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Casandra's Punishment
  • Author - o2btiedup  
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  • Site Rank - 1318 of 2284
  • Unique Views - 9583
  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, bondage, humiliation, torture
  • Post Date - 7/28/2009
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She was on all fours with her ass up in the air. Her legs were spread wide and her sweet pussy was open wide for the camera to see. Casandra's wrists and ankles were bound by metal cuffs that were screwed into the floor. The cameras were set up behind her. There must have been four different cameras set up at different angles to get different views of Casandra. Her sweet tight shaved pink pussy was dripping wet. She could feel her juices dripping down to her thighs. She was left on all fours with the cameras watching her and all alone in the room for hours before her master returned. She was beginning to get embarrassed having the cameras on to watch her. She almost knew for certain that her master would post these videos on their website. When her master returned from the room he was carrying a phone that had a cord. The kind of phone that people used before cordless phones. She knew right then that her master knew she had disobeyed him. One of her rules were that she was not allowed to talk on the phone without permission. Casandra's heart dropped as she saw him bring the phone into the room. Her ass still hurt from the enemas she had been given to clean herself out for this session.

He walked in front of her face with the phone. He demanded her to spit on the phone. So she spit on the phone as instructed, she was still unsure of what his intentions were. She knew she was about to get punished but didn't know what her punishment would be. He got on his knees in front of her and whispered in her ear, "you have been talking on the phone without my permission....now you will be punished". Casandra's heart began to race, not knowing what her punishment would be but knew it would be harsh. His punishments were always harsh. She was stuck on all fours with her ankles and wrists handcuffed to the floor by big metal heavy cuffs. She knew the cameras were still there watching everything, and she knew that two of the cameras focused directly on her pussy and ass. He walked behind her with the phone in his hand, the cord still attached to the phone. He sat the phone down and stood back up. He then grabbed her ass cheeks and opened them up, he began to spit right on her asshole. She was beginning to get even more embarrassed. Having to feel his spit on her asshole and the camera watching her master spit on and in her asshole. Her heart began to really race because she knew that he was about to force that big phone into her ass. He kept spitting on her asshole and then stuck a finger in her ass, fingering her asshole and still spitting on her. He kept opening her ass cheeks open to really make sure the spit went in her ass. She could feel every drop of the spit going on her ass and inside of her asshole. She knew by the time this session was over she would be humiliated and it would be on the internet for everyone to see.

He took his time and made sure that her ass was wet and ready for that phone. He opened her ass open for the camera to see and spit on her asshole one last time. Casandra could feel a little bit of the spit running down from her ass to her pussy. It was the first touch her pussy had gotten the entire day. Which wasn't much, all it accomplished was make her even more wet. Her master took the phone and put it up to her asshole. He began to push it inside of her ass. Casandra had never had anything so big inside of her ass before. It hurt like hell and she had to scream because of the pain. Her master was happy that it had hurt her so bad, he felt like this was a good start to a punishment. He forced more of the phone deep inside of her ass. He stopped forcing the phone inside of her when it was half way in her. Part of the phone was deep inside of her ass, including half of the handle, and the rest of the phone was sticking out of her ass. She was in the most pain she had been in, in a long time. Once the phone was half the way up her ass, he left the room again.

Once again Casandra was stuck on all fours left alone and the cameras watching her. The only difference was she had a phone stuck up her ass. She couldn't take it out and there was no way of getting out of her bondage. She was stuck with a phone up her ass. All she could do is sit there on all fours like a dog and wait for her master to come back. Her ass hurt so bad but she knew this was his way of teaching her a lesson. Her master was sure that she wouldn't talk on the phone again without her permission after today. She waited and waited for her master to return. He had left the cord in the phone and she had began to squirm and move her ass around. Every few minutes she felt the cord hit her leg. Having the cord still inside of the phone made Casandra even more embarrassed and by now she was almost humiliated.

It felt like forever before her master returned. Once he did return he had a bottle of lube in his hand. He also carried a syringe to insert lubricant inside of her. He walked to her ass and pulled the phone out slowly, it hurt her taking the phone out almost as much as forcing in inside of her. He took the lube and the syringe and put some lube inside of her ass first, then her pussy and then he did her ass again. He continued to put lube inside of each of her holes until the whole bottle was gone! She was extremely wet by now. She could hardly take it but she knew she couldn't do anything about it. He took the phone and put some lube on it again. He started to force the phone inside of her ass again. This time he continued to pull it out and force it back in, fucking her ass with a phone. She screamed and screamed from the pain. He had to go slow because of how big the phone was. The lube seemed to help a lot but it still hurt her ass like hell. He continued to thrust the phone very slowly in and out of her ass.

"Are you going to talk on the phone without my permission?" Her master asked

"No, Sir" Casandra answered

"Good, Because I would hate to have to shove this phone up your ass again!" Said her master

He finally stopped and left the phone in her ass, just like before. Now she definitely was humiliated. To think that the cameras saw all of that and that it would be on the internet for everyone to see soon. He walked out of the room leaving the phone in place deep up her ass. She looked down on the floor while she felt the phone deep in her ass. She could see her wrists bound by the heavy metal cuffs attached to the floor. Her knees were beginning to hurt her, having to sit on a hardwood floor this long. The cameras were still on and rolling and seeing all of this. She desperately wanted the phone out of her ass and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She was left like that for about an hour when she finally couldn't take it any more, she yelled out to her master but there was no answer. There was no answer at all. Her knees hurting from the hardwood floor, her ass hurting from the phone, her pussy soaked with juices just waiting to be touched. She waited for what seemed like an eternity. Casandra knew that she would never talk on the phone without permission after today.

Her master finally returned to the room and without saying a word he turned off the cameras, set her ankles free and her hands. He held her hands and put them behind her back, instructed her to stand still with her legs open, her hands behind her back and keep the phone in her ass. She did what she was told without question. Her master got the cord to the phone and plugged it back into the end of the phone while it was still up Casandra's ass and then he continued to tie her hands together with the same cord. Once her hands were tied together with the same cord that was inside of the phone which was inside of her ass, he instructed her not to pull the phone out. Casandra really wanted the phone out of her ass but she knew if she disobeyed that she would entail a even greater punishment.

"Keep your legs spread" Casandra's master demanded

He had grabbed a flogger and whipped it at her pussy.

It was hard for Casandra to keep her legs open when she was being whipped but she did the best she could do.

He whipped her again but this time harder.

Hurting and stinging at her pussy she jumped a little but spread her legs wide open for him to continue.

He whipped her sweet pussy again, and again, and again.

Before she knew it she had received 20 whips from that damn flogger at her pussy.

Casandra's master walked toward her and put his hands right below her pussy on her inner thighs, not even touching her sweet pussy at all.

He whispered into her ear while he looked down at her "This cunt disobeyed a rule and has now paid the price for it"

"yes sir" Casandra answered him.....Casandra didn't really like the word cunt but was used to him using it by now. He used it even more when she was getting punished, or being humiliated.

"Turn around and bend over" Her master demanded

So Casandra turned around and bent over, wandering what he was going to do next. He proceeded to take the phone out of her ass very slowly and then he untied her hands from the rope, he gave the phone to her and told her to go wash it off. Casandra went into the bathroom and washed the phone off with water and soap, trying not to get too much soap on the phone so that it wouldn't brake. Once she was finished washing it she handed it back to her master.

Her master plugged the phone back up and took all the other phones out. Now the only phone that was in the house was a phone with a cord on it, the one that was stuck up her ass. He had a cell phone but Casandra didn't. He told Casandra that she would have to talk on that phone from now on with his permission.

"Yes Sir" is all Casandra could say.

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Friday, May 10, 2013  

dont you like telephones ?also why did you leave libes in between sentences ?good d story though

Friday, October 16, 2009  

Does the author have something agsinst telephones? No plot of consequemce, consequently no story

Sunday, August 02, 2009  

I am really sorry to say but this was horrible. Repeating "ass" every single damn sentence was so annoying. Being an author one of the first rules they teach is not to be repetitive with the same words. There could be several different words used. Saying stuff like "bum" or "she wanted the phone out of her" would shake up such a poorly written story to make it somewhat interesting.

Friday, July 31, 2009  

very poorly written

Tuesday, July 28, 2009  

nice story! hope for part 2

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