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The Leather Twins
  • Author - Anne Gray  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, enema, kidnapping, latex, toys
  • Post Date - 4/19/2009
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Chapter 1 Ė First of the Set!

I was waiting in the car outside the entrance to the mall just after 9:00 p.m. for Karen to do her part in our new adventure. She timed it perfectly and was behind Susan as the girl pushed through the doors and fiddled with her umbrella.

The rain was getting heavier and I saw my sister point towards the car to offer a ride. We had been in the store, owned by the girlís parents, several times and she knew us as good customers that, along with the rain, obviously helped her decide to accept the invitation.

We knew from our research that she didnít drive and when her twin sister Amy was at night school she took the bus home after closing the store. The parents were away in Hong Kong on vacation.

They both ducked against the weather and ran to the car where Karen arranged for Susan to get in the front passenger seat. Closing the door she thanked me and asked how we liked our walking suits. My sister and I were both wearing leather outfits we had bought in their store and they had not been cheap. The tailored leather slacks were matched by hip length belted jackets; mine was light blue and Karenís pale green.

I reminded them both to do up their seat belts and pulled out of the parking lot. The windows of the five-year-old car were heavily tinted but it didnít matter since nobody was there to see us leave. I told Susan that I remembered her telling me in the store where she lived and we had to deliver a package nearby so it would not be going out of our way to drop her home.

There was a small strip mall on the way that closed at 6:00 p.m. and, while the stores faced the street, the parking was at the back shielded by the blank face of a hi-rise apartment building. I pulled in and parked then shut off the engine and undid my seat belt before turning to Karen and asking if she had the package ready.

That was the cue and immediately her arms came over each side of the front passenger seat with a 3" wide elastic strap between her hands. It settled under Susanís breasts and trapped her arms to her sides as Karen snapped the ends together in back of the seat.

As the girlís mouth opened in surprise I had the leather ball gag out of my pocket and jammed it between her teeth. Karen grabbed a handful of hair to hold her head while I tightened the gag strap and then slipped a blindfold over Susanís eyes. There must have been Caucasian blood in the family because her eyes did not have the really pronounced Asian almond shape.

Catching her left arm I forced it down between the front seats to give Karen a chance to get the handcuff on; a short chain attached it to the seat leg. Quickly getting out of the car and around to the passenger side I helped Karen snare the right arm, twisted it backwards and held it while she snapped on another cuff attached to the other seat post.

Her legs had no place to go as I got some cord around her ankles, pulled them together and tied it off to the seat bracket. While I was doing that Karen got a dog collar around Susanís neck. She released the strap around the seat and pushed down on the girlís back while I ran a cord from the D ring on the collar, under her knees and pulled on it so that between us we forced her head down below the dashboard. I tied off the cord.

A light blanket covered our unwilling passenger. She was ours and the whole thing took less than two minutes.

When we got home fifteen minutes later the garage door closed automatically behind the car and Karen got out to open the front passenger door. Still in my seat I held Susanís left arm and Karen held her right as we reached around to undo the cuffs. We reconnected her wrists behind her back with a set that had no chain between them, then the neck and ankle cords came off and we undid the lap belt so we could pull her from the car, through into the house, and then into the "playroom".

We tied her in an anchored chair, took off our jackets and gloves, and went to work on her head. Karen replaced the blindfold with eye pads that were held in place with surgical tape. The gag strap came off and I covered her mouth with more tape. Plugs went in her ears and I piled her beautiful long black hair on top of her head as Karen covered it with a tight latex cap.

We tucked in the loose hair before running more tape completely around her head over the ball gag. Hollow stiff leather inserts went in each nostril and Karen fitted a black kid leather discipline helmet over Susanís face lacing it down the back until it was like a second skin.

A matching leather gag strap buckled behind her head. Pulling Susan to her feet we removed the handcuffs and each held a wrist as we undressed her. She was wearing a full-length red vinyl raincoat over a silk blouse and white leather mini skirt.

When she was naked, except from the neck up, we tied her ankles together then positioned her standing between two floor to ceiling posts and tied her left arm to one of them. A further cord from the D ring in the top of the helmet to a ceiling hook straightened her until she was almost on her toes. While I held the right arm Karen eased a tight kid leather glove over the fingers. We had done this to each other so many times but now, with two of us, it was so much easier.

The glove laced to the elbow and we tied that wrist to the other post and did the other arm. I slipped a clear plastic throw away glove over each hand to protect the leather and held her thumbs across the palms as Karen bound them tightly with black 2" tape. Heavy leather mitts, with rings at the points of the fingers, went on, were laced and then straps buckled around her wrists.

The long leather corset was heavily boned lacing down the back from the high neck to just above her hipbones. The sleeves reached down Susanís arms to the top of the gloves. We settled it on her upper body and then tied the finger rings to the posts to hold her arms out of the way.

As Karen laced the garment down the back the girlís nipples poked out through the 2" diameter holes in the bra cups. I busied myself connecting the top of the gloves to the sleeves and the neckband to the helmet. That done I joined my sister and between us we got the corset completely closed before tying off the laces.

Now we forced the girlís arms up between her shoulder blades and hooked the finger rings to a neck strap. This strap went from the back of the neck across each shoulder and down between her bulging breasts to the waist belt of the corset.

We untied the helmet cord and lowered her face down on the floor. Blind, unable to hear anything and severely gagged she had no way to resist the two of us. We knelt on each side of her, joined the two pieces of a strap from each side of the waist belt over her elbows, then each pushed inwards, gradually tightening the strap until her forearms met and touched down the middle of her back and we could close the buckle of the strap.

Untying her ankles we flipped Susan on her stomach, pulled her legs wide apart and attached them to floor rings at the ankle and knee. Karen knelt in front of the helpless form and, gripping her head between her knees, pushed forward forcing Susanís buttocks to rise. I was ready.

Karen used her fingers to spread the girlís ass cheeks as I dipped the 6" butt plug in a jar of lubricant gel and slowly twisted it into the puckered, pink rosebud that presented itself. She forced a groan passed the gag and head bondage managing to weakly buck against Karenís hold but to no avail. The invasion was soon complete.

Pulling her back up into my arms I held her while my sister took the 7" dildo and worked it up until it was buried in Susanís vagina. Releasing her legs we pulled on tight latex panties and covered them with skin-tight leather pants that laced down the back from just above her knees to the ankles. Stirrup straps under the instep kept them taut and the waist attached to the bottom of the corset.

We attached a crotch strap to the waist belt pulling it as tightly as possible between her legs to hold everything in place. The neck strap could now be pulled in another notch to take the last ounce of play in her arms. Straps went around her legs above and below the knees and at the ankles.

The thigh length double leg boot needed teamwork to get on. The heel was so high it took both of us to get her feet settled in the shoe so we could start the lacing. Once done it was very even and very, very tight.

She was now encased from head to toe in gleaming black leather except for her nipples and tops of her breasts that bulged through the bra holes. As she lay helpless on the floor we each took a nipple rolling it between our fingers until they reacted then tied them with thin leather ribbons in neat bows.

This whole process had taken some time and it was close to midnight when we lifted her on to a narrow leather padded table and strapped her down. Karen and I were identical twins and so were Susan and her sister - it was time to complete the set!

Chapter 2 Ė Completing the Set!

Knowing it was going to be a long night we had rested during the day but both of us hoped the next stage would go as smoothly as the first. Going through Susanís handbag we found her key ring, grabbed our pre-packed bag of supplies, put on our leather jackets and gloves and headed out.

Driving straight to their home I cut the lights before pulling in and parking in the driveway. At 1:00 a.m. the quiet residential street was deserted. It only took two keys before Karen found the one for the side door and we were in the kitchen.

There was enough natural light to avoid furniture as we moved through the bungalow. The master bedroom was empty, as was a smaller room part way down the hall. Moving slowly so the leather we were wearing did not rustle I gently pushed on a partly open door at the end of the hall and could make out Amy fast asleep on her stomach.

I didnít waste time in case she sensed we were there and in a moment I was on the bed with my legs on either side of her body so the bedclothes were pulled tightly against her arms. My gloved left hand went over her eyes and I pulled back on her head while my right hand gripped her lower jaw and Karen, who had flipped on the light, forced in a large leather ball gag she had ready.

The first item out of our bag was a blindfold that slipped over her eyes followed by a roll of tape that Karen used to lock the ball in Amyís mouth. Now Amy was bucking and struggling against my weight on her back. As I jumped off the bed Karen peeled back the covers and we each grabbed a wrist, twisted them behind her back, and snapped on a pair of handcuffs.

Taking an ankle each we tied them wide apart to the short posts at the bottom of the bed. Now she was under control so Karen went through the house to bring our car into the garage beside their family car. While she was doing that I installed earplugs in Amyís ears and covered her head with a latex cap. Karen came back and we tucked any loose hair inside the cap then wrapped 2" tape two or three times around her head and over her mouth.

Nostril inserts were followed by a black leather helmet with openings only under the nose. As Karen laced it down the back I smoothed it to take out any wrinkles. A gag strap fastened behind her head.

Each holding a wrist we took off the cuffs and stripped the nightdress over her head. Karen produced a leather straitjacket from the bag that we worked over Amyís arms until her hands slipped into the mitt pockets. I held her arms while Karen laced it down the back.

Folding her arms behind her I pushed on the elbows as Karen buckled the straps from the ends of the mitts under her breasts. While she was lacing the helmet to the neck of the jacket I went to have a look around the house. From what I found in the closets they had been their own best customers at the store.

Leather and suede garments hung everywhere and I knew they would fit us because the girls had modeled our outfits before we bought them. That was one of the main reasons we had developed our plans around them over the last few months. The best of both worlds was ours with two beautiful Chinese girls who would fit into all our bondage outfits and a chance to clean out the store. They carried everything from formal evening dresses in suede and leather to motorcycle gear.

From Amyís closet I selected a pair of fitted leather slacks and knee boots. The heels were not that high but would do to get her home. First we had a couple of toys to put in place. Her legs were still tied wide apart to the bedposts so it was easy to pull the girl up on her knees and then force her to bend at the waist. Karen locked Amyís head between her knees making her buttocks readily available.

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We had forgotten the gel but I found some Vaseline in the bathroom that worked just as well. The butt plug slid in as I twisted it but, even bound as she was, Karen had to work to hold Amy still for me as the plug disappeared. Pulling her back and up I got a similar reaction to the next intrusion as Karen inserted the big dildo.

Releasing her ankles we pulled on a pair of latex panties from the bag and then fitted the leather slacks. Once these were on I pulled a strap from the bottom of the straight jacket up between her legs fastening it in the small of her back. We tucked the slacks into the boots, tied her ankles together and left her on the bed.

Moving through the house we gathered all of the leather clothing from the bedroom closets and the front hall one which was full of heavier outerwear. I went down into the basement for some suitcases and found a small office set up in the corner. I used their computer to produce a memo on some store letterhead from the desk drawer.

It wasnít easy typing with gloves on but the printer gave me what I wanted and it went in my pocket. We loaded everything into the car except for a beautiful black leather cape that I could not resist. Releasing Amyís ankles we pulled her to her feet and I draped the cape around her shoulders. It closed with several large glossy leather covered buttons down the front that did up to her chin. I put my hands in through the arm slots and adjusted the half belt before tying it at her waist.

The hood came up over her leather-encased head and I fastened it under her chin. We pulled her through to the car and loaded her in the back seat tying her ankles to the front seat bracket. Once we had double checked the house, made Amyís bed and turned off all the lights, we took the license plates off their car and locked up.

I donít think Amy enjoyed the ride home but I did. I had pulled her over so the leather-covered head rested in my lap and spent the ride gently squeezing her breasts through the supple kid.

By the time we had Amy fitted into an outfit that matched her sister and strapped down beside her it was getting close to 4:00 a.m. We were both tired and we had filled the set, but there was still a lot to do.

While I changed into Susanís clothes Karen fitted their license plates on our non-descript van. I wasnít comfortable in the low-heeled pumps but it would not be for long. I had a black wig covering my blonde hair. The red raincoat was necessary because it was still raining and also, because of a couple of all night restaurants the mall entrance doors were never locked, hopefully if anyone saw me, they would remember the coat.

Karen dropped me at the mall entrance then drove around to the storeís delivery door. With the coat hood up I went straight to the store and used Susanís key to get in. When we were negotiating for our suits I had followed her in one morning and, as a result of her carelessness, now went to the wall pad and used the code to shut down the security system.

Closing the front window drapes and door blinds I went through to open up the back door for Karen. Rapidly going through the place we loaded anything we saw in our size into the van. Slacks, jackets, coats, boots and dresses, leather and suede and combinations of them Ė it all went in.

I locked the back door as Karen pulled the van away. It had an inside deadlock so I had to go out the other way. Once again in the red vinyl coat I posted the memo I had typed so it could be read through the front door glass, reset the security and walked out through the mall to meet the van. The memo just stated that due to illness the store would be closed for a few days.

We drove home and pulled into the garage just as dawn was breaking. I checked our matched set of guests who, obviously, had not budged an inch but were breathing evenly through their noses then Karen and I got some rest.

Chapter 3 Ė The Initiation of Amy

After a few hours sleep Karen and I met in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. Then, dressed in tight one-piece black vinyl swimsuits and matching knee boots, we went through to the playroom. Our house is a sprawling ranch bungalow on four acres of land. It has a three-car garage and the playroom is behind the garage through a door hidden in the back of a spare bedroom closet. The design is such that unless you know where to look, or are looking down from directly above, the windowless addition is not readily noticeable.

Susan had been immobilized the longest so we started with her. At the first touch of our hands she started moaning through the gag and head covering continuing to make plaintive noises as we removed the leather items restraining her body.

When she was completely naked from the neck down we strapped her wrists together behind her back and pulled her over to the washroom area. I forced her to sit on the toilet while Karen pulled on a disposable plastic glove and reached in to remove the butt plug and dildo. When Susan finished emptying her bladder we moved her over to stand in the oversized shower area using plastic ties to fix her wrists to chrome rings on opposite walls and her ankles, legs about two feet apart, to floor rings.

Only now did we take off the gag strap, unlace the helmet, remove the tape around her mouth and pull out the gag. As the blindfold came off she blinked at the light, saw the glass of water in my hand and drank as I held it for her. When it was nearly empty Karen surprised her by forcing a plastic ball gag between her teeth fastening the strap behind her head.

The fun began when we each donned soft mitts, turned on the shower, and started to soap her body. It was hard to resist spending extra time with my fingers around her crotch so I didnít and she writhed trying to escape them. When Karen finished washing our captiveís long black hair I rinsed off the soap and we used heavy towels to dry her.

With the gag still in we dressed her in a soft terry cloth robe, tied her firmly into one of our special wheelchairs, and went repeat the entire process with Amy.

Since neither knew the other had also been "acquired" it was funny to see the surprised look on Susanís face as Amyís helmet came off and she recognized her sister. Amyís reaction a few moments later was just as good.

When we finished Amyís cleanup we wheeled them through to the kitchen and warned them that when the gags were removed it was only so they could eat the light breakfast we had prepared; any talking would be severely punished. Despite the warning Amy had only taken a few mouthfuls when she started to scream at us and the gag was promptly reinserted. Susan was sobbing quietly but also had a plastic ball forced between her teeth.

Wheeling them back to the playroom we let them sit while we changed. Seeing us coming back into the room in matching black kid leather cat suits and high- heeled leather boots made their eyes go wide. Our long blonde hair was held in ponytails with black leather ribbons.

Everything we needed was readily at hand so we left Susan for the time being and both approached Amy. First a blindfold so she could not see what was coming then I released her right arm and twisted it out sideways so Karen could put an elbow length kid glove on it. Amy decided to co-operate with the process after I grabbed a handful of hair to hold her head still while Karen covered her gagged mouth with tape.

Then we told her the choice was simple Ė do as you are told or else and pinched her nostrils together. After 30 seconds I let go of her nose and she straightened her fingers so the glove went on smoothly. Karen laced the glove tightly to the elbow, pulled a short disposable plastic glove over the hand to protect the leather and, squeezing Amyís fingers together over her thumb, taped it from wrist to fingertips.

A tight pointed leather mitt with a metal ring at the tip completed the process. Attaching the ring to the arm of the chair we moved around and did the same to her left hand. Pulling her from the chair we worked her into a leather jacket that had a high neck, 2" diameter holes in each bra cup and sleeves down to the elbow. It closed down the back and we forced her face down on the floor attached the finger rings to floor bolts and pulled on the laces until the edges met.

Once the back was closed and her breasts forced out through the bra holes we each laced one of the sleeves to the gloves. A short strap started at the nape of Amyís neck, split to cross her shoulders and then came together again and went down between her breasts to attach to the jackets waist belt. The end at the back of her neck held a small snap hook and we each took one of her arms and forced them up her back so we could slip the finger rings on to the hook.

With her arms between her shoulder blades we ran a wide strap around her elbows and pulled on it until her forearms were touching for their full length. Since we had forced them in the same position for the overnight hours we knew she was flexible enough to handle the strain. The effect was to force even more of her breasts to bulge through the holes and we tightened laces around the base of each cup.

We pulled her over to a leather covered doctorís examining table we had spent a lot of time modifying. Once we had her back down on the table we fitted and then strapped her feet into metal stirrups at the end of hinged metal rods and adjusted them so her legs were bent but held wide apart. Straps across her waist and upper chest kept the rest of her body still.

Before taking the next step we wheeled Susan over so she had a front row seat to see her sisterís treatment. The table was made with hinged flaps at either end and we dropped the one at Amyís feet to allow us to get close in between her legs. As Karen worked a plastic sheet under Amyís buttocks I went to the sink for a bowl of warm water and the shaving equipment.

Karen started the job with a small pair of scissors and then I took over and carefully shaved her crotch area. A little astringent when I finished, being sure not to get any in her vagina, and we were ready to continue.

Talking softly to her I told Amy to think about who had the upper hand as I gently slid the lubricated butt plug into her puckered rosebud. Twisting it as I did so I moved it in and out a few times just for fun. Now Karen had her turn with a 7" dildo and she wasnít quite as gentle which drew loud grunts from the recipient. Later Amy would get another surprise since both items now inside her were remote controlled vibrators loaded with fresh batteries.

Handling her easily we pulled on a pair of latex panties followed by kid leather toreador pants that laced down the back of each leg from knee to ankle. She was ready for the thigh boots with 7" heels. It took both of us to start the boots over each foot and they stretched her insteps into straining arches. They had to be laced up their full length and we each did one, taking our time and making sure the laces were tight, smooth and even. There was a D ring on the outside of each knee.

We pulled her off the table and fitted another wide belt around her waist and under the points of her bound elbows. Both of us pulled at it to get it as tight as possible. There were reinforced fastening points around the belt and the first thing we used them for was to pull a crotch strap between her legs and buckle it front and back.

There were two vertical poles 30" apart on one side of the room. They were bolted to the floor and ceiling and we moved Amy over to stand between them. Short chains went from D rings on each side of the waist belt to brackets just above waist height on the poles. Two additional ones went to brackets just above shoulder height from the heavy epaulettes on her jacket.

I clamped a small diameter bar between the poles just above the back of the girlís knees. Standing behind her we each grabbed an ankle and, pulling her legs off the ground, bent them up around the bar. We crossed them at the ankle and used strong cord to bind them together. More cord went through the rings at the toe of each boot and was pulled tight to each side of the waist belt.

Still using cord through the rings at her knees we pulled and tied her legs wide apart to the poles. Her tightly bound leather encased body was now suspended between the poles and we went to work on her head. She was crying after we removed the ball gag and blindfold and her sister was sobbing through her gag as she watched us complete Amyís outfit.

Rubber plugs filled her ears and then a tight rubber bathing cap went over her head and we tucked in her hair before pulling the chin strap tightly across and fastening it under her left ear. She tried to resist me filling her mouth with a large gag that had grooves top and bottom for her teeth but a quick twist on a nipple by Karen caused her to open wide and I pushed it in. Karen wrapped two or three turns of tape across Amyís mouth and around her head to seal the gag in place.

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Hollow leather inserts slid into her nostrils and then we fitted the black kid leather helmet over her head and Karen laced it down the back as I smoothed out any wrinkles. The neck of the helmet laced to the collar of the jacket and now just her eyes and the tops of her breasts were free of a leather second skin.

The wide gag strap buckled firmly over her mouth and had D rings on each side just under her ears. Cord from the rings to the side poles held her head facing forwards and another ring in the top of the helmet allowed us to attach a strap through it and over a cross bar just above her head.

Taking two narrow pieces of leather ribbon we each rolled one of her nipples between our fingers until they reacted and we knotted the ribbons tightly, in neat bows, around their bases.

Amy had been initiated into our leather and bondage lifestyle.

Chapter 4 Ė Susan Joins the Club!

Now we turned our attention to Susan and, without bothering with a blindfold, we worked her into a duplicate of the first part of Amyís costume to the point where she was strapped face up on the table with her arms locked tightly between her shoulder blades.

Her legs were bent and held wide apart in the stirrups. I looked over at Amy and saw she had her eyes closed so I went over and tapped her on the cheek. When she opened her eyes I signalled her to keep them open or I would tape the lids apart. We wanted her to watch what happened to her sister.

During the process of shaving Susanís bush Karen mentioned that she was getting a little worked up and I admitted to similar feelings. We decided to use Susan and get some relief.

I pulled out the plastic ball gag and replaced it with a threaded ring gag that strapped around her head and held her jaws wide apart. Karen then gathered the girlís hair into two ponytails one above each ear. I screwed the base of a dildo into the ring gag and then lowered the table to just above knee height.

Karen stripped off her boots and cat suit while I buckled a strap-on in position at my crotch. My sister climbed on the table and settled with her knees on either side of Susanís shoulders. She gripped a ponytail in each hand and gradually pulled the girlís head up off the table while lowering herself on the mouth-mounted dildo.

I moved to kneel between our victimís legs and inserted a lubricated battery powered butt plug in her rosebud, which I turned on, and then my strap-on into her vagina. Slowly pumping my hips I reached my arms around and gently massaged Karenís swollen breasts. It wasnít long before my sisterís breathing became faster. She had her head back as she rode the dildo in and out. Sometimes when it was fully buried she held it for a moment so the girlís breath, panting out through her nose, caressed Karenís clitoris.

A few minutes more of this action and Karen let out a yell and sagged in relief. She let Susanís head fall back on the table and when this happened I pulled out of the girl, stripped off my clothes, and changed places with Karen. It was marvellous.

By the time I was satisfied Susan was crying hysterically around the gag and Amyís eyes were wide with shock at what she had seen. While I was recovering Karen picked up the remote control, pointed it at Amy, and turned on the vibrators buried inside her. Even with all the restraints holding her she still jerked about on the chains as the vibrators came on. We let them run only while we got dressed again then shut them off and returned to complete Susanís outfit.

We unscrewed the dildo and replaced it with a penis gag for now. The butt plug was still imbedded up Susanís rear end so I turned it off and replaced the batteries while Karen pushed a 7" dildo deeply into the girlís vagina. In short order we added latex panties, the skin-tight leather toreador pants and stilt heeled knee boots.

After lacing the boots we pulled her off the table and to her feet then tightened a crotch strap in place. She could barely walk as we moved her over to a special item we had designed and had made by a local ironworker. He thought it was some sort of garden hanger for plants but after we modified the basic unit it became part of our bondage equipment.

A strong Ĺ" diameter steel rod was set in a deep floor socket. About 8" above floor level two short bars jutted out sideways. The rest of the rod was straight to crotch height where it was welded to a 2" wide flat piece of metal that then bent back and up to follow the curve of a persons buttocks. It then shaped to the small of the back before splitting into rods that formed a V on either side of the arm pouch.

Also at crotch height another strip of metal came forwards, then up and split to end at the hipbones. What we had was a narrow metal saddle. Needless to say Susan tried to struggle as we lifted her and worked her into the saddle. When her weight was on the crotch piece we settled the arching insteps of her boots on the short bars. The rod then adjusted until her legs were taking some of the weight and we strapped her legs to it just above the knee.

Using a decorative strap with a buckle on either side to hold her ankles firmly against the vertical rod made it look like they were part of the boot design instead of a restraint. The soles and heels of the boots were barely Ĺ" off the floor. We fastened straps through slots in the bars at the small of her back around to the front and pulled them tight to the ones at the hipbones. A further strap went from the top of the V rods on either side of her doubled up arms across her chest just above her breasts and was fastened securely.

Her body, from the neck down, was now held so rigidly that the only motion was the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Gradually we were turning her into an armless store mannequin.

The next step was a beautiful knee length black leather dress that Karen fetched from the closet. To get it on I stood behind Susan and bent down slightly to wrap my arms around her at hip level. Straightening my legs I lifted up until the rod came out of the floor socket. Karen slipped the dress up over the booted feet until it was clear and I let the girl settle back in place.

The dress opened down the front and had extra wide lapel like flaps up to a high collar. We worked the garment up until the skirt was snug around her legs and pulled it the rest of the way to fit over her shoulders. A pouch for her arms was designed into the back.

Partially closing one zipper to just above her waist, it ran from the lower end of the front opening to over her right breast, we added a wide matching belt. Now we went to work on her head. Removing the gag and ignoring her pleas to stop we plugged her ears and again covered her hair with a tight rubber bathing cap that fastened under her left ear.

A new gag filled her mouth holding her jaws wide apart and, like Amyís, it had grooves for her teeth. Two or three turns of tape sealed it in place and we slid in the hollow nostril inserts. I smoothed out any wrinkles as Karen laced on the kid leather discipline helmet until it formed like a second skin to her face and head. Additional laces attached the neck of the helmet to the collar of the jacket.

We knotted thin leather ribbons around her nipples and then tucked the left lapel across under the right one and closed the inside zip all the way. Another wide designer zipper now closed the right lapel to just under her left collarbone. I lifted the high collar of the dress to allow Karen to fit a wide leather choker band around Susanís throat and do up the three decorative buckles at the front.

The top of the dress collar now folded down over the band with the buckles visible under her chin and the wing tips fastened down with fancy clasps. Her head was thereby held firmly; chin up, facing straight ahead. I visited the closet for a black pageboy style wig and waited while my sister finished tightening the gag strap that matched the helmet before settling it in place on Susanís head.

Once it was brushed out to frame the girlís leather encased face we pulled in the waist belt another notch and stepped back to study our beautiful statue clad in sleek black leather.

There were lots of items laying around the playroom that needed to be cleaned or put away and the van still had to be emptied. We decided to have lunch before we started but I couldnít resist picking up the cape we had bought Amy home in and draping over Susanís shoulders. Closing the full-length zipper I reached in through the arm slots to adjust the half belt and knotted it firmly in a neat bow centered on her waist.

Her eyes were pleading with me as I stood in front of her and lifted the hood to frame her face. We then left the two sisters with nowhere to look except at each other, covered in gleaming leather, restrained unmercifully and went for lunch. They were identical twins and we, a few years older, were also identical.

In both cases you could refer to us as "THE LEATHER TWINS".

Chapter 5 Ė The First Day Continues!

Taking time for a leisurely meal and, after relaxing for an hour, we visited our new playthings again before we tidied up. Both had their eyes closed and didnít know we were back until they felt our hands on their leather covered cheeks.

Unable to struggle in the severe bondage they could, and did, moan at us through the gags however we were not finished with them in their current outfits. Karen fitted a leather blindfold over Amyís eyes and tightened the strap behind her head while I removed the beautiful cape from Susan followed by the wig then also blindfolded her.

Karen, after removing the leather ribbons from them, took one of Amyís nipples and gently rolled it between her fingers. Bending down she took the other one in her mouth and turned on the vibrators. Susanís chest was completely covered with the dress and under jacket but I was still able to take one of her breasts in each hand and massage them after I turned on her vibrators.

Despite themselves their bodies began to obviously react to our efforts and they started panting through their nostrils which were held wide open by the hollow inserts under the leather helmets. As soon as we judged them to be thoroughly aroused we stopped, shut off the vibrators and went about putting away some of the items laying around from the morning.

After fifteen minutes we were back at them again only this time I worked on Amy. In this manner we had them up and down for the next two hours. We had the room cleaned up and they must have been at a stage of complete frustration. At this point we knew the batteries would not last much longer and so we kept at the girls until, almost together, they stiffened against their restraints and then went as limp as their outfits and positions would allow.

We allowed them ten minutes and then started to give them further relief, this time from the stringent bondage. Releasing Amy from between the poles her outfit came off a lot faster than it went on and we soon had her spread-eagled to four floor rings and naked except for the helmet, gag and blindfold.

Removing the butt plug and dildo we replaced them with soft tampon like inserts that we had soaked in a soothing gel. These would help comfort her violated orifices. The latex panties went back on. While her legs were untied we pushed her feet into the legs and stirrups of a tight one piece leather cat suit.

Tying her ankles back to the floor rings we undid one arm at a time and bent it back until we could work her hands down the sleeves and into the attached gloves. When both arms were in we stretched it a little until her shoulders popped in place inside the leather. Heavy-duty zippers closed the suit from crotch to neck and the sleeves from elbow to wrist.

Now we worked her gloved fingers into individual leather pouches that were built into the suit on the outside of each thigh. Leather thongs knotted just above each knuckle to hold them in place along with a tight strap at the wrist. When both hands were finished I buckled a wide belt around her waist.

A crotch strap held everything firmly up inside her and was followed by a pair of high-heeled boots that laced to the knee. Two leather covered recliner boards mounted on brackets were near one wall of the room and we pulled Amy to her feet and over to one of them. Backing her against the board we tied cord from the rings on each side of her waist belt to attachment points at the edges of the board.

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We tied her ankles together and to the bottom of the board. She was almost upright on the high heels and fairly comfortable compared to some of the positions she had tasted over the last twelve hours or so. We removed the blindfold so she could watch us work on her sister but left the helmet and gag in place as we went over to Susan.

It took time to get her out of the leather dress and off the crotch pole but eventually we had her dressed, inside and out, just like Amy and attached to the other board. Then we removed her blindfold. Karen worked on Amy and I handled Susan. We removed the gag straps and unlaced their helmets. The surgical tape was peeled off their mouths and the nostril inserts came out.

After we pulled out the gags they started to work their jaws but immediately found themselves the recipients of a deep French kiss. We then offered them a glass of water that they drained before suddenly realizing that, for the first time since the abruptly terminated breakfast, they were not gagged. So the pleading and questions started with Susan doing the pleading and Amy asking the questions.

We told them to just do as they were told and we would all get along; of course, they didnít have much choice in the matter. We fed them a high-energy bar and some more water before ordering them to open their mouths. Susan complied and I pushed in a leather gag that was attached to a boxer mouthpiece that fitted over her teeth; a short piece of wide tape covered her mouth.

Amy refused so Karen clamped a hand over her mouth and I pushed in first one then another nostril plug. Amy immediately found that these were not hollow and she was not getting any air.

After thirty seconds Karen took her hand away and asked the girl if she would obey. In response she clamped her lips tightly together and found them immediately covered again by Karenís hand. This time we waited almost a minute before tears started to roll down Amyís cheeks and she nodded her head up and down. Karenís hand came away and the mouth opened. In went the gag to be covered with tape; being a bitch I waited a few moments before pulling out the nostril plugs.

Gag straps covered the tape and then we took time to brush out their hair before buckling the collars of their cat suits and using cord through rings on the collars to each side of the boards. A further strap across the chest just above their breasts immobilized them completely. Tilting the boards to a level position we told them to enjoy some quiet time and relax until we had finished our chores.

Unloading the van took some time and we carefully hung up the additions to our wardrobes in the huge cedar lined walk-in closets off our bedrooms. Karen and I often wore matching outfits and since Amy and Susan were the same size as us they would also be wearing some of the beautiful leather and suede. Unfortunately for them they would also now be modeling the bondage collection we had previously only had a chance to use on each other.

Chapter 6 Ė Sleepy Time Girls!

It was time to get them ready for the night and Amy would again go first for her disobedience. We actually had to wake Susan but Amyís eyes just glared at us.

Leaving Susan where she was we added a blindfold so she would be able to hear but not see what we were doing to her sister. Releasing Amy from the board we stripped her naked except for the gag. After tying her wrists together behind her back we took her to the washroom area and sat her on the toilet with her ankles tied to each side of the base.

The soft inserts came out and we told her to do her business or we would help things along with an enema. After she had relieved herself we cleaned her up and dragged her across the room and lashed her into a straight-backed chair that was anchored to the floor. Karen removed the gag strap but left the gag and tape where they were for the time being.

I soaked a small ball of cotton wool in light medical oil and used the blunt end of a pencil to push it deeply into her right ear. Being soft it moulded to the inside of the ear against the drum and I followed it with a rubber plug that filled the rest of the cavity. The left ear got the same treatment and she was completely deaf.

Just to make absolutely sure we pulled on the heavy rubber swim cap and as we tucked in her hair I settled foam pads over each ear to be held in place by the tightly stretched rubber. The chinstrap was pulled firmly across to fasten under her left ear with Velcro.

Removing her gag we replaced it with a large penis gag that had grooves top and bottom for her teeth. Wide tape went around her head and over her mouth two or three times and I smoothed out any wrinkles. Karen held her head while I fitted the hollow inserts in Amyís nostrils and taped soft pads over her eyes. The leather helmet moulded snugly over her face as Karen laced it tightly down the back of her head.

Releasing her arms from the chair we worked her into an heavy leather upper body jacket that had a lightly boned torso, built in bra cups slightly smaller than Amyís breasts and long sleeves. When it was tightly laced down the back we laced the sleeves from elbow to wrist and added specially designed gloves. While they had individual fingers these were fixed together along their length holding the fingers tightly against each other. Narrow webbing held the thumbs to the forefingers.

The collar of the jacket laced to the neck of the helmet and then we put a three-part leather harness around her neck. The wide choker band held her chin up and attached to it were a gag strap for over her mouth and, with short connecting pieces running up each side of her nose, another strap that buckled tightly around her head and over her eye area.

The last two straps fed through slits in a leather fringe built into the helmet that followed the hairline from ear to ear. There were eyelets every Ĺ" around the fringe. Holding her arms in front of her we strapped the wrists tightly so the hands were palm to palm and then pulled them up and over her head. While I held the helpless girlís head forward Karen bound her elbows; pulling on the strap until they touched and her head was trapped in front of them.

I took a leather ball and fitted it into the cup of Amyís hands and slipped a light plastic bag over them to protect the leather. Karen held the hands in position while I taped the fingers immovably in place around the ball. The next step involved a version of the double arm sheath that we worked down her arms until the ball of her hands fitted in the tight pocket at the end. The sheath laced down her forearms, flared out at the elbow and the laces continued until they reached her shoulders.

Now we used the fringe of eyelets framing the helmet to fasten her head tightly back to a matching fringe on the sheath. Straps hung from the bottom of the sheath and would follow the curve of her torso before being attached later to a waist belt.

Pulling her from the chair and over to the table, with her arms locked rigidly over and behind her head, we positioned her on her back and forced her legs into the stirrups. As I started working in a large butt plug only a low moan got past her gag.

The dildo also went in smoothly and we released her legs and got her into a pair of very tight latex panties. Skin-tight leather pants meant we had to flip her on her stomach to do up the laces from knee to ankle. We deliberately chatted as we worked knowing that our conversation was probably scaring the hell out of Susan who could hear but not see what we were doing.

When the pants had been attached to the waist of the jacket we stood her up just long enough to install a very tight crotch strap then got her back down on the table again and strapped her legs together above and below the knees and at the ankles.

Getting her feet into the shoe part of the ultra high heeled double leg boot was a real struggle but we soon had them in and the laces done up to the ankle. We added a strong ankle strap and hooked a rope from the ceiling pulley through its ring. The pulley made it easy for us to haul her up until the ball of her bound hands was clear of the floor and we tied off the rope to a wall bracket.

The boot had some very special features that now came into play. It extended into a heavily boned corset that reached to just under Amyís breasts. The sides of the knees were also solidly boned and, as we laced the heavy leather down its length, the legs became rigid. Having her upside down we could get even more pressure on the laces to pull the edges firmly together. When we lowered her to the floor she was held completely motionless.

The boning at the waist allowed no play at all and after we fitted a wide belt around her we attached the straps from the arm sheath to it. One of the ceiling ropes came into use again but this time at the other end of our victim. We buckled a strap around her wrists with another short strap on it that came over the ball of her hands and ended with a swivel ring.

Hooking the ceiling rope through the ring we pulled her upright. There was not the slightest bend in her body as we pulled her up which proved just how well she was secured in her leather bondage. Once her feet cleared the floor by about a foot the rope was tied off and we stepped back to admire our handiwork. Amy turned gently on the swivel, completely deaf, blind, gagged and helpless. In fact the only sense she had left was the smell of all the beautiful leather that encased her so tightly.

We were trying for complete sensory deprivation and this was as close as we could come.

Standing on either side of Susan we watched her reaction when we removed the blindfold. Her eyes went wide when she saw the leather covered figure hanging from the ceiling. Of course we knew from personal experience that after the first few moments in this outfit you were not that uncomfortable.

Completely helpless with no outside sensations and with your weight evenly distributed down the length of your body by the straps from the arm sheath to the waist and heavily boned corset and boot, the mind started to drift. It became pleasant in there, a feeling we had both experienced many times.

Susan could not know this Ė she fainted!

This just made it that much easier to get her into a duplicate of Amyís bondage. The only thing we skipped was the bathroom bit. We considered an enema but decided that since she had not eaten much lately she could wait until morning. She started to come around as she was hanging upside down while we laced the combination boot and corset. In short order we were pulling her booted feet clear of the floor to hang beside her sister.

Under the instep of the boots was embedded a metal ring. To these we attached short elastic straps that then snapped to a ring on the floor under each girl. Before leaving them for the night we attached a breathing alarm to each of them. These would sound at our bedsides if either of them got into serious trouble while we were sleeping.

They were beautiful packages so helplessly encased in gleaming leather and they were ours. In the morning we would see if they had started to learn how to behave as our bondage twins.

Chapter 7 Ė The Next Step

Over the next few days we had a wonderful time trying them in several outfits and positions; gradually they almost resigned against the inevitable. Even so we never gave either of them the slightest chance to resist or try to retaliate against us. While we worked on them for those first days only one arm or leg would be free from restraint at any given time. We agreed that Susan was the most compliant to our ministrations while Amy still had a defiant look in her eyes.

At the end of the first week it was time for the next step in our program and we had Susan tightly gagged and naked. She was strapped face up on the table with her legs apart and a strap across her forehead. We had put a sandbag on each side of her head and the strap now kept it immobile. Her sister, also gagged, sat tied into a chair where she could see what we were going to do.

It was nearly two years since we had decided that to satisfy our bondage hobby we needed to acquire other bodies than ourselves and had started planning. One of the things we had done was take an extensive course in cosmetic body piercing. The course had lasted over two months, two nights a week, and had spent almost as much time on the safety and hygiene aspects as the actual mechanics of the skill.

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For example piercing the tongue had to be handled very carefully not only because of the blood vessels but also because they tended to swell and had to be monitored until they returned too normal. I had done Karenís ears with two more piercings above the one she had done in her early teens, a small diamond stud in her left nostril and her navel ring; she had done the same for me. Now we were going to put our knowledge to a more extensive test.

Making sure our equipment was sterile Karen first did each side of Susanís nostrils with keeper studs and then the center cartilage with a small ring. Nipple rings followed. Tears streamed down the sides of the girlís face and she even managed a low scream as she felt me reach for her crotch. I pierced the lips of her pussy eight times on either side and installed studs. In addition to antiseptic cream we covered the area with a heavy grease to protect it from urine while it healed.

We released her from the table and tied her in a full spread-eagle against the wall then put on an adult diaper. She now watched as we repeated the process with Amy.

It took just over a week for everything to heal nicely as twice a day we treated the piercings and turned the keepers. They had some relief from the more stringent bondage but were none the less securely restrained at all times. Now we were going to get creative with the results of our skill.

Taking Amy first, they were both gagged as usual; we tied her by the waist and legs into a chair with its back against a workbench. Pulling her arms straight out behind her we strapped her wrists to the bench with the back of her hands against the surface. Two small metal racks screwed to the table over her hands. These held her fingers slightly apart and immobile. Her elbows were tied to each side of the chair back and we were ready to begin.

Using an electric drill I punched small holes through her fingernails just a fraction of an inch away from the skin of her fingertips. Turning her hands over and again holding them in place with the racks, we affixed bright red, pre-drilled, artificial acrylic nails on top of her real ones. We moved Susan to the other end of the workbench and did the same to her.

Tying Amyís wrists behind her back we released her from the chair and pulled her over to the middle of the room and forced her to her knees. Tying her ankles 2í apart to a couple of floor rings I then knelt in front of her and pulled her by the hair until I could clamp her head between my knees and hold her while Karen lubricated and then pushed in one of our largest butt plugs and taped it over.

We next fitted her into a one-piece leather cat suit with a boned waist, high neck and cut outs for her nipples. It had another cut out at the vagina and the built in gloves stopped about one inch from the fingertips. We added a pair of stiletto high-heeled boots that forced her feet in to incredible arches.

With her now flat on her back Karen tied her left wrist to a floor ring while I held her right arm so her hand was near her crotch. Karen had the small gold rings ready and as I held each finger in position she fed a ring through the hole in the fingernail and then one of the holes in the right lip of her vagina. Since there were four fingers we used every other hole; the thumb was left free for the moment. The holes in between just got a ring.

Changing positions we did the left hand the same way and then overlapped her thumbnails and installed a very short dumbbell stud through the holes. A 7" dildo went in all the way and as Karen held her wrists still I took a blunt needle and a length of thin leather thong and used the rings to lace her closed over the end of the dildo. Lifting her to her feet Karen ran a strap around her elbows and pulled it tight across her back and I closed the neck of the cat suit with wide, stiff leather choker collar.

Pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail we changed the gag for a large leather pear and a strap across her mouth that matched the suit. Gold studs with short gold chains attached went in each nostril and draped across her cheeks to one of the holes in her ears and a larger gold ring went through the hole in her septum. The collar kept her looking straight ahead but we reinforced it by running a leather thong from her ponytail to the strap around her elbows.

Snapping on a pair of gold nipple clamps we ran a taunt gold chain from one up through the nose ring and down to the other. I applied makeup to Amyís eyes, added a lovely pair of dangling gold earrings and we hobbled her with a gold ankle chain before telling her to walk across the room. She wobbled on the high heels and groaned at the movement of the inserts but did as she was told. The contrast between the black leather, gold rings and chains and the bright red nails made a lovely sight.

Susan received a matching outfit and between them they made an outstanding pair of bondage twins. We kept them as they were for the rest of the day and even allowed them through into the dining room where we fed them supper that evening. After the meal I sat and cuddled with a gagged again Susan as we watched some bondage tapes. Karen and Amy were on the other couch and from the muffled noises Karen was doing a bit more than just cuddling; I know I was!

Chapter 8 Ė More of the Same!

Now that we had them completely under control it was time to get a little more ambitious with the piercing kit. Yet again Amy was first. She was laced into a leather crotch-less body suit, arms doubled up between her shoulder blades and elbows strapped together so that her forearms touch along their length.

Positioned on her back on the table, strapped down at the waist and across the chest above her bulging breasts, with her feet tied into the stirrups at the end of the metal arms which themselves were locked wide apart; she was completely venerable. Karen strapped Amy into a stiff posture collar and, after putting a rolled cushion under her neck, we ran straps from each side of the collar to the table and a further strap across her forehead to keep her head absolutely still.

I pulled the ball gag partially out of her mouth until it was still holding her teeth apart and this allowed Karen to fit the rubber covered grooves of a metal clamp over her top and bottom teeth near the side of her mouth. Turning the screw on the clamp caused the brace to open until the ball just popped out and, a few turns later, her jaws were held at maximum stretch.

After inserting one of our largest butt plugs I held the skin around her rosebud while Karen went to work. Now it was my turn and I mounted a metal bridge to the table so its horizontal bar crossed about 6" above Amyís mouth. I fitted a dentistís rubber debris dam in her mouth to stop anything going down her throat and then, while Karen peeled back the girlís lips I clamped a small electric drill to the bar of the bridge and drilled holes through the four front teeth; two top and two bottom.

The diamond bit went through easily and I positioned the holes so they were close enough to the ends to miss the nerves but in far enough to avoid chipping. Now I used a pair of padded tongs to capture Amyís tongue and hold it while Karen installed stainless steel barbell studs halfway back on either side and at the tip. We finished the job with four rings through her top lip and the same in the bottom one.

By this time they were both sobbing uncontrollably, Amy because of what we had done and Susan because she knew she was next. She was right.

The only problem over the next few days as things healed was we could not gag them properly so we settled for feeding thin wire through the tooth holes and clamping their jaws shut with it.

Ever since we had "acquired" the twins we had occasionally left them completely helpless in one form of bondage or another while we did our shopping or ran errands. One day we decided to visit the mall and see what we could find out. The parents were back and we actually went into the store wearing our leather pant suits as an excuse to start a conversation.

Asking after the girls so we could tell them how much we liked the outfits started the mother crying and the father explained that they had completely disappeared. The police had not been able to help and, since the only merchandise missing from the store was clothing in the size their daughters wore and there was no sign of a break in or foul play, they seemed to take the attitude that it was a family squabble.

We left wishing them good luck in finding the girls and once we were well away from the place let the satisfied grins take over our faces.

Chapter 9 Ė The Sisters Embrace!

We had initiated Susan and Amy into individual bondage, but over a cocktail last night, we had come up with the idea of melding them into a single tableau. After a couple of hourís discussion, during which the girls stared at us in horror, Karen and I had things planned to the last detail.

This was going to take some time so we started right after their breakfast had a chance to settle. This time we started with Susan while Amy sat, almost comfortably bound and gagged, where she could watch.

A heavily boned wasp waisted corset started the outfit and that was followed, after we gloved and taped her fingers together, by a leather bondage jacket that we laced down the back just as tightly as possible. A wide leather belt went around her waist.

Her arms went up her back in the reverse prayer position and attached to the collar strap. The breast cups were laced until only her nipples stuck out and the arm pouch was tightened down to the point of her elbows. From shoulders to waist she was immobile.

On the table, with the stirrups holding her legs apart, I pushed a large butt plug in to its full length and held it there while Karen laced her rosebud shut. We did the same to her vagina after installing a very large dildo and then taped over both to prevent any leakage.

Latex panties provided additional protection for the skin-tight kid leather pants we laced on her legs. The crotch strap was pulled very firmly in place and buckled.

Now we strapped her legs together at several points and worked them into a single leg ballet boot. We took turns pulling on the laces until the edges touched and there was not a wrinkle in sight in the leather. Bending her legs at the knee I put my weight on them so that Karen could take all the slack out of a strap from the boot toe ring to buckle in the small of her back. Another strap went around her upper thighs pulling the calves of her legs flush against the thighs.

All this time she had been grunting and groaning at the pressures we imposed on her body and, as we started to work on her head and the gag came out, she was pleading for us to stop. Of course, we didnít!

Earplugs went in place and the heavy rubber cap covered her hair; I wedged her mouth open with a brace. I held her tongue still with the tongs while Karen used a blunt needle to thread fishing line around the three bar bell studs in it and lace them to the inside of her lower teeth. There was just enough play left in her tongue for her to swallow her saliva.

I filled her mouth with a large leather gag and Karen again used more fishing line, fed through the holes in her teeth, to lock her jaws together over the gag. A piece of soft leather went in to cover the teeth and I held her lips as Karen, this time using thin leather stands laced them together. A wide piece of tape covered the job.

We inserted the hollow nostril plugs and laced on a kid leather discipline helmet with opening only at the eyes and under the nostrils. The collar laced to the top of the body garment and a gag strap went over the mouth area to be buckled at the back of her head.

There was another process in Susanís bondage before she was ready for the final position but before we did that we needed to get Amy to the same point. We lifted Susan to the floor and went for her sister. Having already done it once, we soon had Amy just as tightly bound and, just as helpless.

Since Amy was on the table we went ahead with the next step. Using some small coloured needlework beads and tweezers, we fed them on to several of her eyelashes and then used a second small hole in each one to lace her eyelids to the eyeholes of the helmet.

Susanís eyes got the same treatment and as we continued with their bondage we occasionally gave the eyes a squirt of very finely misted spray to keep them lubricate because they were unable to blink.

We had fitted a metal bar between the two floor to ceiling posts and we moved Amy over to it. There was a leather pad on the floor and we positioned her knees on that and strapped her to the bar that was at her waist level. Susan joined her on the other side of the bar.

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A wide strap went around their doubled up legs melding the front of their leather-covered thighs together. We fed a ring through Amyís right nipple and joined it to Susanís left; the other two were also connected. Another strap around their upper bodies crushed their chests together.

We had to use needle nosed pliers but managed to get two small gold rings through the holes in the sides of their nostrils so the tips of their noses were touching. Another strap ran from the back of Susanís collar, over their heads and buckled at the nape of Amyís neck.

Another squirt of moisture for their eyes and the video camera recorded this classic piece of leather bondage. As their bodies adjusted we tightened any strap that showed even a tiny bit of play.

Tongues attached to their teeth, mouths full of leather, lips laced closed and taped; they were bound, strapped and held as tightly as we could conceive.

Not wishing to risk damage to their eyes, after the video record was made, we released their heads enough to tilt them back and remove the beads. This was managed without damaging their eyelashes and, as they closed their eyes in relief, we strapped on padded leather blindfolds. Pushing their heads forwards so their chins were resting on the others left shoulder we ran straps around at eye level and over their gags, locking the heads together.

It was hard to believe that we would be able to top this display but, given enough thought, anything was possible.

Chapter 10 Ė A Nice Walk and a Wild Ride!

Early in the morning, after we had them showered and fed, we dressed Amy fairly comfortably albeit with inserts front and back. A crotch strap held them in place and she also wore a leather bra and tightly laced corset. High-heeled thigh boots matched the skin-tight, high-necked red leather dress and its wide belt but were mostly covered by the hobble skirt.

Tight gloves kid covered her hands and forearms and we simply strapped each wrist to the sides of her belt. A temporary gag completed this stage and we sat her on the couch where she could watch us getting Susan into a matching outfit.

Side by side on the couch we brushed their hair until it shone then, while I held Amyís head, Karen forced a rubber-covered 5" long bit in her mouth and used the holes in her teeth to wire them so they clamped on the bit. We did the same to Susan and then finished their faces with lipstick and eye makeup.

Big, gold dangling earrings and gold studs in each side of their nostrils made them very attractive and we fitted wide brimmed red leather hats on their heads tying the ribbons snugly under their chins.

Making them stand side by side we released Susanís right wrist and locked it to the right side of Amyís belt. Amyís left wrist went to the left side of Susanís waist. A short gold chain joined Susanís left wrist to Amyís right behind their backs. They stood there looking just like a pair of loving sisters.

Living as we did on a large, secluded piece of land, their treat for the day was going to be some fresh air. We hooked a pair of reins to each bit, one set for me and one for Karen, then prodded them towards the patio doors and out into the gardens.

There was some moaning around the bits as they had their first walk of any length in the ultra high heels and, of course, the inserts were working inside them. Strolling behind them Karen and I kept them moving with an occasional touch of the crops we carried and directed them with the reins.

The sleek leather dresses rippled as they walked and they made a beautiful sight. Karen had brought the video camera to record the outing and used it as we moved around the garden path. There were a couple of trees that might be fun to use one day but for the time being we took them twice around before directing them back to the house to get ready lunch.

Strapping them into their own chairs we removed the tooth wires and bits to feed them as we ate our own meal. Karen explained to them that as they had just "enjoyed" a pleasant morning their afternoon would be spent in a much more active form of activity. In fact we were going to see how often we could get them
to orgasm.

Susan looked almost hopeful but Amy got sullen and then started to swear at us. That resulted in them both being severely gagged. Naturally we took Amy first and stripped her naked, even removing the inserts. The beautiful dress was carefully hung away and then we laced her into a neck to waist leather jacket.

Forcing her arms up between her shoulder blades we strapped them in place and then laced the arm pocket shut. A large butt plug was installed and we taped it over before working her legs into a pair of skin-tight leather pants with an opening at the crotch.

Lacing on a pair of high-heeled boots we led her over to one of two grocery store rocking horses we had found at auction and adapted for our use. With one of us on each side we each grabbed an ankle, wrapped our arms around her waist, and lifted her into the saddle.

This saddle had two horns. The regular one, plus a large leather dildo that we had attached at just the right angle to slide halfway inside her. We settled her in place and used straps across each thigh to hold her in place as we locked her feet in to the stirrups. We had the bar of the stirrups under the instep of the boot, not at the toe, and she was taking some of her weight on them to stop the second "horn" going in for its full length.

Now we worked on her head until there was a proper gag in her mouth along with earplugs, nostril inserts and a tightly laced leather discipline helmet connected to the head of the jacket. We belted a light brown buckskin riding skirt around her waist and a matching, armless fringed jacket about her upper body.

To top off the outfit I settled a leather Stetson on her head with the strap tight under her chin. The gag she had earned at lunch was reinforced with an extra strap. She was struggling to hold herself off the dildo with her legs but then her eyes went wide as she saw what was in my hand.

I slowly put the 25c coin in the slot and the machine started its familiar motion.

With no arms to help or balance her, and with the continued rocking of the horse, the pressure on her knees was too much and she slowly sank all the way into the saddle. 50c later she was moving with the machine, head thrown back and eyes closed.

The moans were pleasure, not pain and we had found her weak spot.

Susan practically helped us get her ready for the second horse that was set up facing her sister. By the end of the afternoon Karen and I were out of quarters and Amy and Susan were exhausted so it was time for all of us to go to bed!

Chapter 11 Ė A Sister Sandwich

The girls might have been satiated after their ride but Karen and I were as horny as hell. We decided to look after that problem and then enjoy a good nightís sleep.

One of our huge king size beds was just about big enough for what we had in mind. We started by strapping their arms in a wrist to elbow position and pulling leather pouches over them. More straps across the shoulders and between their breasts then back to the pouches locked them in place. After what we had done to them their arms were almost comfortable. We pulled their hair out of the way into tight ponytails.

We spread a sensuously soft latex sheet on the bed and positioned the girls down the center on their sides, back-to-back and head to toe. Both were wearing knee high ballet boots and had threaded, hard rubber ring gags in their mouths. For the moment rubber penis plugs were screwed in and filled each mouth.

Around their necks they wore 4" wide stiff leather posture collars; these had a metal socket protruding from the nape at the back. We started with Susan. Into the neck socket I screwed a T shaped piece of pipe. The cross pieces of the unit were about 1í long and had cuffs at each end and these we locked around Amyís ankles. Her legs were now held apart on either side of Susanís head. The arms with the ankle cuffs were hinged and collapsible.

Lubing up one of our largest double butt plugs Karen worked it into Amyís rosebud and then held Susanís feet while I guided the other end into her ass. When both halves were fully buried Susanís ankles were locked into the cuffs on the T unit at Amyís neck. Tight straps around their upper thighs and waists held them buttock-to-buttock and strong cord from each metal unit, in Susanís case to the foot of the bed, and Amyís to the top finished their restraints.

The only other things on their bodies were tight 1" straps around the base of each breast. These would increase the sensitivity of the bulging orbs.

Leaving them to wonder and our own anticipation to grow, Karen and I went through to the living room and poured drinks. When those were finished it was first shower time and then bedtime! Completely naked except for satin robes we met again in the bedroom and helped each other to work one end of double strap-ons in our pussies; and tighten the holding belts.

We set out satin pillows near the girls faces and a couple more of the latex sheets within easy reach then; turning the light down to a soft glow we went to bed.

Susan was mine and I snuggled up to her as I gradually forced the strap-on in her waiting orifice. Now I removed her mouth plug leaving the ring gag in place. I could feel the movements as Karen did the same with Amy and asked if she was ready. Getting an "Oh God yes!" back I reached between our captiveís buttocks and switched on the butt plugs. Now down to my own groin and did the same with the vibrating strap-on dildos. Karen groaned as she followed suit.

I pushed my tongue in Susanís mouth and started a prolonged French kiss while my hands caressed her breasts and nipples. After a while as things started to build I stopped just long enough to say to Karen "Now!" We both reached an arm out to the T units holding their ankles apart and released the spring-loaded arms. This snapped their legs together increasing the effects of the toys embedded so deeply inside them. I pulled one of the sheets across the middle of the four of us then settled back and let nature take its course.

After my third orgasm I had just enough strength left to screw in Susanís mouth plug and then let myself drift. By the time the batteries died I was fast asleep.

What a great "Sister Sandwich!" We would do it often.

Chapter 12 Ė Getting to the Point!

Susan and Amy were facing about as much distress as the human body could stand without actual injury. Karen and I were working on them at the same time rather than finish one girlís outfit before starting on her sister. That system was good if we wanted one to watch and anticipate what was going to happen to them next but we decided to let them find out together what was in store.

Temporary ball gags stifled their moans as we forced their arms up between their shoulder blades. As usual, each arm had been tightly gloved in kid leather then the hands covered with disposable plastic gloves and the fingers taped together. Pointed leather mitts laced over each hand to the wrist.

Their upper bodies were in leather jackets with built in corsets that laced down the back and had two-inch openings in each bra cup allowing their nipples and the top of their breasts to bulge through. We hooked the rings on the ends of the mitts into small snap hooks on the straps at the back of their necks. The straps crossed the shoulders and met in front before going down between their breasts and attaching to the waist belt of the corset.

Working together we pulled to tighten straps across their bent arms until the elbows met in the small of the back. This forced their chests out and we knotted the laces threaded through eyelets at the base of each bra cup to further trap the four swollen mammary glands.

We had attached metal brackets to the sides at the middle of the table and they were joined across the width of the table by a 1" diameter rubber covered bar whose height was adjustable. The sisters were positioned on their knees facing each other at opposite ends of the table, their knees wide apart and strapped to the sides. Further restraints held their ankles.

One at a time we removed the temporary gags and forced each girl to bend at the waist and bite down on the bar. With the bar clenched between their teeth straps from it went around their heads, now side by side, and held them in place. We adjusted the height of the bar until they were looking straight ahead. Their rear ends were readily accessible to us at the ends of the table and they could see what happened to each other. They would also feel it happening to them at the same time.

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Each working on one of the sisters we started with chrome plated anus spreader rings. There were no sharp edges on the instruments; with a little lubrication and firm pressure, they went in. Each had a hollow cone that tapered down to a 1 Ĺ" diameter at its deepest penetration while the ring itself stretched the lips of their rosebuds to the maximum. Unable to stop the intrusion Susan and Amy made it known despite the gag bar that they were not enjoying themselves.

With the spreaders in place we used thin leather thongs to lace the pierced lips of their assholes to the small openings around the circumference of the chrome inserts.

Our largest remote control butt plugs then slid through the top opening of the spreaders, down through the metal cones and deep into their hind ends. Metal clasps on the rim of the chrome inserts snapped down over the ends of the plugs and locked in place.

Now we adjusted the girls on the table until they were kneeling facing each end and bent over backwards. Forcing their heads under the bar we again made them clamp their jaws on it, this time face up, and used the straps around their heads to hold them in place. Now their freshly shaved vaginas received our attention.

The vaginal inserts were also chrome but larger and oval in shape. Working slowly and methodically at each end of the table Karen and I eased them into place until the orifices were spread wide open. Like the back ones we laced them to the holes in the lips of our captivesí vaginas.

There was a small round extension at the top of each spreader and we carefully fitted each pierced clitoris through the opening and used small gold rings through the tips to keep them from retreating.

The largest dildos in our collection slid into the openings and filled the cavities to their full depth. This invasion also did not go well with the two helpless girls.

Removing them from the gag bar and replacing the temporary gags allowed Susan and Amy to be pulled up into a kneeling position so we could attach narrow, curved chrome strips to the hinge pins at the top of each vaginal spreader. As we fitted them between their legs the rings in their clits came through a narrow slot and the other ends of the strips attached to the top rim of the anus spreaders, locking into place with small pins.

Short leather straps back and front attached the chrome strip to the waist belt of their corsets and the girls had on the ultimate in chastity belts. Just the tips of their clits, held in place by the gold rings, were accessible.

Lifting them off the table to the floor and laying them on their backs Karen continued with Susanís outfit while I did Amyís. Skin-tight kid toreador pants followed the usual latex panties. Flipping the girls on their stomachs we laced the pant legs very tightly from knee to ankle. Stirrup straps under the insteps and toe loops kept the leather taught.

Even though their legs were not yet restrained the acute helplessness of their upper torsos kept them docile. The chrome chastity belts and the huge plugs they held inside the girlís cavities were a further reason that negated any struggles.

The leather crotch straps were almost just decorative considering what was already in place but we pulled them as tight as they would go before strapping Susan and Amyís legs together at thigh, knee and ankle. The single leg boots were en point and took a great deal of effort to force over their feet.

Each kneeling across one of the girls, facing their feet, Karen and I worked side by side to lace up the thigh high boots until they moulded to our captiveís legs. Their insteps were forced in incredible arcs accented by the gleaming black leather.

The bonds on them were so tight that as we lifted each girl to her feet there was hardly any bend to their bodies. We stood them back to back, balancing on the points of the boots, held upright by very short chains from their belts to the waist high metal poles they were positioned between. To further stiffen the arrangement we used several roller buckle straps around both forms. Ankles, knees, thighs, waists and just above their bulging breasts the straps locked them together.

Even though Karen and I were both wearing knee boots with substantial heels we needed to stand on low stools to work properly on the sisters from their necks up. Other than the tops of their breasts bulging through the bra cup openings, their heads were the only part of them not encased in tight kid leather bondage.

The temporary gags still in place we pushed tiny balls of cotton wool, soaked in light oil, deeply into their ears. Plugs then went in and filled the rest of the ear channel. No sound would now penetrate - yet one more step towards complete helplessness. Their glossy black hair was tucked into tight, heavy rubber swim caps and the straps pulled under their chins to fastened under the left ear.

I inserted a metal brace between Susanís teeth behind the ball gag and turned the screw on it until her jaws were forced wide apart. The ball popped out as I did this and Karen was ready with the padded tongs to get a hold of the girlís tongue. Working carefully I installed three small gold rings through the holes pierced at each side and the tip. Using lightweight fishing line and a pair of tweezers I threaded it through the left side ring and then around one of her lower teeth and tied it off. The other side and the tip got the same treatment.

Leaving her for the time being we got Amy along to the same stage and then Karen continued with her while I returned to Susan.

We packed their mouths with soft leather pears and then removed the braces holding their jaws apart. Using the holes drilled in their front teeth several turns of the fishing line closed their mouths over the packing. A thin strip of leather then went in their mouths between the cheeks and teeth and more fishing line, threaded through blunt needles, laced their lips together.

Two or three turns of tape around their heads and smoothed across the mouth finished that part of the gagging process and the tears flowed freely down their cheeks. Hollow inserts screwed up into the four nostrils allowing the girls to breathe no matter how tight the rest of their head bondage became.

The soft black leather discipline helmets moulded to their faces with just eyeholes and small opening under the noses. As we each laced one down the back of their heads we took care to make sure there were no creases. When we had laced the necks of the helmets to the jacket collars we buckled on wide leather neckbands so that the large oblong clasps of the buckles were under their chins like a posture collar.

Kid gag straps pulled snugly around each head and then their heads were held tightly together with a padlock through D rings under Susanís right ear and Amyís left. Large gold rings were fed through the nostril holes of the helmet and their pierced septum.

But we let them just hang resting against the top of the gagged mouths for now. Using blunt needles and long pieces of leather thong we started to connect the eyelets around the opening in the bra cups. The leather was pinched tightly into the flesh of their swollen glands but the blunt needles allowed us to gradually crisscross each breast, avoiding the nipples until we had a mesh of tight leather embedded in their flesh.

Gold rings went through their pierced nipples and were then pulled through small clamps that tightened on the jutting points. We were almost done with our bondage sisters but now provided a final accent to their dilemma. Using a small link gold chain we fed it through their nose rings and then down to the nipple rings.

Gold painted fishing sinkers were hung from each of the nipple rings. The buckles under their chins and the padlock holding their heads side by side kept them from easing the strain on the chains. Only their shining eyes could move along with the gentle rise and fall of the leather stretched across their chests. We tested the inserts and watched as their eyes went wide but their bodies could not react.

We estimated it would be less than an hour before, their weight being completely focused on the ends of their boots, they would be getting to the painful "point" of this set up.

After all the trouble we had taken, we left them as they were for two hours!

Chapter 13 Ė Birthday Bonds!

We had settled our girls for the night after another exhausting, for them, day of bondage fun. As always they were severely restrained but in such a manner that they should be able to get some rest. Karen and I had decided to have a couple of drinks and discuss our plans for tomorrow.

It was our birthday and since, as identical twins, we had usually received identical gifts it was now our habit to try and surprise each other with something different.

Karen really got me this time; I donít remember anything after the second drink. When I woke up my head was clear but my mouth was full of a leather gag and my arms and legs strapped to the edges of the table. The end of the table was tilted up so I was able to see the whole of the room and immediately realized what was in store for me.

Susan and Amy were standing side by side looking at me with a grinning Karen behind them. They were both in one piece kid leather body suits, laced high heeled boots and heavy waist belts. Karen must have been working on them for some time because they were obviously severely gagged and had their heads laced into gleaming leather discipline helmets with straps buckled over their mouths.

Their gloved hands seemed free until I saw the metal cuff on each wrist. Light chains ran from each cuff to metal rings on each side of the waist belts then down between their legs. I watched as Karen attached the ends of the chains to a snap hook on the rope to the ceiling pulley. Now I knew how she could control them. One flick of the pulley switch in her hand would snap their wrists in against the belts making them completely helpless.

Their ankles were hobbled with short chains.

Laughing, Karen wished me a happy birthday and said she hoped I would enjoy my gift. She tapped each captive girl on the cheek to get their attention, gestured around the room at the bondage equipment and closets packed with leather clothing, then pointed at me and waved them forward.

They didnít need a moment to think about the offer and their eyes gleamed above the tight gag straps. The chains to the cuffs were long enough for them to have full use of their arms and the ankle hobbles did not restrain them much more than the incredibly high heels on the boots.

Karen and I watched as they moved around the room picking out the bondage equipment they intended to use. After spending so much time in the most severe bondage we could think of they proceeded to get their own back and I was about to be plugged, strapped, laced, belted and birthday bound in leather until they could think of nothing more to do to me. So I thought!

At least Karen had remembered to remove the piercing equipment from the room and I was confident that she would watch very carefully what went on. Before we had requisitioned our two captives we had only ourselves to practice our hobby on so we each knew exactly the limits of the other as well as what turned us each on and off.

They had certainly learned their lessons well, they worked on one of my limbs at a time and made sure the other three were securely fastened to something. In this manner they soon had my arms in elbow length kid gloves, fingers taped together and then my hands encased in a pair of pointed leather mitts with small metal rings at the fingertips.

The leather jacket with the built in corset laced down the back and, as they then forced my arms up between my shoulder blades, my breasts were partially crushed as they tried to bulge through the holes in the bra cups like toothpaste out of a tube but the holes were too small.

The rings at the fingertips were hooked to a strap running around my neck and down to the waist belt and then with obvious glee, they both leaned all their weight on a strap that pulled my elbows together until they touched in the small of my back.

The strain was quite uncomfortable because, since we had been working on Susan and Amy for the last few weeks, we had not been using the bondage equipment on each other and my muscles had tightened up. I was helpless to resist as they turned me on my back, strapped me down to the table again and forced my feet into the metal stirrups. They tied my legs to the stirrup arms at the ankle and just below my knees.

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The butt plug that Amy none to gently rammed into me could definitely have used a lot more lubricant and they knew it. Susan selected a large leather dildo and, as she pushed it in, I was lucky that my body was responding with enough natural fluid to let it slide inside with little pain.

Working as a team they released my legs one at a time and soon had me in tight latex panties and a pair of the skin-tight leather toreador pants we had so often used on them. Amy had a vicious look in her eyes as she tightened the crotch strap and fixed it to my belt. The inserts would certainly not be moving while that was in place.

The single leg boot caused them just as much trouble to get on me as it did for us but, once they had bound my legs and got my feet in the shoe of the boot, they really pulled on the laces to get the edges to meet neatly. My insteps felt the familiar pain of being strained to the limit by the height of the heels.

Now they had me completely encased in leather except for the top of my breasts and my head; they didnít waste time getting to that. They removed the strap from around my head but left the gag in my mouth as they each forced in one of the earplugs and then Susan pulled a rubber cap over my head and tucked in the rest of my hair.

Amy was ready with the roll of tape and wound it tightly around my head and over the gag in my mouth. They didnít even offer me a glass of water first and I hoped Karen was keeping a sharp eye on them.

They selected a beautiful armless leather dress from the closet and slid it up my body until it settled over my shoulders with my arms in the fitted pocket designed into the back. They did the front closing up to just above my waist and then really tightened the wide belt.

From the corner they dragged over a heavy straight-backed chair and, lifting together, they moved me on to the seat then tied my booted feet back against the front chair rung. They used the buckles on either side of my belt to pull me tight against the chair back. The back did not have any cross pieces so I was able to sit upright in spite of my bound arms.

Amy held my head still while Susan pushed in the rigid leather nostril inserts and then the two girls fitted a leather helmet over my head and moved behind me to lace it tightly down the back. With the helmet done up and the collar laced to the top of the corset they did up the rest of the dress. Amy held a gag strap over my mouth while Susan pulled it tight and buckled it at the back. A strap around my upper chest held me tight against the uprights of the chair back and I hoped they were about done.

Then Amy made her move. Standing in front of the chair with her back to Karen she made as if to smooth the leather encasing my face but in actual fact moved her gloved thumbs over the openings at my nostrils. Unfortunately for Amy, Karen and I had always had a "Condition Red" signal to use if we were really in trouble and I used it now. With the air left in my lungs I squealed deep in my throat.

At the first sound the two girls were immediately yanked back away from me and almost off their feet. I could breathe again!

Chapter 14 - Birthday Bonds Part 2!

Amy and Susan were held helpless with their wrists tight against their belts. The chain between their legs connected to the ceiling pulley forced them up on tip toe with nothing to do but await punishment.

Karen came over and looked into my eyes. Since I could neither hear nor speak she just raised her eyebrows in question and I, having recovered my breath, winked back at her. To my surprise she then disappeared behind me and I felt her tightening every strap holding me.

There was not much give as the two girls had used all their strength on my bondage. Karen came in sight again smiling and holding a small gift wrapped package. Standing where I could see her she opened it and revealed a small electric vibrator pad.

The skirt of the dress was very tight around my booted legs but she managed to work the vibrator under it until it was resting against the crotch strap. Then she forced it down under the edge of the double boot so it was firmly in place.

Straightening the skirt she fed the wire down to an extension cord beside the chair and plugged it in. It was not turned on. The smile left her face as she turned to the two helpless girls.

My sister obviously knew that it was Amy who had initiated the attack so she left her for later and started with Susan. First she clamped the girlís wrists together at the front of the belt then released just enough tension on the ceiling pulley to allow her to force Susan into a sitting position on the floor.

Each booted ankle was strapped to a floor ring holding them about 2í apart then Karen sat on the back of Susanís neck and forced her to bend forward until her head almost touched the floor. Releasing one arm at a time Karen pulled them out, under Susanís knees, at right angles to her body and tied the wrists to handy floor rings.

She tightened the gag strap another notch and then untied the right ankle and pulled the leg up and over the girlís back. Karen followed suit with the left leg before taking a quick turn of cord around the crossed ankles to hold them in position.

In another few moments my sister had twisted Susanís arms under each thigh and behind her back. She lashed them together at the wrist. Now Susan was doubled in half with her head between her legs but that position was soon to get worse.

Karen fixed a heavy strap with a large metal ring around the crossed ankles and hooked the ring to the end of the ceiling pulley rope. Starting the motor caused the girl to be hauled off the floor and by the time she was at waist height her own weight was trying to straighten her legs. The back of her knees pushing against the back of each shoulder increased the pressure bending her body. Karen took any slack out of the bonds.

Held immobile as I was, Karen had thoughtfully arranged things so Susanís leather covered gagged head, locked with her chin almost touching her buttocks, was facing me as she hung suspended from the pulley. Only her eyes were unrestrained and they didnít look too happy.

She was even more uncomfortable when Karen attached another strap to the one at her crotch, ran it down to a floor ring and then took the pulley up another few inches.

As the leather encased girl hung in her bonds I felt a sensation in my crotch and realized that Karen had turned on the vibrator pad. Waves of feeling traveled through my body from the effect of the pad on the butt plug and dildo. Absolutely unable to move I concentrated on Susan in front of me as thing began to build until the total effect of everything happening caused an explosion of relief.
What a birthday present but it wasnít finished yet.

Now it was Amyís turn and, from the look on Karenís face, I didnít think she was going to enjoy the next few hours.

The vibrator continued to run maintaining a beautiful level of sensations throughout my body as I watched my sister punish Amy.
Unhooking the wrist chains she forced the girl face down on the floor and proceeded to strap her arms up between her shoulder blades.

Taking a heavy upper body corset she fitted it from Amyís shoulders to waist and used a metal lever to pull the edges together as she laced it closed from top to bottom. So tight did she get the corset that the girlís breasts were almost flattened and her upper body rigid. While I couldnít hear anything I could see her nostrils working as she fought for air

Karen strapped Amyís legs together and then went to the bench for the packing tape ratchet. Normally used by shippers the dispenser used Ĺ" nylon tape. Bending the legs at the knees Karen ran a loop of the tape around the girlís ankles and upper thighs and started to squeeze the trigger on the machine. As she worked the tape tightened and soon had the calves squashed tightly against the thighs.

Karen flipped the switch that sealed the ends of the tape and cut it ready for two or three more loops around the legs just to make sure. Now with Amy positioned on her knees Karen pulled out a long length of the tape, ran it under the bent legs and across the leather covered shoulders. As the trigger did its work Amyís chest was drawn down until it was tight against her thighs.

She ran a couple more loops around the packaged girl and then let her roll on her side. Two more long pieces across each shoulder and down her bent and booted legs and Amy was an immobile package of leather.

From against the wall Karen wheeled a small, leather covered box to the center of the room under one of the ceiling pulleys and hooked the chain from the pulley under the straps that crossed Amyís body between the knees and the shoulders. Starting the motor she raised the girl until she could slide the box under her. The toes of the high heeled boots were level with Amyís buttocks and as Karen lowered her into the box and pushed down on her shoulders she finally rested on those points inside the box.

It was barely big enough to hold the girl but, with further pushing and shoving, Karen got her all the way in until just her helmeted head was above the top edge. The two piece top for the box had half circles cut in their inside edges with raised 3" arcs. As Karen slid them in place they clamped together around Amyís neck and the metal clasps snapped closed.

Tightening the girlís gag strap Karen ran another strap from one side of the neck clamp, over the helmeted head to fasten at the other side. This strap had a roller buckle in the middle at the top of the head and as I watched Karen leaned her weight on the two ends to tighten it down. That should give her a headache!

She stuck a bright bow on top of the helplessly held head Ė another present!

Karen then left the room and when she returned she had changed into street clothes and was buttoning her full length leather coat. Pulling the belt tight around her slim waist, she slipped on a pair of kid gloves before coming over to me and stroking my leather encased cheek. Smiling down at me she went over to where Susan dangled from the ceiling and gave her bonds another tug.

Amyís head got a last tap and then Karen was gone.

I estimated it was over two hours before she came back in the playroom and over to me. The vibrator was shut off and she began to get me out of the bondage outfit that the girls had strapped, laced and bound on so tightly.

I was very grateful that she started at my head and was finally able to pop the gag out of my mouth and give me a long drink of water. That made things much more comfortable while she worked on the rest of my body. I explained to her what had happened with Amy and, as the last items came off and she helped me towards the shower, she stopped in front of the leather encased, boxed and helpless girl.

Karen handed me two solid plugs that I slowly pushed in the nostrils of the helmeted head. It couldnít move but her eyes showed fear as her air was completely cut off. After a timed one minute I removed the plugs allowing her to breathe again and then went for a long, hot shower to recover from my birthday surprise.

Karen was tidying up all the equipment when I came back in a pair of leather slacks, supple kid shirt and high heeled boots. Susanís buttocks, covered in taut leather were irresistible. I picked up a thin riding crop covered in braided leather from the wall rack and went over to where she hung by her booted ankles.

The crop slashed across her ass cheeks a half dozen times and she moaned through her gag at the stinging sensation caused as it hit the tight leather. Karen watched with a smile as I got my revenge and then we slowly started to release our captives from their bonds.

Working as a team it still took some time until we had them standing back-to-back, naked and spread eagled, their wrists and ankles attached to the sides and floor of the shower stall with plastic ties. Light raincoats protected our leather outfits as we turned on the water and soaped them all over using soft wash mitts.

After what they had been through there was no resistance and in half an hour we had them tied hand and foot in chairs at the kitchen table. It was a very late meal and we were all tired so afterwards Karen and I worked each girl, still bound at the wrist and ankles, into a heavy leather body bag and laced them closed to the neck.

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Gags and blindfolds followed and then we laid them side by side on the bed, tied their feet to the bottom rail and ran straps from the epaulet loops on each shoulder of the body bags to the head board.
They were as comfortable as they were going to get for the rest of the night. There was nothing wrong with my drink this time as Karen and I relaxed and discussed how we were going to break Amyís spirit so we could really start enjoying ourselves. The answer was something we agreed to try in the morning after a good nightís rest

Chapter 15 - Breaking Amy!

Susan would be the static member of this set up but would still play an important part so we started to get her ready first. Her gloved fingers taped and laced into leather mitts we fitted a jacket on her upper torso that had a built in and heavily boned corset. When that was laced down the back we bent her arms up between her shoulder blades and strapped them tightly.

Her elbows touching in the small of her back made the tops of her breasts bulge out of the 2" openings in the bra cups. We would need access to them later. A temporary gag was keeping her quiet as we worked on her outfit and the next step was a large butt plug that I pushed all the way in, Karen taped over the stretched opening.

The skin-tight kid leather pants laced down the leg from knee to ankle; they were crotchless with a ring of eyelets surrounding the opening at her vagina. A heavy leather belt had metal rings at each side of her waist and, when we had her laced into stiletto-heeled boots, we bent the legs at the knee and used cord through the toe rings to attach them to the belt rings.

Fitting two metal poles in sockets at one end of the table we arranged Susan between them resting on a pad under her kneecaps. Strapping her tightly in place we pulled her bent legs apart and tied each knee to one of the poles. In short order we filled her ears with rubber plugs, tucked her hair under a tight rubber cap and replaced the temporary gag with a more substantial one that forced her jaws wide apart.

Tape across her mouth and around her head locked the gag in place. As Karen laced the girlís head in a kid leather discipline helmet I had a more delicate task. Held upright between the posts and with her doubled over legs wide apart she was readily accessible for me to install small gold rings in the holes pierced around her vagina lips.

With thin leather thongs and a blunt needle I laced the rings to the eyelets in the leather pants surrounding the opening; her vagina was held wide open! Karen was buckling, and then hauling, on a gag strap over the mouth area of Susanís helmeted head as I finished my job and we both turned to Amy.

The first part of her outfit matched Susanís but after we had her upper body laced into the corseted jacket and her arms locked up behind her back, we installed both a large butt plug and a 7" dildo and, making sure the wires from them were clear, pulled a pair of latex panties on her. A crotch strap held the inserts firmly inside the helpless girl.

The kid leather pants were followed by a single leg boot that had an extremely high heel forcing her feet almost to the en pointe position. Working on her head we plugged the ears and tucked her hair under a tight rubber cap then fitted a hollow nostril insert in each side of her nose.

A special leather helmet went on over her head; this one laced down the back but had openings at the eyes, nostrils and mouth. Small eyelets surrounded the mouth opening. Karen forced Amyís mouth open and I pushed a rubber wedge between her teeth to hold them wide apart.

Taking some more very thin leather thong I used the blunt needle to sew her pierced lips to the eyelets in the leather around her mouth. We worked short, hard rubber grooved wedges between her teeth on either side of her mouth. They were thinner at the ends where her back teeth slotted in the grooves then gradually got thicker towards the side molars. The ends facing out of her mouth had small metal rings embedded in them.

An expanding ring gag went behind her front teeth and once it was in place Karen twisted the set screws until Amyís jaws were locked open; small rods protruding from the sides of the ring gag fitted in the rings on the wedges and locked everything immovably in place.

Taking a pair of forceps Karen captured Amyís tongue and pulled it out through the ring gag so I could install a ring through the stud hole we had pierced in the tip. Releasing the tongue for a minute we positioned the bound girl on her stomach in front of Susan. Straps across her legs held her to the table and then as I lifted her upper torso Karen tightened a strap from the crown of the helmet to a D ring on the crotch strap.

When that was done her wide-open mouth was almost level with Susanís vagina and just inches away. Taking another 7" dildo we again caught her tongue and fitted the ring in it through a small clasp in the butt end of the toy. Loosening the straps across her legs, we pulled Amy along the table as I guided the dildo in to Susan.

When it was all the way in I used my finger to push it deeper until Amyís tongue was also buried in her sister. Straps from D rings on either side of Amy helmet buckled to the ones on the sides of Susanís belt held her head in place and the size of the embedded toy stopped her from retracting her tongue.

We re-tightened the straps across Amyís body stopping any other movement and turned our attention back to Susan.

Each of us took one of her nipples in our mouth and gently tongued them erect. At the same time I held a vibrator pad between her buttocks to send its message to the butt plug and Karen reached a finger down in front of Amyís leather covered face to manipulate Susanís clit.

With her sisterís warm breath panting on her most sensitive area, and our ministrations, slowly we aroused the bound girl until her body stiffened and reacted with a flow of love juice. Amyís tongue and mouth reaped the rewards of our efforts. I took a moment to activate the plugs buried inside her and watched as tears of embarrassment, helplessness and, probably, hopelessness sprang from the corners of her eyes.

Our leather bound captives were completely at our mercy, dominated by our bondage ideas and equipment; Amy would give us no further trouble, her will to resist had collapsed. We brought Susan to a couple more orgasms just to drive home our point.

Chapter 16 Ė Revenge is Sweet!

Ever since my twin sister had surprised me on our birthday and left me to the mercy of our unwilling houseguests I had been quietly planning my revenge. Yesterday had been Christmas and, after we had fed and watered our lovely Chinese girls before leaving them securely bound, we visited friends and enjoyed the holiday with them.

When we got home I had made a cup of tea and we sat in the living room discussing ideas for Amy and Susanís continuing education in bondage. Just as she had done to me on our birthday, I had doctored Karenís drink and was ready to catch her cup as she slipped sideways on the couch and went out like a light.

Now it was Boxing Day and I had been busy with the three of them. Karen had been laced into a one-piece crotchless leather cat suit with her legs in stiletto heeled boots and then bent at the knee so her calves were locked against her thighs. She was gagged with a large leather pear and had her hair tucked under a tight rubber cap before I had taped her mouth and laced her head into a kid leather helmet.

The neck of the helmet laced to the collar of the cat suit and her arms were locked in position up between her shoulder blades. A tight strap over her mouth completed her costume for now. As I worked on her she had woken up but could do nothing except stare at me as I smiled at her.

Susan and Amy were in identical outfits except their legs were encased in double leg boots then also bent and strapped so their feet were clamped to their buttocks. The inserts and gags I had used for them were specially designed. Now it was time to create the tableau I had devised for them.

I moved a heavy, flat, wheeled platform into the middle of the playroom under one of the ceiling pulleys. It was very low to the ground and had a metal pole bolted to the middle with soft pads around its base.

Fitting a harness around Susanís helpless body I used the pulley to lift and swing her over the platform then lowered her until her knees settled on the pad and the pole came up her front to just above her breasts. A couple of straps held her in place while I released the harness and used it to move Amy over and on to the platform facing her sister.

Now I used ĺ" nylon shipping tape to loop over them in several places then tighten until they were crushed together and held upright on their knees by the pole. I used short straps from the top of the helmets to a buckle on the waist belts and pulled their heads back so they were looking straight up.

There was a threaded socket in each of their gags and I screwed a large butt plug in Amyís and an equally large dildo in Susanís. Now it was Karenís turn to get involved.

She glared at me helplessly as I adjusted the harness around her and used the pulley system to position her over the two girls. Gradually I lowered her until I could use my free hand to get the butt plug and dildo started. The stems of the pieces were angled slightly and they slid inside her as I continued to lower her until the flanges on the toys were against her crotch. I locked the pulley and untied her legs.

Karen was helpless to resist as I buckled a metal and leather brace around each knee to keep her booted legs from bending. The flanges on the inserts kept the two girlís noses clear of Karenís body so they could breathe. I released the straps holding their heads back and replaced them with one that went around the back of their necks.

This forced the flanges tightly against Karen and, as I released the harness she settled the last little bit on to her high heels and the embedded inserts.

I tied her ankles to rings in the straps holding the girlsí legs. Susan and Amy could not budge and Karenís legs were now tight against their sides. Tightening the gag strap one final time I slipped a very thin, flesh coloured latex hood over my sisterís helmeted head and it formed to every curve of her face. There were openings for her eyes and under the nostrils and it covered the lacing around her neck.

As she stood, unable to move, I used my makeup kit to highlight the cheeks and draw on eyebrows and a pair of voluptuous lips that I filled I with deep red lipstick. Using small pieces of Velcro I attached dangling earrings to each side of her head. The frames of the glasses were decorated with rhinestones and a piece of elastic around her head kept them in place on her nose.

The lenses were just plain glass but the frames disguised the edges of the eyeholes in the helmet covering her face. I settled a beautiful blonde pageboy wig on her head and combed it neatly to frame her face. It allowed the earrings to show as if they were attached in a normal manner to her ears.

From the closet I took a small tank of oxygen and set it on the platform holding it in place with a strap against Karenís leg. I ran a small plastic tube to Susanís nose and pushed the nipple on the end in one of her nostrils; a piece of tape held it in place. Amy got similar treatment. I tightened leather blindfolds over their eyes.

Going through the house to my own room I pulled two items from their hiding place and took them back to the playroom. Karenís eyes widened as she watched me adjust the hoops in the skirt of a beautiful, armless, full-length black kid leather ball gown.

I adjusted the valve on the oxygen tank to deliver a slow feed to the two bound girls and then lifted the dress and settled it over Karenís head. The high-necked bodice laced down the back over her bound arms and the hooped skirt flared out at the waist before dropping to cover the platform and brush the floor.

Both of the girls and the platform were entirely hidden by the skirt and the high neck covered the bottom of the flesh-toned mask. The second item was a matching full length leather cape that I draped over Karenís shoulders. The hood came up to loosely frame her face and I didnít close the front so that the way it draped gave the impression that her arms were hidden by it rather than being rigidly locked behind her.

I had video taped the whole process and now walked around my sister to record the scene. A beautifully dressed young lady standing in the middle of the room with no sign that she was helplessly bound and unable to move.

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Continuing to tape I pushed a button on one of the remote controls and, while there was no sign of movement beneath the skirt, a low moan told me that Amyís inserts had come to life. Another button started those deep inside Susan and, finally, I turned on the butt plug and dildo that were embedded inside Karen from the mouths of our captives.

Once I was sure they all worked properly I shut them off and went to change into one of my favourite leather suits. Back in the playroom I closed the front of the cape with its braided leather hoops and fastened the hood firmly at the neck. Pulling on my leather coat I buttoned it properly, tightened the belt and reached for a pair of kid driving gloves.

Stroking my helpless sisterís cheek I activated all the inserts again and waved goodbye to her. The toys were plugged in to a wall socket and the oxygen supply was good for a few hours during which my three victims would experience the sensations caused by the inserts but be unable to enjoy them; I had set the levels just that little bit too low.

When I returned from shopping for Boxing Day bargains I pushed the platform, with its immoveable passengers, through to the living room and left it so Karen was facing the big screen TV. Just to complete my revenge I rewound the video and sat enjoying a drink while it played through the entire process I had used to gain my sweet revenge.

Chapter 17Ė Drink your milk Ė or Else!

Susan and Amy were facing each other and their knees, almost touching, were spread wide and held in place by cord to floor rings. Ankles crossed and lashed to another ring then straps around their upper thighs completed the job of holding them to the floor. The girlís legs were encased in kid leather thigh boots with punishing en pointe shoes.

Showing above the tops of the boots their buttocks were covered in skin-tight leather pants. There were no crotches in the pants but before we had dressed them we forced in long, ridged butt plugs and taped them in place.

The girlís arms were strained behind them in mono arm leather sheaths that laced up over their tightly bound wrists and elbows almost to the shoulder. The points of the sheaths were tied to rings between their feet pulling them back to sit on their ankles. This reinforced the pressure on the butt plugs and made the tops of their breasts push out through the 2" diameter openings in the leather bondage bras.

Leather thongs threaded through the base of each cup were pulled tight and knotted. Cinched around each waist was a heavily boned corset that matched the bras and gave them hourglass figures.

The tightly laced discipline helmets had openings at the mouth, eyes, nostrils and ears and a stiff collar around the neck. Amy had refused to finish her lunch and so now both of them were reaping the punishment for her action.

They made little sound as we worked on them because large ring gags held their jaws wide apart. A plug had been screwed in to each ring for the time being and we had used waterproof tape around their mouths to seal the lips.

Co-ordinating our movements, Karen and I fitted threaded nipple clamps to the four bulging mammary glands and then screwed thin 8" metal rods in the sockets attaching the girlís chests to each other by their nipples. Even if there had been some play in the arm and thigh restraints it was now gone.

We unpacked some new toys and held them for the girls to see. The long thick dildos were made of ridged, hard plastic, had a flared opening at the knob, were hollow down the middle and had several holes drilled in the sides. Flanges at the base had small holes drilled around the edges and a 2" long rubber tube extended out from the hollow center. Amy and Susan were unable to do a thing about it as we inserted the instruments deeply inside them until the flanges were tight against their openings.

Using the holes pierced around each vagina we laced the lips over the edges of the flanges and covered everything with waterproof tape. The catheters, for that is now what they had become, were sealed inside our Chinese beauties and we moved to the next step.

Cords from the ring at the crown of each helmet and attached to the top of the arm sheaths forced their heads back. We unscrewed the center plugs from the gags and replaced them with pieces of clear plastic hose. At the ends of the hose were small funnels and we moved chairs over to sit beside the hapless girls while we slowly poured a jug of water into each of them.

They had no choice it was either swallow the fluid or choke. After the second jugs were empty we loosened the cords holding their heads back, removed the funnels from the hoses and re-attached the ends of the hoses to the tubes protruding from their vagina.

But Ė we switched them so Amyís mouth was now connected to Susanís vagina and vice versa. We fitted heavy gold rings into their pierced ears and used thin gold chains to connect them to the nipple clamps of the victim opposite. That kept their heads facing forwards and we explained to them exactly how the punishment would work.

Sooner or later the water would work through their systems and they would have to empty their bladders. When they did they would then see the amber fluid climbing inside the clear plastic tubing until it disappeared in the mouth opposite.

We removed the clamps closing the vagina tubes and, getting ourselves long cool drinks to sip, we settled back to watch as they desperately tried to hold off the inevitable. It took over an hour before we saw liquid in the tube slowly rising towards Amyís mouth. She had rebelled again and would now suffer for her trouble.

Naturally, she was breathing through her nose and we saw, even under the leather, her neck muscles tense as she attempted to stop from swallowing the flow into her gagged mouth. Her eyes flinched as she got the first taste of her sistersí effluence. Taking a metal rod Karen used it to tap the ones connecting their nipples.

The reaction to the pain was a sharp intake of breath and Amy lost both that battle and the concentration on her own bladder; fluid surged up the other tube to Susanís mouth and we had turned the two sisters into a recycling system.

We checked the seals at their mouths and vaginas and found not a dribble of leakage. As we left the room Karen whispered in Amyís ear that next time she should drink her milk!

Chapter 18 Ė "Anyone for Cards?"

Karen and I were playing cards but Susan and Amy were keeping the score!

They were each suspended between vertical poles beside the fireplace, Amy on the left and Susan on the right. Their heavily corseted torsos were held between the poles by body harnesses. The straps from the shoulder D rings and bondage belts just increased the pressure holding their leather encased arms up between their shoulder blades.

The tops of their breasts bulged through the 2" diameter holes in the corsetís bra cups. Their legs, in stiletto heeled thigh boots, were bound to the poles at the knees then doubled up and had the ankles tied to their thighs. The resulting V shape made them completely vulnerable. Ring gags held their mouths open and their lips were sealed around them with tape. Their heads were covered, after we had pushed in earplugs and hollow nostril inserts, with skin-tight leather discipline helmets laced down the back.

In front of each helpless girl was a third pole with several attachments arranged at different heights. Before starting our card game we had screwed into the gags a metal sheath holding rubber penis shaped prods. The other ends of the sheaths were attached to the pole in front of their faces.

A foot above their mouth was a funnel also attached to the third pole, and hoses led from them to threaded fittings in the gag sheaths. These, in turn, were connected to the ends of the hollow prods.

Level with their breasts were short hoses with suction cups at the ends. We had attached nipple clamps to heighten the effect and then fitted the cups over them and laced the edges of the cups to the top hems of the bra openings.
The hoses lead to small electric pumps.

Impaler poles were bolted to the floor and further held with clamps part way up the third pole. Large catheter dildos protruded just an inch from their sheaths and into the front orifices while second impalers, tipped with massive butt plugs, barely rested at their back entrances. Each pole had a ratchet mechanism worked by a foot pedal.

Clear plastic hoses ran from the catheter tubes with the other ends attached to the poles just above the funnels. The tips of both inserts were held in place by flanges that we had taped over until they were leak proof.

The idea was very simple. If I lost a hand then Karen had her choice of doing something to my partner Ė Susan. The choices were: - one turn of the gag screw which pushed the prod an further half inch into her mouth; one cup of water poured into the funnel; one click of either of the impaler mechanisms or one notch of the pump which first started and then increased the suction.

If I won a hand then I had a similar list of choices with Karenís partner Ė Amy,

Dressed in incredibly soft kid leather lounging outfits, we had light music playing in the background, a lovely flickering fire, cocktails at hand and a great game going.

After an hour of play it was neck and neck. Both partners had the penis shaped prods halfway into their mouths and, through the hollow centers, had each been forced to swallow several cups of water. Both suction pumps were on and at one third pressure while the dildos and butt plugs (our favourites) were almost all the way in.

For one of us to win the others partner had to have the inserts all the way in and tight against the flanges; suction at maximum and the gag prod screwed in all the way while swallowing a steady stream of amber fluid flowing into the funnel from the catheter tube.

Susan and Amy were positioned in such a way that they could see each other and every time one of us won a hand their eyes would follow the winner as they made the next adjustment to claim their prize.

The first game lasted nearly two hours before my partner had nothing left to adjust and I had lost. To reward Amy, Karen snapped an electric vibrator pad to the flange of her dildo and adjusted it to optimum. In turn, I unhooked the funnel end of Susanís tube and allowed it to drain into a bucket.

I turned off the suction pump and lowered the two impaling poles then, I had another drink while I waited for Amy to get off so we could start another game.

Chapter 19 Ė "Wheeled Clean Outs!"

Our Chinese beauties were now tolerating harsher and more complex bondage situations as Karen and I used all our ingenuity to train them. Our current project was a lead up to a masterpiece and we had spent a long time planning how it would be done. Early in the day they had both been fed and showered and now sat in the playroom, bound hand and foot, watching our preparations.

Temporary ball gags kept them quiet.

We carried the sections of the wheel into the center of the room and bolted them together. Although very strong the wheel was light- weight and only had two spokes in an X format. The spokes crossed at the middle but it was a flat hub and not designed to take an axle.

Two foot high curved bases bolted to the floor and we lifted the wheel to set it vertically in the grooves down the middle of each base. The outer circumference of the wheel rim had hard plastic teeth every inch that fitted in the grooves of the bases.

A heavy duty electric motor would rotate the wheel at various speeds.

Starting with Amy we pushed in a large remotely operated butt plug with a flexible rubber flange that sealed against the skin around her rosebud and held it in place with a tight crotch strap that attached to her waist belt. The strap ran between her buttocks then split on either side of her vagina and buckled to the front of the belt.

After lacing her into a black leather cat suit we spread-eagled her on the wheel, her arms and legs lined up with the spokes, and the hub tight against her belly button. A criss-cross of tight straps wrapped around each spoke, and her waist, to hold her hard against the wheel.

From the shoulder to the points of her fingers, her arms were encased in heavy leather arm sheaths and the rings at the ends of the mitts attached her to the rim of the wheel. Strong cords at the elbows and knees held her to the spokes and her wide spread legs were laced into stiletto heeled boots with more cord from the ankles to the wheelís rim. The cat suit was crotchless allowing us easy access to her vagina and the built in bondage bra had small openings allowing the breasts to bulge through.

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Rings through her pierced nipples were pulled to each side and attached to the spokes with thin cord.

Amyís jaws were spread wide and the ball gag replaced with a metal ring gag then her head was tightly laced into a kid leather helmet. Hollow nostril inserts were in her nose and a temporary plug in the gag stifled her moans. Nearly half an hour later Susanís position matched her sister except she was upside down on the other side of the wheel.

The adjustable impaling poles fitted into brackets on the inside rim of the wheel between the legs of the helpless girls. We started the knobs of the large, ridged, dildos about an inch inside of them and locked the mechanism. The rods holding the gag plugs slid up (and down) the poles until level with the mouths of our two captives and were locked in place with setscrews.

We adjusted the length of the rods until their mouths were filled with the plugs that then locked in place in the ring gags. Each plug had a hollow channel through the middle and was held in place with straps around their heads.

Plastic reservoirs clamped to each shaft and the hoses from them ran to the openings of the gag plugs. The containers held a thick, syrupy mixture of a potent laxative.

To make sure that everything was working properly, we released the mechanism and slowly turned the wheel until the trigger on the outside of the rim hit the ratchet of the impaling poleís base between each girlsí legs. As it did so the dildos moved ľ inch deeper.

Setting the motors at their slowest speed we turned them on and grinned as with each revolution the inserts were driven deeper and deeper. Once they were buried to their full length a contact on the flanges automatically reversed the system and they gradually retracted to their starting position.

Held rigidly against the spokes, mouths full of jaw stretching gags locked in place by the rods of the gag plugs, we checked that each girl had sufficient natural lubrication occurring and then engaged the secondary triggers of the set up and re-started the wheel. As each girl revolved the first trigger moved the dildos and the second one a ratchet one notch.

The timing was adjusted so that just as thick penis dildo reached the top of its stroke the second ratchet triggered a pump that shot a thick wad of the liquid into the throat of the other girl.

We carried our lunch back to the playroom and enjoyed it as we watched Amy and Susan being systematically violated, struggling to breathe through their noses between the unexpected need to swallow at the same time. In fact, every one of their senses was on overload when we finished this part of the project by aiming the remote control and turning on the butt plugs.

After fifteen minutes we stopped the equipment and Amyís eyes pleaded as I refilled the reservoir then gave the wheel a half spin and refilled Susanís. When those were empty we again stopped the wheel but locked it so the girls were horizontal to the floor. That way one of them would not be upside down while Karen and I dressed in our leather pant suits and spent a couple of hours out shopping.

When we came back the laxative had done its job but the butt plugs were well sealed and the results had no place to go. We let them suffer for a little while longer before releasing them from the wheel, moving them over to the toilets and tying them in place before donning disposable gloves and pulling the plugs.

I mean anyone can shove a nozzle up an ass when a clean out is required but Karen and I preferred to be a little creative - much to the distress and discomfort of Amy and Susan!

Chapter 20 Ė "The Masterpiece."

Susan and Amy were completely immobilized. Laying on their backs strapped, side by side to the table with their leather-sheathed arms belted and laced up between their shoulder blades, their legs encased in ballet toed single leg boots and crotch straps holding in the butt plugs and dildos.

Their heads were close together and clamped into separate padded vises. Thin wire through the holes in their top front teeth ran to metal posts at the end of the table behind their heads and from the lower teeth to D rings on the waist belt of the heavily boned corsets. This kept their jaws stretched apart just a little less than as far as they would go without dislocating. We had used fishing line around their tongue studs and lower teeth to lace their tongues to the bottom of their mouths.

Karen worked on Susan and I handled Amy as we installed rubber dental dams at the back of their mouths. These had been purchased at a dental supply store and were what dentists used to stop debris going down a patientís throat. We painted their teeth and gums with a light vegetable oil and started packing in a fast setting plastic mixture. It was quite amazing how much went in before their mouths were full and we peeled back their lips to get a thick layer of the mixture covering their teeth.

We left them breathing easily through their noses while the plastic set up.

Returning after half an hour we cut the wires and used pressure on their chins to get their jaws to open wide enough for us to extract the moulds. The oil coating had stopped the mixture from sticking. Removing the dams we left their tongues wired to the bottom of their mouths, pushed in large ball gags and strapped them in place. Opening the clamps of the vises we left the girls strapped to the table and moved through to our workshop. The first thing we did was scratch an A on Amyís and an S on Susanís so they would not get mixed up and then we spent the best part of the afternoon smoothing any roughness or sharp edges off the moulds, drilling large holes through the centers and, using a tap drill, threaded the inside of the holes.

Impressions of tiny knots of wire we had used through their teeth allowed us to line up the drill to punch small holes through the moulds and across the channel made by their teeth; we threaded those as well!

We attached small D rings to each side of the moulds and, finally, used a non-toxic paint on the outside Ė gold for Susan and silver for Amy.

After a light supper, that at least two of us enjoyed, we stood the girls side by side and held them in place with tight straps at the waist to the horizontal bar between two posts. It took a certain amount of pressure and manipulation but we fitted the newly made moulds in their mouths and used long set screws in the four small holes of each one. These went into the outer layer of the moulds, through the holes in their teeth and continued on into the threads of the holes behind their teeth.

In the larger center holes we pushed rubber penis shaped dildos that had a threaded metal base. They were long enough to tickle the backs of our captivesí throats but not long enough to choke them; over the recent weeks and months at our tender mercies their gag reflexes were by now almost non-existent.

The base of the mouth dildo had a ring clamp welded to it and when we attached both clamps to a metal bar across their mouths their heads were locked side by side with absolutely no movement possible. Straps through the D rings at the sides of their mouths tightened at the backs of their heads and we had the most efficient gags we had ever devised. As a test we attached nipple clamps and found that a sharp twist only produced low gurgles from our lovely Asian sisters.

The mouth moulds presented us with dozens of new bondage options and positions. With various attachments we could easily manipulate their heads and lock them in every conceivable pose. They spent the night flat on their backs on a double mattress like a pair of leather covered Siamese twins. We left the bar between the gagging mouth moulds and added three more joining them at waist, knee and ankle. Kid leather blindfolds strapped snugly around their heads and then, for fun, we clamped vibrator pads to their crotches.

Adjusting the pads to a low setting we turned them on and left our girls for a frustrating night. The pads would continuously have a mild effect on the dildos embedded in them but not enough to bring them anywhere near satisfaction.

First thing the next morning I adjusted the pad settings to maximum before joining Karen for breakfast.

Stripping the exhausted captives of all their bonds except for plastic wrist ties holding their hands behind their backs we changed the metal mouth bar for two short plastic ones. They were soon finished with their toilet and standing in the shower enclosure with the other ends of the plastic rods screwed into sockets on the wall. Washing them was a breeze with their heads held so rigidly still.

It was over three hours later, after we had fed them breakfast, that Karen was setting up the camera to record our latest, and best yet, handiwork.

Susan and Amy were bent, stretched, laced, bound and locked into a hanging leather covered heart shape. They were completely helpless and unrecognizable except as leather clad female shapes.

Working in tandem on the girls we had started with neck to hip leather corsets that allowed their nipples to protrude and then forced their gloved arms, with the fingers taped and in leather mitts, up between their shoulder blades in a muscle stretching reverse prayer.
Straps across the elbows locked them in place and we paid particular attention making sure the rings at the points of their elbows were strongly attached.

Oversize butt plugs and dildos were followed in quick succession by latex panties, skin-tight kid leather pants and very tight crotch straps attached to a wide, reinforced bondage belt as did the rings at their elbows. The single leg, heel less boots arched their feet in an incredible ballet en pointe configuration and the boots had heavy boning at the knee to stop their legs from bending.

After inserting earplugs we tucked their hair under tight rubber swim caps; fitted hollow inserts in their nostrils and covered their eyes with soft leather pads. Ignoring the usual whines and pleas we worked in the new moulded gags and tightened the setscrews through their teeth. Gleaming black kid leather discipline helmets, with small holes at the nostrils and larger ones over the center of the gags, laced down the back of their heads and to the collar of the corsets.

A head harness of leather straps held a heavy metal ring in place on top of their heads.

Now we were ready to assemble out "heart".

Arranging them back-to-back on their sides we wired the toe rings of their boots together and added a tightly laced, ankle length leather sheath. This created the point of the heart. A metal pole fitted in to the sockets on the bondage belts at the small of their backs and we adjusted its length to push them apart.

Doing Susan first we ran a piece of strong cord through the ring at the crown of her head down to the center of the bar and pulled on it until from her locked knees to her shoulders her spine was curved backwards and formed one "shoulder" of the heart. Continuing the pressure, her head came down towards the bar and when we finally tied off the cord her leather covered face was "looking" towards her sisterís back.

When we finished stretching Amy in the same way the girlís mouths were within six inches of each other and we screwed in a rod to join the sockets of the gag moulds.

Running another pole, with clamps at each end, between the two horizontal ones effectively locked their bodies in position and we released the cords to the crown of their heads.

Dropping a chain from the ceiling pulley we connected it to the center of the rod between their gags and lifted them off the floor. The vertical rod meant that their weight was being transferred to the bar between the bondage belts and not the one at their mouths.

We had created a gleaming leather heart shape. Their nipples, bulging through the leather at the "shoulders" of the heart, were the only part of them not covered and we tied neat bright red leather bows around each one to finish the effect.

As our lovely victims, completely helpless and unrecognizable, slowly swung around we took several photographs and a long video record of the creation. Valentineís Day was in a week or so and the photographs would be used to send greetings to our bondage friends on the cyber network.

They would probably think that the models were Karen and I and wonder just how the hell we had done it Ė only Susan and Amy knew the answer to that one!

Chapter 21 Ė It Never Rains But It Pours!

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I was playing gentle tongue tag with Susan and gradually building towards yet another explosive release. As we lay facing each other on my bed I chased her studded tongue around behind the ring gag that kept her mouth wide open for me and fondled her erect ring pierced nipples with one hand. My other arm was under her neck holding her head close to me and the belt around our waists made sure that the lower part of our bodies were snugly melded together.

I hoped Karen was having just as good a time in her own room with Amy.

The double vibrating dildo was buried inside us beautifully doing its job yet again. Of course I was a lot more comfortable than Susan. The crotch strap between our legs, in her case, also held in a very large, knobbed butt plug and her arms were locked behind her in a tight leather arm binder. The thigh high, heelless ballet boots were laced smoothly up her legs that, in turn, were held just slightly apart by the ankle spreader bar.

Compared to some of the bondage we had inflicted on her and her sister over the last few months this was pretty mild. Add in the fact that I had been able to bring her to orgasm twice in the last little while and it was a bonus for her. Pulling her head away from mine for a moment I could see in the soft light of my bedroom that her eyes were closed as she tried to fight uselessly against the inevitable.

Then it happened. It had been raining on and off most of the day but now there was a steady beating against the window and all of a sudden a flash of lightening followed almost immediately by a crash of thunder overhead.

Susanís head jerked against the hold I had on a handful of her lovely black tresses; her eyes flew open filled with fear and her entire body started to tremble.

All thought of my approaching climax left me as I reached down, pulled a blanket up over us and, uncharacteristically, cuddled her to me as the storm raged.

The next morning I told Karen that at least one of our houseguests was petrified of thunder and lightening. She smiled and said they both are because virtually the same thing had happened in her bed. The difference was that when she realized what was happening she just stuffed a couple of plugs in Amyís ears, laced her into a full leather discipline helmet and picked up where she had left off.

I should have thought of that!

Over breakfast Karen had that far away look in her eyes that told me she was hatching a new idea to entertain our two bondage sisters. When she finally surfaced, reached for a pad and started making a list and then suggested we go for a drive I knew I was right.

Still in their arm binders and boots we filled their lower openings with large vibrating plugs; strapped them face to face and installed a double gag that had their noses touching. We would be gone for a few hours but the batteries were new and they would not get much rest.

Through a cyber friend we had been advised some time ago that a new, very discreet, fetish store had opened in a city about an hours drive away from our home and thatís where we headed.

It was a treasure chest of a store, more like a warehouse of glorious leather, PVC, latex and everything else the heart desired. The small staff of experts immediately understood what we had in mind and was happy to take our money. We let them think that the purchases were for us and they didnít even show the slightest smirk as they measured Karen and I. Since Susan and Amy were the same as size us we knew everything would fit them perfectly.

On the way back home we visited several hardware stores until we had found everything on Karenís list and then spent a few hours each day for the next week putting it together in the garden.

We tried Karenís set up twice but the weatherman didnít co-operate, now we were going for number three and it looked promising.

We moved the two-foot square platforms to the middle of the playroom. They were only 4" off the floor with swiveling caster wheels at each corner. Adjustable poles were bolted to the center of each one and they were very stable; they had to be considering what would be on them!

Each of our cast members had been securely laced and strapped into an upper torso corset that locked their arms up in the familiar reverse prayer position and accented their waists with boned leather. Ball gags kept them quiet while we worked on them. Their legs were encased in black rubber boots that laced up to the thigh. The boots held their feet in the en pointe position but did have short heels as well; these were more of a hook that would come in play later in the set up.

We screwed the curved crotch rests on the top of each post and put a stretcher bar on Amy to keep her legs apart. With a harness from the ceiling pulley we pulled her up and then with Karen at the back and me at the front we shoved a butt plug and dildo all the way up inside her. These were rather special in that although they were made from hard rubber they were also studded all over with small metal knobs. Thin wires dropped down from them and were taped to the outside of one ankle. Once the flanges were firmly against her flesh I slipped the curved hard rubber piece on to the short bolts that protruded from each one and we swung her over the post before lowering her on the crotch rest.

The bolts came through the holes in the rest and were secured with wing nuts. Removing the stretcher bar we forced her legs against the post and adjusted it until the short heels on the boots hooked over the cross bar set in it and strapped her ankles together.

Further adjustments with the pole made sure that, since the toes of the boots did not touch the platform, Amy was taking only a small portion of her weight on the foot bar; all the rest was concentrated at her crotch. Once that was done we strapped her legs above and below the knees and started to lace on a long, boned leather sheath that ran from her waist to below her knees.

She was immovably welded to the post up to her crotch and then the boned leather torso corset took over and kept the rest of her stiffly upright.

We did the same to Susan.

With the two sisters completely helpless we could each work on one and that made things go a bit faster, not that we were in any hurry when we were enjoying ourselves!

Each girl had her personal gag installed and strapped in place and a rubber cap pulled over her hair. We didnít bother with earplugs because when we were finished, while muffled, they should be able to hear what was going on. The goggles I fitted over Susanís eyes had extra wide rubber flanges around them so that they reached halfway up her forehead and fitted almost to the tip of her nose. They were red; Amyís were black.

We screwed short rubber tubes in the threaded nostril inserts that were now a permanent fixture on our guests and started on the helmets. The difference from the leather discipline helmets we usually used was just that these were rubber and the colour of each matched the goggles. When they were tightly laced we noticed that the rubber seemed to form to the face even better in some ways than leather but the gag straps tended to stretch and had to be pulled in an extra notch.

Now it was time for the coats. They were not capes but armless coats of medium weight rubber, one red and one black, fashioned after the trench style but with the addition of a hood. I settled Susanís around her shoulders, tucked the large left lapel up under the right one and then started buttoning it every 4" all the way to the bottom just above the platform.

The wide belt further pulled in the already fitted waist of the coat and I moved around her to take the small strap that hung from the triangular over cape and attach it to the middle of the belt. This extra layer fell seamlessly from across the width of her shoulders to a point at the small of her back. Once I had it attached it disguised even further the bulge of her harshly doubled up arms. Around the front the two oversized storm flaps also strapped down to the opposite sides of her waist.

Now the hoods came up and the velcro strip lining the inside edge was matched up with its partner framing their faces on the helmets and goggles. Once these were firmly pressed together the seal was completed and the two girls were, well you might say, they were waterproof!

But we were not quite finished.

They were called souíwesters and we had to work to get them properly settled over all the other stuff on their heads. Once they were firmly in place we took the overly long rubber straps that fell from the earflaps and crossed them under the chin then back around to the front again where they were secured with a double bow.

The last piece was a face protector.

First we lined up the nose tubes with the two holes in the center of the protectors and then used the press-studs down each side to attach them tightly across their faces to the edges of the hoods. There were further studs at the bridge of the nose and under their chins that completed the seals. With the brims of the souíwesters extending 3" out from their foreheads everything was protected.

The wires from the plugs attached to a connection on the platforms.

It had been raining steadily for the last couple of hours and now we put on our own rain gear and pushed one red statue and one black one out in to the garden.

The way our house was designed there was a roof over the patio that extended about 15í and Karenís plan had called for us to add a half circle of paving stones in the lawn out from the patio and then back to it.

It had not been hard, even for us, to attach a metal collar and track around the base of the center post holding up the patio roof and from it extended two10í metal pipes. Karen had even doctored the motor that rotated pipes in a circle.
I pushed Susan out to the end of the pipe in the garden while Karen did the same for Amy under the patio.

The platforms had sockets that we pushed the end of the pipes into and locked them in place. I patted Susanís rubber covered cheek as the steady rain drops started to make her rubber rainwear glisten all over and looked through the lens of the goggles to see the fear as she realized what we had set them up for.

In the lounge Karen and I crossed our fingers that the weather forecast would become a fact and looked through the picture window at Susan and Amy. We were only partway through our first glass of wine when we saw the a streak of lightening followed after a few moments with a crash of thunder.

"Yeah, it works!" Karen reacted as the two figures outside started to move in a circle and Amy ended up out in the garden with Susan now under the roof. The secret was a sound detector that activated the motor and thunder was more than enough to make it work. But as they changed places the movement activated the plugs buried deeply inside them, teasing, tormenting but not satisfying.

It was a beautiful storm that never seemed to end and our two rubber covered victims changed positions many, many times. After a little while we again put on our own raincoats and with large umbrellas went out to check on the sisters.

The look in their eyes, after we wiped the lenses with a tissue, was priceless and we knew that if they every tried to act up we would just have to say:

"Hey, it looks like rain!"

Chapter 22 - "MMPPFFF"

WHAPPP! MMPPFF! "Damn it Amy at this rate weíre going to lose." I moaned. The db meter that measured sound volume was only 6" from her mouth and had hit 56 as the leather strop landed across the tight leather covering her ass cheeks.

Karen had not held back as she swung the 2í long piece of thick 3" wide leather from over her shoulder to cut down on an angle across Amyís buttocks.

This whole thing had started very simply when I had been surfing the net and came across a picture of several different types of gags that I printed out to show my sister. Later that evening we had been discussing the pros and cons of the various types as we watched Susan and Amy writhing on the floor of the playroom.

An hour or so before we had fixed them up ready for bed and were letting our playthings tire themselves out a bit before settling them down for the night. They were both encased in skintight leather from the toes of the thigh high ballet boots to the top of the laced discipline helmets. The two forms were rolling around, bending, where their restraints allowed, and moaning through their packed mouths; sometimes one or the other would actually arch up on her shoulders and heels as another orgasm hit.

The vibrating dildos and butt plugs were turned to maximum and there would be little relief for either sister until we decided to turn them off. In the meantime Karen and I agreed that the molded full mouth gags we had designed and made for Susan and Amy probably could not be beaten.

( link opens in new window )

Well one thing led to another and we decided it would be fun to have a gagging contest. Naturally the recipients of our ideas would be the two reluctant houseguests currently struggling helplessly against their bonds on the floor.
But then, after a couple more glasses of wine, as we were stretching the exhausted sisters on top of the bed with straps from the helmet rings to the headboard and the boot toes to the foot rail, I had a great idea.

And so it was that Susan and Amy were not only the recipients but also the contestants. We explained it to them this way. You will have as much time as you need to come up with an effective gag for your sister and then install it. We will judge the most efficient entry and the loser will spend the next thunderstorm in the garden by themselves.

We tossed a coin and I won and therefore had first choice of which sister I wanted to bet on. No contest Ė without a second thought I pointed to Amy. We would give them the run of the playroom, with certain restrictions of course, and see which one could come up with the most effective gag. We had hidden their personal molded gags as off limits.

Another coin toss and Susan got to go first.

We arranged Amy kneeling on the lowered table. She was laced in a full leather body suit with a built in corset and her arms strapped in the reverse prayer position. At the end of the table we installed a neck stock that had straps around her upper body to hold her rigidly still. We braided Amyís beautiful long black hair and pulled it back to be fastened to the top edge of the stock.

The thin strap from a pair of nostril hooks also attached to the top edge while a padded hook was settled over her lower front teeth and we pulled on that strap until her mouth was wide open and buckled it to the bottom edge of the stock.

Naturally she was well plugged front and rear although the crotch strap holding things in did have a couple of metal contacts for later use.

Susan was also in leather from head to the toes of a pair of ballet boots. The foot long ankle hobble allowed her to walk; her kid gloved hands were free but straps around each arm just above the elbows and across her back restricted their movement.
I had chosen Amy because over the last few months she had proven to be more of the stoic than Susan who was the crier and whiner. But it looked like I had made a mistake because after Susanís efforts to gag her Amy was still making a lot of noise.

When Susan indicated she was finished we had blindfolded Amy so she couldnít brace herself or anticipate what was coming.

THWACK! MMPPFFF! 40 on the meter! Five times the old barberís strop landed and five times the reading was over 40. Susanís effort was definitely not working to my advantage. Just to make completely sure Karen now touched a wire to the contacts in the crotch strap and Amy reacted with a 60 on the damn meter.

Now it was Amyís turn and she had to gag Susan so the average readings would be under 45; I didnít think she could do it. I underestimated her!

Their positions reversed Karen and I watched as the still gagged Amy tottered on her majestic ballet boots around the room opening drawers and looking at all our equipment. Susan was already moaning through her braced open mouth and I wondered what it was going to cost me for a new outfit of my sisterís choice that was our agreement for losing. If that happened Iíd make damn sure Amy didnít enjoy the next rain storm.

Amy made her way back to put some things on the side table and then headed off again towards the toilet and shower area. I was surprised when she turned and beckoned to me with her right hand then pointed at something.

When I went over I saw her hand was near the bath sponge and she looked at me with her eyebrows raised in an obvious question. Karen and I agreed that we would allow them to use anything in the room so I nodded but, since the sponge was still wet from their morning shower, I first picked up a pair of rubber gloves and stretched them over her kid gloved hands.

She picked up the round sponge that was at least 6" or 7" across and 2" thick and moved over to the sink. Turning on the water she proceeded to rinse it and I realized that whatever she was going to do with it she was making sure it was clean of soap residue. Wringing it out she moved back to the table and reached out with one hand to gently stroke her sisterís cheek. I think she was apologizing for what she was about to do.

She took the sponge and folded it in half and I looked at Karen in disbelief. There was no way that thing would go in Susanís mouth Ė I was wrong. It took Amy nearly fifteen minutes of pushing and poking with her fingers but finally the whole thing was buried with most of it behind Susanís teeth.

She unbuckled the strap holding the hook on Susanís bottom teeth then pulled off the rubber gloves so she could pick up a piece of thin wire and thread it through the holes in Susanís upper and lower front teeth. With a pair of pliers she twisted the ends together and then kept twisting as she pushed up on her sisterís jaw.

Amazingly Susanís mouth started to close over the immense packing and Amy kept pushing in on the bits of sponge still outside. Gradually the shortening wire pulled the girlís teeth together and Amy cut off most of the excess then folded the remaining bit in against the join.

Now this amazing performance continued with her pushing in a strip of rubber between Susanís teeth and her cheeks then taping her lips closed over the whole lot. She still wasnít finish though. Amy took a 2" wide leather gag strap that was backed with a 1" thick pad and positioned it across her sisterís mouth before buckling it tightly at the back of her head.

Susan was panting through the permanent nostril tubes and tears streamed down her face but I mopped them up before they reached the leather.

Thinking Amy was finished I patted her on the head and started putting the blindfold on Susan. Because of her crying I had chosen one with absorbent padding over each eye. As I finished strapping it in place Amy touched my arm and shook her head. Good Lord she wasnít finished!

Making her way on those amazing heels back to the chest of drawers she removed something and moved back to the table. She undid the strap holding the nostril hooks and then untied Susanís hair from the top of the stock. Karen and I started laughing at this amazing turn of events because next she was arranging the straps and fitting her sister with a full face rubber gas mask.

Karen moved the db meter in place and I waited a moment then brought the leather strop down with a full swing of my arm. Susanís body jerked as it hit and everyone who could looked at the meter Ė 18.

THWAK! Mmppff! Five times the strop rose and fell and the meter never got over 25. Out of fairness to Karen I picked up the wire and touched the contacts on Susanís crotch strap. Wow, that got a 30 but I had won. I knew just the leather pant suit I had been eyeing and would now get thanks to Karenís generosity.

Susan would be dreading the weather forecasts and when I pulled the plug from Amyís gag tonight her reward would be a nice cold glass of wine followed by a night in my bed.

The only reason we can think of that Amy worked so hard to win this contest is that she just doesnít like thunderstorms!

Chapter 23 Ė Teaching Teamwork!

Amy was in the middle of a massive orgasm and as a result Susan was suffering; in fact she was suffocating. A few minutes before the situation had been reversed and now Karen and I watched to see if any lessons had been learned.

Each of them was positioned on their left side laced in skintight, crotchless leather cat suits. They were securely bound facing each other in the classic sixty nine position with their heads level with the others crotch. Their legs were encased in thigh high ballet boots then bent at the knee and strapped to their thighs. Their knees were held wide apart with spreader bars that were clamped to vertical poles set in the floor.

This position left their lower orifices completely exposed and accessible. Firm leather cushions under each waist kept their backs straight and level with the floor.

Leather sheaths covered their arms that were locked between their shoulder blades in the muscle straining reverse prayer position. Once they were lined up to our satisfaction we had run several straps around the torsos and pulled on them until the two bodies were almost welded together.

Under the leather straining across their chests, nipple vibrators were held in place with clamps and thin wires ran from each pair to a contact pad.

The tightly laced leather discipline helmets had openings at the eyes, under the nostrils and a mouth hole. Through the mouth holes we had forced jaw stretching penis gags with grooves top and bottom for their teeth strapping them tightly behind their heads.

The gags were very special in that from them extended a long, hard, roughly ribbed rubber dildo. There was a curved metal flange on the shaft that left a 1" gap between it and the plugged mouth of each sister, plus they were hollow with a Ĺ" hole down the middle of both the rubber shaft and the mouth gagging plugs.

Between 3" and 4" from the flange the dildos had several vents around the circumference.

Butt plugs had been rudely shoved in and held in place with a strange crotch strap that was tight through the crack of their ass but then split on each side of the vagina up to the front of the waist belts and held another curved metal piece with an opening over each love hole.

A closer observation would show that the flange on the dildo was a reverse image of the metal vagina piece. Karen clipped a strap to the top of Amyís helmet and then through a D ring in the small of Susanís back. Pulling on it with one hand she used the other to guide the dildo through the opening in the metal piece until the first 2" disappeared in Susanís passage and then locked the strap. I did the same with Susanís head so that neither of them could pull the rubber shafts all the way out.

"Now let me explain this set up ladies." Karen spoke as she slowly walked around the two helpless sisters. "In a moment we will be inserting plugs in your nostrils making your only source of air through the vents in the dildos. This switch sends a tiny electric current to the flanges over your vagina and on the dildos turning them into very, very strong magnets."

"I will flip this coin, heads for Amy and tails for Susan. Here goes and it is tails. So Susan, a little pressure on the back of your head from me will start to bury the dildo further inside Amy and as it enters the vents will be smothered by her pussy and your air supply become non existent. You had better take a deep breath because once the plateís touch the magnets engage and you are locked inside."

After our little gagging contest we had noticed that our two captive girls attitudes towards each other seemed to change. Before the sisters had taken any opportunity we allowed to support each other through the bondage trials we inflicted on them but lately it was almost as if they were concerned only about their own problems. We decided to see if we could teach them to again depend on each other.

"This is the ultimate test of whether you two can learn the benefits of co-operation and can place your absolute trust in each other. Amy, you must voluntarily push your own dildo in until your plates touch because only that will release Susanís magnet and allow her to pull her head back enough to get a breath. I suggest that 15 to 20 seconds can be a very long time in this situation so you two had better work together as a team."

We blindfolded the two and pushed plugs inside their nostrils then applied pressure to the back of Susanís head until the dildo started to disappear inside Amy. Once it was almost all the way in the magnet engaged and snapped the two plates together,

"OK, Amy, itís up to you now" said Karen. Panting through the vents in her dildo gag the girl only hesitated for a few seconds before she ducked her head forwards plunging the rubber shaft deeply into Susan.

The two helpless sister learned very quickly to use smooth head movements that allowed each to get a regular breath in a beautiful example of teamwork so, to help their concentration, I turned on the butt plugs and the nipple vibrators. There was soon a point when it was Amyís turn to breathe but she kept her head out as far as the helmet strap allowed gasping and panting through the air holes in the shaft.

( link opens in new window )

Karen and I each held a stopwatch and were timing the action; I watched Amy and my sister, Susan. The ever-vigilant Karenís stopwatch was reading 30 seconds but we had anticipated this happening. We knew that the rubber shaft pumping in and out along with the simulation from the buzzing butt plug and nipple toys had sent Amy into the inescapable throes of an orgasm just as it had done to Susan minutes before.

The idea was to teach them a lesson, not let them suffocate so she quickly reached over to pull the plugs from Susanís nose allowing her to get some air while her dildo lifeline was buried in the convulsing leather covered form of her sister.

Amy groaned as the spasms of her climax lessened and she realized how long she had been in the throes of her orgasm; her head immediately ducked forwards in an action she thought would allow her sister to breathe. Susanís nose plugs were replaced and we congratulated ourselves as we watched the two heads bobbing in a regular rhythm. It seemed as if our lesson in teamwork was a success.

We allowed them to recover by finally pulling out the nose plugs then pushing on the back of their heads until both dildos were buried and the magnets locked together. We tightened the straps from the top of their helmets taking out any last possibility of head movement. The gag flanges being 1" or so away from their mouths allowed them to breathe through their noses but that was about all they could do.

The butt plugs were still buzzing away and the nipple clamps doing their job so I plugged two more small wires into the control pad, flipped the switch that turned the buried dildos into vibrators and turned it to maximum.

Settling back in comfortable chairs we watched to see how long it took for the inevitable orgasms to overcome the leather bound sisters.

Chapter 24 Ė The Piebald Pair!

Karen and I were down at the pond situated at the very back of our property. Behind the house was a large, fenced formal garden then a further half section that was fairly heavily wooded with a path through it to the pond that marked the back boundary.

Amy and Susan were not with us; actually they were hanging around in the garage, literally. After a breakfast that they had probably not enjoyed since, as we fed them, their arms were laced in reverse prayer leather binders and their feet in the ballet boots that seldom came off these days, we had put them in storage.

Our two lovely Asian bondage toys had been on their stands beside us at the table while we ate. The stands were low, wheeled platforms each with a 3í upright post in the middle that had a metal rest partway up and a horizontal bar across the top.

We simply installed a spreader bar with a cuff at each end on the girls just above the knees, bent their legs, strapped their ankles to their thighs then lifted them on to their own stand; letting the center of the bar fit in the rest to take their weight. Short straps from each shoulder to the ends of the top bar held them upright. After feeding them we installed their personal mouth filling gags, taped over the lips and laced on leather discipline helmets.

Pulling gag straps as tight as they would go we wheeled them in the garage to wait for us. Their lower two orifices had been well plugged since the morning shower.

A few months ago we had arranged for a contractor to bring in a crew, clear out the dead wood and thin a number of the unneeded trees. The contract included splitting any useable logs but that was all so we were looking at several piles of weathered firewood we needed to get up to the house for use next winter.

As we strolled around the shore of the pond discussing what had to be done Karen got that look in her eyes and I stopped talking to let her concentrate on whatever it was she was thinking about. I had a feeling that Amy and Susan were going to be involved with yet another of Karenís brainwaves!

I was right!

Two days later Karen, with me pretending to be her subí, were back at the fetish store where we had bought some of the supplies for the thunderstorm scenario. I had a little difficulty holding my tongue while being poked, prodded and measured but was proud that, for a few minutes, I was able to get my arms in the necessary position for some of the measurements. I was also satisfied that I would be getting my own back for the humiliation. Karen ordered two sets of the items she picked, paid and a couple of weeks later we went back to collect them.

We also made stops at the hardware and garden stores.

Starting with Amy, naked except for her arms locked in the reverse prayer position and a large ball gag, we worked her legs in to the skintight black and white leather cat suit. Stretching it over her shoulders we laced it down the middle of her the back forming a pouch over her arms then to the waist. There was a flap to cover the laces that closed with Velcro so the coloration was not interrupted.

The suit had two strategic openings at the crotch and small, reinforced, nipple holes. A custom-made 3" wide metal belt locked around her waist and we flipped her down on her back to install the footwear.

We didnít anticipate any problems with the transition from ballet to pony boots, and there wasnít. In fact, over the months the tendons in the back of the sistersí ankles had atrophied to the point where neither could come even close to getting a foot flat on the floor.

The heavily boned leather boots were soon laced and locked on to just above Amyís ankles forcing her feet in almost a straight line with her shins. They ended in a metal 2" thick toe platform to which was riveted a 4" wide horseshoe. The arms of the hooves extended back another 4" to provide balance while, since there were no heels, a shaped flat metal bar supported the underside of her foot from the platform to under each heel.

Around the join of the pony boot and leather covering her legs we wrapped leather bands from which hung 6" long black fetlock horsehair. Standing her up again I took off the strap holding the ball gag and we worked a matching leather open-face hood over her head and neck. The ball in her mouth stayed put because of its size. Karen fed Amyís long black hair out through an opening at the top of her head while I laced the hood down the back and covered the laces with a flap.

Standing her with her back to the wall I ran two short chains from Amyís nose ring to hooks on each side of her head so she had to keep her weight on the pony hooves and watch while we worked on Susan.

When we had Susan in a matching outfit and against the wall beside her sister, Karen screwed a metal pipe in the socket on the right side of her metal belt while I held it in position at the left side of Amyís waist. This locked the two together side-by-side with just a couple of inches between their shoulders.

The bit bar was long enough to extend 4" on either side and after working the balls out of their mouths we immediately replaced them by forcing in the large spade bits on the bar and fastening them in with the straps of a head harness. Now the sistersí heads were also locked facing straight ahead but, for effect, a set of 3" square stiff black leather blinders attached to the harness beside their eyes.

Pulling them away from the wall Karen fixed Amyís hair in a short leather sleeve so that it stood straight up before flowing down the back of her head in a plume. I did the same to Susan and then attached a lead rein to each end of the bit bar and pulled them to the center of the floor.

The butt plugs were attached to the short arm of a J shaped metal piece and we worked them up inside each girl, locking the top end in the middle of their waist belts. Just above where the metal split their ass cheeks was a large, plumed black tail. The dildoes slid smoothly through the openings in the cat suits and we laced their vaginas closed with the small gold rings down each side to hold them in.

We finished the effect with leather crotch straps covered in bright metal studs to match the waist belt and bit bar. So did the small metal bells we attached to each nipple ring.

They managed the pony shoes quite well but were shuffling which was not acceptable. We explained what we wanted them to do and, after a few turns around the garage and more than a few shots with the riding crops we carried, they improved the knee lifts somewhat but not to our satisfaction.

Karen left for a few minutes to return with her laptop. She had called up a site that had high stepping pony girls moving on the front page. Holding it up in front of each girl so they could see she told them that was what we wanted Ė or else.

While she did this I pulled one of our other purchases up behind the two. It was a three-wheeled garden container that had taken over from the old wheelbarrow. The fairly large bin was nearly 2í deep but didnít need to be lifted to move the load because of the extra wheels.

I had adapted it by removing the handle and replacing it with a hinged single shaft. The end of the shaft fitted to the middle of the metal bar joining the girlsí waists with a shackle.

Karen and I were wearing jeans, sweaters and comfortable working boots and now we led our team out in the garden, then down towards the woods.

At the first pile of logs we pulled on gloves and filled the barrow then made Amy and Susan pull it back to the house; high stepping all the way, so we could unload and stack it.

They worked hard that day but we only managed to clear about half of the wood. Rather than completely undress them then have to do it all again in the morning we just unhooked the barrow and had them move sideways through the door into the house where we could remove the bit bar and feed them.

One at a time we let them relieve themselves then replaced the butt plugs but unscrewed the tails so they could lie on their backs on an air mattress. A couple a straps around each girls legs and a nice large ball gag settled them in for the night on the floor of the playroom.

Soon after lunch the next day we finished clearing all the firewood and stacking it under cover ready for use; thanks to the efforts of our team of pony girls.

Now it was my turn to start thinking as I watched Karen lead them through the garden to the house after the final trip.

I told my sister what I had in mind then, after she stopped laughing, we hitched them to the wall of the garage while we went inside to shower and change.

The best way to describe our dresses was "Southern Belle"; high necked tight bodices then ankle length skirts flaring out below the sashes around our waists allowed our feet in their high heels to peak out. Wide brimmed hats, elbow length gloves and a fan completed the outfits.

Karenís was made of the finest white leather with the hat, sash, gloves and shoes in black patent leather. Mine was rose coloured leather with the accessories in white.

We had "acquired" the dresses from their parentsí leather fashion store the same night we requisitioned Amy and Susan but never worn them until now. It was the perfect setting in the garden with the sun shining and I pulled on the reins to get the ponies positioned while Karen set up the tripod and camera.

Standing on each side of the team we flipped our fans open to look coyly over them at the lens as the timer triggered the camera. That would be our Christmas card for cyber friends in the several BDSM and leather groups we belonged to.

Karen and I looked at each other, then at our leather encased piebald ponies, and both said the same thing Ė "We need a buggy!"

Chapter 25 Ė "Childs Play"

It was a beautiful, bright, crisp autumn day that my sister and I were enjoying as we strolled through the small town about 25 miles from home. That morning we had paid a visit to our favourite fetish store, made a few purchases and then stopped on the way home to do some window shopping.

As we stood side by side in front of a large display window I studied our reflections and smiled as other pedestrians passed behind us and I thought to myself - if they only knew. Karen must have seen my grin because she turned her head and winked at me.

As we got ready this morning we had decided to emphasize, as we did occasionally, the fact that we were identical twins. Consequently the two figures reflected in the window were of equal height because the heels on our boots were the same, comfortable, three and a half inches. The hairstyles and understated makeup were the same and our coats, although different colours, matched.

( link opens in new window )

The coats, naturally, were soft leather and they were buttoned almost to the silk scarves around our neck, snugly belted, then falling to just below our knees; they were just right for the slight chill in the air. Karenís was a light dusty rose and mine pale leaf green. The reason we were chuckling to ourselves was that under the coats, what the passers by couldnít see, were that the stylish black boots continued up our legs to thigh height. There they joined the edges of tight black leather bustier body suits. The thin kid gloves, also black, disappeared into the sleeves of the coats and actually extended well up our arms almost to the shoulder.

In fact, without the coats, we were in full Domme mode. The only other two people who knew what was hidden by the perfectly fashionable and publicly acceptable outerwear were Susan and Amy. They had seen the outfits as we laced their heads in tight leather discipline helmets and tightened the gag straps. Then we had buttoned and belted our coats before strapping blindfolds in place on the helplessly bound girls and departing for our outing.

I adjusted the shoulder strap on my purse as we turned to continue our walk. Several minutes later I realised the Karen was no longer at my side and turned to look for her. A little way back we had passed a junior school and Karen was standing at the fence staring into the playground.

I went back to her and she looked at me with that far away gaze in her eyes then turned back again to look at the kids.

"Just look at all the equipment theyíve got; they are having so much fun on it I wonder......" Her voice trailed off as I studied the playing children. I didnít know what was going through Karenís mind but, somehow, I just knew it did not bode well for Amy and Susanís comfort.

Boy, was I right!

After we got home Karen headed straight for the computer leaving me to look after our two houseguests. I checked on the two leather bound forms and adjusted their headgear by replacing the gags with smaller ones that had built in feeding tubes they could suck on. Those allowed me to attach supply hoses from bags of the combination fluid and nutrient mix I hung over their heads.

Adjusting the flow to one that they could easily handle, I tightened the odd strap here and there to make them even more immoveable. After removing the blindfolds so that they could see the level in the bags, I made sure each of them saw me holding up both hands. Ten fingers meant ten minutes to empty their lunch containers; that was a hard learned lesson and both girls started sucking and swallowing while breathing through the stiff rubber nostril inserts.

I rejoined Karen and asked what was going on but all I got in return was a big grin and a "Wait and see."

It was two weeks before she got the message to go and pick up the contraption. I stayed to look after Susan and Amy and when Karen got back I made sure they were very secure before going into the living room and watching her unpack the box. She reminded me of a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning sitting in the middle of the carpet surrounded by bits and pieces of metal and pipes in several different lengths.

She seemed to know exactly what went where and had me hold things while she locked them in place with bolts and a wrench. Gradually whatever it was took shape until even stupid me could see it was a version of a kids teeter-totter or seesaw.

The two tripods or stands were three feet high and instead of the long plank there were two metal pipes, about six feet long, that she bolted together until they looked like a ladder. Several "rungs" held them together and the one in the middle had a large adjustable socket that fitted over a ball jutting up from the main piece joining the two stands.

Looking very pleased with her self Karen asked me to make us a couple of drinks and then explained what she had in mind. I nearly choked on my drink when she got to the part about the six dildos!

The whole set up would be marvellously diabolical but then she was my sister; I loved it. This was going to take some planning so I got a pad and pencil, a couple more drinks, and we started listing the things we needed and how to introduce Susan and Amy to Karenís idea.

The day before we planned to do the deed we made sure that both Amy and Susan ate well and were completely hydrated because the next day, except for a little liquid and mush, they would get nothing. Karen asked me to make a trip to our fetish supplier and pickup a couple of packages that would be waiting for us. I had to fold down the back seat of my car to get the long, wrapped parcel to fit; the other was just a square box. As promised, I didnít ask what they were and resisted having a peek.

After settling our charges for an almost comfortable nightís rest Karen and I were enjoying an after dinner liqueur when, with a huge grin, she asked if Iíd like to see the contents of the box.

Silly question!

It contained the dildos and butt plugs but, after my sister explained how she had asked them to be adapted, I just had to experience the sensations they would cause.

As it turned out we both tried one of the dildos while holding on to the contraption; I went first while Karen watched and, after just a few minutes, didnít want to stop. Oh my God, it was fabulous and Karen had to pull me off so she could try. After what I had been through I convinced her to let me fasten a belt around her waist for safetyís sake.

Itís lucky I did because she completely lost her grip in the throes of one of her orgasms and, it was also lucky the room was soundproof, our nearest neighbours were a mile away but she would have woken them with her screams of ecstasy.

I didnít know whether to feel envious or sorry for Susan and Amy in the morning; we could stop when weíd had enough, they would not have that option and we had only tried the one dildo!

After breakfast, a substantial one for us but just a small fruit yoghurt and water for the girls, we had started to prepare them for the set up. Nearly two hours later they were ready to "be assembled"!

The two leather bound forms lay on their backs beside the contraption. Well, really, they were resting mostly on their arms that were forced in the familiar reverse prayer up between their shoulder blades. The leather arm binders gave them no leeway at all especially because several straps also connected them to the heavily boned corsets that encased them from breasts to buttocks while leaving the crotches open.

The heelless ballet boots were thigh high and very tightly laced. Karen and I had lots of practice making sure they were crease free which took some skill with the lacing. The boots had also been adapted for this occasion.

Severe leather discipline helmets had gone on the two after we fitted them each with a pair of clear goggles and their own mouth filling gags; the ones with a threaded hole in the centre. The helmets had the requisite holes under the nostrils allowing them to breathe. Instead of gag straps we laced on boned leather neck corsets that stretched from just under the nostrils to the top of the corsets. This kept the head rigidly in line with the body while protecting the throat.

We moved the two helpless forms around until their feet were about level with the others crotch then, with a grin, Karen loaded and lubricated one of the butt plugs. I held Susanís legs apart while my sister worked the plug deeply inside and used straps to the corset to hold it in place, then I grabbed Amyís left ankle and positioned the toe of the ballet boot against the base of the plug.

A clamp we had attached to the toe of the boot snapped into a groove around the plug and locked them together. After installing Amyís plug Susanís left foot was placed in the same position and locked.

Now came the interesting part, we loaded and then screwed a dildo to the toe of their right boot; there was enough give in the boots to allow the knees to bend slightly. That allowed us to position the tips of the toys at the entrances of their vaginas then, with a quick push down on the knees, the eight inch dildos slid in to their nests. A strap around all four legs at the knee and we had spliced Susan and Amy together.

Karen moved the long package over and we unwrapped it to reveal a heavily stiffened leather sleeve with lacing grommets down the full length and roller buckled straps every eight or ten inches.

Fifteen minutes later and we had a solid black leather tube with a head sticking out each end. We easily lifted our parcel up and on to the "ladder" of the contraption Karen had built. A few more straps and they became the plank of our see-saw.

The last two dildos were the regular type, nicely curved, slightly nubbed and we screwed them firmly into the threaded holes in the gags. Making sure to keep the girls perfectly level so as not to spoil the surprise we added the last couple of touches.

Metal handholds screwed down over their waists and then we snapped tubes in each nostril insert. These were hard rubber and curved down across each leather covered cheek to under their ears where the tubes belled open slightly.

Now for the fun part! Karen and I stripped out of our leather cat suits until we were naked except for our boots and carefully straddled the dildos protruding upwards from our victimsí mouths. We were so hot there was no need for lubrication as the dildos slid inside and we gripped the hand holds.

Since we were now sitting on their faces the nostril tubes allowed them to breathe although the view they were getting through the goggles would not be very inviting.

One, two, three Ė GO!

Several things happened. I bent my legs and put all my weight on the dildo coming out of Susanís gag causing Karen at the other end, with a little push from her legs, to ride up until her boots left the floor. She gasped as the dildo in Amyís mouth embedded itself even deeper in her most sensitive region.

As Karenís end of the leather "plank" went up Susanís body went down and the handful of different sized ball bearings loaded in her hollow butt plugs and dildos rolled down to land in the knobs.

Reversing the motion caused the same thing to happen at Amyís end and we knew, from our experiment last night, that the sensation as those heavy little metal balls landed in the tips of the toys was beyond description. And they had two each inside them.

After a while Karen reached down an unlocked the latch on the ball socket so that now we could not only bounce up and down but also move in circles. And we did until we were close to loosing our grip on the handholds; God know what Susan and Amy were feeling or how many times they had come despite the leather restraints. If the frequency of my peaking, and Karenís screams, was any indication they should be drained.

Getting off their faces we started them turning slowly like a propeller but also with their heads going up and down as they rotated; from the way the air was literally whistling through the nostril tubes those ball bearings were driving them over the edge.

After a while we locked them in the horizontal position so everyone could get some rest.

But the day was young and a few hours later we were right back enjoying our "Childís Play".

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014  

Incredible fantastic story I would just love to be one of the sisters kept in al lthat fantastic rubber leather and the bondage I love the specially made gags and the threaded nostril tubes there should go all the way to their lungs and be expanded to give them more breathing space I think the gags should be test with the sisters being caned hard with 60 of the best each and I love them being forced to drink the other sisters amber liquid why not force them to drink ti all. It would be fantastic to be one of them kept captive and forced into all the fantastic bondage the gags should be made permanment and they should be force fed so that they cannot attract anyone's attention. They should be forced to orgasm a lot more and I would love to see updatyes to this story with more ideas of their double bondage.

Sunday, July 21, 2013  

Absolutely magnificent and beautifully inventive

Thursday, September 09, 2010  

So many great scenes, too much repetition. I particularly liked scenes of forced pee drinking in this & other stories.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009  

Surely the 'raison d'etre' of BDSM are the emotions and feelings involved, not simply changes of costume.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009  

Always a pleasure to read this technically competent writer's detailed descriptions of restrictive bondage costumes. There is, however, a tendency to concentrate on 'Barbie Doll' costume changes rather than on the emotions and sexual stimulation engendered in victims and captors.
The reader is thus deprived of a vicarious experience of the emotive tensions and pleasures experienced by the 'victims' and the vicarious experiences of the captors. Yet, surely those emotional feelings and experiences underlay the motivations of the captors, and are of great interest to the reader.
In short fewer costume changes and proportionally more emotions or physical reactions to the restrictive bondage imposed. Such a modified approach, if combined with stronger motivations for the specific actions of the captors could raise the quality of Anne Gray's writings to yet greater heights.
Minor details to review include: 'allowed her feet ... to peak out.' should of course read 'allowed her feet ... to peep out.'; 'kept the leather taught' should read 'kept the leather taut'; and on at least three occassions "girl's" should be replaced with "girls'" or perhaps in one case by "the arms of the girls were..."
Truly, I believe Anne Gray ,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009  

A very impressiveand technically competent writer. Always a pleasure to read her detailed descriptions of restrictive bondage costumes.
The difficulty I have, however, is that Anne Fray concentrates on 'Barbie Doll' changes of costume rather than detailed descriptions of the experiences and emotions engendered in the wearers of restrictive enclosure, and indeed in those imposing such costumes. Her descriptions of the motives of the perpetrators of restrictive imprisonment are terse and limited, a there is no real acknowledgement of vicarious emotional experiences.
In both cases we, the readers, are deprived of an opportunity to vicariously visit the sexual and emotional experiences of captors and victims. Yet presumably those experiences, including a vicarious participation in the victims 'sufferings' motivate and justify the behavior of the captors.
In short less costume changing, more description of emotions. Truly I believe such an approach would lift the quality of Anne Gray's writing to yet greater heights.
Minor detail to examine include: 'alowed her feet to pead out' should of course read "peep out'; 'taught' should read 'taut'; and three times "girl's" should be replaced by "girls'", or alternatively in one case by "the arms of the girls".

Saturday, July 11, 2009  

Too long; never thought I'd say it but too much description.

Sunday, May 31, 2009  

I got bored with all the costume changes. While detail is great, it seemed like most of the story was them changing their clothes.

Friday, April 24, 2009  

Great bondage scenes. Now how about taking on a man or even twins to place in many bondage positions! I wish it could be me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009  

An oldie but a goody!!
Haven't seen this story in a while, but it is still very good!
I like the fact it is all in one place instead of segments like it was when it came out!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009  

WOW !!!

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