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It's Gonna Be A Long Night
  • Author - lockednchaste  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, reluctant, bondage, chastity, humiliation, self-bondage, toys
  • Post Date - 6/21/2009
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Reader's Comments (17)

It was the end of a long day of a long week. All he wanted was a quick stop to get some takeout for their "date-night", and then to go home and relax. They'd be alone for the night so sleeping in was definitely in their agenda before a long weekend ahead. As he pulled into the takeout drive-thru, he hoped that there'd be a little time for some romance too.

The sensual world of BDSM

Back at home, she had similar plans. Except for the relaxing part that is. Well, maybe for her. His evening was going to be a bit more....strenuous? She smiled to herself as she carefully applied the dark crimson color to her full lips. Romance was certainly on her list. A good night sleep also. Tonight, she was going to fulfill both their fantasies. Her's involved a bed all to herself. His was something a bit darker. She checked herself in the full length mirror and smoothed the wrinkles on her leather skirt before heading down to the basement to blow up the air mattress.

The night was quiet and cool as he pulled into the driveway. He grabbed the bag of fried chicken, shut the car door, and headed up the steps towards what he thought would be a quiet evening.

As she sat in the kitchen reading a magazine, she heard the faint sound of jingling keys. He was home. Good thing. She was hungry. She was sure he was also. But she was certain that he would be hungry for more than chicken. The look on his face when he saw her confirmed her suspicion. Unfortunately for him, tonight he would be going to bed starving.

"Hello there, " was all he could muster up. What could he say. He had been through this before. She knew that he was struck dumb by her appearance. The skirt. The boots. Those red lips lying in contrast upon her smooth white skin.

"Hello there yourself. What took so long? I'm starving." She loved pretending that there was nothing unusual going on. She knew damn well that his mind wasn't on fried chicken. She could see the lump growing in his pants.

"So am I," he whispered as he fucked her with his eyes.

"THAT will have to wait. You need to feed your mistress first."

And he did. They unpacked the food and tucked into it as they made some small talk about their day. His mind never deviated from the task at hand though which was finding a nice warm spot for his trembling cock. He knew that sex was a sure thing. They had played this game before. The only strange thing was when he went to refill his water glass.

"Don't drink too much," she had said. "I don't need you peeing all night."

With their dinner finished, he began to pick up the mess but she quickly shooed him off.

"I'll take care of that. Go take a quick shower and go to the bathroom. You're going to be spending some time in your belt and you know I hate it when it smells like pee. Put it on but don't lock it. I'll be up in a little while to 'feed' YOU."

He started grinning from ear to ear and gave her a light kiss on the lips. Wow! Kinky sex! Suddenly he wasn't so tired after all. As she heard him turn on the shower, she cleaned up, smiling wickedly to herself as she considered the torture she had in store for him tonight. Now where was that lipstick she thought to herself. She would need to reapply.

Back upstairs, he had finished his shower and was standing in front of his open closet. All of their toys were laid out in front of him. Leather and shiny steel hung from their appointed hooks in perfect rows. He brushed his hand across the wall of handcuffs and listened to them tinkle. Something seemed out of place however. Something was missing. After a moment of pondering though, his focus came right back to pleasing his mistress.

The chastity belt was one of his favorite do-it-yourself projects. The heavy steel band hugged and squeezed at his waist, the shiny chrome chains lay tight against his ass, and the cold hard front shield and tube held the treasure inside. When the lock clicked shut, he truly did belong to her. Only she had access to the one key to his penile prison. He couldn't remember when he had even last held it in his own hand.

He carefully stepped into the belt and as he inhaled deeply, he brought the two ends together with a resounding "click". It was much tighter now than when he had first made it. Chock that up to a few too many cannollis. Oh well. It was much more secure now. No chance of slipping it off. Not that he was ever able to before. He had surely tried. Especially that time when she had went away for work for a few days and had left him behind locked up tight. He had soaped himself up well with shampoo and pressed and pulled with all his might before resigning himself to his self constructed prison for the next three days. And least she hadn't locked the butt plug on.

Back to the task at hand, he carefully fished his growing cock into the tube and brought the front shield up to join the waist. Grabbing one of the high security padlocks, he fished it through the clasp as she came walking up the stairs.

"Glad to see you followed my directions my love," she whispered as her hand went to his crotch. She expertly clicked the padlock shut without so much as thinking twice about the pain that is caused him. She would never know how loud that sound was to him. She did it so matter of factly. To him, that faint click of the padlock locking away his sex was deafening.

"You're not gonna make we wait till tomorrow, are you? That would be cruel, " he grunted as he leaned in to kiss her shiny red lips.

"Perhaps. That depends on how good a boy you are," she said as she pushed him away. The fact is, he never had a chance. She had already decided that. No hurt in keeping his hopes up though. She walked over to his open closet door. "I think we should play with a few more things though."

She perused that racks of bondage hear and fetish wear with her open hand letting the chains tinkle as his had done earlier. She acted as if she was undecided about what to choose. The fact was, this was all a game. She had already decided and planned carefully. Her hand stopped at the shiny steel collar. The thin one with the ring in front. It matched his favorite handcuffs and leg irons. She pulled it down from it's appointed space and walked over to where he stood. Reaching up, she placed it around his neck, and clicked it shut.

"Now you are my slave," she giggled wickedly. He knelt in to kiss her and was again rejected.

"Why am I suddenly your slave?" he asked.

"Because I locked my collar around you and you can't take it off. You BELONG to me now. First your cock, and now you."

"Is that all it takes? What's keeping me from just grabbing the key and..." he stopped. That was it. That's what was missing. The big jumble of keys to all their bondage gear was gone. He looked into the empty space and then back at her to see her staring...and smiling.

"More toys," she said and was back to her game of rummaging through the closet. Out next came the boots. The locking back patent ankle boots with the five inch heels just screamed bondage. She had locked him into them one time for an entire day while he was off. By that night when she came home, he was begging to be let out. How did women wear those instruments of torture day after day? She handed them to him and he went about the task of lacing and locking his feet into them. He locked the four padlocks not knowing how long he'd be in them. She had all the keys.

"This too." The corset followed. It was more of a waist cincher than a corset. Designed for a man, it had no place for boobs, but hugged him tightly, shrinking his waist by a few inches. It too locked with a little padlock, separated indefinitely from it's mate, the key. Between the corset, the boots, and the chastity belt, he was having a hard time moving around now.

"These also." The ankle shackles. The heavy chrome ones that she hated so much because they were so hard to unlock. She didn't care. She wouldn't be unlocking them anytime soon. He locked them over the boots, eliminating any possibility that he's be able to slip out of them. Between the high heels and the chains, his movement was now limited to careful hobbling.

"Turn around. Put your hands behind your back," she ordered as she produced a pair of one of their many handcuffs. These were the Hiatt cuffs that matched his shackles and collar that he liked so much since they were so comfortable. He could wear them for hours. Little did he know, he would be. She clicked the handcuffs tightly onto one wrist and then the other. When she finished, he tugged at his bonds. Now he was a little worried. She rarely locked the handcuffs on behind his back. He suddenly felt helpless in a way he hadn't been before. She never went this far without his prodding her. She had an agenda this time. When he looked up at her, he realized what it was.

The butt plug, She held it in her hands with firm resolve. This was going to be a rough evening he thought to himself as he stared at it with a hint of fear, yet longing. Like no other toy, it caused both pleasure and pain. It filled him and pressed against his sex. It teased him and tortured him. Combined with the chastity belt, it sent him over the edge.

She stepped over towards him and reached up for a kiss, He bent down to reach her as his heels had put her lips out of reach. The kiss was soft, and quick. The push was hard. Before he knew it, he was on the bed on his back.

"Turn over," she ordered. He complied as fast as he could. The chains had taken away his agility. His success was met by the cold wet feeling of copious amounts of lubrication being spread on his asshole. He shuddered as her fingers prepared him for the intruder. It took a few minutes. The plug was large and his asshole was tight. She pressed the well lubed plug gently against his hole and began to exert ever increasing amounts of pressure. When it had gone in about an inch, she began to fuck him with it, pushing it in and out with fluid motions. He groaned with pleasure as the plug was inserted deeper and deeper. Her motions slowed as his ass began to resist. She was opening him to his limit. She was gentle yet firm, and he welcomed the invader as best he could. When the thickest part passed the hole, his ass relented and it was sucked into the hilt as she let out a joyous cackle of satisfaction. As he began to accept the notion that he was violated, she expertly snapped the two padlocks into place that held it tight. It was over. She had won.

He tried to squeeze the intruder out but it was no use now. It was held in fast by cold and unyielding steel. He couldn't resist now if he tried. She had emasculated him to no end by robbing him of his sex and violating his ass in an unrelenting display of rape who's pain was surpassed only by it's pleasure. She towered over him with satisfaction now that he was reduced to a quivering shell of his former self to be used only for her pleasure. A small tear came to the corner of his eye.

"Get down on your knees and pleasure me! " she commanded. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread as he dropped to his knees and did as ordered. He took in her juices with her mouth. He walked his lips across her sex. He intruded upon it with his tongue. He ate her like he had never eaten before. She had made him hungry. He relished every taste as he ravished her with the only part of him that wasn't encased in steel. She responded first by moaning a deep guttural moan, then a few moments later with a cry on the brink of pleasure. Not giving him the satisfaction though, she pushed his face aside and finished the job herself with her hand as he looked on, his eyes filled with lust, and his cock straining against it's metal prison. When it was over, she lay there panting as he looked on longing. Unable to resist any longer, he crawled up on the bed as gingerly as he could and tried to steal a kiss.

"And just what do you think you're doing? " she demanded\ as her eyes snapped open.

"Nothing. I just wanted...."

"Yes. Come on."

" I just wanted...to feel your lips. To taste you. To kiss you."

" I never gave you permission to get up. How dare you. You want to feel my lips. I'll let you feel my lips." Before he could utter the smallest bit of an apology, she had pushed him back upon his back and mounted him, straddling his leather and steel encased body. " You're gonna feel my lips alright. Just not quite what you had in mind."

His eyes were transfixed in horror at the shiny metal tube that she was twisting to reveal it's deep crimson treasure.

"No. Please. I can't take any more. Not that."

"It's too late. It's already been decided. Just like this whole evening has already been planned. Just keep quiet and take it," and she began to apply the slick red color to his own lips. He began to shake and quiver as she stroked the tube back and forth across his mouth, painting it carefully as she had done her own. When she had finished the final coat, she pulled back and admired her handiwork.

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"Now you can feel my lips my love. I need to go freshen up. Don't go anywhere. Wait. That's right. You can't, " she teased.

As she headed downstairs, he stood in front of the mirror and looked at what he had become. He was no longer him. He was hers. He belonged to her. She owned him. The chastity belt and shackles had seen to that. The butt plug and lipstick were just there to embarrass him. To let him know who the boss was. At that moment, the boss came back up the steps.

"Come my love. Time to culminate the evening." She grabbed the leash out of the closet and snapped it to the ring on the front of his collar. She pulled firmly and began to lead him down four flights of stairs slowly and carefully. With the boots and shackles on, she didn't want him to slip and hurt himself. He held onto the handrails as best he could with his hands cuffed behind his back.

The basement. My torment ends there, he thought. They had played many games down in their own private dungeon. She knew that he had a good time down there. She was going to tease him some more, then give him the orgasm of his life. A smile began to erupt from his face as they descended the last flight of stairs into the abyss. A smile that quickly evaporated when he saw what lay before him.

As if the air mattress wasn't enough of a sinister hint as to what may be in store for him, the heavy steel chain laying next to it was. One end of the shiny coil was padlocked around the support column in the middle of cold concrete floor. On the other end lay an open padlock. He stopped dead in his tracks, but she prodded him onward with the leash.

"What's the matter my love? I sense a bit of trepidation in you. Don't you like what I have planned? " she asked.

"Uhm. Uh. What...."

"Anyway. You seem to be at a loss for words, so I'll explain. I'd like a good night sleep to myself. We'd both like a good fuck tomorrow. It's a win-win for both of us, no?"

"You're gonna make me sleep down here? Like this?"

"Sure. Why not? You've spent the entire day in chains before. Why not the night? I used to leave you in handcuffs all day while I went to work. You've worn your chastity belt for days at a time. You've been in much worse actually, " she offered.

"But not all at once, " he pleaded. "And what about the butt plug? You're not gonna make me wear that too, are you?"

"Look. You wore it for four or five hours on your birthday this year. Nine or ten can't be that much worse. Besides. You'll be lying down and comfy. See? I was nice enough to bring the air mattress down here for you so you wouldn't have to spend your night in the dungeon lying on cold concrete. And I sure as hell don't want to hear you whining all night lying next to me. I didn't even blindfold and gag you. I could have. You should be thanking me."

He was speechless. But it didn't matter. No amount of pleading was going to change things. She had already decided what his fate was going to be for the evening. Reaching down, she grabbed the end of the heavy steel chain and looped it onto the ring on the front of his collar with the padlock. She looked deeply into his eyes until she saw what she was looking for- a secret longing to be rendered completely and utterly helpless by her. It only took a moment before she found it. With a gentle kiss, she snapped the lock closed while looking directly into his pleading eyes. The deed complete, she unsnapped the leash and admired her handiwork. He was now tethered helplessly to the column with only the few steps of freedom that the chain would allow.

"You're going to leave me handcuffed like this? " he asked as he stretched his arms around as best as he could with the unyielding manacles.

"Yep. I don't need you getting creative or trying to pick the locks or anything. I think it's better for both of us if we don't get lax in security here," she grinned. "We wouldn't want any prisoners trying to escape."

As she headed up the stairs, she gave him one last view of her leather clad ass before stopping abruptly to ask, "any last requests from the prisoner?"

There was only one. "Fuck me."

She didn't bother turning as she shut off the light and closed the door behind her, leaving him in darkness. "Denied!"

Would she really leave me like this, he thought. Nah. She'll be back in a bit with the keys. Right? Maybe. Maybe not. They both knew that he was being driven wild with desire. He couldn't fool her. She knew him too well. She had accommodated him this way so often. Tonight, she had achieved a new level of mastery. She might very well leave him like this the whole night.

With his vision blinded by darkness, his other senses became more acute as he tried to take in his situation. His feet were already beginning to accept their unnatural posture in the severe arch of the high heeled boots. The short chain left him unable to stretch his legs more than a few feet. The belt kept it's firm grip on his member as it's devious attachment kept him on the edge of orgasm, never quite letting it come to fruition. The handcuffs left him unable to scratch his nose, never mind fondle his balls, and the collar kept him securely locked in his own private dungeon.

Nah. She'll be back soon. Any minute now. Right?

Back upstairs, a neatly folded skirt lay on the floor next to a pair of high heeled boots and a leather cap. A pile of lipstick covered tissues lay on the nightstand, and a very beautiful but tired mistress adjusted the volume on the baby monitor, the other end of which was carefully hidden behind the washing machine in the "dungeon". A good mistress always kept an ear on her slave, she thought. Besides, the tinkling of the chains and the occasional grunt or moan of frustration kept her horny knowing that he was frustrated. Oh well. He would get his release after she got a good eight hours sleep, she thought. Maybe ten. It was the weekend. She smiled wickedly one last time.

...and turned out the light.

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Thursday, May 09, 2019  

First I didnt understand the story but now I know it is for perverts who want to wank! Sorry for disturbing!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011  

Excellent story. Sort of like the fantasy I have, especially when she asks him if he has any last requests.

Thursday, February 03, 2011  

Excellent story. I loved the ending where she asked him if he had any last requests.

Sunday, October 10, 2010  

I love the realism of this. Very plausible, yet oh so seductively out of reach for most of us.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009  

He's a lucky guy to have a wife who likes to participate in BDSM. I'd be happy to be in his place.

Monday, November 09, 2009  

Unfortunately there is little originality or novelty in this text.
Chains rattle, they do not tinkle.

Saturday, October 03, 2009  

Outstanding story- wish I was him. no doubt a lucky guy!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009  

Excellent! Hope it continues in this vein...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009  

Excellent! Hope this story continues in the same vein...

Saturday, July 11, 2009  

very good detailed story

Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

Fabulous, nice all around. Great fantasy,
and well written

Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

Can't wait for the next part. Does she
leave him locked up for the weekend?
This story kept me on the edge of my seat. Part 2 Please.

Monday, June 22, 2009  

I love the feeleng of being helpless and surrender to beloved woman, while she is having fun with it!

Monday, June 22, 2009  

lucky man.

Future additions to this story ?

Monday, June 22, 2009  

dying for part two!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009  

Awesome! Can't wait for the second

Sunday, June 21, 2009  

Awesome story. Hope there's a second part though.

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