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Surprise Package
  • Author - Molly  
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  • Site Rank - 481 of 2737
  • Unique Views - 28128
  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, bondage, chastity, electricity, humiliation, latex, packaging, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 7/12/2009
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Reader's Comments (14)

Chapter 1

Since reading a great fetish story I have always wanted these special pair of heels. They are special because they lock you in and you can not get out. There are mechanisms that zap you and make it so you have to stay in. The heels are a high arc 5" stiletto. I have told my partner I wanted them, but he could not find them anywhere.

Then just like I was in the story, the shoes came in a package for me. Of course I put them on because I've wanted them so badly. Mine were different then the ones in the story. They were all black patent and came to my thighs, and they were ballet heels! 8"!! A note was included it said I was required put on everything that came in the mail for me. The things that came were extremely sexy. I received latex dresses, many catsuits, and a lot more latex items.

The first day I was required to put on the clear latex catsuit. Before I could put it on I had to but on a wrist cuff. This was to ensure that I would put the heels back on. I was allowed to take them off for the few minutes it took to get the catsuit on. Once I had the catsuit zipped I was zapped on my wrist, which told me I had to put the catsuit on. It looked great. It fit like a glove and hugged every curve of my body. It accentuated my 32DD boobs better than any catsuit I owned. It had black latex to cover my crotch and breasts. It looked like the silk specter costume from Watchmen, except with clear latex, much sexier.

I had to go to work, which was a job that required a lot of hiking. I had no choice but to go in the attire that I was required to wear. I had no idea who had sent these items but I was loving every minute of it.

Since the heels were locked on my feet I was required to hike in them. I was in excruciating pain all day but had no choice. All the guys at work thought I was insane for hiking in 8 inch heels. I knew they were loving every minute of it. I looked extremely sexy in the latex, and this was the first time they saw anyone in latex.

After work, I went home and their was another package. I opened it and found a note along with a set of black opera length latex gloves and a hood with one hole for a ponytail. I had long blond hair that came down to my ass. The note said:

You are to wear all of this on top of your clear catsuit. You may take your boots off to get everything on. You are allowed a 2 minute shower daily, because hiking works up a sweat. If you do not follow these instructions you will be zapped immediately. The zapps will increase in strength until you comply with my orders.

I got into the clear catsuit and then put on my opera length gloves. They made my arms a little stiff because I had two layers of thick latex over my arms. I then put on the mask and painfully pulled my hair through. Being my hair was long the latex pulled on it; but I was thoroughly enjoying the pain and hair pulling. I have always loved my hair pulled.

I loved the feeling of layering latex. The thought of taking off a piece of clothing and finding more latex really turns me on. I dressed a little slowly because I was loving the time out of my heels. The zaps were not that bad at first, I was enjoying them. The pain they sent through my skin drove me wild. I received and excruciating zap now. It was intensified a lot more, so I listened right away. That was the last time I tried to get away with it. Whoever sent these packages is able to watch my every move.. mhmmm

Now that I had all the latex that was required I put my heels back on. I did this very quickly because the zaps were becoming excruciating.

I got everything on and I was still recieving a zap. It hurt and I didnt know what I was required to do. I quickly hurried to the box to reread the note... Then I saw the lube at the bottom of the box. I knew exactly what to do. I slowly lubed all of my latex. Slowly rubbing all my curves. I glided from my breasts to my crotch. I was very erosed and played with my clit ring as I lubed myself. I slid back up to my nipples, feeling the hard cold rings under the latex. My nipples felt many sensations while rubbing through the latex.. Latex has always intensified my sense of touch.

I was all lubed up now, and was still playing with myself when the phone rang. It was my partner. He asked if I had enjoyed all the packages. I told him how much I loved them. He then came over that night, and I was extremely excited because I was horny with all my gear on.

To my surprise when he arrived he was not interested in touching me at all. He came in with another package and I was wondering what it could be.. I was hoping for more latex.. It was not latex at all.

He had bought be a steel chastity belt with a huge lock that was not discrete. He locked me in over my latex. The belt was very noticeable and I knew the I'd have to go to work in it. I asked him how I was going to go to work like this, and he said thats up to you, but you must leave the house daily. Then he left.

The next morning I went to work just how my partner left me. Now all the guys thought I was crazy. But what was I to do. I couldn't take any of it off, I didn't want t!! I continued like this for a month and did not hear from my partner. He kept sending me more latex to layer in but I was always required to have the clear catsuit on. I was in agony. I was so horny and wanted to have sex with my partner... I had no idea where he was...

I came home from work one night and my door was unlocked which was unusual. I was really worried so I walked around the house looking for an intruder. My feet felt great. I have become used to the feeling of wearing ballet boots all day. I didn't find any intruders so I decided to head to bed. Once I got into my room I found the intruder....!! He was on my bed. I quickly grabbed the whip from behind my door and lashed out at the intruder... ( Because I knew it was my partner...) That game quickly turned around.. he turned me to sub.. and had his way with me right there.

Chapter 2

I've continued to wear the heels that my partner has sent me. I've began to love them and never want to be out of them; which is good because I'm not allowed out of them. I've been covered in latex for months and I have loved every minute of it.

I haven't seen my partner since his last visit when I found out it was him who was sending the packages. I frantically check my mail every day, and find nothing. The last package I got contained an 18 inch over bust corset that was made of very thick latex. I have been wearing it for the past week. My partner knows that I can lace myself, so I did not receive a visit.

I haven't been able to control myself. I have been extremely horny. Being in latex makes me hypersensitive and I cant handle it. I constantly play with my nipples because it sends an amazing sensation down my whole body.

I have been in my new chastity belt and neck corset for the past month. This one was a lot better then my first one. It had a butt plug in the back and the front had was sealed shut. To make it worse there was a huge replica of my partners penis attached to the front. It made my horniness 10x worse because I couldn't thrust it in me. The replica felt amazing, I wanted it to thrust back and forth into me; just the thought of it happening got me wet. While I was day dreaming about touching my clit and couldn't so I resorted to rubbing my nipples, the mail carrier came.. He had a package!!!

Finally..... I opened it up and saw rope wound into a tight loop and a cat suit. The note inside simply read " You know what to do". I sure did and I couldn't wait. I love my breasts bound as tight as possible, the rope pressing against my skin, pulling my breasts up. It made them look huge. Seeing the pressure put against my breasts made me even more horny. I loved it, my nipples were so sensitive and vulnerable.

The cat suit I received was still transparent but it had a whole wear my breasts could fit while being bound. I took my thigh high ballet boots off and put the cat suit on. I started to feel a shock sensation from my neck and wrist collars. I knew I took to long and rushed to get my ballet boots laced back up. My partner was not fond of me being out of the boots, he watched my every move.

I continued to wear this for the next few days, assuming I would not get another package....At first I didn't think I had a package, But I was wrong. It was a small envelope. Inside was a small card that read:

Professional Glass Molding
4/12/09- 2:00.

I was very confused as to why my partner made an appointment for me at a glass molding company. The date was for today. I was excited to see what he had in mind. When I got there the operator did not seem surprised to see my attire. He acted like he saw it everyday, which I thought was odd. I followed him, very nervously, he didn't talk much or give me any details. Once we got to our destination I saw a huge box.. It looked like a coffin. He opened it up and pointed at it, motioning for me to get it.

Once I got in he put a nasal tube down my nose and taped my mouth shut. The tube was very long and he left it hanging out of the box. He then started to pour a heavy liquid over my whole body. He was making a mold of my body, with my whole attire on!.. I could not figure out why my partner needed a mold of my whole body. I had to lay there for an hour, I could feel the mold pushing against my body. It felt really good. I loved the feeling of the heavy weight pressed tightly against me.

Once the hour had passed the operator let me out and lead me out of the glass factory. I headed home extremely baffled but continued with my usual day at work.. Hiking.

I went upstairs to go to bed and saw a very thick latex dress, it had a valve and pump connected to it. I have seen these before in the Demask store, it was inflatable and very restrictive. The note next to it said:

This is for you to wear to bed. You are to wear it every night over all of your regular attire. Attempt to sleep well, because you have a big surprise for tomorrow.

I knew the surprise had to do with the mold I made today but I wasn't sure what it was.

I started to put the dress on, and had to work really hard to do it. It was difficult to get it on when I was already restrained with the rope and corsets. The dress had a hole where my breasts would be so I wouldn't have to untie my bondage around my breasts. I laid down and pumped the dress up as tight as it would go. It pressed tightly against me and felt good around my waist. I could tell that my partner had purposely ordered it 2 inches too small around the waist.

I struggled to fall asleep that night between the new dress and thoughts of my new surprise.

I woke up the next morning to find a huge glass replica of my self. It was extremely sexy to see it. It had a seam down the side and locks following the seam. My partner left his usually note, it read:

This is for you to stand in all day. I had my friend call your job to say that you would no longer be working there. For now on you will be on a liquid diet. You will have a catheter so you can excrete all your bodily fluids. You are to take off your boots and lube your feet. They will slide right into the glass, I thought the glass ballet boots made a nice touch to your new wardrobe. You will be locked in this glass case all day and you are to still sleep in your inflatable dress. I will be moving in, and will be here every morning to lock you in. You will then be transported to the front yard where you will serve as a lawn ornament. Step inside, I will be in shortly to lock you away, my rubber doll...
I started to unlace my boots when my partner walked in. I felt a zap at my collar, he was not satisfied with the pace I was going at.

He took off the inflatable dress and quickly unlaced. He started to lube my feet so they would slide in the glass mold. He slowly ran up my latex covered legs to make them shine. He poured more lube over my body and kept sliding up and down my legs. He got close to my chastity belt and I wanted him to unlock it but he didn't. He told me to step in my glass case, and I did as I was told. There were no toe pads in these ballet boots and it hurt. I would soon learn to get used to this feeling. My partner could see my latex covered toes struggling as I stood on them.

He then locked each padlock slowly, so Id be tortured. I then noticed that there was an opening where my mouth would be. I wondered what it was for.
My partner brought a ladder next to my glass encased body and left it there. He then unzipped his latex pants to reveal his extremely hard penis. He stepped up the ladder and inserted his penis through the hole and into my mouth. I was forced to take it all in, I could feel his penis press against the back of my throat. I became very wet, but this was not the end of my teasing frenzy. He climbed down the ladder and started to put the lube on his penis. He rubbed his penis slowly, up and down making sure to put pressure on the head of it. I wish I could satisfy my self.. It was excruciating and exciting to watch.

He looked so hot rubbing himself and I couldn't stand being locked up, but I had no choice. He soon started to orgasm and climbed up the ladder. I was forced to take his semen down my throat, and swallowed. Once he was satisfied he brought a penis gag and placed it in my mouth and strapped it around my glass head.

After that he said:

"I will see you tonight, so I can get you ready for bed in your inflatable dress. This is your new life. You will get your liquid diet beverage and a helping of semen; you need your protein. Welcome to your new life as my rubber slave."

He then left me.. I knew he wouldn't be back for hours...

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015  

Iam a 40 year old crossdresser that my wife loves it when I crossdress one night she asked me what my fantasy was and I told her that I wanted to dress up and I wanted her to fuck someone else and to let him cum in her pussy and after he came in her to let me eat his cum out of her she was triped out and asked me if I realy could share her with someone else and I told her yes she asked who and I told her I didn't care so the following night she went out leaving me at home when she came back home she threw me her panties they were soaked she sat on the couch and I got between her legs and licked her pussy she pushed and a wad of hot cum seeped from her pussy and I ate it it made my cock so hard and it turned her on as well after I was done I told her that I wanted her to do it again and she liked it so much she was down to do it again ends up I haven't fucked my wife in over a month and I've gotten to eat a lot of cum so I told her I didn't want to fuck her anymore that I wanted her to find someone to take my place as her man someone to fuck her I told her I would rather lick her clean than fuck her and I hoped she kept fucking him cause I didn't ever want to have sex anymore and the only way I would touch her pussy is if it had cum in it I told her I wanted a cock more than her pussy I told her I loved her but I had interest in cock only she said she would rather fuck him than me anyways cause his cock was bigger than mine so she said she was realy ok with my desicion I told her she was the best and she thanked me for me letting her fuck him so I get to crossdress and she gets to get her pussy fucked realy good

Saturday, July 23, 2011  

Nice story - especially since I am male - can read as a voyeur. However, the proofreading sucks. Contact me at Rusty_Barge@yahoo.com if you want help with proofreding and corrections.

Friday, April 23, 2010  

@ Tuesday, August 18, 2009
she had an exterior mold made, after that you lube up the inside with industrial strenght lubricant, fill up the hole with another kind of hardening stuff ( after this you have a perfect outside mold)
the cooling will shrink both molds slightly, so there will be some space in between, afterwards, simply vacume-press something out of it.
(a milion other ways possible but this is a more common one )

Thursday, April 15, 2010  

more more more!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010  

needs more chapters want to know what happens as the lawn ornament this is one of my fantasies as well

Wednesday, November 18, 2009  

The grammar and spelling of this text leave a great deal to be desired. NOT recommended.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009  

This is an uninspired version of a traditional bdsm theme. I hope the writer can do better.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009  

The premise of this story is a good one. However, the execution of telling the tale is sadly wanting. Example, how did she change her cat suit without taking off her chastity belt. And How do you pour a latex mold (since 100% of all body mold casting uses latex) and not end up with a solid block of latex in the end? Like I said, good story idea that desperately needs development.

Saturday, July 25, 2009  

I liked the story very well. Hope to see more in that style. It left me with at lot of fantasy, not always explaning all things in details. I like that!

Thursday, July 16, 2009  

flat and not very believable, particularly the part about hiking all day in latex and 8 inch heels - with those big boobs I was worried she was going to overbalance and break an ankle

Wednesday, July 15, 2009  

Very poorly written with no depth to the character. Typos, spelling and grammar errors everywhere.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009  

This is really bad. Implausible characters and situation. The woman in the story is just stupid (and proud of it). The idea is a (cheap) copy of "The Stiletto Trap". Spelling errors. Seems to me it was "written with one hand" when you know what I mean.

Sunday, July 12, 2009  

I liked it, definitely an interesting story but still goo, is there more?

Sunday, July 12, 2009  

Normally, any story that lists latex, bondage and chastity is likely to tick all of my boxes. That said there has to be a degree of plausability to the storyline as well, and that is what this story is sadly lacking.

Coupled with a lack of any personality attributed to the characters and you are left with a list of descriptions of improbable events and rehashes of other stories rather than an original storyline.

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