seem to have suffered any damage from the belt itself. No irritation or serious chaffing, although it would probably take several weeks or months before she had completely adapted to it. Satisfied with her inspection, Alys stood and at last removed the gag. Again, Ophelia coughed a few times as the large plug was freed from her throat, then licked her lips clean, working her jaw to ease the discomfort.

"Are you hungry, thirsty?" Alys asked.

"No, mistress."

"Good, good, because I have one more thing I want to show you before the evening is done."

With that, Ophelia watched as Alys pulled the very last item out of her backpack and wet her lips for an entirely different reason as her mistress slowly tightened the new strap-on around her hips, moaning softly as the pair of attached plugs slid deeply into her body. Taking the impressively sized dildo in hand, Alys signed, then moaned as she began to stroke it, as if masturbating, before beckoning with a finger as she sat back down on the couch and spread her legs. As if mesmerized, Ophelia followed, kneeling between her mistress’ legs as Alys continued to stroke the toy.

"This isn’t an ordinary strap-on." Alys announced, "In fact, it’s very special. You could probably guess that the plugs are vibrators, but its much more than that. There are pressure switches inside the dildo, very sensitive ones that adjust the amount and intensity of the vibration depending on the," she hissed as she squeezed the silicone cock tightly, "amount of stimulation. I’ll feel everything you do."

Ophelia could only stare.

Alys chuckled and cupped the girl’s cheek, tracing the curl of her ear and the rings pierced through it, "That was pretty much my reaction when I first got fucked with one of these things. Does it shock you to know that, on camera at least, your mistress occasionally plays the sub?" There was no answer, but she didn’t expect one, "But in your case, its good thing we got rid of that nasty gag reflex."

This was... new. She was quite familiar with oral sex, giving and receiving, but of a decidedly different sort. The art of the blowjob was not one that had ever found cause to study. Ophelia hesitated for a moment, but the impatient hand drew her closer and left little choice. Thankful that she was being allowed to proceed at her own pace, Ophelia began to kiss and lick the toy gently, the soft humm from Alys indicating that her mistress either appreciated the efforts or was enjoying the show. Emboldened, she began to lick up an down the length of the dildo before taking the tip between her lips, sucking and teasing it with her tongue. Alys’ breath caught in her throat at the sudden sensation and Ophelia chose that moment to dive in, taking the silicone member as deeply into her mouth as she could, running her tongue along its surface as she did so. Instantly she clamped her lips around it, sucking hard as she drew back, and clamping the tip hard between her lips before repeating the process. Alys moaned loudly, arching her back as she leaned backwards into the couch, tangling her hands in Ophelia’s hair as she urged her slave to go faster and deeper.

Panting now at the surprisingly strong sensation the plugs were transmitting, Alys had to fight to keep her hips still as Ophelia worked the strap-on very thoroughly. Eyes clenched shut she twisted and moaned and let out strange, half-strangled cries of pleasure as she was pushed ever closer to the edge. And just as suddenly she came, screaming out her pleasure to anyone that could hear (at time she wondered what the neighbors must think) and pulled Ophelia down, hard, impaling the girl on the dildo. The young submissive let out of squawk of surprise and several choking sounds at the sudden action before she was able to relax her throat. Alys was oblivious to this, however, eyes still closed tightly and crying out as aftershocks assaulted her frame, the vibrators buried within her still hammering away at her flesh. At last, though, she had the wherewithal to release her grip and Ophelia immediately pulled away, coughing several more times as her throat was cleared. The vibrators now off, Alys managed to gather herself and slowly opened her eyes, and despite breathing hard, grinned down at her slave.

Leaning forward she grabbed Ophelia’s hair again and kissed her. "That was more intense than I expected." she admitted.

Ophelia nodded her head slightly, "Yes, mistress. May I..."

Alys cut her off, "Would you like me to fuck you?"

"Yes, mistress!" she answered with, perhaps, more enthusiasm than she had intended.

Alys just laughed and stood, pulling her slave along with her. Once again she was taken back to the rope dangling from the ceiling, but this time Alys release her from the reverse prayer only to bind her wrists together with that rope and pull it hard, jerking her into a strappado. Forced to bend over harshly to relieve that strain on her shoulders, Ophelia cried out in surprise and pain as her hips and sex were now fully exposed and very vulnerable. Biting her lip, she groaned under the pressure on her shoulders, but felt herself grown even more damp in anticipation.

This was it, this really was it.

"Spread your legs." Alys commanded and the girl instantly obeyed, anticipation of release building in her chest and her loins. Wrapping her hands around Ophelia’s waist, Alys began to rub the toy against her slave’s sex, lubricating it to an ever greater degree. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Good, but remember, I never said where I’d fuck you."

And with that, ignoring a surprised gasp, she slowly slid the dildo in to the girl’s ass until it was fully sheathed. Crying out in surprise at the sudden intrusion, Ophelia then moaned, long and low, as she was filled only to jerk and moan even more loudly as Alys began to fuck her in earnest. Only the sounds of harsh breathing, the increasingly loud moans of the two women and the steady slap of flesh on flesh filled the air. The hands around her waist tightening almost painfully, Ophelia could hear her mistress’ cries of pleasure even as she began to twist in her bonds, bucking her hips against her mistress to intensify the sensation, a thin sheen of sweat covering her pale skin. It felt wonderful, but it wasn’t going to be enough. She knew it wasn’t, she never had been able to have an orgasm like this, and the throbbing heat between her legs was only intensifying. A sinking feeling began to grow in her heart, that she’d been tricked again and that, for another night, her mistress had no intention of letting her cum. At the same time Alys pace was growing almost frenzied, her breath harsh in her throat as she moaned under the intensity of the toys within her, her strokes harsh and irregular as she pounded her slave with abandon. Reaching around to fondle her breasts roughly, Ophelia moaned at the sudden contact, twisting her head and grinding her hips even harder.

Lost in her own world of pleasure, Alys scarcely noticed, the tightness of her slave’s flesh pushing the vibrators to overdrive. Eyes barely open and jaw tight as she fought down her climax, struggling to stretch this out as long as possible, she began to pump harder and harder, pulling Ophelia’s body back to meet each thrust. Sweat covering her skin, breasts bounding wildly and muscles growing tired from the repeated movements, she squeezed Ophelia’s breasts with almost bruising force before thrusting forward with all her strength, the shattering cry of an orgasm filling the room as she did so. Refusing to stop, she redoubled her efforts, pumping her hips even faster, screaming in utter ecstasy as her climax passed that blissful point into a multiple orgasm. Alys wasn’t sure how long it lasted but, panting harshly, still twitching and breath catching in her throat as the vibrators continued to pleasure her, she slowly released Ophelia’s breasts, listening to the soft sound of the girl panting, before pulling out, killing the sensation. Taking a moment to collect herself, aftershocks battering her flesh and fire still racing through her veins, the young mistress brushed her hair out of her eyes and ran a hand along her disheveled and still very frustrated slave. Giving her ass a smack for good measure, making the girl jump slightly, she retrieved the chastity belt, eliciting a soft whine from Ophelia’s bound frame.

"Something to say, slave?"

"I was hoping to cum, mistress." She said, softly.

Alys considered that for a moment before holding the belt up, "What is this?"

"A chastity belt, mistress."

"And what is it for?

A soft sigh, "To keep me chaste, mistress."

"For how long?"

Eyes closed and head bowed, "Until you say, mistress."

"That’s right, until I say."

Ophelia sighed again and bit her lip as Alys locked her up, wincing softly as the belt was tightened and secured before the secondary shield was locked down. Her eyes flew open again when a ball gag was suddenly jammed into her mouth and strapped down. She protested as best she could, but Alys just patted her on the back, that damned grin more than evident in her tone.

"You’re going to have that fire inside for a good long time, my lovely little bitch. So why don’t you spend the night here and cool down?"

And with that Alys gathered up the various pieces of bondage gear and retreated into their bedroom. Ophelia just watched her go, eyes wide and fighting the ropes, trying her best to protest through the gag. Surely her mistress wouldn’t leave her like this for the entire night?


Part 3

She moaned, deeply, around the ball between her teeth and struggled against the handcuffs securing her wrists to the headboard, but the inconveniences of her bondage were entirely secondary to her mind. Eyes closed tightly, she moaned again and spread her legs as she felt warm, soft and inviting hands slide across her body, fingers brushing as lightly as feathers over her painfully hard nipples as the dildo entered her and began to thrust slowly, oh so painfully slowly, in and out. Whimpering as the fires within her were stoked, but not sated, she furrowed her brow and bit into the gag tightly even as she struggled even more desperately against her bonds. Yet the tempo never increased, always holding her just this side of the explosion she knew was waiting in the wings. Making a noise of disappointment deep in her throat, she arched her back unconsciously even as she struggled against the cuffs with bruising force, and began to buck her hips desperately against the source of her pleasure, seeking the orgasm that had so long been denied her.

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It didn’t seem to matter.

She could feel the sensations growing, the fires within her blazing to a terrible intensity with each thrust of the toy into her aching flesh, and so she increased the tempo of her own thrusts with a desperate intensity, harder and faster, in her own search for release. Yet maddeningly, like before, it didn’t seem to help. Eyes still closed, she began to pant in earnest, sweat prickling her skin as she tossed her head side to side, moaning and groaning deep in her throat, muscles clenched and body shivering under the unrelenting assault. She thrust harder, urging her phantom lover on, but it wasn’t enough, it was never enough. She was close, so bloody close, and yet her body refused to crest that final peak and let her loose into a sea of pleasure.

‘Please, please, please!’ she chanted, not sure who she was begginng, ‘Just a little more!’

A sharp pain suddenly flared and Ophelia’s eyes snapped open to find herself staring at a very familiar ceiling. Blinking a few times to clear her eyes she quickly recognized that she was still lying on the bed she shared with her mistress, though she had lost her blanket at some point. A dream, nothing more than a dream, if a particularly intense one. Sweat still prickled her flushed skin, her wrists were still cuffed to the headboard, a large ball gag still filled her mouth and her nipples were still rock hard. And, of course, the chastity belt was still locked around her waist. There had been no phantom lover, no sex, no almost orgasm, just a far too real dream born of a feverish imagination and the sensation of the metal rubbing against her throbbing pussy as she’d rocked her hips in her sleep. At that revelation, Ophelia blinked away a few sudden tears then screamed in frustration, muffled though it was by the gag, and began to kick the mattress. It wasn’t fair! It just wasn’t fair! If she didn’t have an orgasm soon she was going to go insane, she knew it!

Taking a deep breath, Ophelia forced herself to relax again.

Still, she felt a good deal better after working that out of her system, but apparently the noise had attracted attention. A form, skin still glistening from her morning shower and completely naked as she often was, entered the doorway. From her vantage point, Alys took in the sight of her helplessly bound and desperately horny slave while drying her hair with a small towel, but made no further moves. Ophelia just swallowed around the sudden dryness in her throat and stared at the sight, those perfect curves, that slim waist, pert breasts and the web of tattoos that covered paper-white skin all covered with a faint sheen of water. Damn it all, what was it about this woman that held her eye even after all this time? It wasn’t as if she wasn’t intimately familiar with her mistress’ body, but perhaps that was it. Alys was a sight she never got tired of seeing. What made it worse was that Alys seemed to realize this as well. Smirking, her lips rings glinting in the half light, Alys draped the towel casually over her shoulders and began to stalk over to the bed. Not walk, not strut, but stalk. Like a lioness, or a tiger, each step was charged with dangerous, sensual power and imbued with feline grace. At times like this no one could doubt her status, her dominance. Ophelia would have wet her lips had the gag not been in the way.

Mounting the bed, the young mistress crawled on hands and knees until she towered over Ophelia’s body, leaning down so close that they could feel each other’s heat. Perched on all fours, offered the girl a clear, uninterrupted view of her full breasts, she slowly lowered her body until their nipples were just gently touching. Shifting slightly to elicit a soft moan from the tightly wound girl, Alys kissed the gag protruding from her slave’s mouth. Somehow, being gagged made Ophelia seem all the more kissable. Ophelia moaned again at the contact, but Alys just leaned back to straddle her hips, denying her yet again. Grinning widely she began to softly trace the girl’s ribs and tease the sides of her breasts with her fingertips, eliciting soft shudders and sharp breaths as she did so.

"Finally awake, I see. And it looks as if my poor slave was having some very interesting dreams."

Ophelia just nodded tiredly.

"There, there," Alys crooned, brushing away the last traces of her slave’s tears, "You’ve been a very good girl, and I think it’s time for you to have your reward."

It took a moment for those words to pierce her consciousness, but when they did excitement shone in Ophelia’s eyes. She let out a shuddering breath of anticipation, accompanied by another moan, as Alys shifted down, letting her breasts glide along her slave’s taut stomach before using the key dangling from the chain around her neck to unlock the chastity belt. Moaning just a bit as the thing was removed, somewhat awkwardly, from her prone body Ophelia signed contentedly as cool air began to reach her heated flesh, soothing her. She moaned again, even more loudly, and closed her eyes as Alys began to gently rub the red marks that the metal had left behind, slowly massaging them from her skin, and yet, once again, seemed to avoid any place more interesting.

"No chaffing, no sores, no rashes." Alys commented, almost to herself, "Very good, my lovely little bitch, your body seems to be adapting just fine."

It was the truth, although it had only been a few days, Ophelia was much more comfortable in the belt. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

"Still, a break is probably in order." With that, Alys set the belt aside and reached up to unlock the handcuffs with the key on the nightstand, but before Ophelia could even consider enjoying her freedom, she found herself quickly rolled onto her stomach and her wrists cuffed once again behind her back. She protested through the gag, but Alys ignored her, clearly having something else in mind. "There we are. Now come along, I have a surprise for you."

Grabbing a hold of Ophelia’s collar, the young mistress pulled her slave off the bed and onto her feet. Standing somewhat unsteadily, Ophelia struggled to regain her balance before Alys took a handful of bright pink and blonde hair, eliciting a cry of surprise from the tightly gagged girl, and began to lead her down the hall into their playroom. As always it was perfectly tidy, various pieces of bondage gear in the cabinets and dressers, their ever growing collection of fetish clothing tucked away in the closet, and various ropes and chains dangling from the hooks on the ceiling. Everything ready, everything prepared. Of course, Alys already had a bag of goodies set up, which made her feel somewhat like a demented and kinky Santa Claus as she guided her slave into the exact center of the room, forcing her to stand on a rough patch of floor. Ophelia winced slightly as the grains of uncooked rice, a perennial favorite for foot torture, bit into the sensitive soles of her feet. But even then her eyes started to loose their focus slightly as she readied herself for what was to come. Silently, Alys went to work, first shifting Ophelia’s cuffs to the front before securing them to the ceiling, pulling the rope tight to make sure the girl was perched on the balls of her feet, suspended vertically from her wrists. Grinning slightly Alys wet her lips for the show that was to come, quite literally, for she always kept her promises, and reached into the bag to pull out a Hitachi. Presenting the vibrator proudly, and grinned wickedly as Ophelia’s eyes widened, she positioned the magic wand between Ophelia’s thighs, pressing it tight to the girl’s dripping sex before closing her legs to hold it in position.

"Now pet, hold on to that." She said with a peck to the cheek. Out of sight Ophelia immediately did as commanded, anticipation already building in her chest and, of course, her recently freed pussy.

Returning to the bag for several rolls of black vet wrap, exactly what she had used to partially mummify the girl a few days ago, Alys began to tape Ophelia’s legs together, practically welding the girl’s lower body into a single mass. Paying special attention to make sure the vibrator was secured between those firm thighs, she alternated the wrappings, crossing them carefully to make sure that Ophelia’s sex and her perfectly proportioned, and wonderfully pale, ass were fully exposed. Pausing only a moment to check the vibrator’s position, and press a soft kiss to the helpless girl’s eager clit, she continued wrapping, encasing Ophelia’s slender torso and crossing the bandages once again in such a way as to leave the young woman’s breasts, and her hard, pierced nipples available for whatever her mistress might choose to do with them. The last stage proved to be the most awkward, however, finding some way to wrap Ophelia’s arms while leaving her head uncovered. She wanted to make sure that the lovely expressions on that even lovelier face were on display for all the world to see. Still, it took a lot longer than she would have liked, but Alys eventually managed it and when she stepped back to look at the helpless mummy dangling before her and moaning through the massive gag she could only smile.

Oh yes, this was perfect.

Nodding in satisfaction at a job well done, Alys stepped aside to select some appropriate clothing, leaving the poor girl dangling there, shivering with anticipation and drooling helplessly around the ball between her lips. Still, it was important to set the mood in a situation like this, to wait for the just the right moment, letting the excitement and anticipation build to an appropriate crescendo before applying the master stoke. Taking her time, Alys tossed the towel still around her shoulders aside and slipped on a pair of fishnets stocking as well as one of her favorite black thongs. Perusing the closet for a moment, passing by various pieces of fetish gear, she shook her head and turned away, deciding that the bare essentially best matched her mood. Pulling on a fishnet shirt and slipping in to a pair of high heels to complete the ensemble, she choose to draw out the torment just a little bit more by taking a seat at the old dresser, in full view of Ophelia’s helplessly bound form, and proceeding to fix her mostly dry hair and apply her makeup, carefully painting her lips a deep, almost black, red and shading her eyes. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do. Satisfied, she winked at herself and gave the mirror a kiss before turning her attention back to Ophelia’s mummified and eager body.

Fondling the girl’s breasts, teasing beautifully long moans from her tightly gagged mouth, Alys pressed another small kiss to Ophelia’s lower lip, nipping one of the two rings as she did so, before slipping behind her slave, trailing her hands down and around the tightly wrapped form, letting the girl’s moans guide her. Reaching for the leather strap on the dresser behind her with one hand, Alys leaned forward and whispered, "Are you ready, pet?"

A frantic nod answered her, and with that Alys reached around with her free hand to activate the vibrator, it’s dull buzz and the harsh intake of Ophelia’s breath the only sounds in the room. That is, until Ophelia arched her body against the sensations and moaned, long and deep as pleasure so long denied flooded her. For a handful of moments Alys just let her slave enjoy her long delayed pleasure before pulling the strap tight between her hands with a wicked grin. Muffled moans then became a muffled scream as Alys brought the leather strap down, hard, across Ophelia’s bare and inviting ass, leaving a darkening red mark. In response, the girl twisted against her bonds, jerking away from the sudden stab of pain, her entire body shaking as another, more sensuous, scream echoed on the heels of the first. Alys grinned and struck again, continuing the lashing, back and forth, forcing the bound girl to twist left and right as she realized her slave had just has an orgasm, her first in two days.

Eyes wide and unfocused as ecstasy and pain intertwined in an impossibly erotic combination, heart pounding in her chest, and pleasure exploding between her legs, Ophelia was hardly aware of her mistress’ thoughts on the matter. The only thing she was aware of were the vibrations hammering her most delicate flesh, the shards of welcome pleasure shooting through her veins and the wondrous sting of leather against her bare skin. It was all too much. Breath little more than a ragged pant while uncontrollable moans echoed from her throat, muffled by the massive rubber ball between her teeth, she just continued to fight and struggle and wriggle her hips to try and enhance the sensations, to urge on the blessed relief after so many days of frustrated torment. Tears leaking from her eyes and face contorted in ecstasy, she screamed again and again as climax after climax burst free, the sting of the lash only driving her on to greater and greater heights. It was overwhelming, and yet so incredible, so good. Silently, before higher thoughts were completely swallowed by the rising tide of bliss, she hoped that her mistress wouldn’t stop.

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Long moments passed as Alys continued to flog the girl, screams and moans filling the room as dark red welts blossomed on pale skin. Grinning ever wider and feeling her own arousal grow as those moans punctuated by screams continued to escape Ophelia’s throat, each one betraying the orgasms that were being ripped from the bound girl’s body. Pausing for a moment, Alys wound the lash around her hand and stepped around the wriggling form, idly tapping the rolled up strap against her hip as she looked Ophelia in the eye. The girl was flushed pink and sweaty, drooling uncontrollably around the gag, droplets pouring down her chin to land on firm breasts heaving with each breath, pierced nipples proudly erect, while the bandages around her crotch were soaked with the evidence of her pleasure. Smiling slightly, Alys reached up and teased those nipples gently with her fingers, eliciting a shuddering moan as Ophelia bit down hard on the gag and threw her head back as far as she could, that little push enough to send another orgasm to shake her helpless frame. Chuckling, Alys took her slave’s head between her hands and popped the gag loose. Panting hard, jaw incredibly sore for being gagged for twelve hours, Ophelia struggled to get a hold of herself, to bring her breath under control as she licked her lips clean, eyes lost in the sea-green gaze of her mistress.

"How many?"

It took a handful of heartbeats for the question to register, or for her to understand what it meant. It was hard to think, so hard to think, but when she did Ophelia swallowed. "Si..six." she managed to force out between pants.

"Six?" Alys wondered aloud, "Now that, my lovely little bitch, is quite impressive. Do you like?"

Ophelia moaned helplessly as the vibrations continued to echo through her, "Yes, oh yes! So good, mistress, so good!" Complete sentences seemed to be beyond her at this point.

The grip on her cheeks tightened slightly. "And what do we say?"

"Th... thank you, mistress." she managed, shudderingly.

Alys grinned, almost pleasantly, "You’re very welcome, pet. Now, keep count for me."

She barely had time to acknowledge the order before a pair of clover clamps that Alys had kept concealed somewhere on her person slammed down on her painfully hard nipples and Ophelia found herself both moaning and screaming as pain shot into her veins, pushing her that last bit over the edge and into a another wave of ecstasy. "Seven!" she screamed, riding the wave of forced, but welcome pleasure. Seconds later, before she even had time to recover from the last climax, another scream tore itself loose from Ophelia’s throat as the lash struck out at her chest, first the left breast and then quickly across her right, back and forth in a lazy arc, shaking and twisting the clamps painfully even at the flesh beneath spasmed and quaked. Panting heavily, Ophelia closed her eyes, it was getting harder and harder to keep any semblance of control as pleasure and pain mingled together until it was all just a haze of sensations shrouding brain. "Eight!" she counted, she didn’t dare not keep count, her training saw to that. She was cumming harder and faster now, a growing tingle of pain beginning to lance through her pleasure even as she continued to moan and twist and buck her hips helplessly.

Alys just watched once again, idly playing with one of her own breasts through the mesh of her shirt, pinching and teasing her own flesh as she applied a little more pressure with each stroke, a little more force. With each strike, Ophelia jerked, long, shuddering moans and beautiful cries of painful pleasure escaping her throat as the soft mounds of her breasts bounced under each blow and her own frantic struggles, jostling the clamps and twisting sensitive nipples. Eyes squeezed shut, skin glistening, and the gag dangling around her neck like some demented accessory, Ophelia just moaned and panted and cried out with each strike, writhing helplessly against her bonds and straining against the bandages, though whether it was to escape or enhance the sensations, neither the slave nor her mistress knew. It was useless though, the bands of cloth may as well have been bands of steel for all that Ophelia could do against them.

Obediently, though, she continued to count.

By the time they hit "Eleven!" Ophelia was flushed red, sweat pouring down her body, face locked in a grimace, pain beginning to overtake pleasure as her exhausted body was pushed to its limits. At "Twelve!" the girl screamed like a banshee when one of the clamps popped off, wrenching her flesh painfully. The second, heralded by an equally impressive scream, popped off at "Thirteen!" While at "Fourteen!" her entire body was shaking, muscles clenched and spasming as she tried to hold back her orgasm, pain beginning to overwhelm pleasure as she was pushed to her limit. And once again she failed, screaming even more loudly than before as the relentless vibrator sealed between her thighs forced her past climax. At that point something seemed to break within her as yet another orgasm was torn from her body and Ophelia threw her head back and screamed, eyes clenched tightly. Breath ragged and tears streaming down her face, Ophelia gasped as she felt her mistress’ hand clamp around her throat, if gently, and again she was forced to meet the older girl’s gaze. Biting her lip against the pain radiating from her much abused pussy, she forced herself to speak. "P..please, mistress." she managed, in a small, shaky voice, "Pl..please, no.. no more."

Alys seemed amused, "Now what’s this? You were begging me, pleading with me to let you cum, and now you don’t want to?"

Ophelia drew a breath, "Please, mistress! It hurts!"

Alys tsked, "Oh?"

Struggling to hold back yet another growing orgasm, Ophelia let a note of desperation enter her tone, "My body’s on fire, mistress. It hurts, it hurts to cum. I can’t take it, I can’t...!"

Alys’ tone suddenly became stern as she cut her slave off, "You can’t stop it, can you?"

Almost panicking now, feeling the pressure building up within her, Ophelia struggled to speak, "N..no."

"You’re completely helpless."

Very close now her body tensed, muscles clamping as tightly as spun steel, "Y...yes, yes mistress!"

A hand found Ophelia’s breast and squeezed, almost painfully, "And who owns this body?"

Clenching her eyes shut and struggling not to moan as she forced the orgasm down, or tried to, "You do, mistress! Everything belongs to you!"

Ophelia’s eyes suddenly went wide, her building orgasm momentarily forgotten as the gag was slammed between her lips once more, silencing her. "That’s right, pet." Alys said, softly, intensely, "Everything belongs to me." Her hand dropped down and Ophelia’s eyes went even wider as her most intimate piercing was pushed up against the head of the vibrator, the sensations on her aching clit seeming to double as the vibrations assaulted it from front and back. "You’re done when I say you’re done."

Alys ignored the wide, pleading eyes as she stepped back and lifted herself on to the dresser, resting her hands on her thighs and leaning foreword a bit with a half-smile twisting her lips. Letting out a tortured moan, Ophelia closed her eyes and began to fight her bonds with renewed vigor, biting down hard on the gag as she tried in vain to resist the onslaught of orgasms. The girl’s eyes suddenly shot open as she screamed, twisting violently as her body spasmed with a potent combination of pleasure and pain. Painful pleasure or pleasureful pain? It was impossible to know. Wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue, Alys slowly lifted her shirt to slide a hand beneath the thin layer of cloth shielding her sex. As Ophelia’s body began to shake yet again, muscles trembling, face locked in a grimace of concentration as she bucked her hips to try and dislodge the vibrator, Alys began to slowly stroke her most sensitive flesh, biting her lip to contain a moan. When Ophelia screamed for a second (or seventeenth) time, her bound body almost convulsing under the onslaught, Alys began to masturbate in earnest.

Ophelia could only watch helplessly as her mistress began to slowly pleasure herself, as the vibrator inexorably ripped orgasms from her exhausted body and throbbing sex. Her breath quickened until she was practically hyperventilating as she could feel yet another orgasm build within her. She began to cry, her sobs and pleas lost beneath the gag and her mistress’ own hard breathing. Indeed, Alys seemed almost unaware of her slave, eyes closed as she pleasured herself, free hand roaming across her nearly naked flesh. There was no moan this time, just a shuddering, broken scream (muffled though it was by the rubber ball in her mouth) as a painful jolt exploded between her legs and in response Ophelia pulled against her bonds so hard that she actually managed to lift herself slightly. Not that it helped. She was only barely aware of the pain on her feet as she landed again on the grains of rice, though in the back of her mind she was grateful for the padding on the cuffs, otherwise her wrists would be quite bruised by now. All of that was lost, however, when she could feel yet another climax, pulsing deep within her flesh rising fast on the heels of the first. Never before in her life had Ophelia cursed being multi-orgasmic, but here and now, with this relentless vibrator taped between her thighs tearing climax and after climax out of her in a never-ending string, harder and harder, faster and faster until she felt as if she might die, she cursed long and loud.

Not that anyone could hear.

The tremble started in her knees this time, but it quickly spread through her body until it seemed as she was having a seizure of some type. Ophelia paid it little mind, far more concerned about the monstrous orgasm trying to break free. Tears leaking down her cheeks, she screamed and yelled, pleading with her mistress for mercy through the massive gag silencing her, but Alys didn’t seem to hear, too lost in her own world of pleasure. Her concentration shattered then, and it happened. Something truly seemed to break within her at that moment and Ophelia threw her head back, eyes wide and mouth locked around the ball in a silent scream as she came, hard, harder than she could ever remember. The calm before the storm passed and within a split second she found her voice and screamed in a terrible mix of agony and ecstasy, louder than she had ever screamed before, loud enough to put the proverbial banshee to shame. Loud enough to drown out the accompanying cry of pleasure as Alys reached her own peak. Literally feeling her eyes roll back into her head under the onslaught, Ophelia’s vision grew blury as she spent a few awful second locked in that pose before her body simply seemed to let go and collapsed limply in its bonds, dangling like a helpless marionette.

Afterwards she swore she had passed out, at least for a few seconds.

With awareness came fresh tears, of relief this time rather than pain, flowing over her cheeks as the vibrator at last stopped its relentless assault and soft fingers cupped her chin and forced her to look up. Despite it all she managed to smile a little as her mistress held her like that and popped the gag free from her aching mouth for the last time. A crushing kiss replaced the rubber ball before she even had a chance to speak and Ophelia closed her eyes as she let the kiss wash over her, taking comfort in this simply act, in this reassurance of her mistress’ love, as she tasted the remnants of Alys’ fluids on her lips, most likely from when she had licked her fingers clean.

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When their lips at last parted she didn’t dare to open her eyes, but did dare to speak. "Please, mistress..." she whispered with a rusty voice around a throat sore from screaming, "Please, I don’t want to cum anymore." Even at a whisper the desperate intensity in her tone could easily be heard.

Those lips gently touched her forehead and Ophelia finally opened her eyes to find herself face to face with Alys’ own sea green gaze. A gentle smile touched the young mistress’ lips, although that twinkle of mischief was still bright in her eyes, "You won’t have to, I promise."

Feeling more tears build in her eyes, Ophelia let her chin drop to her chest, muttering, "Thank you," over and over as she felt nimble fingers begin to unwrap her, slowly removing the bandages from her flushed and sweaty skin, cool air raising goose bumps all over her flesh. When her lower body was finally unsealed, she breathed a sigh of relief that she could at last spread her legs and rid herself of the vibrator, though she did flinch slightly when Alys’ fingers brushed between her legs, inspected her curves and folds for injury. She was sore, but it wasn’t that bad, not really, and Ophelia could remember some truly wild, truly passionate nights where she had been left in worst condition. She smiled slightly at that. Now that it was over, she could admit that after days of teasing, of being taken to the edge again and again by skilled fingers then held there by cruel chastity, the overwhelming release had been welcome. A bit intense, perhaps, but intense was good, if a bit painful.

Of course, the pain had only made it better, the grand truth at the core of herself and her relationship with Alys.

The soft clink of metal drew Ophelia’s attention out of her thoughts and back to the here and now. When she looked up, the young slave felt her eyes widen and a growing pit form in her stomach, previous comfort washed away by what she saw. With a very pleased smile her mistress was standing before her, holding her chastity belt and its padlocks in both hands. More than that, the device seemed as if it had gained a number of additions recently. Namely a pair of stainless-steel plugs attached to the shield. A rather large dildo composed of stacked metal spheres and a much smaller plug that looked suspiciously like an enema nozzle. She had spend time with plugs locked inside of her with a crotch rope, but this... This would be new. She looked up to meet her mistress’ eyes and saw amusement there.

"Now, pet, you know I always keep my word." Alys reminded her, smile growing into an almost smirk, "And now I promise, you’ll never cum again."

Twirling a pencil between her fingertips while reclining back in her chair, idly twisting back and forth as she focused on nothing at all, Ophelia just sighed and pushed the, admittedly pleasant, memory aside. It had been a week since her plunge into chastity and often she found herself thinking about little else. Life with Alys was always an adventure, which was part of what had attracted them to each other in the first place, but this adventure was proving to be remarkably intense. More intense even that submitted to the woman she loved, which was rather remarkable. It was also rather remarkable, as she stopped to think about it with a tiny smirk, that she was managing to have such a fantastic sex life without actually having sex. Especially if Alys’ comments on her much improved oral performance were any indication. Her mistress had been right, somehow chastity did seem to improve her... talents. Letting a hand rest on her stomach, and feeling the waistband of her chastity belt through her shirt, Ophelia just sighed again. She was more used to the thing now, but some days, like today, she was simply too distracted to actually focus on anything else. So, rather than doing something unfortunate in class, like screaming or suddenly hammering on her crotch with a fist, she had simply ducked out early and, after locking herself in a bathroom and trying desperately (and unsuccessfully) to masturbate, she had retreated back to their apartment to try and take her mind off things. It had only been marginally successful thus far.

'Be careful what you wish for.' she chided herself silently, ‘"I don’t want to cum anymore". I really should have known better than that.’

Ophelia actually had to laugh a little bit. She had never regretted promising anything to her mistress, and she wasn’t about to start now. It wasn’t as if this was truly a surprise, not really, they had been crafting and discussing this particular fantasy for a long time, or it seemed a long time in retrospect. And she had been looking forward to it, a chance to challenge herself in a new way. It was simply that the exact when of the belt’s arrival had not been made known to her. As Alys had said, it was a surprise of sorts, after all. And, if she was being honest, it wasn’t as if she hated this. Perhaps it was her submissive streak, or the thread of masochism that ran through it, but despite the frustrations (or perhaps because of them), in the time she had been acquainted with her chastity belt Ophelia had been surprised at how much she enjoyed it. As her mistress had pointed out on that fateful night, she liked teasing and denial, and the way the tight metal embraced her body was simply... indescribably. The massive plugs that seemed to fill her to capacity didn’t help matters, shifting within her, teasing with each step, with each little movement, and that was not to mention the devious little device she had been introduced to last night...

Letting a finger trace the zipper of her jeans, and feeling the metal underneath that imprisoned her loins, Ophelia considered the tiny wire clip coated in soft rubber that her clit rode in like a stirrup. The things that little monster did to her with each step were just unbelievable. The torment, the frustration, constantly riding the ragged edge of pleasure without ever crossing over. Yes, that was the reason for today’s special frustrations, and the walk home had been... intense to say the least. Oh yes, it was going to take a very long time to get used to that, if it was at all possible.

It was bliss, at least once she had pushed past the initial frustrations, and it was hell all at the same time.

But if she really stopped to analyze it, and Ophelia tried not to get into the habit of lying to herself about things like this, she suspected that a large percentage of her enjoyment was from the complete and utter lack of control over her own body. Surrendering herself to Alys had been one of the most erotic, not to mention enjoyable and fulfilling, things she had ever done. And now, with the chastity belt in place her ownership, her submission was no longer just symbolic, Alys had true and complete control now, keeping her slave’s body tightly sealed under lock and key. And the truth was that Ophelia relished it. And that, to be perfect honest, was precisely the problem. The more she enjoyed chastity the more frustrated she got, the more frustrated she became, the more she enjoyed it.

It was a magnificent paradox. A wonderfully torturous cycle. Alys knew her well, but that was to be expected. Idly tracing the edges of the chastity belt through the material of her shirt, Ophelia smiled softly. If nothing else, the future was going to be very interesting indeed.

Letting out a breath she hadn’t even been aware that she was holding, Ophelia set the much abused pencil down at last and glanced over the papers covering the battered old desk in the "office" she shared with her mistress. It was an old habit that she had picked up in childhood, the artistic part of herself seeking to banish her frustrations onto paper. Given the exact... nature of today’s frustration, the roughly sketched figures produced this afternoon had taken on a rather erotic tone. Shaking her head at the various scenes she had sketched, they weren’t helping much, Ophelia quickly brushed them into a loose stack and set them aside before leaning back even further. Worrying her lip for a moment she seemed to reach some sort of decision and peeled off her shirt, tossing the garment aside casually. The cool air felt good on her skin as she gently began to trace her own ribs, exploring the few places where the tattoos on her back arced around her sides. Clad now only in her jeans and bra, the waistband of the chastity belt fully visible, Ophelia cupped her own breasts through the lacy material covering them. Moaning softly as her fingers brushed across already hardened nipples, she ran her hands down the smooth, pale expanse of her stomach before settling on the belt once more. The steel, she noted, was no longer cold.

Closing her eyes, letting touch be her guide, she traced the smooth, slim outlines of the waistband, memorizing every curse and edge, tracing the plate where the various bands hooked together and outlining the small brass padlock that sealed her in. Eyes still closed, and feeling a pulse of anticipation within her loins, Ophelia unbuttoned her jeans and slowly began to open them, exposing more and more of the chastity belt. She let her finger slide down the stainless steel, following the edges of the primary shield then tracing back up along the smaller secondary shield, feeling the numerous tiny holes punched into it. At last her fingers brushed against the locking stud and the second, smaller padlock that completed her imprisonment. She moaned again as she shifted her hips slightly, the various devices locked upon and within her sending a trill up exhausted nerve endings. The reality of her chastity belt was impossible to deny, it never truly allowed her to forget its presence, but even so it still felt odd to run her hands between her legs and feel only metal.

She doubted she would ever get used to that.

A pair of hands cupping her breasts from behind made her gasp, eyes snapping back open suddenly, only to slide back closed again with a moan as they began to kneed her flesh knowingly. Hair brushed across her bare shoulder and a soft breath hissed past her ear before soft lips, and hard teeth, nippled the lobe gently.

"Is my naughty little slave playing without me?" Alys’ voice whispered.

"Y..yes." Ophelia managed before another moan swallowed her voice as her bra was pulled down, hard nipples tensing even further upon contact with the air, nimble fingers caressing and teasing them.

Her chair was suddenly spun around and Ophelia opened her eyes once again as the taller, curvier girl settled into her lap, Alys’ open blouse exposing her own nude torso. Bodies dovetailing together, her smaller breasts almost crushed beneath her mistress’ larger pair, Ophelia moaned again as those hands cupped her face and brought their lips together in a deep kiss. Hands limp at her sides, once more she just let it wash over her, she had no choice but to let it wash over her, dominate her, as lips crushed together, rings digging in to each other’s skin, while tongues dueled and tongue studs clacking together and against teeth.

She actually whimpered when the kiss broke.

Yet another soft moan escaped her throat when their bodies parted and Alys’ hands dropped to her breasts once more, fingers drawing lazy circles on her skin, almost but not quite a tickle. Lost between the wondrous sensations filling her chest and the accompanying throb between her legs, it took a moment for Ophelia to realize that her mistress was talking.

"You look frustrated." Alys commented, "How is my lovely little bitch doing today? Any problems?"

Brain clouded with pleasure, it took a moment for the deeper meaning behind those words to penetrate, but when they did Ophelia’s eyes almost went wide at the realization. Lost in the fantasy she had almost forgotten, but now she recognized what this was. This was her chance, the chance, the chance to say no. It was the power she had, it was the power she’d always had in their relationship. The simple power to say ‘no.’ The power to decide whether or not to continue. Gazing deeply into her mistress’ sea green eyes for several long heartbeats, sensing just a trace of uncertainty there, Ophelia suddenly smiled, knowing in her heart that she had already decided, and wrapped her arms around the taller girl’s neck, pulling their lips together for another kiss. Taking charge, just this once. But just before their lips could touch, thought, she whispered her answer, so softly that no one else could have heard it had they been in the room.

This was for Alys and Alys alone.

"Frustrated, yes." Ophelia admitted, softly, "But I like it." Yes, she realized as she smiled even more widely, the decision was already made but only here, and now, affirmed. "So please, don’t ever let me go."

At the sudden light in Alys’ eye, and the intensity she felt as her lips were buried under the eagerness of the second kiss, Ophelia knew that she had made the right decision and that her mistress was only all too happy to oblige.

The End?

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Friday, November 04, 2011  

All of these articles have saved me a lot of heacdahes.

Sunday, October 03, 2010  

Posting a Multi-part story on Gagged Utopia is difficult because there is no way to bring the parts together. Maybe someday I'll find the other pieces of yours.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009  

August 19.2009
I read this story before and enjoyed it verry much. This is one of my favorites!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009  

I was thinking of writing a story but having just read this wow this is the standard great writing the best I have read for a while

Thursday, April 23, 2009  

Thanks, I have enjoyed all three stories so far. The introduction of Evelyn was a wonderful idea but I love the relationship between Ophelia and Alys. Congratulations and hopefully you will write some more.

Saturday, April 18, 2009  

wow hope there will be a 2. story :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009  

Love this story, very nice!

Friday, April 10, 2009  

Fantastic writing. Very descriptive. The story was predictable, though. 9.5/10

Sunday, April 05, 2009  

Excellent again. Nicely envisaged and as usual good characterisation.

Please keep going...

Monday, March 23, 2009  

Great story. Liked it a lot!!

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