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A Sudden Mistress
  • Author - A.T Barbarian  
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  • Site Rank - 88 of 2730
  • Unique Views - 44322
  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, bondage, chastity, latex, toys
  • Post Date - 6/8/2009
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Chapter 1

John stared at the rows and columns of figures on the spreadsheet in front of him and sighed. A quick glance at the office clock told him it was now 16:23 on this dull Friday afternoon. He rubbed his eyes and stretched as he yawned. As always when he was bored, his mind drifted to thoughts of his girlfriend. John considered himself very lucky to have a girlfriend like Natalie. She was very open-minded and loved to experiment. Their sex life regularly included bondage sessions and Natalie enjoyed being dominated. Recently they had even begun to use a CB2000 in some light tease and denial games. John's only concern was that it always seemed to be him who instigated these play sessions – he didn't like to feel that he was pressuring Natalie into doing things she didn't enjoy but she always assured him she loved their little games. They had discussed it before and the problem was Natalie, like most women in John's experience, was needlessly self-conscious about her body and a little shy about taking the initiative in bed. In John's opinion (and most of his friends), Natalie had an amazing body, and on the few occasions she had taken control, she had seemed to really enjoy herself. Still, John couldn't help but wish she would be a little more imaginative sometimes. He often fantasized about coming home from work to find his wife naked, cuffed and chained and kneeling waiting for him. Or spending the entire weekend as his girlfriend's personal sex slave.

He was roused from his daydreaming by an irritating beep from his mobile phone – he would have to change that text message tone, he thought as he pulled the phone from his pocket. It was a text from Natalie, saying only

'Get home quickly tonight, I have a surprise for you... Nat x x x '

Suddenly John was alert. He checked the clock again – 16:29. John could have sworn the next 31 minutes took 2 hours to pass.

When John got home – the fastest he had ever made the drive home from work, Natalie was nowhere to be found. In the kitchen he found an envelope with his name on it stuck to the fridge door. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and picked up the envelope. Opening it, he read:

"Sorry darling, had to pop out for something – I'll be back soon. In the meantime I want you to take a shower and have a nice close shave, 'down there' as well. Then I want you to lock the wrist and ankle cuffs on yourself and wait for me on the bed. You will not put on any clothing.

Love, Nat X

PS. Put the beer back! Not tonight darling!"

Chuckling to himself, John put the beer back – was he really that predictable? He wondered what she had planned? He had shaved his genitals a few times before but Natalie had never expressed a preference for it. The note preyed on his mind as he showered, and as he lay down on the bed naked except for his cuffs, his cock was already stiff. He tried to relax but couldn't stop thinking about what Nat might have in store for him.

About 15 minutes later, John heard the front door opening. Shortly after, Natalie came into the bedroom.

"Hi darling," she said as she leaned over to kiss him. "Tough day at the office?"

"Oh, you know – typical dull as hell Friday. At least until I got a very interesting text in the afternoon," John replied.

"Oh really? Whatever could it have been about, to get you so... excited?" Natalie glanced at his cock and smiled.

"Well I thought maybe you could tell me a little more about that?" John suggested as he watched Nat open the 'toy drawer' of the dresser.

Natalie pulled 4 short lengths of chain and some small padlocks from the drawer and tossed them to John. "Lock yourself to the bedposts and I'll think about it"

John did as he was instructed, locking the chains onto his ankle cuffs, then locking the other ends to eyebolts he'd screwed into the bedposts some time ago. This left him with his legs spread quite far apart on their large bed, a position he'd had Nat in plenty of times. As he did this, Natalie started to undress and John eyed her hungrily, once again considering how lucky he was to be going out with Nat. At 5'9", Natalie was a couple of inches shorter than John, with deep blue eyes and shoulder-length, light brown hair which for now was tied back in a high ponytail. She liked to work out and it showed in her lithe, toned body. John chained his left wrist next, then found he was unable to reach to last eyebolt to complete his bondage. "Uh, little help?," he laughed.

"Of course," Natalie crossed over to the bed and pulled the chain up then locked it to the bedpost., "Better?" she smiled.

John was now tightly spreadeagled, unable to even reach the locks holding him. He pulled at his bonds, feeling the stretch in his muscles as they refused to give. He was now completely at the mercy of his girlfriend. It felt good. "Much." he replied. He was now fairly sure he was in for a teasing session. She would dress up in some sexy underwear, then lick, tickle and nibble him until he begged for release. Eventually, she would release him and they would fuck. Hard. He always found his orgasms to be incredibly intense after these sessions.

Natalie was now down to just her bra and panties. She caught John staring at her and smiled.

"You dirty little pervert! I bet you wish you could touch this, don't you?"

"You're lucky these chains are holding me back!" he grinned.

"I sure am." she replied, taking off her bra. "A poor innocent, defenceless girl like me wouldn't stand a chance against a big strong man like you!" She slipped off her panties, giving John a nice view of her freshly shaven sex. He never got tired of that view. Natalie went back over to the dresser and opened the toy drawer again. She pulled out a black lycra hood that had an extra layer of material sewn-in over the eyes to blindfold the wearer. The only opening was for the mouth. She knew from experience that it completely blocked all light, whilst still being easy to breath through even if the wearer was tightly gagged. "Still, I think I'd feel even safer if I had you blindfolded."

"Aww, but I was enjoying the view!" John pretended to protest as he lifted his head to allow Natalie to fit the hood. He knew that when he was blind, his sense of touch seemed magnified. He loved lying there, not knowing where the next touch was going to be. And bound, blindfolded blowjobs were just incredible.

Natalie adjusted the hood until she was satisfied John couldn't see a thing. She kissed him deeply, then ran a fingernail down his chest. "I feel like dressing up tonight." she announced. "Stay here while I get changed, would you?" She laughed and gave his straining cock a quick squeeze, satisfied with the low moan she got in response.

John lay there in darkness, unable to move his limbs more than a few inches. His mind raced, trying to imagine what Nat would be wearing, straining to pick up any sounds, trying futilely to compensate for his lack of vision. The frustration was agonizing and delicious at once. He needed to come badly and they had only just begun. He heard a strange sort of squeaking noise and wondered what Nat was up to.

"You know how you've always wanted to see me in a catsuit?" Natalie asked conversationally. "Well that's why I was out earlier – I went to that shop in town and picked up a nice black pvc number." John digested this news. His girlfriend Natalie. In a black pvc catsuit. Holy shit! That was one of his biggest fantasies – she had been teasing him about it ever since he told her about it, always hinting she might surprise him someday. He wasn't even aware of the tension in his muscles as he pulled at the chains holding him. He had to see this!

"Whoa! Easy there tiger! You might hurt yourself." Natalie giggled. The squeaking noises continued, followed by a slight swishing sound. John imagined Nat sliding the catsuit up her legs. "Oh yes, and I'm teaming it with those sexy black knee-high boots you love so much and the black pvc opera gloves." she continued happily. There was another swishing sound as John visualized her sliding her arms into the suit. "And of course, there's a double zip, so you can fuck me without even having to take it off! Or you could, if you weren't a little... tied up at the moment!" This was too much for John.

"Nat, you have to untie me right now! Please!"

"Hmm, I don't think so. Not right now. Maybe later." came the cheerful reply.

"Aww, come on! I have to see this babe! I'll do anything!"

"Anything, eh? Well that's interesting – I'll keep it in mind. But still, no. And if you ask one more time, I'm taking it off." John could tell by her tone that she was clearly enjoying herself but also that she was serious. He decided to keep quiet.

"Good boy!" Natalie teased. John heard the unmistakeable sound of a zip being pulled up. "All done!" Natalie announced sweetly, crossing over to the full length mirror. "Wow John, I'm completely covered from neck to toe in black pvc. I look fucking amazing! If I do say so myself. This would drive you wild babe!"

"It IS driving me wild! And I can't even see you yet!"

"Such a shame. Ah well, would you like a taste instead?" Without waiting for an answer, she added, "Stick out your tongue."

John had in idea of what was coming next and eagerly stuck out his tongue. He felt Natalie place her knees either side of his chest and lean forward to plant her hands near his legs. He could feel her hot breath inches from his cock. He didn't think he had ever been this hard. His hands groped in vain, trying to get a feel of the pvc covering Nat's body but he was tied down too tightly a to reach her.

"If you can unzip me with your teeth, then bring me to orgasm in ooh, let's say five minutes, then I might, just might be impressed enough to take that hood off. Whaddaya say?" John strained with his tongue and felt a small piece of plastic. Gripping it with his teeth, he tried to slide it up. "I'll take that as a yes then, shall I?" Natalie laughed. It took John 3 attempts to get the zip open to find Nat's pussy already soaking wet. Over the years they had been together, John had learned exactly how to satisfy Natalie orally. He could get her to the edge and keep her there indefinitely but tonight he set to like a man whose life depended on it. Just under 3 minutes later, John's tongue was aching and Natalie was recovering from an earth-shattering orgasm.

"Wow," was all Natalie could manage as she tried to regain her composure. "I think you deserve a reward for that performance." John gasped as he felt a sudden pressure as Natalie's gloved hand gripped his aching cock. He felt a hot wetness on the tip as she took him into her mouth and began making lazy circles with her tongue. She began rhythmically pumping his cock with her fist with a practised ease. Natalie also knew exactly how to bring John off. Suddenly, Natalie's mouth withdrew and she stopped pumping but didn't release her grip. John let out a moan of frustration and began thrusting against her closed fist, by now desperate for relief. Natalie watched as he continued to thrust, savouring what she was about to do. She saw the sweat begin to break out on his torso and heard his breathing becoming more ragged. She wanted to get him as close as possible. John could feel his orgasm building, it was going to be huge! He felt a familiar tightening in the muscle behind his balls... he kept thrusting... then nothing! Natalie released his cock and giggled as she watched him desperately hump the air!

John let out an incomprehensible half scream, half growl of rage and sagged in his bonds. He lay there panting, his mind a whirling mess. His whole body was screaming for the release so cruelly denied him. And he smiled. "You are one cruel bitch, you know that?"

"Yep. And that's why you love me." Natalie replied sweetly.

"So how about taking this hood off now? Let me have a look at your sexy body in that catsuit?" John tried to sound calm. His cock was felt like it was going to explode.

"Now didn't I tell you if you asked me that again, I'd take it off?" Natalie tutted. "But I'm feeling generous. I'll give you another chance. I'll be back in a second." she added mysteriously.

"Where are you..."

"Ah! Quiet now. If you're a good boy and do as you're told, you'll get some relief." she laughed. "For now, lie there and be quiet. And stay hard!"

John heard her going downstairs and once again wondered what she had planned for him. He laughed to himself about her 'stay hard' comment. He thought this must be what taking viagra felt like! Soon he heard Natalie coming back up the stairs.

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"Back babe!" she announced breezily. "Now just hold still, this won't take long!" The only warning John had was the slight squeaking of the catsuit followed by the pressure as Natalie crawled onto the bed. She reached forward and applied the ice pack she'd retrieved from the freezer to his throbbing cock, wrapping it round and holding it tight.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST HELL FUCK CUNT FUCK!!!" screamed John, every muscle in his body tensing at once, shattering the happy, horny fog of his mind. He gasped, then drew breath. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!"

"Oh I'm sorry!" Natalie said, trying to hold back tears of laughter. "I take it that wasn't the kind of relief you were after? I saw your poor cock straining so hard and I thought it must be driving you mad. I was only trying to help..." she added in a mock injured tone.

"Jesus... I came THIS close to a heart attack!" John exclaimed, slumping back down in his bonds. "Did I ever tell you you're one cruel bitch?"

"I think you may have mentioned it..." Natalie removed the icepack and surveyed the results. John's freezing cock had shrunk to a suitable size for what she had in mind next. She retrieved the CB2000 from the drawer and set about trapping his cock. They had used it a couple of times before and Natalie knew the size of rings and spacers she needed.

The first John knew of her plan was when he felt the familiar plastic ring snugged around his cock and balls. "Oh no Nat, not tonight, not that! I need to come so fucking bad!"

Natalie knew she had to work quickly – putting the CB on always aroused John and she had to fit it before he got hard again. She usually had to wank him off and put it on when he was soft, but then he didn't start to get frustrated for hours. This way, he'd be horny and tortured straight off!

She deftly slid the spacers on and fitted the cage. She checked to make sure no skin was trapped and the balls had enough space, then reached for the padlock...

"Seriously Nat, not tonight – please! I really need to come so fucking bad! I'll do anything!"

"I know you do. And I know you will!" With a rising excitement, Natalie fitted the padlock and....


With the familiar mixed feelings of fear, frustration and excitement, John heard the click that meant his cock and balls were now locked away. They had played with the CB before of course, but only for an hour or so at most. This time, he had to admit he was a little apprehensive. He honestly didn't know how long it was going to be. He didn't know how long he could take! "Oh God," he moaned, "how long?"

Natalie didn't answer. Instead she told him to lift his pelvis off the bed as high as he could. Natalie slid a couple of pillows under his back, then lowered her head and began to tongue his balls. She knew this drove John crazy at the best of times – tonight it was just plain cruel.

John groaned as his trapped cock sprang to life, straining against the cage that held it and pulling on his balls. He begged and pleaded with Natalie to stop, but it only seemed to encourage her. She switched to licking around the cage itself, slipping her tongue in between the bars to tease his cock. This went on until she seemed satisfied, then suddenly she stopped and stood up.

"Phew! Well I don't know about you, but I could really use an orgasm about now!" Natalie announced. John just groaned. Natalie again went over to the toy drawer and picked out her favourite item. The trusty Hitachi Magic Wand. The first John knew about it was when it buzzed into life right by his ear, making him jump. "I suppose if you won't get up off the bed Mr. Lazy, a girl will just have to take matters into her own hands!" She started to tease John's nipples with the toy, watching them grow rock hard under its attention. This was too much for John. He had bought the wand to use on Natalie ages ago, only to find out that she had never used a vibrator before! She hadn't liked the idea and made the point that she preferred his cock. But he had persevered and eventually persuaded her to try it, with resounding success. Since then it had become a regularly used tool in their lovemaking, but again, it was always John who had to suggest its use. And no matter how hard he tried, she flat out refused to use it on herself while he watched. She 'just wasn't comfortable with it'. Now she moved the vibrator down across his stomach and began moving it around his crotch and upper thighs, getting agonizingly close to, but never touching the cage that held his cock.

"I know this is one of your biggest fantasies honey – me using the wand on myself while you watch. And on the same night I model a hot catsuit for you! You are one lucky bastard, you realise that?"

It was too much for John. He couldn't form words. His girlfriend was about to combine two of his biggest fantasies and he couldn't see! What had happened to the shy girl who was unsure about 'taking control'? It was as if she had read his mind. He had unleashed a monster that he couldn't stop and didn't even know if he wanted to.

The buzzing stopped as Natalie clicked the wand off. She climbed on the bed and straddled John's chest, facing him. John heard the zip opening.

"You know babe, if you don't take that hood off, you won't be able to see!" she said in a pretend concerned voice. "I'd hate for you to miss the show I'm putting on especially for you!"

"Natalie... please... I... need" was all John could manage.

"Well it's up to you – if you want to keep it on, go ahead!" Natalie pouted, then giggled.

John felt the vibrator buzz into life on his chest and his mind dissolved into a horny, frustrated mush. Earlier on he thought he couldn't possibly get any harder, and now he couldn't possibly get hard. He could only listen to Natalie's moans of pleasure as she ground the wand into his chest. Every single fibre of his being screamed for release. The muscles on his arms and legs bulged as his whole body pulled taut. The groans grew louder, more frequent. Natalie's legs gripped his chest until he could hardly breathe. The groans combined into one long guttural noise that increased in volume. John stopped breathing. Her thighs gripped tighter...

Natalie screamed. She came harder and longer than she ever had in her life. She was sure the neighbours must have heard but she didn't care. She slumped forward and put her hands on John's shoulders to steady herself. For a full minute she sat there in a daze. Eventually her mind came back to her and she could feel her body slick with sweat, slipping inside the catsuit. Her eyes found John and she leaned down and kissed him hard and long.

Natalie had tried taking charge and found she liked it. She had finally come to realise the power she could wield over John and delighted in it. She made up her mind.

"John honey, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I know for a long time you've wanted me to take charge and believe me, I have wanted to. It was just.... hard, you know? Taking the first step. But it's fun, fuck yeah it's fun and I'm afraid a few things are going to change."

John wasn't sure what he was hearing. He was beginning to wonder if it had been a good idea to ask Nat to take charge.

"From now on, until further notice, you are going to do what I say. Do you understand?" John nodded weakly. "And do you know why?" Natalie gave his cock cage a light tap. "Because of this. I've been doing a little reading up on our little plastic friend, and it seems it's perfectly safe to wear it long tern. Isn't that interesting?" she paused, letting her words sink in and gathering the nerve for what she had to say next. "Your cock is now mine. I own you and you will get release as and when I decide, if and when you satisfy me. Do you understand?" Again, John nodded. "In a few moments, I'm going to go and post an envelope. It contains the key to the padlock. I trust you know which one I mean? I'm afraid I've probably missed the last post and unfortunately for you I only have a second class stamp, so we won't get the key back until Monday at the earliest, more likely Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday! You will have until then to convince me to unlock you. I'll even give you a hint – lot's of oral can't hurt!" Natalie laughed.

John was stunned. He was broken. His cock now belonged to Natalie and would only be used at her whim. His girlfriend was rapidly turning into the dominatrix from his strongest fantasies. He couldn't think. His whole mind was focused on orgasming – why couldn't she have let him have just one before locking him! Then her words sank in... Monday! At the earliest! In that moment, John knew he was owned. His cock tried to get hard.

"Now, I know I can be a cruel bitch", Natalie chuckled, "but I will give you a choice. You can either go with my plan, and have a chance of an orgasm early next week. IF you satisfy me. The alternative is this: I will remove the catsuit, and I will not wear it again. You will never see me wear one. I will unlock your cock right now but you will not come inside or on me for one month. I will not touch you sexually in any way and you will not be allowed to service me for one month. Of course I can't stop you from having a wank, but I know how unsatisfying that is for you when compared with moi!"

"That's not fair!" John blurted.

"No it isn't," Natalie said, smiling, "and I will not be fair. I cannot guarantee you will be even be allowed to come next week. But at least you'll get to see me looking fabulous in my catsuit, and I may even wear it again someday! Besides, deep down, I know you want this... I know you want to be controlled and you want me to own your cock. Don't you?"

John was utterly defeated. How could she know his innermost desires so well? He wanted this, he needed this. But his body demanded release right now! He didn't know whether he was miserable or the happiest he had ever been in his life. He nodded.

"Excellent!" Natalie clapped. "I knew you'd make the right decision. One last thing..." Natalie's heart beat faster and her face coloured a little as she thought how ridiculous her next statement sounded in her head, but she couldn't resist, "from now on, whenever we are in private, you will now address me as Mistress. Always. Understood?"

Natalie unzipped his hood and removed it. John blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light, then drank in the sight of his new Mistress. His stunning girlfriend, every inch covered in tight, shiny pvc, her hair down and stuck to her face with sweat, her sparkling blue eyes and that inviting, slightly mocking smile on her full lips... His cock straining at the cage that held it felt like it would pull his balls off!

"Yes Mistress" he croaked.

Natalie beamed. "Good boy!" She reached up to unlock his cuffs and gently helped him to sit up. She then locked his wrists together behind his back before unlocking his ankles. "Now I'll be gone for 10 minutes while I post that envelope. You can spend the time thinking about how best to please me. When I return I will have a repeat performance of your earlier oral skills." John found his Mistress looking at him expectantly.

"Yes Mistress" he managed.

Natalie smiled and turned to her wardrobe. She caught sight of her vinyl-covered form in the mirror again and paused to admire her image. Whilst she had to admit she did look stunning and she loved the effect it had on John, it wasn't the most practical outfit for a walk to the post box. Then an idea occurred to her. Opening the wardrobe, she selected her long black coat, the one that came down to her knees. She put it on and checked her reflection again. The only visible hint of her kinky covering was her gloved hands and her shiny black boots. But plenty of woman wore black knee high boots she reasoned, albeit not with as high a heel as these ones had. It was already dark outside though and there wouldn't be many people about. Besides, to her surprise the idea of walking down the street dressed in a catsuit with passers-by totally oblivious was beginning to turn her on. So with a nod to her mirror image she made up her mind. A few minutes later Mistress Natalie left the house, her mind buzzing with the possibilities the night had opened up. A girl could get used to this she decided, feeling strangely confident in her towering boots and with her sexy secret under her coat. Her thoughts drifted back to earlier, with John lapping and sucking eagerly at her sex. She began to walk faster.

Chapter 2 (added: 07/11/09)

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John shifted in his office chair, trying to get comfortable. About 10 feet away, his colleague Stacy was on the phone. In a tight white blouse and black skirt that only reached halfway down her thighs, she sat on her desk, her pantyhose-clad legs dangling freely over the edge. John's cock twitched, straining against its plastic prison as she uncrossed her legs. 'Correction', he thought, as he caught a glimpse of suspender, 'her stocking-clad legs'. Christ! How the hell was a guy supposed to concentrate with that in front of him?! Stacy had always been a bit of a tease, always dressing to show off her hot body and loving the effect it had on all the guys in the office. But John could swear that ever since his girlfriend had locked up his cock and become his Mistress, Stacy had started dressing even more sexily than normal. Damn, maybe it was just his imagination!

It had been seven weeks since Natalie had shut him in his CB2000 and in that time he'd only had 8 orgasms. For a guy who'd been used to sex nearly every night, not to mention regular masturbation, this was hard to take. And getting harder. Sex was now on Natalie's terms, when and if she wanted it. Oh she had plenty of orgasms – at least two every day, morning and night. John's tongue was nearly worn out, but he had become a master of cunnilingus. Well, you had to be good with your mouth when your hands were cuffed behind your back...

Stacy caught John's gaze and rolled her eyes, shaking her head. John grinned at her – it must be Dave she was speaking to. John had considered asking Natalie to end their little game, get rid of the damn chastity device and go back to the way things were – a normal relationship. The time she had kept him locked up for 9 straight days was the closest he'd come to demanding it stop. But deep down, he knew he loved it. When he was allowed to orgasm after days of frustration, the feeling was incredible. He thought back to the Friday she had first locked him up. She had posted the keys and they hadn't arrived until Tuesday! That Tuesday night marked the most intense orgasm he'd had in his life! Sure, he'd begged her not to put the damn thing back on again – he always did – but the simple truth was he loved having his cock under her complete control.

Stacy had finished her phone call and sashayed across to John's desk, moving with a practised ease in heels that were far from practical for work. Unless you worked as a stripper, John mused.

"Jesus John, I don't know what I'm going to do about Dave," she glanced at her watch, "not even half past nine yet and he calls me up to describe in lurid detail exactly how he's going to fuck me tonight!" Stacy exclaimed.

"Lucky girl!" John joked, inwardly groaning. 'Of all the things to talk about, she comes over and starts about sex!' he thought. Stacy and John were good friends, having started at the company only a couple of months apart, five years ago. She always felt the need to discuss her sexploits with John, something he used to actually quite enjoy...

"I mean, I like a good seeing-to as much as the next girl," Stacy smiled, "but this is too much. I'm not even through the door most nights before he's ripping my clothes off!"

"That bastard!" John joked, as his cock squirmed in protest at how much action 'that bastard' was getting.

"I don't know, sometimes I wish I could just... lock up his cock or something! For a couple of days peace, y'know?" Stacy stared at John. He appeared to be choking. "John honey, you ok?" she asked, concerned.

"What? Oh, yeah. Fine. Just uh, just some coffee went down the wrong way? Yeah, coffee" he mumbled. Stacy glanced at his coffee cup. On his desk, where it had been the whole time they were talking.

"I see," she said, with a look that said maybe John was working too hard, "so we still on for lunch?"

"Sure thing." John replied.

"Cool. Well I suppose I better go and at least look as if I'm doing some work." Stacy said and turned to walk away.

'Jesus!' John thought. 'Seamed stockings!'

John got home just after half five that night, balls aching. Stacy had felt the need at lunch to tell him about the little game she and Dave had started playing. Dave would cuff her hands behind her back and only give her the keys after he had come in her mouth. Surprisingly, Stacy had never tried bondage before and was amazed at the effect it had on her. She had described in vivid detail how that first time being on her knees in front of him, hands useless behind her, using her mouth to earn her release had gotten her 'so fucking wet!' Then apparently Dave had said 'here's your keys babe, I'm going for a shower' and hung the keys around her neck on a light chain. Which she couldn't reach. Well, she had been so damn horny by then she'd had to struggle to finger herself to orgasm right there on the floor! Then Dave returned from his shower and 'had actually spanked her! For being a bad girl and orgasming without permission!' Then finally given her one of those 'good seeing-tos' Stacy was so fond of. John had listened to this account with a growing fear that his tortured cock was going to pull his balls right off his body.

He had learned from the past 7 weeks that his best chance of an orgasm was to make sure the house was tidy and to prepare for his Mistress's arrival. Automatically, he removed his clothes and put them away. One of Mistress's rules was that he was no longer allowed to wear clothes while in the house, unless they had company or she gave him special permission. In the beginning he had secretly rebelled against this rule, wearing his clothes as long as he knew he could get away with it then disrobing 5 or 10 minutes before he knew Mistress would be home. But he had been careless one night and got caught when Mistress arrived home earlier than expected – a meeting scheduled for last thing in the afternoon had been cancelled at the last minute and there wasn't much point in staying. She hadn't been impressed with finding him clothed and it had cost him 6 days in chastity.

Well thanks to bloody Stacy at lunch, he needed to come tonight. He was going to do everything possible to maximise his chances. This was one of the nights Mistress went to the gym after work, so John knew he had until about half seven before she got home. He went to the bedroom, and locked on his thick leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Last was the thick leather collar that was a recent addition to his 'uniform'. He still wasn't used to this, but Mistress had surprised him with it one night, insisting that 'a proper slave should have a collar to remind him of his place.' He had protested, saying he wasn't a dog and wearing a collar would be humiliating. She had countered that yes, that was the point! She had casually informed him that his chastity device would not be coming off until he voluntarily put the collar on. That had been the cause of his longest stretch without an orgasm. He had held out for 6 days before finally giving in and locking the collar on. Mistress had seemed pleased and John could still remember the burning humiliation he'd felt when she attached a leash to the o-ring on the front of the collar and informed him that from now on he would wear the collar at all times in the house. She had then made him wait a further 3 days as punishment before finally releasing him. He had since grown to accept the collar and couldn't deny the excited twitching of his trapped cock as he fastened the lock. John spent the next hour or so making sure the house was tidy, dusting and hoovering, washing the dishes and doing some laundry. The menial chores helped take his mind off his thoughts of handcuffed hotties and gradually the ache in his balls died down. Finally, after he'd finished all his chores he flopped down on the couch to watch the Knicks game he'd taped. At twenty past seven, he switched off the tv with a sigh. The Knicks were losing. Again. But he wouldn't find out the result until tomorrow now – it was time to prepare for Mistress's arrival. He went up to the bathroom and started running her bath, lighting candles to create the right atmosphere for his Mistress to relax after a tiring day. He then moved into the hall and settled down on his knees to await her. A few minutes later the door opened and John felt a familiar throbbing in his cock as his Mistress entered.

John took in the sight of his Mistress in the baggy sweatshirt and pants she wore over her workout gear. He knew underneath this layer, her tight body was covered in equally tight black lycra leggings and a matching leotard. He noticed she carried a large plain brown bag in addition to her gym bag but knew better than to enquire about it. She put down her bags and hooked a finger through the ring in his collar, pulling him to his feet. She kissed him deeply and fondled the plastic trapping his cock.

"Miss me babe?" she enquired.

"Always Mistress." he replied.

"Good answer. I've got a surprise for you tonight!" she announced, tapping his CB2000, "And if you're lucky, you might even get some action!"

"If that would please Mistress." John knew from experience not to appear too eager or she might just keep him locked up instead. She loved to torture him by leading him on, letting him think he would get released, teasing him all night then just announce 'no, not tonight, maybe tomorrow' as if on a whim.

Natalie watched John as he replied and laughed. He was so transparent! She could see it in his eyes, the way he fidgeted with his wrist cuffs – he needed to come badly. It had been 3 days since his last release and she could tell he was already right on the edge.

"We'll see. After my bath." she said as she pulled off her sweatshirt and handed it to John. Her pants followed and she smirked as she saw his eyes take in every inch of her lycra-covered body. She peeled off her sweaty workout gear and threw them at his face.

"Take care of them. And don't go smelling the crotch on that leotard, you filthy little pervert!" she joked. "I'm going for a bath – go and put in the red ball gag then bring me a glass of wine". Natalie discarded her underwear as she headed to the bathroom, leaving it on the floor for John to pick up.

Natalie eased herself into the hot water and closed her eyes with a sigh of contentment. Since that night 7 weeks ago, when she had her first taste of control, she'd been hooked. John had turned to putty in her hands after she'd locked his cock in his CB2000 and dressed up in a catsuit for him. Over the weeks since, she'd developed a taste for her new-found power over her boyfriend. She had gradually added more conditions, more hoops for him to jump through to earn his relief. Now she had her attractive, fit and successful boyfriend waiting obediently for her return each night, naked except for his fetching leather jewellery. As if on cue, John appeared with a large ball gag stuffing his mouth and handed Natalie a glass of wine. Natalie still couldn't quite believe she could just order him to do things like gag himself and he would go along with it. The things he would put up with just for the chance of some attention for his member. Sure there had been the occasional setback, like with the collar he refused to wear at first, but she'd taken care of that. He'd soon come to his senses and swallowed his pride when he remembered who owned his cock. With each passing week, he became more her slave. And she knew he loved it. She took a sip of wine then dismissed him with instruction to go and chain himself to the bed and wait for her. Yes, a girl could definitely get used to this, Natalie thought as she sank back into the hot water to soak her tired muscles. Just wait until he saw what she'd bought today.

John lay chained as tightly to the bed as he could manage by himself. Although he still had some degree of movement, the keys to the padlocks were on the other side of the room. Might as well be on the other side of the country he thought. He wasn't going anywhere, and he knew it. Mistress would come in and tighten the chains when she'd finished her bath. His heart was pounding and his mind raced as he tried to imagine what surprise she had in store for him tonight. He desperately hoped he'd get to come. Being chained to the bed was a good sign, but by no means a guarantee. He was no longer allowed to have his hands and his cock free at the same time. His CB2000 only came off when he was securely chained to the bed. For the last 7 weeks, the only orgasms he had known came while chained down in a tight spreadeagle on this bed. But more often, she just unlocked him, teased him for a while then applied an ice pack and relocked him. He didn't think he could stand that tonight. His balls would burst, he was sure of it!

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Natalie had finished her bath and was towelling herself dry. She imagined Johns reaction when he saw her new outfit. With a bit of luck, she could get him so worked up he would accept her new proposal with no protest. She started applying her make-up, some over-the-top black eye-shadow and the brightest, glossiest red lipstick she owned. Then again, he was gagged and chained securely to the bed, Natalie considered, so even if he didn't like her proposal, there was exactly nothing he could do about it.

John was chewing at his ball gag and pulling at his bonds in frustration as he waited. What was she doing? She should have been finished by now.

Natalie took a deep breath. It had taken a lot of guts to go into the shop and buy this outfit. It was one thing dominating a guy and getting up to all sorts of kinky stuff in private, but to actually go into an adult store and buy this outfit? From an actual person? She had almost lost her nerve and not gone through with it. Sure, she could've used the internet, but she wanted so see it before she bought it. Make sure it would fit. And boy, did it fit! The latex squeaked and crackled as she smoothed it out, making sure there were no wrinkles. She gripped the handle and opened the door...

Natalie saw John's eyes widen as he caught sight of her, noticed his cock actually jerk in its prison! She knew she looked fucking amazing in her new latex maids outfit. In shiny black latex, with a frilly white latex trim, the uniform only just covered her ass. The plunging neckline exposed her ample cleavage. Teamed with the long black latex gloves, matching latex stockings and the cute little headpiece, she felt incredible. Her black knee-high boots lent her an extra 5 inches of height. Turning her back on John, she busily began dusting imaginary cobwebs with her feather duster. Humming away to herself, she worked her way around the bedroom, completely ignoring John, dusting furniture that didn't need it.

John 'mmmphed' into his gag. He writhed in his bonds as his cock angrily fought to free itself. He had never seen an outfit so tight, so shiny. Each time Natalie raised her arm to dust a high spot the uniform rode up and exposed her. And oh God, she wasn't wearing any underwear! He needed to get free! Now!

Natalie turned and feigned shock at the sight of John.

"Ooh Monsieur, ah am so sorry!" she mugged in a comical attempt at a French accent, "Ah did not realise you were 'ere! Should ah come back later?"

"MMMPPHH! UNGGOCK EEE!!", John shook his head violently.

"Ooh, but what is zis key ah 'ave 'ere? Eet looks like eet will fit zis lock!" Natalie exclaimed, as she magically produced a key from her cleavage. She unlocked the padlock on his chastity device and removed the cage. John's freed cock instantly sprang to full hardness, an angry throbbing column, indignant at being locked up for so long.

"Monsieur! What a 'uge cock you 'ave!" she giggled. Natalie was enjoying herself immensely. She loved the effect she had on poor John. She moved around the bed, quickly tightening the chains until John could barely move an inch. She started to flick her duster across John's defenceless body, laughing as he struggled to escape her attentions, screaming incomprehensibly into his gag. John jumped as she began to run her latex-covered finger up and down his aching shaft. "Oh you poor thing!" she cooed, "What cruel person had your cock locked up in a cage?" John's eyes rolled back and a low moan escaped his gag as she gripped his cock in her latex-clad fist. As she began to pump his cock, John prepared for a momentous orgasm. Mistress would have him cleaning his cum off the ceiling after tonight! Suddenly Natalie stopped, and released his cock. "Ah know!" she clapped, and leaned close to John's ear, whispering, "Eef you promise not to tell ze manager, I weel fuck you! Zen lock you back up, and no-one weel know!"

"ESSSSSS!! UCK ESSSSS!!" John pleaded.

Natalie laughed and moved back to John's cock. She gripped it and lowered herself onto the throbbing pillar, sliding it in easily. With a sigh of pleasure, she looked at John.

"Now listen carefully 'Monsieur'," she said, smiling. "I'm been very impressed with your efforts these past few weeks and I've decided you're due a little reward."

John was all ears. He ached to start thrusting but chained as tightly as he was he could barely move. Besides, Natalie was in complete control and if he started without permission, she might just dismount and lock him up again.

"Ankoo Istesss" came his reply.

Natalie laughed. "I know that your orgasms are more intense after you've been denied for a few days... so from now on you will only be allowed to come every other Sunday. At most." Her lips curled into a smile as she watched his reaction. She felt his cock twitch inside her as his body betrayed him, even as he frantically shook his head. "I know, I know baby," she continued, "It will be hard and frustrating for you. Thinking about me all day and not being able to do a thing about it. Poor baby. But you'll just have to get used to it! And just imagine how intense those orgasms are going to be if you earn them!"

John couldn't believe it! The time he'd gone 9 days locked up nearly killed him! And now he'd only get release every 14 days! It was too much, time to stop this madness. Except... except he knew deep down he didn't really want to. His traitorous cock stayed rock hard, giving Mistress all the consent she needed. He stopped shaking his head and met his Mistress's gaze. Her loving, cruel, mocking gaze. In that moment he knew he, and his cock, belonged to her.

"And really, if you think hard about it, you'll realise there isn't a thing you can do about it, even if you wanted to!" Natalie teased as she squeezed her pelvic muscles, gripping his cock tightly. "So you might as well just relax and enjoy the ride!" As she began to work his engorged cock, John prepared for his last orgasm for 14 days.

Monday morning found John at his desk, his head in his hands, feeling cheated. How was he going to last? Natalie had explained to him that his two weeks would start from the following Sunday. Unfortunately for John, his last orgasm had been on Friday night, so effectively he would have to wait 16 days for his first orgasm! Natalie had just laughed away his protests, saying it would only be this once. Then it would always be 14 days. He had continued to complain, until she had menacingly pointed out that orgasms remained at her discretion and were earned, not guaranteed. He might find himself waiting a month. He had shut up after that. He thought back to when he was first trapped in the damn device. It had taken ages to get used to it. He couldn't concentrate at work, and he couldn't sleep at night. He kept being woken up by nocturnal attempted erections pulling painfully at his balls. And when he was awake, all he could think about was sex! John would never dream of cheating on Natalie, but like all men, he still looked. Since being locked, it seemed hot women were everywhere, and all doing their best to tease him! His weekly basketball game with the guys had been a nightmare, constantly terrified of someone bumping him and discovering his secret. There were only so many times he could 'forget his towel' and have to shower at home. And going to the toilet! It was so humiliating having to sit like a girl to piss.

But with time, he'd gotten used to it. He had reasonably regular release and the nocturnal activity began so subside. He found he could learn to 'tune out' his cocks incessant demands for release. And while he could never say he was completely unaware of it, at least he could reduce it to a background irritation, a minor discomfort. 'Yes' he thought. 'I can do this. I can get through it. Every 14 days is doable, and it'll please Mistress. With renewed hope, he looked up as Stacy entered with a cheerful "Morning John Boy! How's it hangin'?"

His heart sank as his cock fluttered into life. She was wearing fishnet stockings...

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Friday, August 15, 2014  

This is very good but it falls into one big misconception. For a Lady to own her man the chastity device needs to become the "fidelity" device. If he is truly hers then like a sports car he will be used and enjoyed more often but only by her and when she desires. No one that owns and loves a sports car, locks it away. Put on display yes, not in a box. That "spin" may be five times in one night or five nights between. But always taken by and mostly in her. Longer periods have a magic only if used rarely. If too often his body learns and adapts. Also her body needs his hormones. Men kept for weeks or months regularly starts to fade and so does the women. She may mistake this as a need that can be satisfied by another man (only in the porn dreams of weak minded perverts) but that is not in her biology and sooner or later she also fades. A man having no choice and "taken" five times a day will start to need it five times a day and the body adapts. A woman's powers and pheromones become truly enslaving then.In this story she needs to not worry about building up the time. If she increases the schedule longer than the punishment he first endured then she is weakening the neural wiring she has built. Ladies you want to hard-wire him into a slavery he can't break or rewire. Make him feel a day or two is real punishment. This leaves you more power and options. Merely adding time to an already long period means nothing for his conditioning and permanent enslavement. A daily rape with him verbalizing his complete obedience and enslavement to you will lock his mind permanently.Do the 14, drop back to a week or less then a month when a real excuse comes up showing her dedication to their physical and spiritual bonding. Then wear him out one day by taking him often. He must be conditioned to serve her not a schedule. He must learn to read her, when to beg, when not too and to fully acquiesce when she demands.It should cease being about letting him cum and completely about making him cum. Then she owns him for life and he will make one really good and happy toy. He will be de-individualized, hers and a part of her. Oh and the story has it right, your man must never ever be able to play with your toys. Don't even let him clean his cage. Everything else in the house, car and yard but never a toy. Fidelity.... Dr. Jenia S. PhD

Monday, November 12, 2012  

Thsi theme is my most favorite, and, You have captured the hunger created by the denial to a T.
Lovely and well writen, thanks.

Friday, April 06, 2012  

I enjoyed your story a lot, and not just because of my physical response. It flows well and is reasonable in its demands on the suspension of disbelief. But it did leave me wondering quite why Natalie had had such a sudden surge of initiative to assume control. Incidentally, because he was blindfolded I thought she might not really be wearing PVC, that a run of deceptions could be coming. So that may be a line to take next time. I also thought that Natalie had tipped Stacy off so that Stacy could help build his frustrations. Perehaps you deliberately included these points to increase the reader's interest. So thank you for a good experience.

Monday, November 09, 2009  

A very good and well written story. I was entertained by this detailed and clear presentation of a 'classic' BDSM theme. I, for one, will look forward to this self styled 'lazy' writer's next chapter. I would, however, like to see this author widen his theme beyond the limitations of the 'threat of enforced chastity'.
Minor correction: plenty of woman -> plenty of women.

Sunday, October 25, 2009  

Hey all, thanks very much for all the comments - always nice to know folks like my efforts. I am intending to write at least one more chapter for this one day, but... I'm lazy! Thanks for reading!


Friday, October 16, 2009  

This story is awesome, and well written. Is it finished? The way it ended, a part 3 could be added to it 1 day, although the ending is fine the way it is now too.

sigh, john is 1 lucky guy lol

Saturday, July 11, 2009  

Great second chapter

Friday, July 03, 2009  

IT was pretty good . When is the writer going to write the second half .I want to find out how John likes his new Mistress .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009  

Oh! Divine!
The perfect combination of playfulness, hotness and fantasies want to relate to!

I can't speak highly enough, the best story I've ever read on here!

Friday, June 12, 2009  

Great story ! unlike other readers, I'm not sure it deserves a part 2, but I certainly welcome other stories you may pen !

Thursday, June 11, 2009  

Wow. That was great hope there's a part 2!

Thursday, June 11, 2009  

I wish I had a Mistress like that

Thursday, June 11, 2009  

Well written - thanks! Look forward to your next story!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009  

very cool, please write more

Wednesday, June 10, 2009  

Very well written, not sure about chastity, and you beeter make sure he doesn't get his revenge, although that could be fun

Wednesday, June 10, 2009  

Very nice story - love this fantasy. What a fantastic surprise that would be...Well written, too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009  

lol that was a good one
funny how you brang him right up and then locked him

Monday, June 08, 2009  

Ouch poor John or perhaps it should be lucky John LOL

Great story, loved the build up and then no release, wonderful; hopefully there will be more from Natalie and John

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