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Who Owns Me?
  • Author - Danny  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, M-m, reluctant, bondage, chastity, humiliation, slavery, tickling, toys
  • Post Date - 8/21/2009
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A friend becomes a Master

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Danny, but as a submissive I like to be called Danielle, or dani for short. I am a small guy, only 5'8'' and 135 lbs, white with short blond hair. Being an athlete my most appealing features are a washboard set of abs, and a slim hard ass. My cock is kinda small though, only about 6 inches. I am a sissy, and love the feeling of female clothing, but what really gets me is bondage. The idea of being tied up was in every fantasy of mine since I was a kid. I had collected several gags, handcuffs, nipple clamps, and even a metal and leather chastity belt over the years. Now for my friend Kenny. While I am straight, Kenny was gay. He is much bigger then me, a fireman all of 5'11'', and about 180 lbs. It never bothered me, Kenny's homosexuality, and although not a major fantasy, a male on male situation was intriguing. One day after a few beers, Kenny confessed his love of bondage. He TOLD me he was a submissive like me, and thus begins our story.

Since I finally had someone with my interest, I jumped at the chance when Kenny asked me if I wanted to do some mutual games. It was never domination, but it was more of an "I dare you" kind of thing. Since I was into sissy stuff, and he was into rubber stuff, our bets were based off of that. "Wear a thong under your pants at work", "Take pictures in your leather panties", things like that. If a dare were not followed out, the loser would do something stupid like supply beer for the night, or pay for the baseball tickets that night.

Then one night, Kenny called me with a new dare. He told me that I was to wear a fully sissy outfit, and then hide it all with male clothing. This was not a huge step, as I had worn sissy gear before under male clothing, but never the whole outfit. I was most afraid of the shoes, because I couldn't hide those. I figured I would be given leeway, so I simply placed them in my trunk. So I got dressed. Since I was told to wear a sissy outfit, I decided to go on with a "French maid" idea. First came my white satin thong. It was so tight and I LOVED the feeling of it sliding into my ass. As it slid over me, I felt the cool satin grace my cock, and I wanted so badly to jerk off. I couldn't, it would put a damper on the whole night if I wasted all my cum in a Kleenex before I even left.

Quickly I ran into my room, and got my chastity belt. It was metal, and went around my waste with a locking mechanism in the front. The second part went between my legs, and had a large hole in the rear to reveal my butt hole. It then slid around the front, where my cock slid into a little tube that constricted it greatly, and tucked it between my legs. I slid it on like usual, locked it and went back to dressing. Since I was wearing the belt, a thong was useless and I switched to a pair of white satin panties. Then I slid on the black, fishnet stockings. Being a sissy, my chastity belt had some clips on the waist band especially for them, and the clicking of them, coupled with the feel of the fishnets made my cock straining hard against it's case. I tried to ignore it as I slipped on my black patent leather mini skirt that barley covered my ass. It was so tight that it was like a second skin. It was low cut in the back so that my ass crack peeked out of it, and you could almost see my caged cock between my legs due to the high hem. To add to it's sex appeal, it had a little slit up the side of each leg, and some white frill along the bottom edge. I then slid on my black bra, lacey from victory secret. I added my false breasts that filled the "C" cups well. I clasped it in the back, and took a few seconds to admire myself in the mirror. I knew however that if I did for long, I would get out of my belt and be jerking off in no time so I moved on. Next I slid on my black satin blouse. It was not part of a French maid's suit, but being a college student you got to take what you can afford. It fit perfectly though, and I buttoned it up over my flat stomach. One thing I loved about it was it had a deep "V" in the middle and to the shoulders, which meant my lacey bra straps showed through. It barred just a bit of belly, showing my shaved belly button. This was however covered with the white apron that tied around my waist, and draped over my crotch and stomach. Last, but by far the least would be the shoes. I set my pink leather, knee high boots at the door. They fit perfectly, and I looked so deliciously slutty and trashy in the skin tight, 5 inch spiked high heels that I wanted to fuck everyone and everything. They heels were so high that my little feet arched painfully when I wore them, but oh I looked awesome in them. I tucked some of the white ribbons for my hair into the waistband of my panties since I had no pockets.

My face was very feminine, so make up was not REALLY needed. I placed some bright red lipstick on though, and a bit of other various make-ups just for fun.

However the dare required me to hide it, so I slid on some baggy jeans, and an old hockey jersey that hid all of this very well. I slid on my gym shoes, put my boots, and a pair of black lace elbow length gloves I decided upon at the last moment, in the car's trunk and made my way to the bar where Kenny was waiting.

The ride there was very exciting. While it would appear that I was a normal guy out on a normal night, no one had any idea that my massive erection was being contained by my chastity belt, and my true sissy side was only one layer of clothes away. Every time someone walked near my car, or drove near it I got excited and scared, and I licked my lips so much that I was out of salvia. Finally I got to the bar.

I saw the bar had a bunch of people there of every different social standing and every race sex and creed. It had a dance floor in the bar, as well as a small restaurant and a sports bar part. Kenny came up to my car and we talked for a bit about whatever was on our minds, as I stood with the door open. Finally he brought up the sissy subject.

"I see you didn't take the dare." He said

"What are you talking about?" I asked, "I got on all my gear under this."

"Those are some funny looking sissy shoes babe", he chuckled.

I laughed a bit, and then explained how I knew he wasn't gonna make me wear them in the bar, and that afterwards I would of coarse wear them at his apartment after the bar to show him I completed the task. Nothing doing, as a stern look from Kenny caught my eye.

"Your task tonight cutie pie was to wear a full sissy gear", he instructed me, "And if you think that gym shoes is sissy gear, then I am going to be getting mighty drunk off of your wallet."

Not wanting to pay for all the beers, and not wanting to fail a mission (I have too much pride sometimes), I slowly walked to the back of my car and opened the trunk. Nervously, looking around to make sure no one was looking I took out my boots and stood them next to the car. I placed my gym shoes in the trunk and rolled up my jeans so I could slide on the boots.

Without warning, Kenny suddenly slid his hand into my back pocket and over my ass, taking out my wallet. I was surprised as he threw it into the trunk casually, but when I looked at him, he held his finger over his mouth telling me not to talk. Kenny then reached in, and handed me the lace gloves. Puzzled, I zipped the boots up my legs and rolled my jeans down, then slid on the gloves.

"That's better sissy", he said with a smile, "Now lets go inside."

I followed Kenny inside stumbling in the boots due to the huge heels, and we ordered a beer. We sat down at one of those small circular tables with only two chairs. I tried to hide my boots by crossing my legs, sitting Indian style and anything I could think of, but I probably just brought more attention to them. Not that it mattered; a guy with black lace gloves on grabs as much attention as one in pink knee-highs. Several times I caught people sneaking peaks at us, or giggling and pointing at me. While sitting with my legs wrapped around the chair legs, I felt something on my leg. I was startled and looked down to see Kenny's foot caressing my leg. What scared me more was that I could instantly feel my erection grow, restrained by my belt. A male was turning me on!

I closed my eyes, and my mouth opened as his foot shook off his shoe, and then slid up my pants and caressed my crotch. It jumped back once it hit metal and I opened my eyes to see Kenny smiling.

"Wow dani, you went all out didn't you?" he asked with a sly grin.

I was speechless from his caress, and all I could do was reply with a nod.

"Since I am in control tonight, I think you should call me Sir, don't you?" He asked.

"In control Kenny?" I said puzzled. "This is just a mutual game isn't it? I mean it's not like you own me."

"I told you to dress like a sissy in public, and you agreed, it looks like I am in control to me now doesn't it?" he said sharply

I nodded, and said, "Yes I suppose it does."

"Yes what girl?" He asked harshly

"Yes Sir", I replied.

"Well I take it that you're happy, and fulfilled your orders", Kenny asked.

"Yes Sir", I replied, "I have on my French maid suit here tonight, and will show you when we are alone."

"Why wait?," Kenny inquired, "I have to pee, let's go to the bathroom honey."

I was nervous at how sly and cruel Kenny seemed to be. It was very unlike the careing and quiet Kenny I knew. But to top it off I would have to pee while sitting down since I was wearing the chastity belt, how was he going to see this? Slowly and tenitivly I got up, and followed Kenny through the bar. I was surprised, while I did not know the bar very well, I could have sworn the bathroom was at the other end of the bar. I figured I was wrong, and followed closely behind Kenny trying not to stumble in the five-inch heels. I was also shocked at how well I was walking in my boots, which were just over my knee even though no one knew that. We walked past the bar, and past the dance club into a hallway, and sure enough there was a "Men" sign with a dimly lit doorway, a flickering "exit" sign just past it.. I walked in first, and walked for the toilet and not the stall, Kenny directly behind me. As I turned around to lock the door to the stall, I was startled that Kenny was directly behind me. He looked me right in the eye, a look that sent a chill down my spine and said "Strip". I was terrified.

"Here Kenny?", I asked, "Won't we be seen?"

"Who is Kenny?" he asked.

"Here Sir?" I said stumbling over my words.

"Will I care?", He said, "You know your little sissy ass is to submissive to resist me, now do like I said sissy or you will get to learn a new side of me."

Slowly, I slid off a boot, and then the other. Kenny I could see was getting frustrated at my slow speed, and I quickened the pace laying the discarded clothing on the closed toilet lid, zipped my boots back on, and was standing in a sleazy male bathroom in a slutty French maid suit. I closed my eyes, and stood at attention submissively. My eyes stayed closed as I felt Kenny's hand slide along my stomach, and caress the waistband of my mini skirt. I felt a finger start there, slide it's way up my stomach, between my fake boobs, along my neck, over my chin and flip my lips. As it hit my lips, I was amazed at how I actually licked it and then sucked it a bit as it slid into my mouth! It then continued out of my mouth, over my nose, and onto the top of my head. His finger soon grew into a whole hand, which began pushing on the top of my head. I felt my knees buckle as my whole body began to move south. I rested a hand on the toilet, and landed softly on my knees, cushioned by the leather of my spiked boots. I licked my lips and crossed my ankles.

"You waiting for an invitation Danielle?" He asked, taking particular delight in the "elle" at the end.

Soon my hands were quickly un-doing the fly of his pants, pulling his jeans down and then his boxers, fumbling nervously through it all. My face was so close to his crotch in the small stall, that when his erect cocked popped out, it literally sprang into my mouth! It was huge, longer then it was thick but it was still huge and full of veins. It was fully erect and standing at attention on the tip of my lips. My head jerked back a bit, my hands falling to my sides, surprised, and then fearing whatever Kenny had planned, I kissed the tip, I had crossed the line.

Click Click

The sound scared me, and I looked around and realized my wrists were now secured behind me by a pair of metal shinny handcuffs that Kenny had concealed somehow. I looked up in a classic sad puppy face. I was then blinded as Master took a picture with his digital camera.

"Just making sure you pay attention cock-sucker," he said, "And some insurance".

( link opens in new window )

My pursed lips touched his cock, and then I slowly but firmly, slid them over the entire length of his rod. It was huge, and within seconds was touching the back of my throat. I slowly slid my pursed lips backwards firmly, hearing Kenny moan in delight. I picked up the speed, pressing my lips along his shaft with greater speed and intensity. Occasionally I stopped, and would let his cock come out of my mouth so I could lick the length of it, particularly the head. Once it popped out, and I placed only the head in my mouth, and rolled my lips and tongue around it. That was it, and with a loud moan Kenny shot a huge load deep into my oral pussy. His wet hot cum scared me, and I chocked a bit on it but swallowed it all.

I looked up again at him after it was all in my tummy, un-sure if our game was over, or if it had just begun.

"Keep those eyes shut sissy!" he demanded

I quickly looked down scared not only of Kenny, but my first homosexual experience. I never moved, my hands cuffed behind me, on my knees with my ankles crossed, but I felt Kenny leave from in front of me, stumble loudly along the stall wall on my left side, and stand behind me, his feet on either side of mine.

"Open your mouth", I heard him demand, and I complied keeping my eyes shut.

While never being owned, I knew very well the feeling of a ball gag in my mouth, And my cock strained hard against the sides of it's cage as I heard and felt it lock behind my head. I moaned a bit in pleasure which made Kenny laugh evily. The evil laugh turned me on even more, and soon I was only concentrating on keeping the moans and my drool in my mouth. I was breathing heavy from the strain of the chastity belt around my cock, and the pleasure of my situation.

Suddenly, I felt what felt like a bee-sting in my right shoulder, just below my satin sleeve. I looked over at it, and saw Kenny holding a syringe in my arm! I tried to stand, but he forcefully held me down by the shoulders with his hands after dropping the syringe. I tried to scream, and fight, but gagged and cuffed that was impossible.

"Well well slut, not so willing to please now are we?" I heard Kenny say, "That was G-24, a drug I have received from the paramedics at work. Basically your mine now, and I am your new Master. You see this drug will not exactly put you to sleep baby, but it will stop you from moving. You'll be awake alright, and you'll know exactly what is happening but since you can't move you won't be able to do anything about it, even scream."

He was right, as my struggles had already weakened, and my right arm, where the syringe entered was already useless. Without a push, I slumped forward hard onto the floor landing on my stomach and fake breasts.

My ankles were still crossed, and my new Master got to work taking out rope from under the toilet, and lacing it between my ankles and over them, keeping them in the boots, and in the cris-crossed form. Un-able to move, I could only lay there as I felt the final knot tighten over my ankles, tieing them so tightly that I don't think I could have moved them if I wanted to. The feeling of helplessness scared me greatly, but I realized from the pain on my cock that oh god it was turning me on so!

In terror, I watched as Master Kenny picked my limp body up and I draped over his shoulder. My hard bound cock strained against the metal as his shoulder pushed onto it. He walked me out like a sack of potatoes. No one saw him leave or heard us, to occupied by their drinking and music as we continued down the hallway to a back alley.

Kenny laid me against the side of a large white van, and helplessly I watched him open the door and put me in. Inside there was a large cage bolted to the floor. Master then pulled out a rubber hood from his van, and removed my gag. My one chance to yell for help, and I was speechless thanks to the drug. The ball gag was tossed into the back, and I starred blankly in fear as the rubber hood slid over my face completely blinding me. I felt Master's fingers on my face figiting, and soon an intruder slid onto my tongue. It was small, and hardly noticeable and I wondered what it was. In panic, I heard and felt Master Kenny start to pump with his hand, and what I now realized was an inflatable gag quickly silenced me, spreading my mouth wide and pressing my tongue to the bottom of my mouth. I was quickly and skillfully picked up, and laid inside the cage on my side. I heard a padlocked being secured to the dog-cage door, the van door shut, and then the engine drive us away.

After hours of being in the cage, which was probably only about 25 mins, the van stopped. The drug was still in me, and I could barley move at all as I heard the van door, and the cage door open.

Once again I was hoisted onto Kenny's shoulders, and walked around while unable to move. I found out that I was carried to the back of the same van. Kenny placed me on what felt like a long leather bench with no legs held up by a single piece of slanted wood on either side, on my stomach. I felt myself being un-tied, but the hood stayed on. Soon the cuffs and rope was off of me, and I was draped over the bench.

Master's hand slid under my skirt, and since the drug was starting to wear off, I jumped as much as I could partially in pleasure, partially in fear. I only jumped a few inches though, and I felt Master easily slide off my panties and throw them somewhere. My ass was now revealed, hid only by my mini skirt, and the metal that ran down my butt crack except the butt hole opening.

Master then slid me up the bench until my chest and stomach was on it, my hands and legs dangled off each side, my head off the end of the bench.

The bench was low, and Master shifted my legs from behind me until my knees were on the ground, my ankles along the walls of the bench. I felt something encase my left ankle, and close around it. I couldn't feel the material through the knee-high boots, but I guessed that my ankle was now attached to the side of the bench with a leather cuff. Soon I felt the identical feeling on my other ankle, again on each calf muscle, and once more just below my knees.

Finally able to make a noise, I moaned my approval at his tie job, and in fear of my fate.

Next my arms were restrained, my elbows on the floor of the van, my hands facing forward on either side of the bench. I felt the cool leather slide along my wrist, and tighten as Master Kenny buckled the restraint. Soon I had 3 of these on each arm, at the wrist, for-arm and just below my elbow. I thought I would be able to see what was happening, but I was wrong. I felt Master straddle me, sitting on my ass and I moaned in pain at being squished to the bench. He reached around me, and a leather belt was secured just above my hips tightly. Then a second belt that went through my armpits and across my shoulder blades was clipped on equally tight pinning me to the bench. I felt Master fumble with the top of my hood, and something clicked. Slowly and skillfully my head was pulled up until I was looking straight forward, my neck bent a bit awkwardly, and then another click. My chastity belt slid up onto my hips an inch, and I realized that Master had connected a small chain from the top of my head to the waistband of my chastity belt, a D ring usually used for handcuffs.

Master finally took off the blindfold, and I could only see the inside of the van. I was facing the back of it, the back doors closed. In front of me were several items, some I knew and others I didn't. There was a large fishbowl that was clear and glass. I saw an assortment of butt-plugs, dildo's, vibrators and lubes. I also saw some different gags and blindfolds, all laid out nicely.

The back door opened, and Kenny was standing there with a large cardboard sign. He set it down, and then stood on the floor of the van, screwing in two red light bulbs. One was on the roof interior of the van, making the whole area red; the other was outside just above the door. Then he pulled a wig out from the side of the van. It was blond with very long hair, if I had been standing, the blond hair would have been to the small of my back. He tied it into pigtails with the white frilly ribbon I had tucked away earlier. Master then took an assortment of pictures on a digital camera. He walked outside and showed me the sign he had...

Dear Client,

This is sissy slave Danielle and she is begging to serve you. She has asked to become a sex slave, and her little sissy body is yours for the taking. However I wish to keep her, so you may not take her with you, and you may not harm her too much. She is STD free, and loves to have her ass and mouth used to please you. Do with her as you please, 15 minute maximum.

Oral sex : $10

Anal sex : $25

Place money in the jar

I was shocked and terrified. I could almost move at full power now, but the restraints did their job perfectly and all I did was tire myself out. I screamed into my gag, but all that came out was muffled moans and drool. I watched as Master walked away, leaving the sign propped against the back bumper. I tried to scream, but he walked away into the middle of the night.

I sat there in the dark alley for a while completely motionless. I was bound far to well to escape, or really even move. Then I saw motion ahead of me as a drunken man stumbled down the alley directly at me. I tried to not move hoping he was to drunk to notice me but I was not in luck.

While passing on the left side of the van, I saw him do a double take at the inside of the van and look at me. He walked over, and read the sign for a good 10 mins mumbling to him-self. In terror I watched him shrug his shoulders, and drop a $20 bill, and 5 singles into the bowl.

What choice did I have? Screaming would fall on drunken ears, and wiggling would only make his pleasure greater. He walked past me, thankfully not even noticing the toys, and I felt him place his hands on my leg to catch himself, then stand up and un-do his pants.

He was a very big man, with a beer belly and bald. He seemed to be a laborer, or some form of blue-collar worker. He was over 6 feet, and weighed over 200 lbs. He had on dirty jeans and a blue flannel button up shirt. He was wearing work boots and white socks.

I felt him straddle me, and his hands landed hard on my shoulder blades. His cock touched my right butt cheek, and then fumbled around I the small of my back. I was getting horny, amazingly! I moved my ass as best I could, and finally his cock head found my rosebud. I moaned very loudly as his fat but short cock slid into my ass slowly pressing against the sides. I grasped the sides of the bench and clenched my eyes as his cock went through the hole in my chastity belt's back, and deep, deeper into my pussy. Soon he was pumping in and out of me with a faster rhythm, pushing my cock and stomach painfully into the bench. I started moaning, begging him to fuck me deeper and cum inside me, WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH ME?!

With a loud burp, he jolted and I felt his warm but somewhat small load splash into my pussy, deep inside me. I was on the bench, moaning in pleasure and breathing hard as he snapped his pants, and stumbled off without even a good bye.

I was still out of breath when two females came walking down the alley. From far away I saw one point at me, and they laughed as they literally ran up to me. They wasted no time in pulling at my binds to test them and make sure I couldn't get away. I moaned as their soft feminine hands slid along my body as they began to giggle and tease me.

I learned that the brunette was named Clare. She was wearing very tight jeans that didn't hide an inch of her legs. She was a taller girl, about my height and weighing around a hundred pounds. She had shoulder length hair, and her chest was quite nice barley contained in her pink Abercrombie t-shirt. She also had on pink gym shoes. I was turned on by the blond streaks that ran through her hair.

The second girl's name was Crystal. She was also a brunette, but her hair was much longer, about as long as my wig and had no streaks. She was much more attractive in the chest then Clare as she had bigger tits hidden just barley in her black blouse. She had a nice face, and her legs were somewhat long covered in a white knee length skirt. She was wearing white nylons, and a pair of white 3-inch sandal high heels.

After giggling like schoolgirls for a few minuets humiliating me, they got in the van and shut the back door. They whispered something in each other's ears and then shocked me. To my amazement, they both started making out in front of me and caressing themselves! I couldn't believe my luck at the free show! Crystal slid her hands around Clare, and lifted at the bottom of her shirt, and then lifted it off as Clare raised her hands above her head. Crystal embraced Clare with a deep kiss, keeping Clare's hands above her holding the shirt. Crystal's hands then un-buttoned Clare's pants, and she slowly, behind at the knees walked them past her amazing ass and her long legs, Clare's hands still in the air. She reached up, and with both of them smiling at me, removed Clare's white cotton panties to reveal, A HUGE COCK!

( link opens in new window )

My eyes opened wide as Clare turned to reveal a huge, real cock! She was a she-male! The two laughed and laughed at my expression as the now naked Clare, or Carl? Walked in front of me and waved her cock just out of reach of my face. Quickly Crystal was naked with the assistance of Clare, this time though there was no sensuality, she just stripped and I saw in fear that she was also a she male.

Clare walked over to her purse, and placed $35 into the fishbowl. Clare walked in front of me, and I watched, though un-able to move as Crystal walked behind me. Clare fumbled with my face, and slid out the gag. I flexed my mouth since it hadn't move in what seemed like ages.

In one motion Clare's cock touched the back of my throat, there was no romance, no caressing anymore, as she slammed it into my mouth grasping my pigtails for leverage. She started pumping ever so fast, that I could feel my head bobbing despite how tightly it was help straight by the chain. This made my Chastity belt move fucking my face like a cheap whore.

As I felt this, Crystal caressed my ass, lifting my mini skirt till it was at my hips. Seeing the workers cum on my ass cheeks she laughed with glee.

"You not going to believe this Clare", she exclaimed, " slut has been doing this all night!"

"Feels like she has been doing this all her life", Clare replied, "She can suck a mean cock!"

Crystal's soft touch became a hard grasp as her fingers drove into my ass cheeks, and I felt her MASSIVE cock slide deep into my ass. If I could have, my erection would have made me cum, but the chastity belt kept me firmly locked.

I hate to admit it, but I was now in heaven. Crystal started pumping her cock deep into me, as I felt it near my pancreas. Clare slid her cock in and out of me, quicking the pace and soon both were moaning in great pleasure. I rumbled my throat as Clare's cock touched the back of it, and the vibrations made her cum. Her warm cum slid down my throat so fast there was no need to swallow. She moaned loudly screaming my name, and slapped me in the hooded face. At the moment I was hit, I felt Crystal jolt once, twice, and then clasp onto my hips as she came deeeeeep inside me.

The two instantly pulled out of me, and embraced each other with a long deep kiss. Their naked bodies then licked all the excess cum off of each other, and got dressed. Satisfied with their effort, the each kissed me deeply, wiping a last little bit of cum off my face and into my mouth, which I swallowed. I opened my mouth wide expecting more, but instead the gag slid into my mouth. I panicked but I was useless and it filled my mouth thanks to Crystal's pumping in just a few seconds. They left, shaking their Asses in my face, and then walking away into the night.

I moaned in frustration at not being able to cum, and cursed myself for wearing the stupid thing tonight. I was also mad cause the girls did not even have enough decency to slide my skirt back down, and the cool air turned me on as it slid over my ass. I moaned in frustration.

My moans caught the attention of a girl walking down the street, and like a moth to the flame she walked towards me. I did not want to be used again, but as we made eye contact I knew I was, and was probably going to like it. She was no supermodel, but was by no means un-attractive. A natural red head, she had a black blouse on that covered her large breasts well, but showed just a teasing amount of cleavage. The sleeves were not as tight as the rest of her shirt, and they slid down her long and skillful looking arms. She wore black leather pants that were very shinny. I stared up and down her body, and she could see I was attracted to her as she spun gracefully showing me her assets. She was wearing 4 inch heels, black leather and I think they were at least knee high as they went past the end of her legs. She wore a nametag that said "Rebecca" on it, and I assume she was coming from some sort of job.

She entered the van, and ran a finger down the top of my head to the chain, and then down the chain. She skillfully slipped her index finger into my ass, and I moaned and jumped as it filled me. She pulled it out, and licked her finger licking off some of, someone's cum. She placed her hand on my heel, and caressed my long leather boots, and I heard her per like a kitty. Her finger then caressed my fishnet clad legs, and down my sides till she ran over my face and stopped standing in front of me with her finger on my nose.

"Can you eat a girl out?", This redheaded goddess asked me.

I nodded and moaned a yes, and she slowly, like she was giving me a strip tease, removed her leather pants to reveal a leather thong, and her thigh high skintight leather boots. I moaned in extreme pleasure, licking at my gag. Then I moaned in pain and closed my eyes as my cock strained so painfully against its cage. I wiggled my hips trying the get off.

"Focus", she said, placing her crotch in my face still wearing the thongs.

I swallowed and moaned at such a great sight. In a flash she removed her thong, and placed it on my head like a hat. She then closed the van doors, and un-did my gag. She reached down into her pocket and slid $35 into the bowl.

With the clicking of her heels, she walked behind me and lubed up a butt plug. I wiggled my ass expectedly and moaned wanting it in me. She slowly, and skillfully skid it in until it was deep into my ass, and I was left out of breath and moaning. She then pushed it under the rim of my chastity belt, and I moaned as it kind of locked into place.

Gracefully she walked in front of me, and without a word she placed he crotch in my face. I stock my tongue out, and soon it was deep inside her. I wiggled it around in her, making it go from side to side and up and down, getting all sorts of this girl's liquids on my face. I loved it, and I took her clit and rolled it in my mouth. I sucked on it and flicked my tongue on it. I moaned on it and lapped up every ounce of liquid. Soon she was holding my pigtails and using my tongue like a dildo, fucking it as I slid my tongue in and out of her. With one loud moan, she orgasm all over my face, breathing hard and panting as she undulated and shook.

Once she caught her breath, she opened the door still half naked! She pulled out a cell phone and called someone.

"Kenny?" she said. "I think I have found some of your handiwork on 44th and Waveland ave. yea in the alley. Well I am interested in acquiring this slave's work permanently, how much? 1 grand? Ok I can do that. I am going to take the van, and will give you an extra $100 when I give you the van back so I can transport her. Ok. Ok will do. Thank you and a pleasure doing business with you."

Rebecca turned and looked at me with the most evil smile ever. She walked in and adjusted my skirt, made sure my plug was still in, and then slid her hands on either side of my belt which main me painfully moan in pleasure. She got dressed, and walked in front of me.

"My name is Mistress Equinox", she stated, "You are my new slave. I own you, and all of your privileges will be decided by me"

With that she closed the van door.

What seemed like hours later, the van pulled to a stop, and I heard Mistress walking around. A flood of light entered as the door opened and I realized it was morning, already.

I was very surprised as she started to unstrap me from the sawhorse, and soon my French-maid clad body was standing in the van. She even removed the butt-plug and the gag from my mouth.

"It's not like you can run anywhere", she said, "You don't have a clue where you are."

She was right, and as she fastened a collar tightly around my neck, I followed behind her. She had a beughtiful ass, and it swayed side to side as I followed behind her. By now the drug had totally worn off, and despite the collar and chastity belt I was a free man. Yet I followed.

We walked into her mansion through the front door. It was a massive place and I followed looking around at all of the lovely paintings and sculptures. I was led to the bathroom, and Mistress Equinox ordered me to strip. I did instantly, and all of my clothing was placed in the hamper near the tub. I was led naked (except my belt and collar) into the tub, and the leash was firmly locked onto a hook on the wall.

"You are to clean yourself here slave", she said, "I didn't purchase a scumbag."

I obeyed, and soon cleaned all of the cum off of me, as well as the girl's liquids. There was stale beer on my knees, and dirt in my hair and on my butt. It took awhile, but soon I considered myself clean.

Mistress entered, and I could see something was wrong.

"Not even close", she said.

With that, she grabbed a steel lufa from the basket, and bent me over. It slid up and down my legs and in between my butt crack. I winced in pain, the first noise I had made since I saw her. She spun me around and ran it up my chest. I saw from the hair in the shower tub that it was removing the hair from my submissive body.

Soon I was in pain, and hairless. But Mistress was satisfied.

I was led to the bedroom, and again my leash was chained, this time to a bed post. Naked except for my belt and collar, I stood they're as Mistress, my new owner, walked into her closet.

She came out, and was naked accept for her long leather boots, and long opera patent leather gloves. Her red hair swayed down her graceful body and I was in aw.

Without a word, she walked before me and opened her hand. Inside was a set of nipple clamps with a small chain attached. I looked at them and turned preparing myself for the pain that was sure to follow.

"You waiting for a fucking invitation slut?" Mistress asked.

"No Mistress, very sorry," I replied.

"Hmmm", Mistress pondered, "You are a polite slave aren't you?"

I took the clamps from her graceful hands, and with closed eyes I clamped them onto my own nipples painfully. This left me a touch short of breath, but Mistress did not care and ordered me onto the bed. I slid on it, on my back but was puzzled when I was instructed to roll over.

I look at her confused, but I roll onto my stomach. Her sensual hands slide along my body, and instantly my cock is touching the sides of its cage. Fingers trace every square inch of my body and soon I am out of breath and moving my body with her. Her fingers slide up my tailbone, along every vertebrate, tickling the back of my neck, past my shoulder and up my left arm. I hardly notice as a loop of rope encircles my left wrist and is tightened. Her fingers retrace their steps along my shoulder blades, and she leans over me to encircle my right wrist in rope, securing it to the corner of the bedpost. This creates a large exhale from me, and my back arches off the bed.

While leaning over me, she gets on the bed, spreading my legs with her knees. I watch as she pulls out a black blindfold from under the covers. With one finger raised over her mouth, instructing me to be silent, she leans forwards from behind me and encases my eyes in darkness.

Her hands stay on the side of my face, and her lips kiss the back of my neck. I moan slightly as her kisses, followed by her delicate fingers, traced their way down my back. She kissed my ass cheek, but never my tender asshole. Her knees spread my legs wide apart as a hand slid down each leg. Now sitting at the bottom of the bed, she encases my left ankle in rope, pulling it so tight that it pulled the rope attached to my arms tight. I never moved, completely willing and devoted to this bondage queen. Her hands extended, and completely immobilized me by tying my other ankle to the bedpost. As if I had a choice before, I was now totally her captive.

Within a second Mistress was off of the bed, and I heard her in the closet. I was confused and tried to see past the blindfold but that was totally worthless. She climbed onto the bed between my legs, and paused.

Forever I could not feel, see or hear what was happening, and it was making me so horny. Then I felt her hands right next to my armpits, one on either side. I felt her knees on the inside of my thighs, and I desperately tried to see what this wonderful woman had in mind.

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I jumped as the coldest thing I have ever known touched my butt hole. A whine escaped my mouth, and I yelped out.

"Oh gosh what is that?!" I yelled.

"Be quiet slave", Mistress said quietly, "Calm down."

"Oh it is so cold", I said with a shutter.

I immediately regretted my choice.

I felt Mistresses left hand leave, and a hard swat hit my ass. Mistress sat up still straddling me and I heard a tinkling noise. My mouth shut, hoping that this would somehow make me talking out of turn better.

This was not true, Mistress ordered me to "open up", and she forcefully applied a ring gag into my mouth, despite my moans and protests. My head plopped back onto the bed as Mistress re-assumed her position. My caged cock was the only thing keeping me from Cumming all over the bed.

This cold, thing, touched my butt hole again and I jumped. Despite my lack of noise (I'd learned my lesson), the icy intruder made me arch my back into the bed, which got giggles from Mistress.

Me moving my ass away from only made her push me down farther. Finally my mind connected, and I realized that the intruder was Mistress's strap-on cock. It's head popped into my ass, which created a long moan from me. This did not even slow her down as her beaughtiful thighs pounded the plastic cock into me faster and faster. All romance and politeness was gone as she slammed it into me. I moaned high-pitched with ever intrusion, and I felt Mistress long red hair slide along my face and neck. I was so horny and out of breath, my cock ached and I was exhausted when she suddenly pulled out.

I was so exhausted from the anal ass pounding, that I was helpless and was like a Gumby as she untied the ropes from the bed (leaving them on my ankles and wrists), rolled me onto my back, and then re-tied me to the bedposts, spread eagle again. She walked away, and I heard her snap off her gloves, and un-zip her long boots. I heard her naked body walk away, and my cock strained to reach out and touch such an amazing body. I lay in the bed, and heard the shower start, and Mistress humming in it. She was obviously getting rid of the sweat from her body.

What seemed like hours later, she walked in, and I pleaded with a wiggling body and a lot of "mmmpphhhs" for her to release her captive. I gave up as this simply got zero response out of her. I heard her walk around and fiddle with things as if I wasn't in the room. Suddenly the bed shifted and I felt her straddle me. Suddenly involved in the activity, I felt her luscious legs wrap around my chest, a knee on either side. Then something that got me wide-awake, "Click".

What made me awaken was that it came from my chasity belt which suddenly loosened and shifted to one side. There was a long pause, and drool flowing from my face I could feel Mistress beam at how suddenly I was hers once again (like I ever left).

My belt slid down my legs, but she could not take it off since my legs were still bound to the bedposts. My penis was rock hard without the slightest touch, and Mistress giggled watching it rise to the sky.

She inched forward, and I felt her warm pussy just out of reach from my tongue. I wanted to lick it so bad that before it was even within reach my tongue shot out as far as it could go through the ring gag. She laughed, and then slid forward and my tongue slid deep into her. This created a moan, and I felt her tilt back as her long hair touched my naked stomach. I nibbled on her clit as I felt her pussy become warmer and a whole lot wetter. Slowly I increased speed and the depth, which my tongue went in. I loved this, and my cock was rock hard. Then suddenly something made me stop and a huge exhale leave my lips from beneath my gag.

Smooth lips, luscious and wet slid down the length of my cock until it touched the back of her throat. I stopped, and my head rolled side to side with pleasure waves shooting down my body from just the first slide of her lips.

"I highly recommend you don't stop slave", I heard Mistress say from above me, "Unless you want your pleasure to stop too babe".

She arched her back, and in one movement her pussy was on my lips, and the lips on my cock slid the length of it again. The tongue slide along my shaft, tickling it by swaying side to side as her pursed lips squeezed the sides of my cock, particularly the head.

I had no desire for this to end, so my wide-open mouth was smothered in her pussy, licking it as deep as it would go. I occasionally changed by tickling her clit with my submissive tongue. This always created a loud moan or yelp, despite no stoppage from the sucking on my member.

Soon there was a wild yell, and Mistress bucked as juices flowed down my face and Mistress stayed on me out of breath. My cock responded, and within a second I was moaning ever so loudly through my gag as my cock FINALLY spurt a huge load into her mouth.

I collapsed under her breathing heavy. Despite being tied, I was recovering from the amount of pleasure I had just received. Mistress got up, but I was confused because there was still weight between my legs. Despite being blindfolded I looked down there as Mistress said something that confused me.

"Swallow it baby"

My blinded eyes got bigger and I moved my head side-to-side trying to see whom the heck she was pointing at.

I felt her warm hands on the side of my face, and the blindfold was removed.

For the second time today light flooded in, and I saw a shape between my legs. Slowly it grew legs and arms, a head and...a man!

There was a man kneeling between my legs, his mouth full and a small bit of cum on his lips. He looked at Mistress, tilted his head back, and swallowed my load! He was dressed like a girl, wearing a very short jean skirt, a teal spaghetti strap top, and no shoes.

"This is my slave Jeff", Mistress said, "And I am proud to announce she has sucked her first cock!"

I was so horny from this but confused.

Mistress comforted me and I felt better. After breakfeast, I was pleased to know that Mistress was going to let me go home, and that I was an optional slave. She was not going to keep me under lock and key. She gave me my clothes, and my belt. Jeff drove me home in the same white van, and I got dressed into my French maid suit on the way home in the back of the van. When he pulled up, I thanked him and started to leave. As I did he grabbed my hand and pulled me back in. Our lips met and I knew that it was an amazing kiss. I left the van speechless, standing before my house in the broad daylight wearing the French maid suit, complete with pink boots and black gloves, holding my chastity device. Finally I snapped out of it, and sprinted into my house.

Mistress, Jeff and I met several more times, but after some months we lost touch after she got a new job. I was still deep into bondage, but had not really met anyone worth my time. Then I got a message on yahoo messenger from a dear friend Mike. It said:

"Hey Dani, I hope work went well today. Anyways, a Master wants to talk with you and is impressed with your stats, his screename is mastersir25stl. Hope you two get along fine, and I think he is right for you."

Somehow I knew this was more then just some online idiot...

After talking to him for a while, we decided to meet. It was going to be a little bondage, nothing spectacular. He would arrive at my house (which I thought was safer) and it would be your basic meet tie and leave. I decided to get ready a few hours before he got there.

I took a shower and shaved myself head to toe. I put on some nice perfume and then went to work at the mirror with all my make-up. I sat down at my makeup table and proceeded to apply foundation, deep metallic blue eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, shaping making myself into a young secretarial look. I was impressed with my work and winked into the mirror.

Next I slid on my long fishnet stockings up my legs, and wrapped the garter belt around my waist and clicked it shut. I slid on my pleated black cotton skirt and zipped it up behind me. Next the fake breasts were attached to my chest. A small wire from the fake nipple, connected to mine sending all vibrations and feelings from my fake DD tits to my own. These were concealed in a black lace bra from Victoria's secret. I slipped on my 5 inch patent leather black heals and then laid out the rest. I laid out my bondage gear, and got my white satin button up blouse from the closet and laid it on the bed.

There was a loud knock on the door that startled me. There were still a few hours to go before Master Tim arrived, and I checked my computer, seeing no messages from mastersir25stl that he would be here early. I decided to check out who was there, dressed with no shirt on.

I opened the door, and saw Master Tim there! He shot out his hand, which held a wad of white cloth, and clamped it over my mouth. I struggled, but the man was very strong and quickly pushed me into the living room, closing the door behind him. His massive body walked towards me strongly and I stepped back. He pinned my hands together with his powerful hand, then began to push the wad of cloth into my mouth. Then he pulled a length of thick rope out of his bulging pocket, spun me around, and tightly bound my wrists behind my back, keeping my palms facing in and cinching the rope between my wrists.

My wrists bound, my mouth gagged, I was pushed to my knees and Master Tim walked behind me. I looked backwards and saw more rope pulled from his pocket. Quickly his powerful hands pulled my elbows together which forced my fake breasts out seductively. I watched as after my elbows were bound together, rope passed around my waist, under my black lace bra and then back behind me, pinning my arms to my back.

I looked straight up as Master Tim removed a long black cloth from his pocket, and within a second his skillfully hands had it tied into my mouth and behind my head, forcing the gag into me. I was now helpless to this powerful man, and all resistance from me stopped.

Master pushed me on my side, and long strands of white rope were wrapped around my ankles, between them, and then clinched tight securing them together. A large amount of rope was left over, and this passed under the arch of my foot, over the instep and was tied tight. This kept my feet together, and my 5 inch heels on, despite my best efforts. I wiggle my toes but that did little to help me. I felt as Master Tim laid me on my stomach, and lifted me by the ankles until I felt my own spiked heels poke myself in the butt. I flinched, and this made him laugh evilly. Then rope was tied to my ankle rope, and led around my wrist rope several times. I thought this is where he would tie it, but instead he led the rope to my elbow knot, and tied it there. In terror I realized that this is where he placed it so I had no choice but to lay there, 100% helpless.

I wiggled on the floor as Master picked me up skillfully, leading me to my own bedroom. I was laid on the bed as Master looked over my bondage gear. Some impressed him, and I knew he liked the blindfold as it slid over my eyes blinding me. Little else seemed to impress him, so I heard him leave. A few minutes later her returned, and a plop on the bed signified he had placed a bag on it.

I was spun around until my head dangled off the side of the bed. I moaned as this made my neck very strained.

"If you make one noise", I head him say, "I'll take you the way you are and leave you on the sidewalk, understood?"

Submissively, I nodded a yes and moaned.

The knot was un-done, and I felt the wad in my mouth loosen, and then slide out. In one move, I felt Master throw everything onto the floor, and then rotate me the length wise of the bed. He then laid down on it, and I felt his knees brush my face. He was lying on his back and I was on my stomach.

"You must first learn to suck my cock bitch", he said forcefully, " Now wiggle over here and show me how it's done."

I knew what he wanted, and bound as I was I slid along my own bed on my stomach to his cock. I had to "walk" my shoulders along, and even then it took a good 10 minutes to crawl on my stomach and fake breasts. I got a sudden feeling from my nipple, and realized that my right bra cup had slide off of my fake breast exposing it. I heard Master chuckle, but continued my slow walk.

Suddenly something poked me square in the nose. Although I was blind, I knew it was his cock. I lifted my head up, and took his head in my mouth. My crimson red lips massaged it softly, and I felt Master let go of his cock, forcing it up and back out of my mouth. The pleasure from my skillful mouth had over-whelmed him.

Again I walked up the bed, this time only a short while until I could slide my lips down the length of his rod. It was not huge, but of average length and girth. I pumped my submissive head back and forth, taking particular care to massage his head, and lick where his head met the shaft of his cock. I obediently used my mouth to pleasure him, until I felt a minor, then a major explosion in my mouth. Without his order, I swallowed every last drop.

Master lay there for some time catching his breath, then got to work un-binding me until I stood before him. I was still fully clothed, and was totally free.

"This place is a mess", he stated, "Let's get you to work."

With that he applied a large leather collar from his bag around my neck, locking it with a small padlock. Then he attached a leash made of equally thick leather, and lead me to the bathroom...

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Thursday, March 17, 2011  

Great story overall, loved it, ending was a bit confusing.

Sunday, November 08, 2009  

I have mixed feelings about this text. In many ways it is excellent; but, the end section does not follow on logically or satisfactorily from the first sections.
One has the sense that the plot is over stretched and strained. Either the plot must be strengthened or clarified.
A further weakness, is that the story is over dependent on the thoughts and feelings of Danny alone.
Unfortunately the text is disfigured by numerous errors of spelling, choice of words, or grammar. Examples include: 'I felt Master slide off my panties' -> '... slide my panties off'; 'my (his) pussy?'; 'barley' -> 'barely'; 'for arm' -> 'forearm'; "they're" -> 'there'; 'per' -> 'pair'; 'maid' -> 'made'; 'cause' -> 'because'; 'to lay there' -> 'to lie there'.
Despite everything I recommend this story as an interesting and stimulating read.

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